Hyper Strength

Stories where guys are much, much stronger than the size or growth in their muscles would account for. Note: This is not the tag for very muscular guys also being proportionately stronger than regular guys—that’s normal. This is for when they’re lifting cars, that kind of thing.

  Child of: Muscle. Related: Hyper Muscle; Immobility; Muscle Breast; Muscle Growth; Muscle Gut; Muscle Theft; Muscle/Strength.

  Tag Group: Muscle.

Top Stories: “Justin (the bigger the better)”; “The hulk pill”; “Second puberty”; “The gifted child”; “Summer research”; “Titanification”; “The orphanage”; “The heart is a muscle”; “No limits”; “The swimming hole: legacy”.

Recently Updated: “Megabot, Pinto Roxo, and the Inventor’s superweapon”; “The growth race”; “Mito-Spa: Doumit”; “The expedition”; “Superstud and Macromale: The Sword of Justice”; “The radiation zone”.

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