The Grand Duke’s punishment

by brazboy

In Panalaran there are many stories. One is that of the rebel Grand Duke who for his treason was impaled on the King’s Grand Cock, but who was forgiven for the Gods willed him to survive.

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The King’s army re-entered the capital city in a grand triumphant parade, after having crushed the revolt led by the Grand Duke of Novestefan, “under the weight of his balls,” as it was said at the time. The Grand Duke had fought bravely for seven years after the young King’s ascension to the throne, trying to recover his realm’s former independence, but the southern Earls betrayed their secret alliance and joined the young King’s strong forces when his army made a visit to their fiefdoms.

Despite that betrayal, the Grand Duke resisted for a long time, and for many summers he managed to defend his lands against the loyalist forces. Even after the terrible destruction that this eventually conflict brought to the Greater North, His Grace still was known as a good leader and was praised by the minstrels who sang all throughout the Kingdom. Alongside his nobility in battle, the songs praised his shaft “of kingly length and imperial girth,” and his cum “of honey-like texture and spring-like smell, seeding the valleys with life like the summer rains.” Nonetheless, after his castle had been surrounded by the King’s troops, led personally by His Highness, the Grand Duke surrendered, knowing that his cause had no longer a chance to triumph. In his place the Court installed his 19-year-old younger brother, and the rebel noble was taken back to the capital for his punishment.

The victorious parade celebrated the victory of King Angelin in the battlefield, against Grand Duke Korago, finally leading to the unification of all of Panalaran under the shadow of his dick. “One people under one king,” proclaimed the banners alongside the capital’s major streets.

Proud of his achievement His Highness led the triumphant parade, as he had done in the field during the battles, appearing in front of the crowd riding in his large 16-horses chariot. As King Angelin entered the capital city, the crowds cheered him, and later revered as he was followed by the first royal army—the army of war heroes: one line of man after the other, with their swords and spears raised up, marching pridefully through the main avenue of the capital, all the way to the grand square in front of the Temple of Goddess Fortuna. Behind the first royal army came the captured rebel troops, followed by the looted treasures and, above all, the Grand Duke himself, tied to the floor or a large wooden cart in a humiliating fashion—with his ass facing the sun and his head pointing towards the dirt.

Usually, the enemy would be scorned, but the citizens of the capital showed only silence towards their defeated countrymen, many of whom in other circumstances would be friend, colleagues and neighbors. They had also head songs about the Grand Duke and couldn’t help but be impressed by his physique. “King-like,” “godly,” “amazing,” were all whispers heard as he passed. The song and cheering returned only when the next set of carts passed by the public, showing the exotic fruits and treasures captured in Novestefan—articles of luxury which the capital had been missing for these last 7 years.

At the Temple of Fortuna, the King was brought up the stairs, each one of the tall steps representing one of the 77 challenges of the ascension a man had to overcome to reach the skies, his cock rubbing on the cold marble behind his as he advanced, being slightly hurt by the sharp edges of the steps he left behind. At the very top, King Angelin then turned around, towards the crowd, and seated on his Golden Chair in front of the temple’s door. He then lifted his two powerful arms, causing the peasants bellow to cheer him as his long cock rested on the steps and started flowing his kingly liquids down towards the grand plaza.

His white and purple toga, his long light brown hair and the marble temple capturing the Sun’s light around him made the King look almost godly, from bellow. The peasants, looking up, indeed saw an otherworldly picture: their muscular young king, two or three times the size of a peasant male in both height and width, sitting in a golden throne with his muscles enveloped in a toga made of the finest silk—which revealed his strong muscles, and even the veins under his skin, if one were close enough to see. From his loins, three immense, beautifully painted appendages could be seen: two large orbs—his balls—painted in blue, red and gold, known as the ‘ball of the rising and setting sun, bringers of life and fertility’; each one of them was larger than a horse and was too heavy to be carried by one. In the middle, one found his dick, which extended the whole ten meters down the stairs from the temple to the ground, “the connector of this world and the next, the seeder and the eater,” they called it.

As he watched the rest of his triumphant parade, the King’s cock had also started chugging precum, “the Kingly elixir”—as it was known in the capital—and the bravest warriors of the first army were allowed to approach the head of the King’s cock, swear felty to Him by bowing and kissing his cockhead, and drink as much as they could of the copious sweet and salty liquid which it released onto the masses. This procedure went on for hours, until all soldiers had been given a change to drink from the King’s source, and his seed had in fact conquered all the large square in front of the Temple of Fortuna, reproducing metaphorically the foundation of the kingdom through the fertilization of the land by the primordial Gods.

It was at this very moment in the ceremony that the Grand Duke arrived in the main square, heads down, arms, legs and dick tied to the large unceremonious cart that carried him like cattle. He was then released from the ropes that kept him down and attached to the cart, and immediately kicked down to the mud of the streets by the guards, a mix of soil and the king’s elixir dirtying the nobleman’s body. When he looked up, the King, formerly almost his equal, now looked unreachably high. His cock fed the army and revived the Kingdom, while the former Grand Duke’s also sizeable appendage was dry, due to a long period of not being properly fed while in jail.

The High Priest of Fortuna appeared from the side, and asked in a loud voice:

“You, lowly rebel, do you confess to your crimes and ask for the God-King’s forgiveness, or do you wish to be punished by His fury?”

The Grand Duke knew that the proper reply would be to ask for forgiveness, then he’d be treated like a nobleman and have his head severed from his body. That way death would be instant and honorable. Instead, he chose to die as a “fallen,” a traitor to the natural laws: he’d be impaled by the King’s humongous cock, slowly, and surely, until he died.

His ass tightened at the thought, but he raised his face from the mud to respond, with the pride of a thousand generations behind him:

“I do not admit to any wrongdoing!” The whole crowd broke in murmurs, until the King raised his muscular hand once more, looking directly into the Grand Duke’s eyes.

“If he insists on being treated like a traitor, so, by the will of the Gods, he will be treated as one,” he said, his voice dominating over the crowd, and then lowered his hand.

Immediately, King Angelin’s loyal army started rubbing his dick, in order to make it harder. Other members of the army caried Grand Duke Korago’s body towards the tip of the King’s cock.

Despite being a nobleman, nobody fully expected the Grand Duke to even be able to take the King’s cockhead before he bled to death, because its girth much surpassed that of any human body. Surprisingly, however, the Grand Duke’s frame was flexible and proved able to accommodate the king’s girth pretty well. Of course, as the immense dick pushed into the Grand Duke’s ass, it caused him incomparable pain: his bones broke, his large muscular legs were pushed to the side and started looking like useless bulbs sticking from his overextended skin, and his organs were rearranged as his lower body completely changed from its former slim form into a circular one, to accommodate His Highness’s organ.

A deep scream could be heard all over the capital, as Grand Duke Korago’s body was pushed further and further down the King’s cock by the army men—but, surprisingly, his screams turned from pain into pleasure soon enough. The royal cock indeed broke all resistance and made the Grand Duke his slave, but not in the way it was expected: the Grand Duke’s intestines were adjusting to engulf the immense regal stick without bursting, and even as His Grace was pushed further down the royal cock, he seemed increasingly resigned—and even comfortable—with his fate. His whole body became cylindrical, his guts were pushed forwards and his spine backwards, to give way to the royal length, but nonetheless Grand Duke Korago found pleasure in it, and to everyone’s surprise, he asked for more.

“More of the King’s cock! The rebel is indeed without any respect, made of pure egotism!” complained the High Priest to the King’s ears. The King smiled, however, as in his mind his cock seemed to melt as it felt a sort of pressure, or tightness, that it had never felt before.

“Let him be as egotistic as he like. Let him ask for cock until he regrets it,” said the King, and the High Priest nodded.

But it was the King who was succumbing to the Grand Duke’s body. Soon, the Grand Duke could no longer scream, as large amounts of His Highness’s precum flowed up his intestines, through his stomach and neck to leave his body from his mouth. This event alone was unprecedented, and the High Priest exclaimed in despair that it signified great harm to the Kingdom, advising King Angelin to just cut Grand Duke Korago’s head already. The King denied, repeating that the Grand Duke’s punishment had already been decided and was indeed being carried out, between his own moans and grunts, which were now the only ones echoing in the main square.

“The Gods don’t will it,” concluded the King, in a spam. “Let them decide.”

As night came, and the King’s cock reached halfway through the body of the still living Grand Duke, the King was panting. The experience of being enveloped by human flesh was new to him—nobody in the nobility, given their size, had ever felt anything like that. He was enjoying it, and had been enjoying it for a few hours now; in fact, he feared more and more that he’d never feel it again, and that all other feelings would pale in comparison to this. His copious royal precum was now flooding the city streets, and he felt closer to cuming than ever before—in fact, the King thought to himself, this would be the strongest orgasm he would have ever had in his life. The strongest and the most fulfilling. He ordered his wife to be brought in, as this might be the ideal one to produce his heir.

Time continued passing and the royal guard continued pulling Grand Duke Korago further and further down the royal shaft. His Highness’s dick pushed through the stomach of the nobleman, and then suddenly the Grand Duke fell completely silent: not because he was dead, but because the royal dick ruined his vocal cords. He continued humping his totally deformed hips, however, and moaning in pleasure as his organs and senses adjusted to their new surrounding… or rather, to surrounding their new impaler, a trunk to call their home.

The king’s cockhead widened the Grand Duke’s neck, making it larger and larger, until it could not be distinguished from the rest of his body anymore. From there on, it took only a few minutes for the cockhead to appear at the back of the Grand Duke’s mouth, and then to force it wide open and stretch it completely, as it passed, like a snake’s head opening to allow its prey in, but the other way round. The prey, the one-eyed snake of the King, was the one leaving. As the first rays of the morning were making themselves visible in the capital’s sky, so had the red cockhead of the sovereign completely crossed the Grand Duke’s body and emerged on the other side, with him still being alive!

Incredibly, that led to the guards who were still working on the Grand Duke’s punishment after the whole night to shout “Long Live the King, Long Live the Grand Duke!” and celebrate. Simultaneously, after many hours edging, the King started thrusting his dick back and forth, which meant the soldiers could no longer control the movement of the Grand Duke’s body- now completely at the mercy of the royal phallus. As the Grand Duke was still attached to his own large and heavy hard cock and balls, however, the King’s movements made the Grand Duke’s body be quickly thrusted further and further down his royal shaft, and then up again; and then down, and then up; and down and up, and down and up—several times—until the King finally came with a monumental orgasm that lasted five minutes and made cum rain over the capital city.

That was not the only cum fated to fall on the capital that day, however, as the many thousands of liters of cum passing through his hyperextended body, plus the friction in his insides when the King thrusted his cock through him several times, made the Grand Duke’s immense penis also rain seed over the town; equally delicious, rich and noble seed to that of His Highness. This double orgasm certainly represented a new era of prosperity for Panalaron, and so the High Priest, recognizing the will of the Gods, fell to his knees and prayed for forgiveness for being a weak believer.

Tired but finally satisfied, the King proclaimed the Gods had in fact spared the life of the Grand Duke, who’d now live with him in the Royal Court and become his mayor-of-the-Palace—the second highest position in the land. They then went, together—the Grand Duke still resting around the royal cock—back to the king’s room to find privacy. For a while, there was the expectation that the Grand Duke would eventually pass away due to starvation, but, thanks to his tight presence around the royal shaft, the King was cumming now not out of duty but truly pleasurably, several times a day and abundantly, his huge erection always showering the Grand Duke’s slim body with cum and precum which brought him more than enough nourishment.

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