Meta massage therapy

by M.M.69

 A mysterious new massage parlor opened in town, and brothers Jared and Jason have VIP passes. What makes this place so special?

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Jason sat very quietly in the passenger seat. His anxiety was currently getting the best of him as his brother drove the two of them toward their destination.

They were headed for META Massage, the mysterious new massage therapy place that opened up a few weeks prior that nonetheless had already been showered with widespread critical acclaim. A friend of their dad’s was actually part-owner of the establishment, and gifted the young brothers with two free passes for the “VIP Experience”… whatever that meant.

What gave Jason pause, however, were the rumors that permeated the reputation of this new clinic. The joint was apparently male-only which, coupled with its identity as a spa, inherently generated some buzz about its potentially homoerotic nature. Jason was very self-conscious about his short, scrawny, pale form, and the thought of his body being viewed and examined by gay men exacerbated his already rigid reservations of being seen nude. He really only agreed to participate in his “VIP” treatment as to not insult his dad’s friend, and at the insistence of his older brother, Jared.

Well, that and Jason’s curiosity being peaked by each and every review of the spa stating that the patrons’ experiences “changed their lives.” Changed them in what way, the reviews never explained.

Jason looked over at his brother. A small wave of jealousy flooded his mind. His brother didn’t have the same reluctance to display his body, and why would he? He was the star soccer player when he was in high school, and may be in even better shape now than he was then. He regularly walked through the house in nothing but his underwear, he worked out at the gym shirtless, displaying his sleek toned torso. His girlfriend was one of the hottest girls in town. Every fiber of his being oozed confidence. Meanwhile, Jason desperately needed to find his.

The GPS on Jared’s phone guided the two of them to the location of the spa. Jared pulled into a shopping plaza and drove through its parking lot before pulling into an open space in front of their destination.

“This the place?” Jason asked, attempting to sound nonchalant.

“Apparently,” Jared replied, checking his phone’s GPS for validation. “It sure doesn’t look like much.”

The spa was wedged in between a dollar store and a pawn shop, though it did offer a slightly more friendly visage than the otherwise grimy plaza. On the door, a sign read “META Massage Spa and Sauna” in curvy bright blue text. Just below that, there was an additional message that brightly announced “Walk-ins welcome!” Jason thought that was strange. While he was utterly inexperienced with massage places, he was sure they were almost always exclusively appointment-only.

Trying to distract himself from his anxiety, Jason smirked and looked over at his muscular older brother. “You sure your girlfriend isn’t concerned at all about her loverboy being felt up by a bunch of buff gay men?”

Jared gave him a smile in return, one brimming with utmost confidence. “Not at all, and I’m not concerned either. I’m not the one who’s uncomfortable with his sexuality, little man.”

God, Jason hated when Jared called him that. How in the world did Jared end up being 6’4” while Jason ended up 5’6” anyway?

“Aight, they’re expecting us, we should head inside,” Jared suggested.

“Uhh, right,” Jason responded bluntly.

The pair got out of the car and walked up to the door. Jason’s heart was pounding faster than he’d ever felt before. He was really going through with this. He was going to be massaged in a gay spa.

Jared casually swung the door open, triggering the ringing of a little bell on the inside. He held the door open for his small, scrawny little brother, also offering him a shit-eating grin as Jason stepped past him inside. Jason swore his brother enjoyed tormenting him.

Jared closed the door behind him as he entered, and the two of them stood in the middle of the foyer. Jason was actually impressed by what he saw. The whole place looked really high quality. Glossy black leather couches lined the lobby, standing atop a luxurious hardwood floor. The walls were adorned with large paintings, displaying depictions of waterfalls and mountains and the like.

In front of them was a huge counter with a door behind it, and to the right of it was a small hallway that led to a number of rooms.

The door behind the counter opened.

Even for a self-professed straight guy like Jason, he had to accept that the two men who stepped out of the door were impossibly handsome. Both of them had to be 6’5” or taller, and their white t-shirts were stretched beyond belief across their chiseled bulging torsos. They were both astonishing, but Jason couldn’t take his eyes off the one on the right. This guy smiled at him genially, displaying his perfect white teeth. And his eyes… his eyes were so bright blue it was almost as if they were glowing. Jason could swear they were visibly sparkling as the man eyed up his much smaller frame, immediately causing Jason to feel self-conscious again.

“Hi, welcome to META Massage!” the guy Jason was starting to drool at said cheerfully. “My name is Andrew and this is Ben. We’re the master masseuses here. You two must be our VIPs!”

“Yes indeed,” Jared answered, his little brother being unable to speak.

“Great! So which one would like to be massaged by me?” the blue-eyed adonis asked.

“This guy,” Jared said, putting an arm around Jason’s shoulder. “He hasn’t taken his eyes off you since we walked in.”

“W-wait, what?” Jason stammered, eyes darting between his brother and the hunky masseuse.

“Excellent!” Andrew cheered. He stepped around the counter and stood at the entrance to the hallway. “If you’ll come with me, please, hun.”

Jared gave his little brother a light shove in the direction of his masseuse, and Jason nervously began following his masseuse down the hallway. Jason looked back at his brother to see him grin and wink at him.

Jason rounded a corner and found himself in a little dimly lit room, a massage table at one end and on the other end a little stand holding a huge vase. The vase looked like a Greek amphora, and was visibly ancient. It was decorated with art of nude heroes slaying monsters and… uh… fornicating.

Andrew waited patiently next to the table as Jason stepped in.

“Now hun, if you wouldn’t mind removing your clothes?” he asked politely.

“Uh, m-my clothes?” Jason stammered again, legs shaking. “I have to be naked?”

Andrew offered him that gorgeous smile again, and just the sight of it relaxed Jason a little. “You don’t have to be. If you’d like I could leave the room for a minute and you could wrap your waist in a towel.” He nodded toward a small rack of pristine white towels in the corner.

“Uhhh, yeah, let’s do that,” Jason replied.

“Of course, hun,” the masseuse responded, never losing his smile before sliding past Jason into the hallway and shutting the door behind him.

Jason let out a big wavering sigh. The moment of truth. He pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his bony pale torso, then followed by freeing his lower body from its confines. Now completely exposed to the cool air, he gazed down at his dick, shrunken down from both the air and his anxiety. Even erect he was only five inches. Definitely not something he wanted to flaunt around to strangers. With that he walked over to the towel rack and grabbed one, opening it up and wrapping it around his waist. Now adequately covered, he bent down and gathered his clothes before dropping them in a little pile by the door. Jason stood back up and turned to face the massage table. It actually looked really comfortable. Something about just seeing it made him really want to lay down on it.

Jason walked over barefoot to the table and climbed up on it, deciding to lie down on his belly and rest his head on his hands.

There was a light knock on the door.

“Are you ready for me?” Andrew asked softly, his voice slightly muffled by the obstruction.

“Y-yes,” Jason mustered the courage to reply.

The door quietly opened and in stepped the almost godlike beautiful masseuse. Jason couldn’t help but examine the hunk’s body again. His two long muscular arms, biceps bulging with veins. His two huge meaty pecs straining the fabric of his shirt, his large nipples visibly erect underneath. Jason’s eyes wandered down, taking in the sight of what had to be an eight-pack of abs, before coming to a stop on the adonis’s crotch. Jason’s eyes widened, he didn’t know how he hadn’t noticed it before. Andrew’s jeans were stretched as tight as his shirt, and fully displayed the shaft of an enormous dormant trouser snake shoved down his right pantleg. For some reason, Jason felt himself getting aroused, and he blushed before forcing himself to look away.

“All right, let’s get started,” Andrew announced happily. Surprisingly, he reached over and grabbed the amphora off its stand, its contents audibly sloshing within as he walked over to his client.

“What’s in there?” Jason inquired.

“Our VIP oil,” the masseuse answered with a knowing smile. “Now just relax, hun. Close your eyes and enjoy yourself.”

“O-okay.” Jason laid his head on his hands and did as he was instructed. He jumped a little as he felt some liquid poured on his back. Interestingly, the liquid wasn’t cold as he expected. It was actually pleasingly warm, and began to warm himself up as a result.

He heard Andrew place the amphora down on the floor, then did his best to stifle a little moan as he felt Andrew’s wide hands press into his pasty back. Andrew slid his hands sensually up and down, spreading the oil all around Jason’s skin. Jason’s skin tingled with pleasure from the oil, making his meager cock grow hard underneath him, wedged between his body and the soft table.

“Mmm, what’s in that stuff?” Jason asked dreamily.

“Oh, we must keep some secrets now, right, hun?” Andrew replied mischievously.

Jason chuckled. “I guess.”

Jason felt like his whole body was melting. And, like his body, his inhibitions were melting away. What was in this magic oil? It made him feel relaxed, confident, happy, and um… sexy. Like everything good about life was being pressed masterfully into his skin.

Suddenly, Jason felt two more hands on his back, making his brow furrow.

“What’s that?” he implored.

“Oh, it’s just my other two hands, hun, no need to worry,” Andrew responded.

Jason felt his mind go fuzzy. Wait. Didn’t they guy have only two hands before? He tried picturing the image of his hunky masseuse when he had reentered the room and… nope, four arms. Four gorgeous amazing arms. He really did have them the entire time.

Andrew’s top two hands slid up to Jason’s bony shoulders, and the client sighed as the adonis massaged them deeply.

“Your shoulders are so tense, hun,” Andrew noted. Jason didn’t notice as a smirk grew across the hunk’s lips. “The front pair and the back pair.”

“Mmm, yeah, I know,” Jason replied, now being pleasured by the sensations of his masseuse’s four hands kneading all of his shoulders, his own four arms resting heavily on the table. “God this massage is amazing.”

Andrew chuckled. “Thanks, hun. You know, the secret to a good massage is all in the oil.” His bottom two hands left Jason’s doubled shoulders to return to rubbing his back. “And you’re very handsome, by the way. Probably handsome enough to make any guy get erect just from seeing you, right?”

Jason just sighed again. “Thanks. And yes, it happens every time.” And it did. Ever since he was in high school, guys would always seem to grow tents in their pants just by looking at him. A couple guys even just immediately blew their loads right there in the hallway, purely from nothing but the sight of Jason’s face. It had certainly made him popular.

The masseuse’s grin grew wider, but still Jason didn’t see it.

“Speaking of handsome, your older brother,” Andrew began. “The two of you make such a cute couple.”

Jason’s brow furrowed again. A couple? Didn’t Jared have a girlfriend? What was her name again? Miranda? Meredith? His mind grew cloudy again and he felt these thoughts slip away. No. No, his brother was gay. They both were. His brother had a couple of boyfriends in high school, but since he confessed his love for Jason three years ago, they’d been happily together. “Thank you,” Jason replied. “Honestly, I don’t know how I managed to get so lucky, haha.”

“If you want my advice, hun? You’d best put a ring on him before someone else does.”

“Oh believe me, I plan to, haha!” Jason giggled. And he really did plan to. All he needed was the money.

Jason felt one of Andrew’s hands hook around the top of his towel, knuckles resting gently on his back.

“May I remove your towel, hun?” he suggested politely.

Jason’s inhibitions were completely gone by this point. “Sure, go ahead.”

Andrew’s strong hand pulled the towel away from Jason, exposing his thin flat butt. The masseuse reached down and picked the mysterious amphora back up before pouring another healthy amount of oil on his client’s lower back. Placing the amphora back down, he brought all four of his wide powerful hands to the new pool of fluid, lubing them up before lowering them to Jason’s ass.

Jason shamelessly let out a moan as Andrew began kneading his cheeks, the room filling with schlicking sounds. One of his masseuse’s hands even traveled down his hairless crack, pressing in firmly and covering his hole in oil.

“You have such a perfect bubbly butt, hun,” Andrew doted. Jason just nodded. He did. It was actually pretty girly in how round and jiggly it was. “I bet you can’t go anywhere without guys trying to grab it.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but I don’t mind,” Jason said with a chuckle. “Although usually it’s my boyfriend who can’t keep his hands off it, haha.”

“And your asshole is so big, probably the perfect size to take your brother’s massive cock, right?”

“Exactly, it’s like we’re made for each other.”

“And it glistens, too. So, it’s self-lubricating isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” Jason blushed a little. That was probably the most freakish thing about him. His big needy hole was always lubed up and ready to go.

“I think it’s neat,” Andrew complimented. “That way, you and your brother can fuck whenever and wherever you want, which I’m sure you take full advantage of.”

This was also true. He and Jared never wore clothes, and freely rutted whenever they needed to, which was often. Jason always thought it was amazing how nobody ever batted an eye at the sight of two boys having sex right in the open. But whenever he tried to give it some more thought, his mind went fuzzy again.

Andrew spent some time in this position, lower hands firmly rubbing Jason’s magically-thickened thighs, while his upper two hands powerfully kneaded Jason’s massive juicy asscheeks like dough.

After another five minutes of working Jason’s back, Andrew came to a stop.

“All right, hun. Back’s done. If you wouldn’t mind flipping over?”

“Oh, uh, sure,” Jason replied. This was the first time he opened his eyes since the massage began. While turning himself around on the table, he glanced at his masseuse to see him just like he remembered, four strong arms and all. However, when he looked down, he noticed Andrew now had four legs, one pair behind the other, all confined in his tight four-legged jeans. Boytaur. The word entered his mind. Andrew was a boytaur. He’s always been that way.

Jason managed to flip himself and laid down on his back, his semi-hard 5-incher flopping around as he did so. Even in his oil-induced stupor, he couldn’t help but still feel embarrassed by its inadequacy. Nevertheless, he once again closed his eyes as Andrew resumed his massage, pouring another heap of the magic oil onto his scrawny chest.

The client was soon once again moaning from the sensations of the massage, the oil tingling all over his torso.

“Mmm, your chest is so muscular,” Andrew noted. “Your whole body is, actually. And somehow I can tell you’ve never worked out a day in your life, am I right?”

“Uh, yeah actually,” Jason replied, relishing the feeling of Andrew’s four powerful hands rubbing deeply into his giant pillowy pecs and chiseled 8-pack abs. He really never worked out before. His body was always just naturally ripped. He couldn’t explain it. “Good guess.”

Andrew smiled. “I just have a knack for this sort of thing, hun.”

“I’ll say.”

The massage continued on for a few more minutes, Andrew gradually working his way lower and lower down Jason’s torso. Jason was anticipating what was coming next. His cock now stood a full attention, jutting straight up from between his legs.

Andrew was looking forward to this phase as well, and poured a final dollop of oil on Jason’s stomach before lubing all four hands in the supernatural syrup. He slowly and sensually slid his hands down Jason’s cut adonis belt before reaching his undersized dick. Andrew couldn’t help but smirk. This was his favorite part.

Using only two hands, he gently gripped Jason’s shaft with one and his balls with the other before initiating a masterful handjob.

“Ooooooh yeah,” Jason sighed.

“I love how big and fat your cock is, hun. All three of them.”

“Uhhfffff, thank you,” the now triple-dicked client moaned.

“What are they, around a foot long each?”

“The middle one is twelve inches, the left and right are both eleven.”

“Ah, that’s right. And they’re so hard. They’re hard all the time, aren’t they?”

“Yep, haha.”

Jason was now enjoying the sensation of three of Andrew’s slickened hands sliding up and down his enhanced permaboners, while Andrew’s remaining hand kneaded and played with his nuts.

It didn’t take long for Jason to approach orgasm. He could feel it building up inside him, at the base of his three wide throbbing fucksticks.

“Ffffffuck I gotta cum so bad,” Jason announced.

“Well I’m not surprised, with balls as big as yours are,” Andrew teased.

Jason groaned loudly, both his now swollen grapefruit-sized nuts being squeezed by Andrew’s strong hand.

“Please, Andrew. Please suck me off,” Jason begged.

The masseuse smiled in return. “Of course, hun. Anything for our VIP.”

Jason was moaning once again as he felt Andrew’s hot mouth wrap around his big middle cock. And then… his left cock… and then his right.

Jason felt confused again and peaked open his eyes. All three of Andrew’s gorgeous handsome faces stared up at him lovingly as he sucked and slurped on Jason’s three meatcannons. The sight was so hot to Jason he couldn’t last more than a few seconds.

“Oh god!” Jason yelled as his cocks erupted. None of Andrew’s heads had so much as a gag as they each swallowed every drop of Jason’s potent seed. Jason could do nothing more than stare up at the ceiling as wave after wave of pleasure rocketed through his body. It took a full minute for his orgasm to subside.

Finally reaching the end, Jason let out the longest sigh of his life and the masseuse slid his cocks out of his mouths with a tripled schlorp.

“How was that, hun?” Andrew asked sweetly.

Around some pants, Jason managed to reply, “That was amazing.” His beefy muscular chest rose and fell with each large breath he took in. His whole body tingled, both from the oil and from the afterglow. He didn’t think it was possible for someone to work a body as unique as his own, but after seeing Andrew’s four-armed three-headed boytaur form, maybe Jason wasn’t as unique as he thought. Jason’s whole body felt cleansed, felt rejuvenated. Why was he nervous before about getting this massage?

Andrew stood and picked up the ancient Greek vase with two of his arms and carried it over to its stand. Jason couldn’t help but stare at Andrew’s tight muscular hind-ass as it undulated with each step the hunk took. He didn’t need to get aroused by this sight for his cocks to get erect. They were erect literally all the time anyway.

Having placed the amphora back on its stand, Andrew turned and crossed the room back to his beefcake client. He reached his top-right hand out and lightly gripped Jason’s left permaboner, and Jason moaned softly as the masseuse began lazily drifting the hand up and down the thick shaft.

“Mmmm, so what happens now?” Jason inquired.

“Well, in a few minutes I’ll take you to the showers to wash off the oil,” Andrew said with a tinge of sadness. He quickly replaced it with his trademark smile. “Your husband will probably be there waiting for you.”


“Oh sorry, I had just assumed by the ring on your finger that you and your brother were married, am I correct?”

Jason’s thoughts swam. “Oh, uh… yeah, actually. We got married a month ago.” The memories came flooding into his mind. His hunky nude brother standing at the altar. Their dad walking Jason down the aisle, Jason’s three rockhard penises leaking copious amounts of pre onto the floor. Jared and Jason’s mom crying tears of joy from her pew. Every guy in the room having a shameless tent in their pants from looking upon Jason’s gorgeous face… even their dad.

“Congratulations!” Andrew cheered, his three beautiful faces smiling wide.

“Thank you.” Jason raised his front-left hand to examine the wedding band on his ring finger. It was truly so incredible… he almost didn’t believe it.

The boytaur masseuse escorted Jason to the shower room. Already Jason could hear voices inside, echoing across the white and blue tiled floor. Jason found himself getting very excited as he recognized one of the voices as his brother and newly-wed husband.

Rounding a final corner to enter the showers, Jason stopped dead in his tracks when he looked upon his lover, all three of his cocks spurting pre at the sight. Jason almost came right there. It was as if he was looking upon his brother for the first time, which Jason found strange because his brother was exactly the same as he’d always been.

Jared stood in the middle of the showers, seven feet of rippling glistening muscle. His two heads giving his brother his irresistably charming smiles. His massive upper pecs and their four bulging veiny arms. His slightly smaller lower pecs and their two bulging veiny arms. His expansive incredible 10-pack you could fry eggs on. And there, hanging lowly between his enormous muscular thighs, was his giant 18-inch soda-can-wide meatcannon. His own fat tennis-ball-sized head was actively leaking pre onto the floor while his cantaloupe-sized nuts hung down to his knees in his taut hairless sack. Even erect, his big beefstick was so heavy that it too drooped downward, however it swung upward with each throb once Jared gazed upon his brother’s face.

Perfect. Jason’s husband was simply perfect.

Jason didn’t even notice Ben standing there next to Jason, the head on his front torso smiling at him while the head on his rear torso smiled at Andrew. Nor did Jason notice Ben’s three strong legs, a fat footlong permaboner in each crotch.

In an instant Jason charged at his beautiful lover, who opened his six arms to welcome Jason in his embrace. Jason hugged his brother deeply, his head resting between Jared’s two necks. Jason was only slightly shorter than his brother now.

That’s how they always were.

“Did you enjoy your massage, babe?” Jared’s left head whispered in Jason’s ear, his bottom pair of hands quickly returning to their natural state, gripping and groping his little brother’s massive jiggly ass.

“I loved it,” Jason responded softly. “It was absolutely incredible.” He turned his head and began kissing the side of Jared’s right neck. The pair moaned as they began feeling each other up, Jason drifting two hands lazily across Jared’s expansive oiled back while Jared reached an upper hand down to grip his brother’s middle cock.

“Ffffuck babe, I need you,” Jason whimpered. “I need you so bad.”

“I need you too,” Jared answered.

The imminent sex between the two of them was palpable, so Andrew cleared one of his throats.

“Well,” Andrew began with his left head. “You two can stay in here as long as you’d like,” said his middle head. “We hope you’ve enjoyed your VIP experience!” his right head finished.

With that, the two Metaboys exited the showers to give their clients some privacy.

Jared and Jason had forgotten they were even there. Jason locked lips with his brother’s left head and the two moaned into each other’s mouths as they made out passionately. The younger brother wrapped his arms around his husband’s necks, and Jared immediately understood his goal. Using his immense strength, Jared effortlessly lifted his brother up and positioned his juicy girly ass above his massive cock. Jared replaced his lower-right hand with his rear-upper-right hand on Jason’s ass, moving the free hand down to grip his johnson. Lifting the enormous tool, he managed to press the tip against his lover’s self-lubed hungry sphincter.

Jason broke his kiss with a gasp as his brother lowered him and he felt the massive intruder slide into his ass. The two groaned loudly as inch after inch of Jared’s impossible length entered the smaller lover. After a few moments, Jared’s entire schlong was buried deep inside his husband.

Jason resumed making out, this time with Jared’s right head, and Jared’s left bent over to kiss the side of his brother’s neck as he began lifting him back up his cock. Once the head was just about to exit, he dropped Jason back down his length, making the two of them grunt.

“Your ass is so amazing, babe,” Jared’s left head managed to say around his assault of kisses on Jason’s neck.

Babe. That’s who Jason was to his brother. Was there ever a time when that wasn’t who he was? Jason tried thinking about it, but the thoughts slipped away again, this time from the force of his brother’s fat cockhead thrusting against his prostate. Jason didn’t care if there ever was a time when this wasn’t true, if there ever was a reality different from this one. He loved his body, and he loved Jared.

Another thrust into his prostate sent ripples of pleasure throughout his body.

He loved Jared so much.

Another thrust. Jared was speeding up his efforts.

Jason wanted to make him cum so bad.

Two more quick thrusts. Jared was moaning incessantly, releasing his left head from his brother’s neck as he was reaching his breaking point.

“Babe, I’m about to cum,” he cried. He was slamming Jason onto his cock, which Jason’s ass accepted easily. “Mmmmmmmfffffffuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

Jared gave one final massive thrust deep into his husband before crying out as his giant balls released their load. Quarts of his steaming hot seed fired into his little brother, who in turn started firing cum from his three always-hard footlongs. Jared painted his lover’s insides while his juicy pillowy oiled pecs were being covered in rope after rope of Jason’s loving spooge.

It took several minutes before the orgasms died down. The two of them had broken their kiss, and panted heavily as they stared lustfully into each other’s eyes.

“I love you so much, Jared,” Jason doted.

“I love you too, bro, more than you could ever know,” the older brother reciprocated.

With Jared’s huge cock still buried ballsdeep in his husband’s ass, the pair embraced once more. No kissing, just a long, incredible tight hug that fully displayed the boundless love between the two of them.

“Well,” Jared’s right head began. “I’m definitely giving this place five stars.”

Jason chuckled, sliding his four hands up and down his lover’s chiseled back.

This place was definitely worth the hype.

“We’ll have to remember to thank the Mikes for the VIP passes,” Jared’s left head added.

Jason’s brow furrowed. Mike was their dad’s friend who owned this place. Shouldn’t his name be singular? No… no there were four Mikes. There’s always been four of him.

Andrew and Ben entered the employee lounge through the door behind the front counter. Ben quickly made his way to the mini-fridge to grab a beer. Andrew crossed the room to the huge cushiony leather couch and sat both his asses down with a tripled sigh.

“Nice work, by the way,” Andrew said to Ben with his middle head.

Ben shut the door to the mini-fridge and cracked open his beer with his front hands. “Thanks, you too,” Ben replied with his rear-head. He continued while his front head guzzled the beer, “I like how we both had the same idea, to put the two of them together, haha.”

“I mean it was so obvious,” Andrew chuckled with his right head. “I swear they already had unresolved sexual tension anyway, so really we just gave them a little nudge.”

“The marriage part was a little excessive though,” Ben’s rear head smirked.

“Ehh, I thought it was hot,” Andrew decided, offering Ben three mischievous grins in return.

Ben finished downing the beer and tossed it in recycling bin next to the fridge. He started idly stroking his left permaboner, not caring that his coworker was looking.

“Well, I think we need to cool it with the ‘VIP Experiences’, we’re almost out of Nectar,” Ben’s front head noted.

“One of the Mikes is headed to Greece next week to pick up some more, remember?” Andrew’s middle head reminded him.

“Oh yeah,” Ben’s rear-head said. “Right,” said his front.

Andrew’s phone buzzed in his four-legged jeans. He reached one of his right hands down to pull it out of his pocket. He swiped a big thumb across the screen and read the message he received.

“Huh,” Andrew’s left head stated bluntly.

“What is it?”

“The Mikes already gave out another ‘VIP Experience’ for next week.”

“Really? To whom?”

All three of Andrew’s heads smirked.

In unison, he replied, “Jared and Jason’s dad.”

Andrew stepped out of his car after parking in front of the spa, turning off the vehicle before opening the door and planting one large muscular bare foot onto the pavement. Hoisting himself out of his ironically small hatchback, he lifted one of his right hands to block the sun and gaze upon his place of employment.

In his current form he had four arms, but only one head and two legs. He found it was much more difficult to sit in a little car and drive with four legs than with two, and looking around with more than one set of eyes often made him dizzy. Truthfully, he hadn’t had more than one head since his last VIP session the previous week, when he sucked those three amazing penises he added to his patron Jason.

Andrew smiled. Jared and Jason. They came as bickering brothers and left as hunky heart-throb husbands. In the short time Andrew had been performing with the Nectar—or, ahem, “VIP Oil”—that was definitely his favorite session so far.

And now, today he was to give their father the same experience.

The hunky masseuse shut his car door and started walking toward the entrance to the spa. As he walked, he willed his body back into its default form, and smiled again as he felt his rear legs grow out behind him, his jeans magically reshaping into four-legged Levi’s. His succulent hind-ass swayed hypnotically as all four of his long wide feet transported him across the parking lot. Each of his fat 16” meats were shoved down a pantleg, the front one down his front-left, the back one down his back-right, and they both were essentially massaged with each step by the fabric that gripped them tightly against his bulging quads. Andrew just wished these jeans had a little more breathing room for his enormous hairless nuts which were, as usual, being suffocated by dark blue denim.

Andrew reached the front door of META Massage and swung the door open, triggering the little bell. As expected, there was no activity in the lobby. They had no other reservations that day, and therefore Andrew had told Ben he could take the day off.

Ben was actually bi, and even had a girlfriend. One time, Andrew had suggested maybe Ben could use some Nectar on her and gift her some of the “extras” they love so much, but one of the Mikes immediately reminded him that the Nectar only works on men.

Speaking of the Nectar, neither Andrew nor Ben had any clue where the Mikes had gotten it. None of the Mikes would ever tell them, although they knew it was somewhere in Greece. They also didn’t fully understand how the stuff worked. When the Mikes hired Andrew and Ben to be his masseuses, he had them each drink a pitcher of the sweet syrup, somehow enabling the pair to alter their bodies however they wanted, always shifting reality whenever they did so, with only them and the Mikes being able to tell that anything had changed.

It had gotten to the point where Andrew and Ben were never surprised at the sight of each other after a session, either meeting in the showers, the sauna, or the lounge. Well, aside from the one time a few weeks prior when Ben walked in with his head at the end of his huge dick. The two had a good laugh, followed by some intense sex; Andrew just had to know what it felt like to get fucked by Ben in that form. 10/10.

Interestingly, the Mikes never seemed to alter his bodies, even though Andrew was certain he possessed the ability to. He always just stayed in his natural form, four hulking DILFs each with a wide throbbing two-foot fuckstick between their legs. As far as Andrew knew, he’d always been that way.

Andrew always got so aroused around the Mikes. He guessed he had a thing for DILFs. Considering his client for that day, it probably meant it was going to be difficult for him to keep his professional composure.

The boytaur made his way around the front counter, and opened the door to the employee lounge. Inside was a familiar sight.

Two of the Mikes were having ravenous sex on the couch, engaged in a particularly loud 69 session, each of them effortlessly gulping down the other’s giant schlong to the base, each of their faces being slapped with the other’s big hairy nuts each time. Andrew didn’t even blink at the sight of such passionate narcissistic ecstasy, instead looking to the other side of the room to see a third Mike sitting behind his desk, working on his computer.

“Morning, Mike,” Andrew greeted with a wave.

The Mike behind the desk looked up. “Oh, hey Andrew! You ready for today?”

“Yes sir, you know it,” the boytaur replied, walking over to his boss, or rather the body of his boss not currently engaged in fornication. “Where’s your fourth body?”

“He’s back in the states from Greece with a truckful of Nectar. He should be here tomorrow sometime. Just in time, too. We’re down to one amphora of the stuff.”

Andrew made his way around Mike’s desk to discover he was masturbating, sliding a powerful hairy hand up and down his meatpole. Andrew smiled and reached one of his left hands over and gripped the chubby shaft, enabling Mike to let go and allow his employee to do all the work.

Mike sighed as Andrew began one of his trademark masterful handjobs.

“So this guy, Jeff, you know him huh?” the masseuse asked, teasing his boss’s cock with long tantalizing strokes. Jeff was Jared and Jason’s dad.

“Mmmm, yeah, he’s a childhood friend,” the quadrupled DILF replied. “And, once upon a time, I had a crush on him, so play nice.” He wagged a finger at Andrew playfully.

“Of course,” the boytaur responded. “I’ll take extra good care of him, haha.”

“I mean it, now. I want this to be your best work yet. I wanna cum just from looking at him when you’re done, okay?”

“Yes sir!” Andrew answered like a cadet, jokingly saluting his boss with both of his right hands.

Mike chuckled. “Good. Ffffffffffuck I’m so horny. How about you take those pants off and show me that sexy second ass of yours.”

Andrew smiled and released Mike’s dick from his grip, bringing two hands down to unbutton his jeans. As he did so, he shuffled away from his boss so the latter could stand up from his chair.

The boytaur turned so his hind-ass was facing his hairy muscular nude employer, and Mike took the opportunity to slide down Andrew’s jeans. Immediately, Andrew’s big sexy tight hairless hind-ass was freed from its confinements. Mike gripped a thick cheek in each hand, spreading them apart, revealing his worker’s enlarged glistening dark sphincter. Andrew had felt inspired by his change to Jason the previous week and made his asshole permanently self-lubricated. No interruptions for lubing were required while his boss played with his ass.

“Fuck, you’re so hot, Drew,” Mike doted, releasing one of the firm asscheeks so he could smack it playfully, making it wobble around like a delectable soufflé.

“It’s nice to know the Nectar works, eh?” Andrew grinned.

“Nah, you were hot before, that’s why I hired you,” Mike responded, kneading his employee’s asscheeks lovingly. He again released one of the buns so he could grip his enormous meat. He aimed it up at Andrew’s entrance until its apple-sized cockhead was pressing up against the waiting oozing orifice.

The two of them both moaned as Mike pushed forward, Andrew’s hungry ass greedily swallowing inch-after-inch of the immense throbbing schlong.

Andrew couldn’t help but watch the other two Mikes as they continued their endless 69 on the couch, stroking his front cock as his boss dove deeper and deeper inside him. Weeks ago, Andrew had found when taking a massive dick for the first time that they passed quickly over his prostate on their journey into his depths, so he had added a second one right about where they ended up. His whole body tingled as Mike’s fat cockhead pressed up against his second prostate, simultaneous with the meeting of his asscheeks with Mike’s hips. The entire two-foot monolith was inside him.

“There we go,” Mike sighed, clearly entranced by the sensations of Andrew’s hot tight ass around his fuckstick. “Let’s get you going, though.”

Mike reached around under Andrew’s chiseled lower-torso until he found his rigid rear cock. He stroked it a few times making his lover moan before aiming it up until it sunk into the boytaur’s front asscheeks. Andrew groaned loudly, signaling the penetration of his rear cock into his front ass, making Mike smile widely.

“T-thank you,” Andrew mumbled dreamily.

“I know how you like it, love,” Mike answered adoringly. He followed this by sliding his thick meat out of the boytaur’s seemingly bottomless hind-ass, stopping only when his fist-sized cockhead was about to exit. He then powerfully thrust back into the younger man, making the two of them grunt.

Andrew’s mind was practically being melted with pleasure. He voraciously fapped his front fatty, while each thrust his boss took simultaneously drove his own rear cock almost balls deep into his front ass. He had to use every ounce of his magically-acquired powers to stave off orgasm as he was ravaged by the sensations of doubled anal with a side of handjob.

The room filled with the sounds of slapping and slurping, moaning and groaning. It filled with the smell of sweat, the smell of man-musk, the smell of pre.

They had an hour to rut before Jeff would arrive. That might be enough time.

God, Andrew loved his job so much.

Andrew stood behind the front counter, leaning against it on his elbows as he and Mike waited for Jeff to arrive. They had cut their sex a little short, opting to cum after only about 45 minutes so that they had time to get to the lobby and welcome Mike’s friend. Andrew’s boss sat on one of the lobby’s leather couches, idly jacking off as usual while he scrolled social media on his phone. His other two bodies were still having an orgy in the employee lounge, as evident by the slapping sounds Andrew could still hear through the closed door behind him.

Andrew was back in his original form: two legs, two arms, one head, one cock. For some reason he liked starting at “factory default” alongside his clients, then gradually changing his own body as he changed theirs. Occasionally, there would be a hiccup with the Nectar, and for a moment the client would detect something was off, like Jason had last session. It wouldn’t last long, though.

The boytaur looked over at his middle-aged boss and watched as the hairy nude man leaned his head forward and loudly slurped a pooling glob of pre from his piss-slit, his attention never leaving his phone.

Suddenly, there was some movement out of the corner of Andrew’s eye, making him snap up to look out the large windows at the front of the store. A beat up old 90s pickup truck pulled into a space and was shut off. Its driver’s-side door opened and out climbed Jeff.

Andrew and Ben’s changes to Jared and Jason must’ve retroactively altered their dad, because he was the hottest middle-aged man Andrew had ever seen, even hotter than the Mikes.

Jeff had a dad-bod, though it was also brawny and powerful. He looked about 6’5” or so—around Andrew’s height—and his shirt was stretched taut around his two long muscular arms and bulging chiseled pecs. Directly below that was a slight beer belly, and Andrew loved the contrast between the softness of his belly with the musculature of the rest of him.

Then there was his face. Wow, he was handsome. Andrew caught himself starting to drool as his client reached the front door to the parlor.

The bell rang.

Mike set his phone aside and released his leaking schlong, making it swing around as he stood up.

Andrew gave Jeff a welcoming smile as he stepped in, allowing Mike to greet him first.

“Jeff! Buddy!” Mike called out, walking up to his old friend.

Jeff didn’t even blink at the sight of his nude boned buddy, instead smiling in return and opening his arms. “Hey Mike! How are you?”

“I’m great! Welcome! Welcome to my humble business!” The pair hugged for a moment then released. A long string of pre stretched from Jeff’s shirt to Mike’s cockhead as they separated. “Hah! Sorry about that,” Mike said, reaching a hand out to rub the pre off Jeff’s expansive chest.

“Still hopelessly horny, I see? Let me guess, your other bodies are off fuckin’ somewhere, aren’t they, haha.”

“Yep! Same as always. You know me so well!”

The two shared a laugh. Andrew had to laugh too. He found it funny how Jeff was so nonchalant toward Mike’s inherent lewdness.

Mike motioned toward Andrew behind the counter. “Jeff, this is Andrew. He’s my best masseuse, and he’s gonna be taking care of you today.”

“Ah, nice to meet you,” Jeff greeted.

“Likewise, it’s a pleasure,” Andrew smiled.

“Well, I don’t want to hold you up any longer,” Mike began. “Follow Andrew down the hall and enjoy yourself, we’ll talk after, alright?”

“Sure thing, thanks again for this Mike,” Jeff replied.

As Jeff started walking toward the hallway next to Andrew, Mike gave his employee a little look, as if to remind him to really do a good job. As if Andrew needed any extra motivation. He was almost shaking with excitement.

“Right this way, hun,” Andrew told his client, stepping in front of him and leading him down the hallway. The pair walked into the same room Andrew had massaged Jason in the previous week, and the last remaining amphora of Nectar was already there atop its tall black stand.

Andrew shut the door behind Jeff as the older man stepped inside.

“If you wouldn’t mind removing your clothes, hun?” the masseuse asked.

The hunky DILF didn’t hesitate. “Sure.”

He certainly didn’t have Jason’s prior anxieties.

Andrew tried not to stare as Jeff pulled his tight shirt over his head, freeing his hairy brawny torso, both muscular and soft at the same time. Andrew’s single 16-incher was already fully boned and shoved down one of his pantlegs.

Jeff dropped his shirt on the floor and slipped his big strong feet out of his boots, then unbuttoning his jeans and sliding those off too. A chubby 8-incher with some fat hairy balls beneath. Impressive.

“Sorry about the erection,” Jeff said, his hands on his bare hips as he shamelessly stared down at his own meat. “My two boys were loving on each other in the living room when I was on my way out and I caught a glimpse of Jason’s face. Been boned ever since!”

Andrew almost laughed again. “It’s not a problem, hun.”

“I almost rubbed one out on the drive here, but based on the testimonies of my sons, I figured it’d be best to wait until my massage,” Jeff added with a wink.

Oh my. Does Jeff perhaps swing both ways?

Andrew offered a playful grin. “Well, this is the VIP experience, hun. We’ll do whatever you like.”

“Excellent!” Jeff sat down on the massage table. “Let’s start with the front then, I really need to get off.” He turned on the table and laid down across it, his rigid boner jutting straight up from between his huge powerful hairy thighs. Andrew wanted nothing more than to just suck him off right there, but he managed to control himself. He crossed the room to the vase of Nectar and lifted it off its stand before carrying it over to the waiting DILF.

“All right, we’ll start with your chest, hun… then go from there,” the masseuse teased. He poured a heaping amount of Nectar onto the older man’s exceedingly hairy pecs.

“Mmmmmmm,” Jeff was already humming, his eyes closed, feeling the famous tingle of the ‘VIP Oil’ on his chest.

Andrew wasted no time. He willed two more arms into existence, and after setting down the amphora brought all four strong hands to the pool of Nectar. He spread the fluid around the warm bear-like chest and began kneading it into Jeff’s muscles.

“You’re so strong, hun,” Andrew noted, eager to begin altering his client’s body, although he already found it almost perfect. “You look like you bench press cars, am I right?”

“Yep, you’re exactly right,” Jeff predictably replied. “Yesterday I broke my own record and managed to bench an old Ford Explorer.”

“Wow, that’s incredible,” the masseuse responded. It was a double entendre. He was in awe not only at his client’s feat of strength, but also the change this brought to Jeff’s body.

Jeff was now 10 feet tall, but proportionally the same as he was before, almost making him a sort of mini-giant. The massage table had grown along with him, allowing him to continue resting comfortably. His arms were enormous, his pecs were massive, his cock had to be over a foot long now. But most notably, his beer belly had been replaced with an insane chiseled 12-pack of jaw-dropping abs.

Andrew actually missed his belly and sought to remedy this change. “I love that even though you’re so strong, you still have this soft belly, hun.”

“Thanks, Andrew,” Jeff answered, again not noticing as his new abs disappeared by the return of his sizeable hairy belly. “It’s nice to be appreciated.”

“Oh I can do more than appreciate, hun,” Andrew smirked.

Jeff smirked back. “I certainly hope so.” Oooooooh, he’s fun.

Andrew was now doing his best to massage the entire enormous torso in front of him, all four of his hands pressing across the expansive flesh. He might need to grow some more. However, he couldn’t resist altering Jeff further.

“Speaking of appreciation,” the masseuse began, “I’m sure you’ve received a lot of appreciation for those four amazing arms over the years.”

“Yes, indeed,” Jeff replied, raising his upper arms until he was resting his head on his upper hands, his lower arms still laying on either side of him.

“And then there’s the scent,” Andrew improvised. “Just your natural odor alone is enough to get you and everyone else going, isn’t it?”

Fuck, why did I say that? Andrew thought.

Jeff peaked an eye open and looked at his masseuse, again smirking mischievously. “Why? Feeling a little randy?”

God, Andrew needed to have sex with this man so bad. His horniness was now off the charts thanks to his big stupid mouth. Well, that and Jeff’s now intoxicating tantalizing aroma.

“I’m feeling a little randy, myself,” Jeff added. “You’re really cute, by the way. I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to go for a ‘ride’.”

That was it. Screw the massage. Andrew was going to fuck this man right now.

“Really?” Andrew asked, horniness controlling his mind. “You’d let me ride this giant amazing three-foot fuckstick?”

“If you think it’d fit, haha,” the giant hulking DILF chuckled.

Andrew looked down his client’s body and gasped at the result of his newest change. Jutting out from between Jeff’s legs was now a monstrous cock. It was almost half as long as Andrew was tall, as wide as his thigh, and yet stood fully rigid, bobbing with throbs. Jeff’s hairy nuts were now the size of watermelons, and rested on the table heavily between his knees. A veritable pint of precum was now leaking from the DILF’s tip, making the side of his gargantuan schlong glisten as it was coated by the pungent fluid.

“Oh believe me, it’ll fit, hun,” Andrew finally responded confidently.

“Well, climb aboard, then,” Jeff chuckled again, now with both eyes open so he could watch his masseuse attempt to ride him.

Andrew almost tripped over himself as he climbed onto the massage table. Within a moment, he was standing directly above the gigantic beefy penis. It was so huge the basketball-sized head was already pressed up against Andrew’s self-lubed asshole even as he stood completely upright.

The masseuse took a deep breath and slowly lowered himself. He couldn’t help but gasp and groan loudly as he felt the enormous cockhead begin to stretch open his magical hole.

“Mmmmmfffffuck yeah, keep going,” Jeff commanded dominantly.

Andrew had no intention of stopping.

Ever so slowly, inch after mind-blowing inch of the gargantuan wang slid into Andrew’s ass as he continued to lower himself. He’d never taken something so big. Even with his powers, it was as if his body was rejecting the cock, like it wasn’t built to take one of that magnitude. But the younger man pressed on, eager to feel the full length inside him.

Jeff’s cockhead slid right past Andrew’s second prostate and continued onward deep within him. Andrew could swear he felt it in his chest, but was not deterred. Minutes passed until finally Andrew’s thick muscular ass rested on Jeff’s hips.

“My, you are full of surprises, aren’t you?” Jeff doted, clearly impressed.

Andrew couldn’t think of a witty response, his body felt like it was about to split in two by the monstrous monolith inside him. He just moaned, his own cock spewing pre onto the hairy Nectar-slicked belly below him. He leaned down and pressed all four of his hands into the slickened flesh, using it to steady himself as he started to lift his ass back up the giant dick. Jeff raised his lower hands and gently placed them on Andrew’s waist, helping him to keep his balance.

The masseuse managed to raise himself about a foot up the cock before slamming himself back down again. He very nearly came right there. Leg’s shaking, he raised his ass back up and dropped down once more, slapping his ass against Jeff’s hips.

“Mmmmm, you love daddy’s dick, don’t you?” the giant DILF growled.

“Ah!” Andrew cried out as he slammed himself down again. “Yes! I love daddy’s dick!” He gripped Jeff’s hairy oiled belly tightly. “I love your dick, daddy!”

Jeff soon helped Andrew get into a rhythm, using his powerful hands to guide the younger man up and down his rigid monster. It didn’t take long for Jeff to reach his breaking point.

“I’m about to cum, sport,” the hairy hunk announced.

Andrew furrowed his brow a little. Sport? Oh he’s just continuing on with the whole ‘daddy’ thing, okay.

“Fuck, me too,” the masseuse agreed.

Jeff powerfully thrusted his smaller lover down his enormous schlong one last time, groaning as he released the floodgates. Andrew couldn’t believe the feeling inside him as Jeff’s cock blew its load. The entire huge meatcannon pulsed with each blast, filling Andrew like a jelly donut as gallons of hot semen spewed out.

Andrew couldn’t help but burst, too. His comparatively meager 16-incher fired ropes of his seed across the larger man’s expansive bulging chest.

“You’re so hot, son,” the DILF said, admiring the sight of the smaller hunk launching his young seed onto him.

After a full minute, the two finally reached the end of their climax, and Andrew fell forward onto the massive soft hairy torso in front of him, Jeff’s three-foot tower still buried inside him. The masseuse laid sprawled across the huge chest, breathing heavily and resting the side of his face on one of Jeff’s pecs like a pillow.

Jeff raised all four of his arms and wrapped them around Andrew lovingly, pressing him tight against him.

“That was amazing, son, thank you so much,” Jeff doted.

Son? Andrew thought, again confused. The sex is over. Why is he… aw crap.

The masseuse must’ve called him ‘daddy’ a few too many times while touching the Nectar. He just inadvertently made Jeff his actual dad. So that makes Jared and Jason his brothers, too.

Well, might as well lean into it.

“Thanks dad,” he replied. “Did you enjoy your massage?”

“Well, it was a little short, but yes very much so, haha,” Jeff chuckled. “I’m so proud of you, son. You do such a good job working here and you’ve made so many men happy.” He lowered a hand to stroke his son’s hair.

Andrew felt like tearing up. “Thank you.” He noticed he was pressed against his dad’s Nectar-coated chest. “And I’m so happy that mom was so willing to let us be together. You gladly offered her half your enormous fortune and she got her own place, though she still visits regularly.”

Neither of them were aware that outside the parlor, Jeff’s beat up old truck changed into an giant pristine F-450, customized to fit Jeff’s new size.

“Yep, your mother is quite the woman,” Jeff agreed. “And without her, I’d have never gotten to know you. I always knew your brothers were going to end up together, they’d always been inseparable. But with you, I’d always felt such a strong connection.”

Andrew felt overwhelmed with love. “Oh dad, I love you so much.” He started climbing up his dad’s chest.

Jeff smiled at him widely. “I love you too, son.”

Andrew reached his dad’s head and leaned down to kiss him. Jeff happily reciprocated and the pair made out passionately. Jeff’s lower hands reached down to grip Andrew’s big muscular ass as their tongues danced together.

Andrew couldn’t believe this turn of events.

All this time he’d been changing his patron’s lives, with the help of the Nectar. Never did he think he would end up changing his own.

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