Mito-Spa: Doumit

by TwinReplica

Doumit checks in for an appointment at the Mito-Spa, a place where the baths create double the trouble...

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Doumit arrived for his appointment at the Mito-spa. He’d heard rumors about people walking in and more of them walking out. It was odd, there were no staff there, only an iPad for an electronic sign in. He walked up and activated it. After signing in, it directed him to head to Bath #2. He looked around for signs of anyone else but heard nothing so far. He followed the signs and ended up in front of the door leading to Bath #2, he opened it to see a large room with a large almost pool-like bath inside. He had to duck to walk in and his large frame made it so he barely fit in, but he was able to find a suitable position. The water felt nice and warm. The jets started to stream out this Mito substance he heard about. It seemed to just be more water, though thicker, and the jets were massaging his thick muscles in all the right places. He felt good. The water seemed to rise around and envelop him, massaging everything. Somehow he was still able to breathe throughout this process. He sank deeper into the pool, as he felt massaged, like he was he was everywhere at once, as if he was the pool.

The bottom of the pool opened up and he sank into a larger underwater tunnel. He had never felt so alive as he did in this aquatic form. He rushed along with the rest of the water and ended up in a chamber where identical sets of his clothes were sitting for him on the shore.

He resurfaced and took a deep breath....where was he? The air smelled slightly like coffee

He seemed to rise out of the water as himself again and went over to a set of his clothes and picked up a towel to dry off. He heard similar rustling around him but he was more focused on toweling off. As he dried off he dropped the towel down next to himself, exposing his whole body. A voice behind him gasped. He turned around and couldn’t believe what he saw. He saw another him!

“What the hell?!” both of him said at once. The one in the pool stared wide eyed and the one naked quickly covered himself with the towel.

“Who are you? I’m Doumit. No, I’m Doumit!” they both said in unison as they secretly checked each other out.

“There’s no way, why do you look just like me?!” they said in unison again. “And stop copying me!”

“Why do you keep copying me! Stop it!” The Doumits bumped chests and stare each other down.

Doumit looked down and realized he’s naked too.

“Why are you looking at me?” Doumit growled.

“Why are you looking at me?” the other Doumit growls back.

“Because you’re naked!”

“You’re also naked!”

“I have a towel on.” Doumit pointed out.

“Not for long!” Doumit threw Doumit’s towel away from them.

“How dare you you little—!” Doumit said, grabbing Doumit’s shoulders and trying to shove him.

Doumit and Doumit ended up wrestling on the floor. After a minute, they were standing again and Doumit gave his double a final shove and it caused him to fall back into the pool, fully submerged. Doumit huffed angrily.

Doumit came out of the pool ready to shove the second Doumit back when a third Doumit also came out of the pool, ready to shove the second Doumit back.

The two Doumits in the pool looked at each other, then at the Doumit on solid ground and grinned. “Oh, now you’re going to get it” they both said at once as they stepped out of the pool. They pounced on Doumit, tag teaming him as they took turns shoving him back and forth between them.

Doumit got Doumit in a headlock and his twin came over to egg them on.

“Wait, Doumit!” the Doumit holding Doumit said. The other looked at him, and he glanced at the pool. This Doumit got the idea and smiled eagerly. Doumit kept the second Doumit in the headlock as he struggled to break free. Just as the third landed in the pool, the second Doumit still holding onto his towel used it to trip the first Doumit holding him in a headlock and jumped in the pool after the third Doumit.

The first Doumit watched in horror as four Doumits emerged and then all four of them grappled with each other, right there in the pool! Two Doumits took on the other two and it was getting harder to tell which pair was which.

While he couldn’t really tell, the Doumit on the sidelines at least was pleased to know that there were three of him and only two of this imposter. But there could be more of him—and that’d show this guy!

He dove into the pool and emerged as two of him as he tried to assess which Doumit pair to side with.

“Which one of you did I have in a headlock?” they both said.

“That was you?! You fucker!” two roared back as they lunge at them.

The other two Doumits assisted the headlocker Doumits in shoving the now towelless Doumits. They dunked the Doumits underwater but were surprised when four Doumits emerge to fight them back

Now each Doumit paired off, all of them growling, “I can’t let this fucker win!”

They all submerged themselves underwater and sixteen growling Doumits rose to best their mirrored match. The Doumits growled as they tried to push and shove and wrestle. Their dicks slid against each other. Their powerful chests bumped and grazed one another. Their growls started turning from angry to something else…

Doumit lookseddown and saw that his partner was getting hard and he barked, “What are you...turned on by me?” He laughed. “You getting hard wrestling me you imposter?”

“You’re one to talk. You’re getting hard yourself.” Doumit pointed to Doumit’s rock hard cock.

“Fuck off. This isn’t a hard on for you,” Doumit snarled.

Doumit smirked back. “Oh yeah? Then who is it for, the ceiling?”

“Yeah, well, you still have got your own hardon there bud so don’t start. All of you do!” he roared. The Doumits stopped fighting for a second and looked around. All sixteen of them had raging hard ons. They began arguing about why they were all so boned up.

“Fuck off.”

“No you fuck off. At least mine’s larger.”

“No way. Mine is”

“No mine is. Look at it!”

“Fuck you all I have the biggest dick and you know it!”

“Yeah? Then why did you fight me? Cause you know mine’s bigger?”

“It’s cause he wouldn’t fight me because mine’s the biggest”

“Fuck you!”

“I think I will fuck you.”

“Figures, you seem to have that on the brain since you’re saying it so much.”

“What are you’re gonna fuck him then?”

“N-no, fuck you man!”

“You want to fuck me now?!”

“Yes! I mean no. You wanna fuck me too! I can tell by the way you’re looking at me.”

“Yes! I mean no. I mean fuck you!”

“See? You can’t resist me. None of you can.”

“Man, are you really this cocky?”

“Look who’s talking! You can’t stop showing off!”

“You either! Waving your dick around like that, like you want us all to suck it!”

“Hey man fuck you!”

“Suck on this!” Doumit grabbed the nearest Doumit, pushed him down to his knees and brought his mouth to Doumit’s cock.

“You like that?”

Doumit sputtered around his double’s cock, angrily trying to get away, but Doumit held him there. “Ha, anyone else want a taste of my cock?!”

“You wish Doumit. But Doumit can try my cock.” He grabbed the nearest Doumit and pulled him down to suck his cock.

Soon eight Doumits forced the others to suck their cocks, keeping them there until they were satisfied.

“Ah, you know just the way I like it.”

“Keep going, Doumit.”

“Yes, yes…” All of a sudden the eight Doumits on their knees forced the standing ones on the ground and brought them to suck their cocks.

“That’s better.”

“Yeah now it’s my turn for you fuckers to suck my cock.”

Was it just their imaginations, or were their cocks getting bigger? As the Doumits gathered on the other side of the bath, they began frotting as their larger and larger dicks slid against each other, rising almost to their barrel chests. Their biceps bulged as they competed to see who would fuck the other first. Identical deep grunts echoed across the room as the Doumits became a large pile of muscle and pent up frustration.

And to think this was only the first half of his spa reservation…

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