The quest for size

by Musclesaber

Daladon is on his way home from one of the worst days he’s ever had when he stumbles upon a cart vendor with potions, clothes, and other goods. Daladon is in for a surprise when he sees what some of these goods are capable of.

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Part 1: From Small Beginnings Daladon is on his way home from one of the worst days he’s ever had when he stumbles upon a cart vendor with potions, clothes, and other goods. Daladon is in for a surprise when he sees what some of these goods are capable of. (added: 23 Sep 2023)
Part 2: Get the Party Started After getting some upgrades from Sam, Daladon goes to the local tavern, Triple B’s, to meet his friends and show off his recently obtained size. Using his large size, he gets into a party with his friends where the drinks they serve might have a few extra side effects on them. (added: 28 Oct 2023)
Part 3: The Hulking Himbo Now that the party is in full swing, the entertainment for the evening, the Hulking Himbo, is in a for a big surprise from a growing guest and an unchecked growth spurt might leave Triple B’s in rubble. (added: 27 Jan 2024)
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Part 1: From Small Beginnings

The bell rang through the halls of the Marian Smith factory as Daladon Pentorn breathed a sigh of relief that the day had finally ended. “Freedom at last,” exhaled the exhausted human. Standing up from his desk, he grabbed his worker’s jacket and headed to the door, “I thought today would never end.” He pushed his way past many factory workers that out sized him, but he ducked and squeezed through the big muscular men in the crowd making his way outside. Walking towards the town square as the sunset painted the sky around him, Daladon rubbed his eyes as the lanterns in town began to light up.

“Dal! Wait up!” called a large half-orc stumbling out of the factory. Daladon turned his head and saw his friend Brucelog Gondar running towards him. The 6’3 half-orc had plenty of muscle packed onto his frame, and a sizable midsection poking out from below his white undershirt.

“Go away Bruce. I’m not in the mood tonig—hey!” Daladon was caught off guard as Bruce grabbed his torso and hoisted Daladon up onto his shoulders. “Bruce, put me down! Today sucked and I just want to go home.”

“I’m just your giant transport service. We’re going out. We need some drinks after today,” said Bruce as he sauntered off into town with his smaller friend on his shoulders. “And I already heard what happened. My dad let me in on everything. He told me that you might’ve misread a measurement on a giant’s breast plate and now we have to waste a lot of metal remaking it,” said Bruce as he turned right towards the local tavern, Triple B’s.

“One, you’re not a giant so stop carrying me around. Two, I’m not in the mood to go out tonight. And three, that 8 looked like a 9,” said Daladon as he steadied himself on his new elevated position.

“While I agree with you Dal that it did look like a nine, 80 feet long and 90 feet long makes a big difference in what we’re building.” Daladon grimaced a bit and sat back on his friend’s broad shoulders as they rounded the corner.

“At least take me home and let me change. I don’t want to go out in my work clothes,” said Daladon as he pulled his friend’s black hair.

“Ouch, fine. I’ll put you down. But you’d better come back out. No “Oh I’m tired and wanna be alone” crap. Come be with your friends. Kimlen even said he’d come out tonight. Plus Jaren and Siv told me that there’s a private party in the back room that they can get us into.” Bruce grabbed Daladon’s hips and put him down at the entrance to the tavern. “I’d better be seeing you soon,” stated Bruce as the tall half-orc walked through the wide double doors.

Daladon looked into the tavern at the candle lights inside, lighting up with energy and the sound of coins clinking against wood faded away as he turned towards a shortcut home. Daladon sat with his thoughts as he walked back behind a few houses with their lights off. Making his way to a dirt path back to his house. Most people were already home in bed at this hour, but his boss made him stay until the final bell of the workday rang due to his performance today. He gazed out onto the mountains on the edge of town and he saw a few torch lights moving up the steep ridges. Despite being many miles away, Daladon could see every subtle move the giant climbing the mountain side made. It helped when the torch the giant was carrying was a tree he plucked from the Earth.

As he locked eyes with the flame quickly disappearing over the peak of the mountain in the distance, Daladon’s cheek was met with sharp pain as he ran into the back of a cart. With a loud thud, Daladon hit the ground and rubbed his head. “Damn where’d this come from?” He sat up and looked at a wooden cart blocking his path home. Daladon stumbled up to his feet and walked to the other side of the cart to where a sales window sat. “Hey buddy, you’re not allowed to park carts on these paths,” said Daladon as he looked inside the window. But much to his surprise, it was completely abandoned. Only a few crates scattered here and there on the floor with dust collecting.

“Sorry about that!” called a voice from back where Daladon came. “I’m right here. Sorry, I just put my cart there for a second so I could find where I needed to set up shop. “ Daladon sighed then started walking out to the side of the cart where the voice was coming from.

“It’s okay, I just wasn’t paying attention to wher—” Daladon stopped immediately in his tracks and stared at a massive man bounding towards him. Not only was he probably 20 feet tall, he looked as big as a whale with how much fat was on him. His tight blue shirt exaggerated every jiggle and jostle his belly made as he screeched to a stop in front of Daladon.

“Yeah, but still, I am parked illegally. I’m a bit turned around. I just got here a few minutes ago and I am already lost,” said the giant as he casually picked up the cart and hoisted it onto his shoulders like it was nothing. “Hi, I’m Sam, the Sizemologist,” said the giant with a smile as he threw his cart like a hammer throw towards Triple B’s. With a light bounce off the ground, the cart landed perfectly next to the tavern. “Bullseye.”

“You’re a- a- a—” stuttered Daladon as he looked up and up at Sam as his belly eclipsed most of his view.

“Oh yeah, sorry. Forgot this far away from the city, you don’t see many people like me.” The big man waved his hand a bit and suddenly his size started to diminish away. His belly receded into his clothes as his bright blue shirt stayed taut against him. Sam’s face came more into Daladon’s view as he shrunk down in height as well. His elven features became more and more apparent as the fat drained away. His platinum blonde hair stuck out of his hat and curled around his pointy ears as he stopped shrinking himself. Landing at about 6 feet tall with a nice beer gut on him. “And before you say it, no I’m not a giant or a gainer.” Sam walked past Daladon whose face was still frozen with excitement, lust, and fear all at once.

“But you were just like 50 feet tall or something. And had a belly bigger than my whole body,” said Daladon as he turned to see Sam walk back towards his cart.

“I don’t get my size like most people around here do,” said Sam as he gestured Daladon to his side. “But I am sorry that you hit my cart. I didn’t think I had parked it anywhere that might get hit by someone. But I guess this is a chance for you to see my stock. Here, why don’t you come in and I can show you what I got. Maybe even get you a drink on me,” said Sam as he disappeared and walked behind the cart.

“Thanks, uh, Sam was it? But I really do need to get going. I promised my friends I’d meet them out at Triple B’s after I went home and changed. And I really need to feed my chinchillape. He’s been home all day,” said Daladon as he resumed walking along the path towards his house.

“No no no, come in. I insist. Besides, I’m working Triple B’s tonight. I can give you something to wear so you won’t be late. It’s just like you took a bit of a detour. And now your chinchillape will be fed and thinks you’re there with him now,” said Sam with a snap as he quickly walked back to Daladon and put his arm around his shoulder, ushering him behind the cart. “And I might just have something in my shop that you’ll absolutely love.” Even at his shrunken size, Sam easily pushed the skinny 5-foot-5 Daladon into the cart.

When Daladon stepped up into the cart, he was apprehensive about going in since the cart didn’t even look big enough to fit Sam’s belly alone inside. But to his surprise, he walked into a room almost bigger than his own tiny home. “Woah, this place is massive.” The ceilings were 20 feet high above his head and there were shelves full of boxes all around them.

“Sorry about the mess. I packed up my shop in a bit of a rush earlier so I haven’t had much time to make things look nice,” said Sam as he shut the door behind Daladon. A snap rang through the room and suddenly, the boxes vanished and were replaced with bright shiny jars with various colorful liquids sloshing around inside. Daladon’s eyes lit up with amazement as the room went from an empty warehouse to a lively storefront. Lights began to string along the shelves connecting them as signs fell down from the ceiling reading Eat Me and Does This Make Me Look Big?.

“So, are you some kind of magician or something?” asked Daladon as he walked forward and browsed the shelves.

“A sorcerer, actually. And a pretty good one at that,” said Sam as his smaller, but still substantially sized belly pushed into Daladon’s back as he walked by. “But that’s only a side hustle to my true love. Alchemy.” Sam grabbed a couple of glass bottles off the top of a shelf and an empty glass jar. Daladon looked at the big man now walking behind a bar and watched intrigued as he poured orange and green liquids into the jar.

“Aren’t all the sorcerers supposed to be in Sizeopolis? I didn’t know y’all were allowed to leave.” Daladon wandered around the big room as the brown mixture changed colors to a dark purple in Sam’s hand.

“Most of us train there, but we aren’t required to stay,” said Sam as he sprinkled little green flecks down onto the drink. “After we complete our apprenticeship, we’re free to travel the world spreading size and magic to everyone. Or at least that’s what the administration says we should do. But many do stay in Sizeopolis after they graduate for all the jobs they offer magic users there.” Sam stirred the mixture as the specs of green dissolved and the mixture turned white.

Daladon continued to look around the shop in amazement at all of the different items that must be magical. A jewelry section lined with necklaces and earrings with beautiful crystals sprouting from them. Plenty of rings on display varying in size from a normal sized ring to a hula hoop sized one. “Do you get a lot of giants buying wedding rings in your shop?” asked Daladon.

“Uh…sure,” said Sam as he garnished the drink with a pink flower. Sliding it towards the edge of the bar, he grabbed a bottle with a blue liquid out from behind the bar with his other hand. “I have one funergy drink for…sorry, I just realized I never got your name.”

“My name is Daladon. Daladon Pentorn,” said Daladon as he walked away from a purple silk nightgown shimmering in the lights.

“Nice to meet you Daladon. Consider this one on the house as an “I’m sorry for parking my cart somewhere I wasn’t supposed to” apology drink.” Daladon grabbed the glass from the bar and took a sip.

“Mmm, this is delicious!” Daladon put the glass to his lips and started to drink up the white liquid until the glass was empty. “What was that stuff?”

“A funergy drink. It doesn’t take magic for me to tell that you’re beating yourself up about something,” said Sam as he waddled around the back of the bar. “Sit a spell. Tell Big Sammy about your troubles—urp!” Sam let out a belch before taking another swig of his drink and keeping the bottle in his mouth so he could grab a few crates out from under the bar.

“It’s just work. I work at the Marian Smith factory in Grimford and I hate my damn job. I don’t like it, I’m not good at it, nobody there thinks I’m right for the position, it’s just a terrible set of circumstances,” said Daladon as he sat down at the bar. Running his hands through his short dirty blonde hair.

“From what I’ve heard, Marian Smith factories change drastically depending on what managers you have. Maybe you could go to a different location,” said Sam as he downed the last bit of his bottle.

“I would, but I don’t like the work. I don’t want to be a factory foreman for the rest of my life.”

“Then quit. Sounds like you’ll be a lot happier for it. And you won’t need a funergy drink to get you to go out with your friends.” Sam started unboxing the crates to reveal large jugs labeled Big Dick Energy with a cartoonish twink holding a bottle up against his impressive bulge packed tightly into a cyan colored speedo.

“I can’t. The job pays too well for me to leave. Especially in this economy,” said Daladon as he massaged the back of his sore neck. “Besides, businesses are shutting down left and right around here. It’s not like there’s a good option to go to if I do quit.”

“You could always be a traveling salesman. I’ve found it’s not a boring job in the slightest.” Sam grabbed another crate and unloaded some more jugs. This time labeled Big Ass Energy with a similar twink now turned to the side the bottle perched on his huge ass in a speedo.

“Yeah, but I’m not a powerful wizard from the big city who can conjure size from nothing,” said Daladon. He picked up one of the jugs and started to read the small print on the back.

“I’m a Sorcerer. There is a difference. Wizards are very cliquey and kind of snotty.” Sam grabbed a final crate and unloaded another set of jugs labeled Big Bara Energy with the same twink on the bottle now looking like a twunk with his big bicep balancing a bottle on it. “And I can’t conjure size from nothing. Like I said before, I’m not a giant or a gainer. I use magic to change my size.”

“What’s the difference? All I know is you were like 10 times my size and shrank right in front of me to a normal size. I assume you can grow to that size again if you wanted to. So if it looks like a giant, it is the size of a giant, I’m gonna say you’re a giant Sam.” Sam rolled his eyes a little as he set all of the jugs down on the edge of the bar.

“I mean yes, I was the size of a giant, but I don’t belong to the giants. I can’t just grow or shrink my height because I want to. I have to focus on a spell to shrink me down.”

“But you didn’t say anything before. You just shrank.”

“That’s just because that small of size manipulation can be done with a simple flick of the wrist.”

“That’s a small spell? But you were so big.”

“I wasn’t that big. At least not compared to the giants I’ve seen in Hitclo or Sizeopolis.”

“It’s clear you don’t get out around these parts often. We don’t have any giants in Grimford. Or at least any that stay in town for long. Most shrink down to get their deliveries and are off back to Hitclo or wherever they’re going. The tallest guy that stays in town is my friend Jaren and he’s 7’6,” said Daladon as he started to twist the top off of the bottle of Big Ass Energy before getting swatted by Sam.

“No drinking these. These are for a private party,” said Sam as he placed a final jug on the bar. “You probably want to set that down by the way. And maybe stand back.” Daladon frantically put the jug next to the others and got up from his bar stool as Sam began to circle his arms over the jugs. “Animatré grandonta meriandé! Animatré grandonta meriandé!” Sam started to chant and Daladon saw yellow sparks forming on Sam’s finger tips before cinders fell down onto the jugs below.

Daladon braced himself and rushed behind a display of cakes, cookies, and muffins that read Eat Me in icing on them. When Sam stopped chanting, Daladon watched and waited for something to happen. “You didn’t have to step back like that. Nothing’s gonna explode. Not yet at least,” chuckled Sam. Daladon emerged from his hiding spot looking intently at the jugs. Walking back, Daladon could tell something was different about them, he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“A big light show for better booze for the guests?”

“Give it a second. Just watch.” Sam smiled and turned one of the jugs to face Daladon. Looking closer, Daladon saw the twink on the jug now waving at him.

“Awe, that’s cute,” said Daladon as he waved back to the tiny label twink. The twink then grabbed the sides of the label and pulled himself out of it. Daladon’s eyes nearly gouged out of his head as he saw more little men jumping out of all the big jugs and onto the floor. “Well would you look at that. Finally, someone who’s shorter than me,” said Daladon with a satisfied smirk on his face, staring down at the little men that were maybe 8 inches tall.

“Wanna bet?” chuckled Sam again as he peered over the counter at the 12 little men standing on the ground. “Come on guys. Up and at ‘em.” The twinks all looked at each other and smiled as each one began to grow. Looking down at the twinks, Daladon stared in shock as the twinks that couldn’t even reach his knees were now growing up to his waistline.

“They get bigger too?” asked Daladon as the twinks swelled up higher and higher. Now level with Daladon’s nipples.

“Indeed they do. And you haven’t even seen the best part,” said Sam as the twinks continued to grow. Each one fighting for space near the bar as their bodies expanded up to Daladon’s neckline. Daladon stepped back as they reached his height and didn’t stop getting taller. The room was getting more and more cramped by the second as 12 large men started to crowd around the bar. Growing up and up and up until settling at 6’8 towering over Daladon.

“Well, I guess I’m the shortest again. That didn’t last long,” sighed Daladon as he admired the big men in their very tight speedos.

“And we’re gonna be specific tonight boys so get your best assets ready.” All of the men let out some moans as their bodies started to change again. Daladon looked at all the men surrounding him and realized what Sam meant by assets. Each man started growing differently depending on which bottle they came from. The Big Dick Energy twinks’ speedos started to stretch as their cocks elongated in them. The dick print became more and more prominent until the sides were bowing forward to accommodate the growing python and two orange sized balls under it.

Looking at some of the others, one of them was getting pumped full of muscle as his toned swimmer’s body blew up to bodybuilder levels of big. His pecs inflated out towards Daladon’s face. His biceps were getting pushed away from his torso because of their massive size. His legs got separated as his quads swelled into each other. A row of abs appearing right above the defined 6-pack that already was there. He was turning into a mass monster.

“Excellent guys. You all look fantastic. Now head in there and you’ll meet, oh what was his name, hold on.” Sam ruffled through a few stacks of paper behind the bar as Daladon gawked at the sexy men around him. “Ah ha! Found it. Go find a guy named Siv Drucian. He’ll help you guys get set up.” The boys all nodded at Sam and then started walking past Daladon going to other parts of the shop to get various bottles and cases of potions. Their big bulging bodies bumped into him as they walked past. Especially the ones whose hips had widened. Daladon turned his neck to watch an ass with cheeks the size of basketballs walk by and he was practically drooling over him. Their speedos looked more like thongs with how much strain they were putting on them.

“Wow, they’re gonna be serving us at that private party at Triple B’s? I think I’m now much more willing to go out tonight,” said Daladon as he stared at the big men sauntering out of the shop.

“No, that’s just the funergy kicking in,” said Sam. “Oh and Ricardo, see me before the event starts for the specialty drinks tonight.” One of the hunks on his way out waved at Sam and ducked out the door.

“So will those guys be selling your potions tonight?” asked Daladon, retaking his seat at the bar with a noticeable bulge at attention in his pants.

“Indeed they will. They’ll be your cock and tail waiters tonight ready to give out some specialty potions requested by our employer. And if you think that they’re great now, you should see them when we’re hired as performers,” said Sam as the last one squeezed his wide hips out the door and shut it behind him.

“Damn. Now I wanna tell my friend not to perform tonight so I can watch them.”

“Your friend is working this party?” asked Sam as he looked up from collecting more bottles of potions.

“A couple of them actually. Siv, the guy your boys are meeting, he’s one of my friends. Love that guy.”

“He’s the one performing?”

“No, he’s just the bartender. My friend Jaren is the one performing.”

“Oh yes, the giant boy. Well knowing who we’re serving tonight, I’m sure they’ll love a guy that big,” said Sam as he walked out from the bar. “And if your bartender friend needs any help with the drinks, I can make just about anything. And what I can’t make, I can conjure. Now I do believe I also told you I’d get you something to wear for tonight.” Sam wiggled his fingers and the sign that read Does This Make Me Look Big? lit up.

“I don’t know Sam. I don’t really have the size to call anything about me big,” said Daladon, looking down at his fairly average body.

“Nonsense. Anything can be big. You might feel small right now, but I’ve met men that live life at a fraction of your size. As well as men who live life bigger than entire planets.” Sam pat Daladon on the back and led him through the shop. “But maybe I could give you a little bit of an upgrade if that funergy drink didn’t get you one hundred percent ready for tonight.” Reams of fabric started flying off the walls into Sam’s hands as he occasionally muttered something to himself. “Now what size do you want?”

“Well I wear a small shirt and have about a-”

“I didn’t ask what size do you wear, I asked what size do you want?” Daladon stopped in his tracks once Sam sat down at a sewing station.

“You could make me bigger?”

“That’s what I do. It’s what I live for. Now tell me, what kind of body do you want to have tonight?” Sam started cutting bright blue fabric and mumbling things under his breath again.

“Um, I don’t know. I definitely could be taller. Maybe a bit of muscle, but not like aggressive muscles. A bit of fat is fine. Ooo, actually, a belly would be nice. Maybe not one as big as yours though.” Daladon paced behind Sam and continued to ramble off parameters for what he wanted his body to be.

“I’ve got limited fabric here so I can’t do all of that, but I think I’ve got a good snapshot of what you want.” Bright blue fabric started to unfurl around them and sewing needles flew through the air. Sam’s muttering began to get louder and louder into a full blown chant. “Exeto incantrabe god petsha yunn marcotauph!” Sam shouted aggressively and raised his arms into the air again. Scissors started slicing through fabric followed by needles threading in and out, connecting everything together. Daladon watched in disbelief as reams of fabric spun around them creating a vortex. But Daladon’s smile began to fade when a blue singlet formed before his very eyes with a weird patch of yellow fabric on the left pec.

“A singlet? Really? Sure, you’ve got your cock and tail waiters that look like they’re models in Sizeopolis, but I don’t think that’s my style Sam.” Daladon walked to put his hand on Sam’s back on the chair while the singlet floated down.

“The magic you have to say with words takes a second. Here, go try it on and then tell me if you got anything like it at home.” Sam sat up and handed Daladon the singlet.

“It does look like you got the measurements right,” said Daladon as he held it up to his body.

“Trust me. I always get the measurements right.” Daladon turned to go to the dressing room where he slid the curtain shut and started undressing from his work clothes. Daladon held the singlet up to him once he was just wearing his underwear. After taking a deep breath, Daladon brought the singlet down to put his legs in. Pulling the singlet up and pushing his arms through the holes, Daladon looked at himself in the mirror.

“Maybe a little tight,” said Daladon as he tugged the straps up to be perched on his traps.

“Give it a second!” shouted Sam as the yellow patch on Daladon’s left pec began to shine. Daladon let out a small moan as a shiver ran through his body. He felt his cock immediately start twitching as a warmth flooded his system.

Daladon’s body began to expand with size. It was very small and unnoticeable at first, but Daladon could feel the sides of the singlet digging into him a bit. Looking down at himself, he saw his pecs blowing up under the blue fabric. Daladon couldn’t help but grope his chest and feel the muscle that was forming on his chest. The straps dug into his shoulders as his traps and neck thickened. He looked to his side and saw the strap of the singlet extending out into a sleeve around his growing arms. As the sleeves formed, he could feel his biceps pushing back against the fabric as they swelled with size.

Daladon was pulled away by a new sensation. The fabric around his crotch was getting tighter and tighter. He could feel his dick fighting for space in the singlet as the underwear inside snapped. Unable to hang on due to his widening hips. Daladon moaned again, his cock now free to surge up in size. He looked down at his remarkable bulge he sported now. Pulsing with life, the beast swelled bigger and bigger with every heartbeat. Extending out to 10 inches long with balls as big as eggs and still growing. He also saw the fabric around his legs receding into the singlet. Cutting itself off to look like booty shorts, strangling his massive quads inside them. The last of his underwear sliding down the pant leg in tatters on the floor.

Turning to the side and looking in the mirror in front of him, Daladon got a great view of his dump truck ass. Grabbing the big cheek, it felt heavy as he shook it. He couldn’t help but feel himself get hard over how huge he was getting. He smacked his ass and practically moaned when he saw the ripples cascading along the fabric. He stopped admiring himself as the singlet’s fabric started to recede again. This time it moved upwards from his waist, exposing his belly button that started to swell out in front of him. His once flat stomach rounding out as he heard a gurgle emit from his belly. He reached down to pat his swelling orb of a belly and ran his hands along it. Feeling how expansive it was. The fabric stopped just under his textbook sized pecs as the yellow patch of fabric started to fold and morph into an S symbol. And it wasn’t just an ordinary S on the outfit, it sported a curled bicep on the top right tail, a couple of moobs followed by a heavy belly as the curve on the left side, a perfectly round belly on the right curve, and a massive cock as the bottom tail of the S.

“Whoa,” said Daladon. He couldn’t believe the sight before him. He stood there looking like he was out of his own wet dream. Not only had the singlet made him bigger, it also had heightened his other features. He now sported a nice square jaw line as well as bright blonde styled hair. The singlet itself had morphed into a top that covered Daladon’s chest with long sleeves on his arms that had holes over where the peak of his bowling ball sized biceps were. He could barely see the booty shorts he was wearing below his pecs and belly, but looking in the mirror, they left nothing to the imagination. The blue fabric accentuated his cock and balls perfectly. Making them look absolutely stuffed in the shorts. And after seeing how much size he got in his ass, he guessed the entire outfit was fighting for dear life to contain his size.

“Well don’t leave me in suspense! Come out!” called a giddy Sam. Daladon turned and walked out of the dressing room to see Sam smiling up at him. “Damn, I’m good,” mused Sam as he let out a whistle looking Daladon up and down.

Daladon’s already big smile grew even bigger as he realized he’d grown taller too. Before, he was eye level with Sam’s pecs, but now Sam was eye level with Daladon’s. “This is incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam!” shouted Daladon. Running up to Sam and crouching down to give the big man a hug only to hoist him up into the air with glee.

“You’re welcome, big guy. Now, go have fun with your friends. Enjoy your night,” said Sam as Daladon released him from his tight grip.

“I’ll be sure to tell my friends to tip your boys well tonight,” said Daladon as his heavy footfalls shook the whole shop.

“Don’t worry about it. We’re already getting paid handsomely by whoever’s throwing this party. But I’ll see you in there.” Sam winked at Daladon and Daladon threw the door to the shop open and ducked out of the shop, but not before squeezing his hips out. Smiling to himself, Sam turned and waddled back to the bar and began making drinks for tonight.


Part 2: Get the Party Started

Daladon peeked his head out of the cart into the night and stood up to his new height. He couldn’t help but smile seeing things were now so small to him. He grabbed onto a bucket beside the building and realized it could almost wrap his palm around it like it was a normal cup. Turning the corner to the entrance to Triple B’s, Daladon was greeted by a friendly sight of a tabaxi wearing a yellow polo shirt and khaki pants. “Kimlen! Buddy! It’s me! I can’t believe you came!” Daladon’s low voice echoed in his chest as he barreled down the sidewalk toward the now much shorter tabaxi. Kimlen’s green eyes grew wide and his tan fur stood up as the big human ran up to him.

“Hey buddy, I had a really rough day and I don’t want any trouble. I’m just meeting my friend for drinks,” said Kimlen as stepped back towards the door.

“No Kimlen, it’s me. Daladon.” Daladon kneeled down to meet Kimlen’s gaze and the tabaxi’s eyes narrowed.

“Dal?” Kimlen’s eyes darted all over Daladon’s body as his brain processed all of what he was looking at. “You’re massive. How did you get so big? And what’re you wearing?” Kimlen’s mouth hung open as Daladon rose back to his full height and started popping his pecs from side to side. Now towering over the short tabaxi.

“I’ll tell you and everyone else later. Now we need to get inside. There’s a really awesome party going on tonight and we’re invited.” Daladon let out a little squeak of joy and grabbed Kimlen on his shoulders and dragged the little cat towards the doors.

Having to duck through the double doors, Daladon and Kimlen entered the packed Triple B’s. The tavern was packed to the brim tonight with men from all over town which didn’t allow for much mobility. The band played on a stage without a wall behind it so it could be heard by both the common patrons and the ones at the private party. Now being about 7 feet tall, Daladon had a much easier time looking over the crowd to spot his friends. “Do you see Bruce anywhere?” asked Kimlen as he stood up on his tippy toes. At 5’8, he was average height, but in his friend group, he was the shortest now.

“Not yet, but I think I know where he is. Come on.” Daladon reached down to grab Kimlen’s paw and started moving through the crowd. Daladon’s new size was already doing him favors as the giant man parted the crowd like the red sea as he walked by. Most of the people in Grimford were normal sized. You had a few half-orcs in town that were on the tall side at 6’6, but not anywhere near the size of Daladon or his friend Jaren.

“So you mentioned we’re invited to a party? Is that where we’re going?” asked Kimlen.

“Yes, I met this guy who’s working the party tonight with Siv and Jaren. It’s gonna be super fun. And you might get lucky tonight like I did.”

“And this guy, does he have anything to do with you getting bigger?”

“He does and I’ll explain it all once everyone’s here. I don’t want to explain it four different times.” Daladon kept walking them through the crowd of heads staring up at him until he spotted their friend Bruce arguing with one of Sam’s cock and tail waiters. He was standing in front of the entrance to the back room of the tavern where they kept private parties.

“Come on buddy, I’m friends with the owner, and the bartender working the party, and the performer working the party! They should have left my name and allowed me to get in. Can you just go get one of them?” asked Bruce bickering with the bouncer.

“Sorry pal. It’s invite only and you aren’t on my list and the event doesn’t start for another 30 minutes,” said the muscular hunk.

“Bruce! I can get us in!” called Daladon as he put his hand on Bruce’s shoulder. The half-orc turned around and at first looked down where he expected Daladon’s head to be, but looked up at the big blonde giant instead.

“Thanks man. This guy’s an ass,” said Bruce. He gazed up at the large human and squinted his eyes. “I don’t think I’ve had that much to drink yet, but you look exactly like my friend Daladon.”

“Bruce, you idiot, that is Daladon,” said Kimlen, stepping out from beside the giant.

“Kimlen! You made it! Where’s Dal?” asked Bruce. Kimlen pressed his paw into his forehead and sighed.

“Bruce, I’m right here. It’s me, Daladon,” said Daladon as he leaned down to meet Bruce’s face.

“Woah, did one of my drinks get spritzed cause I have to be hallucinating right now. Dal, you’re a fucking giant. What are you 9, 10 feet tall?” asked Bruce as he sized up Daladon’s new body. At 6’3, Bruce had a bit of size on him already. Working in the smith section of the factory, he had put on a decent amount of muscle, but he didn’t work out very regularly outside of work. He had a bit of a beer gut below his pecs. But even that was smaller than Daladon’s round power belly that poked out from his midsection.

“No, just 7 feet. I’m not that big,” said Daladon standing back up to his full height and looking at the cock and tail waiter. “Sam invited me and my friends to this party. Do you think we could get in just a bit early to see our friends?”

“Seems like Sam did a lot of things for you. Come on in,” said the muscular hunk as he smiled and stepped to the side to let them in.

“Way to go Dal!” shouted Bruce as he ran inside.

“Dang, I didn’t think it would be that simple. I need to meet this Sam guy,” said Kimlen as he followed Bruce inside.

“I’m sure you will. He said he was gonna help Siv out with bartending tonight and he has this potion that I think can grow your dick bigger?” Daladon now had to duck down to get into the back room. This room was much smaller than the main one with only a few tables set up facing a small stage and the music from the main room was getting piped into the private room.

“A size potion? That’s how you got so big?”

“I told you I’d explain everything to you once we were inside. But how do you know what a size potion is? I didn’t even know about them until a few minutes ago.”

“They were a unit when I went to culinary school. Since I didn’t go to GrowU, we didn’t get to do a whole lot with it. But I still had fun reading about all the size potions that people could make.” The pair walked up to join Bruce sitting down at the bar.

“Siv! Where are you buddy? I need a beer!” Bruce was slurring his words a little bit already as he yelled to the back. He had clearly been using what time Daladon had spent meeting with Sam drinking as much as he could.

“Bruce! Come on dude, I’m not open yet! Give me a minute! I’ve got shit to do!” came a voice from the back.

“Okay, but we have a surprise for you once you’re done!” called out Kimlen as he took a seat at a stool in front of the bar next to Bruce. There was a bit of ruffling from the back room before a door swung open and out walked a very buff red dragonborn in nothing but a black thong that covered his prominent bulge.

“Kimlen! Thank Dru that you decided to come out tonight,” said the buff dragonborn as he hugged his friend from across the bar. “You’re a great surprise to have.”

“That’s sweet Siv, but I’m not the surprise actually.” Kimlen tilted his head to the right and Siv’s eyes shifted to the very large human standing next to him.

“You brought a date! And a big one at that. I like it,” said Siv.

“I swear none of y’all could ever see my face when I was short. Siv, it’s me. Daladon.” Daladon also took a seat at the bar next to Kimlen. Now feeling his new ass spread out across the stool and the creaks in the wood from his heavier weight.

“Daladon? Woah. You look almost buffer than me. Almost.” Siv smirked and brought his own big bicep up into a flex.

“Wanna bet?” Daladon brought his arm up, which was fairly big, but Siv’s also looked huge. Siv had been weight lifting since as early as his dad let him start and he had only gotten bigger since. He always claimed that he had his dad’s genetics when it came to putting on size. At 6’1, he had 240 pounds of pure muscle on his frame.

“You might have me beat in height now, but these muscles always have room to grow,” said Siv as he put his large red bicep next to Daladon’s. Daladon flexed in his long sleeve crop top, but his skin could be seen through the holes Sam provided on the peaks of the bicep. The two of them continued to flex as veins ran along their arms. Daladon’s biceps were bigger than his head, but so were Siv’s.

“Hey, that’s enough, you two. We can have a flex off later,” said Kimlen as he grabbed both of their arms and brought them down.

“Damn you’re big Dal. I don’t see you for a couple weeks and you quadruple in size?” asked Siv as he started to get stocked up on bottles for his well.

“I guess enough of you are here now. I’ll just tell Jaren later.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“So you met a man in a cart from behind a tavern, he invited you in his cart for a drink and you followed him?” asked Kimlen.

“When you put it like that, you make it sound so scary. No, Sam is a nice guy. He told me he was working here tonight and was just lost,” said Daladon.

“And he just threw the cart to Triple B’s? I don’t even think Jaren could do that,” said Siv. “Wait, how big was the cart? You said it had like a huge shop in it.”

“That’s the thing, it was bigger than this room on the inside, but it was no bigger than a horse and buggy cart on the outside. But instead of a horse pulling it, Sam just carries it at like 20 feet tall.” Daladon took a swig of beer as he and his friends waited for the party to start.

“And this…thing you’re wearing, how did it make you so big?” asked Bruce.

“I’m not really sure. Sam did some magic stuff and boom, I’m huge now,” said Daladon flexing his pecs.

“But you said it was a singlet at first? How did it change into this?” asked Kimlen.

“Guys, I don’t know. If you want to know how all this stuff works, ask Sam. He should be here in a little bit.” Daladon sat up and noticed there were some other men filing into the space. A bunch of humans dressed in purple suits with yellow accents on the edges. Each one with a big man accompanying them.

“Scoot over guys, I gotta work. I’ll talk with y’all later,” said Siv as he turned his attention to serving drinks to the other patrons.

“And Kimlen, you had said you had a really rough day to the guy you didn’t think you knew when I walked up. What’s up man? What’s got you down today?” asked Daladon.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just work and the usual stuff. Ya know,” said Kimlen.

“You don’t have to tell me,” said Daladon. “Once Sam gets in, I’ll hook you up with a funergy drink and speaking from experience, it’ll turn your frown upside down.”

“I was wondering what got you so happy considering how depressed you were coming out of work today,” added Bruce as he chugged the last bit of his beer. “I wish Sam would get here so I can get a look at those potions. Or maybe get him to make me singlet like yours.” Daladon and Kimlen looked over at their slightly inebriated friend and rolled their eyes.

“Bruce, you’re already plenty big. You don’t need a boost. Daladon was puny before tonight and you were nowhere near how small he was,” said Kimlen.

“I think you mean “is puny”, sir.” came a voice from behind the bar. In walked Sam wearing a bright yellow shirt stretched over his belly. “Your friend Daladon is still his size when he takes that singlet off. What did you think he’d stay that big forever? I don’t have that kind of magic ready to pull out at any given time.”

“Sam! You finally made it. What took you so long?” asked Daladon.

“Potions to brew, people to see. But I am here now. I assume these are a couple of your friends you mentioned?”

“Some of them, yes. Sam, this is Kimlen Andivere and Brucelog Gondar. Kimlen, Bruce, this is Sam, the sizemologist.”

“Nice to meet you!” said Kimlen.

“How’s it hangin’?” asked Bruce.

“Samson Jollumbrune, nice to meet the two of you. Were y’all wanting something to drink? A beer? Cocktail? Or something more interesting?” asked Sam as he unloaded more colorful bottles from the crates.

“I’ll always take another funergy drink if you’re willing to give it,” said Daladon.

“Is there something that will make us bigger like Daladon?” asked Kimlen.

“I can whip you up something that can. If that’s what you’d like,” said Sam.

“That’s what I’d like, *hic*” blurted out Bruce. “I wanna get somethin’ that could make me as big as Dal. Or maybe even bigger.” Sam looked over Bruce as the blubbering half orc put his elbows on the bar with his head in his hands.

“You, big fella, I’ve got just the thing for.” Sam reached down and grabbed a tall bottle full of clear liquid and a bottle of blue liquid and poured them both into a strainer.

“What’s that gonna do?” asked Bruce as he watched with glee as Sam shook the concoction.

“Oh you’ll see, big guy. Trust me, I always know what the best potion for a customer is.” Sam smirked and set the shaker down and reached for some more bottles. Orange and green liquids in these. “And we’re also giving out complimentary funergy drinks tonight. I’ll make one for each of you, yeah?” asked Sam.

“Yes please!” said Daladon, putting his hands up.

“I’ll take whatever you’re giving if you keep calling me big guy,” bubbled Bruce with a big dopey grin on his face watching Sam mix up another drink. Sam turned his attention to Kimlen who hadn’t answered.

“And you? Would you like a funergy drink?” asked Sam to the small tabaxi. Bruce and Daladon both turned to look at Kimlen who looked a bit on edge. His fur on the back of his neck was slightly raised and his nose was twitching.

“I don’t know guys. You don’t even know what it does,” said Kimlen.

“I’ll tell you what it does. I don’t mind sharing that,” said Sam as he poured the purple liquid into the three glasses.

“You didn’t tell me what it was when I first drank it,” said Daladon.

“You didn’t ask. The effects of the funergy drink are simple. After drinking it, the user will be more predisposed to having fun. That can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people and that’s part of the fun. That’s the only real description I can give of it. The rest is user dependent,” said Sam.

“That’s it? Could we hear a “fun” idea like doing some drugs behind a tavern and just wanna do that and not have any reasoning in our minds at all?” asked Kimlen in somewhat of a defensive tone.

“Kimlen, calm down and just take the drink. You need it as much as Dal does today.” Bruce looked at Kimlen, widening his eyes and tilting his head at the little tabaxi.

“Ugh all right, I’ll take one.” Daladon looked down at Kimlen who looked defeated a bit. Sam darted his eyes between the trio when the tension between them could be cut with a knife.

“I have three funergy drinks then. Made to perfection as always.” Sam placed three little pink flowers on the milky white liquid in the glasses. “And your other drink, Bruce, is just about done.” Sam grabbed the shaker that had been sitting on the counter as he pulled out a shot glass. The three of them reached forward and grabbed their funergy drinks.

“To having fun tonight,” said Kimlen as he raised his forward.

“To having fun,” repeated the other two as they clinked their glasses and put them to their lips . Kimlen and Bruce brought the glasses down and their eyes lit up at the taste while Daladon continued to chug down the white liquid.

“Go Dal!” chanted Bruce. “Chug! Chug! Chug!”

“Urp! I forgot how good those are!” Daladon belched and slammed the glass down.

“They are pretty delicious,” said Kimlen as he took a couple more sips of his own drink.

“Damn right!” Bruce proceeded to bring his own funergy drink up and chug the remainder of his. “Urp! I think I’m ready to have some fun!” yelled Bruce as he got up from his bar stool.

“Not yet you’re not,” said Sam as he shook the shaker a few more times and then drained a bit of liquid into the shot glass then opened up the shaker to reveal a weird gelatinous blue blob inside. All three of the friends looked at the weird blob as Sam plopped it into a second shot glass and then handed both of them to Bruce. “Here you are. One hyper wave shot.”

“A what-er what shot?” asked Bruce.

“A hyper wave shot. First you eat this like it’s a jello shot and then let it ride the wave of the shot into your belly,” said Sam as he put the light blue liquid in front of Bruce.

“I find it’s better not to ask Sam questions and just trust him. And like he said, none of this stuff will be permanent,” whispered Daladon into Bruce’s ear. Bruce looked down at the blob and took a deep exhale. Picking up the shot glass, the half orc shot his tongue inside and threw his head back. He chewed the blob and found it exploded like a water balloon in his mouth and then trickled down his throat. Tasting like a coastal breeze, Bruce picked up the liquid and threw it back. This one tasted similar, but subdued.

“So, how did you like it?” asked Sam.

“It was good. Calming. I’m ready to have a different type of fun now,” said Bruce in a now much more coherent voice. Daladon and Kimlen both raised their eyebrows as Bruce peered around and took notice of one of the Big Ass Energy twunks walking by. “And now that they’re not denying me entrance to this party, I can enjoy everything those cock and tail waiters have to offer.” Bruce turned and started to follow the big bootied 6’8 man walking away from him.

“What did you give him exactly?” asked Kimlen.

“It’s a water shot in disguise. I could tell he had been drinking here long before I arrived and he’d be an asshole if I cut him off. So I improvised. It’ll hydrate him up in a few minutes and maybe make him a bit less drunk.”

“Your shots can do that?” asked Kimlen. His eyes wide now with this discovery.

“My potions can do a lot of different things. Some are like the funergy drinks that can alter your mind, some can alter your size, and some, like that one, are just helpful for people,” said Sam as he put a few more bottles out.

“Wait, hold on. So he won’t get any sort of size from that potion?” asked Daladon.

“He might retain a little bit of water weight, but other than that, not really. His beer belly might look a little bigger later, but it’ll be full of water,” said Sam. Daladon chuckled to himself a little bit knowing Bruce probably thinks he got a potion to make something else a hyper wave.

“That’s awesome. I do think I am gonna go check on him and make sure he doesn’t give your waiters any trouble.” Daladon started getting up when he looked over and saw Bruce standing up against a wall talking to one of the big ass waiters. Kimlen watched the now much bigger Daladon’s big bubble butt leave him sitting at the bar with his funergy drink still in his hand.

“Now it doesn’t take magic for me to know you’ve had a rough one too,” said Sam as he put the bottles back in the well. “Why don’t you share a little with your friendly sizemologist for the evening. You probably won’t see me again after tonight.” Sam smiled at Kimlen as he took another sip of the funergy drink.

“I had to close my business today.” Kimlen breathed out a long sigh like a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders as he wrung his head. Sam reached his hand over and put his hand over Kimlen’s paw.

“I am so sorry to hear that Kimlen. In my travels I’ve come across a lot of my friends who I’ve known for many years in the same predicament,” said Sam as he squeezed his hand.

“I never thought it would come to this, but that damn store has got all of us going out of business. I can’t compete with gainer products,” said Kimlen raising his head back up.

“Indeed. Ever since King Petra started pouring resources into Glodknock’s Feast, they’ve built so many locations across Gaya. And every time they do, all of the local shops are forced to shut down.”

“So it’s happening everywhere? Not just here in Grimford?”

“Of course. It has been happening for years now. Not to read your town, but in terms of profitability, y’all don’t have the best location for storefronts like Glodknock’s Feast,” said Sam as he grabbed a green liquid and a bright neon yellow jar of liquid. “In cities, towns, villages, anywhere that really needs a lot of food, Glodknock will build a new store and because his gainers have such incredible farms, he can sell so much food in bulk for so much cheaper.”

“And everyone else looks expensive by comparison. And gainer food is just so good that even when I lowered my prices, so little came back to me. And I couldn’t stay afloat.” Kimlen felt a tear welling up in his eye as he sniffled and wiped his nose. He brought the glass up to his lips again and gulped down whatever remained of the funergy drink. “When’s this stuff supposed to kick in?”

“It takes a few minutes,” stated Sam. Stirring up a green drink in front of him. “Kimlen, my heart goes out to you. Your tab is on me tonight. And despite your apprehension before, I do think you’ll really like this potion I’ve made.” Sam reached for a small chocolate cube and set it on the rim.

“I do really like chocolate.” Kimlen’s lip lifted into a slight smile as he grabbed the drink.

“What was your business Kimlen?” asked Sam.

“I was a baker. Had a little bakery on the west side of town on the way out. Used to get plenty of customers from delivery carriages on their way out of town. But with giants walking everything between cities, I don’t think they even see my little shop when they walk by,” said Kimlen. Taking a sip of the green drink in front of him, Kimlen was met with a very strange taste. “This tastes like a mint chocolate chip pie. How did you know that this is one of my favorite desserts? I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, but people never think to put it in a pie.” Sam smiled down at Kimlen as he washed the inside Daladon and Bruce’s old glasses.

“Daladon told you I know a bit of magic, right? It’s a talent that I always have possessed. And one of the ways I use it is crafting potions. Unlike the funergy drink that’s really just chemistry, this one needs some magic to work properly.”

“What are the effects of this potion?” asked Kimlen as he took another sip of it.

“That one is what I call a Memory Miner. It finds a good memory of a good taste buried in your mind and lets you taste it again.”

“Awe, that sounds very nice. Thank you Sam. This did make me feel better.” Kimlen straightened up in his stool and started looking around. There were about 10 other Grimford locals in the room all getting fawned over by the humans in purple. Looking at the tops of heads, he could very clearly spot Daladon’s blonde hair peeking above everyone else. Still standing much taller than everyone other than the cock and tail waiters.

“I have to get to actual bartending now, but it was nice talking to you Kimlen,” said Sam, turning to address an older gentleman wanting a drink. Kimlen got up from his bar stool and started walking around the small room over to Daladon. He had amassed a bit of a crowd around him. Many of the men were fawning over him. Rubbing his big pecs. Groping his biceps. Complimenting him on how big he was. Kimlen rolled his eyes when he watched all of them drool over his dorky friend Daladon, now a muscle god.

“What happened to making sure Bruce didn’t get into trouble?” asked Kimlen as he looked at the big man sitting with so many men draped over his body.

“Kimlen! Hey buddy. I was, but these kind gentlemen have been offering to buy me drinks. I kinda got distracted,” said Daladon as one of the gentlemen reached over and grabbed a glass to bring to Daladon’s lips. Kimlen’s nose scrunched watching all of them worship him.

“Excuse me, waiter!” said one of the humans as he snapped a few times at one of Sam’s boys. “I’d like your whole tray of shots for this gentleman right here.” One of the waiters with Big Dick Energy shots on his tray set it down in front of them. “Thank you. Put it on our tab.” The gentleman picked up one of the shots and brought it to Daladon’s lips. “Open up big guy.” Daladon smiled big and opened his mouth as the blue liquid poured in.

As he swallows, he can feel the effects immediately. He looked down and saw his already big bulge start to pulse out bigger. His dick and balls were on fire as he felt them swelling. The men surrounding Daladon licked their lips and reached down to rub it. Only making Daladon grow bigger from both the potion and the worship he was getting. “Have another big guy,” said another worshiper. Pouring another shot down Daladon’s throat. Daladon’s eyes rolled back in his head as he felt his bulge swell forward with every heartbeat. He could feel his cock hitting his thick thighs.

Kimlen just stared at his growing friend unamused now that Daladon looked like he had shoved a watermelon in his shorts. “Damn, I didn’t think you’d become exactly like Jaren after you put on that singlet to make you bigger,” said Kimlen as he sat down at the table next to them.

“Singlet?” scoffed the man holding onto Daladon’s bicep. All the men turned to Daladon and all saw the symbol on the left pec.

“This size isn’t permanent?” asked another who was rubbing Daladon’s back.

“Not worth it at all,” said another as they all got up from their places and grabbed the shots to go mingle with other people.

“No no no! They’re real I swear!” Daladon stood up feeling his heavy bulge bounce in his booty shorts as the vultures all flocked away to flirt with some of the other big guys. “Kimlen! What the hell man?! I had them in the palm of my hand!” Daladon grabbed his head and groaned as he sat back down. “And now I have this big thing to deal with.” Daladon reached down and jostled his big dick and balls. Feeling them still expanding from the Big Dick Energy shots.

“Sorry Dal. How was I supposed to know that would scare them off?” said Kimlen, scooting his chair closer to Daladon.

“I know. I now get why Jaren loves being such a cash cow sometimes with his size. It’s nice to be worshiped every once in a while,” said Daladon.

“I know. I can see you enjoyed it. A lot.” Kimlen nodded at the massive bulge that Daladon was now packing in his pants. It looked absurd with how massive it was compared to the rest of his body. It was probably 18 inches long now and thicker than Kimlen’s wrist. And his balls probably held a gallon of cum inside them, each. “And I know what it’s like being on the smaller side compared to everyone else.” Kimlen took a sip of the memory miner and patted his fairly small gut. “So having all that size must feel pretty great, right little guy?” Kimlen smirked a bit at Daladon.

“No one can call me that tonight though. Well, maybe Jaren, but that’s only because I’m still tiny to him.” Daladon smiled and stood back up after finishing his beer.”Well, maybe not everywhere.” Daladon wagged his hips and saw his bulge swing from side to side. He felt how heavy it was hitting his big quads and looked like the bulge actually wasn’t that far from his ankles. “We should find Bruce before one of the buff waiters decides he’s flirting a little too much.”

“Agreed. And now that you’re the tall one, I hope you can use your head like a periscope to find him?” asked Kimlen as he stood up. Daladon looked around and tried to spot Bruce’s long black hair.

“Got him. He’s with Siv, by the stage.” Daladon grabbed Kimlen by the arm again and started walking them through the crowd. Some of the men averted their eyes as Daladon walked by while others licked their lips.

“Who are these guys anyways? I haven’t seen them around town ever,” asked Kimlen.

“Don’t know. I think Sam said they were some bigwigs from out of town.” whispered back Daladon.

“But they aren’t that big.”

“I know, right? I thought they’d be bigger too. But apparently they like big guys if their treatment of me was any indication. Let’s just get through tonight. Nobody ever stays in Grimford more than a day. We won’t have to deal with these weirdos ever again after that.” Daladon and Kimlen make their way across and find Bruce talking with Siv at the front near the stage.

“What’d he do this time?” asked Kimlen as he and Daladon’s shoulders pressed up against both of Bruce’s.

“Nothing. I didn’t do anything,” said Bruce as he tightened his grip on his beer.

“He’s actually telling the truth,” said Siv as he made a few drinks.

“What happened with you and that big ass waiter? I thought that might be the one slugger,” asked Daladon, nudging Bruce in the arm.

“We actually seemed to get along nice at first, but then one of his other cock waiters came over and whispered something to him then he was gone.” Bruce sulked as he took a swig of beer.

“Awe, did somebody get blue balled? Whatever will you do?” asked Daladon as he chuckled, teasing his friend a bit.

“There are plenty of guys that I’m sure would love for you to flex for them. I know I’ve gotten quite a few tips because of it,” said Siv, popping his pecs to emphasize his point.

“And it seems you’ve had some of the shots that Sam’s waiters are carrying around too. I don’t remember your pecs being that big,” said Kimlen as he reached forward and pressed his paw into Siv’s bulging pecs. Feeling his scales move with every flex.

“They weren’t. I just started flexing for them and they handed me shots to do with them. All on their tab.” Siv grabbed a handful of his pecs and felt the heft of them jiggle in his hand before bouncing them to the rhythm of the music.

“They’re awesome. Until they find one thing wrong about you and slither off to their next target,” said Daladon with a huff.

“Now who’s the one that’s blue balled?” chuckled Bruce.

“Hey, you didn’t get fed shots that grew your junk bigger. I feel like I could flood this whole bar if I let loose,” replied Daladon.

“That’s what you think. I’m pretty sure your friend Sam grew my balls bigger. That was the wave part that he didn’t specify would make me hornier,” said Bruce as he held his crotch. “Speaking of, I’ll be right back.” Bruce got up and started walking towards the bathroom in the corner of the room.

“Dumbass has been going in there for the past hour,” said Siv.

“Doesn’t help that Sam’s drink didn’t make him hornier. It just hydrated him. That’s probably why he’s going so much. It’s not to jerk off, he is processing all the water in his system. Dumbass just broke the seal,” said Kimlen. Siv looked at Kimlen with a smile and busted out in laughter when he saw Daladon nod in agreement.

“That’s hilarious. Poor Bruce, he can’t catch a break tonight,” said Siv.

“Him and me both,” said Daladon as he finished off the rest of his beer.

“Amen to that,” seconded Kimlen as he also sat down his empty glass. Siv darted his eyes between the two of them and squinted his eyes..

“I’m gonna have to talk to y’all about all that later. But now, I’ve got to introduce Jaren. Be right back.” Siv left the two of them with empty glasses and walked up to the stage. He waved his claws at the band and they stopped playing as the audience turned to him.

“Good evening gentlemen and welcome to Triple B’s! My name is Siv Drucian and I will be your host and bartender for this evening’s festivities. I would like to welcome our lovely guests from Sizeopolis. We here at Triple B’s hope you enjoy your stay in our town while you conduct your business here. I am also accompanied by your lovely Sizemologist you brought here with you and we have been enjoying his incredible Big Energy shots. Now, for your entertainment this evening, we here at Triple B’s like things big. If you guys couldn’t tell.” Siv took a moment to flex his washboard abs on stage for the crowd where he got a significant amount of cheers from the crowd.

“Yeah big guy! Let us see more!” yelled Daladon followed by many cheers from the crowd.

“Oh no sir, I won’t be taking this off tonight, at least not while I’m working,” said Siv with a wink at the audience. “But the entertainment we have planned for you this evening will make even me look small. And a little birdie told me that you guys like feeling small!” The crowd of purple men started yelling in encouragement of Siv’s flexing. “Then please give it up for one of the biggest men in town, the Hulking Himbo!”


Part 3: The Hulking Himbo

Out strutted a gentleman with long curly brown hair. A big bulge in his black jockstrap slapped his thighs as he walked. “Hello Triple B’s! How is everybody doin’ tonight?” shouted Jaren as the crowd cheered for him. He held up his massive arms in a double bicep pose and the crowd’s eyes got wide. His biceps were easily bigger than cannonballs and his big meaty chest stuck half a foot out from his chest. Jaren was not as muscular as Siv, but on his 7-foot-6 body, everything about him looked massive. 

“I heard we had some good, little size worshipers in the audience tonight. You like these massive muscles?” Jaren flexed his arms down and gritted his teeth as every muscle on his body bulged out toward the crowd. The crowd below was cheering and whistling as Jaren flexed and showed off for everyone. Many of them were throwing gold coins up on stage at the big man, inflating his ego even further.

“Show us that ass big guy!” shouted Kimlen as he chuckled at his friend dancing. Jaren looked down at the crowd and saw his little tabaxi friend standing at the bar with Siv and a tall hunky guy. Jaren smirked and turned around to boisterous applause as the crowd saw his massive ass. His large height already made his ass look bigger than soccer balls, but in his jock, his big cheeks were pushed to look even bigger.

“Fuck yeah big boy!” screamed some of the worshipers as they pushed Kimlen and Daladon out of the way to get a good view of Jaren. Throwing gold coins at the big man and some trying to put vouchers in the pouch of his jock. 

“I knew those guys would eat Jaren up if they liked me so much,” said Daladon as he and Kimlen made their way away from the crowd swarming Jaren. 

“With the cash cow that Jaren is, he’ll clean these guys out of all their money easily,” responded Kimlen sitting down at one of the tables in the back.

“We like to think of it as more of an investment than “getting cleaned out”,” came a voice from behind the pair. Daladon and Kimlen turned around to see an older human leaning against the wall next to the exit. He was wearing a similar purple suit to the rest of the foreigners except he had many more highlights of gold on the sleeves and pants. 

“And why would handing over hundreds of pieces of gold to a massive stripper be an investment to you?” asked Daladon in a sassy tone.

“Simple, my name is Carson Miatronic and I am one of the Deans at Grow University in Sizeopolis.” Both Kimlen and Daladon looked at each other with wide eyes at the hearing of the name. “I am to assume you’ve heard of me then if your faces are any indication. Nice to know that houses like mine are still well known all the way out here,” said the man as he slithered closer to the pair. Kimlen and Daladon looked at each other with their jaws agape. 

“Mr. Miatronic, it’s an honor. I’ve read many of your books on size enhancement and size imbuing and you are just…ah!” Kimlen was giddy with excitement as one his favorite authors was now sitting with them. 

“Oh you’ve read my books too? Hmm maybe this town has more potential than I initially thought,” said Mr. Miatronic. He pulled a chair out and sat in it with his legs crossed. “Let me buy you a drink for that, my good, um cat I think?” 

“Tabaxi actually sir,” said Kimlen with stars in his eyes. His hands pushed up on his cheeks as he gazed at the older gentleman.

“Yes yes, I’ve seen a few of you around the merchant districts in Sizeopolis.” Daladon raised his eyebrow at the human waving down one of the waiters. “Hello, could you get me a couple of funergy drinks for these two? And add a shot of Big Ass Energy to each. As well, get me a seer sunrise. Thank you.” 

“And Mr. Miatronic, while it is an honor, what are you doing here in Grimford? We rarely get visitors from Sizeopolis, let alone such high ranking members of the King’s court,” asked Daladon.

“Simple my boy. The King is always looking for big men in his kingdom and we at GrowU support him in that goal. So myself, as well as many of my fellow staff members go on tours between semesters to look for some of the largest bodies and brightest minds all over Gaya. However, typically we don’t engage in such…lood activities,” said Mr. Miatronic. The waiter brought two funergy drinks back and set them in front of Daladon and Kimlen. 

“Jaren tends to have that effect on people,” said Daladon reaching forward to grab the funergy drink that had a blue hew to its normal white color.

“So you two know the Hulking Himbo?” asked Mr. Miatronic. 

“We do. We’ve been friends for a few years now. And he’s been working here since as both a bartender and the entertainment,” said Kimlen.

“I can imagine his popularity considering he’s the only person in town who seems to have any real size to him. Other than maybe your other bartender.” They peered over at Siv, shaking up some drinks for the customers.

“Yeah, Mr. Drucian has a huge gym downstairs that they all religiously workout in,” said Daladon, taking a sip of his funergy drink. While still just as delicious as before, this one had a kick to it. Similar to the shot that had grown his junk to its current massive size. Daladon blinked in surprise as he felt himself being pushed further forward in his chair. Looking behind him, he saw his already plump bubblebutt bulge outwards in his booty shorts. 

“Woah.” Daladon looked over to see Kimlen as he was having the same reaction as him while drinking the funergy. “This feels weird.” The relatively slim Tabaxi got up out of his chair when he felt his pants tightening around his ass. Looking back and turning to the side, he saw his flat ass start to swell outwards. Daladon peered over to see Kimlen had downed the funergy drink in one gulp. 

“Have you two never had a Big Energy drink? These are some of the simplest potions out there,” said Mr. Miatronic. He crossed his leg as he took a sip of his purple drink in his hands. Looking at the Tabaxi’s ass swelling bigger and bigger. “And it seems you have the right genes for it.” Kimlen grabbed his pants and tried to adjust them as he felt the discomfort growing stronger. He grabbed at his growing cake and gasped at how big of a handful he could take. 

“Grimford isn’t exactly known for anything to do with Mr. Miatronics. Jaren is the only one who has any sort of notable size, but he’s just a really tall human. Nothing like a giant or anything.” 

Mr. Miatronic peered over at Jaren still dancing on stage collecting coins from his colleagues. “I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your friend’s a hobbit.” 

“What?” yelped Kimlen as he felt his dick get strangled in his pants as his ass continued to bubble backwards. 

“Trust me boys, call it a wizard’s intuition, your friend is a gigantic hobbit,” said Mr. Miatronic as he finished his purple drink. His eyes shining back at Daladon. “He definitely has some giant in him if I’ve ever seen one.” Daladon turned to Jaren and stared at him for a moment. He had known Jaren only since they were teenagers. He never talked about his family or where he came from before Grimford so nobody ever really asked. “Besides, you’ve got these studs walking around here selling the drinks.” Mr. Miatronic’s voice broke Daladon from his train of thought and saw Mr. Miatronic caressing one of the asses of one of the waiters. 

“Those guys? I thought your Sizemologist brought them. They aren’t from Grimford.” stated Daladon.

“No, the Sizemologist was dispatched from Sizeopolis with the rest of us. They never bring anyone with them,” said Mr. Miatronic, looking at Daladon puzzled.

“Oh he definitely did. I saw—” Daladon was cut off by a loud rip. Him and Mr. Miatronic turned to Kimlen to see the tabaxi’s pants almost completely ripped off. His big ass was now on full display for everyone to see. Each of the cheeks were the size of basketballs. 

“I think that Big Ass Energy was a bit much for me,” said Kimlen as he saw his pants in tatters on the floor. He put his paws down to try and cover himself up, but both his hands barely blocked any of his massive bubble butt.

“Kimlin!” Daladon shot up from his seat and got behind his friend. Giving him a shield from the back. However, he couldn’t do much for the side angles due to how far back Kimlen’s ass stuck out. “I’m sorry Mr. Miatronic. I need to get my friend home. I think he’s had a bit too much to drink and he needs some pants.”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Miatronic. I promise I’m not normally like this. Or grow like this.” Kimlen said backing up into Daladon as they simultaneously turned so Daladon and Kimlen were now facing the bar. “I don’t wanna go home. I know one of the big guys has something that will fit me downstairs. Let’s go behind the bar,” whispered Kimlen as they walked up to the bar. 

Bruce and Siv were both watching Jaren expertly work the crowd and get plenty of gold and vouchers for riches and jewels. Turning to see Kimlen and Daladon walking up to the bar, Siv noticed how close Daladon was standing behind Kimlen. “Hey guys. Dal, you’re already testing out the effects of that Big Dick Energy drink?” asked Siv as he furrowed his brow.

“Not me, But Kimlen had a little too much Big Ass Energy!” whisper shouted Daladon from the other end of the bar. Turning their profile to the side, Bruce and Siv saw how Kimlen’s ass was exposed and bubbled out behind him.

“Woah…nice!” yelled Bruce as he stood up and got beside Daladon to cover part of Kimlen’s ass.

“Bruce, I can feel your hand…” said Kimlen as he waddled toward the entrance to behind the bar.

“That’s not me!” Bruce winded up his arm and spanked Kimlen’s big fuzzy cheek aa he smiled. “That was me.” Kimlen yelped at the sudden slap from Bruce. 

“Wait, Daladon Pentorn, get that thought out of your brain!” Kimlen slapped his friend’s hand.

“Sorry Kimlen. The funergy is kicking in.” Daladon gave Kimlen’s ass a little pinch and then slapped him back behind the bar. 

“Damn, you did get caked up Kimlen,” stated Siv as he saw Kimlen’s ass on full display. His tail wagging frantically behind him. “I’ve got some shorts that can stretch to fit that ass in. Might be loose around the legs though.”

“Thanks, Siv. I’ll see if I can squeeze into something.” Kimlen stuck his ass out and started to descend the ladder. The entire group stared at the fat cheeks wobbling as Kimlen stepped down the ladder into the depths of Triple B’s. 

“Ya know, I’m gonna go see if he needs any help with getting into those shorts.” Bruce scrambled towards the back of the bar and down the ladder after Kimlen. His pants hugging tightly against his body as his hard on was visible to both Siv and Daladon.

“Hey there stranger!” yelled a voice from behind Daladon and Siv. “Haven’t seen you around these parts, big guy!” All eyes were on Daladon as he emerged from behind the bar. Jaren was smiling and holding his hand out to him from the stage. “Mind if I show these out-of-town bigwigs how to properly worship a big guy? Like us.”

“Oh, I don’t think you want me on stage with you big guy. I can’t compete with a guy your size,” said Daladon with blushing cheeks as he backed into Siv standing right behind him.

“Nonsense. With a bulge as big as that in the front and back, you are maybe rivaling me in size.” Daladon was so distracted by Kimlen’s accident with his pants that he didn’t notice just how big his lower half was now. His bulge was massive between how hefty his balls felt after drinking so many funergy drinks. As well, the Big Dick Energy shots hadn’t helped the tightness of his booty shorts. And his already fat ass had blossomed back into an even bigger dump truck that must’ve stuck out behind Daladon by almost a foot. 

Daladon craned his neck back to Siv and spoke in a whisper. “Is he really gonna make me be the little guy even at this size?”

“You know he likes making huge guys feel small just as much as he likes making small guys feel even smaller,” whispered back Siv. “Awe he’s shy folks! Maybe he needs a little encouragement!” shouted Siv followed by boisterous applause.

“Give him a Big Bara Energy on my tab!” shouted one of the men from the crowd. 

“Ah, how fitting! Get me one too Siv. Also on his tab.” Jaren glared his eyes down at the patron and flexed his massive pecs at the man. The man couldn’t help but nod at Jaren’s unrelenting gaze. Jaren smirked and cocked his chin at Siv. “Here, my good man, come on stage and show these guys what big really is.” Jaren again reached his hand out for Daladon’s.

Daladon looked back up at Jaren and smirked. “I’m gonna milk this for everything he’s got then,” whispered Daladon. “Sure Mr. Hulking Himbo. I’d be more than happy to be up on stage with you. Compare how big I am to a small guy like you.” Jaren raised his eyebrow as Daladon walked forward and grabbed his hand to pull himself up onto the stage.

“You play a dangerous game, Dal. Hey Sam! I need two Baras!” Siv shouted back at Sam who already had the shots ready. Siv walked the shots up onto the stage for the big guys that towered above him. “Here are your shots, gentlemen.” Daladon and Jaren both took the cyan colored liquid that bubbled in the shot glass. 

“To the biggest guys in town,” shouted Jaren, raising his glass in the air.

“To the man with the biggest dick in town,” replied Daladon with a smirk as he gulped his glass down with ease.

“We’ll see how long that lasts.” Jaren followed suit, gulping down his own shot of Big Bara Energy. Jaren put his glass down and already saw the effects taking place in Daladon’s body. His pecs in his tight crop top started to bulge forwards and out. His shoulders broadened on his frame as his textbook pecs grew to be the size of throw pillows. The sleeves around his arms began to tighten as his biceps and triceps grew. The peak of his bicep grew higher in the hole that exposed it as Daladon hit a double bicep pose.

Jaren felt his own body throbbing bigger and bigger with every heartbeat. His skin stretched as he felt his muscles tighten and swell as he flexed his body. He felt his forearms strickening as veins snaked along it. Feeling his muscles tense up bigger and bigger. “Now big guy, why don’t I show you how big guys like to be treated here in Grimford. Or give an example to our lovely audience of how I like to be treated as a big man.”

Jaren pulled up a chair he had off stage. Daladon knew that chair well. It was one of the few chairs that Jaren’s big body could fit in. He planted his big ass down on the chair and leaned back against the back of the chair. Opening up his legs to expose his hefty bulge to Jaren and the crowd. “I’m sure I know what it’s like to be treated as the bigger man a lot better than you, tiny,” said Daladon with a smirk as he used one of his hands to bounce his bulge in his tight booty shorts.

Jaren’s eyebrow furrow had grown into a scowl as this stranger continued to poke his buttons. “No sir. I don’t believe you do know how a big man really likes it.” Jaren leaned down and shoved the stranger’s shoulders back into the chair. He smirked as he saw the audience drooling with anticipation. 

Jaren’s hand traveled down Daladon’s chest as he tugged at the crop top he was in. Watching his massive chest bob up and down. Jaren turned around and glided his body onto Daladon’s. Jaren rolled his own massive ass across the throbbing bulge. Daladon couldn’t resist the massive V-frame eclipsing the light in front of him. His hands traveled up Jaren’s waist, feeling every bulge and dip he could. 

Jaren’s rhythmic thrusts and rolls began to pick up speed. The audience roared louder than usual as Jaren’s body looked pumped up. A feeling rushed over Jaren’s body as Daladon smirked and grabbed Jaren’s meaty bubble butt. Jaren could feel his jock starting to tighten around his own large piece of meat. 

The crowd was loving the show the two big men were putting on. They had resumed throwing coins and vouchers up onto the stage as Jaren danced. Every dance and every coin thrown filled Jaren’s body with a thirst for more. Jaren stood up, turned to face Daladon, and started thrusting his big package into Daladon’s face. The bulge thickened and pulsed larger with every thrust forward into Daladon’s face. The black cloth stretched further and further across Daladon’s face every time he made contact. 

Daladon didn’t know exactly what was going on. Jaren always did this bit with either the smallest guy or biggest guy in the bar. Daladon usually was on the receiving end for the humiliation aspect in the smaller scenario, but even when he was smaller, he didn’t remember Jaren’s bulge getting so big. He normally just got hard, but this felt a lot bigger than Jaren just hard. Jaren looked down on Daladon and smiled devilishly to himself. Turning his attention to the crowd that looked on with pleading eyes. As if to beg for Jaren to get even bigger. Lucky for them, his body listened. 

Jaren had never felt so good as his body stretched and ballooned on stage. Looking down again at Daladon, he was met with a blocked view from his big pecs. Jaren had to get on his knees to see Daladon. Only to shove his massive pecs into Daladon’s face. Daladon had throw pillow pecs, but Jaren was developing king pillow pecs that stuck out almost two feet away from his body. 

Daladon was in a state of shock. He’s seen Jaren do this act dozens of times, but he never remembered Jaren actually growing like this. Even in his shocked state, Daladon had to drool at the muscle god growing on top of him. 

Jaren could’t stop growing larger and larger and no part of him wanted to. Jaren heard the uproar from the audience as his body surged bigger and bigger. He felt his cock tightening even more as he felt the coins hitting his body feel smaller and smaller. Engrossed in the power he was wielding between having the whole audience in his thrall to this big stranger put to shame as he doubled his size. 

“Wow, big guy. I’ve never seen you grow that big. Bravo Jaren.” Daladon reached forward and groped his friend’s pecs.

“Jaren!?!” Jaren got onto his knees and pressed his big pecs deeper into Daladon. Smothering his whole face in them. “How do you know my real name?” Jaren angrily whispered down at Daladon. 

“What? You don’t recognize me either? I’m convinced you never get a good look at my face from all the way up there,” said Daladdon as he poked his head up between Jaren’s pec valley.

Jaren squinted his eyes down at the once big man pinned down beneath his pecs. “I got nothing. Were you an old hook up of mine?” asked Jaren. Daladon rolled his eyes. As he reached down and tugged on Jaren’s big nipple.

“Who else knows how to tease you quite like this?” Daladon smirked as Jaren’s face contorted into a face of realization as he saw Daladon’s subtle features shine through his face. 

“No way…little guy, how did you get this big?” Jaren leaned his body back and let Daladon get some space to breathe.

“I might’ve had a few drinks tonight. So what?” Daladon tugged his body up using Jaren’s nipples as a support. Jaren felt his cock pulse again as Daladon teased his engorged nipples. His jock was getting more and more cramped as his growing cock began to get hard. 

“Daladon, you can’t tease me like this on stage.” Jaren loudly moaned that made the crowd cheer even louder for the big man as his bulge started growing up towards between his pecs. Daladon stood up beside him and turned to face the crowd with Jaren behind him. While Jaren was on his knees, he still came up just under Daladon’s head.

“Why not Himbo? I thought we were showing this audience how to worship a growing man like me?” Daladon arched his back and pressed his impressive ass onto Jaren’s massive meat that felt like a two-liter bottle of soda was wedged between his cheeks. “Or was it how you like to be worshiped, big guy?” Daladon smiled and flexed his cheeks around Jaren’s monster cock as it bucked in his jock.

With a loud low moan, Jaren’s eyes shot open as he felt cool air hit his cock. The big piece of meat flopped up and hit his pecs. His balls landed on the ground with a loud thud as the soccer sized balls rolled out of the destroyed fabric. The audience stood there staring at Jaren with their mouths hanging open. The room was silent as even Sam and Siv’s jaws hung on the ground.

“That is so fucking hot!” cried one of the audience members in the back as the entire crowd erupted in praise of Jaren’s body. Tearing through their pockets to throw everything they had to the giant man. Jaren’s surprised expression brightened into a smile as he started to flex. His giant cock spurting out a bit of pre as he did.

While he had loved the display that Jaren had put on and had his own hardons in his pants, Siv couldn’t let Jaren stay on the stage like that. Rearranging his pants, he strode up onto the stage and stood in front of Jaren’s massive cock. “Looks like the Hulking Himbo might’ve gotten a little too Hulked out if you know what I mean.” Siv tried to laugh it off as the crowd looked up at the red dragonborn with confusion. 

“Siv! Come on man! I have them eating out of the palm of my hand,” whispered Jaren behind Siv.

“Jaren! No. You know why you can’t be naked on stage. Especially with these Sizeopolis guys here today. My dad and I don’t need them hitting us with fines for anything.” Siv turned to whisper to Jaren only to turn back smiling at the audience.

“But I’ll just pay the fines with all of this dough.” Jaren scraped his hand across the stage and picked up plenty of gold coins in his hands.

“Jaren—” Siv breathed deeply for a second. “Just get your ass downstairs. Now!” Jaren knew Siv well enough to know when to listen to him. 

“Sorry folks! This big himbo needs a clean up on aisle 69.” Jaren stood up to his now full height and saw how much he towered over everyone now. He was lucky that the ceiling over the stage was two stories, otherwise he would’ve punched his head right through the wood. Looking down, his pecs blocked a lot of his view of what was beneath and he was having troubling seeing where he stepped. 

“I’ll help with that clean up!” shouted Daladon as he reached up and grabbed Jaren’s hand and pulled it towards the stage exit. Jaren lumbered his big body off the stage and his footfalls actually echoed through the bar as he walked down the stairs. “Jaren! What in the lords happened to you?!? Why are you this big?” asked Daladon.

“I don’t know. I just got bigger. Maybe it was the shots?” replied Jaren as they disappeared into the homestead of Jaren and Siv below Triple B’s. 

“The shots got me this big and I’m pretty sure I’ve had more than you. You’re over double your normal size. That’s not it!” Daladon turned to look at Jaren practically crawling into the living room from how much he had to hunch over. “And there weren’t any shots that made you taller. This is something else.”

“All right all right.” Jaren plopped his fat ass down on the ground of his living room below the bar and leaned back against the wall. His fluffy brown hair brushing against the ceiling. “I have this…thing. It happens sometimes when I get turned on.” Jaren’s eyes motioned down to his 6 foot long cock waving in the air like a flag pole. 

“Jaren, I’ve seen you turned on. I’ve seen you a lot more turned on than you are today, but you’ve never grown into a giant!” Jaren cracked a smile and his cock twitched with life.

“No I haven’t, but lords do I wish I had.” Jaren brought his big bicep up to his head and kissed it. “This is the biggest I’ve ever gotten from one of my little growth spurts.” Jaren looked down and saw Daladon admiring his big body. “We’ve been talking a lot about me, but you’re so big that I didn’t even recognize you. What happened to you little guy?”

“Oh, um I met this one guy on my way home from work and he gave me this singlet that when I wear it, it makes me bigger,” said Daladon tugging at his tight booty shorts. “Well it was a singlet when I put it on, then it changed into this.”

“Who was this man who gave you this magical singlet?” asked Jaren as he examined his friend’s new measurements.

“The Sizemologist working the bar with Siv. His name is Sam and he has a whole shop full of tons of different things that make people grow. He was the one that made all the shots we had on stage.” Daladon hit a double bicep pose and popped his pecs for Jaren. “And I’m pretty sure this singlet will stretch to accommodate growing. See,” Daladon turned around and exposed his fat ass to Jaren. The singlet had already given him a big ass, but with that shot from Mr. Miatronic, it had inflated bigger than his head. His tight shorts had stretched to fit his beach ball sized ass cheeks inside. He slapped his ass and it was like a wave washed over the fleshy orb. It wobbled for a few seconds before settling back into its round form.

“Mmphh fuck Dal,” grunted Jaren as his body swelled bigger. His cock jumped a foot in size and was almost bursting through the ceiling. He slouched himself forward so his head wouldn’t shoot into the bar upstairs as his legs extended into the wall on the opposite side of the room. His muscles filled up more of the space in the room. His arms and legs spread out further to accommodate his thighs and biceps swelling against him. His pecs obscuring almost his entire view with his traps pressed into his ears on either side of him. “Dal, I just told you I grow when I’m turned on. If you show me your ass like that again, I might grow back onto the stage.”

Daladon gawked at the even bigger Jaren. “I didn’t think you would grow from just that.”

“I normally wouldn’t but something about tonight is…different. When you teased me on stage, it wasn’t like a normal show. I needed to be bigger than you. I am always the biggest. And with there being no one coming anywhere close to my size in Grimford, I was finally excited to see some real competition,” moaned Jaren as his body grew again. The room was quickly being filled with all of Jaren’s body. He had begun to push furniture out of the way as he swelled. Jaren’s cock left a trail of pre on the ceiling as it slid across it.

“Okay, we need to get you to shrink back down. Or at least stop you from growing anymore so you don’t destroy the whole bar.”

“There are only two ways I know to shrink myself back down after one of these episodes. One is taking a cold shower and coming down from being horny, which can’t happen because I can’t even fit in the bathroom let alone the shower. The other is jerking off and getting it all out of my system.”

“We can’t do that. That would flood the entire basement. Your balls have always been overproducers and I bet gold that they’ve only got fuller tonight.”

“I wouldn’t flood the place if I had a condom that could hold all of it,” said Jaren as he grinned at Daladon.

“There’s not a condom in Gaia that could…” Daladon felt Jaren’s big arm come behind him and pull his whole body closer to the giant’s cock. “Jaren, no! I can’t take that thing. It’s bigger than my whole body!” 

“You said that singlet could stretch for any type of growth.”

“The singlet can, not me though!”

“If that singlet changes into different articles of clothing and grows the person wearing it, I guarantee it won’t let you pop.” Jaren wrapped his massive fingers around Daladon’s torso and laid him down on his big chest, his 8-foot-long cock looming above him.

“But I can’t take that monster! My ass grew a lot, but not that much!” Daladon rolled over and stared at the giant cock that was raining pre down on the two of them.

“You don’t have to take it. Just lick it a little bit. I’m so horny, I doubt it’ll take much.”


“Daladon pleeeease! I need to cum and we don’t have any other options.” Jaren looked down at Daladon with pleading eyes and a twitching lip.

“I hate that that works on me. Fine, I’ll do it. But I’m not promising I will swallow all the cum. Your balls haven’t just been growing from your little spurts, I think.” Daladon steadied himself as he raised his body up onto his knees. Jaren’s pecs were so thick that Daladon on his knees was still close to hitting the ceiling. 

Daladon reached up and ran his hand across Jaren’s shaft. “Fuuuuck!” moaned Jaren. Pre shots that could fill buckets splattered against the ceiling and his chest. “Dal, I’m about to burst! Get to the good part!” 

“I’m getting there big daddy, don’t worry,” mused Daladon as his tongue made contact with Jaren’s massive cock head. It was easily double the size of Daladon’s head and the slit could’ve fit a normal man’s arm inside. His lips danced gently across the surface and suddenly Daladon grunted as his head hit the ceiling. Like a tide rolling through his body, Jaren’s pecs surged Daladon’s body upward. His arms made contact with the walls beside them. His knees bent so his feet wouldn’t go through the wall on the other side of the living room. His cock exploded into Daladon’s face and threw him back.

Dal!” shouted Jaren as his body filled the room to near capacity. He twisted and turned in frustration and his shoulders went so high up, they dented the ceiling. Daladon wrapped his arms as best he could around Jaren’s cock head looming above him grazing the ceiling. Using his big biceps, Daladon heaved Jaren’s cock down to eye level where he attached his lips to the slit. His cheeks bulged out from the steady stream of pre that flowed into his mouth. Daladon gripped tight to the ridges of Jaren’s head and swallowed the pre down. His already rounded out belly swelled bigger with no signs of stopping. The skin easily stretched out to the size of a yoga ball full of just pre.

“Fuuuuuck!” Jaren roared as his body swelled bigger again. As his pecs inflated against Daladon, they jumped up toward the ceiling and pinned Daladon between the 12 foot long growing python. “So…close,” panted Jaren. Daladon stayed suction cupped to Jaren’s slit and his growing belly pressed Jaren’s cock against the ceiling. 

With determination in his eyes, Daladon squeezed Jaren’s giant cock in his arms. He darted his tongue in and out of Jaren’s slit. He arched his back and smothered his belly against Jaren’s shaft. The sensations were becoming too much. “Aaaahhhhhhhh!!” roared Jaren. The entire building must’ve heard the moan from the giant as the dam broke and Daladon was met with a geyser of cum. 

Hanging on for dear life, Daladon tightly gripped Jaren’s head as the giant rhythmically bucked into the air. His fat ass landed on the ground practically causing an earthquake. The cum wasn’t coming out in shots, but as a steady stream from a fire hydrant. Daladon’s belly swelled from the size of a bean bag, to a couch, to a car in a few seconds and his skin effortlessly stretched to accommodate Jaren’s massive load. 

“Fuuuuck! Thank you for this little guy!” Jaren moaned so loud that the walls shook. He was cumming away his size. His extremely swollen muscles lost their pump and began to deflate from their massive state. His legs and back were able to straighten as he became shorter. Leaning back against the wall behind him, Jaren mused at the growing orb in front of him. “I told you that the singlet would protect you. I had a feeling someone put an inflater charm on it.” 

While Jaren had shrunk back down, Daladon seemed to replace the space Jaren’s titanic body had occupied. His belly was towering over the both of them rubbing against the ceiling. The doors to the kitchen, bedrooms, and back up to the bar had been covered by the swelling sphere. Daladon’s belly button had long since become an outie that was now shoved up against the opposing wall. With nowhere else to swell, his belly began to spread wider across the room. Pushing whatever furniture hadn’t been crushed by Jaren up against the walls.

Luckily for them, Jaren’s stream of cum was turning into shots. His shrinking body had slowed rapidly and his dick had shrunk far enough down that Daladon could fit the whole head inside his mouth. After a few last spurts of cum, Jaren’s balls were finally empty. And not a moment too soon. Daladon’s belly had no more room to grow. “That was incredible, Dal. We’ll need to try this again, but outside next time.” Jaren patted the big belly in front of him. He could feel all his cum sloshing around inside Daladon’s skin that was as tight as a drum.

Daladon spit out Jaren’s cock that was still at least 3 feet long and thicker than Daladon’s arm. “You’re welcome, Jaren, but we have a new problem now.” Daladon raised his arm and slapped his massive belly. Like a wave washing over the beach, his slap rippled across the massive cum filled orb. 

“It’s not a problem. I like the look on you.” Jaren leaned his body forward crushing Daladon against his own belly. Jaren’s arms spread and hugged the big belly. “You’re like a big balloon.”

“Jaren stop it. I can’t stay like this. Call Siv or Kimlen or Bruce and have them get Sam down here. I bet he knows how to fix this,” muffled Daladon trapped between a belly and a hard chest. Jaren ignored Daladon’s request and continued rubbing his body against the belly. 

“Don’t worry little guy. If I was right about the inflater charm, I bet I’m right about the juicing mechanism.” Jaren peered down at the smaller Daladon in his lap. He used his big hands and started feeling around for a button or switch anywhere on the fabric.

“The S glowed when I put it on if that helps in any way,” said Daladon and he tried to pull his tank top down his chest to reveal the golden S. 

“It does.” Jaren’s fingers felt around Daladon’s chest until he felt an indentation on the right pec. Pressing down, Jaren immediately saw the blue fabric extend down Daladon’s belly. Sealing Daladon’s back and belly inside again like a onesie. The giant now blue orb started to hum and shrink away. Daladon moaned as his belly receded back into him. 

Jaren held the rest of Daladon’s body in his arms as he transformed and shrank back down to a manageable size. His smaller friend’s body felt warm. Or maybe it was the singlet. Jaren could feel all the cum flowing from the emptying belly to the outfit like a battery was being charged. Even though Jaren had just cum, he could feel the energy reigniting his big balls.

“Mmm, this feels incredible,” moaned Daladon. “Much better than just flushing it out of my system.” The ceiling and walls were no longer being eclipsed by the giant sphere. Daladon was relieved as the singlet reopened itself into a tank and booty shorts after it finished deflating him. “How’d you know about the stretchy function? And the juicing function? I just got this today and I didn’t even know about those.”

“I know a lot about these kinds of things. I’ll explain later,” said Jaren as he leaned down and kissed Daladon. Now that the crisis had been averted, Daladon saw that Jaren hadn’t shrunken back down to his original size. He must’ve been 12 feet tall still with how close his head still was to the ceiling sitting down. And his muscles, despite shrinking significantly from their hyper state before, were still making him a walking wall of mass. 

“Yeah, you both have a lot to explain,” came a voice. Daladon and Jaren’s heads snapped to the doorway leading to the bar to see Siv filling it.

“We can fill you in on a bit.” Their heads snapped again to Kimlen and Bruce emerging from bedrooms down the hall.

Daladon and Jaren looked at them then back at each other. “We might’ve gotten a little carried away,” said Jaren with a blush.

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