Superstud and Macromale: The cockless curse

by brazboy

 With a cock thief on the loose, will Macromale and his friends end up as heroes, or victims?

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The TV is showing another case of cock theft. A handsome man is being interviewed and telling his story. According to him, he went to bed with a nice and thick 14-centimeter-long soft cock, but he woke up with a penis that now, even hard, is smaller than a thumb.

“I don’t know how it happened, I just know I felt something pulling on my cock at night, and then when I woke up, it wasn’t there anymore. I only had this little peck of a dick I have now! It is tiny and wet, and I don’t know what to do anymore!” says the man, standing up and showing the horrible damage. His legs and abs are muscular and provided a beautiful frame, but the picture itself is sad and pathetic: if one doesn’t focus, one could miss the tiny cocklet he now has poking from his crotch.

“Poor dude,” says Fábio as he shakes his head, watching TV while hugging Henrique.

“Yeah, I can’t imagine what that would feel like,” responds Henrique with a frown, as he snugs closer to Fábio, who is naked below his waist and thus has his long lower body snaking around, parts of it twisted around Henrique’s muscular legs, his lower body’s cockhead on Henrique’s lap where he strokes it.

“Of course you can’t. Even if you lose your size, you can just grow it back,” replies Fábio with a smirk as he moans slightly from Henrique’s warm hand touching of his soft megaglans.

“I think I have a clue about the case of the missing cocks!” says Alexandre, as he carries a large dossier full of pictures into the kitchen where Henrique and Fábio are eating. They look at each other and then at the handsome stud in front of them—Alexandre and Fábio are naked except for their magical underwear (one red and one blue), while Henrique is fully naked.

“Good to hear. Were you working on that all night?” asks Henrique raising an eyebrow as he notices at Alexandre’s tired eyes, as he drinks some coffee.

“Kind of. Well, I was researching some other things when I noticed a pattern,” says Alexandre, and then he drops a bunch of pictures of swimmers in podiums on the table, and a few more candid shots of them preparing for a competition or walking around a pool. In all of them, you’d basically see handsome muscular swimmers wearing trunks of different colors, sometimes with clearly visible asses, other times with their bulges showing prominently—but always, always with amazing glistening muscles dripping wet.

“I see now what you mean by research,” says Fábio smirking, Alexandre then proceeded to point at the bulges of a few of the winners.

“Yes, research! Don’t you see the point? Compare the winners between pictures and those who didn’t win!” says Alexandre, and the other jocks look over the pictures.

“I guess the winners have smaller bulges? So what? Are they all victims of the cock thief?” asks Henrique, a bit confused. “How does that take us closer to the villain?” His eyes travel between the bodies of those different swimmers—not without getting somewhat hard under the table. Fábio shrugs, but noticing Henrique’s cock throbbing he moves his hand to the lad’s right thigh.

“Some of them seem to be victims, see here? Some bulges have clearly decreased over time. Others seem to just be guys with small cocks. But this is not unexpected, at highly competitive levels even the smallest differences can cause serious advantages, and, in a pool, decreasing drag is a big advantage,” says Fábio, as he points and examines different pictures. Meanwhile, his other hand squeezes Henrique’s thigh, making him hum a little and sit up straighter, as his cock elongated even more between his legs, his glans starting to poke out of his foreskin.

“I…see…,” says a slightly stiff Henrique. Alexandre nods, also noticing Henrique’s cock throbbing as he glances at the lad’s muscular legs, and lowering his hand onto the size-shifting hunk’s left thigh, which he squeezes too. Henrique clears his throat as his cock oozes a glob of pre.

“Fábio is right, but there is more. See this guy? Eduardo da Silva. He has a tiny bulge in the first pictures I looked, and he won many medals like that, you see… tiny here, minuscule here, tiny, tiny… but now…,” says Alexandre, as he moves his hand further right towards Henrique’s cock, as Fábio does the same on the other side.

“Eleventh, twelfth place. But his bulge seems to fluctuate wildly in size depending on the tournament. See this one, it’s quite prominent here, actually,” says Fábio. “Anyway, it’s something to investigate!” he completes, and right then his own hand bumps against Alexandre’s as they both try to go for Henrique’s hardening rod. They glance at each other a bit annoyed.

“Hey! I thought we had agreed to let him decide! No teasing him, dude. You are breaking the rules!” accuses Alexandre as he pulls his hand away from Henrique’s cock, but he hugs the handsome hunk and pulls his chest his way, forcing Henrique’s head against his strong and muscular abs.

“No way, you are the one breaking the rules! You confessed to Macromale, not to Henrique, and we had decided we’d divide the time with him along those lines until he decided!” throws back Fábio as his hands fly over and around Henrique’s own powerful abs, before he pulls Henrique’s hips towards his own lap.

“That’s not how I remember it!” shouts Alexandre.

“Well, it’s what I remember!” says Fábio shouting back.

“Isn’t it, Henrique?” asks the both of them in unison, as Henrique feels squeezed—in a nice way—between the two of theirs handsome sculptured bodies. He pushes them away and stands up, his cock slapping his abs as he moves away from the kitchen table.

“Guys, guys! The three of us decided to chill, remember? Above and beyond everything else, we are friends, right? I….I am sorry I can’t come up with a straight answer right now but… I think the priority should be to catch this cock thief villain,” says Henrique actually a bit nervous, as he feels both bad for causing a rift between Alexandre and Fábio, and insecure since he’s relatively new to the crew. The other two men stare at each other for a second, but then their faces relax.

“You are right, sorry,” says Fábio. Alexandre nods, as his hand scratches his own massive pecs.

“Yeah, sorry, but well. Should we prepare for an investigation then? I mapped this Eduardo da Silva’s next competition dates and he has one today in the city’s Watersports’ Center,” suggests Alexandre, a suggestion the other two hunks receive positively until he raises his hand to grab Henrique’s and starts pulling him out of the kitchen. “So let’s get ready. Henrique and I will shower first, you can do it outside since your lower body won’t fit in the shower, Fábio,” says Alexandre mischievously as he pulls his friend out of the kitchen to the living room and then beyond, leaving Fábio speechless and annoyed in his seat.

The three handsome hunks go to the Watersports’ Center undercover. There, they trail around looking for the suspect, but don’t see him in the hallways. They do hear some of the guys complaining that their cocks seem to be smaller these days. More than one of them is crying, as they tell their friends that their cocks have been reduced to a useless state, and now they even have to pee sitting down since they can’t aim anymore.

“I have a hard time even coming to the locker room anymore,” says one as his colleague embraced him. The two are leaving the locker room wearing only speedos, one clearly packed and the other clearly empty.

“Well, at least your times improved,” the other one tries to reply, being met by angry red eyes.

“I’d give all my medals and then some just for enough cock that I could at least still jack off. Now I don’t even feel my cock anymore unless someone is licking it,” he responds, and his friend rubs his back with his large hands.

“Well, at least you have a great ass,” he replies, and the tiny-cocked swimmer rolls his eyes.

“Who cares? Eduardo always had an amazing ass and he never came to the locker rooms out of embarrassment. Now I think I’m even smaller than he was,” protests the first man.

“No way!” replies the second, shocked at the idea that his mate is even smaller than Eduardo, who is famous for having a pecker so small the other swimmers have nicknamed him ‘Ken’.

“Yeah, I saw him naked these days. His new bulge is real… I don’t know how he did it, but he has grown,” finishes the smaller cocked man as they walk away. Fábio, who is overhearing their conversation, gasps.

“Bingo!” he says and goes after his colleagues to share his discovery. As he meets Alexandre and Eduardo they start creating a new plan around investigating this Eduardo guy.

Superstud flies around the hotel where Eduardo is supposed to be at. Fábio, at the same time, is going around mapping all possible escape routes, disguised as a worker, while Macromale—afraid of the suspect’s plans—has shrunk himself to the size of a thumb after invading the athletes’ own locker room back in the Watersports Center in order investigate his belongings. However, he has fallen down on Eduardo’s underwear, and that’s where he still is now, as the suspect enters the hotel’s elevator with his date—not a fellow swimmer, but a burly, manly and hairy wrester.

“I am glad you don’t think size is a problem, actually. I had many men who weren’t willing to actually have sex with me because of my cock,” says the date, which Henrique overhears as he’s hugging Eduardo’s average-sized manhood soft inside his smelly underwear, trying not to fall down or to alert the suspect of his presence.

“Not all I, on the contrary, I prefer my men a bit on the bigger size all over,” responds Eduardo, as his cock starts to harden, making Henrique get smashed against the fabric that contains the rod. Eduardo then adjusts his bulge, which makes Henrique get wiggled around and then change positions, as he slides down to the abundant foreskin which is starting to get stretched up as the prick hardens.

As the elevator door opens, the two handsome athletes leave and head to Eduardo’s room where the wrestler slaps his host’s large buns, and starts pulling off his shirt to reveal his well-kept muscular torso. Eduardo does the same for him, revealing a burly but muscular torso which is pretty hairy and exudes a delicious manly scent.

“You are so hot… let me see your cock,” says a hungry Eduardo, as his own member hardened.

“Wait, don’t you want to shower first?” asks the wrestler, but Eduardo shakes his head, forcing him back until his legs hit the bed, and then pushing him over the mattress. He quickly moves to pull down the handsome stud’s pants.

“No need, I like the smell of men,” says Eduardo, as he reveals the wrestler’s fat and hard manhood, which immediately escaped to slap his abs making Eduardo drool. Henrique feels Eduardo’s cock harden to the point where it is fully solid. Weirdly, at least from his vantage point, it doesn’t seem particularly impressive, although it surely wasn’t small either.

“Oh, I see, you are hungrier than I thought…,” says the wrestler, smiling as he grabs his own cock and starts stroking its redness.

“Starving,” responds Eduardo as he spreads the wrestler’s legs, pushing his torso between them, grabbing the large cock in front of him with both of his hands, letting the furious head poking out like a red adult lollipop. “You have no idea how much I want this!” says the suspect, and then his tongue and lips descend on the fat manhood, which certainly is now around a quarter of a meter long and wet.

Eduardo’s hungry lips surround the fat cock’s needy glans as his hands turn around its shaft, as if screwing the fat manhood that his tongue teased. Eduardo moans as his cock throbs hard in his underwear, oozing some liquid which forces Henrique to climb up to the hardening shaft towards the base to get to a more comfortable place. Under Eduardo’s undies the air is damp and hot, and it is hard to breathe even if every breath is a gush of hot manly scent.

As Eduardo continues to suck, he starts to feel elated—the rush of his tongue licking warm red wet glans is addictive, as is the rush of energy through his body, which ran down directly to his growing prick.

“Hmmm, you are so good… its feels as if you were suckling my cock down! It’s crazy, I’ve never…hmmm…felt this good before!” moans the wrestler, overwhelmed as his hands grip the linen around him, and he starts moving his hips to force more of his cock inside Eduardo’s mouth—giving the hungry sucker all his manhood, or as much of it as he can.

While Eduardo sucks the gigantic cock, his spit drools down around the hard manhood, while he suckles most of the abundant pre. As Eduardo lowers his head down on the delicious male rod, the wrestler feels more and more excruciating pleasure, to the point of shouting and rolling his eyes as he thrust his hips forward, forcing Eduardo to moan as the rod pushes against the back of his mouth. Under Eduardo’s clothes, however, Macromale is finding it very weird that the swimmer’s average hardon is increasingly becoming a respectable and even an oversized manhood, as it throbs and oozes and expanded, taking more and more of the insufficient space down there.

“What the fuck is going on? I guess he really is the cock thief and he’s already working his plan!” thinks a desperate Henrique, reading the situation very well as the wrestler’s cock disappeared away between Eduardo’s hungry lips, being suckled and sucked down into Eduardo’s mouth, never to return again. As the wrestler approaches orgasm, however, the poor man doesn’t even notice how easy it is now for Eduardo to take all his manhood between his lips, letting his nose touch the victim’s pubes. Even when Eduardo starts to go up and down the wrestler’s decreased manhood, he doesn’t notice his cock has already lost half its total volume!

“Fuck, things are getting tight here!” thinks Henrique as his space down at Eduardo’s bulge decreased. The robber’s cock is very hard, forming a tent in his underwear, and as the head has definitely poked out of the foreskin and is oozing pre, the air is becoming wetter and the smell deeper and more masculine. While it is incredibly sexy being down there, Henrique does fear the suspect is stealing the victim’s cock, and thus he decides to act.

First, Henrique let go of the fat shaft he’s hugging, falling down on Eduardo’s plump balls. There, he started to grow, from the size of a nail to the size of a small eraser, and then a finger. Soon his body is bothering Eduardo even as he sucked the wrestler’s cock, his hand moving down to readjust his bulge as he feels a weird mass down there—Henrique, whose body continued to grow, and in fact to grew more and more speedily with every passing moment. In a few seconds, as Eduardo’s tongue now manages to lick around the wrestler’s cockhead even as Eduardo’s lips touch his groin, Henrique’s body is big enough that when he stretched his arms he ripped Eduardo’s underwear and jumps away from his now free crotch, being himself around the size of a small animal, and continuing to expand as he ran down the bed.

“Fuck, fuck, a rat?!” screamed Eduardo, pulling away from the wrestler’s now baby cock, utterly confused as something jumps from his crotch bursting his clothes and revealing his now fat 35-centimeter-long wet penis, and ran around his hotel room. Meanwhile, Henrique’s growth went into overdrive, as he dove under the bed to hide from Eduardo, who started looking around for him.

As Eduardo moves away from the wrestler, the poor hairy hunk moans and looks up to his date, confused. “Hey, what happened? I was close to cumming… want me to suck you too?” he asks before seeing Eduardo’s immense manhood wiggling around from his ripped-up pants. “Wow, you are so big down there,” compliments the wrestler as Eduardo more or less ignores him, his pants ruined and his hardon waving around like a purple wet stick.

“No, I am fine. In fact, your work here is done… but I need to find whatever that was before I put you to sleep,” says Eduardo as he bends down and pushes his arm under the bed, his ass up, his legs open, his balls hanging between them and his hard cock slapping his abs.

“Wait… what?” asks the wrestler, but then as his hand moves to stroke his own cock to orgasm he quickly sees what he has lost—what wasn’t there anymore. He shouts in absolute shock, trying to touch himself to feel his member—no, it couldn’t be that small cocklet! It must be there somewhere where is his manhood!?

As that happened Henrique has been busy expanding his muscles and body under the bed. He doesn’t feel he’s quite ready to, but soon Eduardo’s hands surrounded his ankle and started to pull him out, so he has to try. He put his hands on the underside of the bed, and started lifting it up, forcing his muscles to thicken and broaden and become denser in order to allow him to do that. As he lifts the bed, Henrique’s whole body trembles and expanded in muscle so fast he can barely control it, and so his cock and balls grow alongside his muscles.

“What?!” says a shocked Eduardo, falling back on his ass as he sees this overmuscular hot hunk appear lifting the bed in front of him, instead of the small animal he’s expecting to pull, his long monster cock having expanded alongside his immense muscles, showing a true hunk with a knee-length manhood.

“Woahh…no! Put me down!” shouts the wrestler, utterly confused, as he tries to jump off of the bed, falling on the ground ass up and fainting. Henrique meanwhile throws the bed on the wall, revealing his muscles glistening in sweat as he has sweated down in Eduardo’s crotch. His handsome body is quite recognizable, as his hero identity has become famous in the recent times.

“Macromale! What are you doing here?!” asks Eduardo as he crawls backwards, completely afraid of his new predicament. Macromale now kneels in front of him, his body growing even more, his muscles moving and expanding, gaining tones and shapes Eduardo can not look away from, as the superhero is now twice (no, thrice!) his own substantial size. Eduardo licks his lips, and his large 35-centimeter manhood oozes pre on his pecs.

“I came to stop the theft of manhoods from innocent athletes that has been happening in our city, but I see now I waited for too long!” says Macromale as he glances at the wrestler’s cocklet; He then looks down at Eduardo’s significant manhood, frowning. “You are the thief, aren’t you? Why is your cock… so small then? 35 centimeters… that’s not nearly as much cock as you have taken from your victims already,” he says, standing up, and Eduardo falls on Macromale’s feet, kissing them. Now his round ass is up, his balls and cock hanging down between his legs again, pointed at the room’s front door.

“Yes, I confess, it was me! Please forgive me, Macromale, I did it because I wanted to have a normal manhood like everyone else!” says Eduardo, glancing up at Macromale’s long waving wiggling penis, dropping droplets of pre on his hair as he bowed between the superhero’s masculine legs. “I…. naturally have a baby cock. It was so tiny that my nickname used to be Ken. When I was 18 years old, though, I started sucking cock and almost immediately discovered that I could grow my own manhood by taking a few centimeters away from other man’s penises—and they never noticed any loss, even as it makes such a difference to me! So I started sucking just a few decimeters from all other jocks I met at swimming competitions, at university, or anywhere, really. Finally, I have a normal-sized cock for the first time in my life, I even got to top! Nothing exaggerated, really, only 15 centimeters, but to me it was the most amazing cock in the world! I was elated! But then it shrunk back into my body, slowly. I noticed then that my own flash was somehow responsible for my tiny cock, pulling the centimeters I have earned from sucking back into my body like a curse! So I started taking more and more size, and expanding my pool of sources… I didn’t mean to harm anyone, I swear! I just wanted to be normal!” explains Eduardo as he kisses and licks Henrique’s toes. The superhero pulls his feet away, standing a step back.

“You didn’t earn anything, you stole all those centimeters from men whose cocks are now smaller thanks to your actions!” Macromale shouts back. “You only tell yourself otherwise in order to be able to sleep at night, when you know very well what you did. You stole those men’s manhoods, used them as you pleased, and when you needed more you didn’t hesitate in turning men like that hunk down there into cockless victims of your voracious mouth!” Henrique accuses, pointing to the wrestler, as Eduardo looks up towards his fat but swinging soft cock. He drools but shakes his head.

“No… no! I didn’t mean any harm! If only my body had given me the cock I deserve, everything would have been right!” he screams, and then shaked his head harder and harder, looking up to Macromale’s soft one eyed snake. “It can’t end like that! It won’t!” Eduardo screams while jumping at Macromale’s body, more particularly his cock, trying to grab it and pull up the foreskin to lick the member and suck away some size in a final desperate act. As that happened, Eduardo’s lips touch Macromale’s glans and his tongue connected to the superhero’s warm oozing slit, and his eyes immediately widened as an immense, endless surge of energy crossed his body traveling towards his manhood.

As Eduardo manages to lick and suckle on Macromale’s cock even for a second, his dick jutted hard and gained a good 5, then 10 and 15 extra centimeters. The amount of power and size he can steal from that abundant source is endless—and even more incredibly, as he sucked and sucked, Macromale’s cock doesn’t lose any volume at all! The hero is not happy, however, as he feels the evil villain feeding on his powers, and lowers his arms around Eduardo’s hips, pulling him upside-down, and then forcing him away from his heroic prick, popping it out from Eduardo’s hungry lips.

“No, noo, no, please! With this I can be a true hunk, a well-endowed stud forever!” cries Eduardo as he tries to resist Henrique’s truly irresistible muscles, as the superhero then throws and finally tackles Eduardo down on the floor, smashing him between the floor and his muscles, making him lose the air in his lungs. Henrique then stands up and pulls Eduardo up by the shoulders, squeezing the villain as he wraps his swimmer’s torso with one of his overmuscular arms, pulling him against his overgrown pectorals and abs, Eduardo’s face far away from Henrique’s swinging drooling but still mostly soft manhood.

“The only thing you’ll become is a defendant in a court of justice!” says Macromale, as he then opens the door to the balcony and turns the lights on and off a certain predetermine number of times in a specific pattern. After that, it doesn’t take too long for Superstud to land with his gigantic truly throbbing cock on the balcony, alongside the rest of his amazingly hot body.

“Macromale, are you all right?! You didn’t report back to us after investigating the locker room!” asks Superstud, as he glanced around seeing the destroyed room with the wrestler knocked down on the ground, and Macromale hugging Eduardo’s body in a tight punitive grip between his muscular arms and chest, as he wiggles his arms and legs uselessly trying to resist his imprisonment. “What happened?” asks the hunky hero to his handsome crush.

As he heard the explanation from Macromale, Superstud shakes his head disapprovingly at Eduardo, who stares at the superhero’s famous and delicious dripping manhood, which dangles teasingly close to his hungry mouth.

“You should never put your own happiness before other’s. What you did was wrong, and stupid. Just so you know, I am looking for a talented teen in Central America whose cum can potentially cancel out most powers—perhaps his abilities could have been the base of a research to find a way to reverse the way your body makes all cock you acquire vanish. But now we won’t know, because you chose the wrong path,” says Superstud, as Macromale nods in agreement. Right then Fábio has opened the door and enters the room, followed by three police officers—he’s not in his usual form as Python, but disguised as a hotel employee.

As the police officers take Eduardo away—not without first putting a gag in his mouth so he couldn’t suck and steal cock anymore—Fábio went to Superstud and slapped his balls.

“I heard your little speech. Nice one,” says the disguised hunk, who right now looks much smaller than his two hero mates. “Does that apply to friends trying to steal their friend’s crushes too?” he teases, and Superstud gets red as his cock bobs up and down, slapping Macromale’s thick and hot amazing muscles, splashing his pre everywhere.

“That’s an entirely different deal!” complains Superstud, flustered, as the police officers look at the three a little confused.

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