It's never enough

by K. Theeunknown

 All Trent wants is companionship, until his inner size queen takes him down a deep rabbit hole. Will he ever be able to clean up the nearly uncontrollable mess he’s made?

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It was just supposed to be one guy. It was never supposed to be this bad. This mess, this cleanup … it’s never gonna happen. I’m in too deep now. And all I want is more… bigger … urgh!

My name is Trent, but everyone called me TJ. I had just moved out of my parents’ house. I didn’t want to be confined anymore. My mother was getting annoying and my dad (who, might I add, wasn’t even my real father) was right behind her. I loved them both but at 25 I needed more space to live the way I wanted. I was bisexual and our different beliefs were really coming down on my relationships with them. I never wanted to feel like I felt, so I made the decision to leave.

I found a decent apartment and had enough money in the bank to live off of. I was a scientist, and I had been involved in developing and patenting a breakthrough drug that fought against Covid-19—a vaccine in pill form that you just took twice and it would guarantee your safety. Big pharma paid me very, very well for it, so I didn’t have to worry about money as long as I lived within my means.

I was fairly comfortable with my life. There was just one thing that really torched me: I hadn’t had sex in 6 or 7 years now. It was really a big punch in the gut. I never wanted too much, just a handsome guy with a big dick. Yes, I was a bit of a size queen, but if he looked good enough I wouldn’t care. Nevertheless I didn’t have any luck in that department. I’d never known I would be this lonely. I’d thought I had come to terms with it long ago and I didn’t think I was necessarily ugly, but damn.

Long nights spent with my right hand and my fantastic fantasies were getting really old. So I did the one thing I had set aside as a Plan B a while back. Growing my dick.

Now, I really didn’t think it through too much, but I had an above average cock. 7.5 inches was, unknown to me, a big size. I was pleasantly shocked, but still again, a size queen is a size queen through and through. So, being as it may, I wanted just a bit more.

I began my work in secret while doing some trials and travel. And after much failure I finally found a compound that worked.

I won’t go into the boring details and scientific jargon that I know you won’t understand, but it did grow my cock to a healthy 11 inches. I had initially intended only to be a good 9.5 or 10 but it gave me more than I thought and I was happy with it. I injected the light blue liquid into my balls myself and as painless as it was I felt the effects almost immediately. The growth was a form of pleasure I’d never known existed. My balls grew, too, from egg sized to apple, and my dick stretched and thickened relentlessly for two minutes before I came all over myself, covering my sheets and myself in my now sweet-tasting spunk.

I wanted to test it more but I didn’t want to be a freak in real life. So I called up my friend Frank. He lived in Colorado and had just broken up with his girlfriend. Unbeknownst to him, I had a huge crush on him, but knowing he was straighter than a one way street I’d always kept my feelings at bay. If I couldn’t have him I would totally just be the best friend I could be. Recently he had visited our home state and we went out partying one night. In a drunken stupor he’d confessed that he was unhappy with his size of dick and thought that may have been the reason it didn’t work out with his girl.

As soon as I remembered that after trying to figure out who I could test on, I called him and told him I was coming through for a visit. He had no idea—for that matter, I had no idea—what would occur during our time together and how it would change life as I knew it for me.

I got out of the airport and into the strong, built arms of one of my best friends. Frank definitely had been working out and he smelled so fucking good with his cologne and whatever he used in his hair. I made a point not to linger but he held on and surprised me. Once the embrace was over he grabbed my things and put it all in his Audi, and we sped off to get something to eat.

“Man, it’s been too long! And I’ve been trying to get you out here for over a year now. What changed your mind so suddenly?”

He looked over and light shone through his honey-brown eyes. I looked away and proceeded to tell him about my parents and that I moved out. It was the perfect cover story. He patted my shoulder to comfort me.

“Well, don’t worry about that now. I’m sorry I asked.” I looked at him and he looked genuinely upset.

“Don’t worry about it! I just have more time to myself and I wanted to come and see my bro so it’s all good !” I said as cheerfully as I could.

He smiled his brilliant smile and boom, it struck my heart again just how much I missed him and how much alone time we would have together during my visit. I shook my mind from my thoughts and pushed down my feelings as my now bigger cock started to stir. I had all but forgotten about my new endowment, which was trying to knock on the door to my sweatpants. As I struggled to think about anything else but what I had planned, I spared a bit of gratitude I was wearing a cup over my dick and compression shorts. It make me look like I had barely anything but was perfect for an occasion just as this one.

It was still uncomfortable, though, and my dick was soon flaring at half mass.

“You okay?” Frank asked. He looked at my face and I offered my best façade, assuring him everything was fine.

He shrugged and kept driving, singing along with the radio and talking about where we were going that day.

And we did have a fun day. My dick calmed down as soon as I noticed how hungry I was, and he took me to an arcade with drinks and a bar after that. By the time we got back to his place he was damn near shitfaced but was happy to have some company in his delusions. He sloppily gave me the house keys and told me which one it was while he leaned on the wall outside of his townhome. I got us in and he sat on the couch. I brought my stuff up to the guest room and made sure to put the bottle of diluted liquid in his refrigerator. It looked like all the other Gatorades in his fridge. My friend played soccer and hit the gym so he cranked the stuff down just about 3 times a day when he was fully active.

My dick was starting to get hard again at just the thought of him drinking it. I had no clue how it was gonna work or if it would at all. The effects of administration by drinking hadn’t been tested before, so I was also excited for the experiment side as I still was a man of science. I went over to him and gave him a head pat and told him I was off to bed as I was exhausted. He smiled and nodded but before I left the living room he asked me a question.

“Hey bro, before you go could you get me a Gatorade out the fridge? If I’m going to be a human tomorrow I need the electrolytes to start working asap…”

I smiled devilishly and said, “Of course! Let me get you that right away!”

And got it for him I did. In my half drunken state I may have added more of the serum just for good measure. He took it from me and chugged it down as I watched his thick neck take gulps, my dick already pre-cumming bad in my cup. I had to leave but I wanted to watch the show to see if anything happened.

But as I waited, nothing did. As the minutes passed he had dozed off. Disappointed and dick deflating, I dragged my feet to the guest bedroom. I showered, changed and got into bed wondering if anything would happen at all, or would it have to be administered through the ball-sac to work its magic.

I slowly drifted off to sleep with the unknowns rushing through my mind.

“Ugrhhhhh … mmmhhh”

I awoke to moaning and the sheets getting ripped from me. I quickly shot up and saw something that made my dick instantly stiff as a board. It was Frank. He was sweating, and his dick was straining his lycra shorts he had put on for bed. His dick was massive. And with each pulse, it got bigger, girthier, and much, much heavier. His balls were visibly growing slowly larger than even mine.

“Trent … I … I need… I’m so sorry…” and as if he couldn’t hold back anymore he pounced on me. He rubbed himself on me as his dick continued its relentless growth. The friction was more than pleasurable for him as he had his mouth open and cursed in his native Spanish language. His body was on fire and his primal sense was taking over. The thread in his lycra soon finally gave up as he dick strained and pulsed one more time.


You could audibly hear the stretching and growing in his groin. But as I took a closer sex-crazed look, I saw his body was also looking super jacked. Was he … actually growing everywhere?!

Sure enough, as I stopped and focused it was clear his pecs, traps, delts and abs were all bulging out slowly but steadily. That sent me into overdrive. I could feel his quads and his sock covered calves become heavier and more defined as he dry him per me. I guess because he drank it, it spread through his entire body. I grabbed his dick as it was still growing and shoved him off me. I grabbed the lube in my bag and injected it into my hole to get ready. He was about 14 inches but still was slowly growing bigger and bigger. I couldn’t wait to adjust. I slammed myself down on his dick as he roared and started pounding my ass like it was a flesh light. The pain was unimaginable at first but after 2-3 minutes of merciless pounding by my bro’s cock it started to feel incredibly good. It was like a vice straight to my dick.

I didn’t know it then but he was still growing inside of me and eventually I could see his dick bulging out my stomach. I looked over and leaned in for a kiss. He grabbed my head and kissed me and wrapped his arms around me aggressively with a desperate need in his glazed over eyes. With his body and dick still growing I felt every muscle.

“Ahhh fuck .. yes … yesssss. Bigger .. fuck … bigger …. Morreeee… uuggrrhh!”

Frank was in total heat mode as he roared these words. I came in-between us and noticed my dick wasn’t going down. In minutes it was ready to fire again. But I fought off as hard as I could until Frank was ready.

“I don’t know what’s happening but … mmmhnnnm….Oh shit, Trent you are wayyyyy better than any pussy I fucked. Urghhh! So … so tight…. I’m about to bust… im gonna impregnate you. You’re my bitch now.”

That sent me over the edge. I came again and he came like a firehose inside me. He just kept going and going with one last roar he grew and grew fast. He shot up to 6’4 and his dick bulged to an insurmountable 18 inches inside me you could hear his cum factories sloshing as he kept pumping his dick in and out of my destroyed cunt. His nuts were now the size of cantaloupes. The wet sounds and sensations had me cumming for a third time while my stomach bulged out more and more. The feeling of him pumping me up was more than I could take and I passed out with him still inside me, still pumping more seed heavily into me.

I awoke to a mess. There was cum everywhere. Literally—I had to wipe it from my eyelids, and that wasn’t easy because my hands were so caked and soaked in all of it.

As soon as I tried to move, I stopped and looked down at my belly. It was humongous! There were veins and stretch marks everywhere on it. For some reason though it seemed to be smaller than when I passed out. As I tried to sit up on my elbows, I also noticed that I was still impaled on over a foot of my friend’s cock. It felt like I had an arm up my ass and it was warm and pulsating. Was it still cumming!? With post-nut clarity still prominent, though quickly subsiding, I knew I needed to get off his dick so that I could think straight, or else I’d start something that may end up killing me.

I slowly and pleasurably got off of his dick, and once I did the flood gates came crashing. Gallons of cum racked itself onto the floor.

“Damn, I really did a number on you…”

I looked over to see Frank finally waking up. The stimulation must have stirred him. I had to look away because his glorious body was already trying to distract me. His now ten-pack abs and his longer and more built body in general were a Greek sculptor’s dream, an eighth wonder of the world. My cock was already stirring, and I didn’t need another session without cleaning up, washing up, and getting food.

“Yeah, you did,” I said, as my stomach rumbled and more cum flooded out my cumhole.

“That was fucking amazing, TJ. Ima need that ass again.”

Frank was still horny as fuck and hadn’t fully come down from the ecstasy that was his cock and body, so he was still insensible to the fact that anything had changed. He just knew he’d had the most amazing sex of his life and he wanted more of it. Thank God I got up or he prolly would have fucked more cum into me. My cum-belly had definitely deflated some, but it was still looking like I was seven months pregnant. Ignoring him, I quickly waddled to the bathroom and turned the shower on. I slowly stepped in and contemplated our next steps.

There was a lot of testing to be done, but how was the issue at hand. I didn’t want him to suspect anything until I knew the serum was 100% safe. I didn’t want to burn out his life force. Maybe taking a cum sample would be good, but I may need a blood sample. Feeling the water cascade down on my body was so intoxicating I nearly passed out, lost in thought. It appeared that I was more exhausted than I thought I was.

“Whoa, you okay... ?”

Startled out of my reverie, I looked over my shoulder. It was Frank. His dick had gone down to half mast, and though his face still had pleasure and euphoria written all over it, there was a look in his eyes of confusion and concern.

“Yeah, I’m good. I’m just trying to shower up and just lost balance a little bit, but I’m good.”

He looked down at me and his body and as if for the first time it looked like he finally realized something was off and wasn’t normal. As he looked down in awe and fear, I covered my tracks by speaking first.

“So … you wanna tell me why and or how you became like this? I mean, I’m not necessarily complaining, but you basically mauled me like a bear last night. I saw you grow and—”

“I honestly don’t know! I was so drunk last night I literally have no recollection of even getting home. The only thing I remember was waking up on the couch feeling this unbearable heat and desire. I’ve never in my life been that horny. It was like I hadn’t had sex in more than a decade and it all came at once. I lost it at that point.”

I put on my best concerned look and caressed his face looking into his eyes. It wasn’t all an act. Again, I was truly worried, but my cock was clouding my judgement.

“Are you okay, though? Do you feel bad at all?”

He smiled then and grabbed my waist pressing us together. “Nah I’m fine. In fact, I feel better than I have in years. For some reason I think I have you to thank for that.”

My blood ran cold but he couldn’t see my face as I hid under his chin by his collarbone. “Oh, so fucking the absolute shit outta me was your plan all along huh?” We laughed and he playfully punched my shoulder.

“You know that’s not true. I am, or I guess you can say was, as straight as they come. Last night was a first for me, but I can tell you right now it won’t be my last.” He started playing with my abused and very sensitive cunt-hole he demolished only hours ago.

I didn’t mean to, but an involuntary moan came out of my mouth as he fingered me. I felt his monster stir under us and I did not want to do anything without eating and properly cleaning up. I had pretty much washed up before he came in to save me from falling, so I quickly moved under the water and rinsed off. Even though I’d moved away I could still feel his dick slowly rising, it was so thick and girthy swaying back and forth slightly as it pulsed bigger and stronger to its fully erect state. I knew by the look in Frank’s eyes that his sanity was receding, and his new primal mind was slowly but surely kicking in.

“Let me at least eat first,” I whined as I knew the inevitable was coming.

He smirked and pushed me down to my knees. Before I could even mention that this is not what I meant he pressed his cock on my lips and his hand found the back of my head.

“I’m gonna feed you more of my kids and then I’m gonna fuck you again. I’m going to breed you until you can’t move. I’m gonna give you more and more and more until you beg me to stop. And even then, I’ll keep filling you up.”

He must have known his words were working because my dick had long since bricked and stoned itself to an impossibly hard state. I wanted to protest so badly, but his big spongy head kept getting harder and harder to resist. I finally gave up when he started pre-cumming on my lips. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him slide in. I felt like I was in a dream as his giant dick slowly slid in further and deeper. I could feel it expanding my throat as it went past it.

“ohhhhh fuuucckkk …. Dammit … yes … deeper take more!” Frank was gone, his new personality had completely taken over like the previous night.

I could feel it deep stretching every part of me as he slid it in and out and in and out. I loved every minute of it. In the back of my mind …. The part that was still coherent and brimming with scientific curiosity, I wondered how the hell I was taking such a massive cock in my mouth but who knew and who cared. The sucking and slurping just heightened the pleasure for both of us. We never felt so good, and you could tell. Before long he was fucking my face like a second flesh light.

“Mmmmmmmhhnnhh , I’m gonna blow you up even bigger baby. Fuck … oh fuck … here it comes!”

And with that he shot rope after rope of cum inside me. And I could feel it. The cum. It enveloped me. I could feel my belly getting bigger and stretching out. My dick was getting pressed downward harder and harder. I grabbed his strong quads and braced myself for my own orgasm. When it came, I felt his hands on my head pressing me down further.

“That’s ittttt…. Yessssssss… more …. Oh god moreeeeee!!” This beast was getting off on me cumming and I was getting off on him getting off on me.

I had almost passed out again, but it was him this time that went out first. He slumped back onto the floor and passed out in a drunken haze. This was the perfect opportunity for me to clean up and start testing but as I moved something happened. My sloshing stomach started to gurgle and vibrate. My stomach as I touched it sent shockwaves of energy and ecstasy through my brain. It was only then, however, in my own cum-drunken state, I noticed my gut was shrinking.

What happened next was even more insane. My arms and legs started filling up and out. Muscle started stacking on my body and I could feel the heat. You could hear the stretching. I suspected that the serum was definitely in his cum at this point and started permeating my cells. As it did, pleasure soared through my body, and I screamed and moaned in bliss. My cock stretched out to 14 inches and my body went from looking like a swimmer to a body builder in a mere 4 minutes. My pecs were now shelved, my ass was firm and round, my abs went from none to nine and counting and my caves and quads just kept tightening and getting bigger. My balls engorged themselves with cum tightly packed and waiting for my command going from apples to grapefruits made them even more sensitive and made me even more horny. It was like an itch that needed to be scratched. I could hear it calling to me.

Cum and grow, grow and cum …

I shook my head, showered off and ignored my body’s calling. Walking though was a bit of a challenge. My balls colliding with my now powerful legs made it almost impossible to think straight. Every step was a brush against them, and they were just so sensitive now. I was definitely going to jerk off, but I wanted to at least test Franks blood and cum to see the effects and if any side effects were damaging. After all, if they were any at all I would need to fix it right away. I didn’t want to lose my friend or his handsome face. So, I got the needles I’d brought with me and got to work. I just hoped and prayed he stayed asleep long enough for me to get the samples I needed.


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