Coach’s big surprise

by MuscleMike

 Josh is struggling to keep up with the rest of the wrestling team, and he’s afraid to get cut. Luckily, a former student of Coach Smith sends him something that’ll make them both become the men they’ve always dreamed of becoming.

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Chuck Smith had been coaching wrestling at Hudson University for the last fifteen years. His team had won several state championships during that time, and he was always being recruited for other colleges. Despite the large offers, he always had a soft spot for where he worked.

Coach Smith was no stranger to wrestling himself. He played in college, winning several local, state and national awards. He wrestled competitively afterwards before deciding to retire early and take a job coaching. Now in his mid-40s, his once lean body had filled out some. He didn’t have a ton of fat, but he had more of an offseason look and less definition than he did during his glory days. He stood tall at 6’3”, and weighed around 265 pounds.

He was proud of his body, and didn’t do too much to hide it. He always wore tight white shorts that went about mid thigh, showing off his hairy quads and calves. He wore high topped sneakers, size 13. He always wore his burgundy polo shirt, which hugged his chest and arms. Tufts of chest hair were always poking above his neck hole. He kept a trim dark mustache, and kept his dark hair short, though lately he had been sporting more of a salt and pepper look.

Thanks to his winning teams, Coach was always getting free sponsorships and samples from across the country. Powders, supplements, pills, and shakes from some of the bigger names in sports to new start ups online. One day, after practice had wrapped up, he got another package, but it didn’t have a return address. He took it to his office, and shut the door before sitting at his desk.

Curious, he opened it up, and found a large bottle of pills, along with a note. It read:

“Coach Smith—You coached me several years back, and never gave up on me, even when most coaches would. You pushed me to my limits, and I’ve been more successful than I could dream of thanks to you. Here’s something that I did to pay it forward for someone else like me. Be careful and start with one; the effects may not last too long but it will be worth it!”

It wasn’t signed. Coach wondered who it was. He had seen hundreds of students over the years. He always pushed all of them hard, and he couldn’t really identify who had sent it. As he was thinking about it, there came a knock on his door.

“Coach, you wanted to see me after practice?”

Coach Smith had completely forgot. He had asked Josh Miller to stay behind after practice. Josh was new to the team, a transfer from another college. He was in decent shape, 6 feet tall and 175 pounds, but he was having trouble gaining muscle mass. No matter what he ate or how hard he worked out, he didn’t seem to gain or lose anything. But Coach had admired his determination, and wanted to work with him on a new diet.

“Sure son. Have a seat.”

Josh sat down, still in his singlet.

“Now son,” Coach began, “I know you’ve been pushing yourself real hard in the gym. And I know you’ve been eating right and taking those supplements right?”

Josh nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been following everything you’ve told me coach. I think I’ve hit a plateau though…” He looked down towards his feet. He started to think that he was about to get cut from the team.

Coach Smith did want to cut him, but then he thought of that letter and the new supplements that came with it. He saw that look of dejection on Josh’s face and he felt bad for the kid.

“Hey… tell you what, son. I just got something new in. I’m not sure how it works so I’m going to have some before my workout. I don’t want to give you something you’ll have a reaction to! Just be here same time tomorrow.” As he said that, he grabbed that unmarked bottle of pills, opened it, and swallowed one down with a gulp of water.

“Damn—thanks, coach!” Josh jumped out of his seat and reached his hand out to shake Coach’s. Coach reached out his hand but as he did Josh swore that that big arm was even bigger than ever.

“Unghh…” Coach groaned, holding his head. His biceps flexed, tensing the polo shirt up. He felt warm all over and dizzy. “Somethings not right…”

Josh stepped back. “Coach…?” He watched as he held his head, and then heard the sleeves rip as coach’s hairy biceps burst through. But it wasn’t just his arms. His traps started to rise up out of his polo. His chest swelled forward, making his buttons come undone. There was a loud thud as his growing legs slammed into the sides of the metal desk.

“Fuck..what’s happening to me..??!” the coach bellowed, his voice much deeper. He stood up, noticing that the ceiling was much closer, and it was getting harder to see the floor as his chest had groan so large. He watched in a mixture of horror and a secret bit of pleasure as the jock before him got smaller.


Coach’s shirt finally tore out in the sides as his shoulders and traps got too wide to hold it in. He grabbed the front of it and easily tore the scraps off his swelling body, exposing a set of thick growing pecs and a hairy set of abs he hadn’t had since college. His shorts were riding up so far as his legs kept expanding, and his ass filled out the back, before his shorts too were in tatters, leaving him just in his jock and shoes.

“Fuck Josh, go get the nurse or something! You shouldn’t be here!” He roared, shaking the room with his deep booming voice. He cupped his hands over his jock bulge, but then that too started to grow. He could feel his cock growing longer and thicker, becoming erect but then growing beyond that. He tried to hide it with his hands but it was too big as it burst out of its confines, and slammed up against his abs and his chest.

Finally, there was one last thud as the coach hit the ceiling hard with his head. He looked up, realizing that he must now be 11 feet tall, almost 5 feet taller than he was just moments ago, standing in his office completely naked with Josh staring up in awe before him. He was panting heavily like he just got done with the most intense workout over. His cock was harder than he could ever remember it being, and it was almost at his chin.

Josh could only look up in awe, not believing that his coach was now a giant of a man. He didn’t know whether to run out, or to worship the giant of a man before him.

When Coach Smith first started coaching, it was an open secret that he was gay. No one on the faculty or staff cared that much. Besides, he was a big guy to start with, and no one wanted to mess with him. On occasion, however, he did hear his students make nasty remarks about other gay students. He’d make them run around the gym for a half hour after practice for the rest of the semester as punishment.

He also never outwardly showed interest in his students. Sure he’d had some extremely attractive students over the years. Younger, bigger guys whose singlets left nothing to the imagination. But he never acted on it, and he was always quick to shoot down flirtations from his wrestler when they happened. He was good at keeping his sex life separate from his professional one.

Until today.

Now he stood 11 feet tall, with an enormous erection that reached up to his now thicker beard. Not only that, but his muscles put the hulk to shame. He couldn’t believe that in just minutes, he had grown so big. He felt lightheaded, and he started to stumble, but grabbed his metal bookcase in his office at the last second to steady himself. He was shocked when he heard and felt the metal crunch in his much larger hand. Just how strong was he? Then he remembered Josh.

He looked down. All he saw was his pecs and cock, so he had to lean down to see him. He could see Josh’s face looking up at him. He looked afraid, but with a sense of awe as well.

“Josh…” he said. He paused though, his voice shaking the room, much deeper than he had been even when he was normal sized. “Josh… I don’t know what happened to me but let’s try not to freak out okay? Maybe this is temporary but I have to find some clothes. I can’t have you in here with my junk hanging out like this!”

Josh shook with both lust and fear as his coach spoke. Josh had always been into wrestling. He played a lot in high school, and he had family that were also into wrestling. But he had to admit he didn’t mind being so close to so many bigger guys. Plenty of other guys on the team got hard during their practice, so no one really thought anything of it.

And when he got to college, and saw Coach the first day he nearly lost it. He had lusted after plenty of big studs in the past, but Coach really made him hot. He would often stare at Coach, loving the way his polo hugged his thick pecs, and how his nipples always were visible. His powerful hairy legs were always on full display thanks to those shorts he wore. His deep commanding voice always got to him too. He’d rubbed one out plenty of times to fantasies of his coach, getting naked in the shower with him, wrestling with him…

And now here he was, standing as a giant before him. He instantly got hard in his singlet. There was no way to hide it. And he couldn’t help letting out a low moan as Coach spoke to him.

When Coach told him to leave, he just stood there. He didn’t know what to do; half his mind was screaming at him to worship this new god before him while the other half was screaming for him to get the hell out. He couldn’t help himself. He walked towards Coach, and he put a hand on his giant quad. It was like warm steel covered in hair, and was bigger than Josh’s chest. “Holy fuck coach, these quads are amazing!”

Coach looked down at Josh. He hadn’t suspected Josh was gay, let alone into muscle. He started fighting his own feelings. I can’t let him be here he thought to himself. If I get caught with a student my careers over. Then again when they see what’s happened to me I think my career while be over too.

But as Josh felt his quad, he shivered in delight. It was hot to him how small Josh’s hand felt on his quad. He involuntarily flexed it, hearing Josh gasp as his thick thigh bulged out even larger. His mind was too cloudy with lust at this point to care that Josh was inches away from his massive cock.

“C-coach? Do you mind if I feel the rest of you?” Josh asked.

The coach laughed, a big booming laugh that shook his office again. “Haha, all right son. Don’t get too crazy now. Here, let me get down so you can reach better.” He got down on one knee so that his chest and arms were eye level with Josh.

Josh nearly came in his singlet as that big chest and massive arms came into view. It was just so big! When Josh was looking ways to bulk up, he came across photoshopped pictures of bodybuilders, celebrities and other wrestlers. He had never seen anything like it before, and he had plenty of hot evenings looking at them. Now he had a living morph in front of him.

As Coach Smith knelt down, he noticed Josh’s rather large bulge in the crotch of his singlet. Damn so he’s enjoying this too he thought to himself. Well, I’m incredibly horny, so is he, and he knew since it was a Friday no one would be around. Again, he knew his lust was getting the better of him but he wanted to show off his body just as badly as Josh wanted to feel it. He flexed up his right arm for him.

“Damn son. I used to be big back in the day, but I never thought in my wildest dreams I could be this huge!” he rumbled.

Josh reached up and grabbed his arm. It was so big around, there was no away he could fit both hands around it. His bicep and triceps were thick and hard, just like his thighs were. And his forearms made Popeye look like a wimp.

“All right son, I can tell you’re enjoying this as much as I am, so we’re gonna keep this our secret all right? Until we figure out a way to fix this that is…”

Josh nodded as he then moved his hands to his coach’s thick chest. It was unbelievably hard, and dense thick hair covered it. He could run his hands through it. His hands slipped over his nips, and the coach let out a deep moan.

“Careful there, son, these nips are hardwired and we don’t want an eruption in here do we?” he said with a wink.

“Coach… you’re so fucking big! How does it feel to be so huge?”

Coach stood back up to his full height, careful to hunch over some so as not to dent the ceiling again.

“Well son, I can tell ya, it does feel amazing. I’ve never felt so strong, so manly, just so big! It’s intoxicating, it’s definitely sent my testosterone into overdrive, I mean, look at this enormous cock!” He grabbed it with both hands, and even on his enormous body it looked huge “It’s incredible! One of my previous students made these supplements. I guess they really worked!”

Josh looked up at his coach. Not only was he in awe of his size, but he was also in awe that existed something to make him so big. The pills! He looked at coach’s desk and they were still there. He thought about it. If he took one would he get as big as coach? What if it was permanent? What if he got too big? What would his family and friends say?

He hesitated, then dove for the pills on the desk.

“Josh, wait! What are you doing! Don’t…!” Coach bellowed as he reached out for his student. But it was too late. He saw Josh swallow it down, and then heard him start moaning.


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