MW’s Pizza: Unexpected delivery

by mf81

Danny doesn’t want to cook dinner tonight so he decides to order pizza from a place his former co-worker was obsessed with. When the delivery guy arrives, he didn’t bring pizza.

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Danny came home after a long day from work and was exhausted. There was nothing particularly bad about it but the office had been working overtime all this week to deal with the new account from a big Fortune 500 company.

Now it was the weekend and all Danny wanted to do was get something to eat and then pass out. He looked over

at the sink filled with dirty pots and pans, realized that he would have to dig through that mess to cook something

and he certainly wasn’t in the mood for that. He really just wanted to exert as little energy as possible and so decided to order in. He’d been meaning to try that new MW’s Pizzeria. Some of the guys at work couldn’t stop talking about it. Especially this one guy Craig. He actually quit about two weeks ago and by the way he used to talk about this place people started to joke he quit just so he could work there. Danny was in the cubical next to him and just the week before Craig quit Danny remembered he ordered a “Beef Lover’s special” every night just before going home. Danny wasn’t exactly the poster boy for healthy eating but just listening to him ordering it every night was hardening his arteries. But if he was ordering it so much Danny thought it had to be good. He pulled out the card for MW’s he picked up off of Craig’s desk while cannibalizing his old office supplies and dialed the number.

“MW’s, can I take your order?” said the surprisingly deep voice on the other end.

“Uh, yes. I’d like a Beef Lover’s special.”

“Really!” the voice said with emphasis. “And would you like it extra beefy, super beefy, or ultra beefy?” he asked with that same emphasis. It actually sounded kind of creepy to Danny.

“Uhhh… ultra beefy… I guess?”

“What’s the address?”

Danny rattled off the information the guy needed. The voice replied in a curious tone, “Great! He’ll be over in 30 minutes. Have a good one stud!” and then he hung up.

“Wow, that was weird,” Danny said out loud. Besides the creepy way he said everything he also forgot to tell him how much the pizza would be. He didn’t think much of it though. After all, he thought, how much could it actually cost? He went into the living room to watch some TV, passing his weight set with six months’ worth of dust collecting on it. Work had kept him off his usually steady workout schedule. It had been a good way to counteract some of his bad eating habits and while he was never ripped he managed to fill out a shirt pretty well. But now he had lost some of the mass of his chest and started to fill out the lower part of his shirt more. Combined with his thinning blond hair and the growing wrinkles it depressed Danny. Since turning 30 two years ago he couldn’t help but wonder if he had passed his prime. That, however, was a worry for another night. Right now he just wanted to be fed and get some rest.

Thirty minutes later on the dot Danny heard the doorbell ring. He opened the door to jaw dropping sight. On the other side was a delivery boy with a face that looked like it was just out of diapers, but the body of a seasoned bodybuilder. His face showed a deep olive complexion, probably Latino, but with striking blue eyes. His hair was dark and wavy and a little long, but not quite shoulder length and a thin goatee He wore a red and white striped button down shirt that looked like it was purposefully one size too small, showing off every curve and bulge of his sculpted body. While not the size of a pro, the definition of his muscles could easily be seen beneath the tight shirt. His black slacks were similarly too small and the teardrops of his thighs and the diamonds of his calves were bulging underneath the fabric, straining it to its full capacity. Even his crotch was packed to its limit. Danny was in awe. It was strange how much this guy affected Danny since he really didn’t go for guys. There were a few “experiments”, but Danny didn’t think those counted.

Danny snapped back to awareness as the kid stepped past him and entered the house. Danny had thought this a little too forward of him, but before he could say anything the delivery boy said “So are we going to get started or are you waiting for tomorrow’s mail?”

Danny really didn’t like the tone of this kid. He would have told him off, but he just wanted his dinner and some sleep so he let it go. Danny pulled out his wallet, looked at the kid’s name tag then said, “So, Miguel, what do I owe you?”

“It starts at $3,000,” he said in deep, even tone.

“Funny. Now what does it really cost?” Danny was losing patience with this kid.

“What, old man, did you think this would be cheap?” Miguel began to yell. “You think a body like this is cheap?”

Danny was about lose it with the “old man” comment, but was perplexed by the last thing he said. “What, do you mean a body like this?” he asked, glancing down at himself.

He threw down his pizza carrier and with lightning speed he grabbed Danny by the wrists and forced his hands on to his solid pecs, saying, “This one. The one you’re supposed to be paying for.” As he said this, Miguel looked straight into Danny’s eyes and slowly dragged his hands across his torso, flexing every rock hard muscle along the way.

Danny suddenly realized what they were talking about and blurted out in a stuttering and nervous voice, “Listen, I-I think there has been a misunderstanding here. Uh, w-why don’t we just call this an unfortunate mistake and—”

Miguel suddenly grabbed Danny’s shirt and thrust him against the wall, his feet dangling in the air. “Listen, old man, you called and asked for this and one way or another you are going to pay for it!” Miguel’s eyes burned with anger as he held Danny effortlessly in the air.

“I don’t have that kind of money!” Danny protested in a voice much higher and terrified than he intended it to be.

Miguel lowered Danny just enough to bring him to eye level, then leaned in real close and said, “Then you are just going to have to work it off.”

Throwing Danny over his hard shoulder with little effort Miguel made his way into the living room, scanning it with his deep brown eyes till they locked on to the weight bench. “Perfect!” he growled. He reached for the bar sitting on the rack. Despite the fact that it still had a solid 145 on it he lifted it off like it was some cheap movie prop. He striped the weights off of the bar and carried Danny back into the hallway.

All this time Danny was punching and kicking Miguel but the only person he managed to hurt was himself. Pounding his fists into his back was like trying to beat up a wall of titanium. By the time they got back to the hallway Danny had given up, his hands and feet throbbing with pain. Miguel stopped at the foot of the stairs and lifted Danny off his shoulder. He then pinned him to the banister as he took the bar and stuck it behind the main pole of the banister. Miguel grabbed the bar at both ends and with a strength Danny couldn’t help but watch with awe and he began to bend the ends of the steel rod together, wrapping it around Danny and the banister like piece of solid metal rope.

Danny would have protested more about being restrained if his mouth hadn’t been hanging open with amazement over Miguel’s strength. Miguel just gave him a cocky smile and said, “Wow! You really are just shocked, aren’t you? And I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.” Danny was filled with dread upon hearing those words.

Miguel then closed his eyes and began concentrating. For about ten to fifteen seconds nothing happened, confusing Danny. But then the veins started to appear. It was subtle at first, just looking like his heart had started beating a little harder but then new ones began branching from the ones already visible. As Danny watched them expand with blood he then noticed something else expanding. Miguel’s shirt, which was already near the limit, began to audibly groan under the pressure of his growing chest. The gaps between the buttons began to show his tan flesh till the top button popped off and hit Danny on the cheek. The opening revealed an even larger network of veins spreading and branching on his chest. It was if his body was creating conduits to feed the growth of his muscle.

Shortly after the first one broke the second button followed. Then a third and a fourth until the entire front of his torso had been exposed, his blood pumping everywhere to supply his ever growing mass. The seams around his arms started to stretch, then tear as his veins began to gorge his biceps to inhuman peaks that were sharp and pointed. He moved into a double bicep pose and exploded out the sleeves like a cocoon. Miguel seemed to grow impatient with his clothes and began rip the rest of his shirt off, freeing his torso from its restriction. His upper body was a sight to behold; especially his ever tightening stomach, growing muscles in his abs and obliques Danny didn’t even know existed before. By this time his pants had already began to split showing off the teardrops in his thighs. Deeming them also too restricting he forced them apart as well showing the redwoods he was growing down there. All Miguel had left now was a pair of light red posers. Danny noticed the veins in his body began to recede some and the growth slow down. He thought the transformation was coming to a close. He was wrong.

Just above the top of the posers the purple head of his steel hard cock began to poke out. The veins that had covered his body were now furiously growing thick all over his cock. Even the part covered by the posers were showing visible veins running through out, including his sack. And just like his other muscles, this one began to expand. The head flared up and out, slowly creeping up to the bottom of his pecs until the head was nestled in his cleavage causing them to involuntarily bounce and flex around it. Then it grew wider until it obscured half of his abs on both sides. Finally his balls inflated to the size of grapefruits till the skin of the scrotum hung out the sides of the pouch. With a swift snap he destroyed his last piece of clothing letting his monstrous nuts hang halfway down his thighs.

Over by the banister a clanking noise could be heard. It was Danny, shaking uncontrollably. He was unable calm down after Miguel’s amazing display of power. Miguel just gave him an even wider cocky grin and leaned in next to his ear and said, “That wasn’t even the good part either.” The clanking grew louder. He strode over to the pizza carrying case he had dropped on the floor and pulled out what seemed to be a label less bottle of water, except the contents were pink and slightly opaque. With his thick hand he unscrewed the top and walked over to Danny. He grabbed his chin and mouth forcing them open. Danny tried to struggle, but only half-heartedly since he know that it was useless to do so. Miguel then forced the contents down his throat until every last drop was consumed.

Danny began to cough and gag after taking down the harsh liquid. “Son of a bitch! What was that for?”

Miguel just smiled and said, “So we can get to the good part.”

At first Danny didn’t feel anything, except the burning sensation from the acrid drink. Soon though, he began to feel his heartbeat begin to get faster and faster, harder and harder until it felt like his heart could pump all the water from a swimming pool in minutes. Looking down he could see veins pumping underneath his shirt and he could feel his muscles tighten and expand.

“What the fuck are you doing to me?!” he yelled.

Miguel just looked at Danny with contempt and slapped his massive paw over his mouth to shut him up. “Listen, Old Man! You called me here with no money to pay me, so now you have to get some to pay off your debt. But you’ll never do it with that pathetic body.”

“No! I don’t want to be a freak like you! I don’t want… to look like… I don’t want… I don-…I….” Danny’s anger began to dissipate as his mind clouded and began to focus on how the changes he was going through were making him feel. He was acutely aware now of how his body growing denser and harder. From his skin, through his muscle and down into his bones he could feel them being rebuilt into stronger and more durable versions. The throbbing veins became even more prominent under his shirt, even spreading over his hands, feeding the changes. His former flab had long ago disappeared, replaced with rock hard sinew.

As he felt his body become as solid and hard as rock his heartbeat kicked into and even higher gear and that was when the growth began in earnest. Danny feared that expanding into the twisted metal that encircled him would hurt but whatever Miguel had given him had already made his muscle too strong to yield to something like steel. His growing body slowly but surely caused the bar to expand out since it was no longer a match for his power. Soon after Danny’s clothes began to succumb to his growth as well. First the buttons on his shirt popped off one by one to expose his vein covered chest. Then seams around his shoulders gave way to his engorged delts and traps. The bar had been opened up enough for him to stretch out his arms uncoiling it enough so that it fell down to the floor, passing his legs as they stretched apart the seams of his pants.

The rest of his clothes succumbed soon after, at this point just exploding into shreds from the rapidly increasing expansion of his muscles. Once everything but his boxer fluttered to the ground and the veins began to recede, all that was left behind was a blond, hairy chested behemoth. But like what happened with Miguel before, all those veins immediately shot to Danny’s cock, causing its rapid hardening and growth as it tore apart the boxers and destroyed the last piece of his clothing. The head stopped halfway up his stomach, not nearly as big as Miguel’s but still much thicker and longer than any normal man’s piece.

When the growth finally stopped the feeling clouding his mind began to slightly recede slightly and a small seed of the anger he was feeling began to return. Through the feelings of strength, power, and pleasure, Danny’s rage began to push though. He picked up the mangled weight bar and through the haze began to make his way towards Miguel, intending to hit him with it using his new found strength.

Miguel, though, didn’t look worried at all. He just stood there with a cocky grin. When Danny got close he reached back his thick, rippling arm, but before he could take the swing his arm stopped. He just stared at Miguel, taking in his enormous ripped and hairless torso, the patch of fur above the root of his cock the only exception. Every muscle twitched with thick corded muscle, still even bigger than his own. Danny felt his will falter and his arm began to shake. Miguel just walked over and grabbed the bar in one on his hands, squeezing it so the metal deformed like clay.

“You don’t want to do that, do you?” Miguel said softly.

Danny’s resistance quickly draining he let go of the bar and let Miguel casually throw it to the side. He then put his other hand behind Danny’s head and pulled him close. Their monster cocks pressed up against each other’s bodies and their lips almost touching he whispered, “What do you want to do?”

At that moment Danny finally surrendered to the fact that however angry he was before and however straight he thought himself, he only wanted one thing. To please him. He closed the small distance that was left between the two of them and pressed his lips against him, then opening his mouth so he could let his tongue in for the most passionate kiss he has ever received. Caught up in the throes of passion Danny leaped up and wrapped his legs around Miguel’s waist, squeezing their throbbing manhoods even harder together causing untold pleasure for both of them.

Miguel, also caught up in the passion, decided to slam Danny up against the wall, but severely underestimated his own strength and plowed straight through it causing them to crash down and roll through the kitchen, demolishing several cabinets along the way. They stopped with Miguel on the floor in front of the fridge and Danny straddling him on top. Danny once again attacked Miguel’s mouth while feeling every bulge and contour of his muscular frame while Miguel returned in kind. After another few minutes of intense making out Danny separated and looked upon his unexpected lover’s giant dick and realized that he had an urge, no, an absolute need to have it up his ass right now.

“Fuck me!” he yelled. “Fuck me hard!”

Miguel just smiled another arrogant smile and grabbed Danny’s by the hips proceeded to easily lift him up as far as he could until he was hovering right above his massive fuck pole. He lowered him down slowly until his plump head was knocking at his back door and then slowly but steadily plunged Danny down his shaft until he buried it to the base. The whole time going down the shaft he screamed with pleasure and delight, completely unbelieving how right Miguel’s cock felt up his ass. It was like he was made to fit him.

For what felt like hours to Danny he proceeded to ride Miguel, going up and down his dick, all the while continuing to kiss and feel each other up the whole time. Finally, with Miguel on the floor and Danny riding him cowboy style they both reached the edge. As their climaxes hit each of them began to spew quarts of jizz. Danny was shooting wildly in the air and in the intensity of the moment grabbed a cast iron skillet that landed next to him in the debris of the kitchen and squeezed it in his left hand so that it crumpled like tin foil. Miguel meanwhile had his hands braced on the fridge and when his orgasm hit he pushed, first denting the front door of the stainless steel appliance and then shoving it thought the wall completely into the dining room, causing even more destruction in there.

After basking in the afterglow for a few moments, Danny slid himself off of Miguel and offered him a hand up. Standing in the middle of the ruined kitchen and covered in cum he surveyed the damage. A small part of him felt that he should care that his house was ruined. “I should probably clean this up,” he said.

Miguel chimed in, “Do you really care?”

Danny thought about it and realized he really didn’t. “No, I guess not.” It was like he had just woken up from a dream and the life he lived before, this house and his job, was just a hazy memory.

“Besides, as an employee of MW’s Pizza your shelter is provided by the company now.”


“Yeah, how else do you think you are going to work your debt off?”

“How long could it take to make up $3000?”

Miguel smiled that cocky smile of his again. “Oh, you’ll be working off a lot more than $3000. I mean, between the tip you owe me, the interest you will incur, the expenses you will owe us for your room and board, training, food, uniforms… Well let’s just say you will be working for us for a very, very long time. Any problems with that?”

Again Danny felt that feeling again of just having woken from a dream. Looking down at his new magnificent body and remembering the mind blowing sensation of the sex he just had with Miguel he realized that this was a lifestyle he could get used to. “No. It’s no problem at all.” Now it was his turn to smile.

“Good. Now shrink yourself down. I can’t fit two people this size in the car.” And with that he began to shrink down to his original size. Still beefy, much more in the realm of ‘fitness model’ instead of ‘unholy mass monster’. His cock also began shrink and go soft, going back down to a smaller but still pretty impressive soft 6 inches.

“How do I do it?”

“Just visualize it and it will happen.”

Danny closed his eyes and imagined himself compacting down to a smaller size. He could feel himself recede until he was as big as Miguel. When he opened them again and looked down he saw a still muscular but much more manageable frame with a nice thick coat of blond fur.

“All right,” Miguel said. “Time to get back to HQ and introduce you to the crew.” While Danny was concentrating on shrinking himself he took the opportunity to grab a spare uniform he apparently brought with him in his bag. “Sorry, I only have the one. But I am guessing that you don’t really mind being naked in public now.”

“Can’t say that I do.” In fact Danny felt he would really enjoy flaunting himself now.

Miguel chuckled “Still, let’s not attract any more attention than we have to. The noise we made was probably bad enough. As you can imagine we aren’t running a strictly legitimate business here so we want to keep as low of a profile as possible, so let’s get into car quickly.”

Danny did as he was told despite wanting to feel the cool night air on his naked skin. He wondered what he was going to do while there were driving around with him naked, but saw the car had mirrored windows. Even the MW’s logo inconspicuous on the driver’s side of the door.

“Like, I said low profile.”

They both hopped into the car and headed off to where ever MW’s was located. Danny began squirming in his seat. Something felt… off.

“What’s a matter?” Miguel asked.

“I don’t know. I just feel, I don’t know, empty.”

He smirked and said, “I think I know what will help.” He reached and slid his hand under Danny’s ass and stuck one, then two, then three fingers up his chute, expertly manipulating his prostate. He could feel Miguel grow his fingers thicker and longer in order to fill him up more. Danny moaned deeply.

“Oh good! Looks like we got a hairy muscle bottom bitch boy. We needed something like that on the menu. Too bad though. It looks like that big, beautiful cock you grew is kind of a waste.”

Miguel continued to finger him until he was on the brink of orgasm. “Grow that cock of yours till it fits in your mouth. Can’t have you blocking my windshield with your spunk.”

Danny did as he was asked and willed his cock bigger until he could bend over and stick the head into his mouth. As soon as his lips surrounded it he shot another massive load. His new found skills allowed him to take most of it down, though some of it leaked down his chin. After he was done firing Miguel removed his fingers, used them to scoop up some of the cum that was dribbling down his chin and stuck it into his own mouth to taste.

“Mmmmm, bitch boy! That is some tasty cum. And I guess that huge prick of yours is not as much of a waste as I thought.”

“Bitch boy, is that what that stuff makes you?” Danny didn’t care. It actually felt right, but he was just asking out of curiosity.

“It’s different for everyone,” he said. “That’s what I mean when I say ‘menu’. We started out with a few hypermuscular alpha tops, like yours truly, but as we get more recruits we find that they come with different talents and attributes. The only constant is muscle. Soon we will have something for everyone.”

They eventually arrived in an old industrial district. It was mostly abandoned warehouses out there. Sitting at a corner was a small non-descript brick building with a neon sign in the window saying MW’s Pizza.

“This is HQ?” Danny said

“Remember, low profile. Besides there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.”

Miguel parked the car in the small parking lot and they both got out and headed inside through the back door. When Danny stepped in he was surprised to see a familiar face. Though he now had a thickly muscled frame covered in a skin tight MW’s uniform he instantly recognized the full brown beard and clean shaven head of Craig from work.

“Danny! My man! Glad you could join the team.” Craig walked over to him and planted a deep, sloppy kiss on him.

“So this is where you went to. I take it you were recruited, too.”

“Yeah, I kept on ordering ‘pizza’ from them almost every night. When I ran out of money to pay, Miguel and I came to an…arraignment. Been here ever since to pay off my debt.”

The two of them continued to play around with each other when Miguel interjected. “Hey Craig, why don’t you take Danny down to the dorms and get him settled.”

“Can do.” They continued rub up against and fondle each other as Craig took them down stairs.

Soon after a phone rang and Miguel picked it up.

“Hello?… Hey Boss!” He listened, then grinned. “Uh huh, uh huh. Yeah the new formula works great. Makes the new guys easier to transition in. Makes their old lives seem like a dream. They hardly question it at all.” He smiled, remembering the encounter as his boss spoke. “Uh huh. New client?… Really? He ordered that? Just so happens I recruited a new guy a few days ago that would fit that request nicely. I’ll send him right away…. Okay, talk to later, Boss.” And then he hung up.

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