Nature is good for the body

by West

 Going camping alone has its benefits. Enjoying the great outdoors is a treat by itself, but throw in some unexpected growth and you get one hell of an experience.

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My dick looked huge in the starlight. Going camping solo was a liberating experience and I highly recommend it. I can’t speak for everyone but it also made me grow, a whole lot. Some say there was a woodland spirit that gave a blessing to all men it deemed worthy. Guess I was lucky.

My stats for those who want to know:

Height: 5’10
Weight: 145
Soft: 1.75 inches
Hard: 4.5 inches

I wasn’t that big down there I know, but something about the stars made it seem huge. Almost larger than normal. I considered my own body sexy enough to enjoy without the confines of clothing, not like there was anyone around to see me. So there I was enjoying the night sky, and every time I glanced at my dick it looked bigger. Being a gay man, it’s always good to have a tape measure around for “science.” I grabbed it out of the tent and set it beside my crotch. And sure enough it was half an inch larger, 2.25 inches. Willing myself to stay soft, I busied myself searching for constellations for the next few hours.

After a while I had to take a piss, and when I stood up I was much bigger down there. While I was walking my dick swayed between my legs, it was never big enough to do that before and I had to admit it was hot as hell. Handling a much bigger cock was an experience all in itself and when I got back to my seat I measured again. 6 inches soft, I was three and a half times larger than just hours ago. Before sleeping I had to jerk off and test my new size. I expanded tremendously in an instant, my huge dick approaching 9.5 rock hard inches and came fast and hard.

The moonlight must have also started altering my thoughts, as I had the sudden urge to finally use that dumbbell set I brought with me. The set varied from 5 pounds up to 50 pounds so I had plenty to work with. I grabbed the 15-pound set and began pumping my arms for some curls and in no time broke a sweat. Seeing my body glistening in the moonlight as I worked out felt amazing, my pale skin almost reflective. I lost track of time, as one does when they get in the zone, but at some point I had dropped the 15-pound set and picked up the heaviest 50 pound ones which shocked me because I had never been able to consistently pump my arms using them. But now I was swinging my arms with ease and they felt light as a feather. In my head I silently counted the reps, amazed at myself for reaching 300 in what felt like minutes.

I realized I needed more. Something heavier to suit my needs. My body had changed again, this time my arms had grown huge. My previously acceptable biceps had blown up to 16 inches cold, they were massive peaks of muscle when I flexed. There was no way I would have been this size normally. But now I was disproportionate, my arms were huge whereas the rest of me was normal. My increased vigor allowed my fervent workout to continue although I got a little creative. I’d do 20 squats, sit-ups, and pushups, with 20 burpees used as my transition. It was all so easy to me now thanks to whatever was changing me. And I was happy with what it was doing. My big dick flopping around freely and smacking the bare earth during pushups, it almost got me hard. Every so often I’d look at my progress and it would fuel me with more motivation.

After what had to be a couple hours I was satisfied for now. My legs were thick stalks of pure muscle, easily twice as large as before. I ran my hand down my washboard abs, each of the six slabs firm and cut. Last but certainly not least was my chest, with big pecs so round and solid. I had big muscles all over and was satisfied for now.

Before long the sun started rising. I guess I got a little carried away with my growing. But the strange thing was, I wasn’t even fatigued and it was almost like the rising sunlight was reinvigorating me similar to what the moonlight had done. In fact I could do it all again if I wanted to. Instead I decided to go for a jog and enjoy the warm sunlight. Just in case of an unexpected encounter while out and about I put on some running shorts to cover my dick, even though I would proudly show it off with the rest of my new body. Before that however, a quick trip to the scale and tape measure.

Height: 5’10
Weight: 194
Soft: 6 inches
Hard: 9.5 inches

With my parts covered I set out to enjoy the sights of the wilderness, the sunlight warming my bare, pale skin. Every passing second I felt warmer and more energized, and I noticed my arms had a few more veins than normal. In fact my whole body had more veins visible than ever. The sunlight was absorbing into my body and popping them out during my jog and enhancing them as well. Soon enough those veins started getting thicker as my blood rushed through them, accentuating their deep blue color. I now looked positively ripped and probably freakish to others, but I wasn’t worried. My skin had been pretty smooth all around before but there was no turning back now.

On the way back from jogging I stopped at the lake near my campsite to rinse off a bit. I decided to keep my shorts on this time, but would come back later that night for a skinny dip. The water was refreshing on my warmed skin. Even through my shorts I could feel my dick swaying with the movement of the water and it got me hard. Let me tell you, trying to swim with a huge nearly 10 inch boner is pretty difficult but I was glad my shorts kept it contained.

I swam to a shallow area near the shore and quickly pulled my shorts off my bigger legs. Seeing my meat dripping wet in the sunlight got me even harder and I swear it looked a bit bigger. Cupping my balls I got to work stroking at a furious pace. My technique must have been improved because my dick started bucking and throbbing after only a few minutes. I blasted all over myself and the cum just kept coming, flowing out of my head into the lake.

Rolling over I splashed water over my body in order to rinse it off, further adding to the amount of my cum in the lake. When I turned back over my balls were noticeably larger as well, each one roughly the size of tennis balls. That explains the increased productivity down there.

Once I was all cleaned off, I tried to look for my shorts only to realize they had vanished. When I spun around to look behind me I saw a young guy taking off behind some trees. I wasn’t actually upset about it—if I saw myself in a lake away from my clothes I would steal them too. He was a lucky guy to find them, no matter the reason. My camp was only a few minutes away and I hadn’t seen anyone on my jog anyways, besides that guy just now. Getting back to my site was nice after being out and about during the morning. I figured it was best to at least try and get some sleep despite not feeling tired at all. So I dried myself off the rest of the way and passed out. When I woke back up it was already dark out, so I guess I did need sleep after all. There was another surprise though, my chest had sprouted some light hair across it, something I also never had before. Even though it was light it was noticeable due to the contrast against my skin. Still sexy.

I stretched as I was exiting my tent, only to look over and see the same guy from the lake before sitting at my fire wearing my shorts. He looked my way and saw me in all my glory, eyes bugged out. We introduced ourselves. He was a college student on summer break named Anthony. Later he told me he got lost and the wind guided him to where I was at the lake and heard a voice telling him to follow me back here. Poor guy must have been waiting while I was sleeping. I decided to pry a little into his mind through conversation and later found he was stuck in the closet back home because his family wouldn’t accept who he was. I assured him I would treat him well and he could be open to me in any way he chose.

Then Anthony walked over to me and gave me a hug, and I could feel his heart beating rapidly behind his thick chest. What I wasn’t expecting was that chest to be bare, and upon looking down I saw he was totally naked just like me when I could have sworn he was wearing clothes a second ago. It didn’t matter though, as we were both sharing a moment together.

From then on Anthony stuck around with me and wouldn’t leave my side. I cooked for us both and then we headed back to the lake for skinny dipping, not even bothering to wear clothes on the way down. As we got closer he ran ahead of me a bit, his ass looked amazing. I would not mind seeing this every day for the rest of my life. My dick ached for that ass, and speaking of my dick, the moonlight had already started its magic. I was probably another half inch bigger already and the night was still young. It seemed like the moon grew whatever was being focused on, and since I was horny it grew my dick.

When we reached the lake Anthony stopped and took a deep breath before I grabbed him from behind and kissed him. This was the first time we’d actually kissed and I knew it wouldn’t be the last. He passionately returned it and our warm lips met for what seemed like eternity. I reached around the front of Anthony and grabbed his warm cock in my hands. He was already pretty big and heavy at 5 inches soft. While still kissing and holding his cock, something felt off. I pulled back and felt dizzy for a second, realizing I was taller than before. Now I had to lean down to kiss Anthony’s forehead when we used to be the same height. Shaking the feeling off, we jumped into the lake. It was freezing now that the sun wasn’t warming it up but we didn’t mind.

We splashed each other and goofed off laughing the night away. I hadn’t expected to meet anyone during my trip but now I was so glad Anthony was in my life. He had a ridiculous idea to see how quickly I could swim to the other side of the lake with him on my back, and I had to take it up because I wasn’t going to turn down feeling that hunk’s bare chest and dick on my back.

He mounted me as we set out, him firmly grabbing his arms around my abs. I plowed through the water with ease and reached the other side in record time. Anthony then had another ridiculous idea, one that I hesitated with at first but ultimately his cute smile won me over. We would repeat the same thing as before, only this time would be plunging his heavy dick into my muscled ass. He was hard in no time, his 5 incher extending only slightly to 6.25 inches. I guess he was more of a show-er than a grower. Once again he climbed onto my back, and then slowly worked his meat into my now eager hole. I have to admit it felt amazing when he did, like it belonged there. Here I was with a hunk on my back and in my ass swimming across a lake, I’m sure we looked memorable. The feeling was pure bliss, my muscles easily carrying us through the water coupled with the pleasure of Anthony’s cock plugging my ass was intense. About halfway through the journey back, he came in my ass and gently rested his head on my back as I continued to glide through the water to the other side.

Anthony stayed piggy back on me the whole way back to camp and he felt light as a feather. I knew then and there the moonlight had made my muscles more dense, allowing me to be much stronger without the extra size. That explains how it only got easier carrying him around. What I didn’t mention before is how much bigger my dick got from the silver beams of light. I let Anthony do the honors of measuring me this time, although I didn’t stay soft for very long after he told me how big it was.

Height: 6’4
Weight: 270
Soft: 8.75 inches
Hard: 11.5 inches

Somehow Anthony wasn’t shocked at the fact I was growing—all he cared about was that we were happy. He was getting sleepy so I suggested he sleep under the stars tonight which he agreed to do. In a matter of seconds he was out cold and looked as cute as ever. I looked at the moon and silently wished he could gain the same blessings I did, but weaker.

Tonight I decided I would focus on testing my strength. As I was walking through the woods the added heft and length to my dick was incredible—I could feel the weight of it pulling at my groin. Since I had gone in the water earlier my balls once again swelled, now resting at baseball size. I hoped they wouldn’t get much bigger without me getting significantly taller, because they were looking a little disproportionate. Thankfully they didn’t.

First thing to test my strength was finding a tree and seeing if I could uproot it on my own. We were starting off big and finishing big. My newfound strength was feeding me, making me crave more power. I found a tree I deemed worthy, a younger looking oak tree. Still, it was 20 feet tall and probably 24 inches in diameter. Grasping it and tugging I realized I may have overestimated my strength. But then I felt it, a fire burning inside every single muscle fiber in my body. I surged upwards and outwards as my body expanded to allow me to lift the tree out of the ground. Letting out a deep groan I tore the roots out and set the tree down to tear its branches off.

Once finished I hoisted the trunk up on my shoulder and began walking back to camp with it. Anthony was awake as he watched me drop the trunk next to him. That’s when we both noticed that each of us had grown, and that whatever was listening had granted my wish. My muscles and height had grown significantly from my burst and of course the natural dick growth from the moonlight, and Anthony grew a little bit all over. I now measured as follows:

Height: 7’2
Weight: 410
Soft: 10 inches
Hard: 13.5 inches

My muscles were jacked now, although the alteration to their density made me not as freakishly large. I had fun measuring Anthony for the first time, he went from hunk to super hunk, accentuating what already made him hot.

Height: 6’1
Weight: 190
Soft: 6.25 inches
Hard: 8.5 inches

He was already hot, but now he was a certified sex magnet. I asked him to spot me as I intended to use the tree trunk as a sort of barbell and he eagerly agreed. We set up a table to use as a bench and in no time I was pushing out reps on something that weighs thousands of pounds, my meaty hands firmly holding onto its rough bark, my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling. As I was lifting, Anthony bent down to kiss me and told me to keep my mouth open for a treat. Soon I felt his warm cum quickly drench my face as he struggled to aim into my mouth. I opened my eyes to see his dick exploding with the warm sticky substance just as he shoved it down my throat. I gagged at first but relaxed as he was still shooting down my throat. Not long after I had to swallow the cum he left in my mouth, all while still lifting the log above. But hornyness overwhelmed me and I set the log down to make out with my super hunky friend. We kissed and fucked through the night, both gaining more size to our dicks as we did so.

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