Adam University

by OneLuckyGuy89

Luke Winters convinces his four buds to go to an all-male university. When their friend Mikey shows up at lunch much larger, there’s nothing weird about that, right?

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Part 1 Luke Winters convinces his four buds to go to an all-male university. When their friend Mikey shows up at lunch much larger, there’s nothing weird about that, right?
Part 2As Josh helps Giuseppe try to nullify the potion, the other four get into predicaments of their own. (added: 6 Apr 2024)
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Author’s Note

Hey guys, sometimes I have to follow the libido and I popped this gem out. I have become obsessed with hairymusclemorph’s stories and he’s finally migrated here. If your thing is reading about men growing with muscle and getting hairier, check him out. 

Now here’s a story from my mind with his kinks blended in. If I can make the time, I plan on making this a three-parter. Enjoy!


Part 1

Luke Winters walked through the parking lot to meet his friends at the front of the university. It had taken all summer, but he convinced his friends to go to Adam University with him. It was an all-male university and his friends had been weary, but they wanted to stay together for at least another year. The tuition wasn’t too pricey, and the others said they’d try for a year, and then make their decision moving forwards.

Luke was 5’9” with blonde hair and blue eyes. He didn’t have much muscle to speak of, but he had a nine-inch piece and a nice bubble butt. Unlike his other friends he was gay, but that didn’t matter to them. The other four were Tony, Kwamme, Josh, and Mikey. Tony was an even 6’0” with brown hair and lagoon-blue eyes, and rocked a thick jawline beard with his chest covered in hair. Luke had always been a body hair guy, so he’d had a huge crush on Tony for years. Kwamme was 6’4” with long dreads and brown eyes that popped against his chocolate skin. He was the only athlete of the group, playing basketball three years in high school. Josh Chan was a genius and stood at a nice 6’2”. His jawline could cut glass and he had a lower voice, something that Luke loved. Mikey was the last member of their group. He was 5’10” with red hair, green eyes and a little on the hefty size, with a big belly. Luke loved his heavy full beard and wished he could grow his own. 

“There’s our little fairy,” Tony said and waved excitedly at his friend.

“Hey Tone, you guys excited?” Luke asked.

“Dude, it’s a sausage fest here. We did this for you, since you wouldn’t quit bugging us,” Kwamme laughed.

“And the other odd thing is I’ve only seen Freshman students. Where are the rest of the student body?” Josh asked.

“I wish I cared, but I have to see if I can get food before my first class,” Mikey whined, his stomach audibly growling.

“See you guys at lunch,” Tony said and they all separated.

Kwamme, Luke, Tony, and Josh sat around the lunch table waiting for Mikey to join them. They heard a loud burp and turned towards a large man approaching them. It took them a minute to realize it was Mikey. He was suddenly 6’1” and his clothes looked like they were straining to contain him. The T-shirt he was wearing had ridden up to show off a bigger gut sprinkled with red hair. Sitting on the chair, the creak was obvious and he moaned in a significantly deeper voice, rubbing his stomach. Luke couldn’t help but notice the clearly larger dick and balls at Mikey’s crotch.

“Thanks for whoever got me lunch, I’m fucking starving,” Mike growled, in his deeper voice. He leaned forward and a rip rang out in the cafeteria. The guys stared.

“Fuck’s sake, ripped my shorts. Well, they were getting kinda small,” he grumbled.

“They were baggy on you this morning,” Luke said.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Kwamme asked Mikey.

“What are you talking about dude?” Mikey asked.

“You’re about 3 inches taller and probably 20 pounds heavier,” Josh pointed out.

“You guys are nuts. You should dig into your lunch though, this stuff is amazing,” Mikey said, moaning, putting the food in his mouth.

Once the other four smelled the food, they instantly had to start eating it. All the friends moaned in pleasure as they ate the food and drank the thick milk, included with the meal. Mikey began to swell in size again and a rip appeared in between his boulder cheeks. Josh moaned deeply as his voice deepened a few octaves and his shaved face quickly sprouted a full beard. Kwamme scratched his chest as it swelled in size while sprouting hair on his pecs. Tony’s body began to add inches in height and his armpit hair thickened, sticking out of his tee-shirt sleeves. As the men continued to grow, rips and tears began sounding all over the cafeteria.

Luke was so distracted with his growing friends and his quickly lengthening erection, that he didn’t notice his thick blonde beard and his swelling nuts. He absentmindedly scratched his nuts as they grew hairier in his shrinking underwear. As he shoveled the food into his mouth, he watched Tony’s chest grow even hairier and Kwamme’s dick pushing further out in his shorts. The sound all over made him look up and he gasped even louder.

A few tables away a skinny goth guy began eating his food. He wore a black and white long-sleeved shirt and black skinny jeans. Luke watched the sleeves explode into confetti as his arm muscles swell in size. The jeans followed quickly behind, revealing thick thighs covered in dark hair. The guy was now shirtless and scratching his furry chest and his back, showing off bushier pits.

Luke quickly finished his lunch and the five of them belched loudly, patting their hairier stomachs. Mikey stood up and ripped off his thick thighs, leaving him in only his tight blue boxers.

“Dammit, I need to change. I’ll see you guys later,” Mikey yelled, running off.

Luke felt steel hard, watching the muscular hairy ass run away. The other three were finishing swelling and changing. Josh’s top three buttons of his dress shirt popped off in succession revealing his hairy and larger Pecs. Tony moaned and lifted his arms to stretch and Luke caught a whiff of the strong musk. He leaned in to smell his crush’s pits and shuddered at the smell. Kwamme absentmindedly went to adjust his larger crotch and a tear appeared at the top of his tank top.

“Mikey was right, that food was good,” Kwamme said, in his deeper voice.

Suddenly the four men felt a deep urge and their larger balls felt like they were full of lead or mercury. Their large orbs pulsed with one singular need and a shout rang out in the cafeteria.

“So fucking horny!”

“Did you like the smell of those pits, Luke?” Tony asked, looking down on Luke’s face.

“Tony? You’re straight, aren’t you?” Luke asked, in his deeper tone.

“All I know is I’m horny as fuck and want to kiss that bearded face.” Tony moaned and kissed Luke.

The larger man continued to kiss him and traced his hands down his back. Tony’s larger hands gripped Luke’s hairy ass and pulled them closer grinding their dicks together. Luke moaned deeply as his balls swelled larger and hairier. The amount of pre, created a large wet spot at his crotch. Tony dominantly ripped Luke’s shorts in half, causing the bottom to moan in anticipation. The deep orgasmic moan ripped from Luke’s throat, making his chest hairier, as he was impaled on Tony’s large cock.

A deep moan echoed next to them, as Kwamme was impaled on Josh’s larger cock. The two men continued to swell larger and hairier as they fucked. Tony moaned as his cock swelled larger and fatter in Luke’s ass. Squeezing Luke’s hairier cheeks, he fucked like a man possessed, caressing the blonde’s chest as the fur covered more skin and got thicker as well. Twisting the larger nipples, the two men felt their chords tighten and their balls swelled two sizes larger as they prepared for release.

All at once the clothes ripped off of all the men in the cafeteria and they cried out in euphoria as fountains of cum began raining down. Their sizes all seemed to cap at around 7’0” tall and after release, they all laid down on the sticky floor. Luke laid his head on Tony’s hairy Pecs and made shapes with the cum in his hair.

“What the hell happened?” Tony asked in his baritone.

“I’m not sure, but can I get another kiss?” Luke asked.

“Sure. Come here dude.” Tony smiled and kissed him deeply.

“Does that mean you’re gay now?” Luke asked.

“Not sure, but that was fucking amazing. Who knows what the future holds?” Tony asked.

“Good, cause I’m making these mine.” Luke said, grabbing his large nuts.

“Holy fuck.” Tony moaned, his voice dropping another octave.

Luke looked at the beast Tony had become. The thick beard on his face, the large even hairier chest, and the turgid hose that swung between his legs. And for the first time, Tony looked at Luke as though he always looked at him with a deep attraction.

“I love your beard and the blonde chest hair is super-hot,” Tony sad, his eyes full of lust.

“I can’t grow a beard to save my life and you’re the hairy one mountain man,” Luke laughed.

“Dude, I’m looking at your face and there’s a full beard,” Tony said.

“Tony, you’re the one who’s swelled with muscle and hair,” Luke said.

“If you don’t believe me, go look in a mirror,” Tony said.

Luke stood up in frustration and walked towards the restrooms with his large cock slapping his thighs. Tony licked his lips at the large hairy ass on Luke. Finally arriving in the restroom Luke gasped and got an immediate boner at what he saw in the mirror.

The blonde-haired muscle man in the mirror had his face. At first, he thought it was an illusion, but his hands moved with the figure. The thick beard on his face screamed masculinity and the large plates of muscle on his chest were decorated in thick blonde fur. Lifting up his arms he was instantly turned on by the amount of thick pit hair and lifting up his engorged member, he was in awe. He turned around to see his large back and lustfully gripped his large and hairy ass.

The cloud of lust immediately reared its head again and pre dripped from his bulbous cock head. He slowly began to stroke the engorged cock and he watched in awe, as the hair on his balls became thicker. The shaft of his dick elongated more and his balls swelled to resemble ripe mangos. Once he broke his peak, his Adam’s apple swelled larger and his voice dropped announcing his deep moan and gallons of cum covering the mirror.

“I see—so seeing yourself in a mirror breaks the spell,” said a deep voice next to him.

Luke turned to see Josh standing next to him and analyzing his larger form. He lifted his larger chest coated in thick black hair and gripped his larger butt. Quickly his large member began to harden and then start dripping pre.

“The level of need is going to be a problem, but I need release again,” Josh said, panting.

As Josh got to beating off his erect problem, Luke noticed a similar thing happen to his dick and balls. Josh’s nuts acquired more hair, while swelling larger with his dick. When he released, all over the bathroom, his voice dropped even lower in register.

The two friends eventually got Tony and Kwamme into the bathroom, so they could all see what happened to them. Mikey eventually wandered in, now at 8 feet with cum all over his torso.

He joined the others at the mirror and was dumbstruck.

“I look fucking hot,” Mikey moaned.

Suddenly the loudspeakers crackled on and a deep, rumbling voice tickled the guys’ libidos.

“Can Joshua Chan and his four friends join me in the Admin Building? Clothes are not needed, since everyone on campus is in the same predicament. I’ll see you soon.”

Tony and Kwamme had gotten rock-hard erections just from the voice. As Kwamme jacked his erect monster, Luke dove down on Tony’s meat and upon release their genitals grew larger with more hair. After arriving at the Admin Building, they entered the building and found it surprisingly empty.

“Take the door I’m revealing now to find me,” said the same voice.

On the farthest back wall, an area suddenly opened, revealing a metal, silver door. Luke went to open the door and accidentally ripped it off its hinges. Tony laughed at the blunder and Luke blushed. He then groped Luke and kissed him deeply, to calm him down. The five of them entered a giant glass-domed greenhouse area and in front of them was one of the biggest men they’d ever seen in their lives.

The man in question had a dark Italian tan and had long caramel brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail. He had to be about 10 feet in height with a full, luscious beard, and his muscular body was covered in similar-colored body hair. But the reason the five men drooled and got near-instant erections were the two large cocks one above the other, about 2 feet soft, with basketball-sized nuts.

“Just fuck me,” Luke mumbled, in a horny daze.

“Welcome, Gentlemen! My name is Giussepe Pesci and I’m a Biological Engineer,” the man said, his deep voice filling the large area

“Can I assume you’re the reason for our current predicament?” Josh asked, jumping right to the issue.

“Yes and I apologize for what I’ve cursed you all with, but I needed your genius mind, Mr. Chan,” Giussepe explained.

“What about this body is a curse?” Mikey asked, groping his large chest.

He started giving particular attention to his fat nipples and running his hands through the chest fur. As if on cue, they all got erections and as Mikey pleasured himself, he swelled with more muscle and his voice dropped another octave.

“Fu-uck! So good!” Mikey moaned, shooting cum into the air.

“That would be the curse,” Giussepe sighed.

“So my analysis is any action that is sexually gratifying or activates the pleasure part of your brain makes the body release more testosterone. Then muscles grow, genitals enlarge, body hair becomes more abundant, height increases, and the voice drops to a lower range. I can only assume it has to do with the pituitary gland,” Josh explained.

“Your smarts are definitely so sexy,” Giussepe moaned, his twins leaking copious pre. “You ingested the food, coated with my serum, at the cafeteria and my pheromones were released, from the vents, setting you into a trance and activating the effects of the serum.”

“I don’t care how it happened, I just want to continue,” Tony moaned, rubbing the head of his cock on Luke’s hole.

“Just put it in, big boy. I want to be choking on the huge cock!” Luke whined in need.

Tony forcefully shoved in his dick and Luke moaned, his voice dropping even deeper. As the duo got into a constant rhythm, the group watched them swell even larger with muscle. Their pubic bushes were so dense now, you could barely see skin. Luke began sucking on his own dick and Tony bellowed, causing his voice to drop about five octaves.

“Guys, were you even listening to Mr. Pesci?” Josh asked, annoyed. “Wait, what is that smell?”

The genius felt a cloud of lust begin to cloud his mind and as he began jacking off his large cock, he jumped face first onto the lower of Giussepe’s gigantic cocks. The scientist wanted to prevent this, but the man’s attention to his cock was impossible to ignore. The moans emitting from the older man’s mouth, caused him to lose his control and he began swelling larger. Kwamme had jumped on Mikey’s larger back and had begun riding him.

Pure lust filled Giussepe’s body and he began to heat up as he hit his full height of twenty feet. The large testicles, now the size of yoga balls, swelled five times larger and his moans from the release shook the greenhouse itself. In his horny determination, Josh tried to drink all of the cum and the geyser from the upper dick rained down on his head. Giussepe pulled him off his softening dick and Josh’s core was now the size of Giussepe’s nuts. Suddenly the younger man grabbed his stomach and cried out in pain, but it quickly switched to a pleasurable moan.

The Asian man began to swell even larger and his voice dropped even more octaves, reaching a ground rumbling thunder. The other four guys began to masturbate at the hot site, watching his dick grow five inches all at once. Beginning to sweat, the lust that filled the man’s body became unbearable and he needed one thing.

“Somebody fuck me now!” he bellowed, shaking the others’ libidos.

“Don’t have to ask me twice, I want to top for once.” Luke smiled and began fucking Josh’s swelling, hairy ass.

Josh began releasing deep, wanton moans as his friends constantly hammered his prostate and Luke inhaled the musk from his friend’s pit hair bush. The genius quickly reached 8 feet and as he approached 9 feet, a tingling began above his dick. With a euphoric cry a second dick emerged from the thick black forest and it very quickly began to swell to the size of its brother. The second dick was uncut, unlike his first one, and as Josh finally reached 10 feet in height, a bellow emitted from his mouth. The giant’s whole body and Luke himself began to vibrate, as Josh released. His hole made quick work of Luke’s release and after the others came in succession, he dropped to his knees.

“I’m gigantic,” he said, his voice giving the smaller men steel-hard erections.

“But, really fucking manly and hot,” Luke drooled.

“Not to mention that smell,” Mikey moaned and stuck his whole head in Josh’s armpit cavern.

“This is your fault, Tony.” Josh cried.

“What do you mean?” he asked, feigning innocence.

“You got Luke turned on and you released that musk, turning the rest of us on,” Josh growled.

“But are you really upset with how large and manly you are now?” Tony asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I will admit having two cocks is a whole nother level of lust, but they’re huge. What will I wear and these balls…” he started, but pleasurably moaned while caressing them.

“And this hair,” Kwamme said, running his hands through the chest hair.

“Not to mention your intoxicating musk,” Mikey said, emerging from his armpits, his hair and face covered in sweat.

“I can’t afford to get any bigger. I need to help Giussepe, now stop it!” Josh bellowed, causing the men to back up and listen. “Mr. Pesci, let me just take care of these problems.”

Josh expertly contorted his neck down, unhinged his jaw and inhaled both of his large cocks. Muffled groans emitted from his mouth and very quickly he chugged down the fluid from his double barrels. As his limp elephantine cocks dropped below his knees and dripped the remaining cum, he swelled a little bigger. The hair on his ass became so dense almost obscuring the skin similar to his thick pubes. As he scratched his thick pubic bush, his nuts swelled larger and grew another foot in height.

“So Mr. Chan, are you in? I need your help desperately.” Giussepe pleaded.

“Of course I am, I’m too far in at this point myself.” Josh chuckled, his voice shaking the ground.

“Then let’s get to work.” Giussepe smiled.

“I officially retract my complaint, Luke. I’m gonna love this university,” Tony said and pulled him into a deep kiss, fingering his ass.

Luke let out a deep pleasurable moan and Josh followed Giuseppe into a lab in the back of the room.

[To be continued?]


Part 2

[A/N: Don’t want to rush this story, otherwise it’ll come out sloppy. This part’s a little short, which means I’ll probably be shooting for four parts. Enjoy everyone.]

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Luke and Tony were currently making out in a bedroom underneath the greenhouse. Tony pushed them together, grounding their gigantic cocks and causing more pre to cover their hairy torsos. The duo stood at about 8 feet tall now and a manly musk wafted from all the patches of hair on their bodies.

“I want to fuck again,” Tony moaned.

“You just want to get bigger. Josh said to wait and just making out isn’t doing much changes,” Luke panted, caressing Tony’s biceps.

“We have to be eight feet now,” Tony said.

“We’ve been making out for an hour babe, so that’s proof,” Luke said.

“Well I don’t want to wait another hour. I want you to fuck me,” Tony said, his voice dropping an octave.

“Stop talking like that, I’m going to lose control,” Luke whined, resisting his strong urge.

Tony smiled impishly and got on all fours.

“Luke, I want you to fuck…my…big…hairy…ass,” he said and spread open his gargantuan cheeks.

The musk that emitted from the hair around Tony’s asshole, immediately clouded Luke’s judgment. The man moaned in a daze of arousal, gripping his Pecs as they grew hairier and his armpits became denser. The blonde’s voice dropped two octaves, as he gripped his swelling tool and his balls sunk further down his thighs. Diving into his boyfriend’s musky asshole, his tongue could now reach Tony’s prostate and he gripped the Italian’s swelling ass.

“Give me that pleasure, my big fairy,” Tony moaned, as he swelled larger.

Luke gripped Tony’s swelling calves tightly as he shot all over the sheets below them.

“Daddy wants your big elephant cock in his ass,” Tony moaned, his voice dropping three octaves.

With Tony’s growl of a voice ringing Luke’s libido, the man slid into his ass like a man possessed. The immediate connection caused them to swell larger and hairier. Their hairy sacs swelled to fit the small watermelon sized nuts, pulsing with hot cum.

“This is your fault, you sexy…mother fucker,” Luke grunted, his voice dropping further.

“Making me into a manly beast,” Tony roared, his voice dropping again and his beard grew longer.

As the two men swelled to 9 feet, the bed beneath them began to creak and the room itself filled with their overpowering musk. They both felt a tingling above their dicks and as Tony released, his emerging second cock began coating them in cum. Luke let out his own euphoric cry as his second cock grew up Tony’s back and released his own double coating of juice.

“I don’t know how Josh keeps his control with two of these big things,” Luke moaned, caressing his huge members.

“I’m so fucking manly,” Tony moaned, deeply sniffing his pit bushes. “I need more nuts!”

He continued flexing and Luke stuck his head in Tony’s left armpit cavern. Suddenly Tony cried out in pain and grabbed his stomach. Bent over, he suddenly let out two relieved moans and he caressed his ball sack. Tony’s voice dropped to a gravely rumble and caressed his four large balls.

“You have four balls?” Luke gasped and began lathering the bulbous sack.

“I need four balls to hold all my testosterone-filled cum. Only a deep masculine musk comes out of these pits,” Tony cried and sniffed deeply into his armpit.

“I have the manliest boyfriend on the planet. All your body hair,” Luke said, caressing Tony’s chest and then licking it. 

“That gravelly voice,” the blonde crooned.

“This voice?” Tony asked, dropping it down lower.

“Your large muscles and boulder ass,” Luke said, sniffing the hairy hole.

“Those big bowling balls and these gorgeous elephant cocks,” Luke moaned, lustfully licking the phalluses.

“They needed to be in your mouth, a second ago,” Tony demanded.

“Yes, daddy,” Luke moaned and unhinged his jaw, to fit them both.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In a different part of the facility; Kwamme had been tasked with keeping an eye on Mikey. Since their rotund friend was doing whatever he could to get even bigger, someone had to keep him from being sex drunk. Mikey even though he was obsessed with getting bigger was easily smarter than his jock friend. The ginger had tempted the black man into trying an electric glory hole and he was currently moaning lost in a spell of lust. 

Mikey continued walking through different hallways until he found a room full of leather outfits, jeans and other bear gear. Smelling one of the leather vests, he moaned in arousal and became rock hard.

“It’d definitely be hot to be a fucking muscle bear. Fuck… so good!” Mikey cried out, as he climaxed.

He noticed a change in the smell of his cum, emitting a more earthy aroma. His body warmed and a little layer of fat covered his body, causing his Pecs and ass to sag a little. As Mikey’s dicks became wider, hair grew on his shoulders and on his back. His stomach pushed out a little further, creating a large muscle gut and he let out a loud belch.

“Fuck, I’m horny,” he moaned, in his rumbling baritone.

Mikey was sick of his friends trying to avoid him, so he went to get dressed but he was too large. In annoyance he wished he could be just a bit smaller. Like a compacting telescope, he folded up smaller to about 6’8” and put on the leather vest, black jeans, biker boots and put on a black muir cap. Mikey looked in the mirror and moaned in appreciation. He stroked his mustache and it pushed out more prominent and thicker. Mikey was a man on a mission and if his friends were gonna deny his need, he was going to get some men who would help him.

After sneaking out of the facility and off campus, he reached a local gay bar. Making his way inside he asked for a beer and flirted with the bartender, who immediately got hard from just his voice alone. Grabbing his beer, he leaned against the bar and checked out the room. Suddenly two guys started walking towards him. The first guy was about 5’7”, had blonde hair, blue eyes and wore a variety of pink clothing. His crop top showed off his well toned and smooth abs. The guy behind him was 6 foot evden, had dark hair with a patch of hair in front being blue, with green eyes. Mikey lingered on his abs with a thick happy trail. The guy clearly was proud of what was between his legs, pushing his crotch out prominently.

“Hey big daddy, you interested in fooling around?” the dark-haired one asked, in a low tenor.

“I’m always up for that, but I’d like to know the names of the twinks I’m fucking,” Mikey smirked.

“Your voice is so hot,” the blonde whined, his erection tenting his pink jeans.

“And your ass is hot as fuck,” Mikey said, grabbing the bubble butt.

“I’m Dale and my boyfriend is Walli,” the dark-haired one said.

“I’d love to make you wail, Walli,” Mikey growled, in the twink’s ear.

“Oh, fuck!” Walli cried, shooting in his jeans.

“You really eager, huh babe?” Dale laughed. “There’s a private room downstairs if you’re interested.”

“Lead the way, boy,” Mikey growled, squeezing Dale’s thigh.

“So manly,” Dale growled, releasing in his pants.

Dale walked over to the bartender and was given a bright, pink key. Mikey walked behind Dale, licking his lips at his pert ass. Just the musk from Mikey’s pits hypnotized Walli and he was taking deep sniffs of the armpit bush. Unlocking the door, Dale led Mikey and Walli into the basement. In the back were various toys including; whips, ball gags and even swings. The room itself was surrounded with full length mirrors.

“I’m gonna hit the bathroom real quick, hun. Don’t have too much fun without me,” Dale said and deeply kissed Walli.

“No promises,” Walli laughed.

“Hurry back boy, I need more than one more man to sate my lust,” Mikey growled and smacked Dale’s ass, causing him to yipe.

Walli got on his knees and licked his lips at the humongous bulge in Mikey’s pants.

“I don’t think you’re ready for this,” Mikey chuckled, deeply.

“No dick has ever been too big for me,” Walli said.

“No dick? How about dicks?” Mikey asked, revealing his twin monsters.

“How’d you get two dicks?” 

“I’m too manly for just one. My cum is laden with hairy man-making testosterone,” Mikey growled and suddenly felt a tingle in his balls.

“I’m pretty sure, it’s tasty too,” Walli said, caressing the lower shaft.

Mikey growled deeply and his guise began to fade as he swelled larger. Too turned on by Mikey’s musk, Walli found the will to put the fist-sized head in his mouth. The young bear finally reached his full height at 9 feet and dropped to his knees, to keep Walli sucking on his cock.

The ginger bear jerked his second dick and as per usual, he reached his climax quickly. Walli’s mouth was filled with the abundant jizz and began chugging the liquid like a milkshake, while the second cum shower covered the men in cum. As the twink finished sucking Mikey’s giant member, he licked the tip and pulled off. Walli’s face and chest were covered with Mikey’s cum and his abs now looked like a pot belly.

“Enjoy that protein shake, boy?” Mikey asked him.

“More than you know, daddy,” Walli moaned, in a basement baritone.

“This isn’t my voice. What’s going on?!” the blonde twink cried, beginning to profusely sweat.

He let out a loud belch and he felt his face, as a thick beard grew in. Itching his chest, blonde hair began growing on his Pecs and his shaved armpits grew thick thatches of hair. Walli continued to look on in fear and confusion, as he body continued to grow. Larger feet ripped through his shoes, the tops of them gaining a coating of hair and his pink jeans seemed painted on. The crop top exploded into confetti as his hairy Pecs grew to the size of pillows and even though his gut receded, a hairy muscle gut remained. The pert bubble butt began to swell in size, taking on a more muscular design and a rip appeared between his cheeks. Walli’s voice dropped five octaves at once and moaned, gripping his swelling crotch. Shooting up quickly in height, his jeans ripped down the sides revealing his hairy legs. The thong he was wearing was simply a hat on the head of his elephantine cock. His voice dropped even lower as his pubic area grew even thicker hair and just like Mikey, his second cock emerged when he hit 9 feet tall. The blonde muscle bear was panting deeply, as he looked at his giant body.

“What did you do to me?” Walli moaned.

“I d-d-didn’t mean to,” Mikey stuttered.

“Look at all this disgusting hair and my beautiful abs are gone. Did you know this would happen?!” Walli yelled, tears in his eyes.

“My cum shouldn’t make you bigger. You only get bigger when you’re horny.”

“I’m not horny, I’m just m…” Walli started, but then moaned in sudden arousal.

The larger man caressed his large phalluses and his giant nuts felt like bowling balls in their sack. Every nerve in his body vibrated in anticipation and his voice rumbled in pure euphoria at stroking his cocks.

“So fucking horny!” Walli moaned.

Aggressively jacking his large cocks, he ejaculated quickly coating his larger, hairy body in gallons of cum. The door opened again and the two men watched Dale come down the stairs.

“Where’s Walli and who’s this guy?” Dale asked.

“Don’t be silly, I’m Walli,” Walli rumbled, pulling his larger nipples.

“What have you done to my adorable boyfriend?!” Dale cried.

“He made me a man. I need him to make you one too. There’s no way your tiny dick can fuck this big ass,” Walli said, showing off his furry ass and caressing his large cheeks.

He pulled Dale into a deep, sticky kiss and the other twink smelled his musk. Getting intoxicated by the scent, Dale shoved his face in the blonde bushes. Mikey walked up the boyfriends embracing, his large and erect cocks dripping pre on the ground.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Giuseppe and Josh stood at their full heights working on a lab table full of test tubes. Josh suddenly growled in horny frustration as the twin monsters swelled up his chest.

“I’m not getting any work done with these distractions. Not to mention every time I suck my cocks, I swell bigger and manlier,” Josh sighed, in his rumbling voice.

“Mr. Chan, there is a way to numb for hours. See those two, blue holes on the wall?” Giuseppe asked.

“Yes, sir,” Josh said, caressing his erections.

“Stick your cocks in those holes and press the red button above them,” Giuseppe instructed him.

Josh put his dicks in the holes and moaned in pleasure. The holes each felt like a warm asshole and were sucking his monsters.

Remembering the button, he pushed it and a large silicone fist emerged from a compartment and began punching his prostate. Pleasure engulfed his entire body and when he released, felt like his soul was being ripped from his body. He then approached Giuseppe and smiled warmly.

“Thank you for telling me about that,” Josh smiled and kissed Giuseppe roughly, causing his cocks to harden.

“Mr. Chan, I do have a boyfriend,” Giuseppe laughed.

“I think I got caught up in the moment,” Josh laughed, a blush on his face.

“You should be calm for 3 or 4 hours. You’ll still feel a buzz in your balls, but the need will dim,” Giuseppe explained.

“I can now focus, which will make our job even easier for me. I hope the guys are staying out of trouble,” Josh sighed.

Suddenly the lab burst open and Luke and Tony entered the room. Followed almost immediately by; Mikey, Walli and a bearified Dale. Josh and Giuseppe turned around, causing Josh to make an annoyed glare.

“We have a problem,” Luke grumbled, indicating Tony’s four nuts.

“I also have a problem,” Mikey said, showing Walli and Dale who were caressing themselves in lust.

“I lost track of Mikey, Josh! We need to find him n…” Kwamme stopped, upon seeing Mikey in the room.

“I can’t trust you guys with anything,” Josh sighed. “Now which problem to start with?”

2 parts (1 new) 6,141 words Added Mar 2024 Updated 6 Apr 2024 7,537 views 4.5 stars (11 votes)

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