The hulk pill: Contagion 2

by Azerreza

Having just been beaten up by his usual bully, Matt thought that this day couldn’t have started any worse. Especially since he had to meet his buddies, David and Ben at the mall. But he had absolutely no idea that this day would change everything and that, on the contrary, it would be the best day of his life...

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Part 1 Having just been beaten up by his usual bully, Matt thought that this day couldn’t have started any worse. Especially since he had to meet his buddies, David and Ben at the mall. But he had absolutely no idea that this day would change everything and that, on the contrary, it would be the best day of his life...
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 Football hunk Jeremy finds out that Matt’s phenomenal growth is contagious. (added: 4 Feb 2023)
Part 5
Part 6 Football hunk Jeremy finds out that Matt’s phenomenal growth is contagious.
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Author’s note

This is the second part of my story “The Hulk pill: Contagion”. This story focuses on Matt’s point of view and includes what happened in the first part (but from his point of view) and of course what happened to him afterwards...


Part 1

When I felt his fist penetrate my stomach, I thought he had broken several ribs... This bastard Billy! It had been going on for months, at first it was insults but I learned to ignore them, then it was physical violence and racket. When I refused the first time, I was beaten like never before and since then, my pocket money goes into his pockets... I hate this guy, I hate him so much! but no matter how hard I try to defend myself, I always end up on the ground. This asshole knows how to fight and I’m no match for him.

Once again I see my money go down the drain, once again it’s not enough, once again I know I’ll get hit.

“You’ll have to raise the rates, maggot. I can’t even afford to buy clothes with this!”

I wanted to say “shut up” but I know what would happen if I did... That said, I didn’t have to say it to get a kick out. Fortunately, he didn’t try too hard, probably because it would be less profitable for him to send me to the hospital, but I know he could do it.

“Tomorrow you better bring me the money or...” he said before spitting on me.

One more time, I was on the ground with bruises. I was getting used to it by now... and for fuck’s sake, just today I have to go to the mall with Ben and David. It’s bad timing, really bad timing... In any case, I’m going to be late and I don’t want to arrive in this sorry state, I’ll pretend I fell, once again... Well, I must warn them first... Billy, you’re a fucking pain in the ass! You’ll regret it one day, I don’t know when or how, but you’ll regret it, motherfucker!

I sent a message to Ben to warn him.

Hey, sorry dude but I’ll be a little late

Well, let’s go home to bandage this and change clothes at the same time... It’s stupid, I could use some new ones, but I know what’s going to happen if I don’t give him “his” money tomorrow. Billy Larson, motherfucker, I swear one day I’ll beat you up!

I walked with difficulty for a few dozen minutes before arriving home. I immediately ran into the bathroom, covering the bloody marks on my clothes. When I took off my shirt I could see that he had not missed me, I had a big bruise on my chest and a lot of scratches on my arms. I bandaged the scratches to hide the massacre.

I looked at the time and damn, I was going to be really late... Afterwards, I didn’t really feel like hanging out at the mall, even less after the incident, but I couldn’t stand up Ben and David. and I received a message from Ben.

“Dude where are you?” he asked.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I had to go back home,” I replied.

I then went back to the shopping center which was not far from my home. Good, because I could feel that damn bruise and it was not enjoyable.

Damn it’s crowded today. Well, it’s always full but there seems to be more than usual. And then seeing the movie posters, I remembered that the new movie was coming out today. Well, it remains to find these two clowns in all this crowd. Knowing them and seeing the time, I’m sure they’ll go to the fast food place where we usually eat.

Few minutes later, bingo, I saw two people I knew only too well. “Hey Ben! David!” I shouted. David turned round.

“Hello, Matt!” he said.

Well, it’s time to bring out my best acting... “Yeah, sorry guys, I’m late but I did a fall down the stairs yesterday and I needed bandages.”

David smiled a bit. Obviously, he didn’t believe me... “A fall down the stairs?” he asked in a slightly ironic tone.

“Y-y-yeah, I know it’s ridiculous,” I said in shuddering. Hem... 0/20 for the acting... David’s smirk confirmed that I was not very convincing.

“We were going to eat, are you coming with us?” asked Ben.

Well, it wasn’t really the time to spend my money, but I was starving. “Of course!” I replied.

Once in the fast food, we looked at the menus. Oh the giga menu is still there! It was well named: there was four times too much food but the price was relatively advantageous. It was finally more profitable to take one giga menu and to leave the half than to take 2 normal menus.

“Oh! Look! They still have the discount on the giga menu! It’s too fucking good but honestly, they exaggerate on the quantity, I barely ate a quarter last time!”

“No problem, I’m starving!” said Ben.

“Me too!” replied David.

Damn, we had enough food for ten people... I usually don’t care about the waste but here we had a little bit exaggerated. As expected I barely ate a quarter before I was saturated but what surprised me was David.

Usually he’s like us and wasn’t a big eater but there... there, by golly, he wasn’t a big eater, he was a huge eater and I weigh my words. He was always scarfing down his burger and fries while Ben and I were blocking. I had never seen him eat like that! Holy shit!

“Damn man, but you are a fucking ogre!” Ogre was a term that defined him perfectly at that moment. And for the first time, one of us managed to finish a giga menu, which I thought was impossible. David burped and looked at Ben for a few seconds... Wait, don’t tell me he’s going to...

“Er, Ben? May I... may I eat your leftovers?”

My eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“Whaaaaaat??” we shouted at the same time. I couldn’t believe it! He was still hungry?? For fuck’s sake, this guy wasn’t even an ogre anymore!

“Holy shit man, even an ogre doesn’t eat that much!” said Ben. Yeah, he read my mind!

Finally, David finished his “meal” and made a final burp. Fucking hell, one already seemed impossible so more than half of a second one there, it’s downright insane! Then his facial expression changed, as if something was bothering him. Well, you amaze me, man, considering the astronomical amount of food you just ate, what were you expecting?

“Excuse me guys, I-I have to go toilet!” he said.

I hadn’t noticed that his voice was changing. It didn’t sound like usual... Strange, it seemed to me that his puberty was over a while ago.

“Whoa, I didn’t think it was possible to have so much fun!” said Ben while David was gone.

“Yeah, I am amazed too. Eating one is a feat, but this ... He is not in his normal state, our David.”

“Yeah, he’s been weird since this morning, as if something was bothering him,” said Ben.

Ah! I wasn’t the only one who thought he was acting strangely today. I continued talking with Ben for several minutes, but David still did not return.

“Damn, what the hell is he doing?” said Ben.

“Yeah, I admit that 15 minutes to pee...”

It was only a few minutes later that David returned.

“Whoaaah, shit David, you are worse than a girl! You spent 20 minutes in the toilet!” And... I didn’t know why but there was something different about him. Even his clothes, I didn’t remember his shirt being so large. There was something really weird about him today. Or maybe I was delusional...

“Well, what now?” asked Ben.

It wasn’t the right time for my wallet but after the crappy day I had, I really wanted to relax and if I remember well, there was a cinema in this mall.

“There is a cinema in this mall, no?”

“Oh yes, I hadn’t thought of that, good idea,” replied Ben.

We went to the entrance to check the available movies, and I suddenly understood why it was so crowded today: it was the release date of the new Hulk movie.

“Oh! I had forgotten there was a new Hulk movie!” Ben was about to speak when suddenly we felt a violent blow in the back. “Good idea guys!” shouted David.

What the hell is wrong with him hitting so hard? He hit me harder than Billy did this morning!!

“Fuck David, are you fucking crazy or what?” said Ben.

Crap, he fucked up my back, that asshole...

“Argh shit, David, are you nuts? It hurts dude!” Great, yesterday, I get beaten up by Billy and now, it’s my friend who want to kill me... Really great…

David apologized. We took our tickets, and we went to settle down. After a series of previews the movie started.

As usual it was the classic Bruce Banner story. And came the moment of his famous “accident”. Damn, his grunts, this muscle growth... This type of scene has always made me hard!

“I always loved this kind of scene,” I said before I heard David laughed a bit. What was so funny?

The movie went on and honestly it was pretty cool. Suddenly I was snapped out of my trance by David who got up and rushed to the bathroom. “You’re going to spend another 20 minutes in the bathroom?” I mocked.

Several minutes later, Ben was getting restless. “Shit man, I have to pee,” he said. I must admit that I also felt an urge. After that it was logical with what we had eaten and drunk. About 10 minutes later, Ben returned.

“Haha dude, I think he is evacuating his gigas menus, he thought he was going unnoticed, but I could hear him grumbling,” said Ben to my ear. I giggled a little as I imagined the situation. Few minutes later, I have to say that I really had to pee too.

“My turn,” I said to Ben before heading to the toilet. I was starting to pee when suddenly I heard muffled moans. What the hell? He was still evacuating his menus. Well, considering what he ate, it’s not surprising. I noticed also another sensation, it was weird, but I felt like my shirt was getting a little tight. I didn’t remember it being that way before. I would have needed to buy new clothes but considering what will happen tomorrow I’d rather not... Well, I left the room while hearing some more moans from David. What the fuck ha-ha, this is the longest evacuation in history!

I returned to Ben. “Shit man, he’s still evacuating his menus ha-ha!” I said in his ears.

Still? But he’s been there for like 30 minutes!” replied Ben.

“Yeah, but did you see the amount of food he ate?” I replied.

Finally, several minutes later, David came back. “Finally! You took more than 30 minutes this time!” I said, with a mocking grin.

“Shut up, Matt...” replied David. I smiled.

The movie was nearing the end and damn, it was great! Finally the credits rolled, and the lights came back on.

“Crrraaaappp! It was great! Hulk is really my favorite superhero! And the scene where he lifts the car and starts to crush it while roaring, gosh, it was so awesome!” I exclaimed. I saw David hold back from laughing. Yeah that’s right, make fun of me, you spent more than 30 minutes on the potty and... Wait... wait! I hadn’t noticed but had he changed again or was it me?

“Yeah, it was a great movie,” replied Ben. “So what do we do now?”

And shit, with all this I had also forgotten that we had homework for tomorrow... “Well, I still have homework to do so is it okay if we go home?”

“Yeah, I also think it’s time to go home,” replied David.

We went out of the cinema and the shopping center. On the way, I couldn’t help but feel some discomfort in my clothes. At the bus stop, I saw Ben squirming in all directions.

“A problem, Ben?” asked David.

“No... not really, it’s just a little weird, I didn’t remember my clothes being so tight,” he replied.

“Ah, you too?” I said. This situation was more than strange. Then the bus came. On the way back, I had the impression that this feeling was growing. Soon after we were back in our street.

“It was a great day, guys!” said Ben.

“Yeah I agree,” I replied. that’s when I looked at David. This time, there was no doubt, he was taller and... wider too! What the hell is up with him? First he eats like an ogre and then he starts to grow extra fast over a few hours.

“What?” asked David, seeing that I was fixating him. “I... I don’t know how to explain but, it’s strange I... I have the impression that you are different from this morning.”

“Now that you mention it, it’s true that you look bigger... and I didn’t remember you being taller than me by the way,” added Ben.

“Hahaha, you guys must be dreaming,” replied David.

No, I don’t think I’m dreaming. He looks really different. “No really, you look... different,” I said.

“Maybe I’m becoming the Hulk, hahahahahaha!”

Ah David, you idiot, though honestly... “Hahaha you’re a fucking idiot David,” I replied.

“Hahaha who knows ... By the way, have you got any siblings?” he asked.

What? What is this question? “What? Why are you asking? And I have a sister,” I replied.

“No reason,” replied David. “And you Ben?” he added.

“Just a little brother,” said Ben. “But I don’t know why you ask that,” he added. Yeah, I agreed this was... a strange question.

Suddenly I heard a big gurgling sound coming from... me? But how? I mean, considering what I ate for lunch, I was surprised I was still so hungry now! “Crap, I’m fucking starving!” Then I heard another gurgling, this time from Ben. “Yeah ,me too... Well, I’m going home,” he said by holding out his hand to David. David took it and I saw Ben’s face wince with surprise.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh!! You fucking crushed it, man! Why do you squeeze so hard? What’s wrong with you?” shouted Ben.

What the...? Well... “Roooh! You’re really soft Ben!” I said in holding out my hand to David. He shook my hand too and... I thought I felt my bones break!

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh!! Are you sick or something? You almost broke my knuckles, bastard!” What the hell was wrong with him today??

“Sorry guys, I didn’t do it on purpose...” said David.

Well I hope that wasn’t the point, you crushed my bones!!

“You’re really weird today,” said Ben.

Yeah, I could confirm that! Very weird!

“Oh believe me, strange things will happen again tonight...” he added, smiling.

What the? Did I hear right?

“What? What do you mean?” I asked, very intrigued.

“Oh you’ll see. But if I have to say something, I just ask you one thing, one thing only,” said David.

What? One... thing? What the hell? “Yeah?” I asked with Ben in same time.

“Don’t touch anyone this evening,” said David.

What the hell? The procession of oddities was still growing! Was he going crazy or what?

“Eh? David, you’re really weird today!” I said, a bit afraid by my buddy’s mental health.

“Really, do what I ask, just for tonight. and believe me, you will not regret it, not at all!” replied David.

“Yeah, now you’re starting to scare me a little bit, David,” said Ben. Glad to see I’m not the only one who finds it all more and more strange!

“Hahaha don’t worry, but really, trust me. And if tomorrow nothing’s happened, I’ll give you giga menus and movie tickets for life.”

What? Infinite food and movie tickets for life? You can’t deny that. I’ll take the bet.

“Well, that’s the weirdest request I’ve ever heard, but for giga menus and movie tickets for life, okay,” I said.

“Well then, if you offer the cinema tickets for life, okay… I’ll take the bet too,” replied Ben.

“You won’t regret it guys, you’ll see. Well, ciao guys,” replied David before leaving.

I was there with Ben, who was as lost as I was.

“Do you understand anything? Do we agree that he’s been weird since this morning?” asked Ben.

“Yeah, very weird...” I replied.

Suddenly I heard a stomach growl.

“Damn dude, I’m so starving!” said Ben.

“Ah you too? It’s the same for me, which surprises me a lot considering the quantity of food we ate this lunch,” I replied.

“Yeah I admit that we ate for three days but...” said Ben.

This time, it was my stomach that rumbled.

“Well, our stomachs have spoken it seems...” smiled Ben. “I won’t keep you any longer man, see you tomorrow?”

We shook hands. Damn, I didn’t remember him shaking so hard.

On the way home, my stomach was rumbling more and more. “Oh you shut up!” I said, joking.


Part 2

At home I immediately headed to the kitchen, I was so hungry that I started to gobble down everything that was edible (or almost) without taking the time to prepare myself. Damn, I never did that usually and even less after eating a huge menu at lunch. It reminded me of David’s monstrous appetite at lunchtime.

Once full, I didn’t feel up to starting my homework. And this too small shirt was quite disturbing too... I went through my room to change my clothes before going to my living room to watch TV.

However, I underestimated the power of the series to put people to sleep. Before I surrendered I started to close my eyes... Come on, just five minutes, it doesn’t hurt...

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I woke up almost with a start. Shit! I fell asleep! How long has it been? ... What? Two hours? But I slept for five minutes! Well, that’s okay, the evening is not over, and I still have some... wait... wait... why... why do I feel so tight? Yet I changed my sh...?

I looked down and I almost jumped off my sofa... What I saw were two mountains, mountains of... muscle! Pecs... my pecs! And I’m sure about one thing: I had absolutely no pecs this morning!!

What the hell??” I shouted, stunned.

What the hell is this? What the fucking hell is this?? Since when am I muscular like that?

I touched them to be sure. It was hot, it was hard. But what... but what? I ran to the bathroom. When I saw myself in the mirror, my mouth couldn’t utter a word. I was not just my pecs; it was my whole body! I looked like a bodybuilder, not the biggest but compared to my geeky physique this morning, the difference was obvious!

“W-what the hell?” I put my hand on my throat. My... my voice! It was different, a bit deeper. Maybe it was because my neck had become so fucking wide. and it wasn’t just that: my shoulders were like two big balloons, my arms filled and stretched my sleeves, I could even see the veins in my forearms through the fabric, my pecs pushed the fabric forward several inches, I passed my hand over my midsection, and instead of feeling a flat stomach, I felt six hard bumps and my legs tightened my pants like never before.

“What the hell happened to me?” I said, still stunned.

Was I dreaming? On the one hand, it seemed so improbable that I thought I was going to wake up, but on the other hand, everything seemed so real, the feelings, the fabric tight against my body. And then I remembered David’s words: “And if tomorrow nothing’s happened, I’ll give you giga menus and movie tickets for life.”

Was that what he was talking about? And now that I think about it, several times during the day he seemed to be... different, like... bigger. Is the same thing happening to me? And his last words... it was like he knew something was going to happen to us! What the hell is he playing at? And I think about it but... if something is happening to “us”, it would mean that Ben is also... There are too many very weird events today and David seems to know everything, I had to talk to him, now!

I hurried to pick up my phone and start a group conversation with Ben and David.

Matt: Guys... if you’re there, ANSWER RIGHT NOW, something NOT AT ALL NORMAL is happening! IT’S AN EMERGENCY!!

Few seconds later, I saw Ben writing.

Ben: It can’t be weirder than I’m experiencing dude...

That’s what I thought, he too is changing! Then I saw David writing.

David: Let me guess, did you get the wrong size clothes?

What’s this crappy joke? And it also confirms what I thought, he knows something!

Matt: It’s not exactly that but... I think I’m... GROWING!

And a few seconds later...

David: Matt, of course you’re growing, you’re a teenager, it’s normal you’re growing.

Wh... what the fucking hell?? He’s laughing at me! He’s laughing at me.

A bit angry, I replied by sending him a picture of my “new” biceps. Holy shit! I didn’t notice but it must have been 16 inches! 16 fucking inches!


I saw Ben write almost immediately.

Ben: HOLY CRAP! I think the same thing is happening to me. I was starving, I ate like never before and then I dozed off for an hour and when I woke up, my shirt was fucking tight and was torn in several places. And above all, I’m FUCKING MUSCULAR! And it seems to continue!

Exactly the same as me...

Matt: Exactly like me! I was in front of TV and suddenly, I felt so fucking tight and when I looked at my arms, it was like I showed you. IT’S NOT AT ALL NORMAL!!

Ben: And you David, have you noticed anything? Have you grown?

Honestly, I already knew the answer. I thought he had changed this morning; my suspicions are confirmed.

David: Now that you mention it, it’s true that I may have grown a bit, but just a bit...

However, I was far, far from imagining that it would be confirmed at this point. my eyes widened like never before. What was standing in front of me, it was not David, it was not possible! This “thing” was huge, it was bigger in height and muscles than the biggest guys in the school and there were some great specimens!



I was starting to seriously panic, what the hell was happening to us? I HAD to have answers in person!


I called Ben and David. “Holy fucking shit, David? What happened to you? What’s happening to us?” My voice was in total panic. These were no simple changes; this went far beyond the possible. Was I becoming a fucking monster?

“D-d-d-David? I-i-it can’t be you!!” said Ben, also panicked. Well, Ben seems to be in the same emotional state as me.

“Calm down guys, hahaha!” replied David.

Calm down? Calm down? Is he fucking with us?

“Calm down? Dude, I’m becoming a fucking bodybuilder! How do you expect me to calm down?” I shouted, angry and panicked.

“Well, I owe you some explanations.”

You think? Well, calm down Matt, you’re just turning into a monster, no reason to panic of course, but your “buddy” seems to know what’s happening to you right now...

“Yes, you’re becoming the Hulk!” said David. Yeah, I think we noticed that... “Well, not exactly: the green color option is not included in the packaging, hahaha,” he added. So much better, I don’t like green... “But I reassure you, it’s not dangerous. Well, for you... As you can see, it’s far from over.”

Ah, because you think it’s not dangerous for my mental health to tell me that I’m going to turn into a fucking Mr. Olympia. Well, I have to ask the question: how?

“What is this? A fucking spell? Magic? A disease?”

Yeah, a spell. This was ridiculous but at this point, nothing would surprise me anymore.

“I would say nanotechnology,” replied David.

Sorry for my previous statement, I was wrong... “Nanotechnology? Are you kidding me?” I shouted.

“No, I’m serious. And... did you remember what I told you?” said David.

How could we not remember… it was so wtf! “Yeah, don’t touch anyone,” said Ben.

“Did you listen?” asked David.

I thought so but I still don’t see the connection. “Yeah, even if I didn’t understand why you asked us that.”

“Oh it’s very simple: what you’re experiencing is... contagious,” replied David.

My eyes widened even more... What the hell? Contagious? “Contagious?” I shouted.

“Yeah, but this contagion is not permanent, it could happen only in the first 24 hours. And the condition for infecting someone is...”

I think I understood at the same time as Ben. “Touching him...” said Ben.

“Well done, Sherlock! And I imagine you know who infected you?” asked David.

And then I remembered this monumental “friendly tap” at the entrance of the cinema. Everything made sense now: his changes, why he was so weird…

“You... You infected us...” I answered.

“Yes! In giving you the biggest slap of your life hahahahahahaha!” laughed David.

Yes thank you David, my back remembers it...

“So you knew it, you knew it since the beginning?” asked Ben, a bit angry.

And I must admit that I was of the same opinion as Ben. To do that to us, his friends, without even asking our opinion?

“Yes, well, not exactly, even I didn’t know about it at first. But when I found out, you were first on my victims list,” replied David.

Strangely even though I know he didn’t mean any harm, I still felt like he betrayed me, I mean, he knew what was going to happen to us, but he didn’t say anything.

“And why did you do that?” asked Ben.

You took the words out of my mouth Ben!

“Because you are my friends, I mean my true friends. If anyone deserves this privilege, it was you two.”

“You should have told us about it anyway...” said Ben, a bit angry.

Well said, Ben. That was the feeling I had at that moment...

“That’s true, but it was more fun to let you find out and I didn’t know about it right away either, you know, I had the same surprise as you. And damn it, you’re not ready for the next part, believe me but I’m sure, you’ll fucking love it!”

“David, you are announcing that we are going to become bodybuilders. How do you want us not to worry or stay calm? This kind of stuff is only seen in science fiction movies, not in real life!”

“And... is there a cure?” I asked. I don’t know why I asked this question, but I felt like Frankenstein’s monster.

“I don’t know, but honestly Matt, would you want a cure? Seriously?”

I was a little taken aback by this question. If there was an antidote, would I want to take it? I looked at my arm and flexed it, I also flexed my abs. I was overwhelmed by a feeling that was unknown to me until now: the strength. It was... amazing! Did I really want to go back to my original condition? I don’t think so. But I also didn’t know what exactly I was going to become. The process seemed far from over. In short, it was a strange mixture of anxiety and lust, but I think the answer was clear: no, I did not want to return to my original condition.

“I... I don’t know, probably not but.. David, do you realize what you are telling us? I mean, you’re literally telling us that in a few hours we’ll be like you?”

“Nope!” replied David.

“What? Nope?” I said, surprised by his answer.

“Yeah, you won’t be like me because... I haven’t finished my growth,” replied David.

It took me a second to digest the information: his muscle growth was... not over. His muscle growth was not over?? Is he kidding me right now? Not... over??

“Whhhhhaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttt??” I shouted at the same time as Ben.

“D-D-David, are...are... are you seriously telling me we’re going to be bigger than you?” I asked, stuttering. I was totally shocked, I thought wrongly that he had finished his transformation. Apparently not, that means we’re going to get even bigger than that?

“Oh yeah! Much bigger! And I know that because I have a specimen on hand, so... do you want a preview of the final result?”

I still had a hard time realizing it. Much... bigger. Much bigger!? And... did I want really to see the final result? I sincerely didn’t know.

“…Honestly, I’m not sure is a good idea but... yeah, it would be nice to know that before it happens,” replied Ben.

It would probably be better to know what to expect. “I agree,” I said.

“Very well, don’t move guys,” replied David. We heard him leaving.

It was total silence. “Ben... are you... okay?” I asked. But Ben did not answer, I think that like me he was still in shock. We were going from surprise to surprise, and something told me that it was not finished. Then David was heard to return.

“Well, guys, here is the final result,” he said as he turned his phone.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

What did I say earlier? That nothing could surprise me anymore? Well, I was wrong, I was fucking wrong!! I don’t know if my jaw fell on the floor, but it must have been close. What was standing in front of me... it wasn’t human, at least it wasn’t humanly possible! I said we were becoming Mr. Olympia, but Mr. Olympia seems like a twig compared to this... monstrosity! Earlier David said we were becoming the Hulk. That was to be taken literally, this fucking thing was as big as Hulk! And maybe even more muscular and ripped than the Hulk!

I shouted like never before. “Aaaaaaahhhhh!! Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! W-w-w-w-what is this thing?”

As for Ben, he could not even speak and was white as a sheet... “G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G...”

Suddenly, the Hulk spoke. “Hey! This ‘thing’ has a name and it’s Mike!”

Holy shit! His voice was like him, huge, deep, inhuman and... what? Mike? Mike? ... Wait... WAIT! But M-Mike, this is his...

“M-M-Mike? ... Mike? No wait! David, i-i-is it y-y-your brother?” I asked, totally stunned.

“Yeah!” replied David.

Ho-ly shit! This is Mike?? Goddammit!! He looked like a young bodybuilder before, but now he far exceeded the biggest bodybuilder on this planet!!

“Oh my god!!” I said in a trembling voice and my whole body was shaking too...

“By the way, he is the cause of my growth,” added David.

I couldn’t believe it, I really couldn’t believe it, I thought we were going to be like bodybuilders, but I was far, far from imagining that we would actually become Hulks. Ben also seemed to have difficulty accepting the news.

“G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G....” he stammered.

“So now you understand why I told you not to touch anyone, especially those you don’t like? If you do it, they will become like my brother.”

Indeed, now I understood the reason for this strange question. And I also understood the consequences. Holy shit...

“Yeah... so... note to self: don’t touch my little brother in the next hours,” said Ben.

“But on the other hand, if you wish to make a small gift to certain people, you still have a few hours to do so, let’s go hehehe...”

I had forgotten this detail, so if in the next few hours we “infected” someone, this is what they would end up looking like. Indeed, it’s better to avoid people we don’t like... I was thinking about who I could visit.

“Yeah... I-I-I think I will visit one or two people,” I replied, even though I didn’t know who yet.

“Same,” replied Ben.

“Now you know everything. Enjoy it to the max for the next few hours. You’ll see, you’ve never felt anything like it.”

This was already the case for several hours, even if I felt tiny in comparison with the final result.

“Y-Yeah...” I said with a trembling voice.

“I never thought I’d live to see this day...” replied Ben.

Believe me, you are not the only one Ben...

“Hehehe, I told you that you would not regret it! Well, I leave you, I have a special workout with my big brother. So... good Hulkification guys!” said David before leaving the conversation.

I was there with Ben, both silent, both still shocked by what we had just learned and seen.

“M-Matt... are you okay?” asked Ben.

“Y-yeah...” I replied.

“I... I still can’t believe it...”

“Don’t worry, you are not the only one...” I replied.

“W-what are you going to do now?”

“Honestly, I don’t know... the night is likely to be long and eventful,” I joked.

“Yeah I don’t think we’ll get much sleep...” laughed Ben.

There was a dead silence. I don’t think either of us knew how we were going to handle what came next.

“Well... I think I’m going to go...” said Ben finally.

“Yeah me too... and let me know if anything goes wrong...”

“Yeah, you too... Bye Matt.”

“Bye Ben,” I said before leaving.

There I was, in my bathroom, and I had just learned that in a few hours at most I would be taller than 8 feet and probably heavier than a ton of muscle. It was so unreal that I began to think that it was all a dream. I saw Mike’s image again. I had never imagined myself becoming muscular, but I certainly never imagined that I would become that muscular! But that would be the case in a few hours. It was so unreal. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was already so different from this morning, but far from David and even farther from his brother. Damn, I thought I was impressive before the call and now I felt like a bug. Did I realize that in a few hours, this mirror in front of me would only show a part of my chest? That my head would touch the ceiling? That I would probably have more strength in one little finger than I have now?

It was unimaginable, even terrifying. Then another thought crossed my mind, the one from this morning, the one from that moment when that bastard Billy put me on the ground to hit me. In a few hours that would be over. None of his blows would put me on the ground, no more racket, no more humiliation. In a few hours I’ll be infinitely stronger than this bastard. Already now, I am much more so than I was this morning, but in a few hours the difference will be astronomical. In a few hours, I’ll be the one humiliating that dark asshole. It was then that the worry and anxiety gave way to another feeling. Revenge! Eager to settle my score, eager to see the terror in his eyes, eager to see him piss his pants and beg me. In a few hours, everything I had thought impossible would be possible, really possible!

I began to laugh. “Ha... haha... haha... hahahahahahahahaha! Yes!! Fuck yes!!” I shouted.


Part 3

I was looking at my reflection. I would have been impressed with my old self, but I was still so far from the final result. I flexed my biceps. God, to see this ball of muscle being formed, see and especially hear the fabric being stretched, it was incredible! I lifted my shirt to admire my new abs. I began to caress them... Oh-my-god! So hot, so hard. And speaking of hard, I was also getting hard... Did I realize that I already had a physique that I would have been happy to jerk off to? Why should I be afraid of that? It was amazing, unbelievably amazing!

But that wasn’t enough, I wanted more, much more, which would undoubtedly happen in several hours, but damn, I didn’t want to wait. I closed my eyes to feel that tingle, that slight tingle that I had been feeling for several hours and now knew the origin. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if my body heard me, but I felt the tingling intensify. My heart rate began to accelerate as well. I started to breathe faster, and I felt my body temperature rise.

“Oh god!” I moaned. Just an hour ago this situation would have made me panic but now I just wanted to become an 8-foot titan, incredibly muscular, incredibly strong. I wanted to see the terror in that bastard Billy’s eyes.

Damn, I felt like I was in a sauna. I could hardly speak because I was breathing so fast. “Oh god please! Yes! Yes! More. More!” I asked.

Yeah, my body must have had its own consciousness because my wish was granted: all the muscles of my body contracted more and more automatically. I couldn’t do anything to stop the process, but I didn’t want to stop it!

“Oh god! Oh my god!” I moaned loudly. It became extremely intense; I was almost paralyzed. The only thing I could do was to grab the sink and squeeze it with all my strength to get a foothold and I did well to do so because it continued to intensify even more... “Oh... my... god... aaaaahhhhh!!”

My face was tense as ever, my eyes closed, and tears were starting to fall. I had never felt anything like this. it was unbearable and yet, deep down I felt it, I felt my muscles swelling and damn it, it was worth it.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!!” I cried with hot tears. Yes it was unbearable and yet... I loved it! I remembered that afternoon, that scene in the movie where Bruce became Hulk, I remembered thinking how great it would be if it could happen for real. I had no idea that this wish would be granted a few hours later. My only fear right now would be to wake up in my bed and realize that it was all a dream but damn, I don’t think a dream can be that intense, that good. But fortunately for me, my body gave me a clear answer: “Can a dream do that?” The growth started again, which made me scream. “Aaaaaaahhhhh!!”

It was beyond what I could imagine but in my screams you could read one thing, “fuck yes!” Yeah, fuck yes, because in addition to the sound of my moans, grunts, and screams, I could hear another one: that of my clothes being stretched! I felt my traps rise, my shoulders become cannonballs, my arms become as big as the biggest guys in college, my pecs become watermelons, my arms tighten, harden, become harder than concrete, my back widened to almost fill a door frame, my quads stretching my poor pants to death. It only lasted a few dozen seconds at most, but it felt like an eternity to me. It was intense, fucking intense, unbearable even but for fuck’s sake, I loved it, that pain, that power. Fuck, even the best of my orgasms was nothing compared to this and speaking of orgasm, as I felt the end of the growth coming, one last surprise awaited me.


I yelled as my whole body exploded in muscles. Then the incredible feeling fades away. I breathed heavily, trying to recover as best I could, I didn’t expect it to be so fast, but I didn’t mind. And even without being able to see the result, I already felt different. Besides the fact that my clothes were incredibly tight, just breathing was totally different from a few minutes ago.

Finally when I managed to calm down, I opened my eyes and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

My eyes widened, my mouth opened, and I mechanically uttered a huge “holy shit!

The first observation was already the change of my voice, it was almost unrecognizable, deep, strong, manly. The second was that I looked like a fucking bodybuilder and when I said “bodybuilder,” I am not talking about an amateur, but one who is ready for a high level pro competition. I couldn’t believe it, it was my head, but as for the rest, I was unrecognizable. The shirt that fit me relatively well and was only tight around my shoulders now fit me like a compression garment. My neck was like a bull’s, my shoulders were cannonballs, my biceps were just fucking huge, something like 19 inches or maybe 20, a large vein was visible through the shirt, my pecs were like 2 huge muscle balloons, my abs were also visible through the shirt, I lifted it and uttered a “damn shit”: what were only bumps were now six enormous boulders, each brick as big as a fist, implanted under my skin and as hard as concrete, my waist was not far from being half as wide as my shoulders, which gave me an extreme V shape. My pants were so tight that they showed the details of my muscular quads, and my calves seemed like rocks implanted under my skin.

Nothing could have prepared me for this vision. What I saw there, I would never have thought to reach it one day, and I would have instantly enjoyed the vision of such a body. Before I knew it, I was shooting loads in my underwear. I lowered my hand to feel the growing wet spot and I had another surprise: it was not only my muscles that got bigger, but my cock also got an update and was now worthy of a porn actor.

“Oh god! I can’t believe it!” I said, amazed by my own body. Damn, I love my new voice and let’s not even talk about my body. However although very impressive, I was far from the titan that was David’s brother. It was not finished yet! Then an idea came to me; I can’t take care of Billy’s case, or he will become an 8 foot monster too—but what if I took the opportunity to realize my fantasies?

It wasn’t long before I had a name in mind: Jeremy. He was a member of the football team and if there were a lot of assholes among them, Jeremy was one of the few who was nice… and above all, this guy was fucking hot! Fun fact, the name Jeremy meant “appointed by God” and it was the perfect definition for this guy. He was not the most muscular, but he was a fucking hunk. All his female supporters screamed when they waved to them on the field and of course he also attracted the eyes of some guys and by the way, it was him who made me realize that I could also be attracted to men. When I saw him, my temperature was rising, my heart was beating faster. Even my female crushes didn’t turn me on like that. And above all, he was kind and in a team where 99% of the people are assholes, he was an exception in that respect too. But for months he was just a fantasy because I was convinced that he was 100% straight...

That’s what I thought until recently. I had heard a rumor that he liked to do certain things with one of his teammates who was also muscular. He seemed disturbed when asked about it. Our “straight” Jeremy seemed not being so 100% straight and to have a small weakness for muscles but despite this hope, we can’t say that I was the ideal candidate. Plus, I didn’t know how he was going to take it and I didn’t want to make my situation worse. So I was just fantasizing about him, I had given up the hope that we would be in the same bed one day, not having the right physique. But now, things are going to be different, very different: I am sure that my current body will not leave him indifferent, and just imagine him with a lot of muscle was fucking horny! This was what I was going to do with my evening: pay a little visit to my dear Jeremy. Things were going to get hot; I can feel it!

My clothes were not far from being torn apart. Well, I would strut my stuff in front of the mirror but I have to think my growth is absolutely not over. In only a few hours, I’ll explode these clothes and I want to be into Jeremy’s bed when it happens.

On the way, I couldn’t help but enjoy the friction of my muscles against the fabric. Damn, I used to think guys who put on really tight stuff were narcissists but now, I had to admit that the feeling was incredible. Another detail that amused me was that on the way, the people I passed looked at me systematically. This morning, it would have worried me, now I was more than proud of it. Ha-ha, I feel like the next few hours are going to be fun, really fun! Jeremy didn’t live very far; I was quickly in front to his house. Either I was going to realize a fantasy or I was going to take a wind, which I think is now impossible. I was checking one last time my shirt, I had to impress him at first sight. Shit, it was even tighter, I’m sure if I flexed my enormous guns, my sleeves would be shredded. Well, tonight it’s my turn to have fun! I pressed the doorbell. I heard footsteps coming and someone unlocking. The door opened and I faced his angelic face, that silky hair. “Hi!”

Jeremy was looking at me, frowning, not recognizing me immediately. Then he looked again at my face, my body, my face, my body. Ha-ha, his brain must have been completely confused, having probably recognized me but thinking at the same time that it couldn’t be me and very sincerely I think I would be in the same state as him if I were in his place. Especially since I just ran into him a few days ago and I was the skinny Matt he always knew.

“M-Matt??” he said, in a very surprised tone.

“Ah! Finally! I thought you had lost your memory,” I replied, amused.

“W-W-What the fuck happened to you??” he asked in stuttering, still in shock.

“Probably a growth spurt,” I said, in a tone that sounded false.

“A-a growth spurt? B-but few days ago, you were...” he replied, not understanding how this was possible. “... And w-what are you doing here?” asked Jeremy. Indeed, we didn’t know each other more than that, we just exchanged greetings.

“Oh nothing, I was walking around and remembered that you lived here. Can I come in?”

A few seconds of silence passed; Jeremy seemed to hesitate a little then he looked my chest. I flexed my pecs slightly. I saw him gulp. “I don’t want to bother you, I can come back if you want.”

“N-N-No, sorry, it’s just... no, nothing, please come in!” he said. Yes! yes! The wolf enters the sheepfold! We went to the living room. “D-Do you want to drink something?” he asked me. I could hear in his voice that he was still wondering what had happened to me and that on the other side, his excitement was soaring, but he was doing everything not to show it. Hehe, the plan was going well, very well and I’m sorry Jeremy, but things are about to get more than a little steamy for you..

“A glass of water if you have,” I replied. “S-Sure!” he replied. I looked his house, it was clean, nice, modern. “It’s so pretty at your place,” I said.

“T-Thanks,” replied Jeremy. He disappeared and then returned as quickly as possible, “Here’s your drink,” he said by handing me the glass.

“Thanks! I must admit that it’s hot today, don’t you think?” I asked, smiling.

“Y-Yeah...” he replied. Yes it was hot, but it was time to make things completely... torrid!

I took my glass and... I spilled it on me on purpose. “Oops, sorry.”

I heard Jeremy gasping and saw him biting his lips. The bulge between his legs left no doubt as to his current state: he was hard as fuck. Well well well, the fish was playing with the hook, it was time to hook it! “S-So you say you had a growth spurt?” he asked. I could see he was shaking.

“Yep, I guess it had to happen to me, like everyone else. The only annoying thing is that I will have to change my wardrobe. this shirt is so small,” I said. It was the perfect time for a double biceps pose and as I thought, my sleeves didn’t like it.


Instantly I heard a weak but fervent “Oh fuck!” Jeremy was shaking like a leaf, he bit his lip much more and above all, I could see a wet spot on his crotch. Very well, well, the fish is shod. Time to bring back my prey!

“Oh no, another ruined shirt, this is the third one since this morning!” I said with an air that sounded so false. I heard Jeremy panted faster. The poor hunk couldn’t contain himself anymore. Very well, let’s spice things up even more.

“I must admit that they don’t have much chance against this rocky mountain, and I’m not kidding, it really feels like stone!” I said in flexing my huge biceps. Jeremy reached his limits; it was time to finish my prey! “By the way, do you want to feel?” I asked.

“W-What?” replied Jeremy.

“Do you want to feel how hard it is?” I said, smiling.

“B-But...” stammered Jeremy.

“Come on Jeremy, don’t be shy!” I replied. He approached, slowly, hesitating, close to collapse, then finally he reached his trembling hand towards my muscle mountain and put his hand on my biceps. I smiled, a bit badly. Hehe, he touched me: Jeremy, your fate is already sealed! Whatever happens next, you are doomed to become an 8 foot titan!

“Oh god!” he repeated in loop. This time, tears were streaming down his cheeks.

“Do you like it, Jeremy?” I asked.

It took him several seconds to come out of his trance. The poor guy didn’t know what to do. “W-What?” he replied, a bit embarrassed.

“Do you like to feel big hard muscles?” I asked.

Seeing that I had noticed his intense excitement, which anyone could have seen, he turned red. “I-I-It is n-n-not what you thinl... n-not you...” he stammered, clearly embarrassed.

“Too bad, because I have lots of other big hard muscles to offer you if you want,” I said, smiling. Jeremy was sweating profusely, his body was shaking and he had fully creamed his boxers, the wet patch spreading along the leg of his pants. “But if you don’t want, then I don’t want to force you,” I said, knowing full well that he was dying for it.

He seemed to hesitate for a few seconds and finally, seeing that he was going to miss the opportunity of his life (which would not have happened anyway), he quickly shouted. “N-NO! P-please, Matt, stay!” he replied, in a pleading tone.

I smiled and replied, “Hehe, you chose well, Jeremy. Don’t worry about it, I have no intention of leaving. However, I’m not sure the living room would be the right place for... what we will do next...”

“F-F-Follow me!” he replied. I followed Jeremy to his bedroom. It was beautiful and spacious but I doubt, however, that it will remain in this state for long he Hehe...

“Nice bedroom!” I said.

“T-thanks,” replied Jeremy.

“Your mattress looks super comfortable too! Do you mind if I... lie down?”

“N-no, make yourself at home...”

I laid down on the bed. “Aaaaaah mmmmmhhhh and soft in addition! Really Jeremy, I love your house!”

“T-yhanks,” replied Jeremy.

I looked at my shirt. Well, it was time to set fire to the powder! “Crap, I really messed up this shirt,” I said.

“I-If you want, I-I can bring you another one,” replied Jeremy.

“No, it won’t be necessary, I don’t need it anymore.” I gripped my shirt and slowly pulled. A long tearing sound filled the room.

Jeremy’s eyes widened, I heard him panting faster, he was shaking mad. “Oh my god! Oh my god,” he shouted. I could see tears flowing from his eyes. What put him in this state was my incredible muscular chest. And fuuuuuuuuck, I must say that it was even more fucking beautiful than at home, bigger, more ripped, two huge mountains and six enormous boulders. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” cried Jeremy, in falling to his knees. “M-Matt! H-How is it possible?” he asked.

“I told you Jeremy, growth spurt,” I replied.

“But.. but... it’s... it’s impossible!” stammered Jeremy.

“Honestly, Jeremy, whether it’s impossible or not, who cares? You like this body? That’s good because it’s all yours. Come on, Jeremy!”

“Ha... haha... hahaha...” cried Jeremy. Crap, it was the most bizarre mix of emotions I could hear. Jeremy was crying but he was slowly laughing in same time. However, he still did not move, he was there in ecstasy, crying with joy. Well, was he going to decide or not?

“Come on, Jeremy, come on, you’ve been dying for it for a while! It’s time for the main course!”

And finally, Jeremy made his decision: he literally ran and jumped on me! Crap, he looked like a hungry dog throwing himself on a piece of meat as if his life depended on it! In an instant he was lying on top of me, his two hands caught my pecs. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” he was crying while he kneaded my pecs. Then I made them bounce. “Oh fuck!” shouted Jeremy louder. I felt a wet cloth against my abs: Jeremy was flooding his pants.

“So Jeremy, how do they feel, my pecs?” I asked.

“Hard!” replied Jeremy, with a voice mixing cry and joy.

“Enjoy them Jeremy, do what you want!” Crap, this situation was fucking hot. I still could hardly believe it, Jeremy, my crush, was lying down on me and was worshipping me! It was paradise!

“What... I want?” repeated Jeremy.

“Yep, what you want!” I replied. That’s when he did something I didn’t expect—he plunged his mouth against my pecs and began to lick and suck them. I shouted with surprise, especially because of the wave of pleasure that ran through me. “Oh fuck!!” I thought he was just going to knead my muscles but... I was wrong. I had underestimated Jeremy’s hunger for muscles: he wasn’t just hungry; he was starved as hell. I started to wriggle my legs and arms; I really didn’t expect this.

Jeremy saw my reaction and stopped, apologizing. “S-Sorry! I-I don’t know what came over me! P-Please don’t be angry!” he said, afraid.

“Angry? Angry? Man, if you stop there, I’m going to be angry. Damn, it’s so fucking good! So come on man, keep going, let yourself go!” Jeremy looked at me for a few seconds, the time to assimilate that I was asking him to continue. The information reached his brain, the beast was unleashed: he plunged on my pecs and started again to suck, to lick them.

Oh my fucking god!!” I shouted writhing with pleasure. Shit... shit! Jeremy was an expert in the field, it was continuous waves of pleasure that went through me. This time, I began to pant faster, to sweat, to grunt. Damn, I knew it was going to be good, but not so good! And I was not at the end of my surprises: after sucking and licking my pecs all over, Jeremy began to suck and to nibble my nipples. I roared.


Crap! it was unbearably good! I was fidgeting like hell, my hands were gripping the bed sheet and squeezing it and I was grunting like a beast. “Oh shit! Oh fuckin’ hell!!” I shouted. Crap, now, it was me who began to cry. Jeremy was a god, the god of worshipers! He sucked my nipples, like a baby sucking on his mother. He continued for many minutes. I could feel a spot much more than wet against my abs: I was not the only one to appreciate the situation. I moaned and grunted again and again and again. Suddenly, I felt something else: a familiar tingling, the same as I felt in my bathroom. Fuck, I’m going to grow! Right now! I could feel it! But... there was something different! I didn’t feel it in my whole body... No, it was localized... localized in my... pecs! Oh god! Only my pecs would grow? I clenched my teeth and began to groan in a more bestial way. I was trying to slow down the growth as much as possible but the more Jeremy sucked, the more they grew was. It was quickly unbearable! My hands were clutching the bed sheet like never before and I was crying. But when Jeremy nibbled my nipples, this was the coup de grace!


Boom! I felt my pecs exploding, becoming almost disproportionate to the rest of my body. Jeremy was instantly surprised. “What the hell?” he shouted.

I was panting, trying to recover as best I could. “Ha... ha... as I said... ha... ha... growth spurt... ha...”

“G-Growth spurt? B-b-but since when does growth do that?” he said, stunned. I could have told him everything, but it was more fun to keep him in the dark. In addition, he hadn’t noticed, but he too was having a growth spurt.

“Ha.. ha... who cares, right? And... ha... you know what Jeremy? ha... ha... the rest of my body can also have a growth spurt! You just have to ha... ha... help it a little...” I said, smiling. Jeremy stared up at me in awe, and I could not wait to see what came next.


Part 4

I saw Jeremy shaking, drool was almost coming out of his mouth. He had understood the subtext I think! Then, like a jaguar leaping on his prey, he threw himself again on my chest. This time, he attacked my abs. His tongue passed over every hill and valley of my six-pack without ever withdrawing. He also began to nibble on each brick individually. My hand gripped his hair. “Good boy!” I said with a deep voice. Fuck, it was hot! And in talking about hotness, I wanted to feel his warm body rubbing against mine. “Do you mind if I get rid of your clothes in my own way?” I asked. The only answer I got was a long groan. “Hehe, I’ll take that as a yes.” I gripped his shirt and pulled.


A long tearing sound was heard. Well, he was now shirtless. I took his pants with both hands and did the same.


There remained just his white boxers. Crap, they were completely soaked! I also pulled and tore them off very easily; Very well, Jeremy was, like me, totally naked. I dropped the creamy pants which made a splash noise as it fell to the ground. God, it was awesome! Feel the warm of his chest rubbing against mine, feel my huge hands rubbing his warm back. I was crying with joy. It was a wet dream that became reality: Jeremy was worshipping me! And he loved it too: his cock was hard as hell.

Then suddenly, Jeremy raised his head and knelt. I thought he was done before I realized what he wanted to do: he placed his dick in the central crevice of my abs. I flexed my six-pack and grabbed it. Jeremy began to go back and forth, moaning. “Haaaaaaa haaaaaa oh my god! Gnnnnnnnnnhhhhh,” moaned Jeremy. Damn, to think that everyone thinks he was totally straight, in fact he has ideas that even pure gays wouldn’t have! This guy is a fucking god of worship!

While Jeremy was “fucking” my abs, I had a good look at his chest. Yeah, clearly, he was more ripped. He was also hulking, without knowing it. I was wondering when he would notice. Crap, I couldn’t help but have the image of an 8-foot Jeremy, with huge muscles everywhere. Suddenly I heard his moans become more intense; “Oh god! Oh god!” he shouted, then I felt a long spurt of cum landing on my abs. He bent down and began to lick his own cum on my abs, mixed with my sweat. “Sooooooo gooooooooooood!” he moaned. Who the fuck are you telling Jeremy? It’s your worship which is so fucking good! Like my pecs, he redoubled his efforts.

I began to grunt and pant loudly. And I felt it, the same feeling from my pecs. “Oh god! I can feel it! Go ahead Jeremy! The growth spurt is close!” I heard Jeremy moan as a sign of approval and he doubled his efforts. “Oh god! Oh my fucking god!!” I shouted. The feeling was unbearable, I was writhing of pleasure then suddenly, I felt as if they literally wanted to get out of my stomach.


Boom! I felt my abs exploding, each brick almost doubling in size, pushing strongly against others. Oh god, the feeling of that hard muscle brick wall was awesome!

Holy shit!!” cried Jeremy in joy.

I felt a few more cum spurts against my newly improved six-pack. The cum disappeared in the deep crevices. I felt them. God, no doubt that this impenetrable muscle wall could easily break fists! “Ha.. ha... Look Jeremy, look at me! Look at what you did with me: You are creating a god Jeremy, a fucking muscle god!” Jeremy laughed nervously.

“Well, it would be a good idea to take care of these guns, don’t you think?” I said, flexing my biceps. Without waiting, Jeremy threw himself on one of my biceps and began to caress it with both hands. Oh shit, his hands, caressing my muscular biceps, it was divine. I felt his finger following my veins. Soon after, he added his tongue. “Holy crap!!” I shouted. God, it was soooo good! He licked and nibbled my huge peak; he took great pleasure in following my vein with his tongue. Fuck, Jeremy was the best worshipper that I have known. He knows how to find the sensitive point, he knows what excites me the most, what I feel. I was right to come here and not just go through my growth in my bathroom. It was infinitely more enjoyable! Jeremy was licking, sucking, rubbing, sniffing. Holy shit, it was so good!

Several minutes later, I felt a familiar tingle. “Yes Jeremy! This gun is going to explode! I feel it! Come on Jeremy, give everything you have!” Jeremy obeyed, he redoubled again his efforts. “Yes! Oh my god i can feel it! I can feel it.. It will explooooaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!

Boom! My massive guns became simply monstrous.

Oh fuck!” shouted Jeremy.

“Look Jeremy, Look what you just created!” I said in flexing my newly monumental biceps.

Fuck!!” cried Jeremy.

Damn, my peak was almost bigger than his head. And this strength, oh god, this strength!! On the other hand I was a bit deformed: indeed, my other biceps were still at his “original” size. “Come on, get to work Jeremy!” I didn’t need to tell him twice. He threw himself with the same ardor on my other biceps. And few minutes later...


Now I had two fucking ultra-massive guns! I’m sure I was way ahead of Billy, that I could arm wrestle with him and he wouldn’t be able to move me an inch.

Without me having to tell him, Jeremy pulled up my shoulders, licking sucking biting, which made me grunt heavily, lost in extreme pleasures. I grabbed his hair and stroked him like a pet. “Good boy!” I said. God, I would never in my life have told him that before, I could see him above me. Now, we can rather say that he was over me...

A few moments later, I could feel my shoulder throbbing. It was about to explode. “Go ahead Jeremy, go ahead!” as for the rest he redoubled his efforts, and the result was immediate... “Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!”

My shoulder exploded, becoming bigger than Jeremy’s head. He did the same with my other shoulder.

Next, Jeremy attacked my traps, licking, nibbling the muscle hills. It wasn’t long before my neck stiffened and became like a fucking bull on steroids. “Holy shit, you’re so good, Jeremy!” I said. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my voice had changed again, becoming even deeper.

My upper body had grown considerably but my lower body was still clearly behind. This had to be remedied. I lifted my muscular leg, making it clear to Jeremy without a word that I wanted him to take care of it. He didn’t say a word but let out a long moan that clearly sounded like approval, like envy. On the way, he saw my enormous cock and wanted to worship it, but I stopped him.

“No no no, not now but don’t worry, that will be saved for the end,” I said.

He grabbed my leg, and his tongue began to run down the many grooves in my big quads while his hands vigorously massaged my many muscle hills. Fuck yes, it was so good! I felt my lower body tense up more and more. Jeremy will speed up the pace more and more, which makes me growl more and more. And finally... “Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!”

My quads exploded, becoming gigantic! Jeremy continued on his way and attacked my calves. What used to be simple muscle balls soon exploded too and became true boulders implanted under my skin.

I thought it was over until I felt a strong tickle. I started to laugh automatically. “Ha... haha... Hahahahahahahaha stop J-Jeremy stop hahahahahahahaha! I-i couldn’t hahahahahahahahaha!”

To my surprise, he also attacked my feet, licking my arch. I was unfortunately quite ticklish. “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha s-stop Jeremy hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Damn! It was worse than torture! I was crying my eyes out! Fortunately, it only lasted a few minutes before my foot stiffened, like a cramp, and it suddenly gained several sizes.

Jeremy had worshipped me from head to toe. And holy shit, I had no idea it would be so good! I was huge, tall, fucking tall, probably not far from 7 feet but in comparison to “Big” Mike, I was still far below his level. It would come sooner or later, but I didn’t want to wait. We’re going to correct this little problem now and I know exactly how to do it. There was still one place Jeremy had not yet “attacked”. Well, I think he has earned his dessert!


But Jeremy was so absorbed that he did not even answer and continued to suck me.

Jeremy,” I said louder. The poor guy jumped.

“You did a fucking great job... I think you’ve earned your dessert!” I said, smiling. I saw that he frowned for a second before his eyes widened when he understood which “dessert” I was talking about.

“Enjoy your dessert man!”

It only took a microsecond to see him jump on my dick. He opened his mouth wide before stuffing my cock down his throat. an extreme wave of pleasure passed through me...

Oh god!!” I shouted. “Ggggaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

Damn! He sucked, licked my acorn and for fuck’s sake, my sensitivity had also increased greatly! It was impossible to remain passive, I was squirming in all directions with pleasure. My hands were gripping the bed frame that I was involuntarily crushing due my immense strength. Dam, I had to be careful, I could potentially crush Jeremy without wanting to.

Oh god! Oh fuck! Holy shit you’re a god Jeremy, a fucking god!

The only answer I got was a very long moan (after all, Jeremy’s mouth was full). And as I hoped, it wasn’t long before the familiar tingle was felt again. And this time, it was not localized, I felt it from the tip of my big toes to the top of my head

Yes! Yes! Go ahead Jeremy! Let go, give it all you’ve got!

Suddenly, I felt him withdraw. What the…? But before I could understand, he stood up, straddled my dick and let himself fall.

The sensation was absolutely insane! Even more than anything I had felt before. I screamed with pleasure.

I was not the only one to enjoy the moment: Jeremy’s eyes rolled back in their sockets; a thread of drool flowed from his mouth. Jeremy began his back and forth movement, faster and faster. and what I hoped for happened: I felt the tingling getting more and more intense. The finale of my muscle growth was approaching fast, and I was counting on it to be explosive!

Go Jeremy, give it all!!

I don’t even know if he was still conscious, he seemed totally elsewhere, reacting by pure instinct. He will accelerate again and again and again. The pressure was unbearable! But there was no way it was going to end now, I wanted to keep the fun going as long as possible.

Go Jeremy go!!” I shouted.

He accelerated again and again and then suddenly... he stopped. I looked at Jeremy. He was dripping with sweat, gasping for breath and on the verge of a coma. His body had reached its limits. But it was out of the question not to go through with it! I think I too was acting out of pure animal instinct and unfortunately for Jeremy, I was at the top of the food chain, and I was more than hungry. If he can’t finish his plate, then I’ll take care of it myself! I grabbed him by the legs and pushed him onto my cock and then I started again, and again, and again... Poor Jeremy had become a true human sex toy! At this point, I had no rational thought, I was a fucking beast who was only following his primary impulses and I’m not sure that Jeremy was conscious either; he let himself be totally made like a doll, all he uttered was a long continuous moan of pleasure.

For my part the sensations were soaring, this was insane! I was only able to grunt again and again. The internal pressure became unbearable, but I restrained myself and despite all my efforts, I could already feel that my body was getting bigger. I increased the rhythm again and again and again, so much so that in the end, Jeremy could not even pronounce the slightest sound because the shaking was so fast and strong. I had turned him into a human jackhammer. I went on and on until finally, I felt it, I felt the boiling lava coming up the crater. The eruption was imminent and inevitable, at this point not even the most superhuman efforts could have prevented it...

I had just enough time to let go of Jeremy, my whole body stiffened as never before and finally... “Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!

I screamed so loudly that the building shook and I could see cracks in the ceiling. My traps went from a simple hill to a fucking rocky mountain. My shoulders exploded and became huge muscle rocks. My biceps became bigger than Jeremy’s waist, with veins larger than his finger. My forearm alone was already bigger than the arms of the biggest guys in college. My hands became so big that I could easily grab and crush the head of a normal person. My pecs exploded in size; they were so huge that I couldn’t even see my midsection. However, I did not need to see to feel each row of my six-pack leap out of my stomach, doubling in size and most importantly, I felt a fourth row appear! Congratulations Matt, your six-pack evolved into eight-pack!

My huge arms were pushed to the side because of the sudden expansion of my lats! God, I was as wide as the bed! Well, I’ll have to turn sideways to go through a door without destroying the wall... My quads became giant fucking tree trunks, I could feel them rubbing together while my feet were relatively far apart. I also felt my height explode; I think I had to “gain” at least 1 foot, making me reach a superhuman height of 8 feet and let’s not talk about my weight... The bed, already in a bad state and broken on all sides, was literally crushed under my tons of muscle. It’s a good thing Jeremy was above and not below me because I don’t know what would be left of him... And speaking of Jeremy...

My muscles were not the only thing to explode; Jeremy, impaled on my giant cock, took off like a rocket due to the fucking geyser of cum. He hit his head against the ceiling before falling heavily to the ground. The deluge continued for several minutes, so that the ground was covered with a thick layer of cum. And finally the white geyser lost power little by little until it became a simple trickle.

My muscle growth was over. There I was, in what “used to be” Jeremy’s room but was now a disaster. My breathing alone was enough to realize what a muscle freak I had become. I had not yet moved a single member of my body and I could already feel it: the power, my power!

“So Jeremy, what did you think?” I asked. Damn! My voice was the one I imagined for an 8-foot titan, incredibly strong, deep, inhuman!

I heard a long groan, like someone waking up after a drunken party. Mentally torturing him, making him undergo the hottest cult he has ever known, using him as a sex toy and finally he was used as a projectile. And the icing on the cake: he didn’t know it yet, but things were about to get serious for him. He was already condemned from the moment he touched my biceps but his worship session plus the dozens of liters of cum I had poured into him, I wouldn’t be surprised if it accelerated things.

I heard him get up with difficulty, probably still groggy from the impact with the ceiling and then suddenly I heard him shout, “Holy shit, Matt!! Y-y-y-you’re s-s-so f-f-fucking big!!

“Hahaha, yeah, I must say that this growth spurt has been a bit... intense!”

I didn’t see it because of my enormous pecs but I felt a warm, sticky liquid land on my abs and then disappear into my deep crevices.

Jeremy was frozen, in the most intense expression of astonishment I have ever seen.

He was about to speak when I saw it. His face, already stunned, didn’t really change but I saw his pupils shrink. It was clear that he had just felt... something. And I knew exactly what he had felt...

He started to pant faster. I let a few seconds pass before asking him the question. “Are you okay, Jeremy?”

I saw his face tighten. He squinted slightly, trying to hide his current condition as best he could.

“Y-yeah...” he replied. Hahaha liar, it is obvious that something is wrong. Let me guess Jeremy, a tingle? Dude, you are so not ready for what’s ahead of you! And David was right: you’re going to love it!

In fact, for a few seconds, his face was more than tense, he emitted a few light moans.

“Are you really sure you’re okay Jeremy?” I said, smiling. He began to grunt painfully, holding his stomach before falling to his knees.

“N-n-no... I-i-it h-h-hurts!” he replied as he rolled into a ball. “Aaaaaahhh w-w-what’s ha-ha-haaaaa-happenning to me?” cried Jeremy.

“Oh I might have forgotten a small detail,” I said with a false air in waiting a reply of Jeremy, but he could not answer, being able only to grunting in pain. “Yeah, I seem to remember that my growth spurt was... contagious...”

In hearing my sentence, Jeremy’s grunts changed, sounding more surprised. “Aaaaahhh c-c-contagious? Y-y-you m-m-mean I-I-aaaaahhh-I’m...?” moaned Jeremy.

“Yeah, I think you’re having a little growth spurt too. Sorry, not sorry...” I said, gloating.

“Oh god! gggnnnnhhhhhh! Oh god!! AaaaaHHHHH!!” cried Jeremy. He was rolled up in a ball, head down, but from there I could see his back, I could see him stretching, swelling up. “Aaaaaaahh it hurts! It fucking hurts!!” shouted Jeremy. And you’re only at the beginning, man, the next part will be even more painful.

“Jeremy...” I said. The poor guy was breathing extremely fast. he was dripping with sweat. “Jeremy, look at me!” I ordered.

In what seemed to be a superhuman effort, he raised his head with difficulty. His face was red, his eyes filled with tears. When he saw my gigantic 8-foot, ultra-muscular frame, his mouth opened, and he let out an “oh fuck!

“Get on your knees, Jeremy!” i said.

“W-what?” he asked.

“Trust me, get on your knees!” I said, smiling.

It took him a good minute to get there, his body was shaking all over, the slightest movement seemed to require a superhuman effort. Finally he managed to get on his knees, giving me an incredible view of his chest and as I expected, he had already changed a lot! If before he had a more athletic physique, now, he could clearly be described as a bodybuilder: a bull neck, round shoulders, big guns, a road map forearm, pecs like balloons, abs that were like bricks, and her legs were much bigger than before. It was time for him to see his progression.

“Jeremy... look at you,” I said, with a wry smile.

“W-what?” asked Jeremy, still not understanding what I was getting at.

“Look at you, dude!” I repeated.

He looked down and when he saw himself, I saw an expression I knew all too well: amazement.

“W-what the??” shouted Jeremy.

“It’s you man, it’s really you!”

“B-b-but... t-t-this... this is...” stuttered Jeremy as he explored his growing body.

“Impossible? You have the proof! You are the proof! And you know what, Jeremy?” He looked me. “It’s not over!” I flexed my gigantic biceps.

Jeremy gasped, amazed by the size of my enormous gun. “Oh my god!” shouted Jeremy. He looked at his arm and flexed it like mine. The scene was fun, Jeremy, although now equal to the level of the strongest guys in his team, looked like a mini version of me, everything was much smaller, but I wanted him to see what he already was and especially what he would become.

“This is what you are about to become, Jeremy!”

I saw him smile. Then he started to laugh, nervously. “Ha..haha... hahaha... hahahaha... ... hahahahahahaha!!”

I saw again tears in his eyes but those were very different from the previous ones, they were no longer tears of pain but of joy, of excitement. He repeated in a loop, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

“Hehe, let yourself go Jeremy, kiss your muscle growth!”

He... hehe... hehehe!” chuckled Jeremy. His body tensed again, but unlike before, he had a big smile on his face. This time he was not trying to resist against his growth, on the contrary, he wanted more, much more.

“Do you feel it? Do you feel it again Jeremy?”

“Hehehe yes... Yes! I feel it!” he smiled.

“So go ahead Jeremy, go ahead! Grow Jeremy, grow!!” I shouted.

Jeremy laughed, his body tensed, his veins bulged, and he grimaced. “Oh god I feel it! Fuck i feel it! Hahaha it’s coming!! Oh god it’s fucking coming!!” he shouted. His body began to tremble. I started to get hard. I started to become horny, fucking horny. After being worshiped by the boy who made me hard as ever, the one who was about to become an 8 feet high muscular titan.

“Ha... haha.. hahaha... hahahahahaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!”

His body began to convulse strongly, his eyes rolled back in their sockets, and he began to grow, grow, grow! In a few seconds, he already reached a level that would make his teammates flinch. I could see his hands become larger and larger, his forearms were thickening, his biceps were fucking growing, gaining more inches and strength in few seconds than some do in a lifetime. His shoulders were transformed into cannonballs, his traps merged with his neck, his lats were becoming wider than a door frame, his pecs exploded from his chest, his abs swelled and jumped out of his midsection, becoming boulders implanted under his skin, his legs were becoming like tree trunks.

Jeremy was roaring but his roars no longer reflected pain, but rather... lust. I was amazed by the show. Yes I had lived this incredible experience, yes it was the most intense thing I have ever felt in my life but seeing my crush undergo the same transformation was just as hot! And I was not the only one to appreciate it...

Aaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!! More!! Yes more!! Moooooooaaaaaarrrrrrr!!” roared louder Jeremy and his body seemed to understand it: he exploded even more everywhere. Although he was still not at my level, he looked much less like a doll, he easily surpassed his teammates and even all bodybuilders. It was as if I was the father, and he was my son. Suddenly, things calmed down. But I suspected that this was just a pause before the finale...

“How do you feel?”

Jeremy panted several times before to be able to speak. “Very well...!” DAMN, his voice! I already adored his sexy voice but now he could have made me cum in an instant. And his body... Damn it, his body! All those muscles... Shit, I felt like I was that skinny Matt again, fantasizing about his crush.

Oh my freaking god!! Hahaha—this is insane!” he shouted.

Fuck yeah Matt! Look at me! Look these fucking enormous guns!” he said in flexing his gigantic biceps. His monstrous biceps were bigger than the heads of his teammates. “I am sure I could throw the ball at supersonic speed over a length of several dozen fields with such strength!”

Jeremy bounced his huge pecs and flexed his abs, stroking them, feeling the extreme hardness of his eight enormous bricks, well, bricks, they looked more like big rocks now!

Holy shit hahaha! I challenge anyone to get in my face and make me move even an inch! They would break all their shitty bones against my incredible and impenetrable muscle brick wall!”

Jeremy flexed his titanic legs. “And these legs... Fuck these legs hahaha!! I could jump to the other end of the field in a single bound!”

Hahaha!! I am a colossus, a fucking colossus! Woe to him who stands in my way because...” Jeremy did few steps. With each step I could feel the ground shake. His weight was as titanic as his muscles. “... I will crush him like a tank crushes a car,” he added, gloating. “Holy shit, I’m a one-man team, maybe even several teams! No player will be able to face me, be it in strength, size, or speed!”

Jeremy had the biggest sick smile I’ve ever seen in my life; it was almost scary. Suddenly, he roared like never before.

Hahaha I’m a god, a fucking muscle god!!” he roared.

I didn’t realize it but all these descriptions and this amazing show had pushed me to my limits. My dick was throbbing like never before and drool was pouring from my mouth. He was perfect, even beyond perfect! Obviously, my excitement did not go unnoticed. When he saw me, he smiled, almost like a hungry dog on a providential bone.

“Do you like it, Matt? Do you like this body?” he said. “Because in any case, I love it!!” he roared.

Shit, I had to bite my lip and my fists clenched. Jeremy smiled and resumed his little game of descriptions, knowing full well that it did not leave me indifferent.

“Do you like these massive guns?” he asked in flexing his monumental biceps.

Hearing his descriptions with his new voice, seeing his new muscular body. Damn, I couldn’t help it, I was getting more and more horny. I was that Matt again, drooling over a model of perfection, except that we both had a ton of extra hard and powerful muscle.

Jeremy smiled. “I’m sure I could lift a car now,” he added.

Damn, he was trying to make me cum... and it was working! It was the same situation as earlier, but the roles were reversed. Seeing my reaction, he continued boasting. “My pecs are so big that I can’t even see my midsection,” he said. “My abs are so hard than I’m sure I could stop a car. My back is so wide that I would destroy the wall if I went through a door.”

The more he described, the more difficult things became for me. I was close to exploding. “S-stop J-Jeremy!” I said, my expression tense. But Jeremy... smiled.

“Hey, Matt!” he said. But I didn’t reply, I was focused on not cumming. “Hey Matt! Look at me!” he ordered. I made the mistake of looking at him.

“Look... what you’ve created, Matt!” He shouted before flexing his whole body in a titanic mass of muscle. Oh my god! I had never seen anything so beautiful, so exciting. It was too much; it was much too much! I felt the white lava go up the crater. Jeremy smiled widely, as if it was what he had been waiting for all along.

Ggggnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!” I roared. It was a deluge but this time, Jeremy used all his strength not to be ejected. Even for him, even like this, it was a superhuman effort. It was like staying in place while a fire hose hit you full force. it lasted several dozen seconds before my volcano fell asleep. Jeremy was covered with a thick layer of cum.

“Ha... ha... ha.. ha... y-you know... ha... ha... it was not necessary to... to... to make me come to finish your muscle growth,” I said.

He wiped his face. “I knew hahaha. but it’s really fun to make you cum. And... it was a fair return since you made me undergo the same torture earlier.”

That’s right. And I have to say that yeah, holding back so much when you want to cum is a torture.

“Oh and get ready Matt, the night is far from over. but first, I still have a few muscle pounds to gain,” said Jeremy. I saw his face tense up again. “Oh god yes! I can feel it! Oh god these... INSANE feeling!”

His whole body was tense as fuck, his veins were bulging, you could read the intensity on his face, but above all he was smiling very broadly. He was absolutely not afraid of what he felt, however painful it was, no, on the contrary he wanted more. And he was going to get more...

Oh shit it’s gggnnnnnnnnnnhhhh starting again! Hahahaha it’s staaaaahh-aaaahhh-aaaaahhhrting again!! Hahahahahahaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!”

Jeremy began to convulse more than before, and his muscles began to grow at a frenetic pace.

Hahahahahahhahaha yes bigger! Bigger! Bigger!!” he shouted. With each “bigger”, his body was indeed getting bigger. It was almost as if he controlled his own muscle growth.

I was shaking. What was happening in front of me, I had had wet dreams about it and now... it was really happening. My cock was fucking hard, precum began to ooze.

Suddenly Jeremy exulted with joy, he was not yet at my level but was getting closer and closer. He laughed one last time before letting out a final roar that shook the room.


His entire body exploded one last time, adding more muscle mass at once than most people in a lifetime. His traps, his shoulders, his back, his biceps, his pecs, his abs which by the way evolve like me in an eight-pack, his legs and...

I didn’t notice it, but Jeremy’s cannon had also grown quite a bit and... was about to fire. I only had time to see the huge “white ray” coming out of his dick and hit me in the face. I fell backwards. It took several minutes before it faded away. i was still on the ground, my face covered with Jeremy’s cum. As I wiped myself I heard something heavy rise, very heavy. then I heard a voice, the deepest, sexiest voice I’ve ever heard in my life.

Oh... My... God!”

I finished wiping my face and a magnificent sight stood before me: Jeremy, 8 feet tall, was facing me. For fuck’s sake, for the first time, I felt that sensation again, the same as when I met him a while ago and felt insignificant.

Holy shit! This is so awesome!” he said as he rubbed and flexed his gigantic muscles. I even wonder if he wasn’t slightly bigger than me. I didn’t realize it, but I was drooling over this dream vision and my cock was pulsating with happiness.

“So Matt, do you admit defeat, or do we go into round two?” he said, pinching his huge cock.

I smiled. What? Admit defeat? You’re crazy, man! The game has just begun!


Part 5

I stood up and faced him. Holy shit, he was beautiful. I had been waiting for this moment for so long. Finally, finally it was going to happen. There was a moment of silence and then we threw ourselves at each other. Our mouths fastened together, our tongues were fighting and just at this level, we could feel our immense strength and our hands started to explore the rocky peaks that were our muscles.

I felt an array of feelings at that moment, joy, excitement, desire, lust. The tears flowed. And above all I was no longer afraid to crush him now, he was no longer the porcelain doll that could break if I pressed too hard, he was an 8 foot titan, whose muscles were harder than diamond and for fuck’s sake, he was much more bestial than me.

Suddenly he broke our kiss, looked at me and said, “Don’t expect it to be as simple as the first round, I won’t let it be.” I didn’t even have time to answer when he kissed me roaringly again, I also felt that he was gradually pushing me away. Shit, he wasn’t kidding. I tried to resist but he seemed more determined than ever. I was backing away little by little. We could feel the debris cracking under our feet and our immense weight. It was better not to be in our way. I quickly found myself almost leaning against a wall in his bedroom.

Jeremy broke the kiss again, smiled mischievously and pushed me violently against the wall. The shock was so strong that he pushed me several inches into the wall and cracks were created all around. “Well, I think the warm-up is over. Let’s get down to business.” I felt his hand grasp my ass and with his newly immeasurable strength, he lifted me up, making me scrape the wall, making pieces fall off. I was clinging to his huge traps, not even being able to push the skin in. Damn, I had really made a god out of him! I felt him position his cock at the entrance of my tunnel.

Well, I think he won this round but to tell the truth, for me it was more a fantasy that would come true than a defeat. Jeremy was going to fuck me. Jeremy was going to fuck me! If someone had told me that this morning, I wouldn’t have believed it. But if someone had told me this morning that in the evening I would be a titan of 8 feet and several tons of muscle, I wouldn’t have believed that either.

“So man, are you going to admit defeat or not?” said Jeremy, impatient. God, I would never get used to that voice so sexy! I looked him, smiled and I released my hold on his traps. Gravity did the rest of the work. I felt his huge member enter me. I roared of pleasure, followed by Jeremy.

Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!! Oh my god! It’s so...” I started.

“... Fucking good!” finished Jeremy.

I went down again and again, feeling more and more this huge thing inside me until I finally reached the base of his dick. Holy shit, I couldn’t believe it, it was all inside me, damn that thing must have been at least an arm’s length long. Jeremy panted like me.

“Oh god! Your ass is so tight!” he laughed.

“And your dick is so fucking big!” I replied in laughing too.

“And you still haven’t seen what I can do with it, man!” he replied.

“Oh boy, I can’t wait to see it!” I replied.

Jeremy smiled and started kissing me again madly and while we were kissing, I felt him pull back a few inches before giving a huge thump. An intense wave of pure pleasure passed through me, I moaned heavily with pleasure. He did it again and again and again. Oh... my... fucking god! It was so good! I did not notice it at first, too absorbed by the immense pleasure that overwhelmed me, but my back was scraping the wall, with each blow I dug it in more and more. I tried to warn Jeremy, but it wasn’t easy.

“Jere-aaaaahhh-my, I think aaaaahhh you’re aaaaahhh destroying aaaaahhh the aaaaahhh wall!”

Jeremy gave a grunt of satisfaction and continued, accelerating the rhythm.

I wanted to speak but the rhythm had become so fast that I could only scream with pleasure. More and more plaster was falling, but Jeremy didn’t care and continued to fuck me more and more frantically. And finally what had to happen happened: I heard cracking noises that got louder and louder very quickly.


I felt myself falling backwards, Jeremy following me. the shock with the ground was violent but painless for me (on the other hand I pity what was below me, the debris and furniture being reduced to dust. I also roared when I felt Jeremy’s HUGE member violently penetrate me. I wanted to get up when two powerful hands held me down.

“Just a moment, my sweet, not now! We haven’t finished this round!” said Jeremy. Still inside me, Jeremy got back on his knees, grabbed both my legs. “My turn,” he said proudly.

I felt him yank me towards him, penetrating me. “Oh fuck!!” I yelled of pleasure. He did it again and again. As I did a short time ago, he used me as a sex toy, except that it was even more brutal, Jeremy not being afraid to “break his toy”. The tears of pleasure were flowing, fuck, even now I never imagined it could be this fucking good. I thought we could hardly do better... I was wrong once again! As Jeremy pounded me like a jackhammer, he lowered his head and swallowed my dick in his mouth. My eyes widened and I yelled of pleasure.

Ooooooooooooooohhhhh fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk!!”

Holy shit! Holy fucking shit! I never imagined I would be fucked by Jeremy, but I would have imagined even less that it is possible that he fucks me “from behind” and sucks me at the front at the same time!! The pleasure Jeremy gave me was extreme and above all continuous. It was no longer tears but torrents that poured down my cheeks. my hands were grabbing what they could, but everything was irreparably reduced to ashes by my immense strength. Fuck, coming to Jeremy’s was probably one of the best decisions of my life, I could have stayed home and enjoyed my growth but here I was living a fantasy that was even hotter and more intense than any I could imagine. And inevitably, I felt the climax approaching greatly.

“Je-Je-aaaaahh-Jeremy! I think I’m aaaaahh going to... to aaaaahh—

Having his mouth... busy, Jeremy let out a long moan of approval. I felt his grip tighten and... he redoubled his efforts.

Aaaaahhhhhh!!” I yelled.

Holy shit! The speed, the strength with which he fucked me was INSANE! My fingers dig into the floor to try to hold me back as much as possible, the pleasure being much, MUCH too intense. It only lasted a few seconds, but I will remember this feeling for a long time. Finally he gave me the coup de grace by fucking me, sucking, and adding the ultimate lick. It was too much for me. There was silence for a second and I screamed like I had never screamed before...


The walls shook again, the cracks widened even more. I felt a cannon fire filling my entrails, it was as hot as lava. The quantity was such that my stomach was quickly filled, and my ultra-ripped midsection bloated.

Jeremy barely had time to let out a loud moan when his throat was flooded by a white torrent. The following seconds were only swallowing noise and quickly also, his ultra-ripped midsection bloated too.

After several minutes of pure madness, my screaming and geysering calmed down and so did Jeremy’s, who was finally able to free his mouth with a final “pop” sound. He then withdrew from my ass and collapsed next to me.

“Ha... ha... hell, ha... ha... of all the people... ha...ha... I’ve fucked... ha...ha you’ve been the best!” panted Jeremy.

“Ha...ha... haha, same,” I replied, panted too. “Ha...ha... ready for... ha...ha... a new round?”

“Yeah, let me... ha... ha... digest my meal,” replied Jeremy, a hand on his bloated stomach.

Damn, our midsections, which were a set of 8 huge rocks, hard and ripped like never before now looked like two fully inflated balloons, each filled with the semen of the other. Minute after minute, our bloated bellies were deflating until our eight boulders are visible again.

Suddenly Jeremy let out the loudest burp I’ve ever heard in my life


“Holy shit! That was a fucking burp!” I laughed but I also felt gas rising and a few seconds later I did the same.


We were lying there in his partly destroyed living room. Jeremy looked me and smiled. God, he was always so handsome!

“Ready for the next round?” he said.

Fuck yeah I was ready! I climbed on top of him, and our lips met again, our hands exploring, the innumerable muscle mountains which composed us. Holy shit, there wasn’t an inch of our divine bodies that wasn’t incredibly muscular, incredibly hard.

Suddenly I felt him grab me and in the blink of an eye I was underneath. I smiled, kissed him and... hop! In a flash, I grabbed him, turned him around and found myself on top of him but not for long: after some “kisses, I felt his powerful grip grabbing me, lift me up before sending me straight to the table in his living room. Obviously the poor piece of furniture could not resist my titanic weight and gave way directly. Jeremy climbed on top of me, and we resumed our kissing. I broke it off shortly thereafter to speak.

“Dude, do you realize you just wrecked your own table there?” I asked.

“A table? What table?” replied Jeremy, smiling before kissing me again.

Suddenly I grabbed him and sent him waltzing against one of his cabinets. The poor piece of furniture was crushed by the titanic back of its gigantic owner.

Damn, this little game of seduction/destruction seemed to please him as much as me. For several tens of minutes, we sent each other against the walls, the furniture, the ceiling while continuing to worship each other and damn it, it was just GREAT! No matter how hard we threw ourselves around, it was like hitting a single mattress. Nothing seemed to be able to hurt us, nothing seemed to resist us. We had really become power monsters.

When everything in the room was pretty much destroyed, Jeremy broke our kiss and raised his mammoth legs.

“Well, it looks like you won that round,” he said.

“What? But we didn’t even fight?” I replied, surprised.

“Yes you did, you won this round,” said Jeremy. It was then that I noticed his dick. It was perfectly straight, harder than hardened steel, ready to fire. Jeremy had reached his limit of horny and above all he seemed to be waiting impatiently for me to fuck him. Very well, it was time for me to return the favor! I grabbed his enormous legs.

“Yeah you’re right, it looks like I won this round!” I said, by positioning my huge cannon at the entrance of his tunnel. I had never had the opportunity to fuck a guy before. All I had done was just masturbate to images or by imagining my crush naked. And there he was in front of me, really naked, with a ton of muscle more and I was about to fuck him. The moment seemed so magical.

“Well man, did you decide to kick my ass? I can’t wait any longer!” joked Jeremy.

“Man if you only knew how I dreamed of this moment...”

Jeremy laughed a bit. “Well, enjoy your lucid dream!” he said.

I smiled and... I penetrated him. Jeremy let out a long moan of pleasure. Pleasure also shared, damn it, it was so good! His ass was so tight that it compressed my dick, offering me an incredibly intense and continuous pleasure. I sank into him more and more, he and I moaning in unison in ecstasy. It lasted a few minutes, which I will never forget, and then at some point, I felt my balls knocking against his ass. I was entirely inside Jeremy. I repeat, I was entirely inside Jeremy! I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe that this moment, that I had fantasized so many times, was really happening! Slowly, I withdrew, the sensation of my cock rubbing inside him sending me to seventh heaven. When I had almost completely withdrawn, I stopped for a few seconds before pushing it in violently with a sharp blow. I felt an extreme peak of pleasure, much more intense than the one I felt before, which made me scream just like Jeremy.

Aaaaaahhhhh!!” we yelled in unison. Again, I withdrew and I gave a big kidney stroke. Same pleasure, same yells. And I did it again, and again, and again...

Little by little, naturally, I would accelerate the rhythm. The peaks of pleasure became closer and closer and our cries more and more frequent. The tears began to flow. It was tears of pleasure but also of joy. I never thought it would come true; I could never have hoped for a better situation. I was having sex for the first time, and it was with the one I always wanted.

Soon, my kidney strokes were so close together that there was hardly a pause between them and above all, I could feel it: the climax was not far away! I wanted to offer him the best blowjob he had ever known. As my rhythm approached that of a jackhammer, I lowered my head and engulfed his cock in my mouth. Goddamn, the taste was so good! Jeremy began to grunt and shout with pleasure. I suddenly felt his huge hand on my head. “Oh my god! So fucking good!” he roared. He pushed my head down, I felt his enormous dick sink deep into my throat. I began to “nibble” on his cock. Jeremy let out a loud roar of pure pleasure. “Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!”

It was time to give him a climax that lived up to his expectations!

Once again, I accelerated the rhythm as much with my kidney strokes as with my mouth.

Jeremy began to squirm in all directions, overwhelmed by the pleasure. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh my fucking god!!” he roared.

His grunts were short but extreme. His hands waved and grabbed whatever was within his reach, but his immense strength instantly reduced everything to dust. I gave again a boost.

Ggggaaaaahhhhhh!!” yelled Jeremy.

He couldn’t take it anymore, I could feel it. So I gave him the coup de grace. His breath and his screams stopped instantly for a second, which seemed like a minute, and then...


My throat was flooded by a torrent of white lava. I felt my stomach fill up. At the same time, my cannon opened the floodgates, and a real deluge flooded his ass. I couldn’t see it with my own eyes, having my head down, but I could notice, after Jeremy’s phenomenal yell, some dust as well as some small pieces falling from the ceiling.

When my stomach was filled, the excess cum spurted out of my mouth while at Jeremy’s ass I could feel my own cum splashing on my pelvis. The deluge lasted for a while before we finally felt the flow drop as well as the volume of our yells. I withdrew with a double “POP” before collapsing back down next to him, our stomachs once again completely filled. We were lying there, panting, sweating, with our stomachs bloated as never before...

“Ha... ha... ha... it was... ha... ha... even better than... ha... ha... ha... the first round!” exclaimed Jeremy happily.

“Ha... ha... ha... I... I agree!” I replied. Holy shit, they often say the first time is the best time but in this case, yeah, I think it actually is. And you know what? I was wrong! I don’t know how many rounds we did, it seemed to be endless but each time it seemed better! And our endurance seemed unlimited, a few minutes of rest and we could do it again. And it was getting more and more bestial. We were two unstoppable titans, it was never enough, it was never over.


Part 6

We fucked again and again and again... The apartment was in ruins, there was almost nothing left intact, I even wondered how the building was still standing.

Suddenly, while we were getting ready to fuck each other for the I don’t know how many times, I heard something vibrate: by a miracle, my phone, which I had totally forgotten, had survived. I looked to see who was sending me a message...

The first one had been sent several hours ago and came from Ben.

DAMN MAN, I think I’m going to have to convert to tank tops now!

With this was a photo of a fucking muscular gun, worthy of a Mr. Olympia. Considering the time of the message, he must not have finished his growth yet, even if it was already very impressive.

I smiled and answered him. Damn, it was hard to type a message with my huge fingers, and I had to be extremely careful, the slightest pressure too strong and I destroyed my phone...

I replied, sending a pic of my gigantic biceps.

I think that in my case, even a tank top will not be enough!

A few seconds later, he answered, showing the shredded remains of what was his shirt.

Fuck yeah! Mine really didn’t last long!*

I could see his legs, or rather... his fucking tree trunks and especially his tail, which now looked more like an anaconda!

And I’ll have to change my bedroom too HAHAHA!

Hehe, I wasn’t the only one who had an eventful night it seems...

Haha on my side it is dear Jeremy who will have to change his room!

Jeremy? You mean the hunk of the football team?

Yeah! And he’s still as handsome as ever despite the hundreds of extra pounds of muscle!

Ha-ha, I see you had a sleepless night!

Yeah, last night was way too hectic to sleep...

Same thing, I couldn’t sleep all night. It’s pretty hard when your body is exploding everywhere hahaha!!

And that someone sweep your ass on top of that... Well I’ll leave you to it seems that my chimney sweep wants to continue the work. I’ll try to come by your place afterwards, I’d like to have a little comparison contest and I’m also curious to see what happened to David!

What’s up man! But be prepared to take a beating, I’m not so weak as before hahaha!

Hehehe, Don’t be so sure Ben, I’m not so weak either!

Well, it seemed that I’d received another message, let’s see... I looked at the second message and when I saw it, I smiled, but this time in a much scarier way! Oh damn, this was going to be a great day! I thought it would be an old message from Ben or David, but it was from a person I had almost forgotten...

Hey maggot! You think you can get out of owing me money by being absent from class? Tough luck for you, I don’t care! You better bring the money you owe me TODAY and MAYBE I won’t beat you to death! GOT IT ASSHOLE?

Billy... Damn, with everything that’s been going on I’d forgotten about this one. I looked at the time, it was close to 2pm. It had been over 24 hours since David infected me. So logically I should not be contagious anymore. I will finally be able to settle his account! My smile became almost that of a psychopath. Jeremy noticed.

“Ha-ha what the fuck is that smile?” he asked.

“Oh, let’s just say I got threatened... and it’s been over 24 hours since I was infected,” I replied.

Jeremy smiled softly. “Ouch, I really wouldn’t like to be in his shoes. You’re going to pay him a little visit aren’t you?”

“Obviously I’m going to get there! I think he doesn’t even imagine for a second what will happen to him.”

“Let me guess... Billy?”

“Yep, how did you know?”

“Oh, there are assholes at the school, but there’s only one who’s been known to fuck with people weaker than him for years. But something tells me he’ll stop today...” said Jeremy, smiling. “And by the way, you did say that we were contagious during the first 24 hours, right?” he asked.

“Yeah and those you infect end up becoming like us. You’ll still be contagious for about 10 hours I’d say so if you have any friends you want to visit...”

“I have some on my list yeah,” replied Jeremy. “And after you’ve taken care of that bastard and I’ve visited my friends I want us to continue our game,” he added.

“Why? Don’t you want to have fun with your friends?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll have lots of fun, of course,” replied Jeremy. Then he gently approached my ear. “You think I never noticed you checking me out?” he said, amused. I suddenly felt like the shy Matt that I was and couldn’t help but blush. “And what you never noticed either... was that I was doing the same,” he said, almost only laughing.

What the hell?? Jeremy was crushing on me?? I was totally unaware of it!

“You’re the only one I want to go hundreds, thousands, millions of rounds with and above all you’re...a fucking sex god!” said Jeremy. I turned as red as a tomato.

“Ha-ha, even with more than a ton of muscle, you’re still cute when you blush,” laughed Jeremy before kissing me again. Suddenly, as we were kissing for the millionth time, a piece of the ceiling came crashing down next to us. I looked at the house and wondered how the building could still stand.

“Hem... we may have gone a little too far last night, don’t you think?” I said while looking at the damage.

“What? The house? Don’t worry about it, I was planning on moving anyway. And anyway it would be way too small for two 8-foot titans right? And above all...”

“Yeah?” I asked.

“The owner is an asshole!” he said laughing. “Well, I have some guys to visit, and it seems to me that you have a bully to terrorize.”

“Yeah, see you afterwards for more rounds?

“Oh yeah!” said Jeremy, holding his enormous cock.

I kissed him one last time before getting up and heading for the exit and... holy shit, I forgot how much bigger, how much wider we are. A simple doorway seemed so tiny now. Well, let’s go slo... *Ccccccccrrrrrrraaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkkk*: a part of the wall went with me.


“Hahaha, dude, we have literally spent the last few hours destroying my home. What do you want me to care that you’re trashing my front door and then... I like to see you tear down front doors,” replied Jeremy. I felt myself getting hard again.

Well, I guess that asshole Billy must be as usual at his favorite gym and moreover it is not very far from here. But by the way... shit, am I going to go like this? I mean if I’m seen, how will people react? ... Why the fuck do you care about this kind of shit? You’re a fucking titan. I started to walk towards the gym. I felt each of my steps sink into the asphalt, also creating cracks and I could feel the ground shaking. Holy shit, why was I worried? Who was going to tell me anything? I could lift and crush a car easily!

And indeed, nobody told me anything. The only reaction of the people I passed was a face that liquefied with fear. Some even rubbed their eyes, thinking they were dreaming. Holy shit it was so awesome! At one point, at a crossroads, I was so absorbed that I crossed without looking. I suddenly heard a squeal of tires followed by a very slight shock followed by another. I turned my head to see that a truck had just hit me. Damn ha-ha, I barely felt the impact. The truck was another story; the whole front was demolished. The driver looked at me, his mouth open and his eyes bulging.

“Are you okay?” I asked. But the poor guy did not answer, he seemed totally frozen. Suddenly a voice was heard behind the truck.

“Hey asshole! What’s with you stopping in the middle of a red light?” yelled the one in the back who hadn’t seen me yet. I don’t like rude people... “I’ll teach you the rules of the road, assh—” his voice suddenly fell silent when he saw me.

“Sorry, my fault, I didn’t look before crossing...” His angry red face turned white in a second.. “So if there are accounts to settle...” I added before grabbing the front of the car from underneath with one hand and lifting it. The guy started to shake with terror. “... it will be with me that you will have to settle them,” I finished. The rude guy suddenly became extremely shaky (and I would bet he had to shit his pants, maybe even literally). I let go of the car which fell heavily on the ground. If it was not damaged before, it was now.

I continued on my way, causing a few more “involuntary” accidents and taking the opportunity to test my new abilities. Further on, I came across a large metal pole, I grabbed it. My grip was so strong that I could already feel my fingers deforming the metal. With a simple gesture, I pulled it out of the ground. I was expecting some resistance but damn it, it was as easy as pulling grass! Then it was the turn of a fire hydrant. I kicked it lightly and it instantly tore off the ground, flew down the street, and crashed at the end. I also took the opportunity to lift some SUVs, bigger and bigger but even the “heaviest” one seemed as light as a plastic toy. It was not difficult to find my way through the city, just follow the huge footprints or follow the bent, crushed metal poles. I even made knots with some of them hahaha! When I approached, car alarms went off, the owners came out of their houses thinking their car was being stolen and... barricaded themselves in their homes as soon as they saw me. Hahaha, I think I’ve never enjoyed walking around so much.

Finally, I arrived at my destination near their base camp. They had transformed an old garage into a room where they spent most of their time. In the street, there were three motorcycles of his friends and the dear Billy’s big BMW. Well, all right, it was time to “warn” them of my presence. I grabbed one of the bikes and started to crush it. Fuck yeah hahaha, if someone had told me this morning that I would be crushing one of these bastards’ bikes like a piece of paper, I would not have believed it! The sound and vision of the metal twisting turned me on. It was so enjoyable! In no time, what used to be a motorcycle was now a crumpled ball of metal. I threw the ball over the wall and heard it fall heavily on the ground with a big noise. I grabbed the second one and did the same when I heard the garage door open.

“What the hell was that noise?” asked Billy.

“Eh Billy... it was already there before this thing?” said one of his friends.

“What... the... hell?” said Billy.

“Uh... doesn’t it look like one of our bikes?” asked another friend.

“Man, are you stupid or what? They’re parked in front on the street, and have you ever seen a bike crushed like that?”

If you only knew, guys hahaha... I threw the second bike.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!! It almost fell on my face!” shouted the third friend.

“Dude, I don’t want to scare you but that... wouldn’t that be the pattern on your bike?”

Nice deduction dude! I grabbed the third bike and tore it apart. When they heard the noise and realized that it was indeed their motorcycle, I heard them rush to see. I took the opportunity to hide in the corner of the building. A few seconds later, the front door opened.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!! M-m-my bike!!” cried one of the friends, looking at the two pieces of his motorcycle.

“Oh thank god! My car is fine!” said Billy with relief.

For now, Billy, it has no damage at the moment, hehehe!

“W-w-w-who dared to do this?” cried one of the friends.

“I don’t know but whoever it is I’m going to smash his face to death, go get me the metal bat!!” grunted Billy, very angry.

If I were you guys, I’d run away, far, far away hahahaha... Well, it was time for the “culprit” to come forward. I coughed “slightly.”

“W-who is there?” shouted Billy.

My voice having changed a lot, I tried as much as possible to take the one I had this morning as well as a frightened air. “It’s... it’s me, Matt!”

Billy began to chuckle lightly, then louder and louder.

“He... hehe... hehehe Hahahahahaha!! Our maggot! I really didn’t think you would dare to come! So don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the fact that you still owe me money?” said Billy, in a threatening tone.

“I... I was sick today,” I said. damn it was hard to keep my seriousness, if only that bastard knew what he was getting into, he’d be running like a rabbit by now!

“Sick? Sick? Hahaha, and you really think that this shitty excuse would have worked?” shouted Billy.

“B-Billy, I.. I have a b-bad f-feeling about this... h-his voice is w-weird and...” said one of friends, with a voice clearly reflecting concern.

“Bad feeling about this maggot? Let me laugh! And just because this fat fuck has a cat in his throat doesn’t mean I’m going to forget his debt. I always get paid my debts!”

Haha a cat? Here it is guys it’s not just a cat that I have in the throat but a fucking lion, a lion which is moreover ready to pounce on its preys!

“So, do you have my money?” asked Billy.

“Nope!” I said proudly.

“Wh...? Nope? Nope? You dare to show up here and tell me nope!! You’re dead bastard! I’m going to rip your face off so much that no one will recognize you and you’ll have to drink through a straw for the rest of your fucking life! You’re fucking dead!!” yelled Billy.

I heard him striding in. My excitement reached new heights. Seeing the surprise, seeing his face decompose, seeing the fear or rather terror in his eyes. I had been waiting for this moment! When I saw his shadow my eyes widened like a psychopath and a moment later, there he was, Billy was facing me.

I was not the only one to make a psychopathic face, Billy was also wearing one but while he thought he was facing Matt, a frail and weak geek, he found himself almost face to face with a muscle brick wall. Abs—my abs! Each of my eight huge bricks was almost as big as his head and even with his metal baseball bat, he wouldn’t be able to make a single scratch on me. His face was frozen, he obviously did not expect this, too bad for him...

“W...What?” he said between his teeth. Slowly, very slowly, he raised his head until finally he could see my head. My face, on the other hand, was not at all frozen, on the contrary, my smile became even bigger, my eyes became terrifying.

“Hello, Billy!” I said with my new deep voice. He still couldn’t say a word, but his body began to tremble, his wide smile slowly revealing a completely different emotion: terror.

His buddies, not seeing me because I was just around the corner, but seeing Billy stunned and trembling, wondered.

“Hey, Billy? What’s up? Did you see a ghost or something?”

Well, I think it was time to give Billy back the punch he gave me yesterday. However, something tells me that he probably wouldn’t survive a punch from me. So I opted for a “simple” flick... the result was immediate! Billy was thrown, as if he had just been hit by a car and ended up hitting the wall on the other side of the street.

I heard his friends shouting in surprise.

“What the hell??”

I came out of my hiding place... I saw their faces decompose, their eyes fill with terror, their legs shake like leaves as my shadow engulfed them.

“There was a second of silence and...”

“Aaaaaahhhhh!!” they shouted before running off in the opposite direction. No no no, you are not going to escape like that. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, I hadn’t tried it yet, but considering the immense strength I had shown in the last few hours, it didn’t seem like a bad idea to try it: I leaned and jumped to land in front of them. To my delight, I flew several dozen feet in the air and fell hard to the ground. I felt the ground shake, all the car alarms on the street went off, and the shockwave was so strong that my prey were thrown at least a foot into the air before falling back to the ground.

“Well, are we trying to run away here? But we didn’t finish our discussion my darlings!”

Terrified, their faces in tears, they backed away as best they could, begging me.

“P-p-p-please!!” they cried.

Billy, who had finally recovered from the “flick” I inflicted on him, ran to his car shouting, “Everyone in the car!!” His buddies ran as fast as they could to his BMW. I took another leap to land in front of the car as Billy tried to start his car.

“Start the car, Billy, fucking start the car!!” shouted one of his friends. I placed a hand against the car as Billy stepped on the gas. The engine roared, the tires squealed... but the car did not move! Billy pushed the accelerator pedal all the way down, the engine roared louder, and the tires sputtered.... but the car still didn’t move.

“Like I won’t escape me!” I said before grabbing the car with both hands. I began to lift it with ease. I saw the faces of the occupants totally stunned before they all started screaming in panic.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!! Let us out! Let us out!” they shouted, terrorized. Hahaha, that, guys, you should have thought of that before jumping into the lion’s den. and they really weren’t ready for what came next. Slowly I began to crush the car...

“W-what?” Billy said, looking really panicked, not understanding where the noise was coming from. And then they realized...

“Aaaaaahhhhh!! He’s crushing the car!!”

“P-p-p-please!” shouted one.

“I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!!” cried another.

Holy shit, that was so much fun! These assholes, who for so long have harassed me, beaten me up, were screaming in terror, begging me to spare them. Even that bastard Billy, who seemed to be the confident type, was in total panic, crying for his life. And honestly, I’ll admit that the idea of crushing them with my own fists crossed my mind, but fortunately for them I am not that kind of guy. Although I’m not sure that the fate I had in store for them would be any better in the end...

As they thought their last hour had come, I stopped.

“Well, now that you’ve got a clear understanding of who the boss is here, we can get things straight. First of all, I am now your god, and you will have the obligation to call me that. No Matt or any other nickname. Secondly, you must do absolutely anything I want. And you really better not disappoint me or else...”

I dug my fingers into the bodywork and with one sharp move, tore the car in half along its entire length. I could see them looking at each other as I held half of the car in each of my hands. There was a silence for several seconds as they realized what I had done. I had just torn up dear Billy’s beloved car as easily as a piece of paper.

“Is that understood?” I said, in a threatening tone

No response. I continued to crush the car!

“Aaaaaahhhhh!!” they shouted.

“Is that understood?” I shouted louder.

“Y-y-yes!” cried Billy.

“Very well!” I said before dropping the two pieces that crashed to the ground.

The occupants came out, still trembling.

“Oh, I forgot! Obviously, if I find out that you have harassed even one person, I will be very very angry! And you know what will happen if I get very very angry...”

I lifted the enormous tree trunk that was my leg and crushed one half of the car with a sharp blow. Billy and his buddies looked at me, completely terrified, looking at the metal plate that was once the right side of Billy’s car.

It was then that my stomach rumbled slightly. It’s true that I hadn’t eaten anything all day... Well, not really if you don’t count Jeremy’s ocean of “milk.” And besides, it should be the same for him, not counting the people he was going to “visit”...

Yeah, something tells me there are going to be a lot of people who are starving tonight. That’s going to be a lot of food... And it’s a good thing I have “volunteers” right here...

“By the way, here is your first mission: I have a few friends coming over tonight, but I have nothing left in the fridge. I’m going to need some food and urgently. But not much, a few hundred kilos should be enough...”

He stared at me, flabbergasted, not sure if he had heard correctly. “A few... h-h-hundred p-pounds?” stuttered Billy.

“Well, yes, Billy, it is necessary to feed a dozen 8 feet tall people...” I said by insisting on the end of the sentence. I saw Billy’s face decompose even more when he understood that there were other muscle titans like me. That’s right Billy, your life is ruined man! Now we’ll see who the maggots are!

“B-but are you s-s-serious?” stuttered Billy.

“What? ... what? You think I’m kidding, Billy?” I shouted with a very threatening air. I grabbed the other piece of the car and started to squeeze it, but this time much more brutally and strongly. In a few seconds, I turned it into an extremely compact ball of metal and dropped it right in front of Billy. Billy, staring at what was a piece of his car, began to tremble even more and cry out in fear, realizing my absolutely titanic strength and the fact that I could crush him completely with my little finger if I wanted to.

“Do I look like I’m kidding, Billy?” I asked but he didn’t answer. I saw him just swallowing, being even more terrified of the fate that awaited him if he ever upset me. “Now maggots, get out, you have work to do.” But again, no one moved. So I decided to make my displeasure clear to them!

“Ggggggrrrrrooooooooooooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!” I roared like Hulk. Damn! I could swear I felt the ground shake! The effect was instantaneous, they rose and certainly beat the world speed record!

This is it, now, all my years of ordeal, of intimidation, all that had come to an end. And on the other hand, I knew a certain group for whom a much bigger ordeal had just begun. Hahahahahaha!! Well it was time to join Jeremy, I was curious to see what he was doing. And I’ll have to come back to see Ben. By now he must have finished his muscle growth too.

I was here in the middle of this half-destroyed street, naked, and I admired for the hundredth time my enormous muscles, constantly flexing them. For fuck’s sake, if someone had told me that this day, which had started so badly and was going to be boring, was going to be like that, I would never have believed it!

That said, this fabulous day isn’t quite over yet... would it be Ben, David, or, above all... Jeremy?

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A swelling hike by Lionel E. Linklander A young man meets and reveals to an old trainer guy about his dream of becoming huge with muscle. The trainer then gives the young man pills that surpass his expectations. 2,952 words Added Dec 2022 8,118 views 5.0 stars (6 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Hyper Muscle•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase •M

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