Guard duty

by Hairymusclemorphs

Your job at the local prison just got way better, once they allowed you to enter the forbidden section where they keep the real big prisoners under control.

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Part 1: The Job Your job at the local prison just got way better, once they allowed you to enter the forbidden section where they keep the real big prisoners under control. (added: 30 Mar 2024)
Part 2: Interlude at the Gym
Part 3: Alexei
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Part 1: The Job

It was already dark outside when I finally arrived at the parking lot of the GRW correctional facility—or how I prefer to call it… prison. Everything was oversized. There were no trees around, everything was chopped down to the trunks to make it impossible to oversee any prisoners who were on the run.

I grabbed my ID card out of the console before I got out of my car. I stood around 6’ (1,8m). I was toned, and slightly pumped. A twunk rather than a twig with my 200 pounds (90kg) of mass.

It took me around 15 minutes until I surpassed the first three security gates. They didn’t trust anyone. Especially not a new hire like me who wore his uniform only for a few months.

I entered the break room, looking for Jake who had the honor to instruct me tonight.

It was the first time that they assigned me to guard duty for sector X and I already heard quite a few rumors… Good luck wishes from colleagues. No one liked that job apparently.

Except for Jake…. I almost jumped when his low voice hummed right behind me. He towered inside the doorframe in his tight uniform with a wide, joyful grin. “Ready for your first shift?” He was almost too energetic.

He was huge… Like… Fucking massive. I could see the outlines of his huge pecs and arms, even his soft shaft forcing his pants to its limits. “Hey buddy. Eyes up here. You’ll need them for the prisoners and sector X… Trust me…”

His low voice was almost hypnotizing when he slowly lead me down past the first safety gate. I tried to focus while he led the way. His wide shoulders and his bulging ass moved in perfection with each of his strolls.

“Rule number one.” His low voice echoed through the hallway… “Never interact with the prisoners or their offers.” He slowly unlocked the second safety gate towards the elevator.

Just when the door swung open he continued his speech. “Rule number two… Never touch prisoners… How tempting it might be.” He inserted the key into the lock. The door swung shut and the elevator started humming.

“Rule number three… Don’t get close to their cells… Or you might regret it.”

The cabin came to a stop, the doors opening, revealing another set of solid steel security gates.

He slowly advanced, inserting his card until it opened up. There was a stench inside the air. “To be honest boy… These are no regular prisoners…” He advanced toward a huge air-sealed gate… “These guys in there… Are… Special…. So don’t look them in the eyes… They’re not human. At least not in my eyes.”

He unlocked the last gate with his fingerprint. An insane stench was flooding my nose once the gate swung open. My cock hardened inside my pants while I tried to calm myself back down… It was… Almost hypnotizing.

I watched Jake slowly laying one of his rough fingers against his lips, before he slowly led me down the hallway.

The lights were currently dimmed down…. A few prisoners were asleep… But I instantly knew something was off… Fuck… These guys all were…. massive..

The cells were common cells… But the prisoners. There were guys big enough to... 

Fuck, they could snap me like a twig.

Most of them were naked in their cells. I could see shredded clothes. Cum stains on the brick walls and with pre-clogged drains in the ground. It took me a while until I realized it was their musk that flooded the air.

Even the huge air vents couldn’t deal with all the odors mixed together. I was already boning when we surpassed the first two sleeping behemoths until I encountered the first man who was awake…. And hell. I gulped audibly when I saw him jerk off in his cell… He was resting on his bed and he grinned cockily when he saw me inside the hallway…. “Finally some fresh fuckmeat…” .

He licked over his juicy lips before he slowly got off his mattress, closer to the cells… “Come on boy… Want a round with Daddy Mike?”

He towered in front of the prison bars, easily twice my height, his cock oozing out pre onto the ground, which splashed against my uniform while he stared down onto me… “F Fuck…” I whispered, slightly gasping and it only made him even hornier apparently…

“Don’t talk with them.” I heard Jake’s voice right behind me until I finally managed to walk further again. I could feel his cocky grin on my back. The lust in his eyes.

But he wasn’t the prisoner who caught my eyes the most tonight. It was a prisoner named Luke. He was smaller than Mike… And at the same time… He didn’t say a word. He just locked eyes with me. Grinning cockily while he slowly ran his fingers over his hairy pecs. His pumped, sculpted abs and cock, giving it a good long squeeze until Jake dragged me away from his cell. . .

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The first few weeks were quite boring. I was always controlled. Jake always made sure I wasn’t tricked. Or rather…. That I never spent too much time in front of the cells.

It was almost as if he kept a secret for himself. I knew he enjoyed their sight as much as I did. His cock was massive and often throbbing in his uniform. It had to be above 9 inches and each night I saw him disappear right after his cock started fighting with his belt again.

He didn’t make a secret out of it. And now and then I saw his eyes fucking me in his mind. He clearly had a thing for big men… But he wasn’t the type of guy who took action.

He had a set pattern. Once his massive cock started throbbing. Once it was fighting with his belt… He disappeared for around 20 to 30 minutes. Usually when we were already in for around 5 hours.

It was a stormy day. I could hear the rain and wind through the ventilation system. And it was the first day when I finally had the balls to explore the area a little bit further.

I rounded the corner and stopped when I stood in front of Luke’s cell again. He leaned against the brick wall, eying me from his position.

When he realized I was alone his grin got cockier. His cock slowly got harder until he wrapped his rough hands around the metal bars.

His fat cock was almost too thick to fit through… But he managed to shove it through down to his massive hairy nuts…. “Come on boy… I know you want to help me out…. Bet you still need a good protein shake for the night.”

He bucked his hip forward, pre splashing against my uniform. He was massive… He had to be at least 400+ pounds of muscle and domination… And his cock. That stench. His piss slit big enough that I could just force my finger inside.

I couldn’t resist him…. I was so horny, seeing pumped Jake all night long. Seeing him edge right behind me while he keeps me away from all that hot mass and power… “H.. How big is it?” I heard my voice. It was probably two octaves higher than his deep baritone. I felt it vibrate throughout my bones.

“Before I entered the cell?... Probably 15?” He started grinding his cock harder against the metal rods, his huge nuts vibrating. Filling with cum… I could already see the thick liquid trying to explode out of his cock…

“Come on boy… I’ll even rest my fingers behind my back if it makes you more comfortable.” He slowly raised his massive arms up behind his back…. Fuck he was built like a house. His muscles were monstrous. I felt small in front of him. He wasn’t as big as Mike… But…. I felt my hand run over his massive shaft. Not able to resist.

It was as a shiver ran through his body while his low voice let out a long moan… “Fuck yeah boy…. Take a taste of my pre.” He flexed both his arms for me in a double biceps pose. Bucking his cock slightly forward again. I felt pre splash up against my chest.

I couldn’t resist. I felt my second-hand wrap around his monstrous mushroom head before I leaned in and down. My tongue ran over his salty shaft and tried slid inside his piss slit. He let out another long, elongated moan. I could taste the potent pre…. It was…. Fucking good… Way better than any guy who downed a gallon of pineapple juice… Way denser than a good protein shake…. And it was just pre… Right?

He crunched slightly forward. His cock vibrated. Pulsating…. “Listen boy… I know your fucking runt of a colleague will be back soon… If I cover you in jizz now… You’ll have no excuse… You can’t drink it all…” He slowly ran his massive hand along his shaft from the inside….

“I’ll unload a small shot of my potent jizz for your service tonight…. And then hold back as good as I can.” His muscles clenched, flexing while he grinned… “When I give you the sign… You better run if you want to keep your job boy.” He flexed his massive muscles for a most muscular when he forced his forearm through the bar and pulled me onto my hair into position. I felt my lips up against his piss slit. My cock raging. I wanted to shout but in that moment his cock exploded. Cum erupted out of the tip and right into my mouth. His grip got stronger. Forcing me rougher against his massive mushroom tip. Pinning me up against the cold bars while his cum had no other way than down my throat. My eyes were wide.

My cock was exploding inside my briefs. I only packed 6 inches… I rarely blasted loads that big.. But I could feel the wet feeling in my briefs… The damp sensation while I felt the pain on my hair while he still forced me in for position… I thought he wanted to hold back.

I ran my hands around his shaft unable to resist while he kept going. My gut was already pushing out. I felt my uniform fighting with the seams of my dress shirt….

I almost blacked out when he pushed me off his cockhead, turning around when he growled. “Now!” I gulped when I slowly backed away off his cell. He sounded serious… I managed to jump around the corner when it happened.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I could feel his lips around my cock… He was sliding his tongue inside, running his hands around my massive shaft when I pinned him up against it. My muscles were fighting with my frame… I could already feel the sensation again. My muscles started growing again.. bigger… Hairier… Bigger. Nnnghh fuooock. I felt him squirm against my cockhead when I slowly regained enough consciousness to push him off my cock. “Now!” I growled in my deep voice before I turned away from him… Facing the wall. My cock was rippling… Growing in my hands.. My nuts got bigger. Denser… Slowly turned blue while I could feel it.

“Nnnghh fuoooock…” My low voice boomed when I let my cock explode against the brick wall. I felt my hairy abs pulsate, flex under the stimulation when I crunched slightly under the sensation of my growing muscles. I felt my cock gain another inch of size. My already huge pecs got thicker… I felt my bones stretching slightly… “Nnnghh fuooock yeah,” my low voice growled while I flexed my new biceps up in the air before I just dove my nose into my hairy, musky pit…

I grinned when I heard the voice around the corner… “Sorry. Took a bit longer. Did anything happen out here?”


I was jerking my growing shaft slightly… Finally… A guardsman who understood what’s good for him…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jake ignored the wet stain on my uniform. After all he was jerking off earlier as well. He didn’t notice my roid gut. Or the fact that my body looked slightly bigger… Almost as if I had a good workout tonight.

The rest of the night was constantly sending me over the edge. Each step I took felt like a overstimulation to my nuts and cock. I could feel the fabric of my briefs rub against my cock and nuts. Each step made it worse… The harder I got the worse it felt in there… When I wanted to hide my boner underneath my belt I gulped… My cock was…. Thicker… Even longer… I could see its tip sticking out over my belt. Pulsating while pre soaked out of it.

I stuffed it back in my pants without another word to Jake.

… I felt good… The fact that my pecs and arms were fighting against the sleeves and fabric of my uniform.

How I filled it out to perfection… And how I could see quite a few coworkers glare at my bulge on my way out. . .


Part 2: Interlude at the Gym

It was already late afternoon when I finally reached my car. I tried adjusting my bulge several times on my way out. My underwear feeling way too tight. I wore the same briefs as always… But tonight, the fabric felt like it was close to just burst apart… And fuck… I liked it. The sensation really made me hornier than ever…

I could feel the rough jeans fabric and the fabric of my briefs grinding against my sensitive shaft with each of my steps closer towards my car.

My nipples were already hard, pushing my shirt to its limits… I always picked my shirts a number too small to feel bigger… But now… I glanced down, spotting my hairy cleavage and my prominent set of pecs fighting with the fabric. It was the first time my v-neck looked like the real deal… And fuck did I look good in the reflection of my car.

I felt invincible right now. I felt fucking good. Nothing in the world could stop me at that point.

I pulled myself into the driver’s seat. Sliding my hand inside my jeans to give my member a good squeeze… Damn… Was I always that packed… It felt closer to a beer can than its old thin self….

I slowly pulled my hand back out of my briefs again… I didn’t want to look suspicious on the prison parking lot.

Thick pre was covering the back of my hands… I couldn’t resist the urge to give it a taste. Salty…. But not bad… I didn’t even blast loads that thick before today…

I still had Luke’s outlines burned into my brain. My cock was throbbing during my whole ride to my next stop… The gym.

It was crowded today. But no one really cared when I made my way into the lockers, slowly changing into my gym gear. I forced my cock under the strong rubber band of my briefs. Feeling it still throb slightly before it slowly calmed down.

I was wearing a tight shirt and a baggy hoodie, hiding my physique quite well along with a pair of dark jogging pants.

I took my time to mix up my pre workout shake in the lockers before I put my headphones on. Blending out the fuzz around me.

But fuck… Once I wrapped my hands around the rough metal of the weight bar my cock started hardening again… I was stronger…. I could bench my usual 300 pounds without any resistance… Was that the consequence of drinking that fucker’s cum? I licked over my salty lips when I slowly got up after the first set to add on more weight…

350… My veins churned under the sensation and lust. This time I could feel a bit of resistance… Still not enough for my taste when I rounded it up to 400.

My muscles pulsated, trying to adapt. This time I felt the fucking burn in my pecs and arms. Each repetition made more blood churn through my veins. My pecs fought with the tight shirt underneath my hoodie, slightly pulling the fabric up.

I could feel my exhausted muscles. The sore feeling. The feeling of your body right about to give up. I didn’t even realize how I let out a low grunt when I pushed out the last five reps of my set.

Later I slowly moved over to the weight racks. biceps curls… my sleeves rippled. My arms fighting the fabric of my shirt… Fuck I could feel the seams. With each of my reps it got better… tighter… I grinned at my reflection in the mirror when I slowly moved to a heavier weight, feeling the exhaustion kick in.

The sore feeling…. The man next to me couldn’t keep his eyes off the weights I was curling. I hadn’t checked… I got cockier once I realized why he was gaping… 200… I was curling both at the same time when my sleeves just ripped on my shirt. I could hear my shirt-sleeves through the noise-cancellation feature of my headphones…. My cock was boning… Clearly visible… I didn’t care….

That hot fucker could watch me as long as he wanted.

I finished my last set, almost dropping the weights after my last curl due to exhaustion.

I felt good… Way too good and way too cocky. I locked eyes with the young man next to me. Grinning before I placed the weights back on the rack. He was pumped… Almost built like Jake. He was blonde and quite handsome for his mass. To be honest… I would fuck him right here and now if I could… But I got distracted when my phone rang.

I slowly made my way back into the lockers after my longer call.

I grabbed my stuff… I always showered at home… But fuck… I could see the sweat-drenched spots on my dark hoodie…

I was on my way back towards my car, halting when I heard voices around the corner of the gym. “Come on fag… Why’re you squirming down there… Can’t believe you just popped a boner during your workout… Like what you see. You couldn’t get enough in the lockers, huh? Guess my body was just too hot for ya.” Laughter followed.

They had to be at least five… Judging by the different voices. It took me a moment until I realized my fists were clenched…

I turned the corner. Spotting the young, buff man who gaped at me at the racks earlier tonight… He was cute… no doubt… But he was quite in a bad spot right now.

He was pinned to the asphalt. A pumped jock’s foot rested on his head while two of his friends pinned him to the ground. The jock was only wearing a tanktop which made his muscles pop out. Clearly pumped… While two more studs were watching the scene from the distance.

I felt the anger… The adrenaline was kicking in.

I slowly closed in… His friends didn’t warn him.. Instead they just stared. I just pinned him off the man’s body. Lifting him off the ground, ignoring his feet which desperately tried to find halt again, kicking against my calves and quads…

“Hey fucker…. Guess it’s my turn now, right?” I held him up in the air… Glaring at his colleagues. Three of them just sprinted away immediately… One tried to take me down. He probably knew some kind of material art when he made a decent kick right in between my nuts.

Nnnngh fuoock,” I growled when I slightly lowered my stance… But then I felt it… The fucking pain… Slowly transforming in my system…. I could feel the lust building up inside my nuts..

His dog backed away when I got closer.

I felt the anger build up inside my muscles. “Listen boy…” My Adam’s apple pushed out slightly. My voice got deeper… more and more masculine while my soft cock got thicker inside my jeans. I could feel my lats pushing out. My shirt just ripped off my body underneath the hoodie. My abs, pecs and arms slowly forcing the fabric to its limits, leaving nothing to the imagination. The outlines of my package clearly visible along with my nuts through the thick dark fabrics. My hand was wrapped around his throat while I was tempted to just choke him right here and now…

I slowly raised him further up in the air… Ignoring his colleague who ran off after calling me a fucking freak. To be honest… I could get used to that…. “Listen boy…. If you fuck with him again… I’ll crush you with my bare hands.”

My hairy abs were slightly revealed as my pecs forced my hoodie further up…

He wanted to say something… But I just muffled him by forcing him against my right sweaty pit… I flexed my free arm, feeling my biceps just burst through the dense fabric of my hoodie… My cock got harder… I felt it slowly fight with my jeans… My fat cock was just pushing further down my legs. Finding its way down my briefs leg holes… I could feel my cockhead force its way down my monstrous hairy quads…. I inhaled slowly before I slammed one of my knees in between his nuts before dropping him onto the ground… “Now piss off,” my low voice boomed when I watched him squirm and slowly crawl off… “Don’t act as if I hit your puny package boy,” I growled slightly before I shifted my attention towards the other man.

“Hey buddy… Everything fine?” He tried sitting up. But he looked tired… Almost exhausted… “Want me to call an ambulance?”

“I’m fine… Just need some rest…”

“In that case… You can stay at my place tonight…” He didn’t reject when I slowly grabbed his gym bag and swung it over my wide back. He was hot… And I could feel my throbbing cock and the urge to just breed him right here and now… But fuck…

I calmed myself down. I sighed slightly when I threw our stuff into the trunk of my car. He was already getting comfortable on my passenger seat when I slowly got back on my side of the car. Feeling my pumped arms grind up against his own.

He was cute… buff and tall.. But he was clearly not the guy who stood up against anyone. “You can nap if you’re tired… I’ll wake you up when we’re at my flat.”

I watched him getting comfortable. He slightly leaned against my shoulder… Fuck… I really got wider today…

I slightly cursed, knowing Jake wouldn’t be pleased to see my transformation. . .

I ran my rough hand over his quads, slightly stroking them before he dozed away against my side.

The ride home was rather monotone. I didn’t wake him up when we arrived in front of my house. Instead, I just lifted him out of his seat and over my wide shoulders, slowly carrying him up to the fifth floor and into my bed…

I jerked off five times that night. And each time my cock just got thicker in return for the favor… Hornier… Bigger… And even my muscles… Each ejaculation made it worse…. My hairy pecs just ripped through the remaining fabric of my hoodie.

My fucking jeans snapped at some point. The leather belt just destroyed by my fucking expanding hips. *NNNGH FUOOOCK* My loads were denser than any glue I could buy. Fucking covering the walls and mirror.

My uniform… Won’t fit, right? I let out another low moan when the pleasure and lust just flushed my sorrows away.

It was already close to midnight when I crawled into the bed. He was resting with his back turned to me. My weight pushed the mattress further down on my side, causing his body to roll up against my pumped frame when I just wrapped my buff arms around his frame in a bear hug.

I felt his deep breaths. His pumped frame before I dozed off myself. . .


Part 3: Alexei

I groaned when I heard my alarm go off at around 5 in the morning. I didn’t want to get up. I felt my arms wrap around his body… I could smell his hot scent in my nose while I slowly tightened my grip around his upper body, running my fingers under his shirt and over his pecs.

He slightly wiggled in my grip. His pants grinding against my massive soft member… “Lemme sleep…” he slowly rolled around until he faced my upper pecs.

“Tell me your name…” I slightly smiled while I met his gaze. I could watch his innocent face all day long… “Nick… You can call me Nick.” He eyed me. Clearly he was still exhausted and tired from yesterday.

“Well… You can call me Luke or Daddy then.” I pinched one of his nipples through his shirt before I leaned in for a brief kiss.

“I’ve to work for the next 9 hours… You can stay here… Or take the keys on the wall if you wanna come back later.” I didn’t care if he robbed me… I would let that hot, juicy fucker do anything to my flat if I got his ass as a reward… He was handsome.

He slowly smiled… “I’ll wait for your return then…” He slowly ran his finger over one of my huge, juicy pecs. Tracing over my nipples before I slowly got up.

I made my way into the bathroom… It always was a small room. But now… Fuck I felt like a giant in here. I got slightly hard when I started to take a stroll… I took way longer than usual… And at the same time… My cock slowly woke up, thanking me for the service…

I hopped into the shower, just forcing the water temperature all the way down to freezing temperatures. But it just had the opposite effect on my cock. It just got rock-hard… Hardening full mast until I felt my cockhead grind against the cold tiled shower walls… Fuck I couldn’t resist the feeling of my edging cock ..

The fact that I was too tall for the beam to it my face only made my lust worse…

After I finished my shower I slowly realized that I had a small problem. I stared down onto my speedo… My cock was way too big to fit in… And my hairy quads were way too thick for the leg holes.

I cursed before I just tore it off my legs. “Guess this will do.” I slowly searched through my stuff until I found an old pair of oversized sweatpants.

They looked painted on… Like a second skin over my massive muscles and cock. I could see my sculpted calves. My ankles were clearly visible as the fabric was too short for my height, while my massive quads threatened to just tear the fabric apart….

I tried to reposition my cock several times to make it less obvious how much I was packing… But fuck… At that point, it was impossible without underwear… I could spot my massive cockhead through the thick fabric… “Calm down… If you don’t get hard at work it’s not an issue…”

I could sense my musk in the air… My phone buzzed, signaling me that I was already late.

I searched through my drawer… My v-necks just burst under my pumped pecs and abs. After the third set of ruined clothing, I found an old tank top… “Fuck…” I stared at the mirror… “Alpha” was written over the chest portion of it… I never wore it because I never felt anything like an alpha… But right now… I bounced my pecs and slightly grinned.

I looked like a beast… I got distracted by my reflection starting to flex one of my monstrous arms. “…You’re late…” Nick mused from his position. “But don’t mind the view… Could get used to that every morning.” He grinned, clearly boning while he watched me in front of the mirror.

“Wait till I get back home…” I flexed both my arms and bounced my pecs before I grabbed my key and wallet to get out and on the road.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

This morning everything was different. When I arrived at prison and showed my ID I could see the guard’s jaw slightly drop when he compared my old picture and my current enhanced version of my body… “Any problem?” Fuck, even my voice was manlier… I could feel it vibrating throughout my chest with each of my words.

“… No Sir… Nothing.” He pushed the ID back toward me. I grinned… Apparently, size made a difference.

I didn’t know any colleagues besides Jake… But they all treated me like a new man. They didn’t even realize that I was the newcomer from yesterday. They just gaped and avoided eye contact.

I could feel my massive cock fight with my quads with each of my steps. It was hard to walk any faster than in a slow, cocky swagger. My massive arms fought with my pecs while I felt good…. Way too good.

I entered the locker room, slightly ducking underneath the small frame when I spotted Jake just getting dressed in the corner while facing his locker.

He was pumped… Slightly sweaty from his workout. He always visited the gym in the morning hours. And there he stood. Handsome as always. Just a bit… short in comparison.

I slowly approached him from behind until I could feel the heat emitted from his body. He was sniffing the air, lifting one of his arms, and almost jumped when he heard my low voice right behind him. “Morning babe.”

He thrusted his elbow into my abs with all his force while whirling around to face his opponent.

His eyes got wide. Gulping once he realized he was on eye level with my upper pecs… He wanted to say something… Probably a lecture like… “I told you to not get close…” But fuck that…

I just wrapped my hands around his pumped glutes and pulled him in and up for a kiss. I slammed him against the metal locker feeling my cock just ripping through my sweatpants and lubing all over my massive hairy abs…

He boxed his fists against my abs but I could spot his boner… He loved every bit about it… I just kept kissing him rougher in return.

He was just wearing his uniform pants right now… His body was shaved and ripped. He clearly was a gym rat and I couldn’t resist the urge to just breed him right here and now… I could feel my fat cock throbbing and pulsating when he squirmed in my grip… “F Fuck… Luke… N… Not here. They’ll fire us both……” He moaned against my neck when I kept him up against my monstrous frame…

“… T There’s a more private room… Down below.” He was already leaking so much pre.. I could see the wet spot when I grinned… I slowly let him back down on his feet.

“First, I need a new uniform that fits my size.” I pinched his nipple, teasing him even further while he muttered under his breath. He was adjusting his cock, shoving it under his waistband and belt while pushing me slightly back without much effect.

“I’ll grab you some… Fucker…” He muttered and slowly put his dress shirt and jacket on before he left the lockers.

His head was bright red.

I leaned against his locker, ignoring the other guard who entered after he left.

He clearly was uncomfortable to change while I was around. Probably because my cock was still throbbing against my massive abs. “Sorry man… Bet you know that issue.” I grinned cockily when I saw the guard’s head turn bright red as well.

But I didn’t take my eyes off him. He was muscled…. And also, not a bad body to look at to spare the waiting time.

After almost 10 minutes Jake made it back with a bigger uniform. “Damn… Sorry Alex. Ignore that perverted asshole,” Jake commented while he patted the other guard on his shoulder. He handed me my new clothes. “N.. no problem,” Alex stuttered before he left the locker after taking another long glance in my direction to burn my hulkish body and package into his memory.

“Don’t give me that glare babe.” I bounced my pecs before I slowly forced my huge frame into my new uniform. It was tight… But it felt good to be in uniform again… It made me even cockier to see my dressed-up frame in the mirror. “Sorry for the dent in your locker.” It was cute to watch Jake how he tried to desperately lock his locker now with the dented door… “Lemme help you with that.” I pushed the door shut with ease… Ignoring the door which dented a bit more in the process. “Now lock it.” My body was pushing up against his back again…

It clicked when I slightly pushed my hip forward, my bulge pushing up against his juicy ass before he shifted away. “Let’s…. get started.” He avoided eye contact until we made it into the elevator. “Not here… They have cameras in the cabin.” His face was still bright red… “Don’t worry ‘bout the camera…” I grinned when I just positioned myself right in front of the lens… Fuck, I really got tall overnight.

“Now tell me why you don’t like the prisoners down here…” I pulled him against my frame… Leading his hands over my huge pecs and my massive bulge…

He was hard again when I slowly ran my hand under his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. The door swung open and we slowly entered the dim-lit corridor.

There were no cameras down here. Probably because the elevator was the only option to get up in the first place.

“…When I started back then… I was just a pathetic 5’7… After a month they assigned me to this sector. No one likes being down here because there are no windows… And it’s fucking depressing for most of the other guards.

Mike wasn’t that massive either when he first was arrested… He was just a handsome 6’3… But… It only took him one blow job… To grow to his current size….” He gulped… His cock was boning…

“Wait….. one…. blowjob?” He was massive the last time I saw that man… And that was just after one… Blowjob? I felt my cock stir in my uniform… “So he grew you that much in one blowjob…”

Jake nodded slowly… “That’s the reason why I never came back for a second time… I’m not… That confident… I can’t cope with all the eyes on me when I’m at the gym… Or at work either..”

He unlocked the last gate…

There was a constant flow of thick white pre along the ground flowing towards the drain in front of the gate. “No worries… I’ll take over that job for you.” I squeezed his glutes before I pushed him up against one of the walls in for a kiss…

“Lemme check the prisoners first before I breed you.” I squeezed his package before I slowly walked off towards the corridors.

If Mike… grew that massive by just one blowjob of our pathetic Jake…

I sensed the strong musk in the air… The fucking lust and testosterone…

Mike leaned against the metal bars. He let out a whistle. His massive cock was pushing against his giant pec shelf. His body was monstrous… I barely faced his upper pecs and he clearly was eager to offer me his cock as well…

“Maybe after my workout.” I licked over my thick lips. Seeing him drool like a fucking dog… “Come on boy… Daddy Mike will just fuck you here and now.” He growled and tried denting the enhanced iron bars without any success….

I ignored him for now, slowly speeding up. The air got denser…. The musk got stronger…. And way hotter than before….

I forced my cock out of my fly to avoid the pants from getting ruined right here and now.. I felt the cold metal of the zipper grind against my shaft when I rounded the last corner….

My cock just exploded at the sight of the prisoner, spraying my massive load all over the behemoth who towered behind the iron bars….

“Knew you would come back to Daddy.” His low voice boomed… I could feel my legs vibrate and slightly shake under his dominant tone… I was at eye-level with his hairy abs…. His cock was blocking most of my sight onto his cleavage… And his face… I couldn’t spot it from my position…. “F Fuck….” I let out a low growl when I stared at his physique…

“Come on boy… I know you want more…” He flexed his massive guns up in the air. His pre looked like cum, constantly flowing onto the ground…

“Can’t deny… that that’s a hot… sight.” I inhaled his musk… I saw him grin while one of his hands ran over his massive shaft… “Fuck boy… Your lips barely touched my fat cock… Imagine what would’ve happened to me if I fucked you instead.” He flexed a most muscular when his cock started pulsating… His nuts turning blue before his cock just shot a massive load up against my body… “Nnnghh fuooock,” I growled when I felt the impact of his blast hit my chest.

I was pushed back against the opposing cell where two hands grabbed me through the cell’s iron bars from behind…

“Who do we have here?” I could feel his massive shaft grind up against my back, lubing my uniform from behind… “Your lips were enough for Alexei huh?” This prisoner wasn’t nearly as big as Alexei… But the gluelike cum just kept me in place… I felt it stick to my upper arms, legs and the metal of the iron bars….

I heard Alexei’s low voice boom again while he locked eyes with me: “If you get fucked by that twig over there… You aren’t worthy to service me any longer.” He was jerking off at the sight. I felt helpless for a long moment… I felt his lips kissing my neck through the bars when I slowly managed to lift my forearms up…. I had no other option… Was that Alexei’s plan in the first place?…

I felt the thick cum on my hands… It was like glue… Thicker than any protein shake I mixed at the gym…

I just forced my fingers into my mouth… One by one licking them clean… I could feel the heat building up throughout my body….

My cock was raging… Pulsating…. My uniform started ripping slowly…. I felt the lust start building up in my system…. I didn’t want to get fucked…. “Nnnghh fuooock,” I let out a low grunt when I flexed all my muscles at the same time… I felt the fabric just tear apart… My shoulders were slowly stretching. My lats pushing outwards. I could feel my feet finally reach the ground again…. My cock slightly got thicker… Longer… I felt his cock on my back… He tried pushing his cockhead into my ass but I just flexed my glutes and heard him scream in pain and edge away from the iron bars…. I pushed myself off the glue-like cum….

I couldn’t resist flexing…. I was…. Bigger…… Better….

I slowly made my way towards Alexei’s cell again until I stood right in front of it…

My cock was pushing through the metal bars. “Was that your plan…. To just…. Give me even more?” I felt my pulsating muscles… The fucking sensation running through my body….

His gaze got cockier… He wrapped his rough hand around my shaft and just pulled me in against the metal bars until I couldn’t edge back…. “Come on boy…. You like that feeling… That power….”

He leaned slightly in before his other hand slowly forced his monstrous shaft down and up next to mine….

It was almost four times as thick…. Maybe even five times….

“I can’t get out of here… At least for now… But no one can stop me from enjoying the time in my cell…” He slowly forced my massive hardon closer towards his piss-slit… He got even cockier when he noticed me trying to edge away from his cell. But he had my cock in his grip… I could feel the cold metal bars press against my nipples and nuts… I could feel the pressure on my body once he just started to force my cock inside his massive fuckpole…. inch by inch…. centimeter by centimeter….

Heat was surrounding my cock…. I could only stare at his gigantic body…. He stopped after a few inches in…. “I know you’ll come back for more….” He licked over his juicy lips before he wrapped his hand around my cock’s base to keep me docked against his shaft before I felt it….

The vibrations running through my body, the ground shaking… His nuts slowly turning blue… Pre was already filling my own balls, slowly pushing them outwards……

“Grow for me boy….. Grow into a fucking man.”

Nnnghh fuoooock,” I heard his low masculine voice… His cock erupted… His cum shot out with an inhuman speed down my cock… I wanted to cum… But my load was just pushed back down inside my nuts. My balls slowly got hairier… Thicker… My cock started growing inside his massive fuckpole while he just grew bigger right in front of me… I saw his muscles slowly pushing outwards…. He slowly let go of my cock base…. I felt my dick growing thicker… longer, the metal bars slowly fighting against its sensitive skin… I slowly wrapped my rough hands around the iron… Trying to bend in order to free my cock… But there was no way for me…

Alexei’s got even cockier as he slowly grew bigger…. Stronger… His Adam’s apple pushed outwards. His massive glutes got even denser while his abs and pecs pushed out further to block my sight towards his head.

Hair was sprouting all over his frame. Sweat was constantly dripping down from his juicy nipples while his monstrous arms fought for room…. He didn’t stop there. He just kept going until he felt his cock was struggling to pump more cum into my nuts after the metal bars blocked the way in….

He slowly crunched in until our eyes met…. “Don’t worry… I won’t break out.” He slowly wrapped his strong rough hands around the metal bars…. Slowly bending the metal until I felt more of his cum force its way down into my system…. His arms flexed, pumping up to their limits while they deformed the iron slowly until he got a hold of me…

He pinned me up against his cell walls. I felt my hands running over his thick nipples. Over his monstrous guns while he just grew bigger… Stronger…. Manlier….

I almost passed out after cum started spurting out my mouth making breathing almost impossible…

I felt his strong arms slowly pull my cock out of his shaft. Valleys of cum were spurting out of my cock up against his hairy abs and pecs… But his muscles just absorbed it all…. He kissed me… Shoved his tongue inside my mouth to help me to get some of the cum out of me… I panted…

He dropped me.

I was kneeing in a massive puddle of cum while he towered above me.

His musky balls right in front of me when I heard his low voice booming again…

“If you want my cock up your ass…. You’ll have to come back tomorrow…. There’s no way you can handle it now..” He placed his bare foot on my cock and slowly added pressure to it… More cum was flooding out while I let out another weak moan…..

“Good boy…. Don’t drown on my cum right here and now.” He licked his fingers clean above me… “After all….. your growth still needs some time…”

I felt his heavy foot shifting on my growing member. It felt as if someone overstimulated me over and over again. I could feel my muscles rippling with each breath I took. I had to be way above 2 meters by now.

But I couldn’t resist the urge. I wanted more. I couldn’t compensate what was happening. I was corrupted by Alexei’s Power.

He was towering above me when I heard steps approaching. It was Jake. … Fuck I forgot about him… “Luke… Everything all right?” his voice was shaking slightly. He clearly was nervous. I heard his heavy shoes slightly sticking to the dense cum on the ground with each step he took.

I felt Alexei’s foot crush my shaft slightly more. The cell’s iron bar still bent apart when he towered there and waited like a predator for his prey.

He slowly stroked his massive cock. His fat cockhead kissing the metal of the iron bars while his balls churned with each of his rough strokes…

I still laid on the ground… Exhausted and horny at the same time. I couldn’t process what was happening when Alexei just crunched slightly under the pressure which built up inside his nuts.

It was the moment when Jake walked around the corner, when he released his massive load. Jake’s beefy body was catapulted off his feet and up against the opposed cell’s prison bars. His muscles were bulging. His body already growing by the potency of Alexei’s cum when two strong arms slowly wrapped around Jake’s body from behind…. “Guess it’s breeding time,” the other prisoner’s low voice boomed when he slowly pushed his massive cock through the iron bars between Jake’s legs.

I gulped when I saw Jake… How helpless he was… How his muscles were growing… I wanted to charge towards him for help… But then I felt Alexei slowly squat further down until his rough hands managed to wrap around neck… He lifted me off the ground like a fucking toy…. “Fuck boy. What have you thought… We’re living in this pathetic prison for ages without any revenge?” His low voice dropped another octave.. The ground was shaking. I could feel his nuts vibrating with each of his words. 

Jake was moaning… Growing helpless on the other side of the corridor. I could hear the prisoner’s cock thrust inside Jake’s ass. His pecs slowly growing hairier… His uniform just ripping apart like paper while he slowly but steadily grew past the two-meter mark. His gaze changed at some point… He started flexing his glutes with each of the prisoner’s thrusts. Milking him rougher and greedier with each moment…. While the prisoner behind him slowly grew bigger… Manlier…. I heard his low grunts. Saw his cock slowly deform the metal bars before Alexei forced me to face him again…. “Don’t worry boy…. I won’t kill you…. After all, you’re part of the reason why I’m finally free again.” His musk forced my cock to unload in between his monstrous hairy abs. His hair was brushing against the ceiling of the cell when he slowly forced his massive cock through my legs. I felt it lubing over my wide shoulders. I could feel the veins of his anaconda push my legs further apart while his grin just got cockier.

He slowly pushed my legs apart before he placed his monstrous cock up against my glutes. My eyes widened… His cock was inhuman. It was impossible that he could fuck me with his tool… But he didn’t care. He just wrapped my head up against his hairy pecs’ cleavage. My cock was fucking his abs with each of his movements. His six-pack rippling under the ongoing growth while I felt the hot liquid which was pumped inside my body… I hear Jake’s low moans and grunts in the back….

It was as if his semen just made my body adapt to his needs… My own voice got deeper… Manlier… I felt my cock slowly grow thicker against his hairy abs. I felt the stimulation, the friction of my massive growing anaconda until my cockhead slowly found its way up against his pec shelf.

And then I felt the first thrust. He tried ramming his cock all in without success. He barely managed to force half of his fuckrod down before I felt it fighting with my abs from the intestine. “Nnnghh fuoock.” My low moans sent a shiver through his body… I could feel his cock just rippling inside of me… My muscles trying to adapt… Trying to grow along when Alexei’s low voice made the building shake…

“Nnnghh fuoock—yeah boy.” The other prisoner stopped breeding Jake for a minute when he lost control over his shaft for a long moment, filling Jake’s body up to the rim with his seed while he watched what was going on over there.

Alexei grew bigger… He was forced to crunch further down when his shoulders and neck started fighting with the ceiling… There was no way he could break further up. But his cock didn’t want to stop there. I felt it… Felt the insane sensation while it stretched me like a fucking condom further open. 

My body somehow managed to adapt… My gut was already worse than a roid gut. I coughed up semen now and then while his pecs started rippling around my head. I held onto his massive frame. Crawled my rough fingers up against his hairy chest plates while his abs almost crushed my cock in one of their flexes. I hammered my fists up against his body… I didn’t want to get ripped apart right here and now… But Alexei was in a fucking trance… I hear him drop to his knees. His massive hairy nuts hit the ground before his body started pushing forward. He was growing in height again… His time his upper body was grinding against the iron bars, just deforming them slowly while his feet broke through the brick wall onto the other side ofd the cell. It was Mike who came the instant he saw what was going on. He was jerking off… Watching Alexei’s transformation while he kept destroying the whole place slowly but steadily.

My body was flexing… Growing… Rippling… I had to be almost twice Mike’s size by now… But I couldn’t check anything. I just felt it… The fucking power that was surrounding me… Alexei’s arms pinned me to his growing frame while his cockhead and upper shaft stretched me like a condom… My eyes were watering slightly, cum spurted out of my mouth. My cock was cumming nonstop. Pressing out as much fluid as possible. I could feel my hairy nuts slamming against his steel-hard abs with each of his movements… But it was too late…

There was no way back… I felt Alexei’s muscles ripple when he pushed me tighter. He was crunching down slightly as much as possible before I heard his inhumanly low voice. “Grow for your new Master!” His shaft was trembling, vibrating when I realized… He held back most of his load….

I blacked out the moment when his cock exploded inside of me… 

Leaving the end up to your imagination…

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