The growth race

by SomeMuscleGuy

John is left growing uncontrollably as he races to be the first person to finish the race, but he may be too large before he reaches the finish.

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The race was about to begin. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. It is a 6km race with a grand prize of $10,000 on the line for the person to cross the finish line first. There are hundreds of people in attendance, and today my goal was to be the first. When it comes to distance, I am a great runner. I was always at the top of my class in High School and continued to excel into college. I am about 6ft-2 inches, with a solid athletic build, but nothing that impressive. It was enough to land me a slight scholarship in college, and that was okay with me.

Everyone in attendance lined up behind the start line. I sat there for a moment stretched, my spandex outfit accentuating my lightly muscled body well. Audiences filled the sides, spreading off into the distance, cheering. An early morning city smell wafted through the air. 3. 2. 1. GO! Everyone at once had begun to jog, sprint, walk, you name it. Most people here don’t go for a prize since it is so competitive and difficult, but I was. Everyone was crammed together at the beginning. Hundreds of people all stuck within 200 feet. JAB. Instantly I felt a painful stab into my right shoulder. I whipped around, wincing. There were so many people around me, I couldn’t tell where it had come from. I figured someone must have accidentally tripped and snagged me with their fingernails or something, since the pain was already almost gone. Snapping back into racing mode, I turned back around. All right, only 6km. I got this. The audiences roared as our big group spread further and further out, away from the start line. I maintained a solid pace, passing multiple people per minute. I am exceptionally good at staying ahead, and if I keep this up for long enough, I just might have a shot, I mused to myself.

5km remain. I feel pretty good so far. In fact, I feel great. Out of the 500 people involved in the race, I was nearing the 100th spot, and my energy was far from gone. In fact, it felt increased. With all the running I was doing, I could feel blood rushing to the lower half of my body. Specifically my dick. I could feel it chub up, which was embarrassing, considering I was wearing a one-piece spandex outfit. There was nowhere to adjust it except for pointing straight up. Fortunately, I was smaller than average down there, coming in at 4 inches, so it wasn’t very visible. I passed person after person, bobbing and weaving past them as they started to recharge their energy. If I keep up this pace, I will be close to the front in no time, I thought. I guessed that I had 75 more people to pass before landing myself in 1st place.

4km remained. I had never run this long, this fast before. I was starting to become really impressed with myself. I had less than 50 people to pass until I was in the lead. I could feel static steadily building up in my body. Thinking it was me overexerting myself, I slowed down to a soft jog. I ran past a glass building and saw myself in the reflection. Wow. I look great today in this spandex outfit. It hugs me well. It accentuates my curves, including the definition of my pecs. Wait… my pecs? I looked down, making sure to continue my pace. What? I didn’t remember this outfit showing off my pecs like it is right now. Maybe all this running is paying off, I thought. While looking down, my attention was brought down further to my cock, harder than ever. I winced. It’s more visible than I thought. The static continued to build as I looked myself over. It was starting to become uncomfortable. Just keep running, I thought. I passed another group of people.

3km remained. The static sensation was almost unbearable at this point. Should I stop? No, I can’t. $10,000 is on the line. I need this. That is when I felt a weird sensation. I shuddered. I could feel my cock rubbing up against my spandex suit with each step that I made. That didn’t make sense, because it was in my underwear... I looked down and almost stumbled. My package looked way bigger than it had 10 minutes ago. It reached nearly up to my belly button! My balls looked fuller, pushing against the edges of the spandex, showing 2 semi-pronounced globes. While running, I reached down, putting my hand on it for a moment. That’s when I noticed my arms. Did I have more muscle? Subtle dents creased the spandex across my sleeves. I flexed. The spandex pushed back tightly against my arms. I started to take stock on my entire body at this point. I was sweating a lot. My pecs pushed out firmly against the spandex. I traced the outline with my hands. They were definitely larger. My hands drifted down to my stomach, feeling the surface through my shirt. Little indentations had formed. What the hell? I murmured to myself. Then I felt my cock touch my fingers, precum soaking through. But I hadn’t moved my hand any lower..? I glanced down again. My cock was GROWING! It was above my belly button at this point, and had reached the bottom row of my abs. It had to have been 9 inches long. And my balls looked like oranges pushing against the spandex. The more I thought about it, the more I could feel everything growing. My ass pushed lightly against the fabric, becoming more and more squeezed. My traps, biceps, and forearms followed suit. I had to snap out of this.

2km remain. Something was going on at this point. I knew that this called for a reason to step off to the side and head to the doctors, but then my mind went back to the prize. $10,000. I needed this money to pay off student loans. It would change everything. And besides, a little extra muscle and cock growth isn’t going to hurt anybody. I pressed on, taking this opportunity to take charge. I sprinted harder than I had ever sprinted in my life. Was I taller? I felt like each step was reached a little bit further than the last. I was passing competitors like crazy, leaving them in frustration. After a few minutes, I only had 15 people left ahead of me. I dropped my sprint back to a jog to keep myself refreshed. Groan. I felt a sudden jolt occur throughout my body.. Everything was feeling more and more tight..and sensitive.

This is starting to become too much, I thought. To others, I looked like your above average body builder. But that was slowly starting to change. I glanced down again. I could see my cock slowly growing. Swelling. It was becoming thicker, longer, and more sensitive. It glided frictionless against my muscular, sweaty body, rising past the top of my abs at this point. It looked like I stuffed a water bottle into my shirt. And WOW it was starting to become really sensitive. The front of my spandex was starting to become soaked with my precum. I bit my lip. I can’t believe this is happening. My muscles on the other hand, were an entirely different story. My spandex suit was beginning to get tight. Not just tight, restricting. The larger I grew, the smaller and smaller it had started to look. My muscles had taken on some major definition at this point, and it didn’t leave much to the imagination. My biceps and triceps pressed against the stretchy material, threatening to rip it. My pecs pushed out even more. My traps had become huge, rising like waves across my neck. My shoulders and back grew wider and wider, thicker and thicker. My spandex suit hugged my growing ass like there was no tomorrow. It had to be a few sizes too small at this point. My thighs were massive, leading into my feet, which were also starting to split the seams of my shoes. If I had to guess, I was about 300 pounds and closing in on 7 feet tall. I looked absolutely massive. Not inhuman, just huge.

Audience members who were cheering on the sides were becoming more and more quiet as I ran past them, beginning to stare with awe. And I couldn’t blame them. I was starting to get really concerned. This was bordering on the line of becoming too large. I started to have 2nd thoughts. I could leave right now, I thought. I looked ahead. 1km remaining. The remaining 10 people were all within my sight, no more than a few hundred feet ahead. I was too close to give up. I pushed as much energy as I could into my body, pulling into a full sprint. Each step I took, I could feel my muscles rubbing against each other. I am still growing. And it feels like it’s getting faster. I passed the first group. Only 5 people to go. My cock lurched. The sensitivity it was feeling rubbing against the spandex was insurmountable. I felt it bump the bottom of my pecs, growing even larger. You could see the veins pushing out against the fabric, twisting and growing. My spandex outfit looked absolutely painted on me now, soaked completely through against my sweaty, muscular body. It looked like a joke. My balls had grown so large now that they had started to be visible through the spandex, as large as watermelons. A major bulge had started to push out in front of me.

I had to be over 7 feet tall by now. I passed a few more people, being eyed the further I went. I only had 2 more people to pass until I was in the lead, but the pressure was unbearable. I had to cum, but I couldn’t afford to stop. My balls went into overdrive. I felt it build up my cock up until… boom. Cum showered everywhere within the confines of my spandex suit. Rope after rope gushed out, some of it splashing through the top, hitting me in the face. I almost tripped with the amount of pleasure that overwhelmed me. My hips gyrated back and forth, feeling lost in the pleasure momentarily. And then it stopped. I took surveillance of the situation. The growth was no longer occurring, but I felt an immense pressure building back up already. Taking sight of the final 2 competitors, I took this opportunity to sprint faster than I had ever gone in my entire life. I zoomed past the first person, putting me in 2nd place. 1 more to go, and I was gaining on him fast. RIP. I felt the spandex suit start to tear. What? I thought I stopped growing. I thought by taking care of the pleasure, it would help calm things down. I was wrong. Very wrong.

My cock suddenly swelled. Pushing past my pecs up towards my collarbone, almost ready to exit my neck hole. It grew so thick that it was firmly lodged between my meaty pecs, and it had begun to pull my shirt down with its massive weight. Every part of me was soaked, grinding against each other in a liquidy mess. My balls started to swell again, dropping lower and lower into my shorts. They started to exit my leg holes. My muscles pushed out further than ever. My sleeves tore. Cum dripped off my body everywhere. My one-piece spandex suit was starting to more resemble a thong with a shirt. The larger I grew, the smaller it looked, being pulled up into my ass. The weight of my cock pulled the front down, revealing my extremely large pecs with a throbbing piece of meat next to it. But still, I pushed on. I was mortified. At this point, I wouldn’t be able to hide anywhere. I was becoming too large. This had to stop. I looked up. The finish line. Less than .5km away.

I sucked it up and sprinted like I had never sprinted before. The sheer weight of my balls, package, and muscles bounced with every step. New tears started forming all across my outfit. My legs packed on more and more muscle, resembling tree trunks. My shoes split, falling off, due to how fast my feet were growing. Only a few more feet until 1st place. Gaining on him at more than double the speed, I flew past the lead runner. I was in 1st place! Only a few hundred feet to go until I was done. Audiences lined the roads, especially around the finish. What they saw running down the road towards them was a 7 1/2 foot, 400 lb, cum covered man, with a cock up to his collarbone, balls hanging down to his knees, and the most muscular definition anyone had ever seen. I’m going to do it, I excitedly thought. And that was when it went all wrong. Just a few hundred feet away from the finish, succeeding in 1st place, my outfit had finally given up when another large growth spurt hit. My cock suddenly swelled up into the bottom of my jaw, flowing with a waterfall of fresh precum. As my extremely erect cock grew, the weight of it tore the fabric down with it. My muscles expanded in all directions. With an audible tear, the spandex released my body from its stretchy prison.

Oh shit,” I yelled. The cheering stopped. Everyone stared as chaos unfolded in front of them. Thrown off balance by the sudden drop of weight, I stumbled before stopping my run. I had never felt pressure like this before. I was still growing. The static pumped through my body, growing me impossibly larger. My cock rose up to my eye level. My balls dropped to my ankles. Sweat dripped off my titan body. My 6 pack abs transformed their way into an 8 pack, and then a 10 pack. My pecs had become entire shelves, hanging far off my body, almost as large as king sized pillows. My traps pushed against my head, beginning to squeeze it. My biceps swelled larger than bowling balls. I dropped onto my knees, hands against the pavement. My fingers stretched their way out, my hands growing larger and larger. My thighs rubbed against each other, fighting their way for space. You could lose a quarter in the space between my muscles on my back. My ass expanded outwards, vibrating with each disoriented step I took. I was almost too far gone-and that’s when it stopped. I looked up. Ahead of me I saw a bunch of worried expressions.

The crowd whispered to each other in shock and disgust. To the side of the crowd, I saw a man. He was holding a strange looking device, looking at me, menacingly. It had a tube with a little device on the end. Then I remembered the jab I had felt at the start of the race. My hand reactively went to feel the wound on my shoulder. I felt a small little device stuck there. I tried to pull it out with my fingers, but it was lodged into my skin. Looking back up towards the shady man, I saw him click a few buttons on his phone, before smiling at me. Now that I was paying attention to it, I could feel it. The little device was connected to me. And this device made me grow. The static had started to build up again. “No,” I yelled. “Stop.” I scrambled to get my feet underneath me. I lumbered toward him, each step landing loudly. “I don’t want to grow any more!” I screamed. My voice was so deep. I saw the man turn around and begin to walk away.

I tried to sprint, just like I had a few minutes ago, but then the rest of the growth hit all at once. Glorp. My meat exploded upwards in size, now so large that I could barely see past it. And it was only getting faster. And more sensitive. My balls also surged in size, quickly becoming so large they had begun to scrape the ground. A wave of pleasure shot through me with so much intensity I stopped for a moment, moans escaping my lips. I snapped out of it. With each step I was becoming more and more musclebound. I wasn’t going to be able to chase him down. Switching to plan B, it was now time to get the device off my back instead. My arm whipped around, trying to get a hold of the device, but my arms couldn’t reach now. I was growing too large. There was too much muscle! What was I going to do? Everyone behind me during the race had stopped. Who wouldn’t stop if they saw a massive, 9 ft tall, nearly immobile titan who was slowly outgrowing the road? The audience at the finish line had begun to spread out, not wanting to be anywhere near. SURGE. “No...NO!” My voice deepened more and more, booming out across the finish line. More and more muscle packed on me. I looked inhuman at this point. Like a comedic sketch of a bodybuilder with proportions way too large for his body. My meat rose higher and higher, now taller than my own head. It must have been over 4 feet long. My balls grew as large as sofas. Cum, sweat, and tears dripped off my body as the pleasure grew and grew. My pecs locked underneath my jaw, becoming so large that I could barely talk anymore. Any attempt to get the device off of me now was impossible. It was slowly lost in the massive muscles on my back, cracking and breaking from the sheer pressure. A massive wave of electricity shot across my body from the device. It shorted out. There was no way to stop it now. The wave of energy that passed over me turned into pure static. I couldn’t move. My muscles felt like they were on fire. Upon realizing this, I knew it was over. This was permanent. I had no option now but to see where it would take me. “Fuck!” I roared, my deep voice becoming impossibly deep. Everyone in the buildings surrounding me had started to take notice.

That was when the largest growth spurt of them all hit. Muscles exploded onto me. My cock lurched higher and higher. 5 feet. 8 feet. 10 feet. I started to cum and moan uncontrollably, lost in pure bliss. An infinite geyser erupted from deep within me, spraying everything in sight, showering everything around me. People had begun to run. Another jolt of electricity shot out from the device, followed by more static, and more growth. Increasingly becoming faster and faster. It was malfunctioning in a way that even the person who did this to me had never thought was possible. I quickly rose to over 15 feet tall and 1,000 pounds. Cum shot out of my enormous package like a geyser, which was now over 20 feet long. My balls had long since spread across the road, slowly starting to expand out into the city. They were each the size of a bus. My biceps looked like mountains. My pecs looked like Mt. Everest. The larger I grew, the more sensitive I had become, which in turn made me cum even more. Another jolt of electricity. Then another. Then another. Then another.

My entire body was convulsing, exploding with size in every possible way. 30 feet tall. 40 feet tall. 50 feet tall. I was becoming the largest creature on Earth. I am...a god among men. Unstoppable power. My dick grew so large it expanded against a building, sliding up against the side, slick with cum and sweat. Muscles packed on muscles. I looked like an alien. Inhuman. And I didn’t care anymore. All I cared about was pleasure, lust, and growing even larger. At this point the device on my back had started sending out a constant volt. So upwards I grew. Even a city couldn’t rival my size for much longer. My hips bucked with each load that sprayed out of my 100 foot cock. It was now even larger than the building it was sliding against. My balls were impossibly enormous. My muscles couldn’t even compare to anything at this point. They were as large as entire buildings. I grew to 80 feet tall. Then 90. Then past 100, and then 200, and I kept growing. My roars shattered windows, audible for miles. My cum flew across the city, coating everything in sight. I was essentially immobile in every way. I could barely walk. I could barely move. I could barely talk. I was lost in the pleasure. But that was no issue. I began to cum even harder. And harder.

I exploded in size in every way. I had no idea how long I was growing, but after growing to over 1000 feet tall, the surges of electricity suddenly stopped. I looked up, drool escaping my lips and landing on my immeasurable pecs. My cock reached so high I could barely see the top of it. It had to be over 1,500 feet tall. My balls had spread their way across the entire region. Sweat and cum dripped off of me. I was the epitome of masculinity. I was an impossibly muscled being. Nothing would ever compare to the size of my muscles, my cock, or my pleasure. I knew the guy that did this to me was down there somewhere, and I was going to show him what a true god looked like. That was when I felt a familiar static sensation begin to build up once again.

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