The pills left behind

by RdyRoger

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I wasn’t really expecting things to go so far. It didn’t really seem possible that it would, but when you’re in love with a size queen with a muscle fetish it’s just not possible to have too much of anything to their way of thinking.

Drake is a hot blond muscle- super sexy guy, about 5’10”. We’d messed around some, but it wasn’t something that seemed to turn him on too much. He gave me the let’s be friends speech. That sucked.

“I like you too much to risk it with some meaningless cheap sex, Jeff. I value our friendship. Let’s keep it there. I mean, what are we thinking? You know we’re better off as friends than lovers! he said, sitting across the table from me with his dreamy seductive eyes.

“WHY?” I ask myself. But I knew why, and if I wasn’t the guy he wanted there’s nothing that I am going to be able to do about it.

I figured it out pretty soon though. I’m wicked cute but was about 5’9” to his 5’10”, and nicely hung with a nice 6” cock. But that wasn’t what Drake was into.

This nice piece of meat hanging here in front of me isn’t going to float his boat, I discovered when he started drooling over a muscle stud walking down the street or exclaiming with excltement “Geez did you see the lump in that guy’s pants! Fucking enormous!” and then laughing excitedly.

Yeah, Drake was a size queen, all the way around. But I’d never quite met someone who was quite so much the size queen, at least so overt about it.

Drake was always talking about muscle and cock. He had a nice 7” on him, not too thick but certainly sexy and more than average. But he didn’t seem to care about his size, either between his legs or his muscles. He worked out to keep fit and that was that, he was certainly no bodybuilder. One day he said to me, “What’s the point, really, if I can’t be big like a heavyweight bodybuilder? If I can’t be big like that at least I can worship it from afar. Or from not too far away.” He laughed, practically drooling. He was probably thinking about the muscle stud he’d gone home with the night before.

Anyway I moved into a new dorm apartment with Drake. Yeah, I had to compound my misery by making him my roommate. I thought it would make me happy but it just made my erections more frequent and my showers more often as I soaped up and jerked off to the thought of his sexy spiky blond hair and dreamy eyes.

“Jeffrey, why are you always staring at me?” Drake would tease me.

“Cause you’re naked, Drake.”

Drake had a really nice 7” and was pretty big soft and wasn’t afraid to show it around. I think I already mentioned that though. But his constant nude parade wasn’t getting it off my mind, far from it.

I was cleaning out the old back closet, full of years of cast off college leavings, In the back I found some dusty bottles in a box with with Grow- something on them and some listings for penis and muscle growth and even height!

Sure. someone wasted their money on one of those stupid tv ads. If I’d done that I’d throw the evidence in the trash, not the back closet. Well, maybe they had more money than I did. Maybe it was worth the price of the useless pills to enjoy the what if of that fantasy. I laughed and thought about Drake. He would probably down the whole bottle, then have a sugar high from all the fake sugar pills.

But then I heard from Paul down the hall about the muscle giant with the huge cock who used to live in my room.

“Drake should have met him.”

“Drake would have had a heart attack.”


“Twice over.”

“So this guy just arrived hung and huge, Paul?”

“No… he blew up his sophomore year. Right when he moved in here. I heard about it from my roommate last year, Kenny. He was pretty buff too, they used to hit the gym together. But apparently the guy was a monster. And down there too,” Paul gestured in the direction of the lower extremities.

“What- Big feet?”

Um… a bit higher.”

“Big thighs?”

“Try right between them. And hanging down almost to his knees.”


“Freaky, huh?”

“I guess!”

“I never heard of a guy like that big, have you?”

“If I was that big I wouldn’t advertise it!”

“If I was that big I’d wear speedos everywhere!” Paul laughed.

“What are you a showoff?”

“More like an exhibitionist.”

“Want to show off for me?”

And that led to a fun round of making out and jerking off. Paul was handsome, in a library bookworm sort of way. But without too much of that horrible awkward geekiness. Paul was hung a bit bigger than I was, no wonder, he was about 6’2” tall. I kept thinking that Drake would rather be with Paul than me just because of a—less than an inch of length, really. It made me sad.

After I got home Drake immediately left for another night of conquests at the local gay strip clubs. I was left home holding the bag cleaning up the dishes and all that sort of housework. There was a bottle of wine in the fridge, so I had a glass. And then I had another. Or maybe it was 3 or 4 glasses. So I was feeling really good by the time I put the broom back into the back closet and I saw those dusty old bottles. I grabbed one and wiped off the dust. No expiration date, limited dosing instructions. Two to four pills per day. Pretty cheap marketing, I thought. If I was ripping off people I’d at least give em a show. I opened the bottle and tasted one of the pills. It tasted like sugar. I popped 2 into my mouth and chewed. Yuck. I swallowed quick and grabbed some water. Whatever was in them, the sugar only masked the yucky taste of… what? I wondered. I threw the bottle back into the box and slammed the door and went to bed.

Two days later I went to the gym. I noticed something. I was a bit more downstairs, it felt like. Not a lot, really, just a bit, it seemed. You know, just feeling horny I guessed. I jerked off when I got home and that was when I measured. Drake always made me feel inadequate, with his constant blah blah blah huge cock and muscle continuous monologue.

I was a bit bigger flaccid. I was pretty sure of that. But that was, well, it seemed that I was about 1/8 of an inch longer erect as well. Hard to tell, really, although I’d measured just the week before, fantasizing about being Drakes dream date.

And then the lightbulb went off. I ran to the back closet and grabbed the box of pill bottles. Some of the labels were torn off, but most were intact and there was a lot of the “P” formula there. I popped two more pills, and this time I swallowed them with water to avoid the yucky taste.

Then I laughed at myself. Then I felt sad. I was so fucking desperate, and here I was dreaming that this would make Drake love me. Nothing would make Drake love me. He just didn’t find me lovable. So by definition he didn’t love me. No matter how much I cheated or stretched with the ruler, I was … who I was. It should have been plenty for anyone to be happy with, but I was in love with a super queer homo size queen with plenty of attitude. Oh, he flirted with me, he flirted with everyone. But that just made it worse.

I stayed in that night. I worked late the next day. The next afternoon I hit the gym again. Something was different. I felt it. I felt different. I rushed home after my workout and stroked myself to a full hard erection. I looked damned big. I measured again. This time I was 6 1/4” long. That was noticeable. I took two more pills that night, and two more pills the next night and then two more pills the next night. Sure enough, I was definitely growing my cock. It was literally growing bigger. Weird thing is it was getting bigger flaccid than it was growing erect. Now I was 4” long soft. Nice, I thought..

I was not hugely big, or anything like that. But after 10 pills and about a week I was now 6 3/4” long. Enough to really make a difference. It wasn’t just the length, though, but also the circumference. And my balls ached and felt heavier too. Because they were bigger and heavier and I was hornier. I kept taking the pills. Another week passed and I was 7½” erect, 5” soft. And my circumference erect was now an impressive 7”. My soft circumference was 6”. Everywhere I went I was much more aware of my cock and balls. My balls were now churning constantly, and I was jerking off 2 or even 3 times per day just to keep myself satisfied so I could do schoolwork. I also was hitting the sex club every night. I’d fuck some guys while dreaming about Drake, and they’d gasp and moan and thrash around and I’d unload a supershot volley of cum on them and in them.

At the end of three weeks I was now hung 8”. Wow, what a difference between 7” and 8”- but it wasn’t just the extra length, my balls were bigger and the circumference of my erect penis grew from 6” soft to 7½” hard. That added a lot of mass, all along the length, esp at the base of my cock which was a lot wider, like it was preparing to support my engorging penis. I loved the way it felt, I was packing some heat and I could feel it. Soft, you know, I now hung bigger too, about 5½” in length completely flaccid, which made a nice big bulge in my shorts and actually hung down my leg if I wore boxer briefs.

But I knew Drake needed someone who was really exceptional. I had time enough before the end of the quarter to add some more to my package and then really surprise Drake. I kept taking the pills. I wanted to take more, but I knew the dangers of overdosing on medicine and I had no idea what the side effects might be. Except for bigger, longer erections with more intense orgasms and a lot more cum shooting out of my bigger cock. I decided to go for another three weeks.

Three weeks was an eternity, but I slowly continued to grow longer, thicker, heavier. I felt great. I made sure to wear tight support briefs so that Drake wouldn’t catch on too soon, although he did seem to be more interested in me. Once he might have caught a glimpse of me in my briefs but I shut the bathroom door quickly so I’m sure he thought he imagined whatever he might have thought he saw.

I did make out again with Paul, who seemed quite excited by my bigger penis. It was two inches longer by then and he was really turned on by it. He said I smelled incredible and tasted even better. He even complimented my looks. I thought I looked the same but I guess that a bigger wang increased my attractiveness too.

But I still had 3 more weeks to grow. It seemed that the growth was slowing, maybe because the volume of my penis was increasing so much now, so I upped the dosage to the maximum 4 pills per day. That did increase my growth to almost 1/8 of an inch of length per day again. So at the end of 4 weeks I was hung 8 3/4” in length by 8” in circumference.

I ran into Paul in the hall and we went into his apartment.

“Fuck!” Paul exclaimed. “When did you get to be such a big man?”

I shrugged. “I guess I’ve been growing some. No big deal.”

“No big deal? Jeff, you’re hung!” I flushed red with embarrassment. I liked being big but the attention and the aggressive behavior from Paul was really putting me on the spot. Of course, that was something I found turned me on now so I felt my cock pulse and engorge. “Damn!” said Paul, and then he couldn’t say any more because my cock was in his throat.

“That I’ll take as a compliment.” And it turned me on so much I fucked Paul for the first time that day. He was enraptured with my size. He’d already given me a blow job and swallowed my first load. Then I mashed my now bigger cock against his 7½” meat and stroked us off together and then shot with him all over his abs and chest. Then I fucked him. Paul moaned and groaned and said, “Omygod” and all the rest of it and really was gasping and sweating when I was done with him. I left him in some sort of sex sweat soaked state of exhausted bliss in his bed, moaning with delight. I was really happy to have been able to get him off. Paul was adorable and sexy and cute in his library sort of man-boy next door sort of way. I was really starting to be turned on by Paul, maybe it was because he was so appreciative of my now large penis. But I wasn’t happy with that. I thought maybe I should be, but I just went to the back closet and brought out some more pills.

But it was still Drake who was the center of my universe. What would he look like a bit taller, or more muscular, I wondered? I wanted to give Drake some of the pills but what if I—you know, screwed him up? I worshipped him so much the way he was… so I realized I needed a guinea pig for an experiment. Paul. Paul was perfect. He was totally into my big cock… what if he was to grow taller or more muscular? The thought of that really made my cock throb. I started leaking precum. I really was turned on. So the next day, it was 3 days after our last encounter, and I was a bit bigger again, just under 9” in length erect, a full 6” long completely flaccid, and thicker than ever both flaccid and even fatter erect.

I was laying in wait for Paul. I had a special couple of bottles of beer made up for him. I had dumped a bunch of the muscle pills, like 16 of them, in the first bottle. The second bottle I put in 16 of the height pills. I didn’t know how much that might do but the penis pills were slow enough so I figured it might not do too much.

Paul was happy enough to see me waiting outside his dorm room with a brown paper bag. I kissed him and dragged him inside. He was already all over me and I fed him the first bottle. Then I fucked him slowly. I swear I started to see his muscle slowly swelling bigger as I worked him over. Maybe it was just the sweat rolling off his body as I fucked him. He went on and on about my cock being even bigger than he remembered. He started raving about how he wished he were so huge hung. I got him off, curled up with him and drank another beer with him. He took the second bottle and drained it dry. I was so turned on to see him drink the last of the second bottle I completely became rock hard and sat on him and rubbed our cocks together, mine was so fucking stiff and then I shot a huge load onto his face and chest and he opened his mouth to catch as much as I could shoot… which was a lot.

Well, the next day I didn’t see Paul although I was on the lookout. The next day again I missed him. But I didn’t miss my pills. Slowly my now very heavy cock grew past 9 1/4” in length and 8 1/4” in circumference. My testicles were a constant source of sexual agony, they were heavy huge now and constantly churning. I couldn’t even sit still for more than a few minutes without having to squirm around a bit. I covered it up by pretending I was stretching. I was stretching, but not my arms, I was stretching my scrotum to accomodate bigger than big balls!

So when I finally caught up with Paul it was the same way as the first beer run. Only this time I brought 3 bottles for Paul, the 3rd bottle chocked with penis growth pills. It was a lot more than the limit of 4 per day but I figured what the heck as it was such a slow response in me.

When Paul came up the stairs I recognized his figure but it was different. He was about 3” taller, maybe more! Holy Fuck! That was unexpected. And his shoulders and biceps and lats were swollen, as were his thighs and calves. Most crazy was his pectorals, which now were real muscle slabs. I was a bit surprised. Paul laughed at me.

“I guess I’ve been growing too,” he said after he kissed me. He grabbed a beer bottle from my offered hand and chugged it down. I was instantly so fucking hard I was leaking pre and it was soaking through my pants leg. Paul grabbedf my hand and pulled me into the apartment. I drank a regular beer while Paul worked his way through another beer bottle. Then I was on top of him, and a few minutes later deep in him. Paul was very very happy to see my even bigger cock. “Fuck!” he grunted and started jerking me off. I shot a load quickly, my balls were now supercharged. I knew now that I was discovering another secret… if you took more than 4 pills your growth shot up astronomically. Paul shouldn’t have been that tall or muscled by a long shot but I’d shocked his system to super fast growth. Finally Paul grabbed the third bottle and drained it o the dregs. It was so fucking hot… sex made Paul thirsty! He was changing and he didn’t even know it. Only 3 days since the first dosing and I was giving him an even bigger dosing this time. I had put a full bottle of the little pills for genital growth in his beer. That was 8 times the maximum dosage. He moaned and groaned a few moments later and started massaging his nuts. They must have been very sore as they were very red, as was his big erect cock, which definitely looked much bigger now than 7½ inches in length, and was swollen very thick… it was a fat cock now, very impressive at close to 8” in length.

I made out with Paul until he passed out. I checked on him and he was sleeping peacefully. He looked bigger. I left him alone and the next day the phone rang. I answered it and a deeper voiced Paul was calling me to apologize for passing out. I almost didn’t recognize his new voice, he was a baritone now, very sexy. I told him it was cool and I couldn’t wait to meet up and we made a date for later that night.

I came armed with 3 fully dosed beer bottles. As for myself, I’d upped my dosage 3 days earlier to 8 pills per day, so I was now 9 1/3 inched in length, 8½ inches in circumference. It was bigger than I thought I wanted to be, but I wasn’t going to stop.

Drake was out working on an architecture project and didn’t have time to notice anything. I was hiding from him now, practically.

Anyway I dosed Paul again. I told him his growth was hot and asked if he was working out. “No,” he said, “but that’s a good idea! I feel the need to really use this muscle!”

And with that he wrestled me, flipped me, and fucked me with his 8½” cock. I was so turned on all the pain was just pleasure to my fevered brain. I made sure that he took all the beer I brought. I made very sure. He was so fucking hot now, he was now about 6’7” tall and he was starting to appoach bodybuilder size in the muscles. I wanted more. I

After we both flip fucked each other like crazy, and Paul had a long time worshipping my cock with his sexy mouth, he said, “It’s so weird having a growth spurt so late, I’m 19 years old!”

“It’s not weird, it’s hot!”

“I’m worried…..”

“what?” I demanded.

“I just hope I don’t end up with bigger junk than you in the shorts… I really like you to be the big man!”

oops! And I had just dosed him again.

When I arrived home I downed 16 pills. I knew it was a risk but I suddenly wanted Paul to get his wish… that I would be bigger. Hell, it was my wish too.

So the very next week two things happened. I had another meet up with Paul and Drake finally finished his project, went to bed for a day and woke up and looked at me and blinked.

I was headed over to Paul’s so I just winked at Drake, and walked down the hallway, my 8” flaccid meat throbbing in my skinny jeans. Yeah, I was a show off, hell yeah!

I fed Paul his beers and we made out like crazy fuckers… seriously just went wild. It had to be the growth pills, we were just fucking lustful animals. I completely lost myself. Later, when I could think again, Paul was jerking my now 10 1/4” long cock and saying, “Fuck yeah I’m glad you’re still the bigger man!”

I laughed. Paul laughed too, as he was now hung 9½”, and he was 6’9’ tall, and was now well into or past super heavy weight bodybuilder material. But he was as sweet as ever, even if much more sexually aggressive. He still wore glasses, which was adorable on his muscle body, and he did have contacts if we went out. And he went out a lot, usually to dinner, a dance, and then a sex club. Where we fucked and were fucked and fucking fucked all fucking night long. There was a lot of fucking. And it was insatiable, unstoppable.

As for Drake? I didn’t really see what I’d been so into before. Paul was my man now, and he cared for me beyond my big cock, he loved me and I knew it. He didn’t have to say it but he did one night.

Drake moved out one night. I mean, he tried to come on to me, I was accomodating, but my giant size completely freaked him out. I mean he saw it and started shaking and moaning and crying. He couldn’t even bring himself to touch my glory erect, and he was gone the next morning. No big deal, I didn’t miss him. Paul was the man I cared for. I was lucky to have Conan the librarian for a boyfriend and I never let him forget that I appreciated him!

I topped out growing my cok at 13 luscious huge hung inches with peach sized testicles, and Paul was only a mere 10” cock with a pair of large plums for adornment.. But boy did he get off on my being the big man where it counted, as he teasingly said to me. I was completely into my 6’10” tall boyfriend with the freak muscle and he was so kind and sweet to me unless he was fucking pounding my ass into oblivion. I was so happy. I muscled up some, just one bottle, and I took just enough height increaser to end up 6’4” tall, which was a great size to Paul’s looming over me by 5 full inches. But I still wondered if maybe he shouldn’t be 7 foot tall even. Maybe. But things were so great, I was so happy, and life was so much better. Everyone knew I had a big cock, I couldn’t hide my 10 inch soft meat, and they treated me accordingly. I didn’t ask for it, it was thrust onto me. I never had to pay for dinner, or do the crummy jobs, whatever I did wherever I went, people were deferential and almost reverent, until, of course, they were worshiping my giant meat.

I mostly ignored Drake. That was the start of his problems. His story is told elsewhere.

My parents named me Drake, and I guess having a stand out name helped to make me a stand out sort of guy. I was muscled and handsome and sexy and I knew it. I was completely 100% gay, queer, fag, you name it, I didn’t care. I wanted it. One of the first men I had been with had spoiled me, really. I was 18, I looked 15, except for my hard body, and I was totally ravished by Matt, a huge hung bodybuilder from the professional bodybuilding circuit. He was in town for a few months, used me, abused me, and dumped me. But I enjoyed his use and abuse and I wanted more. When he dumped me I got off for a while on the idea of how fucked up I was but when that wore off I realized I wanted Matt back. I wanted more like Matt. I wanted hung studs, who wanted to fuck my tight yet talented ass with the bubble butt that stuck out so nice in my 501’s, and I needed to be abused and used. The bigger the muscle, the bigger the cock, the taller the stud, the more I was turned on and the more I needed to pursue it.

Jeff was a nice enough guy, he was way too nice for me. He was hung enough, really, but he was nice. Big turn off. I needed a man to force me to my knees. I tried to give Jeff some hints, but he never took me up. I guess he was just not in the zone I was in. But we were dorm roommates in College, and he did all the housework, so what the fuck, right?

I went out and found guys to use me and abuse me. I loved it. I loved being used. Jeff, he never really stopped mooning after me, but I just flirted with him and blew him off. No way I was going to do that lovey dovey stuff. I wanted a man to completely dominate me. I wanted Matt.

I worked like hell at school and I had a big architecture project so I laid off the clubs for about 6 weeks. I can do that because I am project oriented. Once I was kinda startled, Jeff was in the bathroom, I was walking by, and he turned and slammed the door on me. I saw a quick glimpse of him, reasonably toned, 6’ tall, and wearing some red support briefs. I think they might have been aussie, or one of the brazilian import brands. The thing was, there was a huge bulge swelling in his crotch. Loser must have had a major chubby, as he was always after my ass, and was never going to get it. But I was intrigued, I stood there blinking. I shook my head. I’d seen Jeff naked, I knew he was nothing special, decent hung but not enough to float my boat. Just shows what wishful thinking can do, you know? I looked at a guy’s briefs and thought I saw a huge cock and balls stuffed there cause I wanted it. But it was only a dream. I did head out to the clubs that night. It was very unstatisfying, there wasn’t a lot of huge cock to be had. I finally hooked up with one of my older hung friends, and that wasn’t even very good.

So I was working away and I noticed that Paul down the hall as we called him was suddenly bigger and taller and buffer and studlier and I even saw him one day at the gym shower, and he was hung pretty damned big. I saw him again a week later and I’ll swear he was even bigger, and taller. More muscled, sure, the steroids could explain that, but more hung and taller? I was witnessing that rare late growth spurt you hear about some men going through.

Paul was cool enough but not too interested in me. Then I figured it out. Jeff was his guy. They’d been hooking up over at Paul’s and I didn’t know about it. I heard Paul say to one guy, that second time I saw him in the shower, when he was teasingly complimented about the size of his cock, “You should see my boyfriend.”

Geez. Jeff was his boyfriend. What the fuck was that about? I kept an eye open after that. It really looked like Jeff was packing more than I remembered, that was for sure. I came on to him and he completely blew me off. He’d forgotten about me. I had turned him down a hundred times and then he didn’t even blink when he rejected me. Fucker. I started watching. I set up a camera… a nanny cam, in the bathroom. Jesus, Jeff was muscled. Strong and tall, not an ounce of fat on him. His lat spread was amazing. Then he stepped out of his under armor briefs and turned around. I was stunned. I played that over and over on the computer, watching. He was 11” long, soft, it looked like. Fucking incredible, and then he looked at himself in the mirror, tweaked his nipple, and his cock sprang erect, it looked like 14” or more. He stroked himself for about 3 minutes, then started gasping and shot the biggest load I have ever seen on the mirror. He smiled in the mirror, looking at his hot self. Fucker. He was astonishingly hot. And I hadn’t even seen it. I knew he’d changed but how?

It was humiliating and I wanted him the more for it. I couldn’t take that he wasn’t into me. I flirted with Paul who would flex a muscle and let me feel it and then laugh and say that was the end of show and tell, like I was a little boy in grade school. Damn the taller and more muscle he got the hotter I he was and the more I needed him, wanted him, that he turned me on. Even Jeff eventually grew taller, and more muscled. He pretty much towered over me now, and his muscles weren’t anything to ignore. But Paul was fucking astronomical in his muscled stature. Fucking huge, made Matt look like a distant memory.

The thing of it was that Jeff talked in his sleep, sometimes. Not often, but once I heard him moaning something about take more pills Paul, get huge.

That was weird. I thought about it for a day or two, and then when Jeff headed home for a two day weekend I searched the place from top to bottom. I almost missed the box of pill bottles in the back closet, but I thought something might be hidden under them. When I read the labels I just about fainted. Something Matt had said, about what had made him so big, some supplement, Growti some thing or other and he just laughed like he was teasing me. I was holding it it my hand!

I sorted all the bottles, and read the faded labels. I swallowed 8 of each of the pills that night with dinner. Another 8 of each that night at bedtime, and another 8 pills for breakfast. That’s right. I took 32 of each of the pills per day. Jeff was gone for the whole 3 day weekend, and I started Friday night. By Saturday morning I was completely horned, my testicles really sore, and I was sore all over, and swollen. My bones ached. I didn’t care. I just kept taking the pills. I was 3 inches taller by lunch Saturday. I was another 2 inches taller by dinner Saturday. By bedtime, I was another 2 inches taller. My muscles were sore as hell. My cock was tender and sore and bright red, and swollen, it was long and thick even flaccid and too sore to even think about getting a hard on, which is all I could think about. So I’d start to get a hard on, and once I was semi erect heading towards hard I felt such soreness and pain I lost my erection. But I kept growing bigger and bigger. My muscles swelled, raw, huge, burning, and hot. throbbing with heat and soreness. My appetite was through the roof, so I went to the cafeteria and ate all I could. I could eat a lot. My body was burning food for fuel and my weight was skyrocketing. I looked in the mirror and my hair as shaggy, my eyes bloodshot, my face red and swollen and puffy looking. I didn’t stop though. I just kept taking the pills through the pain. It wasn’t too bad except right after the dosing, starting Saturday morning, but I took some leftover Vicaden from a back injury and that let me take the ride with the pills. I was a bit dizzy and woozy and felt hot flashes and moments of anger and apathy but I just rode it out.

I kept taking the pills, determined to show up Jeff with his giant meat and his show off muscle stud Paul. Monday came and I was still taking the pills. Then the phone rang and the machine picked up. It was Jeff, leaving a message that he was skipping class on Tuesday and would be in early Wednesday.

I groaned, but I kept taking 8 of each of the pills every 6 hours. That was 4 times daily and 8 pills per dose over 4 days. Or 128 pills of each variety. And, I was delirious, swollen, aching, riding high on Vicaden and also shoveling food in my mouth when I wasn’t completely exhausted. Finally I took my final dose late on Tuesday. I knew that I was huge now. I ate as much food as I could hold and then fell exhausted in bed and slept. The pills burnt their way through my body and I woke when the fever broke about 5am on Wednesday morning.

I felt weak, a bit shaky, but I wasn’t hurting anymore. I waited for the room to stop moving and staggered to my feet, then I fell to the floor. I crawled into the bathroom and drank as much water as I could from the bathroom faucet and used the facilities and then turned on the shower and crawled into the hot water and soaped myself. I then slowly turned the water cold until it was bracing and I felt awake and I stood up, using the shower walls to steady myself. I was taller than the faucet. That gave me pause. I gained my balance and with each passing moment I felt more and more strength infusing my body. I looked down and I tried to focus my eyes. My view was blocked by my pectoral muscles, so I leaned forward and I could see insanely huge cobblestone abdominals and below that… I blinked. I shook my head. I pulled back the long blonde hair cascading down past my shoulders and looked. I was… a monster. A freak. I was, I was huge. I staggered into the living room and found the tape measure. I measured my cock first. I was 13” long, soft. My testicles were each 6” long measured along the longest diameter. I measured the circumference and it was 9.5”, soft. Insane. I was stunned. I had no idea. I looked up and I was a lot closer to the ceiling. I had to duck under the doors, and when I measured, I was 7’ 7” tall. A giant. And not just in height and cock, my muscles were superhuman. They weren’t done growing, either. All that morning and through the next three days, my muscles added more and more mass. I was starving and I kept eating. I had no idea what happened to Jeff. I finally got a call from him later in the week. He had run off to Mexico with Paul, was taking the quarter off.

I was stunned. I had planned to turn the tables on Paul and especially Jeff, but he wasn’t even there. He wouldn’t be here for two more months. I was a giant freak, and I was a size queen, and I had no one to measure up to me, no one even close. I was stunned, as the clothing I wore the first day after my transformation became too small as my muscles continued to swell. I spent most of my time jerking off. I was insatiable. I went to the sex clubs and joined the show there. I was paid to be the freak star attraction. I was the giant. I had screwed myself out of the love of someone that wanted me, I was jealous of the love he’d found, and when I tried to show them both up they weren’t even there to see. I was enslaved to sex because of my overwhelming libido, and I knew that I was destined to live every day of my life as a muscle cock giant freak, performing for tiny people, dreaming of being like them, and worshiping someone like me.

I was destroyed. I lived like that for over three years, before I started to put my life back together.

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