The cursed ride

by SomeMuscleGuy

When Kalos is overcome with a sudden surge of growth on his motorcycle ride with Epsilon, he must get to the city before he becomes too big.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: The curse by muscl4life.

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Golden light shone in through the parted blinds, warming up my back as I scrolled my phone, facing the opposite direction. I sat in bed, the covers barely covering my athletic, toned body. I leaned on one arm, enjoying the noticeable bulge my bicep created at the angle I was propped up. I heard a soft rumbling coming from the distance. Time to go! As I jumped out of bed, I grew even more excited for my weekly ride with Epsilon. My eyes flicked up to the digital clock that laced the top of my phone. 11:00 a.m. I walked over to my closet, the doors creaking open as my favorite outfit of all time presented itself to me in its glorious manor. My motorcycle outfit.

The water on the table vibrated as the roaring engine parked in the driveway just outside my window. I slipped on my black jeans and white undershirt, before grabbing my biker jacket off the rack. The sleeves bent perfectly at my elbows, and the hem of the jacket reached just far enough down to perfectly compliment my jeans. To anyone else, it was clearly a custom fit piece. The muscles on my arms creased against the edges lightly, my pecs casting a soft shadow the further down the zipper traveled. The fabric itself was made of a breathable mesh and was made to stretch without causing any uncomfortability, and to keep my upper body as nimble as possible on tight curves. The look I was going for felt modern. Stylish.

I heard the rumbling die down as I walked out into my living room, scooping my helmet off of the custom stand I had made for it. It was practically falling apart. Scratches covered the visor and multiple chips were taken out of the helmet from bad spills during my BMX days. It was the one component that really clashed with my style. The doorbell rang. Perfect timing.

“Come in!” I yelled across the room. The door swung open, the fresh aroma of Spring wafting into the house as Epsilon walked through the doors.

“Kalos! How have you been, man?” he exclaimed cheerfully as he walked towards me. His outfit was very similar to mine, but stripes of blue complimented the black that ran down parts of the sleeves and the front. It fit a bit more loosely on his slender frame, but overall it paired nicely with his blue jeans, black boots, and black and blue helmet. We gave a quick hug, our arms enclosed around each other for just a moment too long as we pulled back.

“I’m sorry, Epsilon. My bike is still in the shop. We’ll have to ride together today, just like last week,” I said, my eyes lowering to the floor. It was always best when we could ride in a group, tag-teaming a singular lane, but if last week was any indicator, we could still have a fantastic time with just one motorcycle!

“Don’t worry, Kalos. I expected that!” he remarked back comfortingly. “Besides, I have a gift for you to try out!” His smile graced my eyes. He was clearly proud of it.

“A gift? What? Epsilon, you didn’t have to—”

He cut me off. “Oh, come on! You fronted my bike payment a few months ago, plus you helped me hook up with that guy recently, and you’re pouring thousands of dollars into repairs you didn’t expect. You can barely even afford your gym membership, let alone your main passion. Just let me help a little bit,” he pleaded.

Epsilon and I have known each other for years, dating back into our high school days. We have always known that we were both gay, but have never officially been together. There were times we have talked about it, but it just never ended up clicking. In any case, we were incredibly happy just being present in each other’s lives. We’ve always been very close, and have always had each other’s backs. I took a deep breath.

“All right, fine,” I said, rolling my eyes and letting a smile peek through.

“Okay, close your eyes!” he said, holding his arms up. The creaking of his leather jacket filled my ears as he pulled something out from behind his back, placing it firmly in my grip.

‘ can’t be’, I thought to myself. My eyes peaked open to see a helmet. Not just any helmet, but a new helmet. It had a sleek, black design with a lovely tinted visor. It looked like a sports car if it was compacted into a wearable dome. A small sigil was embroidered on the side with a design I couldn’t make out. I figured it was just the company it came from.

“This is amazing! You didn’t have to!” I said excitedly, grabbing his shoulders.

“Of course I did. You deserve the largest gift possible,” Epsilon responded, smiling at my eyes with the same look a dog would give its owner. Appreciation. I smiled back, before we headed out the door.

“You drive. How else are we going to put that helmet to the test, aye?” he questioned me. I angled my leg over the front seat, sitting on the leather like it was a saddle. Epsilon’s bike was always impressive to me. Deep shades of black covered it, with light compliments of dark blue, just like Epsilon’s attire. It was the Yamaha YZF-R1 RN22 2014, a gorgeous sports bike that was sure to catch some eyes. At its fastest, it could top out over 185 miles per hour!

The engine thrummed to life, the sound of power roaring underneath my feet as he stepped onto the back of the bike.

“Don’t forget your helmet!” he teased from behind. I raised it above my head, checking the inside. It was coated in heavy padding and had many small air filtration holes to allow for both a comfortable fit and a well-ventilated experience. I slipped it down, feeling the foam slip over my ears as it came to rest just above my shoulders. It fit perfectly. So perfectly it was almost as if it was custom-made specifically to my head. I clicked in the chin strap and moved around a bit. It didn’t sway at all.

“So where to?” I mumbled back in a muffled tone to Epsilon.

“The city?” he replied back. “Maybe we could head to the coffee shop.”

“Why not? Let’s do it,” I said, putting the bike into gear and driving off down the road. Wind whipped past my visor, sliding over my helmet with ease. The curves and ridges lining the sides of it allowed for the perfect amount of aerodynamic flow. Epsilon held onto my shoulders, using them to stabilize himself as we soared down the road.

A few minutes passed before the very first sign that something off became apparent. We rolled up to a stoplight, coming to a complete stop as my feet settled onto the ground. A few lanes to our right, another biker pulled up and pumped his arm into the sky! We returned the expression, as we were always happy to see fellow motorcyclists on the road. I felt a little restriction with each bend of my arm as it moved in an up-and-down motion. Shrugging it off, I placed both hands back onto the handlebars. A small wisp of cooler air licked my hips as I realized my jacket had ridden up a little bit. I pulled it down, feeling the cool sensation quickly become squandered under the custom-fit fabric. I sighed, taking a peak at the clock. 11:20 a.m. Just below it, I felt a small ping of arousal in my pants as I adjusted my position, forcing it out of my mind.

“How are you doing back there?” I asked Epsilon.

“Perfect, just keep going! Halfway to the city!” he yelled through his own helmet. His hands tightened their grip on my shoulders as the stoplight flipped back to green, signaling for me to move once again. What Epsilon was really doing was subtly feeling. Exploring. Enjoying the definition that deepened on my arms and shoulders as I sat there, completely oblivious to the changes that were starting to evolve across my body.

The more I drove, the more obvious it was that I was aroused. It felt like I hadn’t cranked one out in days, but it had only been since last night! I felt a small bit of pressure in my groin, so I gave a small glance downwards. The imprint of my erect cock was visible against the edge of my right pant leg. It looked pretty chubbed up from my point of view. ‘Just flex your legs to pull blood away from it, and just keep driving. You can take care of it later’, I thought to myself.

“Everything okay?” I heard from behind me. I jumped a little bit, my eyes forcing themselves back on the road in front of me as I tightened my grip on the throttle, a bit surprised at how easily his bike kicked into a higher plane of acceleration with the smaller amount of force I used.

I turned my head back for just a moment. “Uh-yeah. I just couldn’t see what time it was. The sun was reflecting off my screen,” I lied. “Also, I think you might need to increase the friction on your throttle. It’s a bit loose,” I mentioned, changing the subject. I felt the air begin to lick at my sides again just from the small movement I made to chat with Epsilon.

Was my jacket really too small already? I’d just got it a year ago. I could’ve sworn it fit perfectly last week. I looked down at the throttle once again, but what I saw made me cock an eyebrow. My wrists were visible, like the sleeves were sewn too small at the time they were made. We pulled up to the next light, which gave me enough time to explore what was happening. My biceps had a large amount of definition that revealed themselves against the fabric now. I would have guessed this morning they were the size of a tennis ball, but they must have been as large as a baseball now! I felt them press against the mesh in a way I had never felt before. My forearms were right there alongside it, the edge of their definition becoming visible around the cuffs that tightened around my wrists. I rolled my shoulders, that same tightness becoming more pronounced with every moment. This caused me to look down even further, taking notice of my chest for the first time since I had started riding. I’ve always had a decently defined chest, but what pecs that sat on me now must have been 1.5 times their original size. The definition on my stomach wasn’t visible, but I could tell something was happening down there as well. The zipper sat flatter against my body than I was ever used to, like it was beginning to mold to the shape of my flat abs and incredibly toned pecs.

That was before I even got a chance to explore my lower body. Now that I was noticing the tightness of my upper body, I very quickly became keenly aware of just how tight my pants were starting to feel. My aching hard erection hadn’t even started to go away. In fact, it was looking huge! I took one hand off the handlebars, lightly tracing the outline of it. That was when I saw it grow.

I jumped once again as I felt it extend forward an entire inch, quickly thickening the same amount as it bounced and throbbed with the beat of my heart. I was always a bit gifted down there, sporting nearly 7”, but it looked like it was about 9” now, and much thicker! Two mounds were visible behind them, sitting on my crotch, pushing against my endowment, which just made it look even more absurd. The striations of my quads pushed against the tight cloth on my legs as it became almost uncomfortable!

Ahem, I heard from behind me. I looked up suddenly, feeling each bit of my outfit compressing me more and more with each passing moment. It was slow, but it was definitely happening.

“Um..I..sorry-what’s happening?” I blurted out, having trouble making a coherent sentence.

“The light is green,” Epsilon said, motioning for me to move forwards.

“Oh, uh, right. Thanks,” I said, becoming more uneasy. Clearly something was happening to me. Somehow I am growing. An allergic reaction? A disease? Something worse? I felt panic growing in my chest. I leaned my head back once again to talk to my passenger.

“Hey, listen. I think I need to go home. I’m not feeling very good.” I tried to mention it casually. The opposite was true, however. I felt great. Running a mile felt effortless. In bed, it felt like I could go multiple rounds. However, I knew that it would be a much better idea to deal with whatever was going on in private. I felt Epsilon’s arms wrap around my torso, almost as if he was holding me in place.

“Oh, you’ll be okay! Besides, we’re just about to enter the city! Let’s just grab coffee, and if you’d like to go home after, that’s okay. We can take a break once we’re there. Besides, I’ve been waiting for this all week!” His guilt-trip worked. My shoulders slouched as I sped up just a little quicker. The coffee shop was on the other side of the city. I could be there in 10 minutes at this speed. At this point, it would take me even longer to get home. Plus, Epsilon seems to have not realized what is happening yet. It’s best we keep it that way.

However, Epsilon knew exactly what was happening. It was pure eye-candy watching Kalos slowly swell larger and larger in front of him. His clothes couldn’t survive much more growth, either, and it would be fantastic to see just how it unfolded. Especially now that the growth was about to accelerate.

I heard some quiet speaking from behind me as the engine roared down the streets. I assumed that Epsilon was singing silently to himself. Instead, he was increasing the effects of the enchantment in every way, reciting different spells that enhanced features such as muscle, size, endowment, and libido.

I took a deep breath. And then another. And then another. The longer I focused on relaxing, the better I felt. In fact, the growth felt like it had stopped entirely. At this rate, I might even be okay-or so I believed. Instantly my thoughts became overwhelmed with a sudden surge that started in my feet and worked its way up. It was a sensation that I had never felt before in my entire life. It was nearly orgasmic! I felt my boots tighten around my feet as the laces slightly forced themselves apart. My calves thickened and swelled, the seams of my pants beginning to strain. The same effect rippled through my thighs, each crevice growing exponentially deeper as I felt my pants slowly shift downwards. The space between my jacket and pants grew even wider as my butt rounded out, pulling my waistband down a few inches. I felt it fill the seat I sat on, slowly beginning to push into Epsilon. He didn’t recoil, however. His grip around me grew even tighter, but I wasn’t sure if that was just because I was filling in the space between his arms. My hips squirmed as the growth found its way into my package.

I felt the motorcycle decelerate as all of my attention focused on what was happening down low. My dick pulsed impossibly bigger with each beat, my cockhead grinding against the fabric of my jeans as it made its way even further down my leg. 10 inches. 12 inches. 14 inches. A pure spectacle painted itself on the front of my pants as its girth swelled as thick as a water bottle. Even with my legs straddled on either side of the bike, my balls tried their best to fill in any remaining space on the seat. They surged against the poor fabric, pulling it so tight against my body that the skin was visible underneath it as they swelled from the size of limes, to the size of oranges, and then grapefruits! The larger they grew, the harder I could feel myself getting. It was almost as if my libido was doubling. No, tripling. The first grunt left my mouth as the growth continued up my body. My lats flared wider as my pecs heaved out with enough force that the motorcycle swayed slightly. I could actually feel the bike slow down under my new weight. I could feel Epsilon’s fingers pry themselves apart as he struggled to hold on. My motorcycle jacket was wrapped so tightly around my chest now that I couldn’t even pull in an entire breath without fear of it ripping off. Speaking of, at that same moment my sleeves started to lose their own battle.

It felt like someone was injecting my arms with air as I heard the fabric audibly groan against them. My triceps were equally as large as my biceps, and the same size rolled up on me as it contaminated my shoulders, and even my traps! I winced as they strained to their absolute max, before-

RIPPPP! My biceps shredded through the edges, my forearms doing the same as the pressure started to become too much. My muscles WERE going to escape this cloth prison. It wasn’t a matter of it, but when. The cool air flowed all around them, whipping the ripped fabric all over the place. There was no doubt in my mind that Epsilon hadn’t noticed by now.

“S-something’s happening to me. We need to get out of here,” I pleaded backwards, surprised at how my voice was slightly deeper than it was before. The helmet even felt a bit smaller on me, or perhaps it was the muscles that were beginning to grow around it.

“No, I don’t think we do,” he responded sharply. Suddenly, his arms started to trace my exposed biceps. “How big do you think you are?” he questioned. “Are you beyond the size of a professional bodybuilder? Yes. Are you the biggest bodybuilder yet? No,” he mused.

“Wait. What is happening to me? Are you doing this?” My question hung in the air as I awaited a response. “Epsilon?” I said in a mix of shock and curiosity. The fabric around both my chest and pants groaned. I didn’t have long.

“I said you deserved a big present, didn’t I? Let’s just say, you better pick up the pace to that coffee shop or there won’t be much to hide for very long,” he teased

“What!? How!?” I exclaimed. I stopped the bike, peering around at him. I placed my feet on the ground, but they hit much sooner before I expected them to. Was I taller? I stood up to my full height, balancing the bike underneath me as part of me marveled at the growth that complimented my skin, while the rest of me cowered in fear of becoming too big. I must have been over 7 feet tall now! My jacket hardly even covered my abs. Abs?

I brought my hands down, lightly tracing them as I realized that they had deepened into a statue-like 6-pack. My pants hardly even covered my endowment at this point, the waistband practically level with the base of my thick cock. It sat like a baseball bat, extending all the way down to just above my knees.

“Ah ah ah. Wrong answer. If you stop, I’ll grow you even faster. If you don’t start driving right now, I’ll swell you so fast that this bike will be dust in a matter of seconds,” Epsilon commanded. He reached a hand out, cupping my butt as he poured size into them, the first bits of tearing beginning to line the front of my jeans. I yelped, sitting down quickly, and jettisoning down the road. The more we drove, the more aware I was becoming of the exposed skin that was skittering across my entire body. Just a few minutes away!

“How am I growing?” I shot back, looking around for a way to stop it. I felt my cock swell forward another inch, my cockhead becoming so thick that I felt the wind begin to rush over it as my pants split around it.

“Fuck, I’m getting too big!” I yelled, my muffled concerns only making Epsilon harder. Think. Think! I willed myself. His words repeated themself in my head. “I said you deserved a big present, didn’t I?” That’s it! The helmet! It must be making me grow.

I reached my hands up, trying to remove it before I felt an increase in pressure on my helmet.

“You aren’t done growing until I say you’re done,” he threatened. A chill ran up my spine.

“How big are you going to make me?” I asked, concerned.

“You’re not even close to being done, Kalos. You’re going to be a monster by the time I’m done swelling you. Enjoy the stares. You’ll be a beacon of masculinity before too long. Say, have you ever dreamed of riding naked?”

I gasped. His hands reached further around me, grabbing a firm hold of my sensitive cock before he uttered the words that would change everything.


My thighs bloated with a fresh passion as my pants tore down every side. My bubble butt swelled out even wider, heavily pushing into Epsilon as his grip only tightened. It was impossible to hide at this point. I let out a full, erotic moan as I raised my head to the sky, the gorgeous rays of sunlight beaming around us. My package inflated like it was attached to a hose! More skin was visible than my pants at this point! It tore completely free of its restraints as it pulsated with such force that precum leaked down it like a stream. It rose and rose until it pressed against the top of my abs, but it was far from over. My orbs flooded with size at the same rate. No longer held back by the fabric, I watched in incredulous awe as they pooled onto the seat, before spilling down each side of the motorcycle. They must have grown to the size of basketballs! Each one entirely capable of stretching to my knees!

My thighs looked like tree trunks! Any remaining small straps of fabric plucked off as I came to the realization that my entire lower body was completely nude! Well…aside from my boots, but even that changed very quickly. My calves split the laces as they tore apart, my bare feet elongating so much that they came through the front of them! They fell off, quickly becoming left behind on the road behind me as I drove as fast as possible towards the coffee shop. The wheels underneath me started to struggle, the bike grunting and groaning as I had to strain the engine just to keep up our speed. Extra plumes of exhaust sputtered out of the pipe as it tried to maintain itself.

Just then, everything about my upper body went into overdrive. My obliques thickened. My lats flared out. I saw underneath my thickening dick that my abs were spreading out into a glorious 8-pack. The teeth of the jacket zipper that held any semblance of normalcy to my body was pried apart as my pecs grew beyond the size of shelves. They were like King Sized pillows, becoming so hefty that my nipples forced themselves into a downward angle as they pointed towards the floor. But still, they kept growing! I felt them press into the small tinted visor in front of me as they began to rise up into my vision. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to look at my feet on the pedals anymore! My jacket practically exploded off as I became 100% completely naked. Within only a minute, I was growing from professional bodybuilder status, to the largest man on Earth. I heard more chanting behind me.

“Bigger. Bigger. Bigger!” Epsilon willed. With each word, I felt the effects even more. My eyes peered around us at the passing cars and pedestrians. As a motorcyclist, you were bound to get quite a few stares. But these stares didn’t feel like stares of envy or gratitude. I could feel the awe and disgust written on their faces. I grew more and more uncomfortable with every second that passed as my body passed from huge into massive. My biceps weren’t just the size of baseballs. They were the size of cannonballs! No, bigger! My shoulders widened as it became quickly difficult to balance the speeding motorcycle. The tires groaned, clearly holding beyond their weight-limit. I tried to remove the helmet once again, but every attempt only forced Epsilon to grow me even bigger.

My cock bumped along the last row of my abs as it crawled into my pec valley, my hips started to grind back and forth on the seat. The vibrations of the engine running through my enormous, naked body was enough to drive me crazy. It quaked through my balls, forcing more hot seed out of my slit. Epsilon barely had any room left on the bike! He used my chiseled obliques as handholds! I must have been nearly 700 pounds of pure, erotic masculinity by now! But it was packing on even quicker.

I could barely even steer anymore. Traffic honked from behind as the poor motorcycle swerved from lane to lane. The orgasmic bliss was so heavy that it was hard to even think straight. I could barely even see from how fogged up my visor was getting. In fact, I could feel my traps pushing against the base of my helmet! They must have been crawling up my neck this entire time! My eyes focused on the street signs that approached us. Only a few blocks out!

“Just…a little…further!” I grunted. My legs had trouble staying on the bike now, easily 2 feet longer than they had been at the start of this ride. Paired with the immense size of my body, it felt like I was riding a tricycle! I completely underestimated my strength as well. Each correction against the handlebars was drastic, nearly knocking us off the vehicle. Each pull with my fingers against the throttle would normally be enough to send it into a wheelie, if it wasn’t carrying such an obscene capacity.

People at this point couldn’t help but pull out their phones and record. I must look like a muscle morph, my cock expanding level with my pecs as my chest thickened much beyond the size of barrels! In fact, I couldn’t even see my speedometer anymore, nor the road directly in front of me. They were absolutely incredulous, nearly spreading wider than the handlebars themselves on either side of me! My balls practically slapped at my feet in this seated position. I’m sure they would touch the ground even when I was standing, soon enough.

Epsilon’s hands rubbed all up and down my body, willing even more size to grow into me. I felt the first sign of a mobility issue when I went to itch my other arm. My fat biceps grinded against my pecs, prohibiting me from reaching across my body. Even with my legs spread at their absolute widest, I couldn’t pull my thighs away from the motorcycle to create space.

Suddenly, the front wheel of the motorcycle caved in, our speed instantly dropping to 0 miles per hour as sparks shot out from the broken rims. My chest shattered the windshield and my arms bent the handlebars away from me as the wind stopped gliding over my naked body. I shuddered, becoming very aware of how exposed I was to the outside world right now. If we couldn’t ride anymore, that only left walking, and I just wanted to get out of the public eye as fast as possible.

I stood up, the bike falling to the side as I felt the full weight of my body pull downwards on my frame. I felt like a titan. Between my egregiously large muscles and vast endowment, all anyone could do at this point was stare. My balls hung just beyond my knees, rolling over my corded thighs as I staggered over to the sidewalk. Epsilon giddily skipped behind me, admiring the show that was unfolding.

It was preposterous just how much of the sidewalk I took up. My shoulders at their widest provided almost no space to walk alongside me, but that was perfect for my grower, who got to admire my wonderful ass that swayed and bounced with every step. As I walked, it seemed that almost all of the growth that was happening across my body began homing in on my cock. I could feel the weight pulling it down. It was becoming a complete nuisance as it started to stretch further in front of me, nearly beginning to touch the sidewalk!

Anyone on our side of the street avoided me at all costs. I couldn’t blame them, either. Imagine seeing a naked, 900 pound stud with a cock that practically scraped the ground. It was even leaking copious amounts of seed, leaving a treasure trail behind me that was sure to confuse pedestrians later that day. The helmet atop my body surely looked pretty small in comparison. I appreciated the fact that my identity was hidden, but even still, my face burned with humiliation underneath it.

Cars slowed down as they walked past, almost like they were watching an accident in slow motion. Perhaps they were, for better or worse. My eyes took notice of the glowing sign at the end of the street: Coffee shop. I’m almost there!

The sidewalk quickly turned from paved to a brick walkway as we entered the district where all the shops and restaurants were located. I could feel every pair of eyes on the street peering into my soul as my pecs grumbled even bigger. Fuck! How much bigger were they going to get?

I lumbered my way to the front door as quickly I could. My balls bounced between my upper calves, an audible sloshing ringing through the air as I moved my legs around each other with every step. They were as large as yoga balls! My quads had thickened so much that I couldn’t simply walk in a straight line anymore. Epsilon was right on my heels, and his chanting grew even faster.

Relief swamped me as the wooden door grew closer, the handle to walk inside becoming even more inviting. I reached my arm out, my biceps brushing against my sensitive nipples as my fingers grasped the handle. I stopped momentarily, wincing as my cock ballooned out another few inches. It scraped into the floor, having bloated so much that I wouldn’t even be able to open the door. I gasped, reaching down and picking it up. It radiated heat against my hands, and had the same heft as a body pillow. I hugged it against myself, balancing it over my shoulder as my fat cockhead leaked down the nooks of each muscle on my boulder-like back.

I forced the door open with enough velocity to break it off its hinges entirely. I tried to walk inside normally, but my shoulders were so wide that I was nearly 1.5x its width! I turned sideways, squeezing my mighty pecs through the small opening. The crowning on the door tore off, debris raining to the floor as I whimpered with pleasure. My large bubble-butt had trouble as well, but with enough grunting and heaving, I finally made it inside. The familiar scent of cocoa beans and baked goods wafted through the air.

My feet rumbled across the wooden floor, notifying any remaining oblivious customers of my ethereal presence. I was greeted with multiple shocked faces of customers around the coffee shop. You could hear a pin drop. In fact, my muscles were the only audible thing that people heard as another 50 pounds forced itself onto my frame, causing me to lean against a table as it shifted multiple feet. Epsilon squeezed in behind me.

“Don’t mind us, but it’d be best if you left,” he suggested. With that, he grabbed my cock, making me scream with a pleasurable moan that was deep enough to rattle the guests. They all jumped up, filing past us for the exit. None of them wanted to be here for what was going to come next. After the final person left, he locked the door behind me.

“Not like you’ll be able to leave soon enough, anyways,” he joked. His comment caused my meat to jump with anticipation, spewing a fresh load onto the floor below me. I waddled over to the massive window, seeing my body in its reflection. I hadn’t realized just how gargantuan I had become! I looked like a mountain. Perhaps even double the size of the largest bodybuilder on the planet. Certain body parts, however, held much larger proportions than even that. Specifically my pecs, which were like entire recliners on my chest. My cock throbbed with delight, pouring even more pre down each ridge and crevice of my erotic muscles, which looked pumped beyond belief. The shimmer that glinted off of them only further emphasized my bulk.

I noticed the sigil on the side of my helmet glowing brightly in the reflection. In fact, I could hear it pulsing with power as it pushed even more size onto me. It almost put me in a trance. Maybe being big wasn’t so bad? I rubbed my hands across my monstrous pecs and down my hyper-sensitive shaft. Perhaps I could do with just a little more..

“Yeah that’s right, Kalos. Give in. Feel those sexy, masculine muscles. Please that enticing, delicious cock. Enjoy it as it throbs for your touch, growing even larger against your behemoth pecs. Your chest alone could practically give your manhood a pec-job.” My breathing grew heavier and deeper as I started to feel myself more frantically. Not only was my libido beginning to rise even more, my growth was too. My brain hopped between logic and desire, unsure which to entertain more. I could feel a sense of addiction thrumming through me. If I continued from here, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stop.

I sat pondering for a moment as the floorboards underneath me creaked. It may have been somewhat slow, but the growth was still making me bigger. Epsilon watched in sheer fascination as my shadow crept along the floor. The lights themselves started to have trouble wrapping their warming glow around me. My back looked like a massive dinner table from his point of view. No one in humanity has ever sported this much size before.

Clarity won me over. I was already the biggest. Living at this size would already be quite the feat. An 8-foot, nearly 1,000-pound giant. Clothes would be difficult to find and would need to be custom tailored. The stares would already be constant. I’d like to at least fit through the doors. I turned around to face Epsilon. With my new height and brawn, there was simply no way for him to stop me from removing my helmet at this point. I could see a look of disappointment flash across his eyes as he realized my intentions.

My hands reached up, steadily reaching for my helmet before—Bump. I looked down, confused. My biceps pushed heavily into my shoulders, which crammed immensely into my pecs, preventing me from reaching my arms all the way up. I strained a bit further, my fingers not even being able to graze the tip of my helmet. I tried a different position. And then another one. And then another. No matter what angle I leaned, I couldn’t grab it! I shook my head around wildly, but the perfect sealed fit and chinstrap prevented any movement from occurring. I stomped over to the wall, prepared to use the edge to pull it over my head, but my pecs had simply grown too huge! They pushed into the wall long before my neck did. Even as I craned my neck forward as much as I could, there was still an entire foot of space left between the front of my visor and the wall. Epsilon’s blank stare grew into a seductive, devious smile as he approached me.

His hands pressed against the base of the sigil on the side of my head. That’s when I felt it. The thrumming in my helmet grew louder and louder. Euphoria started to pour into my brain as I stumbled backwards, my cock instantly becoming erect beyond belief. It raised off my towering shoulders, lifting in front of my eyes as it throbbed in front of me. Oh, how desperately I wished to lick it and praise every inch with my tongue, but my upper body was much too thick to reach it.

“Ohhhh-hhhh,” I moaned, feeling the switch between logic and lust flipping heavily towards lust, my voice dropping an entire octave instantly. It was almost like a vibration was shuddering up my frame, preparing me for the largest growth spurt of all time. Epsilon moaned in tandem with me. In fact, I could see size packing onto him as well, just at a much slower rate. His black and blue motorcycle outfit slowly filled out, but all he wanted at the moment was to service me. His hands slid down my helmet, caressing my traps, before feeling every curve and crevice down to my overwhelmingly thick cock.

“Hope you’re ready to become a God,” he seductively oozed. He stepped back, ready for me to fill his vision.

“Oh fuckk. It feels so good!” I croaked, feeling the warm sensation flood across my entire body. It filled every inch of my being, from my toes, to my package, to my fingers, to my biceps. All at once it felt like my body went into overdrive with stimulation. A large volley of pre shot against the ceiling as it started. My muscles audibly groaned as hundreds of pounds of pure, concentrated muscle piled onto me all at once. My balls dropped like an anchor, striking the wooden floor as they made contact, now as large as my legs. The wet, sensual slap of it caused my cock to lurch, swelling an entire foot in seconds! It rose to the top of my helmet, the sheer weight of it beginning to pull it towards the floor as it thickened with a fresh sense of vigor. My calves doubled, if not tripled in size as muscle packed on muscle. My toes spread across the floor as my height increased to 9 feet tall! It was almost comical how much meat my bones could hold, but whatever magic was bound to the helmet forced me into further submission, erasing all of my cares and concerns.

Earlier I compared my thighs to tree trunks. Fuckkk. They were becoming so much bigger now. Absolute godly thighs to match my colossal body, each as thick around as centurion trees! I spread my legs to their absolute widest, my rod gushing an enormous amount of pre as it tried its hardest to empty the impossible vastness of my cum factories. Even with my new stance, my thighs surged their way against the base of my cock, acting almost as a masturbator that stimulated the core of it. I couldn’t even reach them if I tried to anymore, but each ab was so dense and deep that you could almost use them as pillows! ..And god damn! They were transforming into a 10-pack! Fuck. I was really becoming a God now.

My eyes nearly rolled back into my head as I heard my wonderful, delicious cock expand itself forward even further. *CREAAAAAK* Tables were pushed out of the way from its growing length and thickness as it swelled to over 5 feet long. If it were standing straight up, it would be over a foot beyond my head now! I couldn’t restrain myself. My hips bucked back and forth as I expanded even wider, not minding at all of the destruction I was causing. I tried to stroke its insatiable length, but my biceps were growing too big! I reached as far as I could, a constant parade of moans leaking from my lips as I realized that my arms alone were bigger than the doors I walked in just minutes earlier. Each bicep alone was like a yoga ball. Veins as thick as cables snaked throughout them.

My chest distended out even further with enough power to pull me forward slightly. Each one was as monolithic as an entire couch now! I wasn’t able to look down before, but now I was practically forced to look up, the straps of my helmet practically buried, never to be removed again. Their insatiable heft pulled down even more as they began to cover my abs entirely! They were quickly becoming the selling point of my form. I flexed my arms, another volley of pre launching across the room from pure erotica, as I watched them crash into all of my other muscles. Even at a resting position, all my arms would ever know now is how much they will constantly be grinding into my sensitive pecs. The final nail in the coffin was my traps. I had felt them steadily climbing my neck, but now they were beginning to close in around me! I felt them pushing into the back of my helmet like pillows! Simply looking up at the ceiling was starting to become a point of difficulty. It was impressive watching just how bloated and cramped my body could make itself with pure and undeniable muscle.

My balls grew even wider, pooling around my feet as cum gushed all throughout them. It was too much! I needed to get off!

“Epsilon. Worship your god. Stroke my inhuman length and show him just how much you really appreciate submitting to him.” I watched in groaning anticipation as he approached my shaft. Even at this size, I could see it jumping a few inches off the ground with every beat of my heart. His hands made contact, causing my entire being to shudder. The grunt that left my mouth was enough to rattle the windows! The entire seating area at this point was almost entirely muscle now.

“That’s right. More. More!” I yelled, my voice becoming quick grunts more than anything. My hips gyrated as much as they could in a back and forth motion as it dragged along the floor. The texture of the wood only added to my sensitivity. A layer of sweat beaded across my body as I grew more determined to orgasm.

Epsilon resorted to completely hugging my shaft at this point, his arms alone unable to wrap around my girth! But even still, I kept growing! My balls just wouldn’t stop spreading! Each one was almost half the size of my body, which was now 10 feet tall and 13 feet wide with ghastly, intoxicating muscle. He jerked my entire length off with as much force as he could, his body now resembling the size I had been just earlier that day. A bodybuilder! Each stroke caused my entire body to jump, buckets of cum pumping out of me as I felt the orgasm begin to build. The sound of all of my muscles growing at once, paired with the pleasure that Epsilon was providing me was just too much! My traps grew even taller than my helmet, sealing my head against a wall of muscle and my pecs firmly pressed into my jaw.

My breath quickened. My heart beat accelerated. I felt a dull ache at the base of my balls that started to work its way up as I shifted uncomfortably, knowing this was the very moment I was looking forward to the most.

Yes. That’s it. Moreeeeeeeee!” I roared. Torrents of cum launched out of my shaft with so much orgasmic force it dented the wall. Each volley sprayed around the coffee shop, coating everything in my sticky, white seed as my balls contracted over and over again. Growth paired with my orgiastic frenzy, only adding to the waterfall of oats that sprayed from within. It pushed forward another few feet, coming close to finalizing its god-like size at just over 15 feet long.

I felt the final bouts of muscle crash into me as immobility practically set in. I grew to just over 11 feet tall, my head touching the ceiling as my size was so large it looked like it could threaten to fill the room! My shoulders, traps, biceps, triceps, and forearms just looked like mountains that traveled up my entire frame. My pecs just looked absurd, my chest being big enough that you could lay on it! Each pec alone no longer capable of fitting out the door I entered in! Walking itself would be a total chore now, considering my cock was larger than I was tall, and my balls must have been the size of wrecking balls now.

All of those happened while Epsilon milked every last drop out of me. The helmet stood loud and proud on top of my tremendous and mighty body, the glowing sigil on the side dimming as the last wave of growth settled down throughout my body. I sat there, panting. Each breath was incredibly deep and sent vibrations reverberating through the ground. I must have had the deepest voice on Earth. Cum ran down the walls and dripped off the ceiling. I sat back, my body untensing for the first time in ages as Epsilon looked up at me.

“Oh, you thought you were done, big guy? We’re going to go a little bit further,” he ordered, his voice a seductive ooze that caused me to quake with satisfaction. With that, he started touching the sigil on his own helmet as it began to glow a bright shade of blue. I watched in curious fascination as size began to pack onto him. Somehow, deep down I knew he’d never be as a big. He just wanted to serve. To submit. To be capable of worshiping such a behemoth as myself. But now he was going to get even more size to love on.

My already-limited mobility felt like it was becoming even more limited as my head pressed with an increasing pressure into the ceiling. I leaned forward as much as my stature would allow as my legs made their final push with size, boosting me to 12 feet tall. My arms started to force themselves out to my sides as it started to look like a competition to see how much stock could be plastered into each area. My traps crept even higher, now over a foot beyond my head. Very quickly my pecs made their final extension, ballooning with such excessive force that my abs were swallowed behind them. They sat nearly thicker than my entire arms, each pec as big as a smart car. My knees croaked and ached with the broadness they held above, but that was quickly fixed when they exploded to the grandness of mini grain silos. The final bow had to be transfixed onto this enormous present, however, and I knew exactly what was next. I felt my prick double in thickness and surge forward multiple feet in length, causing even more damage to the coffee shop as it crashed through the bar. With the new-found size of my ever-expanding balls, which were like couches at this rate, every glob of cum that leaked out of me held more than a gallon of wonderful, thick seed.

“Thank you, Epsilon,” I panted heavily, hunched down as my arms practically pressed into the walls. At my final size, I was over 12 feet tall with a width that pushed 18 feet wide. My manhood was 20 feet long at its most erect length. Transportation and fitting through standard doors would be an issue, but I had every wish I had ever wanted. Even if I was bound to the biggest human alive, I would enjoy my new existence as a God. To be served by Epsilon and others, and that was perfect enough for me.

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