Welcome back

by LAComplex

Lee’s parents have to face the reality of his repeated growth spurts as he comes back from the gym bigger than ever. Maybe signing him up for that experimental treatment was not such a good idea…

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Three heavy knocks on the wooden front door rattled the entire house, derailing Lee’s parents out of their thoughts. They had been expecting that moment—standing around with nothing to do but ponder their apprehensions—for a few minutes now, but they both knew well how unprepared they were for it. After exchanging a few embarrassed looks, his mother understood she was the one that had to deal with the delicate task of answering the door.

She walked across the large living room, the center table densely packed with food she and their servant had prepared for her son’s return from the gym. Feeding him was no longer a one-man task; yesterday, under the new increased dosage of his special workout supplement, he had consumed nearly 40,000 calories worth of food, enough to feed a party of twenty people for a day.

There was growing hesitation in each of her step. As the front door drew closer, her legs seemed to lose all of their strength, making each step a renewed struggle.

She was interrupted in her haphazard march by three powerful knocks, even stronger than the first ones. The door shook again, the wood groaning in pain. Before she could gather the courage to resume her fearful walk, a deep but familiar voice echoed from behind, “Mom, Dad, open up, it’s me!”

There was no doubt: this was the lovely voice of their son Lee. It might have dropped an octave or two in the past few weeks, but it still had that same familiar quality to it. A faint snicker could be heard behind, much more muffled than Lee’s voice, “you gonna break that door in two if you continue like that!” She could only guess it was one of his friends from the gym.

Her mind was filled with conflicting emotions; a maelstrom of love and apprehension had taken over, and as she took a final step toward the door, it reached a deafening intensity, muting any logical thought she could have. She wondered if they had made the right decision, offering their son that mysterious new treatment weeks ago for his 18th birthday. They had wanted to make him happier than ever, proud of who he was… It had been a definite success, and then more—but what had they turned their son into?

Turning the key to unlock the door, she felt close to passing out.

As she swung the door open, she was greeted by a wall of muscle of impossible proportions. The top of the door barely reached Lee’s nipples, and his pecs and back were so wide they filled the entire frame. Although his black tank top concealed parts of his upper body, his knotted lats outflowed on both sides, revealing his sweat-covered glistening skin.

The sight below was equally—if not more—impressive. His grey shorts were so tight they might as well have been boxers; each of his quads was as large as an adult’s waist, and his legs stretched into defined diamond calves. Finally, she was aghast to see his size 25 shoes had blown-up, his wide feet having overgrown them. They were only held by a few remaining slender tatters around his muscular ankle.

“L—L—Lee…” His mother struggled to get words out of her mouth. Hours earlier, when he had left, Lee had been a colossus already: standing just over 9 feet tall as of this morning, he had gone to the gym with brand new clothes and an overly baggy top. But it looked as if he had had another massive growth spurt, for he was now standing taller of a good half-foot, and his attire looked a size or two too small for his expansive bulk. In fact, his petite mother had her eyes level with his navel now!

She dared to look up, past the expanse of his ballooning pec, and she found Lee’s juvenile face, looking down at her as he held himself against the wall with his massive arm. He smiled at her, and she found herself immediately comforted; despite all the frightening physical changes, this was still her son, the son she loved more than anything. “Hello mom,” he said, his voice calm and low.

Tears starting to run down her eyes, she hugged her son, her arms struggling to go around his strapping midsection. Even though he was making no effort to flex or show off, she could feel his dense muscles underneath her arms and hands, his powerful abs lurking just underneath the black fabric of his top. Resting her head against his stomach, she noticed how damp the fabric was, and she found herself intoxicated with the smell of her son’s sweat—a side effect of the treatment, for Lee had never smelled that strongly before.

“Awwwww…” let out Lee, patting his mother’s back with one of his hands—although the term paw would be more appropriated to describe it. “I love you Mom, don’t be worried.” He added, feeling she was in dire need of being comforted. The crying stopped, and she let go of her son after a few more seconds, standing clueless in the doorway, though reassured. Buried under these thousands of pounds of muscle was still her son, alive and well.

Having made sure his mom was okay, Lee was now eager to move on. “You’ll have to move out of the way mom, it’s already gonna be a tight fit without you here!” His words brought her back to reality; she promptly stepped away, letting the doorway free for her behemoth of a son.

How exactly he was going to fit through was a mystery to her and to his friend. His immense bulk seemed to have grown incompatible with living indoor. He squatted down until his head was below the top of the door, his powerful legs ballooning with size, balancing his tremendous weight with ease. Getting a foot in, he twisted his chest to pass through sideways, taking care of not damaging anything as he did so—he had already caused the wall to crack in numerous parts while leaning on it carelessly. “You guys gonna have to make that door bigger if you want me to stay here,” he laughed as he jerked himself through it, finally getting entirely in.

He stood back up in one clean motion, finally realising just how cramped the house had gotten, “That ceiling gonna have to move soon too!” He chuckled again, putting his two hands easily on the said ceiling; it couldn’t be much more than three quarters of a foot away from the top of his head. Their luxurious house had tall ceilings and large volumes, but this was still not enough for a man his size.

His muscular—but much smaller—gym buddy squeezed past him, brushing one of his thighs. “Hey Ms. Jangmin.” Lee’s mother did not answer—she was far too taken away by her son.

“Snacks, nice!” he commented as he saw the table piled up with food. Snacks was indeed a way to describe the feast on the table, at least for a man his size. He ushered to them, each of his step echoing through the house as the wooden ground creaked. He grabbed two hot dogs and downed them in a few seconds. “God am I hungry.”

His dad stayed back, too fearful to say anything. His son barely acknowledged him with a wave of the hand, too focused on getting some food in. He didn’t even bother sitting down, he just started rummaging through the buffet, walking around the table like a lion in a cage. He couldn’t get over just how small everything in the house looked; in a day or two, he would certainly not fit in here anymore at all!

His friend grabbed a hot dog, and Lee gave him the death stare. “What? I’m hungry too!”

Yeah, but you don’t need the calories as much as I do,” answered Lee as he playfully snapped the hot dog away from his hands. Inhabited by a strange feeling of submission, his friend thus staid away from the food, understanding of Lee’s heightened condition and greater needs.

Sounds of Lee stuffing himself full were interrupted by the hesitant voice of his father. It was not to complain about the crumbles his son was leaving everywhere—he wouldn’t have dared anymore. “Ho… How was y—your d—d—day, Lee?”

His son seemed unfazed by his father’s sudden awakening. “It was fucking great!” he said between two mouthfuls. “Did chest and legs today, best session in a while, destroyed all of my PRs!” he added, still eating.

His friend joined in, “Remember when you benched that 1,200 pounds for reps? Thought the whole thing was gonna collapse.”

Lee laughed wholeheartedly. “Fuck yeah, that felt so good. It was like I was inflating my pecs with every rep, I could feel them blowing up under that top!” The cockiness in his voice was unnerving; hearing him mentioning his growth made his parents, especially his father uneasy.

“And the squats! Everyone was in fucking awe of you!

“Ahaha, you bet little guy, that was 1750 pounds you saw on that bar!” Lee gave a playful flex to his right quads, and it instantly tensed up, the grey shorts skin tight over his boulder glute.

“You should have seen it Mr. Jangmin, it was incredible! You could see his quads ballooning up bigger and bigger with every rep! Your son is a god!”

Hearing praise for his exploits made Lee more than happy—he could feel his dick throbbing underneath his tight shorts, and his bulge grew accordingly, the oversized mushroom-like head of his dick pushing against the grey fabric. He liked everything about being big, but what got him off the most was surely the reactions of others: from awe to terror, there was a bit of everything in everyone, and the bigger he got, the stronger the reactions.

Lee polished off his meal by taking the last serving of the three-pound cake, leaving only crumbs and a few chips on the table. For as much of a feast had the food on the table be, this had barely made a dent in Lee’s appetite, and would probably only hold him off for an hour or so before dinner…

Before Lee could complain about needing more food, as he was too occupied for now appreciating just how big he was in that tiny house, his friend suggested,: “Hey, Lee, you still haven’t practiced posing today! You should show your parents just how big you are!”

The idea echoed like a punch in the stomach for Lee’s father—he just wanted to get done with it all, but was far too afraid of what his son had become to speak up. His mother didn’t care; she was just too enthralled to have her lovely son back. The suggestion from his friend was not disinterested: Lee’s friend had found himself increasingly interested in supporting Lee and seeing him grow, to the point that he was starting to have doubts about his own sexuality!

“Oh, yeah, you are right, let me show you what that new body looks like.” He moved back behind the table, looking for a place with a bit more space to perform his posing routine in.

Lee wandered for a second about getting a renowned pump with some push-ups. Beyond the impracticality of performing any kind of movement in the cramped home—and to think this was a multi-million dollars place!—he realised he was still feeling super-pumped from the gym before. In fact, it felt odd: it was as if he was just stepping off the bench, his muscles bulging to their maximum size. The food definitely had fuelled him back up; and that treatment he was taking was not just making him grow, it was making his entire body a more perfect machine!

Lee moved in to start with a side-chest pose. His muscles immediately tensed up to their full size, filling up his frame like never before. His pecs bulged so far away from his body his top struggled to contain them, and the fabric had to retract in the cleavage in between the two. “Man, you could sit on this shelf!” said Lee’s friend in admiration, referring to the top of Lee’s chest. His arm bulged in a nice ball, highlighting just how developed his biceps and triceps were. If Lee’s upper body was nearing perfection, his lower body did not let it down. His quads bulged so big the grey shorts were skin tight on them, each the size of a fully developed adult’s upper body. They were crowned at their top by an obscene bulge, which was only growing larger as Lee’s dick passed the semi-erect stage. Such a display would have guaranteed him the scolding of his life in the past; but Lee was now the real man in the house, and he could do as he pleased.

As Lee held the pose, he felt his muscles pumping larger and larger; this was not simply a normal pump anymore. Although it was only noticeable to the most acute observer, he was already growing again, albeit at a slow rate. Gently, pounds after pounds of muscle fibres were forming within him, increasing his already massive stature.

Lee felt that if he was to flex just a bit harder, to focus just a bit more, he could make of his spurt something not-so-gentle. His friend noticed it too; he had grown accustomed to every tick and quirk of Lee’s body. He was astonished, and slightly afraid—the man had grown half a foot today, how could his body still have the energy to keep going?!—but also very excited. He wanted his friend to grow bigger and bigger, to become a giant amongst men; in truth, he wouldn’t be happy until he was nothing but a bug next to the impossible bulk of his friend. He started shouting encouragement. “Come on Lee, show them what you got!”

This brought a beaming smile to Lee’s face. He relaxed the pose, and got ready to move to a back double biceps one. “You ready to see a serious display of size?” said Lee.

His friend was fawning all over him. “Yeah! Come on Lee! Show us!” It didn’t take more to convince him.

Lee brought his two hands up and tensed his boulder-like biceps, flaring his lats at the same time. The wall of muscles that was his back stretched wider and wider, muscles snaking out of his tight tank top, forcing the fabric to recede back further and further. What would have been a stunning pose soon became a strange, impossible display. The pose seemed to stretch in time, has Lee flared his back more and more. But, unlike in a normal posing routine, the set-up of the pose never ended: his back just kept on expanding, the impassable wall of muscle it was widening, as his growth spurt finally kicked into higher gear.

“Fuck yeah!” he roared. His mother let out a gasp of surprise; Lee was growing again, and this time it was obvious. His body inched up higher and higher, his balls of a biceps inflating to terrifying size as he flexed them, each larger than a bodybuilder’s thighs.

As his growth accelerated, there was a pronounced stretching sound coming from his shorts—they simply could not handle the size of his glutes anymore. Tears started appearing around his ballooning quads, quickly expanding toward his ass. As he adjusted his footing to accommodate his growing bulk, the grey shorts simply exploded, revealing that he was fully naked underneath them.

“Couldn’t find underwear my size this morning, hope you don’t mind the view!” He laughed, not losing focus on his growth. And indeed, what a view it was! As the striations attested, there was little else than muscles on his bubble ass, an ass that could turn even straight men gay—and it in fact had, seeing the boner in his friend’s shorts.

By now, as even his tank top was struggling with his bull-like neck and the impossible width of his chest, Lee had passed the 10-foot barrier and was weighing more than a metric ton; his strength was equally astonishing, leaving him far stronger than an entire American football team. But this was seemingly not enough; even as his size 27 feet were blowing past the tattered remains of his shoes, Lee wanted more. He was decided on making this place definitely too small for him…

He looked above, the ceiling only a few inches from his head, and summoned the last of the energy he had, like a bodybuilder pushing his body for one last rep. He pushed harder, and the stretching sound came back with revenge, this time from his tank top… His pecs and shoulders had just overgrown it, and his expanding back did the rest, tearing up the fabric of the top with ease.

Too focused on his growth, Lee barely realised he was now fully naked in front of his family and his friend. The ceiling grew closer, his hair now an inch or two away from it. It took only a few more seconds, and his head was finally brushing the wooden ceiling. Lee thus stood officially 10’5’’, a true monster of size and definition.

He exploded with laughter. “Fucking finally, I have outgrown that puny house!” His voice was cocky and commanding; his virile stature made him unquestionable. He turned and revealed his front side to the shocked audience of his parents and his friend, whom all gasped as they saw the python he had been hiding.

“Who said Asians have small dicks?” he snickered, grabbing his monster of a cock, struggling to handle its two feet of length even with his massive hands. With every gratuitous flex of his abs, his biceps or his quads, further size poured into him, and he was starting to have to bend his neck to fit his ever-expanding frame in the small house. Everyone stood in disbelief as Lee massaged his dick. “Can you imagine this was only day two of the increased dosage?” There was a loud thud, as his head hit the ceiling again. He didn’t seem to care. “Can you imagine how fucking huge I am going to get?”

If wonder and awe had been the main emotions in Lee’s friend’s head before, they were now replaced by fear and apprehension. Lee was right—how big exactly would he get? And what would it mean for the people around him?

“I am just gonna grow bigger and bigger, until I can’t even fit crouched in that place,” he said, his head hitting the ceiling again. By now, Lee must have added another five inches of height, and was nearing the 11-foot mark. His father stood silent, looking at the cracks and bumps in the wooden ceiling above. Hopefully, his growth seemed by now to slow down, as Lee was contempt with his new size. “Fuck, I can already feel it happening—it won’t take more than a day or two!” His waist-high parents shivered at the thought of it. And then, when would it stop? What had they done to their son by buying this mysterious treatment for him? Would they ever have a normal life again?

As if to answer their questions on cue, Lee made one last comment. “Fuck that, I am gonna be a giant!” he crowed, his smile bright and wicked. “In a week or two this whole house is gonna fit in my footprint!”

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