An unexpected inflation

by UberPump

A college athlete named Keith and his friends discover what it feels like to enlarge their cock and balls with the mysterious device Keith ordered off the dark web. When things go awry, however, their packages get huge. Keith and his friends go on a massive journey of cock growth, bloated balls, and near exploding junk as they inflate their man parts to their absolute limit.

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Keith was your typical college athletic dream. Good grades, great looks, gets all the babes. Your typical young hunk. His blonde hair kept styled always to the left with a short hair cut and swept bangs. He could fill out a nice athletic uniform with his tight muscles screaming through the clothing as his uniforms and overstretched clothes sprawled across his muscular frame. At about 6’3” tall, he towered over most of the team mates. Didn’t matter what sport. Swim team, soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it. He was in it. The swim team was his favorite though. His time to show off what he had worked hard for since he was 18, now 23. His muscles glistened in the sunshine as his body would drip from the water cascading off his bulging shoulders. The sinews of his pecs and traps, biceps and large horseshoe triceps and ham like hamstrings and bulging thigh muscles, and his cobblestone 6 pack, creating a path for the streams of water to cut deeply on.

Every night, after a big meet, he would proudly display is confidence. At least, that’s how his family and his friends saw it. Except, deep down he was a little insecure. He had worked hard to build his 200-pound frame up to show that proportionate V taper that every man dreams of. The one thing, though, he hated the most was his package. Sure, he had the body any wet dream consisted of. But the one thing lacking, at least in his eyes, was the size of his cock. His balls were pretty above average already, so no problems there, about large hen egg size in a tight hairless sack.

His penis, however, was fairly average. About 5¼” when hard and about 1½” wide. Not porn star size by any matter but it mattered, a lot, to Keith.

Here I am again, standing in front of my mirror. Gosh, I really hate the way I have a smoking hot bod and nothin’ below the belt to match. Hmph.

“Keith! Dinner is ready!”

“Okay Mom! Heading down in a bit!” I hollered down to my mother. After these swim meets, why do I always have to look at myself and point out the worst thing about me? Why can’t I just be happy about what I got? What I built? I asked myself.

These thoughts keep racing through my head. Deep in the back of my mind, I kept wondering at the dinner table. What if I can build up my cock too, and why not my balls while I’m at it? Go big or Go Home, I always say. I chuckled to myself, thinking about the ridiculous idea.

“What’s on your mind, champ?” Dad asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing, just thinking about how I smoked the other swimmers in today’s meet.”

“You got that right! You’re just as much of an athlete as your old pop was in my heyday.”

“Don’t make it weird.” I shoved Dad’s shoulder.

“Pretty soon, Dad, Keith will be just as big as you!” my brother, Jason, chimed in.

Jason was about 6’ and is a bit athletic, but nothing like me. He did have broad shoulders and large feet. He’d be a real athlete if he could keep the muscle on him, but Jason didn’t built muscle easily. Though he maintained a fair bit of toned definition at 155 pounds. He’d have been good as a swimmer, but sports weren’t his thing.

“Yeah, sport. Try not to eat so much or you’ll outgrow the house!” Dad laughed.

“Anyone want desert?!” Mom asked as they continued their meals.

After supper, I went back to my room. That thought kept popping up in my mind. Could I build a better package? I lowered my sweatpants, revealing my blue boxer briefs with the slight mound I dreadfully called my own. Pulling them down, I went to my bedroom door and locked it so as no one comes in. I went my bed and brought my laptop. I looked up my favorite story website about male growth, specifically the muscles and cock section, to pound out my sorrows. I lusted to have the feeling of my cock skin to stretch over an engorging monster of a penis.

I my penis swelled to its full measly 5¼” size as I pounded away. I grabbed some tissues as I felt myself closer to climaxing. I usually have to use a towel, but I totally forgot about it. Tissues were the only option at this point. As pre started to flow like a faucet from my ample egg-sized balls, I began to twitch as I felt the fountain unleash within and I burst forth with my cum. It quickly overflowed the tissues and pooled on the tiled floor in my bedroom. I did the best I could to clean it up after I came down off of my high. My muscles were feeling pumped like after a workout. Well, it was a workout. The best kind, I would say. Hah. I chuckled, thinking to myself.

An ad popped up on the website and I noticed it after cleaning the spooge lake I created in my bedroom.

“Hm…” I saw what it said, thinking how interesting a fantasy it was, and hoe it was too good to be true.

Ad: The UberPump Pump Ring. Just slap on the ring around your cock and watch it grow! Looking to add serious size and girth. Not recommended for those with body image complex. $99 + shipping and handling.

“Well, what do I really have to lose, I suppose. I’ll try anything at this point,” I said, looking down at my little guy. It seems to be excited about what I was thinking. He certainly approved of this.

With my part time job at the pubic pool and the local gym, I had saved money through my freshman and sophomore college years. Now that I was a junior, it was time I started looking the part below the belt. A big package for a big guy. I whipped out my credit card from my wallet and clicked on the ad. I added the device to the cart and began reading. A secondary item popped up:

Ad: Do you want a more forceful pump while feeling a bit adventurous, then add on this UberPump Hand Pump to take it up a notch for the whole package. Recommended for those looking for SERIOUS GIRTH AND LENGTH GAINS.

“Sure, why the hell not,” I said and added this item to the cart as well. I looked through the typical legal jargon and entered my information. I finally purchased what I’d been looking at. The item says it had processed and will arrive Friday.

“Great!” I thought. “Just before summer break begins. Even more time to have fun!” And I drifted off to sleep.
Friday arrived and after waiting since Wednesday I sighed in relief. “Thank you!” I said to nobody. I’d thought I’d let myself get scammed in my post orgasm arousal brain. Once I got home from the local college, I rushed upstairs with the package to try it out for myself. No one home. All by myself. The perfect timing.

I opened the package and laid its contents on my bed. I went back to the door and locked it, as I was still paranoid about that, and began to undress down to my boxer briefs and walked over to the bed. I was staring down at a ring that supposed to be adjustable to “any size” the contents packaging says. I wondered how I am supposed to fit it over my small-ish and flaccid length.

“Better read this first.” I picked up the instructions. They were mostly in terribly translated English, so I decided to just download the SmartPhone app and pair it to the ringed device lolling around in my hand. It was slightly rubbery yet firm and seemed to have some give and cushioning on the inside diameter. I didn’t see any buttons or dials, just a rubber ring. My phone finished “syncing” the ring to the app. “Pump Me” was the name of the app.

“That’s a weird, cliched name for an app like this,” I said to myself.

The app quickly responded after opening. “Please place penis into ring and hold firmly in place,” the app prompted me.

“Well, better late than never.” I slid the ring on and held it firmly to my pubic bone. The app suddenly pinged and gave me my exact penis stats. “Wow, how’d it do that!?” I said out loud.

Suddenly I felt a tightening around the base of my cock. Snug, but not tourniquet tight. The app pinged again. “Fit complete. Begin inflation process? Yes or No?”

“Interesting. I don’t remember reading anything like this on the website,” I said as I hit yes.

I yelped as I suddenly felt the ring tighten further around the base of my dick and then a small prick.

“What the hell was that?” I said, panicking and wondering whether I was about to ruin my so called one-eyed pal.

The app pinged again. “What size do you wish to go?” it prompted with a text box. There was a small warning under the text box but I failed to read before typing.

“Um,” I say. I entered 9” long.

“Girth?” it asked next.

“Um… let’s get a little crazy seeing how this thing is probably bogus anyways.” I entered “8” girth.”

Ping! “Inflation Process beginning. Sit back and enjoy.”

I suddenly felt as if I was getting an erection. My penis felt flush and hot. It almost seemed as if it were literally inflating with air. I looked down at my penis as it quickly reached its 5¼” length. I felt a tightening in my groin as the ring began to force more growth into my cock. I stared at my penis wide eyed as it slowly began to pulsate and beat as if it has a heartbeat and began to inch slowly upward in length, surpassing its former length and going into new territory.

Length: 5.5 in

Width: 1.5 in

“Fuck! This feels freaking insane,” I yelled as I sat down on the end of my bed. Staring down, I took in my once-average cock growing and swelling, inflating with pure size.

I glanced down toward my phone as again and finally noticed the red warning under the text box input.

*Warning: Do not input size greater than 1 inch of current penis size. This may cause painful stretching of the skin. DO NOT OVER DO IT!

“Oh fucking shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Hell!” I burst out as I suddenly realized my horrific mistake.

Then suddenly there was a squeak and I felt my skin begin tightening around my shaft and head as the ring began to force more growth into my penis.

Length: 6.25in

Width: 2in

Squeak! The skin tightened even more as the growth continued its onslaught. My toes curled as an uncontrollable urge to cum took over. Then the skin tightened more and stretched. I stared down at my aching cock as it turned bright red and watched it inch a little longer. Another squeak, this time an audible stretching sound I heard coming from my over taxed skin. Veins stood out in bold relief as the pressure built in my cock.

I finally stood and wobble over to the dresser, digging through to find my tape measure.

I wanted to know exactly how long this thing was. Standing there, I place it over my tight, drumlike skin, and it reached to 7½ inches long. I had to measure the width. I wrapped it around and did some quick math: 2½ inches wide.

“Fuck!” I said, sweating a bit now as the stretch became more painful and oddly pleasurable. A sound that reminded me of overtaxed leather began to creak from my groin as another round of growth hit, this time with more force. Stretch… squeak. It was sounding more like a balloon.

“My God! Look at this fucking thing!” I looked down, still sweating from the onslaught my penis was enduring right now. It looked like a purple dirigible! And that it did. My penis had now reached an unnatural shade of purple. The sounds coming from my skin were still more like that of a balloon than stretching skin!

Another pump went and my penis inflated, faster than any other time before.

Squeak! Stretch! Squeal! This time my cock jumped a half inch in under 5 seconds.

Fuck!!!” I yelled. Realizing at this point I might actually make my penis explode for trying to be such a body image hog, I clawed at the device, trying to pry it off. Squeaaaaaaaaal! and a long stretching balloon sound came from my dirigible of a cock that’s attached to me. I felt it spread out to almost 2.75” in width, it having already reached its goal of 9 inches, albeit a bit longer than what I typed in. The girth was now spreading out to match what I had typed in!

“Fuck! It feels like I’m going to fucking pop!”“ I yelled out, clambering for my phone, trying to find anything to stop this onslaught.


The area just behind the head of the shaft began blowing up, giving it that fat baseball bat look. Stretch marks were beginning to appear along its length. My penis had me crying out in pain and pleasure as the final *PUMP* *BLOAT* pushed my cock into blimp-like territories.

With a final *BLOAT* and *PUMP* my bloated dirigible cock shuddered and stopped swelling, leaving me with a painfully erect cock that had been mutated into a dream and a horror as I looked on in silence, afraid to touch it. I felt the ring suddenly release itself. The pin-prick feeling was gone and now it just felt like a normal cock ring. A wave of lust filled me as thoughts raced through my mind.

“Holy fuck!” I huffed, as my trembling hand caressed the bloated cock balloon before me. Then the sudden realization hit me that the thing forcing my legs to stand wide apart, spread eagle, was my fucking cock. My dirigible cock was now a veiny monster pulsating within the vise-like grip of its skin. The cockhead, seemingly keeping in proportion to the penis, was now fist sized. The piss-slit now looked as if you could fit a whole quarter into it.

The stretched feeling was still there and still painful. I began to hunt for my phone. The app pinged.

“Final measurements:” it read out across the screen. “9.1in length. 3in diameter. Girth: 9in.”

I tossed my phone down on the bed and lay back gently, so as not to wobble the balloon stretching from my groin. As if not to pop it.

Feeling the tightness of its mass, I kept wondering why the app didn’t stop pumping my girth up when it passed the 8 inched I’d typed in.

This tightness was arousing. Almost too much. “If I cum I might pop!” I muttered. I ran my right hand up and down its fat length.

Fuck! I couldn’t even reach around this thing with my meaty paws. I tried to look up, only being met by my mighty pecs. Sweat was running down and into the cleavage of my muscle tits.

Stretch! “Fuck!” I felt my arousal heighten as my bloated cock engorged itself into a steel-like erection with all the stimulation it recently received. I rushed up from the bed, the dirigible bouncing into my abs, smearing pre all over them. I rush to my en-suite bathroom and caught a glimpse of the purple, stretch-marked mass that was my baseball bat shaped cock. I suddenly felt the urge to cum and was quickly overwhelmed by it. I rushed over to the toilet and before I got a chance to aim, I felt my balls draw up and tighten. I tried to release their contents into the toilet. The sudden extra pressure pushed my cock even further, bloating it more, as it normally did while cumming. The feeling and sound of my skin stretching more to accommodate the growing mass was intoxicating. The flow intensified and became like a fire hydrant release as my cum sprayed out as a stream. Not multiple squirts—a stream. The veins of my cock were standing out as my balls forcefully ejected their contents into the toilet.

Finally, my cock calmed down and began to deflate. The skin seemed like it sighed in relief as the pressure was released off of it. The stretched feeling was disappearing and turning more into heft—something I’d never felt before. My cock going completely soft now, the cock ring released fully and I was able to slide it off. It was a little more difficult now with the extra heft.

“Damn. I’m a fucking stud now,” I say, looking at the limp and thick beast hanging between my muscled thighs.

I walked back into the bedroom and got the tape measure out. “Let’s see how big you are soft now—hopefully you go down a bit more.”

Stretching it along the length. “Damn, I’m longer soft than I used to be hard.”

Flaccid: 5.5in

Flaccid width: 1.75in

“I guess I’m a grower.”

Picking up the phone, I begin reading the app’s support text. I read that some length gains and girth gains are permanent. “I guess we pushed the boundaries for you, little guy,” I said, rubbing him through my now bulging boxer briefs. It was still a bit sore from the punishment.

“I will say this, we are definitely going to be working you out more! I wonder if there’s a setting for balls to be pumped on here?” I mused as I combed through the app. Finding what I needed, a slightly devilish grin appeared on my face.

“We are definitely having more fun this summer with you!” I said, looking at the ring and the mysterious extra device I’d ordered with it with arousal and lust in my eyes. “Or find someone to experiment with….”

I wake up in the morning with a raging hard on. My sheets tenting more than usual. The aching feeling of an intense erection plaguing my nether regions as I feel the stretch in my groin. The events of yesterday rushing back to me like a ton of bricks.

“Ah fuck!” I say out loud as I feeling the scratch of my sheets against the tight skin of my cock. Jutting up like a tent pole from my groin. Each movement sending a wave of pulsing pleasure to my balls. “It wasn’t a dream!” I huff, slightly straining as my cock twitches beneath the sheets.,

I reach forth and brush the side of the bulging tower jutting from my pelvis and feel the abrasiveness of the sheets against my skin. I shudder and feel pre begin to leak out like a faucet. Knowing what this means I toss the sheets off and I am met with a larger than usual erection than I am use to. Red and pulsing, with veins standing out. The largest of which, a large dorsal vein running down the middle along the top side of my cock.

I quickly again grab the tape measure sitting next to my bed on the dresser, stretching it from base to tip, I note that my erect length has decreased a bit from yesterday remember what the app said. “Some Length and Girth Gains are permanent.”

“Oh well.” I shrug. I measure the length: 7”.

I wrap it around the swell of my cock behind the head, still baseball bat shaped, and slightly marked by stretch marks still.

Girth: 6” around

“Damn.” I whistle to myself. “I guess I did lose some size since yesterday’s pump. We may have to fix that. Still, I am a shit load bigger than I used to be.” I rub the side of my girth, gently caressing the underside of the large expanse I now call my new cock.

“Damn,” I huff, “this thing is more sensitive than I remember.” I’m breathing heavily and beginning to sweat. “Better take this to the bathroom.” I rush to the bathroom and turn the shower head on full blast, letting the steam kiss my musclebound skin. My penis, if you can call it that now that it’s more like a toy to me, started jerking and twitching as the streams of water hit it. The twitching became more violent as I began thrusting my hips as if trying to fuck the water even from outside the stall. Suddenly, my balls drew up tighter than I have felt before, feeling as if I haven’t jacked off in months, and in no time I was spewing forth their contents with force. I streamed my cum across through the powerful water stream coming from the showerhead, hearing and seeing the stream splat against the tiled shower wall opposite of myself.

“Fuck.” I breathed heavily as I slide down onto the shower bench. “I should try out my new toy in the shower,” I said, wiping sweat from my brow as my large penis began its deflation process again, still aching from its sudden growth yesterday.

After carefully navigating my muscley sinew of my expansive pecs, large arms, hamstrings, and cobblestone abs, I gently scrubbed the soft tube, not wanting to go another round just yet.

I finished my shower and decided to put on my stretchy workout briefs, the ones that pushed everything forward, seeing how I now had something to show for it. I put on my workout gear, including a tight shirt and some workout shorts. Looking at myself in the bedroom mirror I saw the bulge I now had in my shorts. It was enough to make anyone wonder and I liked that. I felt my fleshy balloon chub up a bit, adding more girth to the prominent bulge. Still sitting at 5.5” soft, it packed a pair of briefs nicely now.

“Whoa there, buddy, don’t need you trying to tear your way outta this just yet.” I patted the mound softly as it twitched a bit. I wondered what it would feel like to wear that cock ring on my penis and balls and pushing everything forward a bit more. I pulled my shorts and briefs down and, after thinking a few seconds, grabbed the ring. Slipping the cock into the hole, I then decided to put one ball into the ring, then the other. With everything snugly in place I pulled up my shorts and headed downstairs. I downed a protein shake and a pre-workout to get my muscles fueled and pumped for a heavy workout today and headed out the door to the gym.

The place was called SuperPump Gym, with the name emblazoned across the front of the building. A place for true musclemen to work out. I strutted into the gym with more pep in my step than I usually did. I guess the added weight of my bait and tackle swinging in my workout briefs kind of got a guy going. Especially one that likes to show off what he’s got, like me.

I headed over to the treadmill after placing my belongings in the locker room and began my pre-workout warmup with some cardio. I felt my phone vibrate with a text message. Not really paying attention to it, I brushed it off as. If it were important they’d call. While doing my cardio on the treadmill, ten minutes in my phone vibrated again. I reached into my pocket and went to silence it completely. Just then I felt a sharp prick at the base of my cock. I winced, but seeing as these workouts always get me chubbed anyway, I chalked it up to the ring adjusting to the increased girth. And continue my workout. My phone vibrated again after my trying to silence it and I finally decided to shut the notifications off. Little did I know I’d made a big mistake.

Getting off the treadmill, sweaty and with my heart pounding into my meaty pec shelf, I felt the pounding in my groin as well.

“Mmmm… That’s odd,” I said, glancing down at my mound. It didn’t look that much different but I noticed how horny I had become while running. The chubby I had seemed to be normal for now so I chalked it up to the pre-workout I took earlier. I moved onto the weight sets. Deadlifts, Chest Flies, Lat Pulls… my muscles were engorging themselves until they felt like they were ready to burst through my skin.

There was something else, though. Something I had forgotten about until now while I was glancing in the mirror. I saw the mound I had with my chubbed up flesh balloon rising up like I was getting a full-blown erection. Noticing this I decided I needed to head to the locker room to “take care of business”. I reached down to my phone and noticed some notifications.

Fuck!” They were from the PumpMe app for the cock ring. And as I glanced down I felt the tightening of my briefs and shorts stretching to accommodate what was about to happen.

I rushed into the locker room and removed my briefs—luckily it seemed that the space was fairly empty except for a few muscle heads in the back corner. I gathered my senses as I felt a constriction force my cock to begin standing more up right in now-too-tight briefs that were previously only worn by someone with a less meager cock flesh.

I winced again as I felt the forced pump feeling I had felt yesterday during my ‘session’ and this time it felt more forceful. Something seemed off. I ran to the showers. Thank god these were separate stalls. I headed to the farthest one, since it had a larger room and a bench to sit on. I turned the showers on in almost all the surrounding stalls so no one heard the noises that were about emanate from my ballooning crotch.

I got into the stall and locked the door. I peeled my shorts down only to be greeted by not one mound but three individual mounds. It looked like I had stuffed in two goose eggs about 3 inches wide in my too tight briefs as well as a cock. I felt the force of the ring pump more size into my fleshy balloons as a creak can be heard from my over-taxed briefs. I remove them promptly before I ruin the only visage of clothing I have here.

Pulling them down, I am greeted by what can only be called a great furnace of heat radiating from my crotch as the ring forces more growth into my crotch area. The balloons were looking as if they were fighting for space in a leather sack. Then a *squeak* and a vise-like grip took hold of my cock as the growth accelerated the ballooning mass past 7.5 inches. Then *squeal* *bloat*. The flesh balloon stretched to 7.75”.

“Fuck me!” I huffed out as my penis inflated towards its previously tortured size. The stretch marks wqere reappearing as darker lines as the freshly healed skin was being taxed once again.

*Gurgle* *Glup* I felt my balls fill out the sack more, pulling them down with their weight as the ring somehow forced them to overflow with their own juices, backed up with nowhere to go but pool in their confines.

*Squeal* I felt the skin of my penis stretch once more as the area behind the head begins its glorious bloat into blimp like territories. *Glug* *Glug* My testicles, seemingly producing an endless supply of cum, were ready to burst forth.

Fucking Shit! What did I do!” I all but yell out into the noise of the shower hall, hopefully unheard.

I reach for my phone from the shelf. *Stretch* *Squeal* *Squeak* I felt the skin itself turn vise-like as it tightened around the fist-size head and the baseball bat of flesh heavily hanging from my groin. *Stretch* *Squeal* I opened the app as my penis now was seemingly reaching its previous scary size of 9”, only this time it seemed more intense and just generally more.

“What the fuck!” I cried out as my 9 inches stretched into 9.25” territory, elongating the balloon flesh even further, stretching the flesh to its bursting point! I wailed out a moan as the pleasure and pain were mixed in my brain. I glanced at the size settings on the app, not really thinking until I see the reason for additional swell and bloated blimp before me.

App: Size goal—10” length, Girth: 9.25”

“Fucking stop! I tried to get this thing pried loose from my loins to no avail as I gasped at the next sensation. My sack, now bloated with what appeared to be two avocados stuffed in a too tight fleshy sack, began to inflate more.

*Gurgle* Glug* *SQUEAK* as they jiggled and were forced to create more juices for the towering flesh jutting out before me.

*SQUEAALL* SQUEEEAK* I moaned loudly. *STREEEEETCH* as the now blimp flesh began to feel like it was now tearing itself apart and forced to grow more into a veiny monster. The veins were seemingly the only thing keep in the flesh balloon together as they, too, were forced to grow in size to feed the growth into this stretch-marked dirigible. The balloon between my legs was forcing them even while I was sitting down to spread-eagle more now as it approached its 9” girth, rounding out just behind the head.

The sound of overtaxed skin began to creak and groan from the flesh-balloon before me as I was forced to repeat the same mistake I had made yesterday. My penis was aching and groaning for it to stop. Or blow up. Its only choice now was to surrender to the onslaught of growth feeding it.

*SQUEAAAAAAAAAAAL* *SQUEEEEEEEAK* The sound of leathery tight skin filled the stall as a searing heat built up in my now baseball-sized testicles. The sack was stretched as tight like a drum. Veins appearing in bold relief on both shaft and ball sack as the skin becomes overly stretches. Stretch marks now appears all over my ballsack as the tight as a drum feeling turns more into and over inflated, have to evacuate my contents feeling.

Fuck! I feel like if this goes on forever, I may literally bust a nut!” I cried out to myself, holding one hand under my nuts, only to suddenly *GURGLE* *GLUP* and stretch out the sack to its bursting point, overflowing my meaty paw. My other hand was caressing the now overly inflated blimp jutting from pelvis.

*Stretch* *SQUEAK* *SQUEEEAL* My penis was now bloating up further, feeling the stretch practically screaming for relief as the sound of a balloon squeals through the air. Another burst of growth hit the groin as the whole package swells at once.

*STRETCH* *BLOAT* *SQUEAL* *GURGLE* *GLUP* BULGE. GROW!!!! GROW!!!! and grow it did. My penis felt one last long, squealing stretch before achieving its new inflated blimp like shape. The dirigible mass was seemingly floating through the air like one of our diving boards. Only this flesh was mine.

The balls ended their assault on my overtaxed sack before the stretch marks gave way, as if showing the stress of the skin being pushed past its limit. The fleshy orbs were now achingly backed up from the overproduction of cum they were forced to produce. They were aching to release their contents or explode from their overinflated softball size.

I sat on the bench, breathing heavily as every little movement caused my cock to stretch the skin more than needed. Looking down past my meaty pecs and cobblestone abs, there sat a massive fleshy tube, purple, pulsing with veins. The skin was stretched to the max, seeming the only thing being held together by the force of those veins feeding this monster sized bulging baseball bat of a cock. The dirigible-sized dong swayed with every movement, pulsing as if it were to breath. The slight small swell with every pulse to add a bit of size then relax as the blood gushes through the expanse of flesh. Each time, I feel the stretch of the skin pushed to the limit and then back off as the pulse recedes.

“Holy shit. I overdid it. Big time,” I huffed, looking down at my phone, slightly terrified to read the measurements now. This app seems to round everything a bit.

App: New Pump Size-10.2” long, Girth-9.25” around Diameter- still 3.1”

My hands shaking as I put down the phone. I nervously look at what I had created. A mass of flesh being kissed by the steam of the showers. The pulsing veins, the bulging orbs I now call my balls. My softball sized globes (I will call them that now seeing as “balls” don’t do them justice anymore) sat on the edge of the bench seemingly pulsating with their contents. A throbbing urge to release their steamy essence into the world flooded me.

I caressed the dirigible-like fleshy tube with my hand and used the other on my pulsating orbs. “These things must be holding a gallon of the stuff,” I thought, as I could physically feel them sloshing and still gurgling, ready to explode.

I gently worked my cock. The ring felt like it had released, but not the pin prick. “Odd,” I thought.

I worked my flesh balloon’s overly stretched skin, seemingly feeling like granite. As if the thing couldn’t get any larger, oh it definitely did. I was sweating at this point from my recent overexertion of dealing with my swelling balloon inflating from my crotch, and I felt the skin begin to tighten as I prepared for what appeared to be the largest orgasm anyone had experienced.

My fleshy orbs audibly gurgled and slosh as they were bounced about from my continuous two handed pounding on my fleshy tower. They seemingly and achingly swelled more with their contents and my hips thrust upward, as if my pole could now fuck a hole through the air. The feeling of power coming from me knowing I had the ability to grow a massive fleshy balloon from my cock and balls had me going more than usual. I forcefully humped through my fists and saw that pre was now shooting out of my cock as the globe-like orbs swelled beyond softball size. *GURGLE* *GULP* *WOOOOSH* I felt my legs lock out straight and my hips stop, hanging up off of the bench. I arched my back and a loud moan escaped my mouth. *STRETCH* *SQUEAL* My cock suddenly bloated up further as my cum forced its way down the shaft, seemingly inflating it more in the process! SPLAT! One shot! *SPLAT* Two shots, then my hips seized and nothing else. Then a rumbling feeling emenated from my balls as they drew up tight. A swelling sensation forced its way into the base of my cock as I saw the skin begin stretching further.

Oh.” I moaned louder now. “Fuck!” I felt the skin stretch as far as it could as the dirigible mass assaulted the skin one last time before unleashing its wrath on the stall.

“UHHHHHHNNNNNNN” I moaned as a continuously blasting stream fired out of my piss slit like a firehose attached to a hydrant. In fact, my cock resembled one—a veiny, red monster of cock flesh spewing forth its contents everywhere. After about a minute of a continuous stream of pressurized cum, my aching mound of flesh began to calm down. The deflation process began as my balls returned to larger than their normal size, larger than large hen eggs but not quite goose egg yet. The feeling of stretched skin was relieved and replaced by a satisfying weight. I’d brought my tape measure with me, so I quickly rummaged through the bag. My cockflesh was thick and heavy, laying across my upper thigh, my balls hanging over the edge of the seat.

“Fuck.” Soft (I am not shitting) post inflation: 7” long and about 2” wide.

“Damn. How are you gonna fit into my briefs now?” I thought, rubbing the sore girth of my soft fleshy tube I now called my cock. “I have got to be more careful with this thing if I don’t want to outgrow my clothing. I already need to shop for new underwear. Fuck!” I suddenly face palmed, realizing that I needed to be able to fit into speedos for those swim meets.

“What will the guys at practice think?” I thought, continuously massaging the sore mass between my thighs. A faint aching feeling could still be felt in my balls, and there was a gurgle as I got dressed and cleaned up.

I look back at the one-inch deep layer of spooge I was leaving for the facility to clean up. *Gurgle* That feeling still rumbled deep in my balls as I remembered I was still wearing the ring.

I had to get home fast before things get messy again. I rushed out the door, just as I felt my briefs begin to tighten around my balls as they produced their seed at a terrifying rate.

“I need to get home fast!” I rushed home, ran upstairs, and slammed the door. Undressing and eyeballing the fleshy orbs I could see they were beginning to inflate with more cum, stretching the sack out more.

“Here we go again…” I moaned as I headed to the bathroom, locking my bedroom door and moaning from the inflation that was about to begin.

*ding* *dong*

I totally forgot about Michael coming over.

“Aww shit,” I yelled. “Why did I have to go and overdo it on a day Michael is coming over?” With that I headed downstairs in nothing but boxer briefs, seeing no one was home. I opened the front door and there stood a tall, muscled, and deeply tanned hunk. Michael, my best friend.

Here I was standing in the doorway in nothing but my boxer briefs, which were straining from the balloons between my legs I called my balls, which were pulsing and swelling with more copious amounts of jizz than I could keep up with. Each bump and movement from my thick thighs had them jiggling in their tight sack. Waves of pleasure engulfed my groin with each step. I opened the door to realize I was now standing in the foyer with nothing but my bulging boxers with my meat protruding itself into my best friend’s face.

“Hey bud,” he said, then looked down. “Holy shit!” he gasped. “I’d asked how it’s hangin’, but it looks like I can see how far. Putting on a nice display there for the world I assume.” I shoved him into the house quickly shut and locked the door. He moved quickly inside while chuckling.

“Hey, sorry about that. I forgot you were coming over,” I said. “About the bulge in your face, I was just fixing to take a shower after a hard workout. You know those get me worked up something awful. Want anything to drink?” I asked.

“Sure, got any…” He stopped. *Creak* *Glug* *Glug*

The sound permeated the air as we both headed into the kitchen.

“What was that?” he asked.

I’m facing away from him having one hand resting on the mounds in front of my underwear, stretching tighter as my now goose egg sized globes expand with seed, all the while still kicking myself for putting that damn ring on this morning.

“Oh it’s just our pipes in the house,” I lied, not really up for telling him the full story. “They back up sometimes with a bit of pressure when the showers are running.” Oh the irony… I thought to myself as another swell hit.

“Ah… Makes sense I guess.” Michael heard it again. I felt it again. My fingers were spreading apart as the mass expanded. *Glug* *Glug* *Creak*

We both heard it again, and this time I felt it build up as pre tried to escape the still-swollen tube of flesh balled up in my too-tight briefs, the sensation of them swelling further past goose egg and now approaching small ostrich-egg size. I felt the cum boiling for release as the pent up fluid built, forcing the globes that were tortured earlier to ache and cry out ‘no more, too full’. I moved my hand to above my groin as if to hold my stomach, feeling the pulling sensation of my now two-pounds-each balls. I felt the pull deep in my abdomen as it strained to hold the weight while standing.

“You all right?” he asked me as he noticed I’d become a bit uncomfortable, and seeing me holding my lower stomach.

“Yeah. I’m all right. Just the pre-workout and protein shake I had earlier is giving me a bit of trouble.” I reached into the refrigerator, trying my best now to hold the bulging mass out of his sight. Now my balls were nearly twice their size since he arrived.

I find the drink he was asking for before my man parts decided to interrupt us any further with their swelling. I hand him the Coke, not realizing he was now standing next to me, looking down. I froze.

“Oh, thank you!” he said looking up, then back down… at his phone. Whewww… I sighed in relief, thinking he’d seen the balloons now causing the fabric to be practically see through at this point of the swell.

“Where’s your parents and brother?” Michael asked, still staring down at his phone, leaning his tight muscular body against the island in the kitchen.

“I think they said something about taking James out to go hunting for Apartments around the College. He doesn’t really want to be a dorm rat or stuck at home. Personally, I’d rather stay here… at least until I graduate.”

“Well, I think you’ll be a total chick magnate if you lived on your own to be honest. Every girl at the college looks your way!” he sneered, looking up from his phone smiling that goofy smile. *Creak* *Bloat* *Gurgle* then, a stretching sound as I felt my briefs near their bursting point.

“I… I b… better get back ups… stairs to my shower before the water gets cold.” I said, clutching a hand down to the bulging masses, holding them from underneath. My cock had joined the action a bit, stretching the fabric more as it inflated to its dirigible size. I brushed past him, slightly grazing his left thigh with my bulging groin balloon. I still wasn’t used to the size, or the inflation as they continued to seize up and then relax, as if trying to expel their contents and failing.

Michael turned around after feeling what seemed like a warm and slightly moist pillow brush his exposed thigh under the tight shorts he was wearing. He turned to see me hurrying around the corner and up the stairs. All the while my package was jiggling and bouncing up and down, pulling my now too tight briefs down, exposing the base of the ballooning erection coming on. I could feel the heat building into a furnace once more, sweating as I climbed the stairs, not knowing Michael was behind me at the bottom, staring up gobsmacked at what he could perceive to be a balloon bouncing up and down at my crotch through my now awkwardly wide gait thanks to my expanding crotch.

“I’ve seen him naked in the locker room. There’s no fucking way he’s that big?” Michael said softly to no one as he felt himself being drawn up the steps behind me, following me to my room.

I shut the door behind me, not latching it in my haste to pull off my now-ruined briefs, yanking them down and seeing the stretched-out pouch that looked as if it were made for a bull. I rushed to my bathroom where I quickly turned on the water to full blast so Michael couldn’t hear the groaning coming from my crotch as the skin was forced to spread against the now inflating ballooning mass of balls resting on my thighs. I felt them pulsing, sending shivers down my spine as the sensation builds to an intense fire. The searing heat was building up as I stroked my ballooning cock to full, tortured attention. An aching pulse could still be felt in the not-quite-normal size tower jutting from my groin.

I realized I’d left my tape measure in my room, then remembered the app on my phone. I pulled it up, seeing as I was still wearing the ring. The app read: 9” long 2.75” wide. Still a bit bigger than a normal cock. Definitely bigger. And pulsing with the urge to grow more. I quickly shoved that thought aside, not wanting to push my limits further as I was sure I’d exceeded them at the gym today.

“Fuck, uhnnnnnnnn…” I moaned out, hoping Michael was not hearing my tortured pleasure-filled groans coming from deep within me. I felt my balls pull up tight as I moved from a standing position and onto the shower bench, the hot steam kissing every tight muscley sinew of my body, every vein and skin of my crotch balloon. The masses quivering as my balls seize up to release their contents, I felt one drop shoot out. *Splat* then *dribble* and then nothing else.

“Is that fucking it?!” I looked on horrified at my predicament. Suddenly I felt my balls seize up against the underside of my ballooning pool noodle of a cock, and then fall back down in their overstretched sack. *Creak* *Gurgle* *Bloat*

No!” I cried out realizing that the sensation of drawing up then falling down was just my ballooning balls filling up whatever space was left in my drum tight sack. Now sounds of creaking skin could be heard as my arousal has sent them into overdrive.

“Keith. Are you okay there, bud?” Michael creaked the door open to the bedroom, hearing moans coming from the bathroom he worried for his friend. Then, *Creak* *Gurgle* *Stretch* *Squeal* then a “Unnnnnnnnnnhhhh Fuck!” coming from the bathroom as he silently moved to the sounds coming from the bathroom. He peeked into the doorway and through the steam-filled room. What he saw made him fall back and stumble onto the floor.

“Holy fuck!” he huffed out. “That… that can’t be all him.”

“Unhhhhhhh….” I moaned once more as I touched my balls, now jiggling as if being filled with water, the pressure in them becoming almost too much. Too much to handle. Too much for my balls to handle as what appeared to be waves of growth were surging them to greater size, exceeding what I though was possible my balloon factories to handle. Now reaching their previous softball sizes, weighing around 5 pounds each, my balls had exceeded anything remotely human as they jiggled like two overfull water balloons in a fleshy tight sack, straining against their own weight so as not to burst from each impact I am giving them with a fist.

“Why won’t you fucking release!?” I screamed, now trying to pry the device still trapped around my cock, feeling the bloat fill the ballooning masses now past softball size and into coconut territories as the sperm built and pressurized my cum factories below. Each blow I desperately sent into my balls caused a shock-wave to spread out among the mass, only for them to react and swell more, increasing my arousal and the desperate need to release before they exploded from the pressure.

*GURGLE* GURGLE* GLUP* BLOAT* BULGE* I felt the skin stretching more to accommodate the sperm balloons spreading my legs further apart. I rubbed my growing cum balloons, caressing them as my lust took over, edging them more to grow. And they responded in kind, now approaching large coconut sizes, each feeling like a 20-pound weight pulling at my groin while slowing gurgling and boiling their contents to put pressure on the inside of my balls. The balloons were now screaming out as the ache gnawed at me from within.

“Hey! Keith! Snap out of it!” Michael yells at me, pulling me back to reality as I felt the weight of my balls resting and nearly overflowing my lap, now extra-large coconut size and inflating bigger still. *Gurgle* Glup* Bloat* *Creak*

I heard the overtaxed skin and the overtaxed testicles creak as they were forced to bloat up further with their seed, a small river now gushing from my now over-excited cock.

“Michael. You gotta help me!” I pleaded to him, tears of pleasure running down my face, as I felt the next swell pumping my over inflating cum balloons further, the pleasure and feeling of what can only be described as pure growth. “No matter how much I try, I can’t cum! I need help!!!” I screamed out to him.

“Well, what do you want me to do about it!?” he shot back, nervous and panicky. Sweat was now running down my best friend’s forehead. I knew he was secretly into this stuff, he read the same website stories that I did. Only, now I have become one of those inflating crotch balloons in real life.

*Creak* *Gurgle* *Squeal* The massive overly inflated organs, swell into bowling balls. The spray of pre cum intensifying as the pressure of my overfull balls begins to ache even more for release before becoming a sperm bomb.

Hurry!” I yell to him!

“ALrIGhT.” His voice cracked nervously. He took a second to think. “I should get undressed, in case things get a little messy.”

“Okay. Do what you have to do. Wait!” I stopped him. “Go lock the bedroom door. I don’t want anyone coming in on me like this, especially my brother.” Michael left the bathroom. “And grab the tape measure!” I yelled after him.

Michael returned to my bathroom as a stretching and gurgling sound could be heard emanating from the crotch balloons. Each was now as big or bigger than the heaviest of bowling balls—no longer able to expand, only fill with their contents. The pressure was increasing by the second, the orbs having reached their limit of expansion for now.

“For fuck’s sake, get your ass over here now!” I yelled over to him as I gently kneaded my balls, as if to coax out more sperm than they were producing. The cock ring was still attached to my groin.

Michael was in the doorway now, staring. “Holy fuck! I’ve seen you naked before and you weren’t nearly this big hard. Or at the swim meet. You barely had anything,” he said, mesmerized. He knelt and rubbed the side of my pulsing balls. Feeling his hands run over my tight sack, I groaned. He pushed in.

“This shit is packed in there tight!” At his poke I felt the achiness of the expansion increase, now overfilling of my tight sperm balloons. I felt them packing in tighter and tighter as pressure pains begin wracking my balls and groin. I was feeling it deep in my abdomen as the sperm factories gush out more pre, now streaming out of my cock tower.

“Stop playing around! It feels like they’re gonna burst!” I huffed at him, his indent quickly rebounding as the factories of sperm packed in even more pressurized cum. The pulsing was getting near unbearable as they continue to fill and overfill over and over again, near bursting. Sweating profusely now I caught a whiff of my man scent, and heard the rumbling of my bowling ball size balloons spreading my legs further as they attempted to swell, but to no avail.

“That fucker is huge!” Michael exclaimed, seemingly shifting his amazement from my balls to my cock. His thick callused hands gave extra stimulation on top of my own, now sending my balls into overdrive.

Awww fuck…. unnnnnnnnh. Keeeeep going….” I moaned out as my own practiced hands reached out to the thick veiny monster.

“How the fuck did you do this?” he asked, naked and sweating from the exertion. I was realizing now that four hands were better than two handling my pulsating balloon cock.

“I’ll have to show you….. nnnnn ha…. later,” I puffed out. “Unnnnnnhhhhhhh—” I felt a kick in my balls as the pressure neared its bursting point. The bowling ball sized cum balloons seemingly swelled a final time, a constant *stretch* sound coming from them as they prepared to explode their contents everywhere.

Damn! They’re gonna blow!” Michael said as he began to back away into the corner of the shower. I felt the pressure increasing drastically in my balls as they continue expanding further. The cum was now shooting out like a fire hose from my cock. The veins stood out as they approach volleyball sized. The balloons shuddered, then—

Awwww fuck! Unhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” I yelled, as the final bloat of the cum balloons halted. *BLAST* as a continuous stream of hot cum roared out of my cock balloon, spraying its contents everywhere. *SplaT* *SPLAT* as the sprays of cum went everywhere in the shower. The drain was now backing up from the heavy spooge lake being produced by my cumming water balloon balls jiggling and deflating now. The pressurized contents nearly drowned my friend Michael as a stream hits him, then completely covers him.

My stream finally settled down from my cum factories as my veiny monster, still aching from earlier today, began to deflate and go flaccid, though even sot it was still 7” long and pulsing with new life. The ring finally released itself. Pulling the thing off my now overly enlarged package, the kind any porn star would dream of, I threw it outside the shower stall and into the sink.

“Finally!” I moaned in satisfaction as the pressure feeling was no longer there. My balls were now sitting at about 4 inches wide now from their repeated torture from the device, stretching my now low hanging sack.

“Look at this mess,” I said, gazing at the cum soaked shower. “Michael—” I looked over at him, dripping with cum.

“Fuck!” Michael said, wiping cum from his face and laughing. “We need to do that again. This time I want it!” he said, as his thick 10 incher was sitting upright, quivering with anticipation.

“Damn!” Michael gasped. His bulging, veiny 10 incher was sticking out with a slight bend down. He was clearly very turned on by the cum explosion my sperm balloons just burst forth.

He waddled over to the sink, his cock bobbing up and down and side to side with each step. His low hangers could be easily seen swinging halfway down his thighs. I saw him pick up the UberPump cock ring, rolling it around in his hands. “This thing did all of…” He motioned to my protruding balloons now laying heavily in my groin, the organs sighing as a relief was finally achieved.

“Yes. It did,” I said, wincing as I propped myself back upright on the bench, having slid down from the weight of my previously volleyball cum balloons. Each movement still sent waves of pleasure and pain from the soreness of the over expansion of my delicate man parts, now easily some of the biggest of anyone we knew.

“Dude. I have to try this thing out!” He quickly tried to place the ring around his cock.

“Wait a minute!” I gestured for him to wait.


I staggered to my feet, still reeling from the growth, dizzy and feeling exhausted. “You just saw that thing practically turn me into a cum balloon. My balls nearly exploded. And don’t even get me started on the gym….” I told him rubbing the back of my head, while still massaging just above my package feeling the soreness and weight of my newly grown balls pulling the muscles downward.

“Yea.. and it was fucking hot!” He seemed overly excited. His cock was still twitching in anticipation.

“You don’t know what you’re getting into. It’s not a toy, this thing is torture….” I tried to tell him, while attempting to lie to myself. I was feeling that nagging sensation of having my cock blimp out more and longing to feel that overfull feeling once again. I shrugged it off and swiped the ring out of his hand. “That’s enough. Now are you gonna take care of that thing or what? I don’t like it staring at me.” I point out to the quivering mass jutting from his groin.

“Oh. Sorry dude! This whole thing has me worked up,” he said to me, turning to aim at the toilet, stroking his thick tool.

“Geez! Why don’t you wait until I leave!” I shoved his shoulder as I place the ring into the bathroom drawer under the sink and left the bathroom. Big mistake.

Michael, seemingly lost in his pleasure-addled brain, eyed the drawer where I stuck the ring. Finishing his business, he swiped the ring and placed it firmly around his thick 6 inch flaccid cock and thick, round balls.

Coming back into the bedroom and seeing me struggle to find a sign of underwear that might fit, he asked about the ring.

“So, what is that thing called anyways?”

“It called the Uber Pump or something like that. Even comes with an app.”

“That’s an arousing name…” I saw him rubbing his bulge through his briefs, still not wearing all his clothing, the only thing that wasn’t ruined in the cum bath.

“Yea, and the app it comes with? Get this, its name is PumpMe.” I chuckled.

“You’re telling me. It sure did pump you up there, bull nuts.” He’s laughing hysterically.

“Shut up dude…” I glared at him from my drawer. Still naked, trying to find something to fit my overgrown package. “It really felt like I was gonna… you know?”

“Explode…” we both said at the same time.

“Yeah I know,” Michael said, with a glazed look in his eye as he was searching on his phone, putting it back down after a bit. “Your balls were really bobbing about in there. The fucking felt tight as a drum. I could feel the cum sloshing in those bad boys. What I wouldn’t give to be in your shoes then…” His eyes glazed over again.

“Hello! Earth to Michael.” I snapped my fingers at him. Finally resorting to wearing my swim briefs, the only thing stretchy enough to accommodate the recent grapefruit sized bulge I now had at my disposal, which was jostling around as I stepped forward, bouncing off my thick thighs.

They seemed to give Michael an idea. “Hey, your parents installed a hot tub near the pool this winter didn’t they?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Let’s take a dip!” He sounds excited as his phone *pinged* repeatedly as he was thumbing through it.

“Sure, sounds great.” I wondered if the soothing heat would calm the ache in my groin from the overinflation I’d done to myself, in the past 24 hours, three times.

“I’m gonna grab the towels and the clothes we ruined in our little party,” I yelled to him as he begins heading down the stairs toward the hot tub.

“Sure. But that’s not my mess. Mine ended in the toilet! At least I didn’t repaint the shower with my ‘party balloons’.” He laughed again as his voice faded down and out.

I shook my head, looking at the mess. Cum was dripping off the walls in the shower as the drain finally unclogged. I cleaned up the remainder and throw our clothes in the wash, praying it didn’t back up—not realizing how backed up things were about to be.

“Hey Michael…” I walked out to the patio and stopped, seeing his briefs laying on the lounge chairs by the pool. “What are you doing?”

“What do ya mean there bud? I’m lounging in the tub. Come on in, the water’s fine,” he said to me, waving me over. I walk closer.

“Why are you naked?” I asked, stinkeying him.

“Come on. We’re just good ole’ friends. We’ve seen each other enough times in the locker rooms.” His phone *pinged* and he grabbed for it. Me, I was just thinking he was texting another one of his wing girls again.

I sighed and eventually giave in, removing my swim briefs and slowly lowering myself into the water, the bubbles bouncing my bait and tackle around like a couple of beach balls. My own phone *pinged*. A text from mom. “Hi sweetie. We decided to stay the evening over at my parents. Hope you and Michael have a good time!”

“Looks like we have the pool to ourselves then,” I said to Michael. “They’re staying at my grandparents for the night. I assume James is too.”

“Well, that’s reassuring.” He moaned, reaching his hand down into the water, seemingly kneading his meat. I can’t tell what going on down there with the water bubbling about.

“Hey. Hey. Don’t make anything messy in here. I don’t want to be in the same water when that cannon goes off.”

“Oh you have no idea…” he moaned again. What the fuck was he up to? We heard a *thump* in the water as it vibrated across the bottom of the hot tub. I felt his foot brush mine.

“Dude, I know we are big guys but please keep your feet to yourself. There’s plenty of room,” I said, pushing it away with my own foot. Only, this felt more fleshy.

“Dude, you’re hanging pretty low there.” I looked at him. His bottom lip was curled in, and he was moaning as he caressed the mass between his legs. He was already bigger than me!

“Dude, you didn’t!”

“I’m sorry. Uhnnnnn… fuck.” we both hear the *creak* below the water as I stand up hastily, forgetting about us being nude, I’m mostly seething with anger now. That was, until he slowly stands, holding what appeared to be softballs in his hands, his cock now standing up right, pulsing and swelling, pumping itself past its 10 inch size. “Hmph… Wa… Was it…. nnnnnnnn…. ggg.. fuck… as senstive fo…. fo… for you?” he sputtered out as I climbrf out of the hot tub. The tube of thick meat was creaking past 10.25” inches. The bloat was looking more fierce on his large dong.

“Holy shit dude! What did you type in!” I helpped him wobble out of the tub. Good thing we had no neighbors, otherwise the fence would’ve been useless at this point.

“NNNNhhhhhuh…. Here.” His hand was trembling as he handed me the phone. I see the numbers.

“What the fuck dude! You wanna look like a fucking watermelon down there! Your fucking balls man! Those too!”

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to live out a fantasy. Having my cock expand. That feeling of pressure you felt…..nnnnnnnhhhhuh..” He clutched his balls as they swelled, and I mean swelled, the gurgling and creaking from his balls now screaming for release. We moved over to the lounge chairs and he sat down on the edge, his balls now dragging the concrete as his sits. His ballooning cock was now inflating past 10.5” …. slightly curving in a downward arch.

“You were already big! You were huge! Why?!” I was desperate to figure him out as I knew things were about to get interesting. The inflation begins to accelerate his cock past 11”, widening out in the middle, leaving the cock looking like a misshapen blimp, fatter in the middle than at the base. The veins were now bulging, wrapping their way around the swelling dirigible like a net, large and pulsing. *Creak* Bloat* Gurgle* *Stretch*

We watched the blimp elongate as his cum balloons now rest fully on the ground, stretching his low hanging and sack and spreading out like self-rising dough. *Glug**GLUG*BLOAT* They spread out further, now beginning to fill the space he once had in his sack. The skin now stretching as his hairy groin continued its over inflation past human proportions.

“Fuck! Make it stop! It feels like it’s about to burst” he cried out, now resting one hand on each side of his bloating blimp of a cock, which was no longer elongating but now swelling up like an overripe blueberry, turning purple as the cock ring forced it to take more size. Creaking noises coming from the balloon now straining against its own weight, pulling him forward as the pull yanks on his groin muscles. His thick muscles flexed as sweat was now pouring from him, dripping down each sinew of his skin tight body. His muscles weren’t the only things that were tight as a vise-like grip took hold of his groin. The balloons were now fighting for space, the balls now exceeding volleyball size as they began approaching beach balls. The jiggle and slosh of each cum dump into the globes was heard, forced on by the ring as more and more packed in tighter.

“Please! You gotta help!” he wailed in pleasure. He caressed the cum balloons spreading his legs further apart as they fought for space between his diamond shaped calves. Each now pushing out against a too tight sack. *Pump* *Swell* Bloat* Stretch* *Gurgle* *Slosh* Pre began to pour out like a river onto the concrete of the pool deck.

I was still shocked at the size. Still going through my mind was what a 13” long, 4” wide penis would look like.

“Fuck, Michael!” We saw the trembling mass bounce and pulse as each round of growth forced on by the ring pounds its way into the now blimp, this monster jutting from my friend’s groin, creaking and swelling. The heat radiating off of it was enough to cook eggs on. Steam rose toward the sun as the pressure built in my friend’s overinflated dong. The sperm bombs were now charging themselves tight they had now stopped swelling, reaching their limit seemingly before the cannon before us. His legs were spread-eagle, huffing and moaning.

“Unhhhh.. *creak* uhhhh. ggggg… *bloat* *PUMP* *SQUEEEEEAAAAALL* AAHHHHHHHHH!” He yelled as a large burst of inflation his over blown cock balloon. It swelled more, hitting the 13” mark, then stopping. Then bloating up behind the head, fatter and fatter. Tighter and tighter as the balloon cried out with another large *SQUEEEEAAAALLL* as the next pump forced more growth into the blimp-like cock before it had time to rest. It now sat at an astonishing 3.5” in width at its widest point behind the head, the swell forcing the veins to hold the tension behind the skin. The cock groaned as more growth fed into it. *Bloat* *Pump* STRETCH*. “Oh God! Please stop!” Michael grabbed on and hugged the balloon as if to halt the swell from coming! Stretch marks were now visible as the red colored skin now grew tight against the cock. The dirigible forced his arms apart, and I latched on, trying to give my friend some relief.

“Oh… nnnnn…ff..fuck!” He looked up at me as be both grabbed onto the cock balloon straining his thighs to spread further apart. *Bloat* Stretch* The stretch marks now becoming more prominent as the veins engorged themselves with new life, swelling the blimp with more growth than any man should experience.

“I’m so fucking jazzed right now!” he rasped as he began stroking the blimp between his legs. The kick in his balls reminded him of their bloat. “Aw fuck!” The balls I’m leaning on now swelled up, putting pressure on the globes as they were forced to create more juice for the cum balloons. The explosive power behind each bloat of the fluid was driving the balls to swell tighter and tighter as they packed themselves to near bursting. They were beach ball balloons now, approaching large beach ball sizes as the whole package seemingly swells for the last time.

*BLOAT* *CREAK* *GURGLE* *STRETCH* *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLL* A long stretching balloon sound echoed in our ears as the massive real life balloons bloated to their absolute limits. Then finally, the squeal stopped, then a leathery stretching sound started as the cock blimp shuddered.

“Oh fuck!” we both moaned out. Our hands still on the cock balloon before us, we felt our fingers spread further apart, no longer able to touch 4 hands together across the flesh of the vein marked blimp. The heat soared as the final bloat pushed the cock blimp to its groaning limit. The cock creaked as the leathery sounds started soft then built into a loud rumble, as the balloon expanded to its widest point.


“AAAAAAAHHHHH! FUUUUUCK!” Michael screamed as the cock blimp shuddered to a pulsing halt. The thumping of the beastly dong before us drummed through our ears as the blimp swelled and relaxed from its onslaught. Crisscrossing veins, now pencil thick in some areas, fed the blimp with power as the ring relaxed, though still not releasing the pin prick.

*Ping* With trembling hands, Michael picked up his phone. PumpMe app: Length-13” Width: 4” Girth: 12.6”

“Uh… fuck.. hmph. “ He was sweating now and breathing heavily. Deep grunts came from someplace inside. Michael leaned back on his muscled arms, propping himself up on his right arm as his left caressed the side of the bloated blimp like baseball bat protruding from his now overfull groin. The skin stretched almost paper thin, pushing his muscular body to the limit.

“That was…. hmph… fucking insane…” he groaneds, rubbing the side of his cock balloon. He seemed afraid to move as each jolt sent the bulging blimp shuddering, nearing its bursting point.

“I don’t know how—” I said, rubbing his beach ball sized cum balloons, still gurgling as they attempt to pack more cum in. “They’re packed in real tight. And getting tighter.”

“Hey, Keith!” Michael got my attention from the bulging balloons before me. “Are my balls supposed to felt like this?” he asked as I felt what meant. Every second, they were packing in more cum as the sperm balloons force-fed themselves spunk. The cum factories were now in overdrive from his arousal as he leaned forward, placing his hands on top of his ballooning masses, still pulsing with the urge to grow. The cum balloons now ready for round two….

“Unhhhuh…. Keith!” Michael moaned out as he began caressing his overblown beach balls. Now reaching 16” across, each ball was filling in, packing the cum balloons tighter as the swell began to increase from his arousal.

“Dude, you have to think about something else!” I tried to get him to calm down so the balls didn’t overpack themselves, force-feeding themselves cum as they engorged. pulsing, veins spreading across the expanse of his drum tight sack, groaning as each bump and jolt from the cum sloshing shuddered the over inflated cum balloons. Vibrations moved visibly across the tight expanse of the overpacked balls.

‘Uhhhnnnn….gg.. fuck. That’s hard to do when your balls felt this backed up dude! Oh yeah…” he added, suddenly realizing I too was just turned into a cum balloon about an hour ago.

“Okay… um. Don’t think of anything Michael. Think of something ugly….” I said as he leaned back on the lounge chair, wincing as his balls lifted a little from the change in position and then swelled to meet the ground once more…

“Unnnnn…” His moaning was sounding like he was in heat. “It feels like I haven’t jizzed in over a month…”

“Dude, shut up! Besides, this is more than a month’s worth in there…. “ I said. “Just, think of something else or you’ll have your balls exploding all over the place.” I felt the spread of my fingers begin to slow down and finally shudder to a halt, sending the overinflated blimp bouncing about, sounding like an over inflated balloon rubbing against itself as the pulse slows down to a thrumming throb. The veins were still feeding the balloons, attempting to force Michael’s balls to accept more fluid.

“Oh thank you, sweet baby…” he said as his hand rested on his forehead, another above his groin. His right hand was rubbing his tight lower abdomen as the stretch and pull yanked on his groin, the meat bouncing with each stroke. The pressure was filling his balloons to their limit, no longer packing in tighter as his sperm factories slowed down. His arousal was dying down.

“Thank god,” I sighed, now feeling the outside of his balls no longer forcing my hands apart. They were reaching 17” now from the last bit of swell they endured.

“You need to figure something out! It still feels like I can’t take anymore,” Michael moaned while his hands ran over the top of his beach balls. “These things are ready to burst. I could feel the throbbing in my balls.” *Bloat* *Creak* Then they reached 17.5” as the balloons fill with more cum as he lost control for a second. “ Unnnnnnhhhuhn …. gg.. fuck!” he screamed as the *stretch* pushed his balls to their limit. Now, with each jostle, they were sounding like two balloons rubbing together, each fighting for space, pushing his large calves further apart. “Oh hot damn…” his lips pursed as he continued rubbing… “this feeling, oh man, of being filled to the brim. The feeling of pressure pushing my ballooning junk to grow and overflow with my cum. These balloons… fuck. Hnnnnnhuh…. Fuck!” he threw his head back and moaned. The groaning from the cum balloons was getting louder as they were force fed cum. *Bloomp* *Creak*

“Stop thinking about it! You’re gonna explode!” I frantically shouted, hearing a deep rumbling coming from the over full and deformed balls before us. “We just need to figure out how to get it out of you before you do pop!” I patted his balls as I stood up. I heard them thrum like a bass drum, hearing a water sound bounce off the inside as the cum sloshed from the sudden impact. “Oh fuck, I’m sorry…”

“UHnn.. Just.. gg. damn… don’t let me explode!” he moaned out, still feeling the tightness of his beach ball sized cum balloons.

I paced around, glancing occasionally at the sweating pile of man meat before us, trying to think of something. “We need more hands for this…” I thought to myself, looking at the blimp of a cock stretching before my eyes, still pulsing and swelling with every bounce and stimulation it received. “We just need him to cum faster…..” I said, then…

“Hey Keith! How’s it going wi…. what the fuck is that! Who the fuck is that!” A loud, familiar voice bounced off our ears. I turned to see Jason, my brother, standing before us.

He walked over, kneeling next to the sweating muscular man. “Hiya bud…” Michael smirked…. wincing as his junk jostled about.

“Michael!?” Jason looked at me then him than me again. “Is that really him!?’’ he seemed scared and surprised. “Is that all him???” He eyed the man blimp before him. Michael shuddered as he feels Jason’s warm breath caress the overinflated balloon.

“Hmph… Yes. That is him.” I rolled my eyes. I saw the lust in my brother’s eyes. I forgot to mention, my brother was a bit of a size queen. And let’s face it, so am I when it comes to things like this. Just never really expected it to get this far. This full….

“NNNNhuhnn… Fuck! Get off! You’re gonna make it worse! “ Michael slapped my brothers’ hands away as we all hear the *creak* *Bloat* *Bloomp* as my friend’s cum balloons now packed their contents in tighter, engorging themselves with cum, the expansion pushing them to 18” wide. “Aahhhhh fuck!” Michael screamed, shooting upright and latching onto his balls, caressing and hugging them, trying to prevent further growth as his balls groaned from the pressure building; trying to prevent the inevitable….

“I just wanted to feel it!” He reached a hand forward. I attempted to stop him but it was no use… he began to softly rub the side of Michael’s distending beach balls as an unintelligible “unnnn… ggg..ha;ds” came from my friend’s mouth, now speaking gibberish as his brain flooded with endorphins brought on by the expansion…

*Creak* *Bloomp* *Stretch* as the balloons now reach past 18.5” in width, a constant leather sound now emanating from the balloons spreading out on the concrete, mashed together and deforming like a couple of overblown water balloons, each jiggling as they spread out.

*Bloat* *Bulge* Creak* “DuDE!” Jason’s voice cracked in arousal. His excited mind was going a mile a minute as his ultimate fantasy ballooned up before him. *Creak* *Bloat* The cum balloons were now packing themselves even tighter, shuddering and groaning with each pump that the ring force fed into these overfull beach balls. A crease was forming at the split in Michaels’ sack where the scrotum separated the two halves, rapidly forming a deep crevasse. Sweat poured off the overfull globes spreading out before us.

“Una.;ahsdf .asdfiue. phh..phh..phh….” Michael was now lashing about, trying to grab onto everything and anything around him as his balloons swelled past 20”. Then suddenly, as if they couldn’t swell any more, the expansion stopped. The globes were now pulsing, the net-like veins crisscrossing, forcing more cum into balls that had exceeded their limits.

“What the hell is wrong with him!?” Jason finally asked, now over excited as a large lump forced out a tent his shorts, straining for release, pre leaking down his leg.

“Dude. You gotta be doing that here?” I asked.

“Doing what?” he said as he adjusted Michael’s meat in front to touch the balls with both hands. The rumbling sound coming from Michael’s sperm balloons now getting deeper as they continue to shudder and bulge, pulsing as they attempted to swell more to accommodate the constant filling they are now enduring, packing themselves tighter and tighter now forced to just accept more volume with little room to grow. *Creak* *Groan* as the bloating balls moan for relief before they burst.

“Huhmmph… huhmmph… please… humpph .. make it.. humph… stop.. “ Michael pleaded, tears rolling down from his eyes as he rubbed and patted the balloons now forcing themselves to take more cum. The cum was no longer sloshing as room had run out, and pre was now shooting out of his bloated blimp as the pressure built. “It feels sooooo tight. Soooo packed! Uhnn… “ *creak* *groan* as the balls pulse more, now covered in sweet smelling funk, glistening in the sun as the balloons jiggled with each burst of cum forcing its way in… “I CaN’t tAkE much moorree! unnnhhhhuh.” Michael’s voice broke in desperate need for relief.

“This… is… “ All of our hands lift off of the drum tight orbs as we stare at the cum, then at each other. Panic building with urgency as his balloons continued overflowing with cum. The globes meeting their limits as the cum sweat seeped out through the overinflated sack of flesh.

“Dude…Your balls are sweating cum!” I look at him, slack jawed.

“UNNnnhhfadf.. Fuck…” he groaned.

*Creak* *Groan* *Glug* *Stretch* As if with one thought we all latched onto Michael’s blimp and bloated cock to hurry along his orgasm. Then Jason, now getting more into it than he should, began undressing excitedly.

“What the hell are you doing?” I yelled at him. “We need this done now or his balloons keep filling. Do you know what happens to balloons when they over fill!?”

“Relax, he still has some time,” he said casually as he quickly stepped out of his briefs, eyeing the head of the bulging blimp before him. “I have an idea to speed this along,” he added as he sensually caressed and kissed the softball sized head of Michael’s balloon cock. Michael groaned as Jason pulled the cock down further to meet his own. Jason’s thick 7 inches was bobbing up and down in anticipation for what I now saw was coming.

No, wait!” I tried to react, only to be mesmerized by the scene, astonished that the blimp before us took it, my hands, Jason’s, and Michael’s all still on his giant cum-sweating balls.

*Groan* *Bulge* *CREAAAAAAKK* “Aaaaahhhhhh! Just fucking do it!” Michael yelled.

With his cockhead lining up with the two-inch sized piss slit, Jason, intoxicated by lust, had already begun sliding in…. “Okay, you asked for it!” he said, and started pushing with force as Michael writhed in pleasure and pain as the cock was now bloating again, this time from the inside as my brother’s cock force fed itself into Michael’s blimp.

Michael’s blimp was now creaking and groaning as it expanded with each thrust my brother pounded into the cock with his. Pressure now searing up in Michael’s balls as they groaned for release, excitedly jostling about as the cum sweat poured off the balloons, pooling under the balls. The cum, having nowhere to go, force fed itself in and pushed the balls to their breaking point!

“Man, this is fucking insane!” Jason said, now full on fucking the blimp, feeling the tight wetness of its confines. The cock was seemingly trying to suck in Jason’s cock as the squelching of the blimp being fucked got louder, pre-cum was forced around them and out. The flow now blocked completely with each thrust in and then spraying out as Jason pulled back, increasing exponentially as finally, Michael’s balls seized, and his legs lock up. The veins in his neck and arms, all across his muscled form, stood out as the cum began rocketing up from the balloons bouncing up and down off the concrete. Six hands and one cock was now enough to send Michael over the edge.

“OOOOO… Man. ewewere.. “ Michael’s lips pursed as sweat pours down his meaty pecs and thighs. “Here it cums…” the balloons shuddered, then rumbled… then, silence.

*SQUEEEEAAAAAAAL* as the cock blimp before us swelled past its 4” width, squeezing tighter around Jason’s cock!

“Oh fuck, I’m stuck!” Jason said as he yanked with no release. The vise-like grip of the extra swell was sealing off the exit from Michael’s 13” blimp.

“Whether or not you’re ready, here I cum!” Then, blast! as the cum began shooting out of the balls, the balloons screaming as the release backed up in Michael’s cock, filling the shaft with jizz, the cum having now where to go but forward.

“Oh geez fuck!” Jason yelled, feeling the pressure against the head of his cock. The shaft blimp before him groaned and swelled past 5” inches wide as the cum pooled in the shaft, then…

“Oh fuck! It feels like I’m cumming in reverse!” Jason, dropping to his knees as the cum forces its way around the cock blocking the exit, the feeling of cum gushing around and into Jason’s penis. The feeling of an orgasm, but backwards.

“Holy shit!” I said. Cum was blasting out of Michael, dousing Jason and me with spunk, but not all of it could get out, and there was still more coming!

“I feel it!” Jason said, dropping his arms down.

“What!? What is it!?” Michael comes off his high, his cum still spilling out of the balloons… into Jason’s balls.

Jason groaned. His hands caressed his previous golfball-sized testicles as what couldn’t get around the cock now force fed itself into Jason, blowing his balls up more, filling them with more seed. Without the effects of the ring, his balls pulsed and groaned as they swelled, dropping down to baseball sized and ready to burst.

“You gotta get me out of him! Before I end up like him!” Jason screamed, writhing about from the feeling of being turned into a cum balloon, now covered in gallons of cum from Michael’s gushing blimp.

I yanked on him, trying to get him free from Michael’s shrinking dirigible, which now deflating around Jason’s cock as the orgasm finally slowed—but the deflation was only tightening and sealing off the exit. No cum was escaping now except into Jason’s balls. *Creak* Bloomp* *Swell* The orbs expanded to football size as the flow decreased, sputtering to a stop.

*Pop* “Finally!” Jason was freed and sighed, rubbing his bouncing balls of cum. The sack distended out into a stretched bag of flesh.

“Unnnh… It feels like I’ve been kicked in the balls…” Jason moaned, rubbing the footballs between his thighs. The balls were shuddering as they too had been filled to the brim, ready to explode. He sat back onto his defined butt, legs curled in with knees pointed to the sky and spread as far as he comfortably could.

“Yea, it’ll do that to ya…” I said, walking up to him. Only now do I realize I’m standing naked in front of Jason.

“Holy Fuck! When did that happen!” he said, pointing at me and still rubbing his throbbing orbs. My thick 9” hard-on still retained its bloated blimp shape from earlier, the sun glistening off the tight, veiny shaft, the head purple and pulsing, dripping with pre as this whole thing had me wound up.

“Geez…. Look at these things! They’re like a couple of potatoes!” he said, going to reach for my balls. I backed away, avoiding his touch. The pendulous orbs swayed back then forward as his hand grazed the bottom, sending a shiver up my spine and a throb to my overblown cock.

“Gahhh… fuck! It feels like I’m about to burst now,” he said as he furiously began fisting his cock, trying to expel their contents. The pressure built into a mind-blowing cum blast that added more to the river of spooge now seeping its way into the pool. This was the final straw for me as I felt my, yes, potato-sized balls seize up and expel their seed… directly onto Jason’s chest and lap, sending us both into another wave of orgasms.

“Hello, what about me?” Michaels huffed. “NNNnm. Damn this thing is sore, and so are these…” he said, rubbing his now 8-inch long, 2¼-inch wide flaccid blimp. He lifted each grapefruit-sized ball, still pulsing with the urge to grow.

Finally, Jason chimes in. “I don’t know about you guys, but whatever happened to him, I want in on it…”

“Come on guys!” Jason whines, still clutching his large round balls, remnants from mine, Michael’s, and Jason’s cum explosions still leaking from our engorged tips. My blimp of a cock is still pulsing with the urge to grow as it deflates.

“No dude! You just saw what happened!” I shake him, grabbing his broad shoulders, trying to get him back to reality.

“Yeah little man, hunnhuh…” Michael speaks up, lifting himself up off the lounge chair and trying to balance himself as he adjusts his stance to the extra weight he now possesses hanging from his crotch. The grapefruit sized balls stretch downward from the 8-inch long, 2¼-inch wide baseball bat stretching over the engorged nuts. The package pushed forward from his thick muscled thighs. “You just saw my nuts nearly explode from all this. Keith, I think I learned my lesson… guh…” he huffs, as he slowly rolls the ring off of his engorged package, struggling with the immense size of his bloated nut sack and heavy sausage of a cock.

“Here.” He tosses the ring to me.

“Glad you learned your lesson.” I scowl at Michael, catching the rubber ring in my hand. I reach down, rubbing my still-bloated cock and balls as my arousal begins to peak once again, chubbing my engorged balloon meat to hang lower over my bloated, oversized balls.

“Let me see that!” Jason demanded eagerly, attempting to swipe the ring from my hand. I swat his hand away.

“Absolutely not!” I look at him speaking firmly with my deep baritone voice. “You just saw how dangerous this can be, especially when you get greedy.” I emphasize ‘greedy’ while I again scowl at Michael, who appears to be weighing the grapefruits in his hands, judging how heavy they are. I’m half expecting him to start thumping them to see if they’re ripe.

“Hey, uh, guys, I don’t think my briefs will fit now…” Michael looks up, cracking one of his sarcastic comments.

“Ya think dude?” I respond. “You nearly popped.”

“Yeah, it felt like I was gonna bust a nut there for a minute. Thanks guys…” Michael brings one of his muscled arms up and place his large right hand behind his head and chuckles.

“Well, you definitely ‘busted a nut’… just not the way we thought it was gonna end,” Jason chimes in. “Just look at this mess. Mom and dad are gonna freak out!” Jason, now rounding back to reality, begins to realize the enormous responsibility of having to cleanup a lake’s worth of cum, now seeping into the pool…

“You’re right.” We all sigh. “I’ll get the hose and try to wash most of it into the pool,” Michael says, heading toward the hose, his package bouncing around violently as his thick thighs cause his balls and blimp cock to sway off each stride of his thick muscles.

“Gosh, that’s so hot.” Jason begins to drool.

“Snap out of it.” I snap my fingers at him. “I need you to go switch the pump on the pool to high so Michael’s cum doesn’t clog up the pipes.”

“I already had to clear out some backed up pipes. I don’t need to do it again!” Jason laughs at his own joke.

“Hardy har har…” Michael turns around, sneering at Jason as he reels the hose over to the lake of sperm pooled on the deck. He begins spraying it down into the water as clumps of it fall thickly into the pool and are sucked into the drain as the pump filters it out. I start sweeping the mess into the water trying to hide as much evidence as we can. We finish up out cleaning some 30 minutes later, the sun now laying lazily in the sky as the heat of the afternoon builds, sweating now as if we just did what we did earlier.

“Let’s clean up and head into town. I have a feeling we all are going to need new clothes to put these things into,” I say, all of us looking down at our still-swollen meat and potatoes. “Michael, you can use my parents’ shower. They won’t be home, so it’ll be fine,” I add.

“But why can’t he use mine?” Jason whines.

“Stop being a pervert. Now go take your shower, we need to hurry up so we can get back. And don’t play with yourselves!” I yell at them as they disappear into the house. I grab my swim briefs I had on earlier and Michael’s briefs, seeing that Jason already grabbed his clothes, and head upstairs to clean up.

We meet each other downstairs. Jason is taking longer than us, but he finally follows down the steps.

“Dude, are you freeballin’?” Jason glances at the outline of meat mounded in Michael’s sweatpants.

“Yeah, so what!” Michael, not really being the embarrassed type I knew him to be, blushes and tries to hide the overblown package from view. “It’s not like any underwear is gonna fit these baseballs!” He gropes the orbs through his sweats to emphasize his point.

“Point taken…” Jason backs off.

“Still pretty inflated down there?” I ask Michael.

“Yeah, but not nearly as bad as before. Still large, but getting more normal.”

“I wouldn’t call baseball sized ‘normal’,” Jason pipes in with his sarcastic tone. Jason’s balls seemed to have go down to the golf ball size they were before. “I’d kill to have at least half of what you guys are packin’.” He heads out the door, and we follow him to the car.

In Michael’s car, Jason’s phone pins with a text. “Hey, it’s mom. She says she and dad are staying a couple more days with Grams to help out around the house,” Jason says from the back seat. “I guess that means we can have some fun later…” He smirks.

“No! No! A thousand times no! I already told you it’s dangerous!” I say.

“Come on Keith!”

“Take it from Michael and me.”

“Exactly!” Jason huffs. “Both of you have already took that little toy for a test drive. I want in on it!” he grunts.

“Fine, I’ll think about it! Geez,” I huff, rolling my eyes at Michael.

“Eh, what’s the worst that can happen if we keep an eye on the little guy?” Michael shrugs.

“Fine… we will see when we get back home. Don’t go too crazy shopping since you’re using one of my cards,” I tell him as we pull into the strip mall.

We finish our shopping, not spending a whole lot of time at the mall. I have to go for briefs in a specialty men’s wear store, the kind with an extra-large pouch seeing as it looks like I have a cucumber and two large tomatoes stuffed in them. Michael has to get custom-fitted at the same store, as the briefs needed to be even larger than mine. His balls had steadied out to around a little smaller than baseballs, but his cock was still sitting at about 8” soft and pretty girthy at 2¼” wide. Jason, on the other hand, only purchases a pack of briefs they had already with a larger pouch than he’s used too.

“You know you didn’t need to buy those,” I tell him as we head into the house, sitting our things on the kitchen floor.

“I know, but I may grow out of my usual ones soon. Nothing like preparing for the future.” He smiles, “So, what’dya think? Now, later, tomorrow?”

“About what?”

“You know that little deal we made in the car?”

“I seem to recall saying I’ll think about it.” I cross my arms.

“Damn it, Keith! You said that we’d let me do it as long as you two watched!” He points at Michael and me.

“No, Michael said that. And I didn’t say anything but ‘Fine, I’ll think about it’.”

“Fuck you, Keith!” Jason storms off up the steps with a determined look on his face, gripping the package with his new underwear tightly.

“Maybe we should…”

I interrupt Michael. “Not right now. We need to figure this out before things get carried away here.”

“You’re right.” We both reach down and rub out overblown baskets, still sore from their recent growth spurts. I roll the ring around in my hand, examining it.

Jason’s Perspective:

“I’ll show them. I’ll outgrow both of them and be the biggest. No more little man.” I rummage through Keith’s drawers, trying to find that rubbery device.

My 7” glory is tenting my shorts with excitement as I wonder through my brothers’ room as quickly and sneakily as possible.

*Clank* “What’s this thing?” I say, as I move aside some clothing in the dresser. There sits a device, almost like an air pump. Small, with the letters UBERPUMP on the side and a QR code to scan. Some instructions in a plastic pouch have been hastily shoved away next to it, and there—aha! Another ring. Like the other one my brother hid from me. My plan is finally becoming reality as I remove the contents from the drawer, seeing that it came with a black hose attached to the air pump and a small needle at its end.

“That’s odd…” I look at it. Thinking I hear my brother and Michael coming up the stairs, I round up the instructions and device into my arms and retreat to my room, locking the door behind me. I lay the contents on my bed and begin to undress, down to my birthday suit. My penis is bouncing up and down, pre dripping from excitement. Scanning the QR code on the side, my phone begins to download the App. It’s apparently called Pump Me: An Uber Pump affiliate.

“What an ironic name,” I laugh to myself.

App: “Follow the onscreen prompts for Uber Power Pump Pro.”

Okay… I swipe through the instructions, following the setup closely, hands trembling. I plug in the pump and place the cock ring over my cock and balls like instructed, making sure that the needle insert hole is facing down, just behind my ball sack. I grab the hose, trembling as I examine the needle.

“Here goes nothin’,” I huff out a nervous breath as I reach down, wincing as the needle inserts itself into the base of my cock and balls behind the sack and twist to lock in place.

*Ping* “Connection complete. Begin manual pump.”

“Okay… you ready to get huge?” I say, looking down at my pulsing cock, the large veins crisscrossing their way over its mass. I sit on the edge of my bed, looking at the pump. With a trembling hand I grab the pressure valve to control the flow and flick the red on switch. With a whir the device starts pumping and my cock begins to inflate, feeling a massive pressure build at the base of my cock and balls, increasing every second. The feeling spreads out along the shaft as it reddens, and the veins stick out more. My cock is now pulsing as the pump now forces my cock to grow, the gurgling sensation in my balls increasing as they too begin to bloat.

The silence of the pump deafens the room as my cock stretches past its 7” length, on into 7¼”, the feeling of pressure building still as the meat is being force-fed into a growing fantasy.

“Ready or not boys, here I come,” I smirk, sitting back and enjoying the bloat from the steady and constant swell of the humming machine.

“Shit…” I huff as I use my right hand to caress the side of my growing cock. The pressure continues to climb as my tumescent organ continues its glorious bloat. My other hand is resting on the valve, continuing to slowly increase the speed of my inflation.

“Man, you are tight. My junk feels soooooo full.” I lick my lips, staring down at my twitching and steadily growing meat. My balls, now bloating in their sack, feeling as if the cum has now begun to overflow and push against the inside of my growing orbs. I feel my fingers begin to spread further apart as my girth expands from the pressure of the pump forcing more growth into my cock balloon. The bulging meat now becoming more girthy and red. The veins crisscrossing like a net and pencil thick as the pump forces more size into my penis, causing it to gorge on the growth pounding its way into my cock.

“Oh yeah, swell for me. Get fat…” I say, opening the valve up more. The pressure is increasing at the base of my dick once more as the swell pushes against the skin, the separations of each section of my cock becoming more obvious as the shaft expands and the underside of my dick swells, giving it the look of three overinflated elongated balloons engorging on more size while deforming and fighting for space against each other.

“Damn it… I’ve never been this… unhuh… hard in my life…” I grunt as the expansion forces my cock to balloon out in all directions, growing fatter and thicker as the girth expands faster than my length. My fingers are no longer able to touch with one hand, my cock now becoming a two-handed monster. The skin is becoming deep red and vein riddled as the veins wriggle and writhe, force feeding my cock to bulge and bloat heavier as the growth continues to pile on more mass. I feel the steady pressure building, the stretching of my skin becoming intoxicating as the slow and steady flow of growth forces itself in.

“Let’s see what this is…” With a trembling hand, I reach for my phone and continue looking through the app, reading all the warnings, instructions, yada yada yada…. I get to the section of the app with my numbers listed for size. A real-time size monitor!

“This is interesting…” I say, feeling my cock slowly swell more. My right hand now caressing the bottom of my cock as the I feel the ridges and separations of the meat balloon between my legs as it forces them to start spreading apart, legs straddling at a wider stance to accommodate my inflating balls and cock.

I see the numbers slowly creeping upward… 7.3”, 7.4”, 7.5”. I feel the stretch becoming more violent as my cock balloon definitely feels like it’s over-bloating on the size I am forcing into it; torturing my cock to bloat up more, becoming more tumescent and blimp like. The mass of it pulling on my groin.

“Fuck…” I wince again, seeing the numbers slowly increase, the pressure in my balls, now growing beyond blue balls. The pressure pains in them building as the orbs steadily swell up to the size of goose eggs, the sack distending and deforming around the cum balloons. “Maybe I should stop before I hurt myself…” I say, my hand ready to close the valve and turn the pump off, trembling.

My hand lingers on the valve. Instead of turning it off, I turn it up. My brain filled with lust, and myself wondering why I am doing this. Not wanting to become a donkey dick on a skinny body. A cock thicker than my wrist. Sweating now just thinking about how hot that would look on my lithe frame. I wince…

“Unnhuh…” I moan as I feel the pressure piling in faster now. The cock is becoming angrier as the veins thicken, forcing more growth into an already over inflated blimp, getting fatter in the middle as the length gains slow down. The girth increasing faster now, outpacing the bloat of my cock head. The skin is pulling tight as my cock now bloats up fatter and fatter, myself moaning as ecstasy fills my brain… “What the fuck am I doing to you…” I say, now rubbing and caressing, feeling the tightness in my cock with both hands, barely able to encircle the bloated monster now making me sit spread-eagle as I feel it spread out at the base and into the deepest parts of my groin, my balls having tried to keep up, now stopping at the size of ostrich eggs, boiling for release. That kicked in the balls feeling returning as they try to expel their contents…

*Bloat**Squeak* I wince as my now 8¼”-long cock blimp now fattens out behind the head, looking more like an elongated fleshy eggplant as the skin darkens into a deep purple. I feel a sharp pain on both sides of my cock balloon as a leathery sound creaks from my groaning balloons. I feel my hands no longer touch as two hands can no longer encircle my bloated, tumescent dick. Feeling like it could burst from the pressure at any moment. I wince once more as I feel my fingers spread further apart, looking down at my phone, the width of my engorging cock now spreading out past 3” onto 3.25” wide. A pain shoots from the side of my cock as I see the stretch marks appear along the length of my bloated blimp dick. It now looks like a melon, a misshapen blimp fatter in the middle than at the base and cock head, the skin pulled tight behind the head with the skin folding and rolling to accommodate itself around where the shaft meets the head. It was like those folds seen on the largest pecs of a man whose muscles fight for space on a bulging muscular body. With a trembling hand, I close the valve and turn the pump off, having my cock balloon up with just enough bloated girth before making an overblown mistake like my brother and Michael.

“Holy…. Huhhnnnhuh… fuck…” I say, reaching my hands to my bloated cock, rubbing up and down. I feel the striations of the cock from itself being over bloated and overpacked. Forced to grow for my pleasure, now looking something like an over ripe melon as the fat shaft pulses from its engorged size. The cock itself is pulsing and swelling; the feeling of pressure making myself sweat. I worry that Keith and Michael may walk in.

“Shit! I forgot to lock my door…” I say, looking at the unlocked latch.

“But this bloated thing,” I say, looking back down, breathing heavily from my urge to cum, now taking over. “This thing needs to blow right now… They walk in, oh well, they’ll just get a show…” I reason to myself, now furiously pounding the over bloated meat now jutting from my groin. The feeling of pressure building in my balls as I beat my cock. Sweating fiercely now as my exertion peaks with my arousal. The feeling of being inflated and the cock meat forcing itself to spread wide deep inside me as my cock has grown oh so thick. More than wrist thick. Baseball-bat thick… The arch of my now overblown cock had made it face ever so slightly downward, as its mass bounces and sways with each impact I have with my fist.

My balls feel backed up and ready to explode as the pre begins to pour out of my cock. The large tumescent meat balloon is now forcing me to use two hands instead of the usual one on my old cock. The penis squealing and groaning as I near my climax… I feel my balls draw up tight as the orbs bounce about, feeling them slosh and audibly churn with my seed. They swell up with additional spunk from my continuous pounding as I attempt to hold myself together, becoming exhausted at my efforts to quell my thirst for growth…. My balls are forcing my legs to spread further apart as the pressure builds at the base of my blimped out cock. The veins above my package on my lower abdomen stand out in bold relief as the pressure builds and my turgid orbs yank up tight against the underside of my ballooned-up cock. I feel the cock swell as the stream of cum forces its way down the shaft, the cock squealing as the force of the cum swells up and bursts out as a stream.

“nnnhuhhnuh… fuck!” I yell out loud, not caring whether Keith and his friend hear me or not, only relishing now in the relief as my cock spews forth the cum that has pooled in my balls for too long. The arousal from all the growth I witnessed today having reaches a fever pitch as I live out my fantasy of ballooning my cock and balls up.

“Geez…. Nnnhuh… fuck…” I breathe heavily as the stream dies down, now dribbling as my cock twitches still ready to grow more, still bloated and painfully erect. My balls sore from their over packing of cum and the violent orgasm my body went through… I rub and caress the sore blimp and two cum balloons still aching to inflate more…

“Maybe later….” I say, with heavy eyes as my body feels limp from the exertion. I lean back onto my bed with my ballooned-up junk still bouncing and twitching between my legs, not caring about anything in the world right now as I drift off… my eyes closing….

The door creaks open. “Jason, what are you doing in there….?”

“Unhhhuh…” My eyes open as I feel a tightness spreading from my groin. My hand reaches down to the bloated mass quivering with anticipation to grow more… I attempt to sit up, only to be met with resistance by leather belts at my waist. My hands are still caressing my bloated masses; the organs are jiggling and shuddering with each movement as I attempt to free myself from the belts holding me down to the bed.

“What the hell… gah…” I grunt, giving up on the struggle…

“Well, well, well. The little dick envious jerk who decided to sneak through my room.” I look up, my eyes meeting Keith’s. In his hand he’s holding the valve to the pump. My eyes grow wide.

“No… wait a minute… I can explain…” My voice trembles as I plead with him. Looking to the right, I see Michael there as well, arms crossed and looking a bit intimidating with his muscle mass and bulging package jutting from his clean new boxers. Keith is standing to the left in nothing but his boxers, which are bulging from his overblown meat.

“Yeah, then how can you can explain that!” Michael says, pointing to my twitching, vein riddled monster of a cock bobbing about still. A bit of pressure slowly builds at the base of it as I feel the growth begin to pile in slowly. The hum of the pump rushing back into my ears as I realize that my junk is now inflating against its will. The slow stretch of my already overstretched skin beginning to feel tight as the pump force feeds my cock to bloat with size once more.

“I think it’s time we taught you a lesson on what it means to be drunk on size. You don’t just—” Keith turns the valve open.

“Unhhhuhn…. Fuck…” I moan out as the growth accelerates, piling into my cock and balls as I feel the girth expand into my groin and…. My balls gurgle as the cum forces itself to overflow and pack my balls tighter. The turgid orbs jostle about, filling up faster than when I played with the pump earlier.

“—go into a room that isn’t yours and just take things without permission. Did you not see how dangerous these things were?” Keith finishes his sentence. I place my hands on both sides of my cock as I feel the girth stretch and bloat the cock blimp further on, becoming a tube of flesh groaning and creaking with each expansion of the pump. I feel the pressure expanding out from between my legs up to the tip of my bloated blimp. The head is now ridging out as it too swells to accommodate the pressure building in my tight ballooning meat

“Please Keith! You have to stop! I promise I won’t do it again! NNhuhnn…g…fuck…” I say, feeling my girth bloat out, misshapen by the over inflation that these two are forcing me to go through… “I… I learned… m…my lesson. Come on turn it off!” I beg, feeling my blimp of a cock engorge, the three parted blimp becoming for tumescent in its girth as the bloated feeling becomes unbearable. I feel my cock stretch out…. *Creak* as an audible groaning sound emanates from the towering cock between my legs. My toes curling as sweat begins to pour from my lithe body. Forced to endure a constant onslaught of torturous growth. The feeling of being overpacked erotic.

“My god! It feels like it could burst!” I say, rubbing and caressing the cock from underneath and the sides as I feel my fingers no longer touching from the girth expanding past 3¼” wide… my hands no longer encircling the behemoth pulsing between my legs. “It’s too big! Turn it off! I’m too big!” I moan while rubbing my dick up and down its girth, the heat building. My balls are now surpassing ostrich eggs as they continue to force feed and gorge on their own cum supply. The boiling in my balls is intense as we hear them slosh and bubble, audibly churning and groaning as they are forced to expand with my bloated cock balloon. The blimps veins are now netting across, holding the beast together and preventing it from exceeding its expanding potential. “Unnnnnnnhuhnnn… fucking shit!” I moan out as a leathery stretching sound builds from my dick as we all see the pumped up beast elongate out, seeing it gorge past it’s 8¼” length….. I’m still able to lean forward a bit, the belts only holding me down from the waist. Now leaning up, propped up by my will to feel the tightness of my groin with my own hands. I reach for my phone…

“If you’re gonna blow me up then I at least need to see what size!” I groan at both of them…

“Keith, maybe we should stop…” Michael says, obviously turned on by the events as his now 11” cock strains against his briefs, pulling them tight against his large balls still sitting at their engorged size smaller than baseballs but still inhumanely large. “I’m not sure he can take much more,” he goes on while ogling at the trembling mass getting fatter and fatter, thicker and thicker as it shudders and strains against its will to expand.

“Michael, he needs to learn his lesson… We both suffered the consequences of messing around with our dick heads and not our actual brains,” Keith grunts as he turns the valve up more, the inflation speeding up as the hiss grows louder…

*Squeall* as my cock groans for relief, staring at the numbers my right hand trembling as it caresses the underside of the misshapen cock now bloating up faster. “NNNNNNhuhnnnnnnn” A loud moan escapes my lips as I feel my fingers spread with the glorious bloat of my engorging meat balloon. The skin groaning and stretching trying to keep up with the increased speed of growth. 8½”, 8¾”, 9.0”, the growth speeding up as my length increases rapidly with the pressure piling in more as I feel my cock balloon out. “Unhhhhh…. I… Can’t… take…. Anymore… growth….” I plead to them, dropping my phone down, staring out to my blimp of a cock. My precious organ is now creaking as the skin darkens to a purple from the increase in pressure. The veins now thicker than pencils and standing out as they trap the ballooning pressure inside my tumescent blimp of a cock. My balls are feeling like they’re being kicked over and over again as the pressure builds in them…

Michael begins to lean down, his hands trembling… making contact with my overbloated cock balloon. His meaty hands, large paws stroking at my girth, squeezing it. He attempts to close his grip of two hands around my thick baseball bat as the growth continues to force its way into and push out against those netted veins, spreading his paws further apart. The balloon squealing sound it heard as each growth engorges the cock in all directions. Longer, fatter, heavier as the mass drags the bloated cock down from its vertical ascension and curving slightly down at a 45 degree angle. My own claws are digging into the meat as I feel the pressure press up against my fingernails. The pressure from the growth is causing my eyes to roll back into my head feeling my own hands digging in around the cock as another set worships my 4”-wide cock, now passing the width of Michael’s previous overinflated size… 9½”, 9¾”, 10”, the length continuing upward as the separations in my cock continue to deepen and become more pronounced from the sheer volume of size that my tumescent dick has bloated to.

*Creak* *Groan* as my cock continues its engorgement, Keith now enraptured by the sheer size of it as it’s girth surpasses 15½”, my cock now widening out to almost 5” diameter across from the shaft behind the two fisted size head of my cock. The folds of my skin roll and shift around like an over inflated balloon trying to accommodate the additional mass piling on. The shaft becoming more melon like as my balls now begin surpassing coconuts, my legs being forced wider as the leather belts join in on the groaning leathery sounds coming from my overbloated cock as my legs squirm trying to spread out and relieve the massive pressure building in my junk. The blimp is now shuddering and pulsing with each growth it engorges on. Gluttonous for size. A true monster as only seen on the largest of morphs online that I cum for…

“Nnnnnnnnn… damn it Keith! It’s gonna explode!” I wail out as my penis shudders and then widens once more. The length is now slowing down as it approaches 11”. Getting fatter and fatter now…

“Fuck you! I decide when it’s had enough!” *Slap* As he smacks my dick, the meat groaning deeply and rumbling as the pressure shifts around inside the blimped-out cock from the sudden impact, a deep drumming sound vibrating from the tight flesh balloon. My toes curl as the sensation feels erotic and pleasurable. I wimper as my cock stops getting longer, the length now slowing to a halt at 12”…. *Groan* *Creak* As the blimp of a cock now engorges wider the added mass is pulling the cock down so the tip of my cockhead brushes my knees, the tip resting between my legs. The weight of its girth is now overcoming gravity. The cock groans as Michael’s hands run over the top of my bloated blimp… I feel it shudder on my legs and the force of the pump now bloating the cock up fatter. 16” around is gone and we are now approaching 18” circumference as the width blows up to almost 6” wide. The cock shuddering and pulsing, the veins attempting to hold back the sea of arousal. A pain building in my pressurized cock as the shuddering becomes intense. The blimp is lolling about in my lap, the straps groaning as Michael begins undoing the belts.

Turn it off!” I hear Michael yelling to Keith, whose eyes have glazed over with lust. The feeling of my cock no longer expanding registers with me, it having reached its absolute limit. The blimp is groaning and getting tighter and tighter as the pressure builds.

“Oh shit!” Keith realizes now what they have down to my cock, the sweating meat now screaming for relief as the cock bounces around in my lap, the pump attempting to force feed more girth into my tortured blimp. The groaning intensifies as the sound of leather begins to get louder from my cock. “Nnnnhuhnnnn.. g…ff..fuck…” I moan with my cock and balls, the skin feeling like it can’t hold back anymore as the pressure still piles itself in. My cock is now forcing itself to pulse and swell, trying to engorge to a larger size. I feel the pressure build faster as Keith attempts to turn the valve off…. A long *SQUEAAAAAAAL* sound stretches from my bloated mass as the final belt is undone. I launch forward and grab the cock balloon. A baseball bat, now misshapen and groaning from the added pressure of Keith not turning the valve off…

“FUCK! STOP IT! It’s bloated enough! I learned my lesson please… nnnnnhuh.nnnnn…” I groan and plea.

“I tried! Nothing is happening! The valve is just turning around!”

“Oh my god…” Michael says, caressing the cock with me as I feel it. Standing it up, it’s now at pec level. The stretch of the pressure from the increase speed of the out of control pump now force feeding my cock to take the growth or explode!

“Turn it the fuck off! I can’t take much more… It’s about to burst!” I moan, holding the cock up from the underside as I feel the weight begin increasing more, the cock now groaning louder as it forces itself to expand, the skin becoming paper thin as the separations and ridges become deep and exaggerated from this last bit of growth before my cock meat meets it bloated demise. The cock comes into eye view, the head pulsing and swelling as my balls overpack themselves, not having been forgotten by the pump, they have gorged and force fed themselves on cum up to the size of volleyballs. The cum balloons jostling and groaning as they too have reached their limit. Cum sweating out through the sack just like Michael’s did. The pressure building in all three balloons as my blimp of a cock now stops stretching longer having reached 14¾” in length and so fat and thick that four hands couldn’t close around it.

“Oh god… It’s not getting longer…nnnnnhuh…” tears of pleasure are running down my cheeks… “It’s just getting fatter…”

The circumference now exceeding that of 20”… 6½” wide… the shuddering becoming violent as the groaning cock monster attempts to pulse its way up in size, failing to do so as the pressure continues to sky rocket inside the blimp. The veins are wriggling around as they hold the pressure back, keeping the overly gluttonous cock from exploding from its engorged size….

*Shew* ss the pressure suddenly becomes static, no longer increasing but still overpacked.

I see the plug hanging in my brother’s hand, Keith having yanked the cord out from the wall as the valve was stuck in the full power position. My blimp of a cock has engorged larger than what Michael’s had earlier.

“Uhnnnnn… It feels sooooo full….” I say, patting the side of my cock, feeling the pressure drum around inside of my overblown dick. The thumping sound resonates loudly. Michael’s hands are still resting on the blimp….

“Uh Michael…” Keith tries to get his attention, his eyes glazed over with lust….

“Man, my dick is on…. Nnnnhuhn… fire…” I moan as I feel the searing pain of my overbloated cock groaning for the pressure to be release. I try to scoot to the edge of the bed, feeling my bloated balls sliding against the sheets sending shivers down my spine. Each slide bounces my cock against the bottom of my chin. Michael and Keith grab my underarms and help, the added weight between my legs feels like nearly 50 pounds of mass packed into my groin. Wincing as I slowly drop my balls over the edge and hang, hearing them audibly slosh and gurgle from the shift in balance as I spread my legs wide. Still holding the underside of my bloated massive blimp of a cock, the weight of it tiring my right arm out, I lower it gently so as not to pop the balloon protruding from my groin. The space in my crotch having overpacked the area, feeling the bloat all the way back to the base of my balls and on into my back side and deep in my bowels as the weight of it pulls on my tight lower abdominals. Cum sweat is still dripping from my sack as the pressure stays high in my cum factories, the balls having overpacked themselves to be explosive.

“Man… this thing is heavy…” I say, letting the beast hang, still surprised that its weight doesn’t have it bouncing off of my thigh like it was on the bed. The springs of the mattress sigh in relief from the weight of my bloated masses having fought for dominance to see which would explode first, all three having lost that battle as they continue to creak and groan from the little movement they get from shifting around in my tight skin.

“I need to cum…” I say, rubbing my balls as I feel them churn and boil, screaming for release. As if the cum sweat wasn’t clue enough to release the pressure or else, the cum still churning violently for release. “Michael…. Keith…. HUhnnnnnhuh…” I plead to them…. “I need help…” I say as I moan and groan, my arousal peaking as my lust takes over. Reaching down, I twist and pull the nozzle from the base of my cock behind my overinflated sack of balloons, a slight hiss and then silence as the hole seals itself tight from the ring… “I guess the only thing to get this ring off is to explode or cum… I’d … nuhhhnnn… prefer to cum…” I say, as I slowly waddle to my bathroom, the squealing of my balloons rubbing together as the pressure shifts around in my groin. The blimp and two cum balloons are bouncing and swaying from my thighs hitting them as I make my way, urging Michael and Keith to assist me.

“Fine…” Keith relents. “I hope you learned your lesson!” he groans at me, realizing he has now been outsized again by his little brother and his best friend.

“I think we pushed it a little too close this time. So much for control.” Michael shrugs as he takes his briefs off, peeling them over his sweaty thighs as his overgrown junk flops out. “Come on Keith.”

“I am not helping… with that…” he says, pointing to me as my creaking junk disappears into the bathroom… the shower being turned on as the steam begins to caress my shuddering bloated meat. The soreness creeps up from my overbloated size…

“I better cum fast or you might explode…..” I say, caressing my blimp as the heat builds within my overinflated cock.. I need to get back at Keith for this… He wants a big cock, I’ll give it to him… An evil plan hatches in my mind….

“Fuck….. nnnnnnnnuuuhh…..” I moan as I waddle into my bathroom. My tight masses bouncing around, squeaking from their overblown weight as they try to fight gravity. The cum in my throbbing balls sloshing as they hug tight to the underside if my bloated cock…

“These fuckers are so big they’re outgrowing my nutsack…” And they were. Reaching my hands around, I grope at the sides of my cum balloons, my fingers barely able to indent the turgid orbs. I feel the cum churning against the insides. My sperm is bouncing off the inner walls of these massive soccer balls, shuddering and thumping against my thick palms…

“Jason….” Michael steps into the large tiled shower as I turn to lower myself onto the bench… my massive meat facing towards him as his 11 inch wrist thick cock drips… “We need to be careful with this since you’ve gotten bigger than us.”

“Dude you don’t…. nnnnnhuh… say.” My fat bloated blimp of a cock pulses up and down, slowly as it fights its tumescent size… the skin stretching with each throb.

*Creak* *Squeak* As the bloated orbs and meaty balloon stretching my legs spread-eagle adjust, the pressure still strong as the veins bulging while holding the massive meat together.

“Let’s just get this over with…” I say, sweating now. “I have a feeling my dick and balls won’t last much longer like this…” I say, both hands caressing the side of my towering cock jutting up in my face, fat and throbbing with weight. The heat pouring off the skin as I feel my hands spread across the expansive tight flesh. The smell of man funk permeating from my sweating balls as they leak through the sack from their overinflated size. The feeling of being full is becoming unbearable as my hands move up and down the shaft as the skin drags and pulls, feeling like tight leather. A balloon so fat and tight that any movement could burst it at any second…

“Here, let me help…” Michael moves in, his left hand reaching down under my overfilled balls and the other running up the underside of my cock. Shivers run down my spine. I feel the separations of my cock, the deep ridges and thick veins adding more to the stimulation as every sensation has been multiplied by a thousand…. the skin pulls and stretches from our constant milking of my throbbing fat meat. The soreness of the growth growing deeper into the core of my bloated cock and balls.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can stay like this Michael… nnnnnnn …. Once this is over, I’m gonna kick his ass…ggggg…huh…mph…fuck…” I say, sweat dripping off my forehead as we continue to knead my meat. “Damn it, be careful… My nuts feel like they could explode any minute…. Damn, they just keep feeling heavier and heavier….” I grunt as the weight just feels like…. mass… The turgid orbs no longer sloshing their contents around….

“Yeah… hah..” Michael chuckles nervously.

“Damn, these are feeling full…. What the hell!” I yell out as we continue to rub my cock as he kneads my balls…. “They feel tighter!”

“Shit… I was afraid of that…” Michael says, as he begins to kiss along the side of my bloated 14¾” cock. The over 2-liter-bottle-thick cock getting more angry and tight from my arousal.

“What do you mean…. Oh….. unnnnnnnhhhhhnnnnn….” I moan as a kick in my balls takes over, the throbbing soreness searing up into a mind numbing feeling of being overfilled to the brim. The cum sweating out now as I feel my sack distend further. My nuts are gurgling as they attempt to expel their contents… They pull up tight as a stretching sound creaks from my nutsack. The soccer ball sized nads are filling up what little space they had as they continue to gorge on cum, overfilling like water balloons.

“Please Michael! You gotta help me! NNNNNnnhhuhn Oh god! Please stop, stop!” I yell out a moan, my hands leaving my throbbing cock as my balls bloat up to a gluttonous size. The nuts elongating as the roundness has become over stretched and deformed from the pressure. They continue shuddering and groaning as the cum builds up… Pre is now shooting out from my fat cockhead. The bloated mass of a blimp shuddering as my balls attempt to vomit their contents past the cock ring still blocking their release… “Keeep rubbing! My balls can’t fill up anymore!”

Michael latches on with wild abandon as we beat and pound fists and claw at my monstrous meat to stimulate the orgasm. A building sensation of pressure growing at the base of my cock as the my turgid cum balloons shudder from their increasing sperm load. The cum swirling and my beach balls groaning for release.

Oh fuck! Here I cum!” I yell. My legs lock out as the veins at my lower abdomen bulge out, the muscles forcing myself to kegel as hard as I possibly could, forgetting about adding more strain on my already overblown cock. I feel the rush of cum stream its way from my balls and to the tip of my cock. I convulse and my groin throbs as what can feel like an ocean of cum escape my overinflated balls. Watching my cock throb, the veins bulge more….

“Why isn’t anything coming out…. fuuuuuuuck!” My voice deepens as a sensation of my cock filling up grows more as the beast swells up. Deepening more in color as the pressure builds inside my cock as a spray of searing hot cum barely makes it way out before the cock head swell up like a balloon around the slit, sealing the exit. My cum with nowhere to go but force my cock to bulge out in all directions as it again creaks and groans, now growing from my inability to expel my cum. The ballooning mass shuddering more as stretch marks, deep and purple, ridge and race their way across my skin. The cock meat crying out to stop my onslaught as I feel the room inside my skin running out fast. My hands spread further apart as Michael wraps his arms around the flesh, attempting to keep it from gorging itself up in size, having already exceeded anything remotely human.

What the fuck! Why can’t I cum! I’m too big even for that?!” I cry out, wrapping my arms around and pulling the beast tight against my torso as I feel it push against me. The heat building as I realize I am now too big to cum!

Jason! This is insane!” Michael saus, as what little spray that is coming form my bloated blimp cock rains down on him. The pressure building… my cock pulsing and shuddering as it bloats fatter, thicker, and taller… surpassing eye level as my orgasm subsides… The flow of cum into my meat now slowing to a stop as Michael and I sigh in relief, not wanting to know what an exploding cock looks like. The skin, puffy and tight, has achieved a swollen look as the cum has pooled inside the towering meat that has now exceeded 15” in length. We can hear the cum swirling around inside my massive cock, looking for an exit. The girth looks wide behind the head and more baseball bat looking than that of a melon. The color is deepening to a crimson as the cum seeps out of my cocks’ skin, leaking through the pores and slicking up our hands.

“Little buddy… mph… I think we have a problem with your bloated meat…”

“YoU ThINk!” My voice cracked from the pleasure and pain. The searing heat from my cum balloon of a cock as it jiggles like a water balloon radiating like a furnace. “How can I be too full… Too fucking full to cum?!”

“I think your cock…”

“My cock!” I yell, grabbing it violently with both hands and jiggling it back and forth, wincing as the force jostles the meat around, squeaking and groaning as it shudders from the force… “My fucking cock! More like a damn cum balloon if you ask me! ….HUnnnnnnnnnhhhh.,.. I’m soooo fulllll!” I groan going back to rubbing my bloated cock.

“I think once it overinflated past a certain size… it just found a way to grow. At least you didn’t pop…. Heh…” He chuckles sarcastically as he rubs the side of my cock. I shudder at the added stimulation…

Fuck this! I never wanted to be this big! Now I’m a fucking freak! A freak who can’t deflate his overbloated, overpacked, thick as fuck cock! Now I’m stuck with it! Nnnnnnhuh…”

“It might shrink down some…. Maybe. I mean, you can’t get the ring off so I don’t know about it… We shouldn’t grope this bulging fat ass dick right now so you don’t orgasm yourself again into exploding.” He says standing up… “I’m going to get Keith. He might know something… Maybe that pump has a reverse function.”

“Just hurry the fu… hhhhhnnnnhuh… ck up. I can’t stay like this all bloated and trapped in my shower waiting for this thick ass meat to calm the fuck down. As much as I love being bloated up like a balloon, I’d rather not turn into a cum balloon like this again… It’s too much… Just …nnnnnhuh.. too … much.. Soo… gg. Big… and fat…”

“Let me get Keith!…. Hold on and don’t orgasm before you explode!” He disappears leaving me with my quivering fat meat stretched so tight and unable to find relief from its overbloated size.

After a few agonizingly pressure filled minutes, Michael returns with Keith…. And the pump….

Fuck no! Hell no! Get that POS away from me!” I freak out, trying to back further into the shower, the massive cock and beach balls shuddering as the weight of them prevent me from moving away quickly. I feel the sting of the needle as Keith shoves it up under my over filled balls and locks it in place.

“Will you quit squirming!” he grabs me as Michael holds the pump and valve and turns the machine on. I feel a stream of pressure release immediately from my cock as the machine sucks the masses down to a less tortured state…. Stopping as Michael kills the switch. The pump dying once more.

“Why the hell did you stop!” I say as I long for that erotic feeling again… “It felt like a blow job from the inside out…”

“We just needed you to get down enough so you can cum before you explode!” Keith says.

Suddenly without warning, as my balls no longer have the dam of a cock whale holding it back, they seize up hard and explode a thick fat stream of cum from the piss slit of my sperm whale. The beast bouncing and swaying as it sprays its content everywhere. I feel the pressure decreasing in my balls as I soak everything down in more cum than what should be possible for a man…. My nuts are decreasing in size as they settle in on large potatoes, my cock going limp finally as relief has now taken over my groin. The meat groaning in relief as the feeling of heft takes over. The feeling of being too full to cum gone. I quickly disconnect the needle and throw it at Keith. I roll the damn ring off like a tight condom and toss it out of the shower. I encircle my hands around the base of my cock and around the back side of my cock as I rub and knead the hefty limp 10” fat cock.

“I hope this fucking thing shrinks. I don’t even think that XL pouch on that specialty underwear will fit now…” I say massaging the fat tube.

“Look on the bright side. You got your wish. You wanted a huge cock now you got one…” Keith smirks.

Not this fucking huge! No one can take it! It’s too fucking fat!” I emphasize fat by grabbing it with two hands, still not able to close my fingers around it and smacking in on my thighs. A heavy slap coming from my engorged meat.

“You are a size queen,” Michael winks. “You just needed it fit your personality. A big fat juicy dick…”

“You just wait, I’ll fatten your dicks up so much it’ll make you wish you were only my size, even if I have to pop you,” I mumble to myself as Michael and Keith walk out of the bathroom… leaving me to clean up the lake of cum.

Monday has come around. Time for my swim practice with the team… “I wonder how everyone will react to my oversized meat?” I say to myself as I rub my large package jutting out from my briefs.

I reach into the drawer and fish out the specialty speedo I had purchased at the store. I remove my briefs feeling the weight of my 7-inch-thick tube of flesh. My balls have shrunk down to more normal than before. The 4-inch-wide nuts are resting heavily on my thick thighs, pre leaking from the tip of my cock as the large nads are seemingly producing the stuff endlessly.

“I jacked off more than 10 times in the last 24 hours and still feel backed up…” I rub the throbbing balls and lift them into place, resting them carefully in the smooth fabric of the oversized pouch, each ball now filling half of the space needed. And I still have a fat cock to fit in there. I grab the tube of meat and stuff it into the pouch. The bulge in my package is obscene. Arousing, even, as I feel my dick flex at the thought of busting out of these with the cock ring…. “No, No… I’m already big.” I look down, rubbing the front of my bulge jutting out like I stuffed a softball down the front of my speedos. The balls are visible on either side of the thick cock. Heck, every detail is visible, from the veins to the flare of my cockhead—a pulsing mountain of cock flesh and balls holding a normal mans’ month worth of cum.

“I sure hope this thing doesn’t slow me down in the water…”

I slide my sweats over it all, admiring the way they tease the size of my thighs. However, the bulge is clearly too obvious now to be hidden by normal pants. I grab my meat through the sweats, and it flexes reflexively. I toss it side to side admiring the hefty jiggling mass bouncing off my thighs.

“Damn I’m hot…” I say, smirking into the mirror.

I head downstairs after grabbing a shirt to show off my thick muscles. Our parents are still out of town at our grandparents. I see Jason standing in the living room on the phone, wearing nothing on but his special briefs he had purchased. His back is turned to me. He turns to the side and the monstrosity still expanding from his groin is enough to knock the wind out of you. Mind you, he’s skinny, so it looks massive on his frame. Since the near disaster of his crotch balloons nearly exploding, seeing as we inflated his cock and balls to inhuman proportions, I can see they’ve settled in more normal. The bulging mass jiggles with each step he takes, bouncing off his thighs like a grapefruit…

The bulging briefs sag down revealing a soft, wrist-thick cock that has settled on 8 inches long since we nearly popped him. He seems happy with the size, although I know he’s still going to complain about us forcing him to grow bigger than he would like. I don’t see why he’s miffed about that. He’s a real size queen. What guy isn’t, even if it’s just for himself. His balls are visible at the openings of his legs as the briefs pull away. Each turgid orb is still bigger than mine, although they seem to be shrinking with each jack off session he has. He has ruined most of the towels… seeing as his balls are now churning overtime I get the idea.

“Morning, sausage dick!” I say to him, punching him in the shoulder.

“Don’t talk to me…” He shoves back, quickly turning the other direction. His dick and balls seemingly lag a few seconds behind as their weight follows soon after, hearing a small slap as the bouncing grapefruit sized package jostles. *RIP* A tear forms in the side of the over stretched briefs.

“Fuck!” Jason looks down. “Damien, I’ll call you back.” He hangs up the phone and rounds on me. “You see! This is why I didn’t want a fucking pvc pipe for a damn dick! You know how many of my new briefs I’ve ruined because of this damn thing?”

“Sorry, just thought I’d say good morning to my ‘little’ brother now…” I air quote “little”.

“Yeah well, the ‘little’ part seems a bit condescending now doesn’t it!” he huffs. “And just so you know, because you and Michael decided to play ‘blimp out Jason’s cock’, I’ve ruined all the briefs. I can’t even walk around naked without this thing slapping around!”

“I get it… You’re still pissed. But at least it’s still shrinking down some.” I shrug.

“Yeah, right. This 8-inch….nnnnnhuh… tube…” He drags it out of his briefs, tearing them further in the process, allowing one of his large balls to peak out of the fabric. “…hasn’t deflated any further since then! Fuck, and I haven’t even had the nerve to tell Damien or Kelsey yet!”

“Kelsey?” I question him. My eyes scrunch at the thought of my brother having a girl over. His cock’s girth overflowing his right palm as it droops from its weight. “Why would you tell her that?”

“What, can’t I experiment a little? Geez, it’s not that weird.” He crosses his arms, dropping his tube with a slap against his thigh as it arcs over the large balls trapped in his briefs. He rolls his eyes.

“Okay…” I back off the subject. “I guess I’ll see you later then.” I wave to him.

“Oh right. Hope the team notices that ‘bulge’ in your speedos today,” he sneers as I walk out the door.

As I’m driving to swim practice, I feel my bulge uncomfortably bound between my thick thighs. I reach down and lift the package up and shift my thighs to spread-eagle more, still not used to the whole meat and potatoes filling my speedos to the brim yet. The weighted heat of my man parts in my sweats is making my dick flex. The thought of growing too big for myself to be able to swim properly, the bulge jutting into the water like a bulbous bow on a ship dragging its weight through the water, is still making me want to grow. *Stretch* I feel my speedos tighten as my arousal pumps my dick to chub tightly.

“Calm down, Keith…” I say, rubbing the bulging meat in my sweats. “Don’t need to bust out of these before practice. Save that for later.” The flex in my groin dies down as the chubby relaxes a bit.

I reach the facility and head into the locker room to begin undressing. All my swim mates are there, ready for the summer practices to begin.

“Yo Keith!” I hear a husky voice behind me.

“Hey Ivan,” I say, answering gruffly as I know what is about to come.

Ivan, although slightly taller than me, his musculature is more adept for swimming than mine with my heavy muscles having to work harder through the water. His swimmers build with wide lats and powerful arms is perfectly proportioned on his 6’4” frame to make him look tall and athletic, though owhere near my 200-pound powerhouse body. I may be heavy, but my pecs, arms and lats make up for it in power. He’s fast in the water. I’m above average but just enough to be good at it.

“You stuffing down there now, little dick?” he laughs. Everyone now looks over to me as my speedos have exposed the softball sized bulge jiggling up and down as I remove my legs from the sweats. “Yo check it out guys… The bodybuilding swimmer stuffed his speedo with a softball!” He laughs as he points out the bulge jutting from my groin. I turn, swinging the package and feeling the weight of it lag behind the turn as it’s mass jostles side to side.

“Does this look like it’s a softball in there to you?” I say, grabbing the speedo with my thick palm, shaking it up and down—letting the weight settle as it pulls the speedo down, revealing the base of a 2.25” thick cock. Yeah, I’m still chubbed. But I don’t care.

“Hah! Yeah right! We’ve seen you naked before! There’s no way you’ve grown that big! I’m still the biggest cock here!” He grabs his bulge, slightly smaller than mine but still powerful looking. His 6-inch-soft cock is coiled in speedos too small to contain even his cueball sized testicles.

“Hmmm… Guess I have. Don’t stare at it too long now. You might make it angry…” I say, turning my hips side to side making the whole thing dance around like a water balloon. The skin peeking out the side as the speedos creak from the weight.

“It’s called a growth spurt…” I say walking up to him, pressing my package into his, my bulge meeting his before my pecs meet his chest. The thought of knowing my bulge sticks out further than my meaty pecs makes my dick flex against his. His eyes widen and he looks down, seeing the meat throb against his speedo as mine smashes into his forcefully.

“See ya in the pool!” I say, stepping away and walking out to the indoor pool area. My junk is bouncing side to side as I feel all eyes of the guys in the locker room undressing me. Damn it feels good to be envied. I flex my dick more, feeling it strain against the soft fabric of the speedo.

“All right guys and girls, line up!” a harsh voice calls out.

We line up, girls and guys mixed. Ivan standing next to me. A hot babe, Sheila, is on my left. I keep feeling eyes on me—more importantly, my junk—as Coach begins to lay out today’s plan. I feel a nudge on my right shoulder.

“What do you want, Ivan…” I mumble to him.

“There’s no fucking way you’re that big.”

“Guys do grow until they’re like 25, dude… so shut it or you’ll get us both in trouble.”

“Yeah right. What’d you do, take some weird Chinese shit or something?”

“It’s none of your business. My cock decided to be a big boy, unlike you.”

“You wouldn’t know big if it hit you in the face.” I chuckle, seeing as that’s all that’s happened this weekend. “How big you hard anyways…?” he prods in an undertone.

“That’s a bit personal for a straight guy, don’t you think?”

“Come on, it’s just us dudes talking.”

“Cut it out, man.”

“Hehem…” I feel a shove on my meaty left shoulder. Sheila’s eyes like daggers piercing through me. “If you boys are going to have a pissing match do it on your own time,” she harshly whispers back at us.

“Do I hear talking while I am?” Coach interrupts.

“No sir!” We three quiet down a few seconds before Ivan starts again.

“Come on man. How big?”

“Huh… Just tell him and get it over with…” Sheila rolls her eyes, I notice her lips curl inward as she bites down, her legs crossed and squirming. I see her glancing looks at my softball bulge ballooning out from my crotch.

“Fuck it. Fine…” I grunt, more so in arousal at the fact that Sheila seems turned on by all this cock talk, and my beefy friend flexes in my speedos from it as well. “It’s 9 inches x 2.25 inches when hard. It’s 7 soft. You happy now?” I roll my eyes.

“Shit, you may be larger than me soft, but I beat you in the hard department by a quarter inch…” he beams.

“And I’m still hearing you talk over me!” Coach is beyond irritated now. “What’s so fucking important that I have to be ignored?”

“Uh… nothing Coach. Just thought you’d like to know that Keith is stuffing his speedos now!”

“I am not! Damn you Ivan.”

“Is he now… First, I hear talking over me and now I find out it’s because you two guys are comparing cock sizes! This ain’t a pissin’ match fellas!”

“It’s not entirely their fault… Sorry coach.” Sheila speaks up, winking at us both. “I was curious to know which one had the bigger one… I got distracted, I’m sorry.” I look at Sheila, who is trying to take the blame. I’ll have to text her thanks later.

“Really…” Coach sarcastically shrugs… then looks at me, and then down. My heart sinks at what happens next.

“First you decide to blow up your muscles like a wannabe bodybuilder to the point that I seriously have to consider you being on the team, and now you go a pull a stunt like this. Take that damn sock outta your drawers!”

“I promise Coach! It’s not a sock! I swear!” I plead, now red with embarrassment. I feel flush as all the attention I am getting from everyone about my cock is now causing it to chub up. I feel it flex hard and press against the speedo…

“Damn I’ll give you to the count of three… 1.”

I feel my cock getting hard.

“Geez will you look at that!” someone says.


“He’s getting bigger…” I hear someone gasp as I bite my lower lip, pre dripping now from my cock as it strains against the fabric. It’s pulling taught as my thick base of my cock becomes exposed. My balls becoming visible as it pulls away from my thighs, each one settling into the openings as my speedo strains from the weight.


“Look at that! It’s huge!” someone says as Ivan and Sheila and the Coach look down and back away.

“Uhhh…” I moan softly as I feel the push getting tighter. Finally… *RIP* The speedos rip down the front center as my man meat springs forward, spring slapping my stomach and smearing pre above my belly button… My bull balls dropping down and distending my sack halfway down my thighs.

“What the fuck!” Coach yells out.

“Holy shit…!” Ivan’s eyes bug out as Sheila becomes fixated on my thick cock.

I feel the weight of the blood adding mass to my already inflated cock as it throbs and pulses with life. Excited to be out in the open for everyone to see. The veins standing out as my erection becomes hard as a rock… Bobbing up and down. Sweating now as I become overly aroused….

“Told you…. Mmmf… I was larger…” I say to Ivan, who is at a loss for words.

I begin waddling back to the locker room to take care of my oozing cock… Sex is steaming from me as I feel all eyes center on my throbbing crotch and balls swinging between what little space there is between my thick and muscular thighs.

“Errr… Make sure you get a larger pair of speedos next time!” I hear Coach stuttering at me… “And… ugh… don’t let that thing get too big or I’ll have to cut you from the team…”

“Yeah, yeah…” I wave to the team as I disappear into the locker room…

“I can’t believe that bastard is still bigger than me…” I grunt, heading home still with the massive boner after flooding the showers at the pool with my cum. My cock is angrily nudging my steering wheel as it bobs up and down, seeking attention. I caress the thick head as I drive my way home, stroking carefully so I don’t blow a load and ruin the inside of my car.

“Hi Jason!” I wave to Jason as I quickly rush upstairs to go a second round. “Bye Jason…” I don’t really know what he’s done all day. He seemed oddly suspicious before, like he was plotting something… but all I care about is this hard pole.

I close my door to my bedroom and strip down fast… stroking my twitching thick meat… I feel the cum welling up inside me as I brace on the end of my bed… My 4-inch balls are seemingly boiling for release with the memory of my dick being too big to fit in my speedos erect. The image of my cock destroying them as it spring slaps into my cobblestone abs. Pre is now pouring out the end of my cock… And an envious thought pops into my mind as jealousy enters. Replaying the fact that Ivan is still bigger than me… All bells and alarms going off in my head saying I don’t want a bigger cock. My body moves on its own as I retrieve the cock ring… sliding it tightly over my engorged meat and balls… The cum giving it a slippery access to the tight expanse of my cock balloon and turgid globes. I feel the intoxicating prick of the needle enter the base of my dick as the app pings on my phone…

“What am I doing…” I nervously think to myself.

“Get ready for a fatter dick… Ivan…” I stroke as I type in my desired size… “My dick will be the biggest on the team… if I have to make Coach and Ivan see that… I don’t give a damn about this bulbous meat dragging me down in the water. I want a bigger dick…” I say, as my hand trembles holding my phone with my thumb hovering over the button. I press it…

*PING* Inflation process beginning… the app reads as I feel my already engorged cock begin its journey into obesity.

“Here I come…” I say, stroking my fattening cock. My balls gurgle, excited to feed and gorge on more growth. Round 3 for me has begun…

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

“Hold your horses! I’m coming!” Jason, moving up from the couch, his mounded package straining his overstuffed briefs as he stands from the couch. “Damn, these things keep pinching my balls…” He says rubbing them underneath.

He peeks out the front side window and notices Michael standing on the stoop.

*Creak* he opens the door.

“Hold your horses…” Michael mocks Jason. “If anyone needs to hold his horse it’s you, buddy…” Michael points to the bulging mass drooping down, revealing a thick cock base and some fuzz. Jason attempts to cover but his hands are a bit too small for the bulging grapefruit sized meat package. Every vein and ridge of his expansive cock and balls visible as they throb with their own heartbeat—never fully soft as the weight draws the blood and traps it within the extra-large cock.

“Shut up dude! Y’all did this…”

Michael pushes his way in, followed by Sheila, his girlfriend, and Ivan being dragged by the collar by Sheila.

“Now you’re going to apologize to Keith for embarrassing him at the pool earlier!” she says sternly.

“Why should I do any of that?” he scoffs.

“Because, Michael here might just show you what a real man with a big dick does to those who think they’ve got it all in the package! Did you forget that Michael and Keith are best friends?” She leans her head against Michael’s big chest, groping his massive cock and balls in his shorts. The jock-strap he’s wearing is audibly straining to contain the growing erection… “Oooo…. Someone’s excited… I’d like to test out the strength of that jock-strap containing that gorgeous meat,” she coos at him.

Michael’s eyes glaze over as she continually rubs the front of his shorts, curving massively now as the meat tries expanding to its 11.5” x 2.5” size… the fabric forming a wet spot as pre begins to seep out like a river. “I just love it…” she giggles, then she’s instantly throwing daggers back at Ivan and elbowing Michael in the chest…

“Ommmph… What’d ya do that f—oh right.” He gets as serious as he can with his raging hard-on. “Umm. Yeah, that’s right. You need to apologize or else…” He fucks up the whole delivery, giving a thumbs up to Sheila. She facepalms. Jason shakes his head. Michael is finding it hard to be taken seriously, given his meat has begun ripping through his jock, the workout shorts pulling away from his washboard abs revealing a treasure trail leading to Sheila’s treasure.

“Fine! Fine, fine… I’ll apologize… besides he’s the… one t—” Ivan stares down at Jason’s half-torn briefs losing their battle with his ballooned-up cock and balls.

“Damn it all… Is everyone in this house bigger than I realized or am I nuts?”

“Not really.” Jason says, pulling up his briefs as they sag lower down his legs, the near wrist thick cock still bloated from its near disastrous overpump. “This is actually pretty rec… omph… ent,” he says, with Michael socks him in the chest in mid-delivery before he spits it out. “What dude? Oh…”

“What he means to say is yeah, puberty hits his family pretty hard here recently…” He winks at Jason, still rubbing his left shoulder.

“Where is Keith anyway?” Ivan asks.

“Oh, he ran up to his room as soon as he got home. He just said a quick hi and bye,” Jason put in.

“Well, I can guess the big reason behind that one…” Sheila says, biting her lower lip.

“Yeah, that does seem pretty cool that he ripped through his speedos…” Michael says.

“Ha! I knew he’d make a big impression!” A twisted grin erupts on Jason’s face.

“Well, whatever’s the matter… we might as well head up there and talk to him. Might want to ease in on ‘im since you might’ve pissed him off… He does have like 30 pounds on you.”

“And all of it bloated muscle…”

“I can assure you that’s not the only thing bloated with him…

“God it feels so good to grow again… Unnnnh…” I say, as my 9” cock bloats with size. The veins are sticking out in bold relief like netting across the girth of my rock hard cock. I see the separations and ridge in my ballooning meat just as we saw on Jason, the striations of every fiber in the core of my cock force feeding on the growth. The ache is becoming erotic as I feel my member expand in all directions. 9” are gone and into 9.5” as my bloated meat looks angry red. The head of my cock becoming more pronounced as the ridge begins to flare out. The shaft becoming wider the closer it reaches the head, narrowing down at the base. I feel it *stretch* as the girth inflates past its erect 2.5” width. My fingers spread further apart as my one meaty hand can no longer encompass the growing monster.

“I will be bigger. Bigger than Michael. Bigger than Jason! Bigger than Ivan!” is what I am saying, my hands trembling while caressing the growing cock. I feel my balls spread out between my meaty thighs, pushing up under the shaft. The sack is stretching to accommodate my now avocado sized nuts.

“Unnnnhh…” I groan and moan as I feel backed up with cum. The sea of jizz overfilling my once normal sized balls. I reach down my left hand to grope them only feel the jizz swimming around inside. Visibly churning as they swell past avocadoes into small melons easily overflowing my large palm.

“Fuck…” I continue rubbing the side of my growing cock as the ring pumps more girth into my soon to be massive cock. I feel the stretch becoming more intense as I now swell to my previous record of 10”. The girth is expanding into its 9.4” bloated size around. The width of my cock behind the head is now 3” wide as I feel the blood gushing into every vein, ridge, and crevice of my overbloated cock.

“It’s not enough! Bigger!” I kegel my hips as I attempt to force the growth to go on faster. I feel the bloat spread my hand further apart, feeling as if I’m gripping a large zucchini. The girth expands more. My phone still has the app open, the numbers changing rapidly as the growth continues…

*Creak* “Unnnnhhh…” 10.2”, 3.25” *bloat* *creak* “nnnnhhhuh” 3.4” “NNNNhhhuh fuck!” *creaaak* As a leathery stretching sound groans from the over inflated masses… 11” 3.7”.

*Streeetch* 11.3”….. “Still nnnnnn… not big enough!” I say as I change the size once again on the app.

A groaning sound now coming from the massive blimp jutting from my once normal sized groin. I feel the stretch of my skin tight against the core of my expanding dick. The cock is now looking like it did on my brother. The separations give it the look of three long balloons now overinflated past their intended size. I feel the girth spread my fingers apart as I now can no longer touch both hands together on the searing hot pillar rising slightly upward from my crotch. That sensation of growth is intoxicating as I feel like pushing myself to near bursting once again.

“Mmmph… Yes… Get big… I want you bigger!” I moan out. “Fatter….nnnnnhhhhuh… oh yeah..” I move both hands up and down. Left hand underneath feeling that cum tube grow out and down, my right running over the side and top of my dick, feeling the corpus cavernosa engorge. Every force of the ring pumping more size into my dick. I feel it shudder and pulse as it struggles to bloat up further. The length now reaches 12” as my girth settles in 4” wide. The ache in the core of the meat feeling like a hard workout, my dick so pumped that the veins have begun to thicken into pencil thick rivers of growth juice force-feeding my hungry cock. The weight of its mass now pulling it from the sky, arching downward as I feel the next *creak* and the vice like grip of my skin tighten, lengthening to 12.5” as I force my cock to grow. My eyes scanning every bloated inch of my near bursting cock meat.

“Yeah that’s it baby… become the whale of a cock you are…” What am I saying, this isn’t me. I didn’t want this! Every part of my brain screaming for me to stop before I make a mistake. I’ve already grown so fat and heavy…. “Uuuunnnnhuh…” *CREAAAAK* “Oh fuck… yes. Bloat up! I’m your master, now grow for me baby…” *CREAK* My hands feel the weight increasing, drawing it more downward as the ache becomes unbearable… *CREAK* *STRETCH* The leather sound becoming more intense as pressure pains begin wracking my cock. I feel a pop on the side of my cock as a stretch mark races across the side of my dick. I feel the pressure building behind the head as I see the skin rolling around behind it, the veins wriggling with the pressure. The net like veins the only thing holding the pressure back from bursting forth through my over bloated meat. I feel and hear it shuddering as it approaches 13”.

“Damn, what did I… huh… fucking… mmmph oh shit… do…” I huff feeling the pressure becoming unbearable. *CREEEEEEEEAAAAAK* “Huuuuuuunnnnhh fuck!” I moan loudly as I feel the pressure building along the length of the blimp now struggling to grow more. I feel the final push of growth from my cock as I grab onto the banisters at the end of my bed, leaning back a little… “mmmmNNNnnnNHHHUH” A moan builds from my lips and gets louder, matching the stretching sound as my cock trembles. Lengthening…. Growing… Inflating fatter and longer as it stretches… I look down, sweating profusely as my balls draw up tight… the melon sized balls red a vein wrapped as they draw up tight to flood my room… I lean my hips back and sag down. My groin is groaning for relief.

*STRETCH* 13”… “Fuck.” *CREAK* 13.2” *STREEEEEETCH* as the final bloat pushes my screaming meat to the point it nearly explodes. “HHHHHHHHHHUUUUNNN” 13.6”………

“Mmmmph… Hehhh….” I heavily breath as I pull my sagging yet still standing muscular frame onto the end of my bed, the soreness of the growth spreading through my groin. The bouncing blimp dripping precum as I feel myself deprived of relief from my overflowing and still gurgling balls… The head, leaning far over past my bent knee caps, dripping the milky substance all over the floor. A river of relief wanting to escape through the over inflated cock. My arousal peeking as the veins throb. My cock audibly thumping and visibly pulsing with the urge to grow more… “Want to go another round blimp…” And my cock lurches up and down as if to affirm it still has room to grow…

I take my hands from the side of the bed posts and begin caressing my overgrown meat… starting at the base, near my cobblestone abs. Just placing my hands, I feel that arousing ache deep within. That urge to grow more…. Following down, across the swollen veins of my abdomen feeding into the bas of my cock, the throbbing heartbeat strong within. My hands, wrapping around the thick base, now bigger than one of my thick wrists. The strength at the base feeling rooted deep with my groin back between my meaty thigh. I now think about having to spreadeagle permanently, even while standing. The possibility of having to exaggerate my already waddling walk from my meaty thighs now due to my over bloated cock becoming more fuel to add to the arousal flame. My meat jerks violently yet slowly as the weight of it prevents it from bouncing up and down too much, the pull yanking at my abs. My hands continue up the cock as they now are forced apart, the ridges and veins feeling hard and etched on like marble. The red and swollen cock forcing my hands further apart as they travel upward to the exaggerated baseball bat shaped cock shaft now so fat that it could fit another one or two hands like mine. I stop just behind the head, my forefinger and thumb feeling the flare of my cock head swell and relax as the beast pumps and pulses, swelling and pulsing as it twitches from the contact…

Little red spots having shown up long the bloated mass… the stretch marks having fanned out across the thickest part of my shaft. I begin drooling at the thought of growing more…. pushing my bloated meat to its absolute limit.

*Knock* *Knock* “Keith! It’s me, Michael… and some friends..”

“Shit…. I’m busted…” As the door creaks open my cock unleashes its stream of cum across the room, coating everything and those standing in the doorway… They’re coughing and gagging at the flood of jizz that rocketed out of my cock balloon and smashing into their faces… all four totally drenched in cum.

“Hello, Keith…” Splat!

As the door opens my cock unleashes its torrent on all the figures standing now inside my doorway.

*GACK!* “What the hell!” Ivan yells out, wiping the cum from his eyes as it drips down from his hair and soaks through his clothing.

PFFFF! “I can’t say… *Splat* … that I’m not used to this now…” Sheila wipes away the chunks of white from her face, dripping down and hitting the lake below them… “But I’d thought I got hit in the face by Michael here… Holy shit…” she says, regaining her sight as she sees the lake of cum pooled about an inch thick in front of them, and all over the other three as well.

“Damn it, Keith!” Jason says as the cum drips off of him… *Splat* “Fuck, there goes my briefs.” His 8-inch-long, wrist-thick cock flops down against his large goose eggs and his skinny thighs.

“That thing is huge!” Ivan balks at sheer size as everyone’s eyes are drawn to the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

“I know, right?… My balls keep getting in the way though… mmph.”

“Not you…” Michael shoves Jason causing his meat to swing side to side.

“Heh… sorry ‘bout that…” I say, rubbing my cobblestone abs as the pre drips from the slit of my cock, stringing down to a pool at my feet. My cock going soft as it rests in it flaccid thick state. The large cock stretching over my left thigh as it continues pulsing. The veins crisscross like a net across its 2.5” width and 11.5” length.

“Fuck Keith! I though you said it was only 9 inches hard?” Ivan walks forward to me, a sweating pile of man meat.

“Normally it is…” Jason scoffs.

“Shit, I think he’s bigger than you now.” Sheila slaps Michaels with her backhand on his chest. “That ring really does wonders doesn’t it? It was only, what, 9 this morning? Now it’s even fatter…” she drools. They all walk toward me as I begin to stand up off the edge of the bed.

“Mmmph… Man, this thing is heavy now… You told her about the cock ring man?” I ask Michael.

“I had too!” He puts his arm up over and behind his head, his biceps and triceps flexing as he rubs the back of it. “She knew I was bigger and she wanted to know how it happened. I… I…. couldn’t think of anything else at the time. Besides, it’s made our sex better knowing about it anyway.”

“Well, I may not need to wait any more for you to use it again…” She licks her lips, seeing my bloated cock and melon sized nuts.

“Heh.. he…” I chuckle as they exchange barbs between each other.

“I…I can’t wait either…” Ivan pipes up, inching closer to me. His own 9.25” cock is rising to attention in his shorts as the speedos he’s still wearing begin straining to hold back his cock. He reaches out his hand and grabs my thick cock as he weighs it and begins caressing my balls, which are imperceptibly still churning for another release as Keith throws his head back and moans.

“Liking what you see? MMmph… huhnnn…” I moan. “Is this cock big enough to believe now, you fucker?” My demeanor is shifting as I feel more dominant now with my cock having grown into elephantine proportions, my nuts too big now even for a bull.

“Yeah, well let’s see how you are about that once you feel growth you asshole…” Jason grabs my phone.

“What the hell are you doing with my phone!?” I try to reach for it only for Ivan’s strokes to make my knees weaken as I feel my cock bloating up to its massive erect state of 13.6”, the width of my shaft flaring out to its 4” width.

“Nnnnnnhuh…” I moan as I feel pressure building at the base of my cock. I feel my balls seize up like they’re trying to force cum out. Only the pressure keeps increasing as my cock bloats up to its gluttonous state. Jerking and groaning excitedly as it feels growth begin to slowly leak into the meat.

“I thought it was huge but this is beyond huge…” Sheila’s eyes gaze upon the swollen cock flesh before her as she draws away from Michael and ever closer to my blimp of a cock. The veins now standing out through the tight skin as they visibly pulse. The pencil thick veins engorging my cock more as Jason hits the inflate button on my phone again. Not knowing what he typed in… I feel it. The power and the urge to grow. The veins suddenly burst forth with size as they tighten up and begin pulsing. My cock lurches up and then forward and down as the mass begins piling onto my cock more. The head swelling, the shaft getting fat and long as I feel what can only be described as growth.

“You really are a fat boy now aren’t ya…” Sheila coos as her nails gently scratch along the side of my cock. Her other hand reaching down to my balls as her and Ivan play with my shuddering meat. The size queens are getting off on my ballooning man junk groaning for relief and welcoming more size as my cock and balls feed on it. The pulsing now feels more and more as the growth continues. With each pulse, the weight increases and drags the cock downward toward the ground. They push be back up to the edge of the bed as Sheila and Ivan lift me and the weight of my cock onto it, having me scoot back so the basketball sized nut spread out comfortably onto the bed sheets.

“Unnnnnhuh…Fuck me…” I moan at the sensation of being bloated like a water balloon between my legs. “Is this how you felt…?” I moan to Jason as I join Sheila and Ivan caressing my bloated cock and balls. Pre running from the tip like a river as the pressure rises in my balls, feeling as if they are being kicked over and over again as the amount of cum engorges my cum balloons further.

“More than you know.” Jason scowls at me while staring at the moaning and sweating flesh. The other two beginning to undress as their arousal peaks with mine.

“What have you done to yourself, Keith?” Michael shakes his head, his 11” cock jutting from his groin as he too finishes undressing, taking his place next to Sheila.

All I can focus on now are the sensations pounding into my cock and balls as they’re assaulted by horny college students and vengeful brother determined to push my cocks’ limits.

“Hhhhnnnuh…” *Creak* *Stretch* As we all feel our hands spread further apart from each other. The bloat kicking into gear as the pressure in my cock becomes unbearable. The bloat now forcing my cock to expand in all directions, the weight feeling hefty like a 30-pound dumbbell hanging from my crotch. I rub it as the groaning meat shudders and stretches further again…

“You’re up to 14 inches and 4.5 inches wide.” Jason leans down next to us, patting the side of my straining dick. I wince not from the pain but from the pleasure. The pressure now feeling erotic as it constantly bombards every cell in my cock and balls. My balls now swollen into beach balls the size of which only seen on Jason earlier. Cum sweats from every pore of my overstretched sack. “Looks like you’re almost outta room there, you cock balloon.” He sneers as he slaps the meat again and stands.

“I’m…mmmph… just … gg.. getting started.” I huff out, knowing that the groaning pile of meat hanging and shuddering has about reached its limit. “Just a bit bigger. Hold it together. I know you have more room in there buddy…” I think to myself as I rub the top of my cock. The three parted blimp of a cock looks more bloated now than ever as the skin stretches paper thin across the searing hot cock flesh groaning and shuddering, begging to grow more. My cock is tingling with excitement and lurching up and down slowly as it continues force feeding itself on the cock rings relentless growth.

“We’ll see about that…” Jason says as he begins caressing the underside of my fat cock, stroking the fat cum tube and tapping it as a loud thumping sound reverberates throughout my cock.

“God, I hope you can hold it together. Get as fat as possible… Don’t blow up…” I say, sweating and huffing, wondering when the growth will end. Hoping it never ends.

“NNnhuhnnn…. fuck, Jason…” I moan as the other three caress the bloated meat. None of our hands able to touch as the growth continues pushing my cock beyond what I thought possible. The shuddering and groaning meat getting more pronounced as my blimp of a cock swells and bloats beyond belief.

With a tremble that sends waves of erotic pleasure throughout the cock, myself trembling and kegeling by instinct as the mass draws its weight down, I feel my cock now give in as it feels like a small pop and then a *Creaaaak* as my forearm thick blimp of a cock tightens and grows further. A plateau seemingly surpassed as it groans. Tingling sensation growing as the growth steadily pumps up my massive cock and balls.

“F…fuck.” I murmur as I see the head flare out. The large mushroom capped head becomes tight, the shaft stretching wider as it inflates as the core of my cock meat pushes against the inside of my ballooning junk.

*Stretch* as the length lurches forward and down.

“How’s it feel to have you cock engorge out of control?” Jason asks sinisterly. He continues rubbing and thumping the meat, testing the amount of give. “You’re now a 15” monster. But I think you can get a lot more bloated than this,” he says as he presses into the side as the billowing cock indents slightly with a leathery sound. The skin is shining now as it overstretches. The veins hardening as the blood gushes into my gluttonous cock. My balls are spreading my legs farther apart as they drag across the bed sheets fighting for space.

Fuck… I’m now longer than Jason was… But I can go bigger….

I rub the side of my cock as I lean back on my thick left arm. My muscles tensing and relaxing as I feel the growth pumping my overbloated dick.

“Yeah, get fat you fucker… beyond bloated. I want you to explode for me…” I say, giving in to the sensations of my meat tingling as the pressure of the growth feels tight and overpacked. “Blow me up you bastard!” I give up all urges to stop as I feel the searing heat building still as my veins seemingly multiply as the capillaries engorge. The thick veins having exceeded their limits to expand as the growth finds a different way to gorge my cock up fatter and more monstrous in size.

“But you’re not quite as thick as I was… let’s see how that size looks on your big muscular frame…” Jason increases the girth as a warning pops up on the app. “Ah… looks like someone has gotten full… let’s just ignore that,” he adds as he shows the warning to me.

Warning: Subjects’ size limit exceeded. Further increase may become irreversible.

“I hope it’s reversible… for your swim team’s sake,” Jason teases. “I wander what it would look like to have that overbloated cock and those pumpkin size balls crammed in a speedo… It’ll slow you down for sure…”

“Pump him up more. Make him fat!” Ivan pipes in, lust raging with his mouth and hands kissing the side of my cock and groping my kickball sized head as its spongy feeling slowly hardens. The growth filling the last bastion of space. The tightness of the mass now becoming painfully arousing as it all expands at once.

“Pump him until he’s nearly bursting! Make his cock enormous!” Sheila drools as pre drips from her mouth after licking the underside of my cock head. The sensation causing my pre-cum river to gush from my bloated cock.

“Jason, I think he’s big enough. You’ve had your revenge.” Michael stops rubbing the side of my dick and looks at the shining stretch marked creaking mass pulsing with each bloat from the ring now sealing in the growth around the base of my dick and balls. The size having no more room but to continue piling in as the tumescent fuck tool becomes overpacked.

“It’s too late now. He’s gonna have a cock so bloated it might just burst,” Jason chuckles.

“Bring it on bitch…” I growl. And with that they see and feel the cock tremble as I feel its weight drag me upright from the bed as I hang over the edge. Its tip is grazing the floor as the mushroom shaped head spreads out fatter than my thick forearms, easily reaching 6 inches across. The shaft is plumping up as it pulses and vibrates as the ring pumps my dick up fatter and longer. I feel like the space is running out quick as it tightens. Jason pushes on the side of my dick as it audibly stretches and groans. The creaking noises are getting louder as it expands out like a water balloon. The meat is now becoming so rigid that its weight no longer drags it down. I feel it tightening at the base as the growth forces my cock to over inflate.

“Unnnnnnhuh,..ggg..” I moan out, staring at the cock as it rises in its turgid size. The veins becoming more prominent on the shiny, red skin. The stretch marks popping and spreading across as the globes of balls spread out and up to massive size. Each globe is churning and burping out cum through the shaft’s only escape. The orbs having reached a shuddering tight size bigger than Michaels at the pool.

“These are packed tight…. Says 25” for these… but they might swell up with cum. They are sloshing a lot…” he says. *Smack*

“Uuuuhhnnnn fuck…” I moan as he slaps the side of my engorged balls no longer swelling as they overpack tightly with cum. The cum seeping out of the sack as it finds other ways to escape. I feel them seizing up as they try to expel their contents before they explode.

As my moans grow louder I feel the hands once caressing the bloated meat now letting off as the creaking escalates. I feel like my cock is hooked up to an air compressor set on high now as the tingling sensation grows painful. The groaning sound continues getting stronger as I feel that at any moment my cock may burst from its over bloated size. But it just keeps growing. Tighter, thicker, longer as it rises into view. Jutting straight out and up as the tightness forces it to stand straight out once again. The give in my bloated cock no longer there as it continues to expand.

“There we go… just about there… Your whale of a cock is now 17 inches. I say that’s long enough?”

I turn my head towards and nod… “No? 18? Okay, you asked for it…”

I moan out a “NO!” as he increases its length once more…

Fucking stop! It’s too much! I’m way too full!” My rational brain coming back as the sensations of pleasure are replaced with an overwhelming pressure piling up in my cock. I finally look at it and take in the sight. My cock is no longer a cock but a bloated mass of man meat trembling and groaning. The mass filling my eyes as it dominates the view. The veins enormous and visibly wriggling around. I see folds of skin forming around the shaft where it meets my now oversized forearm, thick cockhead that is deep red. The stretch marks purple and spreading across the thick shaft as my cock continues to be forced to grow. No longer lurching with excitement it seems but more in a panic as it is forced to continue to engorge without limit. I feel it continue to pulse and creak as its mass feels like a concrete pillar hard as a rock and still somehow growing.

“17.2 inches and 6 wide… Fuck you’ve gotten thick there. Still have some more to go though…”

“Holy shit…” Ivan and Sheila say as they come back to reality, backing away from me as the creaking noises continue from my bulging cock. The ridges in my cock are now more prominent. Each section of cock meat now visible in three parts as it fights for space within its tight prison.

“J… Jason, you have to stop it! I don’t have any more room!” I beg with him as I feel it continue to get harder and harder. The hardest erection I have ever felt in my life. A pillar of rigid cock meat struggling to grow as it expands.

“17.5 and 6.2 wide… Hold on buddy. You almost have your dream cock…” Jason smiles.

*CREAAAAAK* As a loud leathery groaning sound shoots from the core of my cock. My hands still holding on to the cock as they move to the base. I squeeze hard as I attempt to prevent the final growth from destroying my cock. I feel the pain searing up and down the bulging tower as it follows with more stretch marks. Red spots are forming on the overtaxed cock meat as it shudders up and down. Involuntarily kegeling itself to cum. Pre is no longer able to seep out as my cock head bloats further, and I feel it stretch out in all directions as it flares out more rounded and bloated looking.

“17.9 and 6.8 wide!”

“Dear god! Stop! Unnnnnnnhhhh,” I moan out. I feel the towering flesh tighten up. The cock having run out of room with the final pump of growth as it engorges past being bloated.

“18! and 7 wide!” Jason screams out as I feel the tightness near the bursting point as it stops just short of exploding.

My cock continues to creak and groan from its over bloated size. I feel it pulsing. The veins huge and faceted against the tightness of the skin.

I hope you’re happy you fucking freak!” Jason screams as he storms out of the room, tossing my phone at me.

“Damn it… mmmph…” I grab for my phone on the bed and stare at the numbers. The warning still on the screen. “He was really trying to make this thing engorge my cock and balls until I exploded…” I say. My eyes drift from my phone as the silhouette of my fat dick comes into focus behind my phone.

“It’s… it’s beautiful…” Sheila coos, staring at the trembling and creaking mass.

“It looks painful…” Ivan stares wide eyed at the veins etched on the skin. The skin marred by purple stretch marks and audibly creaking as my cock attempts to lurch from my arousal. That deep ache from a workout session piling into my cock as it becomes painfully aroused. Stretching the skin as the overinflated meat throbs with the need to cum. My balls feeling painfully full as they continue producing cum; pressure now forces its way out and up the tight shaft, spraying pre-cum like a sprinkler.

“Don’t just stand there! Get him off before it explodes!” Michael urges them on as he joins in.

“MMmmm… yeah… worship my cock balloon.” I moan out as four pairs of hands caress my cock. Mine and the other three gently rub and scratch over the tight skin. Each touch becomes slightly painful and then moves into pleasure as my cock sprays more cum.

“Here it comes!” I say as I feel the cum begin travelling forcefully from my overpacked balls. These large beach ball sized organs rapidly seizing up and down as they pump their contents up my fat shaft. I feel the liquid traveling up the tube and then spraying out the tight rounded cockhead. The spray intensifies as it coats Ivan, Sheila, and Michael. I continue shooting cum everywhere as they use it to lubricate my cock and continue coaxing more cum out of my beyond-bloated cock. The cock now so bloated that it looks dangerous still. My balls continue pumping cum out even as I feel my cock getting seriously sore to the point I thought it might burst from the pressure. My balls begin aching from their effort to continue cumming, even as my balls begin to dry heave as they completely drain. My cock is lurching and groaning as the pressure begins to deflate. My cock finally gets soft as it painfully returns to a flaccid state. The thick meat hangs over my fat balls, each still the size of a cantaloupe after draining themselves dry. The fat cock shaft arching over them as it droops down lazily and fat, the size of a 2-liter bottle soft. My head starts to spin as I can only imagine what its new normal size may be once the swelling goes down.

“Well. I guess you got what you wanted.” Michael says as the cum drips off him and the others.

“Maybe at the expense of normal though…”

“Who needs normal! That thing is sexy…” Sheila says.

“All right size queen, I think he’s had enough for today…” Michael says to her as he drags her to the shower. “Don’t mind if we use your shower?”

“Sure…” I huff out, as I continue to knead my soft, fat cock. I rub it to massage the sore ache out of the meat as my hands are met with another set, helping… My cock is tingling from the sensation of another persons’ hands squeezing on the hefty shaft.

“So… that was something else wasn’t it?” Ivan says.

“Yeah… man this thing hurts.” I say as we continue to grope it. I pick it up and feel the heft. It’s heavy, probably 10 pounds of cock flesh growing from the base of my groin and heavily arching down to the floor from its massive size.

“I didn’t think a cock could get that big… you definitely had us worried it might pop… What’s with him anyways?”

“Who Jason? Well, he’s kind of pissed about the other day. Michael and I found him playing with another device that I bought with this thing… mmmph…” As I roll the ring over my painfully bloated soft cock and bloated balls. It was a tight fit, but it came off. “And we got a little carried away with some revenge. Needless to say, he got his today.”

“Yeah well, good luck explaining that thing to the coach…”

“Oh fuck.” I look from him and down to my overcrowded groin. The hefty meat still having it veins pressing against the skin in its soft size. “I hope this swelling goes down soon so I can see its new normal.” As I go back to rubbing the side of it with my right hand gently.

“You mean to tell me it’ll stay….”

“Huge… Yes. But probably not this big. I hope…”

“Remember the warning, though.”

“Yeah, that’s what worries me… I don’t want to look like I’m smuggling a 2-liter bottle in my briefs all the time.”

“On the bright side, you’ve got what you wanted…”

Yeah, I got what I wanted but I didn’t want to be a freak. Now I’m gonna have to deal with a heavy piece of meat slapping my thighs all the time. My cock begins to tingle again as it painfully chubs up at the thought of the bulge and impression I’d be making at the gym. The girls and hell the guys will be undressing me with their eyes. If they think this is fake, then I’ll personally show them up close and personal. “Damn, this makes me want to grow again already…” I say as my cock begins to expand from my arousal as it heavily droops down. My hands rubbing the veiny monster as it pumps up to its 18” size. My hands spreading further apart as Ivan stares at it in awe as my muscle pumped arms rub up and down. The thick meaty hands unable to wrap around its thick size as the soreness erupts from my cock as it hardens up. My cock, now glistening in the light of the room as the ridges and sinews of the cock bloat up and show through the tight skin. If this is a new normal, I will gladly accept it.

“I see someone is still self-worshipping…” Michael says as he walks out of the shower naked, his heavy cock hanging low and soft from the heat of the shower, Sheila emerging naked behind as I see her big drooping breast.

“Hey big boy. Someone’s happy to see us again.” She winks at me.

“Unnnn….” I moan out as my balls seize up once again, sending me into another wave of orgasm.

“I hope this is my new normal…mmph.” I breathe heavily as my ejaculation ends. I wonder how much bigger I can get? We have the whole summer to go…

“Aww… Geez…” I say, as I feel the cum on my feet. The hardwood floors are soaked in the lake of my own sperm. “Damn, I must’ve creamed at least 10 gallons… Look at this mess!” *Squish* as the cum seeps between my toes as my balance is thrown off by the massive footlong, forearm-thick cock now hanging lazily and heavily over my bloated balls. The width has swollen to an unbelievable 4 inches. The weight of it is intoxicating as I rub my right hand over its tumescent size. Every vein is still pulsing against the skin as I continue feeling the throbbing sensation to continue growing.

“No… Stop thinking about!” My rational brain is now waking back up as I look down at the 2-liter thick cock my right hand is now digging into, the flesh spongey yet firm as the blood courses through the thick meat. Its weight brings a musky heat into my groin as I feel my oversized balls producing an uncertain amount of testosterone from their enhanced size and production of cum as they droop heavy behind my fat cock, the sack distending down and out halfway down my thick thighs. Their 5-inch mass peaks out behind the trunk of a cock now arching over them. The head leaks pre still as my arousal disappears.

“I hope this isn’t going to be an all the time thing…” I say as my right hand moves down the side of my blimp of a cock and swipes the pre dripping from my cavernous piss slit, stringy as I feel the remanants of it side out of my cock in a long string of thick cum. My monster sized cock jerks at the sensation sending it jiggling like a water balloon over my oversized cum factories.


“Yeah?” he turns to me as he begins dressing. Sheila in her naked glory is next to him.

“Can you go get the shop-vac from the garage? I have a feeling we’re gonna need it with as much cum my hose spewed out.” I chuckle at him.

“Sure thing! Come on Sheila, stop staring…” he says as he walks out the bedroom door towing her behind.

“What? Are you getting jealous of… m….” she replies as their voices trail off down the stairs.

“Why don’t you go shower up and I’ll let you borrow a pair of my clothes? I think yours are buried underneath all this…” I offer to Ivan.

“I might as well. And Keith…?”


“Sorry about that back at swim practice with the Coach and all and you, ya know, destroying your speedos.”

“It’s nothing really. It was actually kind of hot seeing the reactions of everyone. Feeling my throbbing cock tear through the fabric. It made me so horny…”

“You made a lot of us horny. Coach didn’t last long after that and dismissed the whole team seeing as everyone, especially Sheila and the girls, were really distracted after that show. I guess I just got jealous about your dick suddenly being bigger in a pair of speedos than mine.”

“Yea, and now it’s bigger than yours and Michael’s together!” I laugh, grabbing my fat cock. “I bet I could play baseball with this thing.” I slap the heavy meat into my left hand with a resounding deep *Smack*. “It’s a homerun!”

“Yea, well, watch out with that bat before you put someone’s eye out with it…” he laughs as he disappears into the bathroom.

I stare at the mess dripping from the bed posts and the dresser across the room, the cum running down the backside of the door joining the lake below.

“Damn… this is such a mess.” *Squish* *Squish* as I walk through the mess. “Gaww… It’s gotta be an inch in here….” I sigh as I look around seeing the devastating impact of my messy orgasm. “Oh well… better out of me instead of bursting I suppose… Bahhhahahaha.” I shiver at the thought.

“I need to make sure Jason doesn’t try anything stupid again…” I say, picking the dripping ring up from the middle of its cum grave, the white sperm sliding off heavily as it congeals.

“Here you go Keith! Hopefully it’s big enough to… What…?” Michael comes through the doorway with the shop-vac in tow. A plan hatches in my head to keep Jason away from this dangerous device.

“I need you to take this thing out of this house for a couple days.”

“Why? You know Sheila will go crazy if she found that thing in my house!”

“I know! I know!” I say. “But I need it away from Jason… I don’t want him inflating my cock in my sleep until it explodes.”

“Really dude… Paranoid much?”

“Do I have to replay what just happened for ya? He literally just attempted to make my dick and balls explode,” I huff at him.

“Fine, fine… I’ll take it home with me. Although, I do have the house to , so I could try it…”

“Don’t think about it…” I scowl. “You’re lucky I and Jason were there to help you the last time your balls nearly exploded. If you try, at least let Sheila help.” I roll my eyes at him. Enough was never enough. I suppose that goes without saying since both him and Sheila are size queens for each other.

“Yeah, yeah. Lecturing me… You’re one to talk,” he says to me as I switch the shop-vac on. It begins slurping up the mess as Sheila turns round the corner into the room with some cleaning supplies to help with the smell of man-funk filling the room.

“I brought some more stuff to clean with!” *Splat* “Aww shit…” as cum falls on her face… “I just got bombed by your cum!” She wipes it from her cheek and shoulder. I look up.

“Aww man… It’s all over the ceiling too.” I moan and sigh. This mess is gonna be a bigger job to clean up than I thought.

After nearly an hour cleaning, we finally begin spraying air freshener and bleach on the floor to mop up the residue. My dick, still somewhat swollen to about 3.5”, has gone down in its girth; the length, however, is still flopping messily around like a footlong sausage, slapping my thighs as each movement swings it left and right. My balls retaining their 5” width as they swing like a pendulum under their enormous weight peak out from the sides more as my meat settles in on its not so over-inflated size.

“You know, I’m not gonna have any underwear that fits. And we just went shopping a few days ago.”

“We can always drop by there today. We still have a few before they close.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Ivan left some time ago after showering—I guess the day was too much for the poor guy. He seemed pretty confused about all that’s happened. Oh well. We finished up our mopping and cleaning and stripping the bed of its soiled sheets. Luckily the mattress is still untouched by the fat cum geyser that is now lazily sleeping between my thick thighs.

I head over to my dresser and pull out my swim briefs again, the ones stretchy enough to accommodate my overgrown package. It fit comfortably before but now…

“Damn, it looks like I’m smuggling a couple of avocadoes and a zucchini in there!” I shout looking into the mirror.

“Shew… I’ll take a basket of those, farmer!” Sheila whistles at the sight

“I mean, look at this,” I say as I turn. I see the outline of my enormous balls pressing down and out of the side of my cock through the fabric as my blimp of a cock pulls forward and inflates into the left over space like a python. The fabric is pulled taught as every vein and ridge of my cock and the head presses against the fabric making it near see through. My balls peek out the legs but are still crammed in their tight space. The base of my 3.5”-wide soft tube of flesh is showing as the swim briefs are pulled away from my tight abs.

“Looks more like a damn soccer ball if you ask me…” we hear a familiar voice say.

We all look at Jason. “It’s about time, you twerp…” I grouse.

“Sorry, okay?”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.” I scowl at him as I step toward the door, my junk bouncing up and down like a water balloon inside. The briefs creak as the weight in them shifts side to side with each step.

“Because of you, I know have to go by new clothes and swim gear because you decided to see how far you could blow my dick and balls up. Well! Here it is all out in the open! Are you happy now!?” I thrust my bulge into his stomach and throw him back with it as he bounces off my overfilled briefs. I feel my cock throb hard as it chubs up at the sight of my dick and balls extending past my thick chest and bouncing my brother off of my bloated package.

“I’m sorry!”

“You bet you are. Next time you decide to try and pop someone’s cock and balls, make sure you follow through with it because now, I’m definitely bigger than you and it’s going to stay that way.” I stand over him, looking down past my meaty pecs and turn my hips to the side as I move my enormous package out of my view.

“Come on, Michael and Sheila. Let’s go get some clothing,” I say stepping past him, grabbing my sweatpants from the top of the dresser by the door.

“Damn it feels good to be huge…” I smirk as we head down the steps.

*Ring* *Ring* as we walk through the doors of the custom underwear shop aptly named “BIG BOYZ”.

“So this is where you get your underwear…” Sheila slaps a hand to Michael’s thick chest.

“What can I say. I’ve needed ‘em since I was a teenager… hah!”

“Uh guys, can we get this over with? This thing is getting pretty heavy hanging from my you-know.” I moan as I place a hand under the bulge in my sweats and lift up for some relief. My lower abs and groin aching from all the growth and sudden increase in weight.

“Hey! No shop lifting in this store! Now take those outta your pants or I call the cops.” A female voice comes from the shelves to our left…

“Oh… uh… sorry m’am but uh… you got the wrong idea we just….”

“We just walked in here to get him some custom-made underwear,” Sheila jumps in. “I promise it’s all meat and nothing from here is in there,” she says, grabbing my bulging sweats and squeezing down. I feel my cock throb violently in response as it thickens to a semi-flaccid state. It pulls down further.

“Uh huh… sure… right then,” the blonde-haired lady sighs. “Come with me …” She motions with one of her black painted sharp fingernails. We follow back to her office and then down a hallway leading to the back of the store.

Bradley!” she yells.

Yeah, Kristina!” A husky male voice answers back as an average height man with broad shoulders and an athletic build rounds the corner. “Yes…?” His eyes draw down, past Michael and Sheila and onto my enormous package filling out the front of my sweats.

“I need you to watch the front for a bit while I measure someone…” She rolls her eyes then unlocks the door to the fitting room. “You two, go wait in the store while I take care of this…”

“Su… Sure thing…” he stumbles… almost hitting the wall as he heads to the front.

“Don’t poke her eye out with that thing…” Michael blurts out as he and Sheila disappear into the storefront.

“If anything that isn’t you is in there you’re gonna be in big trouble…” She eyes my bulging package…

“I can assure you that’s all me down…” I emphasize by thrusting my hips forward into her face as she puts up her arm in defense. Me inflated package brushes her arm and she feels the heat throbbing through the fabric. Her eyes glaze over in confusion.

“Get ready for the show…”

“Holy shit…” Her mouth drops open as inch after thick inch is exposed as I pull down my sweats and briefs. I hear a *RIP* as my overtaxed swim briefs finally tear from the weight of my cock and balls.


“Growth spurt.” I shrug. “Wanna touch it?” I ask her as the final inch is revealed along with my heavy balls laden with cum. My fat tube of flesh pulsing and throbbing as I feel it begin to chub. Her hands shakily approach my enormous appendage.

“Don’t be shy. This python doesn’t bite much…” She shakes her head as her hands, trembling, meet the hot throbbing flesh of my soft cock. My balls feel swollen and heavy as they churn once again for relief. My breathing becoming heavy as she feels and kneads the swollen masses between my legs.

“I gotta m… me… measure it….” She says, getting up stumbling as she heads to the table and grabs the tape measure. I look sideways into the mirror. I see the veiny monster jutting from my groin. The look of that monster attached to my groin has me chubbing up and throbbing faster now as I feel the weight in my cock increasing as it rushes to full blown erection.

“You… You better hurry before it gets hard.” I say, huffing as she gets back down on her knees and begins wrapping the tape measure around.

“This thing can get hard?” Her eyes grow wide.

“More than you think…” I look down at her past the swelling mass.

“Quit throbbing or I won’t get an accurate measure,” she says nervously, trying to become professional.

“Sorry m’am but, huh… gawwww… It’s kinda hard to… do that…” I struggle to hold back my erection. “Just measure it for now… It’ll give me some growing room.”

“O-okay…” She measures nervously the girth of my cock and scribbles it down. Then stretches the tape measure from the base of my cock to the tip. “Hold this up.” She picks up my cock and hands it girthy weight to me. She wraps the tape nervously around my pendulous balls to get and sense of the size. Her hands linger a little longer than they should as I feel myself shudder. I can feel pre beginning to race up the shaft as a droplet forms at the slit. The dark abyss of my cocks slit filling with clear liquid as it begins running down my shaft and over my hands. I look down at her note book while she scribbles unaware of the liquid racing toward her and see the numbers for myself…

Soft length, 12.25”
Girth, 11”;
Width, 3.5”
Sack, Girth/Volume: 31”
Balls: approximately 5” each. Swing heavy and low at least halfway down the thighs

*Drip*… As a drop of pre lands on the notebook. I feel my cock lurch and a shot of pre cum spurts out and lands on the floor on her right side. I look to the mirror and see my veiny cock jutting out and throbbing up and down as it lurches forward with its ever-increasing erect size… Her face looks up from her notes and to the blimp of a cock now directly in her face. Her eyes meet mine and then down to my cock as I feel her face suddenly plow into the side of my cock. It’s still spongey but growing harder and thicker as it becomes bloated with size.

“Unnnhhh… hell yes…” I throw my head back and moan, feeling her kiss and stroke my fat cock. Her lips kissing and her tongue licking every fat inch of my cock. Her fingers run over every vein and ridge as I feel my cock become hard as stone. She reaches for the tape again.

“I gotta see how big…” she groans in lust. “Hold this…” She hands me the end of the tape measure and I place it at the base of my cock… My cock is jerking violently now as my horniness increases at the cock worship my massive meat is getting from my blonde vixen. Her black long, pointed fingernails dragging against the skin as she stretches it to the tip, licking her lips. She leans in and begins sticking her tongue into the slit of my cock, lapping up the constant flow pre as she now has the has my cock in both hands, her fingers never coming close to closing around my massive girth. She squeezes it hard to try and close the gap but all it does send my cock lurching and burping out more cum into her eager mouth. The pressure increases in my balls at a fever pitch as they feel like a lead weight, the pre stream intensifying…

“Tell me…” I moan out… “Tell me how fucking big…”

“You’re so fat…” she says, rubbing the cock head against her cheek.

“Tell me how fat…”

“You’re so bloated… like a balloon… and hot as fuck,” she coos rubbing my cock up and down its fat length. My cock begins jerking violently, spurting cum as it increases its flow. The pre orgasm is slowly building iys size.

“You’re so big…”

“How big… I want to know. I want to hear you say it…”

“14.3 inches you fat fucker,” she says.

“NNnnhuhnnn…. Fuck!” I moan out as my hips lock out and my cock swells up more, turning purple as the stretch marks become visible. The skin tightening around the veins as they bulge up and swell. I feel torrent of cum rushing up the bloated cock and blast its way out of the head. *SPLAT**SPLAT* *Whoosh* as it streams out constantly from my unexpected cock worship session. I come down off my high breathing heavily feeling the weight of my cock slowly relax down into its flaccid swollen state.

“You know…” she says, wiping cum from her face and arm, “You’re the biggest we’ve had in a long time. I’ll be glad to have these made for you today,” she says, standing up.


“Really. Shouldn’t take us long… Bradley!”

Yes!” As the door swings open… “Awww man… not again…”

“Clean this shit up! We’ve got to get this order rushed today!”

“On it m’am… freaking bitch… beat me to it,” he mumbles under his breath.

“In the meantime, feel free to look around… Should be done in an hour.”

“Thank you very much…

“My pleasure, big boy,” she winks at me.

Jason’s Perspective

*Knock* *Knock* “Hey Jason! It’s me and Kelsey!”

“Hang on a second!” I say as I mosey down the stairs after relieving some pent-up tension from todays’ events.


“Damn we’ve missed you.” As both Damien and Kelsey lunge into the doorway, closing it behind them. They both start groping and kissing me… It’s been awhile with these two, if you can say a week is a long time.

“Mmmph…” I get out as one of their mouths disconnect from mine. “Hey guys, you’re kind of…”

“Shhhhh…” Kelsey puts her finger to my mouth while sliding her hand up my shirt across my lithe frame. And then down my abs to the waist band of my shorts.

“Shit, I forgot to tell ‘em…” I think to myself, chubbing up at the exciting thought of being found out.

“Mmmm… Someone’s stuffing their pants. Or they’re just excited to see us…” Damien says, meeting Kelsey’s hands down below over the mound in my shorts. They both reach into the waist band and place each a hand on the mound in my overstretched briefs, the heat rising up as soon as it’s released from its prison of fabric, pumping and pulsing through the tight briefs as my cock begins swelling.

“Why don’t you two come upstairs and I show you just how real I am…” I wink at them, pulling away and waving them to come up to my room.

We walk into my room, me kicking the door open with Damien and Kelsey kissing me, taking turns deep throating me with their tongues. Each taking a turn smashing their hands into my growing grapefruit sized bulge. They rip my shorts down with *Rip* as the fabric strains over my growing erection, tearing the seams in the front. My bulge bounces up and down, jiggling in it’s tight prison. The briefs have torn slightly at the sides revealing thick cock flesh and veins pumping it up to its new erect 12-inch size, the thickness of my wrist and getting fatter as it pulls the fabric taught. They both reach for it as they look up into my eyes and then kneel down in front. Yanking my briefs down, they tear at the sides and destroy them as the meat forces itself up right and angled downward in a thick arch, pulsing up and down, drooling pre on the floor between them.

“How’s that for real stuffing…”

“Bed, now!” Kelsey demands… her dominatrix side coming out in full force. I’m not one to complain… Sex is sex to me. Damien lifts me up by my legs, smashing his face into my heavy balls and throws me onto the bed as Kelsey leans down and begins stroking the thick meat.

“How big is this thing now?” she says as Damien’s mouth envelopes the fat head.

“Mmmmph… It’s 12 inches last I checked.”

“And thick as fuck! I can’t even get past the head it’s soooo fat.” Damien comes back up gagging, unable to force the cock past his throat.

“And about 3 inches wide,” I add. For emphasis I grab my cock and squeeze really hard, causing the head to swell even more. The veins beginning to etch themselves into the tight skin as I feel it continue to throb into the hardest erection I have ever felt. The skin continues growing tight and marbled, shiny looking as the separations and ridges of my cock shaft become visible in its ever-hardening state.

“So fucking hot…” Kelsey moans as she and Damien squeeze and grope up and down the shaft, licking and scratching their fingers across its mired surface.

“This thing is so big it doesn’t qualify as a cock,” Kelsey says, admiring its pre-slicked girth.

“More like a club…” Damien adds.

“More like a bloated cock balloon.” *Clank* As I lean back. I feel the hard material of metal and a noise coming from behind as I shuffle on the bed to get more comfortable.

“Shit… we forgot to put this thing back. Keith must’ve thrown it on the bed after my session.” My heart sinking. An idea pops into my head.

“How’d you like to see this bloated sausage get even bigger?” A lust-filled grin seeps onto my face. If I couldn’t blow up my brother’s dick, then I’ll just join him. I grab the for the pump behind and pull it round along with the rubber ring and the hose.

“How are you gonna do…?” Damien asks in his low voice. He’s sweating from the ministrations he and Kelsey were performing on me.

“Watch… mmmph… and learn.” As I squeeze the tight ring over my fat cock and balls. I take the plug and hand it to Damien, who’s already begun undressing for the show. Kelsey soon follows. Damien’s muscular tattooed frame squeezes tight against his skin as he pulls his clothes off. Kelsey’s voluptuous bosom is bouncing up and down as she squeezes herself out of her short shots, displaying deep cleavage. Damien’s hard 9-inch but skinny cock throbbing hard up and down as his under comes off.

“Plug that into the wall.” He stares at it then complies, not sure what’s going on. I flip the switch to the pump and the humming sound comes to life. The hose unfurls as I pick up and inspect the needle. I gently feel for the hole in the ring behind my balls. With a hissing sound, I connected the needle into its port and lock it into place. My phone pings letting me know the connection was a success.

“Enjoy the show…” I say as I reach for the valve and slowly open it up to increase the speed. I instantly feel my cock spring into upright attention harder than I’ve ever felt. The veins engorge and swell tight against the skin so much I thought they’d burst through. Then it starts. The pressure builds momentum as it gathers at the base of my 3-inch wide cock, moves up the shaft and plants itself into the thick shaft behind the head, and pushes outward.

“Whoa…” Damien and Kelsey drool at the sight of my massive swelling cock. I look to it from their faces of shock and stare at it. It’s glossy surface from pre-cum now turning glossy as my cock fattens and grows longer. I feel the power of growth piling into my engorged meat. Every fiber of my cock is screaming ‘More! More! More!’ as I continue turning the valve more open. I feel the skin tighten and stretch as it begins growing longer, pulling at my groin as the weight increases fast. Within a matter of seconds, my cock has grown to 13.2” and 3.25” wide. *Creak* as the groaning starts. I have reached a level of fullness so intoxicating that I want more.

“Is… is that safe…” Kelsey’s trembling hands reach forward. Her light touch brushes my sensitive cock skin and I shudder. My hips thrust forward instinctively as pre shoots from my engorged cock head. 13.5” and getting fatter at 3.5” wide. My girth looking enormous as it blimps out behind the head of my cock, pulling the skin tight leaving what I call, pec cleavage folds, or in this case, cock cleavage.

“Perfectly… mmmph… fine…” I moan as Damien begins kissing the underside of my cock. I feel him move down and bury his face into my inflating balls. I feel the spread out and up into his face as they swell and gurgle.

Dude! I can feel these cum balloons boiling! They must be holding at least a gallon!” He comes up for air and then right back down into my bloated sack. Kelsey moves to the front as I see her lips wrap around the fist-sized head and move down the shaft, taking as much as she can into her mouth. I join in the groping as my hands drop the valve, with a clank and move to my cock shaft. I feel the pressure suddenly intensify as the valve lands on the mattress. Forgetting about its malfunction earlier. My cock continues to bloat and inflate further as the other two kiss, slobber, and man handle my ballooning junk. My balls are now spreading my legs further apart as they inflate with cum, force feeding themselves into gargantuan size. They feel tight and overfull but still sloshing enough to handle more loads, each reaching now the size of bowling balls as they weigh down the mattress.

My cock now filling my entire view… I feel it growing so tight and see the veins growing pencil thick… “That’s new…” I say not recalling their growth the last time. I see them wriggle and inflate more as they grow as big as my thumb. They feel tight and pressurized. I see the smaller capillaries start filling in where the veins couldn’t as my fat cock groans and creaks. I feel it pop then swell up fast as the pressure releases somewhere deep within. I look down at my phone, the numbers increasing quickly as it surpasses my previous record. My eyes grow wide as I feel another *POP* this one louder and heard by both Damien and Kelsey as my cock begins shuddering and slowing its growth down. The skin reddens deeply.

“Oh fuck…. We were so distracted.” I see the number… 15.5” long…. 4.25” wide. The numbers begin slowing down after the second audible pop. I feel it *SQUEAL* as I feel a third *POP* this time from the surface as a stretch mark races up the top center of my fat cock. I feel it stretch wide as the length slows down it’s pace.

“NNNNnnmmmmph… fuck!” I moan out. Rubbing it as it grows sore. The core of my cock now begging to be released from the pressure as I feel it pilling up, finding room to grow.

“Damn…” Kelsey says as she backs away.

“Damien, unplug it…” I say, unable to get the valve to shut now. Remembering the mistake last time.

He doesn’t move in the direction of the plug, instead grabs for the pump and valve.

“What are you doing…?” Kelsey asks…

“We’ve waited a long time for someone to share our inflationist interest… now we have a real-life orgy balloon in front of us…” He says, turning the valve ever so slightly more.

*CREAK* as my cock shudders. I feel a spike in pleasure and pain as my cock bloats up even fatter than before. 4.5” wide…. 4.8”… “Fuck, make it stop!” I moan…. 5.25” wide! As the girth expands fast. My cock is popping and groaning with each pressurized pump the device crams into my overpacked dick. My balls are now screaming as they approach the size of beachballs once again. The sack starts growing tight as my cock continuously shoots pre out of my cock slit like a hydrant. The skin growing tighter at I feel stretch marks tear their way across the engorged, bloated surface of my cock.

“Damien’s right…” Kelsey pipes in… “We’ve really only been able to experience that with each other, but now we have you…” Her smile grows fiercely sadistic as she grabs the valve. I lean up fast to try and grab it but I only get hit in the face by my cock as it spring slaps me with a loud *Smack*. I feel it shudder and pop again as Kelsey turns the valve one last time. I feel the pumps’ full power now piling into my cock faster than before. The deep humming growing labored now like my cock groaning for relief. I relinquish myself to the growth as I feel there’s no use fighting the urges any longer…

“Yes Grow! Get fatter!” I moan out… “NNNn….mmmph.. yes.. grow!” I say, now groping and kissing the heavy bloated cock balloon now deforming like a log. The weight dragging it down and me upright as it lean over the edge of my bed. My balls begin leaking cum through the sack as they approach 25” across… I stare at the numbers on my phone as I feel the skin reaching its limit. The cock meat constantly groaning and shuddering as it approaches maximum fill.

“God it’s sooo tight… sooo full…” I moan out as they continue caressing the slick and shiny, vein marked cock. I can feel their hand running over every vein as the rivers of blood continue feeding my cock growth. It continues lurching forward, bouncing happily as the pain turns into tingling. The tingling intensifying as the growth continues its onslaught. 16”, 16.2”, 16.6” as a big jump length is followed by another pop as stretch marks fan out across the fat length of my now 6” wide cock. The bloat behind the head is misshapen and red, puffy looking as the growth fills into the cock head. Its spongey tissue is becoming hard as a rock as the pump fills every ridge and crevasse of my overfilled dick.

My dick is no longer the one I remember now resembling Keith’s own over-bloated cock balloon. My eyes glaze over staring at its size, marveling at its gluttonous state. I feel it tighten then pop then tighten again as the girth spreads out further. I feel like a water balloon over inflated ready to burst. My hips are now involuntarily squeezing as if to coax more growth into my already rapidly inflating blimp.

“Nnnnnnnmmmmmhhhhuh….” As I feel hands pulling my cock downward, I see Damien coming into view once my cock’s fat size moves out of sight and points down to his aching cock. I see the lust in his eyes, he drools. My eyes grow wide as my dick balloon lurches up and down with excitement. With a *POP* louder than before my cock violently lurches forward with size growing out in all directions as the phone warning pops up and Damien’s cock is violently enveloped by the slit of my overinflated cockhead as the force shoves him back an inch. He stumbles.

Warning: Subjects’ size limit exceeded. Further increase may become irreversible.

“Yeah, yeah…” I say dismissing the warning. My cock is now lurching violently as Damien pounds into my cock. I feel the pre backing up as my overinflated size has now begun clamping down on his cock. He keeps thrusting back and forth but with little give. I know he’s made a mistake like the time I made with Michael and his monster cock.

I feel another pop… this time painful as my cock tightens. The length growing more as it shoves Damien onto his back… my cock balloon pile driving him into the floor. Kelsey moves off of my cock as fear replaces lust in her eyes seeing Damien now being pinned to the floor by my growing 18” cock.

“Someone… please turn it off…mmmmmmnnnnnnhuh…” I moan, flipping the switch as nothing happens. “Please For tHe LoVE of Holy TURN IT OFF!” I moan out louder now as the groaning cock stops lengthening at 20”. The last pop I feel sends a rash-red spots popping across my bloated mass. I feel the weight continuing to increase on Damien as his cock is squeezed tight inside my piss slight, unable to escape. I feel my pre getting so backed up my now 30” size beach balls, now yoga balls, swelling with cum to get ready for a release. “Unplug it!” I yell out as my girth continues inflating. 7” gone and now 7.5”, 7.7”, and finally 8”. My cock stops stretching, running out of room it continues gurgling and groaning. It feels like Damiens cock has disappeared with my dick.

“Nnnnnn……oohhhhh…” I grab onto the top as Kelsey steps around to the plug. Tighter, tighter, and tighter the meat grows feeling like it’s ready to burst… “OOOOHHHH.. FUCK!” As a *SQUEAL* fills the air as the girth shoots out and around Damien’s cock… squeezing it tighter. 8.25” wide….

Damn, it feels like it’s eating my dick!” Damien shouts as he spasms hard and forcefully ejaculates into the tight cavernous tube of my dick. The pump shuts down after Kelsey pulls the plug. My balls seize up hard as the sudden release of pressure sends me into orgasm as the mere sight of Damien pinned to the ground.

“Sorry, Damien!” I apologize as I know what’s about to happen to him.

The cum balloons bounce then swell as they force cum out of their overfilled sack. My cum rushes down only to be blocked by Damien’s dick. Then the pressure grows, filling the entire length of my cock as it bloats up with size, my eyes squinting as I wince at the pressure pushing against the overstretched skin once again. The pressure releases.

“Unnnnnhhhhmmmph… fuck!” Damien yells.

He suddenly begins pushing up and standing as much as he could. His balls however, if you can call them that, now ballooning up to monstrous size. Exceeding potatoes, then ostrich eggs, then baseballs, softballs, their size continuing upward until soccerballs.

“Man these feel tight…” he says, rubbing them and thumping them as they continue growing tighter, jostling around as my cum attempts to force more into it. Then I feel it inside my dick. His cock… somehow growing fatter as the cum finds a new way to escape.

Oh my god!” he says as I feel the stretch inside my dick become erotic. I can see the bulges of his cock extending down my cum tube as gallons of it rush its way into his now inflating dick. He starts yanking hard…

“All right… heh…heh… That’s enough… now … let me go…” he says, suddenly becoming apprehensive….

“Why, what’s wrong…” Kelsey approaches him. I can feel it inside me… The cock is groaning and popping like mine… but without the cock ring it becomes obvious it can’t take much more size…

“OOOhhhhh…. It’s growing sooooooo full…” he moans out. “For the love of… stop cummming! You’re gonna pop me!”

“Serves you right!” As I look at him and kegel hard and force cum out faster. Kelsey and him are now frantically pulling hard. My cum river backs up once again, since his dick has reached its own limit. I feel him sliding out slowly as his cock shudders and audibly groans. A loud suctioning noise is heard as inch after cum soaked and bloated inch of his cock springs out the end of my cum tube like a can of biscuits. Each inch pulled from the end of my cock bloats out fatter as he and Kelsey continue pulling and looking at the fat cock coming from my over inflated size. The as the head of his, now overfilled dick reaches the end, it sticks hard as the head flares out. I feel a maddening scrape as the ridge drags along the urethra of my bloated cock. With a loud *POP* he falls back and his dick, no longer hard, but jiggling full of cum slaps down onto his chest. Tight and throbbing yet soft and spongy. His cock has definitely become a cum balloon. My spraying cock now dribbles to a stop.

“Look what you done to me!” He moans out leaning up. His drooping fat cock easily 15” and fat like a water balloon. “I’m a freak!”

You’re a freak!? Look at me! I’m the one with a 20” dick and you call yourself a freak. If anything you’ve become my cum dumpster!” I yell out as he stands up with Kelsey… squeezing his own dick feeling its own spongy and squishy size, losing some of its skin tone as the cum swirls around….

“I need too… nneedd. T…… GAAAHHH!” *WHOOSH* as gallons of cum suddenly explode form the tip of his bloated cock and onto the floor. His cock starts looking less bloated but retaining most of its size soft. It’s got to be 11” and with balls the size of gourds.

Fuck you and that piece of shit!” Kesley yells as she drags Damien through the door, leaving me to clean up the mess. My 20” dick is still hard as a rock and painfully throbbing for more.

“I hope Keith doesn’t see me like this…” I sigh, getting up and feel the mass of my now hyper sized dick.

“I went too far this time… so much for this threesome inflation… and that relationship.” I shrug and head off to the shower to drain what’s left in my still churning balls.

And we still have the rest of the summer…

“All right big guy. Here they are!” Kristina hands me the briefs to try on. I hold them out by the waist band and admire the pouch in the front. A large bowl-shaped pouch that looks like it could hold a large grapefruit and then some.

“I hope these are big enough,” I say, squeezing my own massive bulge jutting out in my mounded shorts. My enormous meat pulses forward and fills the space in my hands as if inflating to meet the hands that pumped it up and nestling firmly into my palms as it over fills my large hand.

“Why don’t you try ‘em on and let us see how they look.” She winks at me. I turn to the dressing rooms to our left as she points to them with her long black fingernails.

“Here goes nothing…” I say, as I walk into the room and pull the curtain closed behind. I squeeze myself out of my shorts as the slide over my ball sized package. My cock and balls straining the fabric of the abused stretchy briefs that were designed for my previously less modest size. Now, I even put a horse to shame. I pull the shorts down my muscled thighs as they flex and push my package forward. My cock and balls press into the side of my face as I lean down to pull my shorts off. I slowly begin peeling down the briefs by the waistband. It becomes difficult as my chubbed up cock and huge balls overstretch the fabric as I unveil, once again, to the world my inhumane sized man meat. I slide the briefs down with a *RIP* as the pouch gives and the meat bursts forth like a can of biscuits. The taught flesh expanding out of the tear as veins and stretch marks become visible through the destroyed briefs.

“I hope he didn’t just rip those….?” Sheila facepalms as Kristina gasps.

I pull the new briefs up my thick thighs, squeezing my bulging leg muscles through the leg holes. The waist band encounters my pendulous balls, fat and swollen—laden with loads and loads of cum boiling to be released. I can still feel my balls pulsing and churning as my right-hand cups them and lifts them up, heavy and sloshing, over my waist band and lowered into the cradle like pouch. I can see the outline of them through the sides of the pouch as it balloons and stretches over my cum factories. Next comes the long fleshy log drooping over the material. The veins etched across its taught surface. The blood pulsing through them as they throb with the urge to feed my cock more growth. I shudder as it chubs up, swelling a couple of inches in all directions as I begin lowering the fat head into the pouch. I stuff the pulsing meat into the confines of the fabric and snap the waist band closed. I feel my chubby filling like a water balloon attached to a faucet as it races toward another monstrous erection. *Stretch* as the material stretches from the growing python in my pants. I start diverting my attention from sexual arousal as I gain control over my arousal. I feel my cock lurch before it dies down. The swelling still present but not inflating anymore.

“Here we go!” I say as I slide the curtain back. “How’s it look?” I say, turning to the side as the fat bulge bounces and sways side to side with the lateral movement. I thrust my hips forward to accentuate its size as my thighs push everything forward.

*Whistle* “Phew… That’s a fine piece of meat there…” Kristina coos, twirling a tuft of long blonde hair.

“I’ll say.” Sheila crosses over to me and reaches a hand down to rub the front of my bulging package. Her hand is dwarfed by its size as it spills out from her palms. Heat radiating like a furnace from the package, the veins and ridges of my cock and my massive balls outlining either side look like three party balloons stuffed in a sack.

“I’ll say… Damn, man, it looks like you’ve stuffed an eggplant and two large melons in there.” Michael cocks and eyebrow.

“It feels heavy, yet supportive. Comfortable even,” I say as I reach down, brushing Sheila’s hands away as I wrap both hands underneath my balls and lift—testing the weight of it as I let it drop back down. The whole package bounces like a basketball, looking like it too.

“How much do I owe you?”

“That one is on the house…” Kristina smiles. “The rest should be ready in a couple of days. We will discuss payment then…” She winks at me.

“Wow, really!?”

“You’ve paid me enough already…” She winks at me again and toodles at me with her fingers as she disappears behind the curtain dragging Bradley by the shirt collar.

“Well, that was unexpected…” I shrug at them.

I pull on the rest of my clothing admiring how the briefs support and allow my junk to jostle comfortably about in my sweats. The bulge looking more massive as the material of the underwear provides that extra umph to the whole bulge.

On our way home, I couldn’t get over how protruding my cock and balls look laying in my lap. My thighs are huge and only exacerbate the problem by pushing everything up and out, but my balls, having filled to the brim again with cum, have swollen and taken up more room in my form fitting briefs. “Thank God I asked for growing room in these,” I think to myself as I rub my hand over the mound of flesh through the sweats.

We pull into the driveway and step out. We suddenly see two people rushing out of the front door, one a woman and the other a male whose figure seems tight and built, yet skinny and lithe. Both are rushing toward their vehicle.

“Damn it!” we all look over to the fit guy with the tattoos getting into the passenger side. He turns to get in and our eyes widen. A set of massive potatoes can be seen swinging like pendulums between his legs with an audible slap. The tube of unmistakable cock flesh swing around like a rope as he rushes to get in. He turns to look at us as we wave at him and he quickly slams the car door.

“What the hell was that all about?” Michael turns to me.

“I have no clue, but it looks like two of Jason’s friends over to have some fun.”

“Or the other way around… Damn did you see the balls on that guy!?” Sheila says, back handing my chest.

“Yeah we saw…” I roll my eyes as we make our way to the front door.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me!?” Sheila scoffs. “Don’t walk away from me!” She follows behind us as we walk into the front door, her fiery spirit pouring out with attitude that’s almost playful. It’s almost comical, her yelling at us two much larger males with our muscles bulging with masculine power and her trying to intimidate us. To be honest, if it weren’t under these circumstances, we would be intimidated.

“Calm down, firecracker.” Michael grabs her by the shoulders gently, his arm muscles bulging in stark relief by just the slightest motion.

“You better watch it, studs. I know how to make your dick and balls explode.” She squints with her empty threat. Then we all start laughing out loud.

Nnnnnnnhuh….. We all hear moaning coming from upstairs.

“I guess Jason is still at it? Horny much?” Michael says laughing.

“We better check on him… I was kinda hard on him for what he did to me. And the way those two were running out of the house, he might’ve taken out his frustration on them…”

We start heading up the stairs, the moaning getting louder as we approach the top of the stairs with Jason’s room to the left.

“Oh no…” Michael says, looking at the pump on the ground.

Shit!” I shout as I realize, suddenly, that the pump we used on Jason was never put away. “God I hope he didn’t do it…”

Nuuuuunnnhuh… *STRETCH*” We here a fleshy leathery sound almost like an overinflated balloon rubbing against itself come from the bathroom… We step through what seems to be a gallon of cum pooled in the floor toward the bathroom door. Making our way to the sound of overtaxed skin and moaning we slowly round the corner through the doorway.

“Oh my…” Sheila gasps.

“What the fuck did you do?!” I say to him.

“I’ve made a big mistake guys…” he moans out to us as he desperately kneads his overpacked cock and balls. The cum still leaking through his overinflated sack. His balls pulsing as they desperately try to expel their contents. The cum streaming constantly like a faucet from his cock head.

“That looks like it hurts,” Michael finally says. We all nod in agreement. The sound of creaking flesh and squeaking cock meat constantly coming from the groaning pile of man meat overcrowding Jason’s crotch.

“Please, you gotta help me get it out… I feel it gurgling but nothing seems to help… nnnnnhuh…” Jason moans as his hips kegel up and his balls contract a bit as his cockhead burps out a large drop of cum. *SPLAT* as it hits the tiled floor of the shower. His balls swell back to their previous size after contracting, then *STRETCH* as they boil more cum into their over inflated selves, each one bigger than a beach ball at this point. They look deformed and elongated as they continue to pulse. We hear them bubbling loudly as they slosh and churn with the need to release before they burst.

“Help me… It’s sooo fucking packed tight. There’s just too much of it to handle by myself…”

We all look upon the stretch marked, vein riddled surface of Jason’s gargantuan cock. The long and deformed log pulsing and etched with every tight crevasse of his now 20” cock. The width so fat and deformed it looks like two two-liter soda bottles stacked side by side, and still larger around than that. The veins mar the surface, looking ready to tear their way through the paper-thin skin of his mammoth dick.

“NNnnnnnhuh….” His cock lurches up and down as we hear it audibly groan from the forces as another glob of cum burps out from the cock’s fat head, rounded and tight, the skin purple and shiny from cum. The shaft of his cock is stretched so tight that it looks marbled, shining from being stretched so far beyond any cock could’ve handled, yet here it is. A fat cock wide and heavy, bobbing up and down like a marbled pillar of groaning cock flesh, every ridge and vein exaggerated with pure growth. The size of it seems insurmountable as it jerks up and down, so stiff that its weight defies gravity, pointing slightly upward before arching down with the fatness of Jason’s blimp swelling out beyond the ridge of his enormous cock head.

“Well, we better get this over with before he pops….” Sheila undresses and starts heading over.

“We should help…” Michael saus to me as he follows suit.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Can’t have Sheila have all the fun.”

We head over after undressing. It’s a tight fit with all of us in the massive shower but we all find our place and start massaging the taught flesh cannon before us.

“UUnnnhuh… yea. Keep going… Yes, rub my fat cock…” Jason moans as his eyes roll back in his head, finally feeling some sexual release of having his cock worshiped. The log begins pulsating as Jason begins convulsing. His muscle thighs are locking out hard as his balls quiver for release, the cock groaning and turning purple as it prepares for the torrent of cum racing up from his overpacked balls. We see the cum tube fill with the substance as it bulges from the base of his deformed log. The swelling follows up the underside of the shaft as we continue furiously rubbing the cock balloon, feeling and marveling at how big it had become from Jason’s overuse of the pump. Suddenly, his cockhead swells with a *SQUEEEEAL* as it fattens out. The corona is becoming deep as the head rounds out. Popping noises can be heard as Jason moans. We only assume the popping is coming from the extra swell finding its way into his bloated cockhead. The slit opens up and spray rains down on us like a white out rain, only the white is cum. We become covered as Jason’s balls empty their entire contents into the shower basin. Damn good thing we have a deep shower here. The drains gurgle as they struggle to keep up while we attempt to shield ourselves from the torrent of cum gushing out of Jason’s cock.

“NNnnnnnhuh… Fuck yeah!” Jason screams in sexual bliss, the pressure releasing from his over inflated cum balloons and overinflated dick. The rain of cum dies down as his cock gives a few final lurches, dry heaving as it attempts to spit more cum out. It falls limp, long and fat, a baseball bat of soft flesh marred by stretch marks and red spots from its recent overgrowth.

“Holy… nnnhuh… fuck…” Jason leans up and rubs the side of his fat cock lying in his lap over his right leg. The stretch marks and red spots show signs of stress from his near explosive growth. I feel a pang of jealousy creeping in as I know I’m no longer the biggest cock here.

“This damn thing is sore,” he moans, continuing to rub it and feeling every vein as they still imprint themselves on its soft surface. They’re large and fat just like his overgrown cock.

“I want to know how big it is,” Sheila coos she disappears from the bathroom in search for my tape measure.

“You’ve really gone and done now haven’t you,” I say, crossing my thick arms in front of my chest.

“Honestly, I never intended to get this big,” he chuckles nervously looking down at the massive fleshy log still throbbing in his lap. His balls droop down fat and heavy as they lay in his overstretched sack nearly touching the floor, each one the size of at least a melon. “That is, until Damien and Kelsey took my dick hostage and decided to make it nearly explode. But I got the upper hand…” Jason smirks up at us.

“What am I gonna do with you.” I plant my hand over my face and rub up and into my cum soaked hair…

“I got it!!!” Sheila comes racing into the shower with the tape measure.

She grabs Jason’s fat cockhead and pulls it straight and out. The weight of it makes it droop in the middle as it fights gravity, still fat and looking like a soda bottle. She gives Jason the end of the tape as she takes it and runs it along the top surface of the cock’s expansive flesh.

“Damn…” Michael says.

“Awww… fuck me…” I say jealously.

“So big!” Sheila marvels at its soft size.

“What! How long!!?” Jason moans curiously.

“This fat fucker is 14” long and…” She quickly wraps the tape around the shafts fattest part behind the head… “4 inches wide… It’s literally soda bottle thick.”

“That ain’t no soda bottle… that fat baseball bat is a damn two-liter…”

“What’d the app say when you were hard?” I scowl at him… getting slightly aroused at the thought of outgrowing him soon.

“20 inches and 8.25” wide…. Felt like it too. I thought my cock was a goner while they were busy inflating me.” He chuckles, rubbing the back of his head.

“Guys, I think I made a mistake. This thing is too big…”

“Damn right… You made a big mistake.”

And now I’ve got to get bigger somehow… I need more…

Michael’s Perspective

“Geez….” Jason, huffs. He stands with his legs wobbling as we all look at him. His massive cock and balls drop down with a heavy slap. His melon sized nuts spread out behind the tube of flesh halfway down his thighs, still full and churning for release again. His cock, or should I say a deformed log, now lays thick and arching over the huge cum factories. His thickness is that of a 2-liter bottle of cock and resting uncomfortably at 14” soft for now.

“Damn it… This thing is so freaking sore. It’s throbbing so much,” Jason groans as he reaches down his hands to grope and lift up the package. “I definitely can’t fit into any underwear now. This thing weighs so much…”

“Judging by the size of it, you look like you’re carrying an extra 20 pounds of cock meat and balls,” I say, staring at the jiggling mass…”

“Pfft… Whatever…” Keith says. He rolls his eyes and suddenly turns to leave the room and locks the door to his bedroom as we hear it slam shut.

“What’s gotten into him…” I ask.

“Oh Michael…” Sheila runs a finger over my fat pecs. “You know he’s got a bit of an issue with being the smaller penis. Especially since his brother is now bigger… again. That’s what probably started this whole mess.”

“Honestly, I don’t think he realized how much of a size queen he was until my own cock and balls blew up out of control,” I say to her chuckling while grabbing my thick cock.

“Maybe we should…” Sheila breaths in through her teeth… “Go for a test drive…. You’re place?” she coos.

“Gosh, y’all just get a room,” Jason pipes in as he begins washing the cum down the drain of the shower.

“Let’s go and leave him to it,” Sheila says as we grab out clothing and get dressed, forgetting our underwear but putting on our shorts, nonetheless. “Come on.” She grabs me by my thick forearms and guides me down the steps and to the front door.

“I plan on it,” I smirk at her.

This is gonna be so much fun. I stick my left hand in my pocket and feel the rubber ring graze my fingers as an idea pops into my head.

We get to my house and we hastily begin undressing as we come through the garage door. Our clothes strewn about as we undress each other down to bare skin. The ring having fallen out of my pocket as the shorts hit the floor of my bedroom. Reaching down I grab for it while Sheila has her thick butt turned towards me. Sweating with anticipation I think about my next decision. Should I go through with it? God it’d feel great to grow inside of her…. I hastily place the ring over my cock and balls as my thick meat races towards its hard 11.5” length. The fat baseball bat cock reaching 2.5” wide behind the head. The skin pulled tight against my vein covered length.

“Someone’s eager…” Sheila stares down and bites her lip. She grows closer as her kneels down and takes the head into her mouth. The warm sensation of her tongue grazing around the head of my cock feeling erotic. My legs begin to feel like jelly as ecstasy fills my brain.

“I need to sit.” I back up onto the edge of my bed and sit my thick glutes down. My thighs spreading out as their mass rests on the bed. The whole of my muscled thighs pushes my man junk forward and out as Sheila resumes her blowjob.

“Oh yeah,” I moan. “Worship this fat rod.” I lean back. She sinks halfway down and stops. Popping off she cocks an eyebrow.

“And what do we have here?” she says as her hand wraps around the base of my cock.

“Busted…” I smirk at her.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Wanna find out?”

“What I want is for you to stretch me wide… grow inside me. Split me apart…” She stands up and pushes me back onto the bed by my shoulders and cradles my lap. Her vagina resting squarely on the tip of my cock.

“Nnnnnhuh…” We both moan as she sinks down slowly, feeling the tightness of my fat cock spreading her open. The moist interior of her pussy envelops and clamps down over and over again the deeper she sinks onto my cock. I feel euphoric. I feel massive inside her. She raises back up to the head and stops, then power slams back down. Taking all of the 11.5”… and sits.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she says, leaning down and kissing my abs up to my left nipple.

“NNNnnhuh.. o… okay ….” I moan, reaching for my phone and pulling up the app. *Ping* as it reconnects itself to the ring.

“How… b…”

“Shhhhh….” She places a finger on my lips… “Just fill me up…” she says as she continues kissing my abs and tweaking my nipples, worshiping my torso.

“Okay… here it goes…” I say as I start the inflation.

“Oooooohhhh… gggoo….d” She says as I feel my cock begin to engorge. I feel the bloat begin at the base and spread its way up to the shaft. I feel my head spread out wide as it forces itself wider inside the woman sitting on my cock. She doesn’t move. She clamps down hard as another wave of growth from the ring forces its way into my cock and balls. She starts to feel tighter. Her pussy kegels over and over again as it she clamps down and releases many times. Each time feels tighter as the space fills with cock flesh.

Oh yes! Spread me! I want your cock to stretch me so wide!” She screams.

“MMMphh… As I feel her tighten more. Not from clamping down but from my cock spreading wider. I start to see her lift up thinking she’s trying to get off, afraid I’m hurting her—only to find out she’s not.

Yes!” She moans.

I see my fat cock spreading out like a can of biscuits opened as more and more of my growing cock pushes itself out of her pussy. The longer it gets, the more cock is exposed as it lifts her up off my lap. I feel my head resting on her cervix. Spreading out wide as it expands outwards. *Stretch* As my cock skin tightens at the final spurt of girth piles into my fat cock. I didn’t want to over do it… leaving my cock less tortured than Jason and Keith…. Not wanting to hurt Sheila.

“Oh baby! Aaaaahhh….” She screams as I feel the cervical wall give way, and she powerslams down. The force of this and her coming down on my cock and going deeper than I’ve been in a woman ever, sends us both into a wave of orgasms…. The cum flows from my balls as they too have grown with me. I feel like a couple of softballs between my thick thighs and her ass, pumping an enormous amount of cum into her. With no where to go it gushes out of her pussy and into my lap. She clamps down hard over and over as she continues with hers. Sweating she collapses onto my meaty frame, breathing heavy. My cock still lodged deep within her as she sighs in relief.

“Why… Why did you stop?” She huffs… Leaning up and kissing me on my lips.

“I…mmmph… didn’t want to hurt you…” I say, kissing her back, grabbing her and pulling her tight.

“Hurt me…?” she chuckles. “At least tell me how big…”

I pull up my phone… “13 inches long and 3.25 inches wide.” I smirk, kissing her again. She pushes off and looks at me seriously. “What? Is it not big enough for you?”

“Damn it, Michael, I have dildos bigger than that!” she says laughing and grabbing my phone from me as she leans down kissing me. I don’t realize the situation I’ve gotten myself into until she pulls off of me. I feel the tight feeling still as my fat cock exits her still standing straight up. I stare at it in awe as I see it throbbing with every heartbeat…. Or *Stretch* as I see it grow in all directions again… the skin pulling taught as it inflates. I feel massive pressure building in my cock as I look to Sheila with her eyes glazed over with lust…

“Sheila! What are you doing?!”

“Do you remember that gag sex toy my friends got me last birthday?”

“Ye….. Nnnnnnnhuh….” *SQUEEEAAAL* As my cock groans for relief. I feel it pack itself fatter as its girth expands.

“Well, I’ve been practicing a lot with it…”

“No… you didn’t”

“Yes… and I can take it.” She smiles devilishly.

“But that thing has to be at least a foot and a half long! Not to mention how wide it is. It’s so fucking huge!”

“And how cool would it be to have the real thing….” She smiles again reaching a hand down to my growing blimp of a cock. I feel it stretch out in all directions and meet her palm, over filling it with its girth in mere seconds…

*STRETCH* I feel the growth kicking in as she drops my phone. I look at it and groan seeing the numbers…. The real time growth….

14” long, 3.5” wide. *STRETCH* “UMmmmphhh… Damn it Sheila! It feels like it’s gonna pop!” I groan out as the growth piles into my now massive cock. 14.25” long, 3.7” wide.

*GLUP* *GLUP* *STRETCH* as my balls visibly churn, sloshing side to side as my cum swirls around violently in my now coconut sized balls. *STRETCH* *CREAK* now melon sized as they begin to hurt from the violent pressure building in them.

“PLEASE! SHEILA! Nnnnnhuhnnn.. Oh God no!” I say as my cock *CREAK* groans as more mass is piled on. I see it billowing out and up as the weight arches it down. The shaft fattening faster than the length. I feel a *POP* as my cock lurches up and down then swells longer and fatter. Another *POP* and *STRETCH* as the skin shins in the light, coated in slick cum now seeping out of the fat fist sized head and drooling. The cum burping out in thick globs as the pressure in my now overfilled balls continues to rise.

“Ya… You gotta stop it!” I plead with her, rubbing the side of my groaning cock balloon and swelling basketball sized nuts resting on my thick thighs.

“Why should I do that?” She smirks at me.

“Because! I don’t want to be a freak like those two! I’ve had my growth and I’m happy with it…. Nnnnhuhnnn. Fuck me!”

“With the size you’re going to, I may have trouble even for that…” She licks her lips then leans forward to my ballooning cock. Her tongue runs up the side. I feel it tighten as my cock inflates more. The swelling becoming intense as it approaches 16” long and 5” wide… *POP* *GROAN* *POP* as my cock lurches forward and outward as the core of my cock mashes itself against the taught flesh. The veins having kept up in size feeding the growth. Thumb sized veins crisscrossing like a net with smaller capillaries filling the space between. Every ridge visible as the cock swells in three parts. I feel it separating into sections as the chambers of my dick pulse and groan for more! I feel my cock begging to keep growing as it excitedly bounces. The head swelling tight, no growing round and puffy looking as the growth fills that space. The last space to be filled as I feel the skin start pulling hard at my groin.

*CREAK* *POP* As stretch marks race their way across my abused meat. The log of cock flesh groaning louder now as it swells and billows out in all directions. A glutton for size… A tower of cock meat stretching skyward as it approaches unbelievable size. I keep wondering when it will stop. The pressure becoming unbearable as pressure pain wrack my cock and balls. My balls having stopped filling with cum as the room has run out. Cum seeps out of the sack as it creases down the middle. I feel the throbbing intensifying.

17”…. 17.2”…. 17.6” as the growth piles in.

“Please Sheila! It’s gonna explode!” I beg with her as my cock sends a loud *POP* and jiggles side to side. My cock fills faster now as it stretches and engorges fatter. 5.8”… 6.25”… 6.8” as it slows down to a crawl. My length now stretching maddeningly slow upward… feeling the skin groaning as the ring pumps more size! Sheila worships my cock. Her hands and mine no longer encompass the vast expanse of my cock. Each section striated like hard muscle but only it’s overpacked cock meat begging to be released from this torture… My sweating body kegeling my hips up as an instinct to relieve the pressure, only sending more growth into my cock. *STRETCH* *CREAK* 18”…. 18.5”… 18.9”….

“OOhhhhnnnnhuh…. It feels sooooo tight!” The length stops growin reaching 19.5”. I feel a sharp pain race its way into my cock as a stretch mark fans out across the shaft below the head. My head having filled to the brim now purple and overstretched. I feel it pulling real tight against the creases and folds of skin rolling about behind it on the shaft. The cock behind it *POP* and *GROAN* swells behind it fast. The girth is inflating like a water balloon. I feel it deep inside as the growth expands outward. I grab onto the sheets and bite my lips hard. It grows tighter and tighter, fatter and fatter… I stare at it moaning and groaning for it to stop before my cock balloon explodes.

Oh fuck! It’s not getting any longer!” I moan out as Sheila backs away, fearful of a messy ending to her new fuck toy. I feel it *POP* and tighten over and over again as it inflates like a balloon attached to a water hose. 7.2”… 7.5”… 7.9”… 8.25”….. “Oh fuck! It’s so fat! Nnnnnhuhnnn! Damn it!” I yell…my girth expanding fatter than Jason’s monster cock!

8.5”…. *POP* 8.58”…. *POP*…. 8.62”… *CREAK* *SQUEAAAAAAAL* as my inflation finally slows down to a halt. The fatness of my cock settling in finally and painfully tight at 8.8” wide. We sigh, fearing the worst over…. Now arousal sets in. I feel a final *POP* as my cock violent lurches forward up and down. I see the cock ring give way and fly off my cock….

“Damn it… Keith is gonna kill us…” I say, as my cock lurches up and down. My balls seize up at the sight of my cock taking over my field of vision. The torrent of cum races up the cum tube swelling up and exploding out of the overpacked purple cockhead…. Sheila and I coated and exhausted…

“Babe, I have to confess… That dildo isn’t this big.” She smiles at me.

“So now I’m stuck with this fucking monster,” I say to her sternly. “Now get you sexy ass over here and worship your master,” I command to her, having more virility after this growth.

I realize, while she strokes my fat cock, that the warning never popped up this time… Did I just not see it… or do I have more room to grow. Guess we’ll have to order another one to find out… maybe a bigger one. I smirk, feeling her boobs becoming overfilled with my cock in her cleavage, the head unable to fit in her mouth.

*Knock* *Knock*

“Yeah…” I hear a voice from the other side of the door.

“It’s me, Ivan!” I answer nervously. “I’m just coming by to check on Keith! He hasn’t been to swim practice in a couple days and coach is really starting to get pissed.”

*Clunk* *Creak* The door opens up to the house of my swim mate.

“Come on in. He’s upstairs sulking…” Jason says.

“Thanks man… I…” I look down and pause. A massive bulge protrudes from his groin almost as if he’s got a small basketball shoved inside the pouch of his briefs. The leg opening pulling away generously from his skin leaving the sides of his sack and balls bumping out of them. Veins visible through the taught fabric as every ridge of his cock and balls throbs visibly through it.

“Sorry about this. Doesn’t seem like anything fits properly anymore.” He chuckles nervously, rubbing the back of his head. “Even these custom briefs from BIG BOYZ aren’t really cutting it much,” he adds.

“I’ll fucking say. Damn dude! You plan on breeding an elephant?” I stand astonished staring at him as he closes the door. With each step the mass in his briefs jiggles violently, threatening to tear the tight loin covering to shreds. The briefs ride up into his crack as the overblown cock and balls pull the fabric forward.

“Really, I never meant to get this big!” His facial expression twists a little in an awkward mix of lust and anxiety. “It’s just that, I was playing with some acquaintances and… well… things got a little out of hand.”

“A little? Dude you were only 8 inches soft the last time we met! How much bigger did you get?”

“To be honest, only 12 inches soft and thick as a soda bottle…. My balls, however, are the problem. They just keep filling up constantly now and swell with cum. They start hurting after while if I don’t empty them.”

“So you’re now a veritable cum balloon huh… afraid you might pop?” I say half chuckling, half aroused. My own 9-inch cock getting chubbed up in my shorts.

“Feels like it, though it is kinda growin’ on me…”

“I’ll say it is…” Jason squints his eyes at me in annoyance at my comment. “Achemm… Anyways… I was needing to talk to Keith about the swim team. Coach is kind of pissed off he hasn’t showed up in a couple of days.”

“Well, you know where his room is. See if he talks to you… he won’t even acknowledge my existence just yet.” Jason rolls his eyes and starts walking toward the back patio entrance.

“Why is that???”

“Do I have to take a picture and crop it out for you?” he answers sarcastically. “The same reason he decided to outgrow me in the first place… and now he’s lost again. I’ll be out on the back by the pool lounging in the sun. Holler at me if you need anything.” He waves and turns toward the back sliding door, his bulge dragging behind and jiggling up and down, the under swell poking down between his thighs as he walks away.

Well, here goes nothing, I think to myself. I head up the stairs and come to Keith’s room on the right.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock* “Hey Keith! It’s me, Ivan. The team is concerned about you. Coach is also concerned seeing as you are normally there. Want to talk about what’s going on?” I try to coax him out of his room to talk.

“Go away.” I hear his deep throaty voice through the door.

“You can’t just ignore us. Come on man, it’s not healthy being cooped up inside all day.”

“I’m not cooped up! I still go to the gym… just not practice. I don’t really think it’d be a good idea right now anyways.”

“You should still talk to coach… He’s pretty pissed about it.”

“Screw him and the team…”

“That’s not like you! Are you sure you’re just not sulking about Jason growing a cock bigger than yours?”

“I said go the fuck away!” *Bam* as something hits the door.

“Fine… fine…” I say, backing off. “I’ll just let coach know you’re all right just feeling sick.” I start heading back down the stairs. I go to leave but change course and head out back to talk with Jason.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* as the sliding door opens and closes. I head over to the kid with the massive bulge resting in his lap between his thighs in the sun. I looks as though it’s swelling in the heat.

“Oh my god…” I say, gasping as I see it throb and swell larger…

“Nnnnhuh…” Jason moans, rubbing the side of his balls through the fabric as if caressing a baby.

“Are you okay…?” I ask concerned.

“Yea… I’m… mmmph… fine. Just feeling a little backed up is all,” Jason responds, still groping the side of the bulge.

“I see what you mean by getting full. Your balls are overflowing that thing now man… You sure you’re not gonna hurt yourself keeping all that in there? I mean, what if something pops?”

“It’s fine… Nnnnhuh…” *Squeak* *Glug* I hear his balls gurgle and visible shudder… my cock is hardening at the sight of his balls swelling against the fabric. “I just like to get to maximum fill before I let loose… It feels so much better that way….”

“Uh huh… sure,” I say, gazing upon the arousal-filled young man sweating from his balls. They look like swelling cum bombs.

“What I wouldn’t give to feel what you guys have felt in the last week…”

*Creak* *POP* as we hear the fabric tighten to its limit as Jason moans a painful moan. “Hold that thought… I should take care of this before it’s too late…” He rushes off into the house.

What I wouldn’t give to inflate. To be at the mercy of my body’s size potential and the mercy of those weird cock and ball inflating devices. I strip down in my aroused haze. No one is out here to see me, so why not… My shorts drop down to my ankles while sitting down on the lounge Jason was earlier. My 9 incher is sticking out and fighting to stand up in my tight briefs. Those come down exposing the vein riddled, thin shaft. My long pencil dick, as my last girlfriend called it, throbs furiously at the thought of growing bigger, fantasizing about it blowing up into a monster. Stroking faster and faster I feel myself coming to the edge when…

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

“Hey Ivan! I’ve got just the… solution.. to…” Jason pauses, his cock and balls not covered by the briefs but out in the open. The massive soft log of flesh out in the open. Its surface is faceted by thick veins even in its soft state and still marred by freshly healed stretch marks and red dots. Tumescent in its girth and arching over fat grapefruit sized testicles hanging low down his thighs.

“I see you’ve got started… but let’s finish it off with a bang, shall we?” *Clank*

As Jason sets down what looks like an air pump with the logo, UBERPUMP, on the side. Unfurling the plug, he finds an extension cord and hooks it up. The hum of the machine starts instantly. My cock jerks excitedly at what I can only assume is the beginning of a fantasy come true. Jason grabs the ring and coaxes it onto my throbbing dick. Next he squeezes each of my thick golf ball sized testicles into the ring and adjusts it. Next comes the scariest part…

“What… Wait!” I say, holding out my hand. “What are you gonna do with that?”

“That’s how I got huge! Don’t worry, it’ll be fine!” He motions it toward my cock.


“What now…” he sighs annoyed.

“Let me do it,” I say. “Just walk me through it.”

“Fine.” He hands me the needle. “Just find the hole in the ring just behind the back of you ball sack. Once you insert needle swiftly, twist it to lock in place.

“Hewww….” I breath out nervously. “here it goes…” I find the hole and swiftly, but nervously, insert the needle. I feel a sharp prick and the a pressure instantly enter my dick and balls. I turn it to lock then…


“Ah… Looks like you made your first successful connection! Now enjoy the ride…” Jason says as he hands me his phone with the UBERPUMP app pulled up. I see my measurements in a real time counter. He slowly turns the valve open and I feel my dick tighten into the hardest erection of my life. Hard as a rock and getting harder. My balls gurgle with anticipation… then *STRETCH* *SQUEAK* as I feel my fingers spread further apart on my shaft.

“Holy fuck… it’s happening…”

“Holy shit!” I moan. “Nnnnuhuh… This is feeling tight!” I grasp my cock with both hands, stroking it up and down. The phone dropping to the lounge chair face up. I can still see the numbers. I see them increase…

*9 inches… 9.2 inches… *Creak* “AHhhh…” I grip hard as my cock stretches fast. 9.5, 9.9…

I feel it growing heavier as the mass slowly piles into my bloated cock meat. My veins thicken in preparation or intense size. *Groan* as my finger pull apart on my right hand. My girth expanding now as it catches up.

Width: 2 inches… 2.3… 2.6… “Nnnnnhuh… F…. Fuck…. Keep going!” I say, throwing my head back and moaning to Jason. His hands slowly resting on the underside of my cock, running up and down its growing length. I feel my balls seize up but nothing comes out… only a gurgle and then… *Glug* *Glug* *STRETCH* “MMmph…” I double over as my balls fill with cum. They fill to the brim and it pushes out trying to escape. But I know it’s all in vain as the ring forces them to fill over and over again. The sperm crashing against the inside walls screaming to escape before pushing outwards, making my balls swell to the size of baseballs in a matter of seconds. I feel the sack stretching over them as they become overpressured and finally swell to relieve pressure but to no avail.

“Man… MMph.. These feel like they’re being kicked…” I say, as my left hand moves down to feel their weight. “They feel sooo full…” I moan out to him…

“That’s not as full as they’re gonna get, believe me…” Jason smirks sideways as his left hand turns the valve open more… The hissing gets louder as the hum increases.

“NNNnnnhhhhhuhh…” I feel the pressure pile into the base of my dick and balls and then *POP* releases deep in my groin. My cock grows tighter faster this time as it visibly swells.

10.25 inches and 3.2 inches wide…. 10.5 and 3.5… It just grows fatter and longer…. Fatter and longer with each burst of growth. *CREAK* *GROAN* as my log of flesh stretches outward and upward. I feel it gaining mass as it arches down and out. I feel it billowing fatter now as the girth speeds up.

3.7 inches…. 3.9… 4.1… then *CREAK* *STETCH* The swell behind the head slows down to a crawl as the cock stretches in length.

10.7 inches… 10.9… 11.2… 11.5… 11.8…. “Oh my god! It’s getting huge! So fat! Soooo fullll!” I moan out in ecstasy. “Go faster!” I moan to Jason who’s transfixed at the sight of my cock… his own now rock hard and visibly pulsing with blood so much that each throb of his cock sends a shudder down the tight skin of his flesh, shooting precum.

“Any faster and it might hurt….” He says in his aroused gazed… still holding the valve loosely…

“I’ll determine my limits!” I grab the valve out of his hand and turn the valve up… I feel the pressure skyrocket as the pump hums away now.

Oh god yesss!” I moan as my cock and balls tingle with growth. I can feel it shuddering with pressure as it bombards every fiber of my cock. I can feel it tightening up as the growth pushes outward in an obscene way. The separations of the chambers of my cock become visible as it passes into blimp territories. I feel full but still capable of growth…. “I will outgrow you all!” I moan to myself… My hips bucking at the pleasure my cock and balls receive. *CREAK* *GROAN* as a leathery stretching sound begins creaking from my overbloated cock and balls.

My balls have swollen with cum and have begun rounding out so fat it puts bowling balls to shame. They groan from the pressure of the cum forcing its way into them as they gurgle and slosh violently side to side with each dump of fluid into them. Jason looks aroused yet concerned. His fingers graze the bottom of my balls. His nails drag along the bottom and they lurch up in response. They instinctively contract yet nothing comes out as the cock ring denies my orgasm… only fueling the growth in my balls. They hang heavily over the side as they begin to overpack themselves. My cock throbs violently as it continually stretches and blimps out. I feel over full yet somehow still growing.

“I will decide when I’ve had enough! NNNNNNHUHnnnn…. Fuck!” I moan as my cock violently lurches forward and down. *POP* as an audible noise of release groans from the core of my cock meat. My thick log approaching 16” long and 5” wide……

“Oh my god… what have I done…” I say, laying my eyes on the thick log being groped by Jason. My hands drop the valve and it lands next to me… *CLANK* “Mmmph… oh shit!” as the pressure intensifies. My cock lurches up and down excitedly in a panic from the sudden influx of growth. I feel it get tighter and tighter as my cock engorges itself beyond my intentions.

“I know what I said… But please stop!!” I grab onto my cock as it expands quickly… my balls fill rapidly as the space runs out in my sack, pulling it taught and forming a crease in the middle as they now begin pushing out and down… elongating as they deform form the amount of cum being violently poured into them. Each one is bursting in size to over grown beach balls the size of 25” across. Then, the sack starts getting slick from cum like Keith’s did as it tries to escape or explode forth…

Aaaaahhhh! Make it stop! I’m not meant to be this big!” I moan myself confused yet aroused as Jason picks up the valve and stares.

“Now you’re gonna join our club of bloated dicks whether you want or not… Let’s see how big we can blow you up to before we get that warning shall we?”

No Jason! Please! NNnmmm…” I give up as the growth tingles intensify in my cock… I look up at it. Purple and marred by the stretch marks now resembling Keith’s own monster cock and balls.

*STRETCH* *CREAK* *GROAN* as my cock swells slowly. *POP* 17 inches and 5.8 inches *POP* 17.23 and 6.

Stop, Jason! It feels like it’s gonna explode!” I grab onto the side of my dick.. my balls so full and tight that pain has only been replaced by a constant state of pressure building in my now 30” balls… cum now pouring out of the sack as it cascades down onto the ground. My balls finally make contact with the pavement. They rest heavily and billow out along the concrete, shuddering with each forced pump of cum into them.

“Well… you haven’t gotten a warning yet… so let’s keep going…”

No, Jason! I’m too full!” I plead. My cock feels like a bomb. Over pressured and so tight it could burst with just the slightest touch, yet my hands feel like ants as the sensitivity rises with its size. My skin is stretched across it surface tightly as the veins have swollen to thumb size. My capillaries having risen to the surface to fill in the last space to provide more pathways of growth.

I feel it getting tighter and fatter. Longer and thicker with no end in sight! *PUMP* 17.9 inches and 6.2 inches *PUMP* *CREAK* 18.2 and 6.5 *PUMP* *PUMP* *GROAN* 18.5 and 6.9… The cock sways side to side, jiggling with each audible throb from the pump resonating loudly through the fat shaft of cock meat and balls. My balls have stopped growing at 32”, reaching their limit of size… “This is not what I envisioned! I don’t know which one is gonna burst first! My balls or my cock!” I moan out… resting my head now on my throbbing meat.

“I don’t know… but we can certainly find out….” As Jason turns the valve to full blast. The pressure grows oh so tight so quickly I thought my cock and balls would explode right here and now…

Ohhhhhhmmmmphfsdfs…” I moan in gibberish as I relinquish my thoughts to pure growth. I feel its tumescent size throb as the heat intensifies to a boil point…

19 inches, 19.24, 19.5, 19.9 as my cock violently stretches with a creaking sound as it bursts with growth. The girth fattening monstrously as it engorges like a water balloon hooked up on full blast. The ripples of growth send waves of it from the base and into the shaft behind the head like a wave. My cockhead is fattening out as the ridges deepen. Red spots pop across the shafts thick surface… Each swell becomes a permanent size as it piles into my tortured cock faster and faster. The leathery stretching sound from my over bloated cock becomes torture to my ears as any one of them could spell a bloated disaster to my now deformed log of flesh that now resembles itself like three long balloons….

7.25 inches, 7.6, 8.1, 8.5… as my girth fattens out. I feel the cock meat struggling to hold together as it feels like its tearing itself apart while spreading out in all directions. The pain is erotic as I squeeze hard at the base.

Keep going! I’m almost over 20”! Keep going! So fat! Sooo looonng!” I moan out, giving into my cock’s demands as it screams to grow more. Groaning for more as it continuously bloats.

“You’re almost there buddy…” *THUMP* *THUMP* as Jason slaps the underside of my cock and the top of my balls with his hands. I didn’t know how tight everything felt until that moment… almost explosive. It snaps me back to reality as the creaking grows significantly louder and more continuous…

Holy shit! UNNNnnnhhhhuh…” I moan as the thick shaft takes up my entire view… I can no longer see Jason’s form as it has been obscured by my fat cock…

“Don’t freak out! But you’re almost there!”

Noooo! Not like this!!!!”

20 inches, 20.3, *POP* 20.6 and 8.8, *POP* 20.8 and 8.9 *CREAAAAAK* *POP* *SQUEEAAAL*

As the final jump of growth sets in before it bursts… “Here it comes!!!” Jason yells.

*POP* 21.25 inches and 9.3 inches. Then my cock stops swelling as the pressure keeps building…

“J… Jason! It’s not getting any bigger! Sh… shut it off! It’s getting sooooo full and fucking tight! It can’t hold anymore!” I beg out loud moaning and crying as pressure pains and loud pops and creaking sound off from the groaning pile of deformed cock and balls…

*WARNING: Subject’s Size Limit Exceeded.

“There it is!” Jason jumps excitedly and the hum dies down. The pump is over…


As my cock continuously groans for relief….

“Holy fuck…” I moan as I painfully reach my hands to my over inflated cock. The blimp like log of flesh resembling a morphed freak of nature now jutting realistically and oh so painfully full from my groin. The balls still getting tighter as they fill with cum from my arousal…

“Jason… I need to cum…” I say, moaning as I squeeze and need the massive fat log of flesh….

“Are you happy now? You’re a freak just like us…” Jason smirks, caressing and kissing my cock and kneading my massive over inflated balls.


“You definitely got more than you bloated for…”

“Very funny, now make me cum before I explode!” I groan as the pressure in my balls increases fast. The pre-cum pours out like a river…

I wonder how much bigger Keith’s cock and balls can get…?

“What the hell are they doing out there?” I groan at the ruckus clambering from through my window.

“Uggghhh….” I groan getting out of bed, my fat cock slapping thickly down between my heavily muscled thighs. *Slap* My balls laden heavy with cum as their tumescent size pushes my cock into a fat arch over them. My ball sack still stretches tightly over their enormous girth like a drum. Veins visible across my groins’ surface as it feeds the monstrous bulging mass of masculinity.

“Damn it to fuck…” I pound the wall next to the window as I look down to the pool. There I see a mess. Cum splattered everywhere with Jason dragging the hose from around the house to wash it into the pool. Then I see a lithely body, toned and muscular yet thin and athletic.

“Must be one of Jason’s new playboys… Wait a minute…” I get a closer look from behind… “Is that…?”

Then he turns… the mass of flesh drooping over his fat balls like a fleshy log, looking thicker than 2 2-Liter soda bottles crammed inside his overstretched skin. The veins visible and throbbing fiercely in its soft, tumescent state; even from the second story every detail is visibly throbbing.

*Bam* I pound the wall again.

“Damn it all. Now Ivan is bigger than me!” I groan in self-loathing. “He even looks bigger than Jason! What the hell!? MMMnnn…” I feel my ‘beast’ begin awakening staring at the size of Ivan’s dick. His balls as big or bigger than bowling balls. I can only assume the mess came from him as Jason’s balls don’t nearly have as much volume to produce the sea of cum that’s spread out among the concrete.

*Bump* *Bump* My cock reaches its 14.3”x 3.5” size, bumping its fat head into the wall as it smears pre-cum onto it. The head purple and throbbing. My cock is jumping with each heartbeat as it quickens pace. Arousal setting in at the prospect of outgrowing even Ivan’s whale of a cock.

“Hungry for more Beastie…” I look down past my meaty pecs at my own log of rock solid flesh. It responds by jumping up and spurting a small amount of cum onto the wall.

“Heh… Heh.. I thought so,” I said, patting its fat surface with my hand and resting the other underneath. I can physically feel the blood gushing through every fiber of my cock. Its size is still hungry for more abuse from the cock ring.

“Too bad we have to wait for the new one to come in…” I turn and head to the bathroom and turn on the water. Steam filled the room quickly.

“Why did Sheila and Michael have to overdo it on the last one…?” I ask to myself, stroking my cock slowly as the water pelts down on my back. The throbbing gets stronger as I feel myself nearing explosion.

“Nnnnhuh… I wonder how big he had to get to break the damn thing…” I moan, pondering the enormous size Michael had to of achieved in Sheila’s wrath.

“Guuuuhhah!” I moan loudly as the first stream of cum gushes from my fat balls bouncing back and forth as I thrust my fat cock through both hands. *Splat* as it reaches the wall, the streams of cum more powerful than I remember from the underwear store.

“I must’ve been backed up….” I moan, catching my breath as the thick streams slow down to a dribble, clogging up the drain again.

Once I’ve finished clearing the cum down the drain and wash my sweaty body, I towel off. Putting on a pair of the new briefs the lady gave me at the store yesterday… *ding* *dong* I hear the doorbell go off.

“Oh right… I forgot I ordered the new one a couple days ago.” I say to myself, grabbing a pair of shorts to put over the overstuffed briefs. The bulge is huge even with the extra bagginess of this pair. I rush downstairs. It’s only been three days since Michael and Sheila broke the last one. Now I have a new one that I’ll gladly keep to myself this time… Smirking I open the door to find the package. Swiping it off the stoop and hurriedly rushing back upstairs, I tear open the box. Dumping out the contents onto my bed, I first notice the letter addressed to me.

Dear Valued UberPump member….

We welcome you to the club of men who’s desire for the size of their genitals to increase into freakish proportions. We hope the prospect of getting larger excites you! Based off of the data we have gathered from the damaged cockring, we have produced a custom sized cock ring based off of the recent developments in you stature. We hope you enjoy the newly enhanced cock ring as much as we enjoy fulfilling your dreams to have freakishly large genitalia.

Best regards,

The Uber Pump Team

“Well, isn’t that nice,” I say, putting down letter.

“Oh my gawd…” That’s when I notice the large black rubber ring sitting on the comforter.

“Holy fuck!” I look on astonished at the girth of this thing. I strip down to my bare naked self as my cock pulses up to attention. Its 14.3”x3.5” size bounces wildly about, precum oozing from its head. I feel excited and nervous. This is a huge step… for a huge cock. My heart feels like it’s racing from the excitement of the situation.

“Right… enough gawking and fantasizing.” I wake myself out of my stupor. I grab for the wide ring as I place it over my cock. I still have about a half an inch of play around the base of my dick from the cock ring’s size. Then….

“MMMphhh…” I huff as I feel it fit itself to the base of my cock tightly, tighter than the last one.

“Man, this one feels stronger than the other one,” I groan, feeling how tight it is around my cock. I can feel my cock filling up with blood more so now as the constriction of the ring holds most of it in. The veins standing out boldly on its surface. *Ping* as my phone lights up. The PumpMe app alerting me to the devices’ connection.

“Here it goes…” I say, as I shakily grab for my phone. Opening up the app, I see it ask the usual questions as before. But there is a new option…

“HHHmmmmm… Interesting.” I say, looking at it. “Free-Pump…” My heart flutters at the prospect of freely pumping my dick up to my own desired size… having control over its bloated fate.

“This is gonna be fun…” I say as I tap on that option.

*Ping* “Inflation process beginning.”

“MMMMmnnnnhuh…” I moan out, my legs suddenly growing weak as my cock lurches up tightly feeling the first signs of growth seeping into its surface… The veins grow on its surface as it forces more blood into my cock girthy size. *Throb* *Throb* my cock feels a heavy throbbing sensation; Powerful and growing by the second. Each throb sends a shudder of pleasure through my spine.

“Hang… mmmph… on there… bestie… Shit!” I’m now sweating and breathing heavily from the arousal. “I’m gonna turn you into my masterpiece.” I stare at it intently. The throbbing growing stronger as the pressure grows inside my dick and balls. I feel them seize up and then bloat outward with a gurgling sound, the cum swirling violently in them as the push at my already overfilled nutsack. The pressure grows and intensifies further in my cock until I can no longer stand it. I land on the edge of my bed, furiously squeezing my cock from the sides and moving my hands upward as if to push the growth into it.

“If this thing doesn’t start growin soon it may end up messy…” I beg my cock to start growing. The pressure is building higher as it fills up to the tip of my cock head with tightness. I can only hunger for more as a *Pop* and *Creak* signals the beginning of a growth spurt.

“Here I come boys.” I smirk, groping my cock as it stretches forth.

“nnnguuuhhhn…” *CREAAK* *GROAN* In a matter of seconds my cock stretches forth and out like a water balloon, filling up more space withing my groin as my fingers spread further apart.

“Fuck yes! Nnnnnhuh..” *Stretch* *GROAN* As the massive log stretches an inch forward and outward in length and girth to its new 15x4.5” size.

“YES!” I moan loudly. “This is going faster than the last one! And so intense!” I moan, rubbing the side of my dick and balls. The pressure building up faster each time before giving way to more growth.

“Yes! Feed my Hungry Dick! Feed it more! I want to be huge!” I groan as my cock expands.

How far should I go?? I think to myself, my vision blurring from the pressure expanding in my groin.

“NNNN… yeess…” I moan as my cock stretches forth, spreading my hands wider over its bloated girth.

*Creak* *Streeeetch* as it swells forth to its 16” x 5” baseball bat shape. The swelling shaft expanding outward behind the thick, apple sized head of my fat dick. The veins begin bulging along its surface… the tightness continues to build across my man meat.

*Gurgle* *Glug* as my balls begin their inflation. They swell up from their enormous ostrich egg size as they fill and bloat with cum. They slosh and churn, swinging heavily as the fluid swirls in them. My left hand rests underneath them as they swell into my palm approaching 8 inches in diameter. Pre-cum streaming out of inflating cock like a river onto my floor.

“Guuhhh… I’ve missed this…” I say, drooling now as my right hand caressing the ever swelling dirigible between my legs. Its color darkening to a crimson shade as the veins continue to swell up to the surface. It hardens further as the next wave of growth *POP* swells into my cock and balls.

*CREEEEEAK* *BUUUULGE* As a the sound of an inflating balloon echoes from my cock and balls. It bulges to 17” x 5.5”, the skin pulling taught now as my cock reaches near maximum fill. My balls gurgle loudly as they slosh side to side in my overstretched ball-sack. It looks as if I’m smuggling a pair of basketballs between my meaty thighs. Their girth is swelling faster than before… sharp pressure rising in them as they continue force feeding themselves more cum.

*CREEEEAAAAAK* *STREEEEEETCH* A long stretching sound follows a *POP* *POP* as my cock jumps in size… the release deep within signaling far more massive growth than before.

18” x 6”… “NNNNNhhhhuh…” My hands no longer touching together, my cock groaning as it reaches its previous record… the color now a deep purple as it creaks further forward…

“AHHHHHH…. YEEEESSSS! BIGGER!” I scream as my cock bloats up to 19” x 6.5” then… *THROOOOOOOB* *CREEEEEAK* 19.5” x 7” as my girth begins filling out much fatter now. The cock swelling up past the size of my forearm…

*CREEEEAK* *STREEEETCH* 20” x 8”….. *POP* *POP* 20” x 8.5”… A long stretching sound wretches its way from my cock as a sharp pain pierces through the core of my man meat… a stretch mark pops its way across the purple surface of my tumescent dick….

20” x 9”…. *CREEEEEAK* 20” x 9.25” and there it stays… the pressure building and building within my cock as it attempts to bulge ever more in size… It pulses like its breathing, swelling then relaxing as it continues hardening.

“NNNNhhhhuhhh.,.. shit…. This is insane…” I moan out loud, the cum gushing from my now-overfilled balls. They are gurgling and sloshing loudly as they swell up to beach balls. Veins etched across the taught surface of my bloated ball sack… my balls filled to the brim, ready to explode at any moment as the ring forces more cum into them. The pressure intensifies as their size stalls out roughly the diameter of prize winning watermelons… their width exceeding 31”… my thighs bowed out as I begin weakening at the knees.

*Thud* as I collapse… my balls hitting the floor, sending a wave of pleasure and ecstasy from their impact. The rest heavily on the floor, churning violently as they quiver for release. The pressure building and building greater until I begin clawing at their tumescent size… In my haze of lust, I forget to stop the inflation process… My balls only begin to feel tighter and tighter as my cock begins creaking constantly as red dots pop across its fat 20” surface, quivering for release.

“NNNNNNHHHHAAAAAAAHHH……” I moan loudly as the first gush of cum, forced out by the sheer amount of pressure building in them, rockets forth.

*WHOOOOSHH* As it streams heavily in a large arch of white cream…. *SPLLAAT* as it slams against the bedroom door… “NNNot again…nnnnhhhuh..” *SQAAAAAAAAAUCK* As the second long stream of cum pours out shortly from the last…. On and on …. 5… 9….. 15….25….. long constant streams of cum pour out of my now burning dick… The stretch marks fiercely pop across the surface of my abused blimp of a cock….

“G….GOttta… stop thi…thiss…” I reach for my phone with shaking hands as pain begins spreading throughout my groin… The bloated masses before me constantly pouring out cum as they continue to cry out for release, only to be filled up again with cum and pressure before ejecting it out again. My balls filling up as fast as they can be emptied as the ring continues to force more pressure into them…

“NNNnnnnnnhhuh… stooooop!” I hit the stop inflation button as the final release of cum swells up from my balls. A monstrous stream of white cum blasts out of my overfilled cock so hard it felt as though it would blow it apart… My cock aches as it continues to vomit cum. Long, white, thick strings of it hang from the slit as each throb sends more waves of it from my dangerously overfilled groin….

After 10 minutes of continuous streams of cum… I lost count after 50… my cock and balls finally feel relief as it slowly begins burping out the last vestiges of cum.

“MMMppphhhh.. Finally…” I groan, sweating profusely and exhausted from the ordeal. Covered in cum and sweat, and sitting in at least several inches of the stuff. I’ve no doubt realized that bigger is definitely better. My cock droops down soft and heavy in my lap over my bloated basketball sized nuts. My cock, soft and fat, drapes over them like a whale—14” x 5” as it lays like a beast, pulsing for more as I lustfully fall asleep in my own cum bath…

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