The good freak

by Also Known As

Kevin Peters is a cheerful, very fit young man who happens to be getting bigger and hotter in every way, much to the bemusement (and secret arousal) of his doctor. Soon the guys around him are growing too, and Dr. Donaldson discovers even he’s not immune...

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March 4 Kevin Peters is a cheerful, very fit young man who happens to be getting bigger and hotter in every way, much to the bemusement (and secret arousal) of his doctor. Soon the guys around him are growing too, and Dr. Donaldson discovers even he’s not immune... (added: 1 Nov 2002)
Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters
March 20
Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson March 20
April 1
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson April 1
April 29
Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson April 29
May 16 6’4½" 218 lbs.
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson May 16
May 22 6’4½" 220 lbs.
May 30 6’4¾" 222 lbs.
May 31 6’7¾" 224 lbs.
July 18 6’8" 237 lbs.
August 4 6’8½" 251 lbs.
August 29 6’9" 255 lbs.
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 9
September 9 6’9" 259 lbs.
September 11 6’9" 267 lbs.
Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 12
September 13 6’9" 271 lbs.
September 15 6’9" 282 lbs. Dr. Jack shares his pool with Kevin and Paul.
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 15
Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters
September 23 6’10" 301 lbs.
September 23 6’10" 301 lbs. (continued)
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 24
October 11 7’1" 357 lbs.
Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson November 1
The Final Entry
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March 4

Dear Journal,

The doctor said I should start a diary, but diaries are for girls so I'm calling this a journal. Journal sounds better. I know that no one will see this but him and me, anyway.

My name is Kevin. I'm 15 years old. I live in a small town where nothing much happens. Which is why I'm such a freak, I guess. The reason for this journal is to record the things that are happening to me to see if anyone can figure out why it's happening, like I would have a clue if the doctor doesn't.

I guess that sounds like the doctor is a jerk, but he's really not. He seems awfully young to be a doctor, to me. Tells me to call him Jack instead of Dr. Donaldson like everyone else does. He's really pretty nice, which helps since he has to prod and poke me just about everywhere. Actually, everywhere. That guy's seen more of me than I have.

I'll start at the beginning, which I guess was a year or a year and a half ago. He, the doctor, thinks that what's happening is related to puberty, like that's a mind-blowing truth. I could have told him that. Everything was fine until I started growing hair and getting pimples and all that. All through grade school I was like the other guys, far as I could tell. Same height, same weight, we played ball together, ran around, whatever. Then suddenly I start sprouting like a weed, as my dad says, and everything goes crazy.

To paint a picture, I'm 15 and I'm six feet four inches tall. I weigh around 210 pounds. If I work out at all, which I used to do for football and baseball and stuff, I gain weight even faster. I just thought I was working out harder than the other guys, I mean you couldn't miss it, that I was getting bigger than them. My body just started acting weird.

At first it was cool. We'd work out together, my friends Paul and Jerry and me. We grew up together, us three, and were really great friends. I'm still friends with Jerry. Paul started acting weird a few months ago and now all he does is stare at me and look funny, like he's embarrassed or something. I'm not pissed off about that. I figure I'd act weird, too, if my best friend started swelling up like the Hulk or something. Jerry just thinks it's cool. He's pretty small, even for a regular guy our age. So, whatever. We hang out. I just have to be careful around him because I'm so strong.

That's the other thing. I'm not only bigger than I should be, but I'm a lot stronger, too. They say it's dangerous. Well, they don't say that to me, but I hear them sometimes, the adults, talking about me. I play on the varsity football team with the Seniors. I'm a Freshman. And I'm bigger than a lot of them, even. Except for Carl, one of the tight ends, and Robbie, the center. Those guys are huge.

But I'm still bigger than them. I arm wrestled Robbie once. I nearly broke his arm. So I guess I do need to be careful. And although Carl and Robbie are pretty nice and all, I think they just feel like they have to be because I'm big. It's different than how Tim treats me. He's the quarterback. He's really, really nice.

I guess I should mention my penis. It's weird writing about this. Anyway, Jack said to record everything so here goes. My penis is also larger than average, at least from what I can tell. And Jack says I'm 'well endowed' too. If I look at the other guys in the locker room or the showers, it's pretty obvious. I measured it for this journal and it's eight inches long. I don't know how long it's supposed to be. And I think it's also fatter than it should be, too. Like, the other guys penises all look thin or something, if I really compare. But whatever, it's not my fault.

Anyway, I have to start keeping this journal so Jack can try and figure out if I'm doing something that make me get big. But I don't think I am.

Jack said I'm also supposed to record my 'sexual acts' and I said, 'I don't have sex' and he said he meant anything, even masturbation. Which is weird, but whatever. So I jerked off three times today. Once in the shower this morning, once right after gym in the boy's room and finally in bed before writing this. That was a really good one.


Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

Kevin's physical growth continues to accelerate. I have been unable to account for it so far, but I'm hopeful that I can draw some conclusions from his personal life. I've asked the patient to begin keeping a diary of his daily routine in hopes that some patterns or unusual behavior emerge.

Patient is abnormally tall for his age. He also exhibits abnormally accelerated muscle growth accompanied by strength and flexibility gains commensurate with that growth. Growth seems to have initiated with the onset of puberty, which may account for the abundance of testosterone in his system. An unusually high amount is being produced, however it does not seem to be manifesting other classic male characteristics one would normally expect such as aggression or emotional instability. Kevin is almost abnormally calm and pleasant, even polite. He was a rather small boy until this growth episode which may account for a shyness even while he is much larger than any other boy his age, already well over six feet tall and weighing just over 200 lbs.

Only worrisome physical trait is a low body fat count for a boy his age, under 8%. I believe the accelerated metabolism probably accounts for that. I have advised him to eat more carbohydrates.

I will send blood samples for analysis.


March 20

Dear Journal,

Tim took me for a ride in his Camaro! It was so cool. He has this killer stereo and you can totally feel the bass all through you. He put on one of my favorite CDs, I couldn't believe he listens to George Michael! That's so funny, I pictured him listening to Aerosmith or something. But he had that Red Hot and Dance CD and he put on the Model Song, as I call it, and we pumped it up and were out on the east side of town, out in the boonies.

Tim's so cool. Who else would take a freshman out in his car at lunch like that? The day wasn't too cold so we opened the windows and the top, his car has a moonroof (I called it a sunroof and he corrected me, but in a nice way not like I was a dumbass) and the stereo was so loud and we were singing along, Too Funky! Too Funky! I'll never forget today. He was really nice, like I knew he would be.

We stopped out on the other side of Memorial Park, up on the hill looking over the whole town. We sat on the hood of his Camaro and the wind was blowing pretty hard. Tim bought us lunch at Mickie D's and we both were finishing our Cokes and he asked me if I ever feel odd, like life is handing you unfair stuff you don't know how to handle. And I said I think everybody does sometimes. And he said no, like really odd, like you don't belong at all, like you're so completely different that you wish you could go away, somewhere else where people don't care who you are or what you do or what you think of.

I sort of wondered if he meant my freakiness, growing so big so fast, and I said I stopped working out so I wouldn't grow so quick and I'm trying to fit in and I know people call me names and make fun of me and then he looked all worried and said he wasn't talking about me and said he was sorry if I thought he was. He was really quiet all the sudden and we just sat there and looked at the town and I sort wish I had asked him what he meant but it was so weird that I didn't know what to say.

All the way back in the car he was really quiet. I caught him looking at me a couple of times like he wanted to say something but I didn't know what to say and I felt bad that I made him feel awkward around me. He didn't play the CD on the way back and I wanted to ask him to put it back on but, I don't know, it was all so weird.

I jerked off two times, once in the morning and once just before now, at around 9 o'clock. I also had a boner with Tim in his car, I think because of the bass, I could feel it everywhere and it felt good and it almost felt like I was going to ejaculate just sitting in there but I held back. Does that count?


Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

Kevin's sexual activity seems over stimulated. He is masturbating several times a day, sometimes more than once in the course of an hour. While teen males are often libidinous during the onset of adulthood, I am unaware of cases where the stimulus is as constant. Having examined his penis it does not seem to be having any detrimental effect on achieving and maintaining erection. Indeed, Kevin's penis seems as abnormally healthy as the rest of his body.

He mentioned a possible homosexual episode to me today regarding one of his friends at school. Again, not unusual during sexual awakening. I am reminded of my own teenage years while talking with him. He is open and gregarious and I believe I have gained his trust which is essential in a doctor patient relationship, particularly one so personal. I believe he was looking for acceptance or approval from me as a male role model. This makes me question his relationship with his father, whom I believe is often gone from the home. The mother died some years ago and there are no siblings.

I took the opportunity to assuage his fears about his sexuality, but was careful to avoid mentioning personal details of my own life to avoid undo influence. However, I left some pamphlets in the office regarding sexual awakening and sexual roles and I believe he took one.

His masturbatory episodes continue unabated, on some days growing even more prevalent. I will ask for a sample of his sperm next week.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson March 20

Kevin Peters is going to be a problem. I keep getting hard ons when he strips down. I can't believe the boy's body, and he acts like he's any other teenager as if he isn't a hunk of sweet muscle flesh so prime and beautiful that if I started publishing pictures of the kid on the Web no one would believe they were real. His sweet, almost pretty face plunked on top of a body that would make my grandma wet—it's incredible!

He talked about Tim today. It's a wonder that guy can keep in the closet as much as he's cruising the park every Friday night. I've seen him with half a dozen guys his age doing things I never learned about until I was well past drinking age. Times change, I guess.

But getting back to Kevin, on a professional level I'm not sure what the fuck is happening. Everything checks out normal, better than normal! The kid's super healthy and strong as an ox. He could probably break me in two if he wanted to. Just thinking about those thick arms and that tight ass.

Careful, Jack. Just keep telling yourself, “He's only a kid. He's only a kid. He's only a kid.”

He's only a six-foot plus kid who weighs better than 200 pounds, all of it muscle, and has a dick that could choke—well, me.


April 1

Dear Journal,

Sometimes I hate Jerry. It was April Fool's Day and he decided to be a jerk and when I was in the shower he took all my clothes and put them in my locker, not my locker in the gym but my other one out on the quad, where my books usually are. He has the combo to my lockers because one time I was sick and he brought my stuff home which I never thought would be a problem.

So I get out of the shower after gym and I have one of those little towels that totally covers nothing because the school's so cheap and whatever and I wonder why I even try to cover up anyway, I end up just holding the thing over my wiener with my butt hanging out so all the wise guys can whap me with their little towels and I have no clothes at all not even my underwear. Jerry's like totally laughing his ass off and so's half the gym and then he swipes my towel, too so I'm butt naked and no one will help.

I didn't want to be a snitch and get Jerry in trouble with the coach, he is my friend even though he doesn't act like it, so I just decide to go get my clothes myself, which was so dumb but sometimes I don't think.

So I'm kind of covering myself with my hands which is almost impossible and darting from building to building totally nude trying to get all the way across the school to my other locker and I run into Paul who, like I said, has been giving me the cold shoulder for months. He sees me and I sort of wave to him and try to get him to come over but he goes white as a sheet and turns the other way from me and walks in the other direction! What is up with Paul, anyway? I didn't do anything to piss him off and he acts like I have a disease all the sudden!

Anyway, I finally got to my locker and got my clothes back on. I wanted to kill Jerry. I need to think of some way to pay him back for that one. A bunch of people saw me and if they didn't already think I was a freak then they do now! Man, I hate Jerry.

Jerked off three times. Once in the shower this morning, and twice tonight. I'm still mad and sometimes getting off calms me down. Maybe I should do it again.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson April 1

Kevin told me a story today that nearly had me creaming. In fact the first thing I'm going to do after I finish this entry is go find Berry and fuck his brains out.

Kevin's “friend” Jerry (who's a little prick, I've met him—and he *is* a little prick because he has a little prick) played a dumb joke on Kevin by hiding his clothes after Kevin's shower so he had to march across the campus butt nekkid to go get them.

I can't even imagine what that looked like. Well, actually, yes I can. Because he's a huge fucker and I doubt he could even hold himself in both hands so imagine this teenage muscle stud with his pretty, smooth face walking his fine, prime ass across the lawns, swinging his dick, his bulging chest bouncing as he ran because his muscles are so fucking big.

Bedamn! I woulda paid money to see that.


April 29

Dear Journal,

We won the tournament! It was so cool. Even after the embarrassing thing that happened, we still won.

I love football, maybe better than anything else. It's cool because I feel like I can use my weight advantage and help out instead of feeling awkward and embarrassed about it.

Like the other day something happened in English class I didn't write about but I guess I should. That was so totally embarrassing. Getting a boner like that and then breaking the zipper on my pants. But I couldn't help it! And probably the Biology teacher, Mrs. Jenkins, was trying to be helpful when she was explaining what happens to guys my age about getting hard ons without knowing why and whatever, and then stupid Jerry, my supposed best friend, goes, 'but should your penis break your zipper, Mrs. Jenkins?' and she's so stupid she actually answered the question! She goes, 'No, Jerold, normally you can contain an erect penis.' And everybody laughs and I'm all red. Sometimes I wonder why I'm friends with him. I had to sit in my chair until everyone else left and cover myself with my books. I couldn't just walk around with my penis hanging out like that.

I was looking at Paul when it happened. I remember that because I saw his face and he had this weird look on his face. He saw it happen, I bet. It just happened all the sudden. Like, I was sitting there and I felt really good about something and suddenly my penis shoved clean out of my shorts, through the boxers, and busted the zipper open.

Anyway, the next embarrassing thing was during the game. It was last night and since I'm first string I played through most of the game. I haven't been working out for a while because I just keep getting bigger anyway. And it was a really hard game, real physical. And about the third quarter I felt like something was wrong, I felt tight or something. I kept readjusting myself until I was comfortable and I guess I worked my way out of the cup or something. Whatever.

So I go out on the field for the last quarters and the ball gets snapped and I start pushing and grunting because I was supposed to catch the ball and I get through the line and I'm running and I catch the ball and I make the touchdown, not the winning one but I helped, and the crowd should be cheering and whatever but they're pretty quiet and I look down and realize that I ripped through my pants again. I didn't even notice it. But there's my penis just standing there all proud and all.

Man that was embarrassing.

I jerked off four times today. I woke up after this dream which I can't really remember except Paul and Tim were in it but I had a woody and it wouldn't go away until I took care of it. I was hard again in the shower, as usual, and I did it once after dinner in the bathroom and I'll probably do it again before going to sleep. I'm really horny for some reason. It tasted saltier than usual last night.


Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

An unusual confession in Kevin's latest diary entry. He mentions tasting his own ejaculate following ejaculation, which in itself is not unusual. But he mentioned that “it tasted saltier than usual” which suggests he is not merely sampling his emissions out of curiosity, but is instead habitually ingesting. I will ask him about this during our next session.

The results of his sperm sample were extremely interesting. His sperm count is abnormally high, almost twice the rate as a normal boy his age. Also, the sperms are highly active. I have observed no abnormal sperm but it is difficult to tell. I would use the term “dense” to describe the ratio of sperm to ejaculate.

Kevin continues to exhibit non-stop development. He told me he stopped visiting the gym some weeks ago. When asked why, he reported that he felt he was getting “too big” and felt that the muscle stimulation was accelerating it even more. He asked advice concerning the decision and I told him he should do what makes him comfortable, but I saw no reason to limit his exercise since it was having no discernible negative effect on him.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson April 29

Okay, this is just incredible. I can't even believe this. I want to see this kid's pants.

Kevin claims his dick got so hard that it actually busted the fly on his pants! What the fuck is going on? More than that, he said he was running for a touchdown (I am trying to imagine what Kevin looks like in his uniform—I think I need to be a booster for the local high school football team) and he ripped through his damn football uniform! He managed to work his dick out of his athletic supporter and cup and it got so big and so firm that it fucking ripped a hole through his pants?

What the fuck is up with this kid? Is it genetic? A mutation?

Whatever it is, when I figure this out, I'll be the first in line when he hands out the Kool Aid.

He's also having wet dreams about Tim, and I can relate, and his friend Paul. I don't remember Paul at all, he must go to another doctor. But if Kevin is having nocturnal emissions about dreams of other guys, and then waking up after cumming and pumping out another load, I mean what the hell is that? Who is this kid?


May 16 6’4½" 218 lbs.

Dear Journal,

Something happened today that kind of freaked me out.

Oh, yeah, I have to start recording my height and weight for Jack in every entry so he can track things. So that's why that's up there.

So, I'm sitting out near the library eating my lunch as usual and Paul comes over. Like I said, Paul and I used to be really good friends but lately he just started acting weird. All stand offish and stupid. Even in classes we have together, he won't even look at me except when I look at him sometimes I catch him looking at me. Jerry said to just ignore him and called him a faggot, which made me really mad. He didn't have to use that word.

Paul's a really cool guy. I mean, even still I think he's cool. I can't blame him for acting weird all the sudden like he did. I mean, I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and at the freaky thing I'm becoming, like some comic book dude or something, and I wonder what I'd think if I was him, if this was happening to him. He's always been really popular, actually. Girls and stuff always paying attention to him. I guess he's good looking. But I wouldn't know, I don't pay attention to that stuff, of course. But for a guy, yeah, I guess he's pretty good looking.

Anyway, I'm eating lunch and I have my shirt off because it's hot and I keep growing through the stupid things and this was one of my old ones and under the arms and around my chest it was sort of tight and uncomfortable. Plus the day was hot and I just wanted to get some sun, no big deal. And Paul comes over and he goes 'Hi, Kev,' which is what he used to call me, and I go, 'Hi, Paul,' back and ask if he wants to sit down and he looked like he was thinking about that really hard, like it was some earth shattering decision, and then he sits about three feet from me and he won't look at me.

So I was just tired of the treatment from him, and I said something like 'Look, what's up? Why are you acting all weird around me all the time?' I just wanted him to say it, to call me a freak and that he was embarrassed or whatever. I knew what the answer was but I wanted him to say it. I know other kids talk about me behind my back. I know I'm a freak. But we were good friends and friends shouldn't act that way.

But instead he goes, 'It's not you, Kev. It's me.' And I turn around to face him so I can see his face and have him look in my eyes when he tells me the reason and I asked him what he meant and he looks at me really hard, for a really long time. The guy looks like he's about to cry or something! So I reach up and put my hand on his shoulder and squeeze, you know friendly like, and I go, 'Look, Paul, whatever it is just tell me what's wrong or what I can do. I want us to be friends again.'

And then Paul goes, 'We can't be friends.' And I go, 'Tell me why.' And then he goes, 'Just because, Kev. Because I—' And then he got up and ran away, he literally ran away.

I jerked off four times. I did it in bed when I woke up, and yes Jack I swallowed my cum. Is that weird? You seemed really interested in that. Then I did it again in the shower about 15 minutes later. I did it again after breakfast and about an hour ago. Thinking about it is getting me hard again so maybe today's a banner five-ejaculation day!


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson May 16

I'm becoming obsessed with Kevin Peters. And when I look at that last name I can't help but laugh because if he keeps developing like he has been he'll have dick enough for two peters.

Rotten joke, sorry.

The kid's body is saturated with… with everything male. I can't explain it any other way. Thank god for organized sports or I'm afraid his amped up manhood would go ballistic. He doesn't display any extra aggressive tendencies that I know of, but with everything else that's going on with him I can't believe that this male aspect isn't also amped up.

On the other hand as much as he's jacking off maybe his body *is* being over aggressive. He's doing it four to five times daily! Daily! And I swear sometimes I can see him growing in front of my eyes. I was examining him the other day and he started getting hard right there and I kept reassuring him that it happens to every guy and not to be embarrassed as all the while I'm trying fucking hard not to match his erection with my own because watching that boy's monster prick swelling to godhood is something you have to see to believe. It doesn't slowly rise and pulse and swell, it fucking inflates!

I think he and Paul are headed into either heartbreak or heaven. I've seen this before—hell, I've lived it! But in that case I was Paul and I didn't have the balls to find out if what I was feeling was mutual or not. I hope Kevin doesn't beat him to a pulp, which he could easily do. But he doesn't seem the type. Plus I think he's about ready to start fucking keyholes and kitchen drains unless someone comes near his hungry huge cock.


May 22 6’4½" 220 lbs.

Dear Journal,

It was my birthday today. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. Until today. And you'll never guess who it was.

Okay, maybe you will, since I've been dwelling on this for the past few days ever since that weird thing at school.

Like I said, Paul had been avoiding me more than usual the last week. I didn't tell Jerry about it at all, he already thinks Paul's gay, or he calls him faggot and whatever. And I told you that I got mad at him for that, and I told him to shut up about that and not use that word, ever. I think I scared him, and why not? I'm like a foot taller than him and outweigh the guy by 100 lbs. He was probably just goofing around, mouthing off like he does. But he shouldn't judge like that. Because some people are just different.

I didn't have a party. I actually didn't tell anyone it was my birthday. And even Jerry forgot, even though he came to every party I had until I was 12. But Paul remembered.

He came by after school, surprise, surprise. My dad was gone at work still, working late as usual. It was about 6 o'clock and Paul knocked on my door and he was sort of dressed up. He had on his nice Polo shirt and he was wearing his dress pants, not the jeans he always wore. He stood there and looked at me, Paul's taller than Jerry but still shorter than me. But pretty much everyone's shorter than me. And he said, 'Happy birthday, Kev,' and handed me a present.

So I opened the door for him to come in. I was really happy to see him, but he acted like I was going to yell at him or something. So we went into my room, like we used to when we were friends, and I sat on the bed and he sat on the chair by my computer desk and we just sat there until he said, 'well, aren't you going to open it?' and I felt stupid because I didn't actually know what to say to him, so I opened the present and it was the new Madonna CD! Which I wanted, because I always did like Madonna. Paul and I used to dance in my bedroom to her when we were kids, even. So I thought that was like his way of saying we were still friends.

It made me really happy! He asked if I already had it, and I said no because I didn't. He asked if I still liked her, and I said sure, didn't everybody? And he reminded me of those times we used to dance to her music, to Holiday and Like A Virgin and stuff, and I said I remembered and he asked if I ever dance anymore and I said, to be honest, no. He asked why not, I said because there was no one to dance with and I didn't really feel like going to the school dances.

So he took the CD and put it in the player and put on the title track called Bedtime Story and then he stood there and the music started, it starts off sort of weird, but then the beat comes in and he started to dance. It was a little weird at first, but the music was totally hot and I found my leg bouncing and my head bopping and soon we were both in my bedroom dancing like we used to do, just like when we were kids.

He kept hitting the back button to play that song over and over, and we didn't talk at all like I thought we would, but I didn't care, either. It just felt good to be dancing. I missed doing it. I missed Paul. I used to love to dance, why had I stopped?

After a while we were both all sweaty and I took off my shirt and he took off his and we kept on dancing until it was dark in the room, we must have danced for a couple of hours, he kept putting in old music we used to dance to, like when we had this Motown period when I bought all this Marvin Gaye and he bought the Supremes and then we listened to Depeche Mode and Erasure and even danced to How Soon Is Now?, and I hadn't listened to The Smiths since they broke up.

It was great! It was the best birthday in a long time. I got a good workout, too, I could feel the blood pumping and it felt good to get sweaty. Paul is a really fine dancer. He really uses his whole body. I liked to watch him dance, he seemed to be so coordinated. He said I danced good, too.

At the end, I walked downstairs with him to the front door as he pulled his shirt back on. He's been working out, I think. I don't know because I'm not supposed to, but he sure looks like he has been. I was in front of him, he put his hands on my shoulders sort of like I did to him at lunch this week. And then we stood at the door and I told him that I was sorry if I did something to make him mad at me, but I was happy we were friends again. And he smiled and said, again, it wasn't me, then he paused and looked at me and said, no, maybe it was me after all. Then he hugged me.

Then he kissed me.

It happened really suddenly. Or maybe not. I can't really remember. One second he was trying to embrace me, and the next we were kissing. On the lips. And I didn't exactly pull away. And I don't even know why.

No one ever kissed me before. I never wanted to kiss anyone before. And when Paul kissed me, I wanted to kiss him back. I felt hot, but maybe I was still hot from dancing, only this time I felt hot inside, too, if that makes sense. It didn't even feel as weird as I thought it should have.

Then he opened the door and he said, 'listen to track two on the CD, Kev.' Then he walked down the path from my door still sort of dancing.

The second track was called Secret. It goes, 'Happiness lies in your own hand, it took me much too long to understand, how it could be, until you shared your secret with me.'

I don't think I'll show this page to Jack.


May 30 6’4¾" 222 lbs.

Jack measured me today so I thought I'd record some of it here. Waist: 28 inches Chest: 45 inches Upper arm: 17 inches Penis (he didn't really measure this, but here it is): 8 ½ inches (Half an inch in three months! Shit!)

I've decided to keep two journals. One just for me, and one for Jack. He looked kind of disappointed today that he couldn't figure out what's going on with me. Three months gone, I'm still growing bigger for no reason. He said it's not glandular, whatever that means. And he said my tests all show I'm normal, again whatever that means. I guess it means I'm not abnormal, which is good. I don't feel abnormal.

Except maybe all the jerking off. Jack always asked a lot of questions about that, which made me think I was weird. He kept asking about me swallowing my sperm, like that was weird so I wonder if it is. It's not like I'm going to ask Paul or Jerry or Tim about that, especially if it's weird. But I can't help it, I like it. It's like I haven't really cum unless I swallow it.

The first time it happened was an accident, I don't even remember when. It was right after I discovered what my dick could do besides pee. It was really dark in the room and I thought I pissed on myself because this warm wet stuff was all over my belly suddenly, so I reached down to see what happened and this sticky stuff was on my fingers and I just licked it off. I smelled it first and it wasn't pee so I licked it and it was salty and tasted good. So whatever. He asked if I always swallow it and I said mostly I did. Is that weird? He asked for a sperm sample again so I guess I should add that one to my daily jerk-off tally.

He said my growth isn't accelerating, but it's not slowing either. I keep getting steadily bigger. I wonder what I'll look like next summer. School's out next week. My dad's going off on some business trip for three months, something in Europe. I asked if I could go but he said no. He said Aunt Beth would check in on me over the summer, but she's such a flake I bet I'll just be here alone, bored, with nothing to do.

Paul and me have been hanging out again. Jerry's pissed. But fuck him, excuse my French. Paul comes over almost every afternoon and we've been dancing! It's so cool, so fun. I didn't know how much I missed that part of my life, me and Paul.

He's kissed me again, a couple of times. I almost wish he'd do it more. Which makes me think maybe I'm gay, but I don't feel gay. Do you feel gay? Does it feel different when you turn gay? I feel exactly the same, except that, well, lately when my dick starts getting hard and pushing against my pants, and I forgot to mention that I'm just wearing sweatpants now to be safe. No more popping zippers in class for me. And I'm getting hard-ons a lot more and they're a lot stronger, too. I bet I'd be going through a pair of pants a day if I was still wearing them. Anyway, when I get hard it's usually Paul's fault. I'll just be sitting there not thinking about anything and suddenly I'm thinking about him. About us dancing, and I start to get hard and lately my dick is leaking something that tastes like sperm but it isn't white.

I was worried about it but Jack said that was normal. So if everything's normal, why am I so big?

Paul's coming over tonight, later when it's dark. I told him may dad's out of town this weekend and he asked if he could come over and I said sure.


May 31 6’7¾" 224 lbs.

See my weight? I've never gained two pounds in a single day, before. I wonder what I ate to explain that.

But how do I explain what happened last night? How do I explain what I feel about it? Do I even know what I feel about it?

Paul showed up at around 10. It was a really warm night with a warm breeze and all the windows were open. I was beginning to think he wasn't coming so I wasn't wearing anything but a pair of boxers to try to keep cool. I'd jerked off a couple of time since getting home from school, the heat does that to me, makes me feel really horny for some reason. And then I heard him on the path and he's knocking on the front door.

He was wearing shorts and a tank top. I've been noticing what he wears all the time now. When I opened the door he sort of put his hand on his chest like he's having a heart attack and told me I shouldn't open the door in my underwear without a warning. I sort of laughed. I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled him in and for some reason, I kissed him. I wanted to kiss him so I did. He smelled sweaty. He probably had been running, he's been doing that a lot. It was sort of sexy, I guess. Anyway he made my heart race just looking at him, and he kissed me back and put his hand behind my head and sort of grabbed my hair and that was hot, too.

Next thing I know he had his shirt off and we were laying on the carpet in the front room and we kissed and his hands were on me and mine were on his and we were making out in the darkness with the hot winds coming in through the windows. Every time some headlights shown across the wall I tensed up, I couldn't believe we were doing this. But Paul was so cool, and he kept calming me, whispering to me, he was so cool.

He kissed me all over. I was so getting off on it. My dick was stretching longer and harder than ever, leaking that clear cum on my shorts and then Paul started jerking me off! He reached down while we kissed and pushed his hand under my shorts and started stroking me really good, saying stuff like 'I knew you were huge' and 'You feel so hard and hot' and his voice was turning me on in a major way and I came all over the place, squirting it all over his hand and between us and on the carpet.

And I took his hand up and started sucking my sperm off his hand and at first his eyes just bulged that I was doing it and then he was licking it off, too, and smiling and really getting into that. Then he was hard and he rolled over and undid his shorts and pushed them down and his dick was hard and he started to stroke himself as I watched and I said, and I still can't believe I said this, but I said, 'can I suck it?'

So he nodded, his face was pinched and I knew he was close so I grabbed that hard-on and like nothing I just stuck it in my mouth and started to suck on it, because I'd always wished I could do this to myself, to get all my cum in my mouth instead of always licking it off my hand or whatever. I loved it, the taste of the cum, and I wanted to feel it squirting into my mouth.

I was right, he was close when I started, and only a few seconds later I felt his dick get bigger, which I didn't know happened before you cum, and I felt him squirting into my mouth and I started to swallow it all and suck even harder. His cum tasted different from mine, which surprised me, but I still loved the taste and feeling it filling my mouth and feeling it go down my throat.

Paul was totally blown away, no pun intended. He's like 'have you ever done that before?' and I go 'no of course not, I've never done anything else with anyone, no one's even seen me naked except Jack,' and he goes, 'who the hell is Jack?' all suspicious and I go 'Dr. Donaldson. What are you, jealous or something?' and he starts to laugh and he leans up and kisses me on the mouth and goes 'I haven't actually seen you naked if we're being honest, Kev' and I said 'you've seen me naked lots of times,' and he said 'not since you've started becoming so amazing and huge, Kev. I've been trying to avoid it' and I'm like, 'why?' and he goes 'because I knew if I did I'd get a boner and then everyone would know I was in love with you.'

He just said it like that. So I asked him, 'are you, Paul?' And he nodded and looked serious like he just gave himself away, like what we just did hadn't already done that, so I said, 'how do you know?' and he goes, 'because I just do. I feel it inside when I look at you. I feel it deeper when I'm with you. And I feel it even deeper now.' And he was totally serious, and I thought about it and started to wonder if I felt that way about him, too. And I started to say something but he said, 'so, do I get to see you naked, too, or is Jack the only guy in town who gets that privilege?'

I was going to say something about every guy on the football team sees me naked almost every day, but instead I stood up and took off my shorts and stood there. Another set of headlights came through the open window and went across me, so he could see me pretty clearly and I heard him make a noise or say something but it wasn't clear. Then he stood up and kicked off his shorts and looked at me like I was on sale or something, which made me feel both weird and excited.

Then he goes, 'Jesus Kev, I didn't know you were—' and I go 'so freaky?' and he said, 'so beautiful.' And I was like, 'shut up, Paul.' But he was serious. 'Have you really looked at yourself' he said, standing in front of me. And I said 'only every day. I have to shave you know.' And he said, 'but do you look at yourself?' And I said, 'I don't know what you mean.'

So he took my hand in his, and his was really warm and soft, and we went upstairs to my dad's room where there was a full length mirror and he turned on the lights and we walked over to it and he sort of positioned me in front of it and stood behind me and we both looked at me, and at first I just felt embarrassed. I was so big! I looked like a freak! It was the guy I always saw, but after a minute I looked at Paul's face in the mirror and saw his eyes and it was weird, because when I looked back at myself it was like seeing me as he saw me, and I have to admit that for the first time in my life I liked what I saw.

I was always treated like a freak because I was so big. My muscles and my strength were embarrassing, something I was supposed to hide and not show off so I could be normal. But looking at me now, with Paul, I saw someone different, someone amazing. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, across my chest, and said 'look how beautiful you are, Kev. Look how strong and powerful you look. You're beautiful.' And I thought, for the first time ever, he was right.

I mean, I don't think I'm beautiful or anything. I have this stupid curly hair and my lips are so big and I'm so white! I'm like a beached whale.

And I said 'I always thought I was a freak. When this started happening, when I started growing, I just wanted to hide.' And he said, 'is that why you don't work out anymore? I never see you in the weight room.' And I nodded and said, 'yeah, because when I was working out I was getting so huge, so fast, that it was scary! So I stopped.'

And then he said, 'you could never be too huge for me, Kev.' And he pulled my face around and kissed me again, and I started to think that what he said earlier, down on the carpet, looking at me, was what I felt about him too. Maybe this was love. Maybe my best friend was something more. And I started getting hard again, and he felt me between us and he looked all surprised and said, 'you're not getting hard again! Not so soon!' and I said, 'Is that weird?'

And he just laughed and we went over to my dad's king-sized bed and made out again, and this time he sucked my dick and I came in his mouth. And I asked him if every guy does that, swallows his own cum. And he said, 'no, but every guy should.'


July 18 6’8" 237 lbs.

I keep meaning to write these journal entries but it's been a very busy summer. And pretty amazing, too!

See that weight? I started working out again with Paul. And just like before, my body is overreacting. And I must be pressing Paul to work out harder or something because his gains have been amazing as well. I keep seeing Jack every week and he said he sees no reason why I shouldn't work out, He never told me not to, it was just me trying to 'fit in' or whatever that made me stop. But now I wouldn't stop for anything. I'm addicted to it or something! Or my body is, anyway.

Like I said, Paul's workouts have made him a lot bigger, too. Like, a LOT bigger, and I mean everywhere. And we're having great sex all the time, too! But I'll get to that later. First I want to bring you up to speed about where I am, size-wise, and what Paul looks like, too.

Here's my current stats, according to Jack's measurements: Waist: 30 inches Chest: 48 ½ inches Upper arm: 18 inches Thigh: 27 inches Penis: 9 ½ inches (and hard, I'm 11 inches!)

It's great! I love this! I can't wait for school to start so I can show everyone what a big stud I am! A 16-year-old stud fag. And I couldn't be happier.

Paul is great! I love him so much. I know it's love because we're together all the time and I haven't wanted to beat the shit out of him yet. I knew Aunt Beth would flake. I saw her once on the day dad left and haven't seen her since. Paul stays over a lot, and if his parents have any clue what we're actually doing during his sleepovers they haven't said a thing to him.

And they never say anything about how much he's changed, either, other than commenting that his “growth spurt” has finally started and it's better that he's hanging out with me at the gym instead of drinking and taking drugs. I keep wanting to say, 'that's right Mrs. Taylor, he's sucking my dick instead of a beer bottle and fucking my ass instead of shooting up, isn't that great!' because I know I think it is.

Paul's looking at me right now as I type this on the computer. He's sitting on the edge of my bed and I can see his reflection on the monitor glass. I can see his muscled body as he stretches, not knowing I can see him. I know he's thinking I should stop typing and get back over there in bed with him, but we've been going non-stop for hours and I've been feeling guilty about not keeping this thing up, so he'll just have to wait. It'll do him good and probably make his dick that much harder when I do get back in bed.

He's so amazing. I keep using that word, but he is! He's beautiful and he loves me and what a great lover. Not that I have anyone to compare him with, but I know I'm very satisfied and what with how my sex drive has been this past few weeks I'm glad he's been around.

It's like being with him flipped a switch inside. I was stroking the meat pretty often before we discovered each other, but since then I'm horny just about all the time! No shit!

Then again, maybe it's looking at him that does it. I realize now that I was always attracted to him, physically, but I didn't recognize it. I admired how he looked and thought if I was a girl I'd think he was damn cute, but now I realize that it was just me thinking he was damn cute. And he was, but now he's so much more than cute. Paul's a fucking stud muffin.

Since we started working out and being together, he's grown four inches taller. That's about an inch a week! And he's put on so much muscle I'm amazed his clothes fit as well as they do, or maybe I just appreciate the fact that they fit him so tight. Because man, when I look at him I get so hard I could rip through the strongest zipper ever created.

He's looking at me again.

Hi, journal, this is Paul. Kev's asleep behind me, looking all cute and like he could rip the whole house apart with his bare hands. I've been reading what he's written to you for about two hours. He usually locks you up for some reason. It's not like he's told you anything he hasn't told me. Maybe it's habit, and maybe I shouldn't have but you were over here glowing while we made love earlier and it was like you were watching, so I guess I just want to see what he gives to you since you can see what he gives to me.

We're both only sixteen years old. I've known Kev since he was five and I moved here. I knew I was gay from really early, and I suspected he was as well, or maybe it was just wishful thinking. He's not my first lover, and he knows that. It wasn't like I was going to come out to him until I was sure about stuff, and even after when I was I just couldn't tell him. Being gay sucks sometimes.

And then when he started changing before my eyes, becoming the most handsome guy on the planet and he was still acting like my best friend, how could I tell him I was in love with him? But it got to the point that I had to, I just couldn't keep denying who I was and what I felt, and it wasn't fair to him and I could see that I was causing him pain so I just took a chance and thank God thank God thank God I was right to trust him.

Paul snores. He'll never tell you that. Maybe that's important, but I sort of doubt it. Maybe he's just a special sort of human being. Besides being sweet and kind and loving and so beautiful, but I tell him that every day. Maybe my own recent development would have happened anyway, I know I've been working damned hard because he pushes me damned hard.

Well, not really, but he's certainly a strong incentive. He just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more handsome by the day. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't lucky enough to watch. To have his arms around me in bed, and watch his big dick get bigger when he's aroused, which is all the time like he wrote. And I'm just as horny as him, so it works out fine.

He started talking about how big I was getting, and he started off telling you I was four inches taller so I'm an even six feet now, still a ways under Kev. But the most awesome thing is I've put on 30 pounds of muscle since June. I'm up to 198! I used to look like this puny guy, no matter what Kev says about me that first night I kissed him. I worked out like a dog but mostly only managed to get hard but not big. It's only since Kev and me have been hanging out that things finally turned around.

And let me mention that he is beautiful no matter what he thinks. That 'stupid curly hair' is soft and black. His 'big lips' are thick and sensual, begging to be kissed. He is pretty pale but that's because he never wants to take his shirt off like a jerk, to show off his awesome body. But we're changing that this summer. By the time I'm done with him and teach him to love himself, he won't believe what he sees when he looks in the mirror.

I think my typing is waking him up so I'll stop there.


August 4 6’8½" 251 lbs.

Had to give another sperm sample to Jack. I'm giving one every week, for crying out loud! Luckily, it's not a problem. Yesterday he handed me the sample cup and I said 'you're going to need a bigger cup' and I was only half joking. Lately, I'm pumping cream like a damn cow! Seriously, it's ridiculous. I still cum four or five times a day and now it's like my balls are working overtime.

I also think I'm having a good impression on Jack. He looks like he started working out, too. He's looking pretty good, and now that I like guys I don't mind admitting that I'd fuck him.

I hope Paul doesn't read that. Not that I'd toss him over for anything. I think sometimes the reason I'm so juiced up all the time is because he's so good in bed. I wonder if I'm not making sperm just so he can drink it all down!

Bigger and bigger. That's the key phrase for me. Bigger and bigger.

I haven't mentioned it lately, but I'm lifting more than ever, too. I crossed the 500 lbs. mark today. I'm benching 500 lbs.! A quarter ton! I am fucking badass. Don't fuck with me, I'll kick your ass so hard your whole family will feel it!

Paul's laughing over my shoulder as I typed that. He knows I'm just a sweetheart, couldn't hurt a fly. I can't explain what it feels like to be so strong. It's like I can do anything. I feel like I could fuck the world, like I could plug my dick into the planet and just fuck the damn thing. Having muscle like this is amazing, and I want more and more.

Luckily, it's turning out that I can have it.

Paul's a little scary, too. He's catching up to me fast. He's another two inches taller. He goes in with me now to Jack and we both get tested. They're wondering if it's the water in the house or something and why he's getting so big now, too. I think it's pretty obvious what's happening and why no one else can figure it out is probably because of our little secret, but I think Jack knows. He caught us kissing in one of the waiting rooms, walked in on Paul and me sucking each other's face like there was no tomorrow. I was hard again by then and I don't think my little story about stroking my big dick to hardness because I knew he'd want more of my sperm convinced him at all.

If he did figure it out, he didn't say anything. Who knows, maybe I will be able to fuck him one day! Well, three-way him with Paul anyway, that'd be fun.

When I crossed the 250 lbs. mark on the scales Paul and I had a little celebration. We've been holed up pretty much together all summer, except for the time we spend at the weight room but it's pretty abandoned as well. No one in summer school seems to want to work out off season, so it's just him, me and the steel in there. So when it was official last week we went to the community pool to strut our stuff.

Paul's pretty fucking hilarious, I got to say. I was going to wear these surfer jams, big old swim trunks, and he goes 'let's get Speedos!' And I'm like 'right, us in Speedos would be like trying to smuggle salamis through customs in see-through plastic bags.' I'm not the only big swinging dick in the house anymore, did I mention? Paul's isn't as big as mine, but it's certainly ample. Or what Jack would call 'well endowed.' So we go to the mall and cause this huge scene, I mean people just gawked at him and me as we walked through the place trying to fit our bulks in the same T-shirts we wore at the start of summer, which meant that mine was riding up so high my tits were practically hanging out and I had to tear the sleeves off in the store when the seams ripped anyway.

So I go in the changing room and slip my meat into this little bitty bikini thing and come out and Paul like goes batshit about me because, I mean, it's all there! All of me! I'm packing almost ten full and I do mean full inches now and those things just weren't meant for that. I thought I looked stupid but he was like 'no you don't, Kev, you look hot!' And I like to look hot. Besides the guy at the counter, who I swear was popping his own woody, said I had to buy them because I stretched them out too much. And it sure wasn't my ass doing the stretching, believe me.

So we show up at the pool wearing these teeny little stretch things and we might as well have gone naked for all the good those things did. Shit, it was ridiculous. But sure enough we started getting all sorts of attention again and we saw some of our buds who acted like they didn't even recognize me which I thought was weird until Paul pointed out that the last time they saw me I weighed thirty pounds less and stood four inches shorter, for that matter so did Paul, so maybe it wasn't so weird.

Still, it felt great getting all that attention. Some of the gus even wanted to feel my muscles, and I wasn't going to until Paul said I should, said it would turn him on watching these other guys feeling up what they couldn't have and what he'd get as soon as we got home.

So I did. And he did.

I think Tim's gay. It's just a hunch, but while the rest of the guys were admiring the meat upstairs, his eyes stayed fixed on what I was packing down below. Man, I'd love to find out. When I mentioned it to Paul, he agreed.

I can't wait for school to start back up. Think how big I'll be by then!


August 29 6’9" 255 lbs.

School starts up tomorrow and I can't wait. I can't fucking wait!

What a summer! My dad came back last night and about shit his pants. He took a look at me and my bulkier body and he goes, 'what the hell have you been doing all summer?' and I said 'nothing.' But I am so huge. Have I put down measurements in a while? Here they are.

Waist: 30 inches Chest: 50 ½ inches Upper arm: 19 inches Thigh: 28 ½ inches Penis: 9 ¾ inches

So, still bigger. I asked Jack when a guy stops growing and he said usually when you're about 18 years old, so I have quite a bit to go still and I intend to make the most of it.

I don't know why I ever thought this was a bad thing. Maybe being with Paul has changed me. He always compliments me on how I look, how much I can lift, how big I am. He loves all my muscle and he pushes me to get bigger and bigger, and I love getting bigger and bigger. I used to dread getting measured by Jack but now I look forward to it. I've really been working on my chest and it shows! I have like these two big pillows of meat now. I can make them swell so huge I can't even see beyond them! Except when I get hard, I can still see my dick, you can't miss that thing down there.

Clothes are a problem, though. Luckily it's summer so I don't have to wear a lot of clothes, but with school starting I kind of bet that showing up in my spandex trunks (stretchy is good when you're growing as fast as me) and no shirt would be frowned on. I almost don't even care, but dad does. He's also upset about the grocery bill. Two growing guys in his house all summer eating everything in sight does tend to make a big food bill. Paul read up about building muscle and it takes protein and tuna and chicken have a lot of that so we started eating a lot of tuna and chicken. I still go to Mickie D's on occasion, it doesn't seem to matter what I eat I just get more muscle instead of fat. Probably working out all the time helps. And Paul and me sweat a lot during sex.

Paul is so great! He's smarter than I ever gave him credit for. He's been doing research about growth and muscle and men's bodies and he thinks I can start growing even faster with some diet changes and more sex! More sex is good. He has a theory about why this is happening and it sounds crazy but he thinks it's my cum. Like he started growing after we were together and he was sucking my dick. He wants to do that more to see if it effects his growth and that's fine by me, he can suck my dick anytime he wants to.

I'm worried about my height, though. Door frames aren't much taller than me. And if I keep growing wider, even stooping won't help I'll just get stuck going through them.

Or just bust through them. Because I'm already up to 600 lbs.! And I curl 125lbs. in each hand. So that's pretty impressive, I think. I'm also starting to get some hair on my body, which Paul finds totally hot. He always has his hands in my hair and now that I'm sprouting some on my chest and it's starting to spread under my pits and by my belly button his hands rub through that, too. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so hard though. I mean my muscles. They stay really firm and I think he'd like it better if he could massage me and not feel like he was grabbing onto rocks under my skin.

It's not like I can help it. If anything it's his own fault for dragging me back to the gym!

He's looking so hot, too, by the way. He's already another two inches taller, so that's half a foot since summer started. And he's gained another 20 lbs. of muscle! 50 lbs. in three months! That must be some sort of record. When we go into Jack's together, they've started calling us the Muscle Brothers, even though we totally don't look like brothers. Paul's hair is blonde and mine's dark. His eyes are blue and mine are brown. But his body looks like a smaller version of me, all top heavy with thick arms and his dick has gotten pretty impressively huge, too.

Jack looks amazing as well. I asked him if he was working out and he said I was inspiring him. If so I should inspire more guys. I said that to him and he sort of laughed. He looks 100 times better than when I met him. He even looks a little younger, too. It's weird. I just jerk off in front of him now, I practically whip it out and start cumming before he's got the door closed. It's almost like I can cum on command or something. I wonder what he does with all those samples? Why hasn't he found anything out, yet? Seems like Paul is making more progress than Jack is.

He still has me recording how often I jerk off in the journal I do for him, which by now is mostly just stats of how much I'm lifting, how many reps, how I feel and stuff. I'm not jerking off because Paul's with me, so I still write 'jerked off' instead of 'made love with Paul' and it ends up being the same thing as far as he's concerned.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 9

Kevin came in for his tests today. I couldn't believe what I saw. Here's a 16 year old kid and he's shaving every day, he said. Sometimes twice a day. He was in the office at about 3PM and he already had 5 o'clock shadow. Sexy little fucker, too. Kevin looks like he's 24 or 25. I could easily get him into Club Manx without an ID and have that boy stripped to his waist and shaking his hard bod on the dancefloor and every guy there would be begging to blow him in the toilet—and from what he's been telling me and what I witnessed today, they could all do it and he'd still want more.

I asked for a sperm sample and the kid just unzipped, whipped it out and started to stroke. Half a minute later he's sporting a prize winning woody and grinning from ear to ear and asks for a cup. I'm staring at him, and probably drooling, and hand him the usual and he looks at it and says something like, “that isn't going to be big enough.” I'm thinking he joking with the doctor like usual and I laugh, trying to act like this sort of thing happens all the time, 6- 9 teens outweighing me by a good 50 pounds pulling out foot-long cocks and jerking off at will, right? Then he starts cumming and I suddenly realize the kid wasn't joking.

Seriously, he must have released half a pint of cream. He just kept cumming and cumming, stroking the length of that monster in his gorilla grip, his forearm flexing, eyes closed, swimming in some depth of orgasmic pleasure I can only imagine and spilling half his load onto the floor because, just like he said, the cup was too small.

And when he gets done and opens his eyes and looks at the pool of his spunk on the linoleum, he looks at me and says he's sorry about the mess, and if I need more to just give him a minute and he'll do it again.

Again, I'm thinking he's yanking my chain but his face is totally serious and he's standing in my office, his jeans around his ankles, his hard-on in his cum-slickened grip and he starts stroking himself again and it's not a minute later that it's perfectly clear he wasn't joking at all. I get a glass beaker this time and he fills the fucker. The boy's a veritable cum factory.

I drank half of it.

It was like drinking white lightning. I got this feeling of heat that went right to my groin and had a hard-on all night long. Couldn't quite measure up to Kevin's length or pump power, but even after I came I was still hard. What has that kid got in his system? And how much of it is getting into mine?

He talked about Paul and let slip that they're more than friends. Either that or boys today are paying a lot more attention to each other's dicks than when I was in school. Kevin went on and on about how big Paul's dick is, and that Paul could cum like that too, and about his balls and how hairy they are. If he wasn't coming out to me he was certainly opening the door.

I have to admit that he was right. Paul does have hairy balls. And what a fucking six pack!


September 9 6’9" 259 lbs.

With school in session I can't work out as much as I did. And Paul and I aren't together on a regular basis, either. We try to be really quiet in my room but we're two big guys and when we get going we can be pretty noisy. My dad calls it 'roughhousing' like when he calls upstairs to tell us to 'quit your roughhousing!' and we just laugh. Now Paul calls and asks if I want to roughhouse him. He gets me so hard, just listening to him talk on the phone. He told me the other day, and I love this, he said I make his dick bigger just thinking about us together. I know exactly what he means, too.

Football practice starts this week. I've seen Tim around and he's been acting weird, but it's the sort of weird I'm familiar with. It's the Paul weird. I remembered what he said that time we were up near Memorial Park and I was so stupid not to hear what he was asking, but then at the time it never would have entered my mind that he was talking about being gay. And maybe I'm reading something into it, but putting two and two together in this case equals queer the more I think about it.

It's fun using those terms now. I used to hate hearing fag and queer, but Paul calls me a big fag sometimes and we both use queer to describe ourselves and other things, so it's like we adopted them and made them ours, like they're positive things. Paul says that's healthy, I just think it's sort of cool. I mean, yeah, it's different when asshole Jerry uses fag or faggot, but he's an asshole.

I'm doing a lot of shopping this year, too. That's what Paul calls it when you scope out the guys. Shopping. Like you might see one you like and try it on for size. I feel a lot more confident this year, too. Probably a lot has to do with my size. I'm so much bigger than everyone! I'm practically flaunting myself, just waiting for someone to call me a fag so I can say, 'yeah, so what?' or something. I totally want to come out. I don't know what's stopping me.

Anyway back to Tim. I feel sort of sorry for him, but I feel worse for Sherry his girlfriend. She's a cheerleader, naturally, and so nice. She's always nice to me, always has been. And really pretty. But I hear she won't sleep around but maybe she says that because Tim won't sleep with her. I'm just thinking off the top of my head here, I don't know for sure if he's gay and maybe he's bisexual, which Paul says is true of lots of the population but they feel embarrassed about it and I understand feeling embarrassed, but it seems stupid. But whatever.

If I think about it, I'd sleep with Sherry. She's fucking built.

I wonder if I'm bi?

Anyway, I don't know what to do about Tim. I feel like there's something I ought to do. I'm a little afraid to talk to Paul about it. He might get jealous, even though I'm not in love with Tim. At least, I don't think so. But he's so handsome and sometimes I think about him in his football uniform and spring a boner in class and even right now writing about him I can feel my dick starting to throb and grow. Wonder if there's something I can think about that won't get me hard. Looks like it's almost time for another pump of the love handle.

I could mention that I'm practically hard 24-7 lately, and I guess I just did. It used to bother me when my dick would start acting like it had a mind of its own—something my dad says sometimes about his car—but lately I don't even care. I was in math class today and I looked out the windows and say this guy outside in P.E. class. It was pretty hot today and they were playing a shirts-skins game on the blacktop and this guy, I don't know his name, had his shirt off and he looked Mexican or Indian or something, dark curly hair and dark tanned skin. He was all sweaty and sort of gleaming in the sun and he was doing free throws, lifting his arms over his head, slowly moving the roundball to aim, and he had this really thick underarm hair, I could see the sweat dripping down the sides of his body. He wasn't nearly as muscular as me or Paul, or even Tim for that matter, but his body looked so hot. I really wanted to be on that body and my dick did its thing as usual, pumping into a monster so fast I had to stick my hand down there and move it around to get comfortable and when I touched it, it was all hot and wet and sticky! I hadn't cum, but I was leaking that clear junk like a faucet. Really weird.

Anyway, I jerked off in the bathroom and it was a huge load! I must have shot a dozen times and each one was really thick and lasted a while. I was fantasizing about that basketball guy and that probably helped, he was so hot. I hope I see him again tomorrow. Maybe I'll run into him on campus sometime! That would be cool.

I should get some sleep, I guess. I read something that said the body grows most during sleep, so I'm gonna do some heavy duty reps to wear myself out before going to bed to see how much bigger that is in my case. Plus I'm already stroking the old boner thinking about that guy again so this might take a while. I go see Dr. Donaldson on Friday. Maybe I'll ask about his workout routine. Seems to me that if a guy his size can get that big that fast, a guy like me would be the Hulk in a month!


September 11 6’9" 267 lbs.

See that? Gained almost ten pounds in two days! That sleep thing turned out to be a great idea! I haven't recorded my stats for a while, so here they are. I saw the doc today and this is me, now:

Waist: 30 inches Chest: 54 inches Upper arm: 21 inches Thigh: 29 inches Penis: 10 ½ inches (hard, 12 ½ inches)

Passed the foot-long hotdog mark! Pretty cool, huh? It's almost impossible to cage my beauty in underwear anymore. The thing's so long and fat that by the end of the day I've practically torn through my shorts, plus it gets hard at the drop of a hat and then it gets all caught up in stuff and start to hurt until I can adjust things. My balls are big, too. Like eggs down there, or lemons or something. And firm, too. I can squeeze them pretty hard—and I'm not the weakest guy around—and they don't hurt. Jack thought that was interesting, I guess. He sure spends a lot of time playing with things down there. He tried to weigh them, even! But he said he wasn't sure if the total weight—which was around four pounds—included some of my dick because it had gotten stiff under all that handling and was probably leaning over the scale. A foot-long dick probably weighs a lot, I guess. Plus mine's so thick, a lot thicker than normal according to Jack.

Looking at my measurements up there it occurs to me that one thigh will soon be bigger than my waist and my chest is almost twice as big as my waist! I should check back and see how many inches I've put on. Of course the most important inches are the ones on my dick. I was afraid that if it got really big it would start being less, sort of, sensitive. Don't know why I felt that way, it just seemed like a dick that was so big couldn't possibly feel good all over, but if anything it feels even more fantastic now than it ever did. I can practically cum just looking at it. And if I touch it, even to take a piss, I want to start jerking off then and there. It feels so great I can't believe it! And I just want to get bigger and bigger.

Except for one thing—I'm starting to think the only guy who I can fuck is going to be Paul. He can accommodate me like he was built for me. I can plug all my fat inches into his tight little butt and it feels so great. And it feels almost as great when he's fucking me. His little Paul isn't doing badly in the growth department either. But when I fucked… but I'm getting ahead of myself and what I really wanted to tell you about was the first football game! Shit, this is so cool! You won't even believe this but I swear it's all true.

So, Paul is on the team too—all that extra muscle, how could he not be? Him and I are playing offense and defense both, which is pretty cool. We see a lot of action, and I get to be out there on the field with all that sweaty man meat, seeing the other teams, checking their asses out in those nice tight pants. Man, I love football. Anyway, Paul and I were double teaming all over the place. I'm, like, twice as big as any other guy and Paul is getting up there. He's about 6-2 now and I guess if I weigh almost 270, he must weigh 235 or 240. He's all muscle, like me, and growing fast, too. I let him in on the sleep thing and he told me about some supplements to increase mass and strength, it's kind of expensive but he says it's great so we'll see.

Anyway, we won the game, no big surprise. Me and Paul creamed those guys. Kind of funny putting it that way, since I mostly wanted to cream on them. The Jacobs High School team has some incredibly hot dudes on it. But again, I'm getting ahead of myself. So it's after the game and I strip out of my uniform and head over to the showers to wash all the shit off me and it feels so great in there, that hot water on me even though I kind of have to duck to get wet all over, and anyway as usual when I feel good my dick starts showing exactly how good I'm feeling. I usually wait until most of the other guys are done in there because, well, something like this happens sometimes and also all that prime, beautiful boyflesh in there gets me hotter than hell, and I have this huge hanging tubestreak down there, anyway, and it's swinging around like a hose when I'm walking butt naked through the lockers anyway and, sure, guys look because maybe they're curious and maybe they're jealous and maybe they want some, whatever, it's all good.

So I'm starting to stiffen up, it's getting bigger and bigger, it only stretches a couple of inches longer but it gets really fat, you know? Really thick. Like it's inflating or something, and I'm soaping up my chest and under my arms, deep in the pits where it stinks real good, play with my nips a little. I'm a fucking monster, what's some guy gonna say anyway?

But the real surprise was that that Tim was there, sort of hidden behind the steam and fog and shit, and all the sudden I catch him looking over at me and he goes, “Dude! You got a fucking baseball bat down there!” and I sort of smile and stroke it with my soapy hand, that feels real good and it spurs me on and I'm rock hard and fully erect in a second and his eyes are just bugging out, like he's never seen nothing like me. His dick is okay, not too small for sure but probably half the size of mine, I'm guessing. And remember I have these big balls, too, and they may weigh four pounds so they hang low anyway and when I get going they start throbbing and hanging even lower and the hot water has me all slick and warm and I figure, what the hell, I'll give him a show.

Did I mention that Tim is beautiful. Fuck, but that boy's got a bod. Not big like me and Paul, more sort of sleek and fine muscled. Nice chest, long legs, perfect ass.

So I go, “Yeah, and this bat can spit out a gallon of cream, too.” I mean it was pretty lame but it was all I could think of. A bat spitting out cream, what is that about? But he goes, “No shit?” and I'm like, “No shit.” So he goes, “That's something I want to see.” And I think at first he joking, right? But then he comes over and grabs it and starts stroking like a pro! Unfuckingbelievable! So I look over at Paul and he has this shit-eating grin on his face and I can see he's getting excited, too, and then he says, “I'll bet I can cum more than Kevin,” and he's sort of slowly stroking off and then I go, “You're on,” and he's starts getting his monster in shape and Steve, a halfback, grins as he walks over and starts matching Rick's jerks stroke for stroke on Paul's joint!

I'm totally freaking out at this. But I'm also totally getting off on it, and I mean that in every way. I mean, I was getting off on it anyway, but I was so pumped by this, by being hand-jobbed and then watching Paul, my lover, getting hand-jobbed by these two beautiful naked fucking teammates. I'm red hot and rock hard and trying everything I can to keep from cumming because I know the longer I hold off the heavier my loads get and Paul is looking like he's going to explode any second, he's clenching his fists and all his fine, fat muscles are bulging and swelling and turning red from him trying to hold back, too, and now it's like another contest altogether, it's like between Tim and Steve to see who can make us cum first.

They're stroking and soaping up Paul and me, Tim starts using both hands on me, my eyes are shut tight and I'm biting my lip and everything, fucking everything, every muscle on my body feels like it's filling up with cream, like my heavy balls are pumping overtime and I'm flooded with man juices and then I hear a cheer go up and I open my eyes and there's Paul and he's pumping a fat, thick, white hot load all over the fucking shower.

His cock is going off like a fountain, seriously, and he's looking at me with this grin on his face and Steve's hand and his chest and legs are coated in cream and he's still stroking off Paul's hard on like he's squeezing it out of him. He's putting out one hell of a load, it's fucking everywhere, he's stretching his muscled arms out and he starts to shout this deep, powerful shout and he tenses himself and he's cumming and cumming and I can feel myself getting pushed past the edge, I can feel something so powerful and huge and hot inside me that I'm almost afraid to let it out, I can tell this is like nothing I ever did before, a fucking tidal wave waiting to happen. I can practically feel my balls swelling down there, but I still hold on.

Then I hear a gasp or something, and someone, probably Tim, goes “Whoa,” and they're all looking at me now. Paul isn't even finished, none of those guys ever saw a dick pumping like his was but all eyes are on me and I can feel why. My balls are swelling, I can feel them pressing out on my thighs, and my dick feels like it's growing or something, my whole body is swelling with muscle and power, I mean that's what it felt like and they're all looking at me and Paul goes, “Cum, you motherfucker! Cum!” and I'm all smiling and feeling so, so, so big and then I decide to do it. I realized that I didn't have to, I could keep holding off, but I decide to let it go.

And I fucking start shooting like a rocket! Dude, it was so sweet! Nothing ever felt like that before, nothing ever felt so good. I wasn't shooting shots, I was streaming long old pumps from somewhere deep, deep inside! I could hear myself creaming, no shit! And I hit Tim straight in the face, some of it goes in his mouth and nose, and then he staggers back, his chest and belly coated in white cream and I take hold and start letting myself loose on every guy in there. I don't even know why, I could have aimed at the wall or the ceiling or something. Seriously, I could have hit the ceiling easy. But I started pumping my junk on all the dudes there and they're freaking out.

But it felt so, so, so good. So right and true and perfect. I'm a fountain of muscular power, I'm cumming gallons of heavy cream and Steve's going apeshit, doesn't know what to do, but Tim, and I couldn't believe it, he's hungrily swallowing it! He's were scooping out of his dark chest hair and licking off his biceps and sucking it off everywhere, no shit! And I'm thinking, at the time, this is fucking weird. What the fuck is up with this? Then Tim comes back to me and falls to his knees and suctions onto my still pumping cock like a baby on a tit.

I'm in heaven. He's drinking it like it's water and he's the thirstiest man on earth. How many pumps I did I don't know. Couple dozen at least, probably more, all thick and full and hot and heavy. And when I was done and he was done, I swear his tight, rippled belly was bloated with my cream. He swallowed it all! Fuck, I was impressed. And that pretty much guaranteed that Tim was another member of the family, as Paul called it. Either than or he just fucking loved cum.

Either way it was all right with me.

Came a record eight times today, including the mammoth creamathon in the gym showers. Better get my growth sleep, gotta impress the doc tomorrow.


Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

Subject has shown dramatic advances in size and strength, far surpassing any previous development. Kevin reports he is sleeping more lately and has been doing resistance training in earnest. The results are easy to see and measure.

I have been so far unable to account for Kevin's advanced degree of muscular development and overall size. He is both much taller and heavier than any 16 year old in my experience. Current measurements are as follows:

6' 9.25” 268.875 lbs Waist: 29.75 inches Chest: 54.5 inches Upper arm: 21.125 inches Thigh: 29.25 inches

These measurements bear out a suspicion I had. Comparing them to the previous day, Kevin put on nearly two pounds and is a quarter of an inch taller. His overall musculature also increased dramatically for a 24-hour period. In short, Kevin's muscular development is accelerating. I will continue to monitor his progress and ask him to report for more frequent check ups.

To date I can find no deleterious effects of his growth. He does not appear to be having abnormal growing pains nor are there any mutations taking place. His growth effects all parts of his physique including the sexual organs, which show noticeable development. His testes, in fact, seem abnormally firm and heavy but ejaculation is normal, if excessive. Sperm count is also very high. A cursory visual examination of his body shows no growth, moles, rashes or other skin lesions. In fact, his skin appears very healthy and extremely elastic.

His agility and flexibility are also abnormally high, as is his stamina.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 12

I am fucking stoked.

So far I have no scientific proof that what Kevin Peters' balls are producing is, in effect, a muscle development formula more powerful and fast-acting than anything out there, legal or otherwise, but when I look in the mirror and when I feel my muscles burn and pulse and buzz during my much more vigorous workout sessions and when I put my grip to my rock hard bicep and feel it get bigger and bigger, I fucking know something's up. Not to mention that when I take a leak, the dick I set my hand to is not the same dick I had a few weeks ago—it's a fucking monster!

Kevin is exploding. That kid is getting bigger by the second! I can almost see him growing even as he just stands there in my office looking like so much fine that all I want to do is lick him up and suck him off. He appears to have given up on wearing underwear anymore, and now he comes walking in with this snake bulging against his fly and the cockiest grin on his beautiful face and he's naked before I have a chance to heat up my stethoscope. He knows what he's doing to me, he practically propositioned me yesterday.

I want to write this all down before I forget, and also because it makes me horny as shit to think about.

Kevin comes walking in barely squeezed into a pair of Wranglers that are hugging every muscled inch of what's below his waist, and a gray ribbed tank top that's having a bitch of a time managing to keep from ripping itself open as he moves and all that thick, hard, meaty muscle is flexing and bulging. His friend and lover Paul—and they don't even bother to hide their beautiful love and powerful lust anymore, the guys are practically lip-locked when they're not groping and fondling each other's mammoth muscles—accompanies him into the examination now and they strip down and go into a kind of pose off, barely fitting their bulks in there with me. I'm bigger, but these guys are incredible, and when I think that they're barely 16 I practically cream my Calvins.

Kevin is bigger than Paul, but not by much. I try to look uninterested but I know I'm failing. My own bigger boner is practically tearing a hole through my pants watching these two. And when they're gone I can't help imagining them strutting their stuff at their school, stripping down in gym, pumping weights with the guys, pushing those huge bodies to bigger and better feats of strength. Fuck, I'm going to need to beat off when I finish. Or maybe before. Fuck, yeah!

Kevin's naked. Paul's naked. Kevin jumps up on the examination table, his long dick hanging between his muscled thighs and dangling inched over the edge, the heavy head almost bursting with his potent juice, his bright eyes sparkling and a smile on his face that spells out that he knows what's going on in this doctor's brain. I ask the usual questions, he gives the usual answers. I no longer doubt the truth of his words, how much he lifts, how much he cums, I can see—I can measure how big he is. Paul's leaning against the wall behind me, so big and strong I can feel him back there like heat.

I reach for the sample jar and Kevin's already hard as a rock, thick veins winding up his shaft and the eye of the snake open wide and round. Fuck, the thing wants to cum! He's barely got to stroke it, now. It's almost like he can will himself to erection and coax a thick, hot, heavy stream of white cream from his fat balls on command.

I ask him how he does that. “How do you achieve erection so quickly?” I ask, in my stately doctor tones. I lick my lips and catch myself staring at that prime fuck meat. He's grinning madly and winks at Paul.

“You think this is an erection? Hell, doc, I'm not halfway there, yet.” He leans back, his hands gripping the sides of the table, his abdominals popping up into a defined 8-pack, bending his head back on his muscle thick neck, now his huge chest expanding, bigger and wider and thicker, those fat nips standing erect like little pricks wanting to be tongued, he's breathing deep, he pulls his legs apart and his balls are there, practically churning and swelling, and that huge dick, that veined monster, that perfection of masculine might starts getting thicker and longer, hot blood pumping it harder yet, the skin growing shiny and red and he's not touching it, not doing anything but breathing slowly as his dick grows bigger and bigger, towering between his legs.

I hear laughter behind me but I don't turn around, I know Paul's laughing at me. He's probably seen this lots, maybe he can do it, too. Maybe he's got a dick he can command to do what he pleases when he pleases. Hard at will, longer and thicker just wishing for it. Maybe he's stroking himself, or maybe he's watching his own magical cock grow.

Then I hear Kevin's deep voice. The 16 year old kid with the voice of a drill sergeant says quietly, “Take it, Dr. Donladson. I'm about to explode. I've been saving up for you.”

I'm dumbstruck. “What? What are you talking about?”

He lifts his head, looking at me with his boy's face on this almost 7- foot tall, super-muscled body, his skin practically splitting open under the onslaught of his awesome strength and power, and he smiles like an angel and says, “Suck my dick. Suck it all. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. It was Paul's idea.”

I felt a hand on my shoulder, it squeezes gently but I can feel the strength of it. Paul's lips are next to my ear, I feel his breath on my neck. “Drink from the source, Doc. Take it all inside, feel the power down to your toes. Wake up tomorrow even bigger than today. Suck his cock and change your life forever.”

I try to shake my head, try to deny it, but I can't. The tip is glistening with a thick drop of honey and I can smell him, smell the masculine power coming off Kevin like musk. I step forward and put my hands around the fount of all muscle, the source of ultimate strength. I can barely grip its girth now. How can be this huge? How can I fit it inside my mouth? Kevin leans forward to watch, his stomach pulling his face toward mine as I put my lips to the hot tip of his mammoth meat, painting his sweet precum on my mouth and darting my tongue against him.

He says, he whispers, “Yeah,” and our eyes meet and he nods. I can see his strain now. He's holding himself back. How much has he got for me? I've seen him cum pints of his potent cream. Can I swallow it all? He sighs as I open my mouth wide and suck the helmet inside. It's as big as a plum, hot and hard and slick, and I start to suck against him.

Almost immediately I am rewarded with a thick, strong, heavy pump of salty spunk. It fills the parts of my mouth his cockhead doesn't and I swallow greedily, sucking harder now. He moans slightly and another longer, thicker flood fills my mouth, I feel it hot and sticky washing around my teeth and tongue and I swallow again, and suck again, and feel a third pump coming up the length of his cock and going inside me.

Paul presses against me with his naked, perfect body from behind. I know he's hard because I can feel him between my legs. He's huge, too, impossibly big, and his strong arms begin pulling my smock off my body. I allow him to undress me as I continue sucking and swallowing load after load, pump after pump, flood after flood of hot, amazing cum I feel branching through me as I swallow it. We're into a rhythm now, I breath and swallow and suck, Kevin sighs and moans and pumps, his hips pushing his cock deep into my mouth, now he's reached down and he squeezing his balls, massaging the flood from himself.

My shirt is unbuttoned and Paul pulls it off me. I feel the cool air on my skin for a moment before Paul's caressing me with gentle, insistent strokes. His hands are callused from the weights he lifts each day, and I feel the hard bulging cords of brawn press against me. Then his hands move down to unbuckle my belt and unzip me. He digs inside my pants, under my shorts and fondles my hard dick. I leave a trail of precum in his palm and he wipes a slick stain across my hard belly.

Kevin's load is doing something to me. I feel so horny, so hot, everywhere, everything. I'm a huge, hard prick, my skin is overheated, I need to cum like Kevin, to pump on and on forever. Then Paul pulls my pants down and he's fingering my hole. I'm wet with sweat, already lubed, and he rubs and twists his touch against my tight bud. One finger teasing me, pushing in a little and withdrawing, like a torture and a prize. Then he pushes all the way inside with his finger and I relax against the pressure, still swallowing and sucking, feeling hotter and hotter, boiling from the inside out.

Paul's finger withdraws and he's back instantly with two fingers, pushing inside me, pushing my prostate and I tighten involuntarily until I pull my attention back to Kevin's amazing, unending flood of cum and suddenly Paul's knocking at my back door with his huge, hot cock. His hands are on my hips and I bend and spread my legs and welcome him inside, want him inside me, a giant cock at both ends.

I'm not totally inexperienced at my ripe old age, so having two cocks plugged in wasn't new—but the fact that they were easily the biggest cocks I'd ever seen, let alone swallowed, was mighty challenging.

At some point I realized I had another appointment and sort of gestured or something—couldn't really talk, you understand—and the guys got the message and, just like that, Kevin stopped pumping and Paul pulled out. I felt royally fucked and probably showed it, but we were all soaked in sweat and it was going to be a little odd for me to exit the exam room naked wiping down my bulging body.

And it was bulging, let me tell you. I swallowed so much of Kevin's juice that I felt bloated. My tight little bod was swollen with his seed but it felt great. Paul and Kevin were grinning like kids at Christmas as they squeezed their bodybuilder bods back into their jeans and T-shirts and and I swabbed myself off with some paper towels before getting back into my doctor duds.

Paul asked Kevin, “How was he?” and Kevin slimed wide and garbbed his dick in his pants and said, “Best ever, bro. He should be giving lessons.”

So Paul said, “Does the doctor make house calls?” We all laughed.

I gave them my home address.


September 13 6’9" 271 lbs.

Holy shit! You will not believe this one. I don't even believe it and I was there!

Ok, so Paul and me went in for the usual every-other-weekly doctor's appointment yesterday. Paul had this idea that I thought was crazy, but it turns out he was right. He told me later that he sort of cheated, that he knew Dr. Jack was gay and that from how he was growing into a pretty solid specimen of a bodybuilder, too, that he was already “sampling the goods.” That's what Paul called it.

Anyway, his idea was that I should try to make Jack suck my dick. Oh, wait! I need to write down my sizes before I get too far.

Waist: 29 inches Chest: 56 inches Upper arm: 22 inches Thigh: 29 inches Penis: 10 ½ inches (hard, 12 ½ inches)

It's only been a couple of days, I know, but look! Another four pounds heavier, another couple of inches on my chest and arms and my waist is smaller! Guess those crunches are paying off. I thought they'd make my stomach muscles fatter but things seem to be tightening up or something, because when I look down at my belly I see nothing but solid muscle. Pretty cool. Wish I could put the inches on my dick as fast.

So, we go into Jack's office, already pumped up from an afternoon session at the gym—we were monsters, I got to say. I could feel the strength in every muscle. I was positively vibrating with it. And so hot! Man, I was ready for someone's ass, that's for sure. And Paul's is always ready, but he had that idea, like I said, and so I didn't jerk off or anything all day long and it was killing me! Normally I'm cumming six or seven times by the afternoon, so I could feel my balls almost bursting. I needed to get my rocks off bad, and so I was more than ready for Jack.

Long story short, he was about crazy for my cock once he got hold of it. I was really big—bet I was bigger than the 12 ½ that I normally get. Really freaking huge, man, and so stiff it hurt. And he suctions onto me and, man, that guy can suck! I mean it! I can almost feel his mouth down there right now just thinking about it. So I finally could come and I was really giving it to him. I swear his gut was full of my sperm by the time I was done and he looked nothing but happy as he wiped his mouth off. Also, Paul was giving it to him up his ass and it made me want to try that, have two guys at once like that. But two really huge guys like Paul and me, only we're the biggest guys I know.

Only Paul says, “Not for long.” Like I said, he has ideas.

So we got dressed and left and I asked Paul how he knew about Jack, and all he said was, “I'll show you tonight.” And I said, “Aren't we going to Jack's?” Because he gave us his home address and said to come on over and, man, I wanted more of his suck on my dick, but Paul said there'd be plenty of sucking where we were going, and I'd be really surprised and happy when I found out where.

So that night Paul and me went out, told my Dad it was to see a movie, only we went to Beachside Park instead. And I was like, why are we going to the park at night? Are we swimming at night? What's there to see, anyway? Paul's all smiling and acting secret and when we're kind of close I see headlights in the park, like lots of cars are there. And I ask about maybe there's a concert, and is that the surprise? And Paul's still all no that's not it.

So it turns out that the park is like some gay hangout! Seriously, like all the cars are packed with dudes and they're really slowly driving around checking each other out and I'm like freaking. There were older guys and young guys, I saw some guys I recognized from other schools, but Paul's just about ignoring everyone for some reason which was kind of hard because when we walked across the grass we took out shirts off and we were wearing out football shorts, the ones that lace up in front, I think because they make our dicks—or our baskets, Paul called them—pretty amazing and big. I mean, I'm big anyway, but this is ridiculous. But whatever. So we're getting a lot of attention, of course, because I'm like seven feet tall and Paul's nearly that and we're both still pretty pumped and feeling horny and I go, Paul, what are you looking for?

He's waving me off, some guy called my name and I looked over and he looks really cute, he's driving a Jeep and he's shirtless, too. Nice bod, kinda thin by my standards but then everyone is. And then Paul grabs my arm and points and what do you think I see? It's fucking Tim's Camaro and there's fucking Tim driving it! And he sees us and I swear, even in the night I could see him turn kind of white when our eyes meet and I think, Jesus Christ, what's Tim doing here? I mean, yeah, I suspected and whatever but to really see him here in his car—that car we drove in together and the questions and all that shit—but I also felt extremely happy, too.

Tim is gorgeous. He just is. Now that I think about it, I always thought he was but I wouldn't let myself think he was, but he is. And I think, fuck, he's gonna freak out and peal off but instead he pulls over and turns off the motor and opens the door and Paul's pulling me over there and I'm smiling like an ass and can feel my dick sagging and getting all excited because gorgeous Tim is wearing practically nothing. Seriously, he's got his shirt off and he's wearing these like little shorts, like cut-offs, and his rippled belly looks so smooth and hot, he has this trail of hair from his belly button, I can see his nipples on his muscled chest and he's folded his arms across it and it's bulging and his arms are bulging and he says to Paul, “What took you so long?”

Paul goes, “I've been busy,” and he looks at me and then we kiss, it's pretty hot, his hand's on my ass and my dick is just bulging and I want to look at Tim, just look at his beauty, and then he goes, “Welcome to the party, Kevin.” And, seriously this will sound faggy but I just melted inside.

I love Paul, I know I do, but seeing Tim there like that made me want him so bad. I saw guys there that made me feel hot all over, some looked even better than Tim, bigger and more muscular and stuff. But Tim, I sort of worshiped him. He was like a hero to me, I guess, and I'd seen him in the locker room butt naked before, of course, and I sure looked at him, you couldn't help it. He had this tight, high, round, firm butt and he moved so sleek and sort of sexy. So now here he was and here I was, I was taller than him now, a lot taller, but he made me feel small and like some little kid.

I was like some dumb fan or something, just staring at him with my mouth open. So he leans over and, get this, puts his open mouth against mine and I feel his warm, wet tongue shoving inside my mouth and my arms surround him and his hands are on my ass and I can feel this kiss all the way down and through me, swear to god I was high on this guy and it occurs to me now, as I hold him inside my arms, how much bigger I am, how much stronger and more powerful and I feel this, like, surge of manliness or something as I feel his body against mine, skin against skin, his hands kneading my butt cheeks and, man, I felt fucking great.

Then he starts laughing as we're kissing and I'm like, “What?” and he pulls away a little and looks down because my dick is springing a major boner and when I say major I mean major, I'm practically splitting the seams of my shorts I want this guy so bad. Paul's sort of laughing too and I look over and at some point he'd stripped himself clean out of his shorts and he stood there in the moonlight, his fine muscled bod looking all kinds of beautiful, and he goes, “I guess you like my surprise.”

Tim looks at us both and shakes his head and backs off a ways. He goes something like 'what am I, a prize?' and I get scared like he's out of there but Paul says, 'of course not, Tim. Kevin's the birthday present. Aren't you going to open him and see what's inside?'

Turns out it's Tim's birthday, so we're both getting a surprise. Meanwhile, Paul comes over and kisses me, says 'save the last dance, beautiful' and I'm like red all over blushing like a girl and then off he goes to a chorus of catcalls and wolf whistles, his bare ass swaying so fucking sexy and his big dick swinging like a what ya call it and there's me and Tim all alone under the trees with this soft, warm breeze blowing and the only thing standing between us is my football shorts and his cutoffs.

His hands are on my laces and he's pulling and tugging and I'm laughing as I watch him trying to undo me but I'm getting hornier by the second and he's so hot he starts digging down inside to tug my cock out and I sort of do one of my dick tricks I can do now and force some size into it and it really does rip through those things and I'm sort of surprised and laugh and Tim looks at me, his eyes all wide, his hands stroking me even harder, his face like he can't believe it and he says, 'are you bigger, Kevin?' and I'm like whatever and shrug, trying to be all cool and shit and he sort of falls to his knees like he's worshiping my dick or something. He's stroking it all gentle and soft, his hands feel rough and dry on my cock, but I'm getting bigger and harder and I can feel a load all ready for him but I can tell he just wants this minute to go on, he just wants to look at me and feel me and then he looks up my body toward my face and I don't know what I looked like but I must have made some weird face at him because he pulls his hands off and start getting to his feet and I just want him to do whatever.

So I say, 'what do you want to do? It's your birthday.' And he smiles and god my heart melts again and he brushes his hair from his face and his eyes sparkle in the moon and he says, 'I'm not sure, Kev.' And when he says that, my name, so familiar like we're best friends or something, man right then I would have done anything he wanted. Lift a mountain or bend a car in two or anything. But he goes, 'I'm not sure, Kev. I'm not sure we'll fit, you know what I mean?'

And at first I didn't, but then I remembered that Paul and me, we're sorta matched up because of being together and he'd grown into me, kind of, and then I said, 'but the doctor sucked me today and he didn't seem to have a problem.' Tim's face looks like he wonders what the hell I'm talking about, and what doctor is sucking my cock. But I say, 'we can do whatever you want to do, Tim. I just want to be with you.' He smiles, then, and goes, 'well, let's see what we can do about that.'

Tim ended up fucking me first and it felt so great. His dick is about average, I guess, but it's pretty thick and I could really feel him shoving inside, not as full as Paul of course but I really wanted to see Tim's face and body and it's kind of hard when a guy's fucking your butt. So I said something about that and Tim said we can still do that and he told me to get on my back and pull my knees up to my shoulders and my butthole was totally there for him, I could feel the night air on it, and he looked really excited and I said what was wrong and he said when I was like that with my dick so close to my mouth and my chest totally bulging and my ass so round and sweet (that's what he said) he was turned on even more if that was possible. So he pushes himself into me and it's even better for me, too, because he's sort of pressing on something in my butt that feels tingling and like I need to cum and my balls are filling up and, like he said, my dick was right there so I leaned up some and sucked my own dickhead inside my mouth and started pumping and swallowing while he's drilling and Tim goes apeshit at the sight of me sucking my own dick and he's creaming his load, too and we're cumming together and I feel so fucking strong and sexy and all. Later I came in his mouth and he swallowed it all. Can't wait until he starts growing. He's so fucking beautiful.

It was a really good night.


September 15 6’9" 282 lbs.

Nope, it's not a lie, I'm pumping up like a son of a bitch. So says Paul. I'm gaining muscle faster than ever, I guess because we're at the gym every day for a couple of hours, then I'm loading up on protein and whatever, then back at the gym training a different set of muscles. Legs for a while, then maybe back or chest or something. Paul says we should be feeling fatigue but I sure don't, I just want to keep doing it, feeling that feeling in my muscles after a workout. It's like I can feel myself getting bigger. I'm all hot and feel this pulsing sort of thing and when I flex I can watch the muscle grow. Gets me off, pretty much.

I'm a little worried I'm not getting taller, though, but Paul says we can't control that. He says the muscle tissue breaks down when you stress it and you get these microbreaks or something and then the muscle repairs itself and that's where the growth comes from. He says maybe my body and now his and I guess Jack's too are in constant growth mode for some reason, breaking down and getting bigger all the time in really small ways but going to the gym makes that go faster so I get bigger and bigger. I guess gaining 4 or 5 pounds a day is pretty cool. But man I'm always hungry. And always horny.

Luckily I have Paul around for the latter, plus now Tim came by today and we went to Jack's house last night so we have this little club, sort of, so I can fuck almost whenever I want to. Or need to, which is more like it.

Paul is gaining a lot of muscle, too. He's pretty huge and when we compare I'm bigger but he looks so fine and hard and big and I can't see myself all over like I can see him but he tells me I'm really beautiful which makes me feel like slugging him and kissing him.

Jack said we couldn't tell anyone about going to his house because we're minors and technically he can't do anything with us by law. And I knew that, but I don't care because he's one hell of a lover. I guess being older has some advantages (ha!) and I don't think we look 16 if I compare Paul and me to like Jerry or somebody. And even though Tim is 18 I think we look older than him, too. I have some pretty thick hair on my chest and belly and my crotch looks like a freaking forest or something. I think I might grow a beard because I get tired of shaving twice a day, too. How do other guys do it?

Okay, so when we were at Jack's he has a pool! I wish I had one, it was so sweet swimming in it at night. He turned the light on and it was like it was glowing. He turned off all the other lights and Paul and me went skinny dipping and then Jack joined us but we didn't stay swimming for long because the water felt so good and I forgot what it felt like swimming naked and I can really move underwater, I discovered, I guess because I'm strong or whatever and the feel of the water rushing over my cock and balls made me get super horny and I pulled Paul over and plugged him and being in water made sex so much easier, we could float and trade positions and we got better at holding our breath and then Paul joined us, he's a lot smaller but getting bigger too like I mentioned, so we fucked each other and I came a bunch of times and so did Paul and I swear between the three of us guys not a drop of sperm got into that pool.

I had so much fun, but I need to think of better lies to tell Dad, I'm not sure I can keep getting away with the movie and pizza thing.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 15

The muscle brothers came over last night. I was actually regretting giving them my home address. I think I was still in the throes of passion when I did that, totally spur of the moment. But, c'mon, there were two naked prime muscular over-sexed beautiful teen bodybuilders in my office and I'd just been fucked by a 10-inch sex pole and sucked off the biggest dick I've ever seen and swallowed what seems to be turning me into another naked prime muscular over- sexed beautiful not-quite-teen bodybuilder so maybe I wasn't thinking straight, you should excuse the expression.

I think I probably should have expected the reaction they had to my place, but looking at them I keep forgetting they're only 16 years old and don't see many other guy's houses. Everything was “whoa!” and “dude!” and “fuck!” from the saltwater aquarium to the 36” Sony to the swimming pool lights. Usually the only way to impress a guy is to go down on them underwater and stay there until they cum—a little trick that never fails to impress. And lately all I need to do is strip off my shirt and give them a gander at my new, improved bod (gained 4 1/2 inches on the arms, the chest is looking fucking amazing and my ass is so high and tight that it looks like I'm packing melons in my shorts) and they're sucking me off.

So I let the guys loose to look over everything and they're acting like they're in a museum, not touching anything and calling me Dr. Donaldson all night until we're all naked in the pool and I'm ramming Paul's perfect ass and licking Kevin's amazing prick from balls to helmet and suddenly I'm Jack.

These kids, though, they may have amazing bodies that are so strong and supple that I doubt there's anything they can't do, but they aren't very imaginative. Apparently they buttfuck and blow each other and that's it. I introduced Kevin to the joy of his own nipples, I stuck my tongue up Paul's ass and you'd think I taught him how to see. We have a long way to go, the boys and I.

Also they mentioned Tim in glowing terms. Something about a birthday present. I have a feeling my little house in the hills is going to start being pretty fucking busy before very long.

Paul asked if he should still come into the office since now he's coming to my house. I said yes because I still need to take measurements. He said, “But now we know why I'm bigger, Jack. It's my cum.” And I had to say, “We know whatever is making you bigger is in your cum—we still don't know what it is.” Paul asked, “Does it really matter?”

I was thinking, fuck no, but instead I said, “It might. We know that it makes us bigger, more muscular, stronger and, um, longer,” and I lifted my dick, which has gained about an inch and is a whole lot thicker than it was. “But we don't know what else it's doing, what else it's changing.”

They didn't look too concerned, and I could see why. If I looked like they did when I was 16, and I was getting bigger and stronger by the day, and I could fuck from dawn to dusk practically without stopping, I guess I'd be pretty content, too.


Doctor’s Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

Kevin continues to develop, and in some ways the development is accelerating. While he still grows taller, the gains in muscle growth and overall weight are now outstripping that rate of growth. Current measurements are as follows:

6' 9.75” 286.5 lbs Waist: 30 inches Chest: 57.75 inches Upper arm: 23 inches Thigh: 32.25 inches

In addition, his sexual organs are also abnormally large but show no other abnormalities. Their appearance is uniform and usual, and Kevin shows no lack of stimulation to any of the tissue and, in fact, reports that the tissue of both penis and testes are more sensitive than earlier. He is ejaculating an unusually high amount, but the ejaculate is similarly not effected by the abnormal development.

Kevin's penis is approximately 9 inches long, 6 inches in diameter flaccid; 12.5 inches long, 8 inches in diameter erect.

I am sending more blood, semen, urine and stool samples to the labs in Baltimore for further tests. So far, nothing unusual has turned up that would explain Kevin's unusual development. I will begin researching family history for genetic clues this week.

I will also need to check environmental factors due to the sudden, unexplained, rapid development of Paul Andrews, Kevin's best friend. Within the past few months, Paul has accompanied Kevin for his check- ups and is noticeably large for his age, similar but less developed than Kevin Peters. Paul's measurements are as follows:

6' 4.25” 232.25 lbs Waist: 28 inches Chest: 49 inches Upper arm: 18 inches Thigh: 24.5 inches

Paul's sexual organs are also larger than normal. I will attempt to get his health records to determine if growth is occurring in that area as well.

I have attempted to calculate Kevin's ultimate size given a normal growth period extending to his approximate 18th year given the rate of development recorded thus far. If the accelerating muscular growth remains constant and his slowing height gains continue to deteriorate, I estimate that Kevin will eventually reach 7 feet, 8 inches in height and weigh approximately 450 lbs. He has maintained a 6% bodyfat balance and I see no reason for this to change, and it may in fact lessen to 5% or 4%.


September 23 6’10" 301 lbs.

Topped the three-oh-oh mark! Fucking a!

It's been a busy week, but I want to make sure I write it down so I never forget. I think things are going to start getting real busy for me and Paul so I'm not sure when I can write again.

Here's what's happened. For some reason, after I was with Tim in the park that night he grew really fast and all the sudden. Not like Paul and me or even Jack. Tim showed up the next day at school and his clothes were really tight on him, except his pants, except in some places. I mean his shirt was stretched across his chest and shoulders and the arms were hugging his biceps and his neck was practically tearing the neckhole open and when I saw him between classes, which is the only time I can really see him since I'm a freshman and he's a senior, he came over to me and I saw this look in his eye and thought he was going to start kissing me right there. Instead he throws up this double-bi that makes his arms balloon up and his chest sticks out a mile and then he lowered his arms and lifted the T shirt and shows me this defined set of abs which were nothing like he'd had before and he's all, 'what did you do to me?' and I'm like, 'I don't know, Tim, but you're not the only one.'

So he makes a date with me that night and I say I have to ask Paul about that and he said he wants us both there and he's going to be bringing a friend or two and where could we meet because he says I shouldn't plan on wearing anything and the only place I can think of is Jack's but I'm worried about that because of the age thing Jack mentioned but I'm thinking Tim's probably 18 so he's probably okay and Tim's friends are probably Tim's age so I say yeah, I know a place we can go and say we should meet at McDonald's and then we'll go.

He was smiling so big and damn he looked good and I wanted to rip him out of those jeans—I should add that his waist was smaller or something because I could totally look down his pants and see some pubes sticking out and I swear his dick is laying down there like a sausage and it's so big and juicy and I feel like I'm about to bust but he lays a hand on my shoulder and squeezes and I feel all small again even though I'm like huge beside him but he makes me feel like a little kid.

So that night me and Paul are at Mickey D's and chowing down a few burgers each, we're always hungry and the burgers are the cheapest and we can get more meat that way like it's real meat NOT! Anyway, whatever, and I see Tim's Camaro pull in and who do you think is with him but Rick and Steve and Paul goes something like 'I knew it!' and he's smiling big and I'm like 'what?' even though I remember what happened in the showers, of course, but I never thought Rick and Steve were going to be sucking anyone's dick except maybe their own'they wish—and they come in and Tim looks even bigger, but it's probably just me forgetting again how he looked earlier and stuff.

But Paul's all, no we can't be doing this, why'd you bring those guys? And Tim goes, well, they saw me and wanted to know what I did and what happened and I said if they really wanted to know they should meet me here and I mentioned Kevin and that was all it took, everyone knows Kevin and every guy on the team wants what Kevin's got. And I felt both sort of proud and sort of mad for some reason, like, those guys never even talk to me or anything and now they all want something from me and fuck them anyway and I start to say something but then Paul goes, it isn't fair and you know why, Tim. Tim looks at Rick and Steve who are looking nervous all the sudden and then Paul asks, so, you guys want to suck my dick?

He said it right out in McDonald's like that! And I laughed because I couldn't help it and watch these two guys looking at my crotch and Paul's crotch and Paul grabs himself through his sweats and he's holding that huge sex tool he owns and I'm feeling mine all heavy and hungry down there and Rick shrugs and goes, yeah, okay and then Steve elbows him in the ribs and says tell him or something and then Tim goes these two are okay, guys. And Paul goes, so you two are fags? You like giving head? You want my prick up your ass? And I'm like, cool it, Paul but he's mad now and whatever.

So we're standing there in McDonald's and it's not like it's all private and I sort of attract attention anyway being so big and what not and I see that now Rick and Steve are looking like they're having second thoughts but I'm all thinking about Tim now and how he looks and that I really want him and I can feel my dick getting hard and I go 'look if it's my decision I say we're all going and if we're going we're going now.' And Paul looks at me sort of mad but I'm like whatever and just start to leave and Tim and Rick and Steve follow me out and Paul I guess comes along and we pile into Tim's car which was a tight fit and feeling those football players pressing against me was getting me pretty excited and I looked at Paul but he was just looking out the window and I'm giving directions to Jack's and we get there finally and all pry ourselves out of the car and I go up to the door and ring the bell.

So like the five of us are standing there on the stoop and the porch light comes on and Jack opens the door with this smile on his face, sort of funny, and he's wearing this shirt with the sleeves torn off and showing off major guns and you can see his big dick lying in the crotch of the sweatpants he has on and he stinks like a locker room so it's pretty clear he's been working out because he's all sweaty and slick and he's looking at all of us and that weird little smile gets bigger and bigger but he doesn't say anything, he just steps back and holds the door open wider and we all go inside.

Tim is totally cool. He goes, “Good evening Dr. Donaldson,” all suave and shit, and then he goes, “This is Rick Jeffries and Steve Townsend.” And they both reach forward and shake hands with Jack, I'm stuck watching the muscles on his arm bulging when he does that and realize he's a lot bigger even than a couple of days ago, and the two new guys are all quiet and looking sort of shocked until Jack says, “Welcome to the fuck shack, boys,” and Paul snorts and Tim laughs too and I look at Rick and Steve and they're smiling now and the tension finally breaks and Jack laughs, too, and looks at Tim and goes, “How they hanging?”

Tim smiles big and starts taking off his shirt and, Jesus, he's huge! I mean, it's like he's almost another dude! He's just as beautiful, just as sexy as he was but now I can see how big his muscles are and it's amazing. He's got this chest fat with muscle, it's rippling and flexing and just huge! He's got this dusting of dark curls all across his two big round globes and his nips are fat and hard, like peanuts. He tosses his shirt to the floor and then his fingers are on his belt and he unbuckles that, still hasn't said a word, all cool and shit, still smiling, sexy as fuck and the belt comes undone and he grabs the 501's and pulls them apart and this huge freaking dick comes tumbling out! And I'm talking fat and long and plump and delicious, one foot-long to go! And he stands there, pants wide open, huge cock hanging out growing longer, now, and fatter and he finally says, “Mighty fine, Doc. Mighty fine.”

Well, Rick and Steve go apeshit. I look at Paul and he's drooling. Jack's smile is still on his face and he folds his own heavy arms across his chest and looks down at this prime tool of fuckflesh (Paul calls me that sometimes, gets me all hot), nods slightly and goes, “Looks like someone else has been sampling your goods, little Kevin.”

Now Rick and Steve look at me, I'm all embarrassed and probably red until here comes Tim over to me, his dick is growing harder and sort of wagging and pumping itself up and he leans up and puts his lips on mine and shoves his tongue against my mouth and, well, you don't have to ask me twice so I kiss him back, feeling the heat of his cock against me and we kiss for what felt like an hour until I hear Paul clear his throat and Tim sort of laughs as he pulls his sweet, hot mouth from mine and he winks at me and says, “Thanks, Kev.”

Well, now I'm ready for some ass, know what I'm saying? Here's Tim, my hero, practically naked and there's Jack all sweaty and smelling like sex and over there is Paul, my lover, my friend, my fuckmate and now there's Rick and Steve and Rick is sort of dark and tanned, his head is buzzed short and he has this shadow of stubble that kind of melts into his hair and he's grinning big and Steve has dirty blonde hair, kind of long, you know, like that Calvin Klein guy with the huge package? He's lean and tight and I can see his nips poking up against his white t-shirt and he looks like he's about to rip through his pants or something and there's so much sex in the room it feels like the place is going to catch fire or explode or something.

But Jack is still all cool. He goes, “Who needs a beer?” and then he's stripping off his top, too, and fuck if his bod ain't all huge and muscular, much bigger than just a couple of days ago, and the sweatpants are low on his hips and there's a wet spot, now, on them and his dick is showing definite signs of life and I hear something to my left and Paul has magically got all his clothes off and stands there looking all kinds of fine and then they're all looking at me.

Of course I'm like, “What?” because I'm just enjoying the show but it's pretty clear that they want to see my body, now. Again I feel kind of embarrassed at first with everyone staring at me like I'm some kind of prize or something, but then that gets me pretty hot. They all want me! I want all of them, and all they want is me!

So, shit, I'm okay with that. So I go, “I'll have a beer,” and reach down and start to pull my shirt off and as I'm showing off my muscles I hear actual gasps! I guess it was Steve and Rick, because Tim and Paul and Jack are very familiar with my body by now but I can't see because the shirts over my head and I take it off and sort of pose, then, showing off because why not? I'm puffing out my chest and tightening my belly, showing off the deep cuts and the 8-pack and shit, right? Paul's grinning, Tim's smiling, Jack's eyebrow rises like he's inspecting livestock, whatever. I'm grinning like an idiot and look at Rick and Steve and go, “Well?” and they're trying to pull their shirts off without ripping them and I'm undoing my pants and peeling them down'they're really tight against my thighs so it takes a while but I kick them off, I'm not wearing any shorts, my dick is drooling and I sort of feel myself up, raise my arm and sniff the stink of my pit, run my hands over all my muscles, I'm pumped and huge and feeling fucking sexy and my balls are churning, plump with juice and I go, and I can't believe I said this, but I go, “Who's first?”

To prime the pump, sort of, I put my dick in my palm and squeezed my ass and did the dick thing, making my cock suddenly swell a couple inches longer and lots thicker. I mean it's already a monster, right? Fat thing, huge there, warm and firm and feeling pretty good just with me holding it, but this is a pretty cool thing I discovered by accident, I guess it pumps blood in or there's some muscle or something but whatever, it never fails to get Paul stoked and the reaction from the rest of the guys was even more dramatic. I guess it is sort of cool, seeing my dick plump like a Ball Park frank. I doesn't make it feel any sexier, but man the reaction sure does!

So Jack's all laughing and shit, he's pretty much seen every inch of me inside and out and I'm always showing off what I can do for him and he leaves to get me a beer, he's pulling off his pants and gives us all, or at least me, a nice shot of his worked out ass and suddenly I've got somebody's mouth sucking me inside! I mean, fuck, I hardly have time to pull my hand off and there's Rick's dark head down there and he swallowing me whole and damn he feels good, the boy is hungry, know what I'm saying? But I know how to hold out, buddy, I know how to not come, see, and so he's sucking and tonguing and his hands start grabbing my ass, he's practically pulling my dick inside him deeper and deeper. His fingers start digging in my hole, I'm grinning like a fucking idiot because this is just great and what I really needed suddenly is happening.

So when Jack got back he hands me my beer and looks down at Rick sucking my cock and then he looks over at Paul and Steve and goes, “So what's stopping you boys?” as he walks on over to Tim and drops to his knees and starts blowing his joint. Then Steve is down on Paul and there we are in the living room, six naked dudes, three sucking dick, three getting head and all is right with the world.

I watch Paul and start feeling this weird connection to him. We've never both been getting head at the same time, it's usually one giving it to the other, so it's like we're both getting head from each other almost and he's smiling this beautiful smile and he nods to me and I sort of know what he's thinking, what he means by that, it's like “let's give it to these guys good, let's really blow their gaskets and fill 'em up with thick, creamy loads.” And I nod back, feeling Rick's talented mouth all over my fat prick and my balls are churning and filling up and drooping with my load, I'm holding back for him and I'm watching Paul, cuz he can't hold it like I can and I want us to come together and he's pinching his eyes shut making me think, damn, that Steve must be really good if Paul is already going to pop.

But the thing is I've lost track of time and don't realize that he's been sucking me off for fifteen minutes already! So I think, shit, I better give this guy his just desserts and go ahead and give him his reward, I start pumping my hot, thick, salty cream down his throat and he starts sucking even harder! Jesus, the boy was good! How could I not tell earlier? This guy must have been sucking cock since he was a kid or something because he's swallowing every drop and gulping and sucking for more. Luckily, I can give him that, I can come buckets now, so he gets the full treatment, I come until I'm empty, I pump him thick and full and finally he almost falls off my softening dick and steadies himself with his hands, falling back like, and his belly looks all hard and fat!

I'm thinking, shit, he's gonna pop! How much did I come, for shit's sake? But his face has this sort of perfect smile on it and he's making these noises like he's purring or moaning or something and I've heard those sounds before but it's always during the fucking, not afterwards. And there's Steve, too, and he's looking all blissed out and I'm wondering what the fuck is happening here and by this time Tim and Jack have traded places and now Tim is sucking Jack's prick and me and Paul are just standing there when I hear a new sound and look over at Rick.

He's not moaning now, he's sort of growling.


September 23 6’10" 301 lbs. (continued)

At first I wonder if something's wrong. The sound is coming from deep inside him, like a dog. His face has this look like he's concentrating on something really hard. His eyes are closed and he's on his knees and bent back, his belly kind of sticking out and his hands on the floor by his feet. His face is up towards the ceiling and his jaw is clenched so tight I can see the cords on his neck. The growl sound is like rocks rubbing together or like some engine or something. I can almost feel it, it's so deep and it goes on and on.

Now Tim and Jack can hear it, too, and it's so loud and deep that they stop what they're doing, too, which is pretty fucking hard to believe, I know. I mean, if Tim was sucking my dick I don't think anything short of a nuclear war could get my attention, know what I'm saying? But Jack's looking over and Tim gets to his feet and now even Paul is looking, because him and Steve are done and Steve looks almost as bad—or as good—as Rick. Paul must have given Steve a load almost as big as what I gave Rick, only Steve's not arching his back he's on the floor, on his side, one arm stretched over his head and the other reaching down and he's rubbing his cock, sort of squeezing it and not really stroking off. He's not growling, though, but he is making that purring noise. Not like a cat, but more like a tiger. A big fucking cat, in other words.

Rick's growl goes deeper still and now he's twisting his head on his neck and his jaw's not clenched, his mouth is open and that noise is coming from his throat. Or his chest. A deep rumbling noise. And now I look at him, bent back like that, and I can see his belly kind of tightening up. It's like it's shrinking, but then I notice that what looks like it's happening is that all that juice of mine is traveling out from his belly into his chest and arms and legs, like they're filling up. I can see it happening, and I'm sort of freaked out and call out “Jack! Jack, what the fuck is happening?”

Jack's mouth is hanging open and he looks as surprised as me. Tim has his arms crossed over his chest and he's sort of smiling or something, and I don't wonder why then but if I was smarter I would have guessed why, anyway. Then I'm looking at Rick again and notice that his arms and legs and chest look a lot bigger, swollen or something, and his belly is really tight and hard and flat, and that growling noise is getting softer and softer, or maybe it was getting deeper so I couldn't hear it as well, but I could still feel it.

Suddenly Rick's eyes open and they focus on me so hard that it feels like he's looking inside me or something, it's a look I'll never ever forget as long as I live. There isn't pain or hurt there, or even love like in Paul's eyes sometimes or lust like in Jack's. I don't know what that look was, but it felt damn good and I felt this chill go through me and then Rick smiles and stretches his head back again and lifts his arms up and wide and I can see them growing! Fuck, Rick's muscles are growing! I think I even said it out loud, and I hear someone sort of laugh or sigh or gasp and I don't know who it was, maybe it was Tim, and then Rick's legs are bulging too! And his belly starts to suck up against this set of abs, a six-pack of hard little bumps, and his shoulders are getting fat and round and his chest, fuck! His chest was blowing up like balloons, but filled with meat instead of air.

He gets bigger and bigger like that, just slowly growing as the seconds passed, until he looks like Tim, now. He's big. Not huge like me and Paul, but big—a lot bigger than he was. And that growling noise stops and he slowly raises his head and looks at me again and that other look is gone, now he's just looking at me and there's this sort of wonder or awe or something there and he gets to his feet, sort of shaky, and looks down at himself and says the first words he's said since he came in Jack's house. “Fuck,” he said.

“Holy fuck is probably more accurate,” Tim said, and he's still smiling and then he looks over at Steve, still on the floor, and we all look over and Steve's having the same thing happen to him! It's happening a lot slower, so you can hardly tell what's happening, like looking at a flower to watch it grow and you look away, thinking nothing's happening, then you look back and it's bigger. It was like that with Steve. He was sort of writhing around on the carpet like he was a snake or something. Or maybe not writhing, I guess, but he was sure busy doing something that looked sort of sexy.

As he moved, I could see his muscles flex and squirm under his skin. It was clear he was having the same thing happen to him that happened to Rick, and then Rick was next to me and he was taller too, still shorter than me, of course, but you could tell. Then I hear Tim say, “Just like me,” real quiet and someone, Paul maybe, goes “what?” and Tim goes “Same thing happened to me, but after. Not like this.”

I look at him and he's looking at me and he nods and smiles and makes a muscle. His beauty sends a chill up my spine and I'm horny all over again. “What happened?” I had to ask. I'm all worried now and wondering what the fuck is going on!

But Tim just smiles that perfect smile of his and points at Steve and goes, “This was me two nights ago. It started when I got home, I was already asleep and I was having this great dream about you, Kev, and me. We were making love, and you were so huge and powerful and I said something like 'make me big, Kev, I want to be big.' Or something.” He shrugged and looked weird. “Whatever. It was a dream, all right? But I was all restless and it woke me up and I had a raging hard on and I realized I'd come in my sleep. Had a wet dream, first time in a while, but I was still feeling really turned on, I could still see you in my head, Kev, there in the darkness of my room.

“So I had this huge, fine boner and I threw the sheets off my body and just started stroking off. I probably looked like Steve here, twisting and squirming with pleasure. Hope he don't get carpet burns.” He laughed and then so did I. Jack too. Then he went on. “I felt fucking great and I was jerking off and feeling myself up, it felt like I was huge! I could feel my chest muscles and my belly was rippled with more muscle and my arms and everything. I just figured I was still half-asleep, still dreaming kind of. But it all felt so good, and I had to get off, I had to!

“I could feel myself ready to pop so I took my hand off and tried to calm down because I wanted this to last, I didn't want to come and have the dream be over. So I moved my hands across my body,” and he sort of showed up what he meant. He closed his eyes and started exploring himself, all his fine, tight strength and the dark, plump nips and the thick curls of his pubs and down and back, moving his hands onto his own ass and then digging in deep, rubbing across his rosy hole as he rose on tiptoe and spread his cheeks for entrance. By now, of course, his dick was showing definite signs of life and it was clear that he was no longer just playing around, that he was getting into this. When he spoke again, his voice was husky and deep. “God, so good. Everything felt so good and I kept seeing you, Kev, in my head. You were so beautiful.” He opened his eyes. He looked at me and said it again. “So beautiful.”

He walked over to me and put his hand behind my neck and pulled my mouth onto his. We kissed deep and hard, he wanted me bad. I wrapped him in my arms and pressed myself against him and sucked his tongue, sucked on his lips and couldn't get enough of him. His dick felt like hot iron between us. He whispered, “You gave me what I wanted, Kev,” and his hands were everywhere. “You make me huge.”

I sort of lost track of what was going on with Steve at that point. Frankly I lost track of everything as soon as Tim started coming on to me, and before I knew it I was shoving myself inside his butt and he was grunting and bucking and telling me to fuck him harder.

So, you know, I did that. Tim is so great! I think I've said that about a million times and I feel guilty about leaving Paul out of things so far but, you know, what could I do?

Well, what I could do is go fuck Paul. So I did that, too. And by now Steve and Rick had recovered or whatever and they were exploring each other's bodies pretty thoroughly, if you know what I mean, and there's Paul and me and there's Tim and Jack, back together again and we're all, you know, fucking and whatever and then there's a break in the action and I finally get my head on straight sort of and go to Jack, “what the fuck is happening?”

So Jack says, “I don't know, Kevin. But I can guess. It's pretty clear that whatever you have, you can give it to other guys through your come.” He said semen, but I like come better. “And it looks like you're becoming more potent every day. It took months for you to have the effects on Paul. Your own growth took years. With me it was weeks. With Tim, days. And now with Rick it looks like minutes.”

“And Paul can do it too?” Because there's Steve looking all kinds of fine. Certainly not as big as even Rick, but bigger than he was.

“Obviously. It's probably only a matter of time before anyone you change can change someone else. Maybe we already are, in really small ways. It's like you have a virus that infects the guys you're with, and then each of those men becomes a carrier.”

He was making me sound like I was a disease, which wasn't making me happy. And I guess I showed it, so he goes, “But it's all good, as far as I can tell. You sure don't hear me complaining. And looking at Paul and Tim and the other guys, I'm thinking you're going to have a pretty big fan club pretty fucking soon.”

I was feeling both scared and excited. I mean, what was inside me that was doing this and why? But at the same time, look what it was doing! Look at Rick! He was gorgeous and looked so fucking great with his new muscle. Steve was filling out nicely too, and I thought if I could have a few minutes with him and give him a fat load of my come he'd look better than Rick, maybe. And Ti m, of course, I've already said what a beauty he was. And then I looked at Paul.

I loved him so much. He'd made me love myself, and taught me so much. He was looking at me and smiling and I knew he loved me, too.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 24

As I'm writing this, my home is filled with muscle. A few hours ago, there was what I can only describe as an orgy of hot, muscular sex going on, driven by whatever it is that young Mr. Peters has swimming in his genes. Ands afterwards, something even more amazing was happening—looking around, I think it still is.

If I pause in my typing and look at my own arm, bending and tensing the bicep, I can watch it bulge fat with hard power. The head of it splits in two, now, and a thick vein winds across it. The strength of it pulses tight and full, and that strength climbs across my wider shoulders and thicker chest. Jesus, my pecs are huge! I pull in a breath and flex the muscle and feel it grow hard and full. I brush my fingers against my nipple and a thrill of deep, hot sex rushed direct to my dick, and it starts to throb and lengthen and thicken, ready for more attention. Never satisfied.

I can't explain it. Not sure I even want to anymore. I just want more of it. More and more.

Someone stirs behind me, in the dim morning light filtering across the naked, perfect teen muscle gods asleep on the floor. I see a tangle of arms and legs and heavy, bulging torsos, some slick with sweat still, others brushed with light forests of curls. The body that moves twists his majestic muscled form and his heavy, fat cock flops across his cabled thigh muscles. His balls, like eggs, round in their loose sac, churn even now. He has more to give, and his body is merely waiting another opportunity.

I don't know what to say here, how to describe the past night and all the discoveries. Things have started moving very, very fast. There's no hiding this anymore, there'll be no way for some of these guys to be able to go home in a few hours and say good morning to their parents and siblings and friends looking like they do without lots of questions and maybe fears and accusations starting. I know fingers will point my way, that I've been experimenting or something, maybe even that I've been dealing, selling them some miracle steroid with absurdly effective properties. How else to explain it?

I look at these kids—that's what they are, really, even though the effects of Kevin upon them have some growing beards as I watch, and my own face looks years younger instead of older. I look at them and wonder what to do now. And at the same time, all I want to do is crawl among them and kiss them and fuck them and feel them and grow with them, bigger yet, stronger, taller, more perfect.

I swear that Tim is growing as he sleeps. His chest rises and falls, but does it fall as deeply or keep rising? Are his arms growing fatter, his shoulders wider and thicker, his legs bigger yet? Is it a trick of the light?

And Kevin. Could he get bigger? How does this all affect him, and his gift? Is it compounded by these others, feeding on itself and growing more powerful still? Now it can change a young man in a matter of minutes. What happens tomorrow? Will he fuck some guy in the locker room and, as they fuck, the dude grows more powerful, bigger, stronger, taller as they fuck. One second he's Peewee Herman, the next he's Paul DeMayo, ripped and huge, bursting from his clothes? Is that possible, and what are the side effects of that? How could a human body stand that much stress all at once?

Kevin stirs awake and looks over at me. He smiles and nods. He stretches, all the bulging masses of his body pulling and pushing against each other. What can that feel like, that much muscle and strength? He's so big now, he must weigh 320 or 330, all that added power from one night with these others. He stands and continues to stretch, nearly seven feet high with a cock that could choke, well, anyone. It swings as he kills an itch and then he hefts that mass of man meat and grins, rubbing his thumb across the helmet and teasing it to fullness. Blood pumps into the foot-long fatty and it inflates as he leisurely strokes himself, already prepped to plug into another lucky partner and push his body to new heights.

He's looking at me. I can almost feel the heat of that gaze, and the hunger and passion and need. I have to stop typing for a few minutes. Duty calls.

Well, a few minutes turned into a few hours. I'm afraid when Kevin's got you in his rather commanding grip, you're apt to be a little boisterous in your approval of certain of his charms. My ass will never be the same—but in a very good way.

I can feel it already, the stuff. Kevin's potency keeps growing just like him. My whole body feels like it's been supercharged, everything is tingling and has that “just worked out” feeling. And I guess a workout is pretty close to what I got.

Kevin's still going, of course. Him and Paul both. The Wonder Twins. Everyone else is in the kitchen, feeding all that muscle with food. Growing boys, you know.

It's almost 9 already. Kevin and I started in around 7, went for about an hour, I felt some other hands and mouths and dicks joining in, soon there was more come everywhere, the hungry little buggers were slurping that up now that they realize what it does for them, but it's not enough to keep those bodies growing all by itself, of course. Just the catalyst, they still need carbs and protein and all the other building blocks. It's almost as if their bodies have become muscle factories, turning whatever they pour inside into instant strength and size.

My stomach's growling like a lion, but that kitchen's only so big, especially when filled with guys bulging out bigger by the minute. Damn, I have no idea what to do here. Maybe a couple of the guys could hide their new endowments in baggy clothes—though it'd be a crying shame to do it. Perfect bodies and fat cocks like they now own should be framed and mounted, not shoved inside tents. I almost think seeing them in some tight T's and jeans, those bubble butts walking down the street, nips poking against the clean white cotton would be sexier than watching them completely naked.


I should ask Tim what his parents said. He changed dramatically overnight, he said. They couldn't have not noticed that—or maybe, being human and faced with the impossible, they just fit it into what they thought was real and reasoned it away. “He always looked like that,” Mom would think as she felt a hot urge to run her hands over his tight belly and round, heavy pecs.

Jeez, I'm a sick fuck.

Maybe there's nothing to worry about. Maybe it'll all just pass, they'll go home at some point—probably after a last fuckfest and maybe a swim to get the jizz out of their curls, and things'll go on. Just like yesterday.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


October 11 7’1" 357 lbs.

Long time, no type. Hey diary, sorry about the silence. I'll start off with some updated stats:

Waist: 31 inches Chest: 54 inches Upper arm: 20 inches Thigh: 29 inches Penis: 12 inches (and hard, 15 inches.)

So fucking big. No two ways around that. Jack says not to worry, that I'm not showing any weird effects of this and, in fact, I'm probably healthier than most other guys on the planet. I'd have to say I agree with that, just based on my workouts and the fact that I'm having more and better sex than ever. I keep getting bigger, I keep running into more guys who are more than happy to accommodate me.

Since last time, thing's got a little out of hand. I mean, not that I'm complaining, but I'm wondering when, like, the X File guys are gonna by knocking on some doors around town asking all these musclebound fuckhounds just what the fuck is going on anyway. Paul and me still outweigh the other guys, but a couple are catching up fast and lately everywhere I go, from the mall to the beach to the gym to the movies, all I see are gorgeous guys with serious sets of pecs and fat bi's and amazing six-packed abs strutting like peacocks looking for their next fuck.

Which, usually, turns out to be me. Jack saya there's nothing wrong with me, but this constant horniness is bound to put a cramp in my schoolwork. I can hardly concentrate anymore. I go to class and walk in and there's Jake Pearson looking like Mr. Perfect Ass in some painted-on jeans and wearing this stretchy tank top that clings to his body and shows off everything and our eyes meet and suddenly him and I are ditching and making the nasty in the bathroom, I'm pumping his ass, he's sucking my cock, next thing I know the bell's going off, he's wiping his mouth and flexing his muscles and winking at me and away he goes. I'm pulling my shorts back up and the stall door opens and there's Cary Stephens, fly undone, prick at the ready, and what's a poor boy supposed to do?

I mean, the guy is hung.

They've started calling us the Big Boys. Not very imaginative, I think, but it sure fits. I gotta go commando anymore, can't find underwear to contain me at all and, really, as much as I'm pulling it out, what's the point?

Fuck, but it's all so good. You should see some of these guys. I mean, goddam, they are fine! I heard that there's some kind of sex club happening every night out at the park, now. Cruising has given away to fucking. When you're insatiable, it makes sense. If you can get it all the time, why wouldn't you?

But me and Paul and some of the first guys, we still all meet up at Jack's place. That poor guy must have a hell of a cleaning bill what with all of us pumping and coming all hours of the day and night. And the good doctor himself, well, if he's not the best looking among us then he's in the top three.

Probably Tim still reigns supreme if I was going to compare looks. Paul and me are still together, naturally, but he's getting done and doing as many guys on the side as I am. Can't help it, we'd wear each other out if we tried to stay just us together. Not that I wouldn't mind trying, he's still the best fuck. And the best suck. And the best, well, everything. But variety is the spice of life, and maybe me being 16 means I'm allowed to play around. And my hungry big dick wouldn't have it any other way.

Once in a while I get to watch a guy change. Usually, though, I need a guy who's already been juiced at least once just so he's big enough to take me on. Watching a guy change is still really cool. I wonder if I'll ever get tired of it.

It's kind of hard to describe. I mean, I reread what I wrote a few weeks back about Rick and Steve changing, but now when it happens it's like the guy's inflating or something. The stuff is super strong now. Instant muscle, especially from me or Paul. But the longer a guy's been juiced, the stronger his juice gets. And the more he fucks, the more juice he gets. Jack calls it a vicious cycle. Your body wants to fuck constantly, or at least come all the time. You balls get big and start making this stuff and the more you come, the more you can come. And the more you fuck, the bigger you get, and you make more guys big, and they come back to fuck you, and on and on. Pretty cool, but also really weird.

Like I said, you see the guys everywhere, now. It started just at my school, but then at some of the games I started noticing that the muscular guys were, like, really muscular guys. And there was a lot more going on in the locker rooms than showering and dressing. And then it was the teachers, too. And then I saw this guy at Safeway bagging groceries and he had these guns like he was Mr. Universe. And him and I met up in the stock room and I pumped him bigger, still.

Everyone knows me, it seems like. I mean, I'm kind of hard to miss, right? Seven feet high, four feet wide, stomping around bulging out everywhere and this fat prick that's climbing up my abs anytime I eye some hot dude showing off his form. Drooling precum and shooting loads of thick, hot cream as much as I can—a guy like that gets a reputation. Luckily I have no problem living up to mine.

Anyway, so when you juice a new guy he gets pretty scared at first, because I guess it hurts at first. I mean, here's your old body and it's muscles and bones and you shoot it full of this stuff that's going to force it to get a lot bigger all at once. The skin stretches and the muscles bulge and some guys scream and some guys grit their teeth. It depends on who juiced you, of course, how big you get the first time. Probably why I'm not usually with those guys. Because the last time I did it, the poor dude, well, it must've hurt pretty bad.

His name is Jason. Cute dude, blue eyes, dark hair, kind of scrawny, really, but my perspective is all screwed up. So scrawny means he was probably around 5-11 and weighed, like, 185 maybe. Decent, I guess. So I'm like lounging in the sun, whatever, feeling pretty good with the heat on my skin and probably rubbing my dick or whatever, it's stretching itself like a snake and I'm feeling the need to get my rocks off, again. It just happens, and lately I just jerk off and that helps, but this shadow fell across my eyes and I look up and he's there, Jason, though I don't know his name, and he's looking down at my whole body and the only way I could describe the look was hungry.

I wasn't naked, exactly, but I might as well have been. No shirt as usually, and like I said my cock was stretching and it's a little hard to hide a 15-inch python that's thick as a fucking beercan and these heavy veins all over it and so, you know, I'm huge and he's looking at me and I go, “Hi.”

He looks at my face and says, “Hi,” back and then kneels down beside me and scans down my form and stops at my crotch. I'm sort of petting the beast, you know, rubbing and caressing my many inches, showing off, and he smiles and says, “Need some help with that?”

I laugh sort of. “You sure you can handle it?”

He meets my eyes and that smile is still there and he goes, “Never know until I try.” So I lean up, my belly popping with muscle, and lean on my elbows so my dick is left alone, throbbing with every heartbeat and growing harder and longer as we wait. He pulls my button fly open and out I pop. He leans down and puts his mouth against it, breathing moist heat against me, and that feels good. He licks the shiny skin and I feel a pump of precum erupt up my inches which he, dutifully, sucks off. I'm enjoying it, sure, but I'm feeling sort of, you know, guilty because maybe he doesn't know what he's in for, so I ask him, “You know who I am?” He nods but doesn't stop kissing my dick, almost like he's worshiping it. “And you know what'll happen? After?” He nods again, this time kind of twisting his head so his eyes look up at my face. He pauses and then sticks out his tongue and it's a long one, the dude's tongue hung, right? And he can almost wrap it around me and he's grinning and sucking and licking and man it feels good and I'm still growing and he's still sucking.

I pump another salty gob of clear precum and he's right there again, greedily sucking it inside his mouth and then he sucks the whole plum of my helmet inside the warm wetness of his mouth and that long tongue and my toes curl because, dude, this guy is serious. My head goes back and my eyes roll up and he moving on top of me and his ass is in my face now and he goes down and down on me and I'm thinking he's going to choke or something but, damn, it feels amazing and I lean forward and sniff against his crack. He's wearing jeans but I can smell his scent, like he's wet like some chick in there, his sweat mingling with his deeper funk and I'm snorting in his ass and stick out my tongue and shove it there, against his ass, making my tongue hard and thick and he twitches at my nudge and man I want inside, now, I want to plunge my tongue inside him and kiss his rosy hole and lick, lick, lick so I reach in there and, you know, I'm strong and whatnot so I'm grabbing the seams of his Levi's and I just, well, rip his open.

He jumps, but my dick is hard and hot and thick down his throat so there ain't much more he can do and he's not wearing skivvies, either, and there's his hairy little butt right in front of me so I go to town, because that smell of him, the Jason smell, erupts from the heat of his ass like some fucked up perfume, tangy and masculine, and I'm rutting like a pig in heat and pushing my mouth and tongue against his asshole, hungry for him, feeling his mouth on me, feeling my balls fill up with juice and I move my fingers onto his cheeks and open him up to my tongue and shove it inside, licking his salty sweat, making him squirm and tighten so I move my hands and rip his jeans open wider still so his balls drop out but his cock, hard and red, is stuck up in there. He had such a sweet ass and I was getting excited, now. I wanted to see his dick, too, and to hold it and suck it and lick it all, lick him all up.

His ass wavers delicious and lean in front of me as I continue to eat him and he blows me and I can feel my load wanting out and I know I can come now and come again and so I go ahead and let fly, shoving a thick load up my inches, swelling my dick to hold it until I deliver it down his throat and he's sucking and bucking, I'm coming and licking and, suddenly, I can feel it start.

He's still sucking and swallowing and I'm still licking and pumping and I can feel his body on top of me start to change. It's subtle at first, like I can only tell something is happening but not exactly what, then he's getting heavier, a lot heavier, but he's still sucking me off and I'm still coming, it's a huge load because I was already on my way when he appeared and he's getting it all, gallons of my hot, powerful juice and now he's showing the benefits.

Like I said, usually guys are crying or screaming by now, but he keeps on swallowing. I can't see his face but I imagine he's gotta be pinching his eyes shut and I can feel his teeth on my dick, but I'm so hard now there's nothing gonna hurt me—or stop me, either. I'm giving him everything, and now I can smell him stronger and I can see his balls swelling and his legs are starting to press hard against his jeans and he's getting heavier and heavier and finally, things start ripping.

Now, I fucking love this part. This Hulking Out part. I'd never seen a guy do this while we were still engaged, though, and now I was not only seeing happen, I could feel it. I could feel his muscles growing, feel his body growing thicker and heavier, and his shirt was splitting down his widening back and his pants were spreading themselves like some cocoon so his could emerge new and perfect and beautiful.

Man, I get so poetic when I start talking about this shit.

Anyway, as his shirt tears itself apart I watch the muscles along his back bulge and swell. His shoulders are widening and filling with power and his triceps are emerging, fat horseshoes of brawn striated and cabled. I feel his ass swell and harden in my grip, his glutes growing round and firm. It was amazing, feeling him changing, and I kept coming, pumping him full of juice and he kept growing stronger and stronger, and it was like that for a while. I guess I was just over-stimulated, like they say, because of what was happening. I can come buckets now, but this was ridiculous.

So he's growing on top of me, I'm loving every minute of it and not really paying attention to him because all I can see is his ass and all the sudden he arches his back, I watch my dick stream come like a fountain and he lets out this deep, dark growl from somewhere inside him and stretches out his arms and I can see the muscles all over his back going apeshit and his shoulders mounding up and his neck getting all thick and I still haven't seen his face but I'm still streaming the juice and it feels so fucking good, this long, long orgasm, and Jason bends his arms and the peaks of his biceps are, like, unbelievable! Then his hands reach down and he's exploring his new body, pulling off whatever shreds of clothing are still hanging on and it becomes obvious that he's beating off as he sits there on me!

Fucker was so lost in himself, I guess. But, I mean, Jesus, couldn't he help me finish before he starts on himself? At least let me plug that fine ass and expend my load, but I guess he comes to and he grabs my hard-on and strokes the last blasts out, leaning down to slurp the juice inside his mouth, and then he kind of settles back down on top of me, resting his head on my shoulder and he's breathing pretty hard, I can see his huge chest rising and falling, he's got creamy strings of me all over his front and he's covered in sweat.

But the fucker's huge! I mean, fucking huge! I really want to see this guy, y'know? But he's resting or whatever and, I mean, I know what that's like, sort of. So I wrap my arms around him and hold on to him, feeling his hard bulges and my hot spunk and his sweat and body hair and I close my eyes and we sort of breathe together for a little while as my dick finally goes soft and his growth slows to a stop and we're there, together, on the grass, just sort of resting and happy and both pretty satisfied.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson November 1

The shit has well and truly hit the fan. So I thought I'd document this as well so anyone in the future wondering about how and where the so-called virus began will have a clear picture.

For the record, I still don't know what this is. As noted, they're calling it a virus but I think it's something else, something new. It certainly acts like a virus, but the benefits so far outweigh the drawbacks.

Again, for the record, my own current stats:

6' 8” 286 lbs. Chest: 60” Waist: 30” Arm: 20” Penis: 10”

I'm all round figures at the moment. Tomorrow, who knows? A particular occurrence of this situation is its effect on the individual. Every guy changes according to his own internal schedule. Some of the guys now are as big as Kevin. Some change in smaller ways. I'm changing in an ever increasing manner, growing now by the inch every day toward what end I'm not sure. There's no pain at all, only that constant thrumming heat and pleasure that signal muscle growth. Occasionally I feel something stronger and more intense, which I assume to be the skeletal adjustments as my body expands necessarily to contain the ever increasing bulk. I sometimes fancy that I can see myself expand. I bend my arm and swell the bicep, tensing it harder and harder against the skin until every fiber is distinct, and I think I can see it happening.

It's an unavoidable presence now. You see us everywhere. Gigantic and powerful men bulging out of our clothing. We grow so fast we can't keep up with it. Yesterday my chest managed to fit inside the last XL T-shirt I could find in town, now I'm bare-chested by necessity. I've given up shaving my face, there's no way to keep up with it.

I know a few facts about this condition, but still don't know the actual cause or how to stop it—not that I want to. Fuck, no! This can keep on as long as it wants to.

The facts: Testosterone is being produced in incredible quantities. Cell reproduction is also amped up, which accounts for the overall growth of pretty much everything. My dick is a monster. A foot-long and fat and firm. Even my fucking nipples are huge.

As I said, the shit has hit the fan. It was only a matter of time. Half the high school guys in town look like bodybuilders. Half of them look like, well, superman or something. Idealized perfections of masculine power. They strut and pose and wander around half-naked. They may as well be completely naked for all the good it does. Jeans are too small and hang low on hips, unbuttoned halfway down with dark forests of pubes spilling out.

Some guys squeeze their muscled torsos into ridiculously small tank tops or sleeveless muscle shirts with torn hems showing their rippling six- and eight-packs. Then, there are the shirtless beauties who are too big for anything, even the XXXL shit. Huge, immense, mammoth giants of muscle bulging so thick and powerful that the very air around them seethes with sexual power. All the guys spend half their time fucking each other, and the other half finding new meat and fucking them into sudden muscular strength.

Things really started heating up about two weeks ago. Kevin could already fuck a guy to monster size in one stroke, his super-amped genetic enhancers swarming through the bloodstream like a hive of hornets, killing what was and breeding something incredible. Soon, the guys he changed were changing others just as fast. It spread like a virus, so they called it one. The Goliath Virus started I with the teens in High School whose hormones were already pumped, and then it started showing up in the gay community—no surprise there. Finally, so-called ordinary men, guys in business suits, the UPS guy, the Starbucks counter dude, they started suddenly showing up swollen huge and bulging everywhere, especially in the jeans.

Now it's everywhere. The government guys showed up and before too long they were growing, too. It started spreading outside the town to the nearby metropolis, then from there statewide. How long before the whole country is “infected?” Then the whole world?

Frankly, I'm not too worried. The source of the miracle doesn't seem otherwise effected. It'll still get a woman pregnant, so it ain't like the world's coming to an end. And I'm the last guy to complain that there're too many beautiful, muscular, sex-crazed men around. I mean, hello? Where's the downside?

Anyway, I'm going to archive my diary and stop writing anymore. I expect to keep growing more muscular and keep fucking and getting royally fucked until I die—whenever that'll be. My cellular structure seems to be resequencing or something. I look younger now than a week ago. I'm a guy of near 40 but I look 20. Everything's in working order—better than ever, in fact. So I'm not going to waste time typing when I could be out there finding my next conquest.



The Final Entry

Well, it's been 10 years since my last entry. A lot has happened. The world is a different place, and I'm not the little boy I was then, still in High School, experiencing miracles on a daily basis and wondering what would happen next.

No one is sure even now why things happened the way the did, or why I was the catalyst, or whether this was merely the next natural step in an evolutionary process or an anomaly, though I personally tend to favor the former just on egotism. However, I doubt that man evolved by plugging each other's butts over the millennia, but what do I know? I'm just a simple PhysStat superstar, the biggest man in the world and the object of more detailed scientific attention than probably anyone, ever.

My name is Kevin Peters. I am 25 years old. Several years ago, as I entered puberty, something happened to me physically that radically altered my body—much more so than any other young boy experiencing the blossoming of sexual awakening and the realization of his manhood. My overall growth was accelerated, my muscular development was off the chart, my sexual appetite was insatiable and it became apparent that I was able to pass on my increased physical and sexual capabilities via direct physical contact with other men.

Literally, I could fuck a guy bigger. Excuse the vulgarity, but time is short so I might as well get to the point.

At the same time, I was discovering my homosexual tendencies—luckily for everyone, sexuality is much less a definition today than it was then, and labels and 'decisions' regarding one's desires and preferences disappeared as another side effect of what happened to me. However, I think it is safe to say that I tend to prefer men over women, sexually, and at that time in this country, that meant I was gay. As I said, labels have mostly been forgotten, which I'm sure makes everyone happier.

Or at least, more content. I'm sure the changes in religious teachings and the bent toward spirituality and away from physicality also played a large part, but that debate is for theologians and philosophers. I'm just a simple media celebrity.

Well, not that simple, if I may say so. Traveling the world has certainly opened my eyes to a great many new ideas and learning new languages and studying different cultures has, I hope, made me a better man than I ever hoped to be. The wealth isn't bad, of course, but I'd trade that all in before I gave up the things I've learned and the people I've met.

But, as I said, time is short. So, my story—

This is not the final chapter, of course, although this dialog with you ends one part of my life and starts another. My rather juvenile writings are being published and I was asked to author a denouement, if you will, to the past ten years as seen from my limited vantage point. I remember that I used to record my developing dimensions, taking perhaps more joy in certain developments than others. I have no excuse for that behavior, other than the usual youthful male zeal for all things penile. However, in order to help you understand what I look like, assuming you've never seen my vids or films or magazine shots:

Height: 9' 11” Weight: 760 lbs. Waist: 40 inches Chest: 109 inches Upper arm: 45 inches Thigh: 49 inches Penis: 22 inches (erect 28 inches)

My growth has slowed considerably over the past two years, although I am still gaining approximately two inches per year in height, and my workouts seem to continue to add muscular bulk without limit. Many other men around the world are approaching my dimensions, but as far as I know I remain the largest (and strongest) man on Earth.

The physical changes have slowly migrated everywhere on the planet. There seems to be no immunity, so to speak, to the process once the man has been exposed. Additionally, children are now being born showing the same accelerated development which seems to effect males much more strongly than females, although there are also what I suppose used to be called Amazons now, immensely tall women of incredible beauty and strength capable of coupling with the new model of the human male. Having been with more than a few of these women, I can attest that they are as perfectly and 'normally' developed as I am, or any of the men I have been with.

I would estimate that I have made love with around 2,000 men in the last decade, and probably 200 women. As I said, I do have a definite preference. And I use the term not in irony but in fact. I loved each man and woman I was with, and we shared more than physical pleasure.

I cannot, of course, comment on others' published writings concerning heightened sensitivities and sensuality as a result of the process. I was never anything other than what I am, so my observations concerning the changes manifesting as a result of the process are bound to be lacking in insight.

Put simply, sex is fantastic. All areas of my body are sensitive to touch and my erections are as full, strong, ample and constant as ever. I could not help but notice that this obvious and unvarying physical attribute has changed how men dress and comport themselves in public. Much of the former shame and embarrassment concerning the male appendage have disappeared. It is as much a part of the exposed body as the face or arms used to be. Frankly, fashion had to adjust to the new dimensions immediately, but more for a sense of individuality than of indignity.

It is also common now to grasp another man's erection in public as a greeting. It is considered impolite not to swallow another man's seed if this greeting extends beyond a mere friendly stroke, although that does not tend to be a problem in my experience. The blow job has advanced to something of a way of life, and it's a regular site to see men and women engaged in fellatio on streets, in bars, in malls and nearly everywhere people congregate.

Erect pricks are bared proudly and as a sign of virility and beauty. Men may elect to wear cod pieces or pants with penis socks, but most adopt the “naked sword” as their daily wardrobe. Nudity, in fact, is often the preferred method of 'dress' in nearly all situations, although in the occasional office or formal occasion, pants are still worn. Shirts are usually sleeveless, of course, or made of stretchy material that accentuates and compliments the man's muscled contours.

Sexual encounters take place easily and without ramifications. There is certainly always an emotional as well as physical connection, but partnering continues to be as popular as ever. I see Paul on occasion and we remain good friends, but not uncommonly our love for each other dimmed as we grew out of our youth and found others to fill that gap. I am now with a man I love very much, Raul, and we have been together for two years. He was already changed when we met in Rio during Carnaval. Although he is undeniably the most beautiful man I have ever seen or met, it is his soul and heart that make me love him.

What else can I tell you that you do not already know? My life has been recorded in detail in any number of biographies. I regularly appear on digivid and film giving interviews or demonstrations. I created a series of vids designed to ease newly processed men into their new lives, showing them the possibilities of their improved bodies and helping them understand that the love and worship of one's own body and others' is natural, beautiful, pleasurable and accepted. My digivid series, 'The Good Freak,' is available on disc and shown on some globonet channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can observe my continuing development on that series, which I filmed over the course of five years.

Personally, I gave up clothing years ago. I tend to stay in climates allowing me that luxury and the world is built such that clothing is rather unnecessary under most common circumstances. I am open to sexual encounters at any time with anyone, as is almost anyone I see in any city I visit. Perhaps it is just my physical appearance that causes these sudden and welcome partnerships, often with multiple muscle buddies, but I note that I am not the only man on the street enjoying the attentions of others in an open, healthy, exuberant sexual fashion.

And it only becomes more accepted and prevalent each passing day.

The elimination of sexually transmitted disease as a result of the process has, of course, only accelerated its spread, but it also allows me or any other processed man or woman to engage others without fear or precautions. The abandonment of mores concerning correct and incorrect methods of physical contact and sexual enjoyment have transformed society into one of complete acceptance. The word tolerance is rarely used anymore—there is nothing to tolerate when you accept.

I must run, dear reader, but in parting let me say this: I hope we meet one day, you and I, and fuck each other into paradise. I will lift you into my muscled embrace and kiss your mouth hard and deep and full. We shall explore each other's bodies and souls, delving deeply into the bottomless well of sexual pleasure that you and I can drown in. You will feel me inside you, and I will fell you inside me. Together we will find unbounded joy, power, strength and wonder in the ultimate fulfillment of physical pleasure. We will embrace in love and lust and desire, joining together for moments or hours of perfect and beautiful sexual release.

I love you, Kevin—The Good Freak

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