Coach’s big surprise (Revised)

by SomeMuscleGuy

Josh is struggling to keep up with the rest of his college wrestling team, and he’s afraid he will not make the cut. Luckily, a former student of his teacher, Coach Smith, is sent a package that’ll make them both become the men they’ve always dreamed of becoming—and more.

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Part 1 Josh is struggling to keep up with the rest of his college wrestling team, and he’s afraid he will not make the cut. Luckily, a former student of his teacher, Coach Smith, is sent a package that’ll make them both become the men they’ve always dreamed of becoming—and more.
Part 2
Part 3 Josh takes a growth pill after watching Coach Smith transform into a muscle God. Before long, they're both equally as impressive. As their addiction continues, it's getting difficult to stop taking them. Is there such a thing as too big? Well, they are about to find out.
Part 4 After Coach Smith and Josh’s macro growth spurt a few months ago, things have finally settled down as their bodies returned to their new normal size. But when another Coach tracks them down, they all find themselves thirsty for more size, and Coach Smith knows just how to make it happen. (added: 10 Jun 2023)
Part 5 After arriving at the cabin, Andy finds that Coach Smith and Josh have already received quite the growth spurt, turning them into giants. Quickly catching up, the trio begins to ingest as many growth pills as their bodies can handle, not thinking of the enormous, titanic consequences of their actions—if they even cared in the first place. (added: 29 Jul 2023)
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Author’s Note

This is a revised and extended version of the original story by MuscleMike. The first two chapters have been altered and updated, so you might want to start at the beginning even if you’ve perused this story before.
  Credit for ideas and inspiration also goes to Jeff from Jeff's Muscle Studio, who made a comic of this entire story. 


Part 1

Chuck Smith had been coaching wrestling at Hudson University for the last fifteen years. His team had won several state championships during that time, and he was always being recruited for other colleges. Despite the large offers, he always had a soft spot for where he worked, which is why he could never accept them. Hell, he’d probably be there until the day he retired.

Coach Smith was no stranger to wrestling himself. He played in college, winning several local, state, and national awards. He wrestled competitively afterwards, before deciding to retire early and take a job coaching. Now in his mid-40s, his once lean body had filled out some. He didn’t have a ton of fat, but he had more of an off-season look, and less definition than he did during his glory days. He stood tall at 6’3”, and weighed around 265 pounds.

He was proud of his body, and he didn’t do too much to hide it. He always wore tight, white shorts that went about mid-thigh, showing off his hairy quads and calves. He wore high topped sneakers, size 13. He always wore his burgundy polo shirt, which hugged his chest and arms. Tufts of chest hair were always poking above his neck hole. He kept a trim dark mustache, and kept his dark hair short, though lately he had been sporting more of a salt and pepper look. It complimented him well, and he knew it.

Thanks to his winning teams, Coach Smith was always getting free sponsorships and samples from across the country. Even some of the bigger names in sports offered powders, supplements, pills, and shakes, but occasionally a start-up would try and work their product in. Last year a company had even offered to completely renovate the gym to help boost morale and support the team. It was a fortunate treat, seeing as the original gym was in need of a tune-up for years. One day, after practice had wrapped up, he got another package. It was fairly small in size, and looked completely ordinary. After a simple examination, he realized it didn’t have a return address. He took it to his office, and shut the door before sitting at his desk. Curious, he opened it up, and found a large bottle of pills, along with a note. It read:

“Coach Smith—You coached me several years back, and you never gave up on me, even when most coaches would. You pushed me to my limits, and I’ve been more successful than I could ever dream of, thanks to you. Here’s something that I did to pay it forward for someone else like me. Be careful, and start with just one; the effects may not last too long, but it will be worth it! Don’t take too many at once, though.”

It wasn’t signed. Coach wondered who it was. He had seen hundreds of students over the years. He always pushed all of them hard, and he couldn’t really identify who had sent it. As he was thinking about it, there came a knock on his door.

“Coach, you wanted to see me after practice?” The curious voice asked. Most people referred to him as ‘Coach’, instead of his full title since it was easier.

Coach Smith had completely forgotten. He had asked Josh Miller to stay behind after practice. Josh was new to the team, a transfer from another college. He was in decent shape, 6 feet tall and 175 pounds, but he was having trouble gaining muscle mass. No matter what he ate or how hard he worked out, he didn’t seem to gain or lose anything. But Coach had admired his determination, and wanted to work with him on a new diet. Even in their college years, it wasn’t at all uncommon for students to have high metabolisms. What mattered was finding a way to push through it.

“Sure son. Have a seat,” he remarked back. Josh sat down, still in his singlet.

“Now son,” Coach began, “I know you’ve been pushing yourself real hard in the gym. And I know you’ve been eating right and taking those supplements, right?” Josh nodded.

“Yeah, I’ve been following everything you’ve told me coach. I think I’ve hit a plateau though…” He looked down towards his feet. He started to think that he was about to get cut from the team. Coach Smith did want to cut him, but then he thought of that letter and the new supplements that came with it. He saw that look of dejection on Josh’s face and he felt bad for the young adult.

“Hey… tell you what, son. I just got something new in. I’m not sure how it works so I’m going to have some before my workout. I don’t want to give you something you’ll have a reaction to! Just be here at the same time tomorrow.” As he said that, he grabbed that unmarked bottle of pills, opened it, and swallowed one down with a gulp of water.

“Damn—thanks, coach!” Josh jumped out of his seat and reached his hand out to shake Coach’s. Coach reached out his own hand, but as he did, Josh swore that his big arm was even bigger than ever.

“Unghh…” Coach groaned, holding his head. His biceps flexed, tensing the polo shirt up. He felt warm all over and dizzy. “Something’s not right…”

Josh stepped back.

“Coach…?” He watched as he held his head, and then heard the sleeves strain further and further, until ripping entirely as the coach’s hairy biceps began to burst through. In just moments, hardly any fabric was left on his arms aside from a few small straps which screamed with tension. But it wasn’t just his arms, either. His traps started to rise up out of his polo, slightly lifting his shirt up from his waist. His chest swelled forward, making his buttons come undone. They pried off, one by one, slowly making their way down. There was a loud thud as his growing legs slammed into the sides of the metal desk.

“Fuck..what’s happening to me..??!” the coach bellowed, his voice was already beginning to become much deeper. He stood up, noticing that the ceiling was closer, and it was even getting harder to see the floor as his chest had grown so large that it filled the bottom of his vision. He watched in a mixture of awe and horror as the jock before him got smaller. He was afraid to admit it, but he even felt a flicker of arousal. Suddenly—


Coach’s shirt finally tore out in the sides as his shoulders and traps got too wide to hold it in. He grabbed the front of it and easily tore the scraps off his swelling body, exposing a set of thick growing pecs and a hairy set of abs he hadn’t had since college. Even so, these muscles were even bigger than the ones he sported in his glory days. His shorts were riding up so far as his thighs kept expanding. His ass filled out the back, the poor fabric whimpering, before his shorts too were in tatters, leaving him just in his jock and shoes. Even those were beginning to get tight as he realized his height was still expanding. Every moment, he was inching higher and higher, and all he could do was watch.

“Fuck Josh, go get the nurse or something! You shouldn’t be here!” he roared, his voice alone deep enough to vibrate his student’s chest. He sat there, heaving and breathing as he surveyed what had become of him. Just over the edge of his pillow-sized pecs, his eyes were drawn to his endowment. It sat average in size, but it looked much plumper than it had just moments before. He cupped his hands over his jock bulge. Almost as if reacting to the touch, his entire package began growing. At first he thought it was just becoming erect, but once it grew beyond that, there was no mistaking it. He could feel his cock growing longer and thicker. He tried to hide it with his hands, but the jockstrap continued to stretch lower and lower as he realized that his balls were swelling too. They rounded out, quickly surpassing the size of tennis balls as each testicle began spilling out the sides. His shaft began straining the stretchy fabric as he grew beyond 10 inches. 11 inches. 12 inches. In just moments, he was sporting one of the largest dicks on Earth. But the moment wasn’t over. It kept growing, quickly becoming too big as the jockstrap continued to pull down further and further. Since the pouch was not equipped to handle size of this scale, the straps on each side of his ripped thighs began stretching with it to allow just a bit more room.

As his length continued to swell, it pulled everything down enough to display his pubic region perfectly, alongside the first few inches of meat that extended down into an overflowing mound. Suddenly, it burst out of its confines, and slammed up against the top of his abs. It continued growing, pushing to more immense sizes as it throbbed against the underside of his pecs. With every heartbeat, it continued to swell. To thicken. It started to climb up the edge of his chest, the wispy hairs tickling it lightly. The coach shuddered, feeling how sensitive he had truly become as it brushed over the top of his nipples. The cockhead alone had the same circumference as a grapefruit.

Finally, there was one last thud as the coach hit the ceiling hard with his head. He winced and looked up in surprise, realizing that he must now be 11 feet tall, almost 5 feet taller than he was just moments ago, standing in his office completely naked with Josh staring up in awe before him. He’d been so caught up in the growth of his manhood that he hadn’t even realized how fast he was scaling up in height. His shoes were shreds that sat on the outsides of his feet. His socks were tatters of string. Any other clothes that remained on the ground was like confetti. He was panting heavily like he just got done with the most intense workout over, each muscle flexing and bulging with a deep soreness. His cock was harder than he could ever remember it being, and it was almost at his chin.

Josh could only look up in awe, not believing that his coach was now a giant of a man. He didn’t know whether to run out, or to worship the giant of a man before him.


Part 2

When Coach Smith first started coaching, it was an open secret that he was gay. No one on the faculty or staff cared that much. Besides, he was a big guy to start with, and no one wanted to mess with him. On occasion, however, he did hear his students make nasty remarks about other gay students. He’d make them run around the gym for a half hour after practice for the rest of the semester as punishment.

He also never outwardly showed interest in his students. Sure he’d had some extremely attractive students over the years. Younger, bigger guys whose singlets left nothing to the imagination. But he never acted on it, and he was always quick to shoot down flirtations from them when they happened. He was good at keeping his sex life separate from his professional one.

Until today.

Now he stood 11 feet tall, with an enormous erection that reached up to his now thicker beard. Not only that, but his muscles put the hulk to shame. He couldn’t believe that in just minutes, he had grown so big. Big enough to be the largest human alive, with the largest muscles and cock to match. Maybe it was because of all the blood flow, but he felt lightheaded, and instantly started to stumble. His hands reached out and grabbed onto a metal bookcase in his office at the last second to steady himself. He was shocked when he heard and felt the metal crunch in his much larger hand. Just how strong was he? He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the confusion, when he noticed a blurred figure in front of him. That was when he remembered Josh.

He looked down. All he saw was his shelf-like pecs and massive rod, so he had to lean down even further to see him. He could see Josh’s face looking up at him. He looked afraid, but with a sense of admiration as well.

“Josh…” he said. He paused, though, becoming aware that his voice was rattling the windows, much deeper than he had been even when he was normal sized. “Josh… I don’t know what happened to me, but let’s try not to freak out okay? Maybe this is temporary, but I have to find some clothes. I can’t have you in here with my junk hanging out like this!”

Josh shook with both lust and fear as his coach spoke. Josh had always been into wrestling. He’d played a lot in high school, and he had family that were also into wrestling. But he had to admit, he didn’t mind being so close to so many bigger guys. Plenty of other guys on the team got hard during their practice, so no one really thought anything of it.

When he got to college, and saw Coach the first day he nearly lost it. He had lusted after plenty of big studs in the past, but Coach really made him hot. He would often stare at Coach, loving the way his polo hugged his thick pecs, and how his nipples always were visible. His powerful, hairy legs were always on full display thanks to those shorts he wore. His deep, commanding voice always got to him, too. He’d rubbed one out plenty of times to fantasies of his coach, getting naked in the shower with him, wrestling with him…

And now here he was, standing as a giant before him. He instantly got hard in his singlet. There was no way to hide it. And he couldn’t help letting out a low moan as Coach spoke to him.

When Coach told him to leave, he just stood there. He didn’t know what to do; half his mind was screaming at him to worship this new god before him while the other half was screaming for him to get the hell out, but lust won him over. He couldn’t help himself. He walked towards Coach, and he put a hand on his giant quad. It was like warm steel covered in hair, and was bigger around than Josh’s entire chest.

“Holy fuck, Coach, these quads are amazing!”

Coach looked down at Josh. He hadn’t suspected Josh was gay, let alone into muscle. He started fighting his own feelings. ‘I can’t let him be here’, he thought to himself. ‘If I get caught with a student my career is over. Then again, when they see what’s happened to me, I think my career will be over, too.’

But as Josh felt his quad, he shivered in delight. It was hot to him how small Josh’s hand felt on his thighs. He involuntarily flexed it, hearing Josh gasp as his thick leg bulged out even larger. His mind was too cloudy with lust at this point to care that Josh was inches away from his massive cock.

“C-coach? Do you mind if I feel the rest of you?” Josh asked. The coach laughed, a big booming laugh that shook his office again.

“Haha, all right, son. Don’t get too crazy now. Here, let me get down so you can reach better.” He got down on one knee so that his chest and arms were eye level with Josh. The student nearly came in his singlet as his big chest and massive arms came into view. It was just so big! When Josh was looking for ways to bulk up, he came across photoshopped pictures of bodybuilders, celebrities and other wrestlers. He had never seen anything like it before, and he had plenty of hot evenings looking at them. Now he had a living morph in front of him.

As Coach Smith knelt down, he noticed Josh’s rather large bulge in the crotch of his singlet. ‘Damn, so he’s enjoying this too.’ he thought to himself. ‘Well, I’m incredibly horny, so is he, and he knew since it was a Friday no one would be around.’ Again, he knew his lust was getting the better of him, but he wanted to show off his body just as badly as Josh wanted to feel it. He flexed up his right arm for him.

“Damn son. I used to be big back in the day, but I never thought in my wildest dreams I could be this huge!” he rumbled.

Josh reached up and grabbed his arm. It was so big around, there was no way he could fit both hands around it. His bicep and triceps were thick and hard, just like his thighs were. And his forearms made Popeye look like a wimp. He was certain that his biceps alone were larger than cannon balls.

“All right, son, I can tell you’re enjoying this as much as I am, so we’re gonna keep this our secret all right? Until we figure out a way to fix this, that is…” Josh nodded as he then moved his hands to his coach’s thick chest. It was unbelievably hard. A tundra of dense, thick hair covered it, and helped outline the sheer definition that sat on his frame. He ran his hands through it, slipping them over his nips. The coach let out a deep moan.

“Careful there, sport, these nips are hardwired and we don’t want an eruption in here do we?” he said with a wink.

“Coach… you’re so fucking big! How does it feel to be so huge?” Coach grunted, standing back back up to his full height, careful to hunch over some so as not to dent the ceiling again.

“Well son, I can tell ya, it does feel amazing. I’ve never felt so strong, so manly, just so big! It’s intoxicating, it’s definitely sent my testosterone into overdrive, I mean, look at this enormous cock!” He grabbed it with both hands, and even on his enormous body it looked huge. Even with his newfound size, his fingers were not able to fully encase the circumference of his thick cock. “It’s incredible! One of my previous students made these supplements. I guess they really worked!”

Josh looked up at his coach. Not only was he fascinated about his size, but he was also astonished that something existed that could make him so big. The pills! He looked over at the coach’s desk, and realized that they were still there. He thought about it. If he took one would he get as big as Coach? What if it was permanent? What if he got too big? What would his family and friends say?

He hesitated, but once again, he was so horny that he couldn’t think straight. Josh dove for the pills on the desk.

“Josh, wait! What are you doing! Don’t…!” Coach bellowed as he reached out for his student. But it was too late. He saw Josh swallow it down. A few moments of pure silence rang in the air as they both stood there. Not even five seconds had passed before Josh started to moan.


Part 3

The effects that had slammed into Coach just minutes prior quickly overtook him. It started out with his arms thickening. In only seconds Josh’s arms went from slim to nicely defined. Noticeable muscles began packing onto them as they passed the size of a bodybuilder’s. All he could do was flex, watching as the mound on his arms grew larger and larger with every crook of his elbow. His shoulders and traps followed in his footsteps, pulling on the elastic of the straps that covered them as they started to make their own journey upwards.

“Mmmmmf, Coach, I’m about to become so fucking huge!” he coaxed. His words rang true as everything started to surge all at once. His pecs heaved out with enough force to pull the shoulder straps even thinner. The limited amount of spandex around his thighs started to show off the impressive definition in his quads as the striations of them grew more pronounced. Everything began elongating as well. His torso, his legs, his feet. Every bit of growth that impacted him had the side effect of stretching his singlet even tighter. Coach guessed that Josh had to be around 8 feet tall now, and sporting the musculature of a professional lifter. It was impressive seeing the growth from another angle, and Smith couldn’t deny how hot it was to see so much heft ballooning onto someone’s frame all at once.

The growth began to center itself around Josh’s package. It didn’t have the luxury of being in a simple jockstrap like Coach’s was, however. It was locked behind the fabric prison of his singlet, strained so tight that even his fingers would be unable to reach through the sides. His orbs rounded out. First they were the size of baseballs. Then softballs. Then, they surpassed beach balls! The bulge was so prominent that it hung nearly a foot off the front of the spandex, and that was before his cock started its mighty surge.

The structure of his outfit was looking comical now. Each web of string was now pushed to its limit. The red material that covered him was almost completely transparent now. Nothing was left to the imagination. Knowing that made Josh harder than ever. Pairing that with the growth that ensued called for an interesting combination. Unable to spread outwards any further, his cock started to scale the mountain of mass it was adhered to. It’s long, thickening form dragged along the clothing. His dick was so sensitive that his knees nearly buckled from the sensations that flooded him as the tissue-cloth that wrapped him teased the underside of his cockhead. Simultaneously, he felt stubble begin to appear on his face. In fact, hair was beginning to spread itself all across his body. It appeared most prominently on his face and chest, but it ran down his body and blanketed his arms, legs, and abs. His manhood used his treasure trail as a runway, following the symmetrical divot between his abs as it approached his pecs. The window of the singlet that typically sat above a person’s chest was pulled down so far that it did nothing to even hide his chest. It nearly showed off his abs! The thickening beast began to spill out the top as it grew and grew and grew.

Even if the effects of the pill were the same, the rate at which they happened was different. Josh’s head bumped the ceiling before his growth was even over. He hunched over, feeling his broadening back push down with him. As his upper body continued to swell, he watched in incredulous awe as his singlet impossibly contained him. The shoulder straps looked like spaghetti. It bunched up so much across his crotch that his balls spilled out of the last remaining space of his thighs, which stood like tree trunks. His shoes were a thought of the past.

Suddenly, everything that contained him gave way as the entire singlet practically exploded off at once. The sudden weight change as every muscle dropped towards the floor was enough to pull him against the desk for support, which now sat around his thighs. The bottle of pills clattered to the floor as the entire desk caved in from the sudden burst of weight. His balls dropped like anchors, slapping the interior of his kneecaps. Even at a standing position, his thighs grazed one another. Every individual muscle group was visible across his entire body, and it was hot as hell.

A short beard graced Josh’s face. The layer of hair that covered his entire body was prominent now. His size nearly rivaled that of Coach’s size. While his height was identical, his cock was smaller, but he was more gifted in other departments. His ass had rounded out more, creating the sexiest bubble butt on the planet. Seeing as Coach’s balls hung to his lower thighs, he noted that his balls had sunk down further as well.

“Fuck,” Coach said. No other words could be said. Both of them were lost in desire. Two hot muscle studs in the same room, with libido higher than anyone had ever thought possible. Muscle bulging to the max. Heads touching the ceiling. Cocks above their chests. Before any more conversation could be had, they made the small trek across the room and embraced in a tender, passionate kiss. Seeing as they were the same height, their lips aligned perfectly. Their necks had to reach forward a bit more than usual as their pecs touched first, their cocks frotting into one another just underneath their chins.

“You’re so fucking hot, Coach,” Josh remarked, sliding his hands up his hairy chest and giving his cock a nice stroke. Coach’s body jumped in response from the stimulation.

“Not too bad yourself,” Coach responded, using his knee to nudge his student’s balls, which seemed even more round and plump than just a minute before.

“What do you say we see what these muscles can do?” Coach asked, breaking the kiss and gesturing to the weight room just outside the office door. Josh’s gaze looked back at him, filled to the brim with excitement. Both of them could see it in each other’s eyes. The lust and greed that filled them. The desire for…more.

Coach winked, snatching up the bottle of pills and leading the way. Josh watched as Coach tried his hardest to squeeze through the normal door. The frame of it only sat at 7 feet tall, meaning that he had to bend down 4 feet just to wiggle through. That would’ve been pretty simple if it weren’t for the hundreds of extra pounds of muscle that had spread across his body. The shoulders of this man were far too broad to get through, each overlapping the doorframe by multiple inches. Instead, he turned sideways, threading his cock out just before his huge chest and globe-like ass began grinding into the edges of the metal that encompassed him.

“Come on! Just…a little..more!” he grunted, pushing forward with all of his might.


The door frame bent outwards, the flexing of his body alone causing enough tension on it to allow for more space. A small gust of wind rushed around the big human as the near-air-tight seal broke through. He stumbled onto the other side, breathing a sigh of relief as his muscles relaxed again. He looked around, taking note that nobody else was around. This was to be expected, as it was after class on a Friday.

“All right, Josh. Your turn,” Coach said enthusiastically. Josh walked up to the door. The hinges were bent backwards. This door would definitely never close again. Since Coach had already paved the way for him, squeezing through the gap was much easier. It was almost like a game of ‘Hole in the Wall’.

Coach reached a hand out, helping guide his student through the rest of the metal obstacle before they were both finally in the weight room. The weight room was much larger in comparison. While they were in a cramped office before, now they had a room that was the size of an entire classroom. The ceiling was slightly above their heads, coming in at around 14 feet.

Without wasting any time, Coach set down the pills and picked up the nearest weight he could find. A 25 pound plate. The ease at which it was able to be picked up was impressive. He clasped the edges like a steering wheel and tightened his grip.


The metal groaned. Josh felt a bit of precum run out of his manhood at the hot visual of Coach’s muscles bulging even bigger as he bent the weight with ease. It folded almost completely in half, only a crescent of the circumference it had been. Instantly, it was like a game. They walked around, grabbing the largest things they could to test their strength. Josh grabbed a barbell, effortlessly warping it into the shape of a tree branch, as Coach positioned another plate between his palm and his right bicep. He did a curl, his eyes welling up with a fiery passion as it crumpled against his skin.

“Ha! Easy, Coach,” Josh proclaimed proudly.

“Fuck yeah! This was too,” he said, tossing away the second plate. “We’re Bulls! That size looks good on you…” The feeling of excitement that was brewing in the air was too much. Coach couldn’t restrain himself any longer.

“C’mere, stud. Let’s do some real wrestling,” he said seducingly as he tackled Josh back onto the matts that covered the floor.

“Fuck wrestling! Come here, coach.” One of Josh’s hands grabbed the back of Coach’s head, pulling him into another kiss. It started another frenzy of making out, but this time it was even more erotic. The other hand felt the ridges of muscle that covered his back. Their breathing was hot and heavy, but things were still heating up even more. Both of their cocks were pooling precum onto each other’s chests. Sweat dripped off of their hairy bodies as their legs intertwined. Josh broke the kiss.

“I want you to fuck me, Coach.” They were far too lost in the moment to even care about the setting they were in. Josh stood up and braced himself against a weight rack for support as he leaned forward, revealing his hole. Coach took advantage of the moment, his cock easily sliding in from the sheer amount of pre that covered it. A moan instantly forced itself out of the teacher’s throat.

“Your ass is so tight. It feels so good wrapped around my cock,” he said, his breathing shuddering as he slowly started to pick up the pace. He slid back and forth, enjoying the view of Josh’s muscles tensing and relaxing with every thrust. The coach’s balls slapped against his ass over and over again as the student’s own balls vibrated with joy around his knees. Both of them were moaning now, unable to control themselves as pleasure pulled them down even deeper.

“Fuck, coach! I want to cum so bad,” Josh said as he looked at his hands. The weight rack was bending under his iron grip. His own dick was practically adhered to him, so hard that it still sat against the underside of his chest. He enjoyed the sight of it, watching as it poured more and more liquid as the intensity spiked. That was when he noticed something peculiar. It looked bigger. In fact, it was looking much bigger. While his cock had been up to the top of his chest before, now it was nearly up to his collarbone!

“Wait, my cock…it’s getting bigger!” Josh screamed. Coach paused for a moment, a smile growing across his face as he knew what needed to happen next. With no break, he switched him into a different position while still inside of him, grabbing the weight bench that was just within reach. Coach flipped him onto his back, holding Josh’s legs in the sky with his hands firmly clasped around his calves. Hearing that he was growing was only motivation for Coach to fuck him even faster, and he wanted to watch.

The sounds that left Josh were beyond moaning at this point. It was yelling. At the angle he was at, his balls pooled around his taint and thighs. His cock sat just within mouth’s reach. He reached his tongue out, swirling it around his sensitive cockhead as it felt it continue to grow. It lengthened further, brushing against his soft beard as it surpassed his lips.

“It’s not stopping! It keeps growing! Please let me cum, coach, please!” he begged.

“Just a little bit more, son. I want to see how big we get it. Hold on,” Coach urged.

Josh watched as the fluorescent lights above him began to become blotted out as his cock loomed over his head. The tip of it climbed from above his nose, to his eyes, and then up to his hairline! His hands stayed firm on the shaft of his cock, feeling his fingers force themselves apart even more than as it thickened.

“Fuck, Coach! I want your load in my ass so bad!” he yelled, feeling an overwhelming sense of pressure begin to build from within. Seeing so much growth pack onto Josh’s manhood while he fucked one of the hottest asses he had ever seen was enough to bring him very close as well. He doubled down, giving the longest, sexiest thrusts he could muster as inch after inch forced itself down Josh’s length.

Ahhh. Can’t hold back. I’m cumming!” Josh roared. Instantly, load after load of thick, white cum sprayed against the wall behind him. Each burst was as thick as a water bottle and coated everything. His mouth hung open as it grew taller than him. Every rope of cum just made him bigger and bigger.

The visual of Josh’s own cockhead growing larger than Josh’s entire head, as it grew up taller than him in height sent Coach over the edge. His own breath grew raggedy as he gave a few final affirming thrusts as his own load blew. Both of them were in a constant stream of moans as they exploded with an impossible amount of seed. Coach’s ears began to ring as he grew slightly light headed from the amount of blood that flowed to his cock. His mouth hung open as he felt the waves begin to calm. Both of them gasped for air, sweat pouring profusely off of their bulging frames as they collapsed backwards, somehow an incalculable amount of energy still brewing within. They embraced each other, somehow still impossibly hard.

“Whew! Big muscles and big loads,” Coach said, giving a deep laugh.

“Yeah, coach! Never thought I’d get this big!” Josh laughed back.

“Want more?” Coach said, giving a slight nudge against his shoulder.

“Hell, yes!” Josh said back enchantedly.

Both of them went for the pill bottle at once. Josh ran over to the little bench that Coach had set it on, moving awkwardly due to the new amount of muscle and manhood that covered him. Coach was right on his heels. Just before he could grab it, Josh snatched it up and dumped another pill in his mouth.

“Sorry, Coach! My turn to go first this time!” he said unapologetically. The effects were immediate, just as before.

“Yes. Yes! Grow!!” He flexed his biceps, watching as they started to bunch up even bigger. Size started to ripple up and down his frame at a worrying rate as Coach took a step back in surprise. The sounds of growth became very apparent as Josh widened his stance. The V shape of his body grew more pronounced as his shoulders punched out even wider and his lats flared out like wings that further connected his arms to his chest.

Veins started to wind around his body like a snake under a blanket, each thicker than pencils. His head bumped into the fluorescent lights as he took another step forward. If his biceps were the size of cannon balls before, they were surely now even larger than the size of basketballs! His chest looked like two wine barrels had been fixed onto them.

Ahhhhhhh—!” Josh screamed, his voice growing even deeper as he smashed into the ceiling. The walls shook with the power of his vocals. Debris showered down into the gym as he started to grow up and out. His quads widened more and more, thickening even faster than his own legs were growing. They were almost incomprehensible compared to the size they were before, now almost holding the same circumference as Coach! He winded his arms up, knocking a large section of the roof out above them as Coach had to crane his neck higher and higher to keep him in view. He was now only eye-level with the bottom of his shaft!

“Hey, Coach! You’re looking kinda small down there!” Josh teased.

“Small?! Watch this!” Coach scoffed. He dropped a few pills into his mouth this time, not even caring anymore about what would happen. It seemed Josh held onto a pill or two of his own, and he knocked those back as well.

Coach gasped, feeling a rush of energy that felt impractical. He could feel his heart skip a beat as he realized the consequences his actions were about to have. Part of him was nervous, but most of him was excited.

It felt like he was punched. Size started packing on so intensely that all he could was inhale, unable to close his mouth from the pleasure that ensued. Coach looked down as his chest doubled in seconds, pulling him forward until he was up against Josh. His height surged, every part of him broadening as hundreds, if not thousands of pounds tried to suffocate their way onto his frame. Coach’s eye level went from Josh’s thighs, to his abs, and then to his chest. His arms exploded outwards, crashing through the ceiling. He felt it pry away even more to accommodate him as he continued to grow up and up.

Fuck yeah!!!” Coach roared, enjoying the euphoria as he passed Josh in height entirely. His arms billowed out to the size of smart cars as he flexed them as tight as he could. The entire upper half of his body now protruded from the weight room. His cock stood like a spire, elongating more and more as it grew up past his eyes. It throbbed with enough power to send small vibrations through the ground. He felt his own balls descending, but he couldn’t tell how much over the size of his massive pecs.

“Who’s the small one now, son?” Coach teased back.

The growth continued through both of them, their bodies molding into the likeness of statues as they stepped out of the rubble. Movement at that scale proved to be very odd, especially now that Coach could feel his balls even lower than his knee caps now. The entire gym folded inwards, collapsing in a heap. Coach mentally patted himself on the back as he remembered he was still holding the pill bottle in his hand.

The effects of Josh’s pills caught up. Coach watched as his growth leveled off with his own, making them near identical heights again. Even still, Coach’s cock was nearly a foot above his head. Josh’s cock was multiple feet above. Both of them glistened in the afternoon light as pre pumped out of both of their shafts.

The sounds of moaning, destruction, and muscles growing caught the attention of all the bystanders. Some ran. Some watched in shock. Some couldn’t help but start jacking themselves off on the spot. From their height of over 35 feet, they could barely hear the comments that were being made, but the commotion was obvious. They were two giants who had just hulked out of the building! The comments flew across the yard like crazy. A lot of them happened to be his own students.


“Is that—Coach??”

“And the other guy—?”

The remarks warmed up Coach’s heart, while also making him throb harder. The statements were really getting to him.

“Ha!! Sorry to interrupt your practice, little men,” Coach rumbled down. His fellow students looked up at him in awe.

“Coach!! How’d you get so fuckin’ big?”

“Am I dreaming? They’re giants!”

Bro! You’re a monster!”

“Fuck! Those cocks!”

They ran up to the feet of the giants, admiring their beauty as they tried to get as close as possible for a better view.

‘If they want a better view, I’ll give it to them,’ Coach thought. “Got some new training for ya! You’re going to work on our muscles,” he commanded.

He reached down as much as his body allowed him to, picking up one of the students and placing them across his body. One hopped off on his biceps, which was even larger than those hamster balls that humans could go into. Two others started to scale his chest like a rock climbing wall. Even with their hands hanging onto the crevice of his collar bone, their feet only hung down to his nipples.

“You like that?” Coach teased.

“Yes, Coach! Let me worship you!” one of them chimed back, hugging tightly on his arms.

Josh picked up a few people of his own, placing two of them on his cock, as the others sat on his shoulders. Overall, their bodies were actually fairly proportional compared to their heights, but that would quickly change with what was to come.

The effects of so many pills were still racing through Coach’s body. A hot feeling coursed through every muscle as he began to vibrate with desire. The humans worshiped him. Licking him. Rubbing him. Pumping their cocks on him. Every comment only ceased in chubbing him up more and more.

“Coach, you’re so huge! Muscles like mountains!

“I’m cumming!”

“Fuck, you’re so monstrous!”

“Coach, your cock is like an oak tree!”

Coach couldn’t contain it any more. It was too much!

Fuuuuck! Your worship is making me grow!” he thundered.

Muscle slammed like a train into Coach. To say he was swole before was an understatement. He flexed his arms into a double bi-pose, watching as those rose the size of a three-story building! They very quickly started to rub into his chest, each pec growing even larger than a house! He felt them grow and grow and grow, until they started to push into his chin. It was hard to even look down anymore, both from how big they were and from how far out they extended! His beard grew even longer as his hair wisped around more heavily. It was like every time he stopped flexing, every bit of size completely retained itself! The people that were hanging onto him clutched even tighter, feeling as their hand-holds grew even deeper, their own bodies lifting higher and higher on his musculature. His traps bloated upwards, starting to heavily climb up his neck. The worship continued.

“Fuck yes!! More mass!! Thicker!!”

“God, Coach! I could get lost in your traps!”

“Grow, Coach!! More! More!!”

The shadows of his frame grew across the field as the trees started to pale in comparison. The striations that covered his muscles became extraordinarily pronounced. His broadening width started to pass into morph territory. And then beyond. Unnatural. Just mountains of muscle that only had one goal in mind. Grow.

Even in contrast to one muscle group, the humans that scaled Coach looked smaller and smaller. His forearms blasted outwards, so thick around that it would take 3 humans laying across them just to reach from one end to the other at its thickest point. The veins that rolled through them rivaled the thickness of telephone poles. Even centurion trees couldn’t even balance half of the width of his calves. In fact, an entire train car couldn’t even reach from one side of his thighs to the other. Both of them crashed into each other with every moment, causing a minor hindrance to his mobility.

“Your cock is so huge!”

“God, with balls like that, how could a bull like you ever rest?”

Grow that dick even bigger! No, bigger!!”

It seems that the best part was saved for last. The comments mixed with the growth caused for a massive surge of bliss to spike through his manhood. Coach’s voice boomed with so much pleasure that his worshipers had to cover their ears.

Cum soared through his monolithic package, piercing the sky like white rain, only much thicker. While you would think that such an explosion would cause his balls to grow smaller, they did the opposite. They rolled down his vast expanse, bloating and gurgling as they passed his calves. Then his shins. Then his ankles. Each sphere alone easily covered the entire gym that was standing only minutes prior. His cock grew as well, swelling like the largest air pump in history was attached to it.

Fuuuuck, I’m huge!” Coach gloated.

Josh could only stare with eyes the size of dinner plates at what was unfolding in front of him. Coach’s cock alone nearly doubled the girth of his own now and was even larger around than his chest! In fact, even his muscle groups were so much more expansive.

“Coach! So much mass—” Josh got cut off.

“And still growing! You wanna be like me, son? Grab me and grow,” Coach offered. Josh extended a hand, grasping Coach’s cumming shaft as the power instantly shattered throughout Josh as well. Not even a second passed between making contact before Josh started cumming uncontrollably. Size blasted up throughout his body at an absurd rate that even Coach could feel in his chest. Everything that had just happened to Coach was happening to Josh now.

Coach’s power while cumming fueled all of it. Their proportionality and size was beginning to rival each other’s. Both of their cocks bucked wildly, moans spreading across the region as the sound of muscle expanding grew louder. It was like balloons rubbing against each other and then pitched down. His own prick extended higher and higher and higher, moving from just a few feet beyond his head to multiple! It was as thick and juicy as ever, nearly 30% higher than his head over anything else!

“Oh, man! What a rush!” Josh exclaimed! “We did it, Coach! We’re gods!” They were both able to acknowledge how much of an amazing feeling it was being so colossal. The gym below didn’t even reach up to their calves! They were easily more than 100 feet tall. Absolute giants compared to everything and everyone. There was no doubt that people for multiple miles around knew of the events that were transpiring at the school.

“How do you like us now, little men?” Coach relished, flexing his huge arms to even more preposterous sizes.

“Worship us!!” Josh boomed, giving his own flexing pose as well. Those that had stayed were there for good.

“We love you!!”

“Yes, Master!”

“Fuck, you guys are so hot!”

Coach looked down in his hand, noticing that he still had a good hold on the tiny pill bottle. Ironically, the entire capsule now looked even smaller than the pill they originally ingested. Part of him wanted to throw it back and down the entire thing, just to see what would happen, but logic won. There would be time to try more later. Besides, at the size they were, they could enjoy this for quite some time, and there were still tons left. The instructions stated that the effects didn’t last too long, so it’d be best to ration them.

Coach looked back at Josh, who was flexing in many ways. Both of their cocks were still rock-hard, leaking enough cum to make a stream that pooled on the ground around their feet. Much of the surrounding area was completely coated in the copious amounts of seed they had each expelled. All of their remaining worshipers continued their duty, still safe atop their muscles. Coach’s balls scraped the blades of grass below, while Josh’s hung to his ankles.

“Hey, stud,” Coach started.

“Yes, Coach?” Josh replied erotically.

“Since this size doesn’t last forever, what do you say we maximize our pleasure?”

Josh didn’t even have to say a word. All he had to do was turn his body and open his arms. Coach smirked. He gripped the pill bottle tighter, knowing not to lose it for when it would come in handy again. With that, he approached his massive student to give him the fucking of a lifetime.


Part 4

The next few months were interesting. The anonymous donor stated that the effects of the pill wouldn’t last very long, but Coach and Josh noted that the effects still lasted much longer than they had been anticipating. Not that this was an issue, however. The amount of fucking, sucking, praising, and cumming they had done was immense. Their lives were basically just that as the sun shifted across the sky, before setting entirely, and then rising once again.

It was thought that they would shrink in just a few minutes. It took more than a day to shrink back down fully, and even then, not all of the size went away. Some of it retained on their frames. Coach still sported a killer body that put professional bodybuilders to shame. His cock was still over a foot long when hard, and he was over 7½ feet tall. Josh retained similar sizes, coming in at 7 feet 4 inches, with a 14-inch cock when hard.

Soon after the incident at the school, a barrage of police and military arrived. Most were able to be seduced over to their side once things got hot and heavy, and that landed them some opportunities. Pair that with the fact that they could physically see them shrinking caused the concern to go away. Coach never disclosed the pills, and it was eventually chalked up to an unnatural allergic reaction. Somehow it was able to be kept out of the news and was scrubbed from the internet. The locals knew what happened, however, but most just chose to listen to the stories.

Coach couldn’t return to the school for obvious reasons, but within only a few months he was able to open a gym for a bunch of muscle heads that was pretty close to his new cabin that was deep in the woods. He kept a close eye on the pill bottle, and knew that one day he’d break the seal once again.

It all started with a knock on the door of Coach’s office at his gym, before Andy walked in. Andy was a solid looking guy. He wore tight clothing that hugged his large chest and prominently sized arms. He had a full, solid beard that covered his face like a blanket. His backwards cap made him look like a jock who happened to still be in his glory years, although it had been quite some time since High School.

“I’m a new member of the gym here, but I saw pics of your old place of work after the, uh, ‘earthquake’,” Andy said suggestively, giving a small wink.

“That’s what they told you, eh?” Coach responded, not bothering too much to hide what had happened.

“Well, I heard stories. Giants trashing the place. Musclebound Giants! I heard you were a Giant. You still look pretty jacked!” Andy said enthusiastically.

“Haha, you could be right,” Coach said, leaning forward a bit more. Andy walked up to the gym owner’s desk and curled his arms into a double bi-pose.

“Check this out! 23½ inches. I still want more, and I have a hunch that you know what can be done. You got any stuff that can help me, Coach?” Coach sat quietly for a moment, contemplating. The bottle of pills still was quite full and hadn’t been touched in months. Why not crack the seal again? He had been looking for an opportunity, and this seemed as good as any. The feeling was so amazing the first time that Coach was easily won over. His demeanor changed into one of excitement as he opened his desk drawer, pulling out the mythical medicine.

“That’s a great body, son. I do want to see you get bigger, and I’m going to join you.”

Just under an hour later, both Andy and Coach found themselves standing in the middle of the gym. They closed early, ushering everyone out. For good measure, Coach locked the doors to prevent a scene. Within just a few minutes, they sat in the center, both holding a pill in their hands.

“This little pill? That’s it?” Andy asked, impressed.

“Ha! Wait until it hits you...” Coach’s voice trailed off. With that, they both threw the pill back. Just like before, the effects were almost instantaneous. A small flurry of lightheadedness hit, but was instantly replaced by a new sensation. Warmth spread from head to toe before jabbing their muscles at an accelerating pace. Size rolled up their bodies. Both of the studs were already used to wearing tight clothes, but it was still surprising as their chests and arms began to tear their clothes apart. It stood no chance against their brawn and fluttered away. The feeling of their muscles bloating so quickly reminded Coach why this was so hot the first time around. Coach looked down, watching his cock grow harder and harder. The imprint of his rod just kept extending against the soft material, making it look like he had stuffed a sausage down there as it passed an entire foot long! But it just kept growing. A tenting erection protruded further from his waist, very quickly causing his shorts to..


Whooa! What a rush!” Andy yelled. His body was following just behind Coach’s. His own cock was putting so much pressure on the front of his body that the fabric around his rear began to snap off, displaying his growing bubble butt as it swelled out further.

“Fuck yes, son! Bigger. Bigger!” Coach yelled back, loving the feeling he longed for again after so long. The changing of his height. The muscular growth. The comical endowment proportions. The growth continued to pound throughout their bodies, but in just no time at all, it seemed to slow down. Everything that had happened from taking one pill last time happened again this time, and it felt even better than before as size riddled their bodies. Coach found himself back at 11 feet tall. Andy was just behind him at 10 feet tall.

“Ohhh yeahhhhhh! I’m massive! Arms, chest, legs, cock!” Andy gloated, loving how pristine his body looked in the natural lighting of the gym.

“You sure are, son! Proud of you! I started out bigger, you might get to my size one day, boy,” Coach teased.

“You bet I will! Fuck, you’re hot! C’mere, man!” the other coach said lustfully, pulling Coach into an embrace.

The door to Coach’s office swung open as Josh walked in, just getting back from a wrestling match. He’d used his own set of keys to walk in the back entrance.

“Coach? I’ve got a problem. I’m just too strong for the other guys… and they’re all grabbing at my cock,” Josh remarked, sweeping the office with his eyes. He wore a singlet, not leaving any of his size to the imagination as he fully walked inside. His flaccid cock was pinned against the tight spandex, reaching all the way down his right thigh until his cockhead just slightly poked out of the bottom of his one-piece suit. A small trickle of precum ran down his leg, something he was very used to at this point. No one was to be found, but a few spare pills were left lying on the table, giving Josh all the information he needed to know what was going on. He grabbed them, smiling, before running out the door.

“Fuck yeah! Swallow, Coach! You’re good—” Andy yelled as his massive rod, which was reaching all the way up to his pecs, was sucked off by Coach. It was so large that Coach couldn’t even get any more than his sensitive cockhead in his mouth. Pre leaked down his chin as he worked to swallow every inch, but there was no time left! Within seconds, he was all set to blow.

Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck!!” Andy gasped, cum shooting out of his cock, instantly going down Coach’s throat as he bobbed his hips back and forth. The growth found its footing again, and it seemed that with every glob of white seed that left him, more size entered him. Coach struggled to maintain the seal, but there was too much! He wrenched his mouth off, an audible pop noise ringing out into the gym as he craned his neck up, cum dripping down his face.

Andy’s size was ballooning. His head rose further and further, coming closer to the ceiling as all of his defined features etched their way even deeper. Coach’s height was passed entirely as his legs pressed more deeply into the floor, his muscles thickening like they were being stuffed. Like over 200 pounds of rocks were carved into him. He was clearly enjoying the show he was putting on, and the energy that was flowing into him was enough to really stretch into his muscles. Andy put years into his physique, so seeing it blow up so much in one day was impossibly erotic. He flexed every muscle he could at once, another load of cum shooting out in response to seeing what a masculine image he’d become.

“Hahaha! I guess that day is here sooner than expected, huh, little man?” Andy mocked Coach, giving him a seductive wink. His height must have been 4 feet taller than Coach now, meaning that Coach’s head was only capable of reaching his thick, 45-pound plate-sized pecs. Andy walked towards the weight bench that sat just off the side of them, grabbing its entirety and lifting it up with one hand.

“I can curl the whole squat rack easily with one hand! Fuck, look at that peak!” He said excitedly, loving how simple it was for him to lift so much weight. His biceps were the size of beach balls. Veins criss-crossed them, further exemplifying his hotness. The barbell was still attached, holding four huge plates on either side, only making this display of strength even more impressive. In fact, he was easily well-beyond the most muscular man on Earth, making him the new top-dog.

“Coming right after you, son,” Coach marveled, popping another pill. Andy watched as Coach’s back broadened, warping wider and beefier as he rolled his shoulders backwards, feeling size effortlessly find its way within the recesses of his muscles and cock. It was like watching a rock wall find more handles, but also expanding all at once. His dick continued its upward rise, becoming more stimulated as it brushed past his body hair. Once again, the changes happened too quickly to fully appreciate. Still, though, it kept skyrocketing their libidos. Coach’s height rose and rose as his legs lengthened, until his hair began to brush the ceiling. They were practically mirror images of each other. Both 14 foot, hyper muscled beefcakes with cocks that grinded into their nipples, adding just the right amount of extra pleasure. They were easily over 1,000 pounds now and would be giants compared to the rest of their species.

“Oh yeahhhhh! Head touching the ceiling! Let’s have some more fun, son,” Coach invited, reaching his hand out towards Andy. The sounds from the showers echoed throughout the gym as water began to gush out of them. The shower heads only reached up to the bottom of their chests now, each stream of water finding itself traveling down deep grooves as gravity brought it towards the floor. The tiled landscape made for a great echo chamber for their deep, rumbling voices.

“Shower feels great! But it’s definitely a tight fit in here...” Andy laughed, taking a look around him. They had to nearly hunch from their heights, and Andy and Coach being back to back filled practically all the space from one shower head to another.

“Well it’s going to get tighter as we get bigger,” Coach chimed in, trying his best to wash his expansive frame. He couldn’t even reach around to scrub his back due to how big his arms were, and he had no doubt that it was only going to become more difficult. They were so caught up in their size that they didn’t even hear footsteps approaching from the locker room.

“Excuse me, Coach. Mind if I squeeze in?” a disembodied voice said from the side of them. Both of their heads whipped to the left, before their eyes settled on Josh.

“Well! My favorite wrestler has found the stash...” Coach smirked, turning towards his lovable hunk. He had clearly already taken the pill. His size was just as impressive as their own, and was all overly packed into a wonderful, skin-tight singlet. The remaining strap of Josh’s singlet snapped, allowing his body to be fully naked as everything on him bounced at once. Coach felt his entire package lurch from the visual, further reminding him of how much he fell for Josh over the last few months.

“Join the party, stud!” Andy offered, waving Josh in towards them. As Josh walked towards them his growth continued. Each step grew heavier, his lungs requiring more oxygen with every breath. But his height was expanding too quickly! His head crashed into the tiles, causing fragments of ceramic to rain down into the water below, being swept into the drains that wisped around their feet.

“Oww! Guess the pill is still working its magic on me!” Josh winced, becoming extremely turned on at the prospect. A forest of hair covered his chest and abs, nearly hiding the deep lines that curved around his set of 6-pack abs. Both his height and muscles were much larger than the others now, and he certainly knew it. His chest was already back to wine-barrel status.

“Yeahh!!! Check out these mountains!” Josh grinned, flexing his right arm. His bicep bunched to the enormity of a watermelon, veins criss-crossing it with impressive vascularity. He was already breaching morph levels of huge, and it was hot as hell. Another few inches of height found themselves onto Josh’s legs, causing more debris to crack off the ceiling as he leaned his head downwards. His shoulders were basically touching the roof at this point, and it was a tight fit having all three of them in there.

“We better find some more space, and also find a tape measure,” Coach suggested.

They found themselves back outside the locker room, but instead of walking back into the lobby, they walked towards the basketball court. Josh had to walk methodically, as his height continued to increase. The hallways were the smallest areas, and caused great concern. The broadness of his shoulders nearly reached both sides of the hallway. Fortunately, after a few minutes of methodical movement, they were able to make their way through. If it wasn’t for the double-gym-doors, Josh doubted he’d have made it inside at all. The cool gym air quickly air-dried their expansive forms as they made their way to the center. Coach was following just behind, grabbing the closest tape measurer he could find. The room they were in now was much more suited to their size needs. The rafters sat far above their heads, with plenty of space to spread out.

“Flex for me, big guy,” Coach asked. Josh reluctantly obeyed, holding the same pose he had in the showers just moments earlier. The cool, metallic material wrapped itself around the boulder that was his right arm.

“Ha! You can’t even get both hands around that mass, Coach!” Josh gloated. Coach could actually see the tape measurer pull itself tighter as his biceps surged out every-so-slightly. The size was astounding.

“Holy fuck!! Sixty five inches around!!” Coach yelled, impressed. All of them were way too excited to wait any longer. With that, they found themselves popping more pills, ready to continue to increase every aspect of their being. Coach and Andy started to swell, slowly catching their way up towards Josh. The sounds of muscle growing bounced off the hard walls of the gym as the three hyper studs became more of a marvel by the minute.

Josh’s attention was brought to Andy as his height continued to lengthen. He was impressed at just how quickly the pill’s effects were reacting with the muscle fibers within his body, and it was so hot seeing more than 1,000 pounds of pure, extra muscle explode into him at such a quick rate. The basketball hoops started to look smaller and smaller as it began to look like a toy, not even reaching up to their pec valleys.

“Fuck yes! We must be 20 feet tall now!” Andy exclaimed.

“Yeah, you’re as big as me! But check me out! Pecs and traps like granite!” Josh agreed. Even if their heads had stopped their gradual climb for the moment, the growth wasn’t done yet. Josh flexed his muscles inwards, practically crossing his arms in front of one another as his biceps crashed into his large, globular pecs. His traps were level with the center of his ears, starting to advertise the first hints of mobility loss. They were beyond huge, and their visuals alone would be enough to cause a normal man to cum at the sight of them.

“Yeah, boy, you’re big. But traps? I’ll show you traps!” Andy said, flipping around, and he wasn’t wrong at all. They started rising like bread rolls in an oven, thickening, flexing, and mounding higher and higher. They reached just beyond those of Josh’s, reaching the tops of his ears like a pillow that sat behind his head.

“And this back! Look at these wings! I could blot out of the sun...” Andy continued bragging. He placed his hands on his hips, flaring out his frame to its widest. His back alone looked like a rock climbing wall. His mighty frame tapered like a heavy V from his shoulders to his waist.

“Yeah, you’re huge, Andy, but don’t skip leg day! Check out my quads!!” Josh fought back, flexing his thighs as they bulged outwards. Each of his legs had the circumference of yoga balls.

“Fuck, I’m getting hard. My cock is past my pecs—” Josh continued, watching as it worked itself higher. It was so erect that it was a deep shade of red, precum trickling down it steadily as he firmly tried gripping its entirety. It was like a growing competition, each competitor displaying their best features as they found themselves becoming broader.

“Yeah, Jake, mine too! And my balls are getting as big as my quads! I could cum!” Andy moaned, feeling his balls bloating rapidly as cum magically appeared inside of them. The feeling of pressure started to mount quickly in the base of his orbs. You could physically see them expanding, slowly working their way outwards to outgrow the circumference of his thighs, while steadily dropping lower.

“I’ll give you something to cum over! My peaks, split again and again...” Andy mused, flexing his bicep tightly as an impossibly tall mound formed on it. The tip of the mountain reached the bottom of his palm, it was so tall! Josh noticed that he was on the same pace.

“Mine are rising even higher!” he said, enjoying how his clenched fist could touch his own arms just by barely curling his wrist inwards. Some grunting off to his side caused his attention to swap, however, and what he saw nearly sent him over the edge.

“Uh...” Josh said in awe. His eyes were staring parallel with Coach’s cock, which was already rising higher and higher as it steadily grew hard. Coach was huge! He had to be double their heights, his body maintaining muscle that put both of them to shame. Coach’s thighs alone were larger around than their entire chests. His cock was close to the entire length of their bodies, and it was incredible watching it find its way up his statuesque nature as it came to rest at his chin.

“Haha. Hey, little men. I can’t let you ruin another gym by outgrowing it, but I have a cabin up in the woods with miles of space where we can get really big this weekend,” Coach offered. He enjoyed the physical response in both Josh and Andy’s cocks as they both jumped in anticipation.

“Might as well have some fun, though,” he finished, picking up both of the macro studs with little discomfort. Their bodies were still swelling, and he could feel their asses rounding out to the size of couches as his grip grew weaker. He pushed them against the vertical shaft of his leaking cock.

“Plenty of precum for lube. Cum with me, boys!” he yelled. With that, Coach started sliding them up and down his incredible package. All three men found their endowments frotting against one another, sliding between their own respective pecs as they all started to grow even more bigger.

“I...I’m growing again!” Andy moaned.

“Me too!” Josh followed.

“Gonna shoot...” Coach clenched up. His eyes closed as his grip wrapped tighter around the smaller men. The sensations that had slashed through them over the last 20 minutes was unbearably hot, and seeing all three of them sliding their cocks up and down their sensitive shafts was the final straw. It seemed that Josh and Andy were in the same boat.

They all screamed in unison as cum jettisoned from their cockheads, spraying vertically into the rafters that only sat a foot above Coach’s actual head. All they could hear was the sound of moaning, and all they could feel was pleasure as it enticed all of their senses, cum absolutely coating everything and everyone in the room. The men found themselves growing again, so they laid on their backs, their feet spreading across the floor as the concrete creaked under the weight. The size just kept coming, their entangled bodies slowly becoming wider and wider as their muscles alone became more freakish.

After an eternity, it seemed like the cum was beginning to die down as they slank backwards into each other’s arms, exhausted. Josh held Coach from behind, propping him up on a huge elbow as he looked around. He couldn’t even fully sit up due to the low ceiling, and their bodies spread throughout a very large majority of the basketball court. The bleachers on each side were pressed on by their big hips. Any more would have caused irreparable damage to the large room.

“Can’t wait to get back to your cabin and get bigger, Kyle!” Andy said, collapsing onto his back as cum trickled down his pec valley.

“It’s going to be the biggest we’ve ever been!” Coach said excitedly, knowing that there was still so much more room to grow. Next time wouldn’t just be a growth spurt. It would be an ascension.


Part 5

Air whipped through the interior of the car zipped down the road. Trees flew past the window as the sound of an engine roared through the forest. Andy was in the driver’s seat, his entire body much too big to be driving, but he tried his best anyways. His head touched the ceiling, causing him to hunch forwards as his legs found themselves crammed under the steering wheel. The seatbelt found itself becoming pinched between his bare chest as his left arm hung out the window, his right arm overtaking much of the space in between the seats. With the growth episodes just being a few days prior, a lot of the muscular definition and size was still staying packed on, causing him to be 7 feet, 5 inches tall and 400 pounds of pure muscle.

The clock read 1:07 p.m. He was late for the meeting that Coach had set up at his cabin. The meeting that was supposed to make them grow. Andy found himself getting semi-erect as his cock began lengthening towards his knees, the tip scraping down his upper thigh at a quickening rate. He found himself driving on a few dirt roads, before making the turn onto the final road.

Large mountains loomed ahead, a short tunnel funneling through them as his car disappeared into the darkness. The headlights automatically turned on, lighting his path as sunlight poured in from the opposite end. Upon exiting the tunnel, Andy slammed on his breaks. The car took a few extra moments to stop due to the larger human it was carrying as rocks and dirt sprayed in front of the vehicle.

“Well! You made it!” a voice thundered down. Andy stared up in a mix of confusion and desire as his eyes traversed the two giants’ bodies. Josh and Coach weren’t just huge. They were massive! Even leaning forward as heavily as he could, his eyes couldn’t even see past their impeccable thighs. The mountains had entirely obscured them, making it a total shock for Andy to see his friends like this.

“We couldn’t wait, Andy,” Josh said giddily.

“We wanted to surprise you!” Coach laughed. With that, he leaned down, his arm reaching out. Fingers gripped the frame of the vehicle as the wheels lost contact with the ground. The car rose up and up and up, giving Andy a perfect view of everything. He felt tiny compared to the two men, and it was no wonder why. They must have been 75 feet tall already, just slightly beyond what they had grown to in the gym. And that was the starting size! Every organ and muscle was much bigger than the automobile, and the comparison made Andy’s cock even harder. Both of the macro men had cocks that draped past their knees, so thick that Andy could use it as a driveway leading up to a house. Every mound of Josh’s 8-pack-abs was the size of his entire car. Their pecs alone could have been an entire two car garage! The car finally finished its upward ascent as their faces came into focus.

“You better get growing, because we want to get bigger!” Josh said seductively. His bassy voice shook the entire vehicle, rattling the change in the cup holder. His breath flowed over the front window as he laughed.

He began to walk, footsteps booming through the ground as a small wooden house came into focus way underneath them.

“Here’s our cabin,” Josh said, gesturing his hands towards it. “The pills are on the kitchen table. Join us in growing!” With that, he set the car down, the tires absorbing most of the impact as the shocks worked their magic. He could hardly contain himself. He threw open his door and sprinted inside, snatching the bottle of pills in his hand.

“Join them? I’ll show them,” he said greedily. With that, he ran outside and looked up at the towering humans.

“All right, boys! Get ready for some real growth!” he yelled loud enough that they could hear. He dumped the pill bottle backwards, allowing for 10 of the invigorating growth capsules to fall onto his tongue.

“No!! That’s too much!” Josh and Coach immediately rebutted, looking down in horror.

Much like before, the effects were immediate. He barely even had time to spread his legs out before tens of thousands of pounds started magically appearing from within the deepest recesses of his body.

To say his pants exploded off would be an understatement. They practically disappeared, lost within the chaos as his cock instantly grew to the same length and thickness that they were in their entirety. Simultaneously, height pounded into him, his legs thickening to support all of it as his head rose skywards. Within seconds, the entire cabin was outgrown in verticality as he threw his arms downwards. He raised his palms to the sky as his scream pierced the air.

Foot after foot slammed into him as his surge continued to gravitate both outwards and upwards. His chest went from professional bodybuilder-level to a hyper morph in seconds. His abs multiplied, quickly landing on a heavy 8-pack. His lats flared horizontally, blending the space under his shoulders into his chest. Andy found his beard growing longer and thicker, scraping the top of his pecs as they bubbled up towards his jaw.

Josh and Coach watched with their jaws dropped as their gaze went from looking straight down to matching eye level with him. He was passing them in size entirely!

“Outta the way, runts!” Andy grimaced, knocking through the space between them as they stumbled backwards, a behemoth rising from within. Their level gaze quickly averted higher and higher as Andy’s eyeline rose further away. He went back into a double bi-pose, his cock quickly climbing his body as he did so. It audibly bumped along his abs, a wet slap occurring after every ridge from the precum that was already leaking down his girth. It found itself crawling up into his pec valley and becoming firmly wedged underneath his pecs, which were as large as a backward swimming pool.

As his growth leveled off, Coach had to take a step back just to not be overshadowed by him. Their heads didn’t even reach halfway up his abs. The widest point of Josh’s shoulders was barely as wide as Andy’s waist now was.

“Haha!! Fuck yeah!! There’s a new coach in town!!” Andy yelled. His voice was deeper than the other men’s now, and a layer of intimidation washed over Josh. He was so transfixed over the bigger human’s muscles that he didn’t notice Coach popping a few more pills as Andy winked at him. This was planned, and their growth wasn’t even close to being over.

Andy grunted as he started to rapidly expand once again. Coach was starting to become infatuated with being huge. Being big wasn’t enough. Becoming bigger was all that mattered. And bigger. And bigger. In any case, he had to ration out the limited supply of pills that was left.

Everything about him found itself changing. It was almost like the effects of the capsules were starting to have more drastic effects with every one that was popped. Another healthy layer of hair smothered itself across his musculature as it rolled down his arms. The shadows that were on the ground underneath Coach’s feet spread further in all directions. While his cock was unaffected in this wave of growth, his muscles just continued to spread further and further. The size that he was after their initial macro growth spurt a few months ago was starting to become a reality once again.

He found his height rounding off around the same as Andy’s, and his muscles were lagging just behind his as well. They both turned to face Josh, who was looking up at them with a look that resembled something similar to disappointment or jealousy. The two taller men exchanged a glance.

“Haha, little man, don’t look that way. It’s all in fun,” Andy said sincerely. Josh’s expression didn’t change as his eyes drifted off to the side.

“Hey, Coach, think we should make him into a coach, too?” Andy winked.

“Of course we should. That was the plan for this weekend from the start!” he responded cheerfully. This caught Josh’s attention.

“Ready to grow, little man?” he added. Josh looked up with eyes full of admiration, nodding his head enthusiastically as both Andy and Coach went into action. Andy reached behind his shoulders, picking him up and raising him to the sky as his cock grew firmer than all of the surrounding rocks. It reached perfectly across the distance between Andy’s waist and Josh’s ass.

“Protein injection, coming right up!” Andy quipped as he started to shove his length into his tight hole.

“Hungry, Josh?” Coach teased, following suit. He clasped his dick firmly in his hands, angling it towards Josh’s lips until he mounted his mouth around it. This started the most erotic moments of Josh’s entire life as he was fucked from both in front and behind him. Both thrust what they could of their massive manhoods into him, causing his brain to enter a different plane of ecstasy. His eyes jogged loosely in his head as his vision became foggy from the pure bliss that screamed through his soul. He was being used like a toy, and all three of them were deriving the maximum enjoyment from it.

Josh didn’t even know how long he was impaled like that between the two of them, but eventually he started to feel an intense tingling throughout his entire body. It reached from his toes, to his fingers, and all throughout his head. His eyes snapped open as he felt his hair and beard becoming even denser. His eyes went wide as he realized that he was growing from the seed that was penetrating him. Their low, deep grunts grew louder and louder until—

Suddenly, Josh found himself in a torrent of cum as it gushed down his throat so fast he couldn’t keep up. It spilled out from between the spaces between his lips and Coach’s shaft. Andy was just behind him, filling Josh’s ass with a ferocious amount of pressure as he felt his abs begin to distend from the sheer amount of cum that was entering him. At that moment, he forgot about everything. The size that covered his body. The deep, sensual aching in both his jaw and his ass. The pills, whose magical power held such amazing effects. Everything. He was just so happy to be able to pleasure two amazing people who mattered so much to him. What snapped him out of it was the vibrating sensations that started to ring in his brain. And then it hit.

Both Andy and Coach were knocked backwards as the largest wave of growth of them all nuked itself across his brawn. Their cumming shafts popped out of both ends, spraying all over his immense chest as Josh realized the impossible. He was already the same size as the other two, and he was about to get much, much bigger.

Yes! Fuck yes! Growing like never before!” Josh roared, throwing his arms up as it all started. They all had to be nearly double the height of the tallest pine trees, meaning they were around 150 feet tall. Fortunately, that height would become small before too long.

Josh felt cum drip off his chin onto his chest, which was rising at an epic pace as his mouth dropped open. They started to round so far off of his body that his top row of abs were becoming covered in its wake. The groaning that thundered off of his body sounded like a tornado of growth. Deep, flexing muscles just becoming more and more monstrous. He could feel the cramming of muscles begin as he started to rival their largest size from a few months ago.

His cock and balls held the most surprising changes of all. They found a new life of their own, becoming independent of the growth that was already happening to Josh. His balls inflated like an entire dam of water was flowing straight into them. Down and down they dropped, flowing outwards as hundreds of thousands of gallons of cum burst into them. His stance shifted wider as they passed his kneecaps, quickly descending towards the ground. The effects of so much cum were immediate as his libido skyrocketed. Josh reached his arms in front of him, gripping his hands around his shaft as it ballooned with no resolve. His fingers went from wrapping most of the way around it, to hardly being able to hold it! Not just because of how girthy it was becoming, but also because of how heavy it was!

It pushed against the underside of his pecs, each follicle of hair further stimulating it as it started to fold away from his face from its own weight alone. The veins that spiderwebbed across it were thick and pronounced, supplying as much of the seed inside of him as possible to where it really mattered. He was so hard that it physically lurched every few seconds, a considerable amount of dick length being added with every burst. Alongside that, a new flow of precum began, dribbling down his water-tower sized shaft, over his balls, and then dropping in huge globs onto the ground below.

Josh squirmed as his cum factories continued their downward climb. It shouldn’t have even been possible to feel pleasure on this scale, but yet it was happening. At this point they nearly covered the entire expanse of his thighs from left to right and were passing his ankles. The two pendulums swung with every shift in his movement, cum audibly sloshing from within.

Coach took one step back. And then two. And then three. He had to physically turn his head just to see the true giant in view as his brain was melting at how big his student had become. Coach and Andy were considerably smaller at this point. The top of his head only reached Josh’s belly button, and he was still growing!

Josh’s moans grew deeper and deeper as the growth seemingly multiplied. The cum that was inside his stomach absorbed into his skin as his muscle gut receded. What was left in its place was an extraordinary set of 10-pack-abs! Each abdominal was large enough that a normal human could sleep on it in place of a bed.

His arms were becoming mythical. Each forearm was larger than the entire cabin was, with veins the width of doorways lining its spread. Muscle packed its way on so heavily that he could feel his own lats begin to merge into his triceps as each muscle group began to lose all the space it had to spread. This was the stage where the first inklings of mobility issues would begin to set in. His shoulders and traps packed behind his ears, beginning to block his peripheral hearing as his head became increasingly surrounded by a wall of muscle.

His chest made one enormous heave, nearly doubling its size in an instant! It crashed into the bottom of his chin. Looking down would be a near impossibility at this point. His eyes could still look towards the ground, but how far his pecs extended off of his body caused a major portion of the Earth that was close to him to be smothered from view. He could only see the upper half of his distant friends at this point.

Josh took another step to adjust his stance as his hyper muscled thighs connected the gap between his legs once again. His legs were already standing wide, but now he had to stand wider just to accommodate for their space. Who cares if he was going to have to walk with a waddle for the next few days? This was enforced further by the final wave of growth that swept through his entire package. His balls viciously swelled, finally making contact with the ground as a large thud rumbled across the region. Each testicle was even larger than Coach and Andy were. The show that was being put on in front of them was the hottest visual that they had ever seen, and if they hadn’t cum just a few minutes ago, they would have been an absolute mess right now. His prick was practically just a beacon now that advertised the man that Josh was. The more it grew, the further away from his body it stretched. It sat at a 45 degree angle, constantly enlarging. At this rate, his cockhead alone was as large as his entire chest, and definitely taller than him! As his head started to angle upwards to keep it in his field of view, the feeling inside of him dropped off.

Abruptly, the growth stopped. All the sounds of muscles expanding ceased all at once. The only remaining noises was the acoustic of cum that buzzed within Josh’s rocketship sized balls, and the heavy, god-like breathing from the man himself. No one said anything for a few moments as both Coach and Andy wanted to confirm the growth had run its course before they spoke too soon. Andy was the first to make a move, making the quick journey towards the tremendous being. His own head just barely reached above his lower thigh.

“Welcome, Coach Josh!” Andy yelled up warmly, placing his hand on the edge of his left quad. It was so enormous that the width of Andy’s entire frame was just the thickness of one of Josh’s legs.

“Coach Josh. I like that,” Coach agreed, placing his own hand on Josh’s right thigh. Josh was truly a modern marvel of spectacular proportions, and they all knew it.

“Going to have to make some changes at the gym!” Josh chuckled deeply, raising his arms up to get a better look at them. His voice wasn’t even just deep. It was like the lowest key on a piano. Pure resonance. He could see so much of the surrounding views from his vantage point. The mountain that separated the cabin and the outside world was like a normal fence now, only coming up to his neck. The trees looked pitiful, only coming up to his ankles. The sun pierced the sky, casting a shadow that made its way several hundred feet across the ground. He guessed that he had to be just over 500 feet tall, with his buddies being just about 150 feet tall.

Josh’s feet cratered the ground with every step. The paved path that led up to the cabin was in shambles, unable to support the hundreds of tons of weight that sat mounted above it. The grass around it had holes over 10 feet deep in the shape of his enormous feet. Even his balls had made a catastrophic cavity in the landscape. A thought flicked across his mind. If cum made him grow to such extraordinary lengths, surely it could make his friends grow, too. The growth that had pounded his body just moments earlier was enough to bring him extremely close to orgasm. The thought of them becoming just as big as him, or bigger, was enough to immediately send him over the edge.

Josh opened his mouth as he let out a roar that only Godzilla could match. The windows on the cabin instantly shattered as the sound echoed off the mountains. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of jizz sprayed like a freight train from his massive spire, coating Coach, Andy, and the surrounding forest. It very quickly started to look like a fresh snowfall had blown into the area as trees, grass, rocks, and more found themselves buried under the torrent of thick, hot seed. Coach and Andy greedily lapped it up, bracing against his titanic thighs for support. Both the pill-induced effects from the cum and the energy from skin-to-skin contact turned Josh’s hopes into a reality as they, too, began exploding with size.

What had happened to him over the last 5 minutes was exactly what happened to them. Seeing such mega growth happen within such a short time only caused his cum to continue shooting harder. Coach hugged Josh’s body, and he got to feel every pound add itself onto him as they started to grind against each other more and more. Their hollers of elation dropped in pitch as their vocal cords stretched and their manhoods elongated. The sounds of muscle creaking started to become audible on both Josh’s left and right ears as they both made their journey upwards. By the time they had passed his chest in height, Coach was already as wide as Josh was. The commotion of the trio bounced off the mountains like an avalanche as their sounds echoed through the valley. Upwards and outwards they grew. Coach noticed that his height started to taper off just as it matched Josh’s, but the changes in his student were a bit different than his own.

Coach rolled his shoulders, feeling just how dense and wide he truly was. He had to be the thickest of all of them. Even this small movement helped tell him that his traps, shoulders, and triceps now smashed into each other with every movement, making it progressively harder to move them. His balls weren’t quite touching the ground yet, however. They hung very low, practically swishing the blades of grass like a lawn mower. Any extra growth would cause them to make contact. His cock, however, stuck straight out from him like a train car. If it were standing straight up, it would have reached his lips perfectly.

Andy was on the receiving end, feeling the heat coming off of Coach’s phallus as it pulsed near his own rod. If you were to compare Andy and Josh’s musculature, they’d be practically identical, save for Josh’s entire package, which still had quite the upper edge.

“All right, guys. We should only have a few more minutes left of time before the effects begin wearing off. Ready for one final explosion?” Coach teased. His voice was like thunder. They were so tall that the mountain that obscured them from view originally was already halfway to being championed over. Andy and Josh looked at each other, before nodding in agreement. Coach grasped a firm hold of Josh’s cock with both of his hands. It was quite easy to hold, seeing as it was as thick around as his entire chest. He tamed the beast and began work on it instantly, nearing buckling the student’s legs as the moans started once again.

Andy had a similar idea. Coach’s cock extended through the space between Josh and his body, so he grabbed it as well and did the same. That only left Andy’s dick to be pleased, which criss-crossed the gap perfectly just in front of Josh. In his lust-filled stupor, he picked up Andy’s cock, finally completing the connection. All three men sat in a triangle, their cocks intertwined with each other’s arms as their movements grew faster. Their gasps, moans, grunts, and groans grew louder as they all shifted uncomfortably, nearly lost in the trance that surrounded them.

“Mmmmmmmmmf, feels so fucking good,” moaned Andy.

“Fuck, yeah it does. Keep going,” Josh choked out to Coach.

“Wouldn’t stop for the world, studs,” Coach responded greedily, quickening his speed.

Before long, all three found their hips bucking as the pressure started to mount. Pre cum rained onto the Earth below in huge globs in rounds large enough to fill a barrel in an instant. The sloshing within their balls became more apparent as the gurgling increased. You could practically see the blood-flow in the veins that skittered across their muscles. Each one was nearly a foot across. Even a hand couldn’t fully grip it.

They found that they were still, in fact, growing. Something to do with the pleasure kept the effects of the pills going just a little bit longer. Coach felt the weight of Josh’s cock press more firmly into his palms as his muscles started to weigh him down even more. He felt his own shaft sliding between Andy’s hands as he worshiped every foot. That was when he finally felt the cooling sensation of the Earth touching his balls. Paired with the pressure that was already building up, he was primed and ready to take off.

“I’M..GONNA..C—” Coach couldn’t even finish his sentence before a mighty roar pierced the air like a warrior going into battle. Andy tightened his grip, holding onto Coach’s lance like a firehouse as an extraordinary amount of cum gushed through it. Seeing Coach let go like that was more than enough incentive for the remaining duo to follow. They followed in unison, all unanimously creaming as they milked each other’s cocks. The growth continued to slam into them.

Up and up, the three men grew. Within only seconds, their heads were only ¾ of the way to the top of the mountain. Cum demolished the Earth below as they all lost track of what was happening. Trees were split in half. Streams found themselves completely replaced with seed. The cabin itself, which was now like a miniature toy, found itself crushed underneath Coach’s foot as it expanded rapidly. It felt like stepping on a twig, and fleeted from his mind long before it ever became apparent.

The sound of growth was excruciatingly loud. Andy found his own balls smashing into the ground as his cock pushed out another 10 feet in an instant. The feeling of his shaft forcing itself between Josh’s hands as he struggled to hold on was enough to send him further into arousal. The bloated, overly muscular feeling that was building up inside of them only enhanced, but so did their desire for more. Even after 5 minutes, their cum hadn’t even begun to slow down. If anything, it was getting stronger. And so was their growth. Josh’s eyes snapped open as wide as they could go as he realized that the top of the mountain was level with them. He looked down for a moment, or as far down as his pecs would allow, and saw the impossible. The ground was moving further away. And fast.

“The growth..hasn’t..stopped…yet,” Josh moaned through grinned teeth. Fortunately, his voice was so loud and bassy that the other two were able to hear it as they put the same news together. Coach readjusted Josh’s dick as it continued pumping out thousands of gallons of seed. No matter where he moved his arms, his biceps were now in constant contact with his chest, which was also beginning to climb to the same level that his chin was. His traps were following the same juncture, getting close to passing the tops of his ears entirely.

Andy found himself in a similar boat as his quads careened with so much momentum that he was forced into his widest possible stance. Even so, they still touched! He took one step forward, feeling his massive orbs drag across the field below. Just moving at all meant he had to move his thighs around each other. Andy was incapable of walking in a straight line now. One would think this is where they would start to worry, but no. Their reactions were far beyond worry.

“The pill should have stopped by now, right?” Andy asked hornily.

“Definitely,” Coach responded. He seemed excited and content with everything that was occurring. Self-sustained growth? This was a dream come true. As they all came to the conclusion that their size wasn’t going to be shrinking down and their changes were permanent, it was almost as if a switch flipped. The very concept of being permanently stuck in this form was overwhelmingly hot. Cum was still tearing out of their cocks, but so much focus was now averted to their bodies growing that it was starting to turn into a frenzy of size, cum, and muscle.

It was almost as if the realization of this accelerated everything once again. By a long shot. An audible boom blew across the field as a shockwave emitted from their bodies. Everything increased. Their libido. Their growth speed. And most importantly, their size. Coach found his mouth stuck in a permanent O as he stumbled forward into Josh’s chest, firmly gripping each nipple. He pushed their cocks completely vertically, watching as it started to rise above their heads even further. Andy joined in on the party, adding a third dick to the frotting party between them.

“Fuck, you guys are so hot!” Andy rumbled.

“And we’re not even done yet,” Coach snapped back eagerly. And he was right. Wave after wave of growth started to ring across them. Josh gave a double bi-pose, watching fascinated as it was getting more difficult to distinguish one mound from another. In fact, they were now completely unable to look down now, as their chests had become too big! Coach’s grin grew wider as his traps reached the top of his head entirely! The cum that was erupting from them was building in both size and power as it rained along the mountains.

The giants weren’t going unnoticed either. A magnitude 2.5 earthquake struck the entire area, adding a steady vibration to the entire region. If the shaking didn’t garner everyone’s attention, the voices of the trio most certainly did. Every moan that left them traveled for many miles, and they stood more than double the height of the tallest things in their environment. The mountain with the tunnel only rose to their cocks now, and it was fighting a losing battle. They stood over 2,000 feet tall, but the growth was increasing once again.

Another shockwave blew through the region, splitting entire trees in half! The mountains that surrounded them now looked like a reference for how sculpted their backs looked. Andy gave a momentous flex, finding himself busting even harder when he came to the realization that his biceps alone were bigger than the entire gym he was at just a few days earlier. The men in front of him kept at constant pace with his own growth, and he watched with a delicious stare as he watched hundreds of thousands of pounds of muscle slam into them all.

Cum flew so high that it went up into the clouds. It rained down with a frightful speed, before perfectly capping the nature that surrounded them. If you’d asked someone to tell you what coated the area from afar, they’d have simply said “snow.” It sat perfectly atop the mountains. But the amazing, masculine odor that permeated the air said otherwise, beckoning all who saw it to come try it out for themselves.

“So. Fucking. Big!!” Josh exploded.

“Fuck. We’re all becoming gods!!” Coach drummed back.

“I think we’re growing even faster!” Andy sneered.

They didn’t even look like giants anymore. They looked mythological. Their movements grew slower and slower as they shot up higher and higher. The more size that hit them, the more aroused they became. Coach had to continuously take steps back, as did the others, as their chests continually careened into one another. Even the slightest gust of wind was enough to endlessly set off their hypersensitive manhoods, but it was worth every moment. Before long, Andy noticed that their heads started to breach the clouds! Each of them were so transfixed on both themselves and each other that it hardly mattered. Coach laughed, his chest bouncing up and down as it started covering his abs entirely. His biceps found themselves unable to find relief as they smothered into the sides of his pecs, causing him to lose much more mobility in his arms. His triceps, shoulders, and traps grew to the same degree, nearly forcing his arms into a 90 degree angle as his arms alone grew thicker than the entire mountain was tall. It was becoming difficult to even discern where his muscle groups started and ended. The gaps between his forearms and neck looked like a mountain range.

Josh was just letting out a constant scream of ecstasy at this point. His balls filled every available inch of space between his legs, spreading out so far that he was practically straddled on them. His cock defied all physics and continued growing harder. It was pinned inbetween his football-stadium-sized pecs, but was rising nearly double his entire height now!! His traps were well beyond his head as well, making his head look even smaller. The carpet of hair that covered him just reminded his brain of just how hot he truly was.

Andy tried to look down at the world below, thousands of feet away. He leaned forward as far as he could, just to get a small glimpse over his chest. After arching his back over slightly, his pecs touched his bulging thighs. It was just enough to see the ground directly beneath him, one last time. It was hard to see through the clouds, which were now around his chest, but the tunnel looked like an ant from here. The mountain itself only reached his kneecaps. Then another wave hit him, causing both his thighs and chest to breach new grounds. He felt his posture forcibly straighten itself as his back broadened even further.

The entirety of the massive field that Coach’s cabin resided in was almost completely filled with the three of them now. The world below held craters that could only be seen near the Grand Canyon as their multi-million ton bodies shifted. What space wasn’t taken up by their feet was most certainly taken up by their balls. They were all wider than they were tall! Practically muscle-bound freaks! While they could still move now, how long would that last? How big would they get? The clouds seemed to sink lower and lower as Andy, Josh, and Coach’s bodies rubbed into one another. 15,000 feet of extraordinary mass. The visual of all three of them struggling to move their limbs as the minutes went on just sent them even deeper. Their cocks weren’t throbbing. Their entire bodies were. Flexing, rolling muscles that wouldn’t stop growing. Expanding. Each surge was like a miniature explosion that pushed the clouds away. Each volley of cum shot so far that it went into space. Each of their forms looked like entire walls of flesh. Arms struggling to move. Legs forced into a small waddle. Chest cutting off the ground below from their vision. Cocks more than double their entire height. And only getting bigger. The mountains themselves didn’t even compare. Planes would have to reroute to accommodate for the humans unless they were at max altitude.

Somewhere deep in Coach’s mind, he wondered why they were still growing. What changed? But the answer was obvious. Taking so much of the concentrated formula at once was too much for their livers. In the panic of fixing the damage it was doing to its body, it over-calculated, both fixing any damage while also recycling the pill’s effects throughout their bloodstreams, and it will continue to do this until the effects of the pill have completely left their system, if it ever did. In any case, the size is permanent. And so they will sit, growing bigger and bigger and bigger. The world is their gym, and nothing can stop these God’s from receiving the pleasure they deserve.

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Axel breaks his record by MegaMaker Axel likes to get his growth fix with hot guys he can find, but this time his catch gives him his best fix ever and Axel decides to keep him. 7,620 words Added Apr 2024 5,429 views 5.0 stars (5 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Always Cumming•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Hyper Muscle•Pec Fucking•Hyper Strength•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Always Shirtless•Public Nudity•Voluptuous Men•Butt Growth•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Voice Deepening•Getting Taller•Giants•Forced Growth•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Lycra/Spandex•Shapeshifting •M/M

Sexi-Phi by BRK Joining a frat turns out to be a big transition for Holden, especially given the way his body is reacting to all his extra-hot house-brothers. 10 parts 62k words (#49) Added Jun 2023 Updated 30 Mar 2024 32k views 5.0 stars (36 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Self-suck•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Muscle Growth•Always Shirtless•Public Nudity•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Incest•Father/Son•Twins•Hyper Pheromones•Christmas •M•M/M

The Vale by CockTFBoi When Kurt inherits a remote mansion from his uncle, he decides to spend the summer there with his friends. Andy and Oliver join him at the start of the summer to explore the house, but the place is surrounded by a huge valley located deep in the wilderness far from civilization. As strange events begin to unfold, the trio must figure out what is happening to them. 5 parts 34k words Added May 2023 Updated 30 Sep 2023 11k views 4.9 stars (16 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Cut to Uncut•Cock Shrinking•Cock Theft•Cockless•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Human to Cock•Cum inflation•Cum Milking•Always Cumming•Hyper Cum•Boytaur•Four Legs•Butch-to-Fem•Muscle Growth•Always Shirtless•Public Nudity•Pointy Ears•Voluptuous Men•Butt Growth•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Transformation•Size Decrease•Human to Inanimate•Hairless•Getting Fatter•Cock Cage•Dom/Sub•Nonconsensual sex•Restraints•Dildos/Toys•Anthro/Furry•Orcs•Werewolves •M•M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

Make the fur fly by LordTronimator After a boy buys a custom-made fursuit based off his fursona and puts it on, his body begins to experience strange changes that only he seems to notice. 14 parts 22k words Added Aug 2020 Updated 6 Nov 2021 31k views 4.9 stars (40 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Public Nudity•Gradual Change•Transformation•Human to Animal/Anthro•Retcon•Nonconsensual change•Anthro/Furry •M•M/M

The expedition by BRK An archaeologist and his research assistant, joined at the last minute by a jock desperate to boost his GPA, embark on a preliminary exploration of a mysterious Aegean island. 16 parts 37k words Added Jul 2021 Updated 1 Oct 2022 20k views 4.9 stars (16 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multihead•Boytaur•Four Legs•Lots of Legs•Multiarm•Multileg•Multilimb•Three Legs•Multitongue•Replication•Stacking•Hyper Strength•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Always Shirtless•Increased Libido•Getting Taller•Giants•Plausible Size Difference•Size Decrease•Size Increase•Tongue Growth•Age Difference•Selfcest•Infectious•Merging•Shared Body•Centaurs•Pagan gods •M/M•M/M/M

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