The bodybuilding bulge cum-petition

by UberPump

What do you get when jealously clouds your judgement?  Well lets find out from Chris and Derek.  Two, well know bodybuilders on the stage for the Bulge Competition.  They've been juicing their cock and balls up over several months and have... so far... blown the competition out of the water.  That is until one massive newbie blows up in front of everyone.  His manly display of virility forces Chris and Derek to find alternative means to grow bigger than him... Their balls will certainly not be outdone by some show off!

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Part 1 What do you get when jealously clouds your judgement?  Well lets find out from Chris and Derek.  Two, well know bodybuilders on the stage for the Bulge Competition.  They've been juicing their cock and balls up over several months and have... so far... blown the competition out of the water.  That is until one massive newbie blows up in front of everyone.  His manly display of virility forces Chris and Derek to find alternative means to grow bigger than him... Their balls will certainly not be outdone by some show off!
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Author’s Note

Commissioned by Quavinir. Author’s warning: this particular story includes scenes of men's balls and muscles bursting from overproduction of cum... no blood is involved.


Part 1

“God… will you look at that!” The man before them taking the stage as he walks past the top two bodybuilders of the new Bulge Competition at Long Beach, CA.

“That’s monstrous! He’s gotta be juicing that thing with silicone or fillers!” the 2nd bodybuilder said.

Ypres… The new up and coming bodybuilder of the scene. Exploding onto the bodybuilding stage package first. His towering frame of 6ft7” packed with dense, rounded, thick muscles.

“Gotta give the boys what they want…” Ypres winks at the two, his shoulders broad on his frame. Massive delts overhanging like two large basketballs halved under his tanned flesh.

His curly blonde hair drapes over his head to the left, faded on the right leaving his flowing locks wisping in the air. He throws his head to the side, sashaying the hair back to its proper position. Bringing his massive right arm up to comb through his hair, his biceps bunch up. The 21” guns bulge against the skin, as his triceps stretch outward from his bent arm. His arms huge, covered in veins that wrap around the back of his massive horseshoes, to the inflated balls of mass on the front. The peaks of those biceps are rounded and full, even in their unflexed state. His forearms wrapped in the same veins snaking down from his elbows until they meet his thick, meaty hands.

“It even bulges from the back!” The two stares in awe as Ypres’ gait not only has to swing around thick, dense thighs but also the main attraction. His package balloons out in front and downward, taking up most of the space between his bulging quads. The meat of his quads wobble, flex, and relax as the weight in the front shifts side to side. Bouncing up and down, the fabric visibly stressed by the man’s genitals contained within. Ballsack flesh appearing out of the fabrics opening as it stretches away from Ypres’ thighs.

“That’s… not right! He is gonna win! Just listen to that crowd…” One of them says, their own body filled with dense hard muscle, easily surpassing Ypres’s own muscular physique in the Heavy Weight Class. Both bodybuilders pride themselves in their well-rounded physiques as their massive bodies ballooned up year after year of continuous abuse form steroids to pills to experimental enhancements by questionable doctors in Mexico.

“There must be rules for having junk that big, testing or something! He’s clearly enhanced, can’t they see that!”

Derek and Chris, two of the famous bodybuilders in the region famous for their large, bulking muscles and their equally “natural” packages. Both bodybuilders having pumped their junk up with saline, penis pumping, PMMA injections, and fillers making the outburst even more ironic from them.

Both Derek and Chris’s bulges are well above the standard to enter the competition. They’ve been pumping their junk up for months getting the right amount of filler placed exactly where they needed to be to fill their baskets out. They dwarf the other competitors, in both muscle and bulges. Their own posers are stuffed with what appears to be eggplants resting atop a couple of softballs. The age of the bulge bodybuilders is here as the final competition is underway…

“Would you look at that thing!” Chris said, his pecs twitching at the sight of Ypres’s obscene package. Jutting out like an overinflated basketball, verging on the size of a beachball as the flesh within continues to expand outward gracefully. Sagging further and further down as it gains more fleshy mass. He looks over to his left, turning to perform a side pose, winking at Derek and Chris.

“The seams are bursting! Surely this can’t be allowed by the rules! I can see his damn nutsack from his posers!” Derek says. His biceps bunching up against his forearms as he places his hands behind his head…

“He’s making a fool of us… Just look at the root of that monster! It’s… It’s growing bigger!” The two bodybuilders thought out loud, surely there was a way they could get back at this guy and make him disqualified for his obscene bloated junk on stage…

Meanwhile, Ypres’s junk slowly swells outward in all it’s glory. Seams could be heard straining as the crowd grew silent. He then poses his Abdominal and one Thigh pose, shaking the muscle of his right quad as his swelling junk expands, creaking the posers.


A loud grunt emanates from Ypres’s as his posing routine pauses…. He stops posing, for a moment, readjusting his swollen junk on stage. Gasps heard from the crowd as both Chris and Derek looked on, mesmerized at the exhibition taking place. Never in their careers as bodybuilders or even bulge competitors even given a thought to growing on stage from what ever this guy’s pumped himself up with.

Once finished with his posing routine, Ypres’ swollen junk is nearly twice the size it was when he went on stage. A massive bulge filled with balls; his dick print firmly smashed flat against his posers. The flesh of his nutsack spilling outward as his custom posers stretch over the globe of flesh. His balls, swollen and visibly churning…

As Ypres walks off the stage, the crowd murmurs, some cheering, others clearly jerking off. The judges, dumbfounded, unable to keep their eyes off the beast as his massive frame wobbles off the stage.

“That’s how you show off a bulge guys…” Ypres lumbers past them, his junk bouncing up and down, left to right as the weight of it shifts off his massive quads. It wobbles to the right as it smashes into Derek’s groin.

They turn their backs as they walk off, heading towards the pump room back stage following in behind the newcomer’s massive physique. His stature towers above Derek and Chris’s own burgeoning frames.

Huffing and grunting, they waddle their way into the pump room, their bulges jostling around like a couple of inflated water balloons. Their muscles bouncing with every heavy footfall their burgeoning size commands. Their tanned-up bodies glisten with sweat from their dual posing routine as they begin searching for any signs of Ypres’ belongings…

“We gotta see if he’s using something else! He wasn’t as swollen when he first got here. He’s cheating for sure!”

Their memory serves them valuably, remembering how the bodybuilders in the pump room lined up for weigh in… Ypres’ eliciting a gasp as he walked in through the doors. The murmurings… the chattering.

“Who is that guy?” One of the competitors, Peter, said.

“Would you look at his basket! IT’s enormous!”

“Holy fuck, it’s like a big ball all smashed up inside his skin… looks like its gonna pop.” One of them stares in disgust.

Other competitors’ bulges visibly growing from arousal as their own pumped-up cocks get a look at the new kid on the block.

“Shhh… shhh. Wait… I see him.” Leaning around the corner of the pump room where the lockers are, they see Ypres. His junk swollen massively. Veins clearly showing through the taught, thinning skin of his ball sack. His cock swelling hard as what appears to them, Ypres is holding a cannister.

“Is that it?” Derek hoarsely whispers.

“Shhh!” Chris swats at him for a moment as they watch the bulging young adonis take a big whiff of something….

“MMMMmmmuhnuh…” Groaning, Ypres suddenly sets the cannister down. With a whimper, Ypres grabs onto his ballooned-up junk. Grabbing underneath his basket with both hands, he lifts the mass up. He leans down, pressing his face into his bloated package, smashing his face into it.

“H…he’s getting off on this!” Chris whispers!

“Yea so would if I could make my balls swell like that, look.” Derek points to Ypres, Chris gathering his attention at the show that’s happening before them.

“Mmmmm…fuck… so full.” Ypres moans, dropping his balls from his hands. His package wrenches a *EEEECK* as the fabric of the inflated poser meat strains the poor clothing. His balls, almost to the naked eye, inflate bigger as Ypres rubs on the side of the globes. Round and round his hands go on the fat orbs of flesh as he humps the air.

“I believe that answers our question…” Derek and Chris look on at the show. Ypres’ hair is sweaty, drops dripping down from his golden locks onto his pecs as his junk slowly swells. Surpassing the size of a beachball now as his balls share his tightly packed sack. He lifts his junk and drops it repeatedly, testing the limits of his overstuffed poser.

With each jostle up and down, the fat balls slosh audibly with cum.


Ypres reaches into his overstuffed posers and fishes out his massively fat cock. The forearm length dick easily reaching 4” wide at its fattest point on the upper shaft. His cockhead, respectably bigger than a fist, is nearly swallowed by the girth of his cock. The veins distending proudly as he sits down on the bench, far away from the cannister he unwittingly left out of his reach.

“Well, well, well…” Chris and Derek make their presence known.

“Looks like we have a bit of a cheater on our hands…” Derek says.

“Mmmph… hey boys. You like what you… Mmmph…. See?” Ypres sounds exasperated. His balls churning loudly as the two approaching the burgeoning man.

His balls have swollen bigger than a basketball each, his sack clearly straining against his massive balls. His cock, fountaining thick white sludge from its fist sized head. The pumproom nearly devoid of other bodybuilders as they’ve been lined up to take the stage during the first part of the show.

Derek grabs the cannister Ypres left out on the bench as he begins eye balling it.

“What’s this stuff?” Derek says, shaking the cannister after looking over the labeling. Chinese lettering all over the packaging of it in strange symbols. All except one depiction of breathing in through your nose a mist. And one where it shows a man’s genitals with 4 arched lines on top and bottom, something that loosely translates to growing…

“You know, we could get you disqualified from the bulge competition right. Didn’t you see the judge’s reaction when you started growing on stage?” Chris says.

“Yea… I… Mmmph… saw. It was great!” Ypres responds. His voice almost anime like with a wispy, sexy male voice almost cartoonishly hot.

Ypres’ face is blushed… clearly from his desperation to cum.

“Would you get a look at this…” Derek is standing in front of Ypres, reaching out he touches the massive out swell of his nuts. The flesh is burning hot as steam rises from the red, vein covered sack.

“You can have this too you know…” Ypres winks at Derek as he looks from the big ass ball of flesh swelling out of the posers, back down to the cannister in his hand.

“Or we can report you! Come on Derek!” Chris goes to grab Dereks bulging arm only to be jerked away from.

Derek is looking at the cannister and back to Ypres, who nods at him. A twisted smirk angling across his face…

“Come on Chris! He’s offering us to try out this stuff! Wouldn’t you rather get a taste of what it’s like to just, grow?”

“I… I a… mean yea I would but… Look at that thing! It’s not natural man!” Chris points to Ypres’ swollen junk as the blonde bodybuilder slowly jerks his fat 15” cock and rubs the side of his massive balls.

“Come on! If we use it up, then he won’t have anymore to grow. Use this opportunity to make ourselves bigger than he is!” Derek whispers in Chris’ ear.

Chris nods…

“Ok… that’s settled! Ok now freak, how do you use this stupid thing anyways? We saw you huffing it, but I don’t see a valve or anything on it!”

Chris takes the lead now after threatening to blow Ypres’ career on some black-market drug from China…

Ypres’ smirk is wide with a most ecstatic grin. One of pure mischief and pleasure… as he rubs his fat balls…

“You have to turn the cap and unscrew it from the top and…”

In Ypres explaining how to operate the gas filled cannister, Chris drops the thing with a loud… *CLANG*

“Oh shit…” Chris says…

“The fuck is that!” Derek says as a blueish mist begins spraying from the cracked lid of the cannister. Pressurized gas now pours out of the can as it lofts into the air around the two bodybuilders. Ypres’ smile dissolves a bit in hesitation… he knows what’s happening. Something he’s wanted for a long time.

“Oh god! It… It… *cough* burns!” As Derek and Chris wave their hands around in the air, the cannisters misty gas runs out as it dissipates throughout the room. 

“… pop off the lid and use the nozzle.” Ypres finishes his sentence. His cock is throbbing harder and harder as cum gushes from the tip of the swollen fat meat.

“That stuff tastes bitter! What was that?” Chris says hacking as he catches his breath. The two having inhaled the strongest dose of the three, Ypres’ lungs filled with the gas as he readily eye’s the two bodybuilders.

“You’ve doomed us…” Ypres’s says in a spine-chilling voice. His sexy anime voice making it the most sinister feeling washing over the two like they’ve never had before.

“Yea…hehehe…right…’Doomed us.’” Chris says, with air quotes…

Ypres grunts as his balls visibly expand a few inches bigger, gurgling noises turn into a boiling sound as his balls jostle about, the big man hunching over as he grabs onto the fattening globes filled with cum.

“Mmmph… Chris… I don’t feel too good.” Derek moans, veins are bugling from his neck. His face red, sweat dripping down his face as he hunches over. “Nnnnnnnghugh! My balls! Fuck they hurt!” Grabbing his posers as his balls suddenly begin swelling outward. The fabric stretching to accommodate his swelling softball sized nuts. His cock growing stiff as he continues moaning.

“What… what’s wrong Oh my GOD!” Chris yells, as Dereks balls nearly double in size in a matter of seconds going from softball sized to bowling balls…


The skin of Dereks’ ball sack protests from the inflating orbs growing fast.

The flesh is overflowing the posers as the seams bare thin…. With a *Snap* Dereks posers launch off his body as his balls drop down, bringing the bodybuilder to his knees with a loud boom rattling the lockers.

300lbs of man meat crashing onto the tile floors was a scene that Chris was not prepared for as his junk begins to burn. Throbbing continues as heat builds up in Chris’s own balls as they begin churning away violently.

“Oh fuck!” Chris grabs onto his groin as the most intense feeling of blue balls jack hammers into his groin, making the man fall to his knees just like Derek.

“Gotta get up… to a bench.” Derek muffles, grunting as he slowly tries to rise. The balls, dragging the ground as his own 12” prick stands up straight.

“Fuck… they’re so full!” Derek drags his massive balls along the tile floor. The shiny skin squealing against the tiles as it dragged by force, sloshing and gurgling cum as they swell bigger and bigger. The fat globes have grown to the monstrous size of a beach ball…each.

“Mmmph… Chris. My balls…. I gotta cum… gotta… Mmmmm….” With a loud *SPLATTER* all over the floor, Dereks cock unleashes a stream of thick, gooey cum. 

“Fuck… Ypres! What is this shit!?” Chris cries out as his balls inflate out of his pouch. The flesh stretching tighter and tighter on his sack. His balls slosh violently more so than Dereks. Having had a face full of the gas first, Chris’s balls inflate fast…




Chris posers overfill suddenly as his balls swell violently! The sound of stretching skin brings tears to his eyes as the feeling of his nut flesh being stretched like a rubber band shoots mixed feelings into his endorphin filled brain.

“My BALLS! THEY’RE GONNA POP! Nnnnnnnghugh!” Chris grabs the fat globes as they jiggle and slosh in the tight sack, standing up holding onto the orbs for fear their burgeoning weight will rip through the sack. Their meat overflows his massive arms as his balls catch up to and surpass Dereks’ own beach ball sized nuts!

“That’s exactly… Right…Fuck… Balloon up! I want to POP! I want all three of us POP!” Ypres says, as he goes back to violent jerking his shooting cock. His sack is red with veins as the raphe between his sack deepens into a thick crease of skin.

The raphe on both Chris’ and Derek’s sack deepens into a crease as they both swell. The sacks sink downward as they let go of the growing, obese nuts between their legs. Veins begin multiplying on the ballooning balls sacks as the skin audibly creaks from the pressure…

“How… big are we… Mmmph… gonna get?” Derek says, rubbing his cock and tweaking his swollen nipples with his left hand.

Ypres’ balls have grown gigantic. His flesh overflows the dwarfed custom-made stretchy posers as the red fabric creaks against his skin. A stretch mark flashes across the expansive flesh…

“I… don’t know. I’ve only ever experienced this growth before with the antidote…” Ypres moans.

“Wh…where is it!” Derek exclaims as his cock belches thick gooey cum. A massive bulge of cum travels up the shaft as he grimaces. His balls reaching capacity as stretch marks begin clawing their way along his inflating ball sack. His nuts are like two bean bag chairs swelling out like water balloons. The fear in his eyes as his sack groans shines. His balls swell with a vicious *GLOOORP*, churning more seed as it violently gushes from his seeping cock.

Chris’s own balls surpass Derek’s swelling junk as his too gurgle and glorp, churning visibly as sperm thrashes against the interior of his massive balls. Ypres moans as his sack creaks. The veins and stretch marks crisscross the surface of his sack like a road map…

“I... taste cum…” Derek says… licking his lips, his brow furled as he moans.

Derek is right…. Chris also tastes the salty flavor of his own cum backing up into his mouth.

“That means you’re reaching your limit…. Soon your body will begin to back up with so much cum, you’ll wish you popped!” Ypres’s says.

There eyes grow wide as Ypres utters the word… POP. The pressure rushing back to their sack as they look at the bloated blob of a nutsack. Their balls swelling beyond what Ypres’ size was long ago. Two bean bag chairs stuff their sacks, veins pulsating across the thin skin. Creaking and groaning leathery sounds flood their ears as chattering brings their attention to the entrance of the pumproom.

“HOLY FUCK! What happened to those guys!?” A bodybuilder plus 2 others round the corner of the place. There perched on benches were three muscle bound men with their sacks distended beyond recognition of anything deserving of a human being.

“Help… me…” Derek reaches for one of the bodybuilders. Their own stuffed posers bulge with erections at the sight of the three inflating men.

“I don’t… want to… *Gack*…” Chris says, choking on cum as it spurts from his throat. His balls lurch outward as a squeal permeates the room. His balls swell wobbling and sloshing. Cum can be seen seeping out of the pores of his sack. A sweaty massive hill of flesh dominating his groin. A valley is formed as his nutsack dwarfs his own fat cock.

“Someone go get help!”

“NO!” Ypres’ yells! “Help me… Pop!” He begs them, reaching out with one hand as his left caresses over the top of his massive swelling balls. His cock is still exploding violent gushes of thick sticky cum. Every throb his cock bulges fatter as the cum gushes up the shaft then expands outward in a massive gooey glob.


“Fugghef…” Chris garbles, cum is now seeping out of his mouth.

“Ch..chris?” Derek slowly turns his head as the bodybuilders slowly walk into the center of the room, surrounded by hot steaming mounds of nuts and cum crammed into sacks befitting a weather balloon.

“How… can we help?” One of them offers.

“Holy shit! Look at this one Peter!” One of them points to Chris… his muscles are throbbing. Slowly but surely, his body is beginning to inflate just as Ypres’s said. His muscles begin ballooning outward in size. With each pulse, Chris’ balls swell with a leather screeching noise and then gurgle loudly as the fluid building up inside his massive nuts backs up into his own body. The swelling hills of flesh between his legs coated in sweating cum as the thin sack spreads outward. His balls peak above his head as they swell upward. Chris moans, gurgling on cum as his voice is drowned.

“He…he’s blowing up!” 

“MMmmmph….” His muscles fill up rounder and rounder. Fatter and fatter his muscles grow, overflowing his body with bloated flesh. His skin shining in the light like balloons stuffed under his skin. The dark, tanned flesh creaking like an overinflated balloon as the cartoonish proportions of his muscles fill the space on his frame. His pecs bloat outward, taking up what seems to be most of the fluid as his delts round out. His biceps look absolutely stuffed as their proportions inflate past a basketball. His triceps and biceps overtake his arm, stuffed between his fat forearms and his massive ballooning deltoids. Chris’s balls continue to pump cum into his body as they quiver, struggling to grow more.


“I’m… gonna… gona… EX…” Derek moans as they look over at him. His balls are inflating rapidly as tears form in his sack. His muscles bloated slightly but his balls seem to have given up the fight. With a loud stretching sound constantly whining from his balls, they rumble. Swelling bigger and bigger, the spray of thick white gooey cum intensifies from his cock. His cock is red, violently thrashing about within the valley his sack created. The cum geysers up from the bloated flesh as his cock swells fatter and fatter. The cum stream making his dick inflate as it begins growing out of the valley like an obese python. His face is grimaced from the pressure, his hands gripping the side of the seat he’s immobilized to as his sack swells upward, overflowing his lap as it envelops the space. It smashes into the lockers to his left as the metal creaks from the weight.

“He’s gonna explode!” Peter says, the massive 6ft4 bodybuilder known for his thick pecs and rounded biceps.

Derek’s sack rumbles outward like a wobbling balloon filled to burst. His sacks’ advance out in the open suddenly slows to a halt. The massive mountain of flesh, wobbling and gurgling. Stretch marks torn open all over as cum gushes in sprays from his testicles. The inflated globes quiver with anticipation. Derek’s moans intensify as his balls suddenly and violently begin shaking. Their size overtaking his height as they swell outward one last time.



With violent writhing of skin and a terrible splash, Derek’s sack bursts causing a wave of cum to flood the room. 

“Me next… me next!” Ypres maniacally laughs. He’s pounding away at his erupting cock as his cum stream is intensifying as well. 

“Come over here to Ypres’ and show daddy how to pop….” Ypres says to Peter as he’s humping the air. His balls are massive. His head was barely visible over the tops of the bloated nuts. His sack showing signs of distress. Stretchmarks that clawed their way over his sack have begun to tear open on the skin and begin seeping rivers of cum. The skin white from all the cum backed up inside his swelling nuts.

Meanwhile, Chris’ muscles ballooning outward have stopped. His body is splayed out on the bench like an overinflated muscle blob. His body like a starfish as his hamstrings balloon off the back of his legs, what can be seen of his quads underneath the growing mountain of ball sack balloons from his outer quads. His arms, bloated beyond recognition and having lost all definition, look like round balls of flesh stuffed with water balloons. His arms jutting to the side as his lats and back muscles make him look fat with muscle. His pecs droop downward in rounded glory as their burgeoning size balloons off his upper torso. His traps envelop his head as the cleft of his pecs swallow his lower jaw. His face was buried in a mound of inflated flesh. Stretch marks claw their way over Chris’ muscles as they quiver and jiggle like overweight meat. Chris is now a breeding bull ready to burst with cum as veins pulse like a roadmap all over his bloated body.

The room was filled with sweat and musk as Ypres and Chris masculinity overburdens the senses. The trio of bodybuilders in the room glaze over from the amount of pheromones pouring out of the inflated meat sacks.

Meanwhile, Chris’s body is groaning from the pressure as Peter and the other two begin making their next move.

The bodybuilders one by one, jacking off to the scene unfolding in front of them with their own balls swollen from the tainted cum showering the room have begun picking their idols to worship. Clearly confused on the explosion that Derek left behind, having been reduced to a pile of cum with scraps of flesh loosely furled on the bench and floating in the sea of cum they make their way to bloated muscle blob and Ypres’s equally more massive balls.

“Yes… YEEES! Worship your god!” Ypres’ moans as additional hands grope and knead his swollen balls. Two of the bodybuilders focus their attention on Ypres as his moans of ecstasy echo through the room. His demands to make him pop escalated to sheer insanity. The sound of gurgling, sloshing cum form both Chris and Ypres’ overinflated balls drowns out any form of reality for the two as their bodies begin failing.


A stretch mark on Chris’s body tears open as Peter walks over, gently placing a hand on his deformed nutsack. Peters’ balls are swelling rapidly as cum pours from his rapidly hardening cock. His own prick, 13” of fat salami sausage enhanced with fillers and weird junk poking out the top of his stuffed posers.

The other two, their worship going swell, as Ypres demands them to squeeze harder on his fat sack. The burgeoning flesh ready to detonate as his balls are worshipped. A scene from a horror movie where the two bodybuilders are forced to swell and swell and swell. Their balls quivering as each orgasm pushes their balls to the brink of explosion.

Chris’ moans suddenly become more violent as he gurgles and garbles. The cum pouring from his sack as his mouth floods with more cum. His pecs are dripping with cum as it sprays from his fat nipples. Peter is met with a violent swell of flesh as Chris’s balls expand rapidly much like Derek’s had. Chris’ muscles balloon further as his body shudders. Bigger and bigger Chris swells with cum as his muscles inflate rapidly with his fat globes of flesh. His body shrieks with leathery stretching noises as Peter is knocked back.

*SPLASH* as his body lands in the lake of cum on the floor. The swelling flesh looms over Peter’s head like a monster. Sloshing back and forth, side to side the ballooning balls groan bigger. With gurgling sounds and ripping noises from his stretch marks clawing their way over the sack, a violent throb pulses throughout Chris’s body. With shuddering swell…


Like a balloon bursting apart, Chris’ nuts and muscles explode. The wave of cum floods the room even more, covering Ypres’ and the three worshippers in a wave of gooey thick fluid.

“Awwwww. But I wanted to be next….” Ypres says in a pouting voice.

Looking up from his near drowning experience, Peter notices the space that once was occupied with Chris’ inflated quivering body is now just a white splash mark all over the room. Looming to his right however was a much bigger set of balls.

“Get…Mmmph… your ass over here and… MAKE ME POP!” Ypres demands…

The three bodybuilders… backing away as Ypres’ balls swell violently. His demands increase as his balls inflate. The sound of screaming flesh and gurgling noises increase as Ypres’ massive body is enveloped by his fat nuts. Mumbles are heard as the flesh continues to grow, Ypres’ arms flapping from behind as his sack creaks. Bigger and bigger they swell. 

“This… is… what a real bulge… looks like men…” Ypres finally mumbles out. His cock suddenly lurches in all its fattened 15” glory. A two liter thick cock turns purple as his cum explodes form the tip of his dick, nearly ripping it apart.


With a ballooning sound of flesh, Ypres balls lurch outward in a final surge of glorious size. Swelling bigger and bigger as cum sloshes about. Stretch marks tearing open, spraying cum all over the place like pressure release valves. The cum just keeps boiling and multiplying within his over productive balls. The three bodybuilders feel a pain in their own testicles as the tainted cum becomes even more thick with the drug. Their posers snap as the flesh balloons between their legs.

“I’m gonna… gonna… MMMmmmm… fuck…” 

With a loud creak, Ypres’ balls quiver having taken up the space where Derek and Chris once occupied. His balls now three times the size of Chris’ explosive nuts, Ypres’ sack tears up of the raphe as his testicles burst. The balls balloon violently from their sack as they burst. With a loud… 


The cum wave knocks all three bodybuilders to the ground as their sacks burn. More tainted cum showers them as more voices are heard from the entrance. Their own fate sealed as their testicles gurgle loudly. The look of panic and immense pleasure covering their faces as their balls squirm, the drug working its way into their system.

Bodybuilders walking in now, sloshing through the thick white jizz flooding the room…

“Holy shit, look at their balls man!”

Welcome to the Bodybuilding Bulge Cum-petition

5,380 words Added Feb 2024 4,372 views 4.3 stars (8 votes) This story was submitted as is and was not edited.

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The best instructions are those that are clearly stated by Ziel Marty talks his super smart friend into whipping him up a special potion that will help with his little problem. 5,194 words Added Jun 2016 22k views 5.0 stars (11 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Infectious •M/M

Ladder of the heavens by Ziel "Someone suggested that I do a story with piercings and jewelry that caused growth in the owner. I made use of some other suggestions as well so this story features a wide array of kinks including muscle/dick growth and even a touch of shrinkage, and there’s even a cute little *spoiler* with a *spoiler**spoiler*" 11k words Added May 2015 18k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Decrease

Penis juice by Josh Dugan One of the best drinks ever to come on the market is introduced at the local gas station. 931 words Added Nov 2003 18k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock •M/M•M/M/M/...

Side effects by Braun1 7 parts 56k words (#60) Added Feb 1997 55k views 5.0 stars (6 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase

Student body president by BRK Being a warlock at school can be a pain—especially if everybody knows. 2,906 words Added Sep 2004 24k views 5.0 stars (3 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Self-suck•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Stretchy•Size Increase•Witch/Warlock/Wizard•Complete

Summer breeze by Dave Swim hunk Mike is asked to employ his recently improved body and unstoppable libido in the service of intergalactic peace. 5,170 words Added Jun 2012 13k views 5.0 stars (7 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Transformation•Aliens

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