A little somethin’

by MegaMaker

After two longtime friends spend the day at the beach, Davey can't help but notice how muscular his buddy Sam has gotten. When Davey asks about it, Sam’s reactions are more than a little unexpected. 

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Part 1 After two longtime friends spend the day at the beach, Davey can't help but notice how muscular his buddy Sam has gotten. When Davey asks about it, Sam’s reactions are more than a little unexpected.  (added: 21 Jan 2023)
Part 2
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Part 1

Samsung and Davey were packing up their stuff from their day at the beach. The two of them liked to do this once or twice a year. Considering where they lived they technically could do it every day but then it wouldn’t be special anymore. However, this outing had Davey been more than a little puzzled about something.

Sam was always a naturally ripped guy, if a bit on the short side, but today Davey noticed that his friend was looking bigger than usual. Davey had noticed the second Sam took his shirt off how huge his upper body was and because Sam liked to wear speedos when he was at the beach or pool he got a good view of his lower body all day and that too was packed with muscle.

He’d wanted to ask him about it all day but he was afraid he’d reveal his secret jealousy. With them packing up and getting ready to go, Davey finally caved and had to say something. “Hey, Sam,” Davey said.

“Yeah, man?”

“I gotta say, you’re lookin’ really huge these days. I couldn’t help but admire your gains all day.”

“Thanks buddy, means a lot.”

Sam smiled. He’d hoped that Davey would notice sooner but he was pleased that he finally did. He wore one of his speedos that were a tighter fit just to encourage Davey’s gaze.

“I gotta ask—what’s your secret?”

Without another word Sam walked up to Davey with his arms open.

“What are you doing?”

“I wanna give you a hug, that’s all.”

“Um, okay.”

Under no circumstance would Davey ever turn down a hug from his closest friend. The two of them embraced each other in a deep hug. Davey loved feeling Sam’s huge bare chest and blocky abs press against his own body. And because Sam was wearing a speedo he felt Sam’s bulge and bare muscular legs touch his own. Davey put his chin on Sam’s trap and Sam did the same.

In truth Davey had developed feelings for Sam over the many years they’ve been friends although he’d never tell him that. Unbeknownst to Davey, Sam knew that he liked him and he shared that feeling. Without either of them letting go Sam said,

“You really wanna know how I got this jacked?”

“Yeah, but why did you need to hug me first?”

“Are you complaining about that?”


“I’m hugging you because I like you.”

“As a friend right?”

“I like you more than that.”

Davey’s heart froze. “Are you serious?”

“We’ve been bear-hugging for more than five minutes straight. Does that not tell you anything?”

Sam squeezed him tighter. Davey didn’t know what to think his mind was racing. He asked a simple question and got Sam to confess his feelings in a beautiful hug. He wasn’t complaining, but he sure was confused.

“Can I rub your back?” Davey said.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”


“Go ahead.”

He dragged his soft pudgy hands all over Sam’s smooth rippling back muscles. He still had no idea how Sam got this jacked in such a short amount of time but he loved feeling him up.

“Do you really like me more than a friend?” Davey said in a hush voice.

“I do.”

He kissed Davey right on his chubby cheek turning Davey’s face so red it looked sunburnt. Davey squeezed Sam so tight it was getting hard to breathe and water started well in his eyes. This is not what Davey thought was gonna happen when he asked his initial question but he certainly wasn’t complaining. He’d loved Sam for many years and finally he was gonna get what he wanted.

“You like hugs, don’t ya.”


“Ever since we were kids. You were always my snuggle-buddy.”


The two of them stayed in their embrace for a little longer before they finally let go of each other. Davey kept his hand on Sam’s trap rubbing and squeezing it the whole time. They gave each other pleasant smiles.

“You never answered my question.”

“Well, diet, exercise, sleep, and a little something else.”

That made Davey concerned. He hoped that Sam wasn’t doing any drugs that would put a serious damper on his view of Sam. He went his whole life thinking Sam was flawless but using drugs like that would be tough for him to stomach.

“Are you gonna show me that little something?”

“Let’s finish packing up, then we’ll head to the bathrooms and I’ll show you.”

That put Davey on edge but he trusted Sam enough to hope that whatever this secret was, it wasn’t dangerous. With Sam carrying most of the stuff, the two boys headed back toward the public bathroom/changing room building this beach had. Davey still had many burning questions about what Sam’s little something could be. However, he had a more pressing question to ask first.

“Did you know I liked you?”

“Yeah, not gonna lie, it’s obvious.”

“How so?”

“Let’s see where to begin. Our parents were friends so we’ve basically shared a crib. We lived across the street from each other our whole lives and slept over at each other’s houses pretty much every day. We went to the same daycare, pre-school, kindergarten, middle school, junior high, highschool, college and shared a dorm and now we live together. And we have been on the same wrestling team from beginning to end. If I had to guess you’ve been following me around even before you even knew you had feelings for me.”

Davey’s face somehow turned even more red. “It really was that obvious?”

“Whenever we’d sleep over we shared a bed and we did that up until high school when our parents told us it wasn’t appropriate for us to keep doing that.”

“I remember and I was devastated that night.”

“I know you were, and I heard you sobbing in the bathroom that night.”

Davey looked away from Sam feeling ashamed for his immaturity but Sam held Davey’s hand assuring him that he understood his feelings.

“And that’s why I didn’t listen to them and I held you tighter than I ever had.”

Davey wanted to cry again but he was so happy he couldn’t. Over the past who knows how long he agonized over Sam and yet he never knew that Sam was looking out for him this whole time. “You know, can I tell you something?”

“You can tell me anything.”

“I’m kinda jealous of your looks.”


“You’re jacked and have a handsome face with a great jawline and clear smooth skin. You’re confident enough with your body to wear a speedo at the beach. I wish I had that.”

“Well, don’t sell yourself short, cutie. You got some good muscle yourself and I like your slight chubbiness. It makes you look cute and sweet, especially your face. Your cheeks are so round and chubby. I just wanna do this.”

Sam reached over to pinch and pull on Davey’s face. That made him giggle and blush which in turn made Sam smile ear to ear.

“Thanks, man.”

“Also not gonna lie, you got a nice ass too.”

That really got Davey hot and bothered. He didn’t know Sam paid attention to that.

“You think it’s nice to look at?”

“It’s pretty juicy. What’s not to love?”

Sam winked at Davey, which made him giddy. The two of them were almost to the building before Davey asked one more question.

“Why did you wait so long to tell me that you loved me?”

“Because watching you fawn was kinda adorable.”

Davey curled his lower lip and his eyes big. “Really?”

“A lot of things you do, I think are cute. Like what you’re doing right now.”

They hugged one last time before walking in the building with their hands held between them. Inside the bathroom/locker room there were a few stalls, some urinals and a couple of showers without curtains. The building was not the most maintained place in the world. Any supplies were most likely stolen. Empty soap and paper towel dispensers. Unclean toilets and sinks. All around it had a bombed-out, post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Neither of them cared, though, they’d been using it for years.

“Okay, buddy, ready for this?”

Davey was still concerned that Sam was gonna pull out a syringe with roids in it but he held his tongue. He wanted to give Sam a chance before accusing him. From inside his backpack Sam pulled a little tan bottle with a dropper cap. Davey’s heart sank.

“Are those S.A.R.M.s?”

“Better. This is called hyper-bolic.”

“How is it any different from P.E.D.s?”

“It doesn’t have any side effects!” Davey found that hard to believe and his face expressed that. “Well, it has one, but we’ll get to that later. Just know that I’ve been using this for months and I weigh two twenty pounds of gorgeous strong muscle. No acne, no unwanted hair, no hair loss, no joint problems, no roid gut. Just huge strong bulging muscles.”

He puffed out his chest while tightening his abs to demonstrate his point. Sam also smiled so wide it made Davey concerned.

“So then what’s the one side effect?”

“Don’t freak out, but hyper-bolic changes the way your dick works.”

“Does it shrink it?”

“The opposite, that grows too, but more importantly whenever I get hard I have to bust or it won’t go soft.”

“That’s concerning.”

“It’s not so bad. I have to nut at least three to four times a day but I kinda already did that before I started taking it.”

“Jeez man, I knew you were a horny guy but I didn’t think it was that bad.”

“Yeah, this stuff makes me even hornier. I get random hard-ons about four or five times a day. It’s annoying sometimes because I have to take care of all of them.”

“Risky move, considering your choice of swim wear.”

“I know, right, I busted a quick one before we left the apartment and right before we hit the beach.”

“Is that why you took longer to get out there?”

“Yep, and with you walking around in your cute watermelon-themed swim shorts I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to keep it soft if I didn’t bust a quick one.” Davey couldn’t help but feel flattered by that but he was still concerned. “Another thing you should know is whenever I get hard I gotta bust sooner or later, otherwise my dick will cum without me even touching it.”

“That’s kinda scary.”

“It’s not so bad. I like that horny feeling. Makes me feel alive.”

Saying Davey was worried about Sam’s use of the drug would be an understatement.

“So then how much do you take?”

“To get to the size I’m at I take about two drops once a month. Each drop roughly gives me about twenty pounds of muscle.”

“That’s a lot.”

“I know it’s fucking great! Bigger muscles, bigger dick, bigger balls, harder boners and bigger loads. You look fantastic and feel fantastic, unfortunately it doesn’t make you taller.”

Davey was now in disbelief that this substance could do all that. But Sam was standing right in front of him showing off all those effects. From huge muscles to even his huge speedo bulge. Davey couldn’t deny what he was staring at though he still was incredulous.

“Prove it. I don’t know how, but prove it.”

“All right, I will.”

With a devious grin Sam unscrewed the cap and took a dropper full. Davey couldn’t believe what he saw next. All of Sam’s muscles popped and puffed bulging bigger. His pecs swelled along with his shoulders and arms. His abs became an eight pack and his lats flared wider while becoming heftier. His traps got taller on his thickening neck. Both his sturdy legs expanded as well as his calves plumper. Lastly his butt swelled, getting bigger and rounder and his bulge swelled too. His dick print was even more noticeable. Combine the new size of his thighs, butt and bulge and Sam’s speedo fit even less than it did before.

“Damn, that feels good!” Sam said flexing in the mirror and massaging all his new muscles. He also had to adjust his dick to press against his hip because the growth had put in an awkward position and it was rapidly hardening into a huge boner. Davey couldn’t believe how long and thick Sam’s dick got. It grew so long that it poked out through the waistband of his speedo and the swollen head was above his belly button. Davey bit his lower lip, he had never seen Sam hard before and to think it was that long and thick.

“But how? I can’t believe this.”

“Hyper-bolic bud, it’s awesome. I probably weigh about two hundred and forty pounds at this point and I look fucking sexy, don’t I!”

“Yeah you do,” Davey might as well have been salivating at this point. He also couldn’t stop himself from staring at massive Sam’s boner. Maybe hyper-bolic wasn’t all bad, he thought. “If it’s that easy to be huge, then shouldn’t you be at body builder levels?”

“Because after a certain dosage you get so horny you can’t focus anymore.”

Sam gestured to his throbbing hard-on that had no chance of fitting in a speedo.

“What’s the biggest you’ve ever gotten?”

“Last spring when you spent that week with your parents I thought I’d see what the limit was. So, I downed the whole bottle at once.”

“How did that go?”

“Dude, like I fucking blew up like a fucking balloon. My muscles grew so huge I could barely move. Walking was a struggle and I couldn’t reach my face anymore. I weighed close to six hundred pounds.”

“Shut up, you’re lying.”

“Here, I got a picture.”

Sam pulled out his phone and showed him the picture. He was aghast at the grotesquely musclebound horny giant that Sam had become. His muscles were so big, so overinflated, he looked uncomfortable and immobile. His boner was so tall it reached his chin and thickened to the size of a cardboard tube and his balls were like soft balls. Not to mention how veiny it got and the head of Sam’s dick was a deep purple, bulbous and drooling syrupy pre-cum.

“I would say you looked like a drugged up bodybuilder but you’re way bigger than that. And your cock is unbelievable. You look photoshopped or CGI’d.”

“Yeah, the best part was my boner. I could have self-sucked if my chest wasn’t so big. I’ll tell you it’s an awesome feeling when your chest presses against your jaw and your thighs rub together when you walk.”

“That’s terrifying but sexy at the time.”

“The only scary part was my dick wasn’t going soft and I was constantly hungry. I was jacking off for hours in our tub and filled it several times. Then I ate everything in the house before I went back to jerking. You have no idea the amount of cum I was making.”

“That’s why our bathroom smelled like sperm for so long?”

“Yeah, sorry about that, it only went soft after days of jerking and the effects wore off and I started to deflate. I’d love to be that big permanently, but it’s not sustainable or practical. So two twenty is good enough for me but I do like having an eight pack so maybe three drops might be my new norm.”

Davey took a moment to just gaze at the being of pure hot muscle that Sam was. He thought he scored big time by finally being able to date his best friend but now that Sam could be a muscle god Davey thought he was hallucinating.

“Why are you telling me all this? When you could have just lied and I would have never found out.”

“Because I love you and if we’re gonna date I think you need to know this about me.”

“As long as you know what you’re doing.”

Sam walked up to Davey to resume their hugging. Then Sam gave a kiss to Davey right on his cheek.

“I think I do.”

Davey loved rubbing all of Sam’s newly grown back muscles and how his bigger chest pressed against his own. Davey also loved feeling Sam’s massive hard cock press against his own dick. He had to stop himself from dragging his hungry hands to Sam’s butt. He wanted to but was afraid. Davey was hungry for something else too and he could feel the throbbing.

“Can I ask you something?” Davey said.

“What did I say before?”

“Right, you think maybe we could do more with each other.”

Sam let go of Davey but held both his hands. “You can’t resist anymore.”

“You’re so beautiful and I love you and I want to make love with you.”

“Horny boi, don’t worry, we can have a little fun. Trust me I’ve been waiting just as long.”

“Wait before we do anything, you think maybe I could try a drop of that stuff.”

Sam laughed long enough to make Davey feel embarrassed. “You wanna get a little bigger, don’t you?”


Part 2

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Nah, man, you’re good. I figured you want to give hyper-bolic a try.”

“Can I?”

“Of course you can.” Sam handed the bottle to Davey.

“So, I just take a dropper full?”

“Are you gonna take one or more?”

“Let’s start with one.”

“Then yeah go ahead. Head’s up it tastes awful. I’m used to it but it’s gonna burn like booze also it’s very bitter.”

Davey gave Sam one last look before turning the cracked mirror to look at himself. He could see Sam behind him from the reflection. He had his arms crossed and had this smug look about him. Like he knew Davey would cave and I would want to give the serum a try. With one last breath Davey took a dropper full. Sam was right, he thought it tasted like cheap whiskey mixed with rubbing alcohol and there were hints of something else that was equally as awful.

Seconds later Davey’s body burned, especially his crotch. His eyes were locked on his reflection as he held onto the sink for stability. Starting in his shoulders they puffed larger and rounder. Then his traps grew too as they crept higher on his neck. Next Davey’s pecs inflated and got wider, fuller and shelfy. His arms packed on more muscle to where Davey had some impressive guns. His lats thickened and expanded into a real lat spread.

This serum didn’t remove fat so despite feeling his stomach contract, he still had a four pack with chubby love handles and only the startings of a six pack and his obliques weren’t as flashy as Sam’s. For his lower body his thighs enlarged becoming more robust. Same with his calves flaring out and becoming very plump.

Speaking of plump, Davey already had an above average behind but his butt plumped up even more, filling out and becoming rounder. He went from above average to a juicy dump truck almost as big as Sam’s and he took three drops. Lastly, Davey’s dick gained a few inches with some added girth and a bigger head with larger balls too.

With that the growth had finished and he was a sexy, ripped yet cute. He felt himself up a little just enjoying his new body, never being able to get the smirk off his face.

“You like that, don’t you big boy?”

Davey was speechless; he just wanted to flex and pose in the mirror while squeezing all his new muscles. He’s never had this much muscle before. He usually weighed one eighty but he was now a little over two hundred pounds. And with his body percentage not changing he looked considerably buff and thick. Davey couldn’t stop himself from playing with his dick because it was really itchy. All that did was give him a boner. He opened his swim trunks to see that it was much bigger than it was before. Davey turned around to look at Sam who looked smug as ever. He was also playing with himself.

“I think life is just got a whole lot better.”

Without a word Sam went up to embrace him and kiss him right on his lips. Their hands explored each other’s buff bodies and unlike Davey Sam’s hands made their way to Davey’s huge butt and he massaged it. They started making out for real while grinding their hard-ons together. How could life get any better, Davey thought.

“Wait, before we get too into this, can we do this in a little more romantic area?”

“Bombed out public bathroom ain’t gonna cut it?”

“We’re at a picturesque beach in the tropics and we’re gonna bang in a smelly bathroom?”

“Couldn’t agree more, but first I think you should put this on.”

Sam separated himself from Davey to grab something from his bag. From it he took out a wad of a fabric and tossed it to Davey. It was one of his speedos, this one had baby-blue and yellow diagonal stripes.

“Can I wear this? You think I’d look good?”

“If I’m honest, you’d look before you took your first drop, but now you’ll really look sexy.”

That made Davey more excited. He quickly pulled down his shorts. First admiring his thicker thighs and bigger boner before pulling his speedo on. Davey couldn’t believe how sexy he felt and looked. It was so snug and comfy. His butt was displayed perfectly and his boner stuck out making Davey feel even sexier. This was his first time ever wearing a speedo and the fact that it was Sam’s made him even more hot. Davey turned back to the mirror to make a few more poses while he had the brightest smile.

“I’m never going to board shorts again. Speedos are where it’s at.”

“Okay speedo boy, let’s get moving. As hot as it would be I’d prefer neither of us bust in our speedos.”

“Oh, yeah I forgot we’re on a timer and I bet cum stains are hard to get out.”

“Trust me they are.”

Sam had to wrap a towel around his waist due the fact that his boner was still sticking out for the world to see and there was no way he could shove that thing back in his already small speedo. Davey on the other hand was proud to be pitching an eight inch speedo tent.

They grabbed all their stuff and headed back out to the beach. The sun was setting by this point and most people were gone. This was perfect for them because they’d have the beach all themselves. For the first time Davey had enough muscle to feel it bounce and jiggle as he walked and loved that feeling.

He did have to reposition his dick as walked because he wasn’t used to wearing a speedo, especially with an eight inch boner. Sam’s boner was about a foot so for him he had to adjust it more than Davey. Davey then held Sam’s hand and Sam didn’t object. Davey’s gaze was also locked on Sam. He was scooping out the gorgeous man he now called his boyfriend. Something that did worry Davey a little was the size of Sam’s dick. Being a foot Davey was fearful that it was gonna hurt.

“Can you go easy?” Davey said.

Sam chuckled. “We can start slow to start but once I get going I’m not gonna wanna slow down.”

Davey gulped. “Okay.”

Davey’s excitement was curved by the fact that Sam basically told him that he was gonna go hard and with a dick like that Davey was more than nervous. Just then Sam felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through his dick then he felt some warm slippery wetness at the tip. On his towel a white stain surfaced. He had to stop mid step to take a deep breath.

“You okay man?” Davey said.

“Yeah, just starting to pre-cum.”

Davey glanced at the tip of Sam’s boner. Because Sam’s towel was black the white creamy patch was very noticeable. Both of them looked at each other and laughed while blushing.

“God damn, I’m horny,” Sam said.

“Yes you are and I love it.”

“We better find a place to fuck soon because pre-cumming is a sign I’m about to blow and remember I’m on a shorter timer than you.”

They kept walking and found a secluded area walled off by palm trees and large rocks.

“Right here should do,” Sam said.

Davey’s heart was racing the moment he’d been waiting for for years was about to happen. He was finally going to make love with this godly man. Sam let his towel drop. Davey was staring at Sam’s throbbing boner and then thought of something that might help.

“Hey, can I have another drop?”

Sam belly laughed before kissing Davey on the cheek.

“You wanna be bigger. Don’t you like that feeling?”

“I do. I do love being huge but it also might help me take your dick easier.”

“Of course you can have another drop buddy.”

Sam dropped all the stuff then went digging through his bag then handed Davey the bottle. Davey took not one but two droppers full and swallowed it. All at once Davey’s muscles popped and puffed bulging larger and becoming more dense and thick. Then Davey’s boner gained a few inches to the point where it popped out of the waistband of his speedo just like Sam’s did and his swelling balls made his bulge much bigger. Between his newly grown thighs, butt, balls and boner his speedo was looking really small.

“That feels so fucking awesome!” Davey said.

Davey flexed and squeezed all his massive muscles loving every bit of it. Sam had to get a piece of that action so he came at Davey putting his hands all over him. He made sure to explore all of Davey’s now larger body as they rolled in the sand. Davey was doing the same and the two boys started wrestling. During their playful wrestling they pulled each other’s speedos off leaving them both completely naked. Their lips were locked and they grabbed each other’s butts and boners. They loved wrestling when they were kids but never had it been this intense. For Davey this was best wrestling match he’d ever had. When they got tired they rolled off each other and lay there in the sand.

“I love you,” Sam said.

“I love you too,” Davey said.

“You know what I’m thinking? Sam said.


“I’m thinking I’ll make our first fuck special.”

Sam pulled himself off the ground and went back to his bag. He took out the bottle and took the rest of it.

“No, you did not just do that!” Davey said.

Sam only let out a single chuckle before every single one of his muscles had even ones Davey didn’t know existed spasmed out of control. Sweat formed all over Sam’s body and he was choking and grunting with each breath. All over his body his muscles rapidly inflated like balloons. A mixture of fear and excitement filled Davey as he watched his boyfriend transform into a monster of pure titanic muscle.

This top of his chest pressed against his jaw then jutted out into a far reach shelf. His traps consumed his entire neck up to ears. Both his shoulders swelled far larger than his head, same with his biceps and his triceps had to be four times that. His forearms grew so meaty his wrists were disappearing and his hand’s became giant meaty mitts. Sam’s lats expanded so wide and so thick they lifted his arm’s up till they were parallel to the ground. Then his abs turned from an eight pack to a ten pack with his obliques becoming rippling with muscle.

Both his thighs grew so thick and sturdy every muscle group showed and he had to widen his stance and they were still rubbing together. His calves almost matched the size of his thighs making his ankles disappear like his wrists did and his feet grew huge two. Sam’s butt inflated till it too was a massive chunky shelf and was much bigger and rounder than two basketballs.

The best part to Sam was how his boner inched taller and thicker with each throb. It quickly shot up to his chin and thickened to the size of a cardboard tube with an even more bulbous head. He loved feeling his balls expand as they filled with cum. Sam also loved how his boner got so stiff and ridged that his shaft would press into the cleavage of his pecs. His dick was throbbing so much it was basically vibrating.

He kept growing and growing till his muscles were so crowded they had no more room to keep growing and his body had deep stretch marks throughout it. During his growth spurt many ropes of pre-cum shot out of his boner high in the air only to land with a spat making several puddles. Sam started moaning and even roaring from the ecstasy of his growth.


“I can’t stop!”

When Sam had finally finished morphing he was a completely mutated monster of massive over blow muscle. He had lost a decent amount of mobility at this size. His monstrous veiny boner, especially the head was a deep purple almost like it was bruised and was a time bomb but Sam loved it.

“Sam, are you okay?” Davey said.

“I can’t reach my face, I can’t move my head around or look down, I can’t bend over and dick feels electrified but I’m doing better than ever.”

With a deep breath and great difficulty Sam waddled and lumbered over to Davey. The size of immense thighs made his stance very awkward and having such huge balls knock against his legs and his huge shaft swing around didn’t help. Every muscle bounced and jiggled with every step and he had to take deep breaths. That’s when Davey noticed something.

“Are you still growing?” Davey asked with fear.

Sam took a second to carefully observe his body. “Huh, I guess I am.”

At a much slower pace he was still putting on a little extra muscle and dick was getting just a little longer and thicker. They watched and waited for the growth to stop. After a few more minutes it finally did. Sam’s head was half buried by his chest and traps and the rest of his muscles looked completely photoshopped, even cartoonish. Lastly his boner was past his forehead and as thick a baseball bat. Sam got a huge smile then flexed his incredible arms and puffed out his chest while tightening his abs. A rope of pre-cum shot out as he did that.

“Jeez, man.”

“Who’d win a fight, me or The Hulk.”

Sam flexed all his grotesque muscles at once and another pre-cum rope shot out again.

“Definitely you.”

“You bet. Here, watch this still.”

Sam walked over to one of the palm trees. This one was a fully grown eighty foot hardwood, weighing in at about twenty thousand pounds. Sam didn’t think for a second he couldn’t handle it. He grabbed it with both hands then with all his strength pulled it out of the ground. Then he started doing shoulder presses with it. While he did that he busted two more long ropes of cum. Davey couldn’t believe his eyes. His boyfriend had superhero strength.

“You gonna stop busting like that?”

“Nope at this size my body makes sperm faster than I can get rid of it. I wish I could describe to you how it feels to cum like this.”

When Sam was done doing shoulder presses he tossed the tree far off somewhere then lumbered his way back to Davey. He was all sweaty and his face was red but still smiling. His boner was covered in cum and the smell was intoxicating.

“What do you think?”

“That’s incredible and I have the best boyfriend in the world.”

Davey squeezed Sam’s beach ball sized pec. That caused a few more ropes of cum to shoot out. Sam loved that he did that.

“You know what’s more incredible.”

Sam waddled over to a boulder that was four times as big as he was. He punched it making it break into several large chunks. Then he picked some of the larger pieces and started juggling them as his boner released another rope. That made Davey laugh.

“You having fun there, big guy,” Davey said.

“I’ve only ever been this massive once. I’d like to have a little fun, you know.”

When Sam was done he threw the giant chunks far off into the ocean.

“I gotta ask, can you self-suck?”

Sam laughed, making his whole massive, colossal body quake. “Do you see these pecs? I can’t even see over then let alone get to my dick.”

Sam popped both his pecs with each pop the shelf slammed and pressed against his chin. Then without warning Sam scooped up Davey in arms and held him like a baby. That tree was twenty thousand pounds at least and who knows how heavy that boulder was, so lifting Davey who was maybe two fifty was nothing to Sam.

“This has gotta be lightweight for you,” Davey said.

“Like a feather.”

Davey kissed Sam’s chest because from how he was being held here no way he could reach his lips. That caused Sam’s boner to have a mini eruption. Davey and Sam laughed together.

“I wanna say you look gross but you’re so sexy and powerful and your dick it never stops busting. I just wanna get plowed by you.”

“I can make that happen.”

Sam put Davey down and they held each other tight before separating. Then Sam gripped the shaft of thick boner then slapped the head against his palm like he was priming a bat to be swung. More ropes of cum were spitting out of Sam’s boner and he was rubbing it all over his shaft to lube it. Davey gulped.

“How long do you think it is?”

“Definlety over two feet.”

Sam made a devious grin.

“Are you a muscle god or a muscle monster?”

“How about both.”

Sam grabbed Davey and pushed him on the ground. Davey would never be-able to impede Sam’s immense crushing strength so he put up no resistance as Sam wasted no time manhandling him. Kissing each other was a struggle because Sam’s chest put a thick barrier between their lips. That’s when Davey started squeezing his pec’s and everytime he passed over his nippled Sam’s massive boner spit out of a long rope of cum. Davey’s abs had become troughs filled with Sam’s creamy pre-cum as they kept playing with each other.

Sam couldn’t keep it in any more he had to fuck his boyfriend. He lined up the colossal head of his giant boner right in front of Davey’s thick round butt and shoved it. Inch by inch he thrusted more and more of his monster cock inside Davey. He was screaming with sexual agony. Sam was making loud bombastic grunts and moans. Then he squeezed their bodies so tight that Davey’s boner would grind against Sam’s solid steel ten pack using all of Davey’s pre-cum of lube. Both of them were getting sweaty and sandy as they became a big muscular ball of sex. Pre-cum was spurting from both of them and getting all over each other.

“You’re a big buff hot giant, Sam,” Davey said through his moaning.

“You’re a big buff cutie, you know that,” Sam said through his grunts.

Thrusting like a machine Sam kept pumping his giant boner inside of Davey. At the same time Davey was grinding his dick on Sam’s abs harder and harder. Between both of their enhanced abs Davey felt like his dick was inside the best flesh light imaginable. Sam gave one last vigorous thrust. His boner was white hot and ready to blow.

“I’m… gonna… cum…,” Sam choked out. Then he roared in sheer sexual ecstasy.

Like a volcanic eruption white exploded from Davey’s butt as Sam filled him instantly. Like a flash flood cum spilled everywhere as a wave of white spread and splashed all over the surrounding area. Sam’s balls were making cum faster than he could get rid of it and more sperm sloshed in the sand. He was starting to make sandy, spermy mud as his dick refused to stop busting.

That’s when Davey came, only adding to the sperm tsunami. While they were cumming Sam kept thrusting harder and harder while Davey kept grinding harder and harder. The two boys were locked in their sexual fortress as their dicks refused to stop busting.

For several hours they kept going at it till they were basically drowning in each other’s cum. They had made a pond out of their jizz and a river had formed that rapidly flowed down the beach and into the ocean. A few more hours passed when Davey stopped busting and very slowly went soft. Not Sam though at this level of enhancement his dick permanently hard and it was still choking out thick creamy ropes. Both of them looked like they were covered in frosting.

“I… can… barely… breathe and my… head is pounding and my butt… and insides… are killing… me.,” Davey said, he was in so much sexual agony.

“My dick feels how your insides feel. I can’t even feel my legs.”

Sam grabbed his boner and kept stroking to make every last drop shootout.

“Jeez, dude.”

To be funny Sam pointed the head at Davey and shot him with a rope. That made Davey laugh. In return Davey pinched Sam’s nipple which a thick rope burst out and hit Sam in the face. That made Sam laugh.

“After all that you still have cum to bust.”

“It’s gonna be awhile before I shoot blanks.”

They both rested there for a few minutes.

“We made a huge mess.”

“A beautiful mess.”

Davey rolled on top of Sam.

“This is the best day of my life,” Davey said.

“Mine too.”

They both kissed.

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