Went wrong?

by Bigmusclenm

Jared can eat huge quantities of food without spoiling his hunky physique. His roommate, Martin, can’t help wondering if that applies to the extra-strength gainer powder he’s gotten his hands on.

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Part 1 Jared can eat huge quantities of food without spoiling his hunky physique. His roommate, Martin, can’t help wondering if that applies to the extra-strength gainer powder he’s gotten his hands on. (added: 2 Dec 2023)
Part 2
Part 3 Martin is concerned about Jared’s intense moaning. However, he becomes aroused as Jared’s body grows beyond human proportions. Martin begins to touch and worship Jared, intensifying the growth and leading them to a passionate kiss. (added: 30 Dec 2023)
Part 4 Martin wakes up after Jared’s body ‘exploded’ and realizes that Jared is still alive and has grown to massive proportions. Martin is amazed by Jared’s new size and eagerly begins to play with Jared’s huge dick, hoping to swallow all of Jared’s cum. (added: 3 Feb 2024)
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Part 1

“I’m done for the night… Dude… urrpp… those last 6 burgers were just… too much…. uurrpp… I better stop before I get fat.” Jared chuckled as he rubbed his midsection, which was looking pretty full and round. Martin, his roommate, who was sitting next to him on the couch, just frowned and tried to ignore Jared’s typical bragging.

They knew that just the idea of Jared getting fat sounded insane. The young man looked like a model taken out of Men’s Health magazine. At 22 years old, after many years of intense workouts, Jared has packed a great amount of muscle mass onto his 6’5” tall imposing figure. It wasn’t just the workouts, Jared just got bigger no matter what kind of food he ate or how much he managed to fit into his black hole of a stomach. He just had great genetics and his metabolism turned everything he ate into muscle mass, giving him an amazingly shaped 230-pound body that was envied by all the guys he knew. All guys except… Martin.

Martin was shorter than Jared at 5’10” and his average-looking body had a thin layer of fat that made him look soft in some places, in a very cute way. He wasn’t ashamed of his body even though it wasn’t that impressive but the fact he wasn’t that big made him admire Jared even more. Also, even though he tried to deny it, there was some lust and desire in his mind whenever he had the chance to take a look at Jared’s amazing body.

While Jared kept rubbing his bloated midsection, Martin tried hard to ignore the big guy but it was almost impossible because Jared, just as every evening, was only wearing a jockstrap that looked too small for him. Even though Jared usually walked around the apartment almost naked, Martin could never get tired of looking at the perfectly shaped body that was right next to him on the couch. It was a great chance to get several mental images to have some fun in the privacy of his room before going to bed. Jared was just the perfect specimen for jacking off material for Martin.

The only thing that bothered Martin a bit about Jared was his capacity to eat ridiculous amounts of food without getting full. Martin had seen Jared devouring enough food to feed a whole building’s worth of people without a problem. His body could process everything Jared ate so fast and turn it into muscle mass that he could eat nonstop. Martin kind of admired that but it made him wonder if Jared’s stomach had a limit. That’s why Martin planned a little experiment that would serve as a prank on a very childish Jared. Martin only needed the big guy to fall asleep and considering the way Jared was rubbing his belly and a few yawns that he couldn’t control, those were a good indication that the big guy was ready for bed.

“Bro, you gotta clean this up. You made a mess with all those burgers. How many did you have this time?” Martin asked, looking at the bags and crumbs that Jared had left on the couch where he was eating.

“35 burgers… I was so hungry. Uurppp,” Jared said as he finally stood up, effortlessly even after such a big meal. “Dude… I’ll clean this up tomorrow morning, I promise. All this food just got me so sleepy. See you in the morning,” Jared said and turned around to head to his room, while Martin watched the big muscular butt move so deliciously that Martin couldn’t help but get hard in an instant.

“Yeah… like you’re gonna clean this up… fuck. You’re such a pig,” Martin said, pretending to be angry. Jared turned around to face Martin again and winked at him before walking back to a table where there was a bag with three more burgers.

“Bro, calm down… I’ll do it in the morning. Now… I’ll have one last snack with these three burgers… in bed. I almost forgot about them. They were for you but you’re being a bitch so…” Jared laughed and took a big bite out of one of the burgers as he walked to his room.

Martin stayed in the living room for a while longer and then he started cleaning Jared’s mess. He knew he shouldn’t do it but Jared had already paid off for his services when he walked around the apartment only wearing his jockstrap that left nothing to the imagination. Jared’s big soft dick looked pretty impressive even under the fabric and his balls filled up the pouch so nicely that Martin wondered how he could even fit those bull balls in there. Martin rubbed his hard dick through his shorts while he cleaned around, already excited for what he was about to do.

Once the living room was cleaned, Martin went to Jared’s room to check on the big guy, and just as expected, Jared was sprawled on his bed, with one of his hands resting on his belly and the other one inside the jockstrap, grabbing his thick dick. The picture was so hot that Martin couldn’t help but moan while he rubbed his dick. Even though that moan came out louder than he expected, he knew Jared wouldn’t notice. Another one of the big jock’s impressive assets was the ability to sleep so deeply that nothing could wake him up unless it was time for him to wake up. Martin was about to use that specific ability as an advantage for his prank… or experiment as Martin prefers to call it. Everything was ready to start and Martin couldn’t be more excited.

Martin went back to his room and uncovered three 300-gallon tanks he got online a few days before and were finally delivered earlier that day. Getting them in his room was kinda hard since they barely fit through doors but Jared was at the gym so Martin had enough time to move them in and fill them up with water. It took him almost two hours but all the effort was worth it to scare Jared up. He knew it might be too much but the size of the tanks was just part of the prank.

Then, Martin checked on a few bags of some kind of gainer powder he also got online, which didn’t specify what the person who consumed it would gain but with a devilish smile, he started reading the instructions.

“One bag is enough for 100 gallons of water, so… three bags for each tank means 9 bags. But I got 12… uh… well… another one won’t do any damage. It’s not like he’s drinking it all anyway. Okay… I hope it tastes good for you, my piggy jock,” Martin said and smiled as he started adding the powder to the tanks. Four bags for each tank.

Once the powder had mixed with the water, Martin brought up a big pump he bought at a store a few days before. The pump was made to drain pools so the tubes that fed the pump and the tub where it released the water were very long. It was perfect to take the contents of the tanks to Jared’s room, more specifically to his mouth. The pump had three tubes on one end and a single one on the other so Martin fit the three feeding tubes into the tanks, and took the other one into Jared’s room to fit it in his mouth.

Jared’s bedroom was the biggest room in the apartment, perfect for such a big guy. The room was about 14 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 10 feet tall. Even though Jared was a total pig in Martin’s eyes, the big guy’s room was spotless. Everything was in the right place, making the room look even bigger. Jared’s king-sized bed was in a corner, next to a wide window, so there was about 8 feet of free space between the bed and the wall across the room. Even though the whole room looked great, there was something specific that made it look like the best place on Earth for Martin… on the bed, right in the middle, was the hottest and most perfect guy Martin had ever seen.

Jared was soundly sleeping and even snoring. Even though Martin was executing his devilish plan, he took a few seconds to admire the big guy’s handsome face. Jared’s dark brown hair always looked nice even while he was sleeping. His face looked so angelic, even though his beautiful blue eyes couldn’t be seen. It made Martin sigh. Jared’s pink lips looked so delicious that Martin wanted to kiss him but he stopped himself when he remembered he had to continue with his plan.

Jared’s mouth was a bit open while he was snoring so Martin slid the tube without much problem and pushed it ‘till the tube was at the back of his mouth. That way, the shake would go straight down his throat. Hopefully, Jared wouldn’t choke but considering how he usually ate and drank, It shouldn’t be a problem

Once everything was set, Martin made sure Jared was still asleep and then turned the pump on. The idea was for Jared to drink some of the gainer shakes, secretly hoping to help the big guy get even bigger, and when his belly reached max capacity, he would surely wake up and Martin would stop the pump. The prank would come when Jared would ask about the pump and Martin would tell him he drank the whole 900 gallons of shake. The plan wasn’t the best but what Martin wanted to find out was Jared’s stomach capacity, while also enjoying the sight of his roommate with a big belly. The rest was just something to scare the big guy for a few seconds.

Everything was fine so while the pump was working, Martin sat by the footboard of Jared’s bed, looking at the big jock’s belly slowly bloating up even more and admiring how hot Jared’s crotch looked from that point of view. He was surprised Jared didn’t wake up right away but it seemed like the big guy could sleep through a storm or in this case, through the weirdest feeding ever. Martin smiled when he noticed Jared was subconsciously sucking and swallowing like he was enjoying the feeding and looking for more.

Martin couldn’t stop looking at the big guy. Every hill and valley on his body was perfect and Martin was dying to give his friend’s muscles a few rubs or, if possible, sneaking his hand along with Jared’s into the overpacked jockstrap pouch. Looking at Jared was like admiring the statue of a Greek god, even with his bloated belly getting bigger. Everything was so hot that Martin’s dick was hard so he got his hand in his own pants and started rubbing his hard dick with a big smile on his face.

All along, the pump kept working and even though Martin was so excited to see Jared’s reaction, he started falling asleep because he was pretty tired after all the work he had done for this prank. He fought against his tiredness while he kept stroking his dick. Martin was used to jerking off every night to the memory of Jared’s body but that night he had the big guy right in front of him so it didn’t take long for him to shoot several globs of thick cum in his pants. Martin didn’t want to lose any second of the show but between how tired he was and the big orgasm he had, he couldn’t stay awake. He fell asleep next to Jared’s bed with his hand still around his dick, while the pump kept sending gallons of the gainer shake into Jared’s hungry stomach.


Part 2

Martin heard a loud beeping sound that woke him up and made him realize he had fallen asleep right next to Jared’s bed while the pump was working. He had worked so much on that plan but he had been too tired to stay awake through it. Martin thought it had been just a few minutes but as soon as he moved his left arm to rub his sleepy eyes, he realized his body felt like it had been in the same position for way too long. When he tried to move his right arm, he realized it was still around his dick, with dried cum all over it.

Martin noticed his body was a bit sore and his eyes felt really heavy. He had to wait a bit to adjust his eyes to the light coming through the window. He quickly looked at his watch, only to discover in horror that over 8 hours had passed since he turned the pump on. He had been sleeping next to Jared’s bed for over 8 hours. All along, with his hand in his pants.

The realization of how long he had been asleep took Martin out of his sleepy trance and made him wonder what had happened with Jared and the pump. He took his hand out of his pants and tried his best to look cool, just in case Jared was already awake. Martin also wanted to find the source of the loud beeping sound but he had a more important issue to worry about. Many crazy scenarios crossed Martin’s mind while he hesitated to turn around. Even then, not even one of those scenarios was crazy enough to match with what Martin discovered when he finally saw Jared’s body with his eyes… there was simply too much of him to see to understand what was happening. Martin’s jaw dropped to the ground and for a few seconds, he thought he was still asleep.

Without even blinking, Martin slowly stood up in disbelief while he looked at what seemed to be Jared’s belly sprawling across the room. The belly wasn’t only taking all the available space in bed but most of it was resting on the ground like a huge ball of flesh that looked so tight that Martin wondered how it hadn’t exploded yet. It was taking up most of the space in the room. The belly was bigger than anything Martin had ever seen and even then, Jared was unconsciously sucking on the feeding tube, trying to get more of the gainer shake. Martin’s dick got hard, faster than ever before, but he was also terrified by the look of Jared’s body.

Jared was in a different position than when the feeding had started. He was on his side instead of on his back like the night before. It looked like the weight of the belly had turned him overnight, which was to be expected because the belly was way bigger than the rest of him. He was still in the middle of the bed, facing away from the corner, with a 3 feet gap between his back and the wall behind him. It was all the available space in bed, the rest was taken up by the huge belly. Even in that position, the belly was taller than Martin… way taller. It was very likely 9 and a half feet tall because it was really close to the 10 feet tall ceiling. Martin couldn’t understand how that was possible. It couldn’t be the 900 gallons of gainer shake. There was no way a person could drink that much and even then… the belly was too big.

While Martin was lost in his own thoughts, trying to understand what was in front of him, he heard Jared making some noises and even though it was clear he was still asleep, Martin turned pale in horror because he didn’t want to face Jared. For the first time, Martin wanted Jared to sleep for days… or months… or as long as the belly needed to shrink down. If it ever did.

Even though Martin was extremely confused, he tried to run around Jared’s belly to reach his head and take the tube out of his mouth without getting in Jared’s bed. There wasn’t much free space in the room and the big guy was close to his waking-up hour so Martin had to be careful. Then, Martin found an issue in his plan, the belly was pushing tightly against the wall that was over 8 feet away from Jared’s bed. It was truly gigantic and it couldn’t be circled. It took over 11 feet out of the 14 feet wide room and most of its height.

Martin ran back to Jared’s bed and after a few seconds of hesitation, he crawled very carefully into the bed to get behind the big guy. Martin felt like in a Mission Impossible scene while he sneaked into Jared’s bed and pulled the tube out of the big guy’s mouth. Even when he succeeded, he still needed to disappear the clues of his guiltiness… at least as best as he could.

Martin managed to take the tube away from Jared’s room and then he realized the beeping sound was coming from the pump. The pump had turned off on its own because the feeding tubes didn’t have anything to suck in anymore. Martin ran to his room and found the three 300-gallon tanks completely emptied. Their content was definitely all in Jared’s belly and Martin felt like he had killed his friend or something. His heart was still racing and he was sweating like a pig. He wanted to run away and pretend to be unaware of what had happened but Jared was still his friend… a very bad friend but still a friend. Also, Jared’s situation was Martin’s fault so…

“Fuck!” Martin shouted out and ran back to Jared’s room, only to find his roommate still asleep. “How the fuck can you sleep even when you’re a freaking blimp. You’re truly one of a kind, dude,” Martin whispered as he approached Jared and started inspecting his big body more closely.

Jared’s belly was incredibly gigantic and Martin was fighting the urge to touch it. Jared’s hand was resting on top of it and the other was under his head. It was like the big guy was really comfortable with his new size. While Martin looked around, he realized the jockstrap Jared was wearing the night before was still on but definitely lower at the front. The belly was obscuring most of it but, out of curiosity, Martin looked at Jared’s crotch, wondering if the big guy’s genitals had suffered any damage from the extreme belly growth. Martin thought his friend’s bulge would be hidden under the belly but it was visible even in that position and it was looking fuller than ever. The stud was still a stud even with the massive belly.

Martin kept looking at Jared’s body and even though he was scared, the more he looked, the more turned on he was and the harder his dick got. Jared was at his mercy. Even if the roommate woke up, there was no way he could move so Jared would need Martin more than ever before. It was all so hot that Martin wanted to jump on top of Jared and rub that big belly up and down… and maybe get it even bigger. The gainer shake was easy to find and he already had the tanks and the pump. Jared was already a beached whale so a few more gallons of gainer shake wouldn’t make that much of a difference. Part of Martin knew his thoughts were evil but he couldn’t deny he loved the results of his prank, even though it actually went wrong.

While Martin was lost in his own thoughts, unconsciously he got next to Jared in bed and reached for the huge belly to give it some rubs. Martin couldn’t believe how tight the skin was and how full the belly felt. The sensation was amazing so he continued rubbing and caressing the belly, ignoring the moans coming out of Jared’s mouth all along. The big guy was slowly waking up and Martin was unaware of it because he was lost in his own thoughts and the amazing sensation of having such a massive belly under his hands. Then, Jared finally opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was his roommate by his side and a massive wall of flesh that was somehow attached to his body. Jared was so confused and somehow… aroused.

“The fuck are you doing?! Get off! You… you pervert! Why are you in my room?” Jared shouted out, taking Martin out of his trance. “Dude! Dude! The fuck is that?” Jared freaked out even more because he tried to move and he realized he was completely immobile.

“Jared. Wait… I can explain. I think… well… I can but… Jared, stop!” Martin said as he moved from Jared’s bed while the big guy was fighting against the weight of his own belly. Jared was trying to move away from the belly, not realizing what it was. “Jared. That’s you… you can’t move. That’s your belly… stop moving,” Martin said, and Jared finally stopped.

“Are you fucking nuts? Man! There’s no way that’s my… my… belly. What the hell have you done to me? You… you… man… I swear I’ll kill you as soon as I figure out how to detach this… Fuck!” Jared said as he touched his belly, as if trying to find a spot where he could detach it from the rest of his body. All along, Martin was scared, but he found Jared’s anger somewhat… cute.

“Jared… just let me… explain. Everything’s gonna be fine. That’s you… I mean… I’m sure you can feel the wall across the room. Your belly is pressing against it. Can you feel it?” Martin asked as approached Jared once again, and after a few seconds, Jared nodded. “The only way you can feel that wall against your body is because a part of you is there. Your skin is there… your belly reaches that far.” Martin said as he got right behind Jared and placed his hand on top of the big guy’s belly, making Jared shiver.

Martin started giving Jared more belly rubs and it helped the big guy realize Martin was telling the truth. It didn’t explain what was happening, but Jared couldn’t deny his friend’s touch felt really nice. Jared looked at Martin and the shorter guy was so caring and so loving that Jared’s anger and fear just faded away. Instead, Jared was starting to feel hot… like he was turned on somehow but he wasn’t sure what was causing it. He had never looked at Martin romantically or sexually, even though he secretly admitted the guy was cute and Jared was sure Martin had the hots for him, which wasn’t surprising.

“Jared… I’m so sorry. I’ll take care of this. I’ll do whatever it takes to fix this,” Martin said as he gently rubbed Jared’s belly, trying to reach as much as possible.

“Dude… you mean this was your… ohh… fuck… that’s… nice,” Jared said when Martin reached for his lower belly, the area closest to his crotch. “Man… do that again… I’m kinda… sensitive down there,” Jared said, and moaned out loud when Martin reached even closer to his crotch. “Ohh yes. Just like that. Hmm… fuck… I’m… hmmm… getting hard.”

As soon as that last word came out of Jared’s mouth, a ripping sound echoed through the room, making Martin stop his worship of Jared’s belly. Right after, Jared’s skin started heating up and his belly was slightly pulsating. Jared was groaning and moaning even though Martin wasn’t rubbing his belly anymore. Something was happening and Martin thought Jared was about to explode.

“Dude, it’s so tight!” Jared said and Martin thought he was talking about his belly.

Jared lifted his leg, like trying to give his crotch some space and Martin noticed the jockstrap pouch was giving up and the ripping sound was coming from it. Jared’s dick was harder than ever before and his balls looked gigantic. Then, with a loud bursting sound, the pouch went to shreds and Martin could see Jared’s dick. It already looked about 16 inches long and it was still slowly expanding, just like his balls that were looking like avocados. Jared was completely lost in pleasure. Whatever the hell was happening, it was making him moan out really loud.

Then, Martin noticed Jared’s whole body was getting hot, just like the belly, and the big guy’s muscles were pulsating, just like the belly. It took Martin a few seconds to notice Jared’s pecs were looking fuller and his biceps had thick veins all over them, making Jared’s muscles look extremely pumped. Jared’s dick and balls weren’t the only ones getting bigger, something was happening everywhere. Jared’s whole body was growing right in front of him and Martin couldn’t, nor wanted to, stop it.


Part 3

“Jared, what is it? Are you okay?” Martin asked, sounding confused, while Jared continued moaning pretty loudly. Martin couldn’t believe his eyes, so he wanted Jared to describe what he was feeling.

“Dude, everything is tight. Martin, I think I’m gonna explode or something,” Jared cried out, clearly scared, as he closed his eyes in what seemed to be pain, but at the same time, his hands were rubbing his massive belly in a very sensual way. Martin was really confused, but his dick was getting painfully hard in his pants.

“Jared, calm down. You’re not gonna explode,” Martin said, trying to help, but his voice was shaky, so he couldn’t hide how scared he was.

Even though Martin wanted to pay some attention to Jared’s dick because it was looking magnificently big, he was so worried about Jared’s moans that he kneeled right by Jared’s midsection and reached for the massive belly to give it some rubs. In response, Jared’s whole body started shivering, and Martin thought he was about to explode. For a brief moment, Martin imagined himself in jail because of the death of his roommate.

The mental image of Jared’s blood and flesh covering the walls made Martin feel nauseous, but as he rubbed Jared’s huge belly, he realized it was somehow deflating. It wasn’t that obvious because it was still huge and super tight, but Martin knew the belly was shrinking down, which meant Jared’s body was processing the gainer shake.

This realization made Martin pay close attention to Jared’s pecs and arms because that meant the gainer shake was making him grow. Martin wasn’t sure how it was possible, but right in front of him, Jared’s arms were getting huge and his pecs were getting meatier. Martin looked back at his roommate’s belly, and he realized Jared’s body had a lot of gainer shake to process, which meant he still had a lot to grow.

Martin didn’t know how to feel because, even though he was still scared, the scene was turning him on a lot. He looked at Jared’s face, and the big guy was completely lost in pain, pleasure, or whatever the hell he was feeling.

Martin lowered his pants and took his dick out because it felt too cramped. He wasn’t the biggest guy on Earth, but his dick was decent-sized, so it wasn’t easy to handle a hard-on inside his pants. Martin was afraid of Jared finding out he was turned on, but the jock was too busy moaning and rubbing his belly to care about Martin’s actions.

Martin was amazed because something was happening everywhere. Jared’s whole body was growing. Martin wasn’t sure, but he noticed the jock even looked a bit taller, though it was difficult to tell considering he was lying on his side and the belly wasn’t a good reference since it was way bigger than everything around it. Everything looked small next to it, and Martin was simply in love with the scene.

As Jared’s body kept growing, in his horny state of mind, Martin was dying to rub his roommate’s growing body. He knew Jared was in no position to think clearly, but he didn’t want to trespass that much, and he was still unsure about Jared’s reaction to his touch. Even then, after a few seconds of hesitation, Martin unconsciously moved his hands from Jared’s belly to his meaty pecs that were ballooning up really fast. The growth was captivating in a pretty strange way that Martin couldn’t resist.

While he started massaging Jared’s pecs, Martin could feel how every fiber in the meaty chest was getting thicker and harder. Martin loved how the expanding pecs felt in his hands, but he was unsure if Jared was aware of what was happening. When Martin looked up at Jared’s face, for a brief moment, the jock could focus, and with a big smile and a soft nod, he gave Martin permission to keep going. Martin was more than happy to oblige, so he intensified his worship. Martin had never seen anything hotter than Jared’s growing body, so he made his best effort to please his roommate.

While Martin kept working on Jared’s pecs, the growth all over the jock’s body intensified, so the expansion was visibly more obvious. It was like Martin’s touch was accelerating the process, so the only logical path to go down was to touch Jared even more to get the final results even faster. Even though it sounded like a bad idea because they had never been that close, Jared’s moans and the current blissful state gave Martin the courage to get more touchy.

With a big smile on his face, Martin leaned forward and started kissing Jared’s pecs while his hands started rubbing his growing upper body. Also, the rest of him came into contact with Jared’s midsection and lower body. Immediately, Martin felt the growth intensifying as Jared’s body pushed more and more against his own. Part of him wanted to move away to see the growth from afar, but the feeling of Jared’s muscles growing against him was a hundred times better.

Martin’s whole body was almost hugged against Jared’s growing body, while every muscle in the jock’s already impressive physique was bulging out more than ever before. It wasn’t only his pecs and his arms anymore, but the more Martin worshiped and rubbed Jared’s body, the more muscle groups started expanding beyond human proportions. All along, Jared was high on pleasure, so he couldn’t even open his eyes. For him, it was like his entire body was on fire and going through the biggest orgasm ever at the same time.

Jared’s former toned and well-defined biceps were bulging enormously, as thick veins ran across his entire arm. With every heartbeat, more and more blood went through his massive arms, and they grew thicker and more solid. In just under a minute, Jared’s biceps went from baseball-sized to football-sized, and they kept growing at an astonishing rate. In a blink, they were bigger than Jared’s own head, and even then, the growth continued without any sign of stopping. Instead, the bigger he got, the faster Jared’s body was processing the gainer shake.

Martin looked up for a second and noticed Jared was no longer rubbing his belly but flexing his massive, bulging arms that were already thicker than Jared’s former strong torso. It was clear the big jock was loving his massive biceps and his beach-ball-sized shoulders, so Martin’s hands gave the strongest arms on Earth some attention. Jared responded with a smile, still with his eyes closed, as his deltoids surpassed anyone’s wildest dream.

While Martin paid attention to Jared’s arms, he noticed his whole frame was getting broader. He knew that Jared would look intimidating if he could get on his feet, and the growth wasn’t stopping yet. Jared’s traps were soon catching up with his massive arms, so his back was soon bulging out like a massive shell of granite plates covered by Jared’s skin. Every muscle on the jock’s back wasn’t only getting incredibly big but also getting harder than anything Martin had ever felt.

In just a few minutes, Martin was feeling pretty small compared to how big Jared was getting. Jared’s shoulders were already a lot broader than Martin was tall, and things weren’t slowing down. Apart from that, Jared’s back muscles were getting so thick that his head was being swallowed by the increasing muscle mass on his traps. It was so hot that Martin could barely contain himself. Jared was already bigger than any human that had ever existed, and his belly still filled half of the room, meaning there was a lot more gainer shake to process.

While every single muscle group kept expanding, Martin focused his attention back on Jared’s pecs. They had grown so much that the cleft between them was at least a foot deep and still getting deeper. If Jared’s shoulders were about 7 or 8 feet wide already, his pecs were easily about 5 feet wide, which meant they were almost big enough for Martin to lie on top of them.

“Look at this magnificent chest. So big and so strong, I think I could use these pecs as a bed if you weren’t on your side. Dude, you’re a freaking god amongst men,” Martin said as he caressed Jared’s mighty pecs.

As Martin realized how tiny his hands looked on Jared’s chest, the big jock started slowly turning around. His new strength and the fact that his belly had shrunk down a lot allowed him to get on his back. Martin looked in awe at how his massive roommate moved in slow motion until he was on his back and his belly was up in the air, pointed up to the high ceiling, but way smaller than before.

Martin knew it was an invitation to get on Jared’s pecs, so without hesitation, he climbed up his massive roommate and sat on top of the biggest pecs ever. From that point, Martin was finally able to see how big Jared truly was. His shoulders were easily 10 feet wide. His traps were so huge that they reached way above Jared’s head, so his smiley, handsome face was surrounded by a great wall of muscle.

Martin couldn’t find a word to describe how gigantic Jared’s arms were, but he was sure his roommate had more muscle mass in one of his biceps than world-class bodybuilders had on their entire bodies. And then, there were Jared’s lats, which grew stronger and spread out like massive wings, fighting for space with the rest of Jared’s muscle body. Martin looked around, and he could only see muscle on muscle, fighting for space, bulging and expanding constantly.

Then, Martin focused on Jared’s handsome face for a few seconds, and he noticed the big jock was staring back at him with a big smile on his face. Jared couldn’t turn his head to the sides because of his traps, and his massive chest was pushing up so high that he couldn’t even nod, but he could smile to show Martin he was really happy he was. Jared’s mobility was limited, and he knew soon it would be a thing of the past, but the outcome of Martin’s prank had been amazingly great.

Martin looked around some more, rubbing Jared’s gigantic pecs as they expanded and lifted him higher. Then he rubbed the jock’s huge and firm belly, which was consideringly smaller. For a few seconds, Martin wondered how things would be for Jared from now on, but when he looked at the big jock’s face again, the smile and the shine in his eyes wiped away all the thoughts and made Martin realize this was a dream come true for both of them.

In a sudden rush of love and passion, Martin moved closer to Jared’s face and kissed him long and passionately. Jared kissed him back with the same intensity and passion. His big arms tried to come up to push Martin closer to him, but his muscles were too big for him to reach his tiny roommate.

“Dude, sorry, this prank went wrong. I promise I’ll fix it,” Martin said while they were making out, and he felt Jared’s muscles starting to shake beneath him.

“Went wrong? Dude, this is the best fucking prank ever,” Jared responded, and suddenly he started moaning louder than before, and both guys could hear his muscles straining and expanding.

Martin sat back up as he felt how Jared’s pecs beneath him were feeling different. He looked back to see that Jared’s belly had finally shrunken down to only a mild gut, but still, the big man continued to convulse uncontrollably. Martin heard cracks and shudders coming from below Jared and didn’t know what was happening to his massive friend.

“Dude. So big. I’m getting so big,” Jared cried out and let out a loud groan.

Martin closed his eyes, ready for Jared to explode, and suddenly he felt a huge force send him flying through the air. His heart skipped some beats while his body felt as light as a feather, and his mind kept telling him that Jared had just exploded. A tear came down his cheek before he hit the ceiling above them with such force that he lost consciousness.


Part 4

Martin started to come to as the memory of his body hitting the ceiling after Jared’s body exploded started filling up his mind. Martin’s face pressed against what he thought was the floor of Jared’s bedroom, and his head hurt, but he could only think about the last few moments he spent with Jared—the kiss. It had been so good, and then everything was over. There was no way Jared had survived such massive growth, and it was all Martin’s fault.

“Oh, Jared. What did I do?” Martin said, crying, still struggling to lift his head off the ground.

“Well, you turned me into a monster... or a god. It depends on your point of view, but are you okay, buddy? My pecs suddenly exploded with size, and they threw you away. You were out for about 15 minutes.” A deep, low voice—similar to Jared’s echoed in the room, making Martin fully wake up. Martin sat up to see the most amazing sight he had ever seen: Jared’s big, goofy smile staring back at him.

“Jared! You’re alive! You didn’t explode!” Martin lunged forward and kissed the big hunk as he relaxed into the big man’s muscles.

“Oh, I exploded all right, but not in the way you think,” Jared said, popping his pecs as Martin woke up.

For Martin, it felt like the whole world shook beneath him. He began to look around and see where he was. Still sitting on top of Jared’s massive pecs, Martin finally saw how much the mass monster had grown.

Sitting in Jared’s pec valley, Martin saw that the big jock’s pecs were bigger than sofas. The pecs were pushing high against Jared’s chin, sticking out about 6 feet in front of his face, also obscuring most of Jared’s brick-wall abs. The big jock’s nipples were fairly big but looked tiny in comparison to the pecs they were on.

Looking behind Jared’s head, Martin saw that the bed they were sitting on had collapsed under Jared’s massive weight. Jared’s back muscles were so incredibly thick that they surrounded his head to the point that Martin didn’t think Jared could turn his head. From his perch on top of Jared’s giant form, Martin saw they sat higher off the ground than any regular man would, and the big jock was “lying on his back.”

Then, Martin noticed Jared’s shoulders fill the room’s width, meaning they were easily 14 feet wide. Considering Jared’s lats were clearly fighting for space with his arms, meaning they would push the arms farther out, Martin realized Jared would be way broader if he had the space to spread his massive lats and arms. Even then, Jared looked insanely broad, and his immense arms made it all better.

“Wow, Jared. You did explode... in size,” said Martin, leaning forward to plant another kiss on Jared’s normal-sized head.

“You didn’t even look at the best part,” said Jared with a cocky smile. Martin felt a nudge on his back, and he could barely contain himself if what he was thinking was nudging him was really that big.

Jared’s dick had grown enormous, and it still looked soft. It was 7 feet long and thicker than Martin’s whole body. There were veins all over the shaft, as thick as Martin’s forearms. The massive dick head was resting just a few inches from Martin’s back, and he noticed there was pre leaking out of Jared’s dick slit in a trail up his abs.

Then, Jared’s giant balls were heavily resting on the ground, and even then, they were almost as tall as Martin, looking massive and full. The huge balls were so big that they cast a shadow on Jared’s huge python. Martin had read about balls the size of small cars in some kinky forums, but he never thought he would have them right in front of him. Easily 9 feet wide between both balls and over 5 feet tall, they filled up Jared’s lap and then some. Jared’s ‘jewels’ had taken the ‘small’ space that his muscular body hadn’t taken in the room. He was literally filling the entire room and then some.

And lastly, Martin saw Jared’s impressive lower body. Jared’s legs were immensely thick, just as expected. He was definitely taller—way taller, easily 10 feet tall, and Martin could only imagine how big the jock’s already prominent bubble butt had grown behind him. Unconsciously, Martin reached back and playfully rubbed Jared’s dick.

“Bro, is that…?” Martin started saying as he kept rubbing Jared’s dick.

“Yeah, I know what it is. I can’t see anything past my pecs, but somehow I can see everything. I feel everything,” Jared said as his dick started getting bigger. “Martin, uhh. I’m pretty horny, buddy. I might be asking for too much, but... could you give me a hand?” Jared added as his dick raised from off his abs and above Martin’s head, extending to its full size of 10 feet long.

“This is kind of my fault, so I guess I can’t say no,” Martin said, smiling as he turned to wrap his arms around Jared’s mighty dick.

Martin’s mouth locked around Jared’s dick slit as he started sucking on it, making Jared moan really loud. As Martin kept sucking, pre flowed down his throat, but he was more than willing to do whatever he had to do to please his massive roommate. Even though Martin never expected Jared to reach inhuman proportions, Martin had no complaints about a much better result than he had ever dreamed of. Martin had always fantasized about a closer connection with Jared, so being able to pleasure his roommate’s colossal dick was beyond anything Martin could’ve imagined.

Since Jared’s dick was way bigger than Martin’s entire body, the shorter guy knew he had to put in some serious effort to make Jared blow what seemed to be the biggest cum load ever. Martin kept sucking on Jared’s dick as his life depended on it, also getting his arms and legs involved. Such an enormous dick deserved his entire body working to pleasure it.

“Oh, please, Ke-—keep going, bro. I’m so damn pent up,” Jared said, almost panting in pleasure.

“No, you just have the biggest balls ever. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of them too,” Martin replied, taking a quick break from sucking. Then he extended his legs, and with his heels, he reached for Jared’s enormous balls and started massaging them.

“Oh, man, that’s fucking incredible, dude... Don’t stop!” Jared cried out as Martin’s whole body was working on his dick and balls.

Jared was experiencing so much pleasure that his heavy panting felt like a small earthquake for a tiny-looking Martin sitting on top of his pecs. Jared’s breathing got shorter and faster, and Martin knew he was doing something right. The more Martin put his body into working on his giant dick, the more Jared’s body seemed to spasm in pleasure and the louder his moans got.

Martin was as drunk on pleasure as Jared was, so he didn’t mind the fullness around his middle while he gulped down Jared’s pre. A tiny part of Martin’s mind kept saying: “You shouldn’t be messing with Jared’s body and his fluids in this weird situation,” but the rest of him wanted more. He knew Jared’s growth was far from normal because of the ridiculous amount of gainer shake he had swallowed overnight, but Martin was too caught up in the moment to pay attention to that tiny rational thought. He just kept sucking and swallowing like a man dying of thirst in a desert.

Jared was moaning loudly all along, sounding like thunder due to his deep and low tone of voice. Surprisingly, instead of freaking Martin out, Jared’s voice was turning him on even more. Martin tightened the stroke-like hug around Jared’s shaft, feeling it throb with anticipation. As Jared’s dick throbbed more violently, Martin’s feet massaged the massive balls with more passion, knowing that something big was building up inside them.

“Dude, I can’t hold… back the…” Jared mumbled, and Martin just teased the dick slit with even more passion. Martin noticed Jared trying to reach his own dick, but his muscles were too big for him to move even slightly.

It was clear Jared was on the verge of a massive orgasm, so Martin made sure to let him know how desperate he was for Jared to blow his load. Martin started bouncing up and down around Jared’s dick, his entire torso rubbing against it. He could hear Jared moaning loudly, in need of some release, as his balls trembled violently and pulled up into his groin. Martin grinned, knowing he had finally achieved what he wanted.

Accompanied by a loud moan that shook the walls, Jared’s dick started shooting gallons of cum directly into Martin’s mouth. The flow was so strong that it felt like a river of creamy, warm cum instead of separate shots, but Martin swallowed it like a pro. Martin was experiencing so much pleasure that he didn’t realize that the amount of cum going down his throat exceeded his stomach’s capacity by a large margin. Strangely enough, Martin continued swallowing without problem, even when he felt full.

Martin closed his eyes as he gulped down gallons after gallons of the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. Martin had never swallowed a man’s cum before, but he was sure Jared’s was by far the most tasty one. Martin had no proof, but no doubt either. Jared’s cum was so good that all Martin cared about at that moment was not wasting a single drop of it. Surprisingly, not even a tiny drop escaped from Martin’s mouth.

As he kept swallowing, Martin didn’t notice he had repositioned himself because his belly was bulging out so much, inflating with cum. Martin was still sitting on Jared’s pecs, but he had turned a bit to the right to give his belly enough space to expand. Martin’s once flat abdomen was turning into a round, beach-ball-sized belly. However, he was unaware of how much it was still growing. He was too busy sucking Jared dry to notice his own ballooning belly. He had no idea how much cum the big guy could shoot, but he was determined to drink it all. He craved it.

It wasn’t until minutes later, which felt like an eternity for both of them, that Jared’s river of cum started to weaken, and by then, he no longer felt as pent up. His massive dick was slowly getting soft, but due to its size, it took a while for the colossal shaft to lose its hardness. Even after Martin let go of Jared’s dick, there was still some cum flowing out of it, but it was nothing compared to what it had been just a few seconds before. Still, the cum never stopped, creating a pool of cum on the floor as both guys came down from their highs.

Jared was heavily breathing, but he felt more powerful than ever before. The orgasm had given Jared so much energy that he felt like he could destroy walls with his bare hand if the sheer size of his own muscles didn’t have him immobilized. Jared flexed his arms and bounced his pecs, feeling the whole room tremble in response. As he caught his breath, Jared felt something new resting heavily on top of him, but since he couldn’t see much past his massive pecs, he could only wait for Martin to tell him what it was.

“Martin, are you okay?” Jared asked as he flexed his muscles again.

Martin’s foggy mind finally snapped back to reality when he felt Jared flexing his muscles again. Martin felt different. He felt full, and a tingling sensation spread all over his body. As he slowly opened his eyes, Martin felt something softly brushing against his belly.

“Dude, is that you? What am I touching?” Jared said, sounding confused.

Martin, just as confused, finally opened his eyes and saw the full extent of how big Jared had grown his belly. Martin’s belly was resting on top of Jared’s pecs as the big guy’s hand reached out and rubbed it. Martin couldn’t see the full scope of how truly massive his belly was, but considering what he felt under it, he had a good image. The massive flesh orb took up almost all of the room on one of Jared’s pecs and was pressing up against the ceiling. Sitting on Jared’s pec valley, Martin had to guess that his belly must’ve been at least 7 feet long, considering he felt the wall on the other side of the room pressing into it.

“The fuck!? That’s my... No way!” Martin shouted as he felt Jared’s hand caressing his belly some more.

“Is that your belly? Man, please tell me it’s your belly. It has to be karma,” Jared laughed hard, making the walls tremble again.

“Shut the fuck up! I-I can’t move,” Martin replied, terrified, as Jared felt his not-so-small roommate trying to budge on top of him.

“Neither can I,” Jared said with a goofy smile on his face. He could only see Martin’s upper body and part of the belly due to his pecs and the position Martin was sitting in, but he could feel how big Martin truly was. The belly felt huge, and every time Jared flexed his muscles, it jiggled, and the cum inside it sloshed loudly.

“It’s not the same! I’m a freaking cum balloon!” Martin exclaimed in horror as he rubbed his belly, feeling how tight it was. “You’re a muscle god, and I’m a fat whale,” Martin added as he sensed an odd warmth on his belly triggered by Jared’s touch.

“Maybe a dolphin or something similar, but definitely not a whale. I’m the whale-sized one. I know you liked how big my belly got earlier, so I guess there’s no need to deny that a big-bellied you turns me on a lot,” Jared said as his dick chubbed up again. Even after the huge load that he had just released into Martin’s belly, Jared was ready for round two.

“It’s not the same. You didn’t drink someone’s cum,” Martin said as the warmth in his belly started spreading through his body very quickly. “Jared, I’m not feeling well. It might’ve been too much. Something’s wrong,” Martin said, panting as his body heated up like Jared’s had a few minutes before.

“Wrong? No. Dude, this is like the absolute best thing I’ve ever witnessed,” Jared replied, playfully bouncing his pecs to tease Martin. Both guys knew something big was about to happen, and when Martin felt his pecs bulging out and his arms getting thicker, he could only moan and give in to the amazing sensation of his expanding body.

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