Growth drive

by Musclesaber

Jared is on his way to work when he stops by a shop that gives him everything he could’ve dreamed for how to grow bigger. Is it too good to be true? We will have to wait and see how giving people are towards a growing giant.

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Week 0 Jared is on his way to work when he stops by a shop that gives him everything he could’ve dreamed for how to grow bigger. Is it too good to be true? We will have to wait and see how giving people are towards a growing giant. (added: 2 Mar 2024)
Week 1 Let the growth begin. (added: 16 Mar 2024)
Rob’s Week 1 Report Rob gives Sam an interesting report on Jared’s progress of growing. (added: 23 Mar 2024)
Week 2 The growth continues into Week 2.
Rob’s 2nd Review Rob gives Sam an update on Jared’s growth and some developments he’s discovered about his cum.  (added: 30 Mar 2024)
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Week 0

Jared jogged down the sidewalk with his airpods in his ears. He was dressed in a big hoodie that hugged his pecs tight and accentuated them jiggling up and down. It didn’t help that Jared’s pecs were already the size of textbooks strapped to his chest. The sleeves of the hoodie strangled his arms inside. As he jogged through the city, his soft cock bounced with his body, clearly visible through his gray sweatpants. His wide hips gave his bubble butt a nice natural sway to his run.

“I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter. Dancing through the fire ‘cause I am the champion. And you’re gonna hear me roooooar…” hummed Jared as he passed by a storefront. It was typically abandoned, but there seemed to be one shop lit up at the end of the street.

That’s never there, thought Jared to himself. Jared always ran this way to his Friday night shift for work and there had never been any kind of business here. Not even any that were being renovated. Jared paused his music and took his airpods out of his ears. He slowed his pace to a walk, reading the tacky neon signs in the window.

BIG SALE read the blue letters, lit up in an explosive cloud of smoke behind it. Jared lifted his head up and saw the massive sign above him light up.

“The Sizemologist Cauldron?” mused Jared. He pushed open the door and walked into the surprisingly spacious store. He walked through the shelves of items. His wide shoulders brushing up against the glass bottles on display. He turned his body to read one of the potions on the shelf, but in doing so, his big shoulder made two vials wobble and begin rolling off the wood.

“Woah there big guy!” came a voice from behind him. Jared jumped forward startled by the gentleman leaning down behind him. His big pecs lurched forward and pressed into many more glass bottles in front of him on the shelf.

“Shit, fuck. Sorry!” Jared steadied himself and carefully pushed the bottles to the back of the shelf. “I thought I had more room to move.” Jared slowly turned back around to see a man with platinum blonde hair holding two bottles.

“Jumbo Juice and Two Ton Tonic, a fun mixture, but probably not for right now,” said the man as he put the two bottles on the shelf. “And don’t worry about it. I know how tight these hallways can be,” said the big man as he rubbed his own prestigious belly. The man seemed to be in his mid forties and had a stocky muscular build with a round belly that stuck out a foot or two in front of him. He stood just an inch or two taller than Jared, but Jared was definitely the wider of the two.

“Sorry about that. Sometimes I forget how big I am,” replied Jared as he returned the last potion to the shelf.

“No worries big guy. My husband says the same thing. Now, what can I do for you today?” asked the salesman as he led Jared through the aisle.

“I’m just browsing. I’ve never seen your shop before. When did you open?” asked Jared as his eyes peered across the name tags. Bubble Butt Brew? Pillow Pec Potion? Muscle Milkshake? What’s this guy selling here? thought Jared.

“Just yesterday. Had to get out of the last place I was in a bit of a rush. And lucky for me, this place was available to move in immediately.” They entered the main shopping area with multiple kiosks setup with jewelry, sunglasses, even some speedos on manikins. “Feel free to look around. I’m clearing out my entire inventory to make room for a new line of products so don’t be shy.” Jared immediately ran towards the speedos. The manikins modeling them had a substantial bulge outlined in their front pouch and an ass that was spilling out the sides and could be seen from the front.

“How much for one of these? I could always use a new speedo for work.” asked Jared, feeling the fabric of a striped red one. “And do they come in bigger sizes?” He brushed his fingers across the hard plastic dick inside.

“Those speedos are pretty cheap, only $5. They aren’t as great as you think they might be.” The shopkeep walked over to the manikin and pulled the speedo off of the plastic to reveal a smooth surface. “The charm of the clothes only are in effect when you’re wearing the clothes. Not good if you’re going for long term gains.” Jared’s eye’s did a double take when he saw there was no mold of a dick on the manikin. He grabbed the one he was holding and pulled it off to reveal the same smooth surface.

“What the fuck?” Jared backed up from the display and looked around at some of the other items. Lock Cock Ring? Juicer Belt? Gainer’s Snack Sack? His head was spinning as he could only imagine what he might’ve stumbled onto.

“What? Not a fan? I would’ve thought you’d at least enjoy looking like you had bigger junk. Given your line of work,” said the shopkeep.

“I meant the magic speedos! What kind of place are you running here? And how do you know where I work?” asked Jared.

“I’ve seen your act and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by your size.” Jared gazed into the eyes of the older man leaning against the counter. “And this place is for people who want to get really big. Like yourself.”

“Thank you. I have been growing a lot lately,” smiled Jared as he held up his bicep. It balled up and swelled to the size of an orange in its poor black sleeve. “And I’m always looking to grow more.”

“You have no idea. Well if you’re interested in a nice speedo, I can show you to my more exclusive selection.” The shop keep held up his hand and pointed towards a sign that read Does This Make Me Look Big?.

“Well, if everything is on sale, why not? I have time before work.” Jared turned and followed the bigger man down the hallway. At the edge of the shop, there was a glass display with three speedos underneath.

“Normally, these speedos would go for around a few hundred bucks, but hopefully they’ll be in your price range.” The shop keep flipped the light and the speedos lit up.

“Why are they so expensive?” asked Jared as he examined the selection. There was a dark red one with a black diamond design running down it, a light blue one with white circles emanating from points of the speedo like ripples, and a royal purple one with a golden stag on the crotch.

“They allow someone to grow by being paid for it.” Jared snapped his head to the shop keep and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head.

“If I wear this, people can pay to grow me bigger?” His eyes glared back down at the speedos, wide with the possibilities.

“Yep.” The shopkeep held the key in his hand with a smirk on his face. “I had a feeling you’d be intrigued by these.”

“How does it work?” Jared pressed his face up to the glass, “Is it like a coin machine and it gives candy out?” he changed angles on the glass, “Or is there a barcode I can scan for Venmo or Cashapp?” he changed his angle to stare down at the speedo, “Or will people need to swipe their cards through my ass?”

“No no no, calm down big guy.” The shop keep peeled the big excited man off the glass. He turned the lock and pulled out a rectangular metal box behind the display. “It’s done using this remote.” He clicked a button on the remote and the white circles on the blue speedo lit up. “This remote is a money-getting machine. It has a hole to suck in any cash or coin thrown your way, a card reader that can swipe, chip, or tap, as well as a projector for a barcode for people to scan to send money to as well.” The man clicked a button and a barcode lit up on the wall.

“That is incredible.” Jared was in awe as he picked up the purple one. “Are they all the same?”

“No, they each have special features that can accompany the growth. The red pair is a boost in the wearer’s muscles. The blue is a boost to the wearer’s cock. And the one you’re holding, those will boost both.” Jared stretched the speedo out with his hands and found it had a surplus of stretch. “And I’ve never met someone who has been able to outgrow them if you were worried about that.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” said Jared with a smirk. “I’ll take them. How much?”

“Normally they’d cost you around $500 for this particular pair,” said the shop keep as he reached for another remote. “But I’ll give them to you for the low price of $50. Do we have a deal?” He plugged in some numbers on the remote and turned it to show Jared the screen that read $50.

“Deal.” Jared didn’t waste any time pulling out his wallet and tapping his card on the screen. “So how does this thing work?” Jared took the remote from the man’s hands and started fiddling with the screen.

“Why don’t I let him explain.” He leaned forward and tapped a button on the side of the remote that lit up a light blue. Out popped a man clad in only the same speedo as the one Jared had just bought. Except the man was entirely translucent and shiny blue.

“Hello there! You must be my new master!” beamed the hologram. The man was completely bald and had a round jaw line with a cartoon-like muscular body beneath his head. “Wo-ho-ho you bought these?! You wanna get bigger? My good sir, you’re already huge!” the hologram zipped back behind Jared’s shoulder as it talked like a mosquito in his ear. “I mean look at you! You could already bench, what, 250, 300 pounds? What do you need me here for?” The hologram reached forward and squeezed Jared’s hefty pecs.

“350, actually,” Jared swatted away the hologram’s hand, surprised he could feel its touch.

“Exactly, what are you doing here looking to get even bigger?” The hologram poofed away and reappeared in front of Jared’s pecs with a straw hat and a flannel. “Y’all tryin’ to grow these milkers even bigga’.” The hologram reached forward and grabbed Jared’s nipples that were visible even under two layers of clothes and started milking them like a cow.

“Hey! Cut it out!” Jared reached his arms forward to swat at the hologram only to have them go straight through it. “Wait, what the? How are you doing that!?!” yelled Jared as the hologram vanished and appeared beside the shop keep like a gnat buzzing around the room.

“Go easy on him R. People here aren’t as familiar with the mystic arts. This is R, he will teach you how to use the speedo.”

The hologram brought its hand up and waved at Jared before putting his hands together in front of him. “Sam I can smell this guy’s hunger for size from here, this isn’t a good idea.” the hologram turned back to the shop keep and glared at him.

“Hush up, I just wanna see what he can do. Give him the royal treatment,” said the shop keep, giving the hologram a comically exaggerated bow.

“Oh, we’re giving this one the royal treatment? He’s that big a deal?” asked the hologram.

“I’m definitely a big deal.” Jared smiled and hit a double bicep pose and flexed his arms down in front of him.

The hologram simply rolled its eyes and looked back at the shop keep. “Fine, I’ll give him the royal treatment. Hell, I’ll make him as big as he wants.” Jared’s eyes lit up with excitement and he looked back at the remote.

“Let’s go, R. I’ve gotta get to work, and I’m sure you can walk and talk.” Jared tapped the Settings button on the remote and connected his airpods to the remote in a second. “Thank you so much sir. I can’t thank you enough. Hopefully, you’ll see how big I get soon.” Jared stuffed the speedo in his pocket and started to briskly walk towards the door.

“No problem Jaren. You have a fun time at work!” yelled the shop keep as R blinked the further away Jared got.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” buzzed R as he flickered away.

Jared pulled the door open and barreled out of the shop towards the club. He only had a few blocks to go, but he walked slow as he put his air pods back in.

“Testing, keeeetttch, Testing, sheeeeesh Testing, Testing, Testing, is this thing on!” rang a loud voice from the air pods.

“God dammit, yes dude, I can hear you.” Jared pulled out the remote and looked down at the screen to see a little 2-D animation of R floating on it.

“Excellent, let’s start with introductions!” blared the animation. R poofed away and was replaced by 4 more R’s in marching band uniforms holding trumpets blasting a fanfare into Jared’s ear. “Welcome to the Royal Speedo from the Sizemologist’s 4th collection! I am your guide for this machine as well as sometimes the machine itself, here to grow you beyond your wildest dreams!” shouted an R wearing a long flowing royal purple cape and a golden crown.

“Still very loud, but I don’t think you understand how big I can dream,” replied Jared. He looked around to see if anyone saw him talking to this remote, but he was alone before he walked into the club.

“We’ll see about that,” replied R as he flew off the screen and his head appeared next to the main menu. “So, to get started, you will need to select your levels.” A button labeled Levels highlighted itself and Jared clicked on it. “Select what levels of growth you want based on your prices.”

Jared was presented with a screen of sliders. He saw lengths on the left side of the screen and dollar amounts on the right. He swept his fingers up and down on the screen to adjust the numbers accordingly. “What do you think is a generous number for how much I want to grow?” asked Jared.

R blinked and the lens of the remote flashed and an angel R and a devil R appeared on Jared’s shoulders. “It would be wise to keep your ratio of cash to size low considering how much money men already give you for your body,” said Angel R on Jared’s shoulder holding a harp with a halo on its head.

“Or knowing that you’ll be rolling in the dough come show time, you could make it pretty easy for you to grow with just a little bit. That way you can get huge fast!” grinned the Devil R holding a pitchfork with horns on his head.

“I like that idea waaaay more!” Jared didn’t think much as he started moving his money meter down.

“No no no, you can’t do that! You’ll get so big so fast! That could be dangerous!” shouted the Angel R. “I suggest that you make it so that $100 would grow you a foot.” The Angel R crossed his arms and puffed air out of his nose as he flew in front of Jared’s face.

“Dangerous shmangerous, let’s get this cash cow growing!” The Devil R bumped the Angel R away as Jared settled on his ratio. “Excellent choice master.”

“Master, I kinda like that.” Jared devilishly grinned as he walked to the back entrance of the club. He had landed on $10 would grow him a foot taller. “And your name is just R? Does that stand for anything?”

“Royal Model. I was fashioned for some of the most powerful people in the world,” replied R from back on the remote screen.

“Then it’s perfect I’ll be wearing you. But I don’t like the name R. What about…Rob. Short for Robot.” R changed into a floating head with three dots coming out of it giving Jared a blank stare.

“All right, I’ll be Rob. Now to get the machine active, you’ll need to put the speedo on first.” Jared entered the club and made his way to the dressing room. Taking off his hoodie, he peeled off the tight tank top he had on under it. Shimmying out of his sweatpants and sliding his jock off to reveal his chubbed up 8-incher. Picking up the speedo, he fit one leg through the hole then the other. He was surprised just how much they were able to stretch around his massive legs. He pulled it over his fat ass and pulled the creases out around it and his crotch. He rearranged his balls nicely inside then looked at himself in the mirror.

He was hot in them, even though it wasn’t advertised for it, Jared could swear his dick looked bigger in the speedo. He turned to the side and his jaw dropped from how fat his ass got. Like an overgrown cantaloupe overflowing the sides of the speedo. “Fuck, I love these things.”

“Uh-huh, yeah I know they’re great. Now get over here,” chirped Rob from the remote. “Let me get a quick read through of your stats.”

“A what? What are yo- Whoa!” Jared felt a surge of energy flow through his crotch as the golden stag lit up. It rode its way up his body over his abs, up to his pecs, and out his arms. All while running down his legs and spreading to his back. “What the fuck was that?”

“You like?” the remote blinked as Jared picked it up and focused on the screen. “That’ll be what it feels like to grow. But for now, it was just to see what we’re working with now.” A table came up as it started tallying together some stats on Jared’s body.

Height: 6 Feet Tall
Weight: 250 Pounds
Cock Size (Flaccid): 8 Inches Long
Cock Size (Erect): 10 Inches Long

“My oh my, you are a big one. I am excited to watch you grow.” Rob beeped and the screen went away. “Once you’re on stage, you just let me handle collecting the money. You just focus on getting those men’s hard-earned cash and getting huge.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Jared pulled out his airpods and set them down next to his clothes.

“All right gentlemen, y’all are in for a treat tonight!” came Rob’s voice from the loud speaker. Jared admired himself in the mirror for a moment as his intro music played.

“We have for you tonight one of the biggest men out there. And he just plans on getting bigger! You guys like that, right?” The crowd outside erupted with boisterous applause while Jared popped his pecs in the mirror. Rubbing his big nipples with some glitter as he stretched.

“Well folks, if you would like to see this next dancer get even bigger, then don’t be afraid to show him some love. And by love, I mean cash!” Jared bounced his hair with his fingers and smiled at himself in the mirror.

“Please give it up for…The Hulking Himbo!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

(Hi there, quick author’s note at the end. This is a growth drive! Jared is going to grow based on how much the people like him. To participate, click on my linktree next to my author’s name and it’ll take you to my Twitter where the main post will be for you to grow this hunk. You can also participate here on Metabods by commenting and rating the story highly so he has a great multiplier bonus going into next week. This first round will last from March 1st to March 13th with the results getting posted on March 16th. We’ll see how much he grows after just 1 week :). Enjoy and happy Macro March!)


Week 1

“Please give it up for…The Hulking Himbo!” called Rob over the microphone as Jared sauntered out onto the stage and gazed down at all the men seated in the underground strip club. His big bulge waved from side to side as a holographic screen appeared next to Jared’s head reading 6 on it.

“Here are the rules! This Hulking Himbo will grow 1 foot taller for every $10 you give him. We accept cash, check, and most third party apps,” said Rob like a fast talking commercial advertisement. The crowd hollered again for Jared as he hit a double bicep pose and flexed his massive pecs.

“Y’all ready to see this big daddy grow!?!” shouted Jared. Dollar bills started flying through the air onto the stage as an answer to his question. Jared smiled and started dancing for his clientele. He popped his torso forward for the men in the audience making his sizable chest jiggle. Bringing his hands up to his collarbone, he stroked them down his body while gyrating his package forward. His massive bulge bouncing right in front of a man’s face.

As dollar bills fell on the stage floor, Rob fangled with the remote in the DJ booth. Pressing various buttons on the device, the hole for the vacuum setting extended into a hose and started slithering towards the stage. The hose sucked up all the dollar bills at Jared’s feet and the number on the screen beside Jared’s head started to flicker. 

“That’s it, folks, now watch and see what your hard earned cash is doing to him.” Jared felt the same warm sensation that he had felt when Rob had taken his measurements before, but this time, it felt so much more intense. Every fiber of his body felt like it was having its own personal orgasm as he felt his skin stretched. His cock immediately got hard and strained the speedo to leave nothing left to the imagination. Opening his eyes with a jolt, Jared looked down and watched his body swell bigger. He could see the men below him getting further away as his head rose higher.

“Holy fuck,” Jared managed to get out of his mouth as he grew. He had stopped dancing entirely and the men in front of him stood there in shock. Right before their eyes, this hunk was growing taller by the second. The number on the screen next to Jared blinked into a 7, then quickly an 8. His limbs stretched in every direction and his muscles looked like they too got a bit of a pump from Jared’s growth spurt.

As quickly as the growth spurt had started, Jared felt the warmth that had engulfed his body fade and eventually extinguish completely. Looking back up at the audience, Jared saw the men gobsmacked. All of their mouths hanging open in awe of Jared’s size. Jared stood up to his full height and stared down at the men ogling his big body. “Who told you it was okay to stop?” Once the words left his lips, the men resumed their cash flow towards Jared’s dance. “And quit throwing those one’s around! I need more!” roared Jared.

All of the men in the room clamored towards the stage and started throwing piles upon piles of money at Jared. “You need to be as big as possible!” called one man from the crowd. The big man resumed his dance and could feel the new weight of his body as he moved. His big feet thudded loudly against the stage making the poor wood creak. 

The dollar bills littered the stage and the vacuum quickly sucked it all up leading to the warmth returning to Jared. This time however, Jared kept dancing and played through the growth. He gave the crowd a nice body roll and with every roll, his torso got longer and broader. The screen next to Jared’s head quickly blinking passed numbers.

Jared was brought out of his fantasy when he felt a bump against his head. He had hit the 12 feet tall ceiling and still he grew. Bending over, Jared got down onto his knees and was still towering over the men around him. He raised his arms above his head and flexed his abs. His ab’s easily looked bigger than a man’s fist and were still growing. 

One man being so bold as to walk up to the giant and slip a $50 bill in the speedo. “Bigger!” said the man as he got a quick rub of Jared’s humongous bulge. His hand looked so small next to the golden stag that stretched across the speedo. Jared’s eyes lit up when he saw the $50 and he could feel the results almost immediately.

The numbers on the screen flickered as it skipped over many sets of numbers before settling on 50. Jared could only moan as energy coursed through his veins and his body grew faster. Not even caring about the tiny men in front of him. Even from his kneeling position, Jared’s head was again approaching the ceiling. But just before it did, Jared’s body crushed the stage beneath him. Postponing his breakout of the ceiling, but only for a moment. 

As Jared’s body rapidly filled the room, bells and whistles rang from the DJ booth. “Congratulations! For reaching 50 feet tall, you have unlocked a free boost to your muscles!” shouted Rob. 

“A what?” growled Jared. As if to answer his question, his muscle started heating up along with the already warm energy he could feel running through them. Jared’s muscles had been growing proportionally to the rest of his body, but now he could feel them growing faster than the rest of him. He looked down and saw his chest heaving out bigger and bigger with each breath. Each of his pecs could fit a man on them already and now they could be compared to king sized mattresses. His shoulders broadened and made the giant become squished between the walls. His back thickened and pressed into the ceiling above them. His already fat ass growing to the size of an actual dump truck and breaking down the wall to the backstage rooms. 

“Everyone out unless you want to get crushed by your growing god!” Jared moaned as cracks in the wall formed. The men in the bar rushed out of the building and turned back and saw Jared’s giant form tear apart the roof of the building. 

Jared got up from his kneeling position and took in his new view. He was standing taller than many of the smaller buildings on the outskirts of the city where his club was. At his giant size, Jared’s muscle already looked ginormous, but with the added boost, Jared had gone from athlete to bodybuilder. He looked down and saw all the men still standing below him along with a growing crowd of passersby. All of them staring up at the giant with hard ons in their pants. 

With a bright flash of light and a poof, Rob appeared on Jared’s shoulder. “All right big guy, you’ve had your fun. Now let’s get that Speedo off.” 

“What?!? Never! I’m not even close to the size I wanna be!” Jared’s voice echoed through the entire city like thunder. It being much deeper now thanks to his new size. “You tinies are gonna hand all your money over to me! Meet your new ruler!” boomed Jared. 

“We’re not giving you anything!” came a voice from the crowd. Jared got back down on his hands and knees and narrowed his eyes at the crowd. 

“Which one of you bugs said that?” He scanned the entire audience until a man on the other side of the street raised his hand. 

“I did! You can’t do this. You’re taking all these people’s money and for what? Just so you can have more business as a stripper? Or fame as a giant? Uh uh, fuck that. Don’t give him any of your money!” yelled the man. 

Jared crawled his big body towards the tiny man, his hands leaving craters in the street as he did. “I think I can, you pathetic worm!” Jared plucked the small man off the ground like he was just an action figure. Standing up to his full height, he brought the man right up to his face that was taller than him by a few feet. Rob beside him, hovering watching the exchange. 

“You- you think you can scare me?” said the man as he looked down and saw just how high up he was. 

“I don’t think I can scare you. I know I can,” growled Jared as he took his fist and punched a hole in the building next to him like it was brittle paper. “And no one is stopping me from growing. Especially not a small, insignificant, bug like you.” Jared raised his head back and opened his mouth. 

“Wait, wait no! I didn’t mean it! Hold on! We can talk about this!” yelled the man. But it was no use. Rob’s eyes widened as Jared tossed the man down his throat like he was a little cracker. 

“Too late. You’ll be better as fuel for my growth!” said Jared as he swallowed. 

“Did you really have to do that?” asked Rob as he laid down on Jared’s pecs. 

“I did. I can’t let these small insects think they can get away with shit like that,” whispered Jared to Rob. “If you all don’t want to end up like him, I suggest you open up your wallets and start handing all of it over!” Jared’s voice thundered through the street as the men held up cash in their hands offering it to him. Either out of attraction or fear. 

It didn’t matter to Jared, he felt the flow of energy come back and he was growing again. The holographic screen popped into view next to Jared’s head, now the size of a Jumbotron, and the numbers rolled past 60 and 70 in no time. Standing in the middle of the street, Jared could see all the buildings shrink away from his view. His shoulders pressed into taller buildings beside him as he became wider than the 6-lane road below. 

As he continued to grow, Jared felt the energy current getting weaker. Glaring down at his followers, he saw them still throwing money his way. “Rob, what’s going on? Why am I growing slower?” asked Jared, reaching 80 feet tall. 

“You’re not growing slower. You’re just so big, it’s hard for these guys to give you enough money for you to see actual growth,” replied Rob. 

“Then I guess I need to get some new followers.” Jared picked up his massive foot and started walking towards the city. The ground shook as he walked and he accidentally crushed a parked car like it was a leaf in autumn. Citizens all over the city could see the giant walking towards downtown and while some ran in terror, others were drawn to Jared like a moth to a flame. 

Reaching downtown, Jared felt his growth come to another halt when he got too far away from his minions, but it was only for a moment. He looked down at the city and most of the buildings didn’t even come up to his waist. The only thing bigger than him now were the skyscrapers that stood over a thousand feet in the air. 

“Congratulations!” shouted Rob as he poofed in front of Jared’s face wearing a party hat. “You have reached 100 feet tall! That means you get a boost to your cock!” Jared smirked and was going to speak, but cut himself off with a moan that shook the buildings around him. 

Jared’s bulge bucked as it inflated in size. His cock must’ve been 15 feet long at his size, but it swelled bigger and bigger inside its purple prison, along with his balls that were filled with gallons of cum. The fabric of the speedo stretched and stretched as Jared’s cock extended multiple feet a second. His bulge growing down to his knees, shins, then finally resting on the street below him with a wet spot the size of a billboard.

The transformation stopped and Jared caught his breath for a moment as he looked out at the city and basked in his size. Taking in the view of all of the little people scrambling towards him to worship his massive body. He loved it. He needed more of it. “Rob, project the QR code on that skyscraper. I wanna milk these tinies for everything they’re worth,” said Jared with a smug smirk on his face. 

“I don’t know, big guy. You’ve already grown plenty,” said Rob as he floated around Jared’s head. 

“I didn’t ask for your opinion. You’re supposed to be giving me the royal treatment, remember. Now do as your king demands and get the money moving again!” yelled Jared.

Rob let out a sigh and started pressing buttons on the device. “It’s your funeral.” Rob pointed the device at one of the skyscrapers that surrounded Jared and a massive image of a QR code was projected onto the building. 

“Citizens of New York City!” shouted Jared from the center of town. Windows on buildings shattered as Jared’s voice carried on for miles. “This is your new god speaking! Do not be alarmed! I will not hurt you! As long as you make a contribution to your new god’s growth!” Jared leaned down to see over his pecs and saw a crowd of people surrounding his bulge. “And if you contribute enough, I’ll even let you live on my incredible body!” yelled Jared as he brought his arms up and flexed. His wingspan now covered multiple city blocks. 

It didn’t take long before the energy began to flow again. Jared moaned and started getting bigger. Much bigger. Unlike in the strip club when he felt a constant flow of size to him, he was growing in bursts. “Woah, people like you. A lot. They’re giving their money away to you in the hundreds,” said Rob with a stunned look on his face. 

The screen floating next to Jared’s head sped through numbers like a slot machine at a casino. 150, 200, 300, 500, the number was jumping higher at rates Rob had never seen before. And Jared’s body was more than happy to oblige. With every heartbeat, Jared rose higher and higher into the sky. His limbs lengthening, his muscle swelling with power, even his bulge got more of a boost and started demolishing the buildings in front of it as it grew. 

Jared started to see the tops of the skyscrapers as his growth continued. One of the biggest cities in the world was starting to feel minuscule compared to his giant body. His big toe was bigger than a car and his bulge could fill an entire stadium at its size. His biceps were forced out to the side into buildings from how muscular they had become. His pecs were so big they could be measured in acreage instead of just feet. His abs were the size of house and a normal street could fit on his happy trail. And his legs looked thicker than the buildings he was standing next to. 

“Alert alert alert!” cried Rob. Jared was brought out of his euphoria of growth and looked over at Rob. “Three people have just contributed a lot of money to your growth!” said Rob with more shock than excitement. 

“How much?” asked Jared. 

“One of them gave you $200 and said he wishes your feet were bigger, another gave you $500 and would love to grow your cock more, and the last one gave a whopping $1,000 to see your pecs and ass balloon,” said Rob with a shocked expression. 

“Can you make it so?” asked Jared as he kept growing. 

“I can, but you might look even more like a freak then you already do.”

“Perfect.” Rob hit some buttons and a sharp pain ran through Jared’s body. “Ahhhhh what the fuck?!?” roared Jared. Everyone on the ground was forced to cover their ears otherwise go deaf listening to the giant’s screams. 

“I didn’t say it would feel good.” Jared felt the pain consolidate onto his feet first. He looked down but couldn’t see his feet thanks to his pec shelf and growing bulge, but he could feel them extending across the ground. Tearing up the asphalt on the street as they extended in front of him. Digging deeper into the ground as his weight increased. 

Then he felt the pain travel up to his cock. It already was massive, but it quickly doubled in size. It grew through the city like a train and his balls flattened the buildings like pancakes. To Jared’s surprise, he looked down and could actually see the purple bulge swelling out in front of him past his pecs. Filling his view of what he could see in the city. And he could see little dots all over the speedo of his worshippers. 

“They’re so small, I can’t even feel them!” Jared cried again when the pain moved again to his ass. Jared had always had a fat ass, but now it was growing obscenely huge. The big ass blossomed backwards and outwards and demolished the skyscraper behind Jared. It grew through multiple floors as it bubbled bigger. Turning to the side to admire his ass, Jared was unaware of just how massive it had become and rammed it into a neighboring skyscraper. His big cheeks pressed up against all the windows giving anyone inside an incredible look at his ass. 

Finally, the pain traveled up again to his pecs. Each of them felt huge already in their own right, but as the pain sunk in, they began to surge bigger unlike any of the others. They grew into fat pecs that hung low on Jared’s body. Growing up into his face, obscuring his view even more than it already was. The shadows they cast looked like two massive moons were beginning to eclipse the sun from the entire city. 

The pain began to die down as did the transformation. Jared panted in exhaustion and looked at the screen next to him. 1,090. He had broken the 1,000 feet mark. Rob floated back over to his head and twisted in the air like he was in water. “Satisfied?”

“Never.” Jared pulled himself together and up to his full height. “Where are those subjects that contributed so much? Could you bring them to me?” Rob nodded and poofed away. After a moment, he reappeared with 3 men all standing on Jared’s massive pecs. “Thank you my loyal subjects. Your contributions today have helped greatly in your master’s ascension to godhood.” 

“We love you master!” cried one of them as they fell to their knees and kissed Jared’s pecs. 

“We only wish to see you bigger!” yelled another. 

“Good boys,” purred Jared. “And as a reward for your generosity, enjoy some prime real estate on your growing god’s body. Rob, put these men in the crevice on my body of their choosing.” Rob bowed his head and grabbed one of the men by the arm and poofed them to in between Jared’s big toes. 

“We want nothing more than to serve our giant growing god,” said one of the men kissing Jared’s pecs. 

“Good, you’ll be serving me for as long as I grow,” replied Jared as Rob poofed back and grabbed the next man. Transporting him into Jared’s speedo in between Jared’s cock and balls. “So be prepared to serve me for the rest of your life.”

“Yes master,” replied the man. Rob poofed back and took the man’s hand. 

“Your new home is right here.” Rob pointed at the massive canyon that Jared’s pecs created and the man, without hesitation, jumped into the deep valley and disappeared. “You’ve grown to over 1,000 feet tall, are you done now?” asked Rob. 

“I will never be done. You are going to grow me until I can’t grow anymore, and then maybe even more then. Understand?” asked Jared. 

“Yes,” replied Rob. 

“Yes what?”

“Yes, master,” uttered Rob begrudgingly. “But I will say, you have reached another special milestone. At 1,000 feet, you receive a boost in size based on my approval of your growth. Think of it as a review I’ll send back to the maker of this speedo,” said Rob. 

“Review? You’re gonna give me the best review, right? Who else can grow like me?” asked Jared. 

“I’m giving you 4.9 stars out of 5. You lost 0.1 for eating that one guy.”

“Worth it. And how will that affect me?” Rob played with the device before he aimed it at Jared and a purple beam shot out of it. 

“You’ll receive a free 49% percent boost in your size.” Rob couldn’t help but smirk a little bit as Jared contorted his body. His head started spinning as the best growth spurt he’d ever felt flooded his system.

Jared’s other growth spurts paled in comparison to this one. Jared’s head rose towards the clouds like a rocket blasting off. He felt many different parts of his body tearing down the structures of the city as more worshippers clung to his body. Avoiding the tidal wave of growth his body was going through. 

The energy he’d felt started to dissipate and his growth slowed. Opening his eyes, Jared could see the Empire State Building level with his nipple. He smiled remembering how small he’d felt looking up at the giant skyscraper for years. Now it wasn’t even taller than his cock. Looking around, news helicopters were flying around his head as his growth finally subsided and they looked no bigger than a housefly to him. “How’s the view from up there?” asked Jared. 

“Wanna see?” Rob landed on Jared’s nose and cast the news report onto his pecs. 

“Wow.” Jared’s mouth hung open seeing himself. He was enormous. His body looked big enough to squash one of the burrows in New York and from the looks of it, his cock maybe had. His muscles had grown into a hyper size that made him look buffer than any bodybuilder he’d ever seen. Especially with the boost to his ass and pecs. His width extended over many blocks and there were hundreds of people scurrying around his gargantuan feet. Looking at the screen floating next to him, Jared was elated when he read the number, 1,620. “I’m a giant!”

“You definitely have some giant in you Jaren,” said Rob leaning back on Jared’s nose. 

“Now, why did I stop growing?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

(Some more quick author’s notes: Thank you all so much for participating in the first round of the growth drive. As you can see, all of your efforts made Jared grow very very big, but it’s still only the first week so let’s do it again, but this time with bigger numbers. A huuuuuuge thank you to those who donated, I hope y’all liked where you ended up. And to the person who reported my story claiming I was trying to get clout, fuck you. Get eatin’ ya little bitch. Thanks for the plot. Anyways, Happy Macro March and on with the Growth Drive! This round will run from March 15th to March 21st. Get to growing!)


Rob’s Week 1 Report

Sam was alone in his shop sewing a new set of apparel for his new line of apparel when he heard a loud ding come from the main counter. Getting up from his sewing machine with the machine still running, he waddled over to the main desk to see a message from Rob.

Dear Sam,

So far the subject appears to be taking to the growth excellently. He easily outgrew this universe’s version of Triple B’s just as he did in the other one. But he has not stopped growing. He has surpassed my estimates on how much he would be able to grow already. At least for someone of this universe. And he seems to only hunger for more growth as he gets bigger.

There was an instance where he did eat a person because he impeded his growth. Claiming he’d be better put to use as fuel for his growth. This behavior is somewhat concerning if he plans on growing even bigger after this encounter. Who knows what other complications might come his way as he grows bigger and I worry for the world if he grows any bigger.

I also checked his vitals and they all appear normal. Even when he passed the 1,000 feet tall marker, his body appeared to be in perfect health. He is reaching Atlasian levels of big at this rate with little to no end in sight. I have been following orders as instructed and giving him the Atlasian treatment, but I am concerned for his health if he gets more people to donate to his cause for growth.

Shall I continue his growth or shut it down?



Sam opened up his own message to Rob and began typing. 

Dear R-08,

Continue your work with him. If my hypothesis is correct, he should be able to withstand much much more growth before seeing any sign of strain. Just try to ensure the safety of the citizens of that world so that they won’t all suffer the same fate as the man who was eaten. At his current size, I doubt he’d be able to hear anyone that small without assistance. Keep the little one’s out of his ear shot and on his body as he grows that way they won’t be crushed by him.

Do report back on any findings you might have with his cum. As I do my testing back at the shop, I’m learning it is extremely potent with growth properties. If you see anything of note with it, alert me immediately whether it be regarding him or anyone who might ingest it. You have your marching orders R-08. Now grow him.


Sam the Sizemologist

Sam grabbed a tablet from the counter and brought it back to his sewing station. Setting it up on a table near him, he opened up a live feed of a giant that had emerged in New York City. “Hmm you are a big one, aren’t you Jaren,” mused Sam to himself as he took the purple fabric from the sewing machine to a large vat of a white creamy liquid. Grabbing a hose from the wall, Sam plugged the purple fabric into the wall and flipped a switch. The fabric began to glow and a light humming could be heard in the room.

“Did you hear that world? I am your new growing god! If you wish to be spared from this giant’s expansion, donate to my growth and you’ll be allowed to live on your growing god’s body and watch his ascension!” came the tablet behind Sam. 

“You will definitely be someone we will be keeping an eye on,” said Sam as he took a sip from a blue coffee mug with a large golden S on the side. “Then again, how could we miss seeing someone so big.”


Week 2

“Now, why did I stop growing?” asked Jared as he looked down at the entire city. He could see the citizens as small as ants crawling up onto his massive purple bulge. 

“Jaren, if I might interject, you are already bigger than almost any building in the entire city with a cock bigger than a stadium. You don’t need to grow any bigger,” said Rob as he laid down on Jared’s pecs. 

“When are you gonna get it through your robotic brain that I’m never gonna stop growing. I’m going to grow as much as I can for as long as I can,” bellowed Jared as his cock twitched a bit. Some of his followers were giving his giant bulge a massage. “Besides, that guy said this speedo would be able to stretch to infinity and I wanna test its limits.”

“Yeah, but most people only grow to about 500 feet tall. You’ve already surpassed what I thought was possible for someone to grow to.” Jared smirked at hearing those words and chuckled a little bit. 

“I have, have I? Well, what’s stopping me from blowing past that record even more?” Jared brought up his bicep the size of a house and flexed. 

Rob had stood up and was floating in front of Jared’s face. “Your growth could become unstable and you could explode! This isn’t a joking matter. You must stop!” Jared furrowed his brows and frowned. 

“Last time I checked, I was your master!” roared Jared. “I am going to continue to grow! I don’t care if I’ll “explode”, it’ll be a great way to go if it means I can grow bigger!” Jared looked over at the swarm of helicopters that had amassed around his head. “Did you hear that world? I am your new growing god! If you wish to be spared from this giant’s expansion, donate to my growth and you’ll be allowed to live on your growing god’s body and watch his ascension!” Rob looked at Jared and shook his head. 

“Fine. I can see there’s no stopping you, but if I could make a suggestion?” Jared moved his gaze down to Rob as he spoke and nodded. “Get out of the city. Your wrecking ball fat ass has already demolished a building and I’m sure if you grow more, New York City will be a crater under your growing body in no time.” Jared purred and his giant bulge bucked and landed back on the ground with an earth-shaking tremor. 

“As hot as that sounds, you’re right. What’s a growing god without his devoted worshippers? I’ll get out of town to save them.” Jared stood up and looked down at the city below. He was surrounded by buildings, but the only safe way out was going to the harbor. 

“Now get to the sea before you cause any more destruction,” said Rob floating back to Jared’s pecs. Turning their attention to the screen floating next to Jared, the numbers had started going up again. “And hurry.”

Jared felt the flow of energy return to his body and he looked down and saw the ground getting further and further away. Looking out at the horizon, Jared could see the harbor. At his size he could get there in a few steps, but his giant body would be hard to move. 

Jared tried to pick up his feet to move, but they were trapped under his giant bulge. “Is there any way for you to make it easier for me to move?” asked Jared. Rob poofed the remote into his hands and tapped some buttons. 

“I’m going to direct all your growth to your height until you get somewhere safe for you to grow.” Rob dramatically pounded one of the buttons and Jared moaned in response. His body swelled taller and taller by the second. The energy flowing through his body was intoxicating as he surged past the 2,000 mark. 

“This doesn’t feel like it’s helping!” moaned Jared as another droplet of pre escaped the speedo and fell to the ground, flooding the street below. 

“Give it a second.” Jared took a deep breath and finally felt his feet being freed from under his bulge. With his increase in height, Jared’s body had gotten tall enough so that his bulge wasn’t permanently dragging on the ground. Or at least his balls weren’t. His dick however extended for over the length of multiple football fields and still barely hovered over the ground. “There’s your opening. Take it before you become a weapon of ass destruction.”

Jared slowly picked up one of his giant feet and started walking toward the sea. The ground shook like an earthquake every time he took a step. He could feel his bulge slamming into the buildings beside it with each sway of his hips. From the back, the giant’s ass wobbled hypnotically back and forth as Jared maneuvered his way toward the harbor. 

As Jared trudged forward, his body still swelled from all the donations. The numbers blinked and flashed as he reached 3,000 already and he was barely halfway to the harbor His legs were becoming too wide to fit on the street and were swelling out into neighboring buildings. “Fuck, it’s still too soon,” said Jared. 

Looking down, his cock was now much smaller compared to the rest of him with the same little worshippers crawling all over it. Jared reached down with his big arms and heaved his giant bulge up. He hugged the massive bulge and nuzzled it between his pecs. Eliciting more moans of pleasure as he pec fucked himself with each step. Lucky his balls had already grown off the ground because had they not, them swelling with cum could’ve demolished an entire city block. 

Now with his cock in hand, Jared lifted one of his legs and sidestepped it over to the street on the other side of the block. Straddling the buildings in between. With more room to move, Jared resumed his waddle towards the ocean. And with each growth spurt he felt, his strides getting larger and larger. 

With a better view of his cock, he could see hundreds of little worshippers perched on the tip. Squinting his eyes, Jared saw all of them massaging and kissing his dick. “No wonder I feel like I could cum at any second. You guys really know how to treat a growing god!” boomed Jared. Jared hugged his cock tighter to his torso and pushed another droplet of pre out of the speedo. Craning his neck down as best he could, Jared licked up his own pre and rumbled with satisfaction. “Mmm, I taste delicious!” 

Jared hit the 5,000 mark as he neared the harbor. Waddling as fast as he could as he felt more energy coursing through him. Taking one last step, Jared pushed his weight up and jumped into the water below. Sending a massive tidal wave in every direction. “Woo, that was a close one. Didn’t know if I’d make it there with all this bulk to move!” said Jared as he dropped his package into the water with a loud splash. 

“Considering you’ve reached the mile high club, I’d say you could stand to move a bit more out to sea before I unleash all this growth onto you,” said Rob. 

“How much have I racked up since you stopped the cock and muscles from growing?” asked Jared. 

“Let’s just say you should walk out a lot more into the ocean. And aim your cock away from the city when I activate this thing,” said Rob. Jared waded through the water seeing many boats around him zoom away from him as waves taller than buildings emitted from his ankles. The water barely covered his toes as he got deeper and deeper into the ocean. 

Looking up, Jared’s vision became foggy. Not because he was feeling dizzy from the ecstasy of growing, but because his head was in the clouds. Jared had grown so tall that he was growing into the stratosphere. “Is this far enough away for you?” asked Jared looking back at the small city behind him. 

“It should be. Get ready big guy. This’ll be a lot of stimulation.” Rob pressed a few buttons and Jared felt an immediate burning sensation in his crotch. His bulge started swelling at an alarming rate. His balls fell into the water and swelled with gallons upon gallons of cum. His dick hit the water and shot through it like a torpedo. Growing over a mile long in a few seconds. 

Jared’s cock wasn’t the only thing growing. His muscles expanded into each other with his traps crushing his ears. His pecs pressed into his chin again, and his biceps making it so his arms were unbendable. Jared’s already bodybuilder waddle became impossible as his skyscraper sized thighs rubbed together. 

But Jared didn’t need to worry about walking anymore. His cock and balls were growing so big that they were lifting him off the ground. His bulge was growing bigger than the entire city and a state wasn’t that far behind. 

“Fuuuuuck Rob, this is fucking incredible! I can’t believe you wanted me to stop this! I’m never gonna stop growing!” roared Jared. He bucked his hips and made tsunamis emit from his bulge. Pre spurted out of his cock and Jared could feel hundreds of little mouths licking up the pre in his speedo. 

Rob floated down to Jared’s pecs and got a good view of some worshippers. As Jared had grown, Rob had teleported thousands of little worshippers onto Jared’s body. Each one kissing and licking up the pre on his body. “What’s this?” Rob hovered down to some of the worshippers on Jared’s pecs and examined them. They were bigger. Rob could see tatters of clothes all over Jared’s pecs. The men licking up his pre had grown from normal sized men into mini hulks. “Interesting.”

“What’s that little guy?” asked Jared. 

“Oh nothing big guy. Just admiring how much you have been able to grow,” said Rob. He turned and saw the number on the screen. He’d grown to a staggering 8,000 feet tall and could still feel the energy flowing through him.

“This is the life. Growing bigger, getting worshiped by thousands of tinies all over my body, soon I bet I’ll get my own gravitational field and you’ll be able to call me planet Jared.” Jared laughed as his body grew through the clouds and through the stratosphere. 

“And it seems like you have another super fan. Someone just donated over $10,000 to your growth,” said Rob tapping the remote. 

“Good boy. Where does he want the excess size going?” asked Jared as he massaged his pecs with his big hands. 

“He says he wants it all going to your thighs and ass,” said Rob as he pressed a button and Jared felt that same burning sensation return to his ass. Jared cried out in pain and pleasure and he rolled his body forward so he was lying down on his giant cock. 

“Fuuuuuuuck! These little guys really wanna see my ass grow!” Jared moaned as his ass ballooned bigger behind him. With him lying down on his cock, Jared’s ass was up in the air. Stretching the fabric of the speedo tightly around its two massive spheres. Each of Jared’s cheeks expanded like two blimps. And on Jared’s multiple miles tall body, his ass cheeks could be compared in size to two mountains rising out of the sea. 

While his ass inflated bigger than his own head, Jared’s thunder thighs that were straddling his dick started thickening around it. Squeezing his cock in between them and sending even more pleasure through Jared’s body. Each of his thighs were so big, they could crush entire towns in them if Jared so pleased. But his cock was receiving the full force of Jared’s thighs choke hold.

“Fuuuuuuuck! Get him here. Let me thank the little guy that blessed me with all this incredible size!” screamed Jared. His voice echoing out over the entire Earth now. 

“He’s already here.” Rob floated to the side to reveal a muscular man standing on Jared’s pecs. No bigger than a grain of sand to him. 

“Ah, I’m happy to see one of my best worshippers and I might add one of my bigger worshippers,” said Jared with a smile on his big face. “Thank you for your contribution to your growing god.”

“Of course, sir. My master. I want nothing more than to see you bigger,” said the man as he kneeled before Jared on his pecs. 

“Good boy. And as a reward for your contributions, Rob, please teleport this man to the area on my body of his choosing.” Rob bowed his head and the two of them poofed to the top of Jared’s ass crack between the two massive moons growing in front of them. 

“It is done,” said Rob as he poofed back to Jared’s nose. He looked at the screen and it read 11,816. “Congratulations Jaren, you’ve reached the two-mile-high club. And it’s review time again. I’m giving you a 5-star rating this time. Despite my protests on growing bigger, you were a much more merciful giant this time around.”

“Hey, as long as people don’t try to stop me from growing as big as I can, there’s never any problem,” said Jared with a chuckle. “So I get a 50% increase to my size?”

“Look at that, not all your smarts got absorbed by your muscles. Good job big guy. Yes, you’ll grow 50% bigger. Now hold on while I plug in some numbers.” Rob continued to poke at the remote and Jared happily waited.

“Hey Rob, when you said I might blow up if I get too big, what exactly did you mean by that?” asked Jared.

“Now you have concerns?” asked Rob glaring up at Jared. “There have been times where users have outgrown their size limitations that their body could handle and they ended up as a giant pile of cum. But you’ve already outgrown many of those people.”

“But not all of them?” asked Jared. Rob’s eyes darted open as he realized the idea he just put into the giant’s head.

“No, not all of them,” said Rob as he slammed his hand down onto the device. “But this will get you closer to that size.”

Jared roared again as his body swelled at an alarming rate. It was a good idea going out to the sea where he could grow because his cock alone would have demolished the city at the rate it was growing. Jared’s feet returned to the water as he grew taller and higher up out of the clouds. Looking down, he could no longer see his body. Just a thick layer of clouds he was quickly growing out of. 

His muscles swelled and thickened denser with each passing moment as Jared became bigger and bigger. There was nothing to compare Jared to, he was getting so big. His muscles were fighting for space on his body and he was quickly becoming near immobilized because of them. 

After an eternity of growing, Jared’s body seemed to relax and his growth halted. Panting out of exhaustion, Jared looked down and could see how truly massive he’d become. He could probably topple the Empire State Building with just his big toe. 

“Fuck I’ll never get tired of that,” boomed Jared as he watched a plane buzz by his face no bigger than a gnat. Looking to the side, he saw the floating jumbotron reading 17,730. “I love being big, so let’s keep the growth coming!”

(Jared continues to grow bigger and bigger and it doesn’t look like anything is stopping him from growing. Thank you again for participating in my growth drive. I can’t tell y’all how much it means to me that y’all wanna grow him bigger. And as always a big thanks to those who donated towards growing Jared even bigger. This next part will go from March 22nd to March 31st. It’s the last part of the Growth Drive so get all your size in for Jared. Now on with the growth! Happy Macro March!)


Rob’s 2nd Review

Sam stirred the cauldron and tossed brightly colored vials into the mixture as he heard a ding emit from his tablet. Walking back over to the front counter, Sam saw another unopened message from Rob. 

Dear Sam,

I have done as you’ve instructed and the giant’s temper has been satiated. He is out of the city and in the ocean where he can grow as much as he wants without any human casualties or major property damage. However, at the rate he is growing, I worry he might threaten the stability of the entire planet. What would you have me do if he reaches such a size?

Your hypothesis about his growth has been correct. He has now reached sizes that would even be marveled at by the king. Especially for someone who is so untrained in growth. His vitals all appear to be normal if not above average now and he has taken to the size with flying colors. He has had a remarkable amount of growth in the cock department which is surprising. The speedo should be growing it, but not at the rate it is currently growing. It’s almost grown bigger than the rest of his body. It’s unheard of for a giant of this caliber to also experience such a potent amount of growth in their cock as well. 

I also have an update on your questions about his cum. It appears that even in its preejaculate form, it is potent enough to grow the worshippers on his body who ingest it or come in contact with it. I saw some worshippers with over blown body parts while the rest of their bodies remained normal size. And others that drank it had their whole bodies grow in every department. That might have something to do with the magic within the speedo, but it is unclear. I do worry that if his pre is able to do just this, what might his actual load do to a normal sized individual?

Please write back quickly as there is very little time in between his large growth spurts for me to interject.



Sam walked back towards his potion station and waved his hand in the air, making the tablet begin to float and follow him. “Dear, R-08,” said Sam aloud. “Continue this experiment as instructed and allow his body to grow as much as it can. I would like to see the limits of what he can do if he’s already reached such a large size.” The tablet started writing out a message as Sam talked and fiddled with bottles of potions. “If he starts to cause problems for the structure of the Earth, fly him out into space so that he may truly grow with no limitations. Move the atmosphere and the civilian population of the Earth to his body so that they may live out the rest of their existence on his body. Nowhere close to his head though.” 

Sam snapped his fingers and a flame appeared below the massive cauldron and the black liquid inside began to bubble. “As for his cock and his cum, do not let any of his real cum get out into the general population of the Earth. If I’m correct, it could be even more catastrophic than him destroying the planet. I am sending you a zielian condom that shall ensure that not even a drop of cum will be wasted.” Sam stirred away at the mixture as the black mucky color brightened into a magenta-like color that sizzled like a fresh can of soda.

Sam brought a small spoonful of the potion to his lips and began to blow on it. “Keep Jaren happy and the citizens safe and you’ll be fine. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to relocate a population because a fish decided it got too big for its pond. This will just be on a much grander scale. Do not fret R-08. Everything will work out fine. Keep growing him until he breaks or the speedo does. You have your orders, now get to growing,” said Sam as he took a sip of the mixture.

“Sincerely, Sam the Sizemologist.” Sam managed to get those last words out before he felt a jolt of energy. His eyes widened and his clothes got tighter on his body instantaneously. He grunted as his muscles began to expand in their already tight clothes. His head started rising up towards the ceiling of the small shop. Sam moaned as his shorts got tighter as well. Both from the front and the back as his dick lengthened itself inside his underwear, his balls dropped lower, and his ass inflated like balloons getting blown up. 

Steadying himself against a counter, Sam blinked a few times and got his barings around him. He definitely had to crane his neck down further to see the massive book laid out on a podium and he could barely see past his bulging pecs. Walking back towards the clothing department of the shop, Sam got to the wall mirror and looked at himself. 

He was at an impressive size before, but now he looked like a cartoon with how overblown his body looked. His muscles were fighting for space on his body so much so that he could barely bend his arms and legs giving him a waddle. He could feel his dick hitting his knees with each small sway Sam did with his hips. Tears in his clothing had popped up on his entire body as they couldn’t contain most of his now giant form. And with his new height, even the XXL’s he’d had on looked like children’s clothes.

Sam flicked his wrist and the tablet zipped to floating next to him again. “Sizemologist’s log. Entry 163. Testing with the new ingredient has been beyond successful. I thought I had diluted the substance enough, but it grew me to the size that would normally take 10 different potions to achieve with just a single sip. I will reexamine my measurements and see if I can make this in a less potent form,” said Sam as he opened up a cabinet door and fished out a fresh t-shirt and pants.

“But this failure does reveal the true strength of the substance. In its raw form, this stuff could have the potential to grow entire armies from just the sample I have now. If there is to be peace, no one must be allowed to learn its true capabilities until it can be countered. Luckily, I believe a very large sample should be arriving for testing in a few hours.” Sam put on the clothes and they fit his body like a glove. He walked over to the window and peered out at beautiful constellations of stars twinkling in the distance. Looking down, he saw a blue and green planet and a growing white dot emerging from the northern hemisphere.

“I shall continue testing and send my findings to the guild once I have a completed product,” said Sam as he walked back toward his potions. “End log.” The tablet blinked and then went dark as Sam waved his arms and lifted the cauldron in the air. “Mcellian Revete!” shouted Sam and the liquid began to separate. Vials from all over the room flew towards the cauldron and disappeared into the mixture only to pop out with green, blue, or red liquids inside them. The mixture was unmixing itself until all that remained in the cauldron was a creamy white goo.

“Less cum, more potions,” said Sam as the cauldron floated towards the giant vat of cum and poured itself back inside. “Hopefully I have enough space to fit Jaren’s next load.”

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