Honorato Jerga and the Incan relics

by brazboy

Honorato Jerga, the famous historian and archeologist, is given clues about the location of Eldorado, which might be where a powerful ancient relic lies—one whose masculine powers had been desired by many for ages. He takes his trusted student, Horacio, to follow him as he meets enemies and old friends deep in the Peruvian jungle.

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Part 1: Search for Wonders Honorato Jerga, the famous historian and archeologist, is given clues about the location of Eldorado, which might be where a powerful ancient relic lies—one whose masculine powers had been desired by many for ages. He takes his trusted student, Horacio, to follow him as he meets enemies and old friends deep in the Peruvian jungle. (added: 9 Sep 2023)
Part 2: The Camp
Part 3: Eldorado The explorers penetrate deeper into the hidden Peruvian city, each with their own agendas—but the ancient Incan sex god whose temple they disturb may have plans of his own. (added: 16 Sep 2023)
Part 4: Inti’s Curses
Part 5: Back to Brazil
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Part 1: Search for Wonders

Honorato Jerga is in the middle of class when he notices a strange pair waiting outside of his classroom. He continues the lecture unfazed, talking of the ancient wonders of the Andes mountains to his large group of undergraduate students.

“And so, we can only imagine the sorts of mysteries and treasures lost to time, and whose memory we have been denied due to destruction of the Andean cultural traditions after the Spanish conquest,” he says, and then he turns around and writes “Andean culture” and “Spanish conquest” on the blackboard behind him. Some of his students glance not at the words, but at his thick muscular arms flexing as he writes them—Honorato Jerga is unusually young and unusually handsome for a senior scholar, at only 29 years of age, and he makes sure his body was as attractive as his wits.

As he starts talking about the Incan religion, however, the bells of the nearby Church of the Immaculate Conception start ringing, announcing the hour and the end of his class. Most students leave, chatting as they go, but one of them, a freshman who is interested in pursuing a Master’s Degree under Jerga in the future, stays after class to talk to him. At the very same time, as Horacio goes to ask Jerga to read and comment on his new research project proposal, though, the two mysterious figures waiting outside invade the large but empty classroom.

“Professor Jerga, hello!” says the tall and pretty woman. “My name is Patricia Gimenez, and this is my colleague, Juan Santiago. We have come from the University of Barcelona because we know that you are the biggest name in the historical field with expertise in ancient Perú, and we have a clue to what can be the biggest finding in Andean archeology since Machu Picchu.” Juan glances towards Horacio. Honorato Jerga seems suspicious, both of their claim and of their own persons, as he has never heard those names before despite knowing everyone who had published anything of note in his field of study.

“You might be wondering who we are, Professor Jerga,” Juan says. “Patricia and I are not archeologists; we study linguistics, and that is why we came to you. We just found an ancient text which we believe gives us a clue about the location of the lost grand Inca city of Eldorado.” Horacio lifts an eyebrow, confused and surprised, as Jerga laughs.

“Eldorado is a myth, it doesn’t exist. People have been looking for it for centuries, and all they have found is jungle,” says the scholar, picking up his books from over his desk, before he calls Horacio to follow him out of the classroom. Juan and Patrícia look at each other then, and nod.

“You are wrong, professor, the stories are real. Eldorado… the city of Z… they exist,” says Juan, as he pulls an ancient manuscript from under his coat, and shows it to Jerga. “We have this 16th century text by a mestizo author providing all the clues and indications. We just need an expert to guide us since we don’t know all the historical and geographical references,” The professor grabs the journal and starts quickly reading its contents, written in a mix of Spanish and Quechua. As he reads, Honorato’s eyes begin to widen, in surprise, followed by shock and wonder.

“This… is the real deal,” says the academic hunk, as he bites his lips, his mind traveling to the distant realm of possibilities. There were so many hopes and stories that he had conjectured about, but which he had since come to second guess. Perhaps, perhaps there was a chance that now he can write his name in the field of historiography forever, and perhaps even find some of the lost ancient Incan relics that so many had searched for throughout history.

“But we must depart quickly, professor. We have reason to believe that the Americans and the Chinese have also found about this text, as copies of it made in the nineteenth century have gone missing, and they might well be a few days ahead of us in this search…” says Patrícia, before she touches Honorato’s mighty arms, attempting to seduce the handsome man. “You understand whoever finds this place will be in the history books. But we must go immediately. We have a plane waiting for us at the airport,” she informs him.

While reading the text attentively, Honorato starts to believe its authenticity. He nods, slowly and then fully convinced of embarking in this journey.

“Okay, I’ll check more in our way to Perú, but you have me intrigued,” he starts, and then he turns to Horacio. “Lad, you now have a new research proposal,” he says, and forcefully gets the silent agreement of Patricia and Juan that the undergraduate student should join their small expedition, before the four of them stride urgently out of the empty classroom.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Before meeting Juan and Patricia outside, Honorato runs to his office and gathers a few tools and a bag. He ushers Horacio in and orders the lad to collect a notebook and pens, as well as some maps, as he himself opens the locker of a drawer on his deck and grabs some papers, which he then stuffs in hidden pockets all over his jacket.

“Professor Honorato, is this really true? Are we really going to find Eldorado?” asks the handsome student, a bit overwhelmed. He is taller even than professor Honorato, at 191 centimeters of height against Jerga’s humbler 189 centimeters, but not quite as well-built as his academic advisor. The muscular professor nods, pushing brushes and other tools into his bag so fast that his arms stretch his shirt as if close to ripping it. Honorato then puts his bag around his shoulders, which serves to frame his thick chest even more handsomely. He moves a few steps closer to Horacio and lays his hand on the lad’s shoulder, his mouth approaching his ear, almost whispering to him.

“Yes, lad, the book is real and we have a good chance of finding Eldorado and the treasures within it, the most important of which are not the golden plates of the city, which are likely to have been lost, but the artifacts of incalculable historic value which any visitor would have taken as useless relics,” says the scholar as his student nods. “If we do get there, I need you to keep a straight face, all right? This couple seems ordinary but there is nothing normal in college professors having access to private jets… someone is sponsoring this, and they want something out of us. They’ll keep an eye on me, so I need you to keep an eye on them and on artifacts that cannot fall into the wrong hands,” he explains, and Horacio nods.

“Which artifacts, Professor Jerga?” asks the curious handsome lad, as his face glows with excitement for the incredible adventure ahead of them. The professor pulls out a piece of paper out of his jacket, one of those he had taken from his drawer—it shows a rough sketch of an ornately-designed ring.

“This, Inti’s ring, is the most important. If you find this object do not alert anyone, just take it and keep it close to you—but do not wear it, unless it’s an emergency. We absolutely cannot let it fall in wrong hands. Understand?” asks the professor, and Horacio nods absently as he watched Honorato’s tense muscles flex and relax. “I asks if you understand, lad?” repeats the professor more seriously, and Horacio comes back to himself.

“Of course, Professor Jerga! Be your eyes, take notes, and get a hold of this ring!” he says and the older hunk nods, as he puts the paper away again. Soon, after they gathered everything, Horacio and Honorato run out of the university building to find Juan and Patrícia waiting for them with a large van at the parking lot, and then the four of them drive to the airport of Campos de Marte where a jet has been waiting for them.

In less than an hour they are flying from São Paulo to Lima where they catch another smaller passenger plane which flies them up to a private airport near Cuzco. Horacio uses this time to scribble in his notebook and try to picture and remember the image of the ring, while Honorato Jerga is looking at maps and triangulating positions using the descriptions from the book, which he is also memorizing.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Honorato is driving a 4x4 jeep over the dirt roads of the Andes mountains, on the way to the location described in the book, according to his translation. Patricia is sitting next to him, glancing at maps, while Horacio and Juan sit in the back with all the bags they have with them.

“Are you sure this is the right road, Professor Jerga? It seems quite… bumpy. Abandoned. I don’t think the Chinese and Americans came this way…” asks Juan as he sweats cold from all the bumps on the road, and also due to the car almost sliding in the mud at times. He gets particularly nervous as the road is a small strip of land between a tall mountain and a huge cliff, both of which can lead to their deaths if Honorato happened to make any mistakes.

“Yes! This road is not very used because it’s in poor conditions, but it will help us get to the location faster and decrease the distance we are behind of the other teams!” explains Jerga, almost screaming over the noise of wind and road. When Juan is about to respond, though, there is a sudden curve and handsome Horacio almost falls atop the smaller Spanish man, his hand squeezing the foreign professor’s bulge as he almost gasps in pain.

“Sorry, professor,” says Horacio, embarrassed, before turning and sitting straight on his seat again, before grabbing the books he let fall in the seat and which he had been reading. Juan says nothing, envious of the young hunk’s physical size, his thick muscles, his amazing arm. He bites his lips as he feels his cock throbbing under his pants, engorging slightly.

“Try to be more careful,” he responds finally, and Horacio nods, but then almost immediately he gasps in shock and points out of the car.

“Look!” he shouts, and then Patricia and Juan glance outside, and see a large clearing in the valley below where an ancient temple carved straight into the rocky side of a massive mountain can be seen. The clearing was occupied with tents and many men going back and forth—the tents are divided into two camps, one with an American flag in the middle, and the second waiving a bright red Chinese flag.

“We are almost there,” says Jerga, smirking, knowing exactly what the three of his companions are staring at, without even taking his eyes off the road.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Gang Chang, the bulky leader of the Chinese archeological team, enters the temple after his underlings have cleared it out of debris and plants, digging all the way from the entrance to an absolutely solid wall of stone at the back, which was indeed the mountain itself. He glances around as the leader of the excavation team narrates to him that which they have found: jars, pots, and a lot of other invaluable historic items—but no secret or hidden paths, and no city of gold.

“Liu, I don’t care about terracotta jars,” says Chang in Mandarin, and the other man nods, silently, before the overly muscular boss sighs, and shoos everyone away except the head of the excavation team. “Now, the Americans are excavating the northern entrance of the temple, but I checked the book and it clearly says that the ‘door’ was reached from the ‘wet’ hole, which is the south, as that’s where the sun reaches the least in the southern hemisphere… are you sure you haven’t found anything of real note to me?” asks Chang seriously, taking a few steps back and forth.

Liu swallows dry as he watches the bulky boss move—truth is almost everyone on the team feels an innate physical subordination to Chang, as he is both naturally bulky and sculpted by his own design, a body which betrays his capacity to focus and achieve results at all costs. Their boss was heard working out in his tent and seen running around the camp early at dawn, and such exercises paid off both in the respect of the men and his own physicality—Chang is a superb example of strong and imposing masculinity whose muscles fill his clothes almost to the point of being obscene.

“Well, sir, we have found a room without… anything, really, except a single statue. Some men swear that the statue was damp when they touched it, but it can easily just be the natural humidity of the air here as this temple is effectively a cave…” starts Liu skeptically, as Chang raises his arm and shakes his head.

“Just show it to me, Liu. You are hired to dig, not to make decisions about what is important and what isn’t,” responds Chang, and Liu bites his lips and nods and the two men walk deeper and deeper into the temple.

Soon, they are so deep inside that there is no sunlight, and Chang and Liu use flashlights to show the way; one can hear the dripping of water and the flying of bats. That goes on until they enter a large square room whose only door is the one they use to access it—it is also the temple’s deepest room inside the mountain.

Chang looks around, pointing his flashlight everywhere, and then he sees the statue in the middle of the room—it was clearly a wet phallic from, and water dripped on it from the ceiling, one droplet at a time. Chang gasps seeing the beautiful and immense phallic statue, kneeling next to it, as he appreciated its form, its immense half-a-meter-long size, and its perfect shape, despite having been made without metal tools. Every natural male vein can be clearly seen and felt, and even the statue’s slit seems almost alive! Liu sees his boss appreciating the stone cock, and lowers his hand to his own bulge to readjust, as he thought the idea of his handsome boss looking at an ancient stone cock was actually kind of hot.

“It is just like in the book…” whispers the Chinese archeologist, and then he lifts a hand and touches the statue. “So wet…” he says and smirks, before taking his finger to his lips and licking it. “This taste… it cannot be a coincidence. It smells of men,” he whispers to himself before grabbing a book from under his coat, reading some lines, and investigating the statue more attentively.

When he feels he has investigated the stone cock sufficiently, Chang turns to Liu, frowning. “Who else knows about this?” he asks, and Liu shrugs.

“Only the two of us and the two workers who dug this room,” says Liu, and Chang nods.

“Get them here now… now!” he orders, and Liu runs out and calls the two workers to the room. As he comes back with the workers, Chang is standing up, caressing the erect stone dildo, with his other hand on his hips, watching the door.

“Sir, yes sir?” ask the two workers, as Liu frowns seeing Chang’s uncomfortable pose. Chang clears his throat, and then lifts an eyebrow.

“You two didn’t tell anyone else about this, did you?” he asks, and then men confirm. Chang nods too, and then quickly he pulls out a gun, and everyone gasps. He smirks, and then shoots the two men, who fall on the ground alive but bleeding quickly. Liu stares in shock, and turns to run around, but he is grabs by bulky and muscular Chang, and shaken, almost thrown to the ground.

“Now no one can stop me anymore, Liu! The secrets of the Incas and their powers will be mine! Undress… I want you to impale yourself on that statue from your rear end! That will open the path to Eldorado!” says Chang, laughing maniacally.

Liu gasps, shaking his head in denial. “Sir, what you are saying… its… its madness!” he says, but Chang slaps his face and Liu takes a step back in shock, and then under the threat of being shot he starts undressing. Chang laughs the whole time, as Liu exposes firstly his own nice chest, developed from real life work digging, carrying tools and dirt, and doing other kind of natural exercising. He then lowered his pants, revealing his juicy ass and his thick 26-centimeter-long cock, fully hard, despite his fears. Chang laughs seeing that, and lowered his weapon to poke at the exposed cock, which trembles with the threat and humiliation.

“A perfect sacrifice for Inti, a nice juicy cock if I’ve ever seen one! Almost makes me regret that I don’t fraternize with crewmembers,” mocks Chang, noticing the thick rod was thicker even than his weapon, but yet, much less powerful, albeit wetter. “Now go, that statue isn’t going to slide inside your ass by itself!” orders Chang, and Liu sighs.

“You will never get away with this, Dr. Chang! Soon someone will get after you and punish you for your misdeeds!” threatens Liu as he climbs the pedestal of the statue, one foot on each side, and then slowly lowers his ass until it touches the wet top of the stone cock. He thought doing that would be cold and uncomfortable but, to his surprise, the water falling on the stone was rather warm, and sitting atop the stone was comfortable—his cock even throbs, as he did so, and his asshole felt nice as it touched the tip of the cock-like statue.

“No, I will get myself treasures and powers you don’t even imagine, and nobody will be able to stop me, then, or punish me!” says Chang, laughing as his body trembles and his muscles flexed and contracted in delight. He then slaps and plays with Liu’s hard drooling cock using his gun again, before he grabs the other man’s balls with his free hand and pulls them down.

“Come on, I don’t have all day!” barks the muscular maniac, and Liu cries in pain as he is forced to lower his body on the statue, his hole stretching impressively around the statue’s cockhead, slowly and then quickly wrapping around the stone. In a way that seems impossible, Liu manages to bite his lips as his ass was stretched beyond all imagination, until in one second it hugs the widest part of the stone glans, and then the gigantic rod simply slides inside Liu’s hungry rear, as the impaled Chinese worker moans and trembles, his prostate compressed as his intestines were filled to capacity. Chang laughs as Liu’s cock throbs and leaks amazing amounts of pre, and his eyes roll in incredible pleasure. Liu’s ass is stretched beyond believe as stone slides dozens of centimeters at a time inside his self, stretching his ass and his intestines, as well as compressing his prostate and even creating a bump on his well-carved abs.

Liu starts drooling of pleasure as suddenly his body feels a huge surge of electricity and heat charge his body from the rear, as he trembles and his cock throbs slapping his abs. More and more stone rod overfills and overstretches his hungry and hungrier hole. Half of the carved cock is still outside of Liu’s ass, and impatient Chang puts down his weapon, grabs Liu around his nicely sculptured hips, and starts pulling him down on the stone to his amazing bliss. Liu gags in pleasure, and as his prostate is slammed and his intestines stretched 30, 40, and finally 50 centimeters deep inside his body, Liu comes abundantly, covering Chang’s face with his male milk, coating Chang’s neck, hair and his clothes as well. Liu’s cock simply orgasms two dozen jets of impossibly thick milk as his legs tremble to the sides on amazing pleasure, and as his buns touch the base of the statue, now completely warmed by his orgasmic body. Immediately, the room itself begins to tremble as Liu’s cock did.

“Finally, finally!!!” shouts Chang, as he licks his lips and then laughs, turning around as the walls of the room seem to tremble before opening up another door, which seems to lead…outside!? The passage leads to another ruined city covered by jungle, but one where a few golden plates can be seen on the top of the tallest and most impressive buildings. It was real. It was Eldorado!

By then, Liu has lost any ability to think as his body is completely filled by the stone cock. His cock is shooting, and shooting without end, but soon his balls are empty and his cock trembles and orgasms totally dry. Chang laughs, grabs Liu’s face, and kisses him as one of his hands pinches Liu’s nipples, his tongue swirling inside of Liu’s barely responsive but drooling mouth.

“The kiss of a sacrifice, as sweet and wet as the book described!” says Chang, before he walks out of the room through the other door. Once he is fully outside, he pulls his gun and shoots Liu in the heart. Liu bleeds quickly, becoming cold and dying, and as his ass becomes unresponsive and his heartbeat no longer trembles his overfilled ass around the statue, the room rocks again and the door to the mysterious ruins is closed, leaving Chang alone in the ruins of the lost city of gold.


Part 2: The Camp

Honorato, Horacio, Patricia, and Juan arrive at the big clearing between two pyramids and in front of the large mountain-carved temple where the Chinese and American camps are set. They see the anxious movement of the Chinese and the Americans left and right, in and out of the two respective south and north façades of the temple, as they continue their archeological digging. As he parks the Jeep, Honorato Jerga jumps out of the car, followed by his handsome student, and the two of them start power-walking towards the American camp, as Patrícia and Juan run after them.

“What are you doing, Professor Jerga?! The Americans have occupied the northern part of the compound, we can’t simply walk in like that…” protests a worried Patricia, as Jerga shrugs.

“Why not? I bet they have no permission to be here either way, and I just want to inspect the grounds of the temple. I won’t get in the way of their activities,” says the hunky scholar, as American workers glare at the group walking unfazed towards the temple.

As Jerga climbs the stairs, however, a tall blond man leaves the front door and stops ahead of him. He is an impressive 205 centimeters of deliciously thick and barely covered muscle, with a full and bouncy bulge in the middle, and he frowns as he sees Jerga before noticing the three other people in Jerga’s small entourage.

“Professor Smith,” says Jerga, as he takes the last step to the top of the temple, his face stern. The blond giant then opens a broad smile, opens his arms, and hugs Jerga as their muscular bodies slam together, mixing their sweat as they rub against each other—massive chest against massive chest, and bulge against bulge. Watching that, Horacio’s cock trembles as he bites his lips, lowering his hand to readjust.

“Big Professor Jerga!! I knew you would be coming, and I knew that just like me you’d get to the same conclusion—the door is reached from the wet hole; in the rainy season before the Spanish invasion, there was a stream running from this mountain down to the river at the bottom of the valley, and it formed a waterfall here in the northern face of the mountain. There can be no other answer to this puzzle!” says Professor Henry Smith before pulling away from the tight hug in which the two academic hunks squeezed one another and let their bulges slam together, as the scholars moved their hips slightly left and right, as if wanting to have their bulges rubbing amicably against one another.

“I don’t know about that last part, but you are definitely right about there being something important here in the northern entrance of the temple,” says Jerga, and then he glances down and introduces his student, handsome and cute Horacio, to the overly muscular American academic.

“I see your taste hasn’t changed, Jerga! Tall and muscular studs with a soft face, huh?” comments Professor Smith before offering a Horacio a handshake, making the undergraduate hunk blush—especially as he sees how much Professor Smith’s muscles stretch his sleeves when flexing, almost bursting the fabric. Actually, now that he pays attention to it, Horacio can’t help but see Henry Smith’s thick twin nipples clearly squeezed by the tight fabric, which manages to contain the hunk’s broad and exquisite chest.

“Henry, come on, this is in the past. I don’t date students…” protests Jerga, and Smith laughs as his hand lets go of Horacio’s, and he looks at the lad’s blushing face.

“I guess you aren’t lying… does that mean I still have a chance?” asks Smith, and Jerga sighs. Horacio glares at the men after what he heard.

“Come on, Henry, we followed our different paths when you chose to abandon the scholarly world and become a treasure hunter for your country’s wealthiest patrons,” says Jerga. “We decided to follow the dreams of our youth in two different ways and they are not compatible.”

Henry Smith shakes his head. “Don’t say that in front of the lad, he’ll think I’m a pirate who only does archeology for money,” he responds, before turning to Horacio. “I do it like this because my patrons allow me to have the best personnel and the best tools to research, although I can’t deny the obvious, my patrons pay much better than Jerga’s…” Henry explains with a smile, and then Horacio notices the older hunk is wearing an extremely expensive watch. “But well, that doesn’t matter now, does it? I guess you are hoping to see inside the temple… come in, I have found many treasures but we seem to have hit a wall when it comes to clues about Eldorado…” says Smith, and then he, Jerga, and the three of the members of Jerga’s entourage go back inside the temple.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The five of them enter the temple through the northern front, penetrating deeply though long lines of columns carved directly through the basaltic stone, each, Horacio slowly notes, shaped like a gigantic superhuman cock. Soon it is totally dark, and only the improvised light system that Henry’s team has put in place provide any light to their crew and to Henry’s men working removing debris and cataloguing newfound treasures.

“This is amazing. Look at the level of detail of these painting and reliefs!” comments Horacio, gasping as he looks at the drawings of snakes, parrots, jaguars and humans, some of which seem to have a gigantic proportion in terms of their height next to the others—being particularly disproportionate in the size of the organ between their legs.

“It is impressive, isn’t it, lad? I have to say, seeing those figures, it makes one wonder how much of imagination and how much truth there is to them,” comments Henry, as he raises his light directly to illuminate a titanic Inca warrior whose cock alone seems greater than the whole body of his comrades, and who is picking up their enemies whole and throwing them away with ease, without breaking sweat. Horacio appreciates the figure for a while, noticing that there even seems to be one man half consumed by the titanic figure’s cock-slit! The lad gasps, his cock throbbing, as he imagines how hot it would have been to be this powerful, and what the artist who carved this image would be thinking when creating it.

“What do you mean, Professor Smith? This art is clearly a fantastical representation of some sort of legendary figure… I guess the art would have been as impressive to them then as it is to us now,” responds Horacio, confused at Henry’s comment, and Patricia raises an eyebrow, hearing the conversation between the two muscle hunks.

“Well, lad, there are many myths and legends surrounding the Incas—that they had warriors whose bodies can be as large as a pyramid, and whose cocks can in one slap unroot dozens of trees. According to their religion, there were many physical manifestations of the gods in this world, and they often came in the form of physical gifts such as the one this warrior in the figure is sporting…” explains Henry, and then he smirks, his hand going to Horacio’s chest and squeezing the lad’s massive pecs, making him moan.

“Now, we don’t know how they went from being an impressively but humanly size burly lad like you, to being a complete oversized giant like the warrior in that carving, but why should we immediately discredit everything the Incas themselves are showing us as lies? Just because the Catholic Spaniards said so? Many of the explorers who actually came to Perú wrote about towering men of gigantic muscle, cock, some sporting four arms, or even no legs at all… shouldn’t their report be equally as credible as those of Jesuits from Madrid, at least?” teases Henry, and Horacio coughs, as he gets hot and bothered with the groping, and particularly horny when Henry’s bulge slides against his thick lad buns, as he feels Henry’s massive chest rubbing against his muscular back.

“Like Ernesto Cabeza de Cerdo? But those are just fabulations…” responds the horny 19-year-old jock as his cock trembles and throbs under his pants, almost poking out of his waistband. He gasps and lowers his hand to readjust his member as Henry smiles, watching his movements from his superior height.

“Perhaps, but one must keep an open mind…” smirks Henry once again, squeezing Horacio’s pec and rubbing his own bulge against Horacio’s ass and now letting the thickness of his limp cock rest between the tightly covered crack between the lad’s delicious and warm buns. “It costs nothing to ponder what if, maybe…” he adds softly, and Horacio moans and nods, as his mind travels as far as his hand, which is now squeezing his shaft.

Horacio’s hungry eyes are now moving from the titanic Inca figure to an incredible monster with the torso and head of a man and a gigantic human-sized cock for his lower body, and then to another figure comprised of ten cock-shaped snakes swirling around the limbs of different warriors, the fatter one of them engulfing the man from the head down. Seeing and feeling all that, Horacio’s penis trembles in his hand as his breathing gets shorter, and the lad is almost jacking himself off in front of everyone by virtue of vividly squeezing his cock around the glans while readjusting.

“Yeah… it would be interesting at least…!” says the moaning jock, and Honorato, seeing his distressed student, coughs and puts his hand on Henry’s massive arm, lowering his flashlight so it doesn’t illuminate the majestic male titans and creatures anymore. He is, however, too slow for Horacio’s own good, and the lad moans and orgasms in his own hand, trembling with joy before he gets completely embarrassed as the urgency of horniness is replaced with a newfound sense of reality.

“Let’s not dwell on useless theories…” comments Honorato Jerga blandly, separating Horacio from Henry as the larger hunk frowns. Jerga lifts an eyebrow and nods towards Juan and Patricia to continue their journey deep into the temple. Henry sighs, and, understanding, and they quickly change the topic as Horacio is left to deal with his orgasm by himself. The lad cleans his own cock by squeezing it, collecting all his juices before spreading them on the wall to clean his hand, exactly above the gigantic figure of the warring Inca muscle titan, almost as a tribute. Horacio then runs after deeper inside the temple after the other four, and reaches the small group as they are standing in front of a massive doorway leading to a room still half-filled with debris—and where Henry’s men were working on clearing the way.

“We think this side was the main opening, and where distinguished guests would come through to Eldorado, while the smaller southern façade served mostly for peasants and servants,” explains Henry, as he then lowers himself against the pile of debris and starts crawling atop the dirty into the large completely pitch dark space on the other side. “Come here, you’ll want to see this,” he says, and crawls ahead, passing through a very small gap between the debris and the ceiling on top, his massive chest and gigantic ass scratching respectively against the dirt and the stone roof as he did so—his bouncing ass offering a nice view that attracted the attention of his four guests.

As Henry passes forth, Honorato moves to also climb the debris and cross to the other side, when Horacio touches his shoulder. “Professor, should I go too?” asks the teen hunk, and Honorato nods, then looking at Patricia and Juan.

“Yes, we should all go. I think the passage might well be… on the other side of this,” he comments, and then looks to Horacio in the eyes. “Just… be careful with Henry. He is not a bad man but he can disregard other people’s needs when he is after something,” warns the scholar, and Horacio nods loyally. Soon Juan and Patricia follow Honorato in climbing the hill of debris, Horacio being the last one to cross over, getting himself all sweaty and dirty as he climbs over the centuries-old mountain of trash to get to the other side.

When Horacio crosses the obstruction, he gasps in shock—Juan and Patricia are still trying to get down on the other side, but both Honorato and Henry have crossed and are standing and using their flashlights to illuminate the gigantic room in which they now stand. There, the immense pillars are all shaped like majestically muscular and hung males, measuring something close to ten meters in height each. The walls are also completely covered in drawings of incredibly thick and well-endowed men, whose towering cocks touch at least their fat nipples, but, more often than not, pass well over their lips and even their head. Some of the stone cocks are clearly hard, even serving as pillars themselves, while others are soft and draped over the shoulders of the men represented in the walls or captured in stone by the statues.

“This is… incredible!” comments Horacio, his cock hard once again and trembling under his pants, now rubbing against the debris under him, which he humps a few times as some leftover cum drools on the ancient dirt. His professor looks back and smiles at him.

“It is, isn’t it? People say Eldorado was the city of gold, but it was much more than that. Gold was not a precious metal to the Incas, it was a metal valued for its connection to the sun. Eldorado was the city of the sun, and of the titans who worship the sun and who are says to have acquired from its power the ability to change their bodies,” explains Horacio, who then coughs dryly. “But of course, that’s just legend,” he adds, and Henry laughs.

“Indeed, silly old legends that nobody believes in anymore, at least no serious scholar, right, Professor Jerga?” he jokes, and Jerga rolls his eyes.

“That is basically what I said,” he responds, and the group disperses a little, as Patricia and Juan climb down and go investigate the majestic figures in the walls. Henry and Honorato also separate, penetrating deeper and deeper into the darkness of the gigantic room, as if looking for something.

Horacio, on his turn, climbs down from the hill of debris and simply goes to appreciate the majestic sculptures. They seem so real, those fat cocks are clearly wet and midthrob; other softs cocks are clearly oozing pre. Can imagination be this wonderful and specific? The lad doesn’t know, but he sees now why so many hunks and studs like himself, and professors Smith and Jerga, fell in love with the cultures of the ancient Incan people.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After several hours in the room, Honorato shouts something from many meters into the darkness, his voice echoing deeply inside the gigantic chamber.

“I think I found it!” he shouts, and Horacio runs towards him, being the second to get there after Henry, and right before Patricia and Juan come in panting. Horacio is now sweaty, as it is incredibly humid and hot down there, but Henry and Honorato have given up and simply pulled off their shirts and revealed their massively and incredibly developed muscles, making Horacio gasp as he gawks at each twitch of the gigantic pecs and arms and the deeply carved abs of the two expert archeologists at the peak of their youth.

“What is it?” asks Henry, as he flexes his arms and then rests them on his exposed hips, showing the gigantic scope of his muscular frame, in particular his massive hanging pecs and his deliciously hard nipples.

Honorato Jerga points his flashlight forward, showing just a few meters from them a gigantic meter-long thick and hard penis-shaped statue sitting in front of an oversized elevated chair decorated with sculptures of birds around it—clearly a throne.

“I think that’s the key we are looking for, the key to get to Eldorado,” says Honorato, and Henry nods. Patricia laughs, still panting and her heart beating fast, although now even more so. She watches the two hunks ahead of her as they walked forwards towards the throne, their glistening sweaty muscles bobbing up and down.

“A cock, that is the key? That is ridiculous!” she mocks, and Henry glares back, serious.

“Yes, and if you don’t believe us, you are welcome to look for it elsewhere,” responds Henry impolitely, making Patricia gasp and shut up, taking a step backwards. Horacio walks behind his professor, as the two more experienced scholars start climbing the stairs to the throne and then lift their hands to touch and investigate the gigantic stone rod.

“Professor, how do we activate the key?” asks Horacio as Honorato studies the artifact, his hand polishing the oddly wet stone cockhead. “Is it a lever?” he adds, and Honorato laughs, his pecs bouncing up and down as he does so, glistening under the strong light of Horacio’s flashlight.

“No, Horacio, it’s not a lever…” he says, and then puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a book, flips a few pages and reads it up and down. “Yeah, as I thought. ‘The rod between the royal legs, the unchanging and unsoftening’, see? It really is a cock, and I believe that is a throne…” starts Honorato, until he is interrupted by Henry, who nods and stretches his thick and long muscular legs around the stone cock, lowering his beautiful buns on the oversized throne behind the stone cock, now having the hard statue between his massive thighs.

“I suppose it represented the royal cock… but why, if the king had his own penis and sat here?” he says, sitting forward so that his bulge was compacted against the stone rod, and so that his massive pecs squeezed against the erect penile statue, until he rests his handsome head on the tip of the cock-alike work of masonry.

“Perhaps… professor, perhaps it was so that the king would control it?” suggests shy Horacio, and Henry smiles, as does Honorato, who raises his hand and pets Horacio on the head, messing his hair.

“Good theory, I think so too, but how?” asks Honorato, in a professorial tone, and he glances at Horacio, who looks at the stone member ahead of him as he feels the hunk professor’s hand warmly on his hair. He looks at Henry, who licks his lips, as his arms hug the oversized stone cock of a human-like thickness.

“Maybe the king… licks it; or kisses it? Or… he sucked upon it?” asks Horacio, despite knowing this made no sense—this status was way too much for a normal person to pretend to suck even if they were as large as Professor Smith; although, one had to admit that everything in this hall was oversized, not least the throne upon which Henry sat, which seems to be made for someone four or five times his size.

Henry, then, glances at Honorato, and the two nod.

“That is my theory too—what else can ‘stretching the wet hole’ refer to?” comments Henry, and Honorato nods, taking a few steps back and grabbing Horacio’s arms to make him distance himself from Henry too, as the musclebound academic opens his mouth and kisses the gigantic rod wetly, and then starts licking and sucking it, and humping it with his whole body, providing all four of the onlookers with a delicious show, although Honorato knows from Henry’s persistent stare that it was meant especially for him.

As Henry licks and kisses the inhumanly-sized stone cock, the whole throne room starts to shake, like an earthquake. Patricia and Juan start to scream, and Horacio looks around with fear as even some of the massive stone statues shiver with huge noise, but his professor’s touch squeezes his thick biceps and keeps him secure. Horacio glances at his adviser and, seeing his calm, he becomes calm too, even if he can’t see Honorato’s throbbing massive rod under his pants, unwillingly responding to Henry’s teasing as his eyes, are locked on the hunkiest scholar’s stone-cock kissing and humping.

As the throne room shakes, the stone cock trembles too, and in fact starts to rise, and rise, and thicken, as if it were hardening, hardening, and rising at a forty-five-degree angle. Henry’s kissing, which starts looking positively diminutive compared to the size of the stone rod, soon became ridiculous as it lengthens and grows in thickness with a hole appearing in the middle from which water quickly starts flowing. Soon, the cock is twice, even thrice Henry’s size, and yet the hungry, overly muscular academic continues licking and kissing it, as he should.

“My God! We are going to drown here!!” shouts Juan, shocked at the now 10-meter-long stone cock rising until it scratched the ceiling, pumping thousands of liters of cold water into the throne room by the second.

“Don’t worry, this is just from a lake in the other side… I am pretty sure the ancient waterfall was simply re-routed to the other side of the passageway, we will be fine… but clear away from the rising member, it will throb and fall!” shouts back Honorato, as Horacio gasps in shock, until with one massive stone throb the gigantic cold inhumanly-sized but perfectly shaped dong falls on the ground with a loud thud, and one notices the slit was a fully developed passage to the outer world, covered in lichen due to humidity.

“Eldorado!” shouts Patricia, who immediately runs inside the slit, and Juan follows her. Honorato then slaps Horacio’s ass.

“Go, keep an eye on them, and remember the ring,” orders the professor, and loyal Horacio nods and leaves running into the wet passage ahead of his advisor. Honorato, on the other hand, sighs and climbs the starts towards Henry, who is now mounted on the gigantic royal cock-like passage, and smirks down at Honorato covered in sweat, his bulge clearly incredibly hard, his buns up as his legs straddle the stone cock.

“Did it work?” asks the American, with a lewd smirk. Honorato, also clearly hardened between his legs, offers a hand to help Henry dismount, which he accepts.

“It did, you fucker, I’m harder than I’ve been in years… but why do you want to do this to me? It took me so much to get over you and your fucking body, do you just want me to go through that again?” Jerga asks bitterly, and as Henry lands besides Honorato, he shakes his head and raises his arms around the smaller archeologist’s body, surrounding him and them pulling the two together until their hard bulges and their exposed sweaty massive muscles bump and rub.

“No, I just want you back, even if only for now… I’m sorry if I was selfish,” he responds, and Honorato can’t help but moan as his hardon rubs against Henry’s through their clothes, and their massive tits rub and bounce together.

“Fuck… let us be selfish together, then,” responds Honorato, softly, and Henry kisses him as the two start quickly undressing, each grabbing the other’s hips and lowering the other’s pants and underwear, revealing their thick and incredibly hard manhoods: 33 centimeters of pink cut cock on Henry’s side, and incredibly purple 37 centimeters of uncut erection slapping against it sprouting between Honorato’s legs. Immediately, as their kiss becomes wetter with flowing spit, their tongues swirling inside each other’s mouth, the two hunk archeologists start humping their rods up and down, slamming and swinging and rubbing them together as their gigantic manhoods throb and ooze abundant pre over themselves, their muscles, and each other, like two spitting snakes.

“Fuck, Jerga, I forgot how big your cock is!” comments a moaning Henry as he lowers a hand to grab and squeeze the two majestic throbbing manhoods together, and then he starts stroking them as one with his majestically strong grip milking the two sliding oozing cocks. Honorato gasps as his rod is squeezed and rubs against Henry’s sizeable cock, and he starts to move his hips up and down so as to fuck his mate’s tight grip, his massive purple cockhead poking up and then sliding down as he humps against both Henry’s hand and his throbbing oozing exquisite cock.

“Hmm, that’s the different between us, I didn’t forget anything about you,” says Jerga and he lowers his head towards Henry’s massive boobs and grabs them, squeezing their gigantic muscular size, and then buries his head on them, licks and bites, nibbling the thick sweaty muscles with his hungry lips and mouth, as his cock was deliciously massaged and rubbed against by gasping Henry’s hand and cock.

“Ahh, do you think we finally found it… Eldorado? Inti’s ring…like we wanted since college? The secret of the Incan titans…” asks a mumbling and sweaty, overwhelmingly pleased Henry as his nipples are bitten and pulled by Honorato, whose hands move to Henry’s ass, which are squeezed and spread, revealing his ever-hungry hole, as pink as his cock.

“I think so… imagine what will happen when the other guys hear about it,” responds a moaning Honorato, and then he pulls his cock from Henry’s grip, and slides it between his massive thighs, rubbing it up and down against the taller man’s crack as he moves his hips. Henry rolls his eyes, smirking—if other parts of him had forgotten about Jerga, his hole, twisting in need, certainly hadn’t.

“Yeah, just imagine…” he says, and then as Honorato pushes his cock forth poking Henry’s hungry hole and teasing it, they hear footsteps running from inside the urethra-tunnel in their direction.

“Professor, professor, you have got to see this!” shouts innocent Horacio, as he runs out of the cock-passage, forcing the two massive scholarly hunks to pull away from one another although they don’t have it in them to put their clothes back on. Naked and hard, covered in spit, sweat and pre all over their bodies, the two handsome scholars go meet Horacio and cross the tunnel, making the teen incredibly hard himself.


Part 3: Eldorado

Honorato, Henry and Horacio walk out of the large tubular passageway, through a waterfall, to see ahead of a large, glorious lake and beyond that a large stone city completed with pyramids, palaces and temples, somewhat covered by jungle, but mostly intact. Although most of the buildings are of exposed black stone, the top of some of the tallest ones are covered in shiny gold, which the light of the sun shines against creating a magical halo effect in the eyes of the three hunks who are still used to the darkness of the last room.

“Let’s go, we need to swim to the city!” says an excited Horacio as he jumps into the cold water of the lake and starts swimming away, followed by Honorato and Henry. As the three men leave the water, Horacio’s tight clothes are sticking completely to his body, revealing his young but impressive muscles as well as the beautiful shape of his completely hardened manhood. Following him, massive and naked Henry leaves the water, as his muscles drip and his cock throbs, slapping his abs; after which Honorato comes out with his huge rod hard and oozing pre at a 45-degree-angle. “Look, professor, it’s amazing!” says Horacio, pointing towards the majestic buildings before turning back to Honorato and gasping as he sees Jerga’s massive cock.

“You really didn’t know why your advisor is called Big Jerga, lad? I guess he really did change since we last meet…” jokes Henry as Horacio stares at Professor Jerga with wide eyes and drooling slightly from his open surprised mouth. Honorato sighs and slaps Henry’s massive chest, before going to Horacio and putting a hand on his shoulders.

“Stop staring, Horacio, and take off your clothes or you’ll get a cold. Now where are Patricia and Juan? I told you to keep an eye on them,” asks Honorato, and Horacio nods still absent-minded, before he almost unconsciously starts stripping. His handsome youthful muscles don’t quite compare to those of the two older hunks, but they are quite impressive on their own right. His cock also soon proves to be of a beautifully long and fat stature, standing proudly at 29 centimeters of length, his large red glans shyly poking between his abundant foreskin.

“Oh, professor… they, I left them inside the moon temple, a few meters from here. I tried to wait for you but they weren’t buying my excuses and wanted to start exploring so I went to call both of you back….,” explains the lad, and Jerga sighs, nodding.

“Which one is the moon temple?” asks Henry then, and Horacio guides them to a big temple where he has sighted a moon symbol in the entrance, and where Juan and Patricia are exploring the hallways looking for relics. Once the five meet again, Honorato clarifies that, according to the book, the main hall of treasures would be in the massive sun pyramid on the other end of the monumental avenue—the temple of Inti. Immediately, the five of them decide to head there.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Patricia and Juan walk a little bit behind the three massive hunks, who talked about architecture and Incan history, and the significance of this place to historiography. They look around, as if they were looking for something, but soon they come closer and whisper to one another.

“Fuck, do you think the treasure is really at that pyramid, or are they trying to trick us?” asks Patricia. Juan frowns, as he watches the bouncing and swaying asses and balls of the three hard academic studs ahead. He laughs.

“Of course, they aren’t, they probably don’t know about the page of the book that was ripped from it and hidden in the Vatican for 400 years—the one about Inti’s ring,” he whispers, and then frowns. “We just have to keep them entertained with this historic bullshit while we look for the relic, and then nobody will be able to stop us! Especially not those stupid muscle jocks! ‘Professor’ my ass, I am sure this Jerga spends more time at the gym than at university!” says the man, bitterly, and then Patricia smirks.

“It sure must be hard for them to concentrate on research giving what they have between their legs… if I had a cock like that—even half that size!—I’d probably not even be here… But no, let’s not lose focus… soon we will both solve all our problems!” she responds, and the two of them nod to each other as the Honorato Jerga frowns ahead, glancing back with the side of his eyes with suspicion.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The small party of five climbs the steps and enters the gigantic and shiny temple of Inti, finding the majestic first room to have no exits. On the wall opposite to the entrance, there are a succession of holes in the wall, but even the largest of them—which is about 5 meters of diameter and 15 of depth—is completely closed on the other end. Fundamentally, there seems to be no way out.

“What should we do?” asks Horacio as he crawls out of one of the medium-sized wall holes, which is about 0.7 meters of diameter and 2.1 meters of depth. As Horacio almost falls out of the hole, Honorato made sure to grab the lad, who then collapses atop his muscles, head against large meaty chest, and cock against muscular sculptured legs, as his teen chest is rubbed by his professor’s manly and trembling rod. “Huuuhh, sorry, and thanks, professor,” says Horacio as he quickly lifts himself up, his own cock having coated his advisor’s leg with pre as it trembles proudly. He is red in embarrassment, and so he turns around quickly in such a fashion that his ass is wobbling in plain sight of Honorato’s, and his cock slaps the wall, leaving a thread of healthy pre connecting his glans and the stone.

“No problem, it’s my job to protect you,” says Honorato as he stands up. On the side, Henry is watching them, and watching Horacio’s ass and Honorato’s cock throbbing so hard now, he has an idea. Henry goes to the smaller of ten holes, which is only about eight centimeters in diameter and probably thrice as big, and put his finger inside it, and swirled it against the walls of the hole. He soon gasps, pulling his finger out, and taking it to his lips, tasting what he has found.

“Yeah, someone has been here before us… and he… he stuck his cock in this hole, back and forth, until he ejaculates deep down there. Since we don’t see him here, I suppose… I deduce he found the key to the door to the room of treasures… which I conclude to be the very method I just described,” says Henry, and the other four eye one another and Henry’s throbbing muscles, his cock, and his lips sucking his finger. “Recent, as the cum is still pretty wet and even a bit warm,” he adds, pulling his wet finger from in between his lips.

“Then why don’t you just push your cock in that hole and open the door for us!” complains Patricia, and Henry shakes his head.

“Unfortunately, this hole is clearly too small for me, or for Honorato… maybe Horacio can use it? But I think his cock is also way too thick for it… and the second smaller hole is too deep for any of our cocks, at roughly 50 centimeters long,” observes Henry, lifting an eyebrow.

Horacio bites his lips. “I will try!” he says and moves towards the smallest hole. He grabs his rod, strokes it three times and pulls his thick foreskin down, revealing his oozing and smelly cockhead, and then the lads rubs his cock on the tight hole, moaning as his glans rub on the walls hole but can’t quite slide in. “Yeah… hmmm, it’s too tight!” he says, and Henry nods, slapping his buns.

“I knew it, I’m good at sizing up cocks…” he comments. Honorato sighs, going to the second smallest hole and easily pushing his cock into the 15-centimeter-wide hole, but even as he thrusts his legs to push it in all the way to the root, and as his massive mango-sized balls slap the wall, his cockhead doesn’t touch the end and he can’t get much friction to achieve an orgasm.

“I guess we are stuck,” says Honorato, and then he turns to look over his shoulder as his cock is still throbbing deep in the hole in the wall, slapping the wall and oozing its juices down there. “Unless Professor Juan can try as well,” he says, and Juan sighs, going near the wall and lowering his pants. He reveals a humble 17-centimeter-long rod, which he easily slides inside the first and smallest hole, but it is so thin that he can’t get quite enough pleasure even from thrusting his cock in and out of the hole repeats times.

“I think we need you to cum in there,” says Henry, and then, as he continues looking at Honorato, the hunkiest of the men there lowers Juan’s pants completely, spreads his two large ass cheeks, and slides his own sizeable 33-centimeter-long cock against, through and then inside Juan’s tight asshole. Juan moans loudly, somewhat confused, as his ass is suddenly slammed by Henry’s gigantic cock, effectively bred. The sudden forceful thrust taken by the larger hunk mandating his own hips forward, and his cock slapping wildly against the inner walls of the hole which it penetrated, scratching his glans.

“Fuck, man, this is too much, I didn’t sign up for…! Ooooh!” complains and then moans Juan, as one of Henry’s hands rises to his face, covering his mouth, and the other hand pushes under Juan’s shirt, sliding against his muscles and caressing them. The strong and majestic naked male uses his powerful limbs to keep panting and then protesting Juan in place before he slides his massive rod almost fully out of Juan’s hole, just to hammer it in again, making Juan moan and drool and try to move, unable to as Henry’s much larger body slams him hard against the hard wall. “Noo, ooohhh!” protests Juan as Henry starts moving his hips back and forth faster and faster, in and out of his tight but gaping, stretched out hole, as he is effectively raped by Henry’s fat and long proud rod.

“Henry!” protests Honorato, but Patricia holds his hands and pulls him away, letting Henry rape protesting Juan as his whole body is covered by Henry’s massive muscles, as only his hips and balls seems to move—back and forth, either slapping Juan’s ass or fucking his hole up and down, ravaging his muscles which trembles with the new overwhelming feeling of being gloriously stretched by the rod of a superior male specimen.

“Let them do their work, Juan knew we can be in danger during a journey such as this,” says Patricia, and Juan moans, mumbles and gasps as Henry’s and his own body rub against one another, and his nipples are pinches by one of Henry’s massive hands, making his cock throb as Henry’s cock slides deep inside him, smashing his prostate and forcing his insides to stretch to capacity, and even creating a bulge inside his wall-compressed abs.

“But Patricia… this is different, this is wrong! Henry, stop!!” shouts Honorato, before pulling his arms away from Patricia and walking with his massive rod slapping his abs towards Henry. Henry laughs, sweating as his balls slap Juan’s bouncy ass rhythmically, and as his cock slides in and out of the virginal hole, smashing Juan’s never-before touched prostate, which starts twitching wildly as the Spanish man’s eyes roll.

“We need someone to open the door, Honorato, or whoever is in there will get all the treasures!” says Henry sliding his whole cock in, his balls slapping hard against Juan’s exposed buttcheeks, his fingers sliding inside the man’s gasping and open mouth, grabbing his tongue and pulling it, letting it swirl for air between his fingers. Soon, Juan moans and his cock throbs, as all his muscles flexed, including those inside him, which contract and twitch crazily milking and massaging Henry’s massive rod. His Spanish balls shiver, and his cock trembles inside the large wall hole, squirting his male juices inside it, in twelve thick ropes of warm white seed, which drooled inside the gutters deep inside the hole.

As Juan trembles and moans and ejaculates from being thus abused, the walls start to tremble and one big round piece of stone starts opening up in the once solid wall to their left, giving way into the next room. Horacio gasps in shock as that happens. Patricia laughs, delighted, walking immediately towards the now exposed doorway, being followed by the handsome undergraduate student.

Honorato, serious and frowning, grabs Henry’s thick arm, pulling it away from Juan, making Henry’s hand leave Juan’s mouth and allowing the Spaniard to immediately gasp for air as he continued to tremble orgasmically, drooling from all over his chin in overwhelming physical bliss.

“What the fuck was that, Henry?! You just raped a straight guy and for what? We can have found another way to open the gate! If you had fucked my ass, we can probably have flooded the other hole with my seed!” chastises the academic, as his rod throbs and slaps Henry’s massive buns, as if whipping them in a delicious but punitive way. Henry smirked, pulling Juan’s whole body away from the wall, while his massive rod still penetrated him—Juan’s softening but oozing cock falls from the hole slapping his legs, tired from the recent burst of milk.

“I did what we had to do. We don’t know that the second hole would have worked and we have no time to lose. Besides, you know as well as I do that these two are awfully suspicious, Honorato… it’s good one of them is now out of order,” responds Henry, as both his hands grab Juan by the hips and then the muscle-jock pulls the man’s whole body up, letting his cock slide out of the deliciously tight virginal hole, and then laid Juan down atop his thick broad shoulders, letting his cock drool cum on Henry’s own massive chest. “Now let’s go, before that woman and your student break anything,” he continues.

Honorato sighs, flexing his abs so that his cock wetly slaps Henry’s ass once more, as he shakes his head negatively, and the two go past the open passage.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Horacio and Patricia walk into the next room ahead of the other three men, confused as they notice they have entered a relatively small and mostly dark space: a room with four walls, the three ahead of them each punctured by seven holes more or less one and a half meters in diameter each. Soon Honorato and Henry come behind the two, carrying Juan on the hunkiest of their broad shoulders. As soon and Henry and Honorato cross into the new space, a rock slides down closing off the passage behind them.

“It’s like the last time, just cum in one of those holes and get us through!” says Patricia, grabbing Horacio’s muscular arm and pulling him towards one of the walls. The lad frowns, a bit unsure, but he touches the wall which seems relatively thin. He investigates one of the holes, pushing his thick torso inside it, leaving only his read back. The handsome lad contorts himself to explore the space on the other side of the wall, unconsciously exposing his handsome ass which is now spread out and visible to everyone as he looks inside one of the round spaces—his balls swaying between his legs and his tight hole visible to all.

“No, it is completely different! There’s another room here, but very small… I guess only one of these holes leads to the next room and the other ones might be decoys…” says Horacio, his tone carrying some uncertainty as he investigates the other side of the thin wall with his hands and eyes, his rear moving up and down exposed on the other side, as he is bowing, ass up. Honorato and Henry smiles, seeing the hard-working lad and his balls swaying between his legs with his every movement. Henry walks to him and slaps his ass, making Horacio shriek and moan as Henry’s heavy slap turns into groping Horacio’s buns, sliding a hand between his ass cheeks, and finally squeezing his balls.

“Good job! I guess we just need to find which hole is the one that leads to the next room. This isn’t going to be too hard!” announces a happy Henry, as Honorato frowns and Horacio moans, touching all over the other side trying to investigate.

“I don’t know... according to the book there should be a cock here in this room as well, not only holes,” mumbles Honorato, and Henry shrugs.

“Maybe our rods are the cocks the book refers to,” he says, and smiles slapping Jerga’s massive manhood with his own. “Putting the four of us together, we have a good fat meter of cock, should be enough,” he teases, rocking his hips so that his 33-centimeter-long oozing rod slides up and down against Jerga’s fat 37-centimeters of manly meat. Jerga moans but shakes his head thinking it can’t be that easy, while Horacio continues touching the other side, looking around, ass spread out, investigating.

“Wait… there’s something here…” says the teen, as his hand touches something sticky, slimy, warm and round. He frowns, unable to see what it is in the darkness of the other side of the hole. The lad moves his other hand to try and grab the chubby thing, but then the thing moves! Horacio screams afraid and pulls his torso from the hole gasping, his 29-centimeter-long cock bouncing and slapping his abs as he falls on his ass. “Fuck, there’s something in the other side… and it’s like, it feels like… it’s just like a living cock!” shouts the surprised lad as he quickly stands up, to the gasping shock of Henry and Honorato, and the incredulous laugh of Patricia. That smug attitude, though, quickly dies off as snake-like cock-shaped creatures of all sizes starts sliding and slithering from almost all the 21 holes around the room.

In some cases, the creatures are as small as 50 centimeters long, and can easily slide out of the holes and into the room, trembling as their glans seems to sense the warmth of humans, and then slithering towards Henry, Honorato, Horacio or Patricia. Sometimes, though, the creatures are 1 or even 2 meters long, and so fat that as they slide past the holes their meaty bodies almost touched the gaps at their fattest portion, making the lads watch wide-eyed and surprised as the long and fat beats slides pass the relatively small cavities. All the hundreds of cock-like snakes are wet with pre and cum, and they are all purple and have their heads covered by different amounts of foreskin.

“What do they want from us… no, get away from me!” shrieks Patricia, kicking one of the smaller cock-like snakes trying to swirl around her leg. Horacio is horrified but then attracted to some of the fattest and longest rod-like creatures, and even raises a hand to touch one as it slides out of a nearby hole, but Professor Jerga soon slaps the lad’s hand and pulls it away from the creature, as its cockhead rose trying to engulf Horacio’s hand.

“Horacio, be careful! These creatures are almost certainly dangerous!” says the scholar, as another fat meter-long cock-snake tried to swirl up his legs to reach his sizeable rod. Henry starts to get a bit worried too, especially as the smell of pre and horny men starts getting to all of their minds, making them hornier and less rational.

“If we stay here they’ll trap us… and we’ll not be able to leave…! Maybe they’ll take us to their lairs and then… who knows?” says Henry, with increasing fear, as Horacio then gasps in shock, remembering the figures he sees in the temple way back—the cock-like man-eating snakes! He glares at Henry pale with the shock of that realization.

“Professor Smith, they’ll eat us if they can! Eat us through their wet slit-like mouths, and devour us inside their cock-like bodies! They are man-eating creatures!” he warns in shock and fear as he trembles, although the overwhelming horniness of the creatures also affected him, as smaller cock-snakes have starts suckling his toes, even if he manages to kick those away.

Henry and Honorato nod, thinking that this is indeed likely, until they notice one of the holes has not been crossed by any of the cock-snakes. Honorato kicks a snake away and then jumps atop one of the biggest one, straddling it—he lovers his body on the creature’s massive shaft, reaching and rubbing its glans as it tries to prance like a horse to reach the scholarly hunk, but the academic’s hardened legs hold him steady atop the creature.

“That one! Let’s go through that hole and I think we’ll be safe!” he suggests, pointing at the single hole that seems to be free of creatures. Patricia trembles, unsure. Henry and Horacio, however, trusting Honorato, run past the growing number cock-like snakes to reach the sole empty hole.

As he runs, Horacio slips on a fat rod, and one of the cock-snakes tries to slide atop his back after he falls, but the teen jock manages to quickly stand up again, pull the rod-snakes away from his handsome muscles and run again. He is then the first to climb the hole, ass up, and crawl inside the constrained space. Soon after comes Henry, who pushes Juan through, shoving him deeper before sliding his massive muscles through the gap barely able to squeeze his broad shoulders while crawling in all fours, his balls swaying and bouncing between his massive legs, his ass spread up and bouncing as he crawls, and his cock slapping his abs. Then comes Patricia, deciding to follow the men after seeing Henry and Horacio bet their lives on it.

As Jerga is left alone in the room, all snake-cocks start slithering in his direction—the big and the small ones, trying to engulf his limps or slide inside his holes. Honorato jumps off of the cock-bodied creature he is riding and masterfully vaults over another one, and then towards the hole—his rod and balls swaying and slapping around as monsters tried to jump up to capture him, slapping and smacking against one another in loud penile thuds. And so in comes Honorato Jerga, crawling with his delicious body inside the hole, his ass exposed as one of the cock-snakes tried to follow them. Honorato feels one of the large cock-snakes glans touching his ass, coating his rear in its monster juice, ready to try and slide inside his hole; other smaller creatures are slithering down on the passage, swirling around Honorato’s legs and trying to reach his magnificent cock. However, as soon as Honorato’s whole body leaves the chamber, a huge rock falls closing the opening of hole they come through, crushing the fatter cock-snake which died with a deep shrieking sound.

The smaller snakes, meanwhile, have already crossed and are all inside the passage. One manages to climb Honorato’s thick and muscular leg, jump to his rod, and then slide around his cockhead, starting to bury itself inside his slit, stretching his urethra. Feeling that, Honorato trembles and gasps to Henry’s and Horacio’s shock, before moving a hand to grab the snake and pull it from inside his rod, moaning deliciously, before holding it in his grip as they continued crawling forward. The other small (only 25 centimeter-long) snake slithered around the round walls of the passage, falling atop Honorato’s proud and wide back, and then goes to his hole, which it penetrated to the trembling delight of the handsome archeologist. That one accommodates itself there and starts swirling sliding fully inside Jerga, widening and filling his hole and making the archeologist tremble and moan as he continued crawling up, until they manages to get to the other side of the passage and Henry helps finger Honorato’s ass and then pull the hungry snake out.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Horacio first, and then Juan, Henry, Patricia and Honorato, fall from the small passage leading out of the last room directly in the massive treasure room they are all looking for. Collecting himself and standing up, sweaty Horacio looks around gasping in shock as he sees an ample space stretching in all directions, illuminated by holes in the roof though which the sunlight can shine, and then hit several silver and golden mirrors which reflected it all over, revealing the piles and piles of ancient treasures: statues and weapons made of precious stone, many objects made of precious metals such as vases and pedestals. Patricia runs to the piles of treasures and starts picking them up, as if looking for something.

“We found it! Inti’s treasure, it’s here!” she shouts, surprising Horacio, who walks around the piles and piles of treasure, his fat rod trembling of amazement. He walks without conscious aim, but it’s as if his rod guides him, and following his instincts he treads deeper into the room, and then to a specific pile of items made of precious metals. He starts climbing as his cock throbs and oozes pre, which drools on the golden and silvery items.

“Hey, kid where are you going?!” shouts a surprised Henry all the way from the entrance, his two fingers still slammed deep inside Honorato’s asshole, trying to pull out the bitterly stubborn snake that has decided to make the handsome professor’s butt its home. Honorato, meanwhile, is on all fours exposing his ass to his friend’s exploration, until finally Henry manages to tie his fingers around the snake’s tail, and pull it out to the delicious joy of moaning Jerga, who literally comes as the snake’s fat head is pulled wetly out of his gaping hole. Henry then throws the creature on the floor and kills it under his feet.

Horacio, however, doesn’t even pay much attention to the plight of his handsome advisor and his hot friend, seeing as he is incredibly focused on climbing one of the piles of treasures, for reasons he couldn’t even articulate. Horacio doesn’t even look back, but he stops in the middle of the pile as his foot happens to make a heavy golden shield fall down the wall of precious items and hit the ground with a loud thud. Horacio then starts digging the pile, grabbing and throwing away precious helmets, swords, spears, and such other items that are each worth a fortune.

“Let him be, we need to find the ring,” says Honorato, recomposing himself as he stands up, his cum drooling down his abs, chest and cock and his tired semi resting atop his big balls. “Do you remember what the book says? ‘Led by the pole of the untouched ring’. We’ll probably find the ring at the end of this line of columns.” Henry nods, agreeing. The two leave Juan mostly unconscious near the passage where they came from, and then go explore deeper in the hallway. There are loud noises of objects being thrown around and falling in the ground, caused by Horacio’s almost hypnotized digging, but that no longer fazes the two older hunks.

“There it is! Inti’s statue!” exclaims an ecstatic Henry as he sees in the middle of the gigantic room a towering five-meter-tall statue of the Incan god, fully made of gold and silver incrusted with natural gems such as rubies and emeralds. The two majestically muscular and well-endowed archeologists run to the statue, their drooling cocks slapping their abs. Once they get there they climb it and examine its fingers.

“There are nine rings! Which one is the correct one?” asks Henry, annoyed, as he notices only the middle finger of the right hand lacks a ring. Honorato frowns.

“I don’t know, to be honest… I expected it to be nested around Inti’s cock!” he says and Henry nods.

“And if we make the wrong choice… there’ll probably be a price,” whispers Henry, and Honorato nods. “Let’s pick the rings first, and then we see what we do,” he suggests, and Honorato and he start pulling the metal rings from Inti’s golden fingers, one at a time. As they work on removing the nine silver rings, and as noise caused by Horacio’s digging echoes around the massive treasure chest, the academic hunks hardly the hear footsteps coming from behind the statue until a powerful voice shout at them.

“You two! Get down from the statue and hand the rings over to me, or I’ll shoot!” screams a deep manly voice. As Honorato and Henry turn around in shock, they see a muscular and naked Doctor Chang, whose face is contorted in anger and whose trembling naked cock is compressed around the base by the tenth silvery ring, which fits his sizeable and deliciously wet cock perfectly. “Hand me the rings, I want to try them one by one, to find which one is Inti’s true cock ring!” he exclaims.


Part 4: Inti’s Curses

“Doctor Chang! So you did get to Eldorado before us, after all… although I think this is not exactly what your university had in mind when they sent you here to excavate in Peru!” mocks Henry as he sweats nervously, watching Chang’s manhood throb and slap his abs. The Chinese scholar laughs arrogantly.

“Spare me your stupid comments, Henry Smith, we both know why we came here and it has all to do with the power of the ring and nothing to do with our sponsors!” says the Asian hunk with a sneer. “Now get down, or I’ll just shoot you down,” he threatens as he waves his gun, his balls swaying as his hips move arrogantly. Honorato frowns as the two hunks get down, looking around discreetly. Horacio is still digging up in his pile, ignoring the showdown. Patricia has hidden away between the immense piles of items, noticing what is going on—she has awakened Juan and the two are now hiding.

“Now… I can’t seem to remove the ring after it is put around my rod, so just put the next one on top of that, and don’t do anything funny or you are both dead! You first, Jerga,” says Chang, as he shows he recognizes who Honorato is. Jerga nods, getting closer to the Chinese professor’s large muscular frame, and picking one of the rings.

“Are you sure? You don’t know what the other rings will do…” he asks, and Chang scoffs.

“Stop! I also translated the book, I know that the price of trying one of the wrong rings is obeying the wearer of Inti’s cock ring. As long as I have the true ring, nothing can be done to me. Now quickly, push that thing around and down my manhood!” orders Chang. Jerga nods, stacking one and then two, three, four and five rings around Chang’s cock. They seem to strangle it as it becomes harder, redder, fatter, and wetter. Chang moans, and he frowns.

“Shit! It wasn’t one of those! Now you try, Henry Smith… touch my rod, and give me the power of Inti!” shrieks Chang, pointing the gun at the American. Henry frowns, nodding. He goes to Chang and slides down the sixth, seventh and eighth rings, slowly, and swallows dry each time. By now Chang’s cock is so red and strangulated and weighted down that Henry has to hold it up so it continues standing at an angle. There are only two rings to go and so Henry and Honorato are sweating cold, biting their lips—it would be one of those two that’d grant Chang Inti’s powers and prowess.

“Slide the last two around my cock, Henry, do it!” orders Chang. The three hunks are overcome with such anxiety that they don’t even notice that Horacio has stopped digging and throwing things around. All that matters is those last two silver rings. Henry sweats and swallows dry, his cock nervously oozing a waterfall of pre, as it smacks against Chang’s own legs. “Quick, I don’t have all day! I want to become a god…!” orders Chang, slapping Henry’s face, and trying to then grab a ring, but Henry pulls them away. Chang frowns in anger but Henry is quick to apologize.

“I…I’ll do it!” he says and Chang nods as Henry slides the second to last cockring around Chang’s fat and wet cockhead, but right then he smartly distracts Chang by sliding his finger inside his hungry slit, making electricity jolt through Chang’s body.

“Yes… yes!! I can feel the power… hmmm, it’s stretching and sliding through my urethra, swirling inside my slit… wait, no! Stop, or I’ll shoot!” says Chang as he moans and then glares down in shock as he sees Henry sliding the last ring around his own monstercock, which throbs but is so wet that the magical ring slides easily down. As Henry’s hand leaves Chang’s rod his member falls heavily forward due to the many metal rings around his rod, but the rings don’t slide down as they magically can’t be removed and Chang’s cockhead is too fat for them to get through, anyway. Chang’s cock is oozing a river of pre down as it trembles and sways in an uncomfortable and unnatural angle, making the armed stud angry. “You bastard, you stole the true ring!” says Chang. He is about to shoot when Honorato jumps at him, and the shot hits the massive golden statue.

Chang and Honorato struggle like the massive walls of muscle they are. Wet, slippery, sweaty, and covered in pre, they roll on the stone floor, their cocks rubbing against one another, their muscles trying to overpower the other’s. Both men moan and pant and gasp as their rods attack each other’s abs, and their hands hold and grip and struggle against the other’s arms. Finally, the gun falls from Chang’s hands and Honorato manages to thrust his hips back, sliding his rod between the fat buns of Chang’s ass, as his powerful hands each compressed and held one of Professor Chang’s mighty arms lifted up, exposing the evil man’s armpits, and his legs uncomfortably piled on Chang’s muscular spread-out legs.

“Stop now, you have lost! We have Inti’s ring and there’s nothing you can do about it!” says Honorato, serious, as Chang tries to resist trembling in anger, and then he spits on Honorato’s massive muscular chest.

“I was first, you stole it from me! Give me the last ring!! It is mine by right!” he shouts, annoyed, forcing Honorato to punish his buns by slapping them with his mighty rod, which also rubs against Chang’s abs and his cock, showing the immense difference in size between them. This adds to Chang’s anger and frustration—being overpowered and humiliated when he has been so close to becoming a god himself.

“Stop, you have lost,” says Honorato, as Henry goes and grabs the gun. Chang resists, forcing Honorato to lower his massive chest down to weigh on Chang’s handsome and sticky body to contain him, as their cocks now rub together, compressed by the two professors’ mighty abs and their chests smash up and down forcing Chang to lose breath. Henry feels his cock bob up and down as he walks to grab the gun, and after he that he goes back to Honorato and Chang, sitting his exposed buttcheeks around Chang’s face, as his legs now lock Chang’s neck in place, forcing his worked out breathing to deal with being squeezed by the muscular and hard American ass, crushing his resistance at last.

“Honorato, I don’t know how… but this… this ring around my cock isn’t Inti’s cockring,” exposes Henry, to Jerga’s shock.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Horacio has been laser-focused on digging one random pile of treasure, as his teen cock trembles furiously. Doing this feels like jacking off—a necessity, something the handsome lad has to do, commanded by his desires. As he got closer to whatever is pulling him in, he feels like he is edging, and his cock is being wonderfully massaged. He moans and bites his lips as he feels so close to orgasm, and closer and closer as he dug deeper and deeper in the mountain of golden treasures. Then, suddenly, he stops—he has found something weird: a big statue of a 50-centimeter-long cock made of basaltic stone. Around the stone cock, rested a beautifully decorated ring with the image of a snake consuming itself—ouroboros.

“Fuck… this thing… so hot…” moans Horacio, as his hand moves to touch the beautifully minted piece of jewelry. Horacio licks his lips, unable to even think much, just feeling his cock twitch and tremble and ooze abundant pre on the golden things below him, when his hand touchesd the cold stone. “Ahhh, hmmm, oh!” gasps the handsome lad as his balls twitch and quiver and his milk surges and splashes all over the stone cock as soon as he touches it.

As Horacio’s cock stiffens and ejects all his balls’ content, almost painfully, the lad sweats and drools, confused with such a strong physiological response to his touching the stone. After a few seconds, he manages to breathe and calm himself, seeing his cock still incredibly hard and drooling like mad, while the stone is truly and completely covered in his white warm seed.

“I think… I think this is the ring…” he whispers to himself, and then he hears a shot, and glances over his shoulders, seeing his advisor rolling on his back while fighting against an unknown hunk. Horacio bites his lips and tries to lift the stone cock, but it is a bit too heavy even for his immensely hard and sweaty muscles, and so he wraps his hands around the stone member, and pulls the lonely golden ring from it. Helped by his sticky seed, he quickly pulls the ring out and doing it is so surprisingly easy that he almost falls back all the way down the pile of treasures.

After finding his feet and climbing down the pile of golden treasures, Horacio notes that his professor is straddling the unknown attacker, while Henry is sitting atop the attacker’s head with his handsome drooling cock wearing a silver ring around its fatness. The handsome lad quickly runs to Henry and Honorato, his cock as excited as the rest of him, bobbing up and down wildly as it coated his abs in warm and milky leftover cum.

“Professor Jerga, Professor Jerga! I managed to find the ring!” he shouts happily, lifting his hand and holding the wide golden ring up. Honorato and Henry gasp, both of their cocks throbbing in excitement.

“Lad, get that thing to us, quick!” screams Henry, but Honorato shakes his head.

“No! We don’t know if this man has allies! Horacio, put the ring around your penis, wear it and we are sure to be safe! No one can seriously challenge the bearer of the ring!” shouts back Professor Jerga, making Horacio stop and grab the ring, and move it so it’s right above his cockhead.

“Okay, professor, I’ll do that!” he says, but as he is ready to lower the immense ring around his red oozing glans, he gasps, seeing Henry grab Honorato, pointing the gun now at his head, as the two massive hunks struggle atop Chang, squeezing the Chinese man’s body under their muscular struggle—muscle clashes against muscle, and cock against cock, as Henry’s arm swirls around Honorato’s thick neck, squeezing it.

No! Bring it to me, now! Or your precious professor will not survive to see Inti’s ring filled by a male rod for the first time in five hundred years!” threatens Henry, frowning with a furious red twisted face. Horacio gasps in shock, as he sees his professor shake his head, losing his breath.

“But… but… Professor Smith!” says Horacio, and Henry raises his hand and then shoots at the roof. Horacio gasps.

“Now, boy! Next one will hit your professor! I’ve been after this treasure for too long to let a virgin cock like yours slide inside the ring!” shouts an angry Henry, pointing his gun back at Honorato, who frowns seriously at Horacio and shakes his head. Horacio bites his lips, gasping in shock.

“How… how do you know I’m a virgin?” he asks, confused, still holding the ring above his cockhead. Henry laughs.

“Your twitching cock led you straight to the ring, didn’t it? I already had my suspicions when I saw how cute you were and how closely you follow your professor, and when Jerga told me that he never sex with you, I was certain of it! I suspect he brought you here exactly because he has the same suspicion as I: that only the bearer of a virginal rod would be able to find Inti’s ring,” Henry explains in a snarl.

Horacio glares in shock at his professor. “Professor Jerga!” he shouts, in shock, and the professor shakes his head again as his cock also bobs left and right, his neck squeezed between Henry’s thick arms and his immense chest.

“Horacio… I had a hunch… but I brought you here… with a mission… I told you…” he says in short gasps, and Horacio nods slowly, as he remembered his professor’s words, which now repeats in his head: This, Inti’s ring, is the most important. If you find this object do not tell me, just take it and keep it close to you, but do not wear it, unless it’s an emergency. We absolutely cannot let it fall in wrong hands. Understand?

“I understand!” says the handsome lad who immediately lowers the ring around his shaft, as the thick golden piece becomes smaller to perfectly hug his rod and rest around the base of the youthful member. Seeing that, Henry gasps and jumps away from Chang and Jerga, dropping the gun.

“Nooooooo!!! Idiot, stupid boy! I’m going to kill you and steal the ring from your lifeless body!” shouts the angry muscular and tall stud running towards Horacio as he grunted and mumbled with his blood boiling in fury. Horacio, however, couldn’t care less as his cock trembles, and he feels a jolt of energy crossing his entire body. He moans in orgasmic bliss as the ring filled his every cell with energy, and he gasps and moans as he realized he is changing—as the bearer of the ring, he, through his rod, has become the avatar for Inti’s powers on Earth.

Even if still not in full control of his newfound powers, Inti’s immense energy is so strong that it makes Horacio shriek and moan, drooling abundantly from mouth and rod, as his muscles all flexed and his eyes roll. In a second, he bursts in orgasm, energy and light, all emanating from his cock, as his muscles throb and engorge with blood and mass. The hunkish lad slowly becomes a full titan, first surpassing Henry in height and muscle mass, and then becoming 3, 4 and finally 5 meters of height. Horacio keeps his youthful features but now his immense muscle body is the size of that of Inti’s statue, and his rod has become a full meter and a half in length! Horacio moans, his cock oozing abundant orgasmic juices the whole time, and gasps in bliss as he slowly feels his change abating.

“You won’t,” he says, and immediately Henry stops, as his silver ring trembles and becomes hotter around his immense cock, forcing him to kneel and obey his master. In one swift sway of his hips, Horacio then slaps Henry with his cock, making him fall head-first in a humiliating ass-raised kowtow.

“Fuuuuck, fuck, fuck! I’m wearing one of the rings which were on Inti’s fingers!” mumbled a defeated Henry, as his own mind now can’t conceive of the idea of going to Horacio and ripping him to pieces and stealing the golden ring—it’s as if the mere idea has been wiped from his mind, although all the rest of his thoughts stay in place.

Horacio’s immense rod now drools over Henry’s enslaved body, covering him in pre.

“Yes, and that is only one of my new powers…” says Horacio as his cock continues shooting male milk which covers Henry and the cold stones in the floor under him. He then lifts a hand. “You, fallen one, remove eight of your rings and bring them to me,” says Horacio to Chang, who with inhuman strength pulls himself from under an astonished Honorato Jerga, and immediately proceeds to get eight of the nine silver rings from his rod, and bring them to Horacio, who puts them around all his fingers but his thumbs.

“Horacio… what have you become?” whispers a shocked Honorato Jerga, as the powers of the ring surpass even his wildest expectations. Horacio smiles at his professor, feeling incredibly confident and full of knowledge about the ring and its secrets, the energy entering him from his immense rod as a godly legacy.

“I am still me, Professor Jerga, just an improved version… if you want, I can change you as well. You just have to accept my blessing,” offers the lad, and Honorato gasps.

“Become one of your servants?!” he asks in shock, although he considers the idea deep in his mind, and his cock in fact throbs at the thought. Horacio feels it and smirks, before shaking his head.

“No, my blessing doesn’t demand that you become one of my servants and I’d not demand it of you, professor. I just need to use my powers to change you. Is there anything you want to change?” asks Horacio, and Honorato bites his lips as he plays in his mind with the idea of changing anything about himself. He slowly nods up and down, and then does so more strongly, with conviction, as his cock too sways up and down, slapping his abs.

“I want to grow a second cock, and a second pair of arms! I’d also like to become more muscular, and taller, like… above what natures allows a man,” says the archeology professor, exposing his deepest fantasies as his face became completely red. Horacio smiles.

“I can do it. Your new form will be permanent from now on… unless…” starts Horacio, and then he takes a few steps to the side and grabs a precious ruby. “I can make it so that you can use your current form or your new form at will, as long as your skin touches this ruby,” he says, and Honorato Jerga assents. Horacio smiles, and then walks to his professor, his gigantic cock bobbing up and down massively as the giant 5-meter-tall titan moved, his balls also swaying left and right. He gives Honorato the stone, which is small in his hands but quite large in the hands of the smaller professor.

Horacio then starts stroking his majestic rod with his two hands—meaning his marvelously thick chest is squeezed and popping forward, as the godly handsome hunk squeezes and beats his rod with intense delight in several ample and violent strokes. He moans and gasps as his cock trembles and covers his advisor in pre, and Horacio groans, as his cock shines again with the light of the sun, and a pre-soaked Honorato gasps as his skin gets hotter and tinglier. Then the professor cries out as his cock fattens and divides, and his arms thicken and become four, and his body engorges and throbs, gaining muscle and size. When Horacio stops stroking his cock and starts only slowly massaging it, Honorato emerges from a shower of godly pre gasping, a new man: he is now a four-armed, 2,50-meters-tall musclebound superhuman Inca-warrior-like hunk.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Patricia and Juan heard the shot and remained hidden, but then as the screams become gasps and moans, they decide to return, seeing—in absolute shock—that the cutely muscular Horacio has become a godly giant whose ass cheeks are each as large as a human torso, and whose legs are larger than either Patricia’s or Juan’s whole body. Seeing Horacio’s immense cock trembling with the ring around its base, they gasp.

“He found it! You found it!” shouts Patricia in absolute contentment, as she trembles with excitement. “You have Inti’s ring squeezing the base of your cock!” she screams, and Juan, completely naked in his squalid body, holds her so she doesn’t slip on the pre-soaked ground as her legs shake.

“Yes, I have,” says Horacio, turning around and seeing the two Spanish professors. He lifts an eyebrow. “As Inti’s avatar, all this treasure belongs to me now. For bringing me here, I will grant you any part of it as a reward, as long as it is not something imbued with magical power whose possession is not mine to give,” he completes, and Juan shakes his head.

“We… we have also come here for the ring. When we found out that it can change one’s body, we decided to devote our careers to finding it!” he says, and then sighs. “But I guess now it is lost already, we won’t be able to change ourselves…” he adds, as his eyes follow each muscle and immense towering limb of Horacio’s majestic body with envy.

Horacio smiles, and raises his arms, letting his cock throb and slap his massive torso, splashing pre all over, as his massive muscles flex and stretch.

“This new me has… many capacities. If you guys prefer, I can grant you such changes as you desire,” he offers, with his deep voice, as he smiles and lowers a hand to his cock, sliding a finger inside his godly slit and moans, licking his lips. Juan gasps, and Patricia starts tearing up.

“Seriously?” she asks, almost incredulous, and the giant teen hunk nods, as he fingers his slit and then takes his wet finger to his lips, and swirls his tongue around it, tasting himself.

“Of course! My powers abound… now, what do you want?” he asks, and Juan and Patricia nod, shaken, moved, emotional.

“I want muscle…” says Juan, “…so much muscle that nobody will look down on me anymore. I want a body that has muscles rubbing against muscles in such a way that I trouble moving about because my legs are so thick!” he pleads, and Horacio nods, grabbing his gigantic oversized manhood and starting to stroke it as Patricia bites her lips.

“And I want to become a man! A strong man with a big fat cock between his legs, please! One that can stand proud, that can split a hole in two!” she begs. Horacio simply starts moaning, as he beats his rod faster and faster, the sound of his breathing becoming shorter and shorter as his massive balls sway back and forth.

“Don’t worry…. I’ll present you guys with new… bodies!” he says and gasps in pleasure as he points his cock down at them, still squeezing it up and down as he massages himself with his two ample and strong hands, his sweaty muscles trembling as his hard red cock throbs spewing abundant pre coating the ground. The god-like teen hunk grunts and then his balls contract, expand and tremble, and his rod throbs hard as his awesome body starts ejaculating, splashing his overwhelming orgasm all over Juan, Patricia, and the mountains of gold behind them.

As they are coated in the streams of warm sticky white cum, Patricia collapses on the ground, moaning and trembling as her whole body starts changing—her soft features become harder, angular; her boobs start disappearing and are replaced by thick pecs; her muscles all throb and flex, engorging with each contraction until they become like those of an Olympic gymnast. Above all, between her legs her pussy starts becoming shallower and shallower until it starts growing out of her body, with her tiny clitoris engorging into a fat cockhead, getting the characteristic mushroom shape. She moans as her clothes get filled with masculine muscle, and her cock now slides out of her feminine panties. Her body’s growth stretches her pants and shirt to capacity, and then as she moves her arms to try and reach her new found rod her sleeves rip, and then so do her pants, due to the thickness of her legs.

“Damn… I am… really becoming a man!” Patricia moans in delight as her hands pull her ripped shirt off, now only her bra holding her immense pecs. Her crumbling legs are quickly pulled down, exposing her fat 24-centimeter-long cock which throbs hard completely out of the silk garment, only her balls framed by the cute red panties. Patricia’s hard and expansive muscles tremble in sweat and the former woman immediately grabs his own exposed cock and starts stroking it. “Oh, fuck! It’s better than I imagined!” he says and moans in delight as his two hands now stroke his large erection and polish his exposed oozing cockhead at once. It takes little time for Patricia to get himself to culmination, his pre mixing with Horacio’s all over his chest and abs.

At the very same time as Patricia changes, Juan gasps in shock as he feels his limbs gaining mass, and his chest and buns stretching, hot and hard, as they gained more and more volume. The naked man’s cock throbs and trembles as he feels his muscles grow, in bliss, as he moved his hands to grope his own ass and pecs, feeling with each contraction a swift corresponding growth in size, until his arms are so thick that he can no longer easily grope his immense chest.

“Ohhh, yeah, I’m becoming a monster!” moans delighted Juan as his legs become so thick and his abs so deep that his relatively humble cock is getting hidden by muscles! His arms are now thicker than even Horacio’s legs, but the god-like teen is about three times taller than Juan! The Spanish professor’s muscles continue to tremble and grow as his neck and head are pushed to look up by his growing chest and shoulders, which expand in all directions. Soon, gasping and moaning Juan falls, as his legs are spread too far apart to hold his massive body up, and he splashes Horacio’s cum puddle as his immense throbbing muscles get soaked in the teen’s juices.

As his immense body grows to astonishing sizes, Juan’s eyes roll back and he has an earth-shattering orgasm. His muscles all tremble, he drools from his mouth which is open and letting an oversized tongue slide out of it. Juan’s actual ejaculation is tiny, as his cock and balls are now insignificant in comparison to his body mass, but the trembling of his muscles, especially his overgrown and exposed buns, is an amazing sight. Patricia, watching that, can’t help but move his hands to Juan’s ass cheeks, squeeze them, and slap them with his sizeable erection, before sliding the newly created cock into the overly muscular ring between says delicious buns. Juan continues to grow as Patricia—soon to be known as Patrick—fucks him hard, and his trembling only ends when he is as large as a car, and his muscles are so thick that Juan can only really move his fingers, toes and mouth, other than wobbling his massive limbs and head.

“Fuck, this is better than my wildest dreams!” exclaims Juan, as he comes a second furious time from being helplessly fucked and becoming almost a ball of muscle.


Part 5: Back to Brazil

It takes quite a lot of effort, but Honorato and Patrick manage to arrange for the treasures of Inti’s temple to be catalogued and taken back home, as Horacio helps them to be identified. Horacio only keeps apart those items that he recognizes to have intrinsic magical powers, which he puts aside and now keeps safe in his own apartment. Chang and Smith are both send to Peruvian jail, which is a fate not to be wished upon anyone, and the overmuscled Juan is counted as dead, although Honorato and Patrick are actually keeping him in a basement under the university of Barcelona where he is attended by a small group of loyal graduate students who are more than pleased to help him with all his needs—sexual and otherwise.

Other than that, the discovery of Eldorado makes it to the news worldwide, and the new Eldorado exposition in Rio de Janeiro attracts massive crowds, with blockbusting lines in front of the National Museum. Many of the items are considered to be obscene, since there are statues of impossibly muscular men and cocks of towering statues that belong more in modern erotic literature than in a museum, but despite that—or perhaps because of it—crowds are fascinated by the discovery: the biggest since Machu Picchu, it is said.

Horacio, now studying for his master’s degree, sometimes walks around the exposition, talking to people about Jerga’s discoveries and telling them slightly modified versions of what truly happened—accounts that greatly minimize his own role in the events. His contribution to the discoveries is mostly kept as a closely guarded secret, as Honorato and Horacio agree that leaving clues about what truly happened would be more damaging than useful.

“And this piece, what does it show?” asks a jock, who seems more interested in Horacio’s abundant muscles than history, but who is hypnotized by the large cock-shaped vase in front of him, which is made of pure gold and encrusted with gems. Horacio smiles, as his thumbs rub against the silver rings around his fingers: three on the left hand, and two on the right hand.

“Oh, that is an orgasmic vase. We think it was used to collect the ejaculations of important religious figures for others who couldn’t suckle directly upon their rods, so that they can drink their juices from this receptacle,” explains Horacio, and the jock laughs.

“Come on, not even the guy with the largest balls in the world cums enough to need a cup that large!” commented the surprised muscular man, as his own member throbs under his shorts, and he looks to the side, to the ow towering 210-centimeters-tall and overly muscular Horacio, who smirked back at him.

“Perhaps. I suppose this is one of those mysteries of ancient civilizations, but I can say one thing: you’d be surprised by what these peoples knew that we don’t know anymore,” responds the now 21-year-old handsome hunk, to the jock’s confusion.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Honorato Jerga is wearing his ruby necklace now as usual, as he gives his lecture. The young men and women are watching his ample back as he turns around, and his deliciously squeezed and tightly constrained ass cheeks which the professor insists on moving side-to-side almost unconsciously, with the same attention as they admire his immense bulge and his thick chest when he is addressing the class straight forwards.

“And so, with all these new artifacts, we now have a completely different view of Inca civilization and culture than what we thought as little as two years ago, although there is much yet to find out as we research and… let’s say, milk the information from all these new findings,” says the professor as his hand scratches and squeezes his massive left pec. The students stir in surprise and amazement, both intellectual and physical. One of the students, though, raises his hand—one can see a thick and beautiful silver ring around one of his fingers.

“But professor, my question is, if there were such mysteries still unknown by us about the Incas even in the year of 2022, what about other civilizations? What else can be out there?” asks the handsome black stud, whose curly hair framed his angular face and thick red lips—this being his public form, unlike the other one he usually has when he serves Horacio, when he sprouts three extra pairs of arms to help the god-like 21-year-old with his gigantic body.

Honorato Jerga smiles with the question, recognizing who made it.

“That’s a great point, Humberto. Both the past and the present are full of mysteries. Even about the Incan civilization, there is still much we don’t know. I am sure that there are bountiful discoveries just as amazing as Eldorado out there, and some even more amazing, just waiting to be unearthed by the right expert—and that can be you, in the future, my students,” responds the handsome professor, before the church bells ring outside.

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