Give or take

by Bigmusclenm

Bryce was frustrated with his failed attempts to gain muscle mass. He felt envious of his roommate, Mason, who had seen successful results at the gym. However, Bryce had been chosen as the “Great Gifter,” receiving the power to alter men’s physiques—though these actions would also affect his own body.

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Part 1 Bryce was frustrated with his failed attempts to gain muscle mass. He felt envious of his roommate, Mason, who had seen successful results at the gym. However, Bryce had been chosen as the “Great Gifter,” receiving the power to alter men’s physiques—though these actions would also affect his own body. (added: 27 Apr 2024)
Part 2 Bryce woke up and recalled encountering the cloaked man in the alley, getting excited about Mason’s and his own physical changes. Then, he decided to test his powers on his coworkers and their new boss to balance the office dynamic. (added: 25 May 2024)
Part 3 Despite a voice telling him to use his power for the greater good, Bryce ignores it and focuses on his own desires. Mason emerges from his room with a massive, muscular body, and Bryce can’t help feeling attracted to him. (added: 29 Jun 2024)
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Part 1

Bryce stepped out of his apartment building, and his curly brown hair fell across his forehead, partially hiding his olive eyes. He brushed his hair out of the way and adjusted his jacket as he descended the short front stairs. He knew it wasn’t the best time to go out for a walk, but he needed some space to think about his own life. He longed for a peaceful moment alone. He had always hated the phrase ‘existential crisis’, but he was currently struggling with multiple issues, leaving him questioning his current and future life.

At 26 years old, Bryce Harrington was an average young man who worked 8 hours a day as a Data Entry Clerk at a Research and Survey Firm. His job could easily be done by a computer, but he was grateful the firm had hired him to do it. It wasn’t the most exciting job, but he needed the money. His monotonous job played a role in his current existential crisis. However, his recently failed attempt to gain muscle mass was the major problem, resulting in a tense relationship with his roommate.

As Bryce walked down an empty street, completely alone, he thought about the events of the previous year that had led him into his current existential crisis. He had signed up for the local gym to build muscle. He wasn’t a size queen like most guys at the gym, but he wanted to see his body progressively grow. It was more about observing the progress than achieving a final result, but after a year of extreme efforts, his body was still the same.

The hurtful disappointment resulting from his lack of results felt even worse every time Bryce stared at his roommate, Mason, who had joined the gym about two months after Bryce. Starting as a somewhat chubby 6’4” man, Mason began seeing great results within a few weeks. While Bryce struggled to gain at least a pound, Mason transformed into a sexy, muscular man in just a few months. That visible transformation was precisely what Bryce longed for, but Mason got the reward.

Mason wasn’t the biggest or most imposing guy around, but for Bryce, their size difference seemed unfair. Standing at 5’8” and having reached his max at 130 pounds, Bryce had reasons to feel as though Mason had achieved more than he should have. Mason’s size and newfound confidence made him constantly stay shirtless inside their apartment, unaware that it infuriated Bryce. He had only joined the gym because Bryce had invited him, so he thought his roommate would be proud of his gains. Instead, Mason’s growth left Bryce envious and resentful toward Mason. These thoughts made Bryce feel like the worst friend ever.

Lost in his own thoughts, Bryce found himself standing at the entry of a dark alley, and he started pacing in circles. He wanted to be mad at Mason, but deep inside, he knew his roommate hadn’t given him a reason to be. Mason had been incredibly supportive throughout Bryce’s failed attempts to grow, even encouraging him to keep working out despite it being clearly useless. Bryce genuinely appreciated Mason’s kindness, but it didn’t change how he felt about him.

“Damn it! Stupid Mason and his great genetics. And his fucking annoying kindness. Fuck!” Bryce shouted out, kicking a small rock into the dark alley in frustration. “Universe, I just need a sign. Send something or someone, or…” Bryce talked out loud, but his words were interrupted by a booming voice.

“Bryce Aldaris Harrington,” a loud, deep, supernatural male voice echoed through the alley, sending shivers down Bryce’s spine. Nobody knew his strange middle name except his parents, so hearing it in a dark alley was quite scary.

“Who… who said that? How do you know my name?” Bryce said quietly, trying to sound brave but shaking in fear.

Bryce’s heart was beating fast, but he needed to know who knew his name. Despite his fear, he walked into the creepy, dark alley. Thick clouds obscured the moonlight, and he couldn’t see much. The strong smell of dampness made Bryce frown. Only the sounds of his own footsteps resounded through the alley, but suddenly, a thunder-like sound filled the alley. Shivers crawled up his spine, making him freeze in place and not letting him run away in horror.

The alley started getting colder suddenly, and a strange sensation made Bryce regret leaving the apartment. For an instant, he longed to be back with the annoyingly hot, shirtless Mason. As Bryce started panting in fear, he noticed that each breath he exhaled quickly turned into a misty cloud that disappeared after a few seconds. The place was cold, and that wasn’t normal.

When Bryce finally found the courage to turn around and head for the alley’s exit, he couldn’t take a single step because a tall figure emerged from the darkness about 10 feet away in front of him. The silhouette was imposing—much taller than Bryce’s average height—but at least it looked human. The figure was covered by an old, worn cloak that didn’t let Bryce discern any features, but as it got closer, Bryce could make out some details.

“Bryce Aldaris Harrington, I’ve been waiting for you.” The deep male voice echoed through the alley again, but this time Bryce knew it came from the tall figure approaching him.

The closer the mysterious man got, the more Bryce was amazed by his imposing size and how he seemed to loom over his small body. Even though Bryce couldn’t see his face yet because of the hood of his cloak, the darkness only accentuated the bright yellow eyes that gleamed with a supernatural light. As Bryce locked eyes with the huge man, he felt like electricity was going through his entire body, simultaneously making him feel pain and power.

“It’s time for you to discover who you are,” the towering, cloaked man declared, grabbing Bryce’s right hand and intensifying the pain and surge of power going through his body. “Bryce, son of Aldar, the first Great Gifter, you were chosen to carry an ancient power.”

“No! Stop! Stop! Let me go!” Bryce managed to say between deep groans, as his entire body felt like it was on fire.

Bryce could see nothing. While he was in pain, yellow sparks were traveling through his body, making it look like he was being electrocuted. His eyes started gleaming brightly, changing from olive green to yellow. As his eyes illuminated even more, he saw visions of unfamiliar places he could barely recognize. Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient China, and many others—all the names Bryce had encountered in history class—the vision took him there from the perspective of the mysterious cloaked man.

“You were chosen to bring balance among the men of this generation. You will have the ability to change men’s physical forms at your command. You will have the power to manipulate reality and alter their pasts. You’ll become The Great Gifter to the weak, but you will take away from those who see themselves as strong. However, this power comes at a cost for you. Your actions toward others will affect you. If you give, you’ll receive, but if you take, you’ll lose. Be careful, Bryce, son of Aldar; your daily actions will be listed and accumulated, and they will transform you overnight,” the cloaked man said, and even though Bryce was in immense pain, he somehow registered every word the man had spoken. Bryce understood the essence and implications of this power.

As the cloaked man finally released Bryce’s hand, the young man fell to the ground, surrounded by steam. He still felt hot, but at least the pain had stopped. Bryce was panting heavily, and his heart felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. His limbs were sore, but it wasn’t that bad. Despite how weird his body felt, his mind was overwhelmed by his just-acquired knowledge. He didn’t know how it had happened, but now he knew he could make other men grow or shrink just by thinking about it. However, this had a direct impact on his own body. If he made others grow, his own body would grow, but if he made others shrink, his own body would shrink.

“Man, I need expla…” Bryce said, looking up and realizing he was completely alone. “…nations. What the hell? Hey! ‘Scary Shazam’ where did you go? You can’t leave me just like that. I have questions. Man…?” Bryce insisted, but no one was there to answer.

He instantly got on his feet and started looking around, feeling even more scared now that the man had vanished as suddenly as he had appeared. There was no evidence to prove that it hadn’t been a hallucination. The only indication that the pain and the whole scene had been real was the steam emanating from his heated body. Everything else felt like a weird dream or a brief moment of insanity. Even then, deep inside him, he knew everything about the power the cloaked man had bestowed upon him.

“I’m unsure if I’ve finally lost my mind or if it was all real.” Bryce talked to himself as he quickly walked out of the alley, trying to act cool even though he was still in shock. “I guess the only way to find out is by trying, but who…” Bryce stopped as he thought about Mason. The guy had definitely gained more muscle mass than he deserved, so it would only be fair to take some size from him. “No, no, he’s my friend. I can’t do that to him. Or can I?”

Bryce’s heart was split. Part of him knew Mason didn’t deserve to lose the size he had worked so hard for, especially because he wasn’t a bad guy. He knew that the power was meant to punish only those who used their size for bad purposes, which wasn’t Mason’s case. The more Bryce thought about it, the more he opposed the idea of shrinking Mason’s muscles. The only other way to try his newly acquired power was to give Mason some size, which would result in Bryce’s body also growing. That seemed like a better idea.

On his way back to the apartment, Bryce pondered the potential consequences the power could have on his body. He knew that every time he increased a man’s size, his own body would grow by ¼ of that size. Being someone who worked with statistics and numbers every day, he did the math and realized that if he gave Mason 12 pounds of muscle, his own body would only gain 3 pounds. This sounded like a small gain for Bryce, but for Mason, it would be a more significant difference. Bryce groaned in anger as he realized his little experiment would only increase the size difference between them.

For a few seconds, he thought about waiting till the morning to find another guinea pig, but he knew he needed to change someone before bed. He was aware that his power would work overnight. He could spend the entire day thinking about growing men, but the changes would happen overnight. The men would grow while they slept, just like Bryce’s body would do. Additionally, only Bryce and the person directly affected by his power would be aware of the change, meaning that for everybody else, the person who had grown or shrunk had always been that way. The more Bryce thought about it, the more he understood the cloaked man’s words.

By the time he arrived at the apartment, Bryce already had a plan. He had finally decided to use the power to grow Mason and gain some size himself. Even though he hated to think about an even bigger Mason, the fact that his roommate would be aware of the change and very likely scared of it was a fun touch to Bryce’s plan. As Bryce entered the apartment, he couldn’t hide the devilish grin on his face.

“Hey, Bry, I was getting worried. I thought something bad had happened to you,” Mason said, sitting on the couch, shirtless as always. His nicely shaped arms, bulging pecs, and abs were on full display for Bryce to observe.

“Why would something bad happen to me? Is it because I’m short and thin?” Bryce replied angrily as he passed by the couch.

“No, no… I didn’t say that, and I didn’t mean anything like that. I was just worried. You know I care about you… I mean, you’re my friend,” Mason said, standing up from the couch to face Bryce.

As Mason blocked his way, Bryce observed his annoyingly good-looking roommate’s well-defined body. Mason was tall and had naturally broad shoulders that looked even better with his deltoids bulging nicely. His pecs looked full but not huge yet. His abs were perfectly defined, very different from his previously pudgy midsection. His waist was narrow, but his hips were somewhat wide, making him look hot. Then, as Bryce looked up into Mason’s honey-colored eyes, he couldn’t deny that the young man was handsome. His messy, dirty blonde hair was the perfect touch for his pretty and masculine face.

“Mason, I’m fine. Okay? You don’t have to worry about me. Now, get out of my way and go get a shirt before you catch a cold,” Bryce said as he pushed Mason aside, making the tall man frown.

“I was just worried; is that bad?” Mason said, sounding hurt, which made Bryce stop on his way to his room.

“Dude, I’m perfectly fine. I don’t need a bodyguard, and even if I did, I’d want someone bigger,” Bryce said, turning around to face Mason. The hurt on the tall man’s face was evident. “You know what? Grow 50 pounds of muscles, and then maybe I’ll let you be my bodyguard. Deal?”

As soon as these words came out of Bryce’s mouth, the world stopped for a second, and a supernatural-holographic text box appeared between him and Mason. The box contained Mason’s stats and measurements. Bryce didn’t know about this part, and he was surprised because the power was ancient. He didn’t know this was possible, but he just smiled and read Mason’s information.

Name: Mason Austin Jameson
Age: 25 years, 10 months, and 7 days
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 190.2 pounds

There was more detailed information about Mason, but at the moment, the general stats were all Bryce needed to know. As the text box disappeared again, he realized Mason hadn’t noticed anything, and not a second had passed.

“Whatever,” Mason said, sounding angry, as he started walking to his bedroom, looking sad. “If I get 50 pounds heavier, you’ll hate me even more. See you in the morning, buddy. I’m glad you’re fine,” Mason added before walking into his room and slamming the door behind him.

“I’m better than ever before.” Bryce smiled devilishly again and walked into his own room.

As he collapsed on his bed, Bryce realized he had just granted Mason 50 pounds of muscle, which was way more than he had gained over the 10 months he had been working out. It was definitely a big change, but it also meant 12.5 pounds of muscle for Bryce, which was 12.5 more than the pounds he had gained after a year of hard work at the gym. It didn’t sound like much, but it was only to test his power. He needed to know if it actually worked so he could grow many others to see the transformation he had desired so much finally. And about Mason, he could always shrink him later.

Bryce was so excited about growing overnight that he had trouble falling asleep. He felt his heart beating fast with excitement, and his mind couldn’t stop thinking about the endless possibilities. Many ideas came to mind as he realized he could change the dynamics of society. Mason was only the first step in the balance he would bring into the world.

Even at work, there was a man who had been hired just a few months before and, due to his size and good looks, had recently been promoted. This resulted in him bullying some of Bryce’s coworkers. He seemed like a perfect candidate for losing some of his size, but Bryce had to consider the consequences because that would mean losing some of his own size too. It was complicated, but he was willing to test The Great Gifter’s powers.


Part 2

Bryce found himself standing in the living room of his apartment, with a mysterious mist covering the floor. He could sense an unusual coldness in the room. Confused, his eyes searched for Mason to ask for an explanation. Usually, the apartment maintained a pleasant temperature, but Bryce suspected that Mason’s preference for coldness could’ve caused the particular situation.

As Bryce took his first step toward Mason’s room, he noticed a strange sensation in his body. He felt a heavy weight dragging him down, making it hard to take a step. Curious, he looked down at his own body, and his jaw dropped to the ground as he realized his pectorals stuck out over a foot in front of him, and he also realized he was fully naked.

Bryce couldn’t see beyond his massive pecs. Instinctively, he reached for his own chest and couldn’t resist squeezing his massive pectorals, sending shivers down his spine. Each squeeze made Bryce feel more alive than ever before, and with a firm squeeze, he felt a jolt surge through his body, and a loud noise echoed through the room, frightening him a bit.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bryce sat up as he woke up from the strangest dream he had ever had. Looking around, he realized he was in bed like every morning. Everything seemed normal, but the dream had felt so real that he could still recall the sensation of the massive pecs in his hand. It had felt so real that part of him wondered if it had been a dream.

Then, the memory of the cloaked man in the alley flooded his mind. The image of a shirtless Mason waiting for him when he arrived home reminded him of the power he had received in the alley. Bryce looked down and was surprised to find his formerly flat chest replaced by actual pecs. He never wore a shirt to bed so he could freely admire his pecs. They weren’t huge, but for someone who had never had pecs, they were the most beautiful sight ever.

“No fucking way! It worked!” Bryce shouted, pulling off the sheets and marveling at the rest of his body. He wasn’t huge, probably not even considered big by any standards, but it was a significant change for him.

He looked at his arms and flexed his biceps, gasping in surprise. For the first time in his life, a small and very subtle peak formed on his arm when he flexed. Though it was tiny, it felt like a victory. Bryce jumped to his feet and immediately removed his sweatpants and underwear to examine his reflection in the mirror. A smile spread across his face as he explored every inch of his body. Adding 12.5 pounds to his 130-pound frame didn’t sound like much, but the reality exceeded his expectations.

Despite his excitement over his gains, Bryce still had to go to work and find more guinea pigs to test his powers. He quickly showered and dressed for his dull office job. His body hadn’t grown that much, but his clothes felt different on his body in a very positive way. His clothes also hid his new size, which was a good thing to avoid others getting suspicious about what he would do to people he knew.

A few minutes later, Bryce was in the kitchen, preparing a quick breakfast for himself, still unable to stop smiling. He was so happy that he couldn’t wait to arrive at his office and have fun with his powers, but first, he wanted to see what the Great Gifter had done to Mason.

“What the hell!” Mason shouted out so loudly that, even though he was in his room and Bryce was in the kitchen with a wall between them, it sounded like Mason was right next to Bryce.

“Oh, I guess he finally woke up,” Bryce said with a devilish smile as he took a bite of his bread. He heard Mason’s footsteps approaching, and Bryce was excited to see the effects of his powers on Mason’s body.

“Bryce? Please, help me. Something’s terribly wrong. I think I’m having an allergic reaction or something,” Mason said, standing shirtless in front of Bryce. “My entire body has swollen overnight. Please, take me to the hospital.”

“Hmm, what do you mean? I think you look fine,” Bryce responded, trying to contain his laughter in front of a clearly scared Mason.

“Man, are you blind? Look at me! I’m huge,” Mason said, looking down at his body, trying to emphasize his point.

Bryce looked at Mason and couldn’t deny that the 50 extra pounds made a big difference. Going from 190 pounds to 240 pounds on a 6’4” body made Mason look like a superhero from a comic book. His broad shoulders gave him a fantastic frame, especially compared to his narrow waist. It was the most amazing V shape Bryce had ever seen. Mason’s pecs looked full and deep inside Bryce’s mind, he couldn’t help but desire to grab that magnificent chest. Mason’s lower body was just as impressive, stretching his Superman pajama pants to their limit.

Bryce was still upset with his friend for becoming so big, but seeing him completely terrified made it all worthwhile. Also, playing with his mind was an added bonus, especially since no one else would be aware of the transformation.

“Maybe you’re hallucinating. There was no need to brag about your body in front of me. Actually, you should consider gaining more muscle mass? How does 50 extra pounds of muscle sound?” Bryce playfully said as he finished his breakfast.

The world stopped, and just like the night before, Bryce could see Mason’s stats on the text globe beside him. Most of it remained unchanged, except for the weight, which now displayed 240.2 pounds instead of 190.2. Bryce couldn’t help but burst into laughter, imagining Mason’s reaction to 50 more pounds, or even better, 60 extra pounds. Bryce smiled devilishly as the world started moving again, with Mason still in shock.

“Just hurry up and get dressed, or you’ll be late for work,” Bryce said as he passed by Mason’s side, pretending to ignore Mason’s newly added size.

Mason was speechless while Bryce grabbed his backpack and left the apartment immediately. Bryce could barely contain his excitement as he walked out of the building and saw many men walking around the streets, many subjects to test his powers on. However, he was committed to using his powers correctly, except with Mason, who was a very personal project.

As Bryce walked to his job, he thought about his coworkers, and some ideas popped up. Most of the guys who worked with him were almost as thin as him, but he knew none of them minded that much about it. Bryce thought about 30-year-old Gary, who at 5’11” loved to wear snug clothes that only accentuated his lack of muscles; 32-year-old Paxton, who was a bit heavier than Gary, only because he was 6’3” tall, making him look like a bean pole; and 26-year-old Wilson, who was as short and as skinny as Bryce had been the day before. They could use bigger muscles, and Bryce was willing to help them.

As soon as Bryce entered his office, Wilson approached with a worried look and whispered in his ear that their new boss had arrived and that he was a total dick. Gary and Paxton joined them as a tall man entered the room, leaving Bryce speechless.

The newly arrived man’s navy blue suit did nothing to hide his huge muscles. It accentuated them instead. Bryce’s new boss was probably as tall as Mason, or maybe even taller, and seemed to outweigh Mason’s newest body by at least 40 pounds, all muscle. The man was a perfect specimen from head to toe and overly confident because of his looks.

“Good morning, gentlemen. My name’s Vincent Jasperson, and I have been assigned to this office. It’s clear that the higher levels believed a real, capable man was needed to lead this team, and that’s why I am here. It’s clear that none of you met the requirements for this position, so you should consider yourself fortunate to have me as your boss,” Mr. Jasperson said, subtly implying they weren’t good enough.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Jasperson. I’m Bryce and…” Bryce began but was interrupted when Mr. Jasperson raised his index finger, indicating to him to stop.

“Introductions are not necessary. I know all of you very well because I have read your files. However, I must admit that your files fail to explain your lack of… progress in certain departments,” Mr. Jasperson said, looking down at Bryce, which infuriated him. “Nevertheless, you should be happy to know I won’t give those issues much thought. Just follow my orders, and everything will be fine.”

Bryce couldn’t hide the anger on his face, and it was evident that Mr. Jasperson noticed. The new boss subtly flexed his muscles with a smug grin, emphasizing his imposing figure. It was clear that he wanted to intimidate Bryce and the others, so as Mr. Jasperson walked away, Bryce thought about taking some of his size to teach him a lesson and bring balance to his office environment.

Immediately, the room froze, just like the night before, and Bryce could see his boss’ and coworkers’ stats in the strange text globes next to them.

First, Bryce focused on Gary’s information:

”Age: 30 years, 1 month and 13 days
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150.6 pounds”

Then, he examined Paxton:

”Age: 32 years, 8 months and 24 days
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 159.1 pounds”

Then, he paid attention to Wilson:

”Age: 26 years, 9 months and 2 days
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 134.5 pounds”

And finally, Mr. Jasperson’s:

”Age: 34 years, 4 months and 20 days
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 280.8 pounds”

In Mr. Jasperson’s stats, there was something that caught Bryce’s attention because he hadn’t noticed a line that read “penis.” He looked at his friends’ stats, and they didn’t have remarkable numbers there, but Mr. Jasperson’s information showed “12.25 inches”. Bryce paid close attention to his boss’ body and noticed he had a really impressive bulge. The man was a freaking monster in all aspects, but Bryce was eager to teach him a lesson.

“Okay, let’s work some magic here. Gary, I can’t give you a lot of size because you won’t have anything to wear tomorrow morning. So, maybe adding 20 pounds of muscles sounds good? And I’ll give you a hand down there, but just not yet,” Bryce said as he stood before Gary for a few seconds.

As he moved from Gary to Paxton, he noted the tall guy wore loosely fitting clothes, and considering his height, Bryce knew he could handle more size.

“My dear Paxton, you’re nearly as tall as Mason, and I’ve already seen how good some muscle mass suits him, so let’s start with a 51-pound increase for you. I bet you’ll love having a 210-pound body. Oh… and I know you have a girlfriend, so let’s grant you 3 extra inches downstairs to make it 9 inches long. She’ll surely appreciate it,” Bryce said as he looked at Paxton’s crotch, feeling intoxicated by power.

He then moved to Wilson, looking closely at him for a while. They had been close to each other since the moment they met because they were the same age and their bodies were nearly identical. Bryce was even surprised to discover that Wilson was 4 pounds heavier than him.

“And you, my dear friend. What should I do with you? We’ve always struggled with being small together, so I don’t want you to remain small, but I don’t want you to get huge. I think starting with an extra 20 pounds would be fine for you. We’ll see how you react to the new size in the morning, and if you want more, I can add more,” Bryce said, patting Wilson’s flat chest.

Then he turned his attention to Mr. Jasperson’s, and just the sight of the tall, perfect-looking man filled Bryce with anger. He started moving around the man, examining every inch of his body, and he hoped to have a better look at him without the suit. Immediately, the suit vanished, revealing Mr. Jasperson’s body in full glory. The man was even more impressed than Bryce could have imagined.

“Damn! You’re freaking perfect. If you weren’t such a dick, I would have some fun getting you even bigger, but you deserve punishment. You don’t deserve this body. But don’t worry. I won’t be too harsh since it’s your first day here. Let’s take just 40 pounds of muscle and 4 inches of cock. Let’s shrink those bull balls too, and… I’ll be a good person and let you keep your height,” Bryce said as Mr. Jasperson’s suit reappeared, and the world started moving again.

It was difficult for Bryce to act like nothing was happening because he was eager to see the results of the changes in his boss’ and coworkers’ bodies. The rest of the day was slow and uneventful, but Bryce couldn’t stop thinking about the next morning. Part of him wished he didn’t have to wait so long, but the wait made the results even better.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bryce could barely contain his excitement by the time he arrived back home. Things got even better when he found Mason already preparing dinner for them. Mason wore a blue T-shirt with Captain America’s shield on the front and gray sweatpants that left nothing to the imagination. His 240-pound body was stretching the material in all the right places, and even though Bryce hated a bigger (and hotter) Mason, he couldn’t deny he was enjoying the view. Also, the fact that Bryce had given Mason another 60 pounds in the morning made things even better.

“Hey buddy, how was your day?” Bryce asked, eager to hear about Mason’s experience with the added weight.

“It was okay. I was late for work because my clothes didn’t fit. I explained this to my boss, but he didn’t understand why I hadn’t gotten new clothes since I’d been growing so much lately. He didn’t believe me this happened overnight. I weighed myself and found out that I gained 50 pounds. Bryce, 50 pounds overnight. That’s impossible,” Mason said, and Bryce tried to contain his laughter.

“Do you still insist that you haven’t been this big for a while? I see you just as big as ever, and your boss is right, you should get new clothes,” Bryce said as he sat in front of the kitchen counter while Mason continued cooking.

“You too? Man… hmm… let’s forget about this,” Mason said. “At least I’m not losing mass, I guess.”

Mason’s words made Bryce remember something about the cloaked man’s words. The image of Mr. Jasperson’s stats and the fact that he had taken 40 pounds of muscle from him, and 4 inches from his dick, made Bryce realize that his own body would shrink as a result. Bryce knew he would gain 25% of the size he gave to others but would lose 125% of the size he took from others.

After doing some quick math, Bryce realized he would weigh 130 pounds by the morning. Also, he had given 3 inches of dick to Paxton, meaning a 0.75 inches gain, but since he took 4 inches of dick from Mr. Jasperson, he would lose 5 inches of dick. The result scared Bryce because his dick would shrink down to only 2 inches.

Fuck!” Bryce shouted in fear and anger.

“What? What’s wrong?” Mason asked, sounding concerned.

“I-I just forgot about something at work. I’ll have to fix this tomorrow or…” Bryce said as he looked at his roommate and realized Mason could help him fix his issue immediately. He could go out and find another man on the streets, but he had the perfect guinea pig right before him. “Do you remember what I told you earlier about gaining 60 pounds?” Bryce asked a surprised Mason.

“Yeah. I do. That’s crazy. I’d be 300 pounds, way too much muscle. But what does that have to do with your problem?” Mason asked, sounding confused.

“On, no, nothing. I’m just thinking that apart from that, you should gain an additional 50 pounds,” Bryce said, and the world around them stopped.

Mason’s stats popped up next to him again, and they were exactly the same as in the morning, but there was a “+60” next to his weight. Bryce needed to add another 50 pounds to Mason for his own body to stay at 142.5 pounds. Bryce knew he could wait to fix his issue in the morning, but he didn’t care if Mason had trouble with his size as long as he could keep his gains. Bryce didn’t want to lose the 12.5 pounds he had gained, and part of him was eager to see a 350-pound Mason walking around the apartment.

Then, Bryce looked at the line indicating Mason’s cock size and was surprised to see “8.5 inches”. His roommate was already above average in that department. The problem was that to regain the 4.25 inches he would lose, Bryce would have to give Mason 17 extra inches, which was definitely too much.

Bryce didn’t want to give Mason even more size to his already big dick, but he didn’t want to wake up with a 2-inch dick. So, after some consideration, Bryce realized that it would be Mason’s problem to deal with a 25.5-inch cock, without Bryce having to do anything with it.

As the world started moving again, Mason continued talking about how difficult it would be for him to handle 350 pounds of muscle. Bryce could only smile, knowing that the big guy would soon find out how challenging it could be. Bryce had initially been against the idea of making Mason grow because it had been one of the issues that fueled his existential crisis, but it was funnier to mess with Mason’s mind as he grew even bigger.

When Bryce went to bed a while later, he made a mental note to be more careful about shrinking others but couldn’t wait to see Mason’s reaction. He also wanted to see his bigger coworkers and thinner boss. As Bryce drifted off to sleep, the images of many men crossed his mind. He decided to expand the list of men he could have fun with by altering their bodies. He knew he shouldn’t use his powers for fun, but the idea sounded too good to resist.


Part 3

Bryce found himself standing in the middle of his living room, hearing a loud, bumping sound echoing everywhere. Looking around in confusion, he realized the sound was coming from Mason’s room. After staying immobile for a few seconds, Bryce felt a strange sensation in his pecs, making him look down to see what it was. He was pleasantly surprised when he noticed his pecs were bulging so magnificently that they looked taken out of the gallery of a bodybuilding competition.

With his right hand, Bryce started massaging his thick pec, groaning softly due to how great his own touch felt. However, as delightful as the massage was, he wanted to find the source of the sound coming from Mason’s room. Bryce took a careful step and became surprised as his legs felt heavier than ever. He had no idea what was happening, but he couldn’t help but smile as he realized that the sensation was due to his muscles adding weight to his entire body.

With each step Bryce took, he could feel his body growing heavier, and the ground beneath him shook a bit more every time. With every movement, his mind became more aware that his muscles were starting to fight for space. He felt his massive thighs rubbing against each other, his lats were pushing his arms higher, his biceps made it difficult for him to bend his arms, and there was something big and heavy hanging from his groin. Bryce felt great, but deep inside, he couldn’t stop wondering what was happening. He couldn’t be that big suddenly, but he couldn’t deny that he loved the feeling.

As he moved closer to Mason’s bedroom door, he heard loud noises coming from behind the door. The sound was a combination of a loud bumping sound, and at the same time, it sounded like someone was dragging something heavy across the room. These sounds prompted Bryce to walk faster to find out what Mason was doing.

Before Bryce could reach Mason’s door, a louder sound echoed through the apartment, and the wall in front of him shook violently. Bryce stopped just a few feet from Mason’s door, and a second explosion-like sound came from inside the room. This time, the wall didn’t only shake, but deep cracks started forming all over the surface. Then, a third explosion made the entire apartment quake.

As Bryce froze in fear, the wall before him shook again, sending the door away and revealing something that Bryce couldn’t identify behind it. The wall kept trembling, but Bryce couldn’t stop looking at the skin-colored wall behind Mason’s door. As Bryce tried to understand what was happening, a loud, thundering sound made the apartment shake, accentuating the cracks in the walls even more and making Bryce fall to the ground.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As Bryce woke up, he panted heavily and felt his dick throbbing under the sheets. Still half asleep, Bryce removed the sheets and looked down at his body, sighing in relief because he looked just like the previous morning. That meant his math had been correct, and his body had stayed at 142 pounds. He pulled down the waistband of his pajama pants to check on his regular-sized, 6.25-inch-long dick. However, pulling lower, he noticed his balls had shrunk a lot.

“Damn it! What? Oh, crap, right, Mr. Jasperson’s balls,” Bryce said as he rubbed his tiny balls. “Fuck! I gotta fix this.”

Bryce quickly jumped out of bed and went to his bathroom to shower. His mind was running miles a second because he tried to come up with a plan to change others while also growing his own body. Since Bryce worked with numbers every day, it was somewhat easy to estimate the results of what he wanted to do. In the back of his mind, Bryce could hear a soft voice telling him that his power was supposed to bring balance to the world and not use it for personal desires. However, he decided to ignore the voice and make a plan to fulfill his own dreams.

A few minutes later, once he was ready, Bryce stepped out of his room and tried to have a peaceful breakfast, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Mason. Even though he had been mad at Mason for several months, the more he used the big guy as a guinea pig, the more Bryce enjoyed having him around and the more excited he became to see how Mason’s new body looked.

“What in the fucking hell!?” Mason shouted in his room, and Bryce could hear him clearly since his voice filled the entire apartment. It was evident the big guy was scared.

For about a minute, everything went silent, so a very excited Bryce walked to Mason’s door. As he approached the door, he recalled his dream, and a sense of fear invaded his mind for a few seconds. When he heard a loud bumping sound coming from Mason’s room, Bryce feared that the walls would crack and the door would burst like in his dream.

Bryce stopped hesitantly a few feet from Mason’s door. He couldn’t stop thinking about his dream, and when the door abruptly opened, Bryce jumped in fear. However, this feeling was quickly replaced by amazement and excitement as Mason came out of his room, and Bryce could finally see the results of his mischievous game.

“Bryce! I need help! Now you can’t deny there’s something wrong,” Mason said, looking terrified as he gaped down at his massive body, barely contained in his superhero-themed pajamas. “Look at me! I don’t even know how to describe this.”

Mason’s pajamas were straining at the seams as his body had grown to weigh 350 pounds of pure muscle mass. Mason was worried but so amazed at the same time that he ran his hands over his chest, feeling the unfamiliar thickness beneath his fingertips. Bryce carefully watched his roommate explore his broad chest, and he couldn’t help but feel aroused at the sight.

Then, Mason’s gaze dropped to his arms, and a gasp escaped his lips as he marveled at the sheer size and definition, clearly evident even under the fabric of his long-sleeve pajamas. With every movement, he felt the new weight of his arms, and as he flexed his biceps, Mason’s eyes widened at their new size. This movement caused the fabric around his shoulders and upper arms to give way with a series of sharp rips, unable to contain Mason’s enormous arms anymore. The once snug sleeves just hung in tatters.

As Mason was in shock, a deliberate flex caused the strained fabric across his pecs to split apart along the center of his chest. The sound of tearing material echoed in the room as Mason’s massive pecs emerged, perfectly sculpted and powerful. As more tears formed all over his upper body, Mason’s nipples peeked through the gaps, and Bryce couldn’t help but feel strangely attracted to them.

Mason’s thick traps, cannonball-sized deltoids, massive biceps, thick forearms, broad chest, and thick lats—everything was on display. Bryce couldn’t take his eyes away from his 350-pound muscle beast of a roommate, and there was more to discover. As he looked lower, Bryce noticed Mason’s legs stretching his pajama pants to the limit, and the bulge caused by the big guy’s soft dick made his mouth water. When he saw the massive, soft dick chubbing up and causing more ripping sounds to echo through the room, Bryce could barely contain his excitement.

“Dude, you look great. I mean, you only need to buy new clothes. I told you last night: It’s time to upgrade sizes,” Bryce said, trying to act cool about the scene and approaching to take the remaining shreds from Mason’s upper body. “You should know that regular clothing can’t cover a 350-pound body.”

“350 pounds? What are you talking about? I weighed 190 pounds just two days ago!” Mason shouted, and he felt his dick throbbing as it started to get hard, causing more tears to appear in his pants due to his thick thighs, hardening dick, and enormous muscle ass. “Bryce, you can’t just not notice I’m too big.”

“You should’ve thought about that before signing up for the gym and working so hard to achieve this. But it’s fine; you look good and hot,” Bryce said, as he heard loud ripping sounds coming from Mason’s lower body, meaning that the pants had finally given way too, leaving Mason almost naked as his dick rose in full glory.

Looking down, Bryce saw Mason’s dick growing and hardening until it was 25.5 inches long. Mason’s jaw dropped to the ground when he noticed how big he had grown, but at the same time, it was evident he was excited. With a devilish grin on his face, Bryce took off the remaining parts of Mason’s pants from his body, leaving the big guy fully naked and in a clear state of shock.

“Now, that’s what I call a super-hot big guy,” Bryce said, and he walked around Mason to give the huge muscle ass a hard slap. “Now, you better get dressed and get ready for work. See you later,” Bryce added as he picked up his backpack, leaving Mason confused.

“What? Wait! What—what was that? You…” Mason said, evidently confused by Bryce’s actions. It was all part of Bryce’s mean way of playing with Mason’s mind, but it was clear there was some real excitement in both of them about Mason’s muscular body. “Wait… I don’t have clothes to wear, and what do I do with this?” Mason added, looking at his massive dick.

“I don’t know... jerk off, I guess,” Bryce said, winking at Mason to tease him even more. “By the way, I think you should get some bigger balls to match that dick. They’re pretty average and should be at least baseball-sized or bigger. What about grapefruit-sized? That’s like six inches in diameter? That should work,” Bryce added, and Mason turned pale.

The world stopped as always, and Bryce smiled as he saw Mason’s stats, which he knew would be altered by his recent words. Just a second later, the world restarted, and Mason was still speechless at his new size and the possibility of getting bigger balls along with the massive dick.

Bryce looked at his roommate, who was clearly in shock and approached to give him a quick kiss on the right cheek, leaving both of them confused. As Bryce walked away, he wondered why he had kissed his roommate’s cheek. He tried to forget about Mason’s body, but he just couldn’t. The impressive body remained stuck in his mind, and the kiss felt strangely good.

As Bryce walked down the street on autopilot, his mind still busy thinking about Mason’s body, he stumbled upon something big and hard. Then he heard something falling to the ground. As Bryce came out of his trance and looked up to see what it was, he saw the angry face of a big guy looking down at him. Bryce looked down to the floor and saw a cup and a white, creamy liquid spilled all over the guy’s feet.

The big muscle man turned around to face Bryce, making the shorter guy tremble in terror as he noticed the man was almost as tall as Mason and had huge muscles, though not as huge as Mason’s new body.

“Look what you did, you tiny little piece of...” the big guy said, attempting to punch Bryce’s face but failing. “I’ll teach you to be more careful when a real man is around.”

“No, no… I’m sorry, I-I.” Bryce stepped backward, trying to find a way to escape. “I think you’ll lose 100 pounds of muscle if you punch me,” Bryce added without even registering his own words, and the world stopped immediately.

Bryce sighed in relief as he saw the big guy’s fist had stopped just a few inches from his face. Bryce moved away, looked at the impressive physique of his attacker, and realized it was the perfect opportunity to teach that guy a lesson. He knew that meant his own body would shrink, but he just wanted revenge.

Looking at the guy’s stats, Bryce saw he was 6’3” and weighed 260 pounds, mostly muscle mass. Apart from the 100 pounds he had already taken, with a devilish smile, Bryce decided to make his attacker shorter by taking a whole foot from his height. Bryce also took 4 inches from the guy’s 6-inch-long hard dick and reduced his balls to 1 inch in diameter. Blinded by his power and his need for revenge, Bryce completely forgot about the consequences his actions would have on his own body.

Getting everything done, Bryce moved away from the big guy’s sight, and the world restarted, leaving everybody confused since Bryce had just vanished from their views. He only continued his walk to his workplace and let his mind go all crazy with power.

When Bryce arrived at the office, he noticed his coworkers were very different. Since Gary wore very snug clothes, the 20 additional pounds that Bryce had added the day before made his muscles bulge in all the right places. At 5’11” tall and weighing 170 pounds, those extra pounds made a big difference in the size and shape of his body. Even in the way he walked around the office, it was clear Gary was more confident. The only problem was that his clothes were barely holding on. The top buttons of his shirt were struggling to stay together due to his bulging pecs.

Wilson’s clothes looked smaller on his body, and he was also more confident. At 5’8” and weighing 154 pounds, he was about 12 pounds heavier than Bryce, and for the first time, they didn’t look like a pair of sticks greeting each other.

Finally, when Bryce saw Paxton, his eyes shot open in surprise. He looked amazing. At his 6’3” height and weighing 210 pounds, Paxton reminded Bryce of Chris Hemsworth’s physique, and it was clear the big guy was enjoying his new body. The way he moved and the way he talked shouted out confidence.

Bryce waited for any of them to say something about their new sizes, but they seemed still shy about it. It was evident they had noticed the changes in their own bodies, but since they weren’t aware of the changes in others’ bodies, they preferred to pretend that nothing had happened.

Once Bryce had delighted enough while looking at his coworkers, he asked about their new boss and was gladly surprised when Paxton informed him that Mr. Jasperson had called in sick because of some allergic reaction. Bryce laughed because he knew the real reason why Mr. Jasperson wasn’t there. The only sad part about his absence was that Bryce couldn’t shrink him even more.

“So, what do we do without the boss here?” asked Gary, who flexed his biceps on purpose to show off.

“Our regular work, I guess. Mr. Jasperson is not here, but we still have things to do,” a very responsible Paxton replied.

“I’d say we just relax and have some fun,” Wilson said, sitting on his chair, placing his hands behind his head, and, for the first time, his friends could see some definition on his biceps.

“Oh, believe me, we’ll have lots of fun,” Bryce said as he thought about his friends growing, and the world stopped. “We’re getting into the big leagues this time. I need to regain the size I took from the guy on the street. Fuck, I think I overdid it with him, but you guys are going to help me,” Bryce added, aware that he needed to give a lot of size to retain some of his size.

As good as Bryce was with numbers, he couldn’t estimate how much he needed to give to retain his current size or gain some muscle, so he decided to get everybody huge and get huge himself. Bryce started by adding 4 inches to Wilson’s height and 96 pounds of muscle to make him look pretty big everywhere. Also, Bryce gave him six extra inches of dick and doubled the size of his balls. It all sounded like a lot, but Bryce knew he needed to go big with his friends to get big himself.

Then, Bryce focused on Gary. His clothes seemed to be about to burst everywhere, but what really caught Bryce’s attention were his friend’s pecs. Bryce started by adding 100 pounds of muscles, with 10 pounds specifically added to his pecs, to see Gary’s chest blow up. Then, he gave Gary three inches of height and six inches of dick. It also sounded like a lot, but he was sure Gary would enjoy it.

Bryce’s mind was so focused on getting his friends super big to grow his own body that he wasn’t even thinking about the consequences this sudden growth would have for them. So, when it was time to change the already big Paxton, Bryce could only think of how amazing Mason looked and how good Paxton would look at that size. Bryce gave Paxton 140 pounds of muscle while keeping his height, and he also gave him six inches of dick and doubled the size of his balls.

After this quick round of growth, the world restarted, and they all continued talking about random topics. Nobody mentioned their new muscles, so Bryce acted like nothing was happening. He was already excited to see the changes in his friends’ bodies, but he knew he had to wait. Also, while he looked at Paxton, Bryce couldn’t stop thinking about Mason, and a part of him just wanted to grow him even more. His mind was consumed with desire and lust for his huge roommate.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hours later, on his way home, Bryce made some quick stops to grow four random guys he crossed paths with. They were pretty skinny, and Bryce had seen them around before. They all seemed to be nice guys, so he decided to give each one of them 100 pounds of muscle and a massive bubble butt to one of them who already had a great ass. Bryce just needed to make sure he would grow as big as possible, so giving those guys some size sounded like a good idea.

Then, as he arrived at the apartment, he couldn’t hide his excitement about seeing Mason’s body again. The place was quiet, and Bryce thought Mason was still at work. He started cooking a quick dinner for himself and noticed they were running out of food. As Bryce cooked, he constantly looked at the door, waiting for Mason to walk in in all his magnificent glory. However, Bryce heard a noise coming from Mason’s room instead, making him realize that his roommate had already arrived.

“Mason, are you here? I thought you were late or something,” Bryce said, slowly opening Mason’s room with a plate in hand as an excuse to see his roommate. “I cooked you something. I-I…” Bryce became speechless as he saw a fully naked Mason in bed, half asleep, with his hands on his dick and a thick layer of cum all over his pecs and abs.

“Bryce, please help me. I-I can’t make this hard-on go away,” Mason said, almost whispering. “I’ve managed to cum because my dick is so sensitive, but it’s so hard. Please, help me,” he added, almost begging.

“What are you talking about? I’m not jerking you off. Well, maybe I could... no, no, no,” Bryce said, but sat next to his friend. “Just relax; it has to go soft at some point.”

“It does, but it gets hard again in a few minutes. It’s been hours, and I lost track of how many times I’ve cum during the day,” Mason said as he pulled Bryce in a hug, like trying to feel better by hugging him. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I think I’m radioactive, like The Hulk. I’m… fuck… I’m so horny and so big, and yet... I want to get bigger because I know you like it. I’m losing my mind,” Mason added, sobbing and hugging Bryce tighter.

“What? Well, you could always get bigger if that’s what you want. I surely enjoy the view,” Bryce said, not paying attention to Mason’s fear but only listening to his desire to get even bigger. As the world stopped, Bryce looked at his roommate and pondered for a few seconds about his next course of action. Initially, he wanted to teach Mason a lesson, but since he felt those huge muscles so tightly pressed against him, he wanted to make Mason as big as possible to enjoy the view.

Bryce looked at Mason’s stats and hesitated for a few seconds. It was clear Mason hadn’t gone to work since he was jerking off all day, which was a problem. However, Mason said he wanted to get even bigger. Bryce gave the subject some thought and finally decided to be a good friend and do what Mason truly wanted. Bryce’s desire for revenge had already been fulfilled, and now he just wanted to grow his guinea pig to unprecedented proportions.

“Okay, Mason, let’s give you what you really want,” Bryce said as he read his roommate’s stats and started giving him size everywhere.

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