Part-time job

by brazboy

Murilo decides to get a part time job recommended to him by his cousin: he will be attached to the insides of a vending machine to provide it with the necessary amount of cum and pec milk to satisfy its hungry customers. Nothing major is supposed to happen, until Murilo’s friends make an order which will send the machine into overdrive…

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Before practice, Murilo was rubbing his bulge a lot, and it trembled obscenely in response, attracting the eyes both of his mates and other random people in the locker-room. As the massive hunk removed his shirt, revealing his beautifully and perfectly sculptured and gigantically thick muscles, he felt his massive brown tingly nipples burn, and so his hands start rubbing them as well, as a slightly milky liquid starts running down his muscles. That, of course, attracted the eyes of even more of the lads inside the locker-room, as Murilo’s nipples were each about as big as a sizeable manhood, and drooling a thick and musky kind of male milk everyone wanted to taste! It was no wonder that, after Murilo had grown, his boss asked for his daily itinerary to use it to place vending machines near points where people might see him—their gigantic suppliers were, usually, the best possible advertise for their product.

At the same time as he caressed his pecs, however, Murilo lowered his shorts, exposing his deliciously long 80-centimeter-long soft manhood, which was not even fully contained by his overstretched brand-new “BigBuoys” underwear—while his shaft snaked and seemed to tremble compacted by the strained white fabric, his exposed cockhead was red and sore and poking out of his briefs, like a furious goldfish with thick pouting lips. Murilo’s fat and low hanging jackfruit-sized balls felt to him like they were burning as they pulsated, producing amazing amount of cum under his briefs’ heroic stretched out fabric. But even worse, as Murilo scratched his buns, he felt a massive burning in his muscular asshole which had only mildly abated since the previous morning.

“Hey, man, you seem kind of sore, is everything all right?” asked his swimming mate, Saulo, who had never been neither as tall or as broad as Murilo, and much less so now than before. He was, however, widely considered the most handsome of the two of them, both by Murilo and by outside observers, although Saulo himself would have disagreed with that assessment. As he uttered those words, Saulo slapped Murilo’s ass, to his mate’s annoyance, and gave the overgrown stud’s muscle buns a tight and lengthy squeeze. As Saulo’s hands slapped and groped Murilo’s massive hard rear hills, his own sizable—but much more average—cock trembled under his speedos.

“Fuck off, man, this is all because of you guys!” responded an annoyed Murilo, as his hands still rubbed his sore muscles and nipples, whose milk started drooling more abundantly. “If you all hadn’t come to my part-time work I’d have made my money and would still be mostly intact, you assholes! You knew very well what you were doing,” accused Murilo, with a stern and angry thunderous voice, still somewhat bitter due to everything having happened without his explicit consent. However, as he thought back about his part time job, his gigantic cock started thickening, and his sore red cockhead poked more and more outside of his thick foreskin, the nice snake’s sizeable slit now starting to drool its juices on the locker-room floor.

“Come on, man, we just wanted to support you! Thanks to us you made a lot more money than you had expected, didn’t you?” asked Saulo rhetorically, as his body closed completely behind Murilo. Now, Saulo’s nice muscles rubbed against Murilo’s magnificent back, as Saulo’s speedo-enclosed bulge now humped against Murilo’s thick thighs, to both of their delight. Saulo’s hands moved from Murilo’s buns to the side of his majestic abs and then under his overgrown ultramuscular arms, rubbing and lifting them, until his fingers touched Murilo’s thick overhanging pecs. Soon Saulo’s fingers found Murilo’s nipples and started pinching their voluptuous thickness until they drooled thick milk. Then, Saulo’s head travelled kissing Murilo’s shoulder and muscles, his biceps and then his smelly sweaty masculine armpit until it found Murilo’s massive right tit and Saulo’s devious tongue swirled around the underside of the overgrown muscle before his lips kissed the drooling nipple.

“I guess you are right… I made more than 10.000 reais, but still… I am sore as fuck now, man. I don’t think I can work again that soon,” said Murilo moaning as his muscles were kissed, his thigh humped against, one of his nipples pinched and the other suckled from, and as his cock was hardening and drooling more and more of his pre down to the floor, as his hardness rose and engorged to its full 1.2-meters-long size.

“I don’t know, man, you seem hardier and more productive than you give yourself credit, unless you’d rather take my offer and come to my home this time,” suggested Saulo. His cock hardened, popping out of his speedos and now drooling against Murilo’s thighs, as he contemplated his options.

“Your home, my ass!” responded Murilo, before moaning and grunting from having his nipples sucked and pinched, and his armpits licked as his thigh was humped against by Saulo’s sizeable manhood. “If you think you can just fucking use my body to get yourself your ideal design fuckbuddy you are dead wrong…” complained Murilo, and Saulo snorted around his fat right nipple, offended. Several of their mates and other lads in the locker room were watching the two of them bicker, hard under their work out shorts, some of them rubbing their bulges.

“Not fuckmates, then? And what about boyfriends, Murilo?” asked Saulo, rather seriously, making Murilo blush and tremble, not knowing how to react as his mate started sucking his nipple again, biting the sensitive drooling cock-sized squishy teat.

“Hmmm, you will never stop messing with my head, will you?” complained Murilo. Saulo’s eyes were the ones to roll now, in a mixture of contempt, physical pleasure, and annoyance. Saulo immediately slapped Murilo hard on the ass, and then lowered his milk-soaked hand under Murilo’s brief and rubbed it on Murilo’s hole, making the larger hunk grunt.

“Fuck, man, how much clearer do I have to be? Did I mess with your body? Yes. For selfish reasons? Partly so, I admit it. But I know you always wanted to be big—even bigger than you already were! Maybe even bigger than you are now… I saw the job you chose; you didn’t really need it. You might fool your parents with that kind of excuse, but not me,” said Saulo, and Murilo moaned, as his hole was interjected by Saulo’s milk-lubed finger.

“I don’t need such excuses, Murilo, I love you, I love you gigantic and I love you wanting to be gigantic. I love you loving men. If you want to, we can tell your parents I forced you to date me too… that’s rather hot, actually,” said Saulo, making Murilo blush, harden and laugh all at once. The image of relatively petty Saulo making gigantic two-and-a-half-meter tall, 200kg of sheer muscle, massive Murilo do to anything was as laughable as it was unbelievable and sexy—except, ironically, that was the kind of power Saulo seemed to possess over the tower of muscle while his lips kissed Murilo’s gigantic pectorals. His fingers rubbed Murilo’s deep-carved abs and invaded his tight pink muscle hole.

“Hmmmm, that’s an unfair thing to say, I’m not hiding from my family that I like men, you know,” protested embarrassed Murilo, before, to everyone’s shock and almost everyone’s fear, he turned around and used his massive body and force to push Saulo against the lockers and up, gasping, until his face was at the same level as Murilo’s. They stared at each other for a while, and then the two shared a deep, and deepening, loving electric kiss, in which Murilo seemed to hungrily eat Saulo’s mouth.

“Fuck… don’t do that shit… I almost came!” complained Saulo, as they separated, his smaller cock forming a massive tent in his speedos with an oily stain at the top. Almost comically, though, the very same kiss had awakened Murilo’s meter-and-then-some-long manhood, which was now pointing up entirely hard, straining the leg of his briefs completely, almost ripping it, really.

“See, I can tease you too, man,” said Murilo with a smirk, and then he lifted an eyebrow, before giving Saulo’s chest a kiss. “Remember, Saulo, this is your fault,” said Murilo, glancing down to his hardon. “This, and all these muscles, and my pecs too, and my thighs, and my ass… everything, it’s your responsibility, and now you’ll have to take care of it,” he said, as he picked up and carries his new boyfriend over his broad shoulders down to the showering area where they could have some much needed fun before swimming practice.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Two days ago

Murilo was waiting in the hallway outside an office with his resumé in hand, sitting down in an uncomfortable chair as he moved his fingers and feet unconsciously, due being overly nervous. You couldn’t blame him for it, though, as he was just waiting to be called for a job interview into a ‘great opportunity’ that ‘he couldn’t miss’, according to his older cousin, who had indicated him to go there. The pay was not fixed, but supposed to be great, and the hours were very flexible, as well as the perks, although Murilo didn’t quite know yet what he was supposed to actually do there.

“Next, mister Murilo Santana?” called a deep and manly voice as the door in front of him opened, and as Murilo looked up in that direction. Immediately, waiting for him at the door, Murilo saw a sturdy and handsome man in his forties calling him into his office—he was tall, taller than a regular door, although in this building things seemed to be oversized. His muscles were also thick—covered by a beautiful suit, but not entirely ignored, as their shape was clearly visible thanks to the tightness of the fabric.

Seeing the man, Murilo’s cock trembled under his pants, and the lad bit his lips nervously, before standing up and moving his well-dressed handsome body towards the older and taller male. After crossing the door into the man’s officer Murilo was offered a hand, which he took and shook trying to seem confident, and then the handsome lad was invited to make himself comfortable as the man closed the oversized door behind them.

“Thank you, sir,” he said, but didn’t take a seat as he wasn’t exactly offered one, and the older but handsome and taller man circled around Murilo’s body looking him up and down, analyzing and judging him. Being looked at like this made the young hunk nervous, as he remembered his cousin’s much more sizeable body, fearing his relatively small size—he was only 191 centimeters tall—could be an impediment to take the job. But, of course, it wasn’t an impediment at all, as Murilo couldn’t really be considered “small”—much to the contrary, the 19-year-old hunk was big all over, considering he had never been transformed.

As Murilo’s thought wondered, the observing continued. While his body was analyzed by the older man, Murilo glanced at him too, albeit shyly, slowly noticing the man’s magnificent and massive pecs trembled as his brawny self circled around Murilo and… it seemed his pants were filled not only by muscles, but also by a sizeable junk. Murilo thought a bit about that thick snake, which formed a sizeable bulge down the man’s right leg, until he heard a cough which served to pull Murilo’s attention back to this planet.

“As I suppose you can see, I already worked in the operational field of our business, so I can talk about the job you are being offered from experience. You seem to be the exact perfect sort of lad we are looking for, son; sturdy, tall, muscular, well taken care of, and dare I say, with a thick reproductive organ. Of course, we might have to do adjustments, but it is important that our partners have that solid baseline to better fulfill the needs of the position,” said the man, as he moved to sit down on his massive chair, behind his oversized wood desk. The chair made a hard creaking noise as his weight was pressed upon it, as if complaining of that older man’s thickness and size resting upon it.

“Thanks, sir, I guess,” said Murilo, and then he scratched his massive shirt-covered pecs a bit nervously. “It is great to hear that I would do well in the position but… what exactly do I have to do? And what is the pay?” asked the hunk, before pushing his resumé on top of the man’s desk. The man looked down towards that silly piece of paper and just threw it down in the bin, and then looked up towards Murilo rather startled.

“We don’t need those, son. You have a recommendation and all the rest I need to know I’ll find out myself,” he said, and Murilo swallowed dry.

“Okay, sir,” he mumbled, but his words were completely crushed and crumbled as the man continued speaking over him.

“As for your questions, I’d have thought André would have informed you on the position before telling you to come to us. Or that you’d have seen our machines in the streets, you know, son?” asked the massive man while smiling, but Murilo demonstrated almost no reaction.

“I have seen the machines, sir, but I know there are different jobs associated with them. I don’t know exactly what each one entails, my cousin just kind of told me to show up here if I wanted a good job. Might’ve had something to do with me asking him for tips on how to grow my muscles as well, but I know that’s like… more of a byproduct of working with you than a proper part of the position,” responded Murilo, and the massive older man nodded affirmatively.

“I see, son. I’ll talk to André about it then. This is no way to prepare a young man for a job interview,” he said, seemingly a bit annoyed, which made Murilo swallow dry, fearing that he had said something wrong. Regardless, the older man then sighed, and looked at Murilo more paternally, before continuing.

“Well, son, you see… we are hiring someone to fill our new batch of automatic vending machines. We plan on inaugurating 250 of them this month, and each one needs to have at least one lad such as yourself at its heart. Particularly, we are thinking of you for new drink dispenser we will be put at the Bagre square, downtown. The pay is a flat rate of 500 reais per hour plus 250 reais per typical sale; that is 200 milliliters of drinks, which means you get 50% of our gross revenue, which is great for the industry. So, basically, you’ll serve inside one of our human drink dispensers, for a pre-accorded number of hours a day, with all that entails,” explained the man, looking at Murilo as the hunk nodded up and down.

“Ah, yeah, so it is just like my cousin’s job, I guess. So… how much can I expect my body to change?” asked Murilo, and the man cleared his throat.

“We will change your pecs to make milk, and your other muscles will grow accordingly to keep you proportionate. Same thing will happen to your cock and balls, but it shouldn’t be anything major. Basically, the machine will make sure you can fulfill the orders you receive, and will grow your organs when you can’t serve a specific order. As long as you can provide for all sales, you won’t grow; most lads gain… 20 centimeters in height and about as much between their legs, with proportionate growth in their balls and maybe 30 or 40 kilograms of muscle after being with us for a while. You shouldn’t get much bigger than me, or André for that matter,” explained the man, while Murilo’s cock lengthened and throbbed under his pants, as he imagined himself growing bigger than his cousin all over. He licked his dry lips, as the sturdy older male then took a contract out of one of the drawers of his desk, and showed it to Murilo. “If that is something you are comfortable with, son, or even desire, then this is the right profession for you. I’ll just have to inspect your body, but first we can fill the contract with your stats and with how many hours you want to work with us a day, so you can officially join the company,” he finished, and Murilo bit his lips.

“Yeah, that works fine. How many sales are there on average, per hour?” asked the hunk, and the man waved his head as if thinking for a little while.

“Not many, 4 or 5 an hour for stablished locations, but in a new location like yours 1 or 2 an hour would be on par with expectations. That means you probably won’t be seeing too much growth, of course, but still an amount that would probably be noticeable, especially in the first few days,” he responded, and then Murilo nodded. He could cum twice in an hour as he was, and so his body probably wouldn’t change much at all; the machine might want to increase his balls to make his orgasms thicker, but it wouldn’t have to be anything obscene.

“Yeah, that works fine… we can do that. I want to work 2 hours every day before practice,” he said, and the older man smiled, and then filled the number of hours in the contract before pushing it forwards towards Murilo.

“Perfect. Now sign this and don’t forget to also write your bank account so we can pay you, son. After that I need you to undress for me, so I can measure your body to make sure the machine is perfectly adapted for you for tomorrow. The address is the one written in bold letters in the first page of the contract,” said the man. Murilo nodded, signed the contract and filled the relevant information, and then grabbed his phone.

“Can I take a picture of the address, so I won’t forget it?” he asked, and the man nodded. Murilo did just that, and also sent it to his swimming friends’ WhatsApp group, celebrating his new job, which would solve all his financial troubles and some other (equally absurd) insecurities. When he finished with that, the man slapped Murilo’s ass, as Murilo looked around confused.

“We need to get you measured, remember, son?” said the man, and Murilo nodded, putting down his phone and pulling off his pretty shirts, revealing his majestic torso filled with muscles, and crowned by his two majestic pecs. The massively tall older man grabbed Murilo’s tits and groped them, making Murilo moan. “These are really good, really good udders… you can make a lot of money in this business, son,” said the man, as Murilo blushed before lowering his pants and underwear, revealing his fat cock, which was still semisoft and hung at 19 centimeters long. His deliciously thick ass was exposed too, and the older handsome muscle man lowered his hands all over Murilo’s abs, to then stroke his cock to its full 25 centimeters of manly hardness, as his powerful bulge rubbed against Murilo’s ass.

“Thank you, sir…,” Murilo said in response to the compliment, moaning, but also feeling somewhat awkward, despite his cousin having told him that this measuring thing was a normal part of the procedure to then adjust the machine more perfectly. They’d even need a sample of Murilo’s blood and his semen, to perfect the settings.

“No need to thank me, I’m just acknowledging a fact. You are a great looking, perfectly built lad, son,” said the man to the younger hunk’s ear, as his hands dropped to Murilo’s cock and started stroking it until he was hard at a total of a quarter of a meter. Another one of the older man’s powerful hands cupped and caressed Murilo’s thick balls, making him moan terribly as the older gentleman humped his buns over his pants—and Murilo could feel his cock and bulge were just fantastically large! Probably way more than twice his own size.

“Hmmm, sir, you’ll make me cum if you do this,” said Murilo, confused about how the sampling would happen if he wasted his cum ejaculating all over the man’s desk, as he was handled by his more experienced new boss. The man didn’t bother to respond, and just jacked Murilo off until he came abundantly, his cock throbbing and ejaculating sticky spunk atop the papers and wood of the man’s work desk, even covering his keyboard in Murilo’s manly seed. As Murilo moaned and trembled in pleasure, the man’s hand got covered in cum, and so he pulled it from Murilo’s rod and licked it, tasting his juice.

“Great taste, you have, son,” he complimented Murilo, before he called in a nurse who collected a sample of leftover cum out of Murilo’s drooling softening rod, and then a sample of his blood as the naked lad panted and blushed terribly. The boss smiled, slapped Murilo again in the ass, and opened the door to the hallways so he could leave.

“You may put on your clothes or leave naked, whichever you prefer, son,” joked the man, and Murilo blushed and quickly put on his clothes and left, just not before being reminded that as tomorrow was his first day he’d be greeted by an assistant in his machine, and so he was expected not to be late, not a single minute late.

“Yes, sir, thanks sir!” said Murilo, and left.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Murilo woke up with the sun and went to the address where he was supposed to carry out his new work. Getting there, he found the machine being set up by a tall and lanky man—he was wearing shorts and a shirt which barely hid his body, as he worked setting up the systems which would be milking Murilo for the next couple hours. Murilo stood there for a second, watching the man work, half his body inside the machine, half outside, his nice ass pointing towards Murilo’s body unknowingly.

“Oh, there you are… damn, you look a lot like André! Anyway, I was waiting for you!” said the man as he turns around, and Murilo woke from his daydream. Quickly, the guys went over the machine and how it functioned. It was large, about as big as a small truck, but as though the vehicle were laying upon its side. From the outside, it looked like a beautiful normal vending machine, except it was covered in a massive LCD screen which projected a photo of Murilo completely naked—the image of which made the hunk blush. Inside, however, the machine was spacious, and it basically provided a perfect room for Murilo to snug into.

“So I’ll be in here for two hours, that’s it?” he asked, and the other man nodded.

“Yea, unless you press this red button, then you leave immediately, and with the green one you can extend an hour—but remember, if you don’t complete the full hour, you don’t get the flat hourly rate, only what you sell,” explained the lean stud, as he then points to the different devices inside the space where Murilo would be inhabiting soon. “See that long stick there? It goes in your ass… don’t worry though, it is perfectly safe and most people end up enjoying it. It basically works… you know, helping you come when the order comes. Men actually fell a lot of pleasure in their assholes and deeper inside they have the pro…,” the man started explaining until Murilo interrupted him, blushing.

“I… I know, I know… what about that other tube up there, then?” he asked and the man nodded, looking Murilo up and down, before clearing his throat and responding to the question.

“That thick prehensile tube up there… that one you have to swallow; basically it is there to give you water and stuff if you are working long shifts, and also, you know, to guarantee you can supply the demand that shows up… it will be pumping you with the company’s proprietary mix which guarantee your body can function as perfectly as the rest of the machine,” he explained. Murilo nodded, looking then at a third, softer tube which was more or less in front of the ass tube, but on the other side of the machine. It looked delicate, comfortably, but also amazingly powerful.

“And that one?” he asked, and the lean man smirked.

“Oh, that is where your cock goes. Most lads like that one the most, some give it nicknames, even. Yours is the new model, it can pump your dick so hard it will be sore after a couple orders… most lads love it but if you don’t I can adjust the setting before your next shift,” said the lean man, making Murilo bite his lips as his cock grows under his clothes. “Now come on, lad, time to undress… your shift starts in two minutes,” he said, with a wide smile, and Murilo looks around to check that there was nobody else in the park. He undressed in front of the lean man, his rod trembling in excitement as he was literally naked outside, slapping his abs as soon as it was released, and then Murilo steps into the machine.

The space which he had there was cozy, but it felt a bit too big for him. The lean man then helped Murilo set himself up, grabbing his balls and having them tied to a net which would help pull them down, as the lad thrust his sizeable cock towards the penile-tube, which quickly adapted to perfectly squeeze Murilo’s protruding meat. Then, Murilo grabbed the rear tube as the lean man spread his ass cheeks, and quickly, feeling where the tube was, the hunk sat on it, moaning vividly as his ass was stretched and penetrated by the delicious device.

“Hmmm ahhhh, fuuuuuck, if the whole shift is this good, I’ll have it increased to six hours,” commented Murilo, making the lean man laugh.

“I’ve never done it, but all lads say that it’s even better, you just have to make sure you don’t grow too big for society as Pedro Luís has. Otherwise, enjoy yourself…” said the man, as he slapped Murilo’s right bun hard, making him moan. Murilo was about to ask a question about this Pedro Luís, but he was immediately interrupted by the lean man, who was watching the hour.

“Okay, now the last tube… remember to press the green button to start… press it thrice since you have a two-hour shift, all right lad?” said the lean man, and Murilo nodded, as he swallowed the massively long mouth tube, which seemed to easily slid into his throat, making him drool and moan around it as his eyes teared up a little. Murilo felt invaded on all sides, but in a good way. It was nice and pleasurable, his cock, ass being massaged, his two holes perfectly stretched. He understood now why his cousin André had been increasing his hours at work repeatedly since Christmas.

Then, as Murilo was processing all those new stimuli, the lean man closed the machine with Murilo inside, and Murilo clicked the button. At once, the outside of the machine started to light up, the image of Murilo projected on the screen dancing and swaying his sizeable cock, inviting hungry and thirsty customers, while the inside trembled. Murilo felt afraid for a second, almost claustrophobic, but it was so cozy! All that happened was that the three devices started stimulating all his insides and his rod perfectly, while the walls of the small but comfy room closed perfectly to his body, constraining his mass and forcing him to adopt a perfect posture, but also completely entrapping his body’s movements outside of his fingers on the buttons and some moaning. A bit more shocking, but very wonderfully, two pumps hugged Murilo’s nipples and started stimulating his pecs, pulling out some small amount of male milk from him. Everything was set.

And so started Murilo’s shift, with him feeling perfectly content and comfy. He could live in there the rest of his life, for all he cared, and it only got better as small amounts of liquid started oozing down his throat straight into his belly. Murilo grunted in amazed bliss, thinking this might well be a better career than the one he was studying for at university.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Murilo waited inside for an unknown amount of time, feeling the delicious stick perfectly stimulating his ass, as a nice and warm liquid fell down his throat in smallish quantities, keeping him comfy and full and excited. His cock, meanwhile, had completely hardened inside the draining tube, and was being amazingly squeezed, but only ever so softly, as Murilo’s slit drooled growing amounts of pre, which the machine was storing inside itself. Murilo was loving his work and moaning weirdly around the tube inside his throat, and then, without any notice, the machine trembled and started pumping his rod and fucking his ass frenetically, while a larger amount of liquid flowed inside him through the mouth tube.

“Hmmmgaaa,” he moaned, in bliss, his rod being squeezed so nice and jacked off so hard that, with that soothing and horning up liquid being pumped inside him, plus the stimulation on his ass, that Murilo knew he would ejaculate soon. In an instant, he drooled and had the biggest orgasm in his life—his balls trembled and pumped amazing amounts of spunk, which flowed down up his explosively orgasmic cock, into the machine, and then through its system until it was delivered through a small tap into the customer’s bottle outside.

As Murilo orgasmed inside the machine, his two holes being stimulated in their specific fashion—the ass fucked by a thickening pipe, while the mouth was fed by a warm and fat drooling tube—and while his cock was masterfully milked, as well as his nipples, the hunk trembled, feeling his muscles gain some pump only slightly, as the whole machine expanded the space his body got inside it, to accommodate his growing frame.

Meanwhile, outside, the innocent customer pulled out his bottle, filled with a whole 200 milliliters of Murilo’s spunk, and tasted its delicious contents. It was warm and juicy, sticky and stringent in its masculine smell. The customer’s cock almost immediately hardened, as he drank the whole liquid inside the bottle at once—he loved starting his work day with some thick male seed flowing down his throat, it was energizing; but it also made him so horny.

“Maybe I should go find one of their relaxation chairs,” he thought to himself, before leaving Murilo’s spot alone once more, opening a map on his phone to search for a male relax-fucking chair service nearby.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Murilo has been jacked off twice in about an hour, serving 200 milliliters of spunk in the first order, and then half a liter in the second one. That had forced the machine to fuck his ass deliciously, and pump a lot of growing juices inside his throat, which had somewhat expanded his muscles, but whose effects on his cock and balls were much greater. Now, Murilo’s balls were the size of oranges—a growth which itself had helped him fulfill the second order, as it was so deliciously pleasurable that it pushed him to a long and thick orgasm. Meanwhile, his rod had gone from 25 to 33 centimeters in length, as the tube pumping and jacking him raw expanded to accommodate his greater fatness and length with the perfect amount of grip and squeeze. Murilo didn’t fully comprehend all that yet, he only knew that he felt a huge pump in his muscles, and he felt that his cock was harder than ever, as well as a fullness in his scrotum which was new to him, despite having had the two thickest and most obscene orgasms of his whole life in less than an hour. How much he had grown so fast, though, was not something he was fully aware of.

Besides that, Murilo had also sold 1 liter of tit milk so far. Two college twinks had come and brough 250 milliliters each, while a gymrat dude had bought another half a liter on his way to working out. That meant, of course, that the machine had had to milk and also greatly expand Murilo’s pecs, making his nipples grow to the size of construction bolts, more or less, while his chest itself was now like two small sofa pillows—thick, warm and comfy, as well as highly useful.

All of that meant that Murilo had made 1875 reais in sales in just one hour, although he wasn’t really counting as he drooled, orgasmed, felt his muscles tremble and grow, then had his ass fucked by the machine, before his eyes rolled back and his cock was jacked furiously just for him to orgasm again while his pecs where drained for his milk. No, Murilo right then and there had only one thing in mind: “I fucking love this, I want more of this.” The fucking of his hole and the jacking of his cock were harsh, but he was a big boy and could take it easily. Since his muscles were becoming thicker and his libido higher due to the juices drooling inside his throat, even he didn’t realize how harshly he was being treated, just how good it felt. Also, making just a few sales in an hour was fine… no problem for him.

If only things were to continue like that until the end of his two-hour shift…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A bus stopped in front of the square, and out of it came eight handsome and tall muscular lads, all of them chatting as they walked towards Murilo’s vending machine. They were led by Saulo, and they were all Murilo’s swimming friends who belonged to his WhatsApp group. While they were all joking and laughing about playing a prank on Murilo, between their legs they were all hard and their cocks trembled in virile excitement—it was one of those sexual homoerotic pranks that lads sometimes played on each other. When the first of them saw the large image of Murilo’s naked body playing on the screens outside of the vending machine, he gasped and pointed at it and called the other’s attention.

“Fuuuck, he really did it! But don’t you think this image is a bit exaggerated? He isn’t that muscular, or well-hung, I don’t think,” said Gabriel, as his cock trembled under his shorts seeing a massive version of already uber-hot Murilo being shown in 4k to everyone. Saulo quickly smirked, slapping that smaller lad on the back.

“He did, of course he did, he never lies,” he said and then shrugs. “But well, the Murilo we knew before is dead, it’s as I told you guys. While he is inside that thing, the machine will change him so his body can make all the products the customers demand. And we are here for that, aren’t we?” he said and the other lads glanced between each other.

“But we’ll be permanently changing his body, then?” asked a short and cute one of their friends, named Kaique, causing Saulo to turn around and nod.

“Indirectly, yes. Isn’t that fun, though? We’ll help him be even bigger,” he said and some of the guys started getting hard and excited thinking about it—their already hunky and handsome mate growing even more, becoming even bigger and more masculine. Meanwhile, others seemed still a bit uncomfortable with the idea of changing Murilo like that, especially the burlier dudes.

Perceiving that feeling, Saulo hugged two of them more shy guys in their group, and brought them closer to his overly handsome face. “Look, if Murilo just wanted some money, he could have could’ve come to us, or gotten another job, or even asked his family. You know the guy is loaded, don’t you? It’s obvious he likes the idea of changing and… don’t we all? Come on, guys, no need to lie to ourselves… Murilo always stares at dudes in the locker room and he is obviously fond of muscle on himself too… we’ll be helping him twice by doing this, trust me,” argued Saulo as the other guys got quickly convinced by his words, especially because he was particularly close to Murilo, and if he was saying that, then it must’ve been true.

One of the lads then, a particularly tall one called Alexandre, pointed at the Image of Murilo’s hard cock projected on the machine and read the menu. “250 reais for 200 milliliters of spunk, same price for his milk,” he starts, and another one of the lads whispered, amazed. He was a particularly bulky one called Luan.

“I guess his pecs make milk now, must be super bloated, like that veteran Marcelo’s!” he commented, causing the other lads to debate excitedly, as Alexandre continued, ignoring the comment.

“Anyway, if we pay extra, they’ll let us watch his orgasming by projecting it on the LED surface of the machine,” he said, and then smirked. “How much money did we bring?” he then asked.

“10 thousand,” responds Gabriel, as they laugh, and Luan whistles in surprise.

“Fuck, we’ll make him truly massive,” Luan said, and Saulo smirked deviously, his cock throbbing and drooling hard under his shorts, so much that it was creating a visible pre stain around his crotch—although nobody was looking at that.

“Yea, we will,” responded Saulo, and then he clapped his hands. “Shall we start?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Murilo was inside the machine, calmy waiting for another customer while delicious liquids flow slowly down his throat, his cock and ass being almost passively stimulated, and his pecs squeezed but only enough to keep a few droplets of milk drooling. Then, to his shock, the machine begins to tremble around him and, at once, the amount of juice being pumped down his throat and into his stomach increases dramatically—three, no… four or five-fold! It was also less sweat and saltier and more stringent in taste than before, filling Murilo’s belly amazingly as it was rapidly absorbed by his body and then started to energize his cells while making his blood boil, turning Murilo into an ultra-horny and hyper-energized sex muscle ball while making his muscles tighten and throb and expand, while his sexual organs started trembling with excitement and growth. This alone would have been enough to make Murilo’s muscles flex uncontrollably and the tightly kept man to moan and drool in his prison-like compartment, but, at almost the same time, his cock started to be jacked with titanic and bulgar strength, his ass rod thickened and invaded him deeper in his rear, stretching him further now than before, and his two nip pumps started trembling and sucking magnificently.

“Ahhh, hgggg, hmmmmm! Ghhhh!” moaned Murilo, and everyone outside could see the projected live image of his body trembling, his eyes rolling and his muscles growing, stretching, as the machine gave them more space to expand despite always keeping some pressure on all parts of Murilo’s magistral body. The net, which pulled his balls down expanded to allow for his now mango-sized and growing cum orbs, while his other muscles were compressed just perfectly by the machine’s interior.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” said Gabriel as the machine projected Murilo’s image and all his swimming mates watched his bliss while sporting their own hardons. They had brough two one-liter bottles to fill with Murilo’s juices, but that would soon prove not to be enough for the amount they had bought: 2 liters of fresh male spunk and 2 liters of pec juices; two massive, almost record orders, and definitely a record for a newbie.

Inside the machine, meanwhile, Murilo was unaware of the size of the order his body was about to fulfill. He trembled, his balls engorging to the size of mangoes due to the drink being absorbed by his body, as his cock thickened and lengthened as well, trembling inside the milking device as it grew with each passing throb. His hole was being plundered by the machine, as was his throat being completely stretched by the expanding tube which needed to deliver more and more juices to allow his muscles and pecs to continue to expand. As he panted approaching orgasm, Murilo’s pecs delivered milk which was immediately trickling into his friend’s bottle outside, correctly positioned as it was under the right tap.

“Man, his muscles are really expanding a lot! And his cock, wow!” commented Luan behind Saulo, who watched with short breath as his hand rubbed his bulge through his shorts. He was really hypnotized by Murilo growing in all ways inside the contrived space of the machine, and then the expanding hunk ejaculated, forcing almost half a liter of spunk out of his cock, which quickly flowed into the swimming lad’s second bottle, filling it hallway, as Murilo drooled and his eyes rolled and all his sweaty muscles trembled inside the machine, projected for the whole square to see in 4k outside.

“And that’s half of our bottle… fuck… we’ll need another one! Or two, for the milk as well!” commented Alexandre as he noticed that the tit milk flowing after Murilo’s amazing orgasm was also almost filling a third of the other one-liter bottle. The rest of the guys seemed too focused on Murilo’s massive growing cock and body, though, to care about such trivial matters.

While he was being unknowingly observed though, Murilo was shocked in the back of his mind that the machine continued pumping liquids inside of him and fucking his ass as well as stimulating his expanding cock and nipples even after suck a massive orgasm. How big was this order? He was already feeling so overwhelmed, his massive balls so empty, that he wondered if he could cum again—he needn’t have worried though as the machine was working on that. As the liquids were absorbed by his amazingly stimulated body, Murilo’s cock reached a whole half a meter, and his nipples were now the size of cow teats, delivering amazing amount of male juices each, since his massive pecs were now as big as pillows and his balls as big as melons. Murilo didn’t know that, though, and neither did he know that his height had considerably expanded, as well as his amazing muscle mass—it was easy to not realize it, being inundated with hormones and kept in a contrived space which expanded slowly and just enough to always keep the same amount of pressure against your every body part, but Murilo was now bigger than André or the hiring man he had met the day before.

Soon, however, Murilo moaned and ejaculated again, now almost 750 ml of cum exploding in 25 jets through his massive slit and into the machine, then being delivered into his friends’ bottle until it overflowed. Saulo quickly gasped, unwilling to waste Murilo’s precious juices, and pulled his head away and opened his mouth under the small tap, tasting and swallowing the roughly 250 extra milliliters of Murilian cum that the machine delivered to its customers. As he did that, though, Saulo orgasmed in his shorts then and then, panting frenetically as his seven other friends watched in surprise, some already stroking their cocks under their shorts, not worried about any third-party attention despite being in a public space. They were horny hunks, after all, and they felt like the world belong to them, when they were in such a sexual rush.

Soon, Murilo orgasmed again and massive amounts of his tit milk flowed through the machine and overfilled the other bottle as well. One of Saulo’s mates, Gabriel, jealous of his position tasting the machine’s load, pulled him away and then put his own head to taste and swallow Murilo’s cum as delivered by the machine. That forced Saulo to pull away the milk bottle, give it to another one of the guys, and put his mouth open under the other tap, which easily and amazingly delivered more and more of the delicious milk that was being drained from Murilo’s now cock-sized teats.

“Hmmm, gggghhhh, hmmm!” moaned Murilo inside the machine, although nobody could hear it due to the sound insulation, as his massive muscular frame occupied more and more room, so much so that now his arms were rubbing with his torso, and his legs rubbed against one another, as his watermelon-sized balls filled the space under his 70-centimeter-long cock while being constantly pulled by the tight net which wrapped them orbs. As his eyes rolled, Murilo wondered if this amazing customer’s order would force him to have another orgasm, and the answer to that question came by the tube in his throat and mouth thickening and delivering even more warm juices, as the pump in his ass was now so deep as to create a bulge in his abs as it ravaged his tight and deliciously melting insides, stimulating his prostate and his muscle growth all at once.

As Murilo’s cock trembled and expanded, reaching a full meter in hard length, finally it hit the limit of the machine, which wasn’t really designed to accommodate such gigantic deliveries and providers. His teats, now each 17 centimeters long, also completely filled the tubes pumping his milk, and felt really raw and sore to Murilo. The truth was that to deliver so much all at once, the machine had had to expand Murilo’s body so that he pushed the barrier of how much a lad’s body could change at once, and now he had almost no limits in producing spunk from his balls and milk from his pecs. Murilo had grown much beyond what a normal provider would grow in every sense of the word, despite still being in the middle of the process itself.

And so, another orgasm came. In fear of how long this would continue and completely overwhelmed by muscle, cock and pec growth, as well as the completely absurd stimulation provided to every part of his body, Murilo started frenetically pushing the red button. Yet, mid orgasm was the only situation where the machine couldn’t release him, and so the juices continued flowing in and out of the handsome and young now gigantic hunk—he swallows hundreds of liters of the growing juice, while his cock pumped one and a half liter of spunk and his teats two whole liters of thick male milk, which the overwhelmed machine delivered all through its taps, bugged by the delivery coinciding with the pressing of the release button by Murilo. Murilo’s cock thickened and lengthened inside the cock pump, which now almost felt like a cage to his 1.2-meter-long manhood, while his balls were now big as jackfruits, bursting from the nets which had been designed to contain them.

Outside, Saulo’s and Gabriel’s heads were completely covered in the male juices which were pumped atop them—milk and cum, respectively. Seeing the scene, the other lads pulled the two lucky hunks and jumped towards the gap in the machine, trying to swallow and lick and get themselves covered in Murilo’s thick cum and deliciously hot milk as well. Alexandre managed to swallow some spunk, while Luan almost pushed him to the ground to be able to lick and taste the pec milk the machine was delivering abundantly. In the brawny mess the lads got their clothes wet, their hairs covered in cum, and almost all ejaculated as they rubbed and tried to push and pull one another to get closer to the machine. Onlookers watched in shock, as the gathering of handsome friends turned into a crazy and frenetic group of hungry bitches.

Finally, as the machine read Murilo’s orgasm to have ended, it quickly fulfilled his previous command and opened itself, releasing the overwhelmingly overgrown hunk, which was so lost in post-orgasmic bliss and so confused with his new found body, that he tripped and fell out of the machine as it opened, ending up on all four in the ground. Murilo’s cock popped slowly and then with an audible noise out of that cock pump, which was now drooling back some of Murilo’s cum which hadn’t been delivered to the customers; similarly, the rear pump also popped out of Murilo’s ass, leaving his hole gaping and open, while his massive drooling cock-sized nipples wobbled around after being let go by the small and warm nip drainers.

“Hmm, ahhhh, fuuuuck!” said Murilo confused, his jaw and ass hurting as well as with massively sore nipples and cock which were naturally drooling without respite now, as he fell on the ground dripping every possible liquid from inside him: from spit around his lips and sweat from his muscles, to milk from his teats and cum from his massive softening more than meter-long cock. His gigantically oversized body only didn’t look completely disproportionate now, after having gained easily more than 100 kilograms of mass in less than two hours, because the hunk himself had become more 2 and a half meters tall at the same time.

In this situation, it was no surprise that it took some time for Murilo to control his breath and his new massive body, including his drooling semi which now slowly formed a puddle of post-orgasmic leftover juices on the ground, which ran like a small stream to the flowers nearby, watering them with male juices. Trembling confused, his manhood touching the surface of the walking path on which the machine had been placed, Murilo moaned as his sore glans felt the harshness of the concrete and rubbed against it. When he did recover himself, he looked around to notice more than half a dozen people staring at him—strangers who had stopped to see the show Murilo had inadvertently broadcast publicly just now. Noticing them, and his nakedness, he blushed and stood up, making his cock slap his massive abs while at once realizing his new massive height and the muscles which he hadn’t realized he had gained.

“Fuck, fuck… how will my clothes fit me now!” he thought as his hands went to try to hide his massive manly organs, but that only made his upper muscles pop to all, while barely hiding a third of his massive balls and even less of his drooling manhood (which was still making a splash).

Then, Murilo looked to the side, and saw his eight mates, including devious Saulo—his handsomest mate was covered in cum from top to bottom, his shirt stuck to his body due to being wet with smelly male milk. Saulo smirked deviously towards Murilo, who immediately frowned, as what had just happened slowly dawned on him.

“What the fuck have you done?” Murilo’s new deeper voice blasted making all the lads, and especially Saulo, tremble.

“You’re welcome?” offered Saulo, as Murilo opened his mouth to complain, but then closed it again. He then took one step towards his mates. Noticing he was naked and that the lads were all covered in his juices, he blushed even harder, as his massive ass now pointed at the crowd of strangers and then received a gust of wind which made Murilo’s massive muscles tremble.

“You fuckers! How will I go to college tomorrow looking like this? Do you not… realize what you have done? I could have…. could have grown beyond being able to go through normal life!” accused the biggest of the big hunks, his voice deep and increasingly angry, but the lads didn’t feel fear, they just felt their cocks throb at the sight of the massive stud.

“Stop being such a drama queen, you just need new clothes, dude,” responded Gabriel, as he approached Murilo, and slaps his massive teats. “And anyway, you look even better like this, I swear,” he said. Murilo seemed not really too amused, but rather about to pick up Gabriel and shove him inside that machine to force him to grow up a bit as well, until Saulo steps through the lads, and smiles at Murilo.

“Come on, man. We needed someone to take one for the team so we could boast to the dudes from the State University. And we all know you wanted to grow… you look… fucking amazing,” he said, and Murilo grumbled before rolling his eyes, while blushing ardently, and as his cock trembled and the amount of pre oozing increased.

“Whatever,” he said, and then sighed. “So, you four,” he said and pointed at four of his friends, “undress and give me your clothes… I need to clean my cock, and then wrap it with something so I am not literally naked outside. Gabriel, you call me a cab; Luan, I want you to wipe my chest clean of this fucking drooling milk. Alexandre, you will contact the swimming team and university and explain I can’t really go there today? I just don’t want to have to think about it tomorrow, all right?” he ordered, and every lad nodded, while Saulo stood there biting his lips, the only one not called out yet. Suddenly he was a bit afraid, maybe of having pushed too much? He hoped Murilo would not push him away, at least.

“And Saulo, you fucker,” said Murilo, his massive hand falling on his best friend’s relatively tiny shoulders. “You’ll come home with me and help me wash this stupid new body of mine, as well as cook for me from now on. I am hungry as fuck, you guys can’t imagine! Then, the two of us will go buy me some clothes, and you are paying!” he ordered, annoyed, but what he couldn’t see under his massive pecs was that Saulo’s handsome face was actually looking pretty excited.

And so, for all sorts of different reasons, not a single thought of answering back or disrespecting those commands crossed the mind of any of the lads at that moment, even as four of them had to get naked publicly and go back home wearing their birthday suits.

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