The universe of Babbel

by brazboy

In an endless universe, everything that could ever happen must be happening somewhere, even events that are so unlikely as to be almost impossible. In one of billions of worlds that are exactly or almost exactly like ours, Ricardo was hit by one of those black swarm events, which changed him forever.

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It was a normal summer day when Ricardo was walking down the streets of downtown São Paulo. What he didn’t know, however, was that he wasn’t walking in the streets of the São Paulo that you and I might visit, but, rather, the almost perfectly identical streets of an exactly similar São Paulo located many hundreds of billions of lightyears away, in an equally random but different part of our universe’s endless expansion. As Ricardo walked down that street, he gasped, stopping, feeling something in his chest that was unlike what any of infinite other Ricardos just like him felt — a “black swarm” event.

It shouldn’t have happened, but by sheer chance the molecules inside him and around him started rearranging in a way that disrupted Ricardo’s body’s normal functioning. Something like that could kill, but by sheer chance it didn’t — it only made Ricardo feel lightheaded and hot, and slightly horny. He felt his cock throb, and his breath get shallower and faster. After recomposing himself, however, Ricardo continued walking, and nobody even paid the 24-year-old white-collar worker any mind, as he strolled down the street trying to keep calm himself, but feeling weirder and weirder because, due to a stroke of luck, instead of stopping in any particular second, the random event continued and intensified.

With each step, Ricardo felt warmer, and soon he started sweating. His nice but unremarkable body started trembling in a small scale, as the molecules in and around him changed, aggregating mass to his muscles and organs, making his body expand in perfect proportion. Sure, something could have gone wrong then — it would have been equally as likely, or unlikely, that he had grown an extra eye or leg or cock, than what was going on. Yet, what went on with this particular Ricardo in this particular São Paulo at this particular point in time was this: his muscles throbbed and flexed and expanded, as his body creeped up slowly and then more and more quickly, gaining volume exponentially as his 183 centimeters became 192, and then 202, and then 213, 225, 238, and more.

Finally, Ricardo gasped, confused, as he felt his chest filling his suit, and his legs completely squeezed by the fabric of his pants, which were becoming too short for him. He realized his muscles had expanded, but how? Why? It didn’t matter in a cosmic sense, but it seemed to matter to him and to the people around him who were starting to stare as he tripped on his growing self as his feet burst out of his shoes, and his abs started showing up below his overstuffed shirts and jacket.

“Fuuuuck, this is too tight!” he said, as his torso was overly constrained by his suit, which he grabbed and then furiously ripped with his powerful muscles, becoming shirtless in the middle of downtown São Paulo, to the gasping shock of onlookers.

As Ricardo released his now incredibly muscular chest, his tightly stretched out pants started ripping by themselves thanks to the compulsive expansion of his muscular thighs and calves. His cock, too, was squeezed by fabric, except that this most important member had been positioned in such a way that as soon as it started to grow it poked past of Ricardo’s waist, and now it throbbed and drooled abundantly only restricted by Ricardo’s clothes around the base, with about 40 of its 50 centimeters slapping against his muscular abs and fully visible to the shocked crowd.

“This man is crazy! Someone call the police!” shouted a man.

A woman gasped in shock seeing Ricardo panting, his eyes rolling, his body covered in sweat, and his cock red close to orgasmic achievement. “No, call a doctor!” she shouted, as a multitude of onlooked stared at transforming Ricardo, gasping as his pants lost their battle against Ricardo’s growing muscles by bursting in public, making Ricardo become truly naked.

“Pleaaaase… someone…!” begged Ricardo, gasping, trying but unable to collect himself, as his cock throbbed and his heart pulsated faster and faster, and as his every body part gained more and more mass with each passing second. Ricardo got dizzy, and then lifted his arm to support himself on a wall nearby — when he looked to the side though, he noticed his head was at the same level as the second floor, more than six meters above the ground since the first floors had double height! “Nooo, something is wrong!” he begged, trembling and trying to take a few confused steps, but almost smashing an onlooker.

“God, he is walking! He is still growing!” screamed a passerby which, along with Ricardo’s confused movements almost hitting people, caused the crowd to start running away and distancing themselves from the growing hunk.

Ricardo, meanwhile, insisted on trying to continue walking, even if he trembled and wobbled, as the universe for some reason continued adding mass to his frame, and making his body expand on all directions. After less than two minutes his body had become a perfect naked representation of the ideal human, except on a scale of 10 to 1 — from head to toe Ricardo had amazing 18,8 meters of height, his bobbing hard and oozing cock possessing a length of more 10% of that: 2,3 amazing meters of wobbling and drooling man meat.

As he continued walking, Ricardo continued to grow, but slowly his mind also seemed to change. As his cock wobbled and bobbed around, hitting trees and smacking the windows of buildings, his feet smashing cars and crushing innocent passersby, he became less confused, but also hornier. Ricardo heard police sirens in the distance, and they knew they had come for him, but as he now reached more than 25 meters of height, he couldn’t really care less. Now, Ricardo really only cared about his almost three-meter-long hard and throbbing cock, which he grabbed in one hand and started slapping against buildings, leaving glistening lines of pre connecting his cock with the pre-soaked windows, and people inside the floors gasped in fear as that human-sized rod slapped their walls and windows.

“Fuck, I need to cum for real!” he screamed, and his grunt made birds fly away, dogs hide, and humans tremble. Annoyed, Ricardo, now 40 meters tall, kicked a bus at the police cars he saw speeding towards him in the distance. The bus rolled down the busy street, smashing the police cars and other random people as it crumbled into a pile of metal trash. Ricardo laughed, pushing his hand through the windows of the building next to him, making the walls collapse and grabbing a few people inside with his massive hands.

“Come here, I need help!” he said, as he picks up one, two, three, and up to a dozen men. The ones he found old or not attractive enough he threw away, and they flew crying and shouting in the distance to their demise. The ones that Ricardo did select, though, he squeezed against his drooling cockhead, which he started stroking up and down as he moaned. “Fuck! They are too small for me to feel anything!” he complained, as he noticed that he could barely sense the small humans sliding up and down his sensitive shaft, or against his deliciously giant cockhead, or slipping into his hungry and wet titanic slit, as they drowned in his copious pre.

By now, Ricardo was in all the news media and the government was trying to evacuate downtown. Nobody knew why or how this was happening, but there was no denying that a gigantic, overly muscular, hung and handsome titan was abusing and destroying things in the São Paulo city center as he grew as big as a building. Ricardo, by this time sporting a 10-meter-long boner and reaching from head to toe a height of 93 meters, was indeed a completely new phenomenon. His majestic drooling manhood, which the titan was jerking off in between massive skyscrapers, was drooling a river of pre which flooded the streets below as he gasped in pleasure.

“Fuuuck, I really need to cum!” he moaned and started squeezing his cock even harder, taking a few steps forwards, until he gasped, feeling his body and muscles still trembling and growing, and his cock throbbing and expanding in his own hands. “I’m huge, I’m a god next to these puny guys!” he said and laughed, stroking his growing member as his massive house-sized balls swayed back and forth like two gigantic meaty hot air balloons casting a shadow down in the streets. “Yeahhh, fuuuuuuck!” he screamed moaning as his massive balls contract, he pointed his cock at a tall skyscraper and shot jet after jet of his warm and abundant cum on the glass windows, making them burst as the milky liquid covered the building’s façade and much of the area around it in the incredibly thick and massive amounts of male juice being shot from his now 20-meter-long and yet growing rod.

Ricardo moaned and trembled in pleasure as his cock contracted and shot his juices, now reaching 188 meters of height. As the bliss of orgasm passed, the titanic hunk noticed the helicopters coming and flying around him, some trying to shoot his enormous body down, but looking more like small steel mosquitos to the gigantic Ricardo. Ricardo smiled, letting go of his drooling cock, which slapped his massive abs causing a rain of massive cum droplets all over town, as he took a cum-soaked hand to his lips, and licked it. Another hand moved to a massive building, grabbed it, and pulled it out of the ground as people screamed in fear. Ricardo laughed, as he threw that building’s whole structure towards a helicopter, hitting it, as the crumbling infrastructure flew and fell somewhere out of the downtown area lifting much dust and destroying many blocks of houses.

“It’s useless to try and stop me, idiots!” laughed Ricardo, as he finished licking his cum out of his hands, and his cock hardened again. Now sporting a cock more than 30 meters long, Ricardo smirked and started swinging his hard bat against buildings, which collapsed around and over his magnificent wet hardness, covering it in deliciously scratchy debris. He moaned feeling that, and slowly walked towards a large park in which there was a big and ample museum. Getting there, Ricardo lowered his body above the park, using his hands and knees to hold himself in all fours, overwhelming all visitors as his immense now 300-meter-tall body seemed to take over the whole sky, his cock wobbling and slapping the land, his glans unintentionally digging and filling a great cum pond. Soon, Ricardo smirked, and as he saw people trying to flee he slid his legs to the side, destroying and crushing buildings and digging a massive hole where his knees had moved over, lifting his massive ass. Soon, he lowers his rod until it hoovers above the museum, and drools his pre over it.

“I think I’ve found a use for this waste of public money!” he says and raises his hips, before sliding his cock down and smashing a massive 42-meter-long and 12-meter-wide hole in the museum, and then moaned as he pulled back, before thrusting his cock back in, and repeating that several times as he felt the relatively small historic building collapsing around his gigantic and growing cock. As he thrust his cock back and forth against the museum’s crumbling structure, Ricado’s gigantic balls slammed the garden in front of the building, smashing trees which fell and crumbled when hit by the heavy weight of his nuts. At the same time, lifting and lowering his hips exposed Ricardo’s large asshole to the people far away in the buildings who were looking down on the fucking giant.

“Ohhh, yeaaah!” he moaned and gasped in delight as his rod slid in and out of the crumbled museum, and then his cock trembled and shakes and the superhuman hunk ejaculates. His abundant milk mixed with the debris of the destroyed museum, and it flew ravaging the building and coating large sections of the park under him and some of his muscles in sticky male seed too. The trees, the lakes and all the park’s equipment get covered in his warm juices as he moaned and sighed, his muscles twitching and trembling in pleasure, before relaxing as his orgasm subsided.

Once again overwhelmed by post-orgasmic bliss, growing Ricardo turned his body around and lay on his back, crushing most of the semen-coated park and parts of nearby neighborhoods, making houses and buildings crumble as he spread his massive arms and legs, and then turned them left and right as he yawned. By then, Ricardo’s massive 600-meters-long body was strong enough that his arm could simply pass through a building as he stretched it, and the whole edifice would fall atop his massive muscles, as he delighted in the feeling of overpowering a whole section of the city and having it crumble around his muscles.

Ricardo then moved one of his massive hands to his 70-meter-long drooling cock, and started massaging it atop his hard abs. He sat up slowly, watching as the army and air force were called in to handle his growing size. He laughed, now that he realized his glans was bigger than most houses, and picked up tanks which tried to maneuver around him, sliding them easily inside his slit. As they sank in his drooling leftover cum, drowning the people working in them, Ricardo moaned and laughed, making the ground shake under his butt-cheeks, as his cock slapped his still expanding torso.

“I’m going to destroy this whole city. You guys had better run!” he warned everyone, his voice echoing over the whole state, so deep and loud it as was, breaking windows all over town.

2,354 words Added Mar 2023 5,069 views 4.3 stars (8 votes)

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