The ranger and the halflings

by Big Archer

Astorias is a big man who loves to dominate smaller men with his size and strength. However, when he meets four muscle-bound halflings one evening at the Inn, he gets a bit more than he bargained for.

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Astorias took a gulp of warm ale from his flagon as he surveyed the crowded tavern from his dark table in the corner. It was a busy night. The floor was slick with spilled drink and a musky, dank smell of tobacco hung in the air. Astorias set his flagon down and inhaled another drag from his pipe, producing a burning orange glow which—to anyone looking—would briefly illuminate his face which was mostly in shadow under a riding hood.

He was a rugged man. His stubbled, olive skin was weather-beaten and rough yet he was undeniably handsome. Strands of thick, brown hair trailed down to his broad shoulders, passing sharp, defined facial features, a strong jaw and a lean neck on their way.

Astorias was a ranger, known widely as The Wanderer around the nearby counties. He stood at an impressive 6’5”, his long legs helping him traverse the wilderness with relative ease. Astorias relished the frequency in which he would enter a crowded room, stooping to get through the door, and attract several glances and gasps at his towering stature. His height was particularly impressive in these lands where the average man stood at around 5’5” or 5’6”. Astorias enjoyed the height superiority immensely. He was particularly attracted to shorter men and there was no shortage of them around. He liked to feel their smaller bodies against his large and powerful frame. Besides, men in the lower 5-foot range were at a perfect height to suck on his nipples which he absolutely adored.

He had returned from a scouting expedition that very evening and immediately went to The Thirsty Bear, his preferred tavern for sourcing company for the night. He saw a few familiar faces around the bar, some of which blushed and gave him some knowing smiles. Any of them would do for his needs, but Astorias was looking for something new and exciting this time.

At that moment, the tavern door opened and a group of four halflings walked in, none of whom stood taller than 3-and-a-half feet in height. Astorias sat up immediately and surveyed the group. They all looked to be in their twenties, each of them wide-eyed, handsome and stockily built. They all sported a different shade of the same tousled, unkempt hair which was sopping wet from the rain, dripping water onto their nervous, uncertain faces. As they approached the bar, Astorias admired how they each had to tiptoe to even see over the edge of it. None of them would even come up to his waist…

They were perfect.

Blissful images flickered through the ranger’s imagination; his giant frame towering over the awestruck halflings, all four of them trapped and wriggling underneath his prone body, their hands and mouths exploring every inch of him… He shook himself from the fantasy. He had to have them. He had to make the fantasy a reality.

The halflings spoke to the barman for a few moments, arranging accommodation for the night and ordering drinks. Astorias didn’t take his eyes off them. He watched them get settled into a booth and waited patiently for one of them to glance in his direction.

Eventually the blonde halfling glanced his way. Astorias inhaled from his pipe, the tobacco embers glowing orange and illuminating his dark, lustful eyes beneath his hood. The halfling looked genuinely scared for a moment before his expression softened and his gaze turned to one of attraction. He turned to his three friends and gestured towards the big ranger in the corner. With no subtlety whatsoever, the other halflings looked over at Astorias, sizing him up and smiling and whispering amongst each other.

After a few moments, one of the halflings was nominated by his friends to approach Astorias. He nervously got up from his table and trotted over to the ranger, weaving his way around the comparatively tall men filling the bar. He finally arrived at Astorias’s table and cleared his throat,

“Umm, ‘scuse me sir? We were wonderin’ if you’d care to join us for a drink? We’re travellin’ through these lands you see and we could… um… use the expertise of an experienced guide. You look like you really know your way around?”

The corner of Astorias’ mouth curled upwards in a sly grin,

“Sure, little man. Let’s head over to your table.”

With deliberate slowness, Astorias stood up. The blonde halfling’s eyes widened as the ranger rose higher and higher in front of him, his titanic frame extending ever upwards, rising more than twice the height of the awestruck halfling. Several pairs of eyes glanced over from around the bar, admiring the giant’s enormous body which looked bigger than ever next to the halfling standing next to him. As he reached his full height, Astorias let out a deep, rumbling breath and smiled down at his little admirer,

“Lead the way,” he said.

It was several hours later and Astorias was drunk. The halflings had bought him pint after pint of ale which he gulped down effortlessly, the effects of the alcohol setting in relatively slowly due to the ranger’s size and tolerance for booze. They had stared in wonder as he drained each goblet and clapped with glee as he let out great, thundering burps. Astorias’ belly was beginning to bloat from all the alcohol and the thick trunk of his abdominals was stretching tight against his undershirt. A light glistening of sweat glazed his forehead and his cheeks became ruddy and red.

With every pint, Astorias was becoming more and more attracted to the group of halflings. Up close, he realised they were all thickset with powerful little bodies. He had accidentally brushed a hand against the arm of the red-headed halfling and was surprised to feel a bulge of dense muscle. Raising an eyebrow, he had given the halfling’s arm an affectionate squeeze to which he had obliged with a flex. A round bicep expanded beneath Astorias’ gigantic hand and he had been genuinely impressed.

This had resulted in the halflings rolling up their sleeves, comparing the size of their muscles and allowing Astorias to judge whose were biggest. He had squeezed and gripped their arms in turn, lightly worshipping their bulging muscles with his fingers and watching them bite and lick their lips, enjoying the sensation of the ranger’s huge hands on their arms.

Astorias was a giant compared to the halflings. He had a body laden with hard, defined muscle built up over years of lifting heavy loads (rocks, trees, animals). However, he couldn’t help but realise that if any of these halflings were scaled up to his great height, they would be far, far bigger and stronger than him. Proportionally, they were huge… and Astorias loved it.

After an uncountable amount of ale, Astorias began to sway on his seat. One of the brunette halflings pushed against his shoulder to support him whilst the redhead stood up on his bench to whisper in the ranger’s ear,

“Would you like to come to our room, big ranger sir?”

“Yes,” Astorias hiccupped, “although walking may be a little difficult given my current condition.”

“That’s no problem,” he said a little louder, smiling at the other halflings who nodded, “we can help you with that, can’t we lads?”

With astonishing ease, the four halflings sprung into action. The two brunettes positioned themself at each of Astorias’s legs while the redhead and the blonde braced either side of his shoulders. In unison, they lifted Astorias off the chair and lowered him down into a horizontal position,

“All right boys, one… two… three!”

The halflings extended their arms upwards, pressing the ranger overhead like his 280 pound frame weighed nothing at all. The patrons of the inn watched in collective shock as the four halflings easily carried the big ranger off down the corridor to the inn’s bedrooms.

Astorias couldn’t believe how strong these little men were. Realistically speaking, people of their size shouldn’t even be able to budge a man as big as him, let alone carry him! And yet, here they were, lifting him overhead like he was made of cotton wool.

“Goodness me, you’re all pretty strong!” the ranger slurred, enjoying the ride as he bobbed up and down with their walk. The halflings laughed,

“Ha ha! This is nothing!” said the redhead.

Nothing?! Just how strong could they be?! Astorias pondered for a moment but then realised, he was probably about to find out…

After a moment, they reached the halflings room. One of the brunette halflings transferred the weight of Astorias’ leg to one hand and opened the door with the other. They proceeded to carry him in and put him down on the floor, propping him up onto his knees. He was still far taller than all of them but this way his head wouldn’t bump into the ceiling. Halfling rooms were smaller in comparison to human ones. The ceilings were a couple of feet lower and all of the furniture was around half the size. This room contained four beds, one for each of the halflings, but Astorias was by far the biggest thing in the room. The four halflings lined up in front of them, their eyes wide with anticipation.

“How about we take off those dirty clothes, mister ranger, sir?”

Astorias removed his heavy riding cloak, lifting it over his head and obscuring his vision for a moment. When he got it off, he looked down to see all of the halflings had grabbed fistfuls of his clothes. The blonde spoke. “Don’t worry, big man! We’ll make quick work of these.”

They ripped his undershirt and trousers off in one coordinated movement, tearing them as easily as if they were made of tissue paper. In less than a second, Astorias went from being fully clothed, to completely naked, kneeling on the wooden floor. He blinked with surprise and the halflings smiled, their admiring eyes taking in the expanse of his body.

“That’s much better,” said one of the brunettes, “now just you relax, ranger! We’ll make you feel good. Let’s go boys!”

The four little men rushed forward and began to worship Astorias with their hands, lips and tongues. There was so much going on that Astorias could barely register one incredible sensation before it was replaced by another and another.

Their strong little hands groped the hard muscles of his arms, mostly squeezing but occasionally lightly tickling the defined bulges of his triceps, biceps and forearms. One moment, one of the halflings was massaging his pecs, their hands being engulfed by the slabs of heavy muscle. The next, two small mouths each began to suck on his gigantic, meaty nipples, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his body. Astorias closed his eyes, gasping and arching his back. A tiny tongue was now exploring the ridges and valleys of his abs while more little hands grabbed at the dense width of his broad back and beefy shoulders.

Returning briefly from the delirium, Astorias grunted and flexed his muscles, spreading his lats as wide as they would go. The floor creaked beneath his weight as he flexed and the halflings’ worship became more excitable, more passionate. After a few moments, he opened his eyes, just in time to see two of the halflings grasp onto his towering, rock-hard cock and begin to stroke up and down, two pairs of hands stacked on top of one another. It looked gigantic in their halfling grip, making Astorias feel bigger than ever,

“Ohhhhh yeeeeesss!” he moaned, his muscles twitching and pulsing as he continued to flex them, “Look how big I am, little ones!”

From behind him, the redheaded halfling concurred with the blonde. “His cock is so huge, let alone his muscles. Plus, look at the size of his nipples! He’s the biggest I’ve ever seen!”

“Me too, we’re gonna have some fun with this one.”

Suddenly, the halflings lifted Astorias again and carried him over to one of the four beds, dumping his naked bulk on top of it. There was a loud crunch as the bedposts immediately disintegrated into splinters under his mass. This bed was not designed to support anywhere near Astorias’s tremendous weight.

“Guess that’ll be added to the room bill!” Astorias joked, placing his hands behind his head and stretching out to full length, his feet reaching far past the end of the bed. “Think there’ll be enough room for all of—oh!”

Astorias was cut short by the sight before him. All of the halflings were undressing and the reveal of their bodies made his jaw drop. Each of them was laden with thick, bulky muscles which bulged and jiggled as they threw off their clothes. As they pulled their shirts over their heads, they revealed each part of their torsos bit by bit. First came their broad bellies which were packed with dense muscle and wobbling chub. Next were four enormous sets of pecs which hung heavily on their chests, each complete with thick, full nipples which stood erect at the crest of their pectorals. Finally, each of them revealed their broad, rounded shoulders which gave immense width to their short figures.

The four halflings then removed their trousers and underwear, revealing thick, tree-trunk legs and proportionally enormous cocks which hung almost to their knees!

They were truly impressive to behold.

“My little friends, this is astounding! You have the bodies of titans! I have never seen such muscles before. And such round little bellies too—they must feed you well where you come from.”

The halflings took a moment to examine and jiggle their bellies before the blonde piped up,

“Our folks always told us that if we want to be big and strong, we have to eat as much as we could—so we did!”

“Impressive! Maybe I should do the same?” Astorias casually ran a hand over his own muscular abdomen,

“That would certainly make you even bigger, sir! But you’re already so huge.”

Astorias’s cock stirred.

“I would certainly enjoy getting bigger. I take great pleasure in being the biggest and strongest man in the land!” ge said. The halflings looked at each other with wry smiles before the redhead piped up,

“Well, you’re certainly the biggest man in these parts but as for the strongest? I think I may be more than a match for you.”

Astorias chuckled. The halflings were undoubtedly incredibly strong, but he was a mountain in comparison to them. There was no physical possibility that this little redhead could be stronger than him.

“I see you doubt me, mister ranger?”

“Well… yes, just a little. I am so much bigger than you, little one. I do not believe I would lose in a contest of strength.”

“Right! Well, how about we put that to the test then? A match!”

“I’m sorry?”

“A wrestling match! To see who is the strongest.”

Astorias considered for a moment. He didn’t want to hurt the little man. But he decided that the halfling looked sturdy enough. Plus, he couldn’t wait to feel the tiny halfling squirming underneath his own massive frame when he pinned him, so he agreed.

The other three halflings arranged themselves excitedly as an audience while Astorias and the redheaded halfling took position. The floor shook with each of the ranger’s footsteps as he strode over to the centre of the room, his competitor standing opposite him with a knowing smile on his face. Astorias had to crouch so as to not bang his head on the low ceiling. He squatted down, his powerful leg muscles bulging as he did so.

“Are you ready, mister big ranger, sir?”

“Of course! Do not fear little one, I shall go easy on you.”

“And I you!”

One of the brunette halflings called from the side lines, “Ready? Get set! Go!”

Before Astorias could react, the redhead had charged at him, wrapping his arms around the ranger’s wide hips and bulging glutes. With one fluid motion, the halfling unbalanced him and threw him to the ground with an almighty crash. Astorias didn’t have a chance to get up before the halfling had pinned his arms behind his back and sat on top of him. The ranger fought and wriggled but the little one’s grip was like a vice and he couldn’t break free! He couldn’t believe it. In an instant, he had lost.

“All right, you caught me off-guard that time, little one. How about another round?” Astorias grunted as the halfling released his grip. He did not want to concede so quickly as logic dictated he should be able to overpower the halfling with ease.

“Sure, mister,” said the halfling, “whenever you’re ready!”

They repositioned themselves and started another round. To his astonishment, the redheaded halfling pinned him again. And again. And again. Astorias had never felt anything like it. His mighty body was helpless against the impossible strength of the halfling who threw him around as if he were a rag doll. The redhead laughed as once again as he pinned the ranger to the floor for a fifth time, the room shaking with the impact,

“See, mister ranger sir! Never met anyone, halfling or man, who was stronger than me!”

“A-amazing!” Astorias exclaimed, wriggling and heaving as he tried to sit up but made no progress against the grip of the halfling.

“Now how about we have an arm wrestle?”

Astorias laid down on his belly, struggling to get comfortable given that his dick was as hard as rock, and the redhead halfling mirrored his movements, facing him with an excited grin on his face. The other three halflings watched dreamily, stroking themselves and clearly enjoying the show immensely.

The ranger and the halfling locked hands and prepared to arm-wrestle. Astorias took a moment to register that his arm was twice as long as the halfling’s and his hand was easily twice the size also. This should be effortless for him! And yet, something about the confident smile on the face of the halfling, combined with the wrestling match they had just had, told him that it wouldn’t be.




Gritting his teeth, Astorias heaved all of his effort and power into his arm, forcing it against the halfling’s with as much strength as he could muster.

But nothing happened.

The halfling’s arm didn’t budge by even a millimetre. Astorias strained as hard as he could but made no progress whatsoever. He just stared, wide-eyed in shock, into the still-grinning face of the halfling,

“Come on Mr Ranger, I said go!”

The halfling was just toying with him! Astorias was completely outmatched and he knew it. The little man had strength beyond anything he could hope to match. He gave up trying to pin the halfling’s arm and his eyes strayed to admiring the little one’s body again. He gazed thirstily at the mountains of powerful bulk which had dominated him so easily, his tongue tracing along the edges of his teeth,

“Your strength is incredible, little one. All my size seems to be insignificant against the power in your muscles. Might I request permission to admire them again?”

“Of course, mister ranger—it would be my pleasure! Why don’t you play with my chest this time?”

The redheaded halfling stood to full height and Astorias scrambled up to his knees again. The halfling flexed a few poses for the ranger, his body swelling impressively with each flex. Astorias reached out and fondled the halfling’s bulging pecs, his huge hands groping the mountains of bulky muscle as the halfling squeezed his chest, causing a great valley to form in between his pecs. He then made them bounce in unison and Astorias gasped at how much the muscles jiggled under his grip. He was extremely turned on by this display of size and power, especially from one so small—the size difference between them made it all the more attractive to Astorias.

“What immense power you have, little one. I have never felt pecs like these before… might I worship your nipples too?”

“Absolutely! The four of us are the strongest from our village, but I’m by far the strongest of all of us. Even a body as big as yours is no challenge for me… in fact, if you like sir, I can show you what I’m really capable of?”

Astorias’s heart raced and the other halflings took a step forward, nodding eagerly.

“Yes, little one,” Astorias breathed, now strumming the halfling’s nipples with his giant thumbs, “I would very much like to experience all of your strength!”

With no apparent effort, the redhead proceeded to use Astorias as a weight to perform various exercises with. He lay down on the floor, pressing him upwards like a bench press while the other halflings counted reps. Astorias enjoyed the feeling of being bounced up and down by the strength in the halfling’s chest and arms, he had never felt this submissive before but strangely he liked it far more than being in his usual dominant role in the bedroom. Next, the halfling stood up and gripped Astorias from underneath before proceeding to curl him like a barbell, causing his already bulging arms to swell and pump up even larger than before. He then slung the naked ranger over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and performed tireless squats before finally, to Astorias’ utter amazement, pressing him overhead repeatedly without any assistance from any of the other halfling’s. By the end of the workout, Astorias and all the halfling’s were standing at full mast. The ranger had never been more aroused in his life.

“So, mister ranger. What did you think of that?” said the redhead, wiping sweat from his brow. The halfling’s muscles were pumped beyond belief, making him look bigger and stronger than ever. He proceeded to bring his right arm up into a bicep flex and with his left hand, fondled his own pectorals, self-worshipping their inflated size. Astorias watched in awe.

“I think…” The ranger began slowly as a grin spread over his handsome face, “…I think…I have never wanted to submit myself to another any more than right now. My little, powerful friends… I am your humble servant. Do with me as you wish!”

The next few minutes were a blur of euphoria. The ranger submitted to the combined strength of the four halflings who proceeded to move his body into a variety of incredible positions. He spent most of the time suspended in the air, hoisted up by their magnificent strength and passively allowing himself to be worshipped and fucked from all angles. He couldn’t have resisted even if he had wanted to; the ranger was nothing more than a giant sexual plaything for these four little dominators with their unimaginable power. One moment he would be facing downwards, having his dick sucked and his nipples worshipped while another halfling thrust his own cock into the ranger’s big mouth, impressively managing to fill it. The next moment, he would be flipped upside down and feel two of the halflings clamber up onto his waist from below and both penetrate his ass simultaneously. At one point, he was pretty sure that three of the halflings were on top of him and yet he was still somehow being held in the air, undoubtedly by the incredible redheaded halfling who continued to bounce him up and down like he weighed nothing at all.

Eventually, the halflings threw him onto another bed which was also instantly crushed under Astorias’s weight. He crouched doggy-style on all fours on the mattress and the halflings took position around him.

The blonde halfling began to fuck the ranger from behind, his proportionally huge cock pounding into Astorias’ big prostate and causing him to emit muffled screams of pleasure. They were muffled because the redhead had positioned himself in front of the ranger and was having his own cock deep-throated by the ranger who used his huge tongue to worship the member of the halfling who had bested him so easily in the competition of strength. Meanwhile, one of the brunettes had laid down underneath the ranger’s hips and was taking the ranger’s huge pole up his tight ass, yelping euphorically as he enjoyed the largest dick he had ever been fucked by. The final brunette was satisfying his obsession with the ranger’s chest. Again, lying beneath him, the fourth halfling was burying his face into Astorias’s chest, the gigantic pectorals swinging and jiggling with the vibrations of the fucking. His tiny hands found the two giant nipples and began to tug and twist them, driving the ranger crazy with more muffled moans. He then took grip on Astorias’s lats and pulled himself up against the ranger’s torso and began to fuck the deep ravine of his abs, lubricating them with precum and grinding his cock against the slick wall of muscle.

This lasted a few minutes before Astorias’s moans became more and more desperate. Eventually, he let out a stifled roar and his cock erupted with cum inside the brunette halfling. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever felt. Seconds later, the redhead and the blonde simultaneously came inside either end of the ranger, filling him up with a surprising amount of cum. Astorias swallowed the redhead’s willingly, imbibing the fluid of the powerful little man he had been worshipping. Right afterward, both brunettes came, the second one covering the ranger’s belly and chest with more cum until it was dripping down onto the bed below.

Astorias collapsed, exhausted. His big body smothered the two halflings beneath him, completely obscuring them with his mass. They easily wriggled free, enjoying the sensation of being surrounded by the ranger’s hot, sweaty flesh.

The halflings turned the ranger over so he was lying on his back and cuddled in around him, one on either side under each of his arms, one on top using his pecs as pillows and one in between his legs, gently rubbing the dense muscles of his thighs.

In a sweaty heap, all of them gradually drifted off to sleep.

Astorias awoke alone the next morning. The four halflings had gone, leaving him lying on the crushed bed completely naked. He looked around at the room which was in a state of complete devastation; a result of his tremendous weight being thrown around by the strength of the halflings. The ranger smiled, remembering the events of the night before and getting aroused again just thinking about them.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and a small voice called from the other side,


A key turned in the lock and a tiny gnome man pushing a trolley of linen entered the room. He was even smaller than the halflings and much slimmer but he had a pretty, almost elfin-looking face. The gnome’s jaw dropped when he saw the enormous naked body of the ranger sprawled out on top of the comparatively tiny broken bed beneath him. Astorias grinned sheepishly and shrugged.

“Umm…things got a bit out of hand,” Astorias explained,

The young gnome man blushed.

“Sir… er… all damages are the um… guest’s responsibility to pay for,” the gnome said in a trembling voice. His eyes were surveying the damage to the room but Astorias couldn’t help but notice the gnome kept glancing back at his big body.

“I see,” said the ranger in his deep voice, adjusting his position on the mattress slightly. “Well I’m a little short on cash now, I’m afraid. But perhaps you and I can come to some sort of arrangement?”

The gnome’s eyes widened even further. “What do you mean, big man—I mean, sir?”

Astorias didn’t say anything. His cock was already growing again in full view of the gnome. The ranger then raised his arms up into a titanic double-bicep pose. The gnome dropped the key on the floor and a look of wonder and amazement flashed over his beautiful face as he watched the giant man seem to grow even larger in front of him as he flexed.

With a trembling voice, he said, “E-excuse me, sir… would it be… perhaps… if I were to… um…”

Astorias smiled his most dashing smile at the gnome.

“Shut the door behind you.”

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