Superstud and Macromale: The Sword of Justice

by brazboy

Macromale, your ordinary neighborhood hero, hears a villain called Manhunter wants to steal the Sword of Justice, except no one is aware of what exactly that is.

Superstud and Macromale, #1 6 parts 26k words Added Jul 2022 Updated 13 Aug 2022 11k views 4.9 stars (12 votes)

Part 1: An Unfathomable Threat Macromale, your ordinary neighborhood hero, hears a villain called Manhunter wants to steal the Sword of Justice, except no one is aware of what exactly that is. (added: 9 Jul 2022)
Part 2: Before the Storm Deciding to hang up his metaphorical cape for now, Henrique enjoys a night out with friends and meets a nice young looker named Fàbio. Meanwhile, the threat to the city suddenly becomes very real. (added: 16 Jul 2022)
Part 3: Not Entirely a Misnomer Superstud has protection duty with a handsome judge, but he might be the one that needs protection. (added: 23 Jul 2022)
Part 4: Strings Come Together Fábio rushes to the disturbance taking place in Superstud’s apartment, revealing himself to be the phallic-bodied superhero known as Python. Henrique knows he must join the fight as well—but if the A-list heroes are this beset, what hope can Macromale have? (added: 30 Jul 2022)
Part 5: Climax Overcoming his hesitation, Macromale joins the fray against Manhunter, just as the villain has Superstud at his mercy. (added: 6 Aug 2022)
Part 6: Unsung Hero—Almost A shrunken-to-normal Henrique walks away from the super-victory, okay with being ignored by the press—having his purpose back is what matters. That, and maybe another date with Fábio—if they can get past the complication of their mutual secret identities. Unfortunately, it isn’t just Fábio that’s noticed how enchanting Macromale is… (added: 13 Aug 2022)
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Part 1: An Unfathomable Threat

On my 18th birthday, my father told me that “the more powerful you are, the more you can do for others,” and as the most powerful person in my hometown other than him, I decided very soon after moving away from home that I should follow in his footsteps and step up to do what I can to help others.

It has been five years since, and I feel that I have done little other than arrest small criminals and prevent a few road accidents here and there—certainly nothing too extraordinary. Soon, I was feeling like a small fry in the wide blue ocean, a small cog in the machine of the superhero industry. True, there are things I did that had been pretty significant—like stopping a train in its tracks before it hit a school bus full of children—but nothing that got to the nine o’clock news like the A-listers. At best, I was school newspapers or lunch-time radio report material. A mediocre neighborhood superhero.

I have been thinking about all of that again, and about what I had been doing with my life, as I walk down to work. I look up at the sky, thinking about my powers—sometimes I get pessimistic about them, but usually I just felt useless because I just couldn’t seem to be able to use them to make myself successful. How lousy can you be if you can’t succeed even with superhuman abilities? That’s me. It’s as those ideas cross my head that I hear someone shouting in the streets, asking for help. I turn around and start running that way, as my body hardens and expands with each step, my muscles growing with my limbs, my bones, my balls and my boner. As I run, my whole body trembles, picking up pace, growing with each faster and longer step, my clothes becoming too tight around my frame, buttons flying, bursting, one by one.

“Asshole, look where you’re going!” shouts someone I bump into as I start running, my growing body and the momentum of my speed make him fall on the ground.

“Dude, look at him, he is literally growing as he runs, duuuude!” says a college-age student pointing at me, and then his friend gasps as he sees my shirt progressively ripping apart before bursting completely to reveal my superhero costume under them. My costume is tightly gripped to my massive and ever-expanding muscles as I run, wrapping my bobbing cock and balls, my gigantic pectorals and my hard, pointy nipples as I jog around the corner, my body doubling and then tripling in size as my manhood crawls up my clothes until it stops nested between my pecs—completely due to my own volition.

“That’s…! That dude… fuck, what’s his name… something man, something male?” says an older woman’s voice from far away as I turned around a corner, which actually catches me by surprise and almost makes me stop in my way to remind her of my alias—but alas, I keep running, growing, my muscles literally bursting out of my clothes as people gasp around me and my steps become so heavy as to break down the concrete of the street under my feet.

“Stop there, criminal, and return that poor woman’s purse!” I shout, seeing that a man is running carrying a purple purse from a crying—but actually pretty upper-class looking—woman in the middle of the sidewalk. I frown, turning towards the man and jolting forward. As I run faster and faster my muscles grow and start filling up my expanded frame. Now I am about 4,5 meters tall, but I am also quickly going from a muscular athlete to a super-human bodybuilder as my form continues to mutate. As I run my cock, trapped by my costume and muscled body, creates an immense and visible dick bulge over my torso. All my heavy muscles bob up and down as I approach the criminal.

“Gotta take a picture of that!” says someone, getting their cellphone to record me in action.

The villainous robber tries to flee—he runs towards the main road, trying to pass between the cars as a way to prevent me from reaching him, but my size in no way compromises my mobility. Instead, I jump over the street, cracking a large round hole the pavement, bursting concrete. My muscles are expanding like crazy to allow me to move like this, becoming so tight and so pronounced that there seems to be not a single smooth surface in my body, giving me superhuman strength—under my costume, I am not only completely ripped, but my muscles are also extra dense, which actually also makes me extra heavy. Soon, I just need to extend my hand and grab the smaller man, pulling him from the ground as he starts struggling to release himself trying to fight my mighty arm. Now I am an incredible 6 meters tall, and my arm is both thicker and longer than the criminal is tall or broad. I shake him up and he stops protesting.

“Return the bag!” I command, opening my free hand in front of him. A small crowd gathers around us, and he starts pissing out of fear, but throws the purse away onto my palm. I smile and then close my hand around the bag, keeping it safe between my fingers, as I wrap my arm around the robber, pulling him between my muscles so he is rubbing on my pecs and kept stable by my wrapped-up arm. The warmth of my hardened, overgrown manhood emanates against his side as I move, my cock rubbing up and down against my muscles under my costume. I then run back to the victim, lower my hand to her level and open it, revealing her purse.

“Thank you… thank you… mister!” she says before noticing she doesn’t even know my name. “But who are you again?” she asks, and I smile, a little annoyed, but flexing my muscles and making the robber get squeezed further between my arm and pecs. He fells the squeeze, his cock rubbing against my hard self, and my tower of a manhood trembling right next to him. He gasps in an unvoluntary orgasm as he cums under his own clothes.

“I’m Macromale, miss. And no need to thank me, it was really nothing,” I respond and then run away towards a police station, leaving the perpetrator at the door before I go behind a building to shrink and run back to work.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Megabot is tied to a massive iron chain, being slowly lowered into a gigantic industrial-sized container of green acid. He looks around, his arms and legs tied, as he sweats, knowing his life could end in mere seconds, when he hears the ping of a message notification. Megabot, being a cyborg, quickly accesses his inbox inside his mind-internet connection, and reads the message.

“I, Manhunter,” he reads, “will steal the city’s most precious weapon within the next 24 hours. By taking its Sword of Justice, I’ll leave it defenseless, and I challenge all heroes to stop me. Try if you can. If you can’t, once I have it, I’ll use it to hunt each one of you down, one by one. Good luck!”

“Fuck,” says Megabot, now doubly screwed, and not in a good way.

“What, Megabot? Have you finally given up?” asks the Artisan, a daddy-looking man who has been standing up next to the gigantic bowl of acid laughing evilly all this time. “Will you finally hand me your core—the part of your cyborg body that allows you to keep your human mind and thus have effective immortality?”

“No, it’s just a message. Something more urgent has come up,” says Megabot, drops of his sweat falling on the acid below and mixing in, as do drops of his pre. In fact, he now notices, his long, erect cybernetic manhood is swaying and hanging dangerously close to the acid, right about to be submerged in it.

“Something more important, you say? More important than your cock, Megabot? You are about to lose it—just a few seconds and your cockhead will be submerged into my deadly acid, and then it’s goodbye to your manhood! Goodbye to your cybernetic cock, Megabot!” says the Artisan, laughing profoundly. As that happens, Megabot sighs and closes his eye, thinking about his boyfriend, who has worked tirelessly for years to give him a fully usable body—one which could even give him as much pleasure as he had before the accident. He then remembers how his boyfriend sacrificed himself the last time his body was almost destroyed, and the new defense system they came up with.

With some urgency in his mind, Megabot flexes his robotic but human-looking muscles so as to contract his abs, bringing his body into a more fetal position. This get his hard cock to bob up, dangling closer to his mouth. He then lowers his neck, managing to lick the tip of his robotic manhood. “So close, just a little more!” he thinks, gasping, moving his hips so his cock would bounce closer and closer to his mouth, then slap! His glans rubbed against his lips, which don’t lose a second in surrounding his majestic cockhead, making electricity surge over and through his body. Megabot then immediately starts furiously rocking his hips to fuck his own mouth.

The Artisan watches that laughing. “One last orgasm, huh, Megabot? Why didn’t you tell me this would be your last desire, I’d have kidnapped Doctor Pinto Roxo and brough him to die with you!” he exclaimed. The mention of his boyfriend makes Megabot even angrier, and his thrusts get longer as his cock now invades his throat and makes it expand, his saliva overflowing his mouth along with his flavored artificial pre.

“You will lose today, Artisan, and you’ll never say his name again,” thinks Megabot almost choking himself in his own manhood, as it stretches his jaw and his balls sway back and forth, now dangerously close to the acid themselves, as they hang low and heavy. “Just a bit moooore…,” thinks Megabot, as he feels himself close to orgasming, and then his balls contract, and he moans hard, pulling his cock from his own throat and mouth and letting it fly out of his lips, swaying around as his white cum flies all over in a white tsunami, lots of it ending on the acid, more on the ground around it, and even on the wall many meters away, on the ceiling above, on the Artisan, and even on chain holding Megabot up.

As he orgasms, Megabot moans and shakes, and talks, almost mumbling. “You….hmmm. Artisan, you are done now!” he says as his cock pushes more and more of his inorganic juice out into the world. The villain laughs but what he doesn’t know is that Megabot’s seed is now filled with nanobots controlled by his mind, and he orders them to break down the giant bowl containing all the acid, as well as ordering them to attack the chains holding his limbs.

Less than five second later, the chain keeping Megabot’s body tied up snaps, and he simply uses his jet propulsion to fly down to the Artisan and punch him in the guts. The Artisan gasps and tries to smash him back, but Megabot’s body is hard as steel.

“You’ll never defeat me! I’ll kill you, Megabot!” screams the villain, as he sees the reservoir where his acid was held burst, and a torrent of the green liquid fall his way like a tsunami. The hero looks at the wave of acid coming to them and sighs, wrapping his arms around the older man and then pulling him up as he flies away, bursting the ceiling of the compound. Meanwhile, the acid wave hits the inner walls, and the whole building starts melting down.

“You are lucky I’m not an anti-hero, you asshole!” says Megabot, as the Artisan cries out in fear and starts trying to break away from the grip of his nemesis, despite the fact that his life has just been saved. Barely bothered by the man’s struggle—as the best he can do is trying to punch his steel body, now that his plan had collapsed—Megabot thinks he’ll just take the Artisan to the police station before he starts trying to decipher the true meaning behind the message he had just received.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Superstud is at a fan meeting in the city’s largest mall. He is invited to enter the stage, and then the crazy fans cry his name with full force as he waves back at them while walking to the podium. He smiles, knowing they love his smile—he isn’t the most popular hero for nothing, he knows he is the embodiment of privilege and perfection in male form. “A living God,” as the cover of the City Post has put it. His image is partly why Superstud’s uniform is simply a golden mask, a golden band around his waist—and that’s all. And people love him for that.

Soon, under everyone’s watchful eye, Superstud gets to the podium—it was one especially designed for him, as his manhood fit perfectly resting against it, at an angle that still allowed his face to be seen from the front and from all the cameras around him. Then, as Superstud rests his penis on the podium, he pushes it through a tight ring (tight for him, that is) that makes sure to keep his manhood well contained and in place.

“Thank you all for coming, co-citizens. I hope this will be a fun and useful afternoon for everyone, just remember to do your best and to try to advance justice to the best of your powers!” says Superstud as the crowd howls his name, as if he were a rock star. Nay, greater than a rock star.

Some people faint just looking at him, and he smiles again, as he hears people shouting: “Please, show us the canon of rightfulness! Show us your gush of virtue!”

Superstud looks to the side, and receives a thumbs up from the organizers, who surely have already planned for this eventuality. After all, Superstud’s amazing cock is not only his biggest weapon, alongside his wrecking balls, but also his best asset—some people who shall not be named say he decreased crime half by fighting it, and half by making it jerk of to him. The handsome and muscular hero thus starts thrusting his hips forwards, making his shaft go up and down through the tight ring, pulling his foreskin to reveal his angry cockhead, and getting him to moan in the process.

“Remember, everyone, just try and do your best, and for all those of you who can’t do enough on your own, ask for help. I will come for you. I will come, and will shield you, cover with all my force!” promises Superstud, as his fans shout. His voice gets softer the more he pushes his cock through the ring, as his breathing becomes more erratic. His fans in the crowd bump against each other trying to get into the line of fire. Superstud then moans hard, interrupting his speech, as his cock starts to ooze his pre, which is flowing down the podium, and some folks rush to the wall of the stage to be able to taste some of it—it is delicious, and it makes them feel reinvigorated, as they look up to that handsomest of young men so close to orgasmic achievement.

“So, you, don’t leave me alone either, welcome me with open arms when I come! Welcome me when I come and…and let’s do our best, to burst through this together!” he continues, noticing only barely that the TV cameras are on him and his orgasmic moans are being shown on national TV, as he pushes and pulls his cock through the tight ring, his cockhead purple and furiously oozing pre, his balls lazily resting on the ground below and behind him.

Superstud’s fans follow his words and spread up their arms and lips, opening their mouths. They moan, men and women, their pussies wet and their cocks throbbing hard. Superstud also feels close to shooting. He moans and gasps, and then his hands go to his pecs and squeeze them, pinching his nipples. He closes his eyes as he thrusts his hips back and forth, imagining himself with a mysterious faceless man, wanting to be hugged and cuddled, and then imagining the man’s hand on his cock… Superstud’s balls tremble, his inner muscles shake, and his scrotum contracts, releasing wave after wave of abundant hero milk on the crowd. Most down there also orgasm as they are splashed with Superstud’s spunk. As they hear his deep guttural moan, hundreds of men and women literally come their strongest orgasms, falling to their knees as they are showered in supercum. Even those watching from home are not immune, as thousands of people come right then under their clothes just staring at their TV.

Soon Superstud’s bliss passes, his fans licking their fingers, hands and arms, trying to get a taste of the delicious priceless juice. He pulls his cock from the ring, as a final wave of leftover cum is squeezed out of his slit, and oozes down his shaft. His cock falls on the floor now with a loud thud, as he picks it up and lets it rest on his broad shoulders, smiling.

“Everyone, please focus and pay attention on the rest of the event, as we’ll have many speakers and attractions. I’ll clean myself and be back for the second part of the presentations, but for now please welcome the Chief of the Police who will talk about how to avoid villains in your daily life,” says the handsome hero to the crowd, and everyone applauds him as he leaves the stage—the cameras focusing on his delicious swaying ass. As he gets to his dressing room, he throws himself on his couch, seeing his table full with gifts and letters from his fans. He sighs, hugging his gigantic warm cock and wishing it were another man.

“Why are so many heroes dating and only I’m alone? ‘The nation’s boyfriend’ my ass!,” he curses, as he brings his cockhead near his mouth and licks his glans, drinking a little of his own seed. He closes his eyes and pretends his gigantic slit is lips and kisses his own cock, before stopping because he feels stupid. He readjusts on the couch, now lifting his ass as his immense manhood rests under him, and like this he grabs his cellphone just in time to read a weird message from a random new villain which read:

“I, Manhunter, will steal the city’s most precious weapon within the next 24 hours. By taking its sword of Justice, I’ll leave it defenseless, and I challenge all heroes to stop me. Try if you can. If you can’t, once I have it, I’ll use it to hunt each one of you down, one by one. Good luck.”

He rolls his eyes, but entering the heroes’ forum he sees that there is a huge debate about what was exactly the thing that this Manhunter dude was threatening to steal, and what would be the best way to prevent him. Some B-listers who didn’t receive the message have already heard about it and are making teams to patrol museums and private ancient weapons collections. More famous A-listers have also taken up the challenge, but are investigating less obvious answers—maybe the ancient obelisk? The sword of the statue of goddess Dike in the city’s courthouse? A nuclear bomb? There was a lot of speculation.

“I’ll see what I can do after this event—after all, if I don’t do anything the city will feel insecure. Their number one hero cannot ignore a threat like this, not when the villain is saying they’ll use this weapon to kill all those who seek justice,” Superstud thinks, but then he opens his dating app where he has a fake account where he is disguised as a normie. He sees all other guys there and fantasies about them, but he is never brave enough to contact anyone as he fear having his alias discovered.

Soon someone knocks on his door. “Ten minutes, mister Superstud!” shouts the organizer from outside. Superstud sighs and goes clean up his cock quickly before his next appearance.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Someone touches my shoulder, and I take off my earbuds—I was listening a local radio report giving an account of my actions this morning, but the piece was cut short due to an emergency story about a cat being locked inside a car in a parking lot. I look back and see one of my coworkers—and closest friends here in the city—Cauan Barbosa, and so I smile as I look up, moving my hand to rearrange my curly brown hair.

“Hey, man, did you check the new story?” he asks, and I raise an eyebrow.

“New story? You mean about the cat locked inside a car and…” I start, but he cuts me midsentence shaking his head. He then unlocks his cellphone screen and shows it to me.

“What? I know your fucking boyfriend is a hunk, you told me about his cock before. Why are you showing me his nudes?” I ask frowning again, slightly annoyed, and Cauan becomes wide-eyed, coughs and looks at his phone again, changing the page open.

“Not that, dude! This!” he says, now showing me some news about superheroes. “I know you are into this superhero stuff, you are like a fanboy or something, so I thought you’d have heard about this challenge that was made by a new villain. Nobody knows who this Manhunter dude is but he is making a pretty bold threat—is saying he will steal this great weapon and use it to kill all heroes! All of them! Everyone is talking about it,” says Cauan, as I read down the title of the news and then grab his phone to scroll down the text.

“No… I didn’t hear about it at all,” I say reading the text—which is odd. Didn’t he say the villain sent it to all heroes? “Oh, all A-listers. I guess most heroes are not really under threat then. He says here he’d kill all of ‘them’, not ‘all heroes’,” I say, adding a little mockery, and return the cellphone to Cauan. He slaps my head a few times, until I hold his hand mid-air, a bit annoyed.

“Dude! It’s not about the heroes, it’s about us! If the A-listers are gone, it will be awful for the city. Besides, you said you are into some A-listers too, like Python I think it was, and everyone in the city is talking about this, even those who aren’t into superheroes. It’s big news,” he says, excited. I let go of his hand and sigh.

“I understand it’s big news, I’m just trying to take some time off from… following heroes, and fan clubs and stuff. You know, trying to tone down my fan-boying, or something. I have noticed that whatever I do… in terms of rooting for the heroes… it has very little impact anyways,” I say, shaking my broad shoulders and twisting my lips, a bit annoyed but fundamentally accepting of this reality. As Cauan is about to reply, I interrupt him and continue, “I have a lot to go here at work anyway, you know how busy we are,” I finish and he sighs, shaking his head.

“Well, sure, but hobbies are also important too. Besides, did you see the pictures from Superstud’s recent event? They are everywhere, and it’s incredibly hot. Forget crime, I don’t want to lose these sexy hunks for other reasons too,” he responds, and we then end up continuing to talk for a few more minutes until another colleague comes to us with a work demand and we need to get back to business. A few minutes later I excuse myself and go to the toilet, to pee and wash my face.

As I am in the bathroom, I glance down at my dick in my hand. I know I can control body, including—of course—the size of my penis, which is a useful power. Since I was a younger, this always made me feel special and it was also a great party trick during college. However, now that I am in the big city, I feel so mediocre. The world clearly doesn’t need me, particularly now that all A-listers are focusing in one single mission. They can handle it. What difference do I make? I am not Superstud. I can take some time to rest, some time to myself. The world won’t collapse if Macromale takes a vacation. Heck, kids might have to find a new way to get themselves off of roofs, but they can manage—they are the ones who go themselves there in the first place, after all!

I let my cock grow a little in my hands, breaking 20 centimeters soft. “It’s not so bad after all, maybe I can finally accept Cauan’s offer and go in that blind date he wants to set up for me, get a boyfriend… I need a new apartment too. I can use my muscles to help move furniture,” I think to myself as my fat softie wobbles around in my hand. I sigh, not hearing the door of the bathroom opening and someone walking in. They come pee too and stand next to me.

“Fuck, man! You are gigantic down there!” he says, shocked, and I almost jump of surprise, before noticing it’s just a coworker glancing at my overgrown softie. I’ve grown it to a rather superhuman size of 25 centimeters now, almost not realizing it. He has his own cock out, and it’s about half that size, but growing, hardening.

I cough, embarrassed.

“Oh, yeah, I mean, it’s big for a regular dude, but I’m no super,” I say, getting a bit red as we talk about my manhood, not in my secret identity. His hands move up and down his hardening rod next to me. I glance at him, noticing he is quite a handsome, brown-haired, olive-skinned man, from the neighboring department.

“More than big, gigantic. Fuck. I wish…,” he starts and then moans a little as his cock is fully hard, just breaking 20cm, and he is stroking it. “I wish I could be like you,” he says and closes one eye, overwhelmed by how much pleasure is inundating his brain. I am about to respond with something, but I just stay there looking at my fat cock in my hands. He licks his lips, weirdly enough wetting them with his surprisingly large tongue.

“I see,” I then respond slowly, as his cock is oozing so much pre that he is clearly close to cumming. “Do you want to touch it yourself, see how it feels?” I bravely suggest, and his eyes open up and widen, as one of his hands strokes his member and the other immediately moves to mine.

“Oh yeah, fuck! Hmmm, so fat, so hot, so heavy. Can you even get this monster hard?” he asks, but as he is squeezing my manhood, it is already hardening. I just moan, as I glance at his own wet cock spewing pre as it is squeezed and stroked more and more quickly.

“Yes, and you can do it too, apparently,” I joke, and he moans loudly as he starts stroking my cock more quickly, in unison with his own. In a few seconds, though, he bursts his seed on the urinal, covering the porcelain in his white spunk, squeezing all juice from his cock before he pulls me around, turning our bodies so we face each other. He stops stroking and now squeezes my hard cock, as his member oozes pre and softens.

“I’m short on time, but this was fun,” he says and then approaches me more closely, his lips on my ear. “I really have to go, but do you perhaps want to have a date this weekend? I’m sure busy until Friday, but I want to suck your fucking cock and… well, who knows?” he suggests. I look at myself over the mirror. He has a nice ass, and given how hot and bothered I was I guess it meant I would enjoy spending more time with him.

“Sure, my name is Henrique, by the way,” I say, and he pulls back and slaps my cock.

“Nice to meet you, Henrique. Sandro here,” he says and then growls, “Fuck, I wish so much I could eat you up right now. Shame I don’t have the time. I love jacking off but nothing beats sucking a fat hard cock like yours,” he comments as he puts his cock back into his pants and washes his hands. “I’m going to drain your balls up this weekend,” he says with a smile and leaves me behind.

My massive member is still in my hands, wanting to be taken care of too, which I have to do before going back to work.


Part 2: Before the Storm

Sandro leaves the company building and takes the subway all the way downtown, getting off at the station right below the city’s biggest and most impressive mall. He goes straight to the convention center, finding it mostly empty as Superstud’s event has ended a few hours before. He looks around, walking through the large arena as he smells the scent of sex and giant amounts of cum, and walks to the stage.

“It’s a shame I missed it. To think that he came over the crowd, what an amazing experience it must have been,” he thinks to himself while he walks down the cum-drenched space. “Although it was fun to meet that guy at work. He has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in a regular dude,” Sandro’s thoughts continue as his cock hardens again under his clothes.

He finally gets down to the stage where he sees the podium which Superstud has used to jack his immense superhuman manhood, with the large ring on top of it. Sandro smiles and jumps over onto the stage, getting to the podium and feeling it with his hands. “Such an immense ring, I could probably pass through it even considering how broad my shoulders are, and yet it was so tight around his penis. His cock is so immense,” thinks Sandro as his finger feels the wetness of Superstud’s pre covering the podium. He cups some cold male pre and then takes his finger to his mouth and licks it. His eyes flicker with delight.

“It’s his, undeniably,” he thinks and smirks. “What amazing power. It will be even better when I get my lips on him. Oh, how amazing it would be if I could make him into my personal bull and suck his cock every day,” he completes, salivating in anticipation, as someone shouts across the ample space towards him, making his heart skip a beat.

“Hey, you! What are you doing?” shouts the deep manly voice, before laughing as Sandro almost overreacts to the sudden yelling. “I thought we’d meet at the entrance? Are you this obsessed with Superstud that you came here to lick his fucking cold pre?” says the overly tall muscular man who is now walking down from one of the doors to the stage. Sandro frowns and jumps down the stage again, fast walking towards the other man and then grabbing his neck, making him gasp, but then smirk.

“You fucker, I thought you were a guard for a second! I almost thought I was done for!” says Sandro, pissed off, his grip so tight it is creating a red mark on the other man’s neck.

“No need to be this aggressive, though, it was only a joke,” says the taller man, trying to pull Sandro’s hand away. Sandro then grabs the man’s other wrist with his other hand and pulls in closer, speaking with such proximity their lips rub as he talked.

“Just because we are mates it doesn’t mean you can scare me like that. Do you think I need you that much that you can mess with me?” asks an angry Sandro, surprising the other man who decides not to back down, but to push up against Sandro, letting his tongue out of his mouth, licking the other man’s lips.

“We both know we need each other, dude,” says the taller man, and Sandro finally lets go of his neck, moving his hand now around it, over his shoulder, in an embrace, and then the two men kiss.

“You fucker, did you get the power you needed?” asks Sandro, after pulling away with a genuinely warm smile. The taller man just smirks, moves his hand to his bulge and squeezes it, revealing a large dick inside.

“Yes, do you want to taste it?” he responds.

“I do, but we gotta save that for later. We are going to make you cum so much I’m afraid your balls will be dry by the end of it,” responds Sandro, as the two men hug each other and then, smiling, walk out of the conference room.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Megabot is at his boyfriend’s lab as the handsome scientist grabs his fat cock, and pushes a tube inside it. The cyborg hero moans, as his mechanical rod is penetrated by the tube which connects to his balls through the inside. His boyfriend then lowers his body in to kiss him, and turns around to slap his hard steel ass. Megabot trembles at liquid started coming down his cock, fueling and filling his balls with nanobots again.

“Are you sure he meant the nuclear missiles in the military compound? How are they a sword, and what do they have to do with justice?” asks the scientist, as he moves behind his boyfriend, caressing his ass and spreading his butt cheeks. Megabot moans and turns around to kiss Pinto Roxo once more.

“We don’t know, that’s why I’m going there, but it could be the missiles. It’s clearly a riddle, maybe he didn’t mean an actual sword, and the missiles are the strongest weapon near the city,” says Megabot, as he moans softly between kisses, his tongue pushing inside his lover’s mouth, the two of them swirling in their embrace.

“Other than you, you mean, and a few other heroes,” says Doctor Pinto Roxo, biting his boyfriend’s lips and pulling them. “Anyway, we need you at top physical form. We are filling your balls, and I have checked all your other systems,” says the scientist, as his hands reach around the cyborg’s large torso to squeeze his pecs and pinch his nipples from behind. Megabot straightens up while still kissing his boyfriend standing behind him.

“Yeah, I do feel ready, but I fear there is one place you haven’t checked yet,” says the superhero, as he grabs his lover’s hands and pulls them down to his ass, spreading it up as he lifts his own buns, his cock bobbing down still penetrated by the thick tube filling his balls with liquid.

“Hmmm, are you sure? You know you can’t cum with that thing inside your cock, because of the way your cock is programed,” says Pinto Roxo, but Megabot shrugs and kisses his boyfriend more, his hands lowering the scientist’s work trousers to reveal a long and hard 23-centimeter manhood.

“Who cares? I can still orgasm, just can’t ejaculate. Anyway, we should enjoy each other while we can, we have been both working so hard,” says Megabot and Pinto Roxo nods, their foreheads touching as the scientist then rubs his cock on his handsome cyborg boyfriend’s hungry ass.

“True, why don’t you just move in with me then?” asks Pinto Roxo, and Megabot looks away a second, pushing his ass back forcing Pinto Roxo’s purple fat cockhead to rub against his hole.

“You know it wouldn’t be safe for you, my enemies abound and they won’t rest until they find me and dismantle my body, piece by piece,” says the hero. “And they’ll also try to get the man who builds me back up every time, if they can,” he continues, until the scientist pulls his cock away completely, before his hands embrace Megabot’s muscular chest, compressing it in a loving embrace.

“I could make your body so deadly you’d never have to worry about them again,” Pinto Roxo promises, his cock sliding away of the hungry mechanical ass and now slapping his slim abs, wetting them with his thick pre.

“I don’t want that. I want to live a normal life, someday. I want us to have children. Let’s just… just wait a little longer,” says Megabot, and then he raises his ass more. “For now, just fuck me, Kevin,” he says, and Pinto Roxo nods, letting his arms fall and grabbing his cock—as one massages his lover’s large ass, the other holds his own shaft until he thrusted it forward to pop inside Megabot’s hole. Immediately as they started fucking, Pinto Roxo feels Megabot’s pleasure systems milking his fat rod, as Megabo moans. Kevin gasps, moving his hips faster and faster as his hands pull Megabot’s face, turns it around, and soon the two handsome men are kissing again as they fuck inside Pinto Roxo’s modern secret lab.

Over Pinto Roxo’s desk one can see many designs for future cyborg children he dreamed of having with Megabot when he wasn’t working.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Superstud is invited into the city’s military museum by the curator. They walk past the visitors and into the exhibition of ancient weapons, which is filled with superheroes inspecting who enters and who leaves, trying to avoid a crime.

“The most obvious place,” thinks the hunk superhero. As he walks, his ass sways like a lad from Rio, his cock bounding left and right ahead of him, inviting everyone to look away from his perfect handsome face and at his equally amazing cockhead and heavy balls instead.

“I know this is the most obvious place, and that’s why I replied to the Superhero’s Union that I don’t think Manhunter’s attack will target our institution,” says the curator, as he invites Superstud into the back room where the relics that are not being exhibited are kept. “Although our swords are valuable, none of them is particularly useful. Those are kept elsewhere. With one exception,” adds the scholar, and Superstud frowns.

“And you keep it in one of these boxes?” asks the hunk, looking around to multiple closed boxes and chests, some of which seem like that haven’t been opened up in years. There is dust and old marks everywhere.

“Yes and no. Follow me,” says the curator, and they go to a faraway corner of the warehouse. There, the curator stops, and moves a few boxes out of place until they find a trapdoor. “It’s in here,” he says and takes a key out of his pocket, opens the trapdoor, and reveals a staircase to a room bellow.

The curator starts climbing down as he turns up to Superstud. “Please follow me… I hope your cock can pass through,” he says, and the hero in fact is calculating exactly that, as the passage is rather narrow. He takes the first steps downwards, managing to get his balls down one at the time, and then passed with his gigantic shaft and body, which isn’t a problem until he needs to get his cockhead and shoulders through the tight opening. That demands squeezing his member down, and his compressing his muscles purposely, until he can scratch through, helped by the oozing pre his cock started producing.

As Superstud gets down, his cock is wet and oozing and touching the ceiling of the small room he’s in now. Each step he takes forward means his cockhead is sliding against the ceiling’s harsh wood, which actually feels quite exquisite to the handsome super, whose cock is sensitive but not at all frail. As he gets closer to the end of the poorly lit room, Superstud looks forward, pushing his cock to the left, and sees the curator touching a box next to the back wall. The smaller man then uses a different key to open a lock, opens the box, and pulls a long medieval golden sword from inside it.

“Here it is, the Dragon-slayer. This is the sword famed to have killed Donato Dragon-cock, the well-endowed Duke who ate his subjects for pleasure, after impaling them with his manhood. It is a sword said to be cursed. Legend has it that it became fond of blood since it first killed, and that it is particularly effective against well-endowed men, but that it can only be used with hate,” says the curator as he raises the sword and then presses the blade against his arm, leaving no cut. “See, some legends at least are true, it is completely dull,” says the man.

“Well, so this is the reason you called me here, you want me to protect this one special sword? I’m sure that if you bring it to the exhibition room all the other A-listers will take care of it well enough, I already have a registered mission protecting our city’s judge, as some have suggested that he could be considered a physical embodiment of justice,” responds Superstud, a little annoyed he has had to go all the way down there to see this glorified stick, especially since that has forced him to cancel a date he had scheduled for tonight, with another super, through their some mutual friends. No wonder he can’t date, he never has even enough time to meet anyone, even people from work!

“No, I can’t entrust this to anyone except the city’s largest hero. This is, in a way, our museum’s most important treasure,” says the curator. Superstud frowns, making his cock bob away from the ceiling before slapping it hard, pre splashing everywhere.

“Why do you keep it hidden, then?” asks the hunk shrewdly. He can drop a little of his perfect good boy persona down here. Despite his fame, he’s actually good at pushing people. And into people too, but that part people do know.

“Well…,” says the curator, a bit of cold sweat on his brow. “To be honest, this item might have been a little bit stolen during a colonial raid in the 1890s. But there’s no real proof of its provenance, so we just can’t tell…,” he starts, and Superstud takes a few steps closer to him, forcing him backwards until his legs hit the box and he fell with his ass on it. Superstud’s cock now hover over the poor curator, and his balls compress his legs and even hips. The older man swallows dry, his cock hard as he’s so close to the city’s biggest hunk, but he’s also afraid.

“I see, you want to use me to keep it protected without raising alarm about its existence and controversial history. You don’t want people to scrutinize the items you might keep here, and so you think you can hide them behind my muscular body,” says Superstud. He wonders a little about what to do as his pre oozes down his member covering the trembling curator in his masculine juice and smell. “I don’t like this at all, and I will look into the history of this artifact later, but I also can’t let it fall into the wrong hands. I will take care of it!” decides Superstud, and the curator falls forward in relief, hugging the superhero’s superballs.

“Thank you, Superstud! I knew the museum could count on you, the whole city’s security rests atop your cock!” says the scholar, as he trembles. He’s so overwhelmed by the proximity with an angry Superstud that his cock throbs and ejaculates under his clothes.

“You are not off the hook for this,” warns Superstud, but he does take a step back and grabs his majestic powerful ultracock, pushing it downwards until it is eye-to-eye with the cum-covered scholar. “Now, push the sword in there, there’ll be no safer place for this artifact than inside my cock,” says the superhero, as his hands stroke his immense manhood.

The curator nods and carefully rubs his hand against the gigantic and beautiful cockhead, as he forces the sword inside the enormous and spacious urethra of the handsome superhero. The sword easily slides inside the well-lubricated hole, but just touching Superstud once more proves too much for the older man, and he comes wildly collapsing backwards as his cock throbs and ejaculates staining his clothes. Superstud rolls his eyes, used to causing this effect in civilians who touch such a sensitive place in his body, and so he picks the man up in his arms, and soon they are both moving out of this hidden room, even as Superstud once again has issues getting his massive body to get through small, confined spaces.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After a long and horny day at work, I am out and alone, with Cauan having abandoned me to go with his boyfriend to a music concert. He has even invited me to come with him—the poor bastard is too nice for his own good—but I am too good a friend to spoil his date.

“No way, dude. If he’s as hot as he looked in the picture you showed me, I’d better not go or I’d feel jealous,” I respond, making him turn red as he remembers the accidental body reveal. Cauan hugs me before leaving, though, and tells me he will introduce his boyfriend to me one day. “Maybe when you decide to come to the blind date, what about that? Are you sure you don’t want to have it yet?” he asks. I nod, remembering Sandro from work, and Cauan sighs but finally leaves.

As I watch him go, I look at my phone and think of messaging Sandro—maybe he wants to advance our scheduled date? Soon I give up on doing that. He was pretty clear when we met that he’d be busy until the day after tomorrow, and so it would be useless to call him now. Besides, it’s not like he owes me attention, or to comfort me when I feel… I don’t know, sad, lonely? I end up calling some other more distant friends. Most are busy, but one of them is with former college roommates at a bar, and so he invites me to join them.

Now, normally I’d not intrude in a social event of a group of people I mostly didn’t know like that, even when I am semi-invited to it. However, this isn’t a normal day, as I am re-evaluating my priorities and have just decided to take some time off of my superhero persona. Macromale is, well, not dead, but temporarily unavailable. I take a bus to a square full of bars, as my friend’s friend-group is drinking in one of them. I walk around feeling the cold of the night biting me as I look around for the right place and address, eventually finding them in a cool hipster bar that also has live music.

There, my friend introduces me to everyone and pulls a chair next to him for me to sit at, and soon we are start chatting and drinking. We have a good night; I have a decent time. The food is good and the company is fun. Some of the guys ask me questions, showing some interest, and my own friend hugs me as he pulls me close to his body, making me feel less of an intruder and honestly remember things back home when we were younger.

“This is Henrique, we are originally from the same city, but moved out to different places for college! Let’s have a round to celebrate childhood friendships!” he says introducing me, and his friends cheer and drink another glass, and so do I.

As we drink, eventually I feel the need to stand up and go to the toilet. By this time, I am a bit tired, so as I stand up, I can barely keep myself straight and almost fall down. One of my friend’s friends, Fábio, rushes over and grabs me, pulling me into his arms. I barely avoid collapsing, but I find myself in such a position that my head rests on his chest before I recover and stand by myself.

“Oh, sorry dude…didn’t mean to…I guess I had too much!” I apologize, lying, since I know I don’t really get drunk—ever. I also push him away, suspiciously aware of how toned up his body is under the thick jacket he’s wearing—even worse, I have noticed his bulge is simply gigantic, that is, completely filled up almost to obscenity.

“No problem at all, but do you think you can go to the toilet by yourself?” he asks, and I freak out a little with the question, as it sounds quite weird. I assure him I’m better now, drink some cold water, and go relieve myself. When I come back, he’s sitting and smiling at me, and as I sit down again, we start to chat.

“So, Marcos here was telling me you were really into superheroes growing up. Are you still? I am actually quite interested in them, you know. Their powers, how they behave, their fighting against evil, it’s all so interesting and attractive,” he comments with a warm smile.

I glance to the side, and I must have looked a bit bleak because he seems a little bothered by my reaction. “But I mean, interests change as we grow too, what kind of things do you like?” he asks, and I look back at him, feeling a little bit bad he’s being so nice and I am not engaging.

“Honestly, I am still a fan of superheroes. I used to follow Jumbosize a lot when I was younger, since he’s the largest hero back where Marcos and I are from, but now I end up following more heroes from the big city, like Superstud and Python. What about you?” I ask, trying to continue the conversation. He seems excited with my reply.

“Oh! Yeah, I also like male superheroes the most. I’m actually born and raised here, so I like some of the older generation heroes like Lecoq and Copycat, but I guess my favorite one in the current generation has to be… Megabot, I guess, or El Meco? I don’t know, they just seem like good people besides being amazing at… you know, fighting crime,” he responds, and I nod, although my fatigue is coming back to me. I drink some more, but Fábio offers me a glass of water. Marcos glances at us too and slaps my back, smirks, and asks me if I’m fine, to which I respond affirmatively before drinking the glass of cold water and returning my attention to Fábio.

“Yeah, A-listers, all amazing heroes,” I respond. I try bringing up my energy by eating some snacks we have ordered. Fábio nods in agreement, but he also seems to stop and think for a second.

“True, but some local heroes are impressive too, despite getting less credit for their actions,” he says, continuing our conversation. “Like Macromale, or Ironballs,” he says, making my eyes widen as I stare at him.

“You think so?” I argue. “I don’t know, nobody cares about them. Who even is this Macromale dude? Didn’t you see the news about the threat made by a villain against all A-listers earlier today? Other heroes are so insignificant this new villain didn’t even care about them,” I add, and Fábio looks up as he scratches his face.

“Well, I don’t know. I think some A-listers are surely amazing, but others are just lucky superheroes who got popular, while some of the others are just unlucky despite being very talented themselves. In terms of powers, Macromale or Ironballs have a lot more potential than most A-listers, even some of the big names like Python,” he says. He seems serious, and I don’t know much how to react given everything that I have been thinking recently.

“I don’t know,” I say again, a bit unable to quite continue the conversation, and so I nod and then stand up, putting a hand on Marcos’s shoulder. “But well, all that is good has to end, I have to get going, as I have lots of work tomorrow. But it was truly great seeing you again and meeting everyone else. I hope we do something together later,” I say to Marcos and everyone around, and he stands up and hugs me.

“Sure, absolutely!” says my friend, then looking at Fábio. “But are you sure you can get home fine like this? You had a lot to drink, right?” he asks. I laugh.

“Dude, of course! Did you forget, I never really get drunk, it’s like my body can process a lot more alcohol than you’d expect for someone my size,” I say and punch his arm. He nods and warms warmly at me, but seems still a bit worried deep down. His concern vanishes when Fábio suddenly stands up.

“I gotta go too! I was actually not supposed to be here for this long since there’s a big gig going on at work tonight, but I ended up slacking,” he says as the other guys started making noises taunting him, as calling him a lazy bum who uses his friends to avoid work and other similar things. He laughs and then glances towards me, as the other dudes stop. “Let’s go to the subway station together, then, Henrique,” suggests Fábio, and I nod as we say goodbye to everyone and get out of the noisy crowded bar.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Megabot is watching the perimeter of the nuclear facility, flying over the area as he looks over it with his night vision, wearing a military uniform. He blinks with one eye, checking the hour in his internal system. “Where is Python?” he thinks, annoyed that he has not yet arrived despite the distribution of missions putting the two of them responsible for the nuclear silos. Megabot then sees something moving on the distance, just out of the base’s fence, and quickly flies over, landing a few meters away from the heat signal. He sneaks close to the signal, and then transforms his arm into a canon, aiming at it as he jumps towards the creature.

“Fuck, a deer!” he screams as he ends up falling on the beast, which starts jumping to push him away, and then runs as fast as it can back into the forest. Megabot stands up slowly and annoyed, patting his limbs to brush away some dust from his typically shiny metal parts.

“I swear I am going to kill that bastard,” he says out loud, kicking a stone, which flies a few meters away. As it is in the air, the bells in the city a few kilometers away are ringing midnight. The stone falls with a silent thud, and Megabot turns away from it, facing the nuclear facility he’s supposed to be guarding along with Python. Less than half a second later, he hears a loud crack and then the main building explodes in flames. Immediately, there’s a burst of hot air which throws debris all over the place, and, weirdly enough, also a layer of sticky milky cum.

“Fuck, it was here!” says Megabot, flying once more as quickly as he can towards the burning main building where men are screaming and fleeing. What he doesn’t know is that the explosion didn’t come from the main nuclear silos, or that at the very same time, pretty much all other places of interest where heroes are setting up watch have seen a similar explosion. The whole night sky is doubly dark, now increasingly covered in smoke.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fábio and I are walking towards the subway station through almost desert roads, side by side. It is quite cold outside, but despite the late hour the street lights make it seem almost too bright. I still feel a little sleepy, but the cold breeze is making me more and more aware of my situation—that and Fábio’s handsome presence walking by my side.

“So, you are going to take the red line too?” I ask Fábio, after a few seconds of silence between us. He shakes his head.

“Not really,” he says, and I blink a couple times.

“The green line then?” I ask, trying to remember what stations are nearby and mapping what way he’s going to go in my head. He shakes his head again. “Then what?” I ask, a bit confused. He smiles.

“I’ll go to my gig by foot. I was just going to take you to the station before that,” he says, and I guess I smile back at him. “Also, I like this way you are going through. The cathedral, the city’s central square, the JK building, the imperial palm trees—it looks even nicer at night,” he adds.

“Oh, yeah, it does look nice,” I say slowly looking to my feet as we walk, as I notice our pace decreasing, as if we are in no hurry at all. I also look around to see the mostly eclectic buildings illuminated in a way that make them look even more grandiose, as well as the massive modernist JK building ahead of us—which houses some of the richest and most important people in the city. “So, what’s your gig all about?” I ask, trying to find a common subject. His eyes tilt as if he’s considering what to say.

“Well, I guess it’s a mix of volunteering, sports and IT,” he says, and laughs. I laugh too, because his laughter is contagious, but I don’t get his joke.

“I see,” I lie. “At least you like it, right? To go there at this late hour, it must be something you are passionate about,” I ask, sighing. I think more about my lousy day job, and how much I wanted to succeed in heroing using my powers. But that’s not important, and so I exile it from my mind.

Fábio thinks for a while, as he raises his arm and scratches the back of his head, messing his long brown hair.

“I do, yeah. Although today I kind of would have preferred to continue talking to you,” he says and I cough.

“Yeah, it was fun at the bar with everybody. Your friends are nice guys,” I respond, looking away. He stops and moves his hand to grab my arm.

“No, I mean you-you, not them. They are nice, sure, but to be honest I was hoping perhaps you’d like to talk again later, exchange numbers? I am a cool guy, and you seem nice too. It will be fun,” he says and I look at him. I laugh out loud, amused. It seems just giving up on that superhero stuff is enough to already get me not only one, but two dates!

“Sure,” I say and grab my cellphone so we can exchange contacts. Right then the cathedral’s bell starts to ring. I turn my phone on. “Midnight,” I say, seeing the time as I put on my password. I get it wrong the first time and the bell strikes a third time.

“Fuck, he will really kill me,” says Fábio scratching his head again, but also unlocking his phone and seeing the hour. The bell has rung seven times.

“So, what’s your number?” I ask, and the bell rang the eleventh time.

“It’s six…,” he starts, and as the bell rings the twelfth time, explosions are heard all throughout the city, all around us. Fire, and smoke, light and dark, painting like hell the night sky.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Fuck! What the fuck!” I shout, throwing myself on the ground as different explosions go off all around town, throwing debris up to then fall back onto the innocent city. Less than a second later, the sirens start.

“I don’t know… it must be… fuck, it must be the Manhunter!” shouts Fábio, trying to scream over the explosions, after throwing himself on the ground too. Soon both our phones are ringing like crazy. I check mine, and it’s all coming from the heroes’ forum. Literally every team which is assigned a mission tonight is reporting an explosion in their area, or nearby. I open one of them and they say the burst has thrown a layer of sticky liquid everywhere, which seems to be making most of them either lose their abilities or become significantly weaker.

“Shit, shit, shit. And nothing from Megabot!” shouts Fábio as he looks at his own phone, both of us still on the ground. I stand up, as he continued down there checking the messages.

“These… explosions. It’s dangerous now. Will you still go to your gig?” I ask him, and he suddenly looks up to me as if just then remembering that I exist. He nods, and also jumps up.

“Yes, I have to! It has just become much more urgent now than ever… but…,” he starts, but then stops before saying too much. He looks at his cellphone. “The explosion might have affected it, I don’t know where I should go,” he says, freaking out. I watch him panicking, which I imagine is because of the explosions. He might be afraid that it hit some of his coworkers, but it’s very unlikely as I know it’s something related to the Manhunter, and he’s going after heroes, and not civilians—at least, not yet. As the sirens of police cars, ambulances and firetrucks dominate the city, I grab both of Fábio’s hands, and he looks up to me, almost instinctively.

“It will be fine, the heroes will take care of it. Do you want me to go to your gig with you?” I ask, and as Fábio slowly notices that I am holding his hands, he shakes his head, before pulling them away.

“You are right, but I really have got to go now, I’m really sorry, but it really is an emergency!” he says getting more frenetic. He then looks at my own phone in my hand. “Ask Marcos for my number, I hope to hear from you soon after this is over. Bye,” he says, and starts running away without looking back. He crosses a fine distance almost reaching one of the side streets leaving the square when another explosion happens, this one in the 55th floor of the JK building—almost right above where I am. But more important than that, that floor in that building is—famously—Superstud’s residence.


Part 3: Not Entirely a Misnomer

Superstud is in his living room, fully naked except for his mask and famous torsoband, as usual. He looks out of the long window, into the city. Behind him, in his couch, sits a handsome man in a suit, drinking some whisky. He looks handsome, but even more than that, he looks highly self-assured.

“Are you sure my life is at risk?” asks the man, his hair perfectly in place, just like all the rest of his appearance. He’s handsome and, at 32 years old, also pretty young to be the city’s highest justice official. He drinks another sip of his whisky, as he watches Superstud’s delicious body from his seat.

“No, I’m not. If I were sure, we’d have all heroes here protecting you, your honor, not just me,” responds Superstud, his massive cock resting heavily against the cold glass of his window, tainting it with wet pre as the proud member wobbles left and right.

“I see,” says the judge, standing up and walking to Superstud. He puts his glass on a table next to the couch, and as he approaches the hero, he stops, standing next to him. He feels small next to the giga-Adonis, but that’s only natural. “And why were you the one hero designated to protect me, Superstud?” asks the judge, his hands now in his suit’s pockets, making his suit stretch and hug his tight body more than usual.

Superstud turns his face to the right to glance at the justice official.

“Because I’m the best at what I do,” responds the younger man with a frown. “Your honor,” he adds smirking.

“It’s a shame,” says the judge, as his left hand leaves his pocket and lays on Superstud’s muscular superass, and caresses it up and down. That makes the judge’s cock immediately harden under his suit and ooze shocking amounts of pre, as he immediately approaches orgasm and smiles. “I was hoping you had chosen this so you could try something with me. I thought you might be interested since the press conference…,” he starts, before being interrupted. Superstud laughs, his cock bobbing up and down, slapping the window with several loud thuds as his muscles contracted and expanded, moving beautifully, which only serves to remember others what true perfection looks like.

“Don’t think too highly of yourself, your honor,” says Superstud, putting one of his hands on top of the judge’s hand as it touches his alpha ass. Superstud then smirks, and grabs the judge’s hand, forcing him to turn fully towards his massive muscular body, and then pulling him in, lowering his own handsome face until they kiss in a wet loud encounter. “But I guess there’s no way to keep a closer eye on you than having you ride my supercock,” says the hero, smirking.

The judge glances at the famous perfect manhood, and licks his lips, as his own cock throbs excruciatingly hard under his pants. He raises his hand and touches Superstud’s cock, caressing it as it throbs and oozes so much pre that it is flowing down the window like a rainfall. Immediately, the judge’s body shakes in a sudden orgasm under his suit.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh fuuuuck!!” exclaims the judge, surprised at how quickly his orgasm comes and how deep it is, after touching the god-like cockhead standing so close to him. As he tries to grasp for air, feeling his crotch completely covered in his own overflowing cum, he moans, glancing at Superstud. “I don’t think I could take your cock even if I wanted to,” says the judge, clearly disheartened in his voice as he drools, still trying to recover from his surprise orgasm.

Superstud grins, aware of his effects on others, and turns his body towards the judge, his member standing between the two men, taller than the judge’s full height.

“Don’t worry, my powers don’t limit themselves to my limbs. There’s no ass in this world which can’t take my cock, if I want it to,” says a snarky Superstud. Soon he is picking up the judge, undressing him, and putting him up to sit on his gigantic manhood. The overjoyed civil servant hugs the fat throbbing superhuman penis, and kisses it as Superstud walks carrying him over his cock back to the couch. As he does, every step makes Superstud’s cock bob up and down, taking the judge on a true ride as he’s successively compressed between Superstud’s megacock and his massive muscles and then allowed to breathe for a second.

As Superstud sits down on his own couch, the judge resting and rubbing his body against the hero’s megadick, Superstud smiles and moves his arm over the civil servant, reaching for his ownslit, and pulling out the Dragon-slayer. As the long and thin piece of metal leaves his wet slit, Superstud’s cock throbs, making the judge have to hug it hard not to fall from his deliciously warm and wet place, as more and more superpre flowed down the majestic perfect cock.

“What’s that?” asks the curious civilian, as Superstud put the sword on the seat next to him, right behind his cellphone.

“Just a stupid old artifact. But don’t worry about that, let’s worry about how I should open up your ass,” says Superstud, as he lowers his wet slicky hands towards the judge’s tight ass.

The judge is impaled in Superstud’s megacock, his ass completely ravaged as the gigantic manhood split it in two, forcing his legs literally to the sides, even though Superstud’s cock is less than half way in. The judge’s hot muscular body is deformed, as it is reshaped around the gigantic alphacock filling him up, but the man can hardly care, as his eyes are completely rolled back, and his whole body is trembling—his cock is constantly ejaculating non-stop on Superstud’s muscles as his mouth is open, drooling, only moaning incoherently and deeply, purely by instinct. The judge’s body naturally tries to move around to get more cock inside itself, but that is all useless, as it rests wobbling fully at Superstud’s mercy.

“Fuck, you are tight!” says Superstud, sitting down on his couch, his balls on the floor, as he grabs the judge’s hands to pull him further down his immense manhood, making the man tremble more, his cock ejaculate stronger, and more drool run from his mouth as he growls in pleasure. “I haven’t had my cock buried this deep into a civilian in a long time…,” says the superhero, moaning as his cock is compressed on all sides by overstretched human muscles.

Thankfully his powers allow Superstud to fuck anyone—how can he be thusly named otherwise? However, to most people the experience of being fucked by him is so otherworldly as to make the person enter a state of total bliss and orgasm. Unfortunately, for Superstud, this means he hardly ever has what he would call a good fuck. Even with heroes, few can take his perfect cock and still engage with him in any way other than by pure animalistic instinct. Sex in these conditions is still nice, but a lot more mechanical.

“Let’s pull you in more,” moans Superstud as he pulls the judge further down his member, making his body wrap almost 60% of his natural gigantic perfect penis. Superstud moans as the judge’s body massaged his member trembling of pleasure. His massive supercock throbs then, swaying the cockwarming body around as it moves. “Hmmm, this is not the worst gig ever after all,” says the super as he closed his eyes and moans, relaxing as his cock feels some nice stimulation. Maybe he can even prepare a hot bath and continue this in the shower.

As Superstud thinks about his own pleasure, a series of explosions happen down at the city all at once. The superhero then immediately becomes alert and stands up, in shock, making his cock throb and bob, and the judge’s orgasming body then slaps the hero’s massive muscles, as he hangs there completely filled and impaled on cock. “Something is happening, and it’s not good… but also not here!” he thinks, as his cellphone starts jumping and ringing on the seat next to where he has been down on the couch.

“Maybe they need me!” says Superstud, as he turns around to grab his phone, exposing his ass towards the door.

Immediately in this moment, someone burst his apartment’s door open by kicking it, forcing it open. Through it comes a tall handsomely dressed male, wearing what appears to be a camouflage tank top, under which large sculptured muscles are barely hidden. His other notable piece of clothing is a full facial mask with only four holes: two for the eyes, one for the nose, and a third, round, for his thick lips and mouth.

“Finally, I’ve got you right where I want you, Superstud!” says the newcomer, making Superstud turn around quickly without grabbing his cellphone. As he does so, his cock sways quickly, completely disregarding the judge’s safety as he continues trembling and orgasming wildly; his ass completely filled up and overstretched, his limps tiredly hanging on the side of his cock-reshaped body.

“Are you Manhunter?” asks an angry Superstud, feeling good about his chances particularly now as the judge is safe being penetrated by his rod. “You will never get the judge. Give up now and I’ll get you leniency at court!” shouts Superstud, as they hear steps outside his apartment, down the hallway, coming closer.

Manhunter laughs whole heartedly, moving his body up and down in bizarre ways that revealed poses that are actually very complimentary to his muscles and overall shape.

“This pitiful judge? With his lousy cocklet oozing thin cum over you like that? No, that’s not what I’m after,” says Manhunter between laughs, then taking steps towards Superstud, towards the couch. The superhero gasps.

“The sword!” he says, jumping on the couch and grabbing the dull sword before Manhunter, but actually once more revealing his delicious hungry—but basically virginal—ass.

“No! Wrong again!” says a laughing and smiling Manhunter, his thick mischievous lips changing shape as he talks, as a fat tongue appears between them to lick his thick lips. “Actually, I’m after your cock, but to get there, first I’ll pierce your ass!” he says as he moves quickly against the bent superhero, quickly pulling his own nice 21-centimeter-long hard penis from his pants, and then moving his hands to spread the heroic muscular buns.

Superstud doesn’t even defend himself, but laughs, as his own cock with the judge wrapped around it is rubbing on the couch—his balls rested on the floor, his legs forced to be wide apart, and his ass spread up. Meanwhile the steps outside continued, even closer now.

“Try, then!” says the sexiest of heroes. “I’ve never been fucked before because no man can penetrate me. They all orgasm as soon as their manhoods touch my crack. I am not called Superstud for no reason. My powers are far-reaching,” says the hero, overly confident, although his tone is strangely bittersweet.

Manhunter’s nice cock, hard as ever, hovers over the superhero’s nice ass, drooling precum on the exposed hole.

“I know, that’s why I brought a friend. He’s also responsible for all the explosions out there, you know? The ones which paralyzed the powers of all your hero friends, so none of them could come help you!” says Manhunter, as the steps in the hallway stop. A big man covered in a black-and-white pattern much like that of a French mimic is standing in front of the busted door. The only real difference between him and a mimic you might see yourself is that he has impressive bulging muscles which are not dressed, but covered in paint—and he’s carrying a bazooka.

“Ready to feel like a normal man, Superstud?” asks a smiling naked Mimic, as his soft oozing cock and his wrinkled overmilked balls rest softly on his muscular legs—the source of all the jizz that is paralyzing most of all the heroes in the city.

“I don’t believe you! There is no power that can prevent my abilities from working—believe me, I’ve looked for it!” says a Superstud who is surprisingly angry at what he thinks of as a mean and stupid joke. He knew that if he lifted his ass just a few centimeters his skin would touch Manhunter’s cock and all of this would be over with the villain collapsed and cuming non-stop in his living room.

“Oh, yes, there is. But the man who possess this power is only 18 and he lives in Guatebuena, as his older brother was worried his powers would be used to control other superheroes. But we found them, and my friend there seduced him, managing to take his cum up his ass, and now his balls can reproduce that young man’s powers,” explains Manhunter, as he smirks. He lowers his hands on Superstud’s muscular back, holding him by his massive muscular waist, being then forced to bite his own lips, almost to the point of bleeding, as he tries to control his urge to cum just from touching the sexy superhero, even as his cock still hoovered spiting pre over the most delicious ass out there.

“What a cheap lie! Guatebuena! That isn’t even a real country! Besides, if what you are saying is right, you will also be affected by his cum, Manhunter!” shouts Superstud, and the Mimic laughs.

“Do you think we’d reveal the lad’s location to you, Stud? We are horny, but we aren’t idiots,” he responds, and then aims his bazooka. Manhunter lowers his torso, pointing his cock perfectly towards Superstud’s hole, just a centimeter away, almost ready to fuck.

“Also, I absorb powers from other people’s cum. Cum-based attacks are innocuous against me,” Manhunter says, softly, trying to contract his hear muscles so he doesn’t cum—he knows that if he does then its game over for him. He does resist, but it’s hard. The mere presence, merely touching Superstud for a few seconds is like edging oneself for hours.

The Mimic aims his weapon, and then smirks. “Fode ele gostoso, gato,” he tells the Manhunter, before shooting his cum-bomb at the lads, covering the room in his cum and bursting the glass windows in a burst of hot air.


Part 4: Strings Come Together

I watch Fábio running away from me, sounds of sirens all around us as the night sky is illuminated by fires and the smell of smoke takes over the city, when there is a loud explosion from the JK building where Superstud lives. Fábio stops right on his tracks and looks up.

“Shit,” he says, and then he glares at me. “Henrique, run to the subway station, take shelter and don’t look back!” he shouts towards me. I nod as he is standing in the middle of the road surrounding the square, and so I start running the other way, towards the subway station.

But as I run, glass raining down on the square from the broken façade of the JK building, I break his trust and do look back. I see Fábio remove his jacket revealing a nice, jacked out body, as he then pulls up his shirt and throws away his pants. He’s almost naked in the middle of the street as rush and I hide behind a tree, watching his large bulging muscles as he reveals his underwear: it’s a completely tight red true cock-wrapper, which seems to be having a hard time containing his generous bulge.

“There we go,” he says, as he rests his hands on the band around his waist, and starts lowering his last piece of clothing to fully expose himself to the world. As his underwear descends down his legs the most amazing thing happens: the parts of his bulge which are progressively revealed seem to be gigantic, and in fact as his underwear falls his legs disappear being instead replaced by an unbelievable thick manhood which is the true continuation of his body bellow his hips.

“Fuck! Python!” I say to myself as a whisper, losing my breath as I watch him lower his underwear revealing a 20-meter-long super-strong cock, which he can control with his powerful lower muscles. His long manhood, once it is completely on display, oozes his pre on the ground as he looks up to the building. His magic underwear, Fábio takes and ties around his muscular arm, securing it in place, and then swirls and snaked towards the JK tower, before using his powerful sticky member to climb it from the outside, as his oversized cock also has this characteristic high mobility and control.

Once he’s far enough up the building I curse, looking up as that gigantic anaconda finds its way up the façade of the massive tower to Superstud’s apartment. As I do that, I rest my weight against the tree I’m hiding behind, my thoughts rushing everywhere. Should I go in too? I probably would just get in the way of Superstud and Python, however… I’d love to see them in action, even if I can’t participate. Seeing those massive muscles, fat throbbing manhoods and delicious assess in action, live, isn’t something that can be easily dismissed. Maybe, instead of going as a hero, I can go watch as a fan, from a distance? As those thoughts rushed through my mind, I hear screams as people ran out of the JK building, surely not aware of what that explosion has been and fearing it can compromise the whole building’s structure.

As I see them run, I take the opportunity to speed towards the main gate against the flow of the crowd, entering the building. The elevator is not working, and the stairs are full of civilians trying to get down and out of the now dangerous structure, so I go to the back and find the service elevator.

“I sure hope this works,” I say to myself as I move my hands to grab the elevator doors, and immediately my arms start expanding. They become more and more muscular, filling my sleeves completely. I start trying to force the door open, but it doesn’t bulge. My arms, though, very much bulge and expand, starting to cause rips in my sleeves. “Hrrr, seems like I’ll have to apply some real strength here,” I think, and then my muscles go into overdrive, bursting out of my sleeves, growing onto themselves as a loud metallic noise betrays the collapse of the elevator door. Soon it starts to crumple aside under my strength, and instead of returning my arms to normal, I start growing the rest of my body accordingly.

I look into the dark elevator shaft, seeing the faint image of an industrial ladder in the back. I jump at it and easily grab it, and start climbing. I climb for a few minutes, passing through all the floors one by one pretty quickly, as my muscles allow me to move with extreme efficiency. I adjust my eyes for the very dark environment, improving my vision, so I don’t miss a single step. As I climb, my muscles continue to grow, and soon the legs of my pants burst, fabric floating down the elevator shaft. Next is my shirt, which rips in half as my chest expands, revealing my pecs and also my plump nipples. Only my crotch is now covered, but my growing muscular ass soon bursts out of the rest of my pants, and the crotch part then falls down, as it has no more support. My cock and balls sway around freely now, as I continue to move up.

Soon I see the number 55 written on the wall of the elevator shaft, right in front of me. I sigh and get one of my legs from away from the stairs, aiming it at the elevator door. I wait one second adjusting and then force a strong side kick, bursting the metal door easily as it flies away slamming the opposite wall and opening a way for me into Superstud’s floor. I then extend one of my arms and grab the edge of the wall with my overgrown hands, and use this to pull myself out of the elevator shaft, as my body now starts to shrink, as I don’t want to be too easily noticed.

I walk carefully down the hallway of Superstud’s floor, trying to make as little noise as possible, but already hearing the moans and shouts indicative of some struggle coming from his apartment. Immediately I walk towards it, trying to be as sneaky as I can, quickly finding a large mirror in the hallway which I use to visualize what is happening inside Superstud’s living room without having them see me. What I see makes me gasp, as I bring my big hand over my mouth so as not to attract unwarranted attention.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fábio, also known by his superhero alias—Python—is sliding his way up the massive 55-floors JK building from the outside. The cold night wind hit his massive cockbody strongly, making him shudder and tremble as he went up. His oozing pre drools down the building’s glass exterior, running down and raining on the innocent victims trying to flee the compound—but he doesn’t worry about that, and, honestly, neither do they, as that reassures the civilians that a hero is in the case. What Python does worry about is whatever has happened at Superstud’s apartment.

“I hope that arrogant prick didn’t just explode his stove because he doesn’t know how to cook or something,” thinks Fábio rolling his eyes, but as he gets progressively closer to the 55th floor, the more obvious it becomes Superstud has someone there with him—someone evil.

Soon, Python arrives at the broken window of Superstud’s large apartment where he finds a scene he has previously thought unimaginable: Superstud, the city’s cockiest and sexiest hero laid covered in cum, his body resting on his couch, his balls below him, his ass pointing up, with someone (who?!) pushing his own cock deep inside the asshole of the “nation’s boyfriend”! As for Superstud’s cock, it has a man around it, deeply fucked and impaled by the titanic superhero manhood. Python soon recognizes him: That man is the city’s judge! Worse, a second stranger—totally naked and with his body painted in white and black like a French mimic—stands in front of Superstud pulling the judge up by the arms, trying to dislodge him from the gigantic cock impaling his ass.

“Fuck, Mimic, pull him out at once! I need to access Superstud’s manhood to be able to suck him while I force him to cum by slamming his ass for the first time!” shouts the Manhunter, as his hips worked to push and then pull his cock from Superstud’s virginal hole, which is being stretched in ways Python thought impossible, ways that send shockwaves of pleasure through Superstud’s body even as he tries to resist and push his captives away. In truth, what he’s doing is to contract his muscles in a way that milked Manhunter’s cock, trying to bet who is going to cum first, knowing that even with his powers in this weakened state, if Manhunter does break into orgasm, then he’s over. Superstud would make it so he’d never stop cumming again.

“I’m trying, you fucker! But it’s hard, he’s too full and the friction is too much!” explains the Mimic as he pulls the judge up millimeter by millimeter, which makes the civilian’s body tremble more and continue orgasming—now his cock throbs and trembles trying to release cum, but his balls don’t have any more, and Superstud’s powers, which allow his body to go into overdrive in sperm production, are waning.

“Pull fucking harder! If I don’t take Superstud’s cum, this will all have been in vain! I need his energy to be strong enough for the next stage of our plan, to conquer all the heroes, steal their powers and dominate the city!” says an angry Manhunter as he forces his full 21-centimeter cock up Superstud’s ass, making the superhero moan as his prostate is slammed and his ass filled up in a way he has never felt before. His body is less overpowered and oversexed because of the effects of the power-negating cum, but that also means his ass is less able to accommodate Manhunter’s sizeable cock, and thus the fucking feels even more difficult to bear without releasing his seed.

“I’ll not let you get access to my cum, Manhunter! There is no way you’ll make me cum simply from fucking my asshole!” shouts the hot hunk being fucked in the ass, as Manhunter frowns in anger and delight.

“We’ll see that, stud,” he says, and then his hand grabs Superstud’s beautiful hair, pulling his head back as Manhunter starts using his ass more and more strongly. He forces Superstud to arch his back and gasp as the Mimic continues pulling the judge from Superstud’s massive cock. Manhunter lowers his torso so his lips kiss and then he bites Superstud’s neck, as the handsome superhero moans and glares at the villain, trying to resist his body. Superstud then growls in pleasure, but manages to find enough willpower to spit on Manhunter’s face.

“That’s the only liquid you’ll get from me!” says Superstud, and Manhunter laughs as his balls slap the heroic muscular ass, as his cock penetrates and spreads out his buns, and as Superstud is so hot, sweaty and bothered that his state is obvious: he’s quickly approaching orgasm. Manhunter licks the spit which fell on his lips, and then pushes to kiss Superstud, forcing his tongue deep in the hero’s sensitive lips, forcing him to drool as his mouth is invaded like never before.

This gets Superstud’s cock to throb hard, and to make such an abundant amount of pre that the Mimic is finally managing to pull the judge out of the immense organ more easily. It doesn’t take long for the villain’s mighty arms to pull the completely tired civil servant from the immense rod, throwing him away on the floor where he’s still moaning, his ass gaping as pre flowed out of it, as it necessitated more cock.

“Hmm…more…I can’t…,” mumbles the judge, completely wasted.

This movement finally liberates Superstud’s cock, which is now showering pre down on the couch and the floor below, throbbing and wobbling hard, as Manhunter laughs and moves his hands to grab it, pulling the immense cockhead closer to his lips as it now rubs on Superstud’s own massive chest.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. I have prepared to fuck you dry for years now, and I will finally be rewarded with your delicious cum right from the source. I can only imagine how much power it holds. I will get you to orgasm, and I’ll make you do so while shouting my name, while I feed on your powers!” says a confident Manhunter, and that’s when Python loudly enters, snaking his way into the apartment. His massive strong cock-shaped lower body shatters glass as it slides inside the apartment.

“Not on my watch, you won’t!” exclaims the hero, as his immense body occupies large sections of the large, shattered living room, his cock breaking down furniture as it sways around, so it can fit inside. His wagging cockhead throws a whole bookcase out of the building, which falls down on the square to its demise.

“Python!” exclaims Manhunter as his lips surround and welcome Superstud’s massive cock. Clearly his body is apt for sucking even the most immense of the manhoods. “Mimic, go get him!” he ordered, as his tongue swirls around the larger man’s slit, drinking Superstud’s pre, and already fueling Manhunter’s powers, as his fucking became even more energetic, even faster, even deeper, as his cock appeared to grow inside Superstud! The tortured hero being stimulated on his cock and ass is mumbling in pleasure as he tries to resist, but no matter what he does in this situation, without his powers he feels useless. He only manages to either move his ass down on the cock penetrating him, of thrust his cock up against the mouth sucking him, hoping Manhunter would cum first.

“Ahhhw, God, please no!” moans Superstud, trying to resist his orgasm as it feels more and more irresistible. Manhunter’s body is overwhelming him more and more by the second. Meanwhile, the Mimic jumps at Python, who waves his lower cock towards the villain, using the gigantically thick member to slap him down. The Mimic manages to avoid being hit by the strong muscular oozing cockhead, however, and continues to go towards Python’s torso.

“I won’t let you stop us, Python! “ he screams, jumping over a midsection of Python’s immense shaft as he approaches his muscular torso. “Even if my cum doesn’t work against abilities based solely on body-type like your own, you are still at a disadvantage here. The gigantic size of your long and swirling body won’t allow you to move! Each time you try to swing your body you bump into things as your cock is almost as thick as a grown man!”

Python, unwilling to just wait for an attack, pushes forwards towards the Mimic, their muscular bodies colliding midway. Their hands wrap around each other’s sweaty torsos as they try to pin the other down. Having a larger body and using his massive cock for support, Python quickly gains ground, even as the Mimic’s powerful body tries to resist as much as it can.

“Fuck you, you monster!” growls the Mimic, as his hard but spent cock wobbled against Python’s muscular abs and the root of his cock-shaped lower body. “I can see your weakness now!” shouts the Mimic, glancing down at a diamond-shaped hole right there, about a palm below Python’s navel. “You have a front hole!” he screams in a final desperate act, pushing his hips forth as he tries to slide his penis into the gaping hole in front of him.

Python is confused by those comments, as his arms are almost able to push and force the Mimic down, but when he feels the Mimic’s tired overmilked manhood rubbing against his foreskin, and he laughs. “Hole? You idiot, that’s my foreskin!” says Python, amused as his long lower cock-shaped body moves around the room, hitting lots of furniture and leaving his pre everywhere as it swiftly approaches the Mimic from the back.

The Mimic seems confused by the reply, thinking it’s a bluff as his own manhood rubs the warm diamond-shaped hole, but then surprisingly to him a fat oozing 30-centimeter-long cock pops up of the apparently empty hole, completely and furiously hard and wet. Python’s sword smashes against the Mimic’s hardon, wetting it as they slam and fight, as the two overpowered man struggle.

“You won’t beat me even in a thousand years!” says Python, as his lower body’s purple head snakes towards Mimic’s legs slowly, as their large manhoods contend in a slap contest, and their muscles are trying to overpower each other. Their arms are both bursting as they try to resist. Python’s oversensitive cock is oozing a lot over the Mimic’s overmilked manhood, as it slides above it, confidently. Python smirks, and the Mimic frowns.

“Don’t be so self-satisfied, it’s not over yet!” he says and tries to make one final push using his legs to double his strength against Python. As a proud Mimic glares up defiantly at Python, however, the hero’s massive lower body is just resting next to his foot, waiting for the ripe opportunity to pounce. Quickly, in less than a second, Python’s lower body’s cockhead jumps and the Mimic feels the strong thick warm meat wrapping his leg, and then swirling up and climbing his body like an Amazonian sucuri. In a few seconds the Python’s thick cock-shaped lower body is wrapping around most of Mimic’s torso, as the villain’s own hard cock pokes squeezed between two turns of Python’s strong tubular lower body, purple.

“Gah! What!!” says a shocked Mimic as the gigantic cockbody now surrounding him drags him to the ground and then back. Almost all of his body is contained inside the hold of Python’s cock, except his right arm, which he stretched quickly managing to grab the larger man’s hard oozing sexual member. Python gasps, feeling the exquisite squeeze.

“Not so quick, you asshole!” says the Mimic, as Python started squeezing his body out of air, his lower body’s cockhead rubbing against the Mimic’s actual face and starting to push it into his gigantic slit, as if hungrily consuming his head into Python’s slit’s spongy wet warm interior.

“Stop or I’ll really eat you up!” threatens the superhero, as Superstud is on the side, shouting a loud and long blissful moan. His cock has Manhunter’s overstretched lips around his glans. Hidden from sight, he also feel’s Manhunter’s long transmutated tongue swirling deeper and deeper into his urethra, as if trying to reach his cum deep in his balls. The feeling is almost too much to bear, but it wasn’t even all he has to contend with! Superstud’s ass is being completely ravaged by Manhunter’s proactive villainous fuckery, as his cock became more and more delicious in its penetration and stretching of Superstud’s guts the more he accessed the hero’s source of power and fed on it.

“I…. I really can’t resist. Sorry Python, hmmm, I think I’m fucked for real now…ahhh, ahhmmm, so fucking close, so fucking deep!” moans Superstud, almost incoherently.

Meanwhile, a nervous, anxious nobody swallows dry. He doesn’t want to intervene; he knew this is way above his pay grade—these are Python and Superstud after all! “But still,” he thinks as he hides on the hallway, just watching what is happening inside through the hallway’s mirror. “Still, if Superstud cums, and if those guys are telling the truth earlier, we are all doomed! I must, even if I am damned, I guess I should, shouldn’t I?” he wonders as his mind jumps around.

“Fuck, Superstud! I’ll get this man off of me and I’ll get to you, just wait a while, don’t cum! The whole city depends on it! Contain your orgasm, save it for those who love you, your fans!” shouts Python to Superstud, his lower body’s hungry slit wrapping around Mimic’s head, oozing pre down his wrapped up squeezed body. But, despite his circumstances, the Mimic doesn’t give up, as he is loyal to Manhunter, who once saved him from being a prostitute back in his home country and offered him a life, and a purpose. He squeezes and strokes Python’s cock even as he has a hard time breathing, meaning all of the long superhero’s body is being worked up by this terrible villain, who forces pleasure on him from inside and out.

“I…I can’t!” moans Superstud as Manhunter’s balls slapped his ass another time, and his prostate is attacked again, his body collapsing on top of his cock. His first anal orgasm is coming and he can feel it. He blamed himself, his lack of experience with that part of his body. He blamed his powers. He wishes he could save all his cum for his fans, but deep down he also liked being fucked like this—one on one? He does wish he could also cum for one man, in other circumstances. Is that why he couldn’t resist? Or is it just the heavy attack against all his soft spots? It is hard to even think, he just wanted to let go, to inundate the world in his juices and orgasm. He should be allowed to, shouldn’t he? Or is he being too egotistical?

And that’s when a large muscular body bursts through the door of the appartement. It is so wide it doesn’t fit the destroyed door hole, so it collapsed the walls on its side—it is so tall it doesn’t fit the high ceiling, so it also destroyed that as it…continued to expand?! Everyone looks at the source of that noise and gasps, even Manhunter’s rolling eyes as he’s in his perfect natural suckling environment now shone with shock.

“M…Macromale?!” voiced a surprise Python, recognizing those oversized pecs crowned by those delicious nipples anywhere.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Megabot finished putting down the fire, after having secured the nuclear silos and guaranteed that there are no intruders, but he has had to jack off again and use his nanobots to guarantee the flames wouldn’t reach sensitive deposits of nuclear material. The military personnel have been running around too, getting the compound’s firefighters activated, while asking for more help from the city’s departments—although none come, as there are several incidents happening over there as well which have to be serviced.

“Sir, Magabot, sir!” shouts a Lieutenant catching the attention of the handsome cyborg, who flies down to him. His hot mechanical body is fully exposed, glistening in sweat, due to having worked putting down the flames. The Lieutenant has a hard time looking away from his dripping muscles. “We have been informed that there are several explosions in and around the city. We have taken care of everything here and the situation is stable, sir, so if you’d like to leave, we can deal with the rest of the fallout from the explosions,” says the excited lad.

Megabot nods, cleaning some sweat from his brows as his mind connects to the internet and he accesses the heroes’ forum, checking on all different notices sent. Several heroes report having controlled their own crises, most assisted by civilian authorities. The cum bombs which are identified in almost all places appear to have weakened most superheroes, but weirdly the one that has exploded in the military base doesn’t affect Megabot’s mechanical body at all.

As he surveys all the messages, Megabot soon notices the absence of a few important actors—firstly, Python, who has abandoned him, has not really reported on his activities at all; secondly, there is no news from Superstud. Also, basically no one has noticed the prominent silent of those two famous heroes, as they are all wrapped up in their own problems at that moment—but it could easily be that the city’s hottest hero is in fact in trouble. Or could it?

At the very same time, however, Megabot started noticing an agitation in social media: hundreds of people are reporting an explosion at the main square, on the famous JK building—coincidentally, the same place where Superstud lives. Pictures are being uploaded showing Python climbing it from the outside with his fantastic cock-body swirling around with its gigantic and unmistakable curves. Some users are uploading videos that show pre raining down the building’s wall, certainly from Python’s fat lower cockhead. Megabot decides to disconnect then, and turns towards the Lieutenant.

“Thanks, Lieutenant, I think I do have to go. In fact, I may have stayed here for too long!” says Megabot, and then he smiles and nods to the young officer. “Also, I should thank you and your comrade for helping me release the nanobots when the explosion happened. I was a bit too nervous to do it myself, and your four hands really did save the day,” acknowledges Megabot, making the Lieutenant smile.

“No, sir, we are the ones to thank you for letting us help,” says the officer, and he salutes the superhero, who smiles and immediately flies away at full speed back towards the city center.


Part 5: Climax

I can hardly believe what is happening as I see Superstud, the hunkiest of hunks, being completely overwhelmed by the pleasure brought to him by Manhunter. It is hard to even conceptualize this hot God amongst men being driven so close to orgasm by someone who hadn’t himself orgasmed by fucking and touching his delicious body—but there it is. Seeing Python too, paralyzed by the Mimic, as they struggled with their bodies, is quite a shock. I’d never imagined this gigantic snake of a jock struggling simply because someone is jacking his hypersensitive cock and forces him to occupy so much of his lower body squeezing and engulfing his attacker’s body to make him desist.

“Fuck. They need someone’s help, a hero’s,” I think to myself, sweating as I hide behind the wall, only watching the spectacular fight in the mirror. My cock throbs seeing those jocks fight, their hard-ons and muscles colliding—it’s really epic. I slap myself.

“Idiot! You are a hero!” I think to myself, and then I see how blissful and close to cumming Superstud is. Even he is in trouble, how can someone like me help him? “Someone has to, and you are all they’ve got now,” I think to myself as Superstud moans, clearly close to bursting. His balls are so full, his cock being sucked so deliciously, his ass filled and completely screwed. He’s tearing up, he doesn’t want to feed his enemies. This isn’t how he wanted to lose his virginity either—he’s Superstud, but he needs to be saved.

I bite my lips. It’s now or never. My muscles start bursting as I stand up, growing faster and bigger than ever. The feeling is of pleasure as my inside catches fire and my mass expands in all directions. My cock becomes erect and slaps my abs, poking up and up towards my pecs and beyond, even as the rest of me is growing too. I moan—this is more than I’m used to, but this is a real emergency. My muscles expand so much I am outgrowing the room. My head hits the ceiling but I don’t care, I continue expanding quickly, my muscles widening my back, filling my chest, bursting on my legs and arms, making them get wider and thicker as does my cock. I have to crouch to even fit in the hallway now.

Superstud moans deeply, as if asking for someone to save him. I lift myself, breaking the ceiling with my muscles alone, and start walking ahead destroyed the walls of the apartment, as my height now grows for my muscles to fit more proportionately in my overhuge, overmuscled and honestly overpowered body.

“M…Macromale?!” says Python, glaring at me—or should I say Fábio? It is so obvious now that I know—he has the same handsome face and a beauty spot just under his right eye.

“Get out of him, or I’ll make you!” I shout at Manhunter, who is glaring at me in fear, suddenly picking up pace in his fucking of Superstud, to finally get those sweet salty juices in his mouth. He knows the hero is close, and so does Superstud, who drools, moans and gasps as he tries to contain his cum in his balls. He glances at me apologetically and pleadingly—and his looks are absolutely cute—as I lower my hand around Manhunter’s muscular torso, about to pull him from his victim.

“I’m…I’m sorry…!” cries Superstud as his whole godly body trembles in orgasmic pleasure. His balls contract and his cock throbs and explodes, but we don’t see a drop of it even as his body shakes, because gush after gush of cum went straight into Manhunter’s hungry mouth, travelling down his throat, into his body, and immediately fueling him. I close my grip around his torso and pull him, but his lips are tightly locked around Superstud’s ejaculating member, like a hungry bloodsucker—this is clearly in his nature.

I move my other arm then, getting that hand to grab Superstud’s throbbing shaft, before I spread my arms quickly, forcing Manhunter’s mouth to pop wetly from the orgasming supercock and getting him away from his prey. Superstud’s cock is still shaking and ejaculating, now in my strong grip, and I see Manhunter’s two-meter-long hungry wet tubular tongue swirling now out in the air, after being pulled out of Superstud’s slit.

“You may have prevented me from accessing all of Superstud’s energy, but I was stronger than any of you before, and I’m even stronger now!” threatens Manhunter even as I still have his torso held in my hand. “I simply have to destroy the three of you, and feed on your cocks, and the city will be done for. You and all the heroes!” continues the raving villain, his tongue swirling midair out of his mouth, his lips thick and his mouth covered in Superstud’s cum and his own drool. I am still holding Manhunter with one hand, but to get himself released he attacks my throbbing cock with his tongue, wrapping my fat glans with his sucking tube and licking it, crawling it up towards my own slit, and making me moan in the process. In order to avoid danger, I simply throw Manhunter against a wall where he howls in pain before getting back on his feet.

I turn to Superstud, whose cock I have throbbing and orgasming in my hands, both now covered in his warm, abundant cum. He’s still moaning, and so I move my other massive hand bellow his ass so I can hold him more comfortably. My fingers are so big that with two resting between his legs, Superstud is forced to spread out his legs to be able to sit there comfortably.

“I’m sorry I had to be this… rough, I’m a big fan,” I say a bit shyly as he continues moaning and gushing cum, his body seeming to recover his usual sexual energy, albeit slowly. His eyes focus on me, and they seem thankful.

“No, I’m sorry, that I don’t know your name…and you had to save me,” he says, as another gush of cum leaves his cock and explodes on my pecs, showering my oversized body in his thick male juice. It is very warm too, but Superstud is clearly still mid-orgasm as his body is not used to having been used like that.

“I’m sorry, Superstud, but I’ll have to put you down…,” I say and he nods, moaning again as he seems to make himself comfortable, rubbing his ass and hungry hole on my fingers where he sits. He nods, in response.

“Please, clean my cock first, I don’t want him to use my cum against us…,” he says softly, and I nod, biting my lips. This is hardly an imposition, actually, as I see his throbbing oozing cock in front of me. I raise my hand so that Superstud’s cock is near my lips, and then lower my head, wrapping my lips around his oversized cock—it feels gigantic in my mouth, although right now I’m by far the largest muscleman in the room. As I do so he moans again, and a couple more gushes of cum flow directly into my mouth as I suckle, before I lick down his member, enveloping all of it with my lips and into my mouth and throat, my nose touching pecs—due to our size difference—and my lips overshadowing his abs. I use my hand to pull and push his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking him hard as he moans and his whole body trembles in my hand, his eyes rolling in pleasure, before totally before his manhood pulling out of my mouth. It is now clean of cum and completely soaked in my saliva.

“Fuck, no-one ever sucked me whole like that!” moans the godly and handsome hero, as I smirk and put him down on his ass behind me, so I can protect him with my whole massive body. He smiles as he notices he has a nice view of my balls, my muscular gigantic ass and my broad muscles from there. I get the impression he also feels weirdly protected and calm, which makes him surprisingly comfortable despite his situation.

“Hey!” protests Python, slightly annoyed at Superstud’s slight, and Superstud moans as he embraces his own overgrown penis, breathing in more calmly now as he can finally get around to processing his first experience being fucked in the ass and one of the first times ever he’s outsexed by another man. And there are a lot of things to process there.

“Fucking your snake-cock body doesn’t count as a blowjob,” replies Superstud, as Python’s slit slowly surrounds the Mimic’s broad shoulders, engulfing more of his body even as his arm is still resisting and trying to jerk off Python’s purple real cock. The Mimic’s own penis, compressed between two parts of Python’s large rear body wrapped around him, throbs and oozes abundant pre, but resists orgasm. His willpower is really out of this world.

Angry, and recovering from the hit against the wall, Manhunter jumps back up on his feet, his 21-centimeter cock still hard, his tongue swirling around hungrily.

“Stop with the banter! My powers and Superstud’s powerful cum will still bring me to victory! Who cares if you have the Mimic wrapped inside a swirling mountain of cock and almost devoured by a slit, like the prey of a real-life anaconda? He isn’t me! I will defeat you no matter what! I get all hunks and suck their milk! I am Manhunter!” he screams clearly losing his mind and then runs directly towards me, his body clearly exuding the power and strength stollen from Superstud, his tongue waving around until he gets close enough it moves to my shaft and started licking in and swirling upwards trying to get to my cockhead. However, I am so big at this moment—my body about 7 meters tall and my cock half as long—that just by standing up I put my manhood’s soft purple mushroom peak way out of his tongue’s hungry reach. He simply wasn’t tall enough, and his tongue doesn’t reach that far.

“Don’t underestimate me,” I say seriously, and swing my hips so my more-than-person-sized hard manhood slaps Manhunter violently from the left, forcing him to hug my cock not to be thrown out of the building. As he grabs my cock, he starts to climb it to try to sit atop my manhood and ride it like a cowboy, his hands scratching the skin of my shaft as he wipes blood from his eyes. “Oh, no fucking way!” I say and sway my hips left and right and up and down, forcing him to embrace my cock with all his body. He becomes more and more nauseated and tired as I easily swung my gigantic member which he’s trying to attack. My member responds to my swift movements by doing gigantic arcs around that hit and destroy parts of the ceiling and the floor. Parts of the room collapse down and rain dust on all over, while my own overflowing pre flies everywhere.

Soon enough I stop, letting my cock bob up and down as Manhunter’s arms and legs embracing my rigid cock lose strength. “This is far from my largest size… but it’s more than enough to deal with you!” I say seriously, and then wrap one of my hands around his body and my cock both, not allowing him to fall down my shaft. At this moment Manhunter’s penis is exposed and pulled down between his legs as his body rubs against my shaft, and his ass showing up towards me, and I do have to admit it is quite a sight.

I squeeze his body against my cock hard, and glance at his member, which seems oddly familiar. Behind me, Superstud is quite amazed by my performance—my gigantic hardon swinging around and ravaging his apartment while completely overwhelming Manhunter is, after all, quite a sight.

“I want to see you move now,” I say to Manhunter as I start stroking my three-and-a-half meter-long overgrown cock with his body between my hand and my member. He moans desperately.

“No, please… fuck, you are going to make me cum for real… your cock is too large and pulling my penis down like that is too…exquisite… I don’t, I don’t want to let go of my cum!” he complains, moaning as my hand compresses his muscles and my cock throbs warm and wet under him, his eyes roll as he breathes in the scent of my masculine member, unable to process any other feelings. He’s overwhelmed, overpowered, oversexed.

I continue jerking off my cock, my balls swaying around unimpacted, but Manhunter moans and complains, and his cock is oozing pre onto my own shaft. “Please… fuck, no, you are really going to make me cum…all my power…” he says as he’s unable to resist my strength squeezing and pulling and pushing his body up and down my cock. Soon he cries in deep delight as his cock trembles and some jets of his white milk join my abundant pre on my shaft. It is so little cum, in comparison, that one can easily miss it, but it is also the largest orgasm Manhunter has ever had as he shouts incoherently in absolute pleasure, before his mouth bites into my cock to try and gain some restraint.

Quickly, I pull him away from my member, holding him now in my grip once more. His whole body is now wet, dripping with my emissions.

“Do you give up now, or do I need to punish your guts too?” I say as I lower his ass on the top of my gigantic oozing member, still squeezing his midsection with my hand. His ass slides inside my slit easily, forcing his knees upwards as my pre continues flowing around his lower body, while I implied that I could be pushing all that male meat surrounding him into his ass. He trembles in fear, but also lust, and shakes his head.

“Please be merciful…” he trembles and even as his cock gets hard again, he started to tear up.

Superstud behind me stands up and puts his hand on my balls, which hang low between my massive legs, fondling my scrotum and calling him to my attention. I turn a bit towards him.

“I think he has learned his lesson. We can just take him to the police now,” says the most handsome of the studs, and the hunkiest of heroes.

“Sure, you are the professional,” I respond to Superstud, and then I glare back at Manhunter, before letting go of his body, which collapses on my muscles, hugging my pecs, and he soon is resting there on the warmth of my massive chest as his cock is in a semi and his ass is pointing supported by my manhood, which is also rubbing on my muscles.

As that happens, a figure hushes in from the outside—Megabot. He lands in the middle of the destroyed apartment, which is so buried in cum that it is running down the building’s external façade to the street bellow like a waterfall, and overflowing the street and square below.

“What the fuck happened here?” asks the famous cyborg, seeing my gigantic muscular body having burst the floors above and below, the three of us covered in dust, sweat and cum, with a man resting on my muscles and penis. Behind me, Superstud seems spent with his cock sporting a semi, rather than a raging hardon for a change. He also caresses my balls, which is odd. To the side, Python is squeezing a full-grown and muscular villain inside his snake-like body, his slit already having engulfed him up to the pecs, as his cock is throbbing hard between two sections of Python’s lower body around it.

“We defeated Manhunter. That’s him resting on Megamale’s pecs,” says Python, and then his own prisoner orgasms, but it’s a dry orgasm as his balls have been thoroughly milked for days in order to complete their plan.

“Megamale? That’s you, I assume?” asks Megabot, looking at me. I nod. “And who exactly are you? What are you doing here?” he asks me.

I hesitate, unsure what to reply. “He came to help,” says Superstud, then turning back towards me. “Also, do you mind staying with us as we take Manhunter and the Mimic to the police?” asks Superstud.

“Well, he doesn’t have to, I can take care of that if you can’t, Superstud,” offers Megabot before Superstud kicks him on the shin. “But of course he’s welcome to,” he completes, frowning at the most heroic of supers.

“Sure,” I say. My whole body is glistening with sweat as the falling levels of adrenaline in my blood make me finally feel the cold air from outside invading the apartment through its broken windows. I glance around, noticing a weird golden sword-shaped object that has fallen down the cracks to the floor below, and immediately glance back at Superstud, behind me, eying his large and powerful manhood.

It is plump, hot and wet, and safe—the city’s real sword, which is protecting everyone and always dedicated to bringing justice.


Part 6: Unsung Hero—Almost

After all the struggle to save the Sword of Justice, the three lads see themselves parting ways, basically returning to their usual routines. Superstud and Python are harassed by the media in front of the police station, as they hand Manhunter and the Mimic over to the police, tied up as they should be. The reporters swarm around those famous hunks busying them with questions while filming their sexy naked bodies, achieving sky-high audiences. Macromale, for his part, is back to a more pocket-size form and is thus pushed aside by the journalists, barely getting a mention on their reports. Even so, he goes back home that night—covered in cum and sweat—filled with a feeling of renewed hope and love for his superheroing hobby.

“Superstud! Python! How did you two manage to defeat these supervillains who have caught the whole city by surprise?” a tall reporter asks, pushing his mic close to their handsome faces.

“We didn’t do it ourselves, we had help from…,” starts Superstud until he looks around, clearly unable to find Macromale in the crowd of reporters and police officers.

“Do they still offer any danger to society?” asks another reporter before Superstud can continue his line of thought, and now the chief of police intervened, pushing his thick daddy body between the reporter and the superheroes.

“No, they offer no more risk to the proud citizens of our city!” explains the chief of police. “We have the two villains tied up. Manhunter is gagged so he can’t possibly eat anyone’s cum to increase his powers, while the Mimic has his balls restricted by a tight ring, preventing him from cumming at all!” The questions continue to rain down on the heroes as frenetically as Superstud’s own cum-volleys as the press coverage lasts for quite a while.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A couple days later, as things ease back to normal, damaged buildings starting up repairs and the people of the city returning to their daily lives, Fábio is sighing while lounging in Superstud’s new residence, in the city suburbs. The nice modernist house lets a lot of light in, meaning that their handsome faces are very well lit. The city’s most famous superhero is standing close by, and, for once, not costumed. Instead he’s wearing the same sort of magic underwear that Fábio has, which allows his body to be unnoticed by most—though his natural handsomeness and sexiness always attract special looks regardless. In fact, at that moment both Superstud and Fábio are wearing—exclusively—their respectively blue and red magical undies.

“Why are you staring at your phone all the time, dude? We have to go back to work, remember? We are setting up a plan to discover where to find that lad whose powers allows him to cancel other people’s gifts. He’d be a great help to the city and we have to protect him from other villains who may want to use his powers,” says Superstud, as he points to the map in the big table between them. The large screen shows several suspicious locations all over the world. Most of them are in Central America, around the nation of Honblandas. A second large map detailing that region also opens up.

Superstud’s little speech is enough to make Fábio look up towards him, as he grimaces.

“Sorry, Alexandre,” he says. “I was hoping to get a call from this dude I met on Thursday. He was supposed to get my number from a mutual friend, but I don’t know if he even remembers me after everything that happened. Also, I kind of left him in the middle of the confusion, so he could easily be avoiding me too…” explains the handsome stud, as he puts his phone down on the table. Alexandre—for that is Superstud’s real name—thinks a little before he responds.

“Is that the guy you said was at the square when my apartment was attacked? Well, I guess he’d be more shocked than anything. He might not even have seen you transform, dude, but even then, this would still be a very traumatic experience to have, you know? Debris and cum raining down on you, people running away, explosions… civilians aren’t used to that,” says Alexandre. Fábio nods dejectedly.

“I know, I know. I don’t know why I keep my hopes up!” complains Fábio, now moving his hand to scratch his muscular arm, a bit embarrassed. “You don’t need to keep reminding me.” He rests his head back on the couch, looking up at Alexandre’s house’s high ceiling. “Why is it so hard to get a good date as a hero?!”

“You know why, dude. We have other duties,” says Alexandre, although deep down his heart does ask the same questions. He sighs, before continuing. “But you know, Fábio… you don’t know for certain why he hasn’t contacted you. It might be that he wants to meet you but just forgot about asking your mutual friend, due to all this mess. It could even be that his house was destroyed in some of the explosions and his life has been completely turned upside down! You have to keep your hopes up!” he adds.

Fábio rolls his eyes while still looking up. “Thanks! Let’s see the bright side and hope he isn’t ignoring me, but that he’s only dead or his house is destroyed!” he replies ironically.

“Seriously, now,” Alexandre continues with a smile, coming towards his mate. “You could just ask your mutual friend for his number too, couldn’t you? You can take the initiative,” says Alexandre, as he points his finger towards the large map of Central America they have in the table between them. “In life like in crime-fighting, you have to be bold. Move first, attack,” he says. Fábio rolls his eyes again, now moving his head to glare at this hot overpowered jock he calls friend.

“Says the guy who has never had a boyfriend,” responds Fábio.

“Well, I have someone I am into too. How about we be bold together? You ask your friend for this dude’s number, and I’ll find a way to tell my crush I want to have a date with him too,” says Alexandre.

Fábio laughs. “That’s a bit childish, don’t you think?” he responds, but at the same time he stands up and walks around the table, considering. “I mean, I could ask Marcos for Henrique’s number, and if he doesn’t want to meet up, then… well, then that’s that… but what’s with this stupid logic of yours that we should both do it at the same time?” says the superhero, slightly embarrassed. Alexandre moves closer and hugs his friend. Their massive exposed pecs collide, as do their hot bulges contained by similar but different-colored underwear.

“Well, it’s us jumping off the cliff together,” says Alexandre, and he punches Fábio in his massive meaty pecs, smashed against his own massive chest. “What do you say?”

“But you can fly,” responds Fábio, one eyebrow arched, and Alexandre laughs, pinching his friend’s nipple.

“It’s a metaphor. Now go, seize the moment,” he responds, in his usual cheerful way, and pulls away from Fábio before slapping his ass and pushing him back towards the table where his phone is. Fábio rolls his eyes, but does grab his phone again and sits down on the couch to write up a message for Marcos as Alexandre stands behind him rubbing his chest, looking down on his screen curiously to check on what he’s writing. Fábio finishes the message but gets suddenly a little nervous before sending it. “Do you think he’ll even want to meet up? Won’t the number likely be useless anyway?”

Alexandre shrugs. He contracts his muscular arm, which is resting around the other man’s broad shoulders, pulling himself down so his head is now nestled on Fábio’s shoulder, right next to his own, rubbing their cheeks together.

“I don’t know, man. I just know one thing: quem não chora não mama,” he responds.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Fábio agrees glumly. He presses send, before sighing and moving his head back again as Alexandre laughs seeing how nervous his friend is. Not even a second passes and he receives a reply with a phone number, and the next few minutes are spent by the two superheroes crafting a nice message for Fábio to send Henrique.

Soon after, Alexandre gets his own phone out and start making calls to schedule a TV appearance on an ever-popular nighttime TV interview show.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Hey, you, vile monsters! Let go your poor sex slaves, or I’ll crush you under my feet!” I say as my gigantic muscular body bursts into an illegal sex dungeon secretly run under a dairy farm. There, about 25 young men between the ages of 18 and 23 are held tied up, resting belly down on metal slabs as their asses are pointed up, their legs spread apart, and their holes fully exposed. Their sizeable cocks are pushed into individual pumps which are sucking out all of their seed, as several clients fuck their exposed and beautifully kept and oiled-up asses. Their heads, though, and most of their upper bodies, are completely out of the line of sight, as separated from that fuck room by walls.

“Fuck! It’s….. a superhero?” says one of the customers as he pulls away from his own sex slave and starts running towards the exit on the other side of the long fucking hallway. I sigh, moving my hand forwards to grab his legs and pull him up, upside down, as the man’s cock slaps his abs and oozes pre on the ground bellow. He then starts to cry.

“It’s Macromale,” I say, unfazed, and then roll my eyes as the other customers begin to move and flee, except one or two who continue fucking their slaves without a care in the world, lost in their pleasure. The moans of the slaves decrease but continue to be heard. “Now you, tell me where the owner of this compound is, or I’ll squeeze you between my pecs, and that isn’t as nice as it sounds,” I warn, and the man sobs.

“We don’t know, we don’t know at all! We only know his name, he’s called ‘the Mindmaster’, and he uses his cum to keep the slaves under control. We just come here, pay, use them and leave. I never met him!” says the client, as his blood rushes down to his head.

At the same time, a handsome 22-year-old jock rushes between my legs, pushing my balls aside so he can squeeze though. He goes straight to ones of the exposed assess and pats it, crying.

“Macromale! This is my little brother, I’m sure of it! I could recognize his ass anywhere!” he says, hugging his brother’s large hips as tears run down his face. I nod and put down the accursed customer, before using my hand to push the big brother away from his little brother’s naked body.

“Don’t worry, I’ll free your little brother,” I say, and he falls back on his knees further away from his little brother, crying, but nods to me.

“Please, Macromale! I can only imagine the kind of torture he went through!” he says, mumbled through his tears, which are making his handsome face red. I lower my hand against the wall which kept the two halves of the little brother’s body in separate rooms, and ran my fingers down until my little finger met little brother’s individual hole in the wall. I push my finger through the hole, along with little brother’s body which is already there, making him moan a little with discomfort as his body is compressed by the new meaty mass joining him in his individual hole. Soon, though, I pull my finger up, and that alone breaks the hall in half right above little brother’s station. With the younger lad’s body exposed now, I quickly notice he’s college-aged, nice and muscular like his older brother, and act quickly: I lower my hand around him and pull him up, forcing him dick to pop out of the milking machine as his mouth is forced out of the feeding tube, with two wet pops, and all other devices disconnected from his sensitive skin.

“Give him to me!” shouts the big brother spreading his arms, as the little brother now slowly comes to in my grip. He starts struggling, confused, before noticing his big brother down below.

“Big brother?! Is that you? I knew you’d come for me! Save me from this place, big brother! This, this giant has got my body, big brother!” screams the lad, as his older brother looks up, teary-faced.

“It’s okay, li’l bro, he’s with me! We came to rescue you!” shouts the big brother as I lower his younger sibling his way, opening my hand, until the smaller man gets away from my grip and jumps down on his older relative, desperate for some familiar arms, falling a good two meters before hugging his handsome jock brother completely naked. Once the younger jock is properly contained into his big brother’s arms he immediately feels amazingly protected and starts crying.

“Big bro! I was so scared! They fucked my hole all day, I was afraid I’d be here forever, and even start to like it! I was afraid I would forget what real love is like, daylight, family…,” says the younger lad, really emotional as he cries on his brother’s tightly filled shirt, pushing his face on the older jock’s powerful pecs. As that happens the older brother pets his head, his other hand embracing his younger brother’s back and rubbing it up and down, as the younger lad almost instinctively raises his ass a little.

“It will all be fine, li’l bro. Everyone is waiting for you to return. I’m here for you, I’ll always be here for you, and if at any time you have any need, you can always come to me,” vows the older, more muscular but similarly handsome lad.

I smile at that warm reunion, but soon turn my attention to the other 24 wide-assed captives—one of whom catches my eyes, as his ass is moving up and down despite there being no one fucking here anymore, as if trying to attract a cock to its hole—what that does do, however, is to pull and push his penis in and out of the draining device, effectively fucking it.

I step over the hugging brothers carefully, even my balls only barely scratching their heads as they cry together and hug one another, and go towards this unique moving captive, whose ass is particularly beautiful and whose hole is clearly drooling out cum. When I am close enough, he slides his body through the hole on the wall and lands in front of me, fully naked, his cock still attached to the milking rod until he pulls it out with a plop, cum now running down his leg from his hungry gaping ass.

“Who do you think you are to destroy my business!” he shouts from the top of his 1,70 meters of height, and thus not even reaching my navel, with his legs wide apart as his balls dangled between his thighs quite nicely. They are probably the most impressive part of his body, as they are each about as big as a melon each.

“You are the Mindmaster? Well, I don’t care about your sexual hobbies, but it isn’t right to kidnap innocent people and make them into sex slaves, even if you like playing as one yourself!” I accuse him, my cock bobbing up and down as I shout, and he gets red of anger.

“I’m not playing as a sex slave! I am a slave! A slave to pleasure!” shouts the villain, and then he attacks me by trying to grab my massive muscular legs and climb over them. I easily stop him by grabbing his body in my hands, but due to the position his body is at when trying to go up my leg, the way his body is placed under my grip ends up being very weird: his arms are down parallel to his torso, as his legs are up in a fetal position, right in front of his chest. Only his cock and large balls remain down, still hanging free. “No, no! You can’t stop me, you can’t stop me! Suck my cock! I’ll give you a world of endless pleasure! Don’t make me go back out there!” begs Mindmaster desperately as his cock oozes his mind-controlling cum, and he trembles desperately inside my close fist—my skin rubbing his body from every direction.

I frown, as he’s clearly a deranged individual, probably someone who needs mental help more than jail. Yet, he has to pay for what he has done to the many poor men whom he has kidnapped.

“There’s no way I am going to let you continue with your misguided ways. You separated little brothers from their older brothers, daddies from their sons, friends, boyfriends. For what? To feed your own fantasy of control and submission,” I say very seriously, and then I move my other hand so that two of my fingers grab his cock—which is large for a normal person, but small next to my gigantic body. As my fingers touch his cock, he moans hard.

“No, please, not my seed! I need it so I can continue building our brave new world! The other men, they’ll wake up without our mixture!” he warns me, but that’s exactly what I want, and so I quickly start rubbing my fingers with his cock between them. He gasps in pleasure, his eyes widen. He’s in shock and also clearly horny from feeling truly helplessness. Soon his balls tremble and his cock shoots his load down. It’s a big load gone to waste, which falls on the floor many meters below where I’m holding his body. He now pants and drools trying to recover from his total orgasm.

“Now that your balls are emptier, I can take you into custody safely. The police are already on their way and soon they’ll take you to justice, and free all your slaves,” I say, as the sobbing of the two brothers hugging and kissing each other in the cheeks behind me becomes even more noticeable.

“Can I…,” suggests the Mindmaster as he slowly recovers from his orgasmic overload of pleasure, “…perhaps then come home with you?” he asks, overwhelmed. I shake my head.

“No, you’ll have to find another man willing to indulge in your fantasies, after you have paid your debt to society. Perhaps in jail you’ll learn that using people in this way is wrong,” I respond, and we can already hear the sirens outside.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fábio has dressed up for his date, and has arrived 15 minutes early to make a good impression, since he and Henrique have really been getting good vibes from each other while texting for the last few days. As he glances into the restaurant, though, Fábio sees Henrique is already inside, sitting at their reserved table. He blushes, sighs, and breathes in and out.

“Seize the moment, you fucker! You can wrap your body around a submarine and then squeeze it to pieces, so you can also get a fucking second date with this dude!” he says to himself, as a passer-by glares wide-eyed. “I mean, metaphorically, of course!” says a nervous Fábio, before entering the restaurant and sitting down with Henrique.

As the two handsome men meet and order food, they begin to talk and have an ordinarily fun evening. Fábio is nervous because it is their first date, but what he doesn’t know is that Henrique is doubly nervous because—on top of also wanting to make a good impression—he’s still struggling on how to deal with the fact that he knows Fábio’s secret. Should he come clean, or should he hide it? For how long? What if they have a second and then third date, should he tell him then? Just thinking about those things make Henrique’s heart beat like crazy.

“So, your stuff is all fine, right? You didn’t lose anything on the events of last Thursday or anything?” asks Fábio, pulling Henrique’s mind back to reality.

“Oh, oh no. I live in a quiet neighborhood so none of the explosions affected me, thankfully. What about you?” asks Henrique.

“Not me directly, thankfully, but I have a friend who got his house totally wrecked,” says Fábio with a smile, and Henrique thinks, “Yeah, I know, Superstud, sorry for that.” Fábio then smiles, as he looks at Henrique.

“So, tell me, what do you do for a living?” he asks, and Henrique’s mind is pulled back to each again.

“Well, I am an office worker. I work at the central office of Negativo Electronics,” responds Henrique. “What about you?”

“Negativo?! Isn’t that where that crazy dude, Manhunter, worked?” asks a surprised Fábio, and Henrique nods while laughing awkwardly, remembering he actually would have had a date with him last week if it hadn’t been for this whole incident.

“Yes, I had seen him there a couple times, actually. Who’d have thought that he had a secret identity all this time,” Henrique says, and Fábio’s curious smile falters.

“Oh, yes, secret identities, huh? Awful that people end up keeping such secrets from each other,” he responds awkwardly, and Henrique drinks form his drink before replying, choosing his words carefully.

“I don’t agree. It’s normal to share different parts of our life with people whom we know and trust to different levels. I think breaking someone’s trust once they give it to us is much worse than just keeping something about you a secret from those you barely know.”

Fabio’s hand goes to his own hair, which he nervously touches with his fingers.

“You think so?” he asks, his eyes wondering.

Just then the lady in the table next to them asks the waiter to raise the volume of the television. Neither Fábio nor Henrique’s mind have noticed what is on beyond registering Superstud is there, being interviewed live.

“Yes, I do,” responds Henrique, and then he swallows dry. “Speaking of which, I have to confess something, Fábio, I did break your trust before,” he says.

Fábio’s eyes narrow, and the rest of his body seems to lose all color and freeze up in an instant. “You did?” he asks afraid and cold, almost distant, fearful. Did Henrique looked back that night, as he run to the subway station?

“Yes, I did. I saw something I shouldn’t have seen,” says Henrique, and Fábio slowly nods his head.

“Can you develop that thought a little bit more, please?” he asks seriously. Henrique stops a second and breathes in.

“I saw your other form, I’m sorry,” he says, and Fábio just freezes in place, not knowing how to react at all. “And, I know this doesn’t make up for betraying your trust or anything, but I also want to confess something. You also saw my other form,” Henrique adds.

This utterly confuses Fábio, as he for a second doubts his own first interpretation of this dialogue. “I did?” he asks almost as a whisper.

“Yes. You know, in Superstud’s apartment. The one who arrived late, and then went to the police station with you three, before getting away from the mass of reporters?” says Henrique, starting to blush as his heart races.

“M…macromale?” asks a shocked Fábio, so softly one can barely hear it. A short silent that seems to last for a minute transpired between the two nervous jocks. The noise of all other tables—chatter, laughter, knives on porcelain—is deafening between them.

“Yes,” responds Henrique, suddenly. “Again, I’m sorry.”

Fábio just gasps, and then stands up. He sits back down, and looks around. “This is not a joke, is it?” he asks, absolutely agitated and mind blown.

“It isn’t. I’m dead serious,” responds Henrique. Fábio stands up once more, then grabs his wallet, throws three one hundred reais bills on the table and puts his wallet down in his pocket again, while glaring at Henrique. Henrique sighs, getting increasingly uncomfortable and feeling guilty and embarrassed at the prospect of having his date leave him alone in the middle of the meal, as more and more other customers look at their table due to the noise they are making.

Fábio then grabs Henrique’s hands and starts pulling him up, away and out of the restaurant, through the narrow spaces in between the tables as they sometimes bump into chairs and other customers, without looking back. This surprises Henrique but also makes his heart jump in his large muscular chest, and he lets himself get pulled out into the city.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fábio drags me by the hand until we are outside. He continues pulling me to a small square nearby, until I stop walking, grab his arm, and make him turn around. My heart is beating so fast, it feels like it wants to burst out of my chest.

“That’s enough. I thought you were angry but now I’m just confused. Why did you pull me all the way here?” I ask, and he turns towards me and then looks around, noticing there are very few people in the square—most are in the bars surrounding it, paying attention to Superstud’s interview on TV.

“Sorry, I kind of lost myself for a second,” Fábio apologizes, and then lets go of my hand, creating distance building between us. “You are serious, you saw me… and you are Macromale? It’s hard to… believe it. Too good to be true, even,” says Fábio, slowly. I nod.

“It is true though; I did see you and I am Macromale. Want me to prove it?” I say and smirk a little, grabbing his hand and locking it with mine, as I start expanding it just enough so he realizes I can indeed change my body.

“It really…. Wow!” he says, and then takes a step closer to me. “I didn’t expect that. I thought I was going to be the only one sharing secrets today,” Fábio responds and I laugh.

“What, you were going to tell me you’re Python?” I say, whispering the final word. He shakes his head.

“Not that, something more serious, actually. Something no one else knows,” he says, and I frown, confused.

“What…?” I ask and he takes another step closer to me. He pulls me in by the hands we had touching each other, and then he rests his head on my shoulder, to speak to my ear.

“That I am super into you. That I want us to have a second and a third and a fourth date,” he says, and I blush immediately, but push him away, to his surprise and disappointment, so I can see his face.

“Really? A sexy dude like you wants to get to know more of old little me?” I ask and he softens his look, pulling me closer again.

“Yes… not that I remember anything small about Macromale, now that you mention it,” he says mockingly, as our heads come closer and closer together.

“Let me show you something else I can do,” I say as our lips almost touch, our whole bodies getting so close we can feel each other’s heat.

“Oh, yes, I want to know so much more about you,” he says and then our pecs bump, before we lower our heads so his lips rub against mine. We change the position of our heads, my tongue entering his mouth as we start to kiss in the middle of the square.

“Fuck, you are so tasty,” says Fábio in-between kisses, as we catch our breath, his arm surrounding me. “I need you to come home with me tonight,” he adds, biting my lips. I lower my hand towards his abs, and rub them.

“Good thing you invited me, I was afraid I’d have to kidnap you for real,” I joke, his eyes shining like mine.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Superstud is live on air, five minutes into his interview, the audience clappingafter his last reply about following one’s dreams. He’s nervous, despite his usual professionalism on media appearances, as this time it is different—he has an actual personal goal in mind.

“So, Superstud, tell us and our audience at home, is there anything you want to do that you have had difficulty achieving?” she asks, and he feel all eyes glued on his large muscular body, his exposed cock which is hidden under the desk as not to hide his handsome face.

“Of course, Rosa,” he responds, as his nervousness grew. “In fact, I have a secret to reveal here to you and everyone watching.”

“A scoo…I mean, a secret?” she says wide-eyed, as the camera focuses on the superhero’s clearly tortured handsome face, his bulging pecs as his arms move around nervously. The audience, which is already high, is breaking records. He nods.

“Yes,” he says, and breathes in. “I… I know my muscles make it seem like I am the perfect guy with a perfect life—people think that a man as handsome as me, with a cock that can burst through walls, can have anything he wants. But that isn’t true. Just because my nipples or cock are perfectly shaped, it doesn’t mean I don’t also have difficulties. Just because my abs can be used to wash clothes on, it doesn’t mean I can get everything I want. In fact, recently, I’ve been having trouble finding someone, despite my best efforts…”

Rosa interrupts him. “Someone? A villain?” she asks, as the audience holds their breath. Superstud moves his hand over hers, making her melt back into her chair and bite her lips to contain an orgasm.

“Well, not really. It is someone whom I have been thinking a lot of, but whom I haven’t seen much. Someone I’d like to know a lot more about. I hope he will hear about it through your show and contact me,” says Superstud to poor overwhelmed Rosa and her lucky audience. She gasps and moans, before asking a question.

“Ah…who? Who is this person?” she asks and immediately as she does memories show up in Superstud’s mind, making his cock throb and hit the underside of the table, lifting it with the sure strength of his cock and lower muscles.

“Well, he’s the man I have a crush on. I don’t know his real name, but his hero alias is Macromale,” he says to surprised gasps from the audience, as people try to remember who that is, to no success. The nation’s boyfriend has a crush! Fangirls and fanboys all over the country immediately start shitposting, while an army of people without better things to do start googling ‘who is Macromale?’.

Superstud then looks ahead, right into the camera. “Is camera 5 the one that’s live?” he asks, and then he looks deep into it as he receives a positive. “Macromale, please, if you hear about this, come to me. I want to talk. I want us to get to know each other. Don’t hide, or I’ll have to come for you,” he says and then stands up, pulling his hardon from under the table until it bobs up to splash against his pecs, and then he walks away and leaves the show, as the TV broadcasts his ass moving away, half the world shocked at Superstud behaving in such an out-of-character way. And with his back to the cameras, no one can see how wide his smile is and how red his cheeks have become.

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