For stories involving men who are, or grow to be, much bigger than normal size—bigger than aything that could be considered Plausible Size Difference. This could be anything from ten or fifteen feet tall to tens or hundreds of feet tall or more. Note that while this tag corresponds more or less with the term Macrophile, that word is also used for furry giants and also often for Violence and Vore, which are less likely to be found on this site.

  Child of: Size/Size Difference. Related: Getting Taller; Plausible Size Difference; Size Decrease; Size Increase.

  Tag Group: Growth.

Top Stories: “Justin (the bigger the better)”; “Chuck, the size thief”; “Becoming the ultimate man”; “Basically a god”; “Public relations”; “Ben gets huge”; “Male scent”; “Tank the bouncer”; “Hyper active imagination”; “Mutant”.

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