Hunk in a trunk

by MegaMaker

Being a lifeguard can be boring. Lucas sure feels that way, until a hunk of man shows up and shows him some love.

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During the week the town pool was lifeless. Today was Wednesday, which meant I was the only one here. No sun bathers or swimmers to be seen. The water of the pool I was watching had gone still. Not a wave or a ripple to be seen. 

Even my boss took off as he felt I could handle myself. Legally we had to have a lifeguard on duty even if no one is here. There’s always that chance that someone might show up.

Monday through Friday was boring as could be, all the action was on the weekends. Sadly, I didn’t work weekends so every day would be a whole shift of messing around my phone. Sometimes I brought a book. Occasionally, we’d get some people but most of the time it was just me. It was too early in the season and it would get busy during the summer.

Maybe I shouldn’t be upset though, what could be better than nobody drowning or having to tell kids to quit screwing around. 

From the locker room entrance I heard thumping. I wasn’t sure what that was so I put my phone down to look closely at the opening.

Shortly after I heard the footsteps a man squeezed himself out of the opening. I do mean squeezed, this guy had so much muscle and was so tall he had to duck and turn sideways then shimmy his way out, and even then he really struggled to fit. Even from where I was sitting in my lifeguard chair, I could see that he was much taller than it. The opening to the pool area was a huge carving in the wall so how he fit through normal doors was a mystery to me. I didn’t think this guy was real, who he could be, I thought.

Immediately I noticed how his ears flowed right into his traps. I wasn’t sure how much neck mobility he had because in combination with those traps was a set of shelfy far reaching pecs that touched his chin. Needless to say he didn’t have much of a neck left. 

His arms were pushed up by his lats. And his arms were enormous and packed with bulging muscles too. The three heads of his shoulders were defined and they were bigger than his real head. One shoulder had a tribal tattoo on it that went down to his elbow. 

Each step demonstrated that he walked with a lumberingness because of how much muscle was hanging off his thighs. Shockingly his calves were nearly as big as they were.

I was amazed he wasn’t sporting a bloated roid gut instead he had flat washboard abs, an eight pack at that with rippling obliques and a half decent tapper too. The last thing I saw which I didn’t want to admit I was staring at was his ass. This guy was thicc and I mean his butt was gargantuan! The front wasn’t any less impressive if it weren’t for the outline I’d think he’s shoved a football in his trunks. Speaking of his trunks, it was hard not to notice his giant butt and bulge because this guy was wearing only a red and black speedo.

A tight and revealing one at that and it barely fit him. Of course he was wearing it low, really showing off his V and his butt was sticking out of top, bottom and sides. That wasn’t the striking part, written on the back in bold white text is the word “Hunk.” 

Aside from that he was wearing a couple of risk bands, one of them was a rainbow. Lastly, he had big blue diamond earrings. Why do gays guys always wear speedos, I thought.

This guy was by far not the first gay guy to show up to this pool in a speedo but he was by far the best looking. He really did sport the speedo well. His almost grotesque amount of muscle wasn’t the only thing he had going for him. 

He had neat short blonde hair with a fade. He did have scruff that connected to his head hair. Big plump blushy cheeks, small round nose and he had big baby blue eyes as well as eyebrows that forced him to look a little sad. 

While I had to admit the giant of man did look really sexy in his speedo, the rules state you can’t wear those. This is a family place.

Right when I was about to get up to tell him he dove into the pool with extreme grace. For his size he made a really subtle splash too. His graceful dive and tiny splash wasn’t the only surprise. Despite him having so much muscle mass he looked uncomfortable and immobile he was extremely athletic and flexible in the water. Each stroke of his was elegant and smooth. He did more than a few laps without even surfacing for air when he finally did I think ten full laps he rested at the side of the pool. Now’s my chance to tell him about the no speedo rule, I thought. I got up from my life guard chair and walked over to him. 

“Hey there,” I said.


His voice was deep which I wasn’t surprised by but what I was surprised by was how soft it was.

“What’s your name, big guy?”

He seemed to like being called that. “Poe.”

Of course it was, I thought.

“What’s your name?” he said.


This close I got a better look into his face. His eyes had an almost sparkle to them and his soft yet powerful voice was soothing to my ears.

“Okay, look, Poe, at this pool the rule is no speedos allowed. Especially ones that small and tight. This is a family place,” I said.

“But I don’t like wearing board shorts when I swim. They’re uncomfy. I don’t like wearing pants either because my thighs are so big. And I’ve been wearing speedos since I started swimming competitively.”

That must be the reason he could swim so well, I thought. I was about to tell him that rules are rules but Poe gave the saddest eyes I have ever seen. It really meant that much to this guy to be able to wear one. His eyes only got bigger and he even curled his lower lip. Being able to say no was getting harder. Nobody was here and not even my boss was and he wasn’t wearing a thong or a solar but an actual speedo made for competitive swimming or diving so I guess it’s fine.

“Fine, you can keep your speedo on.”


He flexed both his arms and I realized how he must not be able to touch his shoulders from how big his biceps were.

When Poe was done showing off his huge arms, he swam off to keep doing laps. Yet again I was surprised by how this lumbering lug of oversized muscles can swim so flawlessly and stay underwater for so long. When Poe came back around, I asked him how long he’s been swimming. 

“I’ve been swimming, diving and playing water polo since I was in fifth grade.”

“Not going to lie when I saw you squeeze your way out here, I thought you were so big that you couldn’t move very well. But you’re actually very athletic and flexible.” 

“I get that a lot when people see me. They think I’m on roids but nope I’m all natural,” he said.

“Then I gotta ask, how did you get so big both in height and muscles?”

“My body doesn’t make myostatin and the part of my brain that makes growth hormones never shut off after I hit puberty.”

“What did your parents do once they found this out?”

“At first they tried to treat it, but nothing was working.”

“So you just kept growing into the muscular giant you are now?”


“Does that mean you’re in a constant state of puberty?”


“That’s gotta suck?”

“Honestly, I was okay when none of that stuff worked. I like being a big boy!”

Poe puts on a flexing show by popping his pecs, flexing his arms and flaring his lats. The sheer amount of gorgeous muscles was a sight unmatched.

“What makes this even better is that I’m expected to keep growing!” Poe climbed out of the pool and sat on the edge with his enormous legs dangling in the water. Even sitting down, he was taller than me.

“That’s terrifying. How big do you think you’re gonna get?” I asked while not being able to take my eyes off his dripping wet muscles. 

“Don’t know but I can already pull a train across the track so hopefully I can pull a whole line of them.”

I didn’t want to believe that to be true but looking at him I couldn’t deny that as a possibility.

“So you like lifting?”

“Oh yeah, I use train parts because normal weights are too light for and even better working out makes me grow even bigger and faster!”

Poe bounced his pecs a little more. Such a memorizing sight to watch that amount of meat move.

“Then how old are you?”




“Has this condition caused health problems?”

“Nope, my only challenge is I have to eat a lot, I have to sleep thirteen hours instead of eight, I’m always hot.”

“I could imagine.”

“That’s why I like being in the water a lot because it helps keep me cool and I hate wearing clothes so It’s an excuse to wear speedos which are so comfy. Keeping cool while looking cool.”

“That makes sense, you’re like an elephant or a hippo or a rhino.”

“Yep, I also have to jerk a lot. You know all those raging hormones gave me huge muscles but also a lot of boners.”

I was a little put off that Poe was that up front with me. “If you get hard a lot then wearing speedos must be risky.”

Poe laughed at that.

“Oh yeah, I get a lot of speedo boners. And I’ve torn them off a bunch of times during meets or practice.”

I gulped the thought of that terrified me. And again this guy was being up front with me out of nowhere.

“I ripped them off so many times that I got custom ones but that’s only to contain my softies. When it’s hard I’m still gonna rip it.”

“How did that not get you kicked off the team?”

“My condition is considered a disability so they couldn’t. Plus, I was the reason my high school won state every year, so they wouldn’t. I already won state from my college for swim/dive and polo my freshman year too.”

“Was it at least embarrassing?”

“It was at first, but it did get me laid more than once.”

By this point I shouldn’t be surprised that the sexy muscle monster with a huge cock and pretty face had game but still you’d think guys would be intimidated by that so I had to ask.

“How did ripping your speedo off with a hard-on get you laid?”

“Two times I got a teammate of mine to give me a blow job after I tore it off. And one I got I slept with a team member of the opposing team. Turns out a lot of swimmers are bi or gay and love guys with giant muscles and giant boners. I have a tendency of making guys realize they’re gay or make gay guys come out.”

“After what you told me I guess so.”

“A lot of people think I’m not all here, which is mostly true. Swimming, lifting, eating, jerking and sleeping is my life. But I know enough to know that a lot of guys think I’m hot. And I tend to pull guys out of the closet even if I don’t sleep with them.”

“Must be a nice skill to have.”

“You bet, but you know… I think you’re a pretty hot guy, too.”

I blushed for the first time in probably years. “I mean, I think I’m good looking, but hot?”

“Your muscles are so big and your face is so pretty I thought you were a model for men’s health. Your eyes are soft like mine and I think your nostril piercing on your small round nose is cute too. Smooth latino skin without a hair in sight, you’re a real pretty boy.”

Whether Poe was hitting on me or simply complimenting me I couldn’t tell. 

“You know, I’d think you’d look great in a speedo.”

All right, that settled it. He was definitely hitting on me. Worst yet I felt flattered by that. I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything but I couldn’t look away from his beautiful eyes. When I could finally work up to say something, I said really stupidly.

“Yeah, I work out a lot. I weigh 260 pounds and yeah….”

My words trailed off as I got to the end of the sentence. Poe kept smiling and looked at me with his bedroom eyes.

“You must have a girlfriend,” Poe said.

“I don’t,” I said.

“Are you straight?”

I wanted to break down crying. “I don’t know anymore.”

“You like what you see, don’t you?”

The longer I didn’t say anything the wider Poe smiled. I didn’t say a word but Poe put his arm around me and pulled me closer. With the kind of strength he was wielding, resisting would have gotten me nowhere.

“I’ve always had a thing for examining hot guys and when I saw you. I could help but be shocked by how buff and beautiful you were.”

I put my hand on his chest and caressed it. That caressing turned into hefting and squeezing. That was more than enough to turn Poe on. He chuckled as I watched in terrified awe as his speedo started stretching from his hardening cock. 

It seemed to never stop growing, getting longer and thicker with each passing second. Poe just looked at me with those same bedroom eyes. When it finally finished hardening, his balls were hanging out from the outstretched leg holes and the waistband was also pulled away exposing most of his shaft. Holes were torn open in the seams of his speedo. This giant man wearing only a speedo was sitting next to me with a giant boner.

“Oops,” Poe said sarcastically.

I was at a loss for words so all I could choke out was, “That’s huge…”

“Yep, a full 18 inches!”

With his palm Poe massaged the head of his dick, which made a stain appear on the fabric.

“That’s hot…” I muttered out.

Poe stood up to stretch. Every obscenely massive muscle bulged and flexed. The sun reflecting off his wet body. His giant hard meat was swinging around as he did that. 

“It’s gonna get bigger if I don’t take care of it. Maybe you wanna help me take care of it before I tear my favorite speedo off.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

Poe scooped me up in arms without warming and held me like a princess.

“I didn’t ask to be carried.”

“You didn’t have too.”

“I bet this lightweight for you?”

“Like a feather.”

He started walking toward the locker rooms. Each step of it was making a thumping noise. Also I could hear the fabric of his speedo stretch more and I even heard some threads snapping. We were right at the entrance when,


His speedo tore clean off leaving him naked. His huge boner flung up at lightning speed. I watched his shaft gain more length and girth.

“Oops, again.”

“That’s so huge…”

“Yep, now it’s about 21 inches.”

“That’s so big.”

He put me down so he could squeeze himself back in the locker room. With the added difficulty of his dick being much larger than it was when he first came out here. When he finally got in I followed after picking up the remains of his shredded speedo. Wouldn’t want the boss to find that.

He went to the showers and sat down. With both hands he started jerking off while smiling at me.

“You’re just getting right into it?”



His strokes were causing ropes of pre-cum to shoot out. Enough had oozed out for his dick to lube it.

“Self-lubing, it’s super handy,” he said.

“I see that.”

“It’s your turn to get those trunks off and show me what you’ve got.”

I pulled down my shorts and I almost felt ashamed that my dick wasn’t as big as his.

“That’s a nice dick,” he said.

“You think so?”

“Just looking at it is making me pre-cum more.”


That time his rope hit the ceiling. He laughed at that. “C’mon buddy, I won’t bite.”

I walked to him slowly before sitting on the floor next to him. Not sure what else to do I started jerking.

“There you go,” he said.

“Can I play with your muscles?”

“Of course! What’s the point of having big strong muscles if you have no one to share it with?”


“Where do you wanna start?”

“Can I feel your arm?”


He squeezed bicep making it burst into a huge round ball much bigger than my head. I reached out like I was afraid it would burn me. When my fingers made contract it quickly turned into stroking then squeezing.


Poe laughed again.

“You make a lot of pre-cum. What are your loads like?”

“There’s a reason I wanted this to be a place where there was a drain on the floor.”


“You’ll see.”

The two of us kept jerking together. I played with more of his muscles too. Every caress of his arm, shoulder, and especially his pecs made cum squirt out. Each rope hitting the ceiling. Soon enough the shower was getting messy with the many splats of Poe’s pre-cum.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Of course!”

I wasn’t sure how to get to his face as it was so far up plus his chest extended so far it made a thick barrier between my lips and his.

“How am I going to get to your lips?”

“Like this!”

He picked me up from under my arms and brought me closer to his face. I had to climb over his chest to his lips but when I did. It was spectacular. Deep in our make out my eyes were closed but I could hear the rapid splattering of Poe’s jets of cum. I myself was getting wet too. Pre-cum was dripping down my shaft. Poe was making me feel things I’ve never felt before. He may have been able to hold his breath for a long time but I couldn’t so I had to break away.

“How was it?”

“I loved it.”

“You know you’re in the perfect position for something.”

“For what?”


He tightened his grip on me then pushed me down onto his boner. Like a rod of hot iron his hard cock was shoved inside me. I clenched my teeth and gasped in a flurry of pain and pleasure. With his hands he moved me up and down on his shaft. I was being used like a flesh-light. Our moaning and grunting was in sync and the pain turned into full pleasure. His overwhelming strength and power felt protecting not dominating. I was safe in his arms and satisfied by his dick. Tighter his squeeze became and I only felt safer and blissful as he did. My own dick was rubbing against his abs so hard and his giant boner hitting all the right spots inside me. I felt like I was going to cum without even touching my dick and sure enough I did. Like a hose my dick cummed a huge long rope. It splashed on Poe’s abs and dripped down like syrup down rocks. Poe roared like an animal as he came inside me. My insides felt like they were being power washed. Cum spilled everywhere and flooded the floor around us.

“Poe! I can’t!” I yelled.

He pulled me off his dick and held me tight. The beam of sperm broke one of the lights from how strong the pressure was. Soon enough the entire locker room was covered floor to ceiling in white. He himself looked like he was covered in frosting, and I wasn’t much better. When he finally stopped he was out of breath and gasping for air. His face was red and his dick was vibrating. How this much sperm was able to be produced by one man will remain a mystery to me. I’m just happy he found me and gave me this experience.

“You okay?” I said.

Through sharp breaths and some chuckles he said, “Better after that load. I needed that.”

“When was the last time you came?”

Poe laughed. “Before I left my house to go to the pool.”

“Jeez, and you don’t leave a mess at your house?”

“I have a device that I hook my dick up to and come into the tanks. I call it my cum pump.”


“As much as I would love to bask in this mess, I’m sure your boss will get mad if this isn’t cleaned up. Or worse if someone walks in.”

“Oh, yeah.. that would be bad.”

We spent some more time cuddling before we parted. I pulled my cum soaked trunks on. With the hose inside the locker room. I started the laborious process of hosing the place down. First I sprayed down myself then Poe so he could be clean. After that he went to a locker and pulled out his bag to put on a spare speedo.

“You just carry spare speedos on you?” I said.

“When you go through them like I do, then you learn to keep extras on you.”

“Makes sense.”

I got a floor squeegee from the janitor’s closet and handed it to him. Together we worked to clean up the mess. What made this task extra difficult was how viscous his sperm was. It was like cream.

“Your sperm count must be through the roof.”

“You bet it is!”

He sounded very smug about the fact. Hours had passed before the locker room was presentable again. It was about time to close too. So I quickly did the closing shift duties which really wasn’t much and Poe and started getting ready to leave.

“You’re not gonna put clothes on?” I said.

“Why would I do that to you?”

Poe made that smug smile.

“Poe, after meeting you and what we did today. I think I might have feelings for you.”

“Yeah, I bet you do.”

“Can we go on a real date and maybe do what we did again?”


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As the years of their relationship went on Poe kept growing and ended up being twelve feet tall and weighing several tons. Lucas started wearing speedos and loved it. Poe went pro in water polo and gained international fame for it and afterwards he became a swim coach for those wishing to become pros. Lucas sometimes bragged about being married to a celebrity like Poe. Lastly, Lucas quit his boring job at the local pool and started teaching kids how to swim at a local youth support center. Needless to say, this was a fulfilling job. He’d come home after doing what he loved to a man he loved more.

4,296 words Added Mar 2024 4,659 views 4.6 stars (5 votes)

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