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Conner’s massive reveal

by MegaMaker

Isaac and Connor have been dating for years and recently graduated college. Connor wants this relationship to last for the rest of their lives. In order to do that he must reveal what he truly is to his lover. He’s afraid Isaac won’t want to be with him anymore but when Isaac finds out he falls in love with Connor all over again.

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Today was the day, Connor thought. After years of being in a steady relationship with Isaac, he was finally gonna show him what he’d been hiding for years. He wanted this to be perfect so his grand plan was to surprise Isaac with a beach vacation. Then when it was dark out he’d take him for a moonlit walk on the beach then reveal what he really was.

Lucky for Connor his uncle owned a house where you could see the beach from the front door. Even more fortunate his uncle was perfectly fine with Connor using it for a long weekend as long as they didn’t trash it. Also they’d have to stock their own food and alcohol which Connor was more than capable of supplying.

“Are you serious?!” Isaac said over the phone.

“Hundred percent,” Connor said back. :My uncle said it was all right as long as we clean up before we leave.”

“And it’s just gonna be the two of us?”


“I’m so excited. This is the best graduation present a boy could ever ask for!”

Connor had told Isaac a few days ago that he was going to plan something special for when they graduated but little did Isaac know that this wasn’t just a graduation present and that there was more in store for him.

“How far is this?”

“Shouldn’t be too far, maybe a three hour drive. I’ll come pick you up and drive the whole way if you don’t mind. You don’t even have to buy supplies—I can do that too.”

“Connor, you really want this to be perfect, don’t you?”

“I do. I love you buddy and we need to celebrate what we have.”

“You’re amazing, you know that? But you don’t have to buy all the stuff we’re gonna need. I can pitch in, no problem.”

“Please, I insist.”

The two boys argued a little more before Isaac finally caved. “Fine, fine but you know what Imma get you a special present in return.”

Connor sighed. “Okay, buddy, you can do that if you want.”

Connor wasn’t going to argue that because if it made Isaac feel like he was contributing then that was okay in his mind. A few days later Connor got all the things they would need for their trip. Stuff to toss on the grill, beer, a beach ball, etc., etc.

In that time Isaac texted him a lot saying how much he couldn’t wait for the trip but also how excited he was to give Connor his gift. Isaac hadn’t given him the slightest hint as to what it could be but teased him a how bunch about it. What it could possibly be, thought Connor as he was driving to Isaac’s house. Isaac was sitting on the porch as Connor entered the driveway. He had his backpack all packed and ready to go. Connor gave Isaac a kiss when he got in the car.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” Isaac said.

“I know I can’t either but there’s a three hour drive ahead of us so get comfortable.”

Isaac laced his fingers between Connor’s and held it on the center console. “There, I’m comfortable.”

“You’re adorable, buddy, you know that?”

“You’re huge, you know that?”

Isaac squeezed Connor’s arm and that made him smile and chuckle ever so slightly. “Yeah, I know.”

Connor pulled out of the driveway and they started heading to their vacation spot. A quick flash of nervousness went through Connor’s head. What if Isaac didn’t like what he was going to show him. How heartbreaking would that be. What would I do without the love of my life, he thought. Connor snapped out of it then he remembered that Isaac also had a surprise and he thought he’d ask.

“Hey buddy.”


“What was the surprise you were gonna show me?”

“You’ll have to wait till we get to your uncle’s house then I’ll show you.”

“Huh… well, okay.”

Connor still didn’t know what Isaac had for him but Connor thought he didn’t have much room to talk as he had his own secrets that he was waiting to share. Isaac ended up napping for a portion of the car ride but never stopped holding Connor’s hand. During this time Connor was getting more and more nervous. A week or two ago when he was planning this out it seemed far off and something future Connor could worry about. However, now that they were in the car and would soon arrive at his uncle’s beach house he became very anxious. Like this is actually happening kind of anxious.

Connor pulled into the gravel driveway of his uncle’s beach house. This house had only one floor and was very small. It had this Victorian aesthetic to it and considering when and where it was built that made sense. It was located within walking distance from the beach. It didn’t matter how small or old it was, this house was worth a fortune now.

“Hey, buddy, we’re here,” Connor said as he nudged Isaac awake.

He rubbed his eyes then gave Connor a kiss. “Wow, it’s very old timey.”

“Yeah, it’s old, but it’s more than enough for the two of us.”

The two boys unpacked the car and began to settle into the house. Inside it wasn’t very decorated; a few nautical themed items were hung on the wall. An old lifesaver and a ship’s wheel were among some of the decorations. There were also a few pictures of Connor’s extended family too. This had been used by his family for generations after all. The kitchen was small and didn’t have many appliances but that didn’t mind Connor would be using the grill more than anything.

When they finished settling in Isaac collapsed on the couch laying longways and motioned from Connor lay with him. Connor smiled before lowering himself onto Isaac and they cuddled and rubbed each other down before wrapping each other their arms.

“Before we hit the beach I wanna a little nappy and eat something, is that all right?” Isaac said.

“Whatever you want, buddy.”

Isaac pulled off Connor’s shirt then his own and fell into a snooze in Connor’s arms. However, Connor himself was way too anxious to fall asleep even after that exhausting car ride. What did ease his nerves though was gently stroking Isaac’s golden blonde hair as he rested his head on his bare chest. Maybe an hour or so had passed when Isaac woke up. He made a beautiful shining smile before rubbing his face in Connor’s chest.

“Hey, buddy, did you sleep well?”


Isaac gave Connor a kiss and that turned into a small make out session for a few minutes.

“All right that’s enough, I’m hungry,” Isaac said.

“Me too.”

They found some leftovers in the fridge and with what they had brought with them they threw together what they could to make a decent meal. When they both finished Isaac said it was time for the surprise.

“Wait, here Imma go get it, it’s my backpack. I’ll be right back with it.”

Isaac walked off chuckling and giggling. His mischievous tone only confounded Connor. This surprise better be worth the anticipation, he thought. This made Connor think about his own surprise, again. His heart skipped a beat when he thought about it. What Connor was, was considered an illness more than a gift and he thought about whether Isaac would be understanding enough when the time came.

“Connor, come in here,” Isaac said from the living room.

Connor got up from his chair and went into the living room to find Isaac sitting on the couch; wearing nothing but sunglasses, a baseball cap and a very non-traditional swimsuit. Connor couldn’t help but laugh.

“Buddy, why are you wearing a speedo?” he said.

“Because I look cute in it,” Isaac said in a cheeky voice.

“That’s the surprise? You’re gonna walk down the beach in a speedo?”

“Not just me.”

He threw a ball of orange fabric at Connor and he caught it then unraveled it. It was of course a speedo. The size read thirty six which was one size too small for him.

“Dude, no, I’m not wearing this to the beach.”

“C’mon, please. You said this vacation was your treat.”

“Buddy, I can’t. You might have the courage to wear something like this and I will admit you look really cute but a big guy like me, I just can’t.”

“You’d look better in it then me. You’re so handsome and super jacked. At least try it on.”

Connor sighed—this trip was to make Isaac happy, after all.

“Fine, I’ll try it on.”

Connor went into the bathroom and stripped down to nothing then pulled on the speedo and tied the draw string. Like he expected it was too tight and very snug. The bottom of his butt showed a little more than what could be considered modest, and because Connor was, shall we say, well-endowed, his dick print was stuck out like a sore thumb. But even he had to admit he did look pretty sexy in it.

The only hair Connor had was a beard, leg hair and of course the short curly black hair on his head. He shaved his arms, chest and stomach and his back hair didn’t grow. This meant that all his huge bulging muscles showed off beautifully. Connor walked out of the bathroom with his hands in front of his crotch.

“You cover your dick like I haven’t seen it soft and hard a million times.”

“I feel so exposed and why couldn’t you get like a black one or navy blue one. I’d even settle for a red one.”

“Because you look hot in orange!”

Isaac jumped at Connor, pulled his arms away from his crotch to give him a big hug, nuzzled his neck while rubbing his back.

“Yeah, yeah, buddy.”

“You looked so buff. With your powerful thick thighs and butt on display as well as your bulge. I’m surprised I didn’t make you wear one sooner.”

“Calm down, buddy.”

Isaac giggled before pitching Connor’s nose. “All right enough waiting, beach time!”

Connor found his sunglasses then pulled shorts on over his speedo.

“You’re not gonna walk down to the beach in your speedo?”

“Do I look like I wanna get a ticket for public nudity?”

“I doubt you would, you’re too sexy.”

Connor rolled his eyes, making Isaac smile. Then Isaac packed a bag with sunscreen, snacks, water, a Bluetooth speaker and towels. Connor insisted on carrying all of it then they were off the beach. The whole walk the beach Isaac got more than a few head turns and Connor was getting second hand embarrassment from it. Then he remembered when they got to the beach he’d be joining Isaac in that embarrassment. After a few crosswalks they made it to the beach. Connor and Isaac kicked off their flip flops and felt the warm, tingly sand under their toes. This was one of the many reasons these boys loved the beach.

A drop of sweat went down Connor’s face not because of the heat. It was very hot out but it was more from the fact that there were a bunch of people at the beach today. All those eyes that would be staring at him and Isaac. Connor’s illness had made him very self conscious of body over the years. It wasn’t as bad as when he was a kid but those feelings and experiences always stuck with him. He told himself that he’s doing it for Isaac and that’s what’s important. They kept walking down the beach toward the ocean till they found a decent spot and set up. Isaac unrolled his towel then laid down on his back, looking very relaxed.

“Okay, Connor, speedo time,” he said with a grin.

With much hesitation Connor pulled down his gym shorts leaving him only his speedo. His thighs and butt were out for everyone to see and this gave him an extreme feeling of exposure. In his head he had to make a tough decision. He could lay down on his stomach and his massive butt will stick out or lay down on his back and have his massive bulge stick out. He thought having his butt stick out was the lesser of the two evils, so he did just that.

“You look good, big guy, why so shy?”

“I feel very exposed and very gay.”

“You are gay, numbskull.”

“Yeah but like feminine gay.”

“Dude, you’re 220 pounds of buff muscles. If anything, your speedo makes you look more masculine.”

Connor took a deep breath. That was only a part of the reason Connor was uncomfortable. In truth it was because of his illness his flaw that made him feel uncomfortable with showing off his body but Isaac wouldn’t understand at least not till he showed him later tonight. Which just added to his anxiety.

“Almost forgot about sunscreen time!”

Isaac sat up then reached into his bag and pulled out a big bottle of sunscreen. He squeezed a big pile of it out and smeared it all over himself like he was putting frosting on a cake. Isaac was a pretty pale boy and he’d burn like a marshmallow if didn’t cake it on. Connor on the other hand could tan a little bit so he put on tanning oil instead. He never liked the burnt brown look so this one still had a decent SPF to it but he’d look like he’d gotten some sun at the end of the day. When they had finished Isaac rolled over on top of Connor using him like a mattress and pecs like a pillow.

“Cuddle time.”

“It’s always cuddle time in your mind.”


And like that Isaac went right back to doing his favorite activity, rubbing his face in Connor’s beefy chest. Connor on other hand still felt very exposed and because two guys in speedos cuddling on the beach wasn’t exactly ordinary he kept his head on a swivel the whole time. To the surprise of no one they were in fact the only guys wearing speedos and this only increased Connor’s feelings of exposure. At least when Connor would reveal his secret it would be in the cover of night and nobody would be around. They laid together for a little while and Connor tried to enjoy himself. Despite everything Connor was still able to enjoy the fact that his boyfriend was nearly naked and cuddling with him on a beautiful beach.

Connor reached over into Isaac’s bag to get the Bluetooth speaker. He connected his phone and started playing some music. Not too loud, he didn’t want to attract more attention they already had but he played one of Isaac’s favorite songs. The two boys laid there for some time until Isaac suggested they splash around to cool off after he felt he was getting too hot.

“Tag you’re it!”

Isaac poked Connor in the shoulder and ran off to the water. Connor smiled—he loved Isaac’s “never grow up” nature. He took off his sunglasses then ran after Isaac. While it was fun to run after Isaac. Running like that made Connor’s bulge bounce around; he had to readjust it a few times as he made his way to the water. Isaac tried to swim away but Connor caught up to him and launched himself at him giving the biggest of hugs. Connor kissed Isaac right on the lips.

“Tag, you’re it,” Connor said.

Isaac squeezed and rubbed all of Connor’s back muscles as they stayed in their watery embrace. When they had gotten their thrill they released each other and splashed around and wrestled. Connor felt more comfortable in the water than on land because the water hid the fact that he was wearing a speedo. Isaac loved wrestling with Connor, any chance he got to be dominated by Connor’s strength was a good time. The amount of fun they were having Connor almost forgot that he had a bigger reason for coming here.

Their wrestling ended with Isaac clinging to Connor in a tight embrace then they made their way back to shore where they clasped on the sand in each other’s arms. Isaac put his hand on Connor’s bare thigh and rubbed while smiling at him.

“Buddy, what are you doing?” Connor said.


Isaac kept up that smile when he kissed Connor on the cheek. He was trying to turn him on. One of Isaac’s fantasies was to have sex with him on a beach. Connor felt isaacs touch get firmer and Connor’s cock got a little stiffer. Connor put his hand on top of Isaacs.

“Buddy, we’re in public, not now.”

“Okay fine.”

Isaac instead just cuddled up against Connor and they got back to embracing each other on the warm sand. Isaac never wanted this to end and neither did Connor. He just hopped when he revealed his secret they could lay together like they were now. They snuggled, tossed a beach ball around and Isaac made Connor help him build a sand castle. Some time passed before Connor took a glance at his phone. They’d been at the beach for several hours, long enough for Connor to get a little darker and for Isaac to burn.

“You hungry, buddy?”

“A little, yeah, what about you?”


Connor’s stomach rumbled.

“Big boy gotta eat.”


Just the way Isaac phrased made a chill run down Connor’s spine.

“Let’s get back to the house and grill us up somethin’,” Connor said.

They began packing up their things and Connor pulled up his shorts over his speedo which irked Isaac but whatever Connor didn’t put his shirt back on which he wasn’t complaining about. The two boys walked back to the house and after settling in and some beers Connor got to prepping dinner/late lunch. To Isaac’s delight Connor never put a shirt back on and Isaac sat outside the whole time while he was cooking on the grill. Then Isaac got a funny idea. He walked up to Connor and quickly pulled his gym shorts down leaving him in only his speedo. Connor pulled a blank expression before beaming at Isaac who was laughing up a storm.

“You wanna play like that then? C’mere little buddy.”

Connor charged Isaac and tackled him onto the patio couch and began rubbing and tickling Isaac.

“Stop it, I’m gonna pee.”

Isaac couldn’t control his laughter and nor could Connor as they rolled around and played with each other. They’re play time was cut short otherwise the burgers would have burned. Trust and believe Connor would get revenge for that prank later. And he did, after dinner Connor the same thing. This time Isaac was doing the dishes when Connor snuck up behind Isaac and pulled his shorts down leaving him in only his speedo. This caused another session of horse play. They collapsed on the floor and were exhausted from all that.

“I love you, you know that?”

“Of course I do.”

They turned the TV on to whatever show was playing at the time. It didn’t matter really, they just wanted to cuddle some more on the couch.

“Today was perfect and it’s the first day. Maybe tomorrow we can go to the beach and then hit up a club?”

“Yeah we can do that, what kind of club are you thinking of?”

“I don’t know but if you’re with me it’ll sure be fun.”

Connor rolled his eyes at the cheesiness. The sun was going down at this point and Connor could only think about how he was gonna show Isaac soon. Today was so perfect he didn’t want to ruin it. He thought he could do it tomorrow night or even the night after that but what difference does two days make.

“Hey Isaac, go put your trunks on, we’re going to the beach.”

“What are we gonna do, fuck each other?” Isaac said with excitement.

“Oh my god, no. I wanna show you something.”

“Oh, is this a surprise?”

“Yeah, a really big surprise.”

“Oooh, can’t wait.”

They put their speedos back on and headed down to the beach. Because it was night time and nobody was around Connor didn’t bother with wearing shorts over his speedo and Isaac loved that. They had their arms around each other and that somewhat soothed Connor. When they two boys got there they walked along the dark beach with only the moonlight to guide their path. The sounds of many the birds had long been silenced and the only noise was the crashing ocean waves.

They held hands and Connor’s grip was getting tighter. His heart rate was picking up and his nerves were on fire. Every time Connor felt like stopping he just kept walking, but soon he’d have to quit stalling and reveal his secret to his lover. After some more walking Isaac stopped and turned to look at Connor.

“Okay, big guy, we’re far away from any people, what did you want to show me?” Isaac said.

“Isaac, I love you, do you love me back?”

He smiled and tilted his head. “Of course I love you back.” Isaac squeezed Connor’s shoulder. “Are you gonna propose to me?” he continued.

“No, what I’m about to show you might change how you feel about me because it’s something I’ve been hiding from you for years.”

“What are you gonna turn into a werewolf?” Isaac laughed so much he was even snorting.

“No, just watch.”

Connor stepped away from Isaac and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and squeezed his fists. Isaac’s eyes widened at what he saw in front of him.

First his bulge increased in size before rapidly hardening into a long girthy boner that tented his speedo. Then Connor’s chest puffed out, becoming thicker and wider. His traps got taller and neck thickened. Then his shoulders swelled and the growth traveled down his arms making them bigger too. He inched up a little taller and was now at Isaac’s height. Connor’s stomach contracted turning from a four pack to a six pack and his hips widened as his thighs, calves and butt increased in size. His already tight speedo fit even less. Connor opened his eyes and then he gave his best smile.

“What do you think?”

“What happened to you?”

“I grew little.”

“You’re a mass monster aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I am.”

Isaac smiled and came at Connor embracing him in the sincerest of hugs. Rubbing his face all over his newly grown pecs and squeezing all his newly grown back muscles. Isaac’s dick pressed up against Connor’s much larger hard-on.

“You still love me?”

“Why would this change that?”

“A lot of people are scared of us.”

“To be honest I figured you were one a long time ago.”


“Even back in high school you were getting ripped.”

“If it was that obvious then how come you didn’t say anything?”

“Aside from it being wrong to assume, your height gave me pause.”

“Well, now you know.”

“I do and so happy you have the courage to show me.”


They stayed silent in their embrace for a little longer before Isaac spoke up. “The real question is what’s the biggest you’ve ever gotten?”

“Pretty big, I didn’t always have good control over it.”

“Like giant levels?”

Connor knew Isaac was getting thirsty. He was afraid this might happen. “Yeah.”

“We’re all alone and it’s night time. Can I see that?”

Connor sighed then smiled. “Thirsty boy, huh.”

Isaac nodded. “All right, buddy, I’ll get a little bigger just for you.”

Connor released Isaac from his hug then took a deep breath with his fists squeezed tight. His boner lengthened and thickened so much that the waistband and leg holes of his speedo were pulled away from his body and his engorged balls fell out. His speedo was so tight and barely covered him anymore. He grew taller, now a few more inches than Isaac. His chest expanded and puffed up bigger. Then his traps got thicker and taller. Next his shoulders popped and swelled along his arms and hands. Connor’s lats grew thicker and heftier. Then his stomach became a more defined six pack and his hips widened more. His thighs got meatier and his calves more plump. Connor always had a huge butt but now it grew into a chunky shelf.

“You’re beautiful, Connor,” Isaac said.

Isaac pulled open his own speedo and started playing with himself as his eyes were locked on Connor.

“Thank you buddy.”

“You’re speedo boner is very hot, I was kinda hoping you’d get one when we were playing in the sand earlier but I’m glad I waited till now.”

Connor put his palm on the tip of his boner and rubbed it a little. “Yeah, It’s pretty big isn’t it.”

“Can you flex for me?”

With a smile Connor squeezed his huge pecs together while tightening his abs.

“Your muscles are so huge and your boner is even bigger. You’re a work of art but can you get bigger?”

“Buddy, how much bigger do you want me to get?”

“I don’t know, I just love watching you grow.”

“All right, buddy, I’ll get bigger but this is as big as I’m getting, got it?”

Connor took a deep breath, squeezed his fists then shut his eyes. Connor let out an orgasmic gasp as his boner inched even longer and became girthier. His balls swelled too. A large creamy patch appeared at the tip of his over stretched speedo, staining it. Connor got taller and all his muscles puffed and popped becoming even larger than they were before. Isaac was now at Connor’s chest level.

His enormous arms were being pushed away but his gigantic lats and his chest was getting close to touching his chin and his neck was starting to disappear due to his traps. Lastly his thighs were so thick and meaty that Connor had to widen his stance. His butt and boner were so big his speedo couldn’t contain it anymore and the bottom of the sides spilled out. Combine his huge butt with his massive boner and his speedo was being stretched to the max. His hips weren’t helping either due to them being much wider.

“Fuck…” Connor whispered.

“That was so hot, I can’t believe this.”

Isaac pulled down his own speedo and was now jacking off with vigor. Connor loved watching his little buddy get off to him like this and his pre-cum stain got larger as he watched his boyfriend beat his meat.

“How about you take off that speedo before you rip it, big guy?” Isaac said.

“Good idea.”

Connor took off his speedo and his mega boner flung up, slapping his abs while it shot out a few small ropes of pre-cum. Isaac might as well have been drooling at this point. Connor started jacking off with both hands. The two boys even started making out with force and aggression and they jerked each other. Isaac’s hands even found their way to Connor’s massive butt and became rubbing and squeezing all of it.

“Connor,” Isaac said through his sharp breaths.

“Yeah,” he said through grunts and coughs.

“Can you get bigger?”

“Isaac, look at me, I put most bodybuilders to shame at this point and my dick is breaking the world record. How much bigger do you want me to get?”

“Please, Connor, every time you grow I can feel my love for you grow too.”

Isaac started rubbing the head of Connors boner and more pre-cum shot out. Isaac smiled, never breaking eye contact with Connor as he started rubbing and massaging all of Connor’s muscles. He looked down over his pecs into the shining eyes of his boyfriend and saw how much he was enjoying himself. The fact that Isaac still loved him even after he revealed his secret made Connor have hope for their future as a couple. He loved the touch of Isaacs hands on his mutated boner and body so much he just couldn’t say no to the love of life.

“All right, buddy. Stand back, big Connor’s about to break his PR.”

Isaac let go of Connor’s boner and his own then stepped back more than a few feet. Connor did a few stretches while mentally preparing. He’d been at inhuman levels before but he really wanted to impress Isaac so he’d have to go bigger.

“Really for this?”

“More than ready.”

Connor took a deep breath, squeezed his fists and his eyes then focused all his will power and strength till his face was red. Isaac’s jaw hit the ground at what he saw. Connor was rapidly shooting up in height, surpassing Isaac and getting close to the height of the thirty foot palm trees. His frame was also increasing exponentially making him wider than a train. Every single muscle bulged and burst to unimaginable size.

Connor’s pecs broaden immensely and puffed out into a far reaching shelf and combined with mountainous traps his chest and traps consumed his neck and pressed against his jaw. His shoulders puffed and swelled to immense size making his head look even smaller. It was honestly hard to tell when his pecs ended and his shoulders began. His biceps swelled to where it both rubbed against the sides of his pecs and his growing forearms. There was not a chance he could reach his face anymore. His lats became so thick and bulky they pushed his arms up till they were almost parallel to the ground.

One by one each of his abs puffed out into bricks becoming a full stacked blocky ten pack. Each muscle could be seen on his thighs as Connor had to widen his stance even more and his calves enlarged to where they were as big as his thighs. Lastly, his butt inflated to a whopping monstrous size but most shocking was his boner.

Connor’s boner lengthened to where the head was well above his actual head and was bigger than it too. As well as his shaft having a girth larger than his own forearm with veins that popped out. His balls swelled till they sagged at his knee level.

It wasn’t over yet. Connor had gotten carried after and lost control of his growth. He’d surpassed the palm trains in height and was getting wider than house. All Connor’s grotesquely gargantuan muscles refused to stop inflating and his boner wasn’t far behind. His balls were so big they rivaled his highs and his shaft was so long it had to be longer than a bus and was as thick as one too. The head was turning purple and was larger than his fist. Isaac was in disbelief of the ever growing Connor. Connor kept growing and growing until he could snap out of it and stop.

“Fuck…” Connor thought.

At this size Connor didn’t have much mobility left and he felt like he was gonna cum any second. But it was over and Connor was the size of Godzilla and had the strength to crush mountains. His balls and boner had grown disproportionately to his body. So even though Connor was an over inflated muscular colossal monstrous giant his penis was as big as his body.

He tried to look down at Isaac but he had lost most of the mobility in his non-existent neck. And even if he didn’t there was not a chance he could see over his mountainous pecs. To Connor it was very uncomfortable to have his traps push his head down but his pecs push his head up at the same time. Gasping for air Connor said,

“How do I look?”

His voice was so deep and mellow and a little impaired from how his chest forced his jaw shut.

“Godly,” Isaac said before hugging Connor’s toe.

“I can’t move very well and my boner feels like white hot steel but if it makes you happy then it’s worth it.”

A stream of white syrupy pre-cum was flowing down Connor’s towering boner and dripping on the sand making a puddle.

“What’s that thumping sound?”

“Um… that’s the throbbing of my boner.”

Isaac looked up to Connor’s balls and noticed they were still swelling so much that the skin had gotten taught and was about to touch the ground.

“That’s hot then I can only guess that sloshing sound is,”

“My balls filling with cum, yes.” Connor smiled more out of embarrassment.

“Jeez, Connor, that’s so hot. What happens when they fill to the max?”

“Well, I—”

Without another word Connor busted an unreal amount of cum. Like a geyser a beam of solid white reached so high in the air neither of the boys could see where it stopped. The force of his ejaculation was so powerful it made Connor fall flat on his enormous ass making the ground shake causing a minor earthquake. The torrent of cum coated Connor in a thick blanket of warm creamy cum even blasting his face before he could push it up so it would shoot in air.

Connor was choking on his own orgasmic bliss as cum kept blasted out at high speed. His cum was surging out of his boner so fast and with so much force it was bordering on pain. Isaac could hear the pumping of the massive amount of liquid. Then it rained back down splashing and splattering all over the trees, rocks and sand making huge white puddles everywhere. Isaac couldn’t believe it, within minutes Connor had completely and totally flooded a huge portion of the beach with his cum.

“Connor!” Isaac yelled.

“I can’t stop!” Connor yelled out.

Connor kept cumming and cumming and he was afraid he’d never stop. Some many sexual thoughts crowded his head that he couldn’t even hear himself think. His brain was focused on one thing, making more sperm and busting it out. Soon enough his whole mega mutated muscular body was drenched in white.

Connor was coming so long the sun was starting to peek over the horizon. That was a bad sign for Connor because in the morning is when his hormones were at the highest. To Connor’s horror, without his control he started growing again and his boner started coming even harder than before! He grew bigger than he thought was possible for his kind and he was now engulfed in sexual agony. He finally calmed down by noon and slowly stopped cumming. He was so cum drunk he felt sick and like he was about to pass out or throw up. He stayed laying down in the ocean of cum he’d made and rested his eyes.

“Connor,” Isaac said into Connor’s ear. He’d stayed up all night watching boyfriend cum several oceans worth of cum. He was right next to Connor’s huge head and also covered in sperm.

“Yeah, buddy?”

“You okay?”

“Never been better. See all that?”

Connor motioned to the aftermath of the cum hurricane he just made. Even the surrounding water was white.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“That’s how much I love you.”

Isaac said nothing so he just kissed Connor’s humongous cheek and hugged the side of his head. That made another solid rope of cum shoot from his boner hitting himself right in the face with it. That made Isaac laugh.

“When you started growing again and cumming harder I was scared you’d never stop.”

“I was too, but hey it was all worth it if it makes you happy.”

Isaac kissed Connor again making another rope of cum blast out of Connor’s boner. They both laughed.

“Hey Connor.”


“I think we’re gonna have to buy you a bigger speedo.” Isaac held up Connor’s cum soaked orange speedo.

“I think you’re right. Hey, buddy, did you cum yet?”

“Yeah, I was jerking the whole time you were busting.”

“How long was I busting?”

“Let’s see.”

Isaac took out his phone and did some mental math. “I think about eleven hours.”

Connor smiled. “It was all for you.”

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