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Methology: The keyword search checks within story titles and descriptions, author names, chapter descriptions, and story text for all stories live on the site; accents and other diacriticals are ignored in both the keywords and the search text.
  To reduce the number of stories searched, you can include a search by tag and choose "Match all" from the results control dropdown menu. The result menus also allow you to restrict by case-sensitivity, to set the number of results shown, and to sort by relevance, views, votes, word count, or how recently the story was posted or continued.
  When using the default "relevance" sorting, the search first prioritizes the total number of terms matched (from both tags and keywords), so a story matching one tag and two keywords will be listed ahead of one tag and one keyword, even if the second story has more hits for that keyword. Within the number of terms matched, relevance is determined by total keyword hit count for all keywords, then alphabetically by story name. Sort by voting ranks by descending average score rounded to one decimal point and then descending number of votes; the ranking excludes stories with fewer than 5 votes.

If this form is not working correctly, or if there is a feature you would like to see, please let me know.


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