by Musclesaber

After an experiment gone wrong, Max unexpectedly grows into a giant. After being saved by his superhero crush, Amplified, the pair tries to get the giant man’s growth under control.

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Chapter 1: Experiments After an experiment gone wrong, Max unexpectedly grows into a giant. After being saved by his superhero crush, Amplified, the pair tries to get the giant man’s growth under control. (added: 14 Nov 2020)
Chapter 2: A Discovery
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Chapter 1: Experiments

Max had graduated from college with a masters in biochemistry. He had been looking for a job for months and finally had made it far in the hiring process for a job at a stem cell laboratory that was leading the charge on fighting world hunger. For the last step in the hiring process, two candidates were meant to demonstrate to the board of directors their competency within biochemistry and how they will further the research of the laboratory.

“Geez. I’m really nervous for this man. I can’t believe it’s come down to just the two of us,” said Max as he paced back and forth waiting for them to be called in.

“Hey, don’t worry man. I’m not surprised it ended up coming down to the two of us. We were both leagues ahead of our other classmates when we were in school,” said Ethan as he patted Max on the shoulder. Ethan and Max had gone to the same university for grad school and they were the brainiacs of the class. They had always gotten a kick out of the friendly competition they had between each other, but it was always in good fun for the furtherance of science. They became good friends and were happy that the respective other had made it so far in the interview process.

“Ethan, Max, they’re ready for you,” said the receptionist as she poked her head out of the door. The two walked into a large room. There were two tables set up on opposite ends of the room and a table at the front where five people in lab coats were sitting and waiting for the two men to walk in.

“Hello, gentlemen. Congratulations on making it this far in the hiring process. We have looked at your accomplishments within academia, we’ve interviewed both of you and found that both of you are passionate about this field, now we would like to assess what you two have to offer this research group. We’ve set up your experiments as instructed by the two of you and have read your procedures. Mr. Burk you will be conducting your experiment first. Good luck and take it away when you’re ready,” said the scientist as she sat back down in her chair.

Max walked up to the table and saw his experiment materials: five lab rats, a syringe, a beaker of a green liquid, a scale, a wire, and two double A batteries. “Hello distinguished members of the board. My name is Max Burk and today I will present you with my solution on curing world hunger. As you have read from my thesis, I have discovered a way to harness electrical energy and turn it into calories.”

Max took out three lab rats from the cage. “This is Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Genetically identical lab rats. I administered my formula to Charlie and Delta one week ago today while Echo has not received the treatment. As you can see, Charlie and Delta are significantly larger than Echo. Charlie is 43% larger and Delta is 87% larger. The discrepancy in sizes are due to the diets we had them on. Echo is currently on a strict dry food diet. I fed him once daily and he has not increased in size at all in the past week. I placed Charlie on a strictly electric diet. I gave him access to 1.5 volts of electricity a day and as you can see, he has gained significant size. Delta’s diet was both an electric and caloric one. I fed him the same amount as Echo and gave him the same volts as Charlie. I’ve discovered through administering both treatments, the specimen will grow twice as much than when it was just the electric access.”

“And just to prove that these results are true, allow me to give you a demonstration.” Max set the three lab rats back down in the cage and picked up a new one. “This is Foxtrot. He has not been exposed to the formula and is also genetically identical to the others. He currently weighs 403 grams and after I administer a dose of the formula and expose him to this simple double A battery, he should increase to approximately 420 grams.” Max grabbed the syringe on the table, extracted 10mL of formula from the beaker, and injected it into Foxtrot. The rat spasmed as the formula worked its way into his bloodstream. “To give you a description of what is happening, enzymes are being added to his digestion system that are able to accept electricity as a resource to be converted to energy. He is feeling a small bit of pain at the moment, but the process is brief.”

As fast as it started, Foxtrot’s reaction stopped. Max picked up one of the batteries and connected the wire to it. He placed it in front of the lab rat and Foxtrot immediately went to observe it. He began to suck on the exposed part of the wire. Slowly but surely, the scientists in the room watched as the rat steadily increased in size as he continued to suck on the wire. Once Foxtrot had consumed all of the voltage stored in the battery, Max grabbed him and put him on the scale. “422 grams. In just one short session, the rat has gained 5% of its original size.”

“This is clearly a phenomenal discovery that you’ve made Mr. Burk, but this is only a small dosage and it has gained a significant amount of size, what will happen when a user has gained enough size and can’t stop gaining size?” asked one of the scientists.

“Excellent question, Dr. Washington.” Max turned around and retrieved another lab rat from the cage. This rat was larger than both Delta and Echo. “This is Beta. I administered the formula to him 40 days ago. Watch what happens when he is exposed to the same amount of voltage as Foxtrot just was.” Max replaced the battery that Foxtrot had drained with a fresh one. He placed Beta in the cage with the exposed wire and he did the exact same thing as Foxtrot did. But he didn’t gain size like the previous rat. “The formula has now worn off within Beta so therefore he no longer converts the electricity into energy.”

“Nice job, Mr. Burk. I do have a question as well. You’ve clearly used the NATO phonetic alphabet to name your rats. So I must ask, what happened to Alpha?”

“He was the first rat to be administered the formula. Unlike the other lab rats, he had a larger dose of 50ccs. He grew much larger than the other rats much faster and he had to be terminated. But with your funding, I hope to be able to begin moving to human testing. Thank you.” The room clapped for him as he sat down in the chair next to Ethan.

“You were really good. I don’t know how I’m ever going to top that,” said Ethan as Max sat back down.

“I’m sure you’ll find some way to top me. Good luck.”

“Mr. Rogers. If you’ll present us with your findings?”

“Yes ma’am.” Ethan scurried his way to the table to find his own beaker with a red liquid inside, 5 lab rats, a miniature treadmill, a syringe, and a scale. “Ladies and gentlemen of the board, I’d like to present you with my growth hormone.” Ethan turned around and picked up a very large lab rat. It looked to be almost the size of a housecat. “This is specimen 6. I administered my growth formula to him 50 days ago and as you can see, he has grown approximately 600% bigger than his original size. This was not done with any other special food. He received the same food that this rat was fed.” Ethan pulled out a second lab rat that was normal sized. “This is specimen 7. He was given the same amount of food that specimen 6 was. However, specimen 6 did receive 25ccs of my growth hormone as well as an increased amount of exercise.” Ethan set specimen 6 back in the cage and grabbed a rat that was smaller than specimen 6, but bigger than specimen 7. “This is specimen 8. He was given the same amount of food and formula as specimen 6, but he did not receive an increase in exercise like specimen 6. I believe I have found a way for the muscle tissue to break down and rebuild itself sooner than the average specimen.”

“Pardon me, Mr. Rogers, but FDA will not approve of most steroids that are injected with an animal for purposes of growth. And it is not the best thing for PR at livestock farms.”

“That is true, Dr. Khan. However, my growth hormone meets the criteria of the FDA. It is nontoxic and does not affect the meat of the animal. And just like Mr. Burk, I’d like to demonstrate this formula so all of you can witness it firsthand.” Ethan picked up a new untouched lab rat. “This is specimen 9. He weighs 396 grams. Once I inject him with the hormone and put him on this treadmill, he will begin to show signs of muscle growth.” Ethan did just that. He took 25ccs of the hormone into the syringe, shot it into specimen 9, and placed him on the treadmill. The rat began scampering across the treadmill.

The room anxiously anticipated the rat to grow with minimal results. After 10 minutes of the rat running on the treadmill, there was no visual growth that happened within the rat. Ethan took the rat off the treadmill and placed him on the scale. “Now you probably can’t see it like you could with Mr. Burk’s example, but there was muscle growth within specimen 9. He is currently 409 grams. My hormone is meant to be administered over a longer period of time. I hope to sell this product to the meat manufacturing industry in order to revolutionize how meat is sold and hopefully increase the meat supply.”

“That is quite wonderful Mr. Rogers. If you both could leave the room while we make a final decision, but good work, both of you. Even if we do not hire you, each of you have a fulfilling career in the field of biochemistry,” said the head scientist. The two men quickly left the room as the scientists began discussing.

“You were great man. That hormone will definitely be a game changer in the meat industry,” said Max as he patted Ethan on the back.

“It will, but I messed up my presentation. I was hoping for my demonstration to yield more results like yours did. Your product even cancels the need for food all together. It’s truly incredible,” said Ethan to the smaller man.

“Thanks. Hopefully, the research team agrees.” The two of them waited for what felt like an eternity until the receptionist came out again to get them. The pair walked in and stood in front of their respective experiments.

“Gentlemen. Both of these experiments are amazing feats of science. But we only have the funding for one new study. So the individual who will be receiving funding is-” A man abruptly cut off the scientist as he barged into the room

“Everyone, we must evacuate now! The substance in lab number 6 has become unstabl-” But the man didn’t get the chance to finish. There was an explosion that came from the room next to them. Everything in the room was blasted to the opposite room. Max hit the wall and heard glass break above his head. Liquid poured down his body as a support beam landed on him and knocked him unconscious.


Chapter 2: A Discovery

Seth was walking down the street as he was finishing up a few errands. It had been a relaxing day off for him. No giant monsters, no burning buildings…


Seth felt the ground shake from a deafening blast that came from a few blocks away. He turned and saw smoke rising into the air. People began to scream and run away from the building in a panic. Seth used this opportunity to hide in a dark alley as he pulled a spandex suit out of his backpack.

“Amplified to base. There has been an explosion on the intersection of Avenue J and 19th street! Backup requested!” said Seth into his communicator.

“This is Twister. I am responding to a robbery on 92nd street, once I have dealt with that, I will be on my way,” came a response through the communicator.

“Roger that!” Putting on his mask, Seth ran out from the alley and headed toward the fire. As he was running, his body started to lengthen. His head poking above all of the citizens he passed by. He quickly surpassed 10 feet, then 20 feet, until he was eye level with some of the tallest buildings in the city. The giant “A” was stretched tightly across his vast chest like it was on a billboard.

Seth stomped carefully to the building until he had a good bird’s eye view of it. His vision was clouded due to all of the smoke that was pouring out of the building, but he tried his best to peer into the building to find any survivors. As he searched the wreckage, he could barely breath as smoke filled his lungs. Luckily, he did see a person who seemed to be trapped under debris and grabbed them before he came up for a breath of fresh air.

As Seth came up from the building, he held the man in his hands, being careful not to crush him. While catching his breath, Seth examined the tiny man for any injuries. The man looked to be fine actually. There wasn’t a scratch on him. Despite being trapped under a support beam that weighed three times more than him, there didn’t seem to be any major injuries.

Seth was brought back to the emergency at hand when he felt a burst of wind come through the air. “Twister! Long time no see!” shouted Seth.

“Likewise big guy. How’ve you been?” asked the woman as she created a vortex of air for the smoke to funnel out of.

“Oh, ya know. Saved a few lives. Stopped some bad guys. The usual,” said Seth as he set the survivor down and went back into the building now with better vision.

“Same thing really. We need to catch up sometime. It’s been too long. I’m gonna put this fire out. You get everyone out of there.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Seth loomed over the building and looked inside with better vision this time. He saw multiple people in the room where he had found the first man and reached down and grabbed them as well. He pulled them all out and set them next to the other survivor. However, Seth noticed something when he sat the other survivors down. The first survivor was significantly bigger than the others. In Seth’s hands, everything looked small, but seeing him next to the other survivors, he was twice their size and getting bigger.

“Hey Twister. One of the survivors seems to be growing.”

“What do you mean growing?”

“I mean like he’s getting bigger. He looks like he’s 10 feet tall.”

“I’ve got the fire under control and can finish things up here. Take that one and get him to a controlled space. We can’t have him growing too big in the city.”

“I’m on it!” Seth grabbed the growing survivor and started walking to the outskirts of the city. Seth could even feel him getting heavier in his hands. He went from the size of an action figure, to a teddy bear, to a small child, to a full-grown adult being carried in Seth’s arms. Seth had never encountered anyone else who could grow like this. But unlike Seth’s power, the man seemed to also be gaining muscle size as he got bigger. He was slightly toned at the start, but now looked like a roided up bodybuilder. And his cock felt like it made up a majority of the weight. It was almost as long as he was tall. It took all of Seth’s strength not to stare at it as it bounced in his arms.

As the two ran out of the city, Seth saw a clearing in the woods and decided to set the man down there. No one lived this far out from the city and there was no way anyone would find them. Seth set the man down on the ground and he started to regain consciousness. He looked up to see Seth’s face and gasped.

“Well, hey there, big guy.”

“You’re—you’re—you’re him!”

“I am. I think. Who’s him?”

“Amplified! The growing superhero!”

“Ohhhh yep! That’s me. But most people who know me call me Seth. Mind telling me who you might be?” The man sat up from laying down.

“I’m Max.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Max. Is there anything you remember from what happened?”

“What do you mean? What happened?”

“Ah well you were in an explosion. I fished you out from a burning building and brought you here so that you wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

“Why would I hurt anyone?” asked Max. Seth gestured down to Max’s body. Max saw himself for the first time since the accident. He didn’t realize he wasn’t wearing clothes and immediately tried to cover himself. But that was impossible due to his monolithic cock. He was in shock from what he saw. “What the hell happened to me?! Where did this come from?! Why am I all muscular?! And how tall am I?! 50 feet tall?!?!?”

“I’d say closer to 100.”

“How did this happen? What am I gonna do? I’m 20 times taller than any normal person! What am I gonna do for a job? Where am I gonna stay? How am I gonna eat?!” Max’s body seemed to swell as he continued rambling.

“Max! Shh. Calm down. This is all brand-new stuff to you. I get it. But you have to stay calm. We don’t know what caused you to get this big and we don’t want you getting any bigger. I’ll be able to shrink you down, but the bigger you get, the harder it’ll be for you to get back to normal.” Max took deep breaths as his heart raced at million beats a minute. Slowly but surely, he brought himself back down.

“Okay. I’m calm. I’m calm. What do you propose I do about all this?” said Max as he gestured to his body.

“Well, a little-known power of mine is that not only can I make myself grow and shrink, but I can also make others do that same. I can shrink you down to a more manageable size, at least in the height department, but I won’t be able to do anything about any of your uh… overgrown appendages,” said Seth as he nodded at Max’s hyper cock. Max began to blush as his cock inflated slightly. This time due to blood rushing to it after it got the attention of his superhero crush.

“I’d like to get my body back to some form of normal, so I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Excellent! Now I’ve tried growing or shrinking someone that wasn’t me to this extent. This might be difficult, but I need you to think small thoughts. About shrinking down. That will allow my powers to work better.”

“Small thoughts. Got it,” replied Seth. He closed his eyes and began to think. Okay, small thoughts. Ants are small. They are absolutely tiny. Kinda like how people are now. They’re so tiny. Seth said I was close to 100 feet tall. If that’s true, people should only come up to my ankles. They’re like little action figures. And this cock is dragging on the ground. It has to be more than 100 feet long. I wonder how big it’d be hard. I have always been a grower and not a shower. I wonder what Seth would look like with a cock this big. He’s so cute with his blonde hair that flips perfectly to the side and those big beautiful blue eyes of his. Not to mention his big muscles and that perfect ass. It’s so big and bubbly. The way his suit hugs him makes him look like a walking wet dream. And when he gets super huge, I just wanna sink my teeth into all that cake. That ass could end world hunger easily with all that cake.

Seth was brought out of his concentration when something hit him and knocked him onto the ground. Seth opened his eyes to see a wall of flesh above him. “Max! Max! Snap out of it! You’re growing again!” shouted Seth as he felt the weight of Max’s cock get heavier on his chest. Max was brought back to reality by Seth’s shouting only to see that his cock had bulldozed over the mighty hero and was charging through the forest.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened! I was trying to think small thoughts, but I guess they turned into different thoughts!” replied Max as he felt his cock continue to stretch across the ground. He could feel Seth grabbing at his cock from under it. His hands felt so small compared to the beast in front of him.

Despite being crushed by a cock that could rival the size of a skyscraper, Seth couldn’t help but be turned on by this scenario. His own cock was rock hard and pressed into Max’s shaft. He reached around to get a grip to pull himself, but he could only grab at loose skin. Not only was the cock growing in length, but it was soon as wide as Seth and growing wider. Seth had a moment of panic at the thought of dying under the world’s biggest dick and then had an epiphany.

“I will always be the biggest!” shouted Seth as he began to grow his body. The cock above him felt lighter and lighter until Seth had grown enough strength to push the cock off of him. He stood up and gazed in horror of what stood before him. There sat Max on top of a cock that looked to be 300 feet long and balls that were bigger than any Thanksgiving parade float. Max’s growth seemed to slow as he sat atop his perch, now rendered immobile by his gigantic size.

“Max! What the hell happened?! I told you to think small thoughts! Not outgrow the forest!”

“I was, but something just came over me. My balls need to relieve this pressure. I can feel the pent up cum under my ass. I can’t control it. Also I don’t think I actually grew. I’m just hard now,” said Max as his face turned a bright shade of pink.

“Wait, you’re telling me your dick normally gets this big?” asked Seth. Max shrugged with an embarrassed smile on his face. His focus was drawn away from his cock to Seth’s as a wet spot formed in his crotch region.

“Fuuuuuuck!” moaned Seth as he shot a load into his blue spandex. He had just jizzed in front of a civilian and he wasn’t even touching himself. He was just so big without even trying. It was Seth’s turn to blush. “Uhhh I’m so sorry. I don’t know what could’ve come over me,” said Seth flustered.

“You like this?” Max motioned down his cock that he lay atop. Seth reluctantly nodded. With Seth’s acknowledgement of his attraction, it was like a faucet had been turned on and Max’s cock started leaking pre all over the forest below. Each droplet the size of a car. Seth walked up to the wall of cock that stood in front of him and placed a hand on it. It was warm to the touch. Seth rubbed his hand across the length admiring the sheer mass of it.

“Oh fuck!” Seth looked up at Max as he squirmed on his perch. Seth wrapped his arm around the beast and squeezed. “Shit Seth! Keep doing that!” Seth didn’t need to be told twice. He jumped onto the cock and began riding it like a mechanical bull. He wrapped his hands around the girth as much as he could, but there was no way that he’d be able to get his arms all the way around the monster. Max bucked his hips in time with Seth’s thrusts and more pre began to pour out of the cock.

Max looked down on the giant that was on top of his titanic cock. He watched that incredible squeeze and relax as he slammed his hips forward on his dick. Max’s moaning could be heard for miles around. He was broken out of his trance as Seth began to shrink below him. “Seth! Why are you shrinking back down?!?” Seth looked up at the handsome man. He was definitely higher than he was a moment ago.

“I didn’t shrink down!” Seth reached back down to grip the cock only to find that his hands didn’t reach as far down as they had previously. His suspicions were confirmed when his feet were lifted off the ground. “I’m not shrinking, Max, you’re growing again!” Seth slid off of the growing cock and ran toward its head. Sure enough, the head continued to plow forward through the trees as it left a trail of pre in its wake.

“Oh fuck! I’m getting so fucking huge!” Seth cried as another few dozen feet were added onto his cock and he rose higher as his balls filled with more cum. As hot as this whole scene was, Seth had a horrifying realization. If Seth’s balls continued to grow like this, he’d flood the town that was 3 miles away from here. Or worse, he could flatten them under his mile-wide cock.

“Max! You have to stop growing now! If you don’t, you might destroy a whole town with your dick!” screamed Seth from the head.

“I can’t stop! Oh no! It’s cumming!” Seth looked down at the shaft as it began to buck and spasm. He knew he needed to act fast if that town had any chance of surviving. With lightning-fast reflexes, he latched his lips to Max’s giant cock slit and began to swallow all of the pre that had been flowing out of it.

That was the tipping point for Max. He let out a mighty roar as his balls shot thousands of gallons of cum into Seth’s mouth. Seth was shot back by the initial blast, but quickly regained his positioning. He grew himself bigger in order to better catch all of the cum being released but being careful not to grow himself too big so he wouldn’t crush the town himself. This was not Seth’s first rodeo with a cock, but he was shocked by the sheer volume of cum that was being poured into him by the second. His gut slowly began to expand below him as he continued to swallow Max’s seed, letting very little escape his mouth.

Max looked down at his favorite hero to see him slowly blowing up with his cum. This only made him explode more into the giant. He watched as the gut inflated with cum going from the size of your average beer belly to the size of a pregnant woman overdue with triplets in under a minute. Everything about Seth seemed to be growing as he continued to unload his overfilled balls.

Seth could feel the shots begin to lose their power. He opened his eyes and saw that Max had gotten smaller. It wasn’t the shots that were less powerful, they were being shot out of a smaller cannon. Seth could now securely fit his mouth around the head and began casually sucking on the cock like it was a lollipop. Max’s dick slowly lost a lot of its size, but the cum just kept flowing. Seth shrunk himself down as Max seemed to return to normal size. After what felt like an hour of cumming, Max returned to his original size before the accident.

“That was incredible,” said Max as he laid on the grass.

“I’ll say. Bbuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrppppppp! It’s been forever since I’ve had sex like that.” Max looked up to his superhero crush to see that the once fairly toned man had now dawned a giant gut. It looked like he had stuffed a yoga ball into his spandex suit. He had shrunk down to about 8 feet tall and was licking the remnants of cum off of his body.

“Seth. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to… uh blow you up like that.”

“It’s okay, little man. My metabolism will work this out of my system in no time.”

“Are you sure? You looked like someone stuck an air pump into you and forgot to turn it off for a few too many hours,” said Max as he poked at the bulging belly. It felt soft to the touch, but the skin tightened as he probed deeper.

“Haha. That tickles. And seriously don’t worry about it. My body has had to process more cum than this before.” Max stared at his crush stunned but looked away when he heard a plane flying towards them.

“What’s that?”

“That is our ride out of here. We have to get you back to base to be examined.”

“Are you going to open up my insides and look at my guts?” The jet landed and a door slowly opened to reveal a man in all white.

“Nah. That’s the government. Be happy I got to you first.”

“We got a call from Twister that you carried a civilian away from a burning laboratory after a chemical spill. What in the hell happened here? And what happened to you Amplified?” asked the man in white as he examined Seth’s overblown stomach.

“I’ll explain everything in my briefing, but right now, we need to get this man back to base. He has been exposed to a mixture of chemicals that has given him the ability to grow him like me. He however has no control over it.”

“If he can’t control it, we must sedate him.”

“What?” asked Max. The man in white came at him with a syringe and shot it into his neck. “Shit! What thaaa fuuuu—” said Max as he fell to the ground and everything went black.

2 parts 5,286 words Added Nov 2020 14k views 5.0 stars (9 votes)

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