EH for short

by MegaMaker

 In a world where certain men become enhanced through a genetic mutation, Corey one day decides to try to meet one at a local beach known for being a hotspot for enhanced humans. When he stumbles on Cliff, a connection develops that’s stronger than he’d expected.

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Author's Note

The Enhanced Humans in this story are not the same as the Mutants in my other story “The Real You”, which takes place in a different transformation universe.


Corey had never met a mutant, but a part of him had always wanted too. He’d been told all his life that they were dangerous and a menace to society. His parents had tried to instill this mentality in him but he never wanted to believe it. In fact when Corey was in high school he remembered this one mutant boy named Mikey who was bullied like no tomorrow. Oftentimes Corey felt bad for him and thought that he should step in but he never did. Whenever Corey thought about stopping whatever bully was bothering him at that moment, he thought, what was a small baby-faced band kid gonna do? Corey was also afraid of what his parents might think if they found out so he stayed quiet his whole life.

Today he’d had enough. He was walking the sands of a beach locally known as Mutant Beach. Its real name was Sandalwood Beach, but it got that name because its main demographic were mutants. Corey had tried to approach several through his visit but they grabbed their stuff and left before he could even get close. However, in the distance he saw one sunbathing and probably snoozing.

“Perfect,” he thought.

He carefully approached the sleeping giant. If what his parents said were true he could get crushed or eaten, but Corey didn’t want to believe that. For one thing, the one he knew from school could have easily smashed his bullies into the ground with minimal effort but never did.

The mutant had his arms and legs spread out. He was laying on his back showing off all the colossal muscles of the front side of his body. His shelfy chest touched his chin and his traps completely absorbed his neck. His front delts and pecs were so enormous that it was hard to tell when one ended and the other began. Not to mention how round and full the other parts of his shoulders were.

His arms were overly packed with muscles from his upper arms to his forearms. He basically didn’t have wrists; it went from his meaty forearms right to his giant, pudgy hands. Corey wondered if he could even reach his face. His blocky eight-pack looked like bricks but was still nice and flat with all the other abdominal muscles being well defined and pronounced.

Extremely thick and wide wings of muscle made up his lats. Despite having a rectangular build his torso still tapered into his hips themselves being very wide. Lastly were his massive tree trunk legs. They showed every muscle group and his calves were very plump almost matching the size of his robust thighs.

Similar to his hands, his calves just went right into his huge feet, not leaving much of the ankle left. Corey thought whoever this guy was truly a marvel to look at. The very definition of strength and masculinity. The mutant’s skin was fully lime green—unlike the one from school who was still patchy, and his was a forest green. Mikey had still been in his teens, too, therefore nowhere near as big as this one was.

What really had Corey wide eyed though was what this mutant was wearing and what was inside it. He was wearing a fabric dark gray skirt that wrapped over one shoulder, reminiscent of a roman toga. It was short, reaching only to about mid-thigh, and he had some kind of linen undergarments. Mutants always struggled to find normal clothes, so this toga/skirt garment was very common, almost traditional. Other than that he had a cloth armband. The one thing Corey couldn’t stop staring at was this mutant’s bulge. Corey knew about the stereotype that mutant men had huge junk, but he had thought it was just that, a stereotype. He guessed it wasn’t after all.

Now standing next to him Corey could see a full, close up view of him. A million things were going through his mind, like how absolutely gorgeous all his muscles were. They were completely overblown and beyond anything a human could ever achieve even with a perfect diet, exercise and even the use of drugs. On top of the epic size they were well-proportioned and smoothly defined.

His height was also something to be astonished by. Mutants grew to be much taller than normal humans which helped keep things proportional as well as the overgrown bone structure that came with becoming a mutant. His head looked a bit small when compared to the rest of his body but it was still much bigger than Corey’s. Another thing Corey noticed about his head was that it was on the blocky side with a boxy jaw line however his cheeks were still plump which offset the overwhelming masculinity. He had short but curly blonde hair, but the sides and back were shaved and he could tell that he had shaved recently because his stubble was just coming in. With biceps of that size he wondered how he got a razor close enough to his face to shave it.

Corey told himself he should stop staring and actually introduce himself. “Hey, there,” he said.

The mutant took a breath and before he could open his eyes Corey stepped back a few feet. The mutant turned his huge head and slowly opened his eyes. To Corey’s surprise they were a warm brown, big and shiny with long pretty eyelashes.

“S’up,” the mutant said. “How can I help you?” His voice was very deep, as was expected, but oddly soft and mellow.

“Oh, I just wanted to know if I could lay next to you and maybe chat a little?”

“Sure thing man, it doesn’t bother me.”

Things were going well so far, Corey thought so he thought of things to keep the small talk going.

“So, what’s your name?”


“I’m Corey.”

“Pleased to meet you, Corey.”

Corey still thought that it was a little amusing that this giant of a man was named Cliff, but he wasn’t here to judge. If anything he thought he was here to learn. Corey thought about something to say and tried a compliment. “I like your skirt, by the way.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“Toughest men on earth wore skirts, am I right?”

Cliff didn’t appear to be all that amused by that comment. “Well, when you’re twelve feet tall and have got a thousand two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle that make it hard to move, anytime you can wear less clothes is good,” he said with a hint of sarcasm. “It’s also kinda cultural thing, if you will,” he added.

“What do you mean?”

“We’re supposed to take pride in our bodies, so wearing these toga skirts is both a symbol of that and comfortable at the same time. We can’t wear them everywhere. You know, ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service’? But at the beach is a good place to wear ’em.”

“Huh, yeah that makes sense. You must be really comfortable with your body if you wear one so proudly.”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“I mean I think you look good in it.” Corey gave his best smile but Cliff didn’t know what to think of that. He added, “I mean I don’t think I’d look as good as you do.”

Corey wasn’t sure if he was making Cliff uncomfortable but he didn’t seem to be put off by it.

“Thanks man.”

Corey could tell that Cliff thought whoever this Corey guy was, he was being very forward, but he seemed pleased that he wasn’t afraid like so many were. “What else is a cultural thing for you?” Corey asked.

Cliff held up the arm furthest from Corey revealing he was wearing a kind of fabric band around his bicep. It was lime green and black woven in an intricate pattern tied with a knot.

“What’s that?”

“A lot of us wear these; it’s a symbol of our kind of who we are. You can get them in any color but the traditional ones are green to represent our skin and black to present our strength not just our bodies but our willpower in a world so unaccepting.”

“Huh, I didn’t know that. Why not a bracelet or necklace?”

“For starters, if you haven’t noticed I don’t have a neck. Most of us lose those when we transform, but we all have big biceps so that’s why it’s an arm band.”

“What about piercings?”

“Our skin is too tough to be pierced and it heals too quickly. When it comes to body art tattoos are more common but you have to special ink and you need more of it because we have more surface area to cover and that can be pricey. But I kinda always wanted one.”

Corey was intrigued. “What would you get?”

“I would want big angel wings on my back.”

“That sounds cool.”

Corey was absolutely fascinated with what Cliff was telling him. He’s only said a few things but he was so taken but all this new information. He knew mutants have been a thing since the dawn of civilization. Historians believe it’s where the myths about giants, trolls, orcs, ogres and even cyclops come from. They weren’t any of those things but just mutant humans. However Corey didn’t know there was a whole complex culture to it.

“Does it show that I’ve never talked to a—” Corey was about to say “mutant” but he remembered that was a derogatory term.

“Enhanced human?” Cliff said, finished for him, raising his blocky eyebrows.


“Admit it, you were about to say ‘mutant’.”

“You got me there.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten bent out of shape, but I do know many who would, so remember to use enhanced human or EH from now on.”

“Got it. So as I was saying, does it show that I’ve never met an EH before?”

“Yes, it definitely shows. I mean, we’re uncommon but not rare. I know like five or six that live nearby, and of course this beach is a locus for us. You’ve seriously never talked to an EH before?” Cliff was a little incredulous, but Corey was sure he knew parents sheltered their kids when it comes to this stuff, so maybe he shouldn’t feel too surprised.

“There were none in my neighborhood growing up,” Corey explained. “There was this one guy I went to school with but I never talked to him. He was bullied a lot and I kinda felt bad for him sometimes.”

“That sucks. What grade were you in?”

“7th grade.”

“Wow that’s young. Was he just starting to sprout?”


“It’s the slang term for when someone’s beginning to morph.”

“Uh.., let’s see, he was already all green by the time he was in 8th grade and after that he put on a ton of muscle. And when he finally graduated high school he basically looked like you.”

“That’s rough. He was a textbook case. The green skin is usually the first symptom, then you grow in strength and size then stature, until you’re fully developed. Sometimes it takes years.”

“Huh, I didn’t know that.”

“The green usually starts showing in your mid back around when you hit puberty, then spreads to the rest of your body by the time you’re seventeen all the while your body gains muscle and height and your jaw and skull changes too.”


“Though it isn’t always the case. Some of us change at different rates, stages are mixed up and we grow to different sizes.”

Cliff sat up and looked down at Corey. Corey was still in shock at his size because even sitting down he was much taller than him. He tried steadying himself by asking more questions. “Is it true there’s a class system in terms of sizes?”

“Yes,” Cliff answered. “There’s classes one, two and three. One is the smallest and three is the biggest.”

“Which one of you?”


Corey observed every inch of the giant.

“Are you a three?”

“Bingo,” Cliff said with a bit of contempt.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Corey and he felt kinda bad for asking. “So when did you find out?”

“I was a strange case. My skin didn’t start changing color till very late in my transformation.”

“If you don’t mind I would like to know as much as you’re willing to share,” Corey admitted. “This is all very new and interesting stuff to me.”

Cliff inhaled deeply through his nose, clearly considering what he should tell Corey. After a few seconds which felt like hours to Corey, Cliff finally caved. “Before I started changing color,” he said, “things didn’t seem all that bad. I was stronger and taller than all the boys in my grade and even getting bigger than the guys in the grades above me, and I thought that was exciting. I joined the football team and the wrestling team and I dominated in both those sports for years. Everyone loved me and I had loads of friends.”

“Is it true that other things get bigger too?” Corey cut in.

Cliff raised his eyebrows. He knew Corey was referring to his junk and was a clearly little put off by how up front he was. Then again, Corey had been up-front about complimenting him on his choice of clothing, so maybe Corey was just like that.

“Yes, those were getting huge too and that added to excitement. What guy wouldn’t be excited about being jacked? I thought I just got some really good genetic dice rolls.”

“Not so much, huh? What happened after that?”

“You really wanna hear my life story?” Cliff had already said so much to Corey, but he still hesitated to say more.

“I kinda do, that’s the reason I wanted to sit next to you,” Corey said.

“Look, Corey, was it? You’re a cute guy but I don’t think you wanna hear any more of my sob story.”

Corey was taken aback that an EH had called him cute, but he wanted to play it cool so all he said was, “I don’t think anyone’s life story is a sob story.”

Cliff took a deep breath. He didn’t have anything better to do and maybe if Corey listened he could help a human understand EHs more.

“All right, then. If you mean that, let’s walk. It’s a long story and I tell stories better when I’m walking.”

Cliff stood up and stretched, exposing all his hulking muscles. Corey could only stare in awe at the display of strength and hyper masculinity. He hadn’t gotten a good look at Cliff’s back but as was expected it was bursting with bulging muscles. His trap muscles crept high on the back of his neck too.

Cliff started walking down the beach with Corey not far behind. Cliff’s footprints were huge and deep and Corey was having trouble keeping up with the strides of the giant. Everyone of Cliff’s muscles jiggled and bounced and his bulge and butt were no different. Corey kinda felt jealous of Cliff’s body even though he knew he shouldn’t think like that. He’d been short and thin his whole life and being a band kid didn’t help either and he thought there must be some upside to having all those giant muscles and immense strength.

“So when did you find out you were an enhanced human?”

“Well, I was a junior, and it was that summer when I came home from the gym to shower when I saw that there was this tiny patch of green skin on my back when I was posing for a lat spread picture.”

Corey grimaced. He could only imagine the emotions Cliff must have felt in that moment. “Were you sad, angry or upset?”

“At that moment I didn’t feel any of that, I felt scared.”

“It’s scary watching your body transform into what it is now, huh?”

“Yeah, especially when you have no control over it and you’re a class three.”

“Did you tell your parents?”

“That night, no, but as I got bigger and the green was getting harder to hide it. I had to tell them eventually.”

“Yeah? How long did you wait?”

“My coach and gym teachers got suspicious when they caught me all of the sudden changing in a stall for gym class, football and wrestling. Not to mention not wanting to take my shirt off in the pool when I had the best physique in the entire school. That was also not helping my case. One day during senior year of high school I sat my parents down and finally showed them.”

“That must have been rough.”

“My mom took it the hardest. She was crying for hours. Days. She couldn’t handle the fact that her baby wasn’t gonna be a baby for much longer.”

“What about your dad?”

“Like a typical dad. He probably took it as hard as my mom did but he didn’t want to show it.”

Corey couldn’t even begin to imagine what that must have been like. He’d come out to his parents about being gay, but they’d taken it pretty well, all things considered. He’d actually got the typical, “We kinda figured that years ago and were just waiting for you to say something.”

“I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but… do you have any pictures of yourself before you are fully transformed?”

“I don’t have my phone on me, but if you have yours you can go on my Instagram.”

Corey pulled out his phone and Cliff told him what to type in the search bar. He found his account then went to the last post which was several years ago and it was sorta a sympathy post. It was a picture of him shirtless and the green has mostly covered his whole overly muscular body.

The expression on his face said a lot and even then his phone looked so small in his hand and he took up so much of the frame. The description was a long paragraph about how he’s upset about what’s happening and that he was gonna have to tell the world eventually and that he hopes people will still accept him. He mentioned after a blood test it was discovered he was a class three. Then he went on to talk about his teammates and the great times they’d had and how he wished it didn’t have to be this way.

Corey read the whole thing multiple times then looked up at Cliff, a little teary eyed. “I’m sorry you had to go through this.”

“Don’t be. It’s not like it’s your fault.”

“I know, but nobody deserves this.”

Corey kept scrolling down until he hit an even older picture, back before he was green. What surprised Corey the most and almost made him laugh was that before Cliff was too big or had any green skin, he was a complete and total pretty boy jock with a heavy amount of frat bro mixed in. He couldn’t help but let out a quick squeak of a laugh.

The final post was really depressing but seeing this boy posing with his gym bros in the school locker room was so cringey Corey couldn’t help but think it was funny. There were other light-hearted moments posted on his page, from shotgunning beers to rowdy boat parties—Cliff was always up to something fun and exciting.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Not gonna lie, Cliff, you looked like a total tool back then.”

Cliff rolled his eyes. “If you knew me then, I wouldn’t blame you, I totally was.”

“All that attention went to your head and you were a party animal by the looks of it, huh?”

“Being a triple letter star athlete and having good looks made it so easy. I did some pretty unforgivable stuff, but being that popular you can get away with a lot.”

“You were definitely a good-looking guy. I can’t argue that. Were all the girls after you?”

“Oh, yeah they were, and even a few teachers.”

“You were just the center of attention, I’ll bet.”

“Yep, but I lost all of it so quickly, becoming an EH was so suddenly. It humbled me in many ways. Especially when you consider how I wasn’t the nicest to the other EHs that went to my school.”

“Really, you weren’t accepting of them?”

“That’s putting it mildly. I don’t want to get into details but… look, Corey, I did some pretty awful things to a mutant I went to school with. I was never afraid to pick fights with them, either, because by that point I was just as strong as them.”

“The fact that you were as strong as them probably should have been a red flag,” Corey observed. “Or green flag, in your case. Sorry, was that clever or insensitive?”

“We’ll call it both and leave it at that,” Corey didn’t intend to sound mean but he definitely came off that way. “As I was saying, I was told my whole life about how terrible they were so I didn’t think what I was doing was wrong but my whole life changed when I realized I was one of them. That summer after senior year the one I bullied came to my house and actually was kind enough to give me my first arm band even, after I treated him so terribly.”

“Wow, that’s amazing! He forgave you after all that?”

“He forgave me, and even hugged me. Not like a friendly hug, like a full body, face pressed in my chest kind of hug. And I’ll never forget what he said. ‘Welcome home, big guy, we kinda figured you were one of us. It takes one to know one.’ He also complimented me on my appearance, saying I look better than I did when I was human. And I never saw him again.”

“That’s pretty touching, actually.”

“Well, that was five years ago. I do think about him sometimes.”

There was an awkward silence so Corey tried to keep the conversation going. Then Corey remembered something he read online about EHs and wanted to ask but he wasn’t sure if it would make Cliff uncomfortable. “So… according to something I read online, becoming an enhanced human changes things on a mental level too. Did you experience that, too?”

“What didn’t I experience? According to the school social worker I had to start seeing, I had every symptom in the book. Constant hunger, always horny, and would get very angry when I couldn’t satisfy those things. My mood was a roller coaster. One minute I’d be laughing the other I’d be crying. During the morphing process you’re very unstable, it calms down after you finish but getting to that point is a painful process.”

“Sheesh, and what did your parents and friends think of all these changes?”

Cliff sighed and took a minute to recall his memories.

“Well, like I said in that post, it started with some of my friends leaving me. Then my girlfriend broke up with me when the green was getting hard to hide. She didn’t think it was very attractive. The crowds stopped chasing me and I wasn’t invited to parties anymore and I lost a lot of friends. If you could even call them that.”

“You must have been kicked off the team, too. I know they aren’t allowed to compete in sports outside of their own leagues.”

“Sure was. I was kicked off the football and wrestling team, which was devastating because I’d banked a lot on getting scholarships from those and being on a team was everything to me. I had defined myself by those sports and to have it all taken away so quickly—to say it was a difficult time would be the understatement of the century. At the end of the day only a handful of my closest bros stayed in contact with me after I completed my transformation.”

On some level Corey felt bad for prying into Cliff’s life so much and thought he should leave it at that but now he wanted to know even more. Cliff on the other hand almost wanted to keep talking because no one had ever asked about these things, except those who were paid to do it. Corey offered an outlet for Cliff and he almost didn’t want him to go.

“What about your mom and dad? Do you live with them, or talk to them?”

“Nope and nope.”

“That’s sad. I’m sorry to hear that, man.”

“Don’t be, it was my fault really. My dad and I got into an argument about how I was ruining the family. He went on and on about how he was ashamed to say I was his son and that he never liked being in public with me.”

That last part almost had Corey in tears. He could only imagine what it would be like to be berated like that.

“This wasn’t the first time he told me that and after years of having to deal with that finally I had enough. I lost control of myself and I did some terrible and regretful things. At that point I had long finished my transformation so you could imagine I did some real damage, and not just to the house. My mom had to watch too.”

Cliff started to feel distant now lost in the memories of what happened that night. He didn’t want to look at Corey so he stared out into the ocean. He still hasn’t forgiven himself for what he did that night. Corey could only guess there was probably violence involved and it was best not to ask for more details. By now Corey had to fight off a few tears but little did he know Cliff was too. For Cliff that was the turning point of his life the moment he realized things weren’t gonna get easier.

“Were you kicked out?”

“Yes, but I was about to leave them anyway. Thankfully, neither of my parents tried to press charges. I tell myself they didn’t do that because on some level they still loved me.”

That broke Corey’s heart. The fact that someone could so casually say they think their parents don’t love them and the fact Cliff lives with some much regret in his heart made Corey all the more sympathetic. “Where did you live after that?”

“With my friend Brody. An old teammate actually. We’re still roommates to this day, but I think I gotta move out soon. That tiny apartment is not working for me. Luckily, we’re on the first floor so I don’t have to worry about crashing through the floor or anything.”

“Do you have a job?”

“When I moved in with my Brody I had to contribute, obviously, so I got a job in construction and demolition.”

“Someone big and strong like you was probably a great asset in a profession like that. I bet you were appreciated there more than when you were in school or at home.”

Cliff chuckled but sighed. “You could say that. I think I lucked out by joining the unions because most EHs end up having nowhere to go and no one will hire them, so they join the military as a last resort.”

“Why’s that?” Corey could already come up with a few answers but he thought he’d ask first instead of assuming.

“We’re mostly bulletproof—not completely invincible, but we can take more hits than a normal human, and that includes some artillery. Remember when I said we heal quickly? Here, watch this.”

Cliff found a sharp piece of beach glass in sand and cut his forearm deep enough to bleed.

“Dude, what the heck!”

“Just watch.”

The blood stopped and the cut rapidly reknit without even leaving even a scab or scar. Corey took a moment to process what he witnessed.

“Wow, that’s amazing, that’s why you can’t get piercings and need special ink for tattoos.”

“Also, if you tried to do this yourself, you wouldn’t be able to scrape the glass against my skin hard enough to even scratch the surface. It takes an EH level of strength to do that. This goes for most diseases and we can even withstand some levels of radiation.”

That made Corey concerned. “What kind of inhumane experiments were done to prove all that?”

Cliff dipped his head. In his spare time he sometimes spent time looking up the history of mutants and was terrified of what happened to those who came before him in generations past. He’d sometimes lose sleep over what would happen if this country ever went back to that.

“Hey, Cliff, are you okay?”

Cliff shook his head. “What? Yeah, I’m okay. Anyway, you can Google that on your own time.”

Corey took the hint and decided not to press more on that subject.

“So many people don’t consider us humans at all.”

“That makes me kinda sad, because I think you’re a human, just a bigger one. We don’t treat bodybuilders and powerlifters the way we treat you guys. So if you think of it like that you’d think a lot of people would respect you guys for your strength and looks.”

“You’re assuming prejudice is based on rationality.”

Corey was about to say something but instead he kept his mouth shut and thought about what Cliff had just said. Cliff sat down in the sand and Corey sat next to him. Corey was speechless. He didn’t know if he should ask more questions or if he should leave. He really didn’t want to leave though. He thought it wouldn’t be right to get someone talking about their super-personal life and put them in a bad mood, right before ditching them.

“Hey, Cliff.”

“Yeah?” Cliff didn’t even turn his head to look at Corey just stared out to sea.

“I’m sorry I asked you about this stuff. I can tell talking about this has put you in a bad mood. I should have been more sensitive.”

“To be honest with you, I felt better talking to someone about it. It’s not every day someone cares enough to ask how you’re feeling, especially a human. I talked about this a lot with my therapist back when I had one, but they get paid to listen, you don’t.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I’m sure a lot of guys wish they had the strength and size that you do.”

“You think so? I don’t think being twelve feet tall and having so much muscle you can’t move half the time is something a lot of guys want. And the green skin is probably not the envy of a lot of people either. You know, green with envy, eh, get it?” Cliff elbowed Corey enough to knock him to the ground by accident. “Whoops, sorry.”

“Well, I don’t let the green skin bother me, and I think it’s stupid if someone does.”

“You know people have always had issues with other skin colors, what makes this any different?”

Corey hadn’t thought of it like that but Cliff was right people have had issues with skin colors forever, green was just another one to add to the list. Corey wanted to cheer up Cliff but he didn’t know how so without any more words he hugged Cliff’s enormous forearm and rested the side of face on it too. His arm felt solid steel to Corey but it was smooth and warm.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you a hug, don’t you know what those are?” he teased.

“I know what a hug, is but I haven’t had one in years. Not since that EH I bullied gave me one. I don’t hug people because they’re afraid I’ll crush them.”

“What about other EHs? You said you knew a bunch.”

“I know a few EHs, but I’ve never gotten close to enough to be on hugging status. It’s not really in the culture.” That was a complete and total lie. Hugging was a big deal in the EH community, which was why the EH Cliff had bullied hugged him first thing to welcome him in. It was taken very seriously. In reality Cliff didn’t hug anyone, even other EHs, because he still on some level didn’t want to accept that he’d become one. And hugging another EH would confirm that he’d never be a human again.

“Well, I think that’s sad. Big guys need hugs too.”

The longer Corey held on to Cliff’s arm, the more Cliff didn’t know how to feel about it. Should he feel uncomfortable that this stranger pried into his personal life, or should he feel content with that fact this cute boy showed a hand of kindness and affection? Either way, Corey wasn’t letting go and Cliff wasn’t sure what to do.

“Hey, Corey, thank you for the hug, but can you let go?”

“Okay, if you say so.”

Corey reluctantly let go and sat next in the sand next to him, but this time he sat closer. The two boys stayed silent for a few minutes and Corey was getting nervous. He didn’t know if he should say his goodbyes and maybe share his Snapchat or something, but he definitely considered that he might have crossed some boundaries that he shouldn’t have.

“Hey, Cliff?”

Cliff only looked at Corey and raised his eyebrows.

“Can EHs be homosexual?”

Cliff sat up a little in response to that question. After what Corey just did, that question made Cliff nervous. He had to choose his words carefully. “Yes they can, and a very common side effect of morphing is often desiring same-sex intercourse.”

Corey wanted to ask more questions in that vein because in truth Corey was starting to take a liking to Cliff. Corey didn’t even know if Cliff experienced a change in sexuality during his transformation but he wanted to ask to know for sure. He did talk about having a girlfriend when he was in school so Corey thought it was a slim chance but he had to know. Corey had to choose his words carefully.

“When an EH is gay, do they only fall in love with other EHs, or can they fall in love with humans?”

Now Cliff was more nervous and had to choose his words even more carefully. He figured that even in this short time Corey had developed an interest in him. Cliff believed Corey was the cutest sweetheart he’d met in a while but he knew that dating a human was a bad look.

“Corey, I admit you’re cute and sweet and I really enjoyed talking to you, but we can only be friends.”

Corey’s heart hit the bottom of the ocean and somehow he thought it went deeper. He pulled his knees in and squeezed them closer. Not knowing what to say, he just looked at Cliff with big sad eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come on too strong like that.”

“Corey, you just met me. You have no idea what you’re getting into.”

Corey looked away from Cliff. Now he felt bad for even having those intrusive thoughts and feelings toward him. “I know that you’re a good guy that’s been through a lot even if I don’t fully understand it. But I really wanted to fully understand it, or at least get as close as I could to fully understanding it.”

Cliff stood up and looked down at Corey. “Look, you didn’t even know if I liked guys or not and you still got attached so quickly. Don’t you think that’s a bit immature?”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

Corey was almost in tears. This didn’t go unnoticed by Cliff so he got down on one knee so he could speak closer to him. Cliff didn’t want to leave Corey just as much as Corey didn’t want to leave Cliff. He thought leaving him after letting him down like that wasn’t right. Corey, on the other hand ,was internally screaming and wanted to run away.

“Look, I like you, you’re one of the good ones,” Cliff said.

“What do you mean?”

While Cliff thought of a way to respond to that, Corey felt water in the back of his eyes.

“You came up to me and you weren’t afraid like everyone always is when they see a mutant.”

“Because I wanted to get to know you and I don’t know I just started getting attached to your story, to your life, to you as a person.”

“Corey, listen to me,” Cliff said, raising his voice as he spoke. “I’m a green skinned giant that can demolish a house in seconds, has to jerk a cock larger than your body seven times a day at least, and eats like an animal. You don’t want to date me!”

Corey stood up and fear mixed with his despair. “I…I—” Corey squeaked out.

Cliff had scared Corey almost intentionally. He wanted to send the message that he wasn’t lovable but he didn’t want to hurt him badly just enough to make him go away. Corey wanted to run but if he ran he’d prove society right, that mutants were dangerous and the systems that punished them for mere existence were justified. He didn’t want to believe that because he knew it was wrong. Corey knew deep in his broken heart that Cliff wouldn’t hurt him so he stood his ground never breaking eye contact with him. After their intense stare, Cliff finally turned his back and started trudging in the direction of where he was laying before he took a walk with Corey.

“Cliff, you don’t love yourself, do you,” Corey said without moving a muscle.

That struck a nerve deep inside Cliff. Seconds felt like hours as Corey waited for Cliff to say something.

“What gave that away? You think it’s not something I have to deal with every day since I started turning?” Cliff yelled so loud his voice bombed across the beach.

Corey didn’t move or say anything; he thought maybe keeping that distance would be more comfortable for Cliff. Cliff told himself he should keep moving but a force more powerful than his unnatural strength was stopping him. Still with his back turned to Corey he sat down and dipped his head. Then he felt a tight embrace around his arm and it was, of course, Corey.

“You were hugger before you turned weren’t you?” Corey said.

“How’d you guess?”

“On your Instagram there were so many posts of you with your arm around your friends, that’s also why I wasn’t afraid to squeeze your arm the first time.”

Cliff took a second to accept the warm feeling of Corey’s affection and remembered how much he missed being touched by his friends, teammates, family, etc. “Being such a big happy guy, everyone, girls or the bros, wanted to hug me and loved it.”

“Now you’re even bigger but you’re not happier.”


“Well, I don’t like that. You said everyone ran from you but I didn’t because I don’t think you deserve that.”

Cliff took a huge breath. “Hey, Corey, I… lied to you earlier. EHs hug each other all the time, but I don’t because—the truth is, I don’t wanna accept what I am.”

“That’s sad. I’m sure your EH friends don’t like that.”

Cliff didn’t answer that, instead just asked, “Can I hug you back? I promise I won’t crush you.”

“Of course.”

Corey let go of Cliff’s arm then Cliff wrapped up Corey in a full embrace then slowly lowered himself till he was laying on his back. Corey was tiny even when just compared to Cliff’s chest. Corey did his best to spread his arms around Cliff but it was like trying to hug a California king mattress. With Cliff’s oversized arms he could completely cocooned Corey and he loved it.

“Thank you,” Cliff said.

Corey rubbed his face in his pecs making Cliff shiver a little.

“This is more like cuddling than a hug but I’m not complaining,” Corey said.

“Neither am I,” Cliff said.

“I’m glad your chest isn’t hairy. It’s so smooth and warm.”

“I got lucky, some EHs get really hairy post transformation and some even go bald.”

“See, that’s something to be thankful for.”

“Yeah but you know what I’m even more thankful for.”

Corey had a feeling about what Cliff was gonna say. “What would that be? Corey smiled.


Corey rubbed Cliff’s pec while laughing.

“You’re funny, you know that?”

“What, I thought was sweet.”

“It was, now here’s something sweeter.” Corey climbed over Cliff’s mountainous pecs then lowered himself down close to Cliff’s face. Cliff was screaming inside—he knew what Corey was gonna do, but he wasn’t sure if he should stop him or if he even wanted to. Corey took the fact that Cliff didn’t put up any resistance as a sign to keep going. And keep going he did, he gave a sweet kiss on Cliff cheek. Cliff’s giant mutated body filled with so many emotions he hadn’t felt in years. Feelings he thought he’d never feel again. Tears welled in his eyes then streaked down the sides of his face. He blushed so hard that red surfaced even through his dark green skin.

Cliff couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t think. In his rush of emotions, his visceral reaction was to kiss Corey back and he did. His lips were much larger than Corey’s which made it a little awkward and a little slobbery but Corey wouldn’t have had it any other way. Corey’s smile was so bright it was contagious and Cliff couldn’t help but smile back.

“You’re adorable when you blush by the way,” Corey said.

“You’re adorable, period.”

Corey pinched Cliff’s cheek and pulled on it a little then ran his fingers through his hair.

“Also, not to be too weird about it but you do look really sexy in your toga thingy.” Now Corey couldn’t help but blush a little.

“You kinda just admitted you were staring at my butt and junk the whole time you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know,” Corey tried to look away from Cliff’s sleepy gaze. “What you got in there is just so big and I think that’s so hot.”

“You wanna see it get bigger don’t you?”

There was only one thing Cliff could be referring to, Corey thought. “Absolutely!” he said.

Cliff’s smile matched Corey’s. He knew exactly what Cliff was implying and was elated to see that he was warming up to him. “You’re gonna have to wait, though, because I don’t think we should do anything at a public beach. What if someone sees us?” Cliff said.

Corey really wanted to go all the way with Cliff, as soon as possible, but he knew he was right—if they were caught doing anything sexual there would be no good ending to that.

“Okay, fine, but I really do wanna do it at the beach. Wouldn’t that be romantic?”

Cliff laughed at that. He thought about how cheesy this was becoming but he kinda liked that. Sometimes you need some cheese, he thought. At the same time Corey was almost embarrassed about how much he wanted this to be like a chick flick. He thought he was already snuggling with a mutant he just met so at this point why not.

“Okay, buddy, we can do it here. The sun is setting and people should be leaving by now, but we should at least wait till night time. Then we can go to a good spot I know about,” Cliff said.

“So what do you wanna do in the meantime?” Corey said.

“Whatever you wanna do, I guess?”

They looked at each other with soft eyes and smiles. The boys went right back to snuggling and Corey had way too much fun rubbing all of Cliff’s absurdly large muscles. Corey especially loved rubbing his face in Cliff’s pecs and Cliff loved to feel and watch Corey enjoy himself so much. With his huge hand he stroked Corey’s back which he loved. Though Cliff had to really concentrate on not getting hard because the more Corey felt him up the more turned on he was getting.

“Okay buddy, I think that’s enough rubbing. I need to cool off, wanna come with?”

“Of course.”

Cliff took off his toga leaving only his linen undergarments and Corey wasn’t complaining. They went into the water and splashed around together. Cliff had to be careful though because his splashes could capsize a boat but Corey loved being pushed around them. Corey also had a lot of fun jumping off of the shelf of Cliff’s chest and into the water. And he had fun sliding down Cliff’s back. Something else Corey enjoyed was how the water made Cliff’s undergarments cling to his body making his dick print even more visible. Cliff also got the idea to scoop up water with his hands then pour it on Corey.

“This is the best water park in the world!” Corey said.

“I’m glad you’re having fun, buddy.”

“Here, give me your hand.”

Cliff lowered his hand down to where Corey was floating. Corey held onto his hand tightly.

“Lift me as high as you can.”

Cliff did just that and Corey cannon balled all the way down laughing and yelling the whole time. Cliff had forgotten what it was like to have this much fun. Corey had brought a new ray of sunshine into his life after being in the dark for so long.

“Next time I’ll bring a surfboard and you make some pretty gnarly waves for me,” Corey said.

“You know how to surf?”

“No, but I can learn!”

They both laughed. Cliff and Corey continued playing in the water until the sun half below the horizon.

“Cliff, I’m cold,” Corey said in a soft tone.

“Then come here buddy.”

Corey came close and Cliff scooped him and carried him in his arms to the shore. Corey laid on his back using Cliff’s hands as a blanket as he stared at the twilight sky.

“I’m glad I decided to talk to you,” Corey said.

“I’m glad you weren’t scared of me.”

Corey rolled around and patted Cliff’s chest then started rubbing it. Without words Cliff just knew that Corey was getting restless. He knew what he wanted and he was more than ready to give it to him. Cliff didn’t put his wrap back on but folded it neatly. Cliff stood up and placed Corey on his shoulders and started walking down the beach.

“Where are we going?”

“To a special place that I need to show you.”

Corey was intrigued where could Cliff possibly be taking him. They kept walking as the sun vanished underneath the horizon and it became dark out. The only light was that of the moon reflecting off the sea and the dripping water of Cliff and Corey’s body.

“Hey, Cliff, how much longer?”

“Be patient buddy, we’re almost there.”

Cliff finally stopped. Corey found himself in an odd place. Broken boulders and snapped logs were scattered around the sand. It looked like a bone yard. Corey had a feeling what this place was but he wasn’t sure. Cliff didn’t say a word but removed Corey from his shoulders and placed him gently on the ground. Now that he was on the ground he could get a better look around. He noticed something hanging off a tree branch and approached. It was a very tattered white tea-shirt and an equally tattered pair of gym shorts. They didn’t look big enough to fit Cliff but they weren’t small enough to fit a normal human.

“Cliff, what is this place?”

“What do you think this place is?”

“Is this where you let off steam?”

“I said I was kicked out that night. I hurt my dad but in reality that’s not the whole story. I didn’t want to be there anymore either.”

“It was part kicked out, part running away, wasn’t it?”


“And something had to take your anger?”


“Better some rocks and trees than someone’s property or a person,” Cliff said.

“These clothes have been here a while haven’t they?”

“They barely fit me the night I left my house so when I was alone I tore them off and tied them to that tree. I was completely naked except for the arm band. Then the anger got to me and I started wrecking this place.”

“This place is a reminder of what you did and it’s not a happy place is it?”

“No it’s not.”

“They, why’d you bring me here?”

“Because I want to make this a happy place. If I can replace the bad thing that happened here with something happy then I can move on and maybe forgive myself for what I did all those years ago.”

“How many years has it been?”

“Not enough.”

Corey took the hint. “Well, I know what will be enough.”


“The love we’re gonna share.”

Even with only the light of the moon Cliff could clearly see the shiny smile of Corey’s adorable face. Cliff couldn’t help but smile back.

“I’ve never had sex with an EH before, so what am I supposed to do?” Corey said.

Cliff laughed. “I haven’t had sex since I was human sized, so I don’t know either.”

“Let’s start with something slow then. Lay down and we can start warming up.”

Cliff laid down on his back and Corey laid next to his head and naturally they began kissing more intently this time. Corey was struggling at first to make this work but he eventually found a technique where they could have equal footing against Cliff’s much larger lips. Cliff started rubbing his chest, abs, and bulge with his hand. His entire massive body was being filled with Corey’s love and he didn’t want it to stop. Corey then reached into his trunks and started playing with himself. Soon he was fully hard and was kissing Cliff harder. Corey put his hand on the side of Cliff’s face and rubbed his cheek. A strong jolt of pleasure filled Cliff’s dick and it got stiffer. Cliff began sweating as the sexual tension built inside him and filled his boner. He pulled his lips away from Corey.

“Did I do something wrong?” Corey said.

“No, I love your lips on mine but I’m uh…,” Cliff couldn’t help but let out a few soft laughs as he blushed red as a tomato.


“I want to take things slow but I’m gonna have to take my underwear off or else, well—”

“Or else what?”

“See, as you could imagine my boner gets really big and if I don’t take it off I’ll rip it off.”

Corey burst into laughter and Cliff just loved the way Corey snorted when he laughed.

“Show-er and a grow-er, huh? Corey said.

“Oh yeah, you don’t know the half of it. It’s a beast that can’t be tamed.”

“Have you ever done that before?”

“I accidently ripped clothes off once and let me tell you, never again.”

“You’ll have to tell me that story later, but first we’ve got more important things to worry about.”

Cliff reached over and rubbed Corey’s chest with his finger. “Yes, we do.”

A sizable tent was forming and they could both hear the fabric stretching. Cliff undid the knot, letting the fabric fall, then hung it on a nearby tree branch. Corey watched in awe as Cliff’s dick hardened and grew to its full gargantuan size. He looked to be in visible pain as his boner kept growing thicker and taller. Cliff wasn’t kidding when he said his boner was bigger than Corey’s entire body. What amazed Corey wasn’t just the sheer size of his member but that he could hear the muscle stretch and the blood pumped into the shaft, it sounded like a loud heartbeat. Cliff’s boner grew as thick as his forearm and tall enough to reach the middle of his chest. Compared to the rest of his body it still looked gigantic. Finally it stopped and looked obscene.

“Woah…” Corey muttered.

“It’s…not…done…yet,” Cliff gasped out.

His balls, which were already huge, rapidly swelled filling with so much sperm Corey could hear them filling. Cliff was trying to steady his breathing when he looked toward Corey. Then from the head to the middle of the shaft it turned red.

“Okay, now it’s done.”

“That’s incredible.”

“Class three, dude,” Cliff said.

“How many times did you say you get hard in a day?”

“At least eight but the feeling is always there. Whenever an EH gets that feeling we have to find a place to jerk immediately because unlike normal human erections EH one’s don’t go away over time. We have to bust to make it soft. Even Class one’s are large enough to be a problem.”

“And for class three’s that’s non-negotiable.”

“Definitely. How about you, are you hard yet?”

“It’s been hard since the moment we started kissing.”

“Oh, buddy.”

Corey pulled off his trunks and smiled at Cliff.

“Sorry, I’m not as big as you and I’m sorry I can’t take an erection of that size. I’d love to get my back blown out by that.”

“Buddy, I knew you wouldn’t be able to take it and I don’t care that you’re not as big as me. We’ll figure something out.” Cliff sat up with his legs open then patted his thigh. “Take a seat.”

Corey sat on Cliff’s thigh and started rubbing his abs while playing with himself. Needless to say Cliff’s abs felt like bricks.

“That’a boy,” Cliff said.

Cliff, with one hand rubbing Corey’s back and the other on his enormous boner, he started jerking. Loads of pre-cum started oozing out of Cliff’s boner and made the long descent down his shaft.

“Heavy, pre-cumer, huh?” Corey said.

“All EHs are. When we’re hard our bodies increase sperm production and our balls can’t hold all of it.”

“Is that why they swelled like that?”


“I think that’s hot, it’s like you’re self-lubing.”

Corey reached over and started rubbing Cliff’s boner. To him it felt like the smoothest steel and it was very warm, almost hot to the touch. Cliff shuddered and gasped for air as even that soft touch was enough to consume him with sexual pleasure. More pre-cum choked out of his boner and Corey loved watching the fountain of cum.

“Keep rubbing, please,” Cliff said.

“I have a better idea.”

Corey maneuvered himself onto the base of Cliff’s boner wrapping his legs around it like he was riding a horse then started rubbing the sides of Cliff’s dick. Cliff started moaning as more pre-cum poured out. Corey couldn’t stop himself; he had to jerk using Cliffs pre-cum as lube. With one hand still rubbing Cliff’s shaft and other stroking himself the boys were in- sync with each other. Cliff couldn’t believe this was happening just as much as Corey couldn’t. Corey was edging by this point and was soon to bust.

“I’m gonna cum!” Corey said.

He pointed his dick down then shot his load onto Cliff’s dick, which was already coated in a layer of white. Corey leaned back onto Cliff’s abs with his hand behind his head and felt more than satisfied. Cliff on the other hand was still jerking but was very close to cumming. He’d created a small puddle of pre-cum underneath his balls so Corey thought how much more could his load be?

“I’m gonna blow,” Cliff yelled.

Cliff roared in pleasure so loud all the birds from the nearby palm trees flew away. His whole body, including his dick quaked. Corey became scared of what his load was gonna be like. A large lump traveled up Cliff’s boner making it swell even larger. Then a beam of cum surged out of the tip so high that it well surpassed the trees and came crashing down by the bucket full. Corey pressed himself against Cliff’s abs because the shelf of his pecs acted as cover from the downpour of white.

Firstly the space between Cliff’s legs was filled making a pool of creamy sperm but he wouldn’t stop cumming and soon Cliff was coated in white and was sitting in a pound of cum. Cliff kept roaring the whole while he refused to stop cumming. Corey couldn’t believe his eyes once again. Inside Cliff’s mind, all he could think about was his love for Corey and how he hadn’t ever cum this hard before. Corey just laid back and enjoyed the show.

After some time Cliff’s cum eruption was starting to calm down. The solid beam slowed down to several ropes then to a peter ending with some extra cum choking out. The smell was intoxicating and Corey even felt light headed from the fumes. The surrounding tree’s, rocks and sand were drenched in Cliffs cum. Cliff himself was absolutely coated too. Even Corey wasn’t safe underneath his pecs anymore because it was starting to flow down his abs and drip onto Corey. Cliff, now exhausted, laid down and Corey laid down on top of him.

“I love you so much buddy,” Cliff said.

“I love you too,” Corey said.

Corey kissed Cliff cum coated pec, tasting a bit of it. “You made a mess, Mr. Clifford.”

Cliff found it adorable that Corey called him by his full name.

“Yeah, I’ve never cum that hard before.”

“Is it because you love me?” Corey said with a cheeky grin.

“You bet.”

They laid there for a little while longer before Cliff said, “We should probably wash up.”


Cliff took his now soaked clothing off the tree branch and Corey had to splash around to find his trunk sunk beneath the pond of sperm.

Cliff carried Corey to the water where they washed up and put their clothes back on then Cliff picked up Corey and carried him to shore.

“Now what?” Corey said.

“I wanna take you home with me, but I don’t think my roommate will like that.”

“Then come home with me.”

“What about your parents? I thought you said they didn’t like EHs.”

“Right.” Corey thought for a second he didn’t want to leave Cliff so quickly he wanted to fall asleep in his arms and wake up with him by his side.

“Listen buddy, if you wanna meet up another day we can I don’t wanna get you in trouble. You have my Instagram, you can DM me your phone number and stuff.”

Corey came up with an idea but he didn’t know how Cliff would take it. “Are you okay with sleeping outside? There’s a forest behind my house and there’s enough trees to hide you, plus a fence. You can lay low there, then when my parents are asleep I can slip out the window. My house has just the one floor so that’s easy and I’ll just make sure I’ll be back in before my parents wake up.”

Cliff was a little taken aback by this plan but then again on nice nights he would sleep outside on the back lawn back when he lived with his parents. Not to mention the night he ran away he slept on the sand under the stars.

“Okay buddy, how far is your house?”

“Not far, I took my bike so just follow me.”

“Before we do that, I’ll need to put on the human style clothes that I brought. I left them hanging on a tree back where I was laying when you found me.”

Cliff and Corey walked back to where he was laying where they first met. Corey was riding his shoulders the whole time. What Cliff had brought to wear other than his toga was just a pair of shorts and what looked like a homemade tank top but the cutting and hem work seemed too neat to be homemade.

“Where’d you get those clothes?”

“What, you didn’t know there’re companies that make clothes for EHs?”

“No, why would I shop at them?”

“I told you I can’t wear my traditional clothes to work or the store and where do you think I got a toga that fits me?”

“Good point.”

Corey led Cliff to the bike rack near the parking lot. No cars were there, it was very late after all. At this point Corey thought to check his phone because he hadn’t checked it in hours. The time read 11:37 and there were a slew of texts from his mom asking where he was.

“One second, I have to text my mom back.”

“Take your time.”

After Corey had assured his mom through text that he was fine and that he was just away from his phone for a while he got on his bike and rode off with Cliff close behind. There wasn’t a soul out at this hour but every time a car passed by Cliff he did get uncomfortable. Corey’s house was not far away but farther than Cliff thought it would be.

He was entering a predominantly normal human residency for the first time in years. It wasn’t illegal for him to be here but to say his kind wasn’t welcome would be an understatement. In the neighborhood there was a forest just like Corey said but it wasn’t very dense.

“My house should be coming up soon. That’s the entrance to the forest preserve, go in and keep walking till you find the house with the trampoline in the back yard and just hang out till I get there.” Corey said before hugging Cliff’s arm and giving it a kiss.

“See ya soon, buddy.”

They parted ways and now Corey had to play it cool while also not making Cliff wait too long. When Corey arrived at his front door he took a deep breath then entered the house. The living room was dark and so was the dining room and kitchen. He was expecting the classic scene from every teen drama movie where the parents would be waiting in the living room to berate the kid about their whereabouts but no they were both asleep. Needless to say Corey was very relieved by that.

He didn’t want to keep Cliff waiting but he was hungry and thirsty he was certain Cliff was too. Corey snagged some leftovers and a cookie for Cliff as well as himself. For water he would just bring those hose around from the house. He snuck out the back and turned on the hose before dragging it out.

“Hey, big guy. I brought you something. It’s not a lot but I thought you might be hungry.” Corey handed Cliff the leftovers, then the hose.

“Thanks, buddy.”

Cliff ate the whole thing in nearly one bite. Then he took the hose and used it like a fountain.


“Imma hungry boy.”

“I can see that, now let me go turn off the hose and we can get to cuddling.”

Corey ran to the house, turned the hose off and ran back; he couldn’t wait to be in Cliff’s arms once again. He found Cliff laying down with his arms open without his shirt or shorts on. Corey curled up into a ball on Cliff’s abs and Cliff wrapped his arms around him like a blanket.

“Good night, little buddy.”

“Good night, big guy.”


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