New normal

by brazboy

 Pedro is a Brazilian university student who returned to live with his roommates after one and a half years living with his family during the pandemics, but everything is not the same. His roommates Carlos and Henrique will not tell him what exactly has changed, wanting him to see it with his own two eyes.

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It was a cool winter day when I arrived at the Viracopos airport in Campinas, Brazil, not long after noon. As soon as I turned my phone back on, a WhatsApp message from my longtime roommate and childhood friend, Henrique, arrived. It informed me in a short few lines that he couldn’t, in fact, pick me up at the airport as he had promised he would—but that he had sent our mutual friend and roommate, Carlos, to do it in his stead. To me that was perfectly acceptable, but, curious as always, I texted Henrique back asking why he couldn’t come pick me up as he had said he would, while I waited for Carlos to arrive. Surprisingly to me at the time, Henrique wasn’t really busy and immediately replied to my message with a cryptic “you’ll see”. When I inquired him further about it, he simply sent a laughing emoji and changed the subject, asking me about news from our hometown.

As I was keeping myself occupied by looking down towards my cellphone, I didn’t really see Carlos arriving and coming my way in that big, relatively crowded, airport hall. I only really noticed him when he tapped on my shoulder and pulled me in for a hug, which made it for an awkward first real interaction after months apart due to the pandemics. When I did realize what was happening, and who was doing it, my brain kind of short-circuited as it told me that the person hugging me seemed very different from what the Carlos I knew from one and a half years back looked like. Back when we last met, Carlos was about 1,74cm tall, or a good 11cm shorter than I was, and weighted less than 60kg, which made him pretty skinny. Now, on the other hand…

“Dude, did you grow?” I asked, as he let me go from his hug. Taking a step back, I did indeed that notice my old roommate was now not only about five centimeters taller than me now, but much bulkier than he had been before. Even his face seemed different, he definitely look like the same person except more handsome, with a more symmetric face and some minor changes like broader, redder lips. As I processed the sensations of that short but tight hug, I realized I had also felt his arms being much harder than I remembered, while his pecs seemed much meatier too. I could even see them stretching his fancy branded t-shirt, now.

“Is that the first thing you have to say to me, after sixteen months?” he replied, laughing behind his white mask.

“No, of course not. I’m glad to see you again after so long, dude. I missed you a lot,” I said, and he half hugged me again.

“Me too, Pedro. Although you seem somewhat shorter than I remember,” he joked. I didn’t really laugh, I just shrugged.

“Did your bank account also have a growth spurt during the pandemics? I never saw you wearing such fancy branded clothes before. Is your boss paying you extra to wait tables during the pandemics or what?” I replied, trying to mess with him. Surprisingly, his cheeks got red.

“Waiting tables is no easy work, you know,” he said, and then he moved to pick up one of my bags, “But no, these were Henrique’s. He gave them to me when he outgrew his old clothes. I wear them because they still fit me pretty well,” he completed. I raised an eyebrow—from my point of view that shirt was doing a lot of hard, strenuous work, containing my friend’s muscular pectoral and arms. As I felt my eyes wondering lower, he continued and brought my attention back up:

“But that’s enough chatting for now. We have to get out of here, or they’ll charge me extra for the parking,” he said, with a smile. He ended up picking two of my bags with one hand, and putting the other hand behind my back, to lead me towards the gates of the parking lot. I have to say I never cared much about by roommate’s hands before, but now either my brain was playing tricks with me, or I can swear his hand pushing on my back was absolutely huge! While we walked, I was so strongly aware of his touch on my back that I became somewhat stiff, and Carlos teased me for “walking funny.”

“Chill, dude, you are walking like Henrique after he wakes up,” he said, hitting my back with his large hand and fingers twice, to emphasize the hilariousness of his joke. When I asked for clarifications, he just laughed it off and shrugged his arms.

We spent the rest of the way home basically catching up on each other’s lives, and with me reporting to him about how things were going on back home—you know, who was dating whom and whose uncle was hospitalized due to Covid, the usual stuff. When I asked him about how things had been going for Henrique and he, he’d simply not respond, change the subject, or just tell me, “You’ll see when we get home.”

My curiosity only increased.

When the pandemics started and classes moved online I decided to go back home for a while. Generally speaking, I had a good time at home with my family, except that I had to mostly go back into the closet as I’m from a conservative small town and I’m not really ready to have everyone there know about my sexuality yet. As classes were cancelled and things worsened, health-wise, that “while” became increasingly longer, until, after three whole semesters back home, I decided to return to Campinas.

My roommates go to the same university I attend, and are all from the same small backwards city in the countryside of the Brazilian northeast that I was from, but they decided to stay in Campinas and weather out the pandemics. They did so for completely different reasons, however: Carlos, because of his gig waiting tables—which was an important source of money for his family, considering his mother was a recently unemployed lifelong housemaid, whose only source of income other than him was donations by family friends -; and Henrique, because he felt he had nothing to return to after his mother died, leaving him “completely alone in this world,” in his own words, a little bit over two months before the beginning of the pandemics.

We did keep in touch while I was away back home, and Henrique did always demonstrate that he kept himself busy with his “projects”. He told me he was particularly interested in working out more—now that he had a lot more free time on his hands as classes had been cancelled -, and “discovering himself”. The way he talked about self-discovery made me think he had joined some sort of cult or something, for a little while, but my fears were fortunately unfounded. However, my family convinced me that it was important to return to Campinas earlier—my father, because he wanted me to have more experience “living by myself,” and my mother because she wanted me to keep tabs on Henrique. If I am to be completely honest here, she was afraid of how he was dealing with the pandemics and with mourning, and I do have to say that from her point of view she’d be proved to be completely right to be worried.

As for me, I can’t say I was against the idea of going back to Campinas, and getting a little bit of my old “big city life” back. I also missed my best friends, and also the idea not having people recognize me wherever I go. So, when my parents mentioned the possibility of my going back to Campinas before the beginning of the next semester, I jumped on the idea.

We arrived at our house less than half an hour after having left the airport. The place was as nice as I remembered it: it had two floors, five rooms, a swimming pool, a small gym, a nice well-kept lawn in front of it and a big garden in the back, and other amenities (which is rather uncommon in Brazil). The only difference I immediately noticed is that, apparently, they had done some work raising the walls—but that’s nothing out of the ordinary, as Brazilian homes often look like anti-zombie casemates.

The reason we could afford such a nice place was because Henrique’s father had bought it for him when he entered university, three years ago, and now Henrique rented me and Carlos two rooms for symbolic prices as we were friends. We had had other roommates over time, but they had all moved out by now. Oh, did I not mention Henrique’s family is loaded? Yeah, they (I mean he, now) are sitting on a lot of money, as they basically own all of the fruit farms around our town. When we were kids, I remember we called him the “strawberry prince,” exactly due to that, but also because he’d turn red as a strawberry when being picked on. Not that I, particularly, should be making fun of people due to their parents’ circumstances, as my family is also pretty well off by the standards of our impoverished hometown.

Regardless, when we arrived, Carlos and I picked up my luggage in the trunk and moved to get it inside the house. As we did that, Carlos was becoming more and more nervous.

“You know, things have really changed while you were away,” he said. I nodded. “I mean, really changed, you know? You don’t have to like it, or even accept it, that’s fine. But please, try to be nice and take it well, okay?”

“Dude, I have no idea what you are talking about,” I said, laughing, “but how bad can it be?”

“You’ll see,” he answered again, for the millionth time, almost to the point of annoying me.

“Can’t you just tell me now?” I asked, and he looked at me with some apprehension, and suddenly and decisively shook his head.

“I think you would prefer to see it for yourself first. Just remember to be calm and listen to the explanation, all right?” he says, and my eyebrow rises. As I take the luggage out of the car and into the house, I think about what it could be.

As we put the final luggage inside, I looked around our large, well-lit living room.

“And what should I be seeing? All is the same…,” I then looked towards the television, “Well, almost the same. You guys have apparently bought a new TV, and a new game console…,” I continued, now looking at the two t-shirts thrown away on the floor, “and I guess you guys have not been keeping this place as tidy as before. But that’s no reason to panic, dude. I can live with that”. Carlos made a short awkward sound; it was a laughter. That movement shook his pecs, which bounced up and down as he moved my way.

He was close to me now, looking slightly down straight into my eyes. “That’s not what I mean. Just go talk to Henrique and you’ll see. But be nice, okay?” he said, pointing upstairs. I loop up into his eyes—a deep brown that reminded me of mahogany—and then towards the stairs where he was pointing to.

“And when have I ever not been nice to you guys?” I asked him, rhetorically, and walked towards the second floor. Behind me I heard Carlos throwing himself at the couch and sighing.

When my head got to the level of the second floor, I could already feel the air had changed. It was heavy, hot, and musky. It was, in a way, like entering the rainforest. I felt like the windows hadn’t been opened in days, maybe weeks, and I was struck by the strong masculine scent that no doubt was emanating due to the lack of proper ventilation, at least in my mind. As I walked towards the main suite, Henrique’s room, the smell grew stronger and stronger, and I felt it affecting me a little. As I approached the door, I also started hearing some noises: grunts, wood cracking a little, and the sound of fabric sliding on fabric. Then, I heard some movement. The door was closed, so I decided to knock. Nobody replied.

“Hey, dude, it’s me. Can I come in, are you presentable?” I asked.

Then, to my surprised, a much deeper, richer voice than I had expected replied: “Yes, I was waiting for you.”

More than a little curious, I slowly opened the door. The lights were dim inside, so my eyes took some time to adjust and process the image they were capturing, and that soon would be carved forever in my memory. The first sense to be impacted, however, was the smell: it reeked, inside, of a strong masculine perfume. It was like the mixed smell of sweat after a long day of work, cum, and the rainforest. There was something animal about it, something very natural and primitive, which appealed to me. I caught myself breathing more and more deeply, trying to capture the smell in my lungs.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw him, Henrique, mostly laying on his king-size bed, with a bunch of pillows bellow his upper body to help him stand less horizontally. And a king he was: he had grown, and was now certainly the tallest of the three of us, maybe by a whole meter. He was so long that, despite being on the bed, his feet comfortably touched the floor. But even more impressive than his length was his muscle. I have no idea how much he weighed by then, but his pecs jutted forward like two ripe melons, his abs were deep like eight compact guavas, his arms were thick like watermelons, and his legs the size and color of ripe jackfruit. Weirdly, it was not surprising that all that came to my mind seeing him was horniness and the image of fruits: I was hard and I was salivating. His muscles were so thick that his arms and legs rubbed in one another, forcing them to be at an angle and making him look a bit like the Vitruvian man.

I had never seen, or even imagined, anything—anyone—like that before. And that’s before my eye could focus on his dick and balls. Each ball was half laying on the bed and half on his thick thighs: they must have been each the side of a small beach ball, working like miniature factories in such a feverish speed that you could almost see their movement. They emanated so much heat that I was suddenly sweaty. And in between them, as if framed by that god-like body, I could see his meter-long soft cock, reaching down all the way to a small puddle of cum on a plastic bowl where it slowly dribbled more of his seminal fluids while it rested, like a wild animal.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn’t and I ended up almost choking on my own saliva.

“Go on, say something,” Henrique said, in his loud, deep, rich, voice, which resonated in the room and then back in my ears. It almost made me lose strength in my legs. I took a step closer to him.

“You are the one who should say something,” I reply.

“Is there nothing you want to ask me first?” he asked. I was now standing next to his bed, looking down on him, in the only sense that was possible now: literally. I sat on the bed next to him, and now his smell, his appeal, was too strong. I put a hand on his right pec, and when I realized what I was doing I was already caressing it.

“Yes… is this real?”

“Doesn’t it feel real?” he replied, now making a soft moan as my hand caressed his right nipple, slowly. It is amazing to me that such a large man could have such a small and sensitive body part.

Before I could answer, his body’s power over me was simply overwhelming any sense of reality, of social norms, and even reason, that I might have had previously. His pec was there, so deep, so strong; his nipple so soft, so smooth. So close to me.

I leaned down, and then further down.

“It does,” I said as I leaned down, and then my lips met his areola and pressed around his nipple, so I slowly started playing with his large thumb-sized nipple with my tongue. His nipple responded as my tongue danced around it, moving with it and hardening. Henrique moaned again, trying to say something.

“You… you should listen first,” he said, between moans, while I picked pace. My tongue continued caressing his nipple, turning around it, and then, suddenly, it squishes a liquid: it is tasty, it is sweet and potent, like a viscous doce de leite mixed with passionfruit.

At that exact time Henrique moans more loudly, and then moves his strong, heavy, powerful arms, and taps on my back with his oversized right hand. Then he uses it to move my head from his nipple, making a blobbing sound as the suction breaks, and to turn my face towards his own handsome head.

“No, you should really listen before acting,” he said, with a commanding voice, as if trying to convince himself. And then he explained to me what the hell was going on.

According to Henrique, after I left, he dedicated himself to working out and “finding himself”. He had been feeling down due to mourning and even more lonely due to the lockdown and the fact that I wasn’t there and Carlos had to work a lot after his mother lost her job, and so he changed his diet and worked out in our house’s small gym for hours on end. For the first few weeks not much happened, but then he noticed he was growing in height as well as in muscle. His appetite was also growing, both for food and sex, but because of the pandemics he had to satisfy himself alone. His dick had also started growing and eventually he noticed his growing size. He tried to simply not mind it too much for a while, but one day he decided to try to suck himself, which proved to be easier than he had expected once he broke the 25 cm mark (from a pretty high starting point). He also tried swallowing his own cum, which he found surprisingly appealing, and he liked it. He continued doing that and soon he noticed that his growth was accelerating, and he was fast to associate that new development with his new diet.

Soon he was reaching new, unheard of sizes. His changes became so big and evident that after six months he had gained more than 10 centimeters in height, 30 kilograms in weight and 20 centimeters down there too. His dick had, by then, almost doubled. And the effect of his semen on his body also seemed to be increasing exponentially, and not slowing down. After a few months, Carlos asked Henrique to help him “train and grow like him,” which he gladly did. It was during that time that Henrique’s pecs grew even further and started lactating, which in the beginning they treated like a sore and a hassle. However, soon Carlos was suckling his best friends’ milk directly from the source, which also helped his own growth pick up. He was straight, however, and was in a serious relationship, and as such Carlos refused to take other more powerful liquids.

“And now my growth seems to be slowing down. I don’t know if that is because I have reached a physical limit, or if it has to do with my cum. It seemingly had become stronger when Carlos started working out with me, but now I have stagnated. I have hardly grown at all in the last month, and I was hoping you could help me with that…” Henrique said. I had to chuckle. He looked so serious and yet so cute. I was now wondering how I had managed to ever contain myself around that face.

“Dude, look at you and look at me… how can I help a monster like you to grow even more?” I asked, incredulous. His arm shook again, and, like the large well sculptured trunk that it was, it moved towards my body.

“You know…,” and as his strong voice softened, his hand caressed my face, “…after a few weeks drinking my milk, Carlos didn’t only grow his body, but he started to produce milk himself. He has stopped drinking since, because he says he still has to go out and work and look presentable, but he still lactates, and I am pretty sure his cum would also have some effect if he’d let me have any,” he explained. Then, he seemed to blush a little, “So I was wondering if you’d want to try something like that too….”

“Try what? Sucking you and then having you suck me? Growing with you?” I asked, surprised.

“Basically yes, I mean, we’ve always done everything together,” he said, in his most appealing and somehow yet shy voice. His large hand and heavy fingers now moving down from my cheeks to my pectorals and stomach. It then moved under my shirt to caress my skin, making me completely hard.

He continued defending his case, not that it needed much defending: “I think you’d enjoy it, there are many advantages to being my size,” he smiled candidly, “I can see the effect this body has on you.”

“It’s not just this body,” I replied with a low voice.

“What?” he asked, but I ignored.

“Regardless, this isn’t like every other time. You are asking me to suck your cock, to change my body completely, that will change everything!” I continued, and then it was his turn to interrupt me.

“You can stop any time you want,” he reasoned, and his hand moved further south.

“But still, isn’t it dangerous?”

“I’ve never felt better,” and his hand has now found the tip of my dick poking out of my pants.


“Really, and I am sure you’ll feel that way too. I’ll help you as you have always helped me,” his large fingers were now dancing around my dick’s head, “…and don’t you want to give it a go? I know I do.”

“I think we can try. Maybe just this once,” I say, taking my shirt off and then kicking my pants down, as if all inhibition had left me. His hand and arm had given me space to do so, but now that I was naked with my dick free and pointing up, his large manly hand moved towards me. I didn’t even give him much time to act though, and I jumped to hug his pecs and body, rubbing my dick over his abs and then moving my mouth exactly towards his nipple. He started moaning, and as I suckled the milk started flowing, hot and sweet.

I felt so overwhelmed with lust that I started humping his leg, as I suckled on his milk. His dick, however, was also rising, and soon it had risen high behind me and then fallen with a thud on my back, almost hurting me, due to how heavy it was. I did not, however, remove my mouth from the source of all that godly milk to complain, as I was now pressed between a hard, sexy, dense and long meat stick reaching almost to my neck, and the harder, sexier and denser mountainous body of my childhood friend and roommate, who moaned as a response so his dick beating my back and ass, and lodging itself there.

His dick then started throbbing on my back, and covering me on thick, hot, precum. Soon it overflowed from my back, as it increased in volume, making my hair sticky and flowing down my face, mixing with the milk I suckled from Henrique’s nipple. He moaned again and again, and then his heavy thunderous voice whispered commandingly: “let me suck you”. And so I moved clockwise, unwillingly leaving my moist, warm shelter under his dick—which then slapped my giant roommate’s hard abs—while still playing with his overflowing nipple, so that my own hard penis fell close to Henrique’s face. He licked his lips in anticipation, while my own cock was releasing pre.

“You are bigger than I remember too,” he whispered, then opening his mouth and letting my dick in. “It’s because of you, I have never been this hard,” I thought, but I couldn’t say it out loud because any sound other than moaning from me would require my mouth leaving his hard nipple.

He then sucked my cock, first softly and then hard. His tongue played with my mushroom head, circling it, and then with my urethra, which sent shockwaves through my spine. I started fucking his face and sucking his nipples even harder, and his moaning increased in pace as his dick started releasing more and more pre. After some time, his nipple seemed to be releasing less milk, and so my hungry eyes looked for another source of liquid. Before they could find Henrique’s other nipple they met his cock’s single, large and hypnotizing eye. Like a snake, I moved towards it, sliding over Henrique’s wet pectorals and abs, as he laid wide over the bed.

I reached his cock soon, as it was so long as to reach his pectorals, and started hugging it. Now I realized how big my friend had actually become: his cock was certainly more than a meter, maybe a meter and a half long, given his height. It was also as wide as my hand, and I had to hug it with my arms to even intent to encircle its massive girth. Henrique still sucked me until I, in my desire for his long rod, started raising his cock up in a warm embrace, as I increasingly sat on his abs, and, in this movement, I released my dick from his mouth. He made a noise complaining, but I hardly registered it, as his precum overflowed on me and I drank it from his shaft as it were the Fountain of Youth.

“You like it?” he asked, now that he had an empty mouth. “I think it is too sweet for me,” he said.

“It’s wonderful,” I said, completely hypnotized, between one gulp and another.

“You should be careful, no one but me has ever drunk my precum, and Carlos never had as much milk as you at once.”

“It will be fine, you’d never hurt me, would you?”

He doesn’t answer for a second, and then he raises his hand and messes with my sticky hair, using his heavy hand, with fingers fatter than my cock.

“No, never,” he says. Then he moves his hand to his cock, and holds it. He is unable to completely circle his shaft despite the size of his hands, but the sight is still amazing. “You know, it really likes you.”

“I like it too,” I respond. Henrique giggles and the ground in which I sit, his abs, shakes a little.

“It wants to play with you.”

“Never have I wanted anything more,” I respond, looking at his huge red snake, straight like a marble column, crowned by a mushroom much bigger than my own head. I try to hug it but I can’t find attrition as it’s too wet. He then lowers his cock so that it is pressing on me again, this time pressing its large weigh on my dick and stomach, with its demanding head just below my face, which on its turn rested on Henrique’s meaty pecks.

“There it is, now you can do with it as you like,” he says, invitingly. And so I hug it, moving my arms up and down fast as I can to try to contain in my reach as much of his cock as I could. I also move my mouth to drink from the snake’s eye, and my friend’s breathing gets faster.

“You have no idea….,” he says, as I also hump his cock from bellow with my own, “…no idea what this feels like.” I move up slightly from bellow his cock, so my mouth is in front of the snake’s eye and indeed covers it as much as possible. I can’t swallow all the increasing flow of pre but I might as well try.

“I can’t believe we are only…,” he says in between moans, “doing this right now,” and as my arms continue moving, I extend my legs to caress his huge balls with my feet.

“I am going to cum,” he then solemnly informs, and my mouth is ready, my eyes closed.

It comes as a cannon, as fireworks, in several shots. I can hardly get the first, as its strength makes my head fall down again and rest on his meaty pecs. I feel the cum travelling up his cock through my tight embrace, as I feel his industrious balls sending it up with my feet. After a dozen huge wads, his dick begins to dribble cum down on me and I take this opportunity to swallow as much as I can, maybe even half a liter of his semen, and I hadn’t yet exhausted myself.

“Let me try something,” I say.

Henrique, responds, while still trying to catch his breath: “Sure thing, my body is your body.”

I get out from under his still hard and colossal cock, whose shaft now rests on Henrique’s wet abs, and whose head reaches my friend’s meaty pillow-sized milk-chugging pecs. Despite his huge shoulder width, I manage to put my knees on the bed just above each of his shoulders, and as such straighten myself so that pushing forward my hard 19cm dick touched his much larger purple cockhead. With my hand helping guide my cock, I slide it suddenly in his cock slit, using his cum as a lubricant. He moans loudly, calling my name for the first time. I start fucking his cock slit ever faster, and it becomes ever wetter by the second.

“My God, I might just cum again,” he says, between moans. I am so focused on not falling, and on keeping the strokes as long as possible as well as not leaving his wet cock cave, that I don’t even reply. My speed increases, as well as do the pitches of my moans. Our sweats are mixing, and the smell of the suite gets ever stronger.

“I can… hardly… believe this,” he says, with his hands now having moved towards massaging my ass cheeks, then moving up to my abs and timid pectoral muscles, as if bathing on my body. The heat and size of his hands also being incredibly erotic to me.

“I can’t take it anymore,” I gasp, and then suddenly I cum in his dick, while also throwing myself over the large masculine organ, with my own pipe remaining firmly in his slit.

“Don’t stop now,” says my friend, who then holds my waist with his two hands and uses my body to pressure his dick on his abs and pecs, and starts masturbating between our bodies. After a while, his ass is leaving the bed as he humps on my body and his abs with more and more strength, and the bed itself is making increasingly loud and dangerous noises.

And suddenly he releases, the strength of his spurts hitting my dick and making it completely overwhelmed by his volume. I become completely drenched in his cum, from head to toe now. He lifts me with his hands that had held me to his dick, and now hugs me on his right side.

“Pedro, why has it taken us so long?”

“I….,” I started, but I didn’t even know what to say. I didn’t know if he was referring to me seeing his size, or our having sex, or both, or either. After a while I completed: “I don’t know, you never told me.”

We were laying on the bed, my head on his muscular arm. He looked down towards me and I looked up towards his handsome face. He was drenched in cum and sweat, as I am sure I was and the whole room must have been—but he smiled, for some reason.

“Well, you never asked,” he said, and I look away, towards the ceiling. It was also white with his cum.


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