Size Increase

Stories that feature guys that get bigger—generally involving an increase in height and muscle mass.

Related: Getting Taller; Giants; Plausible Size Difference; Size Decrease.

Child of: Size/Size Difference.

Top Stories: “Justin (the bigger the better)”; “Max’s wish”; “Spice”; “Jason’s big problem”; “Puberty is a bitch”; “Mind and body”; “Bigger issues”; “Empire”; “The dudes”; “Changing Nick”.

Recently Updated: “Year of the ox”; “A strange encounter”; “The Ixlutani”; “The expedition”; “Hulkster and Hoppy”; “Fountain of life”; “The Wizard of Hot”; “New normal”; “Being accompanied by a wolf”; “Vision space”; “Esgrow”; “Body game: Encounter 813”; “The perfect cosplay”; “The life changing discovery”; “Sherlock Holmes: A case of expansion”; “Cu Raigo”.

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