Another nerd story

by Sithspawn

 Ollie is your typical nerd who asks his neighbour for help dealing with the local bully. Tom offers some advice that leads to an encounter he'll never forget.

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Oh jeeze, what is it this time? I thought as I saw Ollie trudging up the street. Even though it had been a dry day he was absolutely soaking wet to the point where his thin, white shirt was plastered to his body, making it virtually see through. Ollie was what you’d class as your stereotypical nerd; skinny body, thick rimmed glasses, hair slicked back and always dressed smartly, although right now his hair was a little dishevelled and he had a shoe missing.

“Hey Ollie, what happened to you?” I asked as he approached our front yard where I’d been mowing the lawn.

“Hello, Thomas. I was wondering if you still had the spare key to my house. Mine was lost in the Claypool when that Neanderthal Derek Martin and his cronies decided to throw me in just now.” That certainly explained the state he was in. Derek Martin had been picking on Ollie, and anyone else he deemed to be too wimpy to share oxygen with him, since we were back in school. Even though I’d tried to get him to back off it just ended up with me getting ganged up on as well. He and his friends always seemed to hang around by the Claypool, the small lake on our housing estate, causing trouble and just generally being belligerent. I would have thought Ollie would have taken the long way around to avoid it but obviously not.

Ollie and I had known each other for a while but we didn’t really hang around in the same circles. I was quite athletic and quite popular whereas Ollie was brilliantly smart academically, but not so much when it came to street smarts. Chances are he’d been daydreaming about some ridiculously complicated equations on the way and just gone on autopilot home when he passed Derek. We both still lived with our parents, who had been close since before we were born, so they each had keys to the other’s houses just in case one of us needed them, so I quickly dashed in to retrieve it.

“Come on then, let’s get you home,” I said as I locked my front door.

“There’s no need for you to come along, I will be fine on my own,” he protested.

“Don’t worry about it; I’ve got nothing much to do anyway. Besides, I want to know what Derek did this time.”

Ollie reluctantly agreed and we made our way to his house, a few doors down from mine. On the way he told me about his altercation with Derek and how they’d physically thrown him into the pool and just stood there laughing as he thrashed about before he was able to crawl his way to the edge. He had been so preoccupied with trying to keep his head above the water and not lose his glasses that he didn’t notice his pockets were empty until he’d made it back to dry land. Derek had just laughed as they walked away, even though Ollie begged them for help finding his stuff.

In his bedroom I sat on the bed as he paced around, clearly still agitated by what had happened before. He always seemed to struggle when dealing with people as he never seemed to understand them emotionally. He could name every part of the human anatomy with ease but he could never figure out the complexities of the behaviour of any living thing. He never felt the need to have pets as he thought they stupidly showed affection for you, purely because you elected to take care of them, and he could never love them back as he found the idea of showing them affection simply for occupying his living space as being absurd.

I tried asking him once about why he showed his parents he cared for them but he just said that was because he owed it to them for giving birth to him and nurturing him up to this point. When it comes for the time to them to pass on he would merely see that as them having completed their job and no longer being able to be a useful member of society. I did kinda wonder how he would actually feel when that day came but maybe it would just mean nothing to him.

“I just don’t understand the mentality of that reprobate,” he finally said, snapping me out of my ponderings. “Why does he feel the need inflict violence upon me simply because I chose to walk that route home?”

“Because he’s an asshole,” I replied but I could see that didn’t help. “Because he clearly has self-esteem issues and sees bullying you as a way to make himself feel better.”

“But that’s absurd, if he feels that something is wrong with him then he should channel that energy into improving that aspect of himself, rather than attacking other people.” He had a point, but like I said, Ollie really didn’t understand people.

“Yeah but he doesn’t see it like that. All he sees is someone smarter than him, who will probably do better in life, so he just uses his obvious size advantage to make himself feel superior.”

“So what should I do to prevent a repeat occurrence?”

“Maybe you could try coming to the gym with me, you know, put a little muscle on,” I suggested, although I knew he wouldn’t go for it.

“So increasing my muscle mass could make him less likely to pursue a course of aggression?” he asked and I just nodded. “Very well if you think it will help.” I was surprised how easy it was to convince him to come and train with me but before I could work out when to get him started I noticed something very strange. Ollie’s clothes suddenly became much tighter and I could swear he suddenly had muscles bulging underneath them.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed, suddenly sitting bolt upright on his bed.

“There, so do you think this will alleviate the problem?” he asked, looking down at his slightly enlarged body.

“What the fuck dude!?!? Did you just make your muscles grow?” I asked, not believing what I had just seen.

“Of course. So do you think this will help?” He asked again, as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

“Forget about that, how the hell did you do that?”

“I’ve been able to do it for a while. I was tired of asking for assistance if I needed heavy supplies for my experiments so I developed some nanites to stimulate my muscle fibres, giving me extra strength. The ability to control my musculature development came as a by-product of that experiment.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I knew he was smart but to create something like this to solve such a mundane problem was astounding, not to mention his blasé attitude about it.

“So you can grow your muscles anytime you want? How big can you get?” I asked.

“Oh, significantly larger than this, but I would rather not damage my clothing.”

“So take them off and get bigger,” I almost pleaded.

“Why? Would you say this is insufficient to deal with Derek?” I just nodded. “Very well, tell me when will be adequate.” I thought he was going to burst out of his clothes right in front of me but instead he dwindled back down to his original size and then carefully removed his shirt and trousers, folding them neatly and laying them on the bed beside me.

He then started to increase his size and definition at an incredible rate. He went from being so skinny that I could almost see his ribs to a heavyweight bodybuilder in a matter of seconds. His thick neck was sandwiched between two mountainous traps, leading to the huge, pumpkin shaped shoulders holding up his colossal arms. If he flexed those biceps I was in no doubt they would almost dwarf any softballs held up to them, probably in both size and hardness. Then there was his chest, jutting out a few inches from his body so his pecs cast a shadow over the insanely ripped blocks of muscle making up his eight pack abs. There didn’t look to be an ounce of fat on him and you could see the veins crisscrossing his body, even down on his trunk sized legs. Every muscle on him was shredded to an insane degree and I could only imagine his back could look like a map of the Rocky Mountains. Facially he was every bit the nerd he had always been, but below that he had the body of a Greek god. After a few seconds I realised he wasn’t growing anymore and just seemed to be looking at me as if waiting for my approval.

“Wow. So is that your maximum size?” I asked, hoping he didn’t think he was too small, even though I would kill to be half his size.

“This is the maximum size I can reach without increasing my height any further. If I were to grow any larger then I would have to get taller to accommodate the size, but then I would remain at that height even if I reduced my musculature.” As unbelievable as his body now was, I could only imagine what sort of insane size he could achieve if he didn’t care about his height.

“So if you can grow this big whenever you want, wouldn’t you prefer to big and muscular all the time?”

“Absolutely not. Being this size is quite cumbersome.” I think he could see the look of confusion on my face. “Trying to carry out everyday tasks in a confined space such as this is quite problematic as I am forever colliding with the furniture, and even something as simple as entering a room can create issues as I have to manoeuvre my body in such a way as to not damage the door frame.” My dick was as hard as rock looking at the monster in front of me, and thinking about him just smashing through a doorframe without even noticing it was close to tipping me over the edge.

“So do you… you know… beef up whenever you want to get stronger?”

“Fortunately not, as I have no larger clothing with which to cover my enlarged form. I can increase my strength without having to increase my size, even though it can sometimes create a more vascular look to my physique if I increase my strength by quite a large degree.”

“So how strong can you get?” I asked, still barely keeping it together.

“To be honest I have never fully tested my capabilities, which is ironic considering most scientists like to test the results of every experiment they undertake. I purely did this to make my life easier but I suppose the most weight I have lifted so far would be about the equivalent of a bulldozer.”

“You mean you pulled that weight along? On wheels?” I asked.

“Not at all, I mean actually raised into the air, with one arm.” I couldn’t help it at that point, my body gave up and I suddenly felt the warm cum splatter my underwear. Ollie must have noticed me shudder as he pulled a confused face. “Did you just ejaculate?”

“Yeah…” I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“What a peculiar thing to do. Why do you suppose that happened?” he asked and I just burst out laughing, making him look even more confused. I suddenly realised though that I was in a confined space with a massive, super strong nerd who had been bullied and laughed at for years, and could probably tear me in half with absolutely no effort at all for laughing at him.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh it’s just… you’re probably the most amazing, sexy thing… guy I’ve seen in… well… ever,” I gushed.

“So you find my increased musculature and feats of strength to be arousing?” He still looked at me like I was crazy.

“You mean you don’t?” I asked in amazement. “You can look at yourself like that in a mirror and not be turned on?” He turned to face the mirror as his face gave away a look of disdain.

“Of course not, if anything it feels slightly alien and uncomfortable. And those veins all across my body are quite unsightly.” I couldn’t believe this. Here was a guy who had the ability to become every man’s dream on a whim and he didn’t seem to be interested in it at all. If anything it was just a tool for him.

“You don’t flex and pose in the mirror? You don’t marvel at how hard your muscles are? Do you have any idea how many guys would love to do what you can do?”

“So you would like to look like this?” he asked, turning the question around. All I could do was to nod solemnly.

“Can I feel what they’re like?” I asked, feeling bold.

“If you wish to, although I hardly see the appeal.” I stood up and tentatively walked over to him. When he was smaller I never really noticed that he was a couple of inches taller than me, but now, as he was larger in every capacity it was quite unnerving. I reached out to touch his chest and was amazed at the warm, granite like feeling beneath my hands. There was still some give in it but not a lot.

“Have you ever tried flexing your muscles in the mirror?” I asked.

“I have no idea what you mean. They appear to flex themselves whenever they move but that really is all.” I showed him how to flex his chest and felt as it turned into corrugated steel beneath my fingers, then I showed him how to do a bicep flex and marvelled as they felt, and almost looked, like bowling balls either side of his head. As it went on I started to get more delicate and sensual with my caressing, and when I started fondling his nipples I could see it was clearly having an effect on him as he seemed to hum in approval. I decided to be extra brave and work my way down towards his crotch, even feeling his concrete like ass cheeks beneath his underwear, until I gradually started to slip his shorts down.

“Hmmm… I was kinda expecting everything to be bigger.” I said, looking down at his rather underwhelming cock.

“I never saw the need to enlarge my penis, but if you think it would add to the effect…” He trailed off and I immediately saw his dick plump up to a sturdy ten inches soft, with some substantial balls below it. Throwing caution to the wind I quickly started to stroke it and salivated as it grew harder, before taking it into my mouth. Just as suddenly I felt myself flying back towards the bed and landing in a heap on the floor. “What on Earth do you think you were doing?” he asked, looking down at me in disgust.

“I… thought you might want me to suck you off… you know… give you a little pleasure,” I replied, staring up at the muscle god in front of me and hoping I hadn’t made a grave mistake.

“I see, so would this be just for my pleasure or for your own as well?”

“Well… I can’t say I won’t enjoy it, but I’m sure you’ll like it too.”

“Very well, I have never experienced fellatio before so perhaps I should take you up on your offer to ascertain how it feels. You may proceed.” Even though he made it sound so clinical I didn’t have to be asked twice. I crawled over and hefted the incredible piece of meat in my hands, sensually stroking it until it regained its hardness. I decided to tease him a little at first and just delicately ran my tongue along the length of his cock, tickling the head with the softest touch and I could see it was having an effect on him as his head rolled back slightly. I decided to see how much I could actually take and plunged his huge tool into my mouth until I had my face buried in his pubes. As I started to get a rhythm going he seemed to be swaying slightly and then, amazingly I found myself lifted off the ground as he flexed his cock. I quickly pulled away as he turned to walk towards the bed.

“Holy shit!! You could have given me some warning,” I yelled, even though I was more in awe than angry. He sat down on the edge of the bed with his cock pointing straight up like an angry missile.

“I must apologize but I feared I may not remain upright if that continued. If you could resume your activities then that would be most appreciated.” I knelt down and continued to suck on his rock-hard member, looking up occasionally to see his incredible body tense and writhe above me. I knew he was getting close as he started to breathe harder, letting out more and more pleasurable moans until finally with a deep roar I felt his cock begin to spasm as I was blasted across the room by his first spurt. He continued to fire shot after shot into the air, splattering against the ceiling before raining down on me. What finally tipped me over though was seeing how his toes had curled over and left deep grooves in his hardwood floor. I blew another huge load into my shorts just watching the incredible display in front of me.

“Oh my god,” I exclaimed as Ollie sat up to face me. His huge cock was left dangling over the edge of the bed, dripping the last remnants of his incredible seed into the newly carved grooves at his feet.

“That was most agreeable. Thank you, Thomas.” He looked around the room at the mess he’d made and seemed to concentrate for a second before letting out a deep breath. As he did all the cum on the ceiling, the floor and even all over me seemed to instantly evaporate.

“What the fuck just happened there?” I asked.

“I released some nanites to break down my emissions rather than having to clean them up manually,” he replied matter-of-factly.

“Wait, so I have your nanites on me now?”

“Fear not, they self-destructed when their job was done. They cannot exist outside my body unless I allow them to.” I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed as I hoped they could latch on to me or something like that and allow me to grow huge. “So back to my original problem, do you believe this would be a sufficient deterrent for Derek and his hoodlums?”

“Absolutely, although I doubt you could just walk up to him tomorrow looking like that and not have any questions asked.”

“Quite true, perhaps I should wear a disguise of some sort.”

“You’ve kinda got a disguise already. Here, let’s try this.” I walked over to him and started to mess up his hair and then took off his glasses. “There. The glasses changed the shape of your face slightly and with a different hair style and, not to mention a completely different body, he wouldn’t even recognise you.” Ollie went to look at himself in the mirror but that brought up another problem.

“Unfortunately, my eyesight is severely compromised without my spectacles.”

“Have you ever tried contact lenses?”

“Heavens no, the thought of putting something in my eye is quite unsettling. I may have another solution though.” He started to concentrate again and then blinked a few times. “Much better, and I see now what you mean about my altered appearance; even my own family would struggle to recognise me.”

“Wait, did you just correct your eyesight?”

“Technically the nanites corrected it but for all intents and purposes it was me who did it.” I was dumbfounded. These nanites were incredible, and could quite easily cure a lot of people.

“Have you thought about sharing these nanites with the world? They could do a lot of good you know.”

“They could also be used in quite nefarious ways as well. Do you honestly think any government would use these to help people out? I think not, there are far too many military applications available for this technology.”

“Like what? Besides the strength I mean.”

“The strength alone would be a major benefit to any army but there are also other capabilities. There’s a Swiss Army knife in my top drawer, bring it over here and try to stab me with it.” I found the knife where he said it was but I felt very reluctant to do what he asked. After he assured me a few times I hesitantly poked him in his enormous, left pec. The first time the skin just dented a little and he encouraged me to do it again but harder so I obliged. His skin was hard as diamond but there was still a little give in the muscle as he probably didn’t want to damage the knife. After a couple more times the knife suddenly pierced the skin and stuck there in his chest. I was horrified at what I’d done but Ollie just looked amused.

“Don’t worry, I allowed my skin to be penetrated there. Obviously you can see that nothing can break my skin but if, for whatever reason, I ever needed to be injected with something, I can allow the nanites to make my skin less dense.” As I watched the knife started to get pushed outwards until it fell to the ground and then, miraculously, the wound that was caused by it sealed up and healed over without leaving a trace. “So as you can see, the military would be very interested in having unbeatable soldiers and that cannot be allowed to happen.”

“So would you be able to make these nanites available to anyone, like me for example?” I was excited at the thought of being able to experience what Ollie was going through and couldn’t wait for him to offer me the chance.

“Theoretically yes, they could be adapted to map onto your genetic code.”

“Wow, so I would be able to do what you can do?” I was practically salivating at the thought of that power.

“If I were to make them available to you then yes.”

“What do you mean if?”

“Well, I have no intention of sharing this with anybody.”

“What? Why not?” I asked, getting slightly angry that he should want to keep me out of this.

“As I said, there are too many people who could exploit it so I would prefer that it stays with me.”

“But I thought you’d want someone to share it with, you know to experiment with it.” I was trying to plead with his inner scientist to see if that would work.

“Frankly I have no desire for further experimentation; I obtained the extra strength I needed to aid with some experiments and as a bonus made myself impervious to more risky endeavours. As far as I can ascertain there is nothing left to assess.”

“Ok, but what about sharing it with a friend?” This was the last card I could think to play.

“Would you really call us friends? Our parents are friends and our relationship is purely a by-product of that, if it weren’t for them we would have very little in common.”

“But what about earlier? I sucked you off!” I was starting to get angry now.

“Indeed you did, but that was as much for your own benefit as mine. You clearly have some infatuation towards my increased musculature and my enhanced endowment, but had I asked you perform fellatio on me yesterday as my regular self would you have been so forthcoming? I highly doubt it. You even went so far as to call me sexy earlier, again a sentiment you did not share yesterday. All you see now is a chance to fulfil your own fantasies with me in this grotesquely oversized form with a brief glimmer of expectation that you could experience it yourself.”

“What about if I went to the press or the military about this?”

“And tell them what? That one of your neighbours can enhance his body using technology no one else has invented yet? Do you honestly think they would take you seriously? And let’s say they did; what then? They try to take me away to learn about the technology, which could take them years to develop a prototype and do you really think they would invite Joe Bloggs from the suburbs to be the first recipient? You would have nothing to gain from that except a petty act of revenge.”

“Please, Ollie. This is all I’ve ever wanted.” I could think of no other argument so my last course of action was to plead for it.

“Then perhaps you should have invented the technology yourself instead of trying to get it without putting the work in. Now if you don’t mind I would like to get myself cleaned up. Thank you for assisting me with the key earlier; I shall drop it back in a few days when I’ve had a replacement cut.” I started to walk towards Ollie’s door and took one look back at that magnificent body as he started to dwindle back to his regular, nerdy self. With his hair messed up and without his glasses he was actually really good looking, even without the massive muscles, only I hadn’t seen that before and now it was too late.

“Could we, maybe do this again someday?” I asked hopefully.

“I highly doubt it, but who knows.” With that I left his house and made the short walk home. I felt a tiny glimmer of hope from his last statement but knowing him the way I did I wouldn’t put it past him to think nothing more of the entire encounter. When I got home I went straight to my room and just sat on the stairs, feeling numb. The guy of my dreams was living just a few houses away but I clearly wasn’t what he wanted. Maybe someday things would change… I could only dream.

Holy shit! Looks like he’s starting to enjoy this more. That was my first thought when I opened my front door to see Ollie standing there in a polo shirt and shorts, both stretched to the breaking point by his enormous muscles. Before I could even say anything my mom came up behind me and took in the sight before her.

“Oh my goodness, Thomas, is this a friend of yours?” she asked. I quickly pulled myself together and tried to answer.

“Oh…err yeah, this is Ol…Oscar.” I replied.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Oscar,” she said, shaking his hand politely but also giving him a strange look. “Do I know your mother? You look awfully familiar.” Oh shit!! She was going to figure out it was Ollie and then we’d both be screwed.

“I doubt it ma’am, we just moved here last week.” I looked at Ollie completely stunned, his voice was at least an octave lower and he was speaking without his usual precision.

“Ah I see, so are you in the same college as Thomas?” she asked.

“Yeah, Tommy’s been showing me the ropes and said we should hang out some time, so here I am.” He flashed her a friendly smile and she turned to look at me proudly me as I tried not to look so nervous.

“Okay, well, I need to go out for a few hours. Are you boys staying here or going to the gym?”

“Err…I think…I mean…” I stuttered.

“We’ll probably just chill here if that’s okay. I doubt he could keep up with me in the gym anyway.” Ollie bounced his pecs a couple of times when he said that and gave me a cheeky wink.

“Oh my…well, have fun. There’s food in the fridge if you get hungry. Try to leave some for the rest of us,” she added looking over Ollie again before manoeuvring past him to leave the house.

“Bye, mom.”

“Later Mrs K,” he added with a cheery wave. I ushered Ollie into the house and up to my room, taking a quick look out my window to make sure she’d gone. When I saw we were clear I turned to him again.

“What the fuck was that all about with my mom? And what’s with the new look?” I asked. He certainly seemed to be embracing the muscled look as his clothes left little to the imagination.

“Well, I could hardly address her in my usual manner, otherwise she would not be convinced by my subterfuge.” There was the old Ollie I knew. “As for my attire, I went to pay Derek a visit and had to appropriate some larger clothes from my father to accommodate my enhanced size.”

“You went to see Derek? How did that go?” I sat down on the chair by my desk as Ollie stood near my bed, clearly feeling slightly energised about whatever had happened.

“I would speculate that he will not be causing a nuisance in this vicinity any longer.”

“Why, what did you do?”

“Let’s just say I encouraged him to leave town.” There was a devious twinkle in his eye and I couldn’t leave it there.

“Come on man, gimme the details!! What happened?” I pleaded.

“Well, I knew he would be down by the Claypool as is his usual custom, so I procured these items of clothing from my father’s wardrobe and walked down there to address his former misdeeds.”

I couldn’t hide my exasperation. “You didn’t talk to him like that did you?”

“Of course not. I used words of less than two syllables as I am fully aware of his mental capabilities.”

“You mean you dumbed it down, like you did when you spoke to my mom,” I shot back.

He sighed. “Thomas, your mother is a very astute woman who would find it most peculiar to hear somebody with physique such as this using language in the way I customarily do, so for my own benefit I altered the way I speak so as not to arouse her suspicions. Derek, on the other hand, is unusually simple-minded, so he needed to be spoken to in a way he would comprehend.”

“I guess you’re right. So what did you say to him?”

“I advised him to desist from his maltreatment those he deemed to be weaker than himself or I would be forced to subdue him. He seemed most amused by that as he had me outnumbered three to one. I then decided that actions would have to speak louder than words so I took hold of his throat and lifted him from the ground to demonstrate how serious I was. One of his accomplices then tried to punch me in my midsection to little effect. I believe he may have broken several knuckles in the process as he subsequently seemed quite distressed.”

“Yeah, I think I would be as well.” I snickered.

“I concluded he would benefit from a cooling off in the lake so I used the back of my hand to give him a light tap towards the water, unfortunately I may have used a little more force than required as he landed on the other side, unconscious.”

“Holy shit!! You backhanded him across the lake?” The thought of Ollie just casually swatting another human being across a fairly sizeable body of water with just a backhand swipe was quite frightening, but at the same time I could feel my cock starting to twitch.

“Not intentionally, and I doubt he will suffer any long-lasting impairment; but it seemed like the most permissible course of action at the time. His other accomplice decided to beat a hasty retreat at that point leaving myself and Derek alone.”

“Wait, so that whole time you were holding Derek up off the ground? With one hand?” I sat there open mouthed just thinking about how large Derek was and how difficult it would be to lift him up in any way, let alone holding him up with one hand for so long.

“Certainly. The realisation that I was holding another human being aloft with one hand was not lost on me at the time. He looked quite alarmed which caused me to become somewhat…”

“Turned you on, didn’t it?” I asked with a big smile on my face.

His face suddenly turned a deep shade of red. “I’m ashamed to say you are correct.”

“So where is Derek now?”

“He and I exchanged a few words at that point. He was still quite belligerent and confrontational, especially when I remonstrated him about attacking people he deemed to be beneath himself and, I’m afraid to say, I became rather irate with him when he disagreed that he should vacate the area.”

I didn’t like where this was going. “Okay, so how did you convince him?”

“I didn’t exactly give him many other options. I hoisted him off the ground again and propelled him into the sky.”

“Holy shit!! How high? Where did he land?”

“I’m not entirely convinced he did land. I may have utilized a little more force than necessary and he may have achieved escape velocity.” He had a very prideful smile on his face just talking about his achievement but I was less excited about it.

“Oh my god!! You mean you threw him off the planet? Do you know what this means?”

“That he may go down in the record books as the first man to leave our atmosphere without the aid of jet propulsion?” I wasn’t entirely sure if he was serious or not. I had never known Ollie to make a joke before but had the situation not been so serious I probably would have cracked up at that point.

“No, I mean he’s no longer here…on Earth…let that sink in for a moment.” Ollie’s demeanour suddenly changed dramatically. The smile he was sporting moments ago was replaced by a look of horror as reality had started to hit home.

“Oh no!! Oh my god!! What was I thinking? This transformation has made me into a monster. I’m no better than Derek was.” He started shrinking down to his regular size, all the while staring at his hands like he couldn’t believe what they’d done. His oversized clothes now looking more and more ridiculous as they hung off his skinny frame.

“Ollie, calm down, it’s okay.”

He looked up at me again with fear in his eyes. “It most certainly is not okay; I have ended another man’s existence with no effort at all. I must surrender myself to the authorities at once.”

“And tell them what? That you created a way to grow yourself into a two hundred and fifty pound man and throw a guy into space with one hand?”

“My bodyweight was actually closer to four hundred pounds. Those muscles are quite significantly denser that regular muscle fibres.”

“Okay fine, so four…whoa really? Holy fuck…are you seri…never mind…forget it…what was I saying?” I couldn’t concentrate as I looked at how significantly that shirt now hung off his shoulders whereas before it had been tight enough to burst.

“About the authorities.”

“Oh yeah, so you tell them the truth and probably show them as well just to make sure they’re convinced, but then what happens? First of all they’d have to find proof that you’d done what you said to Derek, but then if you showed them what your nanites can do I’m sure they would be having a quiet word with their military friends. And like you said before, they’d take you away to find out all about how it all works and then the secret would be out there.”

“If I remember correctly I said they’d try to take me away, but I can assure you I would put up significant resistance which could diminish their resources.” I was beginning to get worried about the idea of Ollie going up against the military, I’m not even sure he knows the limits of the power afforded to him by the nanites but it could be devastating to put them to the test.

“Let me ask you something, would you say that since our talk the other day that you’ve changed your feelings toward these new abilities of yours?”

He looked confused. “In what way?”

“Well, have you beefed up between our talk and today or was this just a spur of the moment thing?” I asked, gesturing towards his current outfit.

“Not at all. After you left I took a shower to remove the unpleasantness from my unforeseen immersion in that filthy lake and then continued with my studies as usual. The only reason for today’s events was because I remembered I needed to procure a replacement key for the one you loaned me, but as I approached the lake I noticed Derek and his accomplices loitering there as normal and decided it would be an appropriate time to confront him. Taking your advice, I went home and increased my musculature before dressing more suitably for such an encounter. After that I returned to the lake to have the events unfold the way I described earlier.”

“Okay, so let me ask you this, did you check yourself out in the mirror after you beefed up?”

“I do wish you wouldn’t continue to use that beefed up term, it’s such a ghastly idiom. As for how I felt about the transformation, I only checked myself out, as you call it, after I was fully clothed to make sure that my attire looked acceptable.” Looking at him now in those same clothes I was wondering how he would feel if he looked in the mirror again.

“Okay, well, here’s another question for you. Where’s the key?”

He was suddenly taken aback. “Excuse me?”

“You said you were going out to get another key cut, so where is it?” I could see the confusion on his face but I knew that he wasn’t being honest with himself. “You said that your initial reason for going out was to do that but then you decided to deal with Derek. After that you never got the key cut, you came here to see me instead…why?” For a guy with such an extended vocabulary it was nice to suddenly see him lost for words.

“I…can’t really say for certain.”

“Want to know what I think?” I asked with a smirk. “I think you enjoyed the feeling of power but had nobody to tell about it except for me, so you came here all excited about standing up to a bully.”

“That may be correct, Thomas.”

“So my question again is, why? Did you want to come and gloat about how strong you now are to make me feel bad that I can’t experience it? Did you want someone to tell you what a great job you did so you could feel less guilty about harming them? Or is it simply because you got turned on and thought you could just come ‘round here for another blowjob?” I was probably madder at Ollie than I should have been but I could see my words had cut deeper than I thought.

“Possibly all of those, I’m not at all certain.” Ollie slumped down onto the bed, looking crestfallen that things weren’t going the way he’d obviously hoped.

“Look, I get that this is kinda new to you, I mean, anyone who gets a taste of power tends to revel in it, so this is perfectly natural.” I suddenly thought about what Ollie had done earlier and had to correct myself. “Well okay, maybe turning into a muscle god at will isn’t natural but the feelings are.”

“So how do you suppose you would react if our situations were reversed?”

It took me a few seconds to think about that. “I don’t know. I think I’d be massively turned on and flexing in front of the mirror for a very long time if I’m honest.”

“So you still find this body desirable?” He asked as he stood up to remove his shirt and rapidly inflated to his massively muscled size again. I felt my breath catch in my throat as I looked at the incredible body standing in front of me and I couldn’t give him a reply. “I shall assume that is an affirmative. Would you like to feel it again?” He was definitely trying to seduce me and even raised his arm up to flex his bicep as I’d shown him before.

I didn’t even bother to give him an answer. I stood up and slowly walked towards him, keeping eye contact as I felt the lust radiating from his body. I finally stopped about a foot away from him, seeing the longing and expectation in his face. Finally when I thought he couldn’t take it anymore and he started moving his still flexed arm towards me I backed away.

Are you fucking kidding me?!” I yelled and he went from lust to surprise in a second. “Three days ago I gave you a blowjob and you treated it like an experiment as you’d never had one before, now you want, what, a repeat to see if your findings were conclusive?”

He dropped his arm back to his side again. “No…I just thought you would like to…”

“To what? Lust over you again? Make you feel desirable and let you discard me again when you’ve blown your load?”

“But you expressed a deep desire for my body last time, you even enquired about mapping the nanites onto your own cells.”

“Yeah, well, that was then and this is now.” I turned away and walked back across the room to give us some distance.

“I could make you pleasure me,” he said quietly.

I spun round to fix him with a steely gaze. “Whoa, what was that? You could make me? Don’t you mean rape me?”


“No no, go ahead, you’ve already assaulted and killed people today, why not add rape to your rap sheet? Hell you could smash my house up if you want to add vandalism, you’ve clearly got the power to reduce this place to rubble if you wanted to, and maybe you could even take anything you want just to add a bit of theft to it.”

He sunk back down onto the bed and I could hear the springs protesting as he did. He looked up at me and I could see he was holding tears back.

“I could share the nanites with you. It would be very simple to transfer some of them to you so that you could enhance your own physique.”

I was still too angry to really think about his offer. “Really? What about me ‘needing to put the work in,’ or was that just an excuse to keep it all to yourself?”

“I was wrong to say that, I actually would like to share this with you.” I didn’t give him an answer right away. Here he was offering something I’d begged for a few days ago and it would be so easy to take him up on is offer. I walked over to him again and crouched in front of him to look him in the eyes.

“You know, I thought about this a lot over the last couple of days and I’m gonna have to say no.”

His eyes went wide. “What? But the other day…”

“I know what I said, and I thought I wanted it, but the truth is…I like working out. I like going to the gym, feeling my muscles actually working, beating my personal bests and knowing that I’m improving my body and not just taking the easy way out.”

“Would you not like to improve your musculature to this degree?” He asked, sweeping his hand downwards to emphasise the point, and I’ll admit there was a part of me thinking I was crazy for turning him down.

“Of course, but I wouldn’t want to lose my passion for building it up to that. Have you never worked out before?”

A look of disgust washed over his face. “Only when forced to by those brutish coaches back in school but I found it to be quite monotonous.”

“Okay, but do you like seeing your body like that?”

“I still find it cumbersome for everyday life but I will admit I can see how the aesthetics would appeal to someone like yourself.”

“Oh really? Well, come here for a sec.” I had a large, walk in closet to the side of my bedroom and when I opened the door there was a huge mirror attached to the back of it that I often used to check out my own progress. “Okay, now stand there and really look at yourself. What do you think?”

It was like Ollie was looking at his body for the very first time. I don’t think he’d ever really bothered growing his muscles much before this week and even when he did; he didn’t pay them much attention. Now as he stood there with his shirt off he could actually see how amazing he looked. He ran his hands across his bulbous pecs and down his cobbled midsection, before pumping up his arms a few times to watch them expand. Just for comparison I took my own shirt off and, even though I had a pretty good body, it was nothing compared to the perfection that was Oliver Davies standing next to me.

“Oh my, so you were able to build your body that well without the nanites? That is quite remarkable.”

“Thanks, although sticking to the diet to keep it shredded is the hardest part.” As if to emphasise I crunched down on my abs as Ollie copied me. There was no contest at all; he blew me right out of the water with his ridiculous definition. “There’s one thing missing though.” Before he could ask what I meant I’d whipped his pants down so he was standing there completely naked. After his initial surprise he started to flex his thighs, hardening up those massive trunks so that even the most rugged lumberjack would ruin his chainsaw trying to chop them down.

“It hardly seems fair that I should be the only one naked in here.” He said with a slight grin and then caught me by surprise by turning around and tearing my jeans right off my body like they were made of tissue paper. I don’t think he was expecting my raging, nine inch cock to be standing at full mast but that then made him turn back towards the mirror. “You were correct last time when you said my endowment was undersized for my musculature. Perhaps I should rectify that once more.” His cock suddenly started to inflate like a balloon until it hung limp at what must have been nearly eleven inches.

“Holy crap!! I dunno whether to suck that or make a balloon animal out of it.”

“For the moment would you like me to return the favour of performing fellatio on your penis?” I had to stop myself from laughing at his absurd chat up line so I just nodded my head in agreement. I fully expected him to drop to his knees in front of me but instead he placed his hands on either side of my hips and started to lift me up.

“Whoa whoa whoa!! Are you crazy? You’ll put my head through the ceiling!!” He looked up to see I was right and then changed his tactic to kneel down, although he still lifted me up so I was dangling off the ground as he put my raging member in his mouth.

“Argh!! Ease up will ya? Do it softer and smoother.” I never realised his lips and cheeks were super strong as well. It was like sticking my cock in a cast iron pipe at first but he soon softened everything up and got into a good rhythm, teasing my cock with his powerful tongue before plunging it back into his throat until his head was touching my abs. Considering he’d never done this before he seemed to have no problems taking my full length without gagging as he expertly massaged every inch of it with his powerful lips. I grabbed the back of his head for support, and to control his movements, but I quickly realised that I had no control here. He was holding me up with no effort at all and if he didn’t want his head to move then nothing I could do would make that happen. That sudden feeling of helplessness, mixed with the lust for his incredible power was enough to send me over the edge and I shot the biggest load of my life down his throat. He finally removed my cock from his mouth but still held me above his head.

“Hmmm…that was an unexpected flavour, was that satisfying for you Thomas?” He looked up nervously.

“Oh hell yeah where did you learn how to do that?” I panted.

“I had a rather good teacher who educated me in the art of fellatio a few days ago,” he replied, smiling up at me.

“I didn’t realise I was that good,” I blushed.

“Well, having no other examples of the sensations one should experience during oral intercourse, perhaps I should seek out further guidance from other partners.” He had that contemplative look in his eyes again and the ecstasy I’d been feeling before quickly evaporated.

“Can you put me down now please? This is uncomfortable.” It actually wasn’t but I didn’t feel like being held up any longer and I think it came through in my voice.

“My apologies, Thomas, your weight was barely perceptible on my arms.” He set me down on the floor and stood up as I scowled and turned away. “Is something amiss? You appeared to be satisfied with the experience before but now you seem rather irked.”

“You’re damn right I’m irked! Yet again you’ve just made it clear that I mean nothing to you. Last time you said we weren’t even friends and now you’re saying you just wanna go around fucking other people? Well, go ahead; fill your boots because you’re clearly done with me.”

“Thomas, I…”

“Forget it, go off and enjoy your super muscles without me, I’m sure that’s what you’d prefer.” Ollie looked totally defeated and started to dwindle back to his original size. I could see the tears forming in his eyes as he walked towards the door but before he reached it he stopped and did something rather strange. He convulsed a little like he was about to throw up and then reached into his mouth to pluck out what looked like a tablet, only it was slightly shiny. He laid it on the desk next to the door and gave me another mournful look.

“Those are all the nanites,” he said sadly. “They’re mapped to both of our genetic codes. If you wish to use them yourself then you may do so, or if you choose to dispose of them then you can as they will not work for anybody else. Goodbye, Thomas. I had hoped we could have been friends someday, but I leave that decision up to you.” He left my room and was soon out the front door, leaving me to stare at the tablet on my desk and wondering what to do with it. Did I dare take it?


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