Containment breach

by SomeMuscleGuy

After Kalos experiences a suit malfunction while working with a Radioactive Material at work, he is left growing at a quickening rate to sizes that nobody ever thought was possible, and its contaminated effects are spreading too fast to be stopped.

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From the day I got this job, we were always told to keep our hazmat suits on when entering into the contaminated chambers. We were never told why, however. Most just assumed that it would increase their risk of contracting certain common diseases or illnesses, and that was enough to keep them in line. It seemed that the instructors held a lot of information from us, but even when questioned they never elaborated. Whether they actually knew what would happen, or if they had any prior experience was our guess entirely. Any containment breach was to be disclosed immediately, and we were to be quarantined in these 10x10 foot rooms with no furniture, no toilet, and no bed. Radioactive symbols lined every wall imaginable on the walk where we worked. They only hired those with the highest credentials and job experience.

Even then, months of preparation was taken into account before we were allowed to enter ‘The Zone’. Over the last few years that I have been a part of this company, we had been studying a new type of rock that had been unearthed, or found, or something. It could have been alien, for all I knew. It was above my paygrade to receive this information, so I didn’t ask any questions. Those who did were put on leave. Each day our goal is simple: To suit up, walk inside this large, darker room, chip off an example of the rock, and then to leave with a fragment of it for the purpose of studying its nature. There were many scientists on sight, and even they had to wear lots of protective gear just to handle a small piece. Beyond studying, I have no clue what they do with them. I’ve done it hundreds of times before, and I expect to do it hundreds more times. At this point it was more than a routine, and I had memorized every step like the back of my hand.

But today was different.

A sickness had swept through the lab, leaving us with few numbers and severely understaffed. For this reason, we were not able to buddy up like we would typically do. We were told that we would have to run solo missions to hit our quota, something we had never done before. Buddying up is a very important part of the task. Having another analyst in the room with you to help guide and watch your back was a rule that had been nailed into us from the very beginning. Despite the safety risk, it was our only option. Failure to comply meant being fired. Unfortunately, I would be the very first runner.

I walked into the air-lock chamber, the air depressurizing and pressurizing once again as a flurry of air whipped against my protected gear. The light above the metal doors flipped from Red to Green as a buzzer sounded. Suddenly, the metal doors that separated me from the interior world opened. I walked inside, in a full hazmat suit and gas mask. I knew this place better than my own home, and could usually be out within just a couple minutes. We were told not to stay for more than five minutes under any circumstances.

A large rock about the size of a freight container sat in the middle of the industrialized room. It pulsed, seemingly connected with the Earth. It was mainly black but had veins of blue that glowed, casting a soft lighting around the room. It was surrounded by a thick, metal arm-rail to prevent physical contact. My eyes flicked over to the table-sized observation window on the wall to my right. The glass that covered it was so thick that it was warped. I was too lost in thought to realize that nobody was on the other side this time. I walked up to the railing, just like I had a million times before, but this time, it thrummed much brighter than normal. I winced, the tone of blue hurting my eyes as I looked down at my pouch to retrieve the necessary materials. I took out my vial and took out the small chisel that was adhered to my vest. I placed the tool against the rock, before: Clink. Clink. Clink! A small piece broke off. I made sure to chip off a tiny fragment of it, probably the size of marble. I placed it in the tube, examining it slowly as the tiny piece also thrummed in unison.

I clicked on the lid. Success! I turned around, facing away from the rock to head back towards the door. I hadn’t even walked two steps before the impossible happened. The piece of rock expanded at an impossible rate, warping and pressurizing the flask beyond comprehension. I could feel it physically expanding between my fingers. And then...crash. It exploded, fragments of glass zipping off in every direction. I gasped, realizing the rock was now in my hand. I yanked my hand back like I was holding a hot coal. Right I dropped the rock, a magnetizing effect slingshotted it back against its larger form. The moment it made impact, a large, blue shock wave erupted from it that sent up dust and impacted my chest.

Alarm bells went off instantly, the red spinning light flashing across the ceiling, as I felt a cold rush of air slither across me. ‘What?’ I thought to myself. It seemed that within the explosion, shards of glass had cut multiple sections of my hazmat suit. One across my arm and hand. Another across my torso. A third across my knee, and the largest down by my groin on my thigh. I reached my hands down, covering what I could. The tears were far too large, and there were too many of them! Don’t panic. All I had to do was walk out and then decontaminate myself from whatever mystery I was protecting myself from. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I began walking back towards the door, my heart beating at a million miles per second. What was going to happen, if anything? Perhaps I would be getting out in time.

Suddenly, the doors started to close early. A process that wasn’t supposed to happen until after I exited. Even in a quarantine scenario, I needed to get to a decontamination zone, not stay in the zone! I ran up to it just as it closed, sealing me behind the metal door.

Hey!” I yelled. “Let me out!” I was hoping to hear a response from the speaker that was built into my mask. I tried the keypad, but another fragment seemed to have caved it in. Sparks shot out, before it lost all power completely. And then…nothing, but the distant chime of the alarm. A warm feeling enveloped my body. Instantly, the effects of the radiation started as the rock behind me started to pulse brighter. I thought it was just adrenaline, but boy I was about to be very wrong.

I smelled the air, a bit more worry flashing across my face as I realized a small fragment had shattered my respirator, causing me to breathe in the same air I was feeling against me. It smelled stale. Earthy. The aroma of the minerals was the most prominent. It was odd. For all the supposed danger that surrounded it, I expected a much fouler experience.

The first thing I noticed was a shift in my libido. My cock felt engorged, like it was ready to cum at a moment’s notice. I looked down, watching as the front of my suit pushed out as I came to the conclusion that my dick was growing erect. I adjusted it up against my waistband, and then watched it fall as I realized there was no waistband for it to adhere to. I was simply in a one-piece suit. Secondarily, I realized I wasn’t even hard? My mass was just bunching up there. I looked down a bit further in confusion as I saw the impossible. A small creaking sound echoed out as I watched it grow. 6 inches. 7 inches. 8 inches. It felt like someone was pulling my cock, slowly expanding its length and girth with every moment that passed. The feeling was orgasmic as I felt the head of it grind against the front of my suit as I nearly fell to my knees. I leaned an arm out, grabbing onto the thin railing that surrounded the mineral, not remembering that my right glove’s protection had been compromised.

My balls began rounding out, too. It was very quick, like lemons were shoved into them, but within seconds I watched in horror as it surged to the size of grapefruits. It looked off. Almost as if I had stuffed a shirt down into my suit, and I could physically see it distending further by the minute. Like some sick practical joke. Concern growing, I ran up to the sealed metal door of the room, banging on it. Even with the short burst of movement, it was very obvious that there was a mound of added weight on my crotch. It flopped around and swayed with each footstep. I continued banging and yelling, hoping that the Red light on top would switch to Green, but it seems our facilities’ understaffing paired with the leave of sickness meant that I was unattended, and with the quarantine procedure having automatically activated, all I could do was wait for someone to return to open the doors. But what would happen? I tried to pry my fingers in between the gap, but I knew better than to try and pry a door apart that weighed a ton.

I stood back from the exit, my stance spreading wider as the rock grew brighter. That was when my growth started to change and adapt, spreading out further into my frame. I physically heard my body grow as it enveloped me, like a virus spreading to every limb. My hazmat suit rode up all around me at once as the tears that lined my body grew just slightly wider, allowing for even more air to reach me. It tried so desperately to cling on, but so much mass could only be contained for so long.

“What’s—what’s happening to me?!” I yelled, tripping backwards and catching myself before I fell to the ground. In a moment’s notice, I realized that I had gripped onto the rock itself to steady me. Another pulse of bright light rumbled through the rocks, the feeling in my body intensifying. Instantly, muscular definition rippled down my biceps, an impressive amount of masculinity shoving onto them as they flexed and spasmed all on their own. It accelerated again. My chest shoved forward multiple inches, putting a bodybuilder’s pecs to shame. Abs lifted off my sweating, muscular body like bread rolls in an oven. Rising thicker. Deeper. Sexier, immediately becoming an envious 6-pack. I couldn’t see them yet, but all the core strength I could feel mixing onto my stomach told me exactly what I needed to know as their very imprints became marked through the stretching material. Over 100 pounds of mass added to me in just a minute.

My shoulders widened, the suit beginning to stretch against them like saran wrap as my back, lats, and traps all did the same. Within moments, I had gone from your average guy to a professional bodybuilder, now well over 350 pounds of corded muscle. My dick ballooned with intense desire as it crossed an entire foot long, an enormous bulge plastering itself in the front of me as it tried to funnel itself down in front of me. It, too, stretched against the material. My orbs bloated to the size of globes, making it look like I had a suitcase shoved down there. I looked over at the observation window, watching in horror as my suit looked multiple sizes too small.

My feet punched out, my toes popping through the bottom of the suit as they made direct contact with my boots, which also started to fray at the edges. So much girth and incredulous size began multiplying across my stellar form.

Fuck-kkkkkkkk,” I grunted, my voice physically dropping an octave in the middle of the word. It looked like I had shrink-wrapped a hazmat suit to me now. Like it was a second skin, specifically made to wrap around my expansive muscles. Even the veins of my cock were visible as it pressed heavier against the material, and it only made me look more enormous. Each throb stretched the suit more as my dick thickened more than an inch per heart beat now. My biceps surged beyond baseball territory and well into cannon-ball territory. My triceps rivaled this same stature, warping my containment outfit so drastically far that it was completely transparent now. My traps climbed my neck like foam bubbling in a boiling pot, brushing the bottoms of where my ears would normally be if it wasn’t for my helmet.

The rock glew brighter, making a pulsing noise that thundered through my feet, causing sediment and debris to rain down from the ceiling onto me. The rock cracked in half and chipped apart, causing more of the radioactive material to connect with me. I nearly choked as my entire manhood felt immediately hot. It was enough to make me nearly keel over. My cock bloated so fast I could hardly stand. Like an air pump was attached and turned to the max setting. two feet. It rounded out on the base of my body, my dick spreading further down my leg, absolutely smashed between the suit as it reached past my knees. Three feet. It traversed its way along my calves, peeling the suit away from my legs as it spread into my ankles. Four feet. It ran out of room to grow as it bumped into my boots, beginning to bunch up and coil. Fuck!!! Five feet?? It thickened even larger than my legs as any semblance of the suit around my waist had disappeared. All I could do was stare in complete awe as a million thoughts barreled through my mind. How would I carry it? Will I ever fit inside normal clothes again? What would other people think? I placed my hands on it, perplexed as it pulsed violently against my hands, the material creaking and groaning as it grinded down my legs like a snake that had eaten something far too large. Suddenly—

Ripppppppppp! The material was weighed down so much at the front that my colossal cock tore out, dragging on the ground as my balls started to swing like pendulums beneath them, just beyond my knees. To say that my testicles grew was an understatement. They basically dropped. All I could hear was gurgling as they quickly passed yoga ball size. They passed my calves. Then my ankles. And then my feet. At this point they touched the floor, but they kept growing! I spread my legs even wider, feeling them exceed 50 pounds each, before surpassing the circumference of wrecking balls! They were easily the largest feature of my body. God damn. I could hardly sit still. I bit my lip as wave after wave of erotic euphoria spasmed up through my shaft.

I started to get erect. So erect. My 5 foot soft cock thickened and bobbed as it rose. And rose. And rose. Surpassing my 8-pack of abs. My pillow sized-no...barrel-sized pecs. My square, hyper-stud jawline, before surpassing my entire head! It thickened to the size of my waist, and then kept going.

Guhhhhhhh—” I grunted, the suit ripping and tearing everywhere, only further exposing me to the air. There was simply more skin visible now than protection, and it was having a drastic effect on me. The more surface area exposed itself, the more I lost control. My muffled breathing grew louder as my chest expanded. I reached my behemoth of arms out and pinched my nipples, twisting them around and contorting them as they fattened and accepted my gracious touch. It seemed the longer I touched them, the more my pecs overall tried to pack on more...and more!!! My nipples pointed in opposite directions as I started to become weighed down in front by them. They started to become so muscular that you could hardly see my arms from in front of me! Like someone was using the liquify tool and morphing me beyond comprehension. Even my abs were starting to become covered, but still I continued. I felt my hands begin to push outwards from the size as my pecs were becoming too big. But it just felt..too..good! My cock was wedged firmly between them, gushing with joy as an intense amount of pre cum waterfalled down it, further coating my fingers as I rubbed that delicious seed into them. My chest went into overdrive, even pushing up into my gas mask, breaking the other filter as more contaminated air rushed down into my lungs.

The entire rest of the suit tore off. My fucking titanic, hulking, hypermasculine, demigod of a body showing itself to the world. The rock was only making me bigger. Sexier. More mighty. And it wasn’t even close to being done.

Suddenly I heard a loud buzzer ring through the air as the Red Hue in the dark room flipped to Green. The door steadily began to open as a voice crackled over the mic.

Kalos! Buddy! What the fuck happened to you? Get out of there!! There isn’t much time!” a concerned coworker yelled. I was in a foggy trance. The twisting of my nipples as they grew larger against my palms was feeding into pure ecstasy. My engorged fantasy cock alone could be the primary interest to never leave...but I should try. I… need to try!

I walked towards the green light, my balls dragging on the ground as I forced myself forward. But the closer I walked, the more I grew. My body vibrated with resolution as my quads careened, at first into the epitome of tree trunks, but then into centurion trees, and then into the likeness of monster truck tires. I would never be able to walk easily again, forcing me into a permanent half-waddle as my balls began to drag behind me more immensely, but also so plump they almost covered my steps in front of me. Like trying to walk around two huge 6 foot balloons that were trapped between my legs. My dick heaved multiple feet, doubling its entire size in just a few seconds! It was starting to cum violently as I tried so desperately to escape. My coworker watched through the observation window in sheer awe as the sound of my moans crackled through the mic. He felt a small sensation begin to brew throughout him, but he paid it no mind.

Each torrential volley that burst out of me nearly dented the airlock in front of me, pooling on the floor, making the ground that much more slippery. My phallus thickened as wide as my old body, surpassing 12 feet tall as I felt my legs grow, crack, and reform, making all of my new greedy size possible. The top of the elevator shrank down towards my head as I realized my height was simultaneously growing.

The door was quickly getting too small! I made the final steps, my cum nearly forcing me back as I tried to fit. But it just. wouldn’t. stop. My arms themselves surpassed the size of bookshelves. Then they grew bigger. And bigger. I watched in a mix of lust and horror as they basically looked like they were flexing, but every time they relaxed, they kept their biggest size. I didn’t even think it was possible for so much heft to be on one part of a body, but alas, it continued. Flex. They became bigger than the trunk of a car. Flex. They were now the size of recliners. Flex! By the end of the spurt, they were each the size of smart cars. I was so fucking thick that I was more than twice the width of the door, my pecs themselves capable of filling the entire airlock chamber now and blotting so much of my vision, I’d simply never be able to look down at my feet ever again. But even if I could squeeze in, my cock itself was 15 feet of sheer enormity. A god-send of the male form. Veins snaked up and down it, thickening wider than cables with vascularity as more blood forced itself onto every square inch of it. Even my dick alone wouldn’t be able to make its way in. I still tried to the best of my abilities as I wedged its girth between the doors. The airlock on the other side malfunctioned from the excess of cum, allowing it to begin shooting down the hallway.

My traps covered the section my ears would be, pushing in my gas mask on all sides as I realized I was destined to grow. There was no escaping. No running away. No preventing the growth from having its way with my body. I tried to twist my nipples further, but I was getting too big! My fingers could only brush the sides of my pecs, my biceps cramming into them long before I could get enough leverage.

Gallons upon gallons of the thickest, hottest cum pooled around my feet as my hips gyrated back and forth, using the heavy metal doors of the entrance to pleasure me further, squeezing in on my manhood. The breathing that rumbled through my mask was the deepest, most gargantuan breaths a creature had ever released. Every rise and fall of my glorious chest was enough to vibrate the viewing windows and bounce the security camera with enough force to make the spectator think there was an Earthquake. My balls were much larger than my legs now, able to be milked endlessly as the rock gave me more and more and more. All of the shattered fragments across the floor became squandered underneath them, only feeding into me. Giving me more. I could hardly move, my arms forced at awkward angles as muscle pushed into muscle. A mountain of muscle and striations that flexed so much wider every time I moved. A pure beacon of what can come to those who want it.

As I sat there cumming endlessly, the mic grew silent on the other side. Perhaps he was coming to join me, or perhaps he was lost in his own lust as the sheer length of my endowment forced the containment doors off their hinges. The corrupted air continued to flow down the hallway, and it would soon have an effect I could hardly comprehend. I screamed over and over again as volleys of the thickest cum in the world shot down entire hallways as my entire body shuddered and spasmed. My 8-pack turned into a 10-pack as more than 1,000+ extra pounds flooded me. I roared, being forced into my new permanent size of 15 feet tall as the rock shined so bright I could hardly turn around. I had to physically bend down to keep from destroying the ceiling of the room. My pecs completely obscured my entire abs at this point. The most luscious, round, orgasmically enormous part of me aside from my cock, extending off my body more than 6 feet!! I could barely even see over them unless I looked at an upwards angle. Arms the size of cars. Traps the size of hay bales. Balls the size of wagons. And a cock like a telephone poll, only much thicker.

All the security cameras could see was my flesh looming closer and closer as it vibrated, swelled, surged, and buckled. A seemingly infinite amount of definition, that rippled and glorped as the sheer intensity of my proportions cataclysmically tilted to even more exaggerated means. If they attempted to turn on the audio again, the bassy rumble of my vocal cords alone would rupture their speakers. In fact, they didn’t even need to turn on the audio. The sound proofing stood no chance. Every sound I made was more than audible from the control room.

What part of my cock had already surged into the hallway was seemingly already being worshipped. Caressed. Cared for. Hands groping it up and down from the workers who couldn’t hold themselves back any longer. I shuddered, my hypersensitive erection filling even heavier with blood. The vascularity of it deepened as it became audibly stimulated with joy. But the contaminated air only forced more size into them as well. Their appearances slowly starting to strain against the work attire and flimsy fabric as they, too, swelled into something more. Some rushed into the hallway, desperate to drink as much of my thick cum as they possibly could. As I rose higher and higher, I could see the catastrophe that was brewing. Their guts rounded out further and further as they swallowed every delicious drop. Buttons were pried apart as their work uniforms or hazmat suits themselves bloated with muscle and cum. The sounds of tearing filled the hallway as their clothes burst off entirely. Their bellies were turning into muscle guts, so massive and round it was as if they swallowed a spherical boulder. Their proportions were growing absurd, cocks sliding against mine as their chests pulled them deeper into my scent. But that didn’t matter. All that mattered was me, and making the ascension into a deity.

My gas mask looked much smaller than it used to be on the canyon of muscle it sat upon, but if they could see in the visor, they would understand all of it. My eyes were clenched tight, moans, grunts, and groans forcing themselves out as my voice deepened more and more. Sweat dripped down my body as it mixed with cum, leaking down every crevice imaginable, only making me look that much sexier. Such pure fucking manliness, and it was all mine!! And there could be more. I was so sensitive. So..thick. And I knew I would get more. Much more. All I simply had to do was give in with 100% of my being, and it would all be mine.

And that’s exactly what I did. For the first time, I let the warming sensation flood my limbs. Complete and total coverage. I felt my cock lurch with enough force to practically lift it off the ground as my muscles and endowment began groaning even louder. Cum flew out of me at accelerated powers, desire and lust beginning to take over my mind.

“That’s right. I need more. More. More!!!” I screamed. The observation windows cracked. I felt the walls of the doors tightly pressing against my 25 foot cock as it began pulsating further down the hallway. I started to waddle backwards, mesmerized as an infinite amount of dick kept coming through the opening as it started to fill more and more of the remaining space. It already maxed out the width of the poor doors, even now causing a circular dent as it tried to accommodate its monumental girth. But even the space between the top and the bottom of the walkway was quickly becoming swallowed up between the growing humans that were obsessed with swallowing my cum and my expanding girth. Further and further I walked back, my head hunching lower and lower as more height pumped me up. I heard the concrete above my head heavily scrapping the back of my helmet as I leaned forward even more.

And then—my traps hit the ceiling!! Now towering so high that they reached beyond my helmet!! I hunched forward even more, my pecs crushing my abs and grating into my vast thighs as my waddling slowed down, too much size started to overwhelm me. I felt my cockhead catch itself on the edges of the hallway entry, the final stretch before I could pull it in. I strained, my feet denting the floor as I pulled back as hard as I could. There was nowhere left for it to grow! Each throb was becoming painful as I continued to cum with no means to an end, it was practically pooling a foot thick in the hallway now!

Suddenly the wall burst as my cockhead, as big and around as the entire hallway itself, tore through. Plaster, metal, wires, and cum caved in towards me. The sudden change of force knocked me off balance. I stumbled backwards, tripping on my balls, which were nearly as big as me at this point, and fell right through the metal bar that protected me from fully interacting with the radioactive rock. I heard a massive crunch as the thousands of rock fragments covered every possible inch of surface area underneath me. Complete and total contamination in its highest form.

Instead of trying to stand up, instead of trying to escape, I pushed into it. My arms were already forced out at awkward angles, just barely able to brush the grounds on either side of me as I lay there on top of it, but even so, my fingers buried themselves underneath it. My toes did the same. Digging themselves in like sand at the beach. It seemed I was around 17 feet tall right now and 30 feet wide, sporting a cock that was 30 feet long. A monster among men, with the most ridiculous proportions. There was no logic left in my mind. Any barrier that kept me human was lost the moment the doors closed, and it was time to explore my animalistic side.

Make. Me. Huge!!” I howled. And become huge, I most certainly did. The room itself was about 50 feet wide, 30 feet long, and 15 feet tall. My package was much too heavy to raise itself completely vertically, but it sat at a diagonal angle, facing away from me, cumming against the ceiling. The entire floor quaked as I felt my skin spreading out along the floor. Fuck yes. I was becoming even bigger! Even if I wanted to get up, I was like a turtle on its back. Completely inhibited by my immeasurable frame.

Everything twisted and spasmed as incredulous size flowed through me. The metal bars that protected anyone from touching the minerals started to pry themselves off the track, pushed aside by my pure manliness. All I could do was moan as my eyes felt like they were tipping into the back of my head. My balls were each as big as my body at this point, covering much of the floor around me as millions of gallons of cum seemed to magically appear in them, raising them further off the floor. I felt my height expanding at a rapid rate, but it was almost like my muscles were accommodating this size change at the same time. I was gaining no more mobility, even as I surpassed 23 feet in height. In fact, I was losing it almost entirely! My chest heaved with multiple bursts, causing my entire body to jump as hundreds of pounds of fresh masculinity packed into them. They were pushing up into my mask before, but it was certain now I wouldn’t be able to see anything but my pecs for the rest of my days aside from the shrinking view that sat above them. They must distend nearly 10 feet off of my body. Add that into the mix alongside my back, which was like an entire rock face at this point, and I knew that they would be pushing into the ceiling within minutes.

I certainly couldn’t view it, but the enormity of my abs was starting to dawn on me. I could feel 10-no, 12 individual mounds, each as large as dinner plates become even more pronounced. My quads were the diameter of monster truck tires before, but now they were coming up on as sizable as the entire monster truck itself! I was like a starfish, spread at the widest possible angle to allow everything to pack on without causing damage.

My cock grew nearly a foot with every tide of seed that gushed into the ceiling. I pressed beyond immense, beginning to writhe against the ceiling, as it stimulated me further, now the length and thickness of a semi truck, but holding a load that was much….much larger.

Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh—” I cried in ecstasy, my mask looking like a tiny imprint now compared to my frame. My muffled breathing was intense. Quick. I could hardly catch my breath. The piece of glass that sat between the outside world and my eyes only reflected more size. More muscle. More cock. It was like becoming lost in a cave. That’s when I felt my traps press into the walls behind me. My traps hit before my head, because they were well beyond it now. At the same time, my feet hit the space around the door I had decimated earlier. The entirety of the floor continued cratering lower and lower as thousands upon thousands of pounds of muscle slammed me beyond belief. My endowment at this point was touching the ceiling, following along it, before coiling around the wall, and then doubling back and aiming at my own legs, still cumming with even more excessive force. My own seed was like a swimming pool, now 3 feet deep around me.

I tried to move my arms to pleasure myself, but they could only move a few inches forward until they became pinned underneath my pecs, which began to push into the ceiling. I tried to move them backwards, with my biceps, triceps, shoulders, and traps each being the size of King Sized beds, there was nowhere for them to move!

And so I sat, surging, writhing, and enjoying˜ growing into the man I was always meant to be. Before my mind rolled into nearly a blank slate that only could cum, be pleasured, and want more, I admired my size. 30 feet tall. 50 feet thick. My cock alone was over 50 feet, half as wide my entire being. Balls that could fill swimming pools. Traps and pecs that practically smothered my head, burying it at the bottom of a canyon of lust. I had a 30 degree viewing angle of what lied above me, but I didn’t even need that. As the walls buckled and cracked and the explosion of cum from within me grew even heavier, and my voice dropped lower than the deepest sound ever recorded, I knew that there was still plenty of room left to grow.

Other changes began smashing into my body as the rock launched every possible particle of radiation into my body. The effects were immediate. So much surface area was in direct exposure to the tiny gravel-sized pieces of the specimen that all it could do was pump me beyond recognition. I felt the space condense more and more around me my cock lurched, growing close to 2 feet longer with every burst. Cum filled every crevice of my muscles, some even finding its way into the area my head was at. The mask continued pumping fresh air in, but the urge to take my mask off and greedily drink it was becoming overbearing. It’s not like I could anyways. At the size I was, even another human would have trouble finding the straps to remove it underneath the mountains of muscle that encumbered me.

A scratching sensation sprouted all across me as I rolled back and forth. Hair wisped all across my body as the radiation deepened every trait of my masculinity. At first it was just some on my chest, but then I felt it spreading along my abs, my legs, my ass, and beyond. Even if I couldn’t see it, my treasure trail thickened into a runway that led straight down to the largest cock in existence. It made my already-hot body even sexier.

The alarms shorted out as the walls began to crumble around me. The security camera in the corner of the room became smothered against my shoulders, which now reached from wall to wall. My balls sat like absurd pillows underneath my legs, also touching the walls on both sides as the observation window caved in entirely. Any remaining poor souls that had run in there to help me were immediately swept up in the same growth that encapsulated me right now. The erotic smell of cum, sweat, and my musk tore through the entire room. They all instantly fell to their knees, their clothes tearing off in quick succession as their pricks inflated like snakes. Imagine your cock growing 3 feet in 10 seconds, a feeling spreading throughout your body like someone was milking you for everything you were worth. The mere sight of my body was enough to make them cum. But the smell? It was enough to hard-reset them. Only able to cum, drool, and grow as I became the only thing that they would ever think of again. Clothes exploded off of them like confetti as they doubled, then tripled in size. Their balls became cum factories that were only meant to blow to my image. What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t just the rock that was radioactive anymore. I was radioactive now, and the more I grew, the more radioactive I’d become. Anyone who came in contact with this radiation would see similar effects themselves. Those at the end of the hallway were already outgrowing it, just at a far-slower pace than their leader was.

Somehow I felt this deep connection with the rock. With the Earth around me. I could feel the lust of everyone around me falling victim to my power. I flexed, enjoying the feeling as the entire room started to cave in. Debris bounced off of me like a bullet against an atomic bunker. I was just a wall of flesh, slowly swallowing up everything that happened to come across my path.

In my lying position, my pecs were the tallest part of me. Each one must have been as thick around as water towers! I felt the cool air on them much before any other part of my body did, but the continuous cycles of irreparable growth kept slamming into me repetitively. My legs burst through the walls at the same time my shoulders did. Anyone in the surrounding vicinity that wasn’t aware of the carnage that was brewing inside the lab became immediately swept up in the carnage. It was getting difficult to tell where one muscle started and another ended. Only a few seconds after the fresh air rushed in to greet me, I felt my biceps bwoomph to the height of the entire room I had just escaped! My triceps followed suit, doubling in size instantly!

My cock, now free from its confined prisons, slingshot towards the sky. Even at its current size, the weight of it had no effect on how hard it could become. It stretched. Longer. And longer. And longer. And longer. For every foot it grew in length, it grew half as much in width. It was like a spire. A beacon of growth. It was nearly 3x as tall as I was at this point, and it was bound to only become bigger. Cum rained down it like a river, pooling around my balls that held a similar surge. If you took all of the water that cascaded off of a waterfall and pooled it directly into them, they still wouldn’t have grown as much as they did at that moment. Glorp. Slosh. Growwwwwwww! They flooded outwards, each one doubling the size of the room in an instant. My expanding back allowed me to move just enough to roll over, perhaps the final move of mobility I would ever make. I flipped onto my knees, my pecs jutting out so much it practically forced me back onto my feet. An impossible feat that impressed me, considering my traps were now multiple feet above my head. The cone of visibility above me shrunk even further, now only about 20% of the sky visible as I became a bloated circle of muscle.

As more hair hammered itself across me, my balls slowly rounded out more and more as they transformed into perfect spheres, each more than double the height of my entire body. At my standing position, I was currently 100 feet tall and over 250 feet wide. My balls rested behind me, the same size as I was wide. The arcs of cum that erupted into the sky flew for hundreds of yards, each one thicker than an entire train car! The Earth cratered underneath me, each step sinking multiple feet into the ground as I grew past one million pounds. My moans were all that the surrounding area could hear at this point. The city that sat just a mile away got the sight of a lifetime as each rumble entered every window in a few mile radius. It was hard to even make out what I was saying anymore, both from the intense muffling from my smashed helmet and my atrociously deep voice. It was a tone that was almost imperceivable to the ears of humans.

The rock was permanently part of me now. So many stray pieces were sandwiched within my mass, meaning that their effects would permeate my senses until my body stopped processing their effects. I felt my jawline growing thicker as my neck thickened. My gas mask cracked even more as my jaw started to look more like a trapezoid, trying to maintain the insanity of what it was enduring. I could smell my scent growing deeper. Sexier. More contaminated. It seemed that the longer the radiation flowed into me, the larger of an effect it had on the senses I emitted. Every poor soul who smelled my musk started swelling uncontrollably. Anyone who came in contact with my seed grew even faster.

The wind changed directions, casting my odor towards the city as my features grew even more impossible. A deluge of my essence wafted over everything as chaos unleashed. The streets became filled with growing men. The first sign was that they started cumming before their bodies even realized what was going on. Their hips bucking wildly into the sky as their precious seed flooded into their trousers. They clawed wildly at their pants, desperate to get their hands on their cocks as their balls started to fill any available space within. Many found themselves rolling around the streets, sucking themselves off, fucking another man, or just endlessly growing!

Anyone in their cars tried to quickly escape as their pecs mashed into their steering wheels, bending it away from them as their legs grew too long to stop their cars. For those that did, their balls grew too quickly to prevent the other pedal from being pushed inwards. It didn’t matter, since by the time they crashed they were so big the car crash didn’t even affect them. If they couldn’t fit out the doors, too bad. The metal creaked with pressure as the roof bent upwards, before tearing off entirely. One human capable of filling the entire interior of a vehicle within minutes. A few minutes after that, only a muscle group would be capable of fitting.

Elevators became orgy pits, but even those were short-lived as they annihilated those with pure size. The streets became sex warzones. The sewers became cum-run-offs. Wives pulled desperately at their husbands who could only breed. Grow. Worship. The very sound of my inhumanly deep voice was enough to swell every single male pedestrian in a 1 mile radius to double their size. It seemed that the longer I grew, the more every aspect of me was enough to grow others. My voice. My scent. My cum. Soon enough, even the pure visual of me would be enough to start an endless chain of corruptive, addictive growth. And I wanted to pursue it even further.

The lab was in ruins around me. Hardly any buildings remained, almost all of them crushed under my titanic balls and expanding width. Anyone who had escaped in time was left becoming a smaller version of me at this point. Clothes would never fit any of us ever again. Bedsheets couldn’t even cover a single muscle. Hell, even the American Flag that they waved at football games wouldn’t come close to making my appearance any less lewd. Perhaps being naked would become the new normal for all men after this. The growth was starting to affect everyone in different ways, gifting them with vastly different proportions.

A nearby chopper made an emergency landing, because every pilot’s cocks started growing so colossal that there was no room left in the helicopter. A fitting name for a cockpit. When they were flying, they watched in horror as everyone’s cocks began climbing their bodies. At first it was just up to their belly buttons. And then their pecs. Once it surged beyond their collar bones, they knew that they needed to land. Each pilot found their balls spilling out, distending at an absurd rate as clothes became a hope of the past. By the time they hit the ground, each humans’ cock was multiple feet longer than they were tall, but it was only getting faster! They rolled around on the ground as their manhoods doubled. Then tripled. Each person found their cock growing four times longer than they were tall, their balls growing upwards of 6x their heights, permanently locking them into place! All they looked like was cock and balls with a small human attached!

Some people sat helplessly as their pecs were the only thing that grew. Some lactated, some became extra sensitive, and some just looked so muscular that their legs couldn’t support them as they toppled forward, slowly being lifted off the ground. Others were covered in a blanket of hair that was so thick that their own muscular definition was hardly visible. These individuals had the largest effect on their surroundings, because of their ability to spread the radiation. Their proportions became the most ridiculous. Shoulders as wide as cars. Thighs thicker than monster truck tires. Cock thicker than their waist. Anyone who could get their hands on them simply tried to, desperate for every ounce of growth they could provide.

Even those that were straight weren’t safe. Three guys who were hanging out at a bar, listening to music, caught a whiff of something odd. An odd smell. Suddenly, one of them started to swell. His chest heaved outwards, splitting open his shirt in just a second as his round, juicy pecs grew to sizes larger than end tables. Just an hour earlier, this would grant him the largest chest on Earth, but circumstances were different now. The other two friends couldn’t stop themselves, becoming surprised at their own actions as they each began sucking on his nipples. Before too long, none of them cared as the session became more sensual. The man with the huge chest gave a large series of grunts, before his own pecs started to spray their own seed. Their round, firm, musculature pumped the juice into his friends, who started to swell in response. Their sucking increased in pressure as their clothes slowly snapped off, unable to contain their size, sporting increasingly unproportional pecs of their own.

The smarter ones made their way towards me. The closer they got, the more drastic the effects were. Especially as I grew bigger. Their own bodies were forced to slow from a run, to a walk, to a waddle, and then small scooches as they inflated larger than their legs were capable of carrying, but they would never stop trying. Some lucked out, extra limbs beginning to protrude from their bodies as pure animalistic tendencies took over. Musclebound, 4-armed freaks crawling with cocks the size of a semi behind them. They only found themselves lucky for a few moments, however. Once their new limbs maxed out with size, it made them immobile even faster. Biceps that could flex larger than they were tall. Thighs that forced their cocks deeper between their legs, starting an endless torrent of pleasure that they wouldn’t be able to escape from.

Those on the upper floors of the buildings rushed down the stairwells, their thighs expanding with every step. Each flight of stairs seemed to add more and more size. First it was 100 pounds. Then 200 pounds. Then 400 pounds. By the time they got down just 4 flights of stairs, they had an additional 800 pounds of pure musculature inflating them. They pushed onwards, forced into single-file lines as they grew too wide to walk side by side.

Even an airplane that was flying off in the distance had to divert quickly when everyone on the plane started rapidly expanding in size. Passengers watched in lust and greed as their cocks forced themselves above their heads. Even just looking down the aisle, you’d see multiple men trying to restrain their uncontrollable endowment as their balls flowed off the laps, beginning to reach for the floor. Flight attendants walking down the aisle made their way to the front as fast as possible as they knew they were widening too fast. The cramped seats grew even more squished as people’s pecs started to press into the seats in front, their legs growing too long to stay seated. Fortunately, with the pilot’s quick thinking, they were able to escape the zone of growth just in time. Even so, the body of the airplane became another orgy-zone.

All the way back at the epicenter of the growth, another bwoomph suddenly erupted throughout me as a fire filled my soul. All I could do was wail with desire.


My arms were 100% stuck at 90 degree angles now. Even with my largest attempt, I would never move them again. Each of my hands and legs were rendered completely useless. I couldn’t waddle forward. I couldn’t brush anything off of me. I couldn’t even turn my masked head. I was just pure, unadulterated, muscle, cock, and balls. Each testicle was as large as the entire facility now. My cock was double the size it was even just a few minutes ago. Every geyser of cum was the thickness of a building, and sent cracks through the ground with such bass that rings of air emanated off of me, further spreading my scent. Each shot was enough to fly miles, tearing through terrain, architecture, and even entire streets. It was the radiation’s way of ensuring that its effects would never end. Every launch of cum would reach further and further, and it would not stop. My biceps alone could fill olympic sized swimming pools. My width could fill a football stadium. Each of my pecs could cover an entire block of the city, both of them towering so big so they hung off each side of my body by more than double it. In fact, at a standing position they neared the ground! My own height started to rival buildings. I could tell that my cock was now as long as one of the tallest skyscrapers. Fuck, it was as large as the Eiffel tower! Because of its ever-growing length, I felt some new sensations forming around my cockhead as it extended. It seems that some had made the journey successfully. Their entire bodies were completely dedicated to making me cum even more, every muscle and striation working overtime as they attempted to milk me dry. If my abs were even visible, each one would be the size of a house. Anyone who saw me would just see a wall of moving muscle, each one starting to become impossible to tell apart from another. Cascades of cum rolled off of me, completely coating my body and becoming lost in the thick tendrils of hair that continued to spread along me.

The helicopter pilots in the distance squirmed on the ground, their balls now 10x bigger than their own bodies. Their own frames sat completely unchanged, however. Average bodies on an unimaginable package. Clothes sat in tatters underneath them, now looking so small it may as well have belonged to action figures. Every rope of their own cum only ceased to contaminate everything further. It was a butterfly effect. The more I grew, the more everyone else grew. The more everyone else grew, the more those around them grew. A virus that spread with such speed, that no one could even attempt to stop it before it started.

Massive men that had become the size of houses came across these men. Their asses had adapted specifically for taking humongous cocks. The pilots begged for even more release as all four pilots found their perfect mates. They were completely immobilized by their cocks, and made for a fantastic dildo for the four brawny humans. All of them dropped deeper into their fits of pleasure as they took as much as they could. The gigantic men’s stomachs distended to impossible sizes as they went up and down on them. Being sent so far into bliss only made everyone grow faster. The pilots felt an expanding weight on their pricks as the person they were being topped by doubled in size, but in return their cocks tripled in sensitivity and doubled in size. Another form of an endless feedback loop that the radiation sought to spread.

Anyone in the city now had proportions that prohibited their normal lifestyles from continuing. Hell, even most doorways would now be like a doll house compared to them. For those that could walk, their balls dragged behind them like a blanket, their cocks bobbing and weaving in front of them. Some had the fortunate effects to be able to suck themselves off, watching with desire as their muscle guts rounded out more and more. Some people’s cocks got lodged into their mouth as it continued growing, endlessly orgasming as it continued to swell, filling their muscle guts so large that they touched the ground entirely, and then spreading further! One man saw a 10 foot guy that was over 20 feet wide with muscle, his 8 foot cock launching down his throat as his muscle gut grew even larger than his entire body. Others naturally grew their own absurd muscle guts without swallowing any seed, their mammoth cocks wedged underneath them on the ground as it spread along the concrete, the weight of it alone nearly enough to crack it. If I was able to hear anything beyond my own muscles creaking, I would have only heard moans.

My growth started to breach other entire cities. Students at wrestling matches started to inflate in their singlets as they wrestled, doubling, then tripling, then quadrupling in size as they rolled around on the matts. Massive globs of cum shot outside of the boundaries, spraying over the ground like a hose out of control. Those who watched started to feel the same effects rip into themselves as they fell victim to their own libido. The wrestling very quickly turned into sex as everyone’s clothes became the last thing on their minds.

A local swim meet turned to catastrophe as the entire swim team’s cocks began to outgrow their speedos, much to the horror of their spectators. The first sign that something was wrong happened when the team-lead started moaning all of the sudden. He dropped to his knees, his erect cock growing up his chiseled abs, peeling his tight, wet speedo away from his body. Then the next set of moans happened. And the next. Before long, the entire team could only moan and grow. Some of their cocks became erect, some stayed soft. The pouches of their speedos stretched so obscenely that it didn’t even look like they were wearing speedos anymore. Their balls spilled out of the leg holes as their swimmers’ bodies turned into the likeness of professional bodybuilders. Once any articles of clothing burst, it was just a battle for size. Those in the water began to slow down as they became less hydrodynamic over all their expanding ridges. The drains started to clog in just a few minutes as cum spewed endlessly from everyone. No one could get enough of themselves, doing whatever they could to further their pleasure.

I strained my neck as high as I possibly could, the cone of visibility now down to 10%, if even, as the world around me grew darker and darker. It was starting to feel more like a pinpoint of light that sat far above me. The fresh outside air must have been 15 feet away now, my head simply engulfed in my musculature. I felt the mask crack slightly under both the bulk of my musclebound frame, but also due to my brute-like jawline with kept becoming more absurd. My neck was far thicker than my head now, but somehow being masked on top of this much magnitude made me even harder. The smell of cum filled my nostrils as I felt a puddle of drool leaking down my chin. I simply didn’t care anymore. Size was all that I wanted. Everything just kept increasing. My musk. My muscles. My cock. My hair. My sensitivity. My libido. I reached into the deepest rooted bit of desire that sat at my core. I felt the contamination manipulating my brain. The power that flowed into all of my muscles. The distance that stretched into my prick. The jizz that appeared in my balls. Instead of just submitting to it like I had earlier, I forced my way into it, forcing it into the beyond for just a taste of extra growth.

I felt something click, deep down. As if I suddenly knew that I was about to have my largest growth burst yet. Like my brain linked with the radiation itself, opening a gate that I never knew existed before. I was one with the rock, and it was one with me. I was aware of every growing human, and every growing human was now connected with me. Infinite power that I had the ability to unleash.

Without hesitation, I opened the gate.

To say I grew would be an understatement. It was more like an explosion. Shockwaves spread through the region as a magnitude 3.5 earthquake shook the city. Buildings swayed lightly as the ground shifted around. The cum that ejected from me doubled in both size and power, launching itself so far that it could reach entire other cities. Each shot was thick enough to fill a lake in seconds! It was no surprise, since my balls doubled as well. Like a tsunami of the thickest cum forced itself into each orb. They expanded at a rate of multiple feet per second, quickly becoming 4x taller than I was. Considering I was now 300 feet tall and 900 feet wide, my proportions were leveling beyond impossible. My cock, however, exceeded all. It. just. kept. Growing. Bigger. Thicker. And Longer. And Harder. And more colossal. And more immense. And more sensitive. And more sexy. And…more. More. Moreeeee. My muscles began growing so fast that the windows on the other side of the city shattered from the vibrations. No damage was done to those on the ground, however, as their muscles were so dense that it simply bounced off. My hands and feet simply disappeared in the folds of my frame. Even so much as the movement of a finger became unfeasible. The small glimmer of light that remained above me completely vanished as my traps doubled in size. Everything doubled in size. I was like a meatball of muscle with no telling where any singular muscle was. The most prominent part of me was still my cock, which was sliding across the ground at a rate of 10 feet per second. My balls just kept rising and rising, perfect spheres that added tens of millions of gallons of cum every minute.

My veins started to glow a deep veil of blue as every rock fragment physically absorbed itself into me. The boulder had done its job to begin the process of spreading growth. Now that it was self-sustaining, all it needed to do was merge with its host and finalize the journey of making me into its new vessel. I began pulsing just like the rock had, a soft light rebounding off of me. Every shot of cum happened in unison with each thrum. I felt it continue to get brighter and brighter as everything continued to accelerate.

I didn’t care. I couldn’t even think. All that I was anymore was the embodiment of pleasure. A GOD to be milked. As I grew to the height of the tallest skyscraper, and nearly the width of the entire city, I could tell that somewhere deep down, there were crowds of growing people worshiping my ever-growing body. Their cocks bobbing 5x their height. Balls wider than them. Pecs inflating like air was attached to them. Their own musk permeating everyone else’s senses, only furthering the radius of growth. Some couldn’t help themselves from fucking the ridges between my muscles. Most couldn’t keep their tongues off of me. But one thing was for certain. Every single one of them was cumming violently at the sight of me. I was the only thing that mattered. Those from home who watched from their screens as news helicopters filmed from afar even started to grow uncontrollably. Any picture. Any coverage. Any sight. Any smell. Any feeling of me would start their own growth chain. Hell, even hearing about me on the phone was enough for their cocks and muscles to begin ballooning at a rate that no one could stop. Family, friends, and strangers could only watch in awe as random people started growing rapidly, launching their own miniature spike of radiation that affected those around them.

The growth won’t stop. The cumming won’t stop. I won’t stop. I am what is happening. I am what is next. The world will finally see me for who I really am. In only a few hours, everyone will submit to me, falling to their own growth as I round out around the globe. A never-ending cycle of the deepest satisfaction, and I can’t wait to become their new God.

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