Megabot, Pinto Roxo, and the Inventor’s superweapon

by brazboy

 Megabot faces the muscle-serum-crazed Inventor—but the real challenge is figuring out how to deal with the villain’s secret superweapon.

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Megabot is wearing a disguise, which is basically the same clothes his boyfriend Pinto Roxo is wearing: a doctor’s lab coat on top of simple plain jeans and a shirt. As they run deep into the secret facility under a hospital, Pinto Roxo briefs Megabot.

“I’ve been able to penetrate this facility in the last three months, but they still don’t give me access to the orange room where, apparently, they keep their most powerful secret weapon,” the scientist explains. “I need you to go in there to destroy everything. If the conclusions from my last months working here are correct, they are building the world’s single most destructive equipment in that room.: As they continue to run, Megabot kisses his in the lips.

“Understood, love. Burst into the room, destroy everything. I can do that, easy peasy,” he responds, and Pinto Roxo smiles back.

“I know, that’s why I called you,” he says. “Just run all the way down this hallway. Don’t stop no matter what. The door is the one at the end, it is strong but it can’t beat your cyborg muscles. I’ll wait for you at the escape route.”

“Perfect. See you soon,” responds Megabot as they part ways. Pinto Roxo turns a corner, with Megabot slapping his ass in the last moment, making him turn around as they smile at each other before they continue their missions.

Megabot speeds up down towards the door to the orange room, while still trying to appear inconspicuous. Two people call out to him, but he simply ignores them and continues forwards, approaching the door ahead more and more quickly, as he can already see it growing in front of him. He knows he has to break through it, and as soon as he tries to do that it would be all hell breaking loose.

Soon Megabot is close enough to the door that he decides to start properly running, gaining energy to increase the shock of his impact. Quickly, he’s running at a superhuman speed, as his mechanical muscles allow him to accelerate his heavy body more and faster than any regular human.

“Security, security!” someone shouts as they see him running, but they don’t come in time, and soon Megabot hits the heavy door like a human cannon ball, making the metal bend and burst, allowing him to fall into the next room. In this state the door behind him is broken, but it also has a huge man-sized hole through which others can follow him, as security assembles to prevent his mission. Time is of the utmost importance.

Megabot stands up and looks around, noticing where he is: clearly it is a large laboratory. He looks over the walls. There are many designs of machine parts and weapons—useless things he’ll just burn down. Ahead of him, he finds the massive computer which generated the calculations and contained the key elements of their villainous research. His eyes are laser-focused on the machine he has to destroy, and he barely notices the scrawny scientist sitting in front of it, now opening a drawer anxiously, from which he pulls a syringe.

“I knew some day someone would come and try to kill my project. I won’t let you do that. My final weapon will destroy you and all the disbelievers!” says the scrawny maniac as he laughs, contorting his face, and then he pushes the syringe into his thin arms and injects himself with its contents.

Megabot gasps, wide-eyed, as he sees the maniac do that. He also recognizes the man from the description he received from Pinto Roxo.

“Inventor! Have you lost any reason? Isn’t that the alpha formula? If you use it, it will corrode your mind, you will completely lose yourself to…to your inner beast!” says the handsome cyborg, as he glares in absolute shock at the maniac’s complete disregard for his own self.

The villain laughs. “Yes, I will lose myself, to muscle, to power, to manliness! I will defeat you and keep the research of my life, hrrr, hrrr, haaaaaarrr! Save me!” shouts the maniac, as his voice changes from laughter to a deep howling of pain, his voice deepening as his arms contorted, gaining muscles but in a way that his new tendons pull and break his bones apart. Those quickly regenerate, before breaking again as his muscles expand even more, but the amount of pain running through Inventor’s body makes him howl and drool as his body grows, bursting his clothes, his cock expanding downwards into a true third leg.

“You are turning yourself into a true monster,” warns Megabot, and then he shakes his head as the Inventor picks up a desk and throws at him. The superhero simply points his arm gun at it and vaporizes the desk. “I’ll destroy this place along with all your illusions of grandeur!” shouts Megabot as he runs towards Inventor’s expanding body. The maniac also runs towards him, wobbling as his muscles continue to grow, crush his bones, and gain mass so quickly that he’s losing mobility.

“You won’t defeat me!” says the Inventor as his massive hand grabs Megabot by the collar, ripping his clothes completely and exposing his beautifully shaped manly cyborg body. “I’ll crush you between my thumbs!” screams the maniac Inventor as he pulls his two hands together, forcing his massive chest to bulge as his pecs contrived his own movement. He tries hard to grab Megabot, but the hero is fast enough to flee his grasp, sliding between his legs as his massive balls grew and his cock engorged and hardened.

“No way you will… soon you’ll be paralyzed by your own muscle mass, and this place will be in fire by my hands!” says Megabot, as he stands up behind the Inventor, seeing his massive bubbly ass so close, his balls touching the floor as the gigantic mass of overgrown muscle tries to turn around.

Fascinating how different this scenario is from Macromale, thinks Megabot as he hurries to stroke his hard mechanical member, which is warm as ever. This man is a hostage of his body, not its master.

“Boss? Where is the intruder?” shouts a guard entering the orange room, seeing the Inventor’s new frame and then shouting in fear and shooting him.

“Idiot! I’m your boss! The intruder is behind me!” says the Inventor, unable to turn around as his muscles are filling more and more of the room, and his legs are kept locked in place due to the size of his thighs, as are his arms stuck due to the growth of his upper muscles. The Inventor tries to move his hand towards the guard to pick him up and move him over his body, to get him to Megabot, but the man simply widens his eyes, gasps in fear and runs back out of the orange room.

“A monster, the intruder made boss into a monster!” he shouts running away as quickly as he can.

Meanwhile, Megabot gets his cock fully hard and throbbing with his tight and delicious touch, and now slapps the member against the Inventor’s pink hole. The Inventor frowns, as his pecs grow so much as to lock his head looking up, making it so he can only see the ceiling. His muscles then make his overgrown body fall forward, as he falls on his overgrown pecs and his arms and legs are wobbling helplessly around.

“What are you about to do, Megabot?! Betray your boyfriend by fucking my ass? I’ll trap your rod inside me using my powerful muscles while my guards get help!” threatens the mindless villainous Inventor as he moans from the fat mechanical cock being pushed inside his tight overmuscular and oversensitive hole. Megabot laughs as he bites his lips, making an effort to be able to force his hips forward and opening the muscular hole up deep with his mechanical vibrating cock.

“I will plant my nanobots inside you, and they’ll get you back in shape before I burn down this room and destroy your plans, Inventor. I don’t want you to become burnt meat, I’m not a murderer,” says Megabot as he starts pounding his cock faster and faster inside the oversensitive villainous mountain of helpless muscle, who moans more and more as his own long cock, nested between his pecs, throbs and oozes ample amounts of pre. Inventor has never been fucked like this as he realizes in shock that the alpha formula has made his ass tighter and more sensitive than ever, as well as massively expanding his delicate prostate, all of which is making Megabot’s vibrating dick even harder to resist.

“You can’t, my formula is too complex, nothing can undo its effects!” responds the Inventor, as he becomes hornier and hornier, and tries to wobble his body backwards to sway according to Megabot’s thrusts, but is unable to do so due to how gigantic his muscles have become, almost binding his limbs.

“My nanobots can, as my boyfriend invented them. There’s nothing he can’t do,” responds Megabot, as he feels his big mechanical balls approaching orgasm as they slap the Inventor’s hard and expanding ass. Little does he know, however, that the pleasure of growing gigantic muscles, having his muscles rubbing in one another, and now having his ass filled up and fucked while his own penis rubs his own pecs, is already too much for the Inventor. The maniac villain tries to contract his muscles to prevent his orgasm, but his muscles are so big and so changed that this ends up leading to his prostate being squeezed, and as soon as that happens, the maniac inventor trembles—his whole body entering into a frenetic frisson, and his balls collapsed pumping liters and liters of pure white seed all over the laboratory, drenching all papers and even splashing against the ceiling. All that tension, all that movement, and all that orgasmic bliss, means Inventor’s ass is basically twitching and milking his rival’s most powerful weapon, which soon shoots its nanobot juice into his hungry hole.

“I feel your cum inside me, it’s so warm! But it won’t change me back, it is impossible!” protested a hot, bred and sweaty orgasmic Inventor, as his locked-up cock continued to gush out hot cum from its large slit. Even as he says that though, and as Megabot pulls his member from Inventor’s ass, the villain can feel the nanobots engaging with his cells and reorganizing them, getting them back to normal and disposing of the serum he has injected into his own bloodstream.

“You’ll see in a few minutes,” says Megabot, as his softening rod is now resting on his mechanical legs, oozing down some leftover nanobot juice, as he walks around to the computer, and punched it breaking it completely, before exploding it using his gun-arm.

“Noooooo! My research!! Ten whole years of research, lost!!” howls the blissful Inventor, feeling his muscles slowly starting to contract, while he remains very much completely immobile.

Megabot goes around the room pouring gasoline on everything and destroying all parts of their villainous research that he can find. Soon, he’d start a fire, before fleeing this place and calling it a day—but that’s when he sees a large metal cylinder going from the floor to the ceiling. He wonders what is inside it, until he sees an inscription on the tube’s curved door.

“What is this… a prototype?!” he asks, shocked as he reads the text on the door of the tube, which can easily be opened. He knows that, above all, he has to destroy this thing if he wants to truly obliterate this project, and so he slowly opens the door of the tube, revealing what is inside. Floating in liquid, attached to many electric devices, there stands a poor unconscious boy who has an angelic innocent face. Megabot’s eyes immediately widened in anger, and he quickly turns to the Inventor’s still muscle-locked body.

“A kid, you monster!? Your deadly weapon is a boy?” says the hero, disgusted. The Inventor laughs as his cock’s purple head oozes leftover cum on the floor every time his muscles contact, as his pecs release some pressure around his rod, letting some more juice flow out.

“Yes! That is a perfect designed human-like organic weapons, made from bits and pieces of the DNA of many different heroes and villains that we collected from battle scenes over the years, and made even stronger from our research on its body and the addition of several artificial elements over the years. We don’t know the full extent of its powers yet, but we have been modifying its body with our more advanced weapon designs, and so we estimate it will become stronger even than a nuclear weapon! When it grows, and serve me, and I’ll use it to kill all those who stand against me, including you, Megabot!” says the humiliated villain.

Megabot frowns. “I won’t let that happen,” he says and then points his gun-arm towards the child. “I’ll end this unnatural situation here and now.” With a strong punch he breaks the glass, making the liquid flood out like a waterfall. The boy’s body soon collapses, breaking more of the glass, but Megabot catches him in his powerful arms.

“It’s useless! You may kidnap it, but it will never follow your commands!” warns the Inventor, and Megabot glares at him. “Anyway, by taking it away from me you’ll kill it! We made its body so it would depend on a complex set of vitamins and other inputs we feed it every day. It will start feeling excruciating pain in 24 hours and die in three days if it doesn’t get out its mix of supplements!”

Regarding the child in his arms, Megabot thinks that the boy may well be a deadly weapon, and incredibly powerful and dangerous, but he sure doesn’t look like it. He seems to sleep on his arms with no worry in the world, despite his scars—the ones that are visible.

“Don’t worry about us, Inventor. My boyfriend can solve any stupid challenges you throw our way. He’s the brightest scientist in the world, not you,” says Megabot, before he starts walking out of the orange room with the child-weapon on his arms. He then shoots back to ignite a fire. “I’d start fleeing too, if I were you,” says the hero, and he starts running away to their escape route, as the Inventor tries to crawl towards the door through a lake of his own cum.

Megabot runs with the child on his arms, seeking to flee away from the orange room before it’s engulfed in flames. The sprinkler system rains water on them, but not enough to contain the rapid flames. Smoke is billowing everywhere. Now alarms ring loudly and security personnel runs around, shooting at his naked body when they come across him on their way to the orange room to rescue their boss, whose body is returning to a more reasonable size.

“What is that? Why are you carrying a child?!” asks a completely shocked Pinto Roxo as his boyfriend comes running towards their meeting point, so the two can close the emergency door behind them and escape through the old emergency exit.

“Apparently this is their weapon,” says a desperate Megabot, as some guards come running after him. They shoot and two bullets hit him but ricochet away against his hardened skin, as he uses his own body to protect the sleeping boy and his beloved boyfriend.

“Weren’t you supposed to destroy everything, especially their weapon?!” cries the smaller male in absolute shock, hiding behind the massive metal door, then pushing it to closed as his boyfriend crosses it. They barely manage to close it fast enough for the guards to get locked in on the other side. The two heroes immediately start running up the stairs, as the guards start shooting at the door, trying to get it open.

“Call support, they are going up the old emergency exit!” shouts one of the guards from the other side of the door. Meanwhile Pinto Roxo is running behind Megabot, staring at the child in his boyfriend’s arms.

“Yes, of course, and I was going to destroy it, too! But I didn’t know their weapon was a child!” shouts the cyborg, and then Pinto Roxo sighs.

“I know what you mean, but this… thing, they certainly have put countermeasures in case it escaped or was stolen. We don’t know if it will explode on us after it wakes up, or kill everyone, or if it even has a mind of its own…,” says Pinto Roxo, trying to be rational. Megabot stops in his tracks and turns around. As he does so, Pinto Roxo sees his boyfriend’s massive muscles hugging the cute child who slept like a baby. Yet, he can see his body hurt with scars and other clear signals of his difficult and painful life.

“I didn’t become a hero in order to kill children, love,” says a serious Megabot. “Besides, I am sure you can sort any of those issues if you put your mind to it. I trust you on that,” he says, and Pinto Roxo swallows dry, getting a little embarrassed.

“I guess,” he says guiltily. “But what then, who will take care of him? He’s still a child, probably with some traumas, and one who has amazing powers. He will need special care,” says the doctor, frowning, as Megabots looks away.

“I don’t know. I was thinking we could do it, if you want to. If not… then I will. There’s no way I will abandon him,” says Megabot, his shoulders seeming particularly broad now, to his boyfriend’s eyes. Pinto Roxo’s mind is in overdrive, and he slowly realized what is going on, but told himself to calm down. Even if, through very tortuous lines, this is what he wanted, still… he couldn’t show himself happy for this kid’s sad predicament.

Yet, tears start rolling down his cheeks.

“You know I’d never abandon a kid,” says Pinto Roxo, and then he wiped away his tears and starts running upstairs, passing his boyfriend. “We will talk about this later, though, when the kid is safe and sound. We can’t decide anything without talking to him first,” says the scientist as they run. Megabot nods and agrees, and they continue to flee as an explosion bursts the door to the emergency staircase below.

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