Irresistible immobility

by SomeMuscleGuy

James awakens to find himself strapped to a table in an ominous room with a masked, muscular man who has more than enough candy to share. This candy has some massive side effects, whether James wants it or not.

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My bed is cold. So cold. Where were my bedsheets? Why do I feel so groggy? I felt an itch spread across my face. I went to raise my arm to calm the annoying sensation, but I couldn’t. Ice cold metal touched my wrists. Confused, my eyes slowly drifted open, squinting at the bright light that hovered above me. I raised my head and looked down at my wrists, metal encased around them. My wrists were chained!? I gasped, and looked down at my feet. Metal brackets wrapped around my ankles, followed by my thighs, my waist, and my biceps. I was imprisoned on this metal table! My head shot around, looking at my new bed as I felt adrenaline start to course through my veins. The table I was on was about triple my size, which meant it was pretty huge. I was fairly tall, coming in at about 6 feet, 170 pounds. But even so, I felt tiny on this prison of a table. I tugged at my chains as hard as I could, the metal grinding into my wrists and ankles. Nothing. Nothing at all. All I was wearing were my shorts and a shirt. I started to take in my surroundings. I was in the middle of a fairly large, wooden room. Cabinets lined the walls and square tiles lined the floor. It was well lit, with fluorescent lights hanging every few feet, and a fairly large arched roof above me. Almost like a church. A soft buzz emanated from them as my grunts echoed around the room. It was no use. These shackles weren’t coming off without a key. I banged my head against the back of the table. What the hell is going on? What is happening? I thought back to the last thing I could remember.

Tonight was Halloween. Is it still Halloween? I have no clue. But it’s the last thing I can recall. I’m too old to trick or treat at this point in my life, being 21 years old and all, but I wasn’t too old to seek out attractions. So that’s what I did. I went to the coolest, most entertaining attraction near me. It was called “The 66th Palace”. Basically, it’s a scary maze with great reviews, pretty cheap, and lasts a long time. A lot of detail and work goes into the atmosphere, and the jumpscares are very creative. I went with my buddies, Alex and Scott. Everything went as per normal. People would jump out, scare us, and then we’d continue walking. It was a lot of fun! About halfway through, we were all walking through an old, run-down part of the maze, when…we got split up! That’s right! It was dark and we got ambushed by one of the staff, and every one of us got spread out from each other.’ My mind reeled further as I tried to figure out how I ended up in this chair. That’s when I heard booms.

Snapping out of it, my eyes shot over to the walls. Large, muffled, heavy footsteps echoed across the floor with each step. Thump. Thump. Thump. I heard them walk toward the back corner of the room, facing away from me. My heart started pounding. I tugged at my chains, desperately trying to free myself. The door creaked open. My heart dropped. I felt sweat roll down my temple as my breath caught in my throat. The boots echoed across the floor, growing in volume as it walked toward me. I winced as it stopped right behind my chair.

“Umm. Please. Please d..don’t hurt me. I won’t say anything. I won’t—”

My voice was cut off by a large sigh from the ominous figure as it walked around the table. That’s when I could finally see what was in front of me. In front of me was a masked figure. He wore a mask over his mouth and pants. His chest was almost barren aside from a light cloth over his shoulders. His body was corded with thick, natural muscles that fit him nicely. A solid 6-pack hugged his stomach as well. Oddly enough, I kind of recognized him. Instantly, the rest of the night came flooding back to me.

When I got separated from my friends, I sprinted into the first room I could find. It was at the end of the hall on the right. Footsteps thumped far behind me as I ran in, giving me just enough time to hide. I snuck behind a rickety old door in the far corner, the ominous figure hunting for me. I held my breath as it walked around nearby. For show, it was holding a pickaxe in its hand. I was hiding behind cover, so I couldn’t make out the figure before me.

Image by BawlzyS
Image by BawlzyS.

It walked over to a switch on the wall that had a blinking red light next to it. I watched curiously as it started pressing a few buttons. That was when the fog started pouring in. Or so I thought. It was thick and white, clouding the room very quickly. I could see a hint of a respirator mask covering his face, as I felt my head get heavier and heavier, before I eventually lost consciousness. Then I woke up here. I made eye contact with the big man. He stood staring at me, his breath filtering through the respirator. I breathed heavily in response, terrified of what was about to happen. Was this a part of the maze? Had I been kidnapped? This doesn’t feel fake.

“Is this…is this a part of the maze?” I asked. His head slowly nodded up and down, his eyes staring daggers into mine.

“Yes….” he responded ominously. His voice was deep and commanding. Even so, it didn’t make me feel any better. I couldn’t hear anything above me. What happened to the scary sounds of the maze? The screams? The chainsaws? Don’t horror experiences have a way to opt out?

“I want out. I’m done. This is too far,” I demanded.

He slowly shook his head. “Shhh…no. No opting out. It’s your turn now.”

Ice cold chills filled my chest. This isn’t right. I looked around for an escape, but the table prevented me from seeing the doorway he entered through. I glanced back. I noticed he was holding something behind his back. He let his muscular arm slide to his side, a bucket present next to him. As if for comedic effect, the bucket was shaped like a pumpkin and was filled to the brim with a skinny, yellow candy.

He took one piece out, holding it towards the light. “One candy…and you can leave…maybe.” His deep voice boomed, my heart pounding faster. It was wrapped in a light sheen of plastic wrap, light glinting off of it. He brought his hands together, unwrapping it.

“What’s wrong with it?!” I sneered.

“Wrong with it? Oh… don’t worry. It’s what a growing man like you… deserves.” He spoke slowly, His words leaving his mouth in an oozing, seductive tone. Even within all the fear, his words slightly aroused me. My cock twitched. His gaze shifted down towards my shorts, a slight bulge appearing. I wasn’t gifted or anything, coming in at 5 inches hard, but it was enough to notice.

“Oh yes… don’t worry. We’ll get to you soon enough.” His fingers grazed the outline of my bulge. I looked away, my face heating up. This isn’t what I wanted. His voice echoed across the room. “Look at me, big guy.” My eyes darted back. He held the candy up, raising it toward my mouth. “If you really wanna leave so bad… this is the only way.”

My eyes darted back and forth, between the candy and the man in front of me. God, he was jacked. He looked like a professional bodybuilder. His biceps bunched up as he held the candy out in front of me. There was no way I was going to win a fight against him. I tugged on my chains again. No use. They were very solid. I looked back at the candy. If he wanted to kill me, he would’ve done it already. I can’t move. I can’t call for help. I have no choice. I slowly opened my mouth, ready to get this over with.

“Well, well, looks like someone knows what they really want…” his voice continued to ooze out.

He placed the candy on my tongue. It was disgusting! I immediately went to spit it out, but he put his hand over my mouth, preventing that from happening. I could feel it shocking my tongue as it lolled around my taste buds. It tasted… earthy. Natural. But sweet. I felt a rush flood across my entire body, like adrenaline, but different. And before I knew it, the candy had disappeared, the taste fading as quickly as it had come on. But the feeling stayed.

Almost instantly, I felt…weird. Like my entire body had just been pumped at the gym. Like I had just finished a long jog. I sat there, perplexed. After a moment, the mysterious masked man slowly removed his hand from my mouth. “Yes…you feel it now, don’t you? The way your clothes are getting tighter. The way your cock fills up your shorts. The way the…table…gets smaller.” His hand grazed my chin. As he talked about it, I could in fact feel something happening to me. My shirt was a little bit tight. It felt like all of my upper body was touching my shirt, which definitely wasn’t the case earlier that night. My shorts felt more filled out too. I looked down. The outline of my cock was more prominently visible than before. In fact, it was getting hard. Really hard. Humiliation washed over me as my bulge pushed out against my shorts. I could feel my face turn a darker shade of red. Was I sitting a little higher on the table?

I snapped out of it. “What is happening to me?! You said if I ate one, you’d let me go. So let me go!” I demanded.

“Ah ah ah”, he said, waving a finger. “I said maybe…and I’m not ready yet,” he mused. I saw him reach for a second candy out of the bucket.

“I won’t eat any more. I’m done,” I said bluntly. I could still feel my shirt hugging me, and my cock pushing against the fabric of my shorts. Was I larger? He picked up an additional candy, unwrapping it silently as he stared at me.

“Oh..big boy. We’re not done until I say we’re done.” With that, he slapped my arm, hard. Enough for me to yelp. Right when I yelped, he slipped another candy into my mouth, holding my jaw shut. I tried to yell, muffled by my closed mouth. The earth taste filled my mouth as the odd feeling settled over my body once again. It didn’t taste as bad this time, oddly. Instantly, I felt something was happening again. The masked stranger stood there, watching, repeating a word under his breath. “Grow. Grow. Grow.” I watched his hands slowly caress his muscular body, eagerly waiting. At that point, I couldn’t ignore the feeling that was spreading across my own body.

My shirt started to feel tight in a few places as I visibly watched something unexplainable happen in front of me. My body was growing. My lightly defined pecs were looking pretty defined. I could feel my biceps pushing against the sleeves. I could feel my shirt growing smaller on my frame, as my shirt no longer covered my shorts, exposing a bit of my stomach. I watched as my achingly hard cock started to extend. It felt like someone was pulling on my dick, stretching it out, both longer and thicker. I felt it grow up and up my shorts until my cockhead started to peak out of my waistband. Even then, it grew longer, stopping just below my belly button, exposing itself to the world. With each heartbeat, I could see it lurch a bit, begging for more.

At the same time, I could feel my thighs filling out the space of my shorts, but that wasn’t the only thing filling my shorts. It seems my balls were expanding too. They bulged against the fabric. A little bit at first, but I watched in awe and terror as they grew to the size of tennis balls, creating a prominent bulge on the front of my shorts. Right below them, my calves started to look like I was a frequent runner. “Bigger…Bigger…” said the masked man.

I looked over at him inquisitively. I saw a long bulge running along the front of his pants. He was really enjoying this. And there was nothing I could do about it. At this point, I looked like a standard bodybuilder, sporting an above-average endowment. I yanked as hard as I could on the chains, hoping to break them off with my new-found strength. The metal creaked, but nothing. “What is this sadistic game?! Let me go!”, I yelled. I strained my muscles, feeling my shirt push against me more than I was used to. My cock lurched again. I felt it slide up my stomach to my belly button. I gasped. It felt so good. But… no. I need to escape.

The man leaned over me, putting his hands on either side of me, and he got really close. “You’re going to be the biggest fucking man on the planet, and there’s… nothing you can do about it.” Pure desire and lust melted off his deep voice as his hands traced my pecs, which were pretty noticeable at this rate. His hands slid downwards, caressing my forming 4-pack abs, before slightly touching my dick. I felt it lurch again, growing past my belly button. It was getting thicker, too. And my balls were starting to stretch the fabric on my shorts. It was beginning to look somewhat comical.

Image by BawlzyS
Image by BawlzyS.

“Mmmf,” I moaned. I had to admit, it felt amazing. But I couldn’t give in. I have to stay strong.

“Is my big, muscular hunk starting to enjoy his growth?” he questioned, speaking in a low tone.

“Fuck you,” I spat back. I stared daggers into his eyes. I could feel them staring back at me with deep desire.

“That’s no way to treat a giver. You think you’ve grown enough? Let’s show you what real growth is…”

An edge of arrogance had crept into his voice. My body tensed up. What was I going to do? I saw him grab two candies this time, raising them up towards me. I closed my mouth as tight as I could, but even so, it would not be enough. The candies easily slipped past my lips with force, dissolving quickly after it interacted with my saliva. The familiar earthy taste crept across my tongue, but this time I kinda liked it. It didn’t have the same nasty taste it did a few minutes ago. But it was the same candy, wasn’t it? Within 20 seconds, both of them had completely disappeared, leaving me curious, scared, and concerned about what was about to happen.

My kidnapper stepped back, seemingly ready to admire his work. And that’s when I felt it. “Mmmf,” I moaned, slightly writhing around on the table. Pure energy surged through me. I didn’t know how else to describe it. The masked kidnapper started to repeat his words. “Bigger. Bigger. Bigger.” He started stroking his monstrous bulge. I looked down at my body as it started changing. Suddenly, my chest heaved forward, stretching my shirt so tight it sat underneath my pecs. My cock resumed its growth, slowly bumping over my forming abs as it stretched higher. Within mere seconds I watched my 4-pack abs deepen into a 6-pack. My cock started leaking pre, sliding over the grooves of my stomach as it elongated even higher than my abs, threatening to grow near my pecs. God, it was so fucking sensitive too. It throbbed, veins protruding all over it, each heartbeat growing it even larger.

But that wasn’t the only thing that was growing. My balls felt like someone had attached a nozzle to them. I could feel them rapidly filling up the remaining space in my shorts as my surging thighs trapped them inside, growing so muscular the leg-holes were sealed shut. My calves rounded out further, starting to fill the metal ring of the brackets containing me. Speaking of the restraints, the ones on my wrists and biceps weren’t far behind. My biceps quickly filled out my sleeves, stretching the seams tight. As if to push back, the metal restraints only locked my arms in more, further limiting my movement. I could feel muscles growing around my neck as my traps grew thicker. Quickly, the once-way-too-large table was actually feeling more like just a large table now. My back spread out, taking up more and more space on it as if it wanted to spill over the edges. I was definitely taller than my kidnapper now. I must have been as large as some of the largest bodybuilders on Earth.

I heard a crackling sound, which caught my attention. “No…no more,” I pleaded, looking up to see the masked stranger. I was so lost in my own growth that I hadn’t even realized he had taken his clothes off. His mask remained on, each breath sounding low and heavy. His fat cock reached up to his abs, only complimenting his stunning body. It sat thumping against his 6-pack as he finished unwrapping the next couple treats. He lifted the orange candies up. I winced. And then I watched as he slipped one into his own mouth. That must be how he is sporting the build he currently has! He got close to me, stepping up against the table, placing his body against mine. I could already tell his growth was beginning. He leaned into me, our cocks grinding into each other as I could feel him expanding. “Grow for me,” he demanded.

Before I could answer, his hand reached down and snatched my cock, squeezing my cockhead. A long moan left my mouth. Before I could even react, I felt multiple candies falling onto my tongue. By the time I had closed my mouth, his hand was already there, ensuring my growth was definitive. But this time, they didn’t taste foul. They tasted delicious. A fruity tang rang through my mouth. It was so good, I didn’t even want to spit it out. It’s not like I had a choice, anyways. “Oh, fuck,” I groaned, feeling the candies quickly disappear as his hand removed from my mouth once again. My growth returned with a vengeance. Although he was growing too, my size was quickly outpacing him. But even still, our cocks grew against each other, my dick quickly rising up his muscled chest, no, his neck, as size packed everywhere onto me.

Image by BawlzyS
Image by BawlzyS.

“Oohhhhhhh-hhhhhhhh,” I moaned, physically hearing my voice dropping an octave as I surged with undeniable power. He stepped back once again, watching in anticipation, as he himself grew with size. My monstrous cock grew thicker than my glorious 8-pack abs, which looked like bread rolls rising in an oven. It slid up into my pec valley, lodging itself underneath my way-too-tight shirt. My shirt was practically painted onto me at this point, barely containing my pecs that were nearly the size of King sized pillows now. My skin was visible through the seams! My sleeves tore as my biceps grew from the size of baseballs to the size of cannonballs. The metal restraints that contained my biceps started to bend underneath the sheer size. The same went for the restraints around my thighs, wrists, and calves.

Speaking of thighs, they were becoming absolutely monstrous. They looked like tree trunks. Tears split my shorts as my balls surged with new purpose, making it look like I had stuffed volleyballs down there. My back, which already was wider than any professional bodybuilder on Earth, started to spill over the edges of the table. I could physically feel the table groan under all the new weight as muscle packed on muscle. My traps grew up around my head, starting to touch my ears. My thighs widened against each other, fighting for space as my shorts gave way. My nearly-yoga ball sized balls spilled out, nearly touching my feet as my restraints started to pop off. I felt a huge shift in weight as my balls settled.

But even still, I grew. My biceps rubbed into my pecs without me even bending my arms. My pecs themselves started to resemble bookshelves, becoming so wide that they hung more than a foot off my body, nearly wider than the table. My shirt shredded off, withering to the floor. They held so much weight that each nipple pointed towards the ground. They cast a shadow on my 10-pack abs, which were completely dwarfed in width by my cock, which had now grown so gigantic that it sat in between my pecs, a constant cascade of pre running down it.

Even lost in complete lust, I could still hear him chanting. “Fuck yeah. Grow. Grow for me. Become the biggest. Come on, big guy.” My eyes lolled around, lost in the pleasure as my gaze fixated on him. He had put on a lot of size as well. He stood, loud and proud, looking beyond a professional bodybuilder, and he probably came up to the bottom of my pecs. His cock sat underneath his pecs, begging for release. If he was that large…then I had grown massive. I looked around. Each edge of my body cascaded over the table. In fact… I was still growing! I must have been 12 feet tall. I heard metal snap as pressure relieved across my body.

That’s when I realized… I’m free! My restraints had broken! I could leave! I tried to sit up. “Eerrngghh…come….on…”, I grunted, my voice booming out lower than it ever had before. My cock continued flowing with pre, which had started to settle into the crevices of my collar bone, dripping off of my delicious pecs. I tried sitting up again. Nothing. I was too large to move!

Image by BawlzyS
Image by BawlzyS.

My muscles grinded together as I tried over and over again, but it was a futile effort. I was like a turtle on its back, unable to flip over because of its shell. “Rhhmmm…too….big,” I heaved, all efforts becoming futile.

A figure walked up to my feet. A familiar orange bowl was held in his hand. Before he said it, I already knew what he wanted. He held out the candy tauntingly. “Doesn’t this candy look so…delicious?” he teased. I had to admit, it looked amazing. The flavor was incredible, and it was only getting better. My eyes fixated on it. I could feel my mouth watering. I wanted it. No, I needed it. He extended his arm out, offering to help me sit up. I reached out, our hands connecting as he hoisted me toward him. He let go, letting me fall back on my back. “Ah ah ah,” he said again as he wagged his finger. “Candy first, big guy.” I looked in my hand, noticing multiple tiny candies. I could feel drool building up in my mouth as I stared at them. I had to do this. I brought my arm up to my mouth, or at least I tried, until my bulging arms hit my pecs. I couldn’t bring my arm to my mouth! My biceps and pecs had grown too large. “I guess you’re just becoming too much of a muscular beast, aren’t you? I’ll have to do it.” His words continued to ooze out of him seductively.

“Just…a few,” I boomed.

My breaths were low and slow. “Yep. Just a few,” he remarked back. But what fell into my mouth wasn’t just a few. It was a huge handful, maybe more. I reached my arms up, trying to grab them, but once again, I couldn’t reach, my big burly mass preventing me. I tried to turn to spit them out, but they were already dissolving, and my traps were so large I couldn’t turn my head enough!

“What are you…ohhhh….doing?” I asked pleadingly as my hips started to buck, my brain becoming frazzled with the sheer amount of pleasure. Pre shot from my cock, arcing over my head as my body tensed up. He slipped a few candies into his own mouth.

“I know what you want, deep down. I’ve been following you, James. I know your deepest desires. I will make you into a titan.” His words bounced around my brain as the thoughts settled. This is what I have dreamed of for years, but I didn’t really want that, did I? It was just an interest, that’s all. But… it does sound pretty nice. And it’s not like I have a choice. I’m musclebound on a table in a basement somewhere unknown. My eyes locked with his. We could both tell an understanding was met. At that point the metal table groaned, crumbling under the weight. The stand on the back flattened, landing me straight on the floor, still on top of the table. But now instead of being angled toward the mysterious man, I was angled at the ceiling.

He reached his arm out, helping me into a sitting position with great difficulty. “Do you want to grow?” he asked.

“I do want to grow,” I replied.

“You like the feeling of your cock reaching your pecs, rising even higher, don’t you?” he seductively responded. I nodded. “And you like the feeling of your muscles growing so large you can barely move. Your cock so sensitive that soon enough, you won’t stop cumming?” I nodded again, more vigorously this time. “You want to fill this room, deep down, don’t you?” My cock lurched in response, the growth starting again. It surged from my pecs up to my collarbone. “I’ll take that as a yes..”

He stretched, a moan escaping his own lips as his cock started to grow up his muscular body. His mask started to look small on his growing frame. Once he regained his composure, he looked back at me. “How big do you want to be, musclehead?” he asked, his voice dropping even lower as his growth started.

“The biggest… I wanna be… the biggest” I moaned. I started gyrating my hips back and forth, his questions sending me into overdrive.

He took notice of this, pushing it one step further. “You like the stares that society will give you as you become their new god, don’t you, big guy?” Another shot of pre volleyed out of me, hitting the ceiling with force. I could feel my muscles starting to grow again. “And you want to grow into the biggest fucking wall of muscle on the planet, don’t you? Visible from a mile away. Your voice echoing across entire neighborhoods?” His own cock started spurting pre as it grew over his pecs, his balls dropping lower. My moans turned into roars as his questions flipped the switch from logic to lust in my brain. The walls rattled as my true form started to come to light.

Even while growing, the masked man walked up to me. “See you on the other side, stud.” He slapped my right pec, the sound echoing across the room as another roar escaped my lips. In response, my pecs exploded out, officially starting the largest growth spurt yet. He stepped back from my body and watched me for a moment. My cock bucked up and down, growing up underneath my chin as I started to expand. Everywhere. My arms, which were already larger than cannonballs, surged outwards, becoming rounder than tires. I could feel weight being packed onto me at a rapid rate as I both got wider and taller. Anything left of the table was eviscerated as hundreds of pounds of muscles distributed across my frame, the candy only feeding them more and more energy. My legs rivaled centurion trees. My pecs looked like entire dinner tables each. My balls only grew larger, now as large as my legs. All I could do was moan and flex my arms as I felt the remaining candy dissolve on my tongue. It was the best thing I had ever tasted. I had no doubt in my mind that if I found more, I would never stop eating it. I was addicted. I relished the growth, my hands exploring my muscular, sweaty body as each curve grew deeper and deeper. As each bump rose higher. As my cock extended further. It hovered in front of my mouth, leaking pre like a waterfall. I greedily sucked on it, trying to fit as much of it in my mouth as I could. But even that couldn’t happen for long, as it continued to grow, like the rest of me.

I watched in complete lust as it rose higher than my mouth. As it rose up to my eyes. I wasn’t sure how long I enjoyed the growth, but I got snapped back to reality when I felt it. Bump. I looked up, confused. It was the ceiling. While sitting, my body had grown so large that I was being forced to bend forward. Claustrophobia settled over me as my body grew to even more massive proportions. I must have doubled in size in the last few minutes alone! But still, I continued to expand.

Image by BawlzyS
Image by BawlzyS.

The masked man took this as his queue to leave. He lumbered over to the exit door, growing and moaning as his balls started to slap his ankles and his cock grew above his pecs, his thighs making it difficult to walk. He squeezed his large muscles through the door and made his way out, leaving me alone in the room. I slammed my hand down, almost overcome with too much pleasure, when I felt it. A round container was underneath my palm. I cupped it. Since I was in a sitting position, I could see what it was. A candy bowl. About half of the candy remained. With no thought of the consequences, I raised the bucket above my head as best as I could and rained them down into my mouth. He wants me to become a god? I’ll become the god. The growth from the original candies was already hitting. This would just put me over the edge. I could feel my left and right arm start to push into the wooden walls. I could feel my feet touching the wall at the end, and my back touching the wall behind me. My entire body was filling this space. You could physically hear each muscle swelling, ballooning larger and larger. My cock thumped along the ceiling, starting to bend as it ran out of room to rise vertically. “Ohh god—!” I yelled, feeling like I was about to get squished in this room. I could feel my pecs nearly touch the bottom of my jaw as they surged to impossible sizes. Pressure started pushing all around me as I felt more and more like a balloon in a box, becoming too crammed to even move. I leaned forward as much as I could, from a sitting position. The room only grew tinier, the pressure continuing to grow. How large was I going to get?

As if to answer my question, I could feel the wooden ceiling cracking above me as pressure started to relieve on my back. Very quickly, I could feel cool air rushing all around me as I outgrew the room. I didn’t know it yet, but the masked man was waiting for this moment. He watched as a massive mound of flesh started to escape every available space. From his perspective, all he could see was my gigantic back as I sat up to my full height, slowly getting out of the deep hole I was originally in. I took a huge sigh of relief. With great effort, I got to my feet, walking a few steps to gather fresh air as I could barely move. I took a deep breath of fresh air. It was still night time. Slowly my eyes took in the area around me. I was in a small field, surrounded by trees. I had completely outgrown the wooden building, debris laying around.

I continued to look around me. I was taller than the trees now! This gave me a great sight-line of the surrounding areas. Only a couple miles away I could see it. “66th Palace”. Its bright neon sign shined into the night sky. Suddenly, I heard something behind me. A muffled moan. I could hear grass crunching as he walked around me. And that’s when I finally saw him again. Standing below me was a hyper muscled man. A respirator mask sat atop his frame as he continued swelling. His balls scraped the ground with each step, making it difficult to walk. His thighs rubbed against each other, forcing him into a waddle. He must have been 20 feet tall and he only came up to my abs. His cock reached his neck. He made his way up to me, my cock as large as he was tall.

Image by BawlzyS
Image by BawlzyS.

He placed a hand on my growing telephone pole, feeling it steadily swelling in his palm. “Mmm, and this is only with the few pieces I gave you,” he taunted. “You still have lots more to grow, big guy.” He reached behind him to grab something, but stopped, confused. From up here, I could tell he realized he left the entire bucket in the basement. I watched as realization slowly washed over him. For the first time since the night started, I was in control. I could hear his breathing quicken as he slowly looked up at me in horror. “Did you…?” he questioned.

“Mmmmmm yes I did,” I gloated back. He stood and stared for a moment, his muscles still growing. But he was too distracted with me, to focus on his growth. His seductive voice turned off as he became uneasy. It was still very deep, but a hint of fear was in it now.

“The pieces I gave you haven’t even fully digested yet! You ate the rest of the bowl? Do you realize what that is going to do to you!? I was only going to give you a few more!”

I watched as he grew another few inches, his chest surging out further in front of him, forcing his cock to point away from him as it rose near his face. I could tell that, as scared as he was, he was infinitely more aroused by it. He was so rock hard his cock started to turn dark red as veins protruded around the entire shaft.

“You ready to watch your muscle god become a titan?” I teased. My voice rumbled the ground as I spoke. At the same time a volley of pre slid down my shaft. He fell onto his knees as the pleasure became too much. The growth started affecting him differently. He may have been a musclebound stud, but the candies seemingly only wanted to focus on his package where all the pleasure was directed. His back arched as his moans grew louder and louder. His cock suddenly exploded with growth, surging past his head as volley after volley of cum shot out of him.

“Mmm..I…can’t….stop!” he yelled, as his hips bucked back and forth, seemingly humping the air. Even towering over him, I found it incredibly hot to see such a controlling man submit to his own experiment. His mask muffled each sound that released from his mouth. Even if he wanted to take the mask off, his arms had become too large to reach his head.

Image by BawlzyS
Image by BawlzyS.

He fell onto his back, his entire body becoming more muscle bound as he writhed around on the grass in complete pleasure. Shot after shot of cum rained around him as all he could do was live in the moment until the candy finished its work. He was nearly three-quarters my height at this point and still growing. “More…More. I need more,” he screamed.

I was so distracted with his growth that I hadn’t even thought of my own this entire time. I tried to take a step forward, but my thighs had grown so wide that I couldn’t get one leg in front of the other. My massive balls suddenly ballooned out to the size of cars, pooling around my feet as I felt everything growing wider. My cock bucked again, growing taller than my head as it thickened to the size of my waist. An inhuman noise escaped my throat as I felt the largest growth spurt of them all slam into me at full force. All of the candy is hitting right now. To say my muscles exploded would be an understatement. It looked like I got nuked with size all at once. What happened to my masked grower was just a smaller example of what was happening to me. An impossible amount of muscle dropped onto my frame as my bones cracked and shifted, accommodating to make as much room as possible for its growing deity. Each heart beat added tons of size to my frame Beat. Surge. Beat. Grow. Beat. Glorp. Each part of me became more and more gigantic as I grew to a level in which it seemed impossible that more muscle could be packed on.

I looked like a walking wall of flesh with a cock that doubled my height. Impossibly, even with it stretching out an obscene distance, it arched up in the air, loud and proud. My pecs were my other defining feature, each having grown larger than entire houses as they hung multiple feet off my body. They smashed up into my jaw, starting to cover my mouth as they became infinitely larger. My traps rose up to my ears, muffling my hearing as half my vision was filled with my monumental pecs. My head was surrounded by a mountain of flesh. My abs were so deep you could sit on them. Each bicep was so corded and obscene that I could barely even bend my arms. All I could do was move my hands just enough to rub my monolithic shaft, which stretched higher than buildings. I must have been a few hundred feet tall myself. Somewhere off in the distance, I could still hear the masked man’s screams of ecstasy as he watched me grow even higher and larger, forced to grow even bulkier himself. How large was he at this point? 50 feet tall? 100 feet tall? He didn’t sound very far away, and I could tell he was still expanding. His voice boomed with a bassy vibration from his deep, erotic voice. I could feel the rumbles of it run up my legs.

Something about the pure masculinity my body gave off was combining with the candy, and it kept growing the masked man larger than he ever wanted, but he was experiencing too much pleasure to care. My attention reverted back to my body. I was growing so fast I was running out of room to adjust my stance. Each step shook the ground as I felt my back grow exponentially wider. Could the people at the ‘66th Palace’ see what was happening right now? I’m sure they could. Each sound that left my mouth across the region, and was so low it shattered windows. Anyone looking out those windows in a few mile radius would see me. I tried my best to run my hands up and down my body, extremely limited by my mass size. My traps and pecs only grew higher around me, forcing me to look up as even my muscles grew muscles. Stretching way above me was my cock. I could feel it jumping back and forth with each bit of size added to my body. It was ready for a final sendoff.

I flexed it, watching my entire building-sized cock react with even more size, as volleys of pre unloaded off the end of it. But it wasn’t enough. I tried to rub my shaft, but my arms were growing too large for even that! I grunted in frustration. I needed to get off! And now! The sensation was overwhelming, and I couldn’t even fix it! As if my prayers were answered, I felt it. It was more like I felt him. Massive, large hands rubbed my abs, following them up to my chest, and then back down to the base of my cock.

Outside of all my muscles, I heard him. “Couldn’t leave my big guy too big to handle himself, could I?” His voice vibrated my chest. Based on the direction of his voice, he must have been as tall as my abs. I couldn’t look down due to the sheer size of my chest. Something about us both eating the candies and having a connection grew him as well. I felt as he groped my body, sliding his gigantic mass against mine. An extremely long line of moans involuntarily left my mouth as I became even more aroused. I couldn’t move. I could only experience the moment as I was edged closer to the largest orgasm on Earth. If I could see the muscle bound hunk right now, he would be quite the sight. I could hear his mask still plastered onto his gigantic body. How would he even remove it anyways? The straps were covered in thick, corded muscle. But it suited him better.

My breath grew quicker as he worked his musclebound arms up and down my colossal mass. Even weighing tens of thousands of pounds, I bucked my hips as I felt the orgasm start in the base of my cock. It was going to be a firework show. Ohhh, and it was. An ungodly loud moan roared from the deepest point of my throat as a geyser erupted from my cock. A final major muscle surge happened at the same time. My cock humped the sky, the masked man letting it slide up and down his chest as fireworks of cum erupted from my balls, which were larger than airplanes.

Image by BawlzyS
Image by BawlzyS.

Each shot must have flown miles as my dick grew even larger. I could feel it growing wider than my body as my eyes rolled back into my head, completely overwhelmed. I nearly blacked out. It seemed impossible, but my chest surged out even bigger. My back even wider. My arms, legs, and head lost 100% mobility as muscle plastered all over my frame, hundreds of pounds being added per second. Drool fell off my lips, as it was the most mind bending orgasm in history. I wasn’t sure how long it lasted, but I knew one thing. I wasn’t just massive. I wasn’t just a giant. I wasn’t just a titan. I was a deity. A god that overlooked all people. I stood thousands of feet tall, my width rivaling my height.

I couldn’t look down, but I felt the masked stranger’s arms wrap as far as they could around my chest. It seems he had grown a lot with me. My eyes looked around at the surrounding land. I couldn’t turn my head, but it was enough. My cock stayed perfectly erect, standing nearly triple my height into the sky. A beacon of masculinity, visible from over a hundred miles away. My growth had officially stopped, but that didn’t mean my pleasure was over. I was the alpha, and the masked man worshiping my body was the beta. Together, we would redefine what it means to be a titan. It’s crazy what can happen in one Halloween night.

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