The salt: the lab assistant

by RdyRoger

Helping out at the lab where a scientist is developing very effective body enhancement formulas can expose you to temptations too tough to resist.

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My name is Jonathan and I worked at the University as an intern. I work with Dr Joseph—in the lab making notes and cleaning up and servicing his synthesizer machines and I did my best to be invisible and Dr Joseph—worked in male GF factors. I was 17 years old and I was gay, as a lot of the brighter students were who dove into a book to avoid the whole sex and dating and coming out thing.

I was underdeveloped for an 17 year old, I was only 5’4” tall and a lot of people thought I was 14. I was a skinny white kid and I was pretty blah. Frankly I was a wimp. It sucked to be a College Freshman and be mistaken for a High School Freshman. But most of the people weren't being mean, not at the University level. I did get carded everywhere I went. I have to tell you that I tried. I ran track and I was okay but not too fast. I pumped weights but they only toned my muscles, I don't have that natural bodybuilding gene, like Travis did, who was the Doc's nephew. He grew up big and muscled and huge in one year, he was almost unrecognizable. Not that the change wasn't a good one. I should have seen it then, but I didn't. I really should have. But when the Doc was in the hospital, and Travis spent every night in the lab poring over the Doc's notes, and the Doc made a miraculous recovery and grew about a half a foot taller and his hair changed color… then, I noticed. I wasn't … I'm not dense, it just wasn't possible. But it was. Because I saw it happen with my own eyes.

When Doc took off for vacation to Hawaii for 3 entire weeks, that's when I had the time to investigate. And I was really at loose ends. It was summer, classes were over, and I was pretty lonely. I cruised guys on the internet, and hooked up a bit, but I wasn't really, well, I was what they would call milquetoast. Bland. Blah, not just my body but my personality. I didn't like it rough or crazy and I didn't want to pierce myself or take it up the ass or even fuck someone. I had a squashed libido to go with my squashed dick. It wasn't really squashed, but it might as well have been. I remember the Doc telling Travis one day, “Someone's got to be small for someone else to be big.”

I backed out of the lab door and came back in ten minutes later. I didn't want to enter on that note.

So, I had the summer to work for the Doc, but the Doc was gone, and I put the lab in order and then I got out his notes and began to decipher them. GF-2010-M-143-X was interesting, as were some of the earlier “Salts” as I'd heard them referred to by Doc and Travis. I laughed quietly at that. Did they even get the Jekyll-Hyde reference to that? In the case of these salts, however, standard NaCl was used as a stabilizer and preservative and transport agent. The actual DNA modifiers were only a small fraction of any of the Salt. But I digress. I'm still even now a science geek.

So I made lists and compiled ideas. I discovered the coded pages that were pretty easy to figure out were Travis' friends and relations… I'd guessed Doc had been dosing the boys discretely, but then I found his journal and read what he wrote there.. about Travis, and Trey, and Greg. About how Travis had dosed himself and the others and finally Doc when he was in the hospital and how that changed his life. Doc had even admitted he'd taken a bit more GF for genitals and some libido enhancer. He wrote about how he fantasized now about taking some of the salts he was developing and what they did. Wow. He'd made some strides. The new formulas were more controlled, although the 135 seemed to have done just fine by the Doc and his buddies. I toyed with the idea of an alternate that was more extreme, but then I settled back on the 143-X. That was something that was something new. It was a Salt that made you taller and developed your primary and secondary sexual characteristics, muscle, hair, testicles, cock, libido, but also increased your muscle density and had what Doc called the X factor. He'd discovered in his researches that some people lived more… extreme lives with bigger personalities and others like me were very bland. So he'd developed this X factor to change that up for people, as a modification to their personalities and desires.

Hey, I wasn't much happy with myself and believe me if you were me you would want to be somebody else too. Not just on the outside but on the inside too.

I figured I could start out small and see how things went.

I tried two tablespoons of the Salt 143-X. I mixed it in a sports drink and then I drank it. I didn't realize that it was so efficacious. So I didn't make it out of the lab that day, I was quickly overtaken by drowsiness and then I was asleep on the Doc's sofa. I slept well into the late evening. I woke up and I was naked.

The lights were out and the casement windows were dark. I managed to stumble to the lights and then I got a real shock. See, I'd forgotten about the Salt when I woke up. I was sleepy. But I woke up quick. Everything was wrong. The room was too small and the light switch was in the wrong place and I didn't remember undressing but my clothes were on the sofa. But then I saw that the tatters of my clothes were on the sofa. They were shredded. My shorts and t shirt was exploded and so were my underwear and even my shoes.

I was really disoriented and had a funny taste in my mouth and things were not normal. I was confused and fuzzy headed despite my alarm. But I didn't feel freaked out like I expected. I was naked but not… ashamed, or weirded out. After a trip to the faucet in the lab and drinking about a gallon of water it seemed I was feeling better. I took stock of my situation. Then I remembered on the back of Doc's office door was a cheap full length mirror he'd hung there recently, when he started dressing better.

I went there and looked in the mirror. I blinked and looked again. What I saw didn't make sense. I was very different. My muscles were much larger- where I had pipecleaner legs and arms before, I now had muscles, big thighs and upper body well developed. But what I also had was a real cock and real balls for the first time in my life. My hair was a lot shaggier, it brushed my shoulders. I found a tape measure and measured myself. I was 5’10” tall. Six inches taller. And a lot more muscled. And my face was more masculine, better proportioned too. And I had hairy pits under my arms and my pubes were brown and curly.

I should have been freaked out, but I wasn't. I suddenly realized it was probably the X factor. I felt different. There was a different feeling in my blood, a new rhythm. I gathered my things and walked naked back to my apartment. It was really late. I came across a couple of people who reacted to me in a shocked or startled manner but I didn't really care. I mean, it was just skin. And I didn't have clothes anyway and it was 2 in the morning and I made it home without doing more than scaring a few ladies (in whom I had little interest) and causing a notice to appear in the school paper about a streaker running across campus. I wrote them a letter. I was walking, not running, therefore I couldn't be a streaker. But that was the next day.

That night, I unlocked the door, said hi to my startled roommate as I walked by into my room and shut the door. Sleep found me again pretty quickly.

The morning light woke me and I felt much better, things didn't have such a dreamlike quality to them.

I was horny. But that was pretty normal in the mornings, even if the nice 8 inch cock that was so hard it was straining to make it to 9 inches wasn't. I jerked off… took my time about it too. Played with my ass and nipples, they felt electric, very good. I was discovering sensual pleasure. The light in the window looked brighter than normal to my senses. The coffee in the kitchen smelled better than it ever had. All the colors seemed brighter and I realized the X factor had heightened my perceptions, and my sensual awareness. Smells were wonderful. Music was hypnotic.

I weighed myself. I was 195 lbs at 5’10” tall. That was pretty muscular.

I went to work, read up some more on the formulas, which seemed easier to understand. I wondered if the X factor had increased my intelligence.

I didn't want to be alone, I wanted company today. My feet took me to the campus gym and before I knew it I was working out like I'd never been able to. I developed a big pump right away, and the sweat running down my skin was erotic.

“Mind if I work in?”

I looked up to see a tall skinny guy smiling down at me. He told me his name was Jack and he was one of the basketball players. He was pretty tall, 6’6” or so, red hair and blue eyes. And he was cute. I could tell he liked me. I spotted him on the bench press and he couldn't take his eyes off of my package, dangling in my sweat shorts right over his face, all wrapped up tight and on display for him. I laughed. He smiled.

We made a date for that evening.

“I love a hung guy,” Jack whispered in my ear as we hugged goodbye after the workout. I'd been tempted to go to the showers but now I suddenly had another mission in mind. I jogged/almost ran back to the lab and grabbed a sports drink from the fridge. I dumped in another two tablespoons of 143-X and one tablespoon of the genital enhancer and another tablespoon of the libido sex performance enhancer. I chugged it down and wiped my mouth. I laid down to take a nap on the sofa in Doc's office.

It was only just after lunchtime and I wasn't meeting Jack until after 9pm. I was pretty sure I'd be awake by then.

It didn't seem very long before the room dimmed and I fell asleep.

I woke in the early evening. The lab was dark and once again I was naked. I felt different, thicker and heavier. My head was shoved up against the sofa armrest and my legs and feet were scrunched as well. I unlimbered myself in the dark and walked unsteadily to the wall and groped for the light switch. It wasn't there, then I remembered that it was lower now. I reached down and clicked the light on. I was really thirsty and had that taste in my mouth. I went to the sink and drank and drank until I thought I would pop. Then I sat down and waited for the rocking motion feeling to subside. I looked myself over while I sat there. My eyes focused after a few minutes and I looked down and saw massive muscle pecs blocking my view. I leaned forward and saw, in order, how far out from the chair my legs stuck out now, even with my butt all the way back against the chair. And how massively hugely muscled my quads were now. And then I suddenly realized what I was seeing between my legs was ME.

That's when I realized how much the X factor had changed me. I had giant genitals and all I could think was, “Cool!”. I didn't panic, or worry about what I would wear, or who would see, or what would I do if someone said something… it was just like getting a great new book by your favorite author. That's not to say I wasn't excited. Quite the opposite. I just wasn't panicked. I felt the libido rising in me as I recovered, and my flaccid member twisted up between my legs as it swelled and I lifted the heavy soft meat and laid it on my ripped bricklike abdominals pointing up towards my pectorals. I'd been wanting nine inches hard that morning in the shower. Now I had 10 inches soft and so thick around I couldn't close my fingers around it. But as I got my first, hard erection with my gigantic member, it grew to be as thick around as a large coffee mug… and 16 inches in length. And I had a big knobby head- even when I was flaccid it was a big knobby head… when I was hard it swelled up red and angry.

I felt happy like I'd just won the lottery and was given a Corvette to drive to replace my Ford Fiesta.

I stroked my meat and felt the weight pulsing below. Looking over my pecs saw two softball sized gonads. I blinked in astonishment.

I grabbed them. I had played baseball when I was a kid. I was lousy at baseball, but I knew how big a baseball was, and they were that size.

I stood up and jerked off into Doc's mirror. That was pretty amazing. I didn't know someone could cum for 2 full minutes, or shoot that much cum. I cleaned it up. I didn't want the Doc mad at me. I wasn't afraid he would yell at me but I wanted his respect, he'd always treated me right and I owed him that. It was weird, the way my mind was working now.

I then, once the initial haze and jerk off, looked at myself more closely.

My face was recognizably mine but only just. My teeth were straight, now, in my bigger more masculine jawline. I had a great smile and an infectious sexy grin. My eyes were dark and brooding and sexy and my hair was long and shiny and shaggy in a sexy surfer dude way and hanging down well onto my shoulders where earlier it had been brushing the nape of my neck. My cheekbones were more prominent, as was my chin and I had a sexy dimple now too. Even my forehead seemed a bit more square and intelligent and masculine. And I think my features were just more regular, it made me look much more handsome. And my skin had completely… well, it all looked new, smooth and even complexioned and no scars anywhere and my pubes were much more of a sexy jungle of tangled chestnut brown hair and I had some hair swirling on my lower abs. I was gonna look obscene in a speedo.

I stood on the lab scale and I was now 247 lbs of muscle- a bit more than 50 lbs of size I had gained.

I was taller, again. Maybe as tall as Jack, I think. But maybe I could get away with our date. He wouldn't be bringing his tape measure to measure my height! Since it was about 8pm I had an hour to get to my date with Jack. I paused, waiting for the normal panic to set in. It didn't. I thought for a minute, then I took what was left of my clothes and tied them around my waist.

I took a selection of salt with me, one that was muscle promoting, one that had done such a devastatingly good job on Fred and Zeke (whoever Zeke was, I had never met him, but his stats were impressive in the Doc's journal), and a libido promoter as I thought of it, and a variety of the genital growth promoters, some which increased the amount of cum, some of which made you hairier, or thicker, or made your testicles grow. There were a lot of new Salts that Doc had been working on, and a lot of them were for variations on muscle growth and proportion and density and a whole other class of genital factors. I guess Doc liked that sort of thing. And there was a class of the X factors, that I had experimented with, to change personalities, heighten aggression, reduce anxiety, increase concentration and other more elusive quality of life things. I took some of those as well.

I went home and the roommate was there. He gasped and sputtered and didn't believe his eyes.

“What happened to you?!”

“I took some performance enhancers.”

“What??? From Where?”

“A friend.”

“Wow!” Larry looked me over. He was 6' and blond and built like a swimmer but a bit of a jackass and I had some plans for him.

“Want to try just a little bit? I can't give you much.”

“Uh, yeah! I would love, I mean I would like to put on a bit of muscle!”

I glanced at the clock and saw I was 45 minutes from my date with Jack. I poured 2 tablespoons of 135 and two tablespoons of what they called “Fred's” (It was 138 actually) and I poured in a tablespoon of the genital enhancer and a tablespoon of the genital enhancer for large testicles and then another tablespoon of genital thickness that added girth. And then, I added my favorites, a tablespoon of the libido sex enhancer and then an aggression increase and a—well, a friendly increase, I don't quite know how to describe it otherwise.

There was quite a bit of salt in the bottom of the glass, I dumped in some vegetable juice and filled it up with water and stirred it up well.

“Is that a lot?”

“Larry, I took ten times this much!” I laughed and handed him the drink. He drank some of it. I slapped him on the back.

“Come on Larry, don't you want just a little bit more muscle? this will only put on like maybe 15 lbs.”

He chugged the rest. The glass was empty. He sat down and burped. I handed him a piece of bread. He ate it.

“Feel okay?” Larry nodded.

“Better go lay down on the sofa for a minute!”

Larry walked over and laid down. I flipped on the TV.

I was still only wearing my ripped clothes tied about my waist. I looked at Larry. He was watching the TV. Weird that he just did what I said. I guess being 6’6” tall is an inducement to people listening to you. Also, the 23” biceps probably were intimidating.

I knew I was gonna have some fun later.

I went into the shower, decided not to shave my 5 o'clock shadow, and then put some gel in my hair and combed it. I looked good- Tarzan good. I went into Larry's room, and as I passed through the living room I saw Larry yawning and trying to watch the TV. He didn't even notice me heading to his room. I grabbed one of his jockstraps, which was tight on my waist but fit, and the fabric was really stretchy so I stuffed my junk in it.

Then I searched his drawers and found some old muscle t's that looked new. They were XL, too large for Larry. He never wore them. So I pulled one of them on and that was hot. Dressed in that tightly stretched muscle T I was more obscene than when I was barechested. I pulled on some of Larry's baggy Docker shorts and they weren't baggy on me- my quads threatened to tear the hem any second. I borrowed his flip flops and my feet only stuck out and extra two inches on the back and my long hairy toes only two inches on the front. But I was dressed.

I walked to the door of the apartment and grabbed my wallet. My ID wasn't going to be any good anymore but I didn't care. Larry was asleep on the sofa. I stretched him out so he'd sleep comfortably and threw a blanket over him.

My car, which had been my pride and joy, was insufficient. It was a fine sedan, but not great or fun or sexy or stylish. That would have to change- as would my job when Doc returned from Hawaii.

But I parked at the bar and walked in. The bouncer flushed and looked away. He didn't check my ID. Except the ID in my swollen crotch.

Jack was sitting at the bar and I snuck up behind him, slouching a bit and kissed him on the back of the neck. He smiled and turned into my face. I smiled at him and he said, “Wow.” And then he didn't really seem to care that I was taller, or notice. I slipped onto the bar stool next to him and spent a lot of time listening. I asked questions and told jokes. I wasn't going to tell him about who I'd been… yesterday. That Jonathan was gone and dead and most of all forgotten.

I knew it made me mysterious. But I wasn't a jerk, I told him my major and where I lived and what I liked and I found myself imagining all sorts of new and sexually athletic and kinky sex with Jack.

I ordered Jack a Margarita which he liked. I slipped 2 tablespoons of pure muscle growth into that drink, and into the next one put a tablespoon of genital growth and libido booster.

He drank them down in short order.

In the car we made out and Jack sucked me off. He loved my giant cock. He liked big cock, he told me, probably cause he had such a big one himself, so finding a guy bigger was a rare thing. That made me wonder and I discovered he had a nice 10” hard hiding in his basketball shorts. Not that he was wearing basketball shorts on our date. I was, but he didn't seem to mind. I sucked that 10” of meat down my throat and swallowed his load. The evening flew by but he was sleepy after a while. He apologized. I offered to take him home cause I didn't want him to drink and drive. I walked him up to his place, and we had a nightcap. I put a teaspoon of Fred (138) into that and he drank it down. He sucked me off again, he was a very enthusiastic cocksucker for such a sleepyhead, and I tucked him into his bed and wished I could stay. But waking up in his bed might freak him out.

So I went home. It was about midnight, but I wasn't sleepy. Which surprised me. But I was to discover I needed less sleep now thanks to the X factor. Larry was sprawled across the sofa. I woke him long enough for him to gulp down 2 pitchers of water. I think that helped him. He looked like he was gonna sleep all night. I sat there and watched him grow bigger and bigger for two hours. Then I took another tablespoon of 143-X and went to bed myself.

I woke to a crash. Turned out it was Larry falling off the sofa. He didn't really fit on it anymore.

I drank a pitcher of water myself and brought him two. He drank them slowly and looked better in a few minutes.

I'd really dosed him. His clothes were gone, as in shredded, and he was really a lot taller and his muscles now had muscles. and those had muscles. And those had hair. I was of course changed from last night again. I measured myself while Larry sat on the sofa rocking and trying to stop the room from spinning.

I was 6’6” tall. I was a bit disappointed, I was trying for 6’10” tall. Still that was easily fixed. My soft cock was now 11” long. But I wanted it at LEAST 12 inches long flaccid. I think the X factor was making me very… competitive, even with myself.

After about ten minutes I went in to check on Larry. He looked a lot better. I toasted some frozen waffles and he ate them all. The whole box.

But a growing boy needs his food.. or fuel, or building blocks I guess. And one thing …well, it didn't upset me. I didn't get like that anymore. But I got, clinical. I had Larry stand up. He was taller than I was and bigger. Bigger everywhere. His bull balls were gigantic. In a few minutes his libido started to kick in and I took him to my bedroom. I had a king sized bed, and now I really needed it. His aggression and friendliness and libido added up to a friendly game of him wrestling me to see who fucked who. He won. I fought him hard but I didn't mind losing as the losing was like winning with him on top of, well, in me. But I was determined to win the rematch.

I went to my bedroom after some great gymnastics and measured out another two tablespoons of 143-X and two tablespoons of pure muscle growth enhancer. Then I took another tablespoon of genital growth and also genital thickness and also testicle increase and also semen increase.

I drank it all down and jumped into bed after drinking a couple of pitchers of water and 4 cans of cold soup and eating a loaf of bread and a chocolate cake and a can of yams from the back of the cupboard. I was famished, my body was growing massively in just a few days and I needed nutrition. I swallowed a handful of vitamin tablets too.

I woke up about lunch time.

Larry was in his room, trying to figure out what he could possibly wear. When he saw me, now 330 lbs and 6’11” tall with my 13 1/2” long soft cock thick as a large coffee mug soft swaying between my humongous quads he gasped. Then I tackled him. And my 27” biceps forced him into submission. I was definitely the ALPHA male and was going to keep it that way.

I was now bigger than him in every way. He fought me, smiling and teasing me, and I pinned him down and pushed my massive phallus between his legs. Erect I was 20” hard and 8” in circumference. He tried to lock his legs. “Am I going to have to rape you?”

“I insist on it,” was Larry's reply. So I did. He thrashed and moaned and bellowed and I took him hard and fast and long and I shot a massive load in him, then on his chest, then on his face, then down his throat. I made him beg for more. And always he had that infuriating friendliness about him. I stood behind him and shot on his golden hair until it looked like he was getting a shampoo and my cum ran down him shoulders and traps and back and triceps and pecs. He was humiliated.. and he grinned and enjoyed it.

I wore a large beach towel to the surf shop two blocks away and purchased new clothes. Mostly Spandex, perforce. When I returned I tossed some at Larry. He dressed and wore green. I wore red.

I called Jack and he was freaking. I headed over to see him. When I arrived he was so busy jacking off I let myself in. That Salt had really done its thing on Jack. He was a couple of inches taller and 60 lbs more muscled. Definitely gave him more spring in his step. And his cock was huge. er. Huger. Not freaky like my proud monster but huge. And we had a lot of fun. I told him that I'd caught some cold that affected my growth hormones and he must have caught it from me. I fucked him and he managed to swallow my cock with his augmented size and he was in pig heaven.

After, I promised to see him again. He was a great guy. When I left he was looking up the address to a local gay spa. Well, a man's gotta have a hobby, right?

I went to work, because I needed to clock in for the day. No one was around so there wasn't anyone confronting me. I think no one was ever likely to confront me again.

I stocked up on the Salts. I had an agenda, and it was to help out the underdogs that had been nice to me in my wimp life. It seemed fair return.

I visited Juan, a little 5' tall Mexican indian that I had roomed with. When he saw me he couldn't believe it. I told him I could help him out too. He loved the idea of being taller, as he was so short, and he wanted a giant cock too. And muscle. And he wanted to be more aggressive. I mixed him up 8 tablespoons of the 138 that made Fred such a hairy muscle stud monster, and added in two tablespoons of pure muscle growth and two tablespoons of genital growth (one for more cum and one for bigger testicles) and a tablespoon of the aggression factor and I also added in the friendly factor tablespoon that had been so successful with Larry. Then I topped that off with a tablespoon of the libido increaser.

Well, there was about a quarter cup of salt in the small bowl on his kitchen counter. I questioned him thoroughly. He wanted it. He REALLY wanted it. So I added in two tablespoons of the 135.

“Okay Juan this is it but there is no going back, you understand?”

“I understand Jonathan. I want it so much.” He laid his hand wonderingly on my shorts and felt along the giant shaft of my penis. “I want it now.”

I mixed it up in a sports drink, and gave it to Juan. He drank it down pretty fast. He gulped a bit, that was a lot of salt. I gave him some bread and that seemed to settle his stomach a bit, which started growling. He looked a bit wobbly so I gave him a big glass of water. Then another. And another. And another. He seemed to be absorbing it as fast as he could drink it. After about ten minutes, he reacted by suddenly becoming incredibly sleepy. He was out like a light in about 30 seconds.

I laid him out, but I undressed him first. He was a tiny man, with modest proportions everywhere. Although as I watched, he started to slowly change. The change would take time I knew, and I wasn't into waiting around. Watching him was hot and I liked it but I wanted some action.

Then I had a thought. I remembered Austin. I wondered how he was doing. Doc had detailed the troubles he'd caused and the solution they had taken.

I went to the gym and found Austin. He was incredible. And he was bigger than I was which just pissed me off. I was determined that would not stand. We left the gym and went to his place, it was easy enough to seduce him. I had some fun sex with him but he was very… boring, romantic, but not a challenge, even though he weighed 60 lbs more than I did.

I asked him if he wanted some more of the muscle salts and he did. He didn't realize that what I was giving him was three tablespoons of the aggression gf and a tablespoon of the friendly factor and then I thought what the hell and I gave him another teaspoon of the cum producing gf and also a tablespoon of the gf for muscle and a teaspoon for genital growth, centered on his testicles.

For myself I took two more tablespoons of the 143-X and another tablespoon of the cum producing gf and another tablespoon of the genital/testicle growth. Finally I topped off my ride with a new Salt, a tablespoon the 155, which just increased male sexual secondary sexual characteristics, bigger nipples, more shredded, more vascular, more hair. Then I added in another two tablespoons of pure muscle growth factor.

“Here's to being huge!” Austin and I drank down our sports drink and promptly had more sex until we drifted off to sleep.

It was early evening when I woke up. I was first aware of the incredible mass of my body. Then I was aware of the giant weight of my balls and my cock pulling at my groin simply from their massive size.

I stood up carefully and Austin stirred. I walked to the mirror. I was 7’3” tall and weighed more than 350, cause that's all the scale would show. I think I was about 380 lbs. My chest was now completely hirsute and I had huge nipples, when I touched them it sent a jolt through my body. My soft cock hung down 15” and my testicles were bigger than softballs. I grabbed the tape off the dresser and measured my bicep at 29” without a pump.

“Fuck man you look awesome!” Austin had a bent for kink thanks to the new aggression factors and he tweaked my nipples. I was instantly hard.

He wasn't as big as I was. I was a taller and more heavily muscled. His balls were a bit bigger than mine but I had a longer and thicker penis. He was enamored of my muscle.

He worshipped my big cock and he sucked on my chest and he wrestled me and I held him down. We fucked and fucked and fucked all day. Finally I jumped in the shower to clean off. When I came out Austin had a smile for me and we sat down and ate some lunch. He made me a sandwich and some soup. He showered while I ate. When he came out he sat down on the kitchen chair which creaked under him and took my hand. He looked at my empty plate and bowl and smiled.

“I hope you like being big!” Austin said to me.

“I do- it's amazing.” I flexed my bicep for Austin and he licked it and laughed.

“I do too.” He flexed his not quite as huge bicep up next to mine and smiled. “How was the soup and sandwich?”


“Not too Salty?”


“Okay, because mine were very salty.”

I looked and in his slowly opening fist he revealed to me some crumpled papers. They were the little envelopes with the Salts in them.

“What did you do?”

“I took all of these.”

I looked. There were 2 tablespoons of 138 there… or rather, not there. And there were two more missing tablespoons of the 155 missing. Also there was a tablespoon of the genital growth factor in there too centering on the testicles. Austin already had huge balls what would that do to him???

“Austin… that was a bad idea.”

“I wanted more.”

“That could make you really huge.”

“Good- at least I won't be lonely.” He reached into a drawer and pulled out some more papers. “These were in your sandwich.”

I looked. There were two pure muscle growth in there and two tablespoons of genital growth. I shivered.

“And this was in your soup.”

He put more papers on the table. There was a tablespoon of the 143-X and another tablespoon of the genital growth centered on the testicles.

I gasped.

Already I could feel sleep overtaking me. Austin yawned and smiled and led me by the hand back to bed and we curled up together.

I woke in the middle of the night. I stood up and turned on the light. I was easily 450 lbs and 7’5”. And my body was as hairy as you've ever seen on a man. I even had hair growing on the base of my cock. I couldn't believe what Austin had done to me. I was easily 18” long soft, 9 or 10” in circumference. And my testicles were big as grapefruits now.

I turned at a noise and there was Austin, sitting up on the bed. He was gigantic. I waited as he stood up. He was taller than I was by about 2 inches. His biceps, which I proceeded to measure, were 31”. His attitude had changed, he was very aggressive. He was still cool, friendly but definitely kinky and he tackled me and we wrestled for dominance. He fucked my brains out. We were two sweating behemoths and when he shot he covered my hairy chest with a spray of white cum. His testicles were even bigger than mine and he shot about a cup of cum each time he came. Which was as often as possible.

I was lost in a haze of sex and sweat and cum and lust and fucking. And the long continuous orgasm… I was edging and flying on the haze of perpetual lust. Finally when it was done the bed was trashed and we were sated for the moment. I looked at the 7' 7” tall Austin and was frightened, because he was so huge, and I was so competitive, I wanted to get bigger than he was. But he was so huge that I would be a freak. Then a switch clicked in my head and I realized I was a freak and I loved it. I wanted to strut and show off and have guys worship my cock and muscle. I went back to my bag and searched in it. There was another packet of two tablespoons of the 143-X in there. And there were two more tablespoons of the pure muscle growth. While Austin was out of it I went to the sink and quickly drank down the salt, the last I had with me.

We ate some lunch after showering down and stared at each other. Our incipient lust was going to kick in, but I knew that Austin would be mine. I curled up for a nap and woke 3 hours later. Austin was jerking off in the bathroom and I stood up. I was 7’9” tall and ginormous. I was so happy. I walked in on Austin and he looked up. My cock sprang enormous and I tackled him. I fucked him, once, very hard. He was in pig heaven and I washed my cock in the sink and pulled on my spandex sweats and walked out. They were way too small on me but they made me street legal. Even my pelvis was so much bigger that I heard little tearing and stretching noises with the slightest movement, although that subsided as I “wore in” the sweats.

This is the first time I went out being so tall. People gasped and pointed. I was the center of attention. As I should be.

Things were fine. I went by the lab to restock and I went back to visit Juan and I knocked on the door. I heard heavy footsteps heading towards the door and the door opened. I think Juan was surprised to look up at me.

“Surprise!” I said.

“Wow you got bigger!”

“State the obvious!”

“Wow, you got bigger!”

I ducked under the door frame and entered. Once the door was closed behind me Juan reached up and put his arms around my neck and hugged me. He told me he was 6’8” tall. He was hung and huge and hairy and built more like a powerlifter. We had a lot of fun comparing our cocks. He was so huge but he was so much smaller than I was. But he didn't mind. I think he knew that we weren't an item but maybe fuck buddies if that. So we had wild sex to prove it. Juan's 12” cock was very enticing to me. After a long lustful interlude we kissed. Before I left I gave Juan two more tablespoons of the super concentrated pure muscle growth and also two more tablespoons of the 138. He was a stud and he was gonna be a bigger stud! And then, I thought, you know, what the hell, and I put in two more tablespoons of the genital growth. I didn't tell Juan exactly what I was doing, you see, or he might have had second thoughts, but I didn't mind pursuing a few of my fetishes on his ticket. He was sure going to enjoy it anyway. He was ASKING for it.

I made him beg for it before I left. Then I gave him the salt and stayed with him as he became drowsy and laid down to sleep into a new altitude. I gave him a kiss and left him.

I went home to Larry and Larry was very happy to see me. He'd been out to the gay spa. He was having a lot of fun.

He gasped when he saw my new size. I overpowered him and we played a rape fantasy again. Something about that guy Larry, he really wanted to have someone else take control. He couldn't believe my cock and balls or my giant chest, with my shelf-like pecs. He knew he was licked, as it were, and I fucked him hard and long and he kept teasing me for more and more.

Finally (you have to remember I was a full foot taller than Larry, and 150 lbs heavier, that was so intimidating to him. I thought about him, maybe about changing him, maybe working in some new muscle growth, or height increase, but he looked so damned perfect. Still, I couldn't resist giving him three more tablespoons of genital growth. I told him it was more muscle growth so he sucked it down.

Soon he was sleepy. I was in a patient frame of mind, so I let him go “sleep it off”. Then I changed my mind. I poured three more tablespoons of the muscle growth and another tablespoon of the giant testicles in a glass and got him to swallow it down- he was way out of it and sleepy but he gulped down the salty water easily enough. Then I went into the living room and paced for a few minutes. I went and grabbed some more of the salts, a very special one that had made one of Travis' friends into a blond Danish guy… and poured 3 tablespoons of that down Larry. I don't know why I did that, but, you know, Larry might look better more blonde. I watched him sprawled on the bed, buck naked, his soft penis laying across his abs, and as I watched I could see his penis pulsing with his heartbeat, growing larger, ever so slightly. And his testicles, they were jerking in his scrotum, and over the course of an hour as I looked in on him he gained several inches in length and his stones started to grow larger and larger, I wondered if they might eventually rival mine.

I ordered in a feast of takeout and pigged out, leaving plenty to put in the fridge for Larry. I went to bed.

When I woke I went to the bathroom and took an enormous piss. After that I drank some water and I felt, better, energized, and a bit more sane. I could think, anyway. I remembered yesterday and I was … excited, bemused, and I did wonder if I made the right choice. But I didn't regret anything. That wasn't part of the psychology of the new Jonathan. So what if I had to duck under doorways? I wasn't over 8' tall so I could stand upright in most any room or home. So no big deal, right? And I stood out now. I stood up now. I stuck out now. I liked it.

Then I walked in to Larry's bedroom. He wasn't in bed, but I heard the shower running. I was contemplating joining him when I heard the shower turn off. I opened the door of the bathroom and he was just sliding back the shower door.

He was dripping wet, the water cascading down his massive smooth muscled chest and abs and down his long long blond cock. His hair had grown out about 6 inches, and the new hair was blond. And his cock had grown out about 6 inches too, and his testicles were giant stones- not as big as mine. I was disappointed, and relieved. Conflicting emotions there. He was about a half a head shorter than me, about 7’4” tall or so. Heck, he wouldn't even have to duck under the door frames like I did. His thickness, though, with the new muscle, that was impressive. And sexy as hell. Larry looked in the mirror, took out an electric trimmer, and shaved his head down to a crewcut. I did the back for him. Now he looked like a blond jarhead marine blond stud warrior stud or an NFL linebacker gay wet dream.

“Wow I love this new look!”

“Just three tablespoons of Danish gf”

“Wow, and that made me six inches taller?”


“Amazing. Fucking amazing. Thanks Jonathan!”

I went into the shower. The hot water felt good on my massive muscles. Larry went into the living room. When I came out he was passed out on the sofa. There was an empty glass next to him and some scattered papers. He'd gone into my stash of Salts. When was I going to learn? I was intrigued by the idea of what he might become. I gathered up the papers and pieced them together on the kitchen table. Larry had taken another 3 tablespoons of genital growth. And 4 tablespoons of the Danish gf. And two tablespoons of the gf for cum production. And 3 tablespoons of the pure muscle growth.

I looked at him. He was softly snoring, and his hair was no longer a crew cut. He'd been 7’4” tall. I hefted him over my shoulder and carried him back into his bedroom. I flopped him down on the bed and his cock flopped and hung over his thigh. It was almost touching the mattress. He was already too tall for his bed.

“You dope!”

I went into my room to change. Spandex is a wonderful thing. And thank god for fat people cause at least something could fit me.

I ate some lunch and went in to check on Larry. FUCK! His cock was hanging onto the mattress 2 inches. He looked bigger already.

“You dope!”

I went to the big and tall store and bought some clothes for both of us. With the 3 tablespoons of the Danish gf he would probably grow another 6 to 8 inches taller.

I bought the biggest clothes they sold, and then went home. Austin called and begged me to come over. I said maybe later. He was not happy but he was okay with it.

I called Juan and asked him to come over. He arrived in about 20 minutes and it was great to see him. It was great to be bigger than him. He was about 7’2” tall and he was a tough looking macho man but he still had that sweet smile, a 15” long cock and he was so much thicker with muscle now it even changed the shape of his face, making his neck thick and his jaw wider. He looked so adult and mature. But I could still see my little Juan in his smile and in his dark handsome eyes.

I took break and went in to check on Larry. I saw his cock was now hanging down his thigh and across the mattress 5 inches, and was much thicker, it looked engorged and red but completely soft. I poured a couple of pitchers of water down Larry's throat and he drank it and his eyes crossed and he passed out again. His blond luxurious golden hair was now hanging down the back of his neck again, silky and looking like a surfer in need of a style cut.

His entire body was looking swollen, the skin red and flushed, and his muscles looked bloated, but they were swelling larger and larger. His body was longer too, he was taller, even though he was more muscular than ever, proportionally. I know he was bigger than me, his legs stuck off the bed another foot it looked like, and his arms also stuck out another foot wider as he was splayed across the bed, undergoing a metamorphosis that would undoubtedly make him the biggest man on earth.

He was breathing regularly, his pulse was a bit fast, but not crazy fast. His body was trying to process the demands of the massive dose of GF salts that he'd taken, forcing his muscles to unnatural growth and his genitals to freakish proportions.

I went back to Juan, who was waiting for me, laying on his back, naked in bed, with only his giant cock sticking up in the air. And a smile on his face. I climbed on top of him and kissed him deeply and he begged me to fuck him. So, I did.

Later in the afternoon, I heard Larry stirring. He groaned, it was a deep sound. I brought him two gallons of milk and he drank them down, sitting on the edge of the bed, his balls hanging down to the box spring, and his freak monster cock hanging to the floor. After about ten minutes, he was looking more human, or rather, more healthy. The redness had faded from his skin leaving a golden tanned, beautifully complected flawless skin. He looked at me with sparkling blue eyes set in a face that was remade in the image of a giant- handsome, but very strong featured, differently, more nobly proportioned.

And then he stood up, and bumped his head on the ceiling. The drywall cracked. Larry rubbed his head and laughed.

If he slouched, he didn't smash into the ceiling. I had him sit down and gave him another crewcut. It stopped his hair from rubbing on the ceiling if he slouched.

I brought him into the living room, with the ten foot ceilings, and he could stand erect. He was monstrously huge, and it was beautiful. He looked at me and smiled that aggressive, friendly smile, and then I was in his arms. When he came, he shot a spray like a firehose up my hairy chest and onto my face. I laughed, it was so much cum and so sexually intense, and Larry's giant muscles shook with power as he came and came and came. He roared with the force of his ejaculation, his orgasm taking him to heights where I longed to join him. He was bigger than I, taller by about a half a foot, and weighed over 550 lbs, I discovered later. His thickness was in a new realm, his musculature and his genitals were monsters and even flaccid his penis was a giant tube hanging thickly between his knees.

And he stood there, just stood there, and smiled that aggressive smile. I realized then I think, that it might be that he was the first of a new race of men.

I was going to have some explaining to do to Doctor Joe when he returned from Hawaii.

And then I thought, that was still 2 and a half weeks away. A lot could happen in 2 and a half weeks.

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