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The attack of Tchutchuca

by brazboy

A weird phenomenon takes place in the old colonial city of Paraty: after a strong tide, the sea turns a bit sweet, and its scent is enough to drive the males in the small town mad. Some say it’s the work of the devil, others swear it down to the old local monster Tchutchuca. The state government sends a biologist to investigate, but there is little to be done other than witness history.

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It all started on the 28th of October, when a weird phenomenon took place in the small seaside town of Paraty. a sweet and slimy crystal-clear liquid came with the high tide, and its smell dominated the whole of the city, making itself felt even inside people’s houses and stores. It was starchy, but salty like the sea and sweet like warm milk. It was strong, and it would have been unbearable if it hadn’t been so deep and alluring, making some salivate and some cum in their sleep without even touching themselves.

The scent was strongest near the beach where the slimy but clear liquid was being brough by the waves. Weirder yet, seven men woke up at the beach that morning, completely undressed, their cocks hard and their asses open and overflowing with white, warm, cum-like seed. These were the local priest, the local gym owner, the coach of the local high school, one construction worker, one restaurant cook, one tour guide and the owner of a large inn downtown. They were similar in that they were all in their twenties, and were widely considered to be the most attractive young men in town, but no one understood why they, of all people, suddenly woke up on the beach that morning.

“Probably the Tchutchuca,” would argue the mãe-de-santa, the leader of local candomblé temple. “It is no coincidence it wanted the priest. It is mocking our community!” she said, remembering the old local legends from the pre-colonial times, of the giant of a million hard oozing tentacles.

Regardless of whether people agreed with her or not, the truth is that this situation caused a massive commotion in the small town, which was only alleviated because the seven affected swore that they felt no pain or damage to their bodies. If anything, they reported a sentiment of bliss and happiness, although they alleged no recollection of how they had ended up by the beach either—even if none of them seemed scared or preoccupied about it, and were indeed the first to dismiss any scrutiny on the matter.

“Probably sleep walking… and I get hard all the time. It is only natural,” responded the owner of the inn downtown before going back to swim in the sea, and opening his mouth to drink as much of the sweet tide as he could. In that he was followed by the other ones, even the priest, who woke up one by one, their holes leaking a white spunk-like liquid down their legs which would be washed away by the ocean as they swam.

Worse than that, men of all ages and walks of life testified that the smell of the sweet tide was the most alluring scent they had ever tasted in their lives. Many of them woke up wet and hard, and many chose to go to the beach that morning and to try some of the ocean water to be able to taste some of the sweet tide themselves. The sight of hundreds of men jumping into the ocean and trying to drink from it made many of the women confused and uncomfortable, as men who had until the day before behave completely normally were now running in droves to the beach, entering the water and trying to drink it as much as they could while being weirdly physically intimate with other men who were doing the same.

“It is a unique opportunity, this sweet tide smells wonderful and it won’t last forever,” claimed a young baker to his mother before running to the beach with his hard cock hidden by his shirt. Once there, he jumped into the water and gulped lots of it, while his shirt glued to his large cock and made his erection obscenely visible.

“No… it is certainly not unhealthy. The ocean is sweet and the smell is… something else. It’s all probably due to heavy rain up in the mountains. Drinking it as is will do no harm,” explained the local doctor to his nurse who tried to prevent him from running away from the clinic for a morning dip in the ocean.

These scenes, which were repeated hundreds of times in the small city that day, of course, shook the conservative coastal community to the core, and soon pressure amounted on the mayor to do something about it. The mayor, who was only in his 30s, had also felt the allure of the sea, but had resisted it by masturbating under his desk several times during his work day using his faithful fleshlight, in which his member was still inserted even as the small commission came to him to complain.

After a meeting with concerned locals, and needing them to leave to be able to moan and cum freely, the political official was forced to agree to call the governor and ask him to send a task force to investigate what had happened in the small town of Paraty. Calmer after having jacked off, the mayor asked that the state government sent police officers to stop the men from behaving erratically and obscenely, as well as experts on ocean biology and geography, to try to find out what was the sweet tide and why it was making the men behave extraordinarily. The governor said he’d put that on the top of his priority list, but apparently that was a list full of tops as only one biologist and oceanographer ended up arriving, on the 29th, to take samples of the sweet tide and talk to the men who had awaken by the beach.

By then, the sweet tide was the only subject in the mouth and minds of the people of Paraty. Some said that the source of the sweet tide was in some kind of industrial dump or leak in a factory nearby. Others said that this was the fruit of a divine curse that had come and would poison the waters of the city, killing all who lived there as a punishment for their sinful behavior. However, if anything, the waters were tastier and healthier now than ever, although those who could afford it started buying bottled water just to be safe. That lasted only a few hours, though, as soon there was no more mineral water to be found in any of the supermarkets of the small touristic town.

Other people talked of ancient monsters and spirits which used to be feared in the colonial times, some of which were even older than that and had been attested by the native tribes, although nobody alive now had ever been in contact with these monsters and they lived only in the popular memory. Some of these ancient creatures, it was said, ate humans, while others just wanted to mate with them, and others made slaves of humans forcing them to tend their every need. Many mentioned the ancient myth of the Tchutchuca—a giant covered in small hard oozing tentacles which took warriors as servants and food, and who was said to be taller than a hundred men.

According to an anthropologist those myths might have represented the deepest collective fears of the native peoples during the early colonial period, but to the people of Paraty they meant only—and more clearly—that their ancestors knew that there was something out there which was coming for them. Something big, powerful, and that wanted to use them for its own perverse ends. No individual legend, however, seemed like a perfect fit for the situation Paraty was going through, and as such rumors and whispers were dismissed as being just that—conversation.

In the morning of the 29th, however, even more lads had gone to sleep in their beds and awaken by the sea—sixty-six in total, who were all in their 20s, healthy, handsome and relatively muscular, and by the time they were found it was quickly noticed that they were all also erect and well-endowed. Other things, however, varied: some of them had their cocks soft and oozing cum, as if they had orgasmed recently; others had their cocks completely hard and throbbing, as if they had been edging for a long time; some had a white-like substance oozing from their asses, others had it on their faces and muscles, and a third group had it primarily on their lips and chins. Whatever the phenomenon causing the sweet tide and their weird behavior was, it seemed, affecting each one of them at least a little differently.

None of the men who woke by the beach reported feeling any side-effects of their weird experience: they were healthy, horny males, but that was normal. Still, the expert from the capital came, collected samples of the different liquids found around at the beach and then forced the men to allow him to collect samples of their saliva, sweat, and the liquid drooling from their asses. He would later send those to be tested in the capital.

“It has to be from deep inside… the droplets drooling out have been in contact with the air and that might have changed their chemical composition,” said the expert while the used his fingers to dig inside the men’s exposed assholes to collect his much-desired samples. After that, he interviewed them about their experiences—which they all reported not remembering anything about, despite the expert being able to tell that was a lie from the absolute glow of satisfaction stamped on their faces.

The truth that the men dared not admit then was that they did remember scenes of the precious night—how they had walked in their sleep and met each other by the shore; how they entered in the cold water and swam almost instinctively to a large weird squishy cylindrical island, and how there they found lots of large cock-like features sticking up from the warm ground, which they took in all different ways you can imagine until the island trembled and the cocks exploded in unison. They even remembered how the island then sunk, after exploding like a thousand small volcanos, as it shook and trembled as if there had been an earthquake, and as a massive wave pushed them back ashore and brought alongside the sweet tide.

The men—who had become accomplices of one another and who now felt more like comrades than neighbors—also didn’t report that their cocks from then on had remained completely hard, no matter how much they tended to their needs. Neither did they alert the expert that they could no longer help but looking towards the ocean with longing and desire. They didn’t tell him how they knew they’d be soon returning to the beach to taste the sweet, sweet tide, and how they knew they’d find each other in the city and have sex together in large groups—and they definitely didn’t alert him that they knew, somehow, that this was going to go on and grow. Much on the contrary, they downplayed the events, all suggesting in unison that there was not much to see there and that the sweet tide was, “certainly,” just a natural phenomenon.

Some of the men who woke up at the beach, coming back home that day after the interviews, touched their assholes for the first time to clean themselves and cum on the shower—the others were already used to playing with their rear. In fact, exactly as they had expected, all of them found ways to contact one another and, hidden from the rest of the city, organized a few orgies during the day while waiting for the nighttime when their delightful experience would without a doubt repeat once more.

The largest of such orgies was organized in the local church, whose priest was a hot and athletic 24-year-old who had more centimeters below the waist than years, and it counted 23 men. They didn’t realize it then, as they covered the sacristy in white cum, but their muscles were far larger and more pronounced now than they had been the day before. The seven men who had been to the island twice were each the leader and focal point of one of the seven orgies around the city, and they were the ones growing the most and more clearly, as everyone took turns fucking their faces and feeding them their cum.

“Praise the lord, praise the cock!” said the priest, as the owner of the city’s only dealership came on his face, and he opened his mouth to eat as much of his ejaculation as possible. What he did not dare say out loud yet, though, he thought in his head: “Praised be almighty Tchutchuca!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After a day of orgies, one would expect the men who had already been bred by the weird island to be tired, but when the time came and the ocean smell became sweeter and unbearable, they all rose up in cock and to their feet, and walked almost unconsciously towards the ocean. The seven leaders, with their overgrown muscles and larger-than-life cocks, took the lead in guiding their small sex flocks. This time, however, the smell was so strong that even those males in their 30s and 40s, or those who were less athletic, found themselves sweating in their sleep, and then, without full understanding of what they were doing, stood up and left their houses and went towards the ocean. They eventually met the groups of men leaving the orgies at the beach, and although there was a clear difference in size and body between them, they were all united in their purpose, and in being guided by lust and need compounded by the smell of the sweet tide.

At that moment, there were no fathers, no friends, no sons or brothers there—only men, following some instinctive call, a call they couldn’t help but answer, willingly and gladly. One after the other they jumped in the ocean and started swimming. A few who couldn’t swim well or far enough drowned in the dark ocean waters, but most made it to the huge island of hard cocks where many meaty obelisks were already oozing large amounts of a pre-like ambrosia—the same liquid the sweet tide seemed to be made of. The different men didn’t have to fight for the cocks, they simply had to choose one and use it as they saw fit—there were just so many all over the island, of all sizes and shapes and colors, that no two men had to waste energy on anything other than taking those meat logs into their asses or mouths, or stroking it alongside their own members.

The night was long and full of pleasures. The moans of the men in the island were so loud that they could be heard all the way in the almost empty city of Paraty—although there, removed from their context, they sounded dreadful. The people only didn’t wake up because the strong scent of the sweet tide had a soothing effect in women and youngsters and elders, who therefore ended up having a great night of sleep by themselves. Regardless, even if there had been anyone awake in the streets that night, that person would not have thought much of the loud distant moan of men in different levels of bliss and pain, of to-cum and having-cum, that dominated the streets of the town. The moans—some muffled by cocks in their mouths, some exacerbated by cocks in their asses—seemed natural, mixed with the strong scent of sex and the sweet tide. Being in the streets of Paraty then would have been a quasi-mystical experience, almost as strong as being in the squishy cock island itself.

After several hours, and just before the sunrise, once again, the cocks on the island exploded in unison, like a millions of small geysers. Some were buried in asses and mouths, but many more were left alone throbbing untended by a man—as there were a lot more cocks in the island than men in Paraty. All the cock-like appendages in the island shot several streams of white, warm cum-like liquid at once, painting the men in white while in many cases filling either their guts and rectums or mouths and throats with gush after gush of mystical island-cum. The sensations brought forth by the throbbing island cocks synchronized the orgasms of the more than a thousand men in the island, and made them all ejaculate more or less at once and then collapse on the warm and musky ground from which the cocks rose, as the island trembled and sank back into the ocean.

Some men drowned then, as they continued having their attached to the island-cocks buried inside them as the ground disappeared under water, but most of the men let go of their pleasure rods and were then pushed by the currents and the wave of the sweet tide back to the beach. By now it was obvious that all their muscles, cocks and balls had grown considerably, although that was even more evident for the men who had visited the cock island two and three times than for those for whom this night had been the first time. The newcomers, as usual, fell asleep and unconscious as the tide caried them back to the beach, but the 66 men who had been to the island more than once woke up quickly and started fucking each other there, outdoors, at the beach.

They felt they needed to continue with the actions of the night. They felt they had to continue their complete physical praise of Tchutchuca.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

André had come to investigate the weird natural phenomenon taking place in Paraty, but he had not stayed in the city for the night, instead choosing to go back home and drive back down again from his house in the capital on the 30th. He was shocked and surprised to smell the strong scent of the sweet tide more than 50 kilometers before getting to Paraty, this time, and even more so as he realized the scent was driving him crazy—so much so his lips were constantly getting dry, and his cock was so hard he had to start masturbating while driving. Weirdly enough, the images that crosses his mind were not those of women, as usual, but the many hot men he had interviewed and whose asses he had inspected the previous day.

Soon André chose to stop by the shoulder and jack off there until he calmed himself down. He came to have the largest orgasms in his life—he came twice there, and could hardly prevent himself from doing it a third time before he saw it was already 10 am. Collecting his own cum as he ejaculated on his abs and pecs and tasting it did seem to help him calm down, but he felt animalistic and dirty doing it, even as he knew he would need to jack off again soon, and even as he felt the power the smell of the sweet tide had over him. He realized then and there, although he didn’t accept that at the time, that he absolutely would come to taste some of the sweet, sweet tide this time.

When André did arrive in the city, the first thing he did was find a hotel so he could rent a room in which to wash himself. He soon realized; however, the things were not normal there—not only was the smell exceedingly strong, but no men above the age of 18 could be seen anywhere in the city, and the women at the hotel were complaining about their husbands’ and sons’ absence while renting him a room.

“They are all at the goddamn ocean…! Yesterday it was Pedro, but now even Carlos too! What do they see there that’s so attractive?!” asks the lady, angrily, while leading me to my room. The expert, however, could barely contain his erection and his instinct to get out of there and go to the sea, to meet the other men and taste the sweet tide.

“I…it’s this scent…can’t you smell it? It is so delicious, so perfect… it takes a lot not to follow it. It is hard to… resist. For any man,” he said, trying his hardest to contain himself, but even then, his penis was throbbing and releasing precum under his pants. Soon he would be completely drenched in his own liquids.

“Well, yes… it’s soothing and calming, but I don’t see the point… they are there having sex at the beach! That’s completely unnatural! The governor should have sent the police, not a biologist. This needs to stop!” she complained and opened the door to the room and handed André the key. He nodded to her, trying to be polite, but he actually couldn’t care less about her opinion. She then left him alone and he entered the room, closed the door, and immediately removed his clothes and went to shower. He was surprise to find a lot of the delicious smell in the water as well, and soon his shower became a drinking and wanking session which lasted for well over an hour.

When he felt clean, André went out to look for the other men. He found them, not in the restaurants, shops, the church or the city’s main square—but all at the beach, in different stages of swimming and drinking the sweet tide, or fucking each other in the sand. The seven largest men—who by now were visibly different from any other men there or anywhere else in the world—created around them seven orgies, and were surrounded by groups of larger men who had been to the island twice, and some of those who had been to the island once as well. By now the smell of human cum was almost as strong as the smell of the sweet tide around the beach.

“Good lord!” exclaimed the biologist, his cock getting hard again and his mouth wet, as his senses were all overwhelmed by the image, smell, sound and even taste of man. As someone who hadn’t been to the island, he didn’t lose his mind as much as the other men, but still he felt a need and desire to approach them and join their small community—after all, researching was his job. He slowly came closer, and soon found himself pulled into one of the orgies by a muscular man in his early 30s, who lowered André’s pants, held his hard cock in his tight grip, and started sucking it, while another man pushed his own large member inside the second’s naked ass.

“No…! I mean….hmmm…. what is going on down here?” asked the expert, while the mouth taking the head of his cock sucked it and licked his shaft, creating a wave of overwhelming pleasure inside André. Seeing all the men fucking and being fucked; sucking and being sucked around him, made his own ass twitch and his mouth dry. He knew he wouldn’t leave that beach a virgin, nor would he leave it before sucking cock—although he didn’t admit it to himself yet, that was just an admission of a fact, and not just a desire.

“Ohhh, it’s the ocean! And now… after we went to the island and took cock… we just want more. You see some men have grown? There, they are the ones who came to the island in the first night… now we all want to feed them, and feed from them… we want to grow them and become their size,” explained the one fucking the man sucking the biologists, while he moaned and panted and slapped the one being fucked on the ass.

André grunted in surprise and delight as his cock was juggled around inside another man’s mouth. These men had visited an island? Maybe a substance from there was causing the sweet tide, and this change in the behavior of the local men—yes, that made sense. He didn’t get the laboratory results for the samples he had collected the day before yet, but that warranted further investigation! For the good of science, he’d stay in Paraty that night and also visit the island, or die trying—he thought to himself. And then he soon noticed he was thrusting his cock in and out the mouth he was effectively fucking, as his balls slapped the other man’s chin wetly.

“What…what is causing that?” asked André, out loud but more to himself than to anyone else.

Another man got behind the biologist and kissed his mouth deeply—it was a 19-year-old, the son of the owner of the supermarket, who was himself a few meters away sucking another man who was in his turn sucking one of the 7 first day giants. As the 19-year-old kissed the biologist, his teenage cock rubbed against the biologist’s ass. To his own surprise, the expert soon found himself curving his back and exposing his muscular ass while still face-fucking the other man ahead of him. The teenage panted and smiled and held his cock with one hand before slapping the biologist’s ass with it.

“You want my juice? You must give me yours later in exchange!” bargained the 19-year-old, and somehow the biologist knew that even if he had already come several times that day, his balls were still going to be able to ejaculate many more times—after all, the smell of the beach, the cum all over the place, it was just too much.

“Yes, whatever you want… just put it in!” begged the biologist while fucking the man in his 30s and shaking his ass as the teenager nested his long and growing cock in between the André’s butt cheeks, before smiling cheekily and thrusting his cock inside the expert’s virginal hole, making he moan and cry wildly.

The expert panted and moaned as hic cock was sucked and his ass fucked for the first time, and his eyes rolled back as he discovered what it felt like to have his prostate overrun by cock. However much he was into these new feelings, André’s commitment to science made him force himself to look around and inspect the scene of more than a thousand men exchanging liquids, and subsequently growing apparently due to said exchange. Particularly those seven in the middle of the smaller sub-orgies, the seven who had visited the island twice—they had become so packed with muscle that their mobility decreased, despite having become taller too. It was hard to know for certain as there were so many other men around them, but their cocks were certainly all larger than a normal person’s whole body now. Their balls, buried under other men, seemed larger than beach balls. The other men were changing too, more slowly, but the original seven were becoming true monstrosities.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The orgy continued the whole day. The biologist did take the teenager’s seed in his ass and then fed him his milk in exchange, before pushing through hordes of hungry and sexy men, trying to reach deep in the confusion, to investigate one of the original seven. In his way, in order to investigate the situation, he touched cocks, slapped asses, and rubbed against as many muscles as he could. What he did realize is that the men of Paraty, who had previously been like the men of any other Brazilian small town, had become sexy hunks who were about to cross the limits of what it means to be a normal human. Getting deeper in the crowd, however, André noticed that the jocks whom he had seen in the beach the previous day had already crossed the line.

André got to one of them—a handsome and now extremely muscular restaurant-owner called Rodrigo. His cock was now half a meter long; his muscles were so big they rubbed one on another even while resting; and his balls were bigger than soccer balls. Almost all of his features were being used by other men—his cock was being licked and sucked for its liquids, and so were his large nipples; his ass was being fucked by another man from the second day, whose cock of unknown size was completely hidden inside Rodrigo’s ass; his balls were being hugged and pulled and fondled by a chubby 21-year-old who had also used this opportunity to suck the cock of the man sucking Rodrigo.

Seeing that, not only did André almost cum on the spot, but he also decided to climb the pack to reach Rodrigo’s thick lips and swirling tongue as the man panted and moaned from all the attention his expanding muscular body received. The other man who had been to the island twice behind him, unfortunately, couldn’t provide Rodrigo’s mouth any attentions because he was too busy being face-fucked by a third second-dayer.

“Your… your body is growing!” said the expert while climbing over other muscular men, unaware that his own body was gaining more shape and definition after having drunk cum and even the waters of the sweet tide. Rodrigo barely heard him, as he simply panted, but when the biologist sat on top of Rodigo’s cock facing him, he finally gave the man from out-of-town a part of his attention.

“Ahhh, yesss, and so is… so are…so many of us…! I wish every man…could experience this…hmmm,” said Rodrigo, and then just thinking about the amount of pleasure he was getting—his muscles growing slowly, his cock being sucked and expanding, his balls being fondled and ballooning, his ass being pierced and bubbling up. It all just make his balls contract and release their juices on the spot, feeding more growth in the guy sucking Rodrigo’s own large cock.

“You think… hmmm… why do you think this is happening? Will it last?” asked André, finally humping Rodrigo’s muscular abs with his slightly expanded cock, while his mouth kissed the larger man’s pecs and up to his neck, before Rodrigo lowered his head so they could share a deep wet kiss in which Rodrigo’s tongue invaded and conquered the biologist’s mouth. Between kissing and moaning, Rodrigo almost didn’t answer the expert’s question, but now he did realize the man was not an outsider but had become one of them. As such, there was now no need to keep a secret.

“Our master, Tchutchuca, has given us the island… yes… there are cocks there… the liquids from the island… definitely are the cause of this. They might be… transforming us… making the sweet tide,” responds Rodrigo between kisses and trying to recover his breath after coming and while shaking his ass on another man’s cock. The expert, hearing Rodrigo’s response and knowing that the phenomenon was escalating, would have been concerned had another man not come from behind to fuck his ass, compressing him between Rodrigo’s and the newcomer’s muscles, making the biologist forget all about reality outside his tight muscle jail.

“Hmm…Tchutchuca…yes, I want it too,” the biologist mumbled incoherently as he was fucked in the ass once more and his face was compressed against Rodrigo’s meaty and sweaty pecs.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

By far the most changed, the most incredibly modified and improved men in Paraty were the seven who has been to the island in the first night. All had already been excellent specimens of masculinity before the call, which is why their bodies had reacted first and more strongly to the scent of the sweet tide. They were also all-important leaders to the community, which explained the natural pull the other transformed men felt from them. They were: the local priest, the local gym owner, the coach of the local high school, one construction worker, one restaurant cook, one tour guide and the owner of a large inn downtown. They were all in their 20s, they had all been between 188 and 198cm tall (the tallest was the tour guide); and their cocks had all been larger than 21cm in length (the longest had been the priest, at a whooping 27cm).

Now, they were still different, but the similarities between them had been greatly heightened: they had all grown in height, and the shortest one of them was now 278cm tall, while the tour guide had reached 309cm of height—although that was the least of their changes. Their weighs had increased more than threefold, and the most muscular of them—the high school coach and the local gym owner—were both quickly becoming musclebound, and were already by the late afternoon unable to move their arms and legs around much as their muscles were rubbed on one another.

The biggest changes, however, had happened to their cocks and balls, which had surpassed anything humanity had even seen before. Even the restaurant cook, who had been only 21cm in length, had now a cock more than two meters long, and thick like a tree trunks. He oozed pre constantly, fed by his massive residential-water-tank-sized balls, except for when he was ejaculating every few minutes. Literally thirty or forty men fed on his cock and ejaculation.

However, the priest, who had always been the hungest man in the city, now sported an erection that was longer than he was tall—as he stood only 298cm tall, but his cock reached a length of amazing 329cm. Not only did he ooze pre constantly, feeding more than a hundred man, but he came every three minutes, precise like a clock, painting the whole half of the beach to which his cock was pointing in a smelly, sticky, milky, white. That and his body being tended and worshipped by the men around him reminded him a little of the days at the seminar, when many of his colleagues showed interest in his gigantic penis—but then, unlike now, the priest had been way too shy to act upon it other than letting his friends weigh his gift to compare with their own. Now, however, he would serve his community with his milk, helping to make all the men one through this amazing phenomenon which would forever transform Paraty.

Filled by lust and pleasure and an almost religious devotion, the priest came once more and cried to the sky: “ohhh, damn, Tchutchuca, come for us! Make us continue grow! Let us back to your island!” he seemed to plea.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The sun eventually set, and the men were still going at each other at the beach, as the waves brought less and less of the sweet tide as the men had by then consumed most of it. Around this time, not only had almost all the male population of Paraty—at least those above 18—found its way to the massive seaside orgy, but all cars and buses which passed through the city had stopped and the men inside them had abandoned the vehicles to also go taste the sweet tide and join the other men in becoming one. Their women and children had found refuge with the locals, who were still trying to find ways to get outside help to stop the continuation of the ongoing madness, but by now the mayor was nowhere to be found, and police officers and even the local judge had all joined the men at the beach.

And as the sun set, the feeding and fucking continued under the moonlight. The priest’s orgasms helped count the time, and it was at around 9 p.m. when the sweet, sweet tide came again in a large wave, washing away the men in slimy pre-like liquid. Attracted by the smell which became more and more powerful by the second, the men disentangled from one another and ran to the sea to look for the warm island of cocks, but this time it would find them first. Only the first seven, whose cocks and balls had grown beyond the capabilities of their bodies to move, had remained at the beach with a few of the second-dayers who preferred to eat, suck and fuck them than to look for the island cocks.

Then, the first wave was followed by a second one of even warmer sweet liquid, and then a third. Each one was stronger than the last and they were washing the desperate men back to shore.

“Damnit! How are we going to get to the island now?!” cursed one of them, as his cock oozed pre which mixed with the sweet tide. André had remained unconcerned, as he preferred to go and find his way to suck on the priest’s gigantic rod.

“Wait…look, what is that?!” yelled a strong muscular guy who worked with deliveries but whose body now looked more like a professional athlete’s. Many of the men directed their eyes towards where he was pointing—the middle of the small bay where the tubular island now emerged under the moonlight. One could just spot the hard throbbing cocks on top of it, and so the men cheered and started trying to swim that way.

“Fuck, I want to get there… to grow like the coach and the priest!! Again…more…!” complained one of the second-dayers, the son of the owner of the local supermarket who has always been tall and handsome but whose tiny 11 centimeters cock had always been a disappointment. Now had a large 33-centimeter rod, and he dreamed of making it even larger to match his new overdeveloped muscles.

However, the men couldn’t swim against the flow of the sweet tide, although they didn’t realize it at the time as the island was approaching them regardless, and becoming even bigger as it throbbed and trembled as if it were alive. It took them all a while, but finally one of the men gasped—the professor of geography, a 42-year-old whose fat was now just a thin covering over a thick layer of muscle.

“My God! It’s a cock!” he exclaimed, but that realization only made him and others try harder to arrive to the rising cockland.

“The legends! It’s a monster! The Tchutchuca!” said another voice, that of the local mechanic, a 32-year-old with callous hands who could now see a gigantic body also getting out of the water behind the cock island. Like the other men who hadn’t yet been to the island, he had not been fully initiated on the return of the Tchutchuca, and so his cry mixed fear and awe, and it did make many of the unenlightened men take some time to think about their future actions. The problem for them was, though, that Tchutchuca’s cock now had the initiative and it was now getting dangerously close to the beach and to becoming more like a peninsula than and island, as it pushed against the sandy shore.

The sweetness of the tide, its warmth and smell, the presence of the other men, the hardness of their cocks, their desire to continue growing and accessing the thousands of cocks on top of Tchutchuca’s megacock—it all conspired to make the men wait still as the titanic creature approached and tried to figure out its appearance. Soon, it was clear: it looked somewhat humanoid, and it had about 200 meters in height; its cock was, now, half that size. The creature was extremely muscular, and its face was handsome, but unlike a man it was covered by large cocks in similar way as to how a normal man is covered by hair and sweat glands. The large of these cocks which covered Tchutchuca was the one sticking from its groin, but there were others ranging from a few dozen centimeters to many meters in length. Precum erupted from all of them, and it wasn’t too surprising that older folks might have confused those cocks for hard oozing tentacles.

The creature came out of the sea, its cock ahead of its steps, and just one throb of its gigantic penis—forcing it up and down—destroyed the main square of the town including the local church. Almost as it the monster was pleased with himself, its cock then rose and pre oozed down from its slit, which then rained on the city—the sweet tide’s component material.

The men’s awe transformed into desire, and as the creature’s gigantic cock invaded the beach, the men started trying to climb it to reach the smaller rods which covered it, all of which leaked delicious, warm, growing pre. The men trampled each other to climb the gigantic semi-hard member, and the creature seemed to feel it as its member throbbed up and down, slamming the sand and throwing some men up in the air and backwards towards the ocean—or worse, onto the city—while others managed to climb to the top and started getting themselves impaled on the smaller cocks which covered the building-sized rod.

The creature grunts and looks down, seeing all the men its fluids had transformed. It smiled and lowered its gigantic hands, grabbing a several dozen men at once alongside some sand, and rubbing them over its gigantic muscular body. By doing that, the creature was helping the men reach its muscles and the many cocks that covered it, some ending on the spaces between the abs, others on the pecs, and a few falling down the huge distance to the warm fleshy cock where they could also find smaller rods on which to impale themselves.

The creature then took more steps forwards until its upper body up to its cock had emerged from the ocean. During this walk, its cock devastated most of the parts of the city that stood near the beach, as it wobbled up and down and swung left and right with each step, crushing buildings and wiping whole streets from reality. The church and main square had already been destroyed and crumbled, but what succeeded was the collapse of several residential buildings and the complete smashing of several cars and buses which tourists had parked by the shore. The creature, noticing some resistance to the free movements of its cock, soon looked down and noticed the small town and the not-so-small seven first-day studs oozing cum and still being pleased by some loyal second-dayers, although the majority had already run to try to climb the creature’s much larger cock.

“Lord Tchutchuca, hold us to your cock,” had cried the priest right after one of his perfectly timed orgasms and the first sight of the monster’s gigantic manhood bobbing above them. André tried his best to drink from the priest’s orgasms, but the waves of cum were too strong for him to properly engulf the priest’s gigantic cockhead—and so he opted for licking the parts of his orgasm that oozed down the priest’s cock.

By now the seven stranded hunks were all too big to move by themselves, with all their accumulated muscle and their cocks and balls having grown some 60 to 70% more on top of their size when the sun was setting.

“It’s gigantic!” praised the coach, his cock throbbing and coming from the sight and smell of the creature. The other five guys also joined the praises, and some of them tried—unsuccessfully—to move towards the creature’s body.

“Our master! The source of our growth! Let me suck you too!! Let my ass sit on one of your cocks,” yelled the construction worker, raising his muscular arms as much as possible and shouting in order to attempt to gain the creature’s attention.

It did look down onto the men, but to it they were just small toys, not yet much larger than the normal men who were playing with some of his many minicocks. The creature, however, smiled down towards them and lowered one of its arms. It grabbed the one it considered the largest of them– the priest –, and the creature’s grasp was so strong that the holy man moaned and cried in pain and came as his balls and cock and whole body were almost crushed together.

The creature then brough the priest to it’s gigantic mouth and inserted its cock between its monumental lips, and sucked on it slowly and slightly as the size difference was just too big for one to call it a blowjob. The truth is at one-twenty-fifth the size of Tchutchuca’s own hard member, even the priest had little to offer to their overlord.

Apparently unsatisfied by the small stream of oozing pre inside its mouth, the creature took the priest and removed him from its lips with a pop, proceeding to take the musclebound man to its gigantic manhood and then laying him on the oozing cockhead, which the creature now forced to stand up parallel to its body. Pleased as the priest drank his cock juices and started growing even faster, the creature picked up the other six men a couple at a time and placed most of them on its gigantic cockhead, to drink directly from the source and grow. Only one of them—the tour guide—did the creature not let lay there in the pre pit. That one the creature took to its mouth and licked, using its more than human-sized tongue to play with the tour guide’s relatively small body.

This entertainment by the beach saved many lives, as the people of Paraty had some time to try to flee to the hills and drive away from the city before the creature started walking again towards the city center. Its gigantic steps mindlessly crushed cars, streets, trees and houses. The creature even unintentionally kicked a bus which ended up flying away and landing hundreds of kilometers away. It then saw a square, and eventually turned around and sat on it, causing a major earthquake and the destruction of many buildings as its ass and legs came to rest on the ground, leveling many parts of the city. By then, the creature had already considered some of the seven first-dayers feeding on its cock had grown enough, and took two of them and placed them one on each of its large nipples, which they immediately began to suck and suckle as if it were the most natural thing on the world.

Then, the creature moaned and picked the priest one more time. The difference is that now the priest’s cock was 8 times the size of his own body—24 meters of length, versus about 4 of proper height. This allowed the creature to slurp and suck on the priest’s hard cock in a way that was fulfilling to the two involved parties. Then the creature took the second largest rod, that of the cook, and while stroking it to make sure it was hard, it lifted its own ass by lying on its side, and then forced the cook’s 22-meter-long cock to penetrate its mysterious and tight ass. As the cook moaned furiously and the creature panted around the priest’s large rod, the 22-meter-long rod pierced through Tchutchuca’s sphincter and rectum, and even pressured its large prostate, to its greatest pleasure.

The creature then took another man, the coach, and his 21-meter-long cock, and pushed it inside its own monstrous slit, forcing its monstrous flow of pre to go around the coach’s large manhood and squish like a watercannon as it coated the coach’s muscular body with sweet pre, allowing him to grow the fastest of them all. The creature used the coach to fuck its own slit for a while, pulling him out and then pushing him inside its urethra. With this treatment the creature greatly increased its own flow of pre which flowed the city and ran like a river back to the ocean, sweetening it. Soon, however, the coach came violently inside the creature’s cock, and then it decided to put him down on its own gigantic shoulder, nesting the coach’s ass on one of the many large cocks that covered the creature’s body. Tchutchuca then replaced him with the construction worker—one of the two spare musclebound hyper jocks it had laying around—and when that one came inside the creature’s cock as well, it brought his cock to its mouth to lick it alongside the priest’s gigantic member, before nesting the small human on one of its multiple cocks as well.

By then, the sun was coming out and the creature stood up, looking around at the vastly deserted and mostly destroyed small town. It felt pleased, but it also realized that so many of its cocks were still feeling the cold air instead of being surrounded by a nice warm ass. Tchutchuca needed more men to cover all its cocks, and from whom to drink. Quickly, it felt the need to move on to another city, and although it feared the wisdom of the old peoples it realized by the lack of resistance that the secrets of how to bind it back to the depths of the ocean might have been lost.

Tchutchuca breathed in and out trying to smell men in the air, and then its cock throbbed when it noticed there was a large concentration of human males some kilometers to the east—maybe even enough to take all its cocks at once, and maybe enough of them that the creature could grow a few to truly fill its mouth and ass like in the olden days. As much as the priest’s cock felt nice in its mouth now, it desired to grow him much, much larger. It also wanted to have even more men under its influence, and to cover every one of its many, uncountable cocks with an ass.

There was no way the creature could have known, but the source of that smell, that huge concentration of men, was the city of Rio de Janeiro and its metropolitan area, with its almost 13 million inhabitants.

That is where it was going to go next.

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