The seashell

by MegaMaker

 Clay’s best friend TJ is trying to help him get a boyfriend at local beach known for having loads of hot guys. This task is harder that they first thought because every guy they meet is into buff guys. Clay feels he falls short of that until he finds a magic seashell that changes him to a hunk of a man. Clay becomes full of himself and takes things too far.

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Today Clay was finally gonna do it. He was finally gonna get a boyfriend, or at least a first date. For many years Clay had wanted a boyfriend but he’d never been able to get one. His best friend since middle school, TJ, decided to help him out by coaching him in the art of picking up suitors. Some of the advice from TJ, included things like being smooth and chill don’t come on too strong things like that. But Clay had more than a few reservations about some of his other strategies and the place he’d taken him to use them.

“You really think the guys are gonna be into this?” Clay said looking in the changing room mirror.

“Of course you’re a volleyball player so you’ve got good legs,” TJ said. “And that ass ain’t bad either, not to mention you aren’t as skinny as you think.”

Clay blushed so hard he looked sun burnt. “I don’t know man, I thought you said I wasn’t supposed to come on too strong.”

“This is Ashwood, speedos are more common than board shorts. I’m even wearing one.”

“Yeah but you’re tall and ripped, you look good in one. I can’t compare.”

“Oh come on you look good in one too, especially because you’ve got an athletic cutie vibe.”

“Oh, stop it please.”

“Trust me you’ll have guys asking if they could DM you on Instagram or for your snap the second we go out there.”

“If you say so, now give me that sunscreen, please, you know I’ll burn like a marshmallow.”

“Oh, gingers.”

“Not everyone can have dark Latino skin like you, now give me that.”

Clay swiped the bottle from TJ’s hand and he really caked it on. Like TJ said Clay was an intense ginger with rich moppy orange hair, peachy pink skin with freckles that peppered every inch of him. When he was finished he took one last look in the mirror. Then tried to fix his hair so they’d be less messy.

“Dude, you look fine.”

TJ messed up Clay’s hair to make it fluffy and disheveled even though Clay just tried to make it neat.

“Tell me if this is weird, but do you think I’m big enough to wear one of these?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, sure, I’m ‘athletic’ but don’t guys who wear these are usually like really huge or hot models. You know, like you. Also did you have to get us matching ones?”

Clay and TJ’s speedos were the same pattern but Clay’s green and TJ’s was blue.

“Yes, I did have to get us matching ones. And yeah buff guys can wear them but twinks can too and sometimes it’s old guys.”

“I swear to god if you call me a twink one more time…”

“Then how about baby-face then?” TJ laughed before putting Clay in a head lock and giving him a noogie.

“Stop it, please, you’re embarrassing me and we aren’t even out there yet.”

TJ released Clay from his hold then gave him a quick hug.

“Then let’s fix that, grab your stuff and let’s get a move on. Today’s the day you’re gonna get a date. I just know it.”

The two boys grabbed their backpacks and with TJ leading the way Clay nervously left the locker room following close behind. Ashwood beach had it all, palm trees, silky smooth peach sand and a massive blue ocean. This place was a popular vacation spot and lucky for Clay and TJ it was only a short drive away.

Clay was astounded by the variety of people here. There were guys, gals and those who didn’t fit into either of those groups. All different shapes and sizes from bears to twinks and everything in between. The ladies were in just much a variety from butch to feminine. Every color in the rainbow was a part of the assortment of beach goers too. In this crowd you’d honestly stand out more if you straight and cis.

“I don’t know about this,” Clay said, after observing the scene.

Clay started tangling his fingers together out of pure stress.

“Put these on.” Without a chance for Clay to resist TJ shoved a pair of sunglasses on Clay’s face. “There, perfect!” TJ said.

“Uh, I hope all this works.”

TJ put on his own sunglasses then reversed the baseball cap he was wearing.

“How about we get set up, then we could look at the menu.”

“Please don’t refer to a group of guys as a menu.”

“All right, fine I won’t just for you.”

They found a place closer to the water then they each rolled out their towels and TJ layed down very close to Clay with one foot next to his knee and both hands behind his head making his biceps pop.

“Do you have to lie like that?” Clay asked.

“Yes and you gotta do it too although don’t copy me exactly because then it will be obvious that you’re new to this.”

Clay tried his best to lay sexily like TJ was while not directly imitating him. “How about this?”

“Good enough now, let’s see if anyone catches your eye or you catch theirs.”

TJ and Clay scoped the scene to find there were several candidates. Two guys were knee deep in the water playing catch with a football. A few more were playing volleyball which piqued Clay’s interest. Others were just laying down much like they were doing.

“See anyone you like?” TJ asked.

“How about that one over there to the right laying down alone.”

Clay gestured to a guy that had a similar build with medium length black hair and skin that was slightly darker than his own. He thought this shouldn’t be too hard.

“Okay yeah good start so here’s what you’re gonna do.” TJ explained what to say and how to say it and also what body language to use. “So, really you just gotta be chill. Find out some basic stuff, don’t make it obvious that might be into him all right.”

“Okay, anything else.”

“If he’s not interested or if it turns out he’s not what you’re looking for don’t be upset. There are tons of guys here.”

“Okay, here goes.”

Clay did his best to casually walk up to this potential catch. He recited his lines in his head best he could. Very nervously Clay said, “Hey dude, how’s it going?”

“Oh hi, nothing really,” he offered his hand to shake it and Clay obliged. “Name’s Devin, yours?”


“Pleasure to meet you Clay. Say, I like your speedo. You must be really comfortable with your body if you wear one of those.”

Clay resisted in the urge to blush the best he could. And truthfully he wasn’t comfortable with his body but he’d never say that if wanted to win Devin over.

“Thanks, the green matches my eyes,” he lifted his sunglasses to show his shiny green eyes. TJ had always told him that his eyes were pretty so maybe he could use that to his advantage.

“Neat, so what brings you here on this fine day?”

They got to talking about small things, like where they were from and where they went to school. Things were going good so far. Devin seemed like a decent guy at first glance. Then TJ came over which was a god send for Clay because he was running out of things to talk about and one of the pieces of advice he was given was not to let the conversation lull.

“Did my boy here tell you he’s a star volleyball player, yet?” TJ said.

“I’m not that good at it.”

“I mean I bet, but I gotta say I prefer guys that are huge all around. Like rugby or football guys. You know, big chest and shoulders. What kind of guys are you into?”

Clay winced. Dang it, he thought.

“I just like those kinds of guys too but sweet guys are better, you know.”

“That’s good man. You like guys with good personalities, I can respect that.”

“Yeah,” Clay nodded.

Devin’s phone buzzed so he opened it to the text messages.

“That’s my friend, the boat’s ready. We’re going parasailing. It was nice meeting you. Good luck with school and volleyball.”

Devin held up his fist to be bumped and Clay did.

“Cya,” Clay said.

“Cya,” Devin said.

Devin packed up his stuff then walked off waving before turning around.

“Well that didn’t turn out how I hoped,” Clay said.

“It’s all right at least he wasn’t mean to or anything. Plus it’s the first try. We got lots to go through.”

“Yeah, but it’s sad he said he likes guys bigger than me. I hope that doesn’t become a trend.”

To Clay’s dismay, this was definitely a trend. He and TJ both talked to some more guys. All of them were super inviting. They even got into a volleyball game with one of the groups. Clay being a D1 volleyball player dominated the field which he thought would score him some attention. After the game had finished they all sat down together. The guys even shared waters from the cooler they brought.

When they got to talking then on to the subject of preferences they all admitted they were into guys with more muscles than Clay could offer. In fact TJ got to add more names to his black book than Clay did as TJ was a much larger prettier guy. Every single conversation went much like Devin’s with few variations. Hours had passed and let’s just say Clay made a lot of friends that day but nothing more. Feeling defeated Clay and TJ went back to their spot and Clay collapsed on his towel.

“This is hopeless,” Clay said.

“Well, c’mon, nobody gets it on their first try.” TJ sat next to Clay and gave him a gentle shoulder rub.

“But it’s the reason why it turns out the only guys into guys like me are over the age of 50 and no thanks.”

“Understandable, but hey at least you looked great doing it and you were great in the volleyball match. Those volleyball skills were coming in handy weren’t they.”

“Thanks but I think I should give up. We came to the horniest beach in the country and I still can’t get a date.”

“Come on, we just gotta keep looking.”

Clay looked longing at the water. “I think I’m gonna go for a walk just by myself and I’m not gonna talk to anyone, just spend some alone time.”

“All right, I feel ya but when you come back we’ll definitely find someone, I swear.”

TJ really wanted Clay to get what he wanted and was surprised that nobody wanted him in return. TJ had always thought Clay was a cutie with his new swim trunks he surely thought others would see how pretty he was, at least TJ thought so. Right before Clay was about to walk away he said,

“You know what really kills me is that all these guys have been super nice but they just haven’t been into me.”

“It’s all right, man. Like I said it’s only day one and there are plenty more options.”

“I guess. I’ll be back later.”

Clay walked off alone with his arms crossed and head down. When he was away from the crowds of people into a more secluded area. He started talking to himself like he often did in frustrating situations. And without TJ near to pull him out of his mental haze he just fell deeper and deeper into his frustrations.

“All I want is love or at least a chance at it. Stupid TJ why does he have to be buff and hot and I’m just some tiny ginger. Why would anyone want a guy like me when he’s standing there?” Clay thought.

Clay kicked some sand around in anger then he kicked some more sand until he hit something hard and spiky with his bare foot.

“Ouch Ouch! What was that.” Clay fell to the ground to squeeze his foot in an effort to dull the pain. Clay brushed some of the sand out of the way till he found a perfectly intact shiny conch shell. “Don’t suppose you have any advice for me?” Unsurprisingly the shell did not respond. “I just wish I was bigger, you know, like TJ. Then maybe guys would be more into me,” Clay said to the shell.

Clay then felt a tingling throughout his body. He became scared as didn’t know what was happening. He looked at his hands and they were growing and that growth traveled down his forearms then into his bi’s and tri’s.

“What the—!”

He ran to the water to see his reflection. His chest puffed out bigger and wider and his shoulders swelled with his arms to match. Then his traps creeped up his neck. His stomach turned from a four pack and fully grew into a six pack like he always wanted.

Clay’s fear started to subside. He didn’t know what was happening but this was awesome and it wasn’t even over. Good thing he was wearing a stretchy speedo because his thighs and butt inflated bigger. It traveled down through his calves making them fan out and plump.

Then Clay felt a pleasing sensation in his crotch and pulled open his speedo to watch his dick grow a bit thicker and longer. Next were his balls, swelled and presumably filled with more sperm. This all felt amazing to Clay, he was happy and joyous at what just happened.

It all stopped and with all his fear subsided he did some posing watching his reflection in the water. He was ripped now and even taller. He couldn’t believe his eyes; he’s become a hot buff hunk in seconds.

“This is awesome!” Clay yelled. He found the seashell. “I don’t know if you’re the cause of this but I’m gonna keep you forever!”

With the shell in hand Clay ran back to TJ with his new confidence. To Clay’s dismay he still had his cheeky freckled face but with the muscles he had it didn’t bother him as much. Clay found TJ snoozing back at their spot.

“Oh, TJ take a look.”

Clay stood proudly with his hands on his hips. TJ woke from his little snooze and blushed a little.

“Whoa, what the heck man? What happened to you?”

“I don’t know, but I say let’s go for another round of looking for guys.”

“Hold on first, how did you get so jacked all the sudden and now you’re as tall as me now!” TJ stood up to make sure his eyes didn’t deceive him.

“I don’t think you’re gonna believe me, but I found this shell and then it transformed into this hunk of man meat!”

“I can see that and by the looks of your speedo bulge, even your dick is bigger too now.”

“Oh yeah, I went from a beta to an alpha and now I can’t wait to shop around. By the way, thanks for buying this speedo, I look great in it now.

Clay flexed his biceps and they were now comparable to TJ’s.

“Man, that’s amazing. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting a guy now.”

TJ actually felt a little embarrassed not because his friend was as big as him but in truth he thought Clay was fine the way he was but if Clay was happier now then who was he to tell him this was wrong. The two boys were walking down the beach but Clay was leading the way. Unlike the last time where Clay started the conversations, guys came up to Clay first and asked him all kinds of questions.

“How much do you weigh?”

“What’s your bench or squat?”

“Flex for us man!”

“What’s your lifting schedule like?”

And Clay’s favorite: “Are you single?”

Aside from the last question Clay had to make up answers on the fly because it’s not like he knew the answers to them but he managed to come up with answers the best he could. Surprisingly TJ didn’t call him out on any of it either, choosing instead to stay quiet while Clay got the attention of a few more guys. Soon enough there was a small group of pretty and hot boyz sitting around Clay and TJ. And to Clay’s surprise he really liked the new attention. One of the guys, a pretty blonde, asked him for Instagram. Several of them joined in an agreement, all asking if they too could follow him.

“Uh…” Clay remembered the pictures on his Instagram were when he was smaller so he had to come up with a quick answer. “You can but I haven’t posted anything on it for years.”

“Oh, then you gotta Snap,” the one from before asked.

“Sure,” Clay took out his phone from his backpack and let everyone scan his snap code.

Clay couldn’t believe that just having huge muscles and a huge dick could get this much attention but then again TJ had used this business model for years and this was Ashwood after all so maybe it wasn’t too hard from Clay to believe. Either way he wasn’t complaining.

“Clay, can we take a selfie,” one of the guys asked. Clay was a little shocked by that question because the only one who ever took pictures with him was TJ.

“I’d never been asked that before.”

“Reeaaally, stop it, you’re lying.”

“Outside of family photos or my volleyball mates, TJ has been the only one to ever take pictures with me and a personal level like that.”

TJ appeared a little upset by Clay saying that. He took it as Clay feeling disappointed that all his photos were just with him.

“Well, I think you need to take more pictures of yourself. You can’t keep all the muscle to yourself!”

The guy wrapped his arm around Clay’s neck giving him a jolt of pleasure. The guy did the pose where his hand was on Clay’s lower abs while he took the picture with his other.

“Thanks man, can I put this on my Snap story?”

“Depends, what’s the caption gonna be?” Clay asked.

“Mmh… Went to Ashwood and found a hot ginger bread man.”

The guy laughed and some of the other guys joined in on the laughing including Clay but TJ stayed silent. He’s actually been silent this whole time but after that comment he wanted to say something.

“You’re jacked man but you still have a baby face,” TJ said.

“Do I?” Clay said.

The guy who took that selfie pinched his cheek. “I’d say so.”

Even though Clay’s size made him feel more manly the shell didn’t change his face to more masculine along with it and didn’t like being called baby face even if it was true. The fact that TJ brought it up at all concerned Clay because he knew he was insecure about it. Clay tried to brush it off but it still bothered him a little.

After that more guys worked up the courage to ask for more pictures and this little gathering became almost a photo shoot. With each picture TJ was becoming more uneasy. He got even more frustrated when he shunted to the background of the few photos.

The guys started giggling and messing around and Clay was loving every second of this. TJ didn’t share in this fun and in his mind Clay was becoming kinda full of himself and didn’t like that he was being left out. TJ finally was able to close enough to Clay and said,

“Hey, Clay, buddy, can I talk for a second?”

“Yeah, sure what’s up?”

“I mean, can we talk away from everyone.”

A flash of concern went through Clay. TJ rarely used that tone of voice with him and when he did it has become he was upset about something. “Oh, okay.”

They walked far enough away from the group of guys and TJ finally said what had been on his mind the whole time.

“What’s going on?” Clay said.

“Listen, buddy, I hope you’re not letting this attention get to your head.”

“What do you mean? I’m just having… isn’t that why we came here?”

“Look, neither of us have any idea how or why that shell made you grow like you did.”

“I don’t know how it did it either but how could it possibly be a bad thing. I got a buff body now and the guys love me.”

TJ thought for a few seconds choosing his words carefully. “I get it you were disappointed that you couldn’t find anyone and I know you’re insecure about your body. I just wanna make sure you’re not gonna let this get to your head, especially because guys train for years to get the body you got in a few seconds. You feel me?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just having some fun for once.”

“Some fun? They were feeling you up and taking pictures with you. That’s a little more than fun, wouldn’t you say?”

“It’s fine, man. You’re always telling me I gotta chill and that’s what I’m gonna tell you.”

“If you say so. I’m gonna leave you to it then.”

“Where are you going?”

“Back to our spot. I think you can handle yourself.”

Clay wasn’t sure if he should take that as an insult or compliment but that slipped his mind immediately because then he got another idea. He wondered if that shell could make him bigger. He ran back to his bag which was still at the cluster of guys.

“Hey, Clay where’s your friend, TJ was it?”

“He just wanted to be alone for a while, but I’ll tell you what, I gotta go to the bathroom but I’ll be right back got it?”

There was a collective sigh within the group. “Come back soon big boy,” one of them said.

With his bag in hand Clay walked back to the locker room and once in view of the mirror he took out the shell. Clay took a deep breath, in truth he was a little scared. He didn’t know how this worked if there would be consequences later on but if it made him look and feel as good as it did then how could it be dangerous.

“Here goes nothing. I wish I was bigger!”

Clay immediately felt that sensation again. Like last time it started with his hands then the growth traveled up his arms and shoulders, they were huge round now and his upper arms even rivaled his head just like his shoulders did. Then his pecs puffed out a bit further and became wider. His stomach turned into a more blocky six almost at an eight pack. Clay’s lats became even hunkier wings of muscle.

The growth moved to his thighs and butt making his speedo cover even less. His butt had gotten so large and round that you could see the bottom part peek out through his speedo. His calves also plumped up more too. Lastly Clay felt warm tingling in his crotch so he stretched open the front of his speedo to admire how big his dick had grown.

“Man, I am absolutely ripped!” Clay said to himself.

He did a few poses in the mirror when he noticed his head was starting to look a little small and the shell didn’t change his youthful face either like he’d hoped it would but whatever he probably weighed close to two hundred now, definitely when you add the extra height he got. He must have been taller than TJ. After some more poses and flexing and fighting with his speedo to make cover more of his exposed butt he walked out of the locker room.

“Look out world the new and improved Clay is on the prowl,” he said to himself.

Clay stomped out of the locker room with the biggest plumpest smile he’d ever had. Now he was starting to turn heads wherever he walked and when he got back the little group a few more guys had been added to the gathering. Clay fixed his hair and adjusted his sunglasses.

“Hey Clay, I hope you don’t mind but I got some of my friends to join us,” one of the guys said.

“Not at all more the merrier,” Clay said.

“You look bigger, what’s that about?” another one of the guys said.

“I did a few push-ups while I was gone,” Clay joked.

“You’re funny, you know that Clay. It’s probably just the lighting.”

“I know, right?” he said with a cheeky grin.

The group of boys did what they were doing before. Mostly taking selfies and group photos. One of those photos was letting two smaller guys hang off each of Clay’s flexed arms while a third was on his shoulders. They played catch with a frisbee and Clay had much more fun with this then when he played volleyball with TJ earlier. He loved the feeling of his huge muscles flexing and bouncing as they played. And how all the guys sitting on the sidelines were drooling over him, he just adored. He thought this must be what TJ feels like all the time.

When their game of frisbee ended things started to get a little touchy and even one guy gave Clay a slap right on his ass but Clay liked that. After a bit more play time Clay’s stomach growled loud enough for the other guys to hear.

“Somebody’s a hungry boy,” one of the guys said.

“A bit, yeah.”

All these extra muscles being new for Clay, he didn’t realize how even just playing Frisbee for a while could make you so hungry.

“Let’s go to one of the snack shacks,” one of them said.

“That sounds great,” Clay said.

Clay and a few of the guys started heading in that direction—not all of them, just some of the clingier ones. While waiting in line Clay with the two boys they talked a bit more. Both of them were holding onto Clay and resting their heads on each of his shoulders while their hands were on his chest and abs. Needless to say, Clay was loving this affection. He felt so strong and powerful with these boys clinging to him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw TJ was waiting in line at one of the other shacks. Clay thought he should check on him since he hadn’t seen him in a few hours.

“Hey, can you guys keep our spot? I’m gonna go talk to TJ for a sec.”

“Who’s TJ?” one of them said.

Since these two boys were newcomers to Clay’s gathering they hadn’t met TJ and he didn’t bother to tell them.

“TJ’s the friend I came with,” Clay said.

“Is he as sexy as you?” one of them said.

Clay thought about his answer for a moment. “I actually think he’s more beautiful.”

“I doubt that buddy but whatever, go talk to your friend.”

Clay didn’t know how he felt about this random guy calling him buddy because the only other person on the planet who called him that was of course TJ and when he did it, it was when he was sad or he was celebrating something. No matter the occasion it was special.

“Hey, TJ, how’s it going,” Clay said.

When TJ turned around his eyes flashed when he saw the once lean and cute Clay now a towering and wall muscular. The fact that he was even bigger didn’t go unnoticed and TJ became concerned.

“What is going on with you? You are definitely bigger now. Did you use that shell again?”

“I don’t how that shell is doing this but I’m fucking jacked!” Clay puffed his huge pecs right in front of TJ, who was now just a few inches shorter than Clay.

“Man, I’m telling you this is the best day of my life. I’m enormous and sexy, isn’t it great! Things couldn’t be better. Although I think I’m gonna have to buy a larger size speedo because this one is getting kinda small as you can see.”

In TJ’s mind he couldn’t help but admit that Clay looked very handsome with his bulky buff muscles but he felt more concerned than proud. “You look great man, but you think you might be getting too big? And that this isn’t healthy or there might be side effects?” he said.

“What? No, I feel better than I ever have in my life. How could this be unhealthy?”

“You sure? Because you know there is such a thing as too much muscle and your heart might not be able to take it and I’m sure you realize how much you have to eat now. And that shell you don’t even know what is, alien technology, ancient cursed artifact, who knows. Whatever it is, I don’t think you should be using it.”

Clay was taken aback by that statement then a devious thought invaded his mind. “I know what this is about.”


“You’re jealous of me.”

“What! No I’m not!”

“Yes you are, you’re jealous that I’m bigger than you by a long shot now and that I can pick up all the guys I want and that I don’t need your help anymore.”

“I thought your goal was to have one guy be into you. Now you’re turning into some kind of fuck-boi!”

“Excuse me, that’s rich coming from you! You sleep around like it’s nobody’s business. In fact you’ll sleep with everyone except me! How do you think I felt today when we were going around and you were being hit on by every guy I tried to talk to?”

“I do but that’s who I am. It’s who I’ve always been. You were always that sweet cute ginger kid. You were smart and endearing but now look at you. You got huge muscles without earning them and you’re an attention seeking narcissus! You were a good guy but most importantly you were my friend and I liked you better then. “

“You know, if you’re gonna be like that, I’m not your friend anymore and I’m gonna stick by my new cool friends since they actually care about me.” Clay stomped off with his head down and his arms crossed.

“No they don’t, they just like you for your looks!” TJ yelled.

Looks? I’ll show him looks, Clay thought as he walked back in line with frustration. What does he know anyway?

“Hey, dude what was that about?” one of the guys said.

“Nothing, just my dumb friend being jealous of me, that’s all,” Clay said.

“Oh, never mind him, you have us now,” one of the guys coiled his arm around Clay’s much bigger arm and rubbed his head against his basketball sized shoulder and the other guy did the same. Then Clay’s mind was invaded with another thought. He was gonna use the shell once again and see if he could get bigger that would really show TJ who’s boss.

He kept that plan in his back pocket because first he needed food. One of his suitors was kind enough to pay for his order even after Clay offered to pay for it but he insisted that it was on him. They got to the cluster of guys and Clay didn’t say much as they ate due his frustration with TJ but the googly eyes he was getting from the guys did ease some of the stress. Clay vented a little bit at them but they assured him that he didn’t need TJ anymore now that he had them.

“Hey, guys I need to go to the bathroom,” Clay said.

“Again? Dude you just went,” one of the guys said.

“When I gotta go, I gotta go, what can I say?”

“Well, don’t be long we’ll miss you.”

“I won’t.”

Clay took his bag with him and into the changing room he went. He got right down to brass tacks.

“I wish I was bigger,” he said to the shell.

That tingling came back and with it the growth started up again. His muscles were now inflating so big that his neck was getting absorbed by his chest and traps. His biceps alone were bigger than his head and his lats became thick loaves of wing-like muscles that pushed his arms up a little. Then his abs became an eight pack. His thighs grew so much they touched now forcing him to have a wider stance and his butt formed a huge chunky shelf. His speedo was pretty small on him, especially because his cock was now a monster. Even growing so big you see a little sliver of his balls. He flexed till his face was red which to his dismay was still chubby and youthful but he was a muscle god at this point so what did he care.

“This’ll show TJ.”

Then Clay stormed out of the locker room hitting his head in the door frame in the process. Doors were usually seven feet so I’ve got to be somewhere around there, Clay thought. When he emerged he got a lot of looks but not the same kind he got before these were now of awe not of thirst. To everyone he must have a herculean giant and he liked that.

“Cla,y stop right there!” It was TJ standing outside the locker room like he was waiting for him. He could tell just by looking at him he used the shell again.

“What do you want!” Clay said.

Clay had to look down over his shelfie pecs to see TJ now.

“I was gonna apologize for my brashness but you are going way too far. Now look at you. You’re a—”

Clay cut him off.

“A muscle god! Yeah what’s wrong with that!”

“You have to find a way to go back to normal. You have no idea what this could do to you on the inside.”

“I don’t care, I finally got what I’ve wanted for years and now you’re trying to stop me. Get out of my way.”

“I’m telling you this is all wrong, you’ve turned into a selfish jerk and I want the old Clay back.”

“The old Clay is gone now, leave me alone.”

Before Clay could move TJ snatched the shell from Clay’s duffle bag and ran off with it. “TJ, get back here with that!”

Clay chased TJ down the beach who was much faster than him now. All that muscle was making Clay a lot slower. TJ stopped when he found a large enough rock.

“This is for your own good!” he said then smashed the shell on a rock making it shatter thousands of tiny pieces.


Clay stopped dead in his tracks waiting for all his muscles to deflate and disappear. But nothing happened. Clay didn’t lose muscle or height. He didn’t shrink back down like either of them thought. Clay flexed a little just to make sure.

“What, I thought that would change you back.”

“I guess not, little guy,” Clay laughed as he caught up with TJ. “Looks like I’m gonna stay like this forever!” Clay laughed.

Then his stomach growled loud enough for TJ to hear it.

“Uh, what was that?”

“Must be my stomach, maybe I’m still hungry. You know because I’m huge now!”

Then out of nowhere Clay’s heart started to pound so fast he thought it was gonna pound out of his chest. Clay fell on the sand now feeling his whole body being consumed in new hellish pain.

“Clay what’s wrong, say something!” TJ yelled, now concerned.

Clay coughed and coughed trying to gasp for air.

“I don’t know!”

He had to shut his eyes and clench his teeth due to the pain. Clay was in so much agony he wanted death to take him now. He was sweating bullets and hyperventilating. TJ could do nothing as he watched his best friend suffer.

Every single one of Clay’s muscles spasmed then all at once they swelled so rapidly that they looked like inflating balloons. TJ could even hear blood bumping and bones growing as pounds of muscle were being added to Clay’s ever expanding frame. TJ ran back a distance and watched his friend transform into a monster of immense size and strength.

Clay’s chest exploded, becoming a shelf of meaty slabs that consumed what little of his neck was left and now touched his chin. Combine that with his growing traps and his head was buried in muscle. Next his head grew which gave Clay a splitting headache. Then his shoulders swelled much bigger than his head that was already at an inhuman size. His lats became even bigger wings that pushed his arms far away from his torso. His arms too were getting thicker, bigger and longer with his hands growing to match. There was no way he could reach his face with how big his bi-ceps had grown and triceps were growing bigger too.

Then his stomach contracted violently till it turned into a ten pack with all his oblique muscles bulging and rippling as well. Clay’s hips widened to accommodate the new tons of muscles being added to his lower body. His legs lengthened and became packed with muscles with widending calves and growing feet too. Between that and his butt inflating to inhuman proportions his speedo snapped clean off leaving him naked.

Lastly, what scared Clay the most, his dick elongated and thickened and his balls swelled too, filling with copious amounts of sperm then it hardened so much he thought he could cum any second. Clay’s body continued to grow in scale and his muscles looked so huge they looked like CGI. When the growth hand finally finished he had to be as big as a bus.

Cloudiness and sparkles flashed danced around in Clay’s head. Every single cell in his body burned like hell, his muscles were sore and stiff and his bones ached. He was drenched in sweat that made the air reek of male hormones. Clay’s breath was so hot that it turned to steam even in the summer air and his head felt like a truck ran it over. He didn’t have enough strength to sit up or even open his eyes. Clay just laid there crying and sniffling from all the pain both physical and emotional.

“Clay, little buddy, are you okay?” TJ said.

Clay cracked his eyes open and turned his giant head the best he could. His traps and chest were so muscled his neck mobility was impaired. Clay was struck with intense fear and panic at what he saw.

“TJ, you’re the size of an action figure and I’m scared and I’m sorry,” Clay shouted.

Tears started streaking down his big pump freckled cheeks because even several tons of muscle couldn’t change his ginger baby face or the fact that deep down he was a huge softy. Clay’s tears were huge coming down like a water fountain. He tried to cover his boned up dick but there was no way even with his humongous hands that that could hide a several-foot-long boner. Lucky for Clay all of the beach goers run away in fear of the mythic sized giant.

“I told you that the shell was bad news! And I can’t believe my eyes but I saw it happen so I don’t know how I can deny it. But Clay you’re a giant, a ripped hung giant!”

“You were right, the shell was cursed! And look what it did to me.”

“You kept using it, now you’re too big for anything!”

“What am I gonna tell my parents! Or my boss or professors! Do you think the government is gonna show up and take me away for experiments!”

“I have no idea about any of that but you really screwed up this time.”

Clay’s tears were starting to make a puddle around his head and his cheeks were flushed with a deep red.

“All I wanted was for someone to love me. I didn’t mean for this to go this far.”

TJ, now suddenly feeling a little more sympathetic for his friend, stepped closer to his head and started rubbing the side of his head.

“I’m sorry,” Clay repeated.

TJ stayed quiet trying to think of what to say. “Okay, listen I get you you’ve been the shy quiet kid your whole life and then you finally got a taste of what it’s like to not be that.”

“I was just so jealous of how easy you were able to get with guys. I just wanted to be like you.”

“If you be yourself then the right guy will find you. Deep down the smooth-talking Casanova isn’t you. That’s why I argued with you because I knew I could pull the sweet version of you out somehow. I didn’t like that you were around all those fuck-bois either none of them cared about you as a person but I do.”

“All those guys who claimed to be friends just ran away in fear with the rest of the population here.”

“But I didn’t run away because I know better than anyone that you’re no matter what you wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Clay’s eyes softened and he was finally able to sit up. “Can I tell you something?” Clay said.

“I mean you’re currently a muscle bound giant that’s naked and hard. You could probably tell me anything at this point.”

“I’ve never had sex before.”

“I already knew that.”

“But now that my penis is the size of a telephone pole. I’ll never be able to have sex and that makes me sad.”

“I guess you’re gonna have to just jerk from now on.”

“I could go for that right now.” Clay poked the side of his hard-on which made it sway like a tree in the wind.

“I bet you could. How about you go in the water and do it? At least you won’t make a huge mess.”

“I didn’t think of that, but that sounds like a good idea.”

“Also, remember when I said you’ve just got to be yourself and the right guy will find you?”


“You ever thought that maybe I was that right guy?”

That made Clay blush. “I thought you wanted to hop around from guy to guy and that was more your lifestyle?”

“I always wanted to settle down with you one day.”

“Is that why you took me on this adventure?”

“The hope was that you figure out I was here for the whole time.”

“I really was blind, huh?”

“Well, I’m here now and I think I’m the only one who isn’t afraid of you.”

“Can I put you on my shoulder so we can walk to the ocean together? Would that make you uncomfortable?”

“Not at all, just don’t crush me.”

Clay stood up and he realized just how giant he really was. He had to be the size of house and part of him kinda liked that. He knelt down and offered his huge hand to TJ, who stepped in his palm. Then Clay gently lifted him to his shoulder where he sat comfortably. He walked over into the water only enough to where when he sat down the water only went to his mid stomach and his boner and his knees breached the water like two islands and a tower. Clay’s immense boner spasmed and sperm squirted out then landed on the surface giving the water a cloudy spot.

“You’re horny, aren’t you buddy?” TJ said.

Clay sighed. “Yeah, must be all those extra hormones.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.”

TJ pulled his dick out of his speedo then played with it till it was hard. Then Clay grabbed his own hard-on with both hands and started to jerk. His newly grown biceps jiggled with each stroke and his oversized pecs squeezed together and popped. Clay’s dick had never been so hard before he didn’t think that it could even get that hard. TJ wasn’t far behind jerking himself off while enjoying the sight of his new giant boyfriend rubbing one out.

Pre-cum was dripping down both of their shafts and getting caught between their fingers. Clay’s pre-cum was much more intense and was making the water cloudier. They both started to moan and grunt but Clay was much louder and his voice traveled further. TJ busted his load, most of it getting on Clay. Without too much more stroking Clay’s boner exploded.

Clay came like a geyser, his beam of creamy white sperm shooting high into the air. All of it was falling back down like a rainstorm.

“Jeez, Clay!” TJ tried to say before getting covered in cum.

All his cum started making a huge white patch in the water that got larger and whiter by the second. Soon he was surrounded by his own sperm. Clay came till he was swimming in a soupy mixture of sperm and salt water.

Clay had to sit there and catch his breath as cumming that much really took a lot out of him. Now the whole surrounding area smelled like a cross between a boys’ locker room and bedroom. After washing the cum off his face, shoulders, pecs, and abs and cleaning off TJ he crawled out of the ocean then laid down on the sand.

“You okay, buddy?” TJ said.

“Yeah, better.”

“You really got me.”

“Sorry, next time I’ll try not to blast you with cum.”

“I don’t know what you’re gonna do.”

“Maybe I’ll figure that out later but I’m sleepy now. TJ, you wanna cuddle?”


“I feel the need to cuddle right now,” Clay gave his best baby eyes.

“You know I should have figured that even with several tons of muscle you’d still be a cuddler.”

TJ climbed onto Clay’s eight pack which felt like warm smooth bricks but he was able to make himself comfortable enough.

“It’s gonna be tough. I don’t know how you’re gonna live.”

“But at least I have you,” Clay said.


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