The real you

by MegaMaker

Today is Adam’s birthday, and his longtime boyfriend Eddie doesn’t want to give him the gift he’s been asking for.

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Eddie laid in bed in only his underwear, waiting for his longtime boyfriend Adam. Eddie had had a long week and so had Adam, so both the boys needed each other’s company more than anything right now. What put Eddie on edge, though, was today was Adam’s birthday and he always asked for the same thing every year.

Adam came into the bedroom in only his little red underwear looking cute as ever. They exchanged smiles and stared at each other with intentful bedroom eyes.

Without any words Adam climbed on top of Eddie and they started gently kissing while rubbing each other’s muscular bodies. Both boys were considerably buff. Adam being a competitive powerlifter and Eddie being a former D1 football player, the two boys loved rubbing each other’s sizable muscles while passionately making out. Eddie also loved driving his hands all through Adam’s messy fluffy brown hair while Adam grinded his hardening dick into Eddie’s. They kept this up until they needed to breathe and Adam pulled himself off of Eddie and laid next to him. They were still holding each other tight.

“Before we get too into this, I got you a present,” Eddie said.

“Aww, that’s sweet.”

“Go look in your underwear drawer.”

“Of course you put it there.”

Adam pulled himself off of Eddie then went to his dresser where he opened the top drawer and inside was an Amazon box and a Walmart shopping bag. Inside of the bag were several bags of Sour Patch Kids, and in the box was a pair of new wrist wraps. Adam had the brightest smile on his face as he climbed back on top of Eddie.

“Thank you so much, buddy!”

Adam kissed Eddie before rolling off of him and laying next to him. They were still in each other’s arms when Adam leaned in close to ask the burning question he’d been asking for all these years.

“I want another present from you and you know the one I’m talking about. Tonight, I want to make love with the real you, not the image you hide behind,” he whispered, gently into Eddie’s ear then kissed his cheek.

For years Eddie had declined this request but Adam had been getting more insistent as the years went on. “Buddy, we’ve talked about this. I know it’s your birthday but I just can’t do that to you.”

Adam didn’t say anything at first and the pause only added to Eddie’s anxiety about this. “But you can,” he said at last.

“Buddy, no, you don’t want that. I won’t turn you.”

“I love you so much, I want to join you in your kind so we can be together for the rest of our lives.”

“We can be together without me infecting you.”

“But you’ll always be holding back and bottling it up, and for what?”

“So we can have a normal relationship.”

Adam rolled over onto Eddie with his hands on his chest and lowered his face mere inches from Eddie’s. “What about this is ‘normal’? You’re hiding your true self—and you can’t be doing it for me because I want you to be yourself. I know you’re hiding it because of what other people will think. You’re hiding because of society.”

Eddie and Adam never broke each other’s gaze. Tonight Eddie thought he was gonna have a normal night of birthday sex with his boyfriend after a long week. He didn’t think it would turn to this.

“Adam, if I convert you other people will know what I did to you, and you think that’s gonna end well? And what about your parents?”

“I don’t care what other people are gonna think. Or my parents. I already had to ditch them after I told them I was gay and started dating someone like you. They didn’t even show up to watch me win first place at my powerlifting meet but you did, and I just wanna be closer to you.”

Adam connected his lips to Eddie’s for a long time before parting with them. He was almost in tears and his face was begging Eddie to go through with it.

Eddie felt his resistance crumbling. “You sure you wanna go through with this?”

“I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

“Buddy… if you go through with this you’ll have to promise me you’ll shift into a human every time you leave the apartment.”

“Why would I ever want to shift into a human? I know how sick you get when you stay in your human form for too long and I hate watching you go through that. Your parents never like it when we go to your family gatherings and you’re not shifted into your true form. And think of it, I could finally join your family and your culture.”

Adam collapsed onto Eddie into the strongest tightest hug he’d ever given. His face was pressed so deeply in Eddie’s chest. In Adam’s mind this was gonna be the night, the night he’d finally get to be one with his lover. And he wasn’t gonna stop till he got what he wanted.

“You really love me?” Eddie said.

“More than anything else in the world.”

“All right, buddy. If you’re ready then I’ll turn you.”

“Thank you Eddie, I love you.” Adam kissed Eddie right on the lips before resting his head on his pecs.

“To tell you the truth, I knew this day would come.”

“Then why didn’t you do it sooner?”

“Because I wanted to make sure you were the one. Being what I am isn’t easy and it baffles me that anyone would ever want to go through it voluntarily.”

“Well, I’m ready, are you?” Adam smiled and nuzzled Eddie’s neck.

“All right buddy, this is your last chance. You sure?”


Adam rolled off of him then Eddie took off his own underwear then squeezed his eyes shut and his fists tight then took in a deep breath. A few minutes later some sweat formed on Eddie’s forehead and some veins popped on his arms and neck. Then all of Eddie’s muscles started twitching rapidly and more sweat dripped down his face. One by one each and every one of Eddie’s muscles started popping and puffing out, swelling like balloons and growing to huge proportions.

Eddie’s whole body was gaining pounds of muscle by the second. He was growing taller, wider and thicker. Adam had to get off the bed as Eddie kept growing till he took up the whole bed and then some. His pecs were touching his chin and extended out into an enormous shelf. In fact his pecs were so over inflated that it was hard to tell when his chest ended and his front delts began. His shoulders also swelled so large they had to be larger than basketballs.

Next were Eddie’s arms. His biceps grew so large and round that they rubbed against the sides of his pecs and there was so no way he could reach his head that was being buried by his traps and pecs. His triceps grew to at least twice the size of biceps and his forearms became so thick and meaty that even his wrists were starting to disappear. Then his lats swelled and thickened to the point where they pushed his arms up.

Eddie normally had a soft stomach but each abdominal muscle bulged out quickly becoming a blocky eight pack and his obliques became equally rippling with muscles. His butt became so big and chunky that it lifted his widening hips. Eddie’s legs lengthened and bulged to incredible size showing every single muscle group and his calves grew so much they almost matched the size of his thighs. Eddie’s facial hair quickly grew into a scruffy beard and a patch of curly fluff sprouted on his chest.

Next was Adam’s favorite part. Eddie popped a massive boner and it grew long enough to reach his pecs and thicker than a cardboard paper towel tube; the head became bulbous and rounder too then became red. And his balls swelled bigger, filling with cum. A rope of pre-cum shot out from Eddie’s boner and spattered on his pecs. Then the very last thing to happen was patches of dark green skin surfaced all over his body and soon covered every inch of him.

“Fuck me…” Eddie gasped out.

“You don’t have to ask,” Adam said.

Adam couldn’t control himself anymore. He tore off his underwear, almost tripping on them as he climbed onto Eddie and showered his chest in kisses while grinding his boner against Eddie’s abs. Eddie wrapped up Adam in his newly grown massive arms and rubbed his back and butt with his huge chunky green hands. Adam was almost in tears. Whenever Eddie would turn to his true form is when Adam was the happiest.

“Happy birthday, buddy,” Eddie said.

“I love the real you so much.” Adam’s hands were busy rubbing and squeezing each of Eddie’s mutated green muscles as he kept kissing him. He even reached over his pecs and scratched Eddie’s beard.

“Too bad I just shaved.”

“I think you look beautiful with a beard and also I love how you keep your big warm brown eyes and long lashes.”

“I hope you stay as beautiful as you are now when I turn you.”

“I’ll be more beautiful, I promise.”

They kept up the foreplay for a little while longer. Eddie never wanted this to end and a part of him was using this to stall because he knew once he turned Adam he’d never wanna go back to his human form for any reason.

“All right, Eddie, it’s time. I’m ready.”

“Okay, buddy, if you’re really sure.”

“More than ever.”

Eddie reached over to the night stand where they kept a bottle of lube in the drawer. “Can I lube you up?” Adam said in a sultry tone.

“Make sure you coat it really well, okay? I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“I thought I just had to drink a lot of it?”

“My sperm has to enter you anally or it won’t work. It’s like a suppository.”

Adam glanced at the Eddie’s giant mutated throbbing boner and cringed. He had jerked and sucked Eddie off when he was in his mutant form before but Eddie never put it inside of him. This was gonna be a first for both of them.

“How deep does it have to go?”

“Pretty deep—and it has to stay inside you for a while.”

“How long are we talking here?”

“Long enough for me to cum.”

“That shouldn’t take long. You cum easily when you’re in this form.”

“And enough sperm has to be absorbed into your body.”

“And how long could that take?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never turned anymore before.”

“So then how will we know?”

Eddie was upset he wasn’t able to answer all Adam’s questions but he was just as oblivious to this as Adam was.

“All I know is that you’ll start to turn when enough sperm has been absorbed into your body.”

“Oh, boy, okay.”

“Are you having second thoughts?”

“No, not at all. It’s just going to be rough at first.”

Adam opened the lube and coated Eddie’s several-foot-long boner from the base to the head. Making sure to really give it a solid coat. Eddie felt his head get light as Adam worked his shaft.

“What’s it gonna feel like when I start turning?”

“I was born one, but from what I’ve been told it’s gonna feel so good you’ll be begging for it to stop.”

“What do you mean? That doesn’t make sense.”

“It’ll feel so intense your brain won’t be able to process it.”

Adam gulped, then took a deep breath. “All right, let’s go.”

Adam got on all fours and Eddie got on his knees then positioned his boner right in front of Adam’s butt. Eddie looked down at Adam one last time as this would be the last he’d ever see the human side of him.

“One last chance, buddy. Are. You. Sure?”

“Wait, one second.” Adam rolled off the bed and went digging through his gym bag and pulled out his bite guard. “I want something to bite down on, if it’s gonna hurt like you said it would.” Adam popped the guard in his mouth then got back on all fours in front of Eddie.

“Good idea. All right, ready?”


Eddie slowly pushed his monstrous green boner inside Adam. Eddie himself was sent to a state of pure sexual ecstasy. He was compelled to push harder even though he knew he could injure Adam but Eddie couldn’t stop himself. Adam was choking from all the pleasure that crossed over into pain. Using the bite guard was a good idea otherwise he may have chipped a tooth from how hard he was biting down.

Eddie pushed about half of his dick inside Adam when he stopped himself. With both his massive hands on Adam’s shoulders he thrust and pumped edging closer to busting. Eddie couldn’t believe how thrilling it was to fuck his boyfriend in his mutant form, it was far more gratifying than any sex he had with him in his human form. Eddie picked up the pace even more and Adam shed a few tears while screaming.

Then Eddie’s boner exploded deep inside Adam flooding his body with copious amounts of creamy sperm. Eddie thought he was gonna pass out from the sheer radiant pleasure. More sperm spewed out from Eddie’s boner and into Adam for almost ten minutes. Adam thought the pain would never end but then it crossed back over into pleasure as his whole body burned with sexual ecstasy. The transformation began.

Each and every one of Adam’s muscles popped and puffed increasing in size, swelling to inhuman proportions. His bone structure was also being modified to accommodate the massive amount of muscle he was putting on. Adam kept growing and growing, becoming a monster of muscle just like Eddie. Adam’s facial hair came in, giving him a scruffy beard. Same with his chest, he got a dusting of hair that trailed down his newly grown eight pack and around his dick. Itself now several feet long and as thick as a water bottle with a bulbous head. His balls weren’t far behind swelling bigger to fill with more sperm. To Eddie’s extreme bliss Adam’s butt inflated and thickened so big Eddie could push the rest of his boner inside him and go harder than he had been before.

Adam’s muscles had grown so big he felt uncomfortable and he gained more than two feet in height. Put those two changes together and the speed at which it happened and Adam’s body was an aching sore wreck. Lastly, patches of light green skin spawned all over his body and quickly covered him completely. Adam was just as much a mutant as Eddie was now, finally he had gotten what he wanted for years.

Exhilarated doesn’t even begin to cover it. He was intoxicated by Eddie’s love and the new connection that was made. Adam came like never before. From his newly mutated boner a beam of cum surged out burning the inside of his shaft like boiling water. The beam splattered on the wall and the rest of it flooded the bed, thoroughly soaking the covers and mattress. The fumes from his cum were so strong it burned his and Eddie’s nostrils. But Adam loved this feeling; he never wanted it to end.

“Don’t stop!” Adam shouted.

Eddie was so lost there was no way he understood that but he didn’t need to. The two boys kept going at it for hours and hours. The bed, the floor, the walls, the ceiling and of course each other were covered in white. Their sex turned into wrestling then back into sex again. They played this violent game of love till it was past midnight. The whole time their boners never stopped busting. Countless hours before they finally stopped cumming but Adam was still hard as a rock. They just lay on the floor in each other’s arms in a pool of each other’s syrupy cum. How they ended up on the floor they weren’t sure—at some point the experience became a blur.

“I hope this was a happy birthday,” Eddie said, then kissed Adam right on his green cheek.

“I love you so much, this was the best birthday present a boy could ever ask for,” Adam said.

“You look more than beautiful.”

“It’s all thanks to you.”

“You’re a little hairier… but you kept those gorgeous blue eyes and long lashes and your smile somehow got even more charming.” Adam couldn’t help but make an even bigger smile and they kissed again. “Adam, I’m glad to say you’re a very handsome mutant.”

“Thanks buddy.”

He rolled back on top of Eddie and rubbed his face in his chest.

“And you’re sure you don’t want me to show you how to shift into your human form?”

“I never wanna hide our love.”

Added Jan 2023 8,495 views 4.5 stars (10 votes) 3,057 words

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