All good things

by Anon Amon

After the discovery of an ancient artifact, life is changed forever for a group of college students who have bigger things to worry about than getting ready to start classes.

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Part 1 After the discovery of an ancient artifact, life is changed forever for a group of college students who have bigger things to worry about than getting ready to start classes. (added: 17 Feb 2017)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9 Once they discover that Josh’s gift of cock-growing cum is passed on along with the extra inches, things quickly get out of hand in a very literal way—especially once Michael realizes just how badly he loves being huge. (added: 3 Mar 2017)
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17 With growth-drunk Michael’s cock as long as the room and as thick as Michael himself, the guys realize they have to get him out of the dorm and into a more discrete location. But there are two complications: Henry the RA is nosing around, and Michael’s cum is making them all grow bigger and faster than ever. (added: 17 Mar 2017)
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20
Part 21
Part 22
Part 23
Part 24 The cock-growth spreads as the boys, holed up in the old gym, attract the attention—and interest—of an innocent passerby named Sam, whose life is about to change in a pretty drastic fashion. (added: 7 Apr 2017)
Part 25
Part 26
Part 27
Part 28
Part 29
Part 30
Part 31
Part 32 Dean joins the others, while Michael discovers there’s a “level three”, which means more than just his towering cock is being affected by the transformations. Sam, meanwhile, is thinking ahead—they have to get out of the gym before they outgrow it. (added: 21 Apr 2017)
Part 33
Part 34
Part 35
Part 36
Part 37
Part 38
Part 39
Part 40 As Michael discovers the true nature of growth at level three, Josh understands his feelings for Dean are bigger than his own nearly two-foot dick. (added: 5 May 2017)
Part 41
Part 42
Part 43
Part 44
Part 45
Part 46 Josh has found a way to get himself back to (close to) normal and ready to resume college life, after a-lot-a-lot of cumming, enough to fill a quarry—literally. But the effects of his and his friends’ cum hasn’t gone away, and Dean…well, the “treatment” didn’t work quite so well on muscle. And then there’s the mystery of what happened to Michael after he reached level four… (added: 2 Jun 2017)
Part 47
Part 48
Part 49
Part 50 Josh and Sam enlist the aid of Mr. Ryan, their handsome ancient civilizations instructor, to learn more about the king statue, and he’s very excited to help. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean throw a party, but Dean’s muscles are so arousing that it’s not long before their game of beer pong becomes something much more interesting—and dangerous. (added: 16 Jun 2017)
Part 51
Part 52
Part 53
Part 54 The boys succumb to temptation, with inevitable results. At least the growth downstairs could be dealt with to a certain extent, but the effects of the muscle milk shots Sam gleefully takes at the party are a lot less easy to mitigate, leaving the guys not quite inconspicuous the next morning in Ancient Civ. (added: 30 Jun 2017)
Part 55
Part 56
Part 57
Part 58 A field trip to the museum provides new, but cryptic, hints about the idol. Meanwhile Sam is getting used to being hugely muscled, Dean can’t keep away from them, and the disappearance of Michael becomes still more perplexing. (added: 14 Jul 2017)
Part 59
Part 60
Part 61 Sam tells the story of how he and Dean grew each other in a night of irresistible stimulation until things got out of control and Dean ended up too big. As Josh considers reaching out for help—would his father understand?—he briefly catches sight of Michael for a second time. Is guilt making him see his missing best friend, or is Michael really out there? (added: 28 Jul 2017)
Part 62 Sam tells the story of how he and Dean grew each other in a night of irresistible stimulation until things got out of control and Dean ended up too big. As Josh considers reaching out for help—would his father understand?—he briefly catches sight of Michael for a second time. Is guilt making him see his missing best friend, or is Michael really out there?
Part 63
Part 64 Michael finally reveals himself, having attained Level 5 and more hungry than ever to grow huge—and for his best friend to grow with him. (added: 29 Sep 2017)
Part 65
Part 66
Part 67 Unable to sleep after his creepy encounter with Michael, Josh crawls into bed with Skyler. The next morning, he hopes to get to Mr. Ryan’s class without incident…but Michael is waiting for him, still wanting to know about the quarry and their secret reservoir of jizz. (added: 13 Oct 2017)
Part 68
Part 69
Part 70 The twins’ mutual pique leads to a confrontation with Josh outside the museum, momentarily distracting them from Michael’s threat and the need to warn Josh’s dad. When his dad finally does hear the whole story, he’s reluctant to believe everything he thought about the statue was wrong. (added: 27 Oct 2017)
Part 71
Part 72
Part 73 Josh and the twins barely make it back to the safety of the dorm and are planning the reduction of their cocks back to manageable size when they discover there’s something in the water that makes them need to get off… and grow. (added: 9 Feb 2018)
Part 74
Part 75
Part 76 Josh and his friends decide his dad should break the news to Mr. Ryan about what might be happening to him, while they try to figure out how to deal with Michael. Meanwhile, a new problem develops when they find out Dean hasn’t been big on self-control lately. (added: 27 Apr 2018)
Part 77
Part 78
Part 79
Part 80 This time, the awkward “morning after” moment involves breakfast with Josh’s dad and his new boyfriend, Mr. Ryan, both of whom are enjoying the effects of the artifact. Josh makes his escape to the twins’ impressive house, which they were supposed to have all to themselves—but there’s no accounting for younger brothers. (added: 1 Jun 2018)
Part 81
Part 82
Part 83 Ben demands to know the guys’ secret method for growing huge cocks. Josh and the twins try to shut him down, but they underestimate his determination to find out the truth. (added: 15 Jun 2018)
Part 84
Part 85
Part 86 With the twins’ brother, Ben, still causing problems, Tyler hits on a radical solution. (added: 10 Aug 2018)
Part 87
Part 88 The guys manage to get Ben to leave the house with him with the promise of more growth. Ben, however, hasn’t given up on Josh just yet. (added: 24 Aug 2018)
Part 89 Ben’s eagerness proves a powerful temptation to Josh, with inevitable results for Ben’s already-too-big, extra-thick hyper-tool. He also insists on tagging along as the gang go to pry the increasingly gigantic Dean out of his house in the most practical (and cum-filled) manner they could think of. (added: 6 Oct 2018)
Part 90
Part 91
Part 92
Part 93 Trapped in a tight space with a giant Dean and his own too-big equipment, Josh realizes there’s only one way to free them both: grow Dean even bigger. (added: 5 Jan 2019)
Part 94
Part 95
Part 96 Ben’s growth only makes him want more, even as he and Josh risk being discovered as headlights zero in on their location. (added: 16 Mar 2019)
Part 97
Part 98
Part 99 Josh is willing to try anything to stop Michael from reaching the quarry and using the cum-lake there to achieve his dreams of giant dominion. (added: 24 Aug 2019)
Part 100
Part 101 The only thing weirder than your cock being too big is knowing you have to make it bigger. (added: 17 Oct 2020)
Part 102
Part 103
Part 104
Part 105 Josh thinks he has the answer for how to make things a little more normal. (added: 22 Oct 2022)
Part 106 Mr. Ryan makes an unexpected offer.
Part 107 Michael’s unceasing growth alarms the others, as exposure (in more ways than one) seems imminent. (added: 29 Oct 2022)
Part 108
Part 109 Sam and Michael meet again.
Part 110 Josh’s plan to retrieve the idol runs into a hitch when he encounters Tristan, leading to a face-to-face with Michael.
Epilogue The curse is broken, but the results aren’t what they expected.
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Part 1

My name is Josh.

My dad had just come back from one of his digs and he was super psyched. Apparently he had finally found something. At least something worth mentioning. He was an archeologist. Now, I know what you are thinking: Dude! Your dad is like freaking Indiana Jones! He must uncover mummies all the time!

Let me tell you, that is not the case. I actually went on a dig with him once during summer vacation and believe me when I say it was boring as hell. There were no mummies, no Nazis trying to cause a commotion, no nothing. Just a bunch of dirt and people geeking out over some petrified wood or whatever that they dug up out of the ground. I was hoping for at least like some dinosaur bones or something to pop up, but that never happened.

So when my dad came barreling into the house spouting off about some discovery, naturally I prepared to witness the awesome rock that he and his team had unearthed this time. “Josh, it’s amazing!” he exclaimed. “Like nothing we’ve ever found before!”

Of course this grandiose discovery was back at the museum which meant whisking me away and driving down there to go witness its splendor. I tried my best to put on a face for him. He was so excited. I, on the other hand, was annoyed. I was kind of in the middle of packing up my things for college.

“I know you have pictures of it, dad. Can’t you just show me those?” I said, shoving some clothes into a box. But of course he pulled out the best weapon in his arsenal: guilt.

“This is your last chance to come to my work before you go off to college. I just thought it might be fun to go together and see it.”

I sighed. “Sounds good,” I smiled before taping the box up.

So there I was sitting in the car. My dad went on and on about his find. At least it actually did sound a little interesting this time. It was a small statue of an old king or chief of some kind. What really drove my dad nuts was that they couldn’t tell what culture it had come from. Mayan, Egyptian, Native American? It wasn’t clear, but whatever it was, it was old.

The coolest thing about my dad’s job was I got to go behind the scenes at the museum. That I will admit. He escorted me through the back to where they stored things and then brought me to the lab where he did most of his work when he wasn’t out playing Indiana Jones.

“Check it out!” He said like a goofy kid on Christmas.

It sat on the table. Clearly someone had just started cleaning it, or restoring it if you will. It actually was the coolest thing that I had ever seen him find. The statue wasn’t too tall. It was black and looked like a human form, but it was quite worn. I walked around the statue to view it from all the angles.

“We believe it to be a statue of the King of some tribe.”

“Why a king?” I asked.

“Well King is our word until we figure out what culture this belongs to. But it must have been a prominent leader. The head looks like it has a crown or maybe a headdress. It’s hard to tell because it’s so worn.”

“Not like a god huh?”

“We don’t think so. It’s rather small and there was only one. If we were talking a deity, it would have been more likely to be a figure we had encountered before.”

I smiled. “Unless you unearthed a new undiscovered people.”

“Ha ha,” my dad scoffed. “I know you are joking, but could you imagine!?”

I stared at the statue. “Well this guy sure is packing,” I said noticing his impressive member.

“Leaders, or gods, were often exaggerated. Fertility and strength and what not.”

“Uh huh,” I smirked.

One of my father’s coworkers called to him. “Be right there,” he said before turning to me. “Don’t touch.”

He walked off, greeting the other person. I grinned and bent in closer to get a better look. “A crown, huh?” I murmured to myself. “Yeah, I don’t see it.” I looked over at my dad. He was completely preoccupied talking to his coworker, surely discussing the statue. I took the opportunity to get even closer.

The guy’s dick was ridiculous. I don’t know why, but I reached out and touched it. It was cool to the touch.

Suddenly there was a loud bang like a crate being dropped. It startled me so I quickly drew my hand back. My dad and the other workers ran towards the noise. I meanwhile looked down to see that I had mistakenly opened a hidden compartment when I drew my hand away. Where the statue’s cock was had opened and revealed a small vial inside.

I couldn’t believe it. I almost started to understand how my father felt, like I had made some huge discovery. Fuck, I am freaking Indiana Jones!! Where the hell is my fedora and whip?!

I pulled the vial out. It was cloudy but there was definitely something inside of it. I didn’t have much more time to study it though because the people began to return to the room. In a panic I shut the secret compartment putting the statues cock back in place. As my father walked closer I realized I still had the vial in my hand. I quickly shoved the vial into my pocket and put my smile back on.

“Sorry about that,” my dad said. “People should know by now not to touch these things. That’s how disaster happens. Luckily, nothing was harmed but we should probably get going.”

Once again, I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t you just tell your dad what you found? Why are you about to leave the museum with that vial in your pocket? You basically just stole a priceless artifactHere’s the thing. Looking back now, I realize I wasn’t thinking rationally. But I wasn’t supposed to be touching things! And technically I’m not even allowed back there, my dad kinda just sneaks me in. Super cool, but super-could-lose-your-job, hence why after the crash we were jetting out of there pretty fast. Plus they wouldn’t even miss the thing. They’ll probably end up finding the secret compartment and then the mystery of what was it used for would be much more exciting to them than some dingy vial. I’ll just ditch the thing the first chance I get.


Part 2

“Jo!” Michael called.

Michael has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. So naturally we chose the same college to go to. In fact, we even signed up to be roommates together. And yes, he calls me Jo, short for Josh, short for Joshua. For some reason, at some point he felt Josh was too long and it stuck. Oddly enough, he hates it when people call him Mike.

“Jo! Your dad already take off?” Michael asked, seeing me standing there alone with all my stuff on the curb.

“Yeah. Things have been a little hectic at his work since his team discovered a relic at his last dig. Said he had to go pull an all-nighter.”

Michael grabbed a couple boxes up off the ground. “Well you’re lucky I spotted you,” he said. There sure we’re a lot of people, the dorms bustling with wide eyed freshmen. “My stuff is already up in our room. C’mon, I’ll show ya.”

Michael led the way and I followed behind with the rest of my boxes in my arms. We took the stairs up to the second floor and made our way around all the different people, people I assumed I would be living with, down the hall to our door.

With some maneuvering, Michael managed to unlock it and swung it open. “Here’s our new home!”

I walked inside. It wasn’t too bad. We had our own sink, bunk beds, a conjoining bathroom we shared with our neighbors. Michael had already picked his side so I put my stuff on the other bed.

“Not too shabby, right?” Michael grinned. “You need help unpacking?”

“No I got it,” I said as I ripped into the first box. Inside the box, on top was what I was looking for. I grabbed the bundled sock and unfolded it before rolling its contents into my hand. I held up the vial and looked at it once more.

“What the hell is that?” Michael asked. “You got some drugs or some shit?!”

“Please,” I scoffed. “No, this is something I have been meaning to throw away but couldn’t until I leave home.”

Michael just gave him a look. “Not sure if you think that explains things, but it actually just creates more questions.”

“Fine, if you have to know, I took this from my dad’s work kind of by mistake and rather than get in trouble about it I figured I would just get rid of it. I couldn’t risk my dad seeing it in the trash at home so I figured I would bring it with me and get rid of it here where he would never know.”

Michael stared at him blankly. “Ah, of course,” he dead panned. “What is it?”

“How the hell should I know?” I answered before tossing it into the trash can with a clunk. “As far as I am concerned this never happened.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“You think your dad’s here to get you?” Michael laughed. “Or maybe it’s the museum. You know they have connections.”

I shot Michael a look and answered the door. There standing in the hall were two beautiful guys, both equally attractive, equally fit, equally everything. They were twins.

“Hey, we are your neighbors and we thought we would introduce ourselves,” one of them said with a smile that spoke to my soul. “I’m Skyler and this is Tyler.”

“Are you the bathroom neighbors? I mean the neighbors that share our bathroom?” I asked clumsily.

“What he means to say is his name is Josh and I’m Michael. It’s nice to meet you both,” Michael cut in.

They both grinned. “Yes, we are the bathroom neighbors,” the other twin answered. “Well it was nice meeting you both. See you around!” And easy come, easy go, they were gone.

Once the door was shut again, I practically melted to the floor. I kept picturing them, basketball shorts, sleeveless tees. Where they matching? I couldn’t remember. All I could see were their nice arms. We’re sleeveless tees even seasonal? I didn’t care. I guess it was kinda hot out. I sure was feeling hot in here now.

“Dude, you’re a mess,” Michael said brining me back to reality.

“Sorry, man,” I sighed. “But those guys were hot!”

“Well that’s my cue to see what kind of chicks we have on our floor,” Michael said before throwing a peace sign and exiting the room.

Michael has been totally cool with me being gay. I remember when I came out to him in freshmen year in high school. I was so nervous that he was going to be weirded out and stop being my friend, but he was just like “yeah, I kinda figured. Pass me the chips”. He’s always been like that. Cool, I mean. Not focused on chips.


Part 3

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I mumbled as I stood at the door. We had been living on campus a day or two so things had calmed down somewhat. I was standing at our neighbors’ door, the twins Tyler and Skyler. Apparently, I haven’t been able to stop talking about them, so Michael tells me so now he has forced me to walk over there and say hey.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Michael asked. He stood behind me making sure I follow through. “What are you so nervous about? You are just saying hello.”

“Man, I’m sure that they are straight.”

“So?” Michael shrugged his shoulders. “I’m straight but that doesn’t stop you from hanging out with me.”

“Yeah but I don’t have a crush on you,” I said.

“Ouch.” He put his hand to his chest. “You hurt my feelings. I’ll forgive you if you knock on that door.”

I growled with anger but was deep down excited.

“Listen gay, not gay, who cares? Jenna was unavailable but that didn’t stop me from looking in high school. We could use some more friends anyways.”

“Tired of me already, huh?”

“I’m just tired of you drooling.”

I sighed and finally knocked on their door. Shortly the door opened revealing a shirtless twin leaning against the door frame. I probably looked like an idiot not looking him in the eyes as he answered the door. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of his nice pecs and six pack.

“Oh, hey!” He said beaming that cursed smile.

“Uh, hey!” I replied, once again awkward as hell.

Michael once again stepped up to rescue me. “Hey there,” he said. “Thought we would come on over if that’s ok.”

“Yeah sure,” he said and moved aside to let them in. The other twin sat up on the edge of his bed and greeted us with yet another smile.

I felt so awkward. I didn’t even know what to say.

“Tyler?” Michael asked the one without a shirt.

“That would be me,” the one on the bed said.

“Ah, so you must be Skyler.”

“Don’t worry. That happens all the time.” Skyler moved over to his own bed and sat across from his brother. “Have a seat,” he said offering us some beanbag chairs. With a soft thud we sat in the cliche dorm room beanbag chairs.

We did the pleasantries, you know the usual where you from, what are you studying conversation. I was sort of listening sort of not. They were too beautiful. After a while, Michael started giving me a look like I was supposed to ask them something. Of course that something was: hey are you gay and if so are you single and if so are you interested?

Finally, impatient as always, Michael said, “So you guys like some Teen Wolf thing where one of you is straight and the other is gay?”

I basically died right there. So embarrassing.

They both just laughed. “You watch Teen Wolf?” Tyler asked.

“Truth be told, Jo kinda makes me. He is into that whole thing.”

“Werewolves?” Skyler asked.

“Uh, no hot guys,” Michael stated.

Ok so if I wasn’t dead before I sure as hell was dead now, but before I could throw myself out of their window they answered. “I love that show too,” Skyler said looking at me.

“Yeah for sure. Same here,” Tyler agreed.

“For the same reason?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” they almost said in unison.

“Wait. So you are both gay?” I said, the words forming in my mouth before I even had time to think.

“You’re gay too huh?” Skyler smiled. God, that smile.

“Yeah!” I exclaimed, probably a little too eagerly.

“Well what a coincidence,” Michael said flashing me a secret I told you so look. “So, both twins gay...”

“They say 1 out of every 10 guys is gay,” Tyler stated.

“7 if you’re in the right county,” Skyler chimed in.

“5 if you’re just making shit up, so basic statistics were against us.”

Michael laughed. “So then you guys ever...see what’s up? ever mess around with each other?”

“Let me guess, you’re straight,” Tyler said.

“I am.”

“Ignore him,” I said glaring at Michael. “He’s an idiot but he’s cool. We’ve been friends forever.”

“And he has almost been gay for half of that time!” Michael laughed. Skyler and Tyler didn’t seem to join in. “Alright maybe we aren’t at that level yet.”

“We don’t share boyfriends either,” Tyler said. “So if you want to ask one of us out you better figure out who that will be.”


Part 4

“Well that was embarrassing,” I said as we walked back into our own dorm room.

“I was joking!” Michael said. “But who cares it worked out for you. They are both gay! You have your pick of the litter!”

“Yeah that’s the problem. Who do I pick?”

“Yeah. Pretty fricken weird for them to basically be like, choose one but choose wisely... Like the old man at the end of that Indiana jones movie with the Jesus cup.”

“The holy grail.” What in the hell is with all these damn Indiana jones references?! “Yeah, well I guess that means they both are at least interested in me, right? Otherwise why do it?”

“Who the hell knows,” Michael answered. “Some sort of weird twin initiation thing. Anyways, they are both basically the same. Flip a coin!”

I scoffed at that.

“Whatever. Don’t be mad that we have been here just a couple days and you already got two guys giving you the eye. I’m coming up dry over here! It’s just going to be me hanging with a bunch of gay guys.”

“Too bad you’re not gay. You could take one and I’d take the other,” I smirked.

“Yeah, too bad so sad,” Michael stated. “You gotta start doing this shit yourself. Basically had to knock on the damn door for you!”

A knock came from the door. “I swear if this isn’t some hot chick coming over here...” Michael said as he answered it.

“Hey again.” It was Skyler. I could tell because he was still not wearing a shirt.

“Hey come on in,” Michael said.

“Sorry to bother you guys again. I wanted to apologize for putting you on the spot like that. My brother and I, well we have always been competitive with each other.” He ran his hand over his abs. The motion alone was enough to make me hard. “Anyways, I came over to ask you out for dinner some time.”


“Yeah, you want to grab a bite later tonight?”

“That sounds great!” I had to be grinning from ear to ear.

“Alright I will be around at 8.”

“Ok see you then.”

When the door shut I spun around and beamed at Michael. He just shook his head in disbelief.

“Dude, I have a date!”

Michael sighed. “Lucky.... I probably should have apologized for asking if he sucks his brother’s dick.”


Part 5

I was trying to pick out outfits for my date with Skyler later that night. I wanted to make a good impression. I wanted to look desirable. I wanted to appear as if I had more self confidence that I actually had.

“Too bad you didn’t bring your mesh top and leather thong,” Michael said as he laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. “That would be sure to leave an impression.”

“Shut up,” I said throwing another shirt aside after holding it up to myself in the mirror.

“You are acting gayer than I have ever seen you act,” he said looking over my way.

“Yeah well I’ve never been on a gay date before and I am nervous. This guy is like a 10.”

“The most attractive thing in a person is confidence,” he stated.

I looked over at him with my oh-really face. “And I am sure that’s what you have been staring at when you gawk at the girls: their self confidence.”

Michael noticed my phone vibrating on my desk. I was apparently to deep into the debate between patterned or solid. “Hey, man, your phone is ringing.”

I walked over to the desk and saw my dad on the caller ID. “Hey dad,” I said answering it.

“Hey sorry I haven’t been able to check in yet. Things have been hectic here. How’s everything going? You make any new friends yet?”

“Yeah dad, everything is good. Work okay?”

“Yeah, it’s been crazy. We actually found a tablet near the statue. Seems to reference it. That’s what we have been so busy with, the translation.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked as I returned to looking in the mirror. “Anything interesting? You know if it’s for sure a king yet or what culture or is?”

“Well it is definitely a leader as we thought. Still a no go on the culture. The tablet seems to refer to some practices and traditions that we have never encountered before.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” I knew my dad loved to talk about this stuff some times so I had to just play along. Anything to keep him happy.

“Well, apparently the statue gets passed on to the next leader. The older leader bestows the statue with a bit of himself so that the new leader might ingest his strength and fertility and become kingly. We even found a compartment in the statue. We are thinking that the compartment held the essence of the previous leader, perhaps blood letting, so that the new king may drink his blood and absorb his power. At least that’s the working theory.”

“Gross,” I said. “Well you keep having fun and I will talk to you later. Ok, bye.” I threw my phone onto my bed and went back to my clothes.

“Your dad still talking about that thing he found?” Michael asked.

“What do you think?” I said. “Supposed to hold the power of the king inside or something. Some old superstitions where they drank each other’s blood and passed on diseases that wiped them out.”

“He figure out you jacked that vial thing yet?”

“Man, I told you to forget about that,” I said.

“Hey if that thing holds some king powers, maybe it could help give you some damn confidence for this date. Hell, maybe for life and I can stop being your wingman, secretary, and whatever’s the hell else you want to call me as I do everything for you that your too nervous to do.”

I looked over to the trash can where I had thrown it away. I set the clothes and bent over to pick up the vial from inside. I held it up to the light. It was still intact.

“Dude, I was joking,” Michael said.

“You think it’s actually blood?” I asked.

“Open the thing and find out.”

With a shrug I pulled the stopper out of the top of the vial and peered inside. It wasn’t blood. It was thicker and white. To be frank, it smelled like spunk. “Dude, I think this is a vial of cum.”

“What?!” Michael asked. “You serious?”

“Yeah,” I said swirling it. “I guess the leader passed on their cum to their predecessor and they ate it.”

“That’s gross. No offense.” Michael got up and walked over to me. “You gunna drink it?”

“No way!” I said, recorking it. “I’m not going to drink 800 year old stranger cum. Don’t be gross.”

Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Alright,” he sighed. “But it could be the difference needed to impress Skyler. Make you all confident and shit.” I looked back at the vial. God, I wanted him to like me. And let’s be honest, I did not feel all that impressive. “Man, I will give you twenty bucks just to down it.”

I stared at it again. “Fuck it,” I said before I threw the cap to the floor and poured the contents into my mouth. I gulped down that nasty shit.

“Oh my god!” Michael cried out hysterically. “I can’t believe you did it!”

“Yeah well I did,” I said looking for something to drink. I wiped my mouth. “Where’s my twenty bucks?”


Part 6

I was getting ready for my date with Skyler. I was dressed and ready to go. I probably was making this a bigger deal than it was. After all, we were going to grab some food at the campus eatery. Casual. Very casual, but I was still nervous.

“That potion didn’t do anything huh?” Michael asked noticing I was still on edge.

“Well it got me twenty bucks,” I said.

“Yeah well don’t spend it all in one place.”

It wasn’t long before Skyler came knocking to pick me up. After saying goodbye to Michael we headed out and made our way to the food court. We seemed to be hitting it off. I would say something and he would laugh or he would say something and I would laugh. Moments I would just find myself staring into his eyes, getting lost. After we got our food and sat down at the table, I barely touched it because I was so lost in him. In looking at him and listening to him speak.

“Want to go back to my place?” He asked.

I suddenly snapped to like coming out of a dream. “What?”

“Do you want to come to my room and watch a movie or something?” He asked again.

“Oh, yeah sure.” I shifted around in my seat a bit.

“You ok?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I said. But really I suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. And it had nothing to with his proposal. On the contrary, that excited me a little bit, which now that I am thinking about it, may have been the problem. I was feeling a little bit tighter in the pants if you catch my drift.

After some secret adjusting we headed back to the dorm. We walked to his door and he let me in. Apparently, Tyler was out for a couple of hours so we had the room to ourselves. We laid in the bed and put on a movie. I gotta tell you, I don’t even know what movie was playing because it wasn’t too long before we were full on making out.

He rolled on top of me, his hands finding their way under my shirt. Soon my pants were unbuttoned and pulled off of me. Next came the underwear, thrown to the floor. I laid there with just my tee shirt on, feeling pretty exposed but horny and hot at the same time.

“Damn,” Skyler said with a wide grin. “You’re a big guy, huh?”

I felt a bit confused. I had never thought of myself as particularly large, and compared to the porn that I had seen, I wasn’t. Maybe he isn’t so big? And maybe he has never seen another one.

I lean up and see a penis attached to my body that couldn’t be mine. It was huge! “What the—” I grabbed my dick and felt it in my hand. It was mine alright. Somehow I had grown”How big are you?” Skyler asked.

I had no idea how big I was! Sure as hell bigger than this morning! Suddenly, it hit me. The vial from the statue. That had to be it! That damn potion made my dick grow bigger! Fuck! I couldn’t believe it.

“I...uh...I don’t know,” I answered.

“You never measure it?” He asked. I just shook my head in response. “Well here...” He got up and went to his desk drawer before coming back with a tape measure. “Let’s find out!” He took the tape measure and my big cock. “You are 9 inches my friend. That is what we call a huge cock.” He tossed the measuring tape aside. “I’m not going to lie, my brother is going to be so jealous when he finds out.” Skyler pulled his shirt off revealing his toned, sexy body and then removed his pants. His own hard cock came into view, precum dribbling from the tip.

This was my first time doing anything like this. I am not sure what it was, instinct, homo hormones, the hypnotizing of his sexy bod, but I wanted his dick in my mouth. I sat and grabbed him by the hips and put his pulsing head between my lips. It didn’t take much, but Skyler was already moaning and cumming. Shot after shot of cum launched from his penis. I managed to swallow some but the rest ended up on my face and chest.

“Fuck!” He cried. Once he was finished he said “Shit I am sorry. I was trying to hold out but your big dick just got me all riled up! I was not expecting that!” He got me a towel and I wiped off. Once I was done he kept onto me and straddled me on the bed. “Alright,” he said. “Your turn.”

His mouth on my dick felt amazing. His tongue caressed my swollen head my veiny shaft. He sucked and sucked on my cock. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, I had never felt anything so good. He tried to take the whole 9 inches a couple of times but couldn’t. It didn’t matter though the way he used his mouth and tongue. Fuck! It felt so good! It wasn’t too long before I was coming as well.

With a lurch I shot my first load into his mouth, practically straight down his throat it felt like. Releasing my semen felt so good. Another shot sprang out, and another. Skyler was not releasing from off my cock. He was managing to swallow the whole load. Finally with the fourth shot he had to let go and the cum poured down my dick pooling on my abdomen.

Skyler got the towel and cleaned himself off before cleaning me off as well. “I would like to do this again sometime,” Skyler said.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Well you should probably get going before my brother gets in. I don’t need him seeing that thick cock and getting any ideas.”

I’m pretty sure I was blushing. I felt my face get hot. I gathered up my clothes and got dressed before giving him a kiss and heading to my room.


Part 7

“Shit, what time is it?” Michael asked as I attempted to sneak in. “What in the hell did you guys eat that it took you so long?”

I couldn’t help but have a goofy grin on my face, and I am sure that my hair was a mess. “Holy shit! Did you guys...really?! On the first date?!”

I nodded, my grin probably only becoming wider.

“Damn,” Michael said. “I wish I was gay! Well, how was it?”

“It went well, but before all of that...holy fuck!”


“I don’t know how to tell you this, but you know that shit I ate? Well I think it did something.”

Michael had a quizzical look. Yes, that’s right quizzical. People talk like that. “You going to explain or what?” Michael asked.

“Well...I think it made my...dick grow...” Michael just kind of stared at me. “I mean, it’s big. We measured it at 9 inches!” My penis started to get hard all over again just talking about it.

“That stuff made your cock grow?!” Michael said in disbelief.

“Swear. It has to be it.”

Michael ran to the trash and dug through to find the vial. “Is there any left?!” He uncorked it and help it up, shaking it, but nothing came out. It was empty.

“Sorry man.”

“Damn it! You’re so lucky! 9 inches? That is like a porn star!” He looked at my crotch noticing the bulge. He thought he was slick about it but I noticed. “Man, I cannot believe that who chief thing with passing on his power was true!” He went on. “That’s crazy!”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well our neighbor must have liked what he saw!”

“Shut up,” I said pushing him, feeling embarrassed.

“Yeah well I’m a bit jealous, I will admit that.” I noticed Michael eyeing my crotch again.

“Do you want to see it?” I finally asked.

“Dude!” He said backing away. “We have been through this before. I’m not into that.”

“I know, I just thought you wanted to see it for yourself or something,” I said. “Like proof or something.”

“Keep your newly big dick in your pants,” Michael stated. He jumped into his bed and pulled up his covers. “I can tell just fine through those pants.”

I looked down to see my pants strained due to my increasing erection pushing against the fabric. “Shit, sorry,” I said as I tried to adjust it. “With my new size it seems to be quick to attention as well. All this talk about my big dick has me going.”

“Well if you need a round two your friend is next door,” Michael said with a yawn. “Me, I’m going to bed.”

“Alright. Goodnight,” I said as I also got ready for bed.

Once the lights were off it wasn’t long before Michael was lightly snoring, sound asleep. I however couldn’t stop thinking about my cock. I couldn’t stop touching and feeling its new size in my hands. It was like a stranger to me. It was also still hard. I looked at my stiff cock. The head reached past my belly button a little bit. That was new to me.

“Fuck it,” I said as I quietly began to jerk myself off. It felt so good to stroke my thick member. I tried my best to stay silent as Michael slept so near by. I wanted to moan so badly. I grabbed one of the socks I was wearing from off the floor and slipped it over my hard cock. I wasn’t long before I came into it.

I shot the first mighty stream, then a second. I was impressed how long and hard the stream was of each shot. By the forth shot my sock was soaked through.

I finally stopped and had to take a moment to catch my breath. I took the sock and threw it back on the ground. It landed with a wet plop. Fuck that felt good.


Part 8

The next day I woke up and Michael was gone. He must have left early to go for a run or maybe grab some breakfast. I stretched and adjusted my cock. Still big, it wasn’t a dream.

I threw my covers off and walked to me dresser. I pulled up my underwear, a nice pair of boxer-briefs. They showed off my package nicely.

I went into the bathroom to grab a towel when the bathroom door leading to the neighbors conjoined room opened as well. In walked Skyler. He was looking sexy even this early. He wore fleece pajama pants and of usual was shirtless.

“Oh I’m sorry!” He said embarrassed. “I should have knocked.”

“No problem. I was just grabbing a towel.” I held up the towel to show him. “But good morning.”

He flashed a smile. “Good morning to you too.” Skyler was looking right at my crotch, almost studying the outline of my cock. He licked his lips which made my dick twitch.

“Those boxer-briefs look good on you,” Skyler said.

I couldn’t say anything in response before he was on me. We made out furiously. His hand gently caressed my cock which was stiffening by the second. Our mouths met, our tongues entwined. He ran his fingers through my hair as I grabbed his firm, round ass.

He pulled away and looked into my eyes. “Tyler isn’t here if you want to come over for a bit,” he grinned.

“Michael is gone too,” I said.

Without needing any more words, he found ourselves in his dorm room in his bed. After a little more making out, he moved down and began to pull my underwear off. “You did me first last time so it’s your turn to be first.” When the elastic band was pulled back, my hard cock sprang into its upright position, slapping against my stomach. “Fuck, I almost forgot how big you are,” he said before sucking on my engorged head.

I threw my head back in pure bliss. His lips wrapped around my thick shaft moving up and down. The sensations were almost too great. He licked my shaft and tongued the flared glands. My dick was pulsing constantly.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m coming!” I breathed right before I pumped the first load into his mouth. He slurped it down before I shot the second, then the third. He was taking them like a champ. He released his seal on my cock and threw his head back.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed.

He wiped his mouth on his arm. He stood up and began to take his own clothes off. When he removed his underwear he was sporting his own giant cock. I did not recall him having a penis as big as mine but it sure looked to be about the same size.

“What the fuck?!” Skyler said seeing his own cock. He walked to the mirror. “My cock is as big as yours!” He raced to his desk and grabbed a ruler. He quickly measured his hard member. “Yup just about 9 inches!” He looked back at me. “How is that possible?”

Holy shit! Did I do that to him? I mean, I must have! I drank that statue cum and grew my own and now I transferred that to Skyler!

Before I could say anything, the door opened and Tyler walked in.

“Fuck!” He said seeing us naked. “Dude, the sock on the doorknob or something!” But then he noticed his brother. “What the fuck?! Your dick!” He said pointing.

Skyler kind of just stared at him. I kind of just stared at him. And if that wasn’t enough of a wtf moment, well what happened next really blew our minds.

Suddenly, Skyler’s cock began to grow right in front of our eyes. His stiff cock was right about to his belly button, but it suddenly began to stretch and lengthen. “Fuck!” Skyler cried as his penis grew. The feeling of his growth was euphoric. His dick stopped growing with the head of his penis right above his belly button.

Skyler took the measurement again. “Holy fuck, I think my cock just grew another inch and a half! My dick is in fucking double digits!”

Tyler stood there staring at his brother’s enormous cock. Then both twins looked at me.

“I can explain.”


Part 9

“So my cock grew to 9 inches after I drank the stuff, and apparently now my cum makes other people grow,” I said. “I mean … clearly.” I motioned to Skyler’s 10 and a half inches of length between his legs. He still hadn’t bothered to get dressed even though his brother say on the bed next to him.

“You sure it’s your cum doing this?” Tyler asked. They all looked at him.

“What, you think I suddenly had a growth spurt of or something?” Skyler stated.

“Didn’t you hook up last night and now this morning? That’s twice. Did you grow at all after last night?” He asked.

“Well, I don’t know,” Skyler answered. “I just went to bed and then woke up and ran into him in the bathroom. I didn’t notice.”

“So how can we be so sure?” Tyler asked.

“I don’t know.”

Tyler strummed his fingers on the mattress. “I know at least one way.” He pushed himself up off of the bed and made his way over to me. “I know I said we don’t share, but I have to know.”

“Tyler!” Skyler yelled.

“It doesn’t look like it’ll take much to make him cum again,” Tayler said looking at my cock. It was still hard, lengthened and oozing precum. He brushed his finger tip up my shaft that made me shudder. “Yeah, he is ready to blow...again.”

I wanted to stop him...I think. I mean I knew it wasn’t fair to Skyler, but honestly, I was happy to have my dick sucked on again. Tyler kneeled down and took my cock in his mouth, moving up and down. I moaned with pleasure and placed my hand on his head, pushing him down further.

“Tyler!” Skyler yelled. “He is my boyfriend! I called him!”

Tyler didn’t respond and to be honest I wasn’t really listening. It felt so good.

As angry and frustrated as Skyler was getting, the whole scene turned him on. He began to jerk himself off as his brother continued to suck and slurp.

As Tyler took me in his mouth, he began to undress, first removing his shirt then undoing his pants. Soon the three of us were all naked in their dorm room.

I found myself cumming again, shooting load after load into Tyler’s mouth. Skyler also came, his seed spilling onto the floor and his brother’s back.

Tyler swallowed all he could before standing up and looking down at his cock. He didn’t even take the time to wipe off his mouth, cum spread across his face.

Sure enough, his dick began to grow and reached the 9 inch mark. He looked up with a grin. “It worked,” he smiled. “I would apologize but you seemed to enjoy yourself anyways,” he said to his brother. He turned back to me. “I will apologize for this, though. You know we said it before, we are competitive brothers and I can’t go on with a 9 inch dick while my twin is sporting 10 and a half.” He bent back down and started licking up and down my shaft. It tingled. “I need you to cum again my friend,” he said before beginning to suck my cock once more.


Part 10

“You are not going to believe this!” I exclaimed as I ran into our dorm room. My dick was practically hanging out from when Tyler finished up sucking me off for the second time. I am surprised I can cum so much so quickly.

“What are you going on about?” Michael asked looking up from his laptop.

“Dude! My cum makes other guys’ dicks grow now!”


“I was getting a blowjob from Skyler and after he swallowed my cum his dick grew. Like right before my eyes! And then Tyler came in and he wanted to see if it was true so then he gave me a blowjob. Dude! They are in the other room with like 10 plus inch dicks dangling between their legs!”

Michael looked flabbergasted. “How is that even possible?”

“The King passed on his gift to me!” I cried. “So now my cum makes people grow!”

“No fucking shit,” he said. Michael look down at his own crotch and back up to mine. “They got 10 plus inches?”

I nodded my head emphatically. “Swear to god.” I went to the bathroom and knocked on the neighbors’ bathroom door.

“What are you doing?” Michael asked, poking his head inside.

“I’ll show you.”

Tyler answered the door. He had a giant grin on his face. A grin that said, I have a giant penis.

“Well if it isn’t magic man,” Tyler smiled. Skyler quickly rushed over to join them. “You back for more already?”

“Michael doesn’t believe that I made your guys’ dicks grow.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t believe you,” Michael interjected.

“Well, believe it,” Tyler said, thrusting his big budge outwards. His gym shorts were pulled a little tight in the crotch area. Seemed like the talk about his cock was starting to get him aroused. Skyler too had a huge bulge in his pants. “My brother got a big dick so I had to get one to match. We are both over 10 inches now.”

Michael seemed like he couldn’t stop staring at their big packages. He watched as the fabric pulled just a little bit tighter as their dicks hardened. “I want a big dick too!” He said.

“Then get on your knees my friend!” Tyler said. “Cause the only way that’s happening is if you get your friend’s magic cock into your mouth and suck that bitch off.” He turned to his brother and said, “C’mon Skyler. Let’s leave them to it.” Skyler gave me a smile as Tyler shut the door.

“I’m not gay,” Michael protested, though I was less sure if he was trying to convince me or himself at this point. He sure seemed to be watering at the mouth looking at the Twins’ giant bulges. “I mean, I love you bro. You know that. But putting your dick in my mouth is not something that I plan on doing.”

I left the bathroom and reentered our dorm room. Michael followed after me. “No one said you had to,” I stated.

“I know, but I want a big dick like you guys!” He growled. He thought about it for a second. “What if you just like, came in my mouth, like you take aim and just shoot into my open mouth and I down it fast like taking a shot?”

“If you want me to cum in your mouth I will,” I said.

“I mean I don’t...but I do...”

I gave a sigh. Annoyed I pushed him into his bed where he sat on the edge. I began to rub my cock through my pants. I didn’t take much to get hard anymore and my penis quickly became erect.

I pulled off my pants and had my thick, hard cock exposed out in the open. I stroked the shaft and began to masturbate. Michael just watched nervously.

After massaging and rubbing my dick for a bit I could feel my hand becoming slick with precum. That just made it feel that much better. I threw my head back and panted. “Get ready,” I said. “I’m going to come soon!”

Michael sat on the edge of the bed and gripped the sheets nervously on either side of himself. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth with his tongue sticking out.

I tried to take aim. My penis wasn’t too far from his face but with the first shot I lurched up and mistakenly came onto his face. The second shot I did a lot better, shooting into his mouth. Fuck it felt good. A third shot, this one into his mouth again. He gagged a little as he tried to swallow it down. I couldn’t believe I was cumming onto my best friends face. I am not sure of this was something I had always wanted or not, like a dream come true, but in that moment it sure was fucking hot.

Finally I had finished. Michael’s face was covered in cum but he did get a large amount in his mouth. Michael wiped his face off with his hands.

“You feel anything?” I asked.

“Like love?” He joked. “Wait...I do feel a kinda tingle—whoa!” He exclaimed as his crotch became visibly tighter in his pants. “It’s working!” He began to furiously lick off the cum from his fingers.

“There, now you have a big dick like the rest of us,” I said as I clean myself up.

“Hell yeah!” Michael cheered. He swung his hips side to side looking at his bulge. “We gotta take this out for a spin!” He then had an idea and ran to his desk. He pulled out a ruler and raced to the bathroom. “Gotta go measure!”

I waited in our dorm room for him to finish. He finally came out holding the ruler over his head. “9 inches!” He shouted. “Got me a big ass dick!”

“Hey we are the same size now,” I laughed.

“Yeah. I gotta go show off my new package. Let’s go to the mall!” Michael grabbed his coat as though it was already decided.

“All right, let’s go.”


Part 11

We spent most of the day walking around the mall. Michael was thrilled when he noticed someone checking out our bulges. “Probably thinks we are stuffing,” he said. “All real, my friend!” Michael wanted to buy some new pants to show off his new size. I bought some new underwear because the ones I was wearing were a little snug and uncomfortable. I could only imagine what the twins were dealing with considering they were now over 10 inches each. He couldn’t think too hard on that though because he started to get a hard on in the clothing store.

After such a long day we came back to the dorm and both laid out onto our beds. I was exhausted after walking around the mall for hours. “I’m thinking I might call it a night,” I said looking at the clock. It was even later than I had anticipated.

“All right,” Michael agreed. “But tomorrow we need to party or something.”

“Sure,” I said with a yawn. I threw my clothes off to the floor and cut the lights. Once under my covers I decided to take my underwear off and sleep naked. I was still wearing the tight underwear and decided I would just for tonight. Michael also got into bed and it wasn’t long before he passed out.

Slowly I followed suit and drifted off to sleep.

I had an interesting dream that night. The twins were over and crawled into my bed. Skyler was to my right and Tyler was to my left. They were naked and under the covers with me. Their huge cocks were hard as steel and pulsed against my sides. They both began to make out with me. One would kiss me on the mouth while the other kissed my body. Then they would switch. Tyler grabbed my stiff cock and began to give me a hand job. Skyler grabbed my cock as well helping to get me off. I moaned as Skyler dipped his head down and took me in his mouth. I cried with pleasure as he tongue caressed my swollen head. Then Tyler moved in on the fun, kissing and licking the base of my shift. He moved his lips up to his brother and fished my cock out of his mouth with his tongue taking my throbbing head into his own mouth. If felt so good I couldn’t stand it. Suddenly I was cumming. He swallowed the cum without issue. I came again. Tyler took the whole load. Skyler switched back over and took me into his warm mouth, pushing me to cum a third time. “Fuck...” I cried.

I started coming to, hearing the sound of sloppy sucking. I could feel my dick being sucked on. “Fuck...” I murmured. “Skyler...fuck...” I was waking up realizing that I was no longer dreaming. My cock was actually hard and in someone’s mouth.

I opened my eyes and saw a figures head bobbing up and down at my crotch, my shaft disappearing and reappearing. As my eyes adjusted I saw and realized what was going on. Michael had crawled into my bed and was giving me a blow job. He slurped on my big cock. I closed my eyes and groaned.

“Fuck!” I said weakly as I grasped my sheets.

I came hard, and Michael gobbled it up, swallowing the load like a champ. He licked my dick off like a crazed hungry man who hadn’t eaten in days. I came again and he was on it, drinking up all that he could.

Finally I stopped. I sat up. “Michael? What the fuck?”

“Sorry man...I uh, I just had to.”

“Well—fuck! You worked my dick like a pro. That was the best head I’ve ever had.”

Michael just cried out in reply. He threw his head back and his dick, hard and erect, flopped out onto my stomach. It sure didn’t look like 9 inches anymore. He started to masturbate, rubbing the giant member. His cock was so thick now he was barely able to close his hand around it.

“Let me help,” I said and leaned forward. I grabbed his penis and ran my fingers down its length. Without much delay I stuck his engorged head into my mouth.

“Fuck me!” He said in ecstasy as I sucked his huge cock. He rocked his hips back and forth thrusting his dick deeper into my mouth.

It wasn’t long until he came as well. The amount of cum that rushed into my mouth took my by surprise. Some even shot right down my throat making me gag a bit. I stayed strong though and kept his dick in my mouth as he came again.

When he was finished he collapsed in a heap. I wiped my mouth and sat up. I was curious what had gotten into him, but to be completely honest I was more interested in getting a good look at just how big his dick was now.

“Dude, not that I’m complaining but what in the hell was that?” I asked him.

He wiped his brow. “Sorry,” Michael said. “I woke up and could stop thinking about it and it looked over and you were full on display and hard and well...”

“What happened to not putting my cock in your mouth?” I teased.

“Fuck it,” he said. He stood up and his horse cock slapped against his leg. It was literally half way down his thigh.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed seeing it in all its glory. “You sure you only sucked me off the one time?”

“Shut up.”

“Grab that ruler. How big are you now?”

Michael grabbed it from the desktop and brought it to his swinging meat. “Fuck I almost tapped this out!”

“12 inches?!” I exclaimed. “You sporting a foot long?!”

Michael nodded wearing a huge grin on his face. It was the biggest dick either of us had ever seen. It was so long and so thick. Both of our penises were getting hard again just looking at it.

“I know this is going to sound crazy but are you up for round two?” Michael asked stroking his long shaft and licking his lips.

I started to stroke my own dick as well when I noticed something.

“Wait a grew too!” I laid there with a bigger dick in my hands than I remembered.

Not taking his one hand from his hardening cock, Michael threw me the ruler. Sure enough my penis was 10 and a half inches long now. It was a little bit thicker too. “Shit, now I’m in double digits too!”

“You don’t think...” Michael started.

“Did your cum make me grow now?!” I couldn’t be sure. Surely I was larger without question but was it that I just ate his cum or was it a delayed spurt? “If it did this could have huge implications!”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is we need to figure this out right away.”


Part 12

“Holy fuck!” Tyler exclaimed seeing Michael’s enormous cock. “Seems like you have been sucking a lot of cock lately for a straight guy!”

Michael sat on the edge of his bed. He didn’t bother putting any clothes on so his penis was out in the open. He was still semihard from earlier and all this attention was getting him riled again.

I decided it best to bring everyone in on this so as soon as I made the decision I went and grabbed Tyler and Skyler from next door and brought them over. If Michael’s cum made me grow like we think it might have, then chances are theirs will do the same and if we didn’t know that and they went around not shy about their newly sized equipment we could potentially of had an epidemic on our hands.

When I explained this to Michael he was just more concerned that if every guy on campus was packing then his own foot long horse cock would be far less impressive.

“Yes, the straight guy sucked long and hard on Jo’s cock last night,” Michael said.

“Can’t rightly blame you,” Skyler said, feeling his own 10 plus incher stir in his pants.

“Well, the actual reason I asked you guys over is because my cock has grown as well,” I said. “That is after I sucked Michael off.” I looked at Skyler feeling a little awkward since we had gone on that date, what, a day ago? Two days ago? Either way, awkward. Skyler didn’t seem to react too strongly. Maybe he understood. Maybe he was numbed to it after watching his twin brother take me in his mouth a couple of times. Maybe he is opening up to sharing.

“Wait, so are you saying that you passed the ability to grow others onto us?” Tyler asked.

“That’s the question,” I said. “We are not sure yet but if it’s true I knew we had to tell you guys immediately … before you find out the hard way.”

“Let’s find out for sure,” Skyler suggested before he just went ahead and pulled off his pants.

“Whoa! You don’t have to.”

“I’m with my brother,” Tyler chimed in, pulling off his pants as well. Both twins walked over towards me, their cocks steadily rising and starting to drip.

“You have given us this gift so let us return the favor,” Skyler said, pumping his thick member.

“And I basically took the gift so it’s the least I could do,” Tyler said.

They pushed me against my bed and tore off my clothes. Michael sat on his bed across from the action watching every second. His cock was rock solid and dripped pre all over his own hands as he slowly traced up and down his long shaft. While the twins stated before that they weren’t into sharing, there were definitely two hard enormous cocks coming at me at the same time. I grabbed one with each hand. I put Skyler’s cock in my mouth first. My tongue traced his flared head. Then Tyler’s cock replaced Skyler’s. Then they switched again. I started to forget who’s cock belong to which brother. It didn’t matter anymore. Suddenly I had both cocks vying for space in my mouth at the same time. Such thick juicy and engorged heads, they could barely fit inside together. They were pressed against the inside of my cheeks.

“I’m going to come!” Tyler breathed.

“Me too!” Skyler panted.

Suddenly a rush of cum filled my mouth so quickly that it spurted from the sides. I did my best to open up my throat and take as much as I could. The twins kept cumming, grasping each others hands and crying out as they pumped more and more down my throat. I heard Michael cry out as well as he came all over himself as he watched.

They finally ceased and pulled their dicks out. Once the two huge cocks weren’t shoved in my mouth I gasped for air. I sat up and tried to collect myself. Cum was slathered across my face and my chest.

“Sorry, we got a little carried away,” Skyler said.

“Yeah probably shouldn’t have both cum in your mouth at the exact same time,” Tyler agreed.

“It was fucking hot is what it was,” Michael said cleaning himself up. “And that’s coming from a straight guy.”

I was going to make a wisecrack about Michael and his newly developed gay interests but before I could a feeling washed over me. I had felt it before but never this strong. This time it was like one of the best orgasms I’d ever had. Before my eyes, my cock began to grow. Still hard, it stretched up passed my belly button reaching up towards my chest. The feeling of the growth was incredible. All I could do was moan in ecstasy as my dick grew longer and thicker. The feeling was so overwhelming that I came, splashed me right in the face. The growth stopped but I came again, this time hitting the wall I leaned against. I sat back breathing heavy and feeling my heavy cock lay across my stomach stopping right at my nipples. Holy shit, I could lean down and give my cock head a kiss if I wanted to.

“Fuck!” They all exclaimed. Michael ran over with the ruler but of course my dick now reach far beyond 12 inches.

“We have a tape measure!” Skyler said before running off to get it. All I could do was lay there and catch my breath. He returned and the pulled the tape across my massive dick. “Holy fucking shit , your penis is 18 inches long! A foot and a half!”

I looked down at my enormous cock. I gave it a solid pat. It stirred to life a bit again. I stood up and my huge, heavy dick swung down dangling between my legs. It reached down to my knees.

“You don’t think it’s too much?” I asked knocking my fat, swollen head from side to side with each knee.

Michael shook his head, staring at my huge member. His mouth looked positively watery.

“Fuck no,” Tyler said.

“Hell, if you wanted a couple more inches I’d let you suck me off again,” Skyler grinned.

I grabbed my underwear and pulled them on. When I got to my new girthy cock, I wasn’t sure how to fit it inside. I first wrapped it down between my legs but my head reached my asshole which felt weird and made it impossible to sit. I wrapped it around my waist but my cock reached my crack that way too. Straight down, my cock dangled beyond my shorts. Straight up seemed to be the easiest.

“I think I need bigger underwear,” I said. I pulled up my pants and struggled to zip them closed. “Bigger pants too.”


Part 13

After much ogling, the twins returned to their dorm room. I stood in front of the mirror checking myself out. My dick was huge. Soft it was at my knees. Hard it reached up to my chest. Currently it was hard again.

“I get turned on too easily,” I said. “How am I supposed to go about my day if I turn on myself so quickly.” I pulled my shirt tight so I could easily make out the long shaft trailing up in front of me underneath it. “And it’s not easily hidden.”

“Fuck it. Who cares,” Michael said from behind me. “It’s fucking hot.”

“My giant penis is hot to you, straight guy?” I teased.

Michael came up behind me. His own long cock hard, pressed against my ass. He reached around and softly stroked my dick through my t-shirt. “Straight, gay, I don’t give a fuck anymore,” he whispered in my ear. “You are fucking hot and ever since your new growth spurt I have wanted your giant cock in my mouth.”

A shiver shot down my body and up my cock. Michael reached underneath my shirt and grasped his hands around my thick member. I felt his cock pulse against my ass as he did so.

“Michael,” I breathed. He turned me around and ripped off my shirt, setting my dick free. He didn’t even need to kneel. My cock was so long that he just had to bend over a bit to take me in his mouth. “Fuck.” I said as I threw my head back while he worked over my swollen dick. His tongue explored my cock. It trailed the entire length of my shaft before finding my head in his mouth again.

Michael took my cock out of his mouth and worked it with both hands. “I’m about to cum if you want it,” Michael said sweaty and out of breath.

I thought about my dick growing again. While the idea almost made me cum instantaneously, I shook my head no.

Michael’s eyes rolled back and he groaned as his cock sprayed me with his cum. It splashed against my stomach and thighs before dripping down to the ground.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. “I’m going to cum,” I breathed. Michael jumped right onto my dick, taking it into his mouth. It was just in time too. I came and came and he swallowed and swallowed.

As I finished, Michael threw his head back and moaned as his penis grew. His cock stretched up before mine, traveling up my stomach beside my own enormous penis, leaving a trail of pre behind.

Tyler left behind his measuring tape. Michael snatched it and quickly measured. “14 inches,” Michael smiled. He looked into my eyes with a grin. “Only four more inches to catch up to you,” he said. He moved back closer to me not breaking eye contact. He moved in and started making out with me.

“Fuck it,” he said between kisses. “And fuck the twins. I’ll be your boyfriend.”

“What? Really?”

“I want you,” he said. He guided me to my bed and pushed me down. “Now if I’m going to get those four inches...” He trailed his finger up my long cock. “Think you can go again?”


Part 14

We went to sleep naked together. Michael, my best friend, my boyfriend. I love that.

I was once again sleeping but heard the faint sound of sucking. I moaned and slightly moved my hips. “Michael,” I murmured sleepily. “Again?”

I felt down and found my hard cock. My hand moved up my solid shaft and reached my swollen head resting against my chest. No Michael. I could hear what was clearly someone sucking on something noisily but no one’s heads was tasting my cock.

I opened my eyes and allowed my eyes to adjust. Down at the foot of my bed I saw Michael sitting upright. He was sucking a cock, but it wasn’t mine. His hard, long penis reached up and disappeared into his own mouth. His head bobbed up and down as he took as much of his own dick as he could reach.


Michael moaned, muffled by his own solid penis. He then came and swallowed his own cum. After cumming a number of times, eating all that he could, he let go of his penis with a loud pop from breaking the seal of his lips.

He sat stroking his big cock. It grew right in his hands, becoming thicker and longer. He pressed his giant head of his cock against his cheek. “Fuck I’m sorry,” he said. “I am addicted.” He licked the pre dripping from his penis.

“Holy shit dude you are huge!” I exclaimed.

“I know,” he smiled. He grabbed the tape. “Fuck, 23 inches.” He rubbed his cock. “I’m almost two feet long.” He licked his penis again. “It reaches my mouth now when it’s hard,” he said, sticking his swollen cock head inside his mouth and sucking on it a bit. “Fuck,” Michael said taking a break. “I feel like I could just come again.” He popped his cock back into his mouth.

Seeing him suck his own cock off was making me all kinds of horny. I was hard as a rock and my hands couldn’t help but touch myself.

“I’m not going to lie,” Michael said. “Having my dick right at mouth level is not going to last very long.” He once again licked the pre dripping down his shaft.

“Shi,t dude,” I said. “How big do you plan on getting?” Michael shrugged his shoulders not being bothered to take his dick out of his mouth. “What about pants and shit?”

“Man, fuck pants and shit,” he said. “This is way too much fun to be worrying about that stuff.”

“I would be a little worried about it getting in the way,” I said, still stroking my own cock.

“In the way of what? Fuck that. And if I’m going to have a boyfriend then he is going to have a giant dick too.”

I looked down and motioned to my dick that currently fully erect reached up to my chest.

“No, no my friend,” Michael said. “This is a giant dick.” He popped his cock head in his mouth just in time for him to release another torrent of cum. He gobbled it up as best he could, cum dripping from his lips. I could see his huge rod pulsing each time he came again and again. Once finished, he even lapped up all the cum that he could that had ran down his shaft.

He threw his head back and moaned as his dick began to grow again. His swollen head reach up past his face. He could no longer get his cock in his mouth because it was too long. “Fuck,” he said. He pushed his hardened cock to the side so he could see. “Quick, get on this. We need to get you caught up.”


Part 15

I couldn’t believe I let him do this to me. We spent hours together, Michael and I, and somehow I ended up sucking him off not once, not twice, but three times. Not that it took much convincing. His huge cock was too sexy to resist and I have had a secret crush on my best friend for a long while. I didn’t have to ingest as much of his cum as I did and I knew that doing it would only make my own cock grow bigger but I couldn’t help it. I sucked that shit down hard like my life depended on it.

I laid next to him, both of us naked. Michael was asleep after all of our activity. He was happy to suck my dick off as well, growing once again himself. I shifted my feet, unable to truly tell what was Michael’s legs and what was his cock. His dick had gotten so huge that they were pretty close in size and girth.

I pushed myself up and shifted to the edge of the bed. I heard a thump and knew, it was the head of my cock dropping and hitting the floor. “Fuck,” I murmured seeing my own enormous cock draped over the side of the bed and going all the way to the ground where my fat cock head laid solidly on the floor. I stood up and it stayed resting on the ground. I suppose that means my penis is longer than my legs. I’m sure it was almost as thick as my leg.

“Hey there sexy,” Michael said now awake. I turned to see him gently tracing his cock with his finger. It was slowly hardening and lifting up off the bed. “God damn your cock got big,” he smiled.

“Yeah we’ll have you looked at your own recently?”

Michael patted his swelling cock. “You measure it yet?”

“No,” I answered.

“Grab the measuring tape and let’s see how big we are now.”

I obliged and got the measuring tape I lifted my heavy cock up off the ground and took the tape from the base to my tip. “Fuck, it’s three feet 2 inches!”

“Shit! Do mine!” I brought the tape to him. “Three feet 5 inches!” His cock pulsed. “You are closer to my size than I thought. I am so close to 3 and a half feet...” Michael had a devious grin and licked his lips. “Why don’t you come over here and maybe we can get me there.”

“Dude!” I exclaimed. “Our cocks are over three feet long! We are too big already! How am I supposed to walk around with my cock dragging on the floor?”

Michael scoffed and pushed himself off the bed, standing. “All you gotta do is stay hard.” His cock was erect. It was so big now that it was heavy and weighted down but it managed to be airborne and stood straight out. I was standing a good distance away but he still managed to poke me with it. “See? No dragging.”

“You are crazy,” I said. “No more.”

There came a knock at the door. I walked over, lifting my penis off the ground. “Hello?” I said through the closed door.

“Hey it’s Skyler and Tyler. Let us in.”

I opened the door, making sure I was hidden from the hall and closed it once they entered. The twins stared at my enormous cock then at Michaels’. “Holy fuck you guys have been busy,” Skyler said.

“Yeah well...what’s going on?” I asked.

They gave each other a look and then dropped their pants. Their cocks were the same size as last time they were here, sizable at least compared to normal sized cocks. What caught my eye wasn’t their cocks. It was their balls. They were huge, sloshing around like two oranges filled with water.

“Your balls are huge!” Michael stated. His and mine were the same as they were before all this craziness started.

“Yeah,” Tyler said. “They have been slowly growing ever since the last time we were here.”

“Why are your balls growing and ours are staying the same?” I wondered.

“Well we have a theory about that,” Tyler started.

“You know how ever since the growth we have all came more than we ever have before? You know, more than your average human?” Skyler asked. “Well we haven’t came since our last encounter.”

“We are thinking that this is what happens when you don’t cum for a while,” Tyler stated. “It all builds up.”

“Well we need to stop cumming as you can see,” I said motioning to Michael and my gigantic cocks.

“We just wanted to warn you that this may be a possibility,” Tyler said.

“We were also hoping someone was willing to us unload if you know what I mean,” Skyler added.

Michael jumped at the chance but I shut that down quick. “We can not afford to get any bigger. We are too big as it is.”

“Old fashioned way it is,” Skyler said rubbed his cock.

“All right, we are going to go. Probably going to get messy.”

“Good luck,” I stated.


Part 16

A week passed and I made sure to keep Michael in check. We hadn’t grown our cocks any larger which is good because classes were to start soon. The only thing was the twins seemed to be right. Because we were no longer cumming, our balls began to grow. And probably because we had grown so much before and I turn were cumming so much, our balls were growing bigger faster.

Michael sat on the edge of his bed, his long cock hanging over two balls so swollen that they were larger than grapefruit. “Damn it,” he moaned rubbing the huge balls. “I need to come soon.”

I just shook my head. Though I looked down at my own grapefruit sized balls that swayed back and forth as I walked. They were getting heavy.

A knock came at the door. It had to be the twins. They are the only ones who seem to come by. I opened the door a crack and saw Tyler standing there by himself. He gave me a smile.

“Hey come on in,” I said.

“I just wanted to come by and check on you guys,” he said. “Looks like you haven’t cum in a while.”

“Yeah it’s a lose lose situation. Cum and our cocks grow, don’t cum and our balls grow.”

“Cock only grows if you eat the cum,” Tyler stated. “What Skyler and I have been doing is just masturbating to keep it down. We even use jugs to try to keep it clean. We have a shit ton of cum in jugs in our room that we need to throw away.” He explained. “Try something like that to keep the growing down. It works for us.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m not sure though that Michael would be able to control himself.” Michael shot me a grumpy look from across the room.

“Well, you guys should probably do something otherwise you are going to end up walking around with two beachballs between your legs,” he stated. “Maybe worse.”

I looked down at my already engorged balls. “You really think they will keep growing?” I asked hoping for an answer I knew wasn’t true.

“For sure,” he answered. “Anyways I gotta go meet my brother for lunch so I will catch you guys later.”

“All right, thanks.” And with that he left. I turned to Michael who was still rubbing his big balls. “Do you think you can handle cumming and not eating it?” I asked him.

“I’m willing to try because I have to do something,” he said. He pushed himself up and walked to the bathroom, his dick dragging on the floor. “I’m going to try to take care of this in the shower maybe.” He walked in and closed the door behind him.

I heard the water turn on. I sighed. I really hoped he could relieve himself without try to grow some more. His giant cock was already ridiculous. Though it is probably so large now that eating his own cum may not even be doable. He penis is so long that his cockhead is above his own head. He would probably just cum and spray all over the shower ceiling and whatnot. Unfortunately I could totally see him just lapping up his own cum as it dripped down the tile.

I waited for a while. He sure seemed to be taking a while in there. I know from experience that cumming does take too long to happen with us now a days.

I knocked on the door. “Michael? You alright in there?” There was no answer. “Michael, I can come help you if you want.” Nothing. I opened the door. It was unlocked. I stepped inside, the room filled with steam. Michael wasn’t in the shower. He wasn’t anywhere to be found.

“What the fuck,” I murmured. I turned and noticed that the twins door to the bathroom was ajar. I slowly pushed it open and stepped into their dorm room.

There I found Michael. He sat on the floor and was finishing guzzling a jug of what appeared to be cum. When that one was finished he tossed it aside amongst the other emptied jugs and started on the next one.

“Holy shit, Michael!” I exclaimed.

His dick had grown and it was still expanding along the ground. His own cum and pre soaked the carpet around him. I would have been appalled by the scene if I wasn’t so turned on. My own long cock lifted up off the floor as I got harder.

Michael’s cock expanded and grew to maximum proportions. If I were to want to jack him off I would have to hug his cock it was so thick. The head of his cock was so massive and swollen it was bigger than his own head. His dick was definitely longer than he was tall and still growing.

He threw the last jug aside and gave a loud belch. His stomach was so big and round from all the cum he just drank it looked like he was pregnant.

He moaned as his penis stretched out doubling in size from what it was before. It hit the other side of the room.

I walked towards him. My feet squished on the carpet, soaked in pre. “Dude! What are you doing?! You are huge!”

My penis was stiff and pointing straight out. As I neared him, my own long cock poked him in his bulging belly. He mindlessly grabbed my swollen cock head and pulled me forward. He brought my cock to his mouth and he began to suck me off. I wanted to stop him but I was too busy breathing and moaning to say anything. I threw my head back and cried out. It felt so damn good. His wet lips and tongue danced across my sensitive skin.

“Cum in my mouth,” Michael said as he continued to slurp around my cock. “Feed me your cum. I want more. I want to be bigger!”

I couldn’t hold it any longer. My cock jerked and pulsed as I shot my first load down his throat. He swallowed it up like a champ, not missing a single drop. I came again and again. Michael continued to guzzle my cum down like a shake through a straw. I had never cum so much in all my life. So much must have built up in the time I stopped.

While I was having the strongest orgasm of my life, the latch on the door turned and Skyler and Tyler walked into their room. They were shocked to find us. “What in the hell did you do to our room?!” They cried out.

Michael was still sucking relentlessly on my cock and I was moaning and cumming. Michael’s dick once again began to grow, smashing up against the wall until it finally sprung upwards and started stretching towards the ceiling.

I stopped coming and Michael let my cock go with a pop of his mouth. I fell backwards when released. As I sat on the floor I noticed my balls had returned to normal size.

“What the hell man!?” Tyler cried. He and Skyler went to Michaels side. “You ruined our room.”

“Sorry,” Michael said as he rubbed his swollen belly. “Let me make it up to you guys,” he said and grabbed Tyler’s belt.

Tyler swatted his hand away. “Dude you have a problem.”

“A big problem,” Skyler said, patting the massive schlong laying before them.

“I’m sorry guys,” I said, embarrassed that they walked in on that.

The twins didn’t say anything, but their pants were visibly tightening.


Part 17

“I’m so pissed about our room,” Tyler growled. “But your ridiculously huge cock is fucking hot.” He rubbed he hardening dick through his pants.

“Fuck, how big do you think your cock is now?” Skyler asked also rubbing his hard on.

“I don’t know,” Michael said licking his lips. “But get over here if you wanna see it even bigger.”

“You want it even bigger?” Skyler asked, his dick throbbing at the prospect.

“Wait guys,” I said nervously. “Michael, you are getting too big!”

“Little late for that,” Tyler grinned, pulling his dick out. “His cock already is at least twice as long as he is tall. It stretches across the entire room. He probably can’t even walk without it dragging behind him. At this point who gives a fuck?”

“I give a fuck,” Michael said. “I give a fuck and I want it to grow bigger.” He reached for Tyler’s dick and pulled him close. He took his thick member into his mouth and began sucking it off furiously.

“Fuck,” Skyler breathed also pulling out his dick. He went over to Michael and his brother and joined in. Michael had both brothers cocks in his mouth pressed against his cheeks.

Watching all this happen, I couldn’t help but get hard again. “Damn it!” I growled. Getting hard so easily had become frustrating.

The twins moaned in ecstasy. They both reached back towards me, asking me to join in. I grumbled as I walked over to them. They both began to masturbate my long cock with both hands. That was fucking hot.

Michael grasped the twins’ asses as he slurped on both their drooling members. Meanwhile the twins were stroking my three foot long cock while taking turned licking my cockhead.

The twins both began breathing heavy. “I’m about to cum!” Tyler shouted. “Me too!” Skyler yelled.

“Feed me and make my cock grow! I want to be bigger!” Michael demanded. The twins both began to fill Michael’s mouth with their seed. Having two coming at once was almost too much to take all at once. Globs of cum spurted out around the edges of his lips. Michael was dead set on eating it all. He swallowed as much and as quickly as he could.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum too!” I shouted. Michael grabbed my cock and shoved it into his mouth. I came hard. How he managed to take it all, I’ll never know. I wasn’t sure if the twins had already finished and pulled out or not. Having both of their thick swollen heads in his mouth was already pushing it to the limits, but I was too preoccupied having one of the most intense orgasms of my life to notice.

I backed away, my head spinning. I was standing between the twins who also backed away. All of our dicks hung down between our legs, theirs down their thighs, mine resting on the floor. All were wet, glistening with spit and cum.

We were all staring at Michael, who was still sitting on the floor wiping up the stray cum from around his mouth and face and licking it off his fingers. He was clearly determined to get as much as he possibly could.

I could audibly hear Michael’s stomach gurgling. He groaned rubbing his enlarged gut which rested atop his torso thick member. You could hear the cum churning inside.

It wasn’t long before Michael’s giant cock began to grow again. His swollen head inflated even larger. His shaft thickened and stretched. His dick was trailing up the wall towards the ceiling like some deranged bent candy cane. His cockhead left a trail of pre up the way as it grew further and further up. Finally it stopped, his slit just barely kissing the ceiling.

“Fuck dude,” Tyler said. “That’s one huge fucking cock.”

Michael moaned as something else started happening. His enormous cock began to lift up at the base, pushing his swollen gut up with it. From underneath it all, Michael’s balls began to grow and inflate. Soon they were two beach balls laying beneath him, sloshing and churning even more so than his swollen gut.

“That’s new,” Skyler said.

“Fuck, I am going to cum,” Michael panted.

“Well fuck it, the room is ruined already,” Tyler stated.

Michael bucked as huge ropes of cum began shooting out from his giant dick. It splashed against the ceiling and rained down on them.

Soon the entire room was covered in it.

I wiped his come away from my eyes. “Damn it Michael, you drenched us!”

“Oh fuck,” he moaned as he came again, adding another layer of cum to everything.

Skyler and Tyler slid around, slick and slippery. They braced each other so they wouldn’t fall in the pool collecting at their feet. Seeing them all slicked up with cum embracing each other, their hard cocks banging against each other, it turned me on even more.


Part 18

Finally Michael completed his orgasm. He laid back breathing heavily, too tired to even start licking up the cum that he’d painted himself with.

“Your balls didn’t shrink this time,” Skyler noticed seeing the beach ball sized masses still resting beneath Michael.

“Fuck!” Tyler cried. Skyler and turned to him.

“What’s wrong?!” Skyler said.

“I just—fuck!” He said as his hips bucked. Suddenly his cock sprung forward, inches longer than it just was.

“Tyler did you get Michael’s cum in your mouth?!”

“No! I swear I—shit!” He said as his hips thrusted again, his cock lengthening and thickening.

“Then how—ooooh!” Skyler said, also now thrusting and his cock growing right before our eyes. “Holy shit, I didn’t eat any either! What’s going—ooh fuck—what’s going on?!”

Suddenly, my cock too sprung to life. It flopped up and stretched farther on the floor. We all moaned in ecstasy as out penises grew longer and longer.

When it was all over, the twins stood with their cocks stiff and thick, reaching all the way up to their faces. Mine was so large it barely hovered off the floor while erect. It was too heavy. It was surely longer than I was tall and the head was bigger than my own.

“Did just being in contact with Michael’s cum make us grow?” Skyler asked.

“I don’t know how else to explain it,” I stated.

“Fuck our cocks are so big now!” Tyler said, rubbing the entirety of his shaft.

“Your fucking telling me,” I said thinking about how pants were no longer even feasible. I’m pretty sure the waist of my pants wouldn’t even button around the thickest part of my shaft let alone fit in one of the legs.

“As a heads up though,” I started. “Michael wasn’t wrong in saying that when your cock is at mouth level, it won’t stay that way for long. Like candy constantly dangled in front of your face.”

“I dunno,” Skyler said. “I feel like we are pretty good at will power and self control, right Tyler?” He asked turning to his brother. His big cock slapped against his brother’s large member by mistake, knocking it from Tyler’s mouth.

“Tyler!” Skyler growled.

“He’s right. Can’t help it,” Tyler said and leaned forward to suck his cock again. Instead he found his brothers cock in his mouth. His first instinct was to back away and spit it out, but he couldn’t seem to stop.

“Tyler?!” Skyler cried in surprise. “Tyler! I...i... Fucking Christ...” Skyler found his brother cock bobbing nearby and grabbed it, forcing it into his mouth.

I stood there watching as the twins sucked each other off. Their cocks long enough that they could do it standing. It was so fucking hot. Much to my surprise, my giant cock raised up even higher. I looked back at Michael. Luckily he was still in some sort of ecstasy coma as wasn’t paying attention. Thank goodness because we didn’t need another cum shower induced growth spurt.

Both twins gave out a muffled moan as they filled each other’s mouths with cum.

They swallowed and swallowed stroking the giant cocks before them. Finally, the cumming ceased. They stood in front of each other unsure how to react.

Tyler was the first to speak. “I know it was wrong, but fucking eh that was hot!”

Skyler laughed and then groaned as his penis stretched up further growing past his mouth, past his eyes, and cresting above his head. Tyler’s cock did the same.

“Fuck! We really did it now,” Skyler said face to face with his enormous cock.

“Save some of that cum for me,” Michael said licking his lips. He finally came to.

“You have had enough,” I said.

“Well you haven’t had enough,” he shot back. I looked down at my huge cock, my bulbous cock head so far away I couldn’t even reach it. “Told you that my boyfriend needs to have a huge dick.”

“Believe me, I do.”

“I’m not so sure,” Michael said, patting his own ridiculous cock.

A knock rapped on the door. “Hello?” A voice said. It was Henry the RA.

“Shit!” Tyler said eyeing Michael’s monstrously sized dick. “What do we do?” He asked feeling a bit panicked.

“I have an idea!” I exclaimed. “Come with me,” I said grabbing Skyler by the arm. I pulled him through the conjoined bathroom and into our dorm room. I opened the door and poked my head out looking down at where Henry stood in from of the twins door. “Hey Henry!” I called out.

“Oh hey!” Henry said and walked over. “Hey I was just making the rounds letting everyone know about the pep rally that’s about to start over in the gym. Gotta make sure everyone is there!”

“Oh sure,” I said. “We are just hanging out with our suite mates in our room.”

Skylar took his cue and also poked his head out. “Hey Henry,” he said.

“Oh good! Gotcha ya both in one shot!” He looked as though he would have given himself a high five. “See you guys there!” He said as he moved on to the next room.

I shut the door and let out a sigh of relief. “All right, we took care of it,” I stated as we walked back into the twins room.

“We need to get him out of here,” Tyler said. “It’s only a matter of time. Can’t hide this big thing forever.”

“We need to get him out of here,” Skyler agreed.

I eyed Michael’s enormous cock and then the door. “Probably a good idea while he can fit through the doorway.”

“Not for long,” Michael giggled and licked his lips.

“So everyone is going to the seminar thing so shortly the dorm will be clear,” I said. “When that happens, we will get Michael out of here.”

“And go where?” Tyler asked.

“What about woods?” Skyler suggested.

“Is he supposed to live out in the forest?” I asked.

“I’ll live there if you guys keep feeding me your cum,” Michael stated.

“Didn’t I see a closed building or something when we moved in?” Skyler asked.

“Yeah!” Tyler exclaimed. “I remember at the campus tour they were talking about it. It’s the old gym facility. Over the summer they finished the new building and the old one is to become classrooms. There was a funding issue so it’s currently being unused.”

“Well fucking a, can we get in?” I asked.

“How the hell would I know?” Tyler said. “You’re lucky I even knew that.”

“Probably not,” Skyler stated. “It’s locked up tight I’m sure.”

“Woods it is then,” I said. I turned to Michael. “Can you stand?”

“Of course I can,” he said. He pressed his back up against the wall he was leaning on and propped himself up. His giant cock slid off the opposing wall and thudded onto the floor. His huge balls hung to his knees. He placed a hand atop his bloated belly. “See,” he said.

“You look ridiculous,” I stated.

He patted his gut and stuck it out further like a pregnant woman, an arm resting on its crest and a hand on the small of his back. He moved to wag his cock back and forth but his dick was so huge it merely slid on the ground a bit, knocking into a desk and toppling a chair. His nuts moved though, the cum audibly sloshing inside as they slapped from thigh to thigh.

Tyler poked his head out of the door to see if the coast was clear. Things were quiet and he didn’t hear anyone around. “I think we are good,” he said. Him and Skyler threw on a pair of shorts and tees, though their long cocks dangled down to the ground. Michael and I had to forgo pants or shorts, and Michael’s shirt ended up being a little tight around his engorged gut.

“Alright, how are we going to do this?” Skyler asked.

We all had to carry Michael’s enormous cock. I carried the head while Skyler and Tyler held the shaft, all the while my own ridiculous cock flung over my shoulder. Even draped over my shoulder, my cock head bounced against my ass as I walked. We did what we could to hide Michael just in case and threw a sheet over top his shaft. It didn’t seem to hide much but it was something. His head and a good amount of his shaft was still sticking out from it.

Michael’s dick was heavy as hell. We started out the door. I was surprised how close the head was in width to the door way. The glans almost touched either side as I carried it through. I made it out into the hallway, Tyler not too far behind carrying his portion followed by Skyler carrying his, and then Michael waddling behind. I turned the corner, Michael’s cock rubbing against the side of the door.

“Fuck, you guys,” Michael warned.

“Sorry. Did that hurt?” I asked. “We have to make the turn of we are getting into the hall. We will take it slow.”

“No it’s not that,” Michael said. “All this touching is starting to turn me on.”

He was right. I could feel his cock getting harder. His cock head engorged in my hands, pre cum dribbling down all over my fingers.

“Get ahold of yourself,” I said as Michael now finally made it out of the room as well. I was already pretty far down the hall.

“Guys, I don’t think I’m going to make it!” Michael said, his cock seizing a bit.

“Dude we just started!” Tyler growled.

“Keep it together!” I said, the pre cum now flowing down my arms.

Suddenly, I found myself face to face with Henry the RA. Well, more accurately Henry found himself face to fax with Michael’s cock.

“What in the hell...?” Henry started.

Before I could say anything, Michael cried out and a giant torrent of cum shot from the cock head is was holding. I almost fell over at the power and force that the cum shot produced. It was like holding a fire hose. Henry however got the full blast right in the face and was knocked back and onto the ground. Michael kept cumming and cumming, shot after shot. Poor Henry was being covered head to toe in thick layers of splooge. At this point all the rest of us could do was watch.

Finally Michael calmed down and stopped cumming. The hallway was wrecked and cum was everywhere. However most of it was all over Henry. Henry finally stood and wiped the mess from his face. “What the fuck!” He cried. “What in the flying fuck!” He looked like a mixture of super confused and extra pissed. However that didn’t last long.

He suddenly started moaning. I could see that the effects of Michael’s cum was immediate. His jeans become noticeably tighter and tighter in his crotch. He gave a sigh of relief as the first seam finally gave away, then the second. Soon his newly massive cock sprung free, slapping against his stomach and sending frayed Jean fragments to the floor. His cock continued to lengthen as it traveled up to his chest. It slowed as it passed where his nipples would be.

“What the fuck just happened?” He asked bewildered and out of breath. His massive thick cock was hard and erect.

“Welcome to the party,” Tyler said dryly.

“How did you...what did you...” He murmured as he wrapped his hands around his thick shaft. “And you all have giant... Especially...” He was rambling.

“No time to explain. Come with us!” I urged. “And then we will tell you everything.”

“Can it again?” Henry said dreamily. It was like he was in a euphoric daze.

“Great, we got another one,” Tyler said.

“Wait. As the RA, do you think he has access to the old gym building?!” Skyler half whispered half shouted.

I smirked. “We will do it again but first you have to get us into the old gym,” I stated.


Part 19

We walked into the abandoned building. Once inside we dropped Michael’s member with a loud crash that echoed off the halls. Though the building was abandoned, it was still very nice inside. Seemed like all they did was throw chains on the doors and left everything as is inside. When we ran into Henry I thought we were goners but it turned out to be very fortuitous since he had access to where they kept the keys.

“If you guys are going to hide out here then make sure you stay in the inner parts of the building where there are no windows,” Henry said. “Same with turning on the lights. No lights where people could see it from outside.”

We all looked around, it was a huge building. “This place is nice,” Skyler said.

“Yeah, wasting our tuition money building a whole unnecessary new one,” Tyler stated. “Look they even left the gym equipment.”

“Alright. I got you guys in here. Now will someone tell me what’s going on?” Henry said. “How is this possible?” He twisted his hips back and forth to make his penis whip from side to side. His cock was so long it wrapped around his thigh and smacked him on the ass each time.

“Well I found some sort of relic that had a vial in it,” I explained. “Long story short, I drank the vial and here we are. Now who ever drinks my cum will have the same effect. And then their cum effects others too, so it’s contagious. And now it seems Michael’s cum effects people on contact, as you just experienced.”

Michael smiled and patted his swollen balls. They sounded like water balloons.

“He has had so much of our magic cum that it’s like he was upgraded to level 2 or some shit,” Tyler said.

“If I wasn’t standing here looking at four of the biggest dicks in the world, one which had to be carried by three other people so he could walk, and my own cock dangling down to my ankles, I wouldn’t believe it,” Henry said.

“Well you’re one of us now,” Tyler said. “The multi-footer cock suckers.”

“Be careful who you let suck yours,” Skyler warned.

“Oh I’m not leaving,” Henry said. “I’m staying here with you guys.”

“You’re welcome to,” I said.

“You all gay?” Henry asked.

“We are now,” Michael grinned. “Jo and I are now boyfriends.”

I raised my hand, “I’m Jo. Well, Josh.”

“But don’t let that make you think that means our cocks are off limits,” Michael said, still grinning. “We share here. And these two are the twins. Their most recent growth spurt was brought on by sucking each other off, so I’m told.”

“Shut up!” Tyler yelled. However, everyone’s dicks were hardening including his.

“So, I was promised something,” Henry said.

“Alright,” I said. “We appreciate what you did for us so how about we let you pick who you want to do the deed?” I looked back at the others who nodded.

Henry bit his lip as he looked us over. His cock had become fully erect at this point and pressed firmly against his chest.

“You know,” Henry began. “I really helped each one of” He licked his lips.

“You sure?” I asked. “I mean, you are pretty big already.”

“I’m sure of only one thing and that’s how good it felt.”

“I like the way you think,” Michael smiled. “I wish my boyfriend had as much gusto.”

“Enough chatter,” Tyler said basically pushing me aside to get to Henry. “I need my dick sucked on.”

It didn’t take long for Tyler’s dick to find its way into Henry’s mouth. Skyler joined in as well. They grabbed me and pulled me into their sex frenzy. Mouths were all over my dick. Soon we all were cumming and Henry was guzzling. Tyler came first, Skyler was not far behind. Finally I came as well. Henrys lips were locked around my cock head. His lips were already wet from Tyler and Skyler’s load. His cock was already growing as I filled him up.

When we were finished, we were all breathless. Henry’s cock was still growing. He moaned as it stretched and snaked across the floor. When he was finished, his cock had to be just as big as mine.

“Fuck!” Henry groaned. “I’m as big as you now!” He said to me, somewhat off balance by the new weight.

“Yeah,” I stated. “Congrats.”

“Now for you,” Henry said turning to Michael.

“You want to get as big as the big guy there?” Tyler asked.

“For starters,” Henry said.

“Fuck you’re hot,” Michael said.

As Henry climbed atop Michael’s monster cock, his own cock smacking Michael in the face, I had a couple of feelings. One, it was super hot and for a second I was like is that how sexy my dick looks? And two, I was sort of feeling a little jealous I think. I know that is ridiculous and as the way things are we are all kind of in this together, and I had just been brought go completion seconds ago. But the way Michael was excitedly slurping all over Henrys cockhead while he grinded stop Michael’s shaft...I don’t know.

Suddenly my thoughts were disrupted. I heard something. “Wait! Guys!” I whisper shouted. “Did you hear that?”

Henry stopped grinding and Michael stopped slurping. We all stood silently still and listened. There was a jingle of keys and a muffled walkie sound echoing off the walls.

“Shit that sounds like a security guard!” Tyler said. “We gotta hide!”

Henry slipped off of Michael’s dick and bent down to help him lift it up. “C’mon guys, we gotta carry Michael’s cock.”

We all pitched in and grabbed it, lifting it up off the ground except for Skyler who was making sure all the lights were off.

“To the gymnasium,” Henry said. We can go up top to where the track wraps around. It’s a high vantage point and its out of the way. We won’t be seen there. I’ll lead the way.”

Thank god Henry was familiar with this place. Otherwise we probably would have been done for. I guess he will actually be cool to keep around...even he does tickle my boyfriends fancy...

We moved as fast as we could. Michael taking up the rear was almost being pulled by the dick at some points as he was waddling trying to keep up. We made it to the gymnasium and climbed some stairs. It was difficult, especially for Michael and his huge nuts. With each step up he kneed himself in the sack. But we made it, and just in time. As we set Michael’s cock down onto the track, we could see the security guard entering the gymnasium. His flashlight darted this way and that. We peered over the railing to watch him, making sure to keep low just in case.

His shoes clicked on the gym floor.

“Guys,” Michael whispered. “Guys!”

“What Michael?” Tyler said. “Now is not the time!”

“Guys, I think I’m going to cum!” Michael said in a whispered panic.

We all turned to him. “What? No! You have to fight it!” If Michael came, that would be a hard think to not notice and we would be caught.

“After Henry and then everyone grabbing my dick and all the jostling...I...I’m gonna blow!”

“Well maybe we should add the security guard to our little club?” Henry suggested. “Like you did with me.”

“You have been very helpful,” I stated. “But that was an accident. “We can’t grow every guy we run into! It just further expounds upon the issue.”

“Not to mention one more giant cock we have to hide,” Tyler added.

“This conversation is moot because I am about to cum!” Michael breathed.

“Shit! Shit! What do we do?” Skyler panicked.

“Plug it up!” Henry said. “Plug up his cock with something until the guard leaves!”

I looked around. We were up on the track. There was literally nothing to use. “With what?!”

“Here!” Henry said and yanked Skyler’s cock that hung down from the leg opening of his shorts. “Use this!”

“What are you crazy?!” Skyler said.

“I’d do it myself but I’m too big,” Henry said.

“Guys! It’s cumming!” Michael cried.

Henry didn’t give Skyler another chance to say anything. They had no time left to debate. He yanked Skyler’s shorts down and took Skyler’s long cock, shoving it into Michael’s big, oozing slit.


Part 20

Michael literally shook with pleasure as Skyler’s dick slid further and further inside his own. With some pushing from Henry, Skyler’s finally made it all the way in to the base where we could no longer see his member at all.

Tyler clasped over Michael’s mouth as Michael moaned in ecstasy. Skyler clasped over his own mouth. He too was feeling massive waves of pleasure and Michael’s cock seized and squeezed his own inside. Small splatters erupted onto Skyler’s waist and thighs.

“Keep the seal tight!” Henry ordered as he pushed Skyler where he was basically bent over Michael’s huge cockhead.

I looked back over the railing. The guard was still wandering, not noticing us. “Come in, Carl.” The walkie sounded.

The guard grabbed his walkie from his belt. “Go for Carl,” he said.

“Anything?” Came the voice.

“Nah,” he said turning around to head out. “If there where any kids that broke in, they’re gone now. Everyone’s at the rally. I’m going to head out and lock it back up.”

“Roger.” And with that the guard was gone.

“He is gone,” I said turning to them. Tyler letMichael’s mouth go and Henry laid off Skyler.

“Oh fuck!” Michael cried. “Sweet fucking a, this feels amazing!”

“I think I’m cumming too!” Skyler cried.

“I can feel you inside me,” Michael breathed.

“It’s getting tighter inside,” Skyler panted “i think it’s keeps filling up with more and more cum.”

“Fuck! I need to release! Pull out!” Michael cried.

Skyler nodded and went to pull out but he couldn’t seem to budge. “Fuck! I’m stuck!”

“What?!” Tyler yelled. “Shit! Pull him out!”

Henry, Tyler and I all got behind Skyler and pulled and pulled. Finally, Skyler came free and we all fell backwards onto the ground.

“Shit, that was weird,” I said.

“Guys, I’m still not out!” Skyler said standing up.

Sure enough we had freed a lot of his cock from inside but the end of it still wasn’t seen. It disappeared into Michael. He should have been freed considering how big his dick was before, but was no longer the case.

“Holy shit, you grew!” Tyler exclaimed. We saw Skyler’s cock puffing up, pressing hard and harder against Michael’s slit. But Michael’s slit wasn’t tightening, Skyler’s cock getting bigger. “And it’s still growing! We need to get you out of there!”

Skyler yanked his dick and Tyler and I grabbed his waist to help pull him out. With a pop, his cockhead finally came free and fell to the floor.

We all gazed upon Skyler’s new cock. Slick and shiny with a coating of cum, it was enormous, larger than mine and well on its way to being as large as Michael’s.

“Holy shit! It’s huge!” Tyler exclaimed. “How did it grow so big so quickly?”

“Maybe it was because I got all of Michael’s magic growth cum focused directly onto just my penis,” Skyler said. His shaft was every bit as wide as his waist, larger where it thickened in the middle.

“Your cock is almost as big as mine!” Michael said. “I cannot believe a moment ago that was inside my dick!”

“What am I supposed to do now?” Skyler cried. “I’m enormous! Now we have two people with cocks so large that they have to be carried to get around!”

“Soon to be three,” Henry said, his cock hard and dripping with pre. “You still owe me something,” he said to Michael. He gingerly ran his fingers across Michael’s giant flared cockhead.

“Are you crazy?!” I cried. “Why would you want a cock as big as that?”

“I’m not going to lie,” Skyler interjected. “It kinda feels great.” He rubbed his hands over his gigantic shaft. “As ridiculous as it is, I kind of like it.”

“I’m also not going to lie,” Tyler said. “I’m kind of curious what it feels like to be inside like you did with Michael. You both seemed to really like that.” His dick hardened and strained the fabric of his shorts as it lifted up off the ground. “And I’m the only one still small enough to do it.” He laughed at how his cock that now could rest on the ground while standing was considered small.

“You guys are insane,” I said. I walked across the track near where the staircase was, remembering there was a number of light switches on the wall above the fire extinguisher. I flicked them up and the lights flashed on up above. “There, now we can actually see.”

Tyler moaned. “It looks even better in the light,” he sighed patting his big meat.

“I’m serious. I bet cock fucking feels amazing,” Skyler stated.

“It feels like nothing else,” Skyler smiled. “Why don’t you put it in and find out?”

It didn’t take long for Tyler to rip off his shorts and stick his cock inside his brothers cock slit.


Part 21

Everyone was moaning, the twins cock fucking and Henry kissing and licking up the pre from Michael’s dick. Wet smacking came from Tyler’s hips slapping up against Skyler engorged head as he rapidly pushed in and out.

“Seriously guys!” I yelled but it fell on deaf ears. They were all lost in euphoria.

Henry was working over Michael’s cock like a mad man. His hands and tongue were everywhere. His huge, hard cock continuously slapped against side of Michael’s huge cock, almost keeping tempo with the thrusting of Tyler and Skyler who were not too far away.

I grumbled. I was frustrated, but probably more so with the fact that the scene turned me on again. I try to fight it, but without fail my girthy cock stirs to life time and time again. As much as I hated it, part of me wishes that they grab me and pull me in to their sexual frenzy as they have done multiple times. Grab me and yank me into the orgy, tongues lashing all over my hard cock. Fuck, I could cum right here.

“It’s cumming!” Michael cried, his hands braved on either side of his huge member.

Henry braced himself. He placed his mouth to Michael’s slit and grabbed around it to pull it tighter, whatever he could manage to do to get more of a perfect seal. However, Michael’s cock slit was far too large for that. Henry did what he could as Michael began blasting. He gulped and drank, lapped and swallowed. He tried to open his throat and allow as much of Michael’s spunk shoot down as possible. Of course, cum splashed against his face and poured down his body. There was just too much to take it all. I honestly was unsure how Henry could even stay standing in the stream.

It was impressive how much Henry was able to take in. There was some gagging and gurgling here and there but for the most part he just took it, being filled up more and more.

Finally the torrent died down and became just a trickle. Henry stood and wiped his face. He was coated and slick cum. He wiped it from his eyes and licked his lips and fingers. “Delicious,” he grinned. His belly was bloated and round. It was on the verge of being just as big of a gut as Michael was sporting. He patted his enormous belly and belched, cum remnants flinging from his mouth. “That was a lot,” Henry said.

Henry whipped his head back to fling his cum soaked hair out of his eyes. His bangs whipped with a wet squish sound, his hair now slicked back. When he did this, some cum was flung from his hair and splattered against Skyler’s thigh. It wasn’t much, but it was enough.

The effects were almost immediate. Skyler started moaning even louder. If his cock grew it wasn’t enough to be noticeable, but his balls were a different story.

Suddenly, Skyler’s balls began to expand. From underneath his enormous cock, his balls grew and grew. Soon they were just as large as Michael’s, like two beach balls reaching his knees, churning with cum.

“Guys! Skyler reached level 2!” I cried, but once again no one noticed.

Cum spurted around Tyler’s crotch, splattering across his stomach and thighs. Tyler moaned and continued to pump his cock inside his brother’s. Meaning, Henry groaned as his own cock thickened and grew. It settled on the ground as it became too heavy to stay aloft. His cock head blossomed as it expanded and grew larger and larger. His shaft became longer and wider, pushing his enormous cock head further and further away, a trail of pre left behind.

“It’s feeling tighter!” Tyler cried, more spurts of cum exploding around the base of his shaft. He continued to pump. It wasn’t long though before Tyler found he couldn’t pump anymore. He could no longer seem to pull out. “Shit! I got stuck too!”

I ran to him and started yanking him to help him get free. “I told you he reached level 2!” I said as I pulled. “Now his cum makes you grow on contact too, just like Michael!”

As much as I pulled, I couldn’t seem to get Tyler to budge, and the more time that went by the bigger Tyler seemed to grow, and the bigger he became the tighter he was lodged inside Skyler.

“It took three of us to get Skyler free from Michael!” I exclaimed as I continued to pull. “I can’t seem to do it by myself!”

“Ah!” Skyler cried, his moans of pleasure becoming more of discomfort. “It’s getting a little too tight!” Tyler’s cock still grew inside of him. His thickening cock pressed against Skyler’s slit and insides. No more spurts came. There was no more room for it to escape.

“Fuck!” Tyler cried in both terror and pleasure as his balls began to inflate and fill up with cum, growing closer and closer to the beach ball sized nuts that Skyler and Michael had.

“Wait! I have an idea!” I ran across the track back towards the stairs. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and raced back to them. My shaft patted against my thighs as it wagged back and forth while I ran. I quickly removed the safety pin and sprayed both Tyler and Skyler down.

After coating them, I went back to pulling Tyler out. After some hard effort, Tyler finally slipped free. We walked further and further back until finally we heard Tyler be released and his dick drop to the ground with a thud.

“Holy shit!” Tyler panted. “How did you do that?”

“Thought it would cool you guys down, cause some shrinking maybe.” I helped Tyler start to wipe the extinguisher foam off of him. “Seemed to work.”


Part 22

I looked at the crew.

All four of them had truly massive cocks. Now Skyler, Tyler and Henry all had penises just as large as Michael’s. Balls too, even Henry whose nuts must have expanded during Tyler’s situation. Their members were so large that with all their cocks they filled up the entire width of the track.

“ what am I going to do with you all?” I asked.

“We can still walk, right?” Tyler asked, pushing himself upright. His legs shook as he carried the weight.

“You all have been growing like crazy,” Michael stated. “When is it my turn?” He patted his rotund belly. “I’m hungry! Someone needs to stick their cock in my mouth and feed me!”

I would have commented but I got distracted by the sound of creaking. “What is that?” I asked.

Suddenly the track seemed to give away from under my feet and before I knew it I was tumbling down. The elevated track buckled under the combined weight of all the boys and ripped away from the wall, crashing down towards the gymnasium below.

I screamed as I fell. The landing was softer than I anticipated though as I slapped face first against one of their giant dicks. I pushed myself up and saw them all sprawled out on the gym floor, giant penises nestled and draped over each other. They groaned and rubbed their heads as they sat up.

“You guys alright?” I asked. They all nodded and said yes.

I looked and saw the platform that had fallen, all banged up and broken. The rest of the track survived still up above. We were lucky no one was hurt.

“The track couldn’t handle the weight of all our cocks,” Henry laughed.

Michael brushed off some debris. “Yeah, and at least we are down here now where there’s some growing room.” The others laughed except for me. “speaking of, you ready for your growth spurt?” Michael asked me. “Told you that no boyfriend of mine is going to have a small cock.”

“My cock is huge,” I said. “It drags on the ground for goodness sake!”

“I’m actually surprised you want more people with the same sized dick,” Skyler said, shifting his own enormous cock off of his brother’s. It fell to the gym floor with a loud thud.

“Yeah,” Tyler joined. “I thought you reveled in being the biggest.”

“Well, I do,” Michael stated.

“You mean you did,” Henry said patting his own giant schlong. “We are kind of all the same size, accept for tiny over there,” he said referencing to me. “And I don’t know about you but I’m not done yet.”

“I’m big enough,” Skyler said. “My penis is already so large I could fuck a doorway.”

“That’s the thing,” Henry said. “We are so huge, we can’t do much anymore. Our cocks will always be resting on the ground feet ahead of us and pants are a thing of the past. We can’t go anywhere without our giant penises hanging out for all the world to see.” Skyler and Tyler looked at each other’s enormous packages and nodded. “So if we are already too big, why stop now?”

“Well then I couldn’t even fuck a doorway,” Skyler said.

“You all talk too much! It’s my turn to grow!” Michael shouted. “If you’re not going to grow any bigger, the least you could do is climb up here and stick your dick in my mouth,” he said to me. “Feed your hungry boyfriend!”

I sighed. I didn’t want to continue fueling this hunger, Michael’s insatiable need to grow. On the other hand, he would just get Henry or someone to do it, and I like my cock getting sucked on, and I hate to admit it but I am feeling a little jealous of whatever Michael and Henry got going on.

“Fine,” I said, feeling tired of being the stick in the mud. I started to climb on top of Michael’s big rod and sat atop the shaft like riding a horse. “It’s not like a can stop you,” I stated.

Michael’s mouth was watering as he became face to face with my plump cockhead. “Looks so juicy,” he grinned as he sealed his lips around as much of my head as he could manage. He seemed to be doing a good job getting most of it in there. His flurry of tongue inside my slit and his aggressive sucking had my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

He grasped my thick rod with both his hands as he bobbed his head up and down. I knew I should feed into Michael’s growing obsession but it felt so good. While I was in the moment, moaning and rubbing my dick while Michael sucked on it and rubbed it too, I thought about getting bigger. Henry was right. At the state my cock is already it’s not like I can stroll through campus. I mean, all Michael can fit in his mouth is my head and I’m not even sure how he’s doing that! And four hands are stroking my cock with plenty of room to spare for many more hands. Maybe I should just give in and grow with the rest of them?

“Fuck, I want to get big for you,” I breathed. The words escaped my mouth.

Michael stopped bobbing and pulled my dick from his mouth with a wet pop. “Really?” He grinned. “You’re in? You’ll do it?”

Shit. I didn’t mean to say it. And now that my cock wasn’t being sucked and stroked I remembered how that is probably not a great idea.

“Umm...well, why don’t we finish you and see what happens,” I said deflecting.

Michael grinned his goofy grin and began stroking my cock again. “I’ll get so big you can fuck my dick with your thick cock just like the twins did.” He popped my cock right back in his mouth and went to town.


Part 23

Once things were moving again and the waves of pleasure were washing over me, I was back in again. A cock so large that my giant dick could fit inside of it? Hot! And I would love to feel what that was likeMan, sex makes you stupid.

I started cumming. I felt it building up and traveling through my long shaft until it erupted, spurting thick ropes of cum. Michael gulped it down like a hungry madman, gurgling and choking but swallowing more. The rest of them watched, their own cocks dripping onto the gymnasium floor.

I started moving backwards. Slowly it was harder and harder for Michael to reach my cockhead until it popped out of his mouth entirely. I realized what was happening was Michael’s dick that I was sitting atop was growing longer and taking me further away from him. Michael clambered for my cock, trying to pull it closer to him. It was still spraying cum everywhere, covering his face.

He licked his lips and opened his mouth trying to catch as much as he could. “Move closer!” He yelled. “I want to eat it all! Give me more! Make me bigger!”

I shifted myself across his expansive shaft, trying to move closer towards him. His mouth found my cock again and got back to suckling. I couldn’t believe I was still cumming.

I could feel his cock pulsing underneath me and between my legs. I could feel it growing as he guzzled more and more of my cum. His giant dick growing beneath me turned me on even more.

I finally stopped cumming and Michael released me from his mouth. From where I sat, I could tell Michael’s cock had grown to be even more enormous than before. Sitting atop it, my feet could not touch the ground. I wanted to get off of it so I could see how big he had truly become, but before I could I was suddenly splashed against my side. The force pushed me off of his cock and i slide to the floor covered in goop. I stood up and saw I was covered in cum.

“I’m sorry,” Skyler said. “But it was so ho-oh God!” He came again, spraying me. I slipped and fell back against Michael’s shaft. Splooge was dripping from me. “I’m sorry! I can’t control it!”

“Keep it coming!” Michael laughed. “He said he was ready to grow! And you are hitting me too!” Indeed the cum sprays washed over his enormous cock as well as me.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum too,” Tyler moaned and another splash of cum came rushing at me. The torrent pressed me against the fleshy wall of Michael’s cock.

I could feel my crotch tingling. Suddenly the weight of it all was increasing and i could feel something pressing against my thighs. I looked to see my balls rapidly expanding becoming fuller and fuller. Shit, I was reaching level two.

“Wait, what about me,” Henry called. “I want to grow too!” He grabbed his giant cock as best he could and began shuffling over to get it the spray zone that I appeared to be standing in.

“Fuck!” Michael cried, his cock inflating and expanding further. “This shit is too much for me to handle. You wanna grow, you go ahead and get in front of me because I’m about to blow!”

Henry was waddling as fast as he could to get in front of Michael’s cockhead, but it was growing so fast that it was difficult because it was stretching further and further away. Meanwhile my own cock was growing as well. I could not believe it. My penis was getting enormous! I could feel my expanding balls pressing against my thighs, then my knees, growing bigger and bigger! My cock looked like it was starting to get thicker than my waist and the head pulsed and inflated. I was horrified and in awe at the same time. It felt so good. My cock had become just as big as the other three. Hell, it was bigger! It finally stopped. My cock rested on the floor. So did my balls at this point. Resting on the floor, my cock was as high as my waist. I could literally lean over onto my dick and lay down on it like a giant tree trunk. Not to mention my ginormous beanbag chair sized balls.

My attention was torn from my new huge member by Michael. He was moaning and groaning, his balls gurgled. I turned to see my friend. His cock had grown to enormous heights. He sat atop his cock and balls, his feet no longer able to even touch the ground. Standing next to it, his dick was as tall as I was. His belly had been pushed to its limits. He literally looked like he had a giant, round, fleshy boulder strapped to his middle. His belly button had popped, forced to become an outie. Michael moaned as his giant cock lurched. From the enormous head of his cock, ropes of white spurted and splashed across the gym floor. Gallons upon gallons surged from him.

Henry did not make it to the front in time. It was probably for the best. The amount and the force of the cum spraying seemed immense. That didn’t stop him though from throwing himself into the pooling cum and lapping it up from the floor.

The scene was hot. I felt like I was going to cum as well. I could feel that all too familiar blissful feeling. “Fuck!” I cried as I shot my own load. It gushed all over, covering the twins. They came again almost in unison, more cum raining down on me. Shit! If we don’t stop this cycling we are going to be—”fuck!” I cried out again as my cock continued its growing.

We were all growing at this point. The twins were making out as their lengthening cocks rubbed each other side by side. Henry was face down in Michael’s cum puddle lapping it up as his penis became bigger and bigger. Michael’s cock started growing again as well, his already enormous cock adding inches, pounds, feet...who knows anymore at this point. However I can say that his slit was quickly becoming as tall as I am.

My own cock was ballooning before me. I was aware that it became harder for me to touch the ground as my cock and balls began to raise me higher, but at that moment I didn’t care. All that I could think about was the euphoria that washed over me again and again. I could feel my cockhead growing larger and larger, my shaft becoming thicker and thicker, my balls being fuller and fuller.

Another splash of cum hit me. Was it the twins? Henry? Michael? I couldn’t even tell anymore. My cock grew, pressing into their cocks. I could feel someone’s dick growing against my expanding balls. My cockhead hit the cold wall across the gymnasium. I think I came again. I’m not sure. Maybe someone else came again. Maybe we were all just cumming. All of our giant dicks were pressed against each other. We filled up the gym, pressing up against its walls. At some point my feet could no longer feel the ground. I’m not sure when they had finally lost contact. I knew I should have been terrified, but I was too overcome with ecstasy.


Part 24

I woke up. I rubbed my eyes. What a weird dream, I thought. I then realized I was sprawled out laying atop the giant girth of my cock. It wasn’t a dream. With all of the excitement and pleasure, it must have been too much and I passed out.

Speaking of too much...

My cock was enormous, like a car could probably fit inside it. I looked over my shoulder to see where Michael ended up. His dick looked like it ate my dick. It was huge. It was far too long for the gymnasium and bent awkwardly at the wall covering the exits. Not that any of us could use the exits anymore. He laid up top somewhere. I couldn’t really see. His cock had veins popping that were as large as my torso.

The twins and Henry appeared to be more or less the same size as me. All of our dicks were now crammed together inside the gym.

“Fuck,” I groaned. I tried to reach the floor with my feet but I couldn’t. My penis and balls were too big and propped me up too high. I was stranded.

There was a lot of churning noises happening whether it was all of our massive balls producing more cum or Henry and Michael’s fat, bloated bellies trying to digest the cum. To think that I used to feel like my dick was kind of small, or at least smaller than I would like it to be. Now I don’t even know how big it is. I could hardly even see my huge cock head, let alone reach it. The flare of my enormous mushroom blocked the rest of it from my sight. I stupidly drank that vial to impress Skyler on our first date when Michael ended up being my boyfriend anyways, and even that seems to not really matter anymore seeing as how he is ready and willing to suck on any one of our cocks that he can get his hands on.

I let out a sigh. This was my life now. Immobile, surrounded by four other guys with giant cocks that could erupt at any moment and make us all grow even bigger. Would it ever stop? Would we eventually burst through the gymnasium walls, essentially announcing our presence and our humongous dongs to the campus, and the world? My life is over.


Part 25

My name is Sam.

I was walking down the side walk. After that stupid campus rally thing I was ready to get away from all those people. Honestly, I just wanted a friend, but I didn’t really know anyone yet and my roommate seemed to already have a load of friends here that came from his high school. So I have been feeling a little left out. I hear that maybe things start picking up when classes start.

Anyways, I was wanted to just catch some peace and quiet so I decided to walk over by the old closed gymnasium. The new gymnasium seemed to be always bustling but the old building had been abandoned for now so no one really goes over there. What I enjoy about this campus is how spread out everything is so people aren’t really on top of each other like you can be at other universities. As for the gym, I don’t really use it. I tried it out when I first got here, after all it is free to students. But I figured out that it’s just not my thing. Plus I tend to be the smallest guy in the room. When I walk up to use a machine and have to adjust the pin from the person who used it last so that it’s a lot lighter so I can actually use it, it’s embarrassing.

God, I can ramble sometimes.

I was walking when I felt a wet drop land on my hand. Shoot, I thought. I guess it’s about to rain. I looked up at the sky, it was basically cloudless, blue and beautiful.


I wiped my hand on my pants and kept moving. Another droplet hit me, this time on my cheek. I wiped it with my hand and looked at what it was. It glistened on my finger. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem quite like water.

I gave a little once around, looking to see where it had come from. It didn’t seem like it fell from the sky. Then I noticed the vent in the wall of the old gymnasium I was walking by. Something was dripping down from it.

“Gross,” I said, wiping the mystery residue from my hand onto my pants. “No wonder they closed this place down.”

Suddenly, I felt a tingling. It was a strange sensation. My head felt a little dizzy and there was a warmth that seemed to be gathering in my crotch.

“What the hell?!” I exclaimed as my pants began to feel tighter. I looked down to see the bulge in my jeans growing a little bit bigger.

I was so confused. Was i getting turned on right now out of no where? But it wasn’t the feeling i get when my dick begins to harden and it starts to become uncomfortable, especially in skinny jeans. This felt different somehow. I didn’t feel particularly horny at the moment, but this strange sensation could surely get me there. I looked at me hand where the droplet had fallen that I also used to wipe my face. There was no sign of anything, like it had been absorbed.

I looked back at the vent where the mystery substance was dripping. The wind blew and another drop flew from the grate and landed on my arm. Well, at least I know how it hit me, I thought as I wiped it onto my pants once again. Then, my crotch had that same tingling sensation and my bulge looked like it grew just a little bit more.

“What is going on?”

I walked from the sidewalk onto the grass to get a closer look at the vent and the drippy stuff. I avoided the puddle that appeared to have gathered beneath it on the ground. I looked at it up close. Every time the stuff hit me, it seemed to give me that weird feeling. Now that I was up close, the stuff smelled distinctly like cum. I touched some with my pointer where it was dripping down the brick. I looked it at and pincered my finger and thumb open and closed seeing the tackiness of the goo. It sure seemed like cum. Once again, the tingling washed over me and my crotch as the goo was absorbed into my fingers.

I tried to peer into the vent to see where the stuff was coming from but it was just high enough that I could really see well into it.

Suddenly, the silence was broken. Through the vent I could hear faint voices. Not voices...moaning. I could hear someone moaning, or someones. It was hard to tell. But someone was definitely inside.

I left the vent and walked around the building to an entrance. I had to adjust my package as I did so. The door was chained and locked. I moved to another entrance, also chained and locked. And another, same story.

I was trying to go about this the right way, if there is such a thing when it comes to exploring an abandoned building but it seemed like they chained every door. Now I want to preface this by saying that I am not a delinquent or criminal or whatever word you want to use to describe a teenager who is pretty good at picking locks. I happened to be self taught, thank you YouTube, because I was wanting to read someone’s locked diary, and, well, practice makes perfect.

It took me a bit, I’m not a pro after all, but i finally managed to open the padlock just as I was able to get into that diary. The diary was not as interesting as I had thought it would be, p.s.

I snaked the chain from the handles and let it fall to the floor. I pulled open the door and I was in. I quietly snuck through the dark balls. I was keeping an ear open for the groaning I had heard from the vent, but it was pretty overall silent.

I was surprised how much stuff they had locked up inside the old gymnasium . There were glass cases that still had awards, plaques and photos.

“So this is what my tuition money is going towards”, I sighed.

After much exploring I finally came to a number of doors that aligned a wall. Light peered through the cracks here and there. Clearly the lights were on inside. I looked up above the door frames and saw the sign. These doors all lead into the main gym.

With a swift yank, I pulled open one of the doors. What I saw made me shriek. It was like some giant monster. A wall of flesh was on the other side with an enormous mouth that was drooling to the floor. It pulsed with life, pressed against the doorway but too large to actually make it through. “What the fuck!?” I cried.

I stared at it unsure of what to do. It had no eyes so maybe it couldn’t see me. As I stared at it trying to get my feet to work so I could ran away, I realized that it was a monster alright...a monster cock! That wasn’t a mouth drooling, but instead the biggest cock slit I have ever seen dribbling what appeared to be pre all over the floor. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed.

I felt a mixture of both fear and intrigue as I stared down a cock that was as wide as I was tall. I could slip right into that cock if I wanted you, like my entire body. Probably just squirm right into there.

Then I heard groaning. Not a person, but the door. The other side of the double doors that I opened seemed to be protesting against the force of the giant cock. With a snap, the other door finally flew open giving the cock enough room to burst into the hallway practically knocking me over. I heard a sigh, this time from a person, who sounded relieved of the pressure of their penis being smashed up against the doors.

“Holy fucking shit!” I exclaimed, surveying the ginormous member before me. It looked even bigger now that it had room to stretch, as it were.

At this point I felt more or less obligated to meet the person whose dick this belonged to.


Part 26

It was weird to me that the only way into the room was to climb up this gigantic cock and crawl it’s length to the inside. The member was almost as wide as the double doors but the was space above. I touched the shaft. It was so warm, it sure felt real. Quickly I scrambled up and ducked underneath the door frame, crawling into the gymnasium.

Once through I was able to stand.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Not one, but five giant cocks were all stuffed into the gym. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed. I then saw the person whose cock I was standing on belong to, and he saw me.

“Uh, guys?” He called. “Someone just climbed into here and is standing right on my dick.”

“Hi, I’m Sam,” I introduced myself. “I didn’t mean to necessarily be standing on you of anything, but there doesn’t seem to be any other option,” I said looking around for any floor that wasn’t already buried under mountains of penis.

“Well, Sam, I’m Skyler and you probably shouldn’t be in here,” he said.

“He’s right,” came another voice. I looked to see another person connected to a huge cock. “My name is josh and you should probably be very careful how much you are moving on top of his dick. We are very sensitive. It doesn’t take much to make us blow anymore.”

“Yeah, and unless you want a cock like ours I suggest you take off,” said another one. “Otherwise wriggle around, get us going and join the party.”

“Tyler, there is zero room for us in here as it is, let alone adding a sixth person,” josh stated.

“If you ask me, I’d say he’s already effected,” Skyler said, eyeing my package. He had the best vantage point. “Pants seem to be a little too tight for someone who has always been packing.”

“Is that true?” Josh asked. “Did you get some of our cum on you and your dick grew?”

My head started spinning. “I...I don’t know...I mean something dripped on me outside from the vents and I guess my crotch is feeling a little tight.” This was all just too much. “Is that how this works? Your cum makes people’s penises grow?”

“Shit! Did we splash through the ventilation system? This could be bad,” josh said. He looked around and sure enough, a huge trail of shiny cum led from the biggest cock I had ever seen to a vent near the ceiling. “Nice job, Michael,” he grumbled.

A person was laying atop the enormous cock. I assumed that meant it was his. He had a dick that was two times larger than the rest. He also sported a giant round gut that he was hugging with love.

“You’re effected to, huh?” He asked with a hiccup. “Good, you are small enough still to climb up here and stick your cock in my mouth. Why don’t you come up here and feed me, help me grow big and strong.”

“Please ignore him,” josh said. He sighed, well at this point we might as well give you a real introduction. Once again, I’m josh. The cock you are on belongs to Skyler.” Skyler waved. “His twin is next to him there. That’s Tyler. Then the one pinned pretty close to the gigantic cock over there is Henry. And of course, the monster cock of all cocks who still hasn’t learned his lesson is Michael. We just started dating...kind of.”

It was a lot to take in all at once. I couldn’t even see this Henry that he was talking about.

“There’s five of you in here...and you all just feed on cum or something?” I asked feeling bewildered.

“It’s a long story,” josh said. And then they explained it to me. The whole thing from when josh discovered the vial inside the artifact to discovering that if the effected persons cum was eaten, it makes the penis grow. Of course then they said they all eventually hit level two where they’re balls got big and then their cum makes others grow and become effected just by contact.

“So is your dick bigger than before or not?” Tyler asked straightforward. “Are you effected?”

“I told you, I don’t know,” I said, adjusting myself.

“Well, whip it out,” Tyler stated. “Don’t be shy.”

“Dude, no way!”

“You are kind of on top of my dick,” Skyler said. “In a room full of dicks.”

“Pants are optional here!” Came a voice that I assumed belonged to Henry. He was still out of my view behind the towering Michael.

I sighed. I was not about to show everyone my business. Not these guys who I just met and don’t even know. Instead I turned around and faced away from them all. I unzipped my pants and pulled my penis out.

Holy shit, it was definitely bigger. And I’m pretty familiar. It had definitely grown. Now, I know that I was literally standing on a bus of a dick next to a whale of a dick, but seeing my own cock having grown, it was all that more real. I was probably two more inches than it was before.

I whipped around suddenly forgetting my apprehension to flash my cock all over the place. My penis slapped against my waist as I spun.

“It’s bigger!” I exclaimed.

They didn’t seem all that impressed. I guess the fact that two more inches on my cock meant it was probably now around 9 inches and they were busy measuring their own in feet, maybe yards. But it was crazy to me.

“Told you he was effected,” Skyler said. “I could just tell.”

“You have always been good at eagle eyeing a cock,” his brother said.

“Shut up!” He laughed.

“Just be careful, or you could end up like us,” josh said. “And you can spread it to others too.”

“Is there no cure?” I asked. I had basically forgotten that my cock was just hanging out for all to see. I guess that’s what happens when you are packing.

“If there was a cure, do you think we would be crammed in here like we are?” Josh said. “Well maybe these crazies would.

“I would,” Henry and Michael stated in almost perfect unison.

“You would think there was something though,” I thought aloud. “I mean, this tribal king you were telling me about...if there were people who grew their cock to no end and spread it to others, don’t you think we would know about it? Even from way back in the day. And wouldn’t all of man kind be effected by now? How did they manage to contain it and ensure that only the king was granted the power?”

The others fell silent. Clearly they hadn’t thought of this.

“You bring up a good point,” josh said. “You know, the last thing my dad told me was about the kings passing on a part of themselves to the next king. Who knows what else they have discovered since then! It not like I’m carrying around my phone.” Josh mimed for pockets and patted his huge cock.

“I’m all for having a big dick,” I grinned. “But I also like the ability to walk.” I eyed their ginormous balls that filled the space between their legs. “Maybe I can go get your phone so we can see if your dad has sent you any more information. Where is your phone?”

“It’s in my dorm room. I don’t think we locked it when we left,” josh said. “We were a bit distracted.”

“Okay. Maybe we can try to figure out a cure.”

Michael’s big gut gurgled. “I don’t want to be cured...I want more!”

“Listen I will go get it and come back,” I said, now stuffing my sausage back into my jeans.

Josh nodded. “That’s an amazing idea. We live in the B building room 9.” He smiled.


Part 27

Moments ago I was thinking about how I’m all alone on this campus and now all of a sudden I’m some kind of savior for five dudes with giant dick disorder, I thought as I slid down Skyler’s cock, exiting the gym.

“Careful!” I heard Skyler cry out, and I felt he huge member throb a little bit and harden.

“Sorry!” I shouted back.

This is like some gay guy’s wet dream, I thought. A room packed full of all these enormous cocks and their cum thirsty owners. I could feel my dick stiffen in my pants. Shit, I thought, I’ve never been turned on by a guy before. But their larger than life equipment has got even me going.

I looked at Skyler’s cock head, resting on the floor on this dark hallway and could see it inflate a bit as it swelled up from my shimmy down its side. Fuck, that’s pretty hot. I can’t believe it, but seriously I’m getting turned on by this dude’s penis.

I sigh and turn away to leave when I suddenly find myself face to face with a campus security guard.

He stood there with a shocked and horrified face, probably the same face I wore when I first discovered them. He surprised me so much I fell backwards into Skyler’s shaft. Skyler gave a startled moan.

“What are you doing over there?!” Skyler growled. “If you keep messing with my cock I am going to cum!”

The guard turned on his heels and started to speed away, fumbling for his walkie.

“Guys we got a problem!” I yelled, not that they could do anything about it. But who knows what would happen if the campus suddenly became aware of the five growth formula machines they have inside their old gymnasium. I knew I had to stop him, and I had to think fast.

An idea hit me, and I didn’t have time to think of anything else. I ran over to the other side of Skyler’s cock and pushed against his swollen head. With all my might I shifted his cock so that it was facing down the hallway towards where the guard was running.

“What are you doing?” Skyler asked.

It didn’t take much. With a few rubs of his flared tip, it erupted. Skyler moaned and groaned as one shot after another blasted from his dick. It was like a fire hose blasting torrent after torrent of hot, sticky cum.

The blast was so strong, it knocked the guard of his feet and onto his ass. I knew Skyler would come a lot, but this was insane. I had to keep pushing against his cock head because the force of the constant eruptions was so great, his dick pulsed trying to whip back straight.

“Fuck!” Skyler cried out.

Soon Skyler’s moaning was joined by others. I could hear all of the guys in the gym beginning to get aroused as well. Shit, I started a damn chain reaction. Skyler cumming and moaning must have been enough to turn on and set off the others as well.

It became easier to keep Skyler’s cock pointing in the right direction. It seemed to be fighting back less. I looked over the rim of his cock head and saw that the torrents had ceased and became a trickle. The hallway was plastered with a thick coat of cum. The guard was laying on the ground and a pool of spunk. I watched him. He seemed to be breathing heavy.

That’s when a splash of cum came from behind me. I looked back to see the jizz splatter from the doorway onto the top of Skyler’s shaft. The other guys were coming.

My attention was shifted again by the groaning of the security guard. He pushed himself up, spunk dripping down him. He put his hands to his crotch as his pants became visibly tighter. His bulge was quickly becoming larger and larger his pants filling up more and being pulled tighter. It grew to the size on mine in a matter of seconds. If a couple of drops gave me about two inches, I can only imagine what he was in store for.

It looked like he was smuggling a coconut in his pants. That’s when I began to hear the ripping. The guard cried out and threw his head back. I could see the seams being pulled apart as his cock had another spurt. He bent over as a loud rip sounded and his cock traveled down his pant leg. That must have been his underwear finally giving way.

His dick got down to his knee and got caught again. I could see it getting thicker, his swollen head pressing against the taught fabric. With a final loud rip his pants lost the fight and his cock sprang free. It slapped against his chest, brushing against his chin. It looked to be as thick as my arm. It didn’t stop there. It kept getting longer reaching his mouth, then his eyes, then past his head. He was crying out in ecstasy as he held his thickening tool in his hands. His balls began to inflate, quickly becoming the size of oranges.

Shit, level two already?

Suddenly I was shoved by Skyler’s cock. I moved back as Skyler’s already giant dick began to grow again. It crawled forward reaching the hallway wall. It became thicker, its sides pressing against the double doors’ frame. The space above that I had crawled through earlier began to disappear as his penis grew taller. Soon it was like Skyler was wearing the double door doorway like a giant cock ring. The walls creaked. I couldn’t even think of what things are looking like inside there. All I could hear was moaning. Side note: they sure do sound like what ever is happening in there, it feels good as hell.

Cum leaked from the cracks of the other closed doors that led to the gym. I need to leave. The fact that I haven’t gotten hit yet is probably a miracle. If I’m going to get that phone I need to get moving.

I looked back to the guard. He had stopped growing with a giant cock towering over his head, a cock head as bulbous as his own dome, and nuts like two basketballs strapped to his thighs. He was laying on the ground again, passed out.

I ran over to him and saw his key ring at his side. I took it. I looked around and noticed a supply closet nearby. I wanted to lock him inside so he couldn’t alert anyone when he wakes up but I was nervous to touch him since he was covered in the cum. Then I had an idea.

I took my shoes off and slipped off my socks one at a time so I didn’t have to step down. Then I slipped my shoes back on. “There we go,” I said, wearing my socks on my hands like mittens.

I grabbed the guards clothes and dragged him to the closet door. His long dong trailed behind him. All the cum everywhere helped make him slide easily. With his keys, I unlocked the closet and threw him inside. Wasn’t the biggest of closets but it’ll do. I made sure to take his radio and smash it on the ground before locking the door behind him.

“Alright that’s taken care of,” I sighed, carefully taking my sock mittens off and tossing them aside.

The wall to the gym creaked again and I heard a door or two buckle under pressure. “Alright seriously time to go!” I took off with the guards keys in my pocket. I ran down the corridors and through the exit, shutting it behind me.

I leaned against the door to catch my breath. It was quiet and calm outside. The sun shown down, a beautiful day. It was like all the craziness that was happening inside wasn’t even real.

I looked down at my cock to remind myself how real it was. My crotch was soaked. At some point during all this commotion I creamed my pants and didn’t even notice. I tried pulling my shirt lower to cover it, but I apparently came a ton, more than I ever had, and it trailed down my leg. I sighed. Not much I can do about that right now.

I picked up the chain and locked it back up. I could not believe what had happened. I can’t believe that I did that to that guard. And then dragged him across the floor and locked him up. My coolness and calm under the pressure scared me a bit.

I couldn’t think about that too long though. At the rate things appeared to be moving inside there, I needed to get to Josh’s dorm room and I needed to do it fast.


Part 28

I arrived at building B. It wasn’t that hard to find, it was pretty close to my own building. Luckily, someone ignored the campus rules and had a door propped open so I was able to get in without any problems. I walked down the hall towards room 9. It was still empty but shouldn’t be for much longer. The freshman pep rally was bound to be let out soon, and I know the RA shouldn’t be a problem since he’s one of the guys sporting an Olympic sized boner in the gymnasium.

I came to the door with a big nine on it. I smirked. That’s probably how many inches I am now. I turned the handle. Sure enough, it was unlocked. I quickly stepped inside and shut the door behind me. Alright, phone...

I scanned the room looking for Josh’s phone. I found it sitting on his desk and snatched it up.

“That was easy,” I grinned.

As I was making my way to the door I heard a commotion in the hallway. Lots of footsteps and voices were coming nearer. “Shoot, the assembly probably let out.” Sounded like everyone was coming back to their dorm rooms. I glanced at myself in the mirror. My package was awesome but my pants were still sporting that big wet stain from coming in them earlier.

I looked around their dorm room. In one of their drawers I found a pair of sweat pants. I quickly took off my jeans and threw them aside. My thick meat dangled between my legs. I hopped around trying to get my feet inside the new pants, my cock flopping around and slapping against my stomach and thighs (trying not to get hard) when a knock came at the door.

I froze. Shit“Josh! Michael! We didn’t see you guys at the assembly!” Came a voice on the other side of the door. “You guys asleep?”

Damn it, I thought I would be good. In and out. I should have just dealt with big the wet splotch.

“It’s Jeff and Steven from across the hall, we are all about to have a hallway party!”

Hallway party? What is a hallway party?

“Dude, I don’t think they’re in there,” another voice said and it sounded like they walked away.

I crept over to the door and slowly peered through the peep hole. They weren’t there but it looked like everyone was keeping their doors open and collecting in the hallway talking. Some music starting playing. they are all hanging out in the hall for some sort of get to know you thing. Perfect timing. I can’t leave now. I’ll look so suspicious.

I went back to one of their beds and sat in defeat. I looked at Josh’s phone in my hand. I pressed the button and saw the notification that he had some texts. Looks like they were from his dad. I swiped the screen and the phone unlocked. Good, no password.

I read through the texts from his dad. Most were questions about how things were going, but I finally came to one actually dealing with the artifact he discovered.

“Got some more news on the statue,” the text read. “There was another inscription that said that if the king ever becomes too great, his servants would release him using some sort of blood letting ritual. As the king’s blood can only be touched or drank by the king, they discard the blood to the earth where no one, not even the king, may be near it until it loses its power. Only by such a large blood sacrifice may the royal line be restored. It sounds like they took out the king as a sacrifice if the king abused his power. Maybe they sacrificed him to their deity and then a vial of the blood is placed into the statue for the next king in line to drink. Thought you would get a kick out of that. Love you!”

Hmmm. I wonder what it all means... A bang from the hallway made me jump and disrupted my train of thought.

I bet the RA would have put a stop to this, had he not grown his dick to freakish proportions and gotten stuck in the gymnasium. I sighed. I hope they are alright.

I leaned back in the bed. I could smell a hint of stale cum. I’m sure this is where it all started.

That reminded me of my own problem and I reached down feeling my warm member nestled between my thighs. Guess I never got to putting on those sweat pants. I walked back over to the mirror and stared at myself. Damn. Well I keep assuming I’m nine inches now. Might as well verify since I’m kinda stuck here for now and have the time.

I grabbed the measuring tape I remembered seeing on their desk. I know why this is sitting out, I thought to myself.

I pulled the tape taught and looked down. Sure enough 9.25”. Pretty damn close to double digits.

I felt a surge as my cock started to get hard. No, don’t get turned on! I looked back into the mirror seeing my dick stiffen and perk up a bit. No, you are not turning yourself onBut apparently I was.

I touched my cock. At this size, it almost felt foreign, like it wasn’t actually mine. It was starting to be so hot in my hand. It was upright at this point, straight in the air.

“Screw it,” I said as I returned to the bed. I laid down and began to pump my hand up and down. It felt amazing. Every sensation was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. I wanted it to never stop. It was pure bliss. I moaned, cried out and arched my back. I wanted to slow down to savor it but I couldn’t seem to. My cock was slick with pre, my hand sliding effortlessly. I could feel it pulsing in my palm.

I came, and I came with a vengeance! Ropes of cum shot from my cock and sprayed my chest and stomach. I swear, I have never cum so much in my life. After shooting about seven legit loads, I slowed down.

I was out of breath. I laid there sweaty and tired. It took everything out of me. I looked down. I was a mess, cum everywhere.

That was the best thing ever. Shit! My nine-incher was awesome! Well, my nine-and-a-quarter-incher. Nine and a close to double close...

I looked at my hand. It was wet with cum. If two drops got me a little more than two inches... I took my wet point finger and touched it to my tongue. There, then that should do it to get me to ten... maybe one more just in case, I thought as I touched my wet middle finger to my tongue as well.

As long as I am careful and use self control, I will not end up like those other guys.

“But how can I pass up double digits?”

I breathed as I felt a familiar sensation in my groin. I felt my penis begin to move farther up my stomach as it grew longer. I sprung up out of the bed and raced to the measuring tape. My cock swung back and forth as I dove to the desk. I pulled the tape straight and held my breath as I watched my cock rest at its new length.

11 inches.

I had an 11 inch dick now.

I took no time to grab my huge cock with both hands. It was even thicker than it had been when I had jerked off moments ago. It was beautiful. As i made my way back to the bed my cock began to harden once again. I was ready to take my 11 inches out for a test drive.

I laid on the mattress. My fully hard cock now came pretty far passed my belly button. A couple more inches and it would be at my chest. I ran my fingers up and down my throbbing shaft. I traced the ridge of my swollen cockhead. I started to pump my cock furiously with both hands. I’d never been able to use both hands so comfortably. Heck, I had room to spare! Having this giant cock was so hot!

The pressure began to build needing release. I moaned again, almost not caring if someone heard from the hallway. I arched my back, raising up off the bed in ecstasy. I got to the point where I could no longer hold it in.

I threw my head back and cried out as I came. Shot after another after another. I couldn’t believe I was cumming this much so soon after having just cummed before. It sprayed my chest. It sprayed my face. I didn’t even care, I was so enraptured. I just let it rain down on me, cum splashing everywhere. It hit the walls and the bed. I cried out in such pleasure. I wasn’t thinking about keeping my mouth closed as shot after shot came into my face. I was too enveloped in the sensations and orgasms that washed over me. I tasted the salty cum on my tongue. I even licked my lips. I didn’t care. It was actually delicious and I was too busy to think about the consequences.


Part 29

I woke up. At some point I must have fallen asleep. I no longer heard noises in the hall. It sounded like whatever the hallway party was, it was over. Clearly the party was as cool as it sounded if it had already cleared.

I stretched. “What time is it?” The phone was next to me on the bed. I grabbed it and turned it on. Shit! I’ve been here for hours.

My leg had fallen asleep. I reached down to message it awake. What I found shocked me.

“Oh my god!” I cried, seeing my newly grown massive cock. It was draped over my leg and in doing so, it was heavy enough to start cutting off the circulation.

I moved it from on top of my thigh so my leg could start to get blood again. It was like the size of my arm. I stood from the bed and went to the mirror again. My dick dangled down past my knees. I raced to the measuring tape. “Oh my god! 23 inches?!” It had more than doubled what it was before my little nap.

I couldn’t believe I allowed that to happen. All I wanted was a solid ten or eleven inches and I lost control. Now, one more inch and its two feet long. A double footer.

My penis started to get hard at the prospect. Are you kidding me?! I’m getting turned on at the idea of getting even bigger?! This is ridiculous!

I stepped away from the mirror. I can’t look at it anymore or I’m going to have a full fledge boner on my hands again. I need to get moving and get this phone to Josh. I’ve wasted enough time.

I grabbed the sweat pants from off the floor where I left them in a pile. I stepped into them and then carefully slid my thick member down one of the pant legs. It fit, but barely. I decided to check the mirror again just in case.

I looked insane. My penis was so large now it it presses against the sweatpants fabric, and the fabric was leaving nothing to the imagination. You could see it clear as day. I could make out exactly where my swollen glands were right below my knee. Heck, in some places I swear I could see the veins in my shaft. This is not going to work.

I needed to get moving before the dorm decided to throw another stupid party, but I couldn’t go out like this. Not in daylight. It’s obscene.

I looked around the room again, hoping to see a solution. I came to a flannel blanket they had draped on the desk chair. It was plaid. I grabbed it and tied it around my waist. There, like a kilt.

I looked in the mirror. I looked goofy. But I guess goofy is better than obscene. I’ve wasted enough time to stand here and worry about it, so out of the room I went, phone in hand.

The hallway had cleared as I suspected. Must’ve gone to party at a place they can actually drink. I felt awkward walking. My giant meat shoved down my left pant leg made it difficult for my knee to fully bend. I tried not to think about it because it turned me on and my cock beginning to stiffen only made things worse.

“Okay, I just need to get down the hall and across the way over to the gym. No big deal,” I told myself, trying to distract me from the feeling of kneeing my own thick dick as I walked.

I was doing pretty good and made it to the dorm’s exit when I was stopped by a voice coming from behind. “Hey you!” Shit. It sounded like the same guy who was knocking on Josh’s door earlier. “Hey! You with the blanket!”

I turned around and saw two guys standing there with their arms crossed.

“Uh...yeah?” I said.

“You live here?” He asked.

I was caught. I had to play it cool. “No, I was just looking for my friend but I guess he isn’t here so I’m just going to head back to my dorm.”

“You’re friend is probably at the party,” the other guy said.

“Yeah, we had that get-to-know-you hallway party the pep rally suggested but that got lame really fast so one of the other guys said they knew an upper classman who’s off campus so we all picked up and moved there.”

Just as I thought.

“Lucky for you, we came back to grab some cash ‘cause they’re about to make another beer run,” the guy stated. “If you follow us we will take you there.”

“Actually, i should probably get going.”

“Fine. Your loss, dude.” They both started to walk away when the one turned around and asked, “who did you say your friend was?”

Crap! I could easily say josh but these guys seem to know him since they were looking for him. Then they might start asking me how I know him and where has he been. Shoot, what is the RA’s name? They wouldn’t question that and it would give me a good reason not to join them and drink, him being the RA and all...they are staring at me waiting for an answer.

“Actually, a party sounds great!” Fuck.

“Alright, well come on. We are leaving now.”


Part 30

What the heck was I thinking? A party sounds great...idiot! I was so cool under pressure when I had to take care of that security guard, but when it comes time for me to open my mouth i say something stupid like that.

So now I am wasting more time as I walk with these guys to some party. The crazy thing is, under different circumstances I would be excited about a college party. But those guys are waiting for me to return with Josh’s phone and I got my own developing problems. I’ll just go in and slip out quietly. No one will notice me gone.

We were walking to the place. Good news was that the off campus housing was really close so it didn’t take long, even with my slow gait. We arrived to the house in about as much time as it would have taken me to walk to the gym.

The two guys walked up to the door and gave it a knock. Another guy answered it with a overly excited (somewhat drunken) greeting, and he ushered us in.

The house was filled with chatter, laughter, alcohol, and dudes. This party was a real sausage fest. It was immediately clear I would have little trouble getting away. The two guys who brought me here seemed to have already forgotten about me as they returned to their group of friends they already knew.

“Hey! Want a drink?” a guy asked me, sloshing around his own red plastic cup.

“No thank you,” I said.

“Not a drinker, eh?” He smiled. “That’s okay. Well, welcome. My name is Dean.”

Introductions? No! I have to leave unnoticed.

“Cool party,” I said. “You live here?” Hopefully he didn’t notice my change of topic.

“Yeah, me and a couple of other guys. I guess one of my roommates’ brothers started this year so we seem to be hosting his brother’s whole freshman dorm.”

“Yeah, that’s me too,” I said. “Well, a freshman. Different dorm.”

“Snuck in, eh?” He grinned and rubbed his scruffy chin. “Doesn’t make much a difference to me.”

“Thanks, but I actually should get going.”

“Really? Didn’t you just get here?” He asked. He actually looked legitimately concerned.

“Well, I—”

“Hey, Dean!” Some drunk guy shouted interrupting me. He stumbled over and leaned on Dean’s shoulder. “Hey, where’s what’s-his-name at?” He said, slurring.

“He’s probably upstairs,” dean said, encouraging the drunk guy to stop leaning on him.

I found this as an opportunity to slip away, but before I could get anywhere the drunk guy pointed at me and said, “what’s with the blanket?”

I looked down at the fleece wrapped around my waist and back up. “Uh...nothing?”

“Dude, it’s hot in here,” he said as he reached over to me. “You should take it off.”

“Wait! Stop!” I cried as he grabbed the blanket and pulled it away, dropping it to the floor.

I stood there in a room full of guys feeling petrified. Both the drunk guy and Dean wore an expression of surprise. Their eyes were wide with shock as they gawked at my crotch. Some other guys nearby were even staring. Covered with fabric or not, my penis was clearly on display. All 23 inches were pressing against my pant leg, and the more eyes my meat drew the more I began to feel turned on.


Part 31

“Holy fucking shit!” The drunk guy exclaimed as he stared at my huge cock. Dean didn’t say anything. He seemed speechless.

More guys gathered around me like I was some kind of circus attraction. “That cannot be real!” one guy shouted. “Why you shoving a giant dildo in your pants at a party?” another one said.

I was so embarrassed. This was exactly the kind of thing I was trying to avoid.

“Uh...I was just about to go,” I stammered as I made my way towards the door.

“Hold up!” A guy said and grabbed my arm. Before I knew what was happening, I was being led to the living room area and pushed onto the couch. “Whip it out! Show it to us! Prove it’s real!”

Never had another guy asked me to show him my penis and now twice in one day. Is this my new life?

A crowd of boys gathered around me with anticipation as though they were waiting for me to tell a big secret at a slumber party.

“Guys! Leave him alone!” Dean said and pushed some of them away.

“What?!” The guys growled. “What’s the big deal? If he is packing this much heat then this kid is the shit!”

All this attention was so embarrassing but at the same time I was getting so turned on. The sweatpants were becoming more and more uncomfortable. This only furthered my embarrassment.

“Holy shit! I think I just saw it move!” Another guy shouted.

“Yeah! That thing throbbed! I think this kid has a giant cock!” Someone agreed.

One of the guys next to me put his red cup on the side table and placed his hand on top of my shaft, feeling it through the sweatpant material. I would have felt so violated if it didn’t send electricity rushing through me.

“Shit, it sure feels real! And he’s chubbing up!”

I wanted to bat his hand away, but having someone else touch my cock felt so good. I think he took me responding with a slight moan as a sign that it was okay because he took it a step further.

“Dude, I’m not gay, and I gotta know,” he said and reached over my waistband putting his hand in my pants. I should stop him, but...oh god...

“It is real!” He exclaimed. “This fucker’s dick is insane!”

“Whip it out! Whip it out!” They all chanted.

In a mixture of peer pressure, sexual stimulation, and idiocy I snaked my cock out from my pant leg. With a slap, it sprang up and hit my chest, my swollen head resting a couple inches below my clavicles.

The room has fallen silent. Everyone’s jaw had dropped. Then an outcry came. “Fucking A!” “That is the biggest fucking dick I’ve ever seen!” “I still can’t believe it!”

Then came the hands. “I’m not gay but I gotta touch it!” “No homo, but does it feel as big as it looks?”

Then touches quickly became jerking. I threw my head back against the couch cushion and moaned as numerous hands pumped my stiff, throbbing erection.

“Guys...please...” I said weakly. Even I didn’t believe it.

For a room filled with guys who were claiming to be straight, there sure were many of what appeared to be guys sporting wood in their jeans. Those who weren’t jerking me off seemed to be enjoying watching.

“Hey, watch this,” a guy said and threw back a shot of tequila before sucking a lime wedge and salting my engorged head. He bent down and licked the salt from my swollen glands. Everyone cheered. Me, I breathed in sharply at the sensation of his wet tongue dragging across it.

“Oh yeah?!” Another guy asked and took a shot before full on sucking on my cock.

I felt that familiar build up of pressure. I was going to cum soon. Fuck...I need to cum....cum all over these guys...cover them...

Wait. I started to come to my senses. If I cum, it could be disastrous! I gotta get out of hereI jumped up from the couch which shocked all of the guys that surrounded me. Some of the super drunk ones even fell over. My cock actually slapped a couple of them in the face. Without saying anything I raced from the living room and out the door. I could still here the chatter and laughing from the party inside the house as I made my way down the sidewalk, my stiff cock bobbing side to side as I walked. I no longer cared about being obscene. I just needed to leave. I somehow allowed myself to get into that situation. It was a close one. I nearly infected all of those horny guys.

Speaking of horny, my cock burned with a need to release. “I need to take care of this.”

I looked at the sky, it was starting to get darker. I’ve wasted so much time. I really need to get back...but first...

I walked off of the sidewalk onto the grass and towards some bushes. I began to pump my hard shaft with both hands.

“Hey, wait up!” Of course...It was Dean. He ran after me waving.

I turned towards him, my hard on still in full force. “Listen, I’m not gay, okay?” I said sternly. “I know after certain recent events it’s hard to believe but I’m not into dudes so back off!”

Dean wore the same grin he had when he first introduced himself. “Well I am, but that’s not really relevant. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Those guys kinda cornered you and you ran out of there so fast.”

“Yeah, well, I had to.”

Suddenly, without much warning, it hit me hard. I guess I didn’t need much coaxing after being fondled and worshipped. The first shot was like a torpedo, my cum splashing along the ground. I cried out in bliss as the second shot sent me to my knees and coated the grass with milky white. I came and came again. Every shot as strong as the last, erupting from my cock like a hose. It was like I was painting the lawn, a splash of white here, a stripe of white there. Finally, I slowed down. I had to catch my breath as a kneeled in a pool of my own spunk.

“Damn, dude,” Dean said. “That seemed like it felt really good. If I wasn’t impressed before...”

I gasped. “I didn’t get you did I?”

“Nope. Dry as a whistle over here,” Dean answered. “It all fell to the earth,” he said as he kicked some dirt over my mess. “Seems like you really needed that release, eh?”

I paused for a moment. “Wait. What did you say?”

“I just said it seemed like you really needed some release. I mean, you came a shit ton,” Dean said.

“No, before that.”

“ didn’t spray me?”

“No, no. You said that my cum fell to the earth.”

Dean gave one of his smiles and flashed his white teeth. “You know, now that I hear you say it, that was a really weird way to say that. I have been drinking after all.”

I pulled Josh’s phone from my sweats pocket and scanned the text from his dad. “Would you say that my cum was discarded to the earth?”

“Uh...sure?” Dean seemed to be confused.

“Oh my god, you have no idea how much you just helped me!” I exclaimed. “Sorry, I gotta go!” And with that, I took off leaving Dean puzzled behind.


Part 32

I ran towards the gym. I was so focused I didn’t really care that my cock was exposed, whipping back and forth as I raced. With each hurried step my cock wrapped around my waist and slapped against my butt cheek on the opposite side. It slapped the right then whipped around and slapped the left, then the right again, then the left. At least with the sun setting it was darker and harder to see.

I made it to the gym without interruption. I got to the door and pulled out the keys I had taken from the guard.

As I was trying out different keys to use on the padlock, I heard someone racing towards me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Dean quickly approaching.

“Damn it! He followed me!”

“Hey, wait up!” Dean said slightly winded. He made it to me and leaned over to catch his breath. “You ran off so suddenly. What is going on with you, man? You are acting weird.”

“You don’t even know me,” I said with a sigh. “So please, just back off. It’s for your own good.”

Dean stood up straight. “See, when someone says it’s for your own good, something is definitely up. Are you in some kind up trouble? Why are you breaking into the old gym?”

I didn’t have time to fool around with this guy. Finally, I chose to correct key and the lock and chain slid to the ground. “Listen, its better if you leave. Really. There’s something that I need to take care of.”

I walked into the building but he followed. “Well, I’m going to help you,” Dean said.

“Why are you doing this?!” I asked, frustrated.

“Because I like you,” he answered.

I stopped and turned to face him. “You mean you like this,” I said pointing at my giant dick.

“Don’t get me wrong, your huge cock is hot as hell,” he started. “But I liked you before I knew you were sporting that under your goofy plaid blanket. Why do you think I was chatting you up when you walked in at the party?” He flashed a smile that appeared genuine.

“Well, as I said, I’m not gay.”

“Hey, all I said is I like you,” he said brushing it off. “You seem like a cool guy, so if you’re in some sort of trouble, I want to help.”

He really did seem to care. It was actually...kinda sweet.

“Fine,” I stated, moving forward down the dark empty halls. “But get ready to see some crazy shit.”

He followed behind me. “What do you mean?”

“This is going to sound crazy, but this morning my cock was only about 7 inches,” I stated. “There are some guys in here whose cum can make people’s penises grow. They have been effected so much that they are at what they call level two, where contact with their cum causes the growth to occur. Those who are effected can effect others. I myself am still at level one, thank god. So in order for my cum to make you grow you have to eat it. This all started with an ancient artifact found by the dad one of the guys here. I volunteered to go get his phone to try to figure out of there is a cure. What you said earlier about my cum hitting the earth gave me an idea of what can cure us and make our penises return to more normal sizes.”

I looked back at him to see his reaction. It was tough in the dark. However, it became clear.

“Wow, you are very creative,” Dean said. “Are you high? Is that what this is about? A drug problem? You meeting your dealer in here?”

“I’m serious.”

“You know that what you are saying is impossible right?” Dean stated.

I sighed once again. “You will see soon enough,” I told him as we turned the corner.


Part 33

I continued down the dark corridor with Dean close behind. He still didn’t believe me, which I guess I understand. After all, it wasn’t long ago that i wouldn’t have thought it possible either. If it were true I probably would have gladly done what I needed to do to add a couple inches. I looked down to my lengthy cock still exposed and I grinned. I wonder how Dean will react when he realizes it’s all real. What it took for me was to actually see the monsters face to face.

Ah, speak of the devil... I thought as we walked up to the giant dick that came from the double doors, blocking the entire entrance, and sprawled out into the hall.

“We are here,” I said stepping aside to allow Dean to take it all in.

Dean stood in shock. I know what it’s like to see a cock as wide as you are tall for the first time. Actually, it looked a little bigger than the last time I was here.

“Holy fuck!” Dean exclaimed. “You aren’t shitting me? It’s all true?!” Dean walked up and touched the flared head lightly. The entire member pulsed in response. “It’s real!”

“Sam?!” Came a voice. “Sam is that you!?” It was Skyler calling out from inside the gymnasium. Guess he noticed Dean feeling his dick.

“Yeah!” I yelled back to him. “I got the phone! I just have to figure a way inside!”

I looked around. How I entered the first time was no longer an option. The other closed doors didn’t seem to be an option either. Some were now unhinged and on the ground with masses of flesh spilling out of the doorway. Seems like their last growth spurt caused their balls to blast through and break some of them down. I’m certain the others were in the same shape. The doors were not an option.

“How is this possible?” Dean asked.

“We need to get in there,” I said to him.

“Okay,” he answered, not taking his eyes off of the giant penis before him.

“I know there is a vent outside that goes directly to the gym, but it’s gotta be lousy with cum and who knows how long of a trek that would be. By the time we made it through we may very well end up stuck in there with the rest of them.”

“Okay,” he said again. He was looking at the giant cock and rubbing his own hard on through his pants.

“Stop that and pay attention!” I ordered, ignoring my own hardening dick, which at this size was not an easy feat.

“So,” Dean began, “all I have to do is eat some of your cum?” He gently took my length in his hands and began to feel it with his fingers, up and down. It was so gentle and so sensual.

Fuck it felt good, and I was definitely getting harder.

“Sam?” Skyler called again.

He snapped me out of it and I batted Dean’s hand away. “Stop it!” I ordered. “If we get them riled up they will all start cumming and it will make out situation that much more difficult. We can’t have them growing any more.”

Dean seem disappointed but understood and backed off. He really was a nice guy.

“Listen,” I sighed. “If you help me do this I will let you suck me off, okay?”

“Really?” He asked, perking up and flashing his perfect smile for me.

“Yes, but don’t expect anything back,” I said. “I told you, I’m not gay.”

“Alright, tell me what to do.”

“We need to figure out a way to get into that room,” I said again.

Dean pondered for a second, his brow furrowed. “I have to be honest,” he said. “I’m not really familiar with this building at all.”

“That’s it!” I exclaimed.

“Really?” Dean smirked. “I somehow helped you again? This time I didn’t even say anything weird.”

“What we need is someone who is familiar with this building,” I grinned. I pulled out the security guard’s keys and held them up. “And I know just the guy to help us.”


Part 34

“So your name is Sam,” Dean said as I fumbled around with the keys trying to find the right one for the closet door. The security guard should still be locked up inside.

“Yeah, so?” I said.

“So, you failed to tell me your name when I introduced myself,” he stated.

I looked over my shoulder and frowned. “I’m sorry.”

“No worries,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. “I get it. You were trying to get out of that party and didn’t need gay guys who thought you were cute holding you up.” He grinned with a twinkle in his eye. I shook my head and returned to what I was doing. “Isn’t it weird though that our names are Dean and Sam? Like those guys from Supernatural! It’s like we were meant to be working together!”

“Yeah, well let me stop you before you start getting any ideas and talking about destiny,” I stated. “Those characters were brothers, so don’t be gross.”

Dean laughed. “I just thought it was a funny coincidence.”

The lock clicked. I finally found the right key.

“I can’t believe you trapped a guard in here,” Dean whispered.

“I had to do something,” I said. “He would alerted the authorities to these guys. I wouldn’t have left him in here forever. He would starved to death.”

Little did I know that wasn’t true. I opened the door and we both peered in to find an outrageous scene.

There on the closet floor laid the security guard, his head leaning against the wall. He sported a truly massive and round gut that had clearly burst some of the buttons off his uniform. His blue shirt was still buttoned up tight at the top and down his chest, but it laid open where his big, fuzzy belly had strained the buttons until they finally had given up and jumped ship. He looked as if he had been eating since I left him in here with his round, pregnant-looking belly.

That however wasn’t the most staggering thing. The guard’s nutsack had grown so large that as he laid there on the ground, his legs were propped up and resting on top of it like his nutsack was an big, squishy ottoman. From his crotch was an enormous cock, much larger than when I threw him in here. It was thicker than my thigh and it traveled up the opposite wall of the closet, curved across the ceiling, and then back down the other wall towards his face like a u shape. His swollen cockhead hovered above his face by some distance. A clear strand of pre connected the two, his face covered in cum. He has clearly gone to town.

He hardly seemed to notice us intruding. He was too busy trying to reach his cock with his mouth to no avail. He strained his neck and stuck out his tongue.

“Holy shit!” Dean said, having an instant boner. I too was getting turned on by it all. I’ve never been so turned on by cocks before this whole thing. What is wrong with me?

“Excuse me,” I said a little sheepishly. “Sir? Could you help us?”

His eyes were fixed to his own cock hovering above him. “More,” he breathed. “Need more.”

“Holy shit, this is hot,” Dean said. “I’m seriously going to need to masterbate after this whole thing.”

“Sir, we need your help,” I continued.

“Want more,” the guard muttered. “Can’t reach.”

“This is useless,” I sighed. “He’s lost it.”

“Sir,” Dean jumped in. “We will help you get more if you help us.”

Hearing this the guard finally looked at us. He rubbed his big gurgling tummy and wore a goofy grin. With a pat of his taught stomach he said, “more?”

“Yes, more. We need to know another way into the gymnasium here.”

The guard closed his eyes, leaned his head back and opened his mouth as if waiting to be fed.

“I think he wants to be fed and maybe then he will tell us,” Dean said.

“Well, I might have agreed to let you suck on my penis later but I draw the line at some stranger guy,” I said.

“I knew we were friends,” Dean smiled. “and you don’t need to.”

Dean entered the closet and began stroking the security guard’s long shaft softly with his finger tips. The guard moaned, rubbing his big gut and licking his lips.

“You like that, huh?” Dean cooed. He reached over and stared to gently tickle the guard’s swollen glands. It felt so hot in his hands.

The guard moved his hips up and down, thrusting. His huge cock slid up and down walls as he did.

“I don’t think this is going to take long,” Dean said to me. “Hell, I’m about to cum.”

Fuck, me too. “Don’t get any on you,” I warned. “He is level two. We can’t have you blowing up right now.”

Dean nodded. He could feel the first shot coming, the pressure building inside the huge shaft, the pulsing beneath his hands. Dean gave the guard’s swollen cockhead a lick and one last pat before stepping away. The guard’s cock lurched before it began to spray. A torrent of cum came from his dick and coated the guard’s face. He was overjoyed as he swallowed and lapped up as much as he could. Another shot came. Then another. He licked his coated lips and scooped what he could from the rest of his face into his mouth with his hands. He licked every finger as the torrent continued to rain down on him. Soon, they could start to see his cock begin to grow again.

The guard continued to moan, cumming again and again. We watched as his cock snaked further down the wall inching closer and closer to his face. His feet began to rise as his balls began to inflate further, pushing them up higher and higher.

“Roof access,” the guard gurgled between gulps. “Outside in back by...” another gulp. “Dumpsters.”

Finally his cock reached all the wall down to his lips creating a full circle up and around the closet. His glands were far too big for his mouth but that didn’t stop him from suction cupping onto it. Once his mouth was latched onto his member, he was lost again, sucking his enormous cock like a giant straw.

“Dumpsters,” I repeated.

“Shit! I’m cumming too!” Dean cried while watching the guard continue to eat and grow.


Part 35

“That was hot as hell!” Dean said grinning ear to ear. He fanned his crotch trying to dry the wet splotch from when he came in his pants.

We were walking outside now around the back of the building towards the dumpsters. If the security guard was right, there should be a ladder over here that will lead to the roof which should have a door in the ceiling of the gymnasium.

There it was, just as he said. “This is perfect,” I smiled. I checked my pocket for the phone once again to make sure I still had it after all the commotion. Safe and sound.

“You want to go first?” Dean asked.

I nodded and grabbed onto the first metal rung to begin my ascent.

When looking at the ladder from the ground, it didn’t seem too bad, but as I climbed higher and higher I suddenly realized that it was much farther than I had realized. Climbing this ladder was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be as well. With my cock free and dangling as long as it was now I had to be conscientious of not stepping on it by mistake. There were times that I had to push it to the side with my foot as I took the next step up.

Dean didn’t seem to be having any problems. In fact, he was chatting as we continued our climb. “Seriously, this is all so surreal,” he said from below. “If you would have told me all this shit yesterday...whew! I don’t know what I would have done.” He laughed to himself. “Honestly, I probably would still be masturbating in my room. I’m happy to help you, but hell if I’m not looking forward to sucking my own cock. I’m getting hard again just thinking about it.”

“Trust me,” I said. “It’s not as great as you think. Just take these guys for example. Stuck in this gym, can’t walk or nothing, basically stuck growing forever I guess. At least as it stands right now. Now they have to rely on me, a stranger up until today, to help them. Hopefully the cure works so I won’t end up like them too.”

“I guess that’s true,” Dean said. “Still though, I’ve always wondered what being able to suck my own cock would be like.”

“Yeah, I guess I have too,” I admitted. “Nothing gay, but sucking your cock would be pretty cool.”

“Can you?” Dean asked. “Suck your own cock I mean.”

I shrugged my shoulders as I reached for the next rung. “Haven’t tried. But I guess if I wanted to I could. I’d have to bend over a bit but it is probably long enough.”

“I’ve seen people do it online before with far less to work with,” Dean laughed.

I reached the top of the roof and stepped up to solid ground. I guess all that talking distracted me from how high I was. I wonder if Dean did that on purpose. He is very thoughtful.

Dean also climbed and brushed his pants off. “Alright,” he said. “Where is this door?”

“There,” I answered, pointing at the trapdoor-looking thing not too far away. We went over to it. I gave it a tug. Of course if was locked. “No worries,” I said retrieving the guard’s keys. After trying a few, it clicked, and with another pull, the door swung open.

We both peered inside. Down below there was huge fleshy masses filling the large room.

“It’s not too far down of a drop,” Dean stated. “And it looks soft enough.” He looked up at me. “Ready to jump?” He offered me his hand.

Nervously, I grabbed his hand and we both dropped through the door towards them. We fell some distance before finally landing with a thud. It was a somewhat soft landing and we bounced as if landing in a giant waterbed.

“What the fuck!” Came a cry. It was Josh who we had surprised by suddenly landing onto his cock from the ceiling.

“It’s me!” I cried, scrambling to stand up.

“Sam! You made it!” Skyler exclaimed. The others greeted me as well.

They looked definitely worse off than last I saw them. All of there cocks were noticeably larger again. They were all almost huge as Michael had been when I left, who now was even more monstrous. The space in the room was definitely filling up. I could here some of the walls creaking under the pressure.

Dean was flabbergasted seeing all of them. All of there cocks could each swallow a bus and Michael’s towered over the rest of them.

“This is Dean,” I introduced. “He is a friend helping me. Dean, the one whose penis we are currently on top of is Josh.” Josh gave a wave. “There over by that wall over there is Skyler , you met the rest of him earlier in the hall.”

“Speaking of which, it’s getting a little tight in the doorway,” he said.

“Next to him is his twin Tyler,” I continued. Tyler also waved. “Henry is over behind the giant of the giants.”

“Hey,” we heard Henry say.

“And lastly the giant of giants is Michael,” I said.

“I see you’ve been busy,” Josh said eyeing my long dick. He flashed a grin. “Can’t blame you. Who are we to judge,” he said motioning to the gigantic cock and balls he was straddling.

“I think I’ve finally made it to level three!” Michael interrupted, sounding so proud.

“Level three?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “You mean there is more than level two?”

“Who knows,” Josh said, “but apparently he claims to have developed muscles. He’s been raving that he’s reached level three for a couple of hours now.”

“I have! Come check it out!” Michael cheered from up top.

Dean shrugged at me and started climbing up Michael’s towering cock. I sighed and followed after him. After some struggle we made it on top of his dick. His cock must have been twice as tall as the others.

“Shit! Look at you!” Dean exclaimed.

Michael sat there atop his manhood a changed man. Whatever clothes he had were tattered. He was still sporting his larger than life gut but now it was muscled like a bulging turtle shell. His biceps were almost as big as his head, muscular and veined. His legs were defined too, with calves looking like each leg swallowed a grapefruit. He now has beefy, full pecs that rested atop his chiseled muscle gut. His nips looked thick and heavy. Michael’s neck had disappeared with his traps exploding up from his muscular broad shoulders. He was like a huge body builder, roided up with a just as huge a muscle gut.

“Wow! I think it’s safe to say you did hit level three,” I stated.

Michael grinned a goofy grin and posed, flexing his arms above his head. “Gotta get bigger! Feel free to slip that little cock in my mouth,” he said to me. “I’ll be happy to milk it for a bit.”

Deans cock pressed against his pants again. I don’t think he was used to getting erections this much before, I’m sure.

Without placating Michael I slid back down from his cock and returned to Josh. “I have your phone,” I said, pulling it out and giving it to him.

“Thank you so much! Did my dad say anything?” He asked, scrolling through it.

“Yes actually,” I said. “And we may have something of a cure!”

They all stopped and looked at me. “Seriously?!” Josh asked, elated.

“Thank god,” Skyler said.

“Well, it may be tricky and we don’t even know if it’ll work, but what your dad made it sound like is that if you cum without eating it or in your guy’s case, touch it, then you can empty yourselves and begin to revert to normal.

“That’s it?” Tyler asked. “Just keep cumming until we shrink back down?”

“You know, now that you mention it, when we were cumming before in our dorm room and just bottling it up I think I did notice maybe a little change,” Skyler stated. “I’m not sure. We were so focused on keeping the size of our balls down. Seems laughable now,” he said patting his nuts that he straddled which sounded like patting giant water balloons.

“That’s so simple,” Tyler grinned.

“But not easy in our case,” Josh added. “Every time we cum we all effect each other and start the growth process all over again.”

“Right, and I haven’t had a chance to even test it yet to really know for sure,” I said.

“Well you can count me out,” Michael said.

“Me too,” chimed in Henry.

“No, we are all going to take care of this if we can,” Josh stated firmly. “Sporting a couple of feet worth of cock is your guys’ business but someone will find you in this state eventually and start asking questions.”

“Then all of a sudden you are stuck in some lab and being experimented on,” Tyler agreed.

“If we are going to do anything, we need to get you guys out of here,” Dean called down from atop Michael. “Wanting to revert or not, I’m sure everyone is ready to get out of this ever increasingly cramped space.”


Part 36

“He’s right,” I stated. “For it to even work, we need to get you all out of here. But how?” I sat down on Josh’s member and tried my best to think.

“Well it sure isn’t through a door,” Skyler said.

“I can attest to that,” said Skyler, feeling that doorway of the gym double doors tight around his shaft.

I heard that creaking noise again. It was a testament to how large these boys were now. The walls were groaning as if they were getting too tired trying to hold their giant penises back. Honestly, it was distracting me from thinking about what to do. I need to get them out of here fast. Any bigger and these walls are coming down...

“That’s it!” I cried, surprising them all with my sudden exclamation. “How we get you out of here. We will break you out!”

“What?” Josh asked confused.

“We need to knock down that wall,” I said pointing.

“And how do you think we can do that?” Tyler asked.

“Well, you aren’t going to like it,” I started. “But we are going to have to get you all to grow again.”

“Are you crazy?!” Josh growled. “That is the opposite of what we need!”

“That’s the only way I can think of to get you all out of here. The wall already sounds like it’s on its way with that creaking. One final surge should do it and then with the wall gone we can work on getting you all out of here and hopefully cure you all.”

“See, that’s where I get stuck,” Josh said. If we can’t cure us, then why would we risk that by purposefully getting bigger?” He asked. “I for one don’t want to reach level three.”

“You should,” Michael said, kissing his bicep.

“Let’s do it!” Henry shouted. Josh, Tyler and Skyler all grumbled.

“Won’t someone notice the wall falling down?” Dean asked, now laying atop Michael’s cock resting his chin on his knuckles.

“It should be night by now and that wall faces the back. It’s where the dumpster and ladder are,” I explained. “By the time they notice we will be long gone, and hopefully cured.”

The wall creaked again.

Josh sighed. “Let’s just get this over with.”

I nodded. I needed to get out of the splash zone so I started climbing back up Michael’s cock to join Dean. Michael’s member had the highest vantage point in the room so it was the best spot to be to insure I don’t end up blowing up along with them.

Dean helped pull me up. “Alright then. Now what?” He asked.

“Now we gotta turn these guys on and make them cum,” I said. “Shouldn’t be too hard. Just need to get one going and the rest follow.”

“Allow me,” Dean grinned and made his way to Michael. “Pardon me, Michael, but I’m going to start sucking your meaty pecs.” He knelt down and brushed his large nipple. It hardened quickly.

“Oh, by all means,” Michael said.

Dean bent down and placed his lips around one of Michael’s nips and started to suck. Michael moaned and grabbed both his juicy tits, invited Dean to continue. I could feel the beast beneath me stirring.

I watched Dean work over Michael’s breast. It was getting me going just seeing it. Feeling it had to be a whole other thing. Michael was clearly enjoying it.

The others began to vocalize too. I looked down to see all of their cocks start to respond, throbbing and pulsing.

“Keep it up!” I said. “It’s working!”

I turned just in time to see Michael’s left tit start to dribble milk down Michael’s hand. Dean pulled away from his right tit surprised, his lips covered in milk as well.

“Don’t stop,” Michael moaned. He pulled Dean’s head back towards his dribbling nipple.

Michael shrugged. “This actually tastes kind of good!” He said before returning to it. He licked Michael’s stiff nipple, catching some milk droplets on his tongue. The milk production started to pick up and soon there was a steady stream running down Michael’s chest and muscle gut as well as Dean’s face.

“Yes! Drink from me!” Michael cried as Dean slurped the milk that poured from Michael’s pecs.

As Dean continued to drink, I noticed his shoulders starting to look broader. His shirt began to tighten as his biceps started to inflate. Dean’s own chest began to grow larger, pressing against the fabric.

“Dean, stop!” I yelled. “It’s effecting you!”

Dean unlatched his mouth from Michael’s nipple and wiped off his lips.

“Shit, is it?” He asked. “It just tasted so good.” He looked down at his newly developed musculature.

Before I could say anything else, Michael cried out, “I’m going to cum!” The entirety of Michael’s cock lurched, shaking beneath us like an earthquake.


Part 37

Dean and quickly knelt down grabbed hold tightly to Michael’s member as his gigantic dick started to erupt. Michael’s cock pulsed almost causing me to slide off towards the mess that was beginning below. I was sliding towards the edge when Dean grabbed me by the cock and pulled me back towards him.

“I got you,” he said. Taking handfuls of my long member and yanking me back up towards him. For a moment I was actually glad to have such a ridiculously big dick. It kind of saved me.

Dean pulled me close and then took me in his big arms. He laid me down and then gently crawled on top of me to hold me in place. “You’re not going anywhere,” he grinned staring into my eyes.

I felt safe. I also felt my hard cock pressing against him as he pinned me down. His face was inches from mine. My big dick didn’t save me. He saved me.

I’m not sure what came over me. As I have said multiple times, I am not gay. But all of a sudden I found myself kissing Dean. I am being pinned by a hot muscular frat boy on top of a enormous penis that I’m pretty sure is in the middle of cumming and growing, not to mention my own huge member stiff as a rod and pressing against the guy’s body, and I kiss him...I can’t think of anything gayer.

Dean kissed me back. His tongue and mine enveloped each other. He kissed so gently, like kissing a girl. His lips were soft. I didn’t even care about his scruffy beard. It was the best kiss I ever had. If we weren’t in the middle of a crisis I would let him suck me off here and now.

Dean pulled apart from the kiss with one final smack of the lips and hovered over me with his grin.

“I...I...” I stammered.

He just watched, a gleam in his eyes.

“I need to cum,” I said.

He nodded and moved off of me. I sat up and pointed my cock off the edge of Michael. Down below was looking chaotic. I could see all of them writhing in pleasure and they all were cumming and growing. It was amazing to see, splashes of cum sprayed all around, giant fleshy masses pulsing and growing like enormous sea monsters in a sea of white.

I moved my hand up and down the length of my shaft to add my own semen to the mix. Dean really had me revved up apparently. Or maybe it was this whole scene. Either way I was turned on my dudes. I’ve never felt my cock so hard before, like hot steel. It ached for release.

I felt Dean’s hands on my shoulders. “I’ll hold you so you don’t fall again,” he said.

That was it. I came. I cried out as I sprayed forth, my stream jetting across the room and down onto Josh and the others below. I came again and again, my hips bucking with every explosion. I swear it was the most I had ever cum up to this point but compared to the torrents that were erupting from the others, it was nothing.

“I think it’s working!” Dean exclaimed. I heard it too. The creaking was intensifying. It was difficult to hear over all the cumming and moaning but it was there.

“Whoa! Look at Michael!” Dean said. I turned to see Michael’s muscles getting even bigger. His arms looked like they swallowed basketballs. His pecs were inflating, getting larger and fuller, resting on his engorged belly. He looked bigger than any body builder I’d ever seen. He held the sides of his expanding pecs as they filled his hands more and more. His legs straddling his expanding sack became larger and more muscular. He was a beastMy attention was quickly pulled from watching Michael’s muscle growth. “Uh oh,” I said noticing we were rising higher and higher towards the ceiling. Michael’s dick was getting so large that we would soon run out of room. “The wall better give out soon or we are going to be crushed!”

“I really hope your plan works!” Dean cried.

Suddenly there was a loud crack followed by an even louder crash and we were jostled around as Michael’s cock lurched forward. Dean once again held us tightly against Michael’s hard shaft so we wouldn’t fall. I held my eyes shut tight as we rode the monster.

As quickly as is started, the crashing stopped and we were once again still. I could feel cool air on my skin. I slowly opened my eyes and as the dust settled I could see the night sky. We were outside. We broke through. We did it!


Part 38

I slid down Michael’s shaft so I could see what we were dealing with.

The last growth spurt we put them all through was enough to break through the back wall, just as I planned (not to toot my own horn). Michael and a good portion of his cock were now outside. Looked like most everyone had their dicks now laying amongst the brick rubble getting fresh air. I could even actually see Henry for the first time now that he was freed the confines of the gym. Josh was outside for the most part, like Michael, and I’m pretty sure that Tyler’s cockhead was one that had made it outside as well. I guess the only one I couldn’t see at all from outside was Skyler, who I guess grew the other way through the double doors his cock was stuck in.

“Alright, we can work with this,” i said optimistically.

Dean also slid down from atop Michael. “Now what?” He asked.

“Well...” I started. “We somehow need to get them to a place that they can release their cum where they won’t effect other people or themselves and each other.”

“What about the old quarry nearby,” Dean suggested. “It’s pretty deep I think and I don’t think anyone’s using it. At least not lately.”

“A quarry?”

“Yeah, I’m from around here. I used to hang out there all the time,” he explained.

“Okay, so how do we get them from here to there? They can’t just walk,” I said motioning to the massive cocks and balls that had just crashed through the gymnasium wall.

“Think they would fit onto a big flatbed diesel?” He asked.

“Hmmm,” I thought. “That may work but where are we going to find one of those?”

“My dad’s work has a bunch of those for lumber and what not. I bet I could go borrow us one as long as I return it before anyone notices it’s gone,” Dean stated.


Dean gave me a smile and a nod. “Alright. Don’t you worry your pretty little head over this. We will figure this out. I’ll be right back. Shouldn’t take too long.” He lightly brushed my cheek, and with that, he ran off into the night.

I walked back over to the guys, stepping over the debris. “You guys okay?” I called to them.

They all said yes. “Though I really need to get out of this doorway!” Skyler added.

“I hope you’re right about this working,” Josh said, seeming a bit distraught over his newly increased size. I think now that he was in more open space and his cock was a bit more free, he was really beginning to get a real idea as far as how big he actually was now. Seemed to freak him out. I’d probably feel the same.

“It will work,” I said. “It has to.”

“I want to get as big as Michael!” Henry claimed. “I need to hit level three too!”

“You need a reality check,” Tyler stated. “If you are found the way you are, scientists will want to study you. Life as you know it would be over.”

Michael was too enthralled with his new girth and muscles to even notice that they had mentioned him. He just kept flexing, his biceps larger than his head.

“This has got to be the answer,” I said again. I looked down at my own massive 23 inch tool dangling between my legs. “It just has to. Dean went to get us a truck. He thinks we can unload you guys in a quarry away from people.”

“Well, if it doesn’t, they will discover us by morning for sure,” Josh sighed. “But I guess it would have been inevitable.” He looked at me and forced a smile. “Thank you. You have been very helpful, but if this doesn’t work out you need to leave us.”

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed. “You may have a dick past your knees but you can still make it out there. You’re going to have to leave us immobile, submarine dicks behind.”

“It will work,” I said, trying to convince myself as much as them.


Part 39

It didn’t take long for Dean to return and sure enough, he came riding in a big diesel flatbed truck. He pulled up as close as he could, put into park, and opened the door to climb out.

“You did it!” I exclaimed.

“Course I did,” he grinned, flashing his pearly whites as he climbed down from the drivers side door. He shut the truck door with a slam. “Did a drive by the quarry too. No one in sight,” he said.

“Well, they’re all up to speed on the plan,” I said motioning to them.

“Alright,” dean nodded. “We are only going to be able to drive one at a time. I’m a little nervous about this one,” he thumbed at Michael. “May be tough getting him anywhere at his size.”

“Speaking exactly are we getting them onto the truck?” I asked. Dean gave me a look telling me that he hadn’t thought about that. “One at a time is fine as long as we can get them on there in the first place. They didn’t happen to have a crane at your dad’s work too?”

Dean shook his head.

“Well, they can’t move themselves,” I said looking at Josh’s legs straddling his junk, his feet dangling high above the ground. “So now what?” I asked.

Dean thought about it, surveying the boys and their giant cocks. He looked back at the truck and back to them again. He then looked up at Michael. “Hmm,” he said.

“Hmm?” I asked.

“Well, I was just thinking,” he began. “You’re not going to like it, though.”

I crossed my arms and stamped my foot. “We don’t have all night. Spit it out!”

“Well, clearly Michael now can make muscles grow,” he said patting his bicep. When he flexed it, his sleeve was pulled tight. His shirt was clearly too small for him now. “And his peck juice seems to only effect the muscles and nothing else. I was just thinking that I could use that to our advantage and get just strong enough to be able to drag these guys onto the truck.”

I looked up at Michael as well, seeing his ridiculously sized pecs and biceps, his traps up to his ears, deltoids making his shoulders look impossibly broad. His legs were huge as well. “You would have to get enormous,” I said. “Like freaky enormous for it to even work.”

“If you have a better idea, now’s the time,” Dean stated.

The thing is, I didn’t have a better idea. I had no ideas, and we were running out of time. “But we don’t know anything about the muscle growth,” I said. “We think this may work to cure our cock growth, but what if it doesn’t work for muscles? After all, it’s like you said, the milk had no effect on your penis. Heck, this may not even work for the cocks too! We just don’t know!”

“I promised I would help,” Dean said. “So if this is what we have to do, then I’m going to do it.”

“Yeah, with the promise of being able to suck me off to grow your junk,” I said. “You do not need to do this to yourself!”

Dean walked up close to me and took my hands in his. I felt like I should have been weirded out and pulled away but once again he made me feel safe, like everything was going to be okay. “Listen,” he said softly, inches away from my face. “I want to help you. It wasn’t ever about being able to make my cock grow bigger. I want to do this for you.” He leaned in and gave me a kiss. I let him. He slowly pulled away with his smile. “So, what do you say, long cock? Let’s make me ripped.”

“You guys are so cute,” Josh cooed.

I suddenly remembered that these giant cocks we were standing amongst had people attached to them. Whoops“Um...” I stammered, clearing my throat and stepping away from Dean. “Alright you guys, we are going to move you one person at a time.”

Dean looked up at where he needed to climb to get his growth serum. “This may be tricky,” he said. “We need to make sure that I can get enough from Michael without making him cum and starting the growth process all over again for everyone. It’s already going to be a bitch moving these guys. I don’t need them getting any bigger.”

“You want me to help?” I asked. “If your willing to do this to yourself then maybe I should do the same. A two heads are better than one kind of deal. It would go twice as fast.”

Dean shook his head. “I can do it,” he said. “You are freaky enormous already.” He winked and swatted my lengthy member before beginning his climb back up Michael’s shaft.

Dean reached the top and found Michael still playing with his new muscles. “Hey there,” he said but Michael seemed to ignore him. “Hey friend, I have to suck on you again,” Dean stated.

This got Michael’s attention. “Oh yeah?” Michael grinned. “I like it when you do that. Never had a guy suck my nipples before you did it.” Michael cupped his thick pec with his hands, presenting his stiff nipple. “I’m finding that I’m more and more gay every second.”

“Here’s the thing,” Dean said. “You know how we are trying to cure everyone?” He asked.

To this, Michael frowned and crossed his arms. Well, at least he attempted to but couldn’t seem to manage it with his giant arms and chest. His arms wouldn’t fold and eventually he just gave up.

“I need you to try really hard not to cum when I start to suck on you,” Dean continued.

Michael scoffed. “And why should I do that?”

“If you manage to do that, we will not cure you,” Dean stated. “We will take care of everyone else but leave you alone. In fact, we will help you get even bigger!” Michael grinned ear to ear hearing this. “This way, it ensures that you are the biggest of all!”

“Yes!” Michael drooled. “Bigger!”

“Right,” dean agreed. “But only if you keep yourself from cumming while I do this. Can you handle that?”

Michael nodded profusely and presented his tit once again for suckling.

Dean looked down towards me and gave me a thumbs up. I hadn’t really heard their conversation from this far down but it seemed like a good sign. I gave him a thumbs up back.


Part 40

Dean kneeled down and leaned against Michael’s big, round gut. It was solid and stiff with muscle. He slowly leaned closer, over the rotund belly, and found Michael’s hard nipple in his mouth.

The milk began to flow almost immediately. It dribbled out onto Dean’s tongue as he sucked, feeding from him.

Michael bit his tongue so he wouldn’t moan in pleasure. He clenched his fists trying to ensure he did not cum. However, I could see some stirring from down here. His enormous member shifted somewhat and his ballsack churned.

What I couldn’t see from down below was Dean started to gain the effects of drinking Michael’s milk. Slowly but surely he began in grow. With every gulp his pecs were inflating bigger and fuller. His arms were getting more vascular and wider. His thighs were becoming thicker and stronger. Muscles began to stack on top of each other, stretching his skin.

It felt so good, Dean didn’t want to stop. He could feel his tshirt becoming tighter, the fabric pulling and becoming taught across his chest. His pants were more and more constricting as his glutes, calves and thighs became more pronounced and exaggerated. It was a strange thing, a beautiful thing.

“Mm...!” Michael groaned, muffling his mouth with his hands. It was too much. He couldn’t hold it in for much longer. Hell, as Dean continued to drink and grow Michael wanted to control himself less and less. He wanted what Dean had promised, but....oohh it just feels so good. Cumming feels so good too...

I noticed that Michael’s cock was starting to appear more responsive to Dean’s stimulation. The giant member contracted and pulsed.

“This isn’t going to work!” I shouted up to Dean. “I think he’s losing control!”

Dean heard me but struggled to actually listen. As the milk flowed over his tongue and down his throat, the feeling of his expanding muscles was indescribable. He sported his own wood inside his still tightening jeans.

“Yes!” Michael said, removing his hands and grabbing Dean’s head, pushing it further into his muscular bosom. “It feels so good!”

Dean pushed himself from Michael’s pec, milk dribbling down his chin. “Sam is right,” he thought. “I need to stop.” Dean pushed Michael’s hands away with a somewhat easier time than he had anticipated, then slid down from his cock heading back down towards me on the ground.

Dean landed on his feet with a thud. He was huge. His shirt was skin tight, the sleeves hiked up on his shoulders and the hem riding up revealing his incredibly chiseled abs. It looked like he was wearing a child’s shirt, many sizes too small. How it was even still intact, I don’t know. His tree trunk thighs looks like they were about to rip through his pants as well. The seams were definitely being tested.

Dean looked himself over, his erection as strong as ever. However, he didn’t allow himself to get lost in his new looks. He turned to me and said, “Now what?”

Though he stopped, Michael was still reeling in ecstasy and could release himself all over the place. Once that happened there would be no moving anybody, and as huge as Dean was, he still wasn’t strong enough to be able to move these giants.

“Wait, look!” I cried, pointed to Dean’s chest.

Dean grinned and flexed his pectorals a couple of times, sending them bouncing up and down. “Yeah, I saw ‘em,” he grinned. “Pretty nice, right?”

“No,” I grumbled, ignoring the fact that Dean’s new body was kind of turning me on. “Your shirt is wet.”

Dean looked down. Sure enough, his tee was soaked through around his chest. “Am I lactating?” He grabbed his collar and ripped his tiny shirt open, releasing his big man pecs. Sure enough, white pearls were dripping from his nipples. “What if like the cum, now my milk can grow muscles too now?!” Dean exclaimed.

He took no time to test his theory. He began to massage his pecs and cup his hand over his nips to catch the dribbling milk. When he had enough he brought it up to his mouth and slurped it up.

His arms grew a bit more, the sleeves of his shirt starting to rip. “It’s working!” He cried and continued to try to collect more in his hand.

Will it be quick enough? I looked back at Michael who didn’t even look like he was holding back anymore. In fact, his moaning was starting to get the others a little riled up. We were running out of time.

I heard popping of seems. I turned to see Dean’s pants start to finally give away, splitting down the sides as his calves and thighs expanded even larger. He was still drinking as much as he could as quickly as he could.

I needed to speed this up.

I ran over to him and placed my lips on his stiff nipple. I began to kiss it, caress it with my tongue and suck as hard as I could. “Fuck!” Dean cried as feelings of pure bliss washed over him.

As I worked over that nipple with my mouth, the milk started to flow more heavily. It started to pour, splashing over my tongue and face. I could not believe I was sucking on a muscle man’s tit. I also could not believe that doing so caused me to get hard and erect. My long cock lifted up, pressing against Dean as I continued.

Dean was able to get fuller hand fills of milk quicker and the growth process seemed to speed up. It was an odd sensation drinking from a man breast that was expanding before me. Even the nipple in my mouth felt like it was getting thicker as he drank.

I stopped sucking and started to cup the milk bringing it to Dean’s mouth as well, hoping to speed this up even further. It seemed to be working.

In no time, Dean was just as large as Michael. His biceps like over inflated basketballs, pecs like two pillows strapped to his chest, giant and heavy. His pants had fully ripped away, his thighs each bigger around than my waist. His neck had disappeared, as thick muscles reached up to his ears. His shoulders were insanely broad and he was still growing.

“We need to get bigger for this to work!” Dean said between slurps. I continued to bring handfuls of his milk to his lips.

“Ohhh!!!” Michael cried out. It caused us to pause.

“We have to act now!” Dean said, licking his lips.

I nodded to back away. Dean looked like the hulk. He was enormous! His arms were easily wide around than my waist and then some. His chest had the most drastic pec shelf I had ever seen, like I could take shelter underneath. His pecs reached up to his chin, his now tiny looking head surrounded by all his muscle.

What was the most insane about the whole thing was Dean’s tiny waist. He was shredded and ripped, muscles stacked on muscles, but his waist was not much larger than when he had started. It was the most exaggerated hourglass figure ever. His shoulders and chest were easily four times the width of his waist. Same with his huge, tree trunk thighs and ass. His core was super ripped though, able to hold so much weight upright. He had the deepest cut abs I had ever seen, and his v cut pointed directly towards his erection hidden beneath his tight boxer briefs. His underwear were still intact, though his enormous leg muscles were making his boxer briefs look more like speedos.

Dean grabbed the closest cock nearby, which belonged to josh. He held onto the flesh tightly and started to pull with all his strength. I could see every vein pop as Dean struggled to shift the heavy organ. He feet buried into the ground as his impressive legs pushed with all their might.

“Come on,” I prayed. “Please work...”

Finally, josh shifted. Once Dean moved the giant cock, he was able to build momentum and slowly but surely Dean pulled josh out of the gymnasium wreckage and away from Michael’s splash zone.

“Nice!” I cheered and clapped.

“At least three more to go,” Dean said breathing heavy and sounding winded. He was dripping with sweat. Clearly even with all his muscles, these guys were difficult to move.

“You’ve got this!” I cheered again.

“I don’t know,” Dean breathed. “I’m exhausted already.”

“Come on, big guy!” I said. I grabbed my dick and waved it around at him. “You do this, and this is all yours,” I promised, hoping to reinvigorate him. It seemed to perk him up. “I’ll even...I’ll even go down on you!”

It sounded weird coming out of my mouth, but it apparently lit a fire because Dean found a second wind and marched over towards the second closest guy, Henry.

Using all he had, Dean managed to pull Henry away (ignoring Henry’s protesting). He then went on to Tyler and pulled out of the crumbling gym and into the clear.

Finally he met Skyler. Dean surveyed the damage. Skyler’s cock was clearly secured tight in the double doorway. His shaft was bulging at its frame where it had grown with no room left to do it.

“Please, get me out of here,” Skyler whimpered, seeing Michael’s cock seizing over his shoulder. His oozing, gaping cock slit was pointed right at them. “Any bigger and I will lose circulation.”

Dean grabbed him and pulled but he wasn’t budging, and Dean was running out of energy.

He had to act fast. “Does pre cum make you grow?” Dean asked.


“Does pre cum make you grow too?!” Dean repeated. “Quickly! We are running out of time!”

“I...I don’t know!” Skylar said. “I don’t think so?”

Dean ran from Skyler’s side and towards Michael’s cockhead. Without wasting time, he bent over and scooped up some of the pre that was pooling beneath it. “Hope he’s right,” Dean thought as he ran it back over to Skyler and began to slather it on his shaft around the doorway.

Dean’s cock wasn’t reacting. In fact, with all this hard work and being under the clock it wasn’t even hard. This was a good sign that the the pre would only do what he needed it make a nice, slippery lubricant.

He returned to pulling Skyler. After some struggle, Skyler’s cock sprung free from the frame and he was dragged away to safety. Just in the nick of time too, because as Skyler was being pulled from the gym’s debris, Michael erupted.

Rope after rope of white blasted from Michael’s dick, spraying his seed over the entirety of what was left inside the gymnasium like a tsunami. The gym floor peppered in rubble, the fallen track platform and stairs that had lead up to it, all the doors and even the vent; everything was now dripping in Michael’s cum.


Part 41

“Thank goodness everyone got out in time,” Dean huffed, still tired from moving them.

I felt so tiny standing next to him. I noticed that I toned up a bit from when I helped dean and sucked on his tit, but it was nothing in comparison. He loomed over me.

Michael had finished cumming and loomed over us all. He sat atop his monstrous cock groaning with satisfaction.

“Unfortunately he’s not going anywhere any time soon,” Dean said.

“Yeah,” I agreed, looking at Michael’s girth. “Hold on,” I said squinting. “Is he getting bigger?”

Sure enough, Michael was growing again. His cock was inching further, pushing debris out of the way as it grew. Way up high, Michael was moaning and writhing atop his enormous member.

“How is that happening?” I asked as I watched his balls inflate, pushing him higher into the sky. Michael was so high up now he could see clear over the gym building to the other side. His balls were so wide that they were visible from either side of the building as well. More of the gymnasium wall broke away and fell to the ground as his member continued to expand and crawl further into the gym. He was so large now, it looked as though he was fucking the building itself.

“Is this more of level 3?” Josh wondered. “Not only do his muscles grow now, but maybe he grows every time he cums now too?”

“We need to get moving then,” Dean said. He did some stretches, his bulking muscles flexing. Then he went to start moving the first person to load onto the flatbed: josh.

Once again, every vein in Dean’s body was throbbing as he dragged josh up the ramp and onto the truck. He struggled but he managed. It didn’t take long for Josh to be loaded up. The flatbed sagged under the weight but it held. Josh’s cockhead may still have been dragging behind on the ground and his balls spilled over the sides, but it worked.

“First one is ready to go,” Dean said. He walked to the drivers side and opened the door. Dean stepped up to climb in but his chest wasn’t allowing to fit through the door. He was too broad now. “Well, this is awkward,” he said as he tried squeezing in with no avail. His muscles were just too big and bulky now. He tried turning a number of ways but his massive shoulders and pecs wouldn’t fit through the doorway. “You’re going to have to drive it.”

“Drive this big truck with a giant dick hanging off the back?” I asked in disbelief.

“I’ll ride up top and guide you, but yeah. I can’t.”

“You’ve got this,” josh encouraged from the truck bed.

I sighed and climbed into the truck’s cabin after Dean got out of the way. “We will be back for the rest of you. Just hold tight,” I called to the others.

Skyler gave a nervous look to Michael but nodded. “Hurry,” he urged.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed. “It’s only a matter of time before people see what’s happening. And if he keeps growing...”

“We will get you,” I reassured. “We didn’t go through all this for us to fail.” I shut the door and buckled up.

The cabin was a lot bigger than anything I was used to driving. I guess a lot of things were bigger than I was used to. I knew this to be true when I had to lay my cock across my lap and into the middle seat next to me. I almost need to buckle my cock in as well, I sighed.

Dean climbed up top, the truck rocking under his weight. He patted the roof letting me know he was ready to go. With a gulp I turned the ignition. The truck roared to life. “I can do this,” I told myself as I put it into drive. “No time to waste.”


Part 42

Driving the truck wasn’t too bad. It helped that there wasn’t anyone else out driving around. I couldn’t drive too fast, considering Josh’s cock was dragging behind us, but we had many more trips back a forth to get all these guys to the quarry so I couldn’t take my sweet time.

I kept the window down so I could head Dean’s directions as I drove down the road. We were quickly off campus and into a more wooded area. Dean would give directions like “turn left!” and “go straight!”, leading me towards our destination.

It took no time at all before we hit a clearing and I saw a large, deep cavernous pit lined with crushed rock. It had to be the old quarry.

“This is it!” Dean called.

I slowed down and came to a stop. The cabin shook and I heard a loud thud, letting me know Dean had disembarked. I exited the truck to find Dean already working on figuring out how to get josh off of the flatbed.

“You alright?” I asked josh.

Josh nodded. “Rubbed a little raw, but I’ll be okay.”

“So I will move him so his cock is facing the quarry,” Dean said when his hands on his thick, muscular thighs. He adjusted his tight boxer briefs, pulling at them and snapping them against his meaty legs. “That way we can empty him into the quarry.”

I walked over to the quarry’s pit and looked down into it. It seemed pretty deep. “Hopefully it’ll hold it all.”

“It’s the best we got,” Dean said before grabbing ahold of Josh’s flesh and yelling out as he used every ounce of his strength to move him again.

Using he powerful arms and legs, Dean began to slide josh off of the truck and towards the pit. Once josh was positioned, Dean fell to his knees to catch his breath.

“Feel free to get started,” I said to josh. “We are going to start getting the others.”

I jumped back into the truck and Dean sat on the now empty truck bed, then we turned around towards the campus to get the next one.

The trip back seemed even shorter than the drive there. We came to find the guys right where we left them. Michael was looking larger than life. I couldn’t be sure, but he may have grown even larger since we had left. He looked to be busy trying to get himself off again to start another spurt, the idiot. He was rubbing himself wherever he could reach. With his big, bulky musculature it was limited but it seemed to be doing the job anyways.

“Get me out of here!” Skyler cried as Dean began to shift him towards the truck.

Dean grunted and pulled, digging his feet into the ground. He managed to load up the next big guy onto the truck bed and then we were off again.

Taking the same route, we made it to the quarry where Dean disembarked and began unloading Skyler. He positioned him near josh who had clearly been cumming while we were away. He had far more to go though is he was going to reverse any of the growth. He was looking relatively the same in size. The only reason I even knew he had cum at all was seeing the pool that had begun to form at the bottom of the gorge and the trail that led up to his oozing cock slit.

“Keep it up, guys!” I called to them before Dean and I left to go move the next one.

This was becoming a long process, driving back and forth, and we still had at least two more guys to grab: Tyler and Henry. Michael is immovable at this point. Poor Dean is exhausted, I thought looking through the review mirror to see him laying in the back. I looked up towards the sky. It was starting to lighten up a bit. Shoot, the sun was starting to rise. We were running out of time.

We made it back to campus.

“Alright, Tyler, you’re next,” I said as Dean prepped himself to drag yet another behemoth onto the truck.

He grabbed hold of Tyler and pulled him, his veins in his arms and legs bursting. He was starting to move slower than before, clearly running on fumes in terms of energy. Gigantic muscles or not, the guy was still human and had his limits.

After getting Tyler onto the truck bed, Dean had to pause to catch his breath. His entire body was dripping in sweat.

“I don’t want to rush you,” I said from the drivers seat. “But we are running out of time.”

Dean nodded. “I’m coming,” he panted before pulling himself on top of the truck so I could pull away a head towards the quarry once again.

I drove a bit quicker. The sun was rising higher with every second. I could hear some discomfort from Tyler, his cock head dragging on the ground. I felt bad with every bump that we hit, but we didn’t have the time anymore to be driving slow.

Reaching the quarry we drove up to both josh and Skyler actively cumming into the gorge. Seems like having the other person around was helping them to get off. Like gushing waterfalls, their cocks were pumping out steady currents of cum that crashed down below.

I hopped out of the cabin and went towards the back. Dean was usually moving by now, but I found him still resting on the roof. “I know you’re tired, Dean. We are almost done.”

He nodded and dragged himself up off of the truck. He slid down to the ground with a thud that reverberated through me, and he started moving Tyler towards the others.

Dean laid on the truck bed after he finished getting Tyler in position, who was quick to join the other two in orgasming. Dean’s giant, heavy chest lifted up and down as he tried to catch his breath. “I don’t know...if I have...another one in me,” he panted.

“Just one more,” I urged. I stepped up onto the flat bed and knelt next to him. I gently placed my hand on his rising and falling pecs. He felt like he was carved from stone warmed by the sun. “You can do this,” I said. I leaned over and kissed him. My long dick stirred to life, nudging his thick thigh. His breathing slowed and calmed as he kissed me back, placing his hand on my hardening cock.

“Just one more,” he repeated.

I nodded. “One more and then I will be yours.”


Part 43

We were driving back towards the campus to get Henry. I was concerned because it was so light outside, I was sure we were coming to a busy campus. I’m sure people would be up and about by now. And if that were the case, there’s no way they would miss the giant cock that belongs to Michael. He is taller than the building sitting atop that thing, maybe even bigger by now.

I was also irritated because of the hard on I was sporting ever since kissing Dean and him touching my erection. Rather than my cock draped across the seat like before it now stood straight up at attention. Now and then I had to push it aside because it was getting in the way of me turning the steering wheel. I cannot believe my penis comes up to my chin while sitting.

My feelings for Dean were intensifying. Before I was totally against it, but now I was finding myself actually longing for him to put his mouth on me and my cock. No one else, just him. I’m almost even wondering what his cock tastes like. Fucking weird.

When we arrive back on campus, I slow down. I didn’t want to attract attention to myself with my giant, standing erection and mister incredible sitting in the back. We just needed to go grab Henry and then get out. Luckily, it was looking like everyone wasn’t walking around yet. Leave it to these college slackers to still be sleeping in.

We arrived at the old gymnasium and I parked the truck before hopping out. I stood there in shock.

“Dean!” I called to him. He stepped off of the truck bed and joined me.

I could not believe what I was seeing...

Nothing. Like literally nothing. The gym was still in ruin, bricks scattered about the grass, the inside dark and filled with debris. But where was Henry and Michael? They were gone“How is that possible?” I asked bewildered. “Michael was huge! He couldn’t go anywhere all by where did they go?”

“I don’t know,” Dean said, also confused. “It’s not like he just walked off.” I peered inside, past the crumbled wall and into the darkened building. Empty. “Well that saves us the hassle,” Dean went on. “I can’t explain it, but at least they aren’t here to be discovered. Now let’s go before we’re the ones caught. I’m sure security is going to be patrolling around here any minute.”

My eyes went wide. I had totally forgot. “Security!” I exclaimed. “I forgot about the security guard we left in here!” I ran into the gym towards the double doors that were once blocked by Skyler’s cock.

“Wait! The ceiling is probably unstable after knocking the wall down!” Dean yelled after me. “It’s not safe!”

I ran through the gym, dodging piles of crumbled cement and pipes, made it through the double doors and into the hallway where I had first encountered my giant friends and the security guard. The closet door was broken off its hinges and was now laying on the hallway floor. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised he had burst through it at the rate he was guzzling down his own cum. I shrugged and looked inside.

It was empty. The guard was gone too. “What the-” I cried. This whole thing made no sense. Where did they all go?! Will the others at the quarry be missing too when we return? Is this some like weird curse where your penis gets so big until you disappear in the daylight? Like some weird cum vampire?I quickly returned to Dean outside and shook my head. “Not there either.”

“Well, let’s get out of here and head back,” Dean said. I nodded and we headed towards the truck.


Part 44

We arrived back at the quarry. Even I was winded after going back and forth, so I could only imagine how Dean was feeling. He collapsed onto a grassy area nearby to lay and relax for a bit.

I wanted to tell the others about how Michael, Henry and the security guard vanished into thin air but they seemed a bit preoccupied. All three were moaning as torrents of cum continued to pour from them. The pool at the bottom of the quarry was surely rising as they dumped their seed into it. It had been hours and they were still cumming strong.

“Does it seem like they are shrinking at all?” I asked Dean as I walked over to him.

“Hard to tell,” he answered, not really moving from his spot.

I sat next to him and watched the three of them spurt out more and more cum. It was crazy to see the amount they were producing. Hope it all fits in that gorge.

I leaned against Dean’s muscular chest. He wrapped his big arm around my shoulders and pulled me in closer. It was crazy having his huge bicep right there to compare to my head. I swear it was bigger.

“Dean...” I began. “I wanted to thank you again for all your help. You took on a lot and you didn’t have to.” I nuzzled my face into his hard body.

“I’d do it all over again, for you,” Dean smiled and gently brushed my hair with his fingers.

I was getting hard again. His enormous pectorals, thick quads, ripped abs, everything about him...he was hot...and he was into me. I didn’t even care if it was gay.

“So I promised you something,” I said as I rubbed my stiffening length. “It’s your turn.”

I crawled on top of him. My long, hard cock nestled perfectly between his two pecs. I moved forward, my dick poking him in the face leaving a strand of pre.

Dean’s own erection was pressing against his tight little boxer-briefs. He grabbed my hips and thrusted beneath me. I was just about to stick my cock into his mouth when he flipped me around and pinned me onto the grass. He did it with such ease, like I weighed nothing.

“Wait,” he said, hovering above me and looking me in the eyes. “I told you, that’s not why I helped you.”

“I know,” I grinned. “But I want to do this for you and give you what you want.”

“I just want you,” he stated. Dean looked me up and down. “You’re like a sex god...your tight body and giant cock.”

He wasn’t wrong. I had forgotten that I had gotten some muscles of my own when I was assisted Dean earlier. I was nothing compared to him, but I never had abs or a v cut like I did now. And my 23 inch cock was a muscle in a league of its own.

“You are sexy,” Dean went on. “I don’t need to make my penis bigger. Yours is big for the both of us. You wanna finally grow somebody? Then grow yourself. I don’t care.”

Grow myself? My cock pulsed at the thought. Why does it do that whenever I think about that?! One inch away from two feet...

I looked over to the trio sitting atop their gargantuan cocks, still pumping out cum like nobody’s business. There is such a thing as too big.

As if knowing what I was thinking, Dean said, “Look at these muscles. No matter what, I will be there for you. Always. I moved those guys, and even if I need to get bigger to help you, I will. I’ll do anything for you.”

Dean was letting me know that if I wanted to just give in, I could. It’s as though he could see it in my eyes: I want to be bigger. I’ve been ignoring these feelings this whole time. I had to. I had a job to do. I couldn’t help these guys if my dick was too big. But now that that’s over... The feeling of getting bigger, that mixture of excitement and fear as your cock gets larger and larger right in front of your eyes. The rushDean grinned. He was reading me like a book, telling me what I didn’t even realize I wanted to hear. Or maybe he was just noticing that I wasn’t quick to protest. “Seriously,” he smiled. “Whatever you want. I just want to make you happy.” He followed the length of my rock hard cock with his hands. “And to prove it...”

Dean took my cock in his hands and pulled it closer towards him until my dick was once again pressed against he chest. He used one hand to press my cock in between his pecs while the other swirled around his nipple. It didn’t take long for his stimulated nip to start dripping. Using his fingers, he would coat them in his milk and bring them to his mouth. Dean licked off all he could before repeating.

“What are you doing,” I asked, assuredly turned the hell on.

Dean didn’t answer. He just kept licking the milk from his finger tips before gathering more. Then Dean started growing again. His arms thickened as his biceps grew even larger. His boxer briefs sounded like they were starting to rip around the leg openings as his thighs inflated. His head was surrounded by his growing muscles. Dean’s traps, shoulders and back became bulkier and bulkier. However, it was Dean’s chest that was the main event.

His pecs got bigger and bigger. They now reached out so far in front of him that his muscly tits were soon pressing against my chest even though he was hovering a good foot above me. Soon he no longer had to hold my cock against his chest as his pecs enveloped it entirely. I was perfectly lodged in between his two pec muscles. “How about a tit fuck?” Dean asked as he began to move his body up and down.

I was enraptured. My thick cock was sliding up and down in between Dean’s insanely huge pecs. Pre was dribbling down and pooling in Dean’s muscle cleavage, helping to lube everything and make the tit fucking feel that much more glorious.

Dean was moaning as he rubbed the part of my shaft that wasn’t engulfed in his bosom. At some point he finally just ripped away his own underwear, it coming apart when he pulled it like it was made of tissue paper. His stiff six inch cock looked positively small compared to my own as well as his massive, muscular body, but it didn’t matter. He then ripped off my shirt so that we were now both writhing naked on the forest floor.

“I’m...I’m going to...” I breathed, almost too overcome to even say the words.

Dean pulled my head towards him. My swollen cock head was sticking out of his cleavage. “Is this what you want?” He asked softly. I nodded sheepishly before he pulled my head further towards him and my lips reached my cock.

It was strange having my own dick in my mouth. The first head I ever gave was to myself...just listen to me: first head, as though I’m already planning on blowing Dean later. So strange. I felt like I was both going down on myself and motor-boating Dean at the same time. My head bobbed up and down, pressing my face into his chest over and over again.

The all too familiar sensation was building up inside me. That amazing feeling starting at the base of my cock before traveling up my shaft, in between Dean’s pecs and then spraying into my mouth and down my throat. That last part was new.


Part 45

I was not prepared for the amount of cum that would fill my mouth. It was like someone turned the hose on while I had it shoved down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could. I tried to just open up my throat to let it all flow back like I was doing a beer bong but my cock kept shooting. I thought back to when I came in Josh’s dorm room and when I came all over the grass outside of the party where I met Dean. This seemed like more.

Finally, I had to pull away. I coughed as my cock left my lips, spraying cum all over myself and Dean. It splashed across my face and coated his chest. When I thought it was finally done, my cock would jerk and shoot another impressive load all over me and him. Soon I was laying in a puddle of my own spunk.

I felt it. That ecstasy of growth. My cock began to get longer. My breathing became shallower as it stretched upwards and soon I had as much dick sticking out of the top of Dean’s cleavage as he had altogether. In no time at all my cock head was poking his chin.

My cock was getting thicker too. It was clear that as large as Dean’s pecs were, they weren’t going to be able to contain me for much longer. It was when my rod was as big around as my forearm that it sprung free and came crashing down, hitting me in the face. My cock head was the size of a grapefruit and getting bigger by the second as it continue to crawl up past my eyes, resting firmly on my forehead.

Seeing the whole thing, Dean moaned and came himself, shooting all over the base of my giant cock and my balls that started to grow as well.

I could feel my balls becoming heavier as I laid there on the grass. They filled the space between my legs and rested on the ground beneath me.

By the time it had all ended, my cock laid across my shoulder and rested firmly on the ground somewhere above my head while my balls were roughly size of two coconuts strapped to my groin.

Dean stood, hovering over me. His pecs were so large now that I couldn’t even see his face beyond them from this angle. Just his giant tits and thick nips pointing down at me. I’m sure if I could see his face it would be grinning ear to ear.

Leaning over, Dean grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet. As I stood, my cock slid down from my shoulder and landed on the ground with a thud.

“Holy shit,” is all Dean could say. But it sounded more like a ‘holy shit, that was the hottest thing ever’ than a ‘holy shit, you are a freak now’ if I had to guess.

Now that we were upright, I really was able to appreciate Dean’s physique. His muscles were so large that they were almost comical. He had his enormous pec muscles that created this tremendous shelf jutting out from his torso, pressing high into his chin. His arms looked like they had swallowed a couple of watermelons and made his hands look downright tiny in comparison. His thighs were so thick that they pressing together, his caves almost too. Yet his waist was downright dainty, albeit armored and carved with his intense 8-pack...10-pack...I-don’t-even-know-pack. It was insane.

Just the sight of him was turning me on again, as my heavy cockhead started to lift up off the ground.

“Ah, ready for round two?” Dean asked.


Part 46

Hello again. My name is...oooh god

My name is...mmmhh...fuuuck

My name... uhhhnn...uuhhhnn....aahhhnnn

My name is josh.

I have been cumming ...mmmhhhnn... for what feels like days. I can’t believe how much I am cumming, but I guess my balls were like two giant vats of cum that propped me up so high that I could easily see into a second story building. ...Oooohh! Longest orgasm of my life.

It probably helps that I’m propped up next to the twins who are also cumming like waterfalls. I think all of our ...nnnnggghhh... moaning helps keep things moving. That and seeing Sam and his huge muscly friend sex it up. I could watch that all day.

It’s hard to tell, but I think it’s working. I do feel like my cock and balls are shrinking! Unfortunately as exciting as that may be, it’s not really a turn on so I need to look back at Sam now and then.

Oh god, Sam is growing again ... uunhh! Bigger ...fffuuhhh! And bigger ....aaaannnhh! He’s definitely enjoying himself, and after everything he did for us, he deserves it.

I patted my enormous shaft as I came again, pouring more cum into the quickly filling quarry. I looked at the churning cum lake that was swiftly rising with the three of us steady orgasming. Hope it can hold it all. At the rate we are cumming, it was going to be close.

I felt another major explosion building up inside me. I braced my feet on the ground in anticipation. Ooohh....fffuuck! That was a good one. It left me light headed.

Then it hit me. My feet touched the ground! It was working! It was just by my tip toes but I could feel the forest ground! I didn’t think that would ever be possible again

“Guys!” I exclaimed.

Tyler and Skyler moaned as they both came in unison. Even Sam and his friend were preoccupied with each other, kissing and writhing on the grass. My shout fell on deaf ears.

I shrugged as I came again, the thick rope splashing down below. At this rate I will be back to normal in no time.


Part 47

I couldn’t believe it. I was sitting back in my dorm room. I leaned back on my bed and took it all in. To think not long ago I could barely fit in a gymnasium and had to be transported by a truck. Now I’m back in my room.

I looked down at my crotch which was clothed, something else I thought would never again be possible. I was back to normal...well, normal-ish. My cock was about 10 inches now. Bigger than it was, but much smaller than it was. Hallelujah

Now I know what you’re thinking: How did I get from cumming at the quarry bare ass naked to here? Did all that cum actually fit in the gorge? What are the twins up to? Where’s Sam and his friend, Dean? What happened to Michael (and Henry, I guess)? Did we manage to have yards and yards of cock, knock down a wall of a building on campus and somehow not get caught? What the fuck is the time line, like am I kicked out of college for not showing up to classes or whatever? Why haven’t I referenced pop culture in like a really long time, at least a mention of Indiana Jones or something? Well, it’s time for a little catch up by yours truly.

First off, as we learned, the cumming thing and not eating or touching it was legit. I came so much that I finally got my cock down to a manageable size, as did the twins, and we all rode the truck back to campus, (later we returned it so Dean wouldn’t get into trouble). It took a mad dash from there to our rooms, but I think people thought we were just streaking on a dare or something. Our cocks were impressive but not freakishly so, so nothing really to be embarrassed about.

Yes the cum fit, and actually Sam, who ended up having a little too much fun with Dean, had to get the same treatment as we did to shrink down to a more manageable size. He was able to ‘discard his cum to the earth’, as it were, in the gorge as well. It is definitely full up now though.

The twins are now back in their dorm room too, ready as much as I am to get back to some semblance of a normal life. We did learn, however, that though we have gotten to a more normal size, we are by no means cured. Our cum still makes others grow, and just by contact too. I guess when you get to level two or three or whatever, you stay there. Also, just as before, if we go too long without cumming our balls start to inflate. We just have to be careful that when we do relieve ourselves, we flush it and don’t touch it.

Sam is trying to help Dean find a place to stay. Dean tried to use our ‘cure’ to get himself down to a more manageable size as well but I guess it doesn’t work on muscles like it does on cock. We even tried milking him, thinking that if he empties himself of his milk like we did our cum he would start to revert, but still nothing. So Dean is still a giant beast. He can’t return to his place with his frat brothers without getting questions so they are currently looking for an alternative.

What happened to Michael? That’s a good question. I looked over at Michael’s side of the room. We haven’t had word from or about him at all. Tyler and Skyler think that after he reached level four where just the act of cumming caused him to grow that maybe he had gotten so big that he exploded or something. While I could see Henry quickly following his footsteps in his quest to get bigger, it doesn’t really explain the missing guard Sam told us about. Either way, I try not to think about it. I miss him. Boyfriend or not, whatever actual relationship we may or may not have had during this whole ordeal, he’s still my best friend and I miss him.

While the campus newspaper did run a story on the strange wall of the old gymnasium that appeared to have crumbled overnight, there was no mention of giant cocks or growing people. I think they just attributed it to being an old building and were glad that it was abandoned at the time. The news article read that there is now plans to just tear the building down.

Tomorrow I begin my first classes. Luckily, all the craziness ended before the deadline to drop or add classes. So while I have missed some, it won’t be counted against me.

And lastly, my referencing of pop culture or Indiana Jones...well, I just did so there. Hey, cut me some slack. There wasn’t much to reference while I was jammed up in the gym unable to move. Not much going on there. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had become a secondary character or something. But I’m back now bitches, and I’m ready to grab life by the horns and rock these classes tomorrow.

Onto bigger and better things. Hmm, poor phrasing. Let’s say onto slightly bigger than average and better things.


Part 48

My alarm woke me. Sleepily I turned it off and looked at the time. It was time to get up and get ready for class. I yawned and stretched, loving that I was able to sleep in my bed.

I sat up and realized I had boner. I think I had a dream about Michael. Still at ten inches, it didn’t take much for me to get a chubby. I adjusted my boxer briefs. No time to take care of this this morning. Taking care of myself in this room has a history of getting out of control anyways.

I threw my feet over the side of the bed and sat there for a moment, enjoying how I didn’t have to worry about my cock reaching to the floor but sad seeing Michael’s bed still untouched. I sighed and got up to walk towards the bathroom.

I opened the door to find Tyler standing by the sink brushing his teeth. Seeing me in the mirror, he grinned and gave a wave. I was surprised to see him, especially standing there naked. His tight ass and his own ten-incher was out on full display.

I quickly turned away. “I am so sorry,” I said. “I didn’t know you were in here.”

Tyler spat into the sink and laughed. He turned around, having no problem with his dick out, and leaned against the counter. “What are you embarrassed about?” he asked. “After everything we’ve been through and done you think it wouldn’t be a big deal.”

I looked back him and met his eye. He wore a grin and motioned to my stiff bulge. “Had a dream,” I explained.

“Sure,” Tyler laughed. “Yeah, me too,” he said sarcastically, pointing at his own hardening cock.

Skyler walked in to the bathroom from their adjoining room. He was also stark naked.

“Hey guys,” he said. “What are you guys going?” Skyler asked seeing both of their erections.

“Josh here is embarrassed seeing me naked,” Tyler teased.

“Really?” Skyler asked. “After everything we’ve been through?”

“That’s what I said!”

“Well, after being smashed up against your dick for who knows how long in the gymnasium, I think you can rest easy,” Skyler smirked, his own cock hardening.

All this talk and nakedness was beginning to get dangerous and I think we all knew it because we all kind of rushed away in different directions to get ready for our first day of classes without much more discussion.

I was heading towards my ancient civilizations class. I am pretty sure my dad would shit his pants if he found out I was taking this class. He would probably never shut up about how excited he was and that he would help me with my exams and papers, giving me far too much information no doubt.

However, I signed up for this class hoping that I could find out something about the king statue that started all this. While the museum didn’t know what culture it was from, maybe this class could help somehow. I don’t know. It was worth a shot. Tyler felt the same way about his advanced biology course he was taking. He was interested in the subject either way. Skyler suggested the sex and culture class thinking that maybe it could give us some insight. We had to try our options.

The end game is a cure, and not some remedy bandaid like jacking off to keep the growth down. A real cure. I’m tired of getting hard at every little thing. I’m tired of being scared of cumming, or when I do cum having to take all of these precautions. We have to figure out a way to end this once and for all.


Part 49

I sat at my desk waiting for class to start. Sam came in and sat next to me. He had agreed that this course may have some answers and decided to take it with me.

“Hey, how is it going?” Sam said as he pulled his notebook from his book bag and set it on the desk in front of him.

Sam was good looking. I never really had the opportunity to notice before with everything that was going on. Lots of distractions, if you know what I mean. He clearly wasn’t used to his new body yet. He was every bit as fit as the twins if not more, from helping Dean grow his muscles when he needed to move us, so his shirt was a bit too snug for him now. Looked a little uncomfortable.

“Glad you could make it,” I answered. “Hopefully this class will actually help. How’s Dean doing?”

“Good,” he answered. “We actually found a nice rental place nearby for him to stay. Good amount of space and plenty of room. I’m actually moving off campus and going live with him.”

“Getting serious, huh?”

Sam blushed. His eyes darted around the room, clearly embarrassed. I had forgotten that the idea of being with a guy was new to him and something he had struggled with.

“Sorry,” I said. “I just meant I’m happy for you guys.”


“Alright, class. Quiet down. We are going to get started,” the teacher said, walking in and placing his briefcase on his desk up front. “My name is Mr. Ryan for those of you just joining us, and welcome to ancient civilizations. You’re just a little bit behind but you will catch up.”

Shit, Mr. Ryan is hot! He wore a button up shirt and a tie, very polished. He looked like he worked out every day, his arms thick and tan. His blond hair was cut short and coiffed. His jaw chiseled. His pearly smile shining. His barreled chest tugged just slightly at the buttons of his shirt as he reached up to write his name on the board.

I could feel some stirring in my pants. I had to get my mind elsewhere but he stood in front of the class commanding attention.

I’m sure he is straight, I told myself. I bet he is into weird shit. I bet his first name is Lesli. I bet he moonlights at a fast food joint manning the frying station. I bet he is a super Downton Abby fan, like tattoo levels. I bet he is missing a toe. His teeth are probably fake. He has sixteen cats at home, two of which are dead stuck under the sofa. He plucks his ear hair...nothing was working. His hotness was overpowering all of the things I was telling myself.


Well, if that wasn’t a buzz killer. It did the trick and I came back to reality, my erection subsiding.

“Josh,” Sam whisper-yelled. Apparently he had been trying to get my attention. He discreetly pointed to the board where Mr. Ryan had brought up a power point while I was distracted.

“Now these icons were symbols of goddesses of fertility, hence the exaggerated features,” Mr. Ryan said motioning to the little, stone figures with enormous breasts and asses.

I see. Sam was wanting me to pay attention because of our statue. I nodded at him and raised my hand.

“Yes?” Mr. Ryan called once he noticed my hand.

“I’m sorry if you already covered this in an earlier class, but are there cultures that do something similar in representation of males?” I asked.

“There are many instances in ancient cultures were the male sex organ is exaggerated as well, yes,” he replied before continuing his lecture.

I looked back at Sam. “We are going to stay after class to ask him some questions.” Sam nodded.


Part 50

As planned, Sam and I stayed behind as the other students left class. “Mr. Ryan?” I called as we approached him at the front of the room. “Sorry to bother you, but we had some follow up questions.”

Ugh, he was even cuter close up. He had such a youthful face but the slight creases at his eyes were telling of a little more age. His cologne was delicious. I wanted to rip that shirt right off his sexy body.

Think of Michael. Think of Michael.

“My name is Josh and this is Sam,” I said.

“It’s nice to meet you both. How can I help you?”

“We wanted to know more about the cultures with male exaggerated representations,” I stated, getting right to the point.

“Why so interested in the subject?” He asked, giving us both a weird look. Great, he thinks we are weirdos.

“Actually, my dad is an archeologist working for the museum and they recently discovered such a statue but they don’t know what culture it belongs to so it’s driving him crazy,” I explained. “I figured I would ask. See if I can’t help him out.”

Mr. Ryan lit up. “I had heard about that discovery! Your dad was involved in its recovery, eh?” Looks like I found my dad’s long lost best friend. “I have been looking forward to the museum putting it on display,” Mr. Ryan continued.

“Yeah, it was pretty cool,” I said.

“Wait, you’ve seen it?” He said all starry eyed.

“Yup.” Been there. Done that. Sucked the cum out of it. Got the tee shirt.

“It must have been quite the sight!”

I had an idea. I gave Sam a look and grinned. “In fact, my dad could probably get us a first hand tour if your interested before it’s released to the public.”

“Really? That would be amazing!” Mr. Ryan raced around his desk to his calendar. “Maybe we could take a class field trip!”

“Uh, yeah, sure. I’ll ask.”

“Thank you. This is very exciting!” He said while packing up his briefcase. “Alright, I look forward to seeing you both next week.”


Part 51

We met up with Tyler and Skyler at the food court. I was interested in finding out how Tyler’s bio class and Skyler’s sex class went.

“I am going to have to drop that class,” Skyler sighed.

“Why?” I asked.

He sighed. “You try sitting in that room for all that time talking about sex. My cock was hard the whole time!” Skyler exclaimed.

Tyler and Sam snickered.

“I’m serious! You guys know how easily we get hard now. I was having a hell of a time keeping this monster a secret with it trying to burst out of my pants!” He adjusted himself, clearly working himself up even now. “And we were barely even talking about anything interesting. Imagine talking about something hot! I’m going to cum all over that damn classroom!”

“Well, I’m pretty sure Josh has a crush on our ancient civ teacher,” Sam grinned.

“What do you mean?!” I asked, probably protesting a bit too much.

“I mean the google eyes you were making at Mr. Ryan,” he laughed. “I think you were having to hide a boner in class as well.”

“He hot?” Tyler asked.

Sam and I both nodded.

“Well, sucks to be you. My class is taught by an old crypt keeper and so far is boring as shit,” Tyler said, referring to his bio class.

“Come talk to me when you are talking about reproductive organs and your hiding your erection under your notebook,” Skyler said.

“Good news is though,” Sam continued. “Our class is going to go look at the king statue in the museum as a field trip.”

“Oh?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah, I just have to convince my dad first,” I said, now also sighing.

“In the mean time,” Sam said. “Dean and I are throwing a house warming party this weekend if you guys want to come. And by want to come, I mean please come. It’s going to be a small get together. Like you are the only ones coming small.”

“Yeah, sure,” Tyler said. “I think we could really use an opportunity to blow off some steam and have some fun.” Skyler agreed.

“Alright, sounds like fun,” I smiled.


Part 52

The rest of my classes were uneventful, and seeing as how not even a week ago I had a cock the size of a diesel truck, I could use a little uneventfulness.

I talked to my dad about the field trip. As I thought, my dad shit his pants finding out I’m taking ancient civilizations. I made it clear it was just a course and not a life path change but I think it fell on deaf ears. Luckily, my dad was so stoked he said that he would see what he could do and somehow managed to get it approved. I emailed my teacher to let him know and Mr. Ryan was thrilled.

Anyways, blah blah blah...finally it was the weekend. Skyler and Tyler had a car so we were all driving together to Sam and Dean’s place for their party. Apparently, they had the hookup so we didn’t need to worry about getting drinks. Just show up they said. So show up we did.

We pulled up and parked in the street. It was a nice place. It looked big enough to house a couple of people, but I guess with Dean’s size it was good for them. They said the rent was cheap enough.

Sam walked out and greeted us. He had clearly been pre-gaming a little before we got there and seemed to be feeling good.

He ushered us inside where we found Dean, big as ever. It had been awhile so it was like seeing him for the first time all over again. He was huge! His pecs were insanely big. His arms were insanely big. Legs, ass, shoulders: insanely big. All he wore was some tight underwear so ever bit of musculature was on display.

“Still haven’t found clothes that fit,” Dean said, flexing a bicep that was the size of a balance ball. How he even got those underwear over those giant tree trunk thighs, I will never know.

All of our cocks were now stiff, pressing against our pants. “Don’t worry,” Sam said, noticing. “With this sexy beast around, this place is a 24/7 boner zone.” He pointed at his own erection.

“Can’t help it,” Dean smiled and leaned over to give Sam a kiss. Sam had to lean across his pec shelf to even reach his lips. Dean’s washboard abs crunched as he did so, looking like they could crush walnuts.

“Drinks?” Dean asked, moving to the counter to poor some cups. He was bending over trying to see past his pecs, having some difficulty until Sam took over.

“Don’t worry, babe,” Sam said. “I’ll take care of it.” He swatted him on his big, beefy ass.

They were such good hosts, and soon we were all in the living room, sitting with drinks in hand. It was nice seeing Sam and Dean together. Dean took up most of the couch and Sam curled up next to him, head resting on Dean’s impressive chest. It was cute.

“This is how we first met, you know,” Sam said to the rest of us. “Dean approached me at a party.”

“Yeah. You told me to leave you alone because you weren’t gay,” Dean smiled and gently brushed Sam’s cheek.

“You know, I’m just know realizing your names are the same as the show Supernatural,” Skyler said.

“We know,” Sam sighed.

We chatted for a while and drank, telling stories and having some laughs. The drinks kept being poured and I was starting to feel the sweet buzz of intoxication. I think we all were.

“Looks like you were affected as well,” Tyler said to Dean, motioning to his bulge. “Unless you’ve always been this blessed.”

Dean grinned. “Hard not to be when you are dating this guy,” he said and leaned over to kiss Sam. “Yeah, I guess I’ve joined the dick growing club too.”

Tyler stood up and stretched. “Hey, you guys got beer pong?” He asked.

“Yeah! That sounds like fun!” Skyler joined in.

“Sure,” Sam said and went to get beer and cups. He pulled a table into the center of the room and set up the plastic cups before filling them with the beer. “There’s five of us, so what are the teams?”

“I’ll be ref,” Dean said. “Not sure how good I’d be with all this bulk anyways.”

“I’m on Tyler’s team!” Skyler cheered, almost spilling his drink.

“Guess that means you and me, Sam,” I said. “Get ready to be obliterated,” I said to the twins. They both booed as we made our ways to the opposite sides of the table.

“Alright. You all know the rules,” Dean said, handing out the ping pong balls. “Ball in the cup, you gotta drink the cup. First team to empty all the cups loses.”

We played back and forth. We seemed to be pretty evenly matched. The twins would throw the ball, make it in the cup and then one of us would chug the beer. Then they missed and it was our turn. We would do the same to them, and round and round it goes.

It wasn’t long before we were both down to one cup each. At this point we were all pretty drunk. With beer pong, the more you seem to drink the better you seem to get until you get to a certain point and it goes all downhill from there. I think we were at that point.

Both teams kept missing the last cup. Some misses a little embarrassing. Finally, Sam bounced the shot and with a plunk, the ball landed in their cup.

“Woo! Victors!” We both cheered, giving each other high fives.

“No way!” Skyler pouted.

“Yeah, that shot wasn’t legal,” Tyler stated.

“You can bounce the shot,” Sam said. “That’s totally legal! Ref?”

“No way, man. Ref’s biased,” Tyler said shaking his head. “Do over!”

“Yeah! Do over!” Skyler joined. “Play us again!”

“You guys want to lose again, huh?” I teased. “You good for another?” I asked Sam.

“I have an idea guys,” Dean said. He threw back the rest of his drink and crushed the can in his hand, tossing it aside. “How bout we make this interesting?”


Part 53

With a smirk on his face, Dean proceeded to whip his stiff cock out from his underwear. I thought he was going to say something like loser has to give him a blow job, or maybe he was just going to have Sam go down on him right then and there. I dunno.

He began to jerk himself off right in front of us all. I could feel my own cock pulsing at the sight of this. With my lowered inhibitions I started to rub my own dick through my pants, feeling signs of precum dribbling.

“Babe, what are you doing?” Sam asked. He looked like he wasn’t sure if he should just jump on that and go to town.

Without saying anything, Dean grabbed one of the plastic cups and moaned as he came inside of it. One massive shot, then he grabbed the next cup. Another massive shot. His moaning and cumming was starting to send us into a frenzy. We were all touching ourselves at this point.

“There,” Dean said after shooting into the last cup. “My cum has the same affect as the rest of you. So, how about some cum pong?”

The prospect was wild and thrilling, and of course we were all drunk enough to think it was a great idea.

“And something that I have that you don’t,” Dean stated. He grabbed a shot glass and placed it under his thick nipple. After some fondling, he began to fill up the shot glass with his milk. Then Dean did it a second time. “Losing team has to drink the shot.”

“Fuck yeah!” Tyler exclaimed. “You guys are going down!”

“In your dreams!” I shouted.

Idiots. Had we not learned our lesson? I guess at the time we were too drunk to care.

Things started to take off when Skyler and Tyler made their first cup. We decided being his boyfriend’s cum, Sam would be the first to drink. He had little hesitation and threw the cup back, downing the spunk inside no problem.

It didn’t take long for its effects to take hold. Sam held onto the edge of the table breathing deeply as his cock grew in his pants. I could almost see the zipper of his pants protest as his bulge quickly blossomed.

“You good?” I asked him.

Sam nodded, the growth subsiding. “Yeah, I’m good.”

Dean seemed giddy by the whole thing, sitting back and watching while slowly stroking his hard, cock.

Then the twins made another shot, the ball falling into another cup. Nothing but air. They gave each other a high five. “Drink up!” Tyler chided.

I fished out the ball and touch the cup in hand. Guess it was my turn. I looked down into the cup. There was more inside than I had thought, but I guess compared to what I’ve downed before it shouldn’t be a problem.

I put the cup to my lips and drank. I had forgotten how good our cum had tasted since being affected. I had no problems slurping up every drop. I’d also forgotten how good the side effects felt. I closed my eyes as ecstasy washed over me. I could feel my dick stretching, crawling for room as it grew down my pant leg. “Shit!” I cried out as my cock pulsed, throbbing and pushing against the fabric. By the time it was done, it was almost to my knee.

“You guys had enough?” Tyler laughed.

“Hardly,” I said, able to stand up straight again.

I took the shot and the ping pong ball ricocheted off the rim and bounced to the floor. “Damn.” Sam stepped up and took his shit. Kerplunk! It fell into one of the cups.

“Nice!” I cheered.

Skyler took the cup and downed their contents. He licked his lips and moaned as his cock began to grow, filling his pants. Tyler walked up to him and rubbed his brother’s growing member through his jeans. “This brings back some memories,” Tyler grinned before kissing Skyler on the lips.

“Alright. None of that,” I said, feeling like I was on the brink of cumming in my pants. “It’s your turn again.”

Tyler pulled himself off of Skyler and returned to the game. He stepped to the table and took aim. Without difficulty, he made another shot.

“Damn it! We are getting creamed!” Sam said, grabbing the cup.

“In more ways than one!” Tyler teased.

Sam tipped the cup back, swallowing Dean’s load once again. He stepped back as the surge of growth erupted forward. I could hear his pants’ zipper pulling, seams popping. His crotch looked like he was smuggling a gourd in there. “Oh god, I need to get this open,” he panted as he stumbled around with the button. His cock was continuing to grow until finally the button just popped off, clattering to the floor, and the zipper pulled apart.

There Sam stood, panting, with his pants all the way open and a giant bulge the size of a football hanging out. His bright blue underwear was pulled taught against his giant member, showing everything. His cock had gotten large enough at this point that his waist band was being pulled down showing off the base of his thick shaft.

“Fuuuck!” We heard Dean cry. We turned to see him cumming onto himself. Rope after rope of thick cum arched up, splashing onto his giant pecs and chiseled abs and seeping into his cleavage and all his crevices. He was staring right at Sam, stroking his dick.

I had to use all the mental control I could muster to stop myself from following suit. The others were probably in the same boat. Then Sam lost it and his bright blue underwear was turning darker as his cum spurted, seeping through the fabric and dripping to the floor.

“Keep this shit up and we will never make it through this game,” Tyler stated, trying to keep himself in check.

“Alright, whose turn is it?”


Part 54

Plunk! Another shot successfully thrown by the twins. We were now four cups down and they were only one. We were off our game, not to mention distracted. Our huge cocks were kind of pulling our attention. I wanted to whip mine out and jerk it right here in front of everyone. I’m sure Sam felt the same.

I took the cup and sighed before drinking it down. The familiar feelings rushed through my body and I felt a tightening in my crotch as my long cock began to grow longer. I felt my swollen cockhead hit my knee. It could feel it getting thicker, my pant leg becoming tighter and tighter.

“Your guys’ cocks are going to hit the floor before we even get a foot long!” Tyler giggled.

“Bro, I’m pretty sure mine is a foot long,” Skyler said as he motioned to the giant, stiff boner in his pants. “I mean at least.”

My seams were now being tested. I swear I hear some thread start to snap. These pants had become super uncomfortable. I wish mine had burst open like Sam’s. At least he now has some room to breathe.

Then it hit me. I smiled as started to unbutton my pants and peel them off. Getting them off the leg my cock was shoved down was the hardest part but I did it. Once they were off, my cock raised up as high as my underwear would let it. A good amount of my cock was poking out of the leg opening.

Now for my idea...I took off my shirt and my underwear as well, standing stark naked. With full range of motion, my cock raised up fully erect, reaching so high up now it was pressing against my chest. Our growing cocks were becoming such a distraction for us, I don’t see why they can’t be a distraction for them too.

Seeing me completely naked with my cock fully extended, the others mouths were agape. Pre began to dribble down each one of their members. “Our turn,” I said, taking the ball.

With the flick of the wrist, I sunk the shot. Tyler now took the cup and drank its contents.

“Guess you were wrong, foot long,” I grinned, seeing Tyler’s newly inflated bulge.

“Lucky shot,” Tyler growled, regaining his composure after his orgasmic growth spurt.

Sam stepped up, taking aim. His junk bumped the table so he took a step back. He tossed the ball with a perfect arch, and down it came into the cup. “Yeah!” Sam shouted.

Skyler took the cup and proceeded to suck down the cum from inside. Tossing away the empty cup, Skyler groaned as his cock pulsed and stretched. He bit his lip as he clenched the table, the feeling of his growth over taking him.

“Here, let me help you,” Tyler said, undoing his brother’s pants. Skyler let out a sigh of relief as his cock had more room to expand.

“You guys are going to get it now!” Tyler stated picking up the ping pong ball. He raised it up taking aim.

As he did that, I started putting my plan into further action. With both hands I grabbed my thick cock and waved it about. I leaned over and licked my engorged cock head, moaning with pleasure.

Tyler was trying to ignore it but he couldn’t. See me play with my dick had his attention. He took the shot but he missed the table all together and it bounced to the floor.

“That’s cheating!” Tyler growled.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I smiled, giving my cockhead another lick.

I was taking it too far. But I wasn’t in my right mind. Still tipsy from the alcohol, I was making poor decisions. And let’s face it, you get drunk from the growth too. I’m my attempts to distract I was turning everyone on, including myself. Licking my cock was a poor choice. I felt the pressure building but I was too busy putting on a show to take notice and without much warning I came.

The first shot startled me, spraying cum across my face. I jerked away from I had already gotten some in my mouth and rather than spit, I swallowed it all. I came again. This time shooting the twins on the other side of the table. Cum dripped down them as they wiped it away from their eyes. A third shot, then a forth. I was like a geyser. I hit the ceiling, the twins again, the table.

“Mmmnnghhh,” I moaned as my cock began to grow. The twins also cried out as they started to grow and their packages swelled. The waistband of their underwear started to snap as their enormous monster cocks lurched forward. They fumbled around with their underwear trying to free their growing cocks and save their underwear from being shredded. Too late. With a snap, their waistbands gave away. Skyler’s big dick flopped out and knocked against the table leg, pushing it crooked, while Tyler’s fell atop the table sending the cups of Dean’s cum tumbling to the floor.

I stood with my cock reaching up to my lips and as thick as my wrist, watching the whole scene. Tyler and Skyler’s cocks had to have reached at least three feet by now.

“You may want to...move aside,” Tyler panted as his dick bucked on the tabletop. Sam and I stepped away just as Tyler’s cock pumped a huge torrent of cum. Skyler followed up with a huge torrent of his own.

“Fuuuck!” Dean moaned, shooting another load onto himself. His whole body was shining with his cum at this point. “Fuck it,” he said as he pushed himself up off the couch and grabbed Sam, picking him up off the ground. Dean ripped away Sam’s pants and boxer briefs, letting Sam’s dick be free, before they started to furiously make out with each other. Then Dean lifted Sam up over his head like he weighed nothing, his arms pumped and veiny, and stuck Sam’s big cock in his mouth. Sam’s legs dangled down, basically kneeling on Dean’s chest.


Part 55

It didn’t take long for Sam to cum, shouting out as Dean moved him in and out of his mouth. Dean opened his throat and swallowed as much of the blast as he could while some escaped his lips, dripping down his face. Sam continued to cry out with intense pleasure as Dean held him up by his waist and kept sucking on his cock.

I turned to see the twins making out with one another as well. Another surge of growth overcame them as they writhed on the floor, spraying each other with their cum. Soon Tyler was just spooning Skyler’s cock, his arm and leg draped over if, with his own massive dick pressing against Skyler’s back.

I looked back to see Dean still drinking. His cock was growing too, now long enough to tickle Sam’s ass while still holding him up to his face.

I wanted to join them. I wanted to flip the table over and get entangled with the twins. I wanted to stick Dean’s veiny cock in my mouth and suck him dry. I wanted a dick that reached the ceiling again. But I suddenly felt alone. The twins played with each other, Sam and Dean were they cutest couple, and here I was watching. Michael was still gone and here we are partying.

I’m not sure if this realization snapped me out of it or sobered me up, but either way i finally saw the situation for what it was. If we didn’t get a handle on this, we’d all end up right where we were: with giant cocks, unable to move, crammed in this house.

“Stop!” I shouted. “Stop it! That’s enough!”

Dean popped Sam’s dick from his mouth and looked over at me. He looked drunk with cum all over his face. He then turned to his enormous cock that reached up to his face and as thick if not thicker than a subway sandwich. He gently set Sam down and wiped his mouth on his big, muscular arm. “Shit, I lost it for a second,” he said, feeling a little embarrassed.

Skyler and Tyler stood up and wiped their own cum from their faces. Their cocks were taller than them and every bit as big around as their thighs. Their big cock heads rested solidly on the floor. Their balls had even grown a little again, having become the size of grapefruits in all the commotion.

“Damn,” Skyler said. “Well this is familiar.” He patted his thick member.

“Yeah, we were starting to head down a bad path,” I said.

“Sure, a path you started,” Tyler grumbled. “You came all over us!”

“I didn’t mean to,” I said. “I got carried away! I think we all did.”

“Well, we win!” Tyler stated. “You ruined the game so you forfeit!” He turned to give his brother a high five but they ended up just bumping their huge dicks together.

“Fine.” I crossed my arms. “If it makes you feel better, you win.”

Sam walked to the counter and grabbed the two shot glasses of Dean’s milk. “I guess these are ours then,” Sam said, holding the shot out to me.

“Hey, I was just being hard on you,” Tyler said.

“Yeah, we’re just competitive ,” Skyler nodded. “You don’t have to do that. No offense Dean but the muscle growth has been so far incurable.”

“We were all drunk when we agreed to that,” Tyler stated. “When this fool decided it.” He motioned to Dean.

“Yeah, guys no need,” Dean agreed.

Sam shrugged his shoulders and tossed the shot back, taking it in one gulp.

“Dude!” I exclaimed.

“I agreed to it,” Sam said. “I’m not going to bitch out now.” He offered me the other shot glass, but I froze. “C’mon, we agreed,” Sam said.

“Yeah, but—”

Sam sighed. “Fine,” he said before downing the second one. “We said the losing team would drink both so now it has.”


Part 56

Things started to get heated again shortly after that. Sam, after downing the two shots of Dean’s milk, started moaning as his muscles began to visibly pump up. His pecs began to inflate and stretch out his shirt. His short sleeves strained against his growing biceps.

“Fuck, babe,” Dean said, pulling Sam into his own massive chest. “Get over here and kiss me,” he commanded. Dean’s three feet of cock was starting to get hard again, rising up off the floor, as he watched his boyfriend grow.

The boys started furiously making out, tongues lapping in each other’s mouths. Sam stood on his tip toes and leaned over the top of Dean’s pec shelf to reach his lips. Sam’s own pecs pressed into Dean’s as they continued to fill his shirt.

My own cock was jerking to life, reaching up to my chest again. I had to get out of there before we all lost control once more. “Come on, guys,” I said to the twins. It took all the will power I had to stop myself from jerking off again. “Let’s get out of here before something else happens.”

Tyler and Skyler nodded and lifted their big cocks off the ground and I gathered up my clothes before we moved towards the door. I looked back seeing Dean fall to the floor onto his back with Sam sprawled across his chest, Dean’s hard cock nestled between his own cleavage. They were in their own world, still making out and not noticing we had even left.

I shut the door, leaving the muscle guys to their own devices.

“Drinking together was probably a bad idea,” Tyler said. “We should have known something like this would have happened,” he stated, motioning to his own big cock draped in his arms.

“Yeah,” Skyler agreed. “At least you had the smarts to not get involved and stop the whole thing.” He pointed at my huge but still somewhat manageable dick. From past experiences, we know that a cock that reached up to your mouth was relatively micro. And at least mine didn’t reach down to the ground like theirs did.

“It was my fault to start with, really,” I sighed as I started getting dressed on the porch. “And I almost did join in.”

I pulled my shirt down over my head. Now that it was getting softer, I was able to snake my cock into my pant leg. It was a bit tight and uncomfortable for both my dick and my leg to be in there, not to mention it probably looked ridiculous but it worked for now. Thank god I wasn’t wearing my skinny jeans. Until we get a true cure, it’s probably going to be the looser fit from now on.

“Well, we gotta get go take care of these. Get them back to a size we can sneak back into the dorm with,” Tyler said. “Want us to drop you off at the dorms first?”



Part 57

The next morning I woke up to get ready to head out to class again. Damn Mondays. One of the first things I did was reached down to feel my crotch. Seemed to become a habit at this point. You know, to check out the damage from the night before.

I grasped my thick meat in my palm. Good. It was just as remembered. After the twins drove me back to the dorms last night, I snuck into my dorm room with my long, thick cock down my pant leg. It was awkward and I couldn’t bend that leg all the way as I walked, but I made it without anyone giving me any trouble. We still were down an RA since Henry was still missing with Michael, so fewer eyes watching I guess.

Once I had gotten into my room, I locked myself in our bathroom and went to town on my cock. It didn’t take long to get going after all the commotion from our party. All I had to do was think back to giant Dean making out with growing Sam and I was practically cumming already.

After rubbing my lengthy boner with both hands for a few minutes and keeping it away from my mouth, I erupted into the toilet bowl. I filled that thing quickly and flushed it down, before starting all over again. It didn’t take long for my hard work to start taking effect and my cock began to return to a more normal size.

“Back to a foot long,” I smiled, rocking my hips in front of the mirror and waving my cock back and forth, it slapping against my thighs.

I slipped into my underwear, tucking my dick carefully, then put on my pants. “All right, time for my ancient civ class,” I said, seeing my nice but not too obscene package.

I quickly left my dorm room, locking it behind me. I noticed the twins’ room as I walked down the hall. Hope they made it back. I hadn’t heard from them since they dropped me off. Hopefully they will meet up at the cafeteria after class again.

I walked across campus towards my civilizations classroom. It’s actually not too far from that fateful abandoned gymnasium. When I entered the class, Mr. Ryan was already in front writing something on the board. His back was turned as he scrawled some things we would be covering in today’s lesson. God, his round ass was looking good in those pants.

I took my seat. Sam’s seat next to me was still empty. I turned the other way to see some other guy next to me eyeing my package. Guess it wasn’t as inconspicuous as I thought.

I thought that me looking back at him would deter his stares but he just continued, then seemed to look past me with his eyes opening even wider.

It was clear he was no longer looking at me. I turned back to see what he was looking at just in time to catch Sam taking his seat.

Holy shit!

Sam was fucking buff as hell. Since we had left the party, I didn’t get to see the end result of him taking those muscle milk shots. Damn, did it look good on him. His arms were swollen like they had swallowed giant grapefruits. Big veins topped the peaks of his impressive biceps. His pecs were huge, sticking out far from him and hovering over his well defined abs, causing a shadow. His shoulders and traps were amazing. His ass, quads, and calves were pumped and enormous, and not to mention his own nicely sized package. Sam looked like he was hitting the gym multiple times a day and on steroids to boot. His youthful face almost looked like it was photoshopped onto his hulking body.

The issue lied with his clothes. It was clear that this surge of growth had just happened last night because his clothes were now clearly multiple sizes too small. Like how some muscle guys wear too small of clothing to show off their body. Well, take that times two. Sam’s clothes were way too small. His tee shirt rode up revealing at least two rows of abs. His thick neck left no room in his collar and the sleeves of his shirt were torn. The fabric of his shorts was pulled taught, accentuating his package and were looking super short. His clothes were looking painted on. I could see every vein, every cleft, his larger nipples, everything.

I felt a pulse in my cock as it pressed against my pants. I couldn’t help but feel like the guy next to me saw it happen too.

“Dude!” I whisper yelled. “What the fuck?!”

“What the fuck what?” Sam asked, all innocent like.

“Have you seen yourself?!” I stated, adjusting my crotch. “You are enormous now and your clothes are ridiculous!”

Sam sighed. “I know. I didn’t have time to go buy bigger things.”

“You are getting people’s attention,” he said, eyeing the students in our class. Sure enough, most eyes were on him. “We need to remain secret until we can get a cure. Don’t you think people are going to start asking questions when you look like you weigh 180 on Friday and then 250 on Monday?”

“I can’t help it,” Sam stated, rubbing his bicep. “We were drunk and I took one for the team. Mistakes were made. At least I was able to reduce my dick again, but you know I can’t do anything about the muscles.”

“Well, no more mistakes. Any more and you’ll be as big as your boyfriend, no longer able to fit through average doorways.” My cock jumped again at that. I think Sam’s did too.

“Alright, class,” Mr. Ryan said, turning around. His eyes landed on Sam and he paused for a second. He cleared his throat before continuing. “Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the museum, so instead of meeting here at class we will be meeting there. Same time.” He was trying to look at the entire class as he spoke, but his eyes kept finding their way to Sam.

Shit, did I just see Mr. Ryan’s package jump too?


Part 58

Tyler and Skyler made it to our meeting spot. They were just as surprised by the new and improved Sam as I was. On the positive side, at least it appeared as though the twins managed to reduce themselves since the party without issue.

We sat in our normal booth, but Sam basically took up a whole side by himself so I had to pull up a chair and sit on the end. His massive shoulders hunched over his piles of food as he plowed through his lunch.

“Since I’ve gotten these huge muscles, I seems to take a lot of fuel to keep me going,” he said as he slurped down his spaghetti. “No wonder we can’t seem to keep any food in the house with Dean around.”

“You are pretty damn close to having to stay hiding in your house along with him,” Tyler stated. “Everyone is noticing you.” He scanned the room. Many people were staring at Sam as he ate.

“It’s not that bad,” Sam said as he scarfed down a piece of pizza. “I’m not to freakish proportions yet. It just looks worse than it is because my clothes don’t fit.”

“Yeah, well having you around is difficult if you know what I mean,” Skyler said as he shifted in his seat and adjusted his hardening cock.

“Sorry. I’ll get some new clothes after classes today.”

“We have the field trip tomorrow,” I said, changing the subject. “Hopefully we can find out more information on the statue.”

“I wish we signed up for that class too,” Skyler said. “I want to go on a field trip to the museum.” He sighed as he played with his food on his tray. “My sex class is continuing to be a problem. I literally had to leave in the middle of class today and run to the bathroom with my jacket covering up my boner. Luckily, the stalls were empty because I came quite a few times into the toilet bowl and I was louder than I intended to be.”

“You have really become a loud cummer,” Tyler laughed.

“What was the instructor talking about that got you going so badly?” I asked.

“Nothing crazy,” Skyler answered. “But with all the pictures…my mind wandered and I was thinking about our party the night before and, well, whoops.”

He sighed again and pushed his tray away, not hungry anymore. Sam swooped in and reached across the tap to grab his half eaten sub sandwich. As Sam leaned over, I noticed that his nipples were clearly visible through his tee shirt where it had become see through due to his tits leaking. A drop or two fell from his perky nipples and landed in his bowl of rice pudding without him even noticing. He sat back with the sandwich in hand and took a couple of bites.

My cock twitched.

I could imagine Sam unknowingly shoveling the pudding into his mouth along with the stray milk drips. His muscles inflated even further, his arms bulking to the size of basketballs, his chest pushing out further and further from his body, pressing up into his chin, his shoulders widening where they become the length of the whole table…bigger!

His already small shirt would rip and tear, first at his growing pectoral muscles, slowly revealing his deepening man cleavage. The shirt finally gave away entirely, his giant pecs falling to the table with a bounce and a thud causing the silverware to clatter. His ass would plump like two globes tightly pressed together, causing him to sit higher and higher, his shorts splitting at the seems. It wasn’t long until he sat there naked, just as large as Dean and there was no sign of him stopping

Fuck. I was sporting a full on hard on.

“Sam,” I stated.

He took another bite of Skyler’s sub. “Yeah?” Sam asked.

“You’re leaking man,” I said motioning towards his chest.

Sam looked down seeing his damp shirt. “Shit. I guess I’m big enough now to produce milk too.”

“Yeah, and you dripped into your rice pudding,” I warned. “Please be careful.”


Part 59

The next day I rode the bus early in the morning to get to the museum. I sat there while the bus jostled around as it sped down the road and I was feeling annoyed. Sam had a car, and as far as I knew, the plan was the pick me up and drive to the museum together. However, this morning I couldn’t seem to get ahold of him. His phone went straight to voicemail. I had to quickly catch the bus and now I’m probably late. When I see him…let’s just say it’s not going to be pretty.

I looked back at my phone again to see if Sam had finally responded but there was nothing.

Luckily, the museum wasn’t too far. It was just downtown which was like twenty or so minutes away. That, and students rode the bus for free. So all in all it wasn’t too bad.

The bus pulled up to the stop in front of the museum and I raced off, checking my phone again for Sam and to see what time it was. I actually was right on schedule. I made my way up the familiar front steps. I’ve been here many times visiting my dad (or dragged here by him) but the last time I was here is when I found the vile that started all this. Back before my footlong. I shifted my length in my pants. Can’t let my dad notice the monster.

Once inside I walked up to the front desk. “Hey, Jerry,” I said, greeting the front desk clerk.

He looked up and gave me a smile. “Hey, Josh. You here for the field trip?”

I nodded. “Is my class here yet?”

“They’re over there,” he said, pointing towards the gift shop. Mr. Ryan and most of the class were busy looking at the different souvenirs for sale. Mr. Ryan was wearing a short sleeved button up that emphasized his arms nicely. His peaks pressed against his sleeve openings as he lifted a heavy book from the gift shop shelf. I could feel my cock start to press against my jeans. I had to get my mind elsewhere before this became a problem.

“My dad here yet?” I asked Jerry.

“Somewhere,” Jerry answered. “Should be around soon to give you guys the tour. He has been super excited all day about this.”

I sighed. “Yeah, sounds about right.”

I walked towards the gift shop. No sign of Sam still. I can’t believe he isn’t here yet. Mr. Ryan looked from the book he held and gave me a wave. “Glad you made it,” he said. “Where’s your friend?”

“Good question,” I grumbled. “My dad should be here soon and take us to the statue.”

“I’m here!” Came a cry from the lobby. I turned to see my dad racing over, waving a little too emphatically. He came and stood right behind me, a giant grin on his face. “I’m so excited to get started! I’m glad you all could come! This is going to be great!” He gave my shoulder a squeeze.

“Thanks for taking the time out of your day. I’m Mr. Ryan,” my teacher stated as he held out his hand for a shake.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Dr. Bowelby.” Yes…my last name is Bowelby…I don’t really want to talk about it. My dad took Mr. Ryan’s hand. “But you can call me Rob.”

“John,” Mr. Ryan said. The shake lasted a second too long for my liking and I couldn’t help but feel like they looked into each other’s eyes a bit too softly. It was weird.

“Well, John, shall we get started?” My dad smiled and clapped his hands together. “Get excited guys!” He said to the class before giving me a wink. He’s so embarrassing.

My dad led us from the gift shop, past Jerry sitting at the front desk, and towards the entrance towards to back. He opened the door labeled employees only and ushered everybody inside. My class and Mr. Ryan seemed to be excited about entering an area that was normally off limits, Mr. Ryan especially. Me, on the other hand, nothing new here.

“You all are the first public to see our new discovery,” my dad said as he guided us towards the room where I first encountered the statue. “No photographs please.”

He brought us to that same back room where first laid eyes on that weathered stone king and his big cock, but it wasn’t there. Instead the room had a number of tablets with illegible inscriptions. Probably the ones they found later near the location of the discovery that shared the info about discarding your cum to the earth and all that.

“Gather around everyone,” my dad said, standing near one of the tablets. “These hear are ancient writings that give us a glimpse into the culture of this lost civilization.”

Mr. Ryan and the rest of the class seemed to be hanging on my dad’s every word. He was clearly loving it. Me, I was ready to hit fast forward. Let’s get to the good stuff

“These tablets told us that these people used to partake in blood rituals.” Wrong. “The king’s blood would be passed to the next king in succession who would then drink the blood of the fallen king to gain his power.” Wrong. “But the king wasn’t entirely in the clear, so to speak. If it was seen that he was abusing his power, they would spill his blood to correct this and bring balance.” Sorry to break it to you, dad, but you’re so wrong. Little less blood. Little more cum.

“They would kill the king?” A student asked, enthralled by my father’s story.

My father smiled. This was like Christmas for him, so many eager people to listen to his tales and findings. “So it would seem,” my dad stated. He walked over to another tablet. “This one here says that if the king became too great they would release his blood to the earth, because it was forbidden for anyone else to even touch it. Spill enough, and that would restore the royal line.”

This part had always confused me. I know that instead of blood it’s talking about cum. So, if the king becomes too great, aka too big, they would basically jack him off, being carefully that neither they nor he touched his cum. This would then return him to a more manageable size. Got all that. But royal line? What’s that about? I needed more info. It talks about restoring which could be important.

“Restore the royal line?” I asked my dad.

“What was that?” he asked.

“You said it talked about restoring the royal line and spilling the blood bringing balance. Is there anything else about that?”

“Thanks for asking, son!” He beamed. So embarrassing. I could feel my face getting hot. “Actually the direct translation seems to say ‘release blood to restore king’, but that doesn’t make much sense in that killing the king would benefit him in some way. We assume it’s referring to the more broad concept of kingship.”

I sighed. Okay, so that wasn’t helpful.

“Balance, however, isn’t mentioned until this later tablet,” he walked to another one that looked much like the previous one. “This one seems to make mention that balance, or stability, is achieved by returning the king’s blood to the god.”

“What does that mean?” Another student asked.

“It sounds like a part of their blood letting ritual,” my dad answered. “But we can’t know for sure.”

Hmmm…balance…stability…this sounds like a good direction. But what does it actually mean?

“Would you all like to see the statue?” My dad asked. Everyone said yes. “All right, we have it in a wing getting ready for exhibit. It’s closed off, but you lucky people get a backstage pass!”

As we walked away, I looked behind me at the tablets. There’s got to be more that I’m missing.

My dad guided us to a closed off portion on the museum. Inside was the old king statue, now protected under glass. It sat in the center of the room, clearly prepped to be the new display’s crown jewel. The class gathered around it, all trying to get a peek, giggling at his exaggerated features.

My dad was talking to the group but it found myself tuning him out. I stood right in front of the glass, peering at the statue. It was as if I was hoping it would tell me something or give me a sign. I looked down at the statue’s cock. I remember when that seemed huge. I looked back up at the king’s weathered face and looked into his lifeless eyes. I felt like I was being watched, stared at, but the statue remained dormant. Then I noticed the staring was from eyes beyond the statue, on the other side of the glass. Eyes that I was very familiar with.



Part 60

“I felt like such an idiot,” I said, pushing my food around my plate. I was sitting with Skyler and Tyler at our usual lunch meet up place.

“Well, we really do have no idea what happened to him,” Skyler said.

“I swear I saw him on the other side of that statue staring at me,” I stated. “I basically shouted his name in surprise and everyone, Mr. Ryan, my dad, they all looked at me like I was crazy. I walked around that statue and he wasn’t there.”

“How would he have gotten into a closed off area anyways?” Skyler asked.

“I think the real question is how would he have gotten into the museum,” Tyler corrected, taking a swig of his drink. “Last we saw of him his cock was towering the gymnasium. Can’t just zip around town with that unnoticed.”

“Maybe he shrank down like we did,” I said.

“I know you want that to be true, but remember, Michael reached level 3 which had him growing every time he came,” Skyler reminded me. “Plus, I don’t know if you recall how long it took us to shrink down at the quarry. How much cum we had to unload to actually make a difference.”

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed. “Those guys vanished. Poof!” Skyler shot him a look that told him to be more considerate.

“I dunno,” I sighed. “It seemed so real…”

“Well, speaking of disappearing people where in the hell is Sam?” Tyler asked.

“He wasn’t at the field trip this morning either,” I said. “I texted. I called. Nothing.”

“Maybe we should go check on him,” Skyler suggested. “We can just drive to their place and pop in. Make sure he’s okay.”

“I got an exam later,” Tyler said.

Skyler looked back at me, waiting for me to answer.

“You driving?” I asked.

Skyler and I pulled up to Sam and Dean’s house and parked out front in the street. Sam’s car was in the driveway so he must be home.

“I swear, if he’s home sick and he hasn’t thought to check his phone or give me a heads up this morning I am going to kill him,” I grumbled.

“C’mon,” Skyler said, getting out of the car. We walked up to the front door and gave it a knock. We waited a minute but there was no answer. Skyler knocked again. Nothing.

“Okay, now I’m concerned,” I said.

Skyler tried the door handle. Luckily, it was unlocked. Slowly we pushed the door and called inside. “Hello?”

“At least Dean should be home,” I stated. “He can’t leave the house.”

“Hello?” We called again.

“Wait, do you hear that?” Skyler whispered. We became silent and stopped moving. I could hear a faint rustling sound and some grunting coming from their bedroom. Then came what sounded like Sam moaning.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” I growled. I stomped over to the bedroom door. It was shut. I threw the door open, outraged. “You mean to tell me that you ditched me this morning so you could play hooky and fuck your boyfriend?!” I couldn’t believe it. However, my rage quickly subsided when I saw the scene before me.

Sam and Dean were inside, however things had changed since last we saw them. Dean was naked and enormous. Well, of course Dean has been enormous for some time now but compared to now it was nothing. His pecs were so big now that his chin was pushed upwards due to them pressing into it. They jutted out farther than I was tall. From his gargantuan, hanging nips poured a constant stream of milk that ran down his body. His shoulders, traps and back muscles were so large now, they actually towered over his head. Each one of his abs was the size of my fist, like stacks of apples pressing into each other.

His legs were inconceivable, the muscles so big that he had to sit splayed on the ground because they pushed themselves apart. His ass was giant, like two rock solid bean bag chairs. Dean’s biceps were fucking crazy. Like, take the man with the biggest biceps you’ve ever seen. Hell, the biggest photoshopped biceps you’ve ever seen. Now ball that man up and shove him into Dean’s biceps. That’s how big they looked. I’m pretty sure his arms were so huge at this point he couldn’t even bend them. His cock stuck straight out and pressed into the bedroom ceiling. Cum and pre was smeared across it. Dean’s dick was as big around as a telephone pole and throbbing.

Sam was also naked, sweating and moaning. His cock was a bit bigger than before but other than that he was relatively unchanged. However, Sam appeared to be trapped in between Dean’s massive pecs, caught in his impressive cleavage. His long cock was nestled in between Dean’s tits as well, poking out from the top with his cockhead beside Dean’s cheek. Cum dripped from Sam’s stiff cock as well as Dean’s lips.

Dean moaned as a surge of growth overcame him. He clearly had just finished feeding on Sam’s cum as his length stretched further, curving up across the ceiling. His cock slit pressed up against the glass dome light above. Dean’s cock slit was so large now that it almost looked like the light fixture would just slip right in.

“Holy shit!” Skyler exclaimed, him also seeing the scene. The tent pole forming in Skyler’s shorts made it clear that he was liking what he was seeing. Hell, I couldn’t blame him. My own footling boner was started get my attention as well.

Sam turned towards us. “Help, guys,” he said out of breath. “I’ve been…stuck here…for hours.” He wriggled, trying to get free, but was held tight between Dean’s pecs. The wriggling was also causing his cock to slide in between Dean’s cleavage, starting the chain reaction all over again. “Fuck!” Sam breathed as his wriggling for escape turned into thrusting. “Feels so good!”

As Sam continued to tit fuck the world’s largest pecs, his cock kept poking Dean in the face. It didn’t take long for Dean to catch it in his mouth and start sucking away at it once again.

“We need to get him out of there,” I said to Skyler who was absent mindedly stroking his own cock through his clothes. He was staring at the two of them writhing in sexual bliss. “Skyler!” I called.

“Yeah,” he said, snapping out of his trance.

“Come help me,” I commanded as I entered the bedroom.

As soon as I stepped through the doorway, I was overtaken by the smell of cum, sweat and sex. It did seem like they have been at it for quite some time now. Skyler was right behind me. “Watch out for all the cum and milk on the floor,” I warned him. I carefully stepped over a couple of puddles that had pooled around the two sex maniacs.

I reached Dean’s mountain pecs. Up close they appeared even bigger if that was even possible. With Dean sitting on the floor and me standing, his thick nips were about at my eye level. I started to climb up to reach Sam. Luckily, i managed to pull myself on top of Dean’s right pec whiteout much difficulty while Skyler scrambled up onto the left. His chest was so expansive, I could have laid down and took a nap on his pec shelf, like a little bed.

I crawled over to Sam. He was pinned between Dean’s tits from the waist down. “We’re going to have to pull him out,” I said to Skyler. He nodded.

We grabbed under Sam’s thick arms and began to tug. He was stuck in there pretty good. He wasn’t really budging. Sam didn’t even seem to notice us pulling at him. He was too busy groaning with his eyes rolled to the back of his head as Dean continued sucking his engorged cockhead.

“It’s not working,” Skyler said. “He’s wedged pretty tight.” Then Skyler had a thought. “Why don’t we do what Sam did with me at the gymnasium when my giant cock was stuck in the doorway.”

“Use pre cum as a lubricant!” I exclaimed. I looked up to see the pre cum dribbling from Dean’s towering monster cock. Carefully, I stood up and was able to reach the ceiling from that height. I gathered some of his pre into my palms and kneeled back down to smear it around Sam’s stuck body. I did that again a couple of times until we had enough to help Sam slip free.

“Ready?” I asked Skyler. He nodded and we both once again tugged at Sam. This time he came free. However, as Sam’s body popped out of Dean’s bosom, Sam’s cock also popped out of Dean’s mouth. Little did we know that as this was happening, Sam had started to cum.

As soon as his cock sprang free, Sam fired his load into Dean’s face and open mouth. Cum splashed across Dean, spraying all over him.

“Shit!” I cried as Sam’s freed cock whipped around like a firehouse, sprayed his spunk with wildly. Sam moaned as his second load came, then his third. Dean also moaned as he continued to get drenched, cum raining down on his face and chest. Skyler and I abandoned ship and slid down Dean’s pecs to escape the splash zone. We pressed against the far wall trying to keep out distance and not get caught up in the frenzy.

At about Sam’s eighth cum shot, the force was so strong, it sent him falling from atop Dean’s pecs to the floor. Sam laid on the ground beneath him. He was still in ecstasy as he continued to explode, now spraying cum up underneath Dean’s chest.

“Fuck!” Dean cried out as his huge member began to grow again. It pushed passed the light fixture and slid across the ceiling until it reach the wall on the other side. It grew thicker and thicker, veins pulsing on his shaft. His balls began to fill his lap and start to engulf his muscular legs.

“He’s going to blow!” I exclaimed.

Sam was done at this point, no longer cumming but still laying on the ground drained. I grabbed Sam’s arm and dragged him towards the door. His long cock dragged on the ground behind him. Skyler joined me and we managed to get out of the bedroom just in time before Dean’s enormous torrent of cum blasted the entire room.

Gallons and gallons of white poured from Dean. He was basically screaming with pleasure as his cum poured down around him.

I looked at Skyler who was out of breath from helping pull Sam first from Dean’s cleavage and then from the room. Sam was heavy now that he was ripped. I noticed that his crotch and down his leg was damp where he had came during the whole debacle. I looked down at myself seeing that I had done the same.


Part 61

Sam finally was coming to. We moved him to the couch in the living room. We had to move further away from the bedroom because Dean had been cumming so much that it was starting to seep out. Dean was still in the bedroom. He had finally stopped cumming, but regardless there was no way we would be able to remove him from that room. One tit probably couldn’t fit through the doorway, let alone his now gargantuan cock. He was stuck there for the time being.

“Oh god…” Sam mumbled as he sat up. “What happened?”

“We were going to ask you the same question,” I said.

“Looks like you and Dean had a good time,” Skyler laughed.

Sam rubbed his temples and shook his head. “Things got out of control,” he sighed. “Where’s Dean?”

“In the bedroom, asleep,” I answered. “I think all the crazy activities really tuckered him out.”

Sam seemed to just notice that he was laying on the couch still naked. “Yeah, sorry,” Skyler said. “We tried to find you something to wear but we couldn’t really find anything that…well, fits,” he stated, referencing Sam’s two foot long cock.

“Great,” Sam grumbled. “I’m going to have to take care of this later,” he said, shifting his lengthy member on the sofa.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Sam started. “You know how it is when you find yourself in the throes of passion. You make stupid mistakes. That’s what happened last night.” He smiled, remembering. “I had gotten home from classes. Of course Dean was excited to see me, as always. And, I’m not going to lie, ever since I got these,” Sam said posing to show off his muscles. “He has been all over me.

“Well, as typical, Dean greeted me when I came home cock first. And, of course, mine jumps to attention the moment I see him as well, my Mr. Olympia.”

“Yes, yes, your bodies turn everyone on,” I said pointing at both Skyler and my stiff members. “Continue.”

“We got into bed and as we were laying there I had told him about what we had discovered. That I now am large enough that I produce milk as well. Well, I guess that got his motor running. Next thing I know as Dean is spooning me, I feel his hot, hard cock pressed against my ass.

“His hand slowly reached around and grasped my cock, which of course is hard now too, and he starts to gently jerk me. I start breathing heavy and he’s softly kissing my neck and ear. ‘Let’s have some fun tonight,’ he whispers to me. I nod in agreement.

“Usually, when we say we’re going to have some fun, we are talking about size fun. I know it’s stupid but now that we know we can shrink back down by masturbating later sometimes we grow our cocks on purpose to have a good time together.”

This whole thing was turning me on even more. “Stupid maybe, if you’re not careful, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.”

“Hell yeah! Me too!” Skyler said. “Eh, who am I kidding. I’m going to be doing this with Tyler later for sure.”

“So,” Sam continued. “Dean got on top of me and stuck his cock in my mouth. I held onto his hips as his powerful legs thrusted, his dick pulling in and out of my lips. It didn’t take long. It never does anymore. Without much of a warning, Dean came into my mouth. I gobbled it down, gulp after gulp. He was cumming so much it was hard to take it all in. I did my best to just open my throat and let it all pour down.

“That’s when that amazing feeling of your penis growing washed over me. I could feel my cock press against Dean’s muscular back as he straddled me. It crawled up his spine, sliding across his skin as it grew. He finally finished and pulled out of my mouth before moving from on top of me, allowing my cock to fall down and slap against my chest.

“I moaned and clutched the bed spread as it continued to stretch and grow. It traveled up reaching my clavicle, then my chin. It wasn’t long before my bulbous cockhead was kissing the side of my cheek, leaving strands of precum connecting the two.”

As Sam continued to share what happened I was stroking my own hard dick without even noticing. I should have told him to skip the raunchy details but it was just too good.

“My cock finally stopped growing at the length you see here, at about my mouth level,” Sam continued. “Dean pressed my pecs together with my stiff rod in between, but of course my cock was too thick to be fully over taken by them. I got nice pecs now but not that big.

“Dean pulled back his hand from my chest and saw that his palms were wet. As he was squeezing my pecs they had started to leak again. He sat in front of me and pulled me upright so I was sitting in front of him, facing each other. My long, hard cock bobbed in front of my lips, begging to be sucked.

“Dean pulled me forward and started some sort of half make out half giving me head. We made out with my cock in between us, at times my cockhead popping into his mouth, at times it popping into mine. I had to lean over Dean’s massive pec shelf to reach him. As Dean pulled me closer and closer, my cock slipped into his impressive, deep cleavage and I found myself tit fucking him as he continued to bob his head up and down on my cock.

“I felt like I was going to have a cum explosion,” Sam said. “Dean grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up so he could get better leverage as I started to shoot into his mouth. The feeling of pure bliss was overwhelming. I just remember crying out as I came over and over again. Dean’s hard cock pressed against my ass, then it reached the small of my back, then up and up. I just kept cumming and trembling with ecstasy.

“When I stopped cumming, I was exhausted and out of breath. It felt like I had a huge meat log against my back helping to press me against Dean’s giant, hard chest. Dean released my cock from his lips with a pop. ‘I love it when you’re big,’ Dean smiled as he traced the flare of my swollen mushroom with his tongue.

“Dean then said, ‘You love me big too, right? My giant muscles turn you on.’ He flexed his impressive biceps, biceps bigger than either of our heads. ‘You want me bigger?’ Dean asked me. I nodded my head weakly. I was still worn out. ‘Now that you can give milk too, come feed me and make your boy, your man, even bigger.’ He pressed me even further into his bosom so he could reach my nipples. ‘I can’t leave the house anyways,’ Dean said as he started to like my nipple causing it to become stiff. ‘You might as well have the boyfriend of your dreams.’ And with that, he started to suckle at my breast.

Sam sighed. “Things started to get out of control at this point. Dean’s already giant muscles were growing even further. It felt so good that I wasn’t in the right mind to stop him. I came a number of times. It splashed underneath Dean’s chin and sprayed his expanding chest, which caused his cock to continue growing as well. At this point, Dean’s pecs were becoming so large that not only was my cock wedged between them but my whole body ended up getting caught as well. His arms started to get so large that he could no longer hold me up because he couldn’t bend him them. Soon, being trapped in his cleavage was the only thing keeping me aloft.

“As his pecs continued to expand, I eventually was too far away for him to drink from my chest anymore, but at that point it was too late. The damage was done. At some point the bed frame broke under Dean’s increasing weight and we collapsed onto the floor. I had cum so many times during the whole scene that Dean’s cock towered over me, reaching the ceiling. It was clear that Dean had lost it. The euphoria of growing had over taken him as he continued to try and reach me to keep drinking. Try as he might, his range of motion was limited. He was too big. You guys seemed to have showed up not too long after that.”


Part 62

“Fuck, man!” Skyler said, his crotch newly dampened by yet another orgasm just from listening to Sam’s story.

“How is it that every time we come to this house, someone is making dumb ass mistakes and causing problems?” I stated, but then realized it sounded a little harsh. “I mean, we all understand that logic can go right out the window when you get caught up in it, but at least we found a temporary solution to the giant cock problem. There’s nothing we know of yet that can correct the issue Dean’s facing now.”

“I know,” Sam said. “He can’t even move!” He started to sound a little panicked.

“Listen, we will figure it out,” I said. Skyler nodded. “But in the meantime, unfortunately Dean is stuck in there.”

Sam shot me a look. “You realize that the only reason he even started on this path was so that he could be strong enough to move your dumb asses when you decided to grow your cocks to the size of houses and get stuck in the gymnasium! He didn’t have to put himself in this position!”

“All right, everyone take a breath,” Skyler said. “We are all in this together. Sam, no one is giving up on Dean, we just have to regroup and figure it out.”

Sam ran his hand through his hair and sighed. “Sorry. I guess I’m a little freaked out.”

“It’s alright,” I said. “We got ourselves out of one situation we can tackle this one too.”

“Okay.” Sam sighed again. “I’m going to go take care of this,” he stated, motioning to his lengthy cock. “And then I’m going to stay here with Dean and keep him company. Just because he can’t move doesn’t mean he should do it alone.”

“Alright, be careful,” I warned. “If he has lost it and gone grow-crazy like Michael did, he will try anything to get you to grow him again.”

“I’ll be fine. Go find a cure so we can save him.”

Skyler and I got back into the car and sat there a moment before driving off. “Are we even close to finding out a cure?” Skyler asked.

“No closer than we were before,” I sighed. “I hate to say it, but for now Dean is kind of fucked.”

Skyler started up the engine. “At least he is still enclosed in a private place and doesn’t have the issue we had in the gym where kept effecting each other. As long as Sam can control himself, Dean shouldn’t be able to get any bigger until we figure out where to go from here.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“What do you think about bringing your father into this?” Skyler asked.

I gave him a confused look. “What do you mean?”

“What if you told your dad about what’s going on?” He suggested as he started driving back towards the college campus. “He has been the one who has been really investigating the statue and whatnot. He may have some answers and if he knew the real translations and what those tablets are referring to, he may be able to share something that could help Dean. Hell, maybe help all of us and cure this thing.”

What Skyler was saying made sense but I wasn’t ready to tell my dad that his son and his friends’ cum can grow people’s penises. It would be an … awkward conversation. Was that selfish of me? Probably. Dean was now immobile without any means to correct it. People had disappeared. We’d already affected (should I say infected?) eight people including myself. I really should tell him what’s going on, I thought. At least my dad wouldn’t throw us in a laboratory and experiment on us. He would keep it under wraps for the safety of his own son.

“Maybe,” It was all I could muster at this point.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea,” Skyler said. “I guess after seeing the aftermath of Sam and Dean’s sexual excursions, Tyler and I will not be trying that after all.”

“Yeah, probably not,” I agreed. “Plus, can we be real for a second? He’s your brother.”

“Twin, and don’t be jealous,” he smirked. “Can’t really start up a new relationship with our little problem. And you dropped us when you became smitten with Michael so…”

Michael. I sighed. Michael—! I was staring out the window as we were driving and Skyler was talking. There he was standing on the sidewalk staring at us. “Stop the car!” I yelled.

“What!” Skyler cried as he slammed on the brakes. The whole car jerked to a sudden halt. “What is it?!”

“Michael!” I exclaimed. I opened my door and stepped out. I looked around but he wasn’t there.

Skyler put the car in park and got out himself. “What the hell?!” He was angry. “Don’t do that!”

“I saw him again, I swear!” I said as I scanned the whole surrounding area. There was no sign of Michael or anyone.

“Dude! We talked about this already,” Skyler said. “That’s not possible. Michael is gone. I’m sorry, but you have to start accepting that. I shouldn’t have even brought him up. I’m sorry. Now come on, get back in the car and let’s go.”

We both got back into the car but I didn’t stop looking around for him. “I’m telling you I saw him again.”

“You know what I think?” Skyler said as he started driving down the street again. “I think you haven’t been able to properly morn the loss of him with everything that has been going on.”

“He’s not dead. He’s just missing,” I stated.

Skyler sighed. “I’m sorry for bringing him up. I should be more sensitive to your feelings about him.”

“I know I sound crazy. I do. But this is the second time I have seen him now. At least…I thought I saw him.”

“If he is around, and he isn’t straddling a two story mega dong, then why would he be hiding from us?” Skyler asked.

I shook my head slowly. I couldn’t think of a reason why.

“Maybe you should talk to someone about how you are feeling,” Skyler suggested. “You know the campus has counselors. You could go see one and maybe get this whole Michael thing off your chest so you can move on.”

“You just wanna tell everyone what’s going on, huh?” I smirked.

“I’m serious! You don’t have to tell them the giant-dicked details, but maybe just talk about how you are feeling. I think it would help.”

“Maybe.” The answer of the day I guess.

“All right. Let’s go meet up with Tyler so we can loop him in on what’s going on.”


Part 63

“I can’t believe I let Skyler talk me into this,” I grumbled as I sat in the waiting room at the campus’s counseling office. I really didn’t see how this was going to help but I hated that I kept seeing Michael when he wasn’t there and if this would make that stop, I guess there’s no harm in trying. Tyler agreed when we told him what had happened. Tyler also agreed that it may be time to catch my dad up to speed so he can more properly help us. That, I’m not yet sure about.

Hey, dad. How’s it going? Oh, by the way, I stole a vial of ancient cum that was in your statue and in a moment of brilliance decided to swallow its contents on a dare. Now, my cum makes other guys’ cocks grow. A bunch of other guys cum does the same thing now which would mean…Ding! Ding! Ding! You guessed it!…A number of guys have recently sucked my dick. Think I’m crazy? Well, watch this! Whips out dick in front of dad. Masturbates in front of dad. Cums. Do I eat it? Does he eat it? The whole thing is fucking weird.

I felt my cock pulse. Great…and the whole idea of it apparently makes me hard. God damn penis…jerking it in front of my dad should not make me horny.

“Joshua?” A soft, male voice called.

I looked up seeing the counselor. “Here,” I said raising my hand.

“Follow me,” he smiled. I stood up and, as inconspicuously as I could, tucked my erection in between my legs. He led me down a short hallway to his office and guided me inside. He offered me a chair and shut the door behind us. I looked around the room. Seemed pretty normal. Nothing crazy, just your basic office. A desk, a couple chairs, a house plant.

“All right. Hello. It’s nice to meet you. I am Dr. Black and I am one of the therapists here. I could be your therapist if you like.” He seemed very nice and genuine, like I could trust him. He wore a plain button up shirt and a tie with a pair of black dress slacks. He had very soft features and a kindness about him. “This is a safe space,” he continued. “Everything you say in here stays in here. So with that said, why don’t you tell me what brings you here. Or tell me a bit about yourself, Joshua.”

I sat in the chair facing him twiddling my thumbs for a moment. I was a little nervous, but Dr. Black’s calmness was helping. “Well, first, I prefer to go by Josh.”

He smiled. “Okay, Josh.”

“I guess I’m here because a friend suggested it. Said you might be able to help me.”

“All right. You want to tell me what I might be able to help you with?” He was being so patient as I continued being cryptic. “Or perhaps I should ask, do you think I may be able to help you with this thing?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, we won’t ever know until we try, right?” He said.

I sighed. “Okay. I have this friend…”

“Uh huh.”

“And the friend…I guess he stopped going here at college,” I said, twisting the truth a little bit. I wasn’t lying. Michael did stop going here. “And it was without any warning. He just left.”

“And you two were close?” Dr. Black asked.

I nodded. “He was my best friend. We were roommates too. Without a word he’s just gone. And I haven’t talked to him since.”

“Did something happen before he just left without saying something?” He asked.

Psh. If you only knew. Only that we grew dicks the size of buildings. “I guess the reason I came to see you is that now that he is gone, I keep seeing him. I’ll see him there and then blink and he’ll be gone.”

“I see,” Dr. Black stated.

“It’s driving me a little nuts, and my friends are concerned about it. It’s happened twice, once on a field trip to the museum and another just driving down a street.”

“Uh huh. And during these two times were you particularly stressed before these visions?” He asked.

I’ve been stressed for quite some time now trying to manage this whole thing. “I guess,” I answered.

“You’ve been going through some huge changes recently,” he said. You have no idea. “Starting up college, being on your own, and now what sounds to be one of your biggest supports is no longer there for you. It would stress anyone out.”

“Is that what you think this is? Stress?”

“Could be,” he said. “I think you need to lean on the supports you still have. You said you had friends that are concerned about you. Use them. And your family as well.”

“It’s just me and my dad,” I said.

“Then use your dad too. You are away from home but that doesn’t mean he can’t support you from afar.”

My dad…using him as a support, huh? It’s almost like this doc could see into my mind. Like some kind of super psychologist powers. You sure it’s not Professor Black, leader of an underground X-Men group? I could join, I got a super power too! The amazing dick-growing Dick Lad

“Actually, now that you say that, I have been really mulling over telling my father something but have been too afraid to even allow myself to consider it an option,” I shared.

“Do you think telling him whatever it is help you in the long run?” He asked.

I thought about it. “I’m sure it would,” I said. “I just don’t know how to do it.”

“I’ve always found that being open and honest with the ones you love is the best way to go about things.”

I left the counseling department and stepped outside into the sun. Skyler was right. Talking to him actually helped. I now am convinced that telling my dad about what is going on is the right route. I just need to figure out how and when I am going to do it. Probably should be soon. As far as the Michael thing goes, hopefully our conversation helped with that too. I guess only time will tell. Dr. Black did say to come back anytime I needed to talk again.

I decided that the next course of action was to go back to the twins and work on a game plan of “outing” ourselves to my father. Everything was feeling on the up and up. Had my answer for something I was struggling with, was feeling lighter, and the day was beautiful. I closed my eyes and felt the sun’s rays on my face. That’s when a cloth bag was pulled over my head and everything went black.


Part 64

“What the fuck?!” I cried as the black bag was whisked off of my head. My eyes adjusted to my new environment. I was somewhere I had never been before. It was dim, like a basement. Oh my god! I’ve been abducted! The first thing that raced through my head was that the government had finally gotten wind of our developments and snatched me up to study me and do some sort of experimentation. Did Dr. Black have connections? As soon as I leave his office, the first person outside of our circle that I opened up to, I get kidnapped. It’s like I am in the movie Taken but I’d been cast as the blonde bitch with no Liam Neeson to come save me. The twins are probably too busy jerking each other and Sam is occupied babysitting his giant sex monster Dean that they won’t even realize I am missing. Shit, I am so dead.

I was sitting on a chair with my hands tied behind it, just like in the movies. My captor was behind me fiddling with my restraints.

“Who are you?!” I cried. “Let me go!” I moved around in my chair, tipping it from side to side. The chair legs clanked on the cement floor.

“Dude, settle down,” my captor said.

The voice was familiar. No, I couldn’t be. But it doesn’t make any sense. “Michael?”

My restraints came loose and my hands were freed. I quickly stood up and turned around as I rubbed my wrists. Sure enough, as clear as day, Michael stood there. He dropped the rope that had tied my hands. He gave me a smile. “Hey there.”

It was like seeing a ghost. “Are you even real? Is it really you?”

“It’s me,” he said. “You drank the vial, got your penis all big and I convinced you to shoot your cum into my mouth because I was too straight to suck cock. After that I did a whole lot of cock sucking, snuck off into the twins room and guzzled their jugs of cum, grew my dick even more…it’s me.”

I scanned him up and down. He was just as he was the day we moved to college, except he was wearing a jumpsuit janitor uniform. “The last time I saw you, your cock and balls and muscles and everything was huge! How…what happened?!”

“I’ve missed you,” Michael smiled. “Sometimes I came out to watch you because I just wanted to see your face.”

“So I did see you at the museum!” I exclaimed. “I knew I wasn’t crazy!” I ran up and gave him a hug. I kissed him, his lips sweet and familiar. I looked into his eyes. They stared back at me. “But wait,” I said pulling away. “Why have you been hiding? This isn’t making any sense. And how are you back to normal?”

“I’m not back to normal,” Michael said. “I guess I reached the next level.”

I furrowed my brow. “Okay, you need to tell me what happened and what’s been going on! Why all the theatrics?”

Michael walked in front of the chair I was tied to and sat down. “Well, when you and the twins were trucked away by those two new guys, I had reached a point in my development where just the act of cumming caused me to grow. It was a relentless cycle. Cumming caused me to grow and growing caused me to cum. I was getting so big that I could see well over the entire gymnasium. My muscles were so huge that I could no longer even move. All I could do was close my eyes and cum and grow.

“At some point, I don’t know when, I opened my eyes and I was back on the ground. I had returned to what appeared to be my old self, but it wasn’t true. What you see before you now is a lie. I can revert my size to my original, puny state if I concentrate. Like flexing a muscle.” Michael stood up from the chair. “But if I begin to let go of that concentration…”

Suddenly, Michaels package began to swell. His crotch beneath the jumpsuit began to inflate like a balloon. It stopped just as it started to look like he was smuggling a large pumpkin in his underwear.

“…I return to my new size.”

I didn’t know what to say. Really, it was kind of amazing. I mean, to have control like that and change size with basically willpower. “So level 5 you can control your growth? That’s amazing!”

Michael sat again, he package hanging between his legs off of the edge of the seat. “Control is a loose term,” Michael said. He closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. Slowly, his package began to deflate and return to normal until his jumpsuit was fitting properly again. “It’s not like switching on and off a light. It’s difficult. It’s a whole lot easier to let go and blow back up again.”

“It seems better than having to cum gallons to reduce cock size,” I said. “And this seems to fix the muscle issue as well!”

Michael beamed at that. “I’m so glad you think so,” he cheered. “I was afraid that you wouldn’t be for it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, part of the reason I stayed hidden is because you guys seemed so keen on finding a cure,” Michael stated. “But now you want to join me at level 5!”


“I am sorry for all the theatrics and for disappearing on you,” Michael said smiling ear to ear. “I brought you here today because I do miss you and I love you and I want you to join me as we continue growing and developing!”

“Continue?” I was starting to feel dizzy.

Michael nodded emphatically. As he got excited he was slowly starting to grow. His jumpsuit became tighter and tighter as his body began to inflate. He was losing control. “Feed from me and I will make you big once again! Bigger than ever before!”


Part 65

Fuck! And here I thought I had the old boy-friend-material-slash-best-friend Michael back. But no, he still the same growth crazy Michael that disappeared on me that night.

The long zipper down the front of his jumpsuit was being tested as his muscles grew bigger and bigger. His arms went from the somewhat defined ones I knew growing up to the jacked, muscular ones of a roided body builder. His pecs pressed against the fabric, as did his growing cock, causing it to strain. Michael inched towards me with crazy in his eyes.

“Stop!” I yelled, throwing my hands in front of me.

My cry must have been jarring because Michael seemed to snap to and his surge of growth appeared to cease.

“You can’t just black bag me and drag me here!” I yelled. “And what? Because you say you love me and missed me that gives you the right to steal me away?!”

Michael took a step back. “I…I…I didn’t want you to draw attention to us when you found out I was okay. I figured better to tell you in a secluded location.”

“Oh! And I assume snatching me up with a bag over my head was so much more inconspicuous!” I growled. I was so angry. Though, I’m not sure what made me more furious: Michael kidnapping me or the fact that this whole scene caused my foot long cock to press against my pant leg. “Where the hell are we?!”

Michael started to shrink back down. He almost looked like a sad puppy that got caught digging through the trash can. “We are below the abandoned gymnasium, in the basement. That’s where I found this,” he said motioning to his outfit. “This is where Henry, security guard and I have been hiding out.”

“Wait, Henry and the security guard are down here with you?” I scanned around the room. “Where are they?”

“Right through here,” he said, pointing at a door. He was almost back to his normal size. Michael walked towards the door and pushed it open to allow me through. From inside I heard soft noises. I moved through the entry way a little nervous about what I would find on the other side.

On the floor sat Henry and the security guard. Both were stark naked with big, long cocks that were completely erect. Of course by any other means, theirs dicks were huge. However, compared to what they used to be, they were much smaller. Maybe two and a half feet or so each. Their dicks would have been long enough to reach their mouths if it weren’t for their ginormous, round guts. Both of their bellies were so inflated and full of cum that it was impossible for them to reach their cocks. Both bellies were huge, like over stuffed bean bag chairs. They had become so large that their belly buttons had popped and turned to outies. They both sat there groaning and rubbing the parts of their round, solid guts that they were able to reach. As full as they were, seeing myself and Michael walk into the room they begged for more.

“Feed me!” Henry pleaded, licking his lips. “I want to be bigger!”

“No, feed me!” The security guard said as he rubbed his furry orb that pushed his legs apart. “I need to grow again!”

My eyes were wide with surprise. I tried to back out of the room but I ran into Michael. He placed his hand on my shoulder.

“After I became mobile again that night,” Michael whispered in my ear, “I turned to Henry and this other guy. Both had cocks that could rival semi trucks, unable to move. I wanted their size for my own, so I drank from them, and drank from them, downing as much cum as I could physically take, bathing in it. My thirst was unquenchable! I had ingested so much of their cum that their cocks began to shrink back down. And so I brought them here.” Michael squeezed my shoulder. “You see, at level 5 I can keep my size at bay if necessary but my own cum can no longer effect myself!”

I could feel his hard cock press against my back.

“I tried drinking my own cum many times and it does nothing!” He muttered. “So I keep these two around to feed me and continue my path. But as you discovered, cumming an exceedingly large amount can revert the growth so these two can’t keep up with my hunger. I try to feed them to get them back up to size but it’s no use. It takes far too long.”

“Feed me!” Henry cried out. He tried reaching for his own cock but couldn’t quite get at it.

“I need more,” Michael continued, like some crazed, cheesy horror movie villain. “I am to become a god.” His cock pulsed against me, pressing further into my back. I think he was beginning to grow again. “And I want you to join me. These two don’t deserve what we will become.” Michael spun me around so I was looking at him. His body was once again filling his jumpsuit. His cock was pulsing against the fabric, spilling pre. “They are merely servants, a means to an end. But you are something completely different. If I am to be king, I wish you to be my queen, by my side, ruling with me!”

He was talking crazy again. I hated that it was turning me on. Michael’s clothing was audibly groaning and the seams started to pull away, showing his muscular, veiny flesh underneath.

“People will make statues of us, but it won’t be the rinky-dink one your dad found. They will be stories high!”

His neck became so thick that the zipper in the front started to move downwards, unzipping to allow enough room. The seams at his shoulders ripped away, allowing his big shoulders free. His package was getting so big that the seams at his waist began to pull further apart. It wouldn’t be too long until his cock completely ripped through the front of the uniform.

“Join me!” Michael breathed. “I can force you, but I’d rather you do it because you want to. I want you to want it.”

Is it bad that I legitimately thought about it? The idea of being with Michael was what I wanted. Now he is back and wants me to be by his side. I could imagine the both of us bigger than ever, with cocks the size of skyscrapers, being worshipped and fed by our followers. No worries in life other than cumming. Just the two of us.

I could feel the precum drip down my leg. Michael noticed my hard on and reached over, grabbing my waist band. With one swift yank he ripped my pants away letting my cock to be free. It sprang up and slapped against my stomach.

Michael smiled. “Let’s get that big again.” He moaned as another surge of growth waved over him and his own massive member finally broke through. The jumpsuit ripped to shreds as his cock and balls burst through before falling to the floor. Michael grabbed either side of the uniform and ripped the rest away, fully revealing his growing, hard body.

I leaned over and picked up Michael’s throbbing, swollen cock head. It grew in my hands to the size of a basketball. I stared into his cock slit, it drooling precum all over my hands. My mouth watered. I was ready to be his size queen. I was ready for my foot long to become a 25 foot long.

“Drink from me!” Michael commanded. “Then we will go to the quarry so that we both can grow to unmeasurable heights!”

As if coming out of a dream, I snapped to. I dropped his dripping cock and it fell to the ground once again before starting to rise back up. “The quarry?” I asked.

“Yeah, the quarry that you all went to cum into to shrink down again,” Michael said. “Now get back on here!” His cock jerked and lifted up higher. “I’m going to cum soon!”

“Wait, what?” I said taking a step back.

Michael’s growth appeared to be slowing down as I was pulling away again. “Well, if I am gonna be honest, I wasn’t just watching you because I wanted you to join me. I mean, I do, but I was hoping you would lead me to the quarry too. It’s got to be brimming with cum.” He was clearly turned on at the thought as he had another surge. His pecs popped out further, pressing up into his chin. His giant cock almost speared me and his balls reached the ground.

“You want the location of the quarry?” I asked.

“You all had to have cum a lot to shrink down from the size you all were before,” Michael continued. “There’s a lake of churning cum somewhere with my name on it! There has to be enough there to get me to level six! To become a god!”

He is fucking crazy, and I was starting to get drawn into it. I need to get the fuck out of here. Michael was picking up on his growing again. He moaned and groaned as his back stretched broader. He was wider than a door, soon wider than a double door. His penis moved across the room. Henry and the security guard reached for it as it stretched by. Every time Michael was turned on, his growth increased even further. He would lose control or maybe he let go of his control. Either way, this was my ticket out of here.

I wrapped my arm around Michael’s expanding shaft. It was wrestling a tree trunk. “Yes! Drink from me! Grow my love!” Michael cried out.

“Tell me how big your going to make me,” I said, trying to turn him on even more.

“Oh god, I’m going to fucking get you fucking giant,” Michael panted. “Your cock is going to be twice as big as before… bigger! It’ll be so big that you can see your fucking cock from space! So big that you can’t even see your cockhead anymore because it’s so far away!”

I could feel his hot, thick dick practically vibrating. I wrangled his shaft as best I could, pulling it over towards Henry and the security guard. They both were drooling for a taste. It took some effort but I got Michael’s cockhead into their hands. They both started to lick and slurp from Michael’s dripping cock slit like two starving men that haven’t eaten in weeks. Michael’s massive rod rested on the crest of their bulging bellies. Michael rocked his hips back and forth up until the point when his feet where lifted off the ground by his ballooning balls beneath him.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum!” Michael cried.

That’s my cue. Quietly, I slipped passed Michael’s increasing mass and through the door. As I ran towards an exit I heard Michael orgasming behind me.


Part 66

I ran from the gymnasium all the way to the dorms. I didn’t even care that I wasn’t wearing any pants. My member slapped back and forth against my waist as I ran and ran. People stopped and stared as I raced by, probably assuming I was some sort of streaker, probably impressed by all 12 inches flopping around. I didn’t care. I needed to get out of there.

Was that even real? It felt like it was a dream. Michael is not only alive, he was growing beneath the gymnasium with two feeder, sex slaves. Oh, I’m sorry, “servants” as he called them. I just needed to get back to the twins and tell them about the danger that’s lurking nearby.

I made it into my room and slammed the door behind me. I leaned against the closed door to catch my breath. Having heard the commotion, Skyler and Tyler came into my room through our adjoining bathroom.

“Michael? You okay?” Skyler asked.

“Yeah, was the shrink visit that bad?” Tyler chuckled. He looked at his watch. “I thought it must’ve been good cause it went kinda long.”

I didn’t even know where to start. I was still out of breath.

“Why are you not wearing any pants?” Skyler asked noticing my flaccid cock dangling between my legs.

“Michael…” I said exasperated. “Michael, he…kidnapped me.”

“Wait, what?”

“All those times I thought I saw him…I did see him…” I crouched down lower to the ground. “He’s alive and he kidnapped me.”

Skyler grabbed me a water out of the mini fridge and handed it to me. I guzzled it down. “What happened?!” He asked.

The water seemed to help and I was catching my breath. “The counseling session was fine. As I was leaving I got grabbed. It was Michael. He is living underneath the same damn gymnasium. He reached level five. He’s able to hold his growth back and revert to his normal size.”

“A cure?!” Tyler exclaimed.

“Not quite,” I said. “But enough that he was able to walk around and be unnoticed. He can’t always hold the growth back I guess because when I left him he was quickly filling up the room down there. Not that he wants to be that size. He still is trying to get bigger. That’s why he has Henry and the security guard down there like his own two personal cum machines.”

“Oh my god!” Skyler said shocked.

“I guess he needs the cum of others who are infected to grow now,” I continued. “So he has been using them and wants to know where the quarry is so he can have all of that cum too. Not to mention he wanted me as his growing partner.”

“This seems kind of crazy and unreal,” Tyler stated. “You sure the head doctor didn’t just hypnotize you or something? Give you some drugs?”

“It was real,” I said. “Crazy and seemingly unreal things are now our reality.”

“Well, you got me there,” he shrugged.

“I can’t believe you got out of there,” Skyler said.

I shook my head. “I almost didn’t,” I sighed. “I hate to say it, but I legitimately thought about taking him up on his offer. I was seduced and so happy to have him back that I was a second away from actually doing it.”

“We’ve all been there,” Skyler said. Tyler nodded in agreement. “I’m the moment you do some stupid shit.”

“Yeah, well this would have been life altering.” I stood up and wiped my brow with my sleeve. “I need to find a cure for this now more than ever, if anything so that I can sure Michael from this. It has driven him crazy and effected his mind.”

“Agreed,” both the twins said in unison.

“But what now?” I asked. “Michael may have gotten too big to follow me at that moment but after he finished climaxing and noticed that I’m not there, he can shrink back down again and come after me.”

“Well, let’s move forward as planned,” Tyler suggested. “Should we check on Sam and Dean? I bet this new information would help Dean’s situation.”

“Not yet,” I said. “Michael will probably be watching us. He doesn’t know where Sam and Dean live. We can’t risk him finding them. Not right yet. Unfortunately, they are on their own for now. Probably safer that way. If Sam comes to class tomorrow, I will speak to him then.”

“Okay. Did you figure out if you want to tell your dad or not?”

“The counselor did help with that,” I stated. “And yes, I think I’m ready to loop him in if it can help us.”

“Then let’s just skip classes tomorrow and go straight to your dad,” Tyler said.

I sighed and brushed my hair off my forehead with my fingers. I moved to a drawer and pulled out a pair of pants, slipping them on. “No, no,” I said as I buttoned them up. “I can’t let Michael lord over me like that. I’m going to class. I’ve already missed too much starting the class so late, I don’t want to get even further behind. And it gives me the potential opportunity to loop in Sam. Michael may have gone grow crazy but he is still Michael and I know he cares about me. He said wouldn’t force me and I believe him.”

“All right, then we are going to go about our day tomorrow like nothing is wrong, go to classes, and then afterwards we will all take a trip to your dad’s work and tell him together,” Skyler said.

I nodded.


Part 67

I was laying in my bed trying to sleep. I kept tossing and turning, looking over at Michael’s still empty bed. I kept picturing the whole scene in the gymnasium basement. Michael gripping my shoulder, coercing me to join him. The strange desire I had to do it when I had his giant cock in my hands and was literally looking down the barrel.

I remembered the feeling I had when we first started being more than just best friends. What I felt down there wasn’t it. It was lust. Michael’s been overcome with lust too but his feelings for me are still in there. After all, he could have anyone, even Henry or the security guard as is right hand, but he wanted me. Though having the two of those guys down there like some kind of weird love den was a little disturbing. Well, my brain says disturbing but my erection says otherwise.

I then thought about Michael putting a bag over my head and knocking me out. That’s what really is disturbing. Like some Fatal Attraction shit. I could imagine Michael standing over me in the dark. I would open my eyes half expecting him to be there but he wasn’t. I sure as shit was creeping myself out though.

Finally, I’d had it. I grabbed my pillow and blanket and walked over towards to bathroom. I went through and knocked lightly on the twins’ bathroom entrance. “Guys?” I whispered. “Guys, you awake?”

The door cracked open and I was met with a sleepy looking Skyler. “Josh? Is every thing okay?” He asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“Sorry but I couldn’t sleep. You guys mind if I sleep with you tonight?” I asked. “I’m kinda weirded out over here by myself.”

“Yeah, sure. Come in,” he said opening the door all the way. He stood there stark naked. His nice build was pleasant to look at. I especially enjoyed his Adonis belt pointing towards his lengthy cock. “Sorry,” he said, noticing me staring. “I sleep naked and wasn’t expecting company.” He shut the door behind me. “You can sleep in my bed with me. Tyler is already asleep.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to impose. I can just sleep on the floor. It’s fine.”

“Please,” he said. “I’ll just throw on some shorts. It’s no big deal.”

I padded over to his bed, looking at Tyler lightly snoring in the bed on the other side of the room. I crawled into Skyler’s bed with my blanket and pillow. “You don’t have to put shorts on if it makes you less comfortable,” I yawned. “I have my own blanket so it’s fine. And like you said the other day, after everything we have been through together, what’s there to be embarrassed about? No need to be uncomfortable on my account.”

Skyler shrugged and crawled into bed beside me. “Okay then, good night,” he said, bundling up under the covers.

“Good night,” I responded.

I laid there for a while. It was better having people around me, but I still couldn’t sleep. “Skyler?” I whispered.

“Hmm?” He said, half asleep.

“Sorry. I wasn’t sure if you had fallen asleep. I’ll let you get back to bed.”

“No, it’s fine,” Skyler said. He flipped over so that he was facing me. His head was inches away from mine. “What’s up?”

“I just can’t sleep,” I sighed.

Skyler grinned. “This reminds me of our first date,” he said. “This is where it started this whole thing for me, right here in this bed with you.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” I apologized. “I didn’t know about this at the time and I didn’t need to bring you and your brother into it.”

“Hey, I asked for this,” Skyler smiled. “Before, we had you choose who you wanted to go on that date with. Tyler likes to play that joke with people. But when we went back to our dorm after meeting you, I told Tyler that I wanted to go on the date with you.”

“Really?” I said. “What about me drew you?”

“Well, it doesn’t really matter now, does it?” He stated. “After all, you picked Michael. Which, no hard feelings, I get it. You knew each other for a long time and were best friends. I’d be lying though, if I said I wasn’t kinda bummed.”

“Sorry for that too,” I said.

“No need. It was one date,” Skyler said. “I do want someone in my life though. My brother and I have been messing around lately, but I want a boyfriend. That’s my drive for a cure. Probably Tyler’s too. Because until then, I can’t ever share this part of my life without spreading it.”

“I keep feeling like I should apologize.”

“I should apologize,” Skyler said. “I got a little too real. I must be tired.”

I brushed Skyler’s cheek softly with my hand. “You will find someone. Both of you will.”

Skyler stared into my eyes. It was dark but I could see the softness of them still. He leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. “Good night,” he said.

“Good night,” I said and kissed him back. Then I kissed him again. And again. I kissed his mouth passionately and felt his hard chest. My hands made their way down his six pack to his happy trail to his hard cock. Skyler breathed in sharply as I took him in my hands. His thick member was hot to the touch and rock solid.

I started off moving up and down his shaft slowly with my hand. Skyler clamped his hand over his mouth to stop himself from making noises to wake up his brother as I began picking up speed. I got on top of him and straddled his thighs as I continued jerking him. I then switched to both hands, beating him off like I was churning butter.

Skyler arched his back and bit his tongue trying not to cry out with pleasure. He threw his head back and clenched the bed spread as he tried to maintain control.

I think that this was the first time now that I was able to be turned on and enjoy myself without having thoughts about Michael. Or at least the thought of him stopping me. I didn’t want to think about him. I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

I felt Skyler’s cock jerk in my hands, the sign that he was ready to explode. He gave a quiet gasp as his dick spurted like a volcano. Thick ropes of cum shot up and splashed down into his chest. It was so quiet in the room, Skyler’s cum falling sounded like splashing paint. A steady stream of cum gushed out of him and pooled on his pecs and stomach before pouring down his sides to the mattress.

Once the cumming slowed down, I let go of his cock. It dropped down onto Skyler’s torso with a wet slap that sent a splash of cum spraying outward from the force. I grabbed my own cock and starting masturbating on top of him. I was so turned on, my dick felt like hot steel. It wasn’t going to take long for me to cum as well.

As I bucked on him, breathing heavy, I heard Skyler whisper, “Cum on my face.” He grabbed either side of my waist. “I want you to cum all over my face.”

Oh fuck. It’s time. I pointed my cock right to his face as he asked and I exploded all over him. Wave after wave of cum spurted out of me and washed over Skyler’s face, spraying it with white. So much was cumming that his whole head ended up being covered. His hair was slicked back with my spunk.

Then Skyler opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. I covered that in cum as well. He closed his mouth, swallowing what he had gathered before opening it again. His cock jerked to life, starting to stretch further upwards. It slid through the pool of his cum, across his body and up to his chest as it grew, like a snake swimming through a milky puddle.

After I completed and my cock was just dribbling, I collapsed on the bed next to him. I had forgotten how fun this was. I was wiped out. I laid there facing Skyler, trying to catch my breath. He turned his body and faced me as well. His stiff cock reached up to my chest. I lightly traced the edge of his swollen shroom with my fingertips. It pulsed in response, begging.

Skyler looked at me and then down to his cock, as if signaling for my turn or offering me a taste. I shrugged my shoulders and moved down, taking his cock in my mouth. It already tasted like cum, whether it was his or mine…probably a mixture of both. I bobbed my head up and down. There’s was no way I could take his whole cock in the state it was in. Hell, I couldn’t even take half, but I took as much as I could. Skyler whimpered quietly as I continued. I think his cock was so long that both him and I were grasping his thick shaft while I was deep throating it. Probably still had some shaft to spare.

My mouth tasted salt and cum as Skyler orgasmed for the second time that night. I swallowed a big gulp before he pumped out another shot. I released his member from my mouth, his cock still spurting ropes. He jizzed all over my face and the bed, spraying like a loose hose at the fire hydrant. I wiped the cum from my eyes and moved up so we were face to face again. He moved closer and made out with me again even though my lips still dripped with his semen.

As we pressed together, lip-locked, I felt that familiar, amazing feeling of euphoria as my groin started to tingle. I could feel my cock inching upward between our bodies, trying to find space between our pressed together chests to keep stretching. More cum erupted between us onto the bed. It might have been me who came just then.


Part 68

“What the fuck, guys?!” A shout had awoken me from my sleep. I rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes. “When the fuck did this happen?” It was Tyler. He was standing over Skyler and I who were still spooning in Skyler’s bed. I guess at some point last night we had dozed off.

I sat up. Skyler did as well, also awakened by Tyler’s yelling. The bed was still a little damp from last nights festivities, but that wasn’t the only souvenir. I saw my big, newly grown cock. It reached down below my knees again. Tyler stretched and stood up. He own cock dropped down, knocking against his legs. His was below his knees as well, maybe even a little longer than mine.

“Dude! I was asleep like two feet away!” Tyler growled, punching his brother’s shoulder.

“We kept it quiet,” Skyler giggled.

Tyler was not even trying to hide the boner he was developing. “Well, I guess you guys aren’t going to class after all,” Tyler huffed. “You guys don’t have the time to reduce your cock size beforehand.”

“Shit!” I exclaimed and jumped out of bed. “What time is it?!” I fumbled around the floor looking for my pants. I bent down to look under the bed. I was in such a rush, I almost knelt on my own cock by mistake.

“What does it matter?” Tyler said. “You can’t go like that. Your dick is like two feet long.”

“I can’t miss anymore!” I said as I continued to hurriedly look for my clothes. “If I fail ancient civilizations, my dad will kill me.”

“He’ll forgive you when he sees your two foot dick,” Tyler said, no sitting on the edge of his bed and stroking his own foot long.

“You don’t know my dad,” I stated. “And my dick isn’t two feet long…” I stood back up, my cock taking longer than it should have to get up off of the floor. “It’s probably more like 20 inches.”

“What are you doing?” Skyler asked.

“Looking for my clothes.”

“When you came over, I don’t think you brought any,” Skyler said.

Duh! I raced through the bathroom to my dorm. I found my shirt and pants on the ground. Quickly I started to put them on. I have had to stuff my cock into my pant leg more times than I can believe by this point, but getting this lengthy dick I was sporting now into those jeans was a bitch.

“Do you need help with that?” Skyler asked, having followed me. “After all, it is kind of my fault.”

“I got it,” I said. After some adjusting and a lot of tugging, I finally managed to zip and button up my pants. I looked in the mirror. I could totally see my cock pressed against my thigh down to the knee. “Shit! And these are the loose fitting pants!”

“Should have thought of that before fucking each other last night,” Tyler said, entering the room with crossed arms. “Truthfully, I’m just pissed you guys didn’t think to wake me. I wouldn’t of minded joining in on the fun.” He solemnly rubbed his right foot with his left.

“You cannot be going to your class like that,” Skyler said. “I’m not going to go to my sex class. Last thing I need is popping a two foot boner in class.”

I looked around the room and noticed Michael’s saddle bag laying near his desk. I grabbed and put it on. “How’s that?” I looked in the mirror again. The position of the bag hid my big cock pretty well. The head was still peaking out of the bottom but you could really only see it if you were looking at it. “There, all gone.”

“This can’t go wrong,” Tyler said sarcastically.

“It’ll be fine,” I reassured. “I’m just going to go to class and then we will meet up right after to drive to the museum to talk to my dad. No problem.”

I walked towards the door. My left leg (the one with too much cock stuffed inside) was moving a little stiff. Bending it is so much easier without your dick pressing up against your kneecap. Great… “This could even be helpful,” I said, trying to stay optimistic. “Having these will help prove our case when we tell my him.” I motioned to mine and Skyler’s cocks.

“Yeah, sure. Well, good luck! We will meet you at the car.” Tyler stated. I nodded and left the room to head towards class.

Walking to class was a long process. I was trying to take it slow and ensure that the saddle bag stayed strategically placed. I was mentally doing a happy dance when I finally walked into the building. Now just a couple of classrooms down the hall and then I could take my seat. No problems.

“Take that Tyler,” I stated as I triumphantly walked down the hallway. Got here without any issue. I looked at the clock on my phone. “Right on time, too.” I knew I could get to class without any issues…

Uh oh… an issue.

There leaning against the wall by the doorway to Mr. Ryan’s classroom was Michael, waiting for me. He was wearing different clothes now, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He had clearly regained control and was keeping the growth at bay again. Seeing me, Michael’s eyes lit up.

“Hey, Jo,” he smiled. “Long time no see. I wasn’t sure you were going to show up.”

“Michael? What are you doing here?” I asked, feeling a little flustered. No, I need to stand my ground. “You finally remember that college is about going to classes, not having the biggest dick?”

He just laughed. “I thought you liked my big dick,” he grinned. He eyeballed the bag I was carrying. “Looks like it’s a little more about having a big cock then you are letting on. My saddle bag looks good on you, but I’d much rather see what lies beneath.”

Fuck you, Michael. Getting my penis all hard again. Its was hard enough getting into class with this thing to now have to deal with a growing erection.

“Why are you here?” I asked again.

“Well, last I saw you, you have me convinced that you were going to join me,” Michael said, crossing his arms. “But as things started to really heat up, you disappeared.” The crotch on his shorts suddenly inflated to the size of an softball. Michael didn’t even seem to notice or even care. “You don’t want to join me? Fine. That’s your loss, but I need to know where that quarry is.”

That’s what this is about? The quarry again? “Listen, Michael. I don’t know where it is. Sam and Dean were the ones who drove us there. I was just towed along, a little more concerned with my insane diesel sized cock and trying not to cum again than paying attention to the sights.”

“Well where are Sam and Dean then?” He asked.

So Michael doesn’t know about Sam and Dean’s place. That’s good. “Sam lives in the dorms and Dean is in off campus housing. Some frat house thing.”

Michael moved off of the wall and stepped closer to me. “I wish you would be my partner,” he said. “But I will get to level six and beyond with or without you. I need that quarry. You will find out where it is and tell me or I will start making your college experience more…complicated.”

What does that mean?

“Josh, please come have a seat,” came a familiar voice. It was Mr. Ryan. He was standing in the doorway to usher me inside. “We are going to get started.”

“Coming, Mr. Ryan,” I said, not losing eye contact with Michael.

“Oh, and thanks again for the coffee, Michael,” Mr. Ryan added before returning to his classroom.

My eyes went wide with horror.

“You know where to find me when you find out where it is,” Michael smirked. “And I do hope that you change your mind,” he purred before placing his hand underneath the saddle bag and feeling my hard cock through the denim. He gave me a wink and sauntered off down the hall.


Part 69

“Mr. Ryan!” I called after him as he walked towards to front of his class.

“Yes, Josh?” He said, continuing forward.

“How do you know Michael?” I asked. I hoped that I wasn’t coming off as panicked as I felt.

“I don’t know him,” he said. “He introduced himself and paid for my coffee at the vending machine. Very nice. I think two came out when he bought his.”

“Did he…uh…do anything to the coffee?” I asked feeling stupidly awkward.

“He handed it to me. Now, please find your seat,” Mr. Ryan said.

I sighed and sat in my regular seat. Sam’s seat next to me was still empty. It seemed like he wasn’t going to show, which was even more frustrating now that I was itching to tell somebody about what had just happened. I looked back up front, seeing the steaming paper cup sitting on Mr. Ryan’s desk. Would Michael really do that? I wasn’t sure. I guess I don’t really know this new Michael very well. He’s not the same person I hung out with for years. I bit my bottom lip feeling nervous.

Mr. Ryan started lecturing but I wasn’t listening. I was too lost in my own thoughts. What if I go up there and maybe knock it over by accident? That way, it’s safe regardless of it being tampered with. Ugh, but I can’t draw attention to myself and cause a scene either. I have a massive, conspicuous chubby pressed against my thigh right now. Anyone noticing my cock that reaches my knee is going to have some questions and I would blow my low profile.

“…Erection, Josh,” Mr. Ryan said, snapping my attention back to reality.


“When was the erection of this pyramid?” He asked, pointing to the image on the screen. “I’ve asked you three times now. Are you paying attention?”

“I’m sorry,” I said, shrinking back. “I wasn’t.”

Mr. Ryan shook his head and moved to his desk, picking up his coffee cup. I clenched my teeth as he took a sip. He set the cup back down and continued with his lesson.

I have stared at Mr. Ryan before. His nice pecs, bulging biceps, his muscular back, but I don’t know that I have ever stared so intently at his crotch as I was now. I needed to know. Any sign of his cock growing. But there was nothing. There was no movement in that region whatsoever.

I knew he wouldn’t do that. Michael would not go so far to…wait…was that a twitch? I watched his crotch intensely. As Mr. Ryan talked, he moved to his desk to take another sip. As he set his cup back down, it was clear that his pants were somewhat tightening. It wasn’t extreme, but the fabric has become slightly pulled in that area.


I shot my hand up instinctively. “Yes, Josh?” Mr. Ryan called on me, but I had nothing to say. I don’t know why I threw my hand up. To distract him? Think, Josh, think

“Umm…I forget.” Nice. Home run.

Mr. Ryan gave me a weird look before reaching for his coffee again. I grasped the sides of my desk as he took his sip. He then smacked his lips a little bit showing that he felt the taste was a little off, but set it back down anyways.

Just as last time, Mr. Ryan’s pants appeared to get even tighter as his crotch filled out fuller. Creases in his slacks appeared where his crotch was pushed forward. He absent mindedly adjusted himself, not realizing what was actually going on. I needed to do something. If he drank anymore of that, we were going to have a real problem on our hands.

I looked around the room. No one else seemed to notice. They were scribbling down notes or playing solitaire on their laptops.

“Alright, class, we are going to let out a little early today,” Mr. Ryan said. “When we meet next week, please have chapter 9 read.” The class starting packing up their things and excitedly chatting as they exited. “Josh, if you would please stay after class,” he said.

Crap. I should have just listened to Tyler and Skyler and skipped class today.

All the other students had emptied out until just myself and Mr. Ryan remained. I hadn’t moved from my desk. Mr. Ryan’s walked back towards me and propped himself up on the desk in front of me, his damn coffee cup in hand.

“What’s going on?” He asked me. “You seem off today.”

“What do you mean?” I said, eyeing the cup.

“Your just not yourself,” he answered. “Is everything okay?” The way he was seated was ridiculous. It was like he knew what was going on and was toying with me. He had one leg perched up on the desk while the other braced himself on the floor, as he was doing one of those sit lean things. It gave me a clear view of his groin.

Then an idea struck me. “You know I am a little off today,” I said. “I was a little behind this morning and didn’t get my caffeine. You know how that is.” I nervously averted my gaze. “I have a weird request…can I just have the rest of your coffee?”

“My coffee?” He asked. “I already drank out of it.”

“I know,” I said. “It doesn’t bother me.”

Mr. Ryan raised an eyebrow at me and stood up from the desk. “That’s a little weird,” he said. “If you need to borrow some change I don’t mind getting you one from the vending machine. Pay it forward, right?”

Dang it. Okay, plan b. “My dad was asking about you,” I lied. Fingers crossed that the moment I saw at the museum between them was legit

Mr. Ryan smiled and blushed. “Really?”

Score! “Yes. He was saying that he really enjoyed talking to you the other day. I think he would like it if you showed up at his work and maybe said hi. I’m just saying.”

Mr. Ryan seemed to become rather embarrassed. “I don’t know how appropriate…-you think he likes me?”

“I know he does,” I lied again.

“…okay. Maybe I will.”

“Great,” I smiled. “So…your coffee?”

“Oh,” Mr. Ryan said. “Uh, sure. Here I guess.” He handed me his cup. “You sure you don’t want to just get a fresh one of your own?” He asked.

“No, this is perfect.” I grinned, miming a cheers with the cup. “Thank you so much and see you next week,” I said as I stumbled around trying to get up while covering my bulge with the saddle bag in one hand and holding the coffee in the other. “I will see you next week, Mr. Ryan! Thank you!” I called as I ran out of there.


Part 70

As planned, I met the twins at their car in the parking lot. I had ditched the coffee cup as I raced from class, but outside there was a note waiting for me that I’m sure was left by Michael.

“There’s more coffee where that came from,” read Tyler before he handed me back the note.

“And it was just laying there on the ground at the door?” Skyler asked.

“Yeah!” I was mortified. “It’s clearly a threat from Michael! I’m sure of it. He really wants to find the quarry.”

“You still want to tell your dad?”

“Definitely,” I stated. “Now more than ever. He may be a target!”

Tyler opened the driver’s door and hopped in. Skyler road shotgun while I sat in the back. “I can’t believe your teacher is now effected,” he said as he turned the ignition. “If he’s as hot as you make him out to be, that must’ve been some sight to see.”

“We should probably tell him as well,” Skyler said. “You know, before he passes it on to anyone else by mistake.”

I clenched my fists in anger. “I can’t believe Michael did that. If we’re not careful we could have a full-on outbreak! No covering up the secret at that point.”

“Shit,” Tyler groaned. “The thought of all the guys on campus having giant cocks is starting to make me hard.”

“Just focus on the road,” Skyler said, his own member boning up.

“I’m sure we will be okay for now,” I said. “Mr. Ryan seems to have a thing for my dad so he probably won’t be spreading anything any time soon.” I watched the sights whir by as we hauled ass towards the museum. “You’re right though. We need to make sure things stay contained. So after this...I will speak to Mr. Ryan.”

“Speaking of contained,” Tyler said. “How are you two going to go through security while smuggling your twenty plus inches of cock?”

“They know me. We will be fine,” I said.

Skyler gave him a look. “You still bitter about last night?” he asked.

“No, I’m just surprised you didn’t both sit in the back so you could suck each others cocks again and add on a couple more inches.”

“Really!?” Skyler cried. “Is it because you want to suck my cock or Josh’s?!”

“That’s not even the point!” Tyler yelled.

The two of them started bickering back and forth. I’m not even sure why they were fighting to be honest. I guess things get complicated when you start fooling around with your twin brother because you can make each other’s dicks grow. However, their fighting was a nice distraction. Inside, I was freaking out. After all, not only did Michael just spike Mr. Ryan’s coffee with dick juice, but I was on my way to tell my dad that his son was a big dicked freak. That is not a conversation I was looking forward to.

They fought all the way up until Tyler pulled the car into the museum parking lot. They had somehow gotten into an argument now about an old boyfriend of Tyler’s and an incident involving a boy band t-shirt.

“My boyfriend lent me that shirt,” Tyler growled.

“Your boyfriend was an ass,” Skyler snapped.

“Guys, come on,” I said, finally stepping in.

“No, it’s okay, Josh,” Tyler stated in a tone that was clearly not okay. “Skyler is just upset because he never had a serious relationship.” He put the car into park as if to emphasize his point.

Skyler glared and unbuckled his seat belt. He turned around and climb over the middle counsel, moving into the back seat. I had no idea what he was doing but before I knew it, Skyler had unzipped my pants and shoved his hand down them.

“Uh oh, Tyler. You’re not invited! What are you going to do?”

“Guys...seriously...stop...” I said as Skyler snaked my cock out from my pant leg. I’m not going to lie though, my cock being freed from its confines was such a relief. However, being handled was causing it to stiffen.

Tyler looked back at us, his face hard and angry. Skyler giggled as he rubbed my long cock, causing it to get harder and stand straighter. “Oh yeah,” Skyler moaned mockingly. “Just like last night.”

“...Skyler...” I breathed. “Don’” Except I wanted him to. My swollen head glistened with pre. My cock, fully erect, bobbed right before my mouth. Skyler leaned over and kissed me before taking my member in between his lips. He bobbed his head up and down on my stiff shaft.

Tyler’s face became less like stone and more like a dazed dream as he watched. He rubbed his own hard cock through his pants as his brother continued to move his tongue over my cockhead and shaft. No one remembered the fight; even Skyler. It became all about the task at hand rather than actually mocking Tyler. For a moment I forgot all about my concerns and just reveled in the pleasure, leaning my head back against the headrest.

Without much warning, I came into Skyler’s mouth. I shot straight to the back of Skyler’s throat, causing him to gag. He let my cock go as the second shot came, this one coating the car’s ceiling. “Fuck!” I moaned as another fountain of cum erupted. It was dousing me. Strands of jizz dripped down from the soaked roof all around us. I came again, spraying the back of the driver’s seat.


Part 71

Tyler groaned up front as he came as well, the whole front of his pants now dark and damp. Skyler moaned as well, his cum splotch appearing at his knee of his pants.

I was breathing heavy as the orgasms slowed. “Fuck, Skyler!” I growled.

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “I was just trying to push Tyler’s buttons.”

“Oh, you pushed all the right ones,” Tyler laughed looking down at his cum soaked lap. “Listen, I’m sorry I got upset. I was just feeling a little left out.”

“I’m sorry too,” Skyler said. “It probably wasn’t cool fucking around with you sleeping right there in the room anyways.”

“Yeah, try the sock on the door knob,” he joked.

“Shit!” Skyler exclaimed.

“What?” Tyler asked, but I knew. The growth was starting.

I watched as Skyler’s right pant leg became more and more tight. He had straighten his leg totally out to allow his cock some growing room. Pressed tightly to the fabric, I could see his dick slowly stretch down past his knee towards his calf. “Too tight! It’s too tight!” Skyler exclaimed, panicked. I could hear the seam of his pant leg straining as his cock grew thicker. Skyler unbuttoned his pants but it did little to help now that his member was already reaching down his calf. It finally stopped just short of his ankle.

Tyler looked over his seat to see his brother’s new girth. “Not gonna lie to you,” he said. “Serves you right.”

“Fuck!” Skyler shouted as he pulled at the fabric of his right leg trying to give it more room or rip it or something.

“You’re pretty jammed in there,” Tyler said.

Skyler threw his head back and grunted as another wet splotch appeared at his ankle. Cum spurted from his pant leg all over his shoe and the floor of the car.

By the time he was finished we must have looked like quite the scene. Here we were, sitting in the museum parking lot looking like this. Tyler probably appeared the most normal and he had a giant cum puddle on his crotch and thighs. I, however, was covered in cum with my flaccid 20 inch cock draped across my lap, and Skyler had a cock reaching his ankle, looking like his had two legs shoved down there.

“Okay, this may be hard for us to get through security,” I sighed.

“Shit! I can’t believe I did that!” Skyler growled. “I’m sorry.” He looked like a sad puppy that was caught with a very, very big bone.

“It’s okay,” I stated. “We can take care of that later. For now maybe you should just stay here in the car.”

Skyler nodded, rubbing his gigantic member.

“You sure?” Tyler asked. “His big cock would help sell our story to your dad.” He reached back and gave his brother’s dick a pat.

“I think my 20 inches or so will do that just fine.” I opened the car door and stepped out. Tyler followed my lead. I turned back to Skyler who rolled down the window. “You going to be alright?” I asked him. “I don’t really know how long this is going to take.”

Skyler gave me the thumbs up. So, with that, we headed inside. As we walked up the museum’s steps, I tried to slick my hair back with my fingers so that my cum looked more like gel. Tyler pulled at his shirt to try his best to cover up his crotch splotch. Jesus...we probably looked terrible.

If we did look like a couple of cum-soaked nut jobs, the guard didn’t say anything. Neither did the front desk worker. Seeing me, they gave me a smile and said, “Hey, Josh.” Simple as that. We made it through the lobby towards the employee only entrance.

“Alright,” I said, turning to Tyler. “Keep your hands to yourself in here. Don’t touch anything.” He nodded his understanding. “My dad doesn’t know we are coming, and we usually can’t go back here. At least not with management knowing. Just keep your head down.”

“Copy that.”

I pushed through the door. It was relatively quiet back there today, which was a good thing for us now. I led us down the hallway towards the back room with the tablets. I figured if anywhere, that’s where my dad would be. The coast was pretty clear and we arrived at our destination quickly. The room still had the tablets but no father to be found.

“He’s not here,” I sighed.

“Well where else would he be?” Tyler asked.

“Maybe in the exhibit, by the statue,” I guessed.

“Oh good. I finally get to see the statue that started it all,” Tyler stated.

“As much as my father would have you think otherwise, it’s not much to look at,” I said.

“Bite your tongue!” came a voice. I turned to see my dad standing in the doorway with his hands on his hips. “Josh, what are you doing back here?”

“Oh, hey dad.” I looked back at Tyler. He nodded, signaling what for me to do what I had to do. “Dad, we gotta talk...”


Part 72

“Stop messing around,” my dad said after I’d explained, pshawing everything I had just said. “I got work to do, Josh, so please, if you just came here to goof off you have to leave.”

I growled. “I don’t think you understand how hard it was for me to tell you that, dad,” I stated. “My cock has grown. His cock has grown,” I pointed at Tyler. “Heck, there is three feet of cock waiting in the car! Your translations have been wrong! It’s not blood, it’s cum!”

My dad placed his hand behind his head and let out a whoosh of air. I know it was a lot to take in, your son saying his dick can grow and all. I get it. But you know what they say: seeing is believing.

Surprising even myself, I began to unbutton my pants. As my father shouted in protest, I snaked out the 20 inches of cock from my pant leg. I draped it in my hand and basically presented it to him.

“Holy fuck!” I’m not sure I had ever heard my father curse before now.

“There was a vial in the statue. I discovered it by mistake that first day and kept it hidden from you. It was a vial of cum. I stupidly drank it on a dare and now this happens when I or anyone else drinks my cum. And it spreads to others.”

“Tell him about the levels!” Tyler chimed.

“Oh yeah. We believe there are multiple levels, so to speak. Level one: like I said. Level two: your balls start to grow as well and just contact with the cum causes the growth. Level three: your muscles start to grow and your milk causes muscle growth. Level four: you grow every time you cum. And level five: you can revert and maintain normal size with concentration, but just cumming as well as drinking your own cum can no longer cause your own growth. That’s all we know so far. Oh, and cumming without contact and ingestion can revert your size and basically return you to previous levels as well, but more permanent than level five. Though once you hit level four, that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore, and it doesn’t do anything to fix the muscles. But that’s what the inscription meant with casting it to the earth! That’s how we are both level one again. We used to be level two and pretty damn big!”

My father was dumbfounded. Maybe it was too much to throw at him all at once. He looked like he was about to fall out. If he hadn’t found his way to a chair he very well may have. I stopped talking and rambling, waiting for a response.

“There’s three of us at level one. Well, four if you count Mr. Ryan,” I finally said to fill up dead air.

“Wait, your teacher?” My dad asked.

“Long story, but yeah. And I guess maybe one more if you also count Sam. His muscles are bigger and he produces the muscle milk but that is only because he’s been drinking his boyfriend’s milk. Sam does not grow his own muscles and his balls remain normal. So yeah, he’s level one. His boyfriend, though insanely muscular and much bigger, is only that way because he drank from Sam and Michael. He’s at level two. Oh! And I guess Henry and the security guard are at level one again as well. So that’s six level ones. And then lastly, Michael at level five. So nine all together.”

Shit, I was rambling again.

“Nine people?” My dad said in disbelief. His eyes were on my length. “Put that away,” he said.

“Sorry,” I said, blushing.

“I can’t believe this. There’s no way this is true,” he stated.

“It is!” Tyler exclaimed. He walked next to me and ran his pointer finger through my slicked back hair. Before I realized what he was doing he stuck his finger in my mouth. “Watch!” He said.

His finger tasted salty like cum. “Tyler!” I shouted and pushed his hand away.

“What? There’s no denying it when you witness it first hand, and your hair is still damp from the car.”

I felt the all too familiar tingle as my cock crawled further down my leg. It grew a couple of inches before stopping, my bulbous cockhead hanging heavy below my knees. If it wasn’t the two feet before, it sure was now.

My father watched, mouth agape. I would have been so embarrassed, my dick growing in front of him, if I weren’t getting turned on. God damn it, Tyler! My rod started chubbing up. I tucked it in my pants quickly before anything else happened. My pants were super tight with the new girth.

His hands covered his mouth and his eyes were wide.

“It’s true,” I said, trying to just move past it. “And we need your help to cure us.”


Part 73

“What the fuck, man!” I growled. We were back in the car heading back to campus. “I cannot believe you made my cock grow in front of my dad!”

Tyler shrugged his shoulders but kept his eyes on the road as he continued to drive. “Well, it worked, didn’t it?” he said. “He believes us.”

“Maybe I should have went in and then he really would have believed us,” Skyler said, sitting in the back. He had finally managed to free his enormous dong from his tightened pants at some point and it now was draped across the back seats. He sat right behind Tyler and his cock reached all the way to the other side of the car across the bench with shaft to spare.

I sighed. “He said he was going to look into a cure for us now knowing the mistaken translations. I think he was just happy to have a distraction given finding out his son has a growing dick.”

“I just hope he can figure something out,” Skyler said.

“Yeah, well, sorry for doing that to you,” Tyler stated. “That had to be hard standing there in front of your dad with your dick in your hand. You won’t see me telling my dad anytime soon. I’m sure same goes for three-footer back there.”

“Not sure how much an accountant could help us anyways,” Skyler added.

I turned around in the passenger’s seat to look back at Skyler. His thick meat jostled as we hit a bump in the road. Skyler actually had to stabilize it with his hand so that it didn’t drop to the floor. I could feel my own lengthy cock hardening in my pants just looking at it. “We need to get you back so you can take care of that thing.”

We made it back to campus and parked the car. Tyler got out to rummage his trunk for the emergency blanket for his brother to use to mask his giant appendage. I swear, it’s getting ridiculous how often we, myself included, have to smuggle our giant cocks in and out of these damn dorms. Or should I say these damn cocks. Kind of ruining my college experience here. Or is it enhancing? Can’t think about that as I am trying to hide this thing.

Tyler brought his brother the flannel he found. Skyler wrapped up his dick with the blanket, draping it in his arms so it looked like he was carrying a sack of a different kind. While my own dick reached down to my knee, I was able to just walk, albeit somewhat awkwardly, with it should down my pant leg. I tried to place my arm on my thigh strategically and have Tyler walk in front of me in attempts to hide as much as I could.

We made it to the dorm and up to the room without much problem. As soon as we got to my room and shut the door, Skyler dropped his package. It fell to the floor with a thud. He let out a sigh of relief. I did the same and collapsed onto my bed.

“Well, that was exhausting,” Tyler stated. “And I am thirsty. You have any bottled water?”

I leaned up from my bed. “Actually, I think I’m out,” I said. “You can check.”

“No problem. We have some in our room. You want one?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Me too,” Skyler chimed.

“No, you need to get started on getting that thing to a more manageable size,” he said, giving his brother’s cockhead a nudge with his foot. Tyler walked to the bathroom door and went through to their room, grabbing two water bottles from their mini fridge. He came back through and tossed me one. It was one of those nice bottles that they filled with a core for filling with fruit. This one had sliced lemons. “Get in there,” he thumbed toward the bathroom.”

Skyler sighed. “Fine.” He gathered up his cock and shuffled towards the door. He stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

“You did this to yourself!” Tyler called through the closed door. “Make sure you get don’t make too much of a mess!”

“Leave him be,” I said. I unscrewed the lid of my bottle and took a swig. “Mmm…this is good. Good call.”

Tyler nodded, and he sipped his own. “Hmm,” he said. “Tastes a bit different than usual. More tart maybe?”

I shrugged my shoulders and took another sip. “Tastes good to me.”

Skyler reopened the door and stood in the bathroom. He had a box in his hand and wore a puzzled look on his face.

“Your dick is still giant,” Tyler teased. “Get back in there.”

“Guys?” Skyler asked. “Why is there an empty sexual performance drug box in the bathroom?” He held up the box, confused.

Tyler and I looked at each other, also bewildered. I didn’t have anything like that so it must have come from the twins. Then it hit me. I gazed at my water bottle. “You didn’t…” I murmured, but sure enough I was feeling that all too familiar tingle in my groin and could feel my dick getting stiff.


Part 74

“I don’t know. Just throw it in the garbage and stop finding excuses to keep you from getting the job done,” Tyler said, taking another swig from his water bottle.

“Stop!” I yelled. “Don’t drink the water!”

Tyler raised an eyebrow at me. “What’s the problem?”

“The water!” I exclaimed. “I think it’s spiked!”

“Spiked?” Tyler doubted. “What are you talking abou—” he started, but clearly Tyler just felt the same sensation that I had. His head farted down, looking towards his crotch.

“You guys okay?” Skyler asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered as my tingling seemed to intensify. “I think that the sexual performance drugs are in the water bottles.” I could feel my cock pressing harder against my leg.

“How?” Skyler asked.

My pants became tighter and tighter. Perhaps a little too tight for my cock just stiffening. In fact, I was feeling somewhat pained. I looked back down and sure enough, my dick was farther down my thigh than I remembered. Its thick girth pulsed as it pressed against the bend of my knee, trying to find room to expand further. “Shit! I’m growing!” I exclaimed.

“Fuck! I am too!” Tyler cried as he stumbled around to unbutton his pants.

I scrambled to undo my pants as well. Quickly, I peeled them off and threw them to the side. My long cock now freed rose higher and higher. It reached up to my chest, at least four or so inches more than it had before. “Oh fuck…” I breathed. My cock was stiff and erect but it still seemed to be hardening.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Tyler yelled as he continued trying to rip off his jeans. Finally he got them off. Unlike me, he was wearing underwear. (I found that when you have a foot to two-foot cock coiled in your trousers, underwear becomes an unnecessary hassle. If you ever grow a two-foot dick, believe me you’d agree.) His growing cock was wrapped down between his legs towards his ass. His erection was pressing against the taught fabric, pulling his electric waistband away from his body, and the base of Tyler’s shaft started coming into view. He pulled his underwear off and his cock slapped against his stomach. He sighed in relief, but he was far from satiated.

I could feel the heat radiating from my member. It shook, wanting to be touched so badly. I was suddenly so fucking horny. Sweat started to bead of my face. Slowly, I lifted my hand and moved it towards my shaft. I shuddered when my fingers made contact. “Uunnnhh…oh, god…”

Tyler licked his lips, staring at my giant erection. “I need to fuck,” he groaned.

“Shit, you guys!” Skyler panicked. Seeing our sweaty naked bodies and our stiff cocks reaching up in the air, his own monstrous dick beginning to lift off the ground. He was also getting turned on by the whole thing.

Tyler saw Skyler standing there mouth agape over my shoulder. He quickly moved towards him and grabbed his brother’s giant boner with both hands. Tyler lifted it up and flung it in his brother’s face, knocking him backwards into the bathroom. He slammed the door, shutting Skyler inside. “You need to get out of here while you still can,” Tyler panted. He spun around, gazing at me with lust and desire. His chest fell up and down rhythmically as he breathed deeply. He looked at me with hunger in his eyes. I felt the same way.

Swiftly, Tyler moved forward and grabbed my stiff cock in his hands. His hard erection pressed into mine as he leaned into me. “Sorry,” he grunted. “But I need you.”

My cock was practically vibrating. I needed to cum immediately. Feeling Tyler’s hands on my throbbing dick was sending me into a sexual frenzy. It was the greatest feeling. That is until he bent his head down and took my swollen cockhead into his warm mouth. I whimpered as he took as much of my length as he could while humping me with his own impressive member.

I almost came instantly. While I moaned and pushed Tyler’s head down, my cock pulsed and spurted. Waves of cum rocketed down Tyler’s throat. I thrusted deeper causing his to gag as I came once, twice, three times. Tyler gulped and gulped, thirsty for more. Seven times, eight, nine. As Tyler kept guzzling, I could feel his length pressing harder into me as he started to grow. I couldn’t look down to see it, but it was clear that Tyler’s dick was getting bigger and bigger.

As I started to slow down, Tyler popped my cock out of his mouth and licked the spittle from his lips. He stepped back and moaned as his erection stretched up further. He threw his head back and grasped his own shaft with both his hands. A smile spread across his face as he recognized his new girth. He lowered his head to look, finding his plump cockhead not far from his mouth.

Tyler moved back towards me. His cock now rivaled mine. He pressed against me again, this time knocking me to the floor. He knelt down, straddling me and rubbing his entire length slowly. “So fucking horny,” Tyler groaned. He then stroked my cock with one hand and his own with the other. I watched as Tyler licked his glistening cock, gently tonguing his flared glands. He then took his dick into his mouth, his eyes rolling back into his head.

With his mouth full, Tyler began to let out a muffled moan. I could see his shaft physically pulse as he pumped his first load. His balls seized up as load after load was shot. Splashes of cum erupted from Tyler’s lips and onto his face as he tried to swallow as fast and as much as he could. Some splashed down onto my stomach and chest.

Tyler strained his neck as he worked on keeping his growing cock in his mouth. His shaft began to bow forward while he did his best to force it to remain in place. Finally he couldn’t keep it in his mouth any longer. It was becoming too long and thick. Tyler let it go and his cock sprung from his lips with a pop. Cum sprayed in an arch against the wall behind me.

His cock waved slightly side to side in front of his face. Tyler’s massive schlong now reached higher than his head. Tyler moved his looming cock aside and peered down at me, licking his lips. He was so fucking, crazy hot right now. The lust in his eyes was mesmerizing. I wanted him to ravage me.

Tyler remained on top of me as he reached behind him. I couldn’t tell what he was doing from my angle, and his big cock was sort of my main focus of attention any way. I was basically drooling watching it bob above Tyler’s head, precum glistening and dripping down the puffy, engorged shroom.

He turned back around with his spiked water bottle in hand. He smirked, eyes hazy, as he tipped it back and guzzled down its contents. Gulp after gulp, he was chugging the water. I watched as the level in the bottle got lower and lower until there was nothing left and he cast it aside.


Part 75

“Oh fuck…yes…” Tyler groaned breathlessly. He continued to moan in ecstasy as I watched his cock grown once again. Tyler’s shaft grew outward first, becoming thicker and wider. It seemed to be getting even harder than before if that was possible. He grabbed his monster dick with both hands as it stretched higher above his head. It soon became too heavy to remain upright and fell forward. It would have slammed on top of me if it hadn’t been so big that it thumped against the wall behind me instead, stopping it from crashing down any further and splashing the wall with a spray of pre.

As Tyler sat there, messaging his newly grown member, I started to shift out from under him. With his growth spurts he had become heavier but I managed to squirm out. I threw my arm around his thick shaft to help pull me upright. Tyler’s big cock slid down the wall in the process, falling over with a loud thud and leaving a trail of pre behind it.

I climbed up onto Tyler’s dick, straddling it like a log. I looked into Tyler’s eyes. They seemed to be glazed over, like he was in some sort of sex trance. Cum still was dripping down his face from when he sucked himself off. Tyler grabbed me and pulled my closer. Our lips met in a fury of passion and our tongues lashed in and out of each other’s mouths. I could taste the salty flavor of cum and felt the familiar tingle in my groin that came with it. As we continued to make out, I could feel my hard cock growing further up Tyler’s torso. Soon, my swollen cockhead was firmly sandwiched between our two chests.

Tyler took my rod in his hands. He traced my glands with his tongue before forced it deep down his throat. “Fuuuck!” I cried as he bobbed his head taking more of my long cock than I thought possible. I panted as Tyler’s enormous dick bucked beneath me while he sucked me as hard as he could, as if he was trying to drain me of all the cum I had.

“Oh my god…holy fuck…don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I whimpered. The first cum shot snuck up on me as it suddenly blasted down Tyler’s throat. After my first round of orgasms, you would think there was nothing left to give, but I found myself once again cumming gallons. Fourth shot, then fifth. Each shot as strong and formidable as the last. I started to lose count as I gave way to my own euphoria, just living in the moment of pure ecstasy.

Tyler held his stomach as it began to become bloated and bulge out. I was filling him. His eyes rolled back to the back of his head. Meanwhile, Tyler’s cock continued its growth spurt. It became thicker and bigger, pressing harder against the dorm room wall. He groaned as his balls filled with cum, inflating to the size of oranges, then cantaloupes.

I recognized that Tyler was growing at an alarming rate. I could feel his member expanding beneath me. I knew this was not good but part of me didn’t care. Part of me was ready for my turn, for Tyler to turn his attention on growing me to a more substantial size. I was ready to feel my enormous cock pulsing against the walls of the room, to be so large that I couldn’t touch the floor with my feet again. Bigger, bigger! Bigger than before! Bigger than ever!

Tyler found the other water bottle nearby and raised it up while wearing that same devilish grin. It’s tainted, spiked water sloshed around inside. It was my turn now! Tyler was going to feed me and make me grow massive like him! I could feel it! I licked my lips with anticipation.

Whether he actually intended on feeding me or chugging it down himself once again, I will never know because the bottle was smacked out of his hand and sent tumbling to the other side of the dorm room.

“Stop!” Skyler yelled. He may have been sporting a giant boner, but he managed to keep his wits about him, burst into the room and slap that bottle away from his brother. Skyler grabbed me under my arms and pulled me off of Tyler’s major monster cock.

“Grow…” I mumbled like a drunk in heat. “Sex…cock….grow…..”

“Snap out of it!” Skyler cried and he smacked me across the face.

“Ow!” I winced, rubbing my reddened cheek. “Dude, what the fuck?! What was that for?”

Skyler rolled his eyes and pointed at his brother. “Look,” he ordered.

I glanced over at Tyler. He was writhing on the floor, covered in cum and sweat. His dick was enormous and pulsing. His cockhead was bigger than my head and his shaft was as thick as my waist. It bucked around, like a fish out of water, spurting precum and bumping against the wall. He balls were like two basketballs between his legs. Tyler moaned as he rubbed as much of his cock as he could reach. It was clear he would cum at any moment.

“We are in trouble,” Skyler continued. “Tyler has reached level two again. If he cums in here, it’s over for all of us and we will be right back to where we were in the gymnasium!”

I watched as Tyler’s massive globe nuts constricted. It was coming! “What do we do?!” I panicked.

Skyler acted quickly, heaving up his brother’s huge, heavy schlong into his arms and dragged it towards the window. Skyler opened the pane and lobbed the swollen, red cockhead over the sill just in time. It spurted and blasted shot after shot as it hung outside.

“Fuuuuck!” Tyler cried as he continued to spray his seed to the ground below like a fire hose. He thrusted his hips, his massive anaconda shifting back and forth. Tyler’s shaft was so thick it lightly brushed the sides of window, like fucking the house itself. The scene was too much for us to handle and Skyler and I both started to cum as well. By the time we all settled down, everything and everyone was covered in a coat of sticky semen. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air.

“Holy shit, that was close,” I said, wiping the cum from my face. “Thanks for snapping me out of it.”

“I had to do something,” Skyler said. “Believe me, I wanted to join in.”

“Well, you saved all of us.” I looked back to see Tyler sleeping, passed out from all the craziness. His big dick still was hanging out the window. I looked down at my own dripping cock. It reached my ankles. “Shit, we all have some work to do to shrink back down before we can go anywhere.” Skyler nodded.

“Hey up there!” a voice called.

Skyler and I both turned towards the window where it seemed to have come from. Skyler grabbed his cock off of the floor and moved towards it. He leaned over Tyler’s member and looked outside. Down below, Skyler saw Michael standing in a big puddle of Tyler’s cum with a big smile on his face.

“Looks like someone made a mess,” Michael giggled.


Part 76

“Michael!” Skyler growled.

I didn’t have to hear Skyler yell his name to know it was him down there. I figured after his new antics it wouldn’t take long for him to show his face. This was pretty quick though. But I would always recognize that voice.

“Hey there,” Michael called up to us. “Is Jo home? Is that his giant cock hanging out the window?”

I moved to the window and joined Skyler leaning over Tyler’s massive schlong. There he was. Michael. The guy who abducted me. Seeing me, he gave a flirty wave.

“Hey, Jo!” He smiled. “So then I take it that’s the other twin’s giant dick that just gave me a cum shower. That’s too bad. I’m still kinda hoping that you will change your mind and join me.”

“Why did you spike their water!?” I yelled angrily. “You have to stop messing with us! This shit is serious!”

“I told you I was going to start making your life complicated,” Michael shrugged. “That is until you tell me where the quarry is.”

“I told you I don’t know! Sam and Dean where the ones who got us there!” I reiterated.

“What about you, mini-twin?”

“Skyler. And it’s true. We don’t know.”

Michael sighed. “Well, Dean and Sam aren’t where you said they’d be. So that leaves me with quite the problem.”

“Just go look for the damn thing!” Skyler shouted. “If you put as much energy into that as you have with screwing around with us, you probably would have found it on your own by now!”

“Maybe,” Michael smiled. “But I have to admit, this is kind of fun.”

Skyler pulled back into the dorm room and crossed his arms. “Maybe we should just let him have the stupid quarry,” he stated. “At least then he will leave us alone.”

I pushed off of Tyler’s cock and stood back up as well. “Yeah, but who knows what could happen if he reaches the next level. This has already gotten out of hand. I can only imagine what kind of mess we would be in then.”

“Well, clearly he isn’t going to stop until he gets what he wants. We have to do something,” Skyler said. He returned back to the window and gasped. “He’s gone!”

I leaned back over Tyler’s cock once again and saw the puddle of cum now alone and empty without anyone standing in it. I squinted my eyes and grimaced. “Damn him,” I muttered.

“Seriously,” Skyler said, sounding a little panicked. “We have to do something. I can’t continue like this worrying that Michael’s going to mess with me where ever I go. What happens when I explode out of my pants in class or have an unexpected growth spurt at lunch all because he spiked something else?”

Skyler was right. We had to do something.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tyler sat on the ground eating a bag of potato chips. After all the energy he had burned through he was feeling really hungry. His legs were splayed to allow room for his basketball sized balls while his log of a cock snaked across the ground, through the bathroom door and into the shower. Every once in a while he would stop chewing his chips and groan as he moved his hips and his dick and balls lurched, spraying another massive load against the shower walls. Then either myself or Skyler would go and turn the shower head on to help wash it all down the drain.

“Sorry about how I acted,” Tyler said after I came back into the room from washing down a particularly large load in the shower. I didn’t mind when it was my turn to spray Tyler’s cock down because I usually ended up cumming as well in the process, and I too had some length I needed to get rid of. We all did.

“As I said before, it wasn’t your fault. It was Michael.”

Skyler nodded, grabbing a chip from his brother’s bag. He had been doing his best to cum into the jugs from the twins’ room to reduce his size as well. It wasn’t easy and he was causing quite the mess but at least he wasn’t level two so it wasn’t that big a deal. I was, however, having flashbacks to when I caught Michael sneaking all that cum in their dorm room. Skyler chomped down on his chip before saying, “that’s why we are getting out of here.”

We had decided that the best course of action was to leave campus for a couple of days and head home. I would go to my dad’s house while the twins would go to their parents’ place. In order to that we had to take care of our ginormous cocks first. I was less concerned about me because my dad was already aware of what was going on, but we felt it was better to leave the twins’ parents out of it. I looked at Tyler’s cock that still reached all the way into the bathroom while he sat in here against the wall…we had some work to do.

“You going to make the call?” Skyler asked me. I looked over to my cell resting on my desk and sighed. How fucking awkward.

Let me explain. We decided that going to our houses was a good way to get away from having to worry about Michael lurking around while also getting to clear our heads so that we could figure out next steps. However, Skyler brought up a good point. Before we duck out, there were some people that we had to warn first. Namely Sam, Dean, and Mr. Ryan. Sam and Dean were easy, and we needed to share how Michael could revert his size at his current level anyways because it may help Dean’s situation. We just needed to make sure we weren’t spotted heading there. However, Mr. Ryan was a whole other story.

Could you imagine? You are a teacher and a student of yours strolls on over and starts talking to you about growing penises. How embarrassing! And there has to be something illegal in there somewhere. And what would I say? Hey Mr. Ryan, so you may or may not have noticed that your dick is bigger…mine too. That only happened because that coffee you drank had some cum in it. That’s a police call if I’ve ever heard one.

So what we landed on was asking my dad to tell him. Mr. Ryan seemed to like him and so we figured maybe it would go down smoother if he heard it from him…? I don’t know. What other choice did we have? We had to tell him one way or another. Not only to watch his back but there’s the potential that he could unknowingly pass it on and start an epidemic! The cat would be out of the bag then for sure, and I don’t want to make any kind of judgements on Mr. Ryan’s sex life. But from experience, I do know that it can get out of hand fast.

So, like a good son I was passing the buck off to my dad. I grabbed the phone and dialed him. It rang a couple of times before he picked up.

“Hey, Josh. Is everything okay?” he asked. He sounded a little nervous like I was going to drop another unbelievable bomb on him.

“Everything is fine,” I said, trying to sound as reassuring as I could.

My dad breathed an audible and lengthy sigh of relief. “Okay good. Well, I started investigating straight away since you left using the new information you gave me. Now that I know the truth, the tablets sure do take a whole other meaning.”

I figured I should let him talk a bit about his research. It was his coping after all. So i just listened and nodded my head.

“So the part that said ‘release blood to restore king’ actually says ‘release… semen… to restore king’.” It was clear he was a little embarrassed to say that to me. “That makes sense now because that is what you had said in regards to reverting to a more normal size. Casting it to the earth, right?” He seemed to start having a little more excitement in his voice. “It’s going to take more time with this new information but I’m hopeful.”

“That’s great, dad,” I said. “We really do appreciate you helping us with this. I know it’s kind of crazy to think about.”

“It is crazy,” he agreed. “But I’m glad you told me.”

Skyler gave me a look and motioned for me to hurry it up.

I turned away. “Listen,” I started to say.

“Uh oh,” my dad stated. “Any sentence that starts with ‘Listen’ means trouble. What’s going on, Josh?”

“Nothing! I swear! I just kind of have a little, tiny favor to ask you. You know, if you don’t mind and aren’t too busy, but it is kind of important but I understand if you don’t want to, but it really should get done, but I’ve already put so much on your shoulders as it is..”

“Josh, you’re rambling. Spit it out.”

I clenched my face before saying, “We need to tell Mr. Ryan what happened to him. It’s the right thing to do but it would be really weird a creepy coming from me. Would you be the one to tell him?” I said that whole thing in one breath.

Tyler moaned behind me as a he came again into the shower, breaking the tension. I covered the receiver so my father didn’t hear.

“You think it would be less weird and creepy coming from me?” he asked, causing me to grimace. I figured it was too much to ask. My dad let out another audible sigh. “I guess coming from a student would be problematic. And you are right, he needs to know.” I held my breath, waiting. “All right, I will contact him. Maybe I can talk about archeology and then work it in there somehow…”

“Oh, thank you so much, dad!” I exclaimed and turned giving Skyler and Tyler a thumbs up. “We owe you big time!” And then I hung up, partly out of excitement and the other part not allowing my dad the time to talk himself out if it. Like I said, good son.

“Thank goodness,” Skyler said. “Now back to this.” He did his best to point his cock at the jug’s small opening.

“Dude, give it up. You’re making a damn mess. Just go cum in the sink or toilet or something.”


Part 77

We all managed to lose some of the length and girth of our cocks. Maybe not as much as we should have before deciding to head out, but we were getting tired of waiting and wanted to get the ball rolling. I managed to get my cock back up to my knee while Skyler managed to get his up off the floor and to his knees as well. The main concern, Tyler, was able to get back down to level one and return to about where his brother Skyler was before. Not the easiest thing to hide but at least no longer a concern in terms of growing everyone around him with his cum. We figured we would give the jugs a try in the back seat and let him fill those up so we could take it to the road. The twins’ car was already a mess anyways.

We left at nightfall so that is was dark outside. We figured that would be the easiest to avoid Michael seeing our movements. Tyler carried his member, coiled in his arms while Skyler and my own were packed into our pants good and tight.

We kept our pace brisk, keeping to the shadows as we made our way to the car. We quickly made it to the parking lot, jumped in, and took off. First stop: Sam and Dean’s place.

We pulled up to the house and Skyler and I scurried to the front door. We were still on alert. Better safe than sorry. We knocked on the door and waited for Sam to answer, still looking over our shoulders.

The door cracked open with Sam standing in the doorway. We had called ahead so he was expecting us. “Hey guys,” he said. “What was so urgent that you couldn’t say over the phone? Where’s Tyler?”

“He’s waiting in the car,” Skyler answered. “He is a little bit busy taking care of something.”

“Okay,” Sam said, knowing better than to question it further. “Well, c’mon in.”

Sam ushered us inside. Part of me was a little nervous because it seemed like every time we came to their house things got a little bit out of control one way or another. Like a sexy grow house of a different nature.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” I said as he closed the door behind us. “To be honest I wasn’t sure what we would be walking into.”

He laughed. “Yeah.” He gave a spin so we could see him from all directions. “See? Nothing’s changed.” He was the same muscly, hot-bodied Sam that we had left last time. His pecs were still solid. His arms big and bulging. And speaking of bulging, that package! But all in all, same Sam.

“Good for you,” Skyler said. “I guess we weren’t as disciplined.” He adjusted his knee length member beneath his pants. “Don’t know how you and Dean stay cramped up in here all day every day without slipping up.”

“Well…” Sam began. He grinned. “I haven’t changed but I didn’t say anything about Dean.”

My face dropped. “Oh, god. You didn’t. What happened?”

Sam motioned for us to follow him and he lead us to where we last saw Dean cramped up in the bedroom. When we got to the door, we saw what Sam was referring to. Dean was ridiculously enormous before and now he seemed even bigger!

His tiny head was surrounded by walls of pure muscle. His traps and back were so tall that they just about brushed the ceiling. His pecs has inflated even larger, if that was possible. They were so big and hung so low that I couldn’t even see his abs anymore. They rested on his mountainous thighs and engorged balls, his dripping nips now the size of my head. Dean’s shoulders were so broad that there was hardly any room left inside. His arms were two gigantic mounds of muscle, unable to even bend. The only thing that hadn’t grown seemed to be his cock, which still went all the way up the wall, across the ceiling to the other side.

“What the hell, Sam!” I chastised. “You said you had it under control!”

He crossed his arms and furrowed his brow. “You try to not do anything when the poor guy can’t even move! Dean likes to drink my milk and he was past the point of no return a while ago. Get off my back!” Sam shot.

“It’s fine,” came Dean’s muffled voice from inside the room. “Don’t get mad at him. I like it.”

Sam shot me another look as if to say he told me so. “All right, guys,” Skyler interjected. “We came here for a reason.”

I took a deep breath and nodded. “We came here to tell you that Michael is back and he has been causing some problems in order to get us to tell him where the quarry is.”

“What?” Sam said, uncrossing his arms and softening. “Why?”

“He is at level 5, which caused him to no longer be able to grow himself with his own cum. He needs the cum of others who have been infected to continue growing.”

“Jesus…” Sam said with wide eyes.

“We just wanted to warn you both. We are heading home for a couple of days to get away from him for a bit so we can come up with a better plan.,” I continued.

Skyler nodded. “Yeah, and Josh’s dad knows now and is helping us find a cure.”

Sam looked at his immobile boyfriend and smiled. “Well, that’s good news. It would be nice to be able to leave the house again.”

“As much as I enjoy you growing me, I wouldn’t mind being able to take you on a proper date,” Dean added, giving Sam a wink from way up top.

Good. He hasn’t totally lost his mind and gone grow crazy. But I guess while he is grossly huge, he is technically only still at level 2.

“That’s the other thing we needed to tell you,” I started. “At level 5, Michael has the ability to revert to his normal size. All of him, muscles and all.”

Sam’s eyes went wide again but this time with excitement. “What?! Really?!” He looked back at Dean.

“It’s not a cure,” I told him. “Apparently it takes a lot of concentration to keep his growth at bay and remain normal sized, but it could at least help Dean in the time being until we find something more permanent.”

“You hear that, Dean?!” Sam exclaimed. “We are getting you out of here!”

“The only thing is, Dean, you are at level 2 and because of the muscle growth you are already this big,” Skyler said. “As you know, at level 3 your muscles start growing along with your cock. And we need to get you all the way to level 5. Remember how big we all got when you had to tow us to the quarry. That was still level 2. Michael was the only one to reach level 3.”

“I’m ready,” Dean said self assuredly.

That’s when Sam spoke up with an idea. “The quarry!” He announced.

“What about it?” I asked.

“What if we used the quarry for Dean? I bet that would get him to level 5 in no time!” Use it up before Michael had a chance? That actually wasn’t a bad idea. “We could get the truck like last time and drive him over there!”

I looked at Skyler who shrugged his shoulders, and we both seemed to agree. “Okay,” I finally stated. “We will help you guys, but we are going to have to break Dean out of here similar to how we busted out of the gymnasium. That’s going to be hard to do without getting noticed. You guys do live in a residential area now.”

“Two days from now there is a big football game on campus in the evening. Some rival school,” Skyler offered.

Sam lit up. “Yes! And though a residential area, everyone around here are college students renting for off campus housing. I bet this will be a ghost town!”

“All right. Then we will all meet up back here in two days and break him out,” I said.

Sam seemed really happy to have some sort of progress for Dean. He was practically beaming with joy. This would be good for him too, as he’s missed a lot of classes now.

“All right, well, we are going to head out,” I said. “See you both later, and stay out of trouble.”

“Hey, there’s no reason we can’t get things started now,” Dean called. Sam grinned and waved goodbye to us before walking into the bedroom and scaling up his boyfriend. He crawled across the expanse of Dean’s dense pecs while unbuttoning his tight pants and releasing his stiffening cock. As he brought his dick to Dean’s mouth, Dean smiled and shook his head. Sam knew what that meant. Instead he leaned over and Dean began suckling at Sam’s tit.


Part 78

I walked into my house and threw my keys onto the table. The inside was dark and all the lights were off.

“Hello,” I called out and waited to hear a response. “Dad?”

Nothing. I turned the switch on the lamp for some light and kicked off my shoes. Seemed like he wasn’t home. Kinda late for him to be out, but he was probably knee deep in his research at the museum. Probably should have called ahead. At least I still had my keys to let myself in.

I looked back out the window and saw that the twins had already driven away. Lucky my house wasn’t too far out of the way from theirs. I need to remember to give them some gas money.

The stairs creaked as I stepped up them. I walked past my dad’s room. It was empty and dark as well. I made it to my old bedroom down the hall and crossed my fingers that he hadn’t changed it into some sort of archeologist research study or something. I could totally see him filling it up with dusty tomes and ancient artifacts or something, creating a museum of his own. With a slight push, the door swung open and I flicked the light switch inside.

I breathed a sigh finding my room exactly as I left it. My bookshelf still held all of my old young adult novels I had loved to read. My stuffed teddy bear that I grew up with sat on my bed. It looked like I was just here yesterday. I walked to my cork board I had hanging all the wall near my dresser. It was covered in pictures of when I was younger. My eyes fell onto one of me and Michael. We were both leaning on each other with big smirks on our faces. I don’t remember exactly what we were doing but i did know it was during summer break years ago.

Moving past that, I sat into my bed and leaned back onto my pillow. I didn’t realize it before but I had missed this room. The simple times before college and before all this mess. As I laid there, I remembered something and leaned over reaching in between my mattress and the box spring. Sure enough it was still there. I pulled out my old dirty magazine that I kept hidden.

I smirked as I read the title: Inches. On the cover there was some hot dude with a nice body and a nice sized cock in his hands. I remembered spending many a night flipping through these pages. The only computer we had was downstairs and my dad kept a pretty close eye on the browser history. I didn’t want to take any chances so I opted for the old school magazine option. I used to think that this guy had such a giant dick. Bigger than any I had ever seen, that’s for sure. I looked down at my own bulge and laughed. This guy had nothing on me. Maybe I should get into the modeling business. Or would it be the porn business?

Without even realizing it, I found myself gently stroking my member through my clothes. I was starting to get turned on just thinking about how I was now bigger than the cover man of Inches Magazine. He paled in comparison to my own. On the side of the cover it said ‘Ten Inch Monster’. “Ten inches, huh?” I scoffed. How big was I now actually? I had to know.

I rummaged through my side table looking for the tape measure. I had to be in there. I used to be obsessed about size and kept it to measure myself. Aha! There it is. I pulled it out and then undid my pants. With a slap, my stiffening cock sprang up to hit my stomach. Fully hard, my cockhead rested on my chest. I ran the tape measure down my length until I hit the base. My eyes gazed at the number. 18 inches.

“Fuck!” I cried, throwing the tape measure to the floor and grabbing my big dick with both hands. My member pulsed in my hands as I pumped, double fisted. Eight inches bigger than my fantasy man from high school. Than the cover of Inches. That’s bigger by more inches than I even had altogether back then.

I turned over and started humping my bed, pressing my hard cock into the sheets. The magazine laid near my pillow. I pressed my thick, swollen head against it, leaving precum smeared across the guy’s sultry face. He’s so tiny, I thought. Why do they think his little ten inch pecker is so big. You want to be big? I’ll make you big! I pressed my steel member harder into it, creasing the pages.

The eruption finally came and I sprayed the magazine with such force that it slid away from me and pressed up against the headboard. I cried out and braced myself as another wave of cum came shooting forward. It splashed across my bed and pillow, soaking them. Load after load exploded forward, painting the wall and blankets. My side table got covered. It dripped down to my carpet. Nothing was safe.

By the time I was spent I had to have came a dozen or so times. My room was drenched and the magazine was done for. Realizing the scene I was standing in, I knew I had to clean this up before my dad got home. Not even bothering to get dressed, I ran to the upstairs bathroom and grabbed some towels. My still semi-erect cock led the way. I grabbed an arm load of towels and returned to my room, throwing them on my bed and floor to soak up the puddles of spunk. I then used a towel to clean myself off and finally put my clothes back on. As always, shoving my big cock into my pants was the hard part but I managed. After I was dressed, I made my way back to the bathroom for another pile of towels when I heard a noise from downstairs.

It sounded like someone was in the house.


Part 79

“Dad?” I called out as I slowly moved down the stairs. I peered over the banister, down into the living room. I didn’t see anyone there. It looked just as I had left it with only the one lamp turned on, casting shadows that now managed to look a bit creepier than before. I padded down the steps, instinctively remembering where all the creaks were. I avoided them just like I was sneaking around in high school.

There didn’t seem to be anyone here. Did I hear anything at all before or was it my imagination? I couldn’t help but worry that Michael had followed me. It’s not like my house was a secret since we grew up together. His house was just a couple of streets away. Maybe this was a stupid idea. I wonder if I should have just stayed at the twins’ place with them.

“…Michael?” I whispered. “Are you here?” I felt silly and paranoid saying it.

Then I heard a bump come from the other room. My heart had practically skipped a beat and I almost jumped out of my skin. There it was again. No, someone or something was in here. And it was coming from the dining room.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and crept through the living room towards the entry way of the dining room. I pressed against the wall next to the entrance and held my breath. Slowly I moved my head around the corner to look inside.

That’s when I saw it, something I could never unsee. I stepped out into the doorway with my mouth agape. I wanted to turn away but I couldn’t seem to. I just stared.

There was my dad in the dining room on his knees, without his pants. It may have been the back of his head bobbing up and down but I could tell it was him. He was face first in someone’s lap, a pair of legs draped over his shoulders. Whoever my father was sucking off was leaning against the dining room table with their head thrown back, panting and moaning with pleasure. I couldn’t tell who it was at first but the person lifted his head and I found myself staring down Mr. Ryan.

Mr. Ryan’s eyes went wide with surprise seeing me standing there and his moaning stopped. Noticing, my dad lifted his head up and released Mr. Ryan’s big, wet cock from his mouth. It sprung back, slapping against Mr. Ryan’s abs. He followed Mr. Ryan’s gaze and looked over his shoulder seeing me as well. He looked like you would imagine any father would look having been caught by his son with his pants down, literally, with his son’s professor’s cock in his mouth.

We all kind of stood there for a moment, staring at each other. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. I also couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from Mr. Ryan’s thick, veiny cock pulsing on his abdomen.

Mr. Ryan saw me staring and traced his shaft with his finger. He gently reached for my dad’s chin and pulled his gaze back towards him. Mr. Ryan looked into my eyes hazily as he slowly pushed my dad’s head down. My dad didn’t seem to fight him and quickly began bobbing up and down again, the moaning and panting starting up again.

I finally managed to get control over my legs and raced back upstairs toward to my room. Once inside I slammed the door shut and leaned against it, out of breath. I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed. My dad and my teacher? I’m not sure what I was more upset about, the fact that I had walked in on that or that my dick was rock hard pressing against my pant leg after seeing it.

I unbuttoned my pants and ripped them off, throwing them aside. Took off all of my other clothes and grasped my throbbing member. I started to stroke my long cock with both hands. My dad and Mr. Ryan are fucking downstairs, I thought as i closed my eyes and slid down the door to the ground. I was grossed out and turned on at the same time. Being turned on was winning. I opened my mouth and moaned. My hands were moving up and down my shaft faster and faster. And I wasn’t planning on stopping until I was cumming.


Part 80

I woke up the next morning with my neck super stiff. I gave it a rub and sat up. I had fallen asleep on the floor at some point and was still bare ass naked. There was dried cum all over me. My long dick was draped over my leg. Stretching out my limbs, my dick slid to the floor between my knees with a plop. The carpet was still soaked from my extracurriculars last night. I sighed. My room was a damn mess.

I stood up and stretched again. The feeling of my hanging cock being free felt great but I knew it was time to get dressed. I grabbed the towels from my earlier magazine incident and wiped myself down. They were a little bit crunchy from before but I managed. I found my pants and my shirt on the floor. Luckily, they seemed to have evaded my volleys. With some reluctance, I snaked my packaged back down the tight pant leg.

“I’m getting tired of these tight ass pants,” I groaned as I forced the zipper shut. “Going have to invest in some bigger ones eventually… that, or forgo pants all together.” That would be nice. No more pants. Free and open. It was a nice thought.

I opened the door and moved into the hallway. My dad’s bedroom door was closed without a peep coming from inside. Wonder if Mr. Ryan is still here? Quietly, I padded down the stairs to the main floor. Now that the morning light shown through the windows I felt foolish freaking myself out last night. I acted as if Michael had managed to sneak into my house and place some sort of trap. Ridiculous.

I smelled the scent of bacon on the air. It was coming from the kitchen. Someone was up. I made it to the dining room doorway again. I took a deep breath before entering through. Part of me was half expecting to walk in on my father and Mr. Ryan still having a good time on the table. Instead, I found Mr. Ryan sitting at the table with a coffee mug in hand. Seeing me, he gave a pearly white smile.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning,” I replied. I took a seat across from him at the table. I looked over to where he was being ravaged the night before. Now, the table was clean and crisp, the tablecloth looking untouched as it draped down to the floor. No sign of what happened.

“So about last night…” Mr. Ryan started. He was wearing one of my dad’s robes.

“It’s fine,” I interjected. “Let’s just not talk about it.”

“Hey! Good morning!” my dad said, walking in from the kitchen with a plate of sizzling bacon. He set it down in front of us. “We weren’t expecting you to make a trip home.” (Obviously.) “Glad you could join us. I’m also making scrambled eggs. You want any?”

He too was wearing a robe, and a big grin on his face. One that I haven’t seen in a while. A I-just-got-laid grin. However, my attention was pulled downwards. His robe was being pushed forward beneath the sash. It was clear that whatever he was now sporting under there, it was bigger than before.

My dad had officially joined the dick growing club.

He saw me looked and blushed as he attempted to pull his robe more closed. “Well, I guess there’s really no point in trying to hide it,” he said.

“Well, I did walk in on you two last night so…” I stayed, trailing off.

I averted my eyes and shifted uncomfortably in my chair. I crossed my legs and knocked Mr. Ryan with my foot. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to kick your shin.”

Mr. Ryan was now blushing and cleared his throat. “That wasn’t my leg,” he stated.

Holy shit! Did I just kick his dick?! That thing had to be huge! It took all of my self-control not to just dive underneath the tablecloth to get up close and personal. I had to keep my composure because I was starting to chub up down there.

“Are you crazy?!” I finally exploded. “Dad, you know how important it is to fix this and now you spread it and got yourself affected!?”

My dad sat down next to Mr. Ryan, adjusting his robe again. “It wasn’t planned,” he said. “You asked me to tell him and so I did. He didn’t believe me at first but once I showed him proof… Then one thing led to another, and well…”

“It’s fine,” Mr. Ryan affirmed. “No big deal. I will be helping your dad with the cure now. Two archeologists working on the case. We will cover twice the work in half the time.”

My dad clapped Mr. Ryan’s shoulder. “Exactly. We will get the cure figured out and then we will all be back to normal.”

This was crazy. My dad and Mr. Ryan growing each other. I can’t believe my dad was involved to this extent now. Just the other day he didn’t believe and it took me growing my cock in front of him, and I was so appalled. Now he has got his own probably double-digit cock. Throb. And to think that it was my cum that grew Michael that grew Mr. Ryan that grew my dad. Throb.

It’s almost like I grew my dad. Throb. I did this. Throb.

My cock was solid now, fighting against my pant leg. Shit. I cannot get an erection here. Not around these two.

“We already found something,” Mr. Ryan stated, pulling me out of my thoughts. He grabbed a piece of bacon and gave it a nibble.

“Yes! Remember when I told you the one translation at your field trip?” My dad asked.

“It said something like ‘Balance is achieved when returning the king’s… semen… to the god’. This has got to be the key to a cure. Somewhere on that tablet or maybe on one that we found nearby it. This has to have the answers we need to cure you boys. To cure us. It’s going to take more time though.”

He was getting excited as he usually did when talking about his work. This time though, Mr. Ryan was there looking lovingly into my father’s eyes. He appeared to like this aspect of my dad. My father seemed to notice and gave Mr. Ryan a soft smile. He grabbed his hand, giving it a slight squeeze.

It was cute but kinda gross. I needed to just get out of here.

“I am going to go,” I said, standing carefully as to not knock into Mr. Ryan’s schlong again.

“You sure?” My dad asked. “You just got here.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “But I have big plans with my friends and I should probably get ready.”

“Oh, is Michael in town too?”

God I hope not. “No. And keep an eye out for him just in case. He’s the one that did that to Mr. Ryan.” My dad looked surprised and a little confused. “Seriously. You both be safe.”

“O…okay,” my dad said. “Shouldn’t I be saying that to you?” He didn’t say anything about Michael. I think at this point he knew not to ask. But he is still my dad, so instead he asked, “What are you doing with these friends?”

“They are some of the others who have been affected I told you about. We are helping out a friend who’s…in a jam.”

“Sounds like it could be serious,” my dad stated, concerned.

“Do you need our help?” Mr. Ryan chimed in.

The last thing I needed was my dad helping me lug Dean’s mammoth dick onto a truck. God knows there would be a lot of cumming involved. He may have seen my horse cock. He may have seen it grow. He may be even sporting his own grown dick now, but I sure as shit didn’t need him seeing me cum. And I definitely didn’t need us cumming together.

“No, no, no,” I said as reassuringly as I could. “What we need is for you both to figure out this cure and fix all of us. That’s priority.”

My dad nodded but it was clear he was still unsure and nervous.

“It’s fine. We will be careful,” I smiled.


Part 81

Tyler and Skyler pulled up in their car and I waved to my dad who was waiting on the porch.

As we pulled away, I leaned forward to the front seat. “Thanks for coming as soon as I called. I know you weren’t supposed to come get me until tomorrow but I couldn’t stay there for another night,” I said to them.

“I can’t believe your dad is in the club now,” Skyler stated.

“I can,” Tyler laughed. “The way you have described Mr. Ryan, I would have got on my knees and did the same thing given the chance.”

I slugged him in the shoulder. “Ass. Your parents don’t mind me staying the night?”

“They’re on a trip,” Skyler shrugged.

“Ski trip. AKA drinking somewhere it’s cold,” Tyler explained. “Luckily for us we didn’t have to explain how we both hit a growth spurt.”

Skyler nodded his head. “Ben wasn’t home either. According to the calendar, he is staying at his friend’s place while our parents are away. Thank goodness our mom still neurotically writes everything down on that thing.”


“Yeah. He’s our brother. He’s a year younger,” Skyler explained.

“Even though he’s a senior this year, they still won’t let him be on his own,” Tyler said, shaking he head. “Typical.”

“They’d probably have a cow if they found out we were there without them being around even though we are in collage,” Skyler agreed. Then he chuckled and added, “They’d definitely have a cow if they saw our packages:”

“Speaking of them freaking out,” Tyler began. “When you get there, don’t touch anything. Our parents are super neat freaks and kinda strict. Everything has its place. Definitely don’t step into the study. That’s off limits.”

Now I was feeling a little nervous. “Should we even be staying there?” I asked. I was starting to think this whole going home thing was a bad idea. My house was compromised and their house seemed to be full of a lot of potential risk.

“No worries. Our room is a safe zone. In there you can touch whatever you want,” Tyler said. Then he giggled at his own comment. “It’s just one night and then go time to prison break Dean the following night.”

When we arrived and parked in the driveway, I gawked at their beautiful home. It looked huge and fancy. A home with pillars and flag pole on the front yard. The lawn was well manicured and the flower beds were well kept and in full bloom.

“Home sweet home,” Skyler said.

I scanned the entirety of the house. It was much bigger than mine. “You guys are rich, huh?”

“Meh,” Tyler shrugged. “We only have two servants.”

“Are you serious?!”

Skyler rolled his eyes. “Don’t let him fool you. We don’t have any servants. C’mon, we will show you inside.”

As we walked up the steps, Tyler took up the rear grinning. “That Downton Abbey life is pretty appealing though, right?” Skyler unlocked the big solid door and we stepped inside. It was an amazing house. Very modern without being weird or cold. It was welcoming and perfectly decorated, like out of a magazine.

“Shoes off,” Skyler said, slipping his own off and placing them on a shoe rack. I followed suite. “Our bedroom is upstairs,” he said guiding me to a rounding staircase. “Are you hungry?”

“Not right now,” I said while still looking around.

“We’d give you a tour but we probably shouldn’t without them around,” Tyler stated. “It’s all boring anyways. Our room is where it’s at.”

I didn’t mind, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. My house was nice but theirs made mine feel like a shit box. We walked up the stairs, which I noticed no creaky steps (of course), and they guided me down a hall. There were all kinds of photos hanging on one of walls in nice picture frames. Seemed like mostly pics of the family. They led me to the end and through a door. I found myself standing a giant and awesome bedroom. Two nice sized beds on either side, two TVs with all the game counsels, a mini fridge, even a pool table.

“Welcome to our bedroom,” Skyler said, his arms spread wide as if presenting it like a showgirl on The Price is Right.

“Kinda lame we have to share a room, but that’s the life of a twin,” Tyler said.

“Dude, how could you even complain? This room is awesome!” I exclaimed. It had posters of some hot guys on the walls and a huge shelf stocked full of movies and games. It definitely had a different feel than the rest of the house. What I had seen so far of their parents’ home, it was very picture perfect. This room was clearly lived in with some clothes tossed around on the floor here and there and some dirty dishes on the side table; more like the twins’ dorm room.

“Yeah, like I said, safe zone,” Skyler smiled.

“I could get used to this!” I stated.

After taking it all in, I looked back at the twins with a grin. “We have got to play some of these games!” I then noticed that Tyler managed to have his member concealed in his pants. Last I saw him, it was still dragging on the ground. I was so busy being in awe of their place that I didn’t even realize until now. “Finally got that thing up off the floor, huh?” I asked him.

Tyler looked down at his crotch and said, “Yeah. Been busy. Filled up all those jugs on the drive after dropping you off and then was dumping into the bath tub all last night.”

“We didn’t know we would be coming to an empty house,” Skyler added. “Better safe than sorry.”

“Still though, could be a little bit smaller,” he said while adjusting his package. It still ran down the majority of his pant leg.

“Yeah, you and me both.” My 18 inches pressed tight in my pants.

“All right, enough cock talk before someone loses their cool,” Skyler said, shifting his own lengthy member. “Let’s get playing one of these video games.”


Part 82

We were playing Mario Kart for a while now. I needed a break from Elder Scrolls, which was what we had played first, and I wanted to try it out. I had only ever played the old one. Plus this way we didn’t have to have a third person sitting out and shifting in anymore. We could all play together. Tyler had made us popcorn downstairs and brought it up. After a few more rounds, the plan was then to play some billiards.

For the past however many hours I was normal. I didn’t even notice my massive 18-inch monster between my legs. No being focused of sex and cumming, even with being surrounded by all these attractive guys, the twins and posters included. I wasn’t worrying about my dad and Mr. Ryan, Michael or the cure. I was lost in having fun gaming with friends. It was good having the escape for once. It had been a while since I was able to just be normal Josh. It was kinda nice.

But, like all good things… (ah! See what I did there?)

“Wait,” Tyler said, pausing the game.

“Dude!” Skyler protested. “I was just about to hit you with the spiky shell! Stop trying to cheat!”

“Stop! Quiet!” He demanded.

We all hushed and listened for what Tyler had thought he heard. Meanwhile, I was having flash backs to last night. All of a sudden everything that I had managed to forget came rushing back. It’s like when you have a bug bite that you didn’t notice and then finally you manage to see it. Now that you’ve become aware of it, it instantly starts to itch like a son-of-a-bitch. Well, I suddenly became re-aware of my giant cock and my pants instantly felt tight and suffocating again.

Then, we all heard what Tyler was listening for: a door shutting. It sounded like it came from downstairs. Maybe the front door. Keys jingled. Yup, front door for sure.

“Holy shit! Someone’s here!” Tyler half exclaimed, half whispered.

My mind went trailing back to my paranoid thoughts of Michael having found us and sneaking into the house, but that was crazy. He wasn’t there and he wasn’t here. Plus, logic would have saved me the trouble. He wouldn’t have had keys.

“Shit! Are mom and dad back?” Skyler said in a hushed tone, as he turned the game and television off.

They both looked at me as if to ask me what we should do. “We should go downstairs and check it out,” I suggested. “Or at least you guys do. Because if it is your parents, it’s not like we can stay hidden up here until tomorrow night without them noticing.”

They both looked down at their obscene packages and then back at me. “Why would they cut their trip short and be back so soon?” Skyler asked, as if I could possibly answer him. But then I thought about it.

“What about your brother?” I asked. They both looked at me again. “You know, it could just be him. You said he was just staying at a friend’s house.”

Suddenly, the twins’ panic changed into annoyance. “Ben,” they growled in unison.

We crept down stairs following the noise. Whoever it was, they weren’t trying to be quiet. We could hear giggling. It sounded like it was multiple people. “It’s coming from the kitchen,” Tyler whispered. They took the lead, heading towards the noise and we eventually made it to a large, immaculate kitchen. Granite counter tops, huge island, stainless steel appliances, stacked ovens, the works. Standing there with their heads in a cupboard were two guys. As soon as the twins saw them, they stopped sneaking and stood with their arms crossed, clearly irritated.

“Ben!” They yelled.

Backing out of the cabinet, the two boys whipped around. They had such a look of surprise and horror on their faces, it was almost funny. God, is that what I looked like the other night?

“What the hell are you doing home?” The boy who I assumed was Ben, snapped. He was small and skinny for an 18 year old, especially compared to his toned older brothers.

“We could ask you the same question,” they shot back. “You are supposed to be at Tristan’s house. Are you guys raiding mom and dad’s liquor cabinet?”

“Umm…” the other boy fumbled. “I should probably go,” he said before darting away.

“Yeah. Good idea, Tristan,” Tyler called to him as he left through the front door.

“Guess I should go too,” Ben said and started to run for it as well but Tyler and Skyler blocked his path.

“No way! What were you both doing?” Skyler asked, sounding like a scolding parent.

Ben huffed. “Well, if you must know we were going to throw a party with mom and dad gone. Still might! It’s my senior year!” He crossed his arms now, almost like a mini version of them. I was now seeing the resemblance.

“Don’t be stupid,” Tyler stated, closing the liquor cabinet door. “You’ll never not be grounded if you did something as idiotic as that.”

“Well, what the hell are you guys doing here?” Ben questioned, trying to shift attention. “And who’s that?” He pointed angrily at me. I kinda just wanted to slink away into the shadows.

“We came to surprise mom and dad and we invited a friend from college,” Tyler stated as a matter of fact. “We didn’t know they were gone on a trip.”

“Whatever. You guys—” Ben began but became distracted by his brothers’ bulging crotches. Seeing his gaze, they both shifted uncomfortably, backing away a bit, their stance weakening. “What the hell is going on there?!” Ben exclaimed while pointing.

“We stuff our pants now,” Tyler lied, regaining his ground. “You know, gay shit. What of it?”

Even with the quick (albeit unbelievable) lie, Ben remained fixated. But what was more unbelievable? Stuffing our pants to ridiculous proportions for some strange reason or magically having grown calf length cocks?

“You guys are fucking weird,” Ben finally spat, contorting his face.

“We know,” Skyler shrugged. “Go back to Tristan’s. I’m sure his parents will be wondering why he’s back and you’re not.”

Ben stamped his foot.

“Or I guess we can just tell mom and dad about you trying to raid their liquor and throw a party,” Tyler threatened.

Defeated, Ben sighed and shuffled out of the kitchen and towards the front door. “I’m going to tell them about your weird, perverted gay stuff,” he said, trying one last time.

“You do that,” Skyler said as uncaringly as possible, officially delivering the final blow and winning the battle.

Ben scowled and then left, closing the door behind him.

Once their little brother had gone, they breathed a sigh of relief and practically collapsed. Heck, so did I.

“I can’t believe that worked!” Skyler cheered. “Good call on the stuffed pants bit.”

“First thing that popped in my head,” Tyler laughed.

“It’s 9 p.m. Back to our game?” Skyler asked. I nodded. Tyler agreed too.

“First, I gotta take a leak,” Tyler said.

“All right, we will just meet you up there,” Skyler stated before waved me to follow him.

“I still call Yoshi!” Tyler yelled after us.

As Skyler and I walked up the staircase, I took a deep breath. “Sorry if me being here made things any more complicated than they already are.”

Skyler just waved it off. “It would have happened regardless. Don’t worry about it. It’s been fun having you around.”

I smiled.

We continued up and made it to the top. We had started towards the bedroom when we heard a yell come from Tyler downstairs. I’m not sure which I wanted less: more drama or having to keep going up and down these damn stairs. But either way, we spun around and raced back down towards the main story bathroom, our feet stomping the whole way. When we arrived, we came upon an angry, red faced Tyler and a dumbfounded, jaw-dropped Ben.

“Stuffed pants, my ass!”


Part 83

“This fucker just walked in on me taking a piss!” Tyler roared, both angry and embarrassed.

Ben’s mouth was still slacked with shock. “Dude! You were standing there holding your dick up, draped in your hand and still that thing almost dipped into the water bowl!” he exclaimed, ignoring his brother’s outrage.

“I thought you left!” Skyler barked.

“I did but I came back in,” Ben stated. “And good thing I did too! Your dick is like two feet long! It took you like two minutes just to shove it back into your pants! What the hell, man?!”

“All right, let’s just relax,” Skyler said, taking his tone down to try and settle everyone.

“That means your cock is huge too!” Ben said to Skyler, ignoring him.

“You little punk!” Tyler growled, raising his fist.

Ben’s eyes were on their crotches. This time, his gaze wasn’t going anywhere. “You gotta tell me how you did it,” he said.

At this point we all became quiet and looked to each other for guidance, but none of us knew what to say. Bringing my dad into the fold was tactical and necessary. Their kid brother? Not so much.

“It… just… happened?” Skyler offered. I didn’t even believe it.

“Bullshit,” Ben said. “No way. You’re telling me that you both happened to have this insane growth spurt naturally?” He raised an eyebrow. “Hell, even this guy has a bulging package,” he stated, referencing me. “I want to have a big dick too! How did you do it?”

Once again where the heck are my shadows to slink into?

We couldn’t tell him the truth. But we had to give him something. Maybe a version of the truth? I guess it was my turn to speak. “It was a potion!” I said perhaps a bit too emphatically. I was thinking back to playing Elder Scrolls. I cleared my throat and tried to dial it back. “It was a potion.”

“A potion?” He stated, his doubt clear from his tone.

“Yes, a potion,” I repeated. “I found this potion. My dad is actually an archeologist and found it on one of his digs. Long story short, we drank it and now we have these enormous cocks.”

“Well then, cough it up,” he said to his brothers.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me,” I said. “We drank it. As in, it is gone. There is no more.”

The twins smirked now seeing where I was going with this. “Yeah, dude. Sorry but you missed out,” Tyler prodded. He rubbed his massive bulge and gave his little brother a wink.

“This is bullshit!” He yelled. “No, no way! You guys are hiding it and keeping it all to yourselves I bet!” His head swiveled around as if he was looking for hiding spots in the room.

“Josh isn’t lying,” Skyler lied. “The potion is gone. It’s probably for the best.”

“No, no, no. I don’t believe you guys,” Ben said, stamping his foot. “No, I’m going to find it!” And he scurried off towards the twins’ bedroom, determined.

“No, stop, don’t,” Tyler said dead panned. He looked back at me and Skyler with a grin. “Well, that’ll probably keep him busy for a while.”

“Want to get back to our game?” Skyler asked. We nodded in response.

We returned to the twins’ bedroom and decided to play billiards. The three of us took turns making shots, the pool balls cracking off one another. I was okay, but the twins were great. They would do some awesome trick shots that I would try to replicate and fail miserably. I guess it makes sense. After all, they’re the ones with a pool table in their bedroom.

While we were trying to shoot the stripes or solids into the pockets, Ben was flustering around us, frantically looking for the secret potion. He looked through all of our stuff, all the drawers, under the bed. We kinda just let him, waiting for him to run out of steam. Of course he wasn’t going to find anything.

“You guys are assholes,” he growled, pulling our attention away from the game.

“We told you it’s gone,” Tyler stated before leaning over the table to take his shot. “Get over it, man.”

Ben furrowed his brow and stomped out of their bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

“Grumpy kid,” I murmured.

“Yeah. You think we are competitive with each other?” Skyler asked, referencing to himself and Tyler. “Ben is like that times ten.”

“For sure,” Tyler agreed as he chalked the end of his cue. “He sure knows how to push my buttons. Ben is always trying to keep up with us. Usually to no avail, the shrimp.” He grinned. “This has got to be killing him.”

“Just let him sulk,” Skyler said. “He will have to accept it eventually. The end game is a cure anyway.” He took his shot and the cue ball ricocheted off, knocking another into the pocket with ease.

“I’m probably better off playing you guys at Mario Kart again,” I laughed.

We soon finished our game. It didn’t take too long, as the twins were sinking shots like nobody’s business. Thank goodness we were playing with the three of us and not really keeping score. I’m sure I would have been creamed otherwise.

We were going to go back to the video games but Skyler gave a yawn and stretched. “You know, we should probably turn in for the night. It’s getting late and we got a big day ahead of us tomorrow.”

He was right. Tomorrow was nearly upon us. The night we break out Dean and take him to the quarry. I was feeling a little nervous about the whole thing to be honest.

“We should also go check on the dweeb and make sure he isn’t doing something stupid. Probably should send him back to his friend’s house,” Tyler said.

We all agreed and headed back downstairs to see if we could find Ben. The light was shining from the kitchen so we headed in that direction. We walked in through the doorway to find Ben standing there, arms crossed with a smug look on his face.

“Ben, give it a rest and just go back to Tristan’s house,” Tyler told him.

“Why would I do that when I found your stupid potion?” He beamed.

“What are you talking about?”

Ben didn’t say anything. He just motioned to the counter next to him where four jugs were lined up. The four jugs that were full of Tyler’s cum. Holy shit… forgot about those.

“I knew you guys were full of it,” Ben grinned. “No potion left my ass. This is it isn’t it? I found them in the back seat of your car. That car is a mess by the way. Mom and dad are going to kill you guys.”

“What the hell, Ben?!” Tyler yelled.

“You guys thought you could keep it all to yourselves,” Ben sneered. “Well I found it! This is the potion right? I mean what else would it be?”

Tyler moved forward and grabbed Ben by the collar, his teeth clenched.

“Oh yeah, this is totally it,” Ben laughed, seeing the look on all our faces.

While they were busy, Skyler raced over to the counter and grabbed the four jugs. He quickly uncapped them and dumped their contents into the sink.

“Hey!” Ben yelled, trying to get away from Tyler’s grasp to stop Skyler from dumping it all, but all Ben seemed able to do was flail around.

I decided to jump in and raced over to help Skyler, turning on the faucet to wash it all away. Tyler’s cum glugged out of the jug openings and the water carried it all down the drain.

“No! You guys are assholes!” Ben screamed.

I felt kind of bad. We kinda did seem like a bunch of dicks but it was in his best interest. This kid did not need to get tied up in all this as well.

Soon, all four jugs were empty. We even rinsed them out before Tyler let Ben go. Ben ran over to the sink and saw that it too was empty, everything having been washed down the drain. He looked back at the three of us with rage in his eyes. “I hate you!” He yelled as he ran away towards his room upstairs. We heard his door slam above us.

“Is it terrible that I kind of enjoyed that?” Tyler smirked.

“Wait, Tyler,” Skyler began, a serious look on his face. “Do you remember how many jugs you actually filled?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “All of them.” But his eyes went wide when he realized what Skyler was getting at. “You don’t think…?” We all slowly looked up towards where Ben had shut himself into his room.


Part 84

“Ben!” Tyler roared, banging on the door. “Ben, open up!”

“You think he smuggled a jug in there?” I asked.

“Knowing him, probably,” Tyler stated. He banged on Ben’s locked door again. “I swear to god if you don’t open up!”

“Holy shit!” Came Ben’s muffled voice from inside his room. Sure sounded like he was up to no good, and he was definitely ignoring Tyler’s threats.

“Should we break it down?” Skyler asked.

I couldn’t imagine that their parents would be happy about that if we weren’t even allowed in the study, but Tyler started ramming his shoulder into it. With the third attempt there was a crack and the door flew open.

Sure enough, there was Ben sitting on his bed, a jug tipped back and pressed against his lips. The orange sized bulge in his pants was a clear indicator that it was too late.

Seeing us barge in, he lowered the jug and licked his lips. “This shit fucking works!” he exclaimed, eyeing his own newly grown package. Ben’s eyes rolled back as his bulge began to inflate more, his fly starting to pull. “And it feels so good too!” he breathed, clenching his covers with his free hand.

“Ben!” the twins growled. “What are you doing?!”

“Catching up,” he smirked as he raised the jug up for another gulp.

“Dude! That’s my cum you’re drinking!” Tyler yelled.

Ben stopped midway and a dribble of cum dripped from the jug’s opening onto his lap. He looked down at it and touched it with his fingers. It was cloudy white, sticky and tacky but slick at the same time. “What the hell?” Ben exclaimed, dropping the jug to the floor. Cum pooled out around it, spilling everywhere. “This is cum?!”

“Yeah, Sherlock. There’s no stupid potion. It’s cum you’re guzzling down,” Tyler stated, putting his hands on his hips.

“I’m sure you haven’t swallowed cum before,” Skyler said. “Well I guess until now. But yessir, that’s a gallon of cum.”

Ben looked like he was going to be sick. “What the fuck!” He shouted, spitting. “I need some water or something!” He ran passed us and out of the room, his bulging package bouncing.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“What do we do now?” Skyler whispered.

We were standing in the hallway outside of Ben’s room. Ben was back inside, sulking. He hid under his blankets trying to wrap his mind around drinking his brother’s cum. We had already cleaned up the mess from the spill and were now trying to come up with a new game plan.

“Tomorrow is still on,” Tyler said. “That doesn’t change. We still need to help Dean as promised.”

“Should we bring Ben with us?” I asked. “We can’t risk him passing it to his friend or whoever else.”

“He isn’t gay,” Skyler said.

“Neither was Michael,” I stated. “And believe me, he was on that cock real quick.”

“So then we will bring him with,” Skyler responded. Tyler grumbled but agreed it was probably better to be able to keep an eye on him.

“We don’t tell him anything else though,” Tyler suggested. “Keep him in the dark. The less he knows the better.”

“He’s going to find out sooner or later,” I stated. “Especially if he sees Dean.”

“Sooner or later, sure. But let’s make it later,” Tyler said. “And maybe have him stay in the car at Dean and Sam’s. That way he won’t see.”

“Yeah, ‘cause he listens so well,” Skyler said sarcastically. “Plus that’s going to be a pretty big thing not to see. Remember how big we were when we got taxied on the truck bed?”

I sighed. “What’s done is done,” I reasoned. “He’s one of us now. He should know the risks so that he doesn’t have to learn by making mistakes like we did.”

Tyler looked back towards Ben’s room with a frown. “Coming home was a bad idea,” and with that he walked towards his room. “I’m going to bed. We can figure out the rest in the morning.”

“Don’t mind him,” Skyler said to me while watching his brother walk off. “Him and Ben are a lot alike. More than him and I are, really. Hard-headed, the both of them, which is why they tend to clash a lot. But he does care.”

During this whole ordeal, it made me glad to be an only child.

“But we really should get to bed,” Skyler continued. “I think we are all probably worn out from today’s craziness.” I nodded. Skyler poked his head into Ben’s room and said, “Hey, we are going to bed. We will talk more in the morning.” Ben shifted in his covers but didn’t say anything. Skyler sighed and closed Ben’s door before motioning for me to follow him.

They set me up a nice place to sleep on the floor of their bedroom. Lots of pillows and fluffy blankets. Considering it was the floor, it wasn’t too bad at all. I laid there thinking about today’s events and the planned events to come while the twins were softly snoring away in their own beds. Me, Tyler, Skyler, Michael, Sam, Dean, my dad, Mr. Ryan, Henry the RA, the security guard, and now Ben. This was getting out of hand. At this rate, our secret was bound to get out and it was stressing me out.

Not to mention the plan tomorrow. I hadn’t said it, but I was worried. I know that Dean needs something but using the quarry is a big move. It would fix his problem, but what happens when Dean is too overcome by the whole thing or it’s too much? After all, it was a lack of control that got him to the point that he is now. We could have a Michael 2.0 on our hands. The thought sent chills down my spine. One was bad enough. No one else seemed too concerned about it. Or they’re keeping it to themselves like I was. It was Sam’s idea and he wants to help Dean more than anything, which I can understand. I just don’t know.

I thought and I thought, and after a while I finally managed to drift off to sleep.

I’m not sure if I dreamt. My reality often feels like a dream now these days. A dream in a dream…you know, inception shit. But regardless, what I do recall is being woken up.

I was being pulled out of my slumber. My sleepy eyes were straining to open. Someone was rocking my shoulder, trying to wake me. Finally I came to and as my eyes adjusted, I saw Ben kneeling next to me.

I almost shouted in surprise but he put a finger to my lips, telling me to be quiet. Then I saw it. His raging boner pointing right at me. Like I said, on that cock real quick. He was kneeling there stark naked. His cock was decent sized, maybe 9 or 10 inches long. His small frame helped. That fucker was thick though! Maybe almost as thick as mine was at 18 inches. Definitely getting there.

“Sorry to wake you,” he whispered. It was dark but I could tell he was blushing. “I was in my room and I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about how my brother’s cum made me grow…and, well…if his cum could do that then I thought maybe… yours could too?”

I laid there staring up at him, his meaty dong waving near my face. My own cock was starting to get stiff.

“It’s less weird since you’re not my brother,” Ben continued. “And I’ve never… sucked… done this before. But I’m willing to give it a go if there’s a chance it’ll make me bigger.”

My dick was really pressing against my pants now. I wanted to feed this kid so badly.

“So if you want,” Ben said, licking his lips. “I mean, you’re gay right so you’d like me to… do it. I just need to get as big as them.”

He reached down and started to slowly stroke himself. His hands could barely fit around his shaft even at this size. It was so hot! I found myself reaching to undo my pants button. I leaned my head up a bit as if I was going to start sucking him off.

Getting out of hand. The thought came rushing back and I stopped myself. “Ben, go back to bed.”

“Don’t you want this?” Ben pleaded.

I paused and closed my eyes, trying to gather up all of my strength and self control. “Do you even know my name?” I asked him.

Ben froze. “Uhh…” He was trying to think back. “John?”

“It’s Josh.”

“Does it matter?” Ben asked, getting a little defensive. “I’m not looking for a date. I’m not even looking for a hookup. I just want to grow my cock.”

“You can’t just go around offering to suck strangers’ dicks,” I said, sitting up. “You can’t even say it for Christ sake. Just go back to bed, Ben. This is not happening tonight.”

Ben sighed and stood up to leave. His thick, juicy rod waved to and fro as he exited the room. I laid my head back down on the pillow and sighed as well. I refused to touch myself. I refused to picture that thick meat dangling above me. Ben’s delicious, solid, throbbing meat.


Part 85

I woke up the next morning with a stretch. The sunlight was pouring in through the windows. I wondered what time it was. The twins seemed to still be asleep.

I found myself thinking about Ben again, the poor guy. I kinda felt bad how everything went down last night. I can’t really blame him for what he did. We’ve all been there before. Hell, even my dad, the most straight laced person I know, ended up doing it. And he knew exactly what he was getting into. Ben didn’t. I thought about the part I played in the whole thing. How I started it all with me drinking that stupid vile. I wondered if knowing then what I know now, would I have still done it. I wanted to believe I wouldn’t but I wasn’t sure. Pandora’s box, the forbidden fruit…they sure are tempting.

I kinda wanted to go check in on him. I’m not sure what is was but I felt an affinity with Ben. Just picturing that innocent face, as he was down on his knees asking permission to suck my cock. If he was like Michael, he would have just done it while I slept like he did in our dorm room. He deserved to know what he was a part of.

Quietly, I got up and padded into the hallway. I came to Ben’s door and waited, listening to see if I heard whether he was already awake. I could hear movement inside. I lightly knocked on the door and turned the knob. It was open.

“Hey, Ben. It’s me, Josh,” I whispered, slowly pushing the door open. “You awake?”

He was awake all right. There laying on his bed was Ben sporting a massive dong. It was much bigger than the one that tempted me last night. His cock stretched across his stomach and his chest where it reached his face. Ben was suckling his huge dick like a giant bottle, taking as much of his swollen cockhead in his mouth as he could. Once again, what was most impressive was how thick his cock was. It was practically as big around as his thigh, like a solid log resting on top of him. Ben was hugging it like a body pillow.

Seeing me, Ben released his dick from his mouth with a loud pop and sleepily blinked. “Did you know that you can just drink your own?” Ben said dreamily with a dopey grin on his face.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Hey guys,” I called from the twins’ bedroom doorway. “Hey, wake up.”

Both Tyler and Skyler groaned and rolled around beneath their sheets. “What?” they said sounding a little annoyed.

“Seriously, guys. Wake up,” I demanded.

Reluctantly they both sat up in their beds and rubbed their eyes. “What is it?” Skyler asked sleepily. “Everything okay?”

“Depends on what you mean by okay,” I stated. I looked back into the hall behind me and motioned for him to come forward. “Let’s go,” I said. “There’s no use being shy at this point.

With a sigh, Ben stepped into the doorway and into view. He was fully naked and his big cock was still chubbed up but was too heavy to get fully upright. Instead it bobbed out in front of him pointing ahead. As Ben walked forward, it was clear his massively thick cock was heavy. It may have reached down just past his knees but it was alarmingly thick and solid. By the time any of ours became that thick, our cocks would have been resting solidly on the ground for some time. Not his, and as such, Ben was off balance. He braced himself on the door frame to stop from tipping over. He looked a little goofy, such a scrawny kid with such a disproportionate cock. His member was probably half his entire body weight at this point.

“Morning,” Ben said, swaying a bit as he got used to the immense weight on his groin.

“What did you do?” Tyler glared at me.

“Nothing!” I protested, throwing my hands up. “He discovered that his cum has the ability to grow too. He did this to himself.”

“Yeah!” Ben stated, pushing himself off of the doorway and stepping forward to present himself, albeit a little wobbly. “And now I’m as big as you guys!”

Tyler sprung from his bed, flinging the sheets off of him. “Bullshit you are!” Tyler growled, posturing for some stupid reason. Ben must really be a sore spot for him.

“Tyler, don’t be an idiot,” Skyler said, getting out of bed as well. “You know that it doesn’t matter.”

“Seems like he thinks it matters,” Ben stated with a smirk while crossing his arms. He was trying to push Tyler’s buttons, and Tyler was letting him.

“Whatever, asshole. Mine is longer than that,” Tyler shot.

“Yeah, well mine looks like it ate yours for breakfast,” Ben laughed. “I’ve always been a coke can of a cock, but now this is a two-liter!” He placed his hand on the base of his shaft and his palm fit squarely on top of it like resting on a telephone pole.

Tyler went to rush him but I stepped in the middle and put my arms out to separate them. In the process I actually knocked Ben over. He was so unbalanced, it didn’t take much. As he fell over, his chubby smacked him in the face. I was surprised it didn’t knock him out.

I stood my ground. “Sorry, but you two need to stop! This is ridiculous!” I ordered. Skyler nodded in agreement. “You’re letting him get to you about his dick being bigger than yours? Really!?” I said to Tyler. “Who cares? You had a cock a hundred times larger than that, and could again if you aren’t careful.” Tyler sighed and backed down, moving to sit on the edge of his bed.

“And you,” I said turning to Ben. “Stop trying to get under your brother’s skin. You are in this now so if we are going to make this work we are going to have to work together.” Ben looked up at me, seeming to listen to what I had to say. It seemed like everyone had calmed down. “Okay. I think it’s clear that Ben needs to have the conversation,” I stated to the twins. Tyler looked away but nodded.

“What conversation?” Ben asked as he tried to push himself back up. I reached down and gave him a hand, helping him to his feet.

“We need to tell you the whole story.”

And so we did. Everything. The vile, the gymnasium, the quarry, the Michael…everything. Ben just stood there listening, the most silent I’d ever seen him be. Hearing it all aloud from start to finish, I knew it all sounded insane, like some perverted gay’s wet fantasy. But here we were. Skyler also spoke up, sharing the things we’d been through. Even Tyler jumped in here and there to add some things.

“I’m sorry I was such a dick to you,” Tyler finally said. “To be honest, it was coming from a place of wanting to protect you from all of this.”

“Why?” Ben asked. “Why are you guys trying so hard to find a cure? This is fucking awesome!” I could see Tyler physically trying to keep himself calm. “I mean if you can just shrink back down by jacking off and orgasming a bunch of times, what’s the downside? Sounds awesome to me! I mean, this beast is the shit!” He exclaimed, taking ahold of his cock with both hands. Even with two hands he couldn’t fully grab all the way around the fat shaft. He beamed, proud of his enormous appendage. “Tristan is going to be so jealous! Everyone will be jealous!”

“No, Ben. We have to keep this is secret,” Skyler said, looking very serious. “We don’t know what could happen if it got out.”

“Why do you think something bad is going to happen?” Ben asked. “Hell, people will be clamoring for this! We would be worshipped!”

Shit. Maybe I was wrong about him? It’s seems like a little mini Michael in the making. Except at least Michael has the good sense to stay quiet.

“How much do you have to drink before your balls start to grow?” Ben asked, licking his lips. “What level did you say that was? Two? My cock is so thick, I need some balls to match.”

“Stop your shit, Ben!” Tyler growled, no longer able to hold it in.

“How are you going to go to school?” Skyler asked, trying to reason with him. “Slimming down doesn’t just happen overnight. I’m pretty sure your dick is too wide to even fit into a pant leg on its own.”

Ben looked down at his meaty package. “Shit…you’re probably right…” I breathed a sigh of relief thinking Ben had finally realized the drawbacks of our predicament, but that was quickly cast aside as Ben turned towards his brothers’ dresser with excitement. “I gotta see if that’s true!” He cheered.

He whipped out a pair of jeans from the drawer and speedily slipped them over his cock. “Oh! It’s a tight fit!” He cried with glee as he tugged at the fabric, shoving his girth down the pant leg. Finally, he stood there with his hands on his hips proudly displaying his achievement. Inside the pant leg, I could see the outline of his member perfectly as though he was wearing a giant jean condom. The other empty leg just simply flopped on the floor. “Shit! It does fill a whole pant leg on its own!” Ben marveled. He was winded and moved to sit down on one of the beds. “Woo, this thing is heavy,” He panted, giving it a pat.

He was not listening. I was feeling annoyed. Fuck, I was feeling turned on.

Ben giggled. “And you all can argue with me all you want, but all I know is every single one of you has a hard on right now too,” he said eyeing our tightening pants. “C’mon, let’s have some fun!”


Part 86

“All right, I took his phone, laptop and tablet out of his room,” Tyler said, tossing them onto his bed. “So now he can’t tell anyone.”

Tyler, Skyler and I stood in the twins’ bedroom. We managed to get our erections down without incident, thank god. Not an easy task.

“Where’s Ben at?” Skyler asked.

“His room, moping,” Tyler grinned.

“We will have to bring him with us for sure now,” I said.

“I know,” Tyler shrugged. “It is what it is.”

“When should we leave for Sam and Dean’s place?” Skyler asked, looking at the clock on his nightstand.

“The football game shouldn’t be for a while,” I answered. “We have a little bit of time.” I cast my eyes down to the floor and kicked my foot. “You know, speaking of, I was thinking about that last night. Do you think it’s a good idea to have Dean use the quarry?”

“What do you mean?” Skyler asked.

“Well, I know he would not be stuck in their house if he could shrink down to normal like Michael can, but it’s a bit of a risk isn’t it?” They both looked at me as if asking me to go on. “There’s a lot of cum in that quarry. You remember how much it took for all of us to return to normal. The lot of us came for days. If he gets to level 5 he can be mobile again, but what happens if he gets to level 6? 7? Or if he loses control? I’m starting to second guess this plan. It’s risky.”

“Do we have any other choice?” Tyler asked.

Skyler nodded. “Yeah. What else can we do? Just leave Dean like that?”

“Of course not,” I stated. “The cure, right? We get the cure and fix him then.”

Tyler frowned. “No offense to your dad, but we don’t seem to be any closer to this cure than we ever were.”

He wasn’t wrong. We still had no idea what this cure was. Hell, I’d hate to say it but we are kind of taking a chance assuming there even was a cure. Some line on the tablet about restoring balance? Who’s to say that means there’s a cure at all? I brushed off those dark thoughts. Don’t even go there. “He just started looking into it,” I said. “It will take time.”

“We are going to help him,” Tyler stated. “I’m going to go check on Ben. Skyler, maybe you can talk some sense into him.” Tyler left the room and shut the door behind him.

I turned back to Skyler. “Am I an ass for worrying about it?” I genuinely asked him. I didn’t want to be a dick but it was a concern of mine and I felt like it needed to be said.

Skyler stepped over and rubbed my shoulder. “No, you’re not an ass,” he said. “I understand your concerns and they aren’t unfounded. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think about that too. But we have to do something to help Sam and Dean’s situation. If we can do something we should.”

I sighed.

“We can have a talk with Sam and Dean beforehand. Lay everything out on the table,” Skyler suggested.

“Okay.” I looked back at the door. “Do you think Tyler is mad at me?”

“Nah, he’ll be alright.”

I sighed. “I’m going to go say something.” Skyler nodded.

I stepped out into the hall and walked to Ben’s room. The door was shut. I knocked on it lightly. “Tyler? Ben?” I called. No answer. I tried the door knob and found it to be unlocked this time. I slowly opened it up, peering inside. There wasn’t anyone in there. I furrowed my brow as I looked around for a sign of either of them. “Tyler? Ben?” I walked towards the stairs and climbed down them. “Guys? Where you at?”

I went towards the front room and found big dicked Ben kneeling on the ground, his thick member sprawled out on the floor. Sitting atop his monstrous shaft was Tyler wearing an all too familiar angry scowl.

Seeing me, Tyler growled, “Look who I caught trying to sneak out to Tristan’s house.”

“You’re such a dick!” Ben yelled. “Get off me!”

“How are we supposed to bring him with us when we can’t even trust him for a second without us watching him?” Tyler asked me. Tyler’s eyes returned back to his brother. “Can’t trust you to stay put.”

“Get off me, you freak! I can feel your hard on pressing against my dick through your pants!” Ben cried. “Fucking gross!”

“Gross, huh?” Tyler asked. He gave Ben’s thick shaft a slap. “That why your cock is rock hard too? Cause you’re grossed out?”

“Fuck you!” Ben sneered.

Tyler looked and me then back to Ben. Without explanation, Tyler reached down and started to undo his pants.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Giving him what he wants,” Tyler stated, letting his long cock spring free as he kicked his pants away.

“Shit, Tyler! Stop!” I yelled.

Tyler’s erect cock rose higher, pointing right at Ben’s face, Tyler’s swollen cockhead poking him in his chin.

“The fuck! I don’t want this, you pervert!” Ben cried. He began to thrash about, trying to get free from him.

“What’s wrong?” Tyler asked as he held down Ben’s waving toothpick arms. “I thought you wanted balls to match this giant, fat cock.”

“Stop!” Ben whined.

Tyler’s cock kept poking him in the face, leaving strands of pre connecting the two. “You drank my cum before, and you loved it! Drink up! Drink your big brother’s cum again!”

I could not believe what I was seeing. I felt frozen in shock, watching the whole scene unfold. Tyler’s cock continued to prod Ben. At one point it even mashed against Ben’s closed lips. I watched as Ben discreetly slipped his tongue out to taste the pre that was left there. Slowly, Ben’s cries were quieting. His fighting was weakening and he started to watch Tyler’s cock bobbing before him rather than trying to dodge it. Then Ben licked Tyler’s cockhead; quickly at first before his tongue darted back inside his mouth, but soon he began to savor it and then take the whole head. Ben’s grunts of disgust became moans of pleasure as he started to move his head up and down on Tyler’s cock.

“Oh, fuck…there you go,” Tyler purred. He released Ben’s arms from his hold and began stroking his own cock while Ben continued to lash his tongue around his swollen glans. “Yeah, just like that,” Tyler breathed. With his arms free, Ben grasped Tyler’s dick knocking Tyler’s hands aside. Tyler instead began to rub the sides of Ben’s big cock he was straddling.

My own cock was crying to be release from its fabric prison. I watched and listened to them moan while I rubbed my hardening dick through my pants. I could feel the pre dripping down my leg. Ben’s cock was so thick, I wanted to join them really badly. Feel its mass for myself. But I didn’t. I just watched and touched myself.

Tyler was moving his hips, gyrating on top of his brother’s cock. Ben gave a muffled moan, his sounds of pleasure somewhat stifled by the dick in his mouth. He continued to take as much of Tyler’s length as he could. I was pretty impressed for someone who never had sucked cock before, let alone one Tyler’s size.

“You want to grow, Ben?” Tyler asked, pushing his brother’s head further down on his dick causing him to gag but keep going. “I’ll grow you. I’ll get you so big. Get ready!” Tyler threw his head back, panting as his humping intensified. He moaned and became stiff, his toes curling as he jerked a couple of times. Ben gagged again as cum sprayed down his throat. “Oh fuck!” Tyler exclaimed. “Take it! Take it all! There’s a lot more where that came from!”

Ben did his best to gulp down all of the cum that was rushing into his mouth. Tyler came again and again, pumping it into him. Cum ran down Tyler’s shaft as some escaped Ben’s lips while he continued to shoot.

Finally, Tyler began to slow down and the cumming slowed as well. He let Ben’s head go and his cock popped out of Ben’s mouth. “I needed that,” Tyler panted, wiping his sweat from his forehead and giving Ben a soft pat. “Thanks.”

Ben sat there slack jawed with cum dripping down his chin. His eyes were half closed like he was drunk. “Fuck,” Ben muttered, flecks of cum flicking from his lips. “No wonder you had gallons of that shit.” He hiccuped. “You fucking came a lot.”

“Yeah, you probably chugged a gallon or two of my cum just then,” Tyler said. He stood up off of Ben’s dick and hurdled over it. Tyler’s long cock slapped Ben across the face but Ben hardly reacted. He was busy.

Ben groaned and gasped as Tyler’s load started to take its effect. Ben’s big cock flopped as it tried to lift up but crashed back to ground under its own weight. I could see Ben’s dick growing before my eyes. The fat cock crawled along the ground as it stretched forward. But, once again, the most interesting thing about his cock was it inflating wider. His legs were splayed out further as his meat grew fatter and fatter in between.

“Oh my god!” Ben cried out as he felt his cock growing bigger and bigger. “Fuck, it feels so good! Biggest fucking cock ever! Fuck!” He hands exploded his expanding member. “Oh, fuck! I’m going to cum!”

It was the siren call. I’m going to cum. I’ve heard now many times, and every time I want to go and plant myself in the splash zone. This time was no different. I was so tempted to latch onto Ben’s puffing cockhead but I stood my ground, as did Tyler. We just watched as Ben blew an insane amount of cum from his rotund dick. It sprayed all over the floor, pooling around the member.

Ben came a number of times until both his orgasms and his growth ceased. As I gazed onto the enormous cock wedged between Ben’s scrawny limbs, laying in a puddle of his own spunk, I clench my fist and gritted my teeth. Guess it was my turn. My cock seized as I blew my load in my pants, drenching the entire front.

We all stood there panting, not quite sure what to do next when Skyler walked in. “What the hell are you doing?!” he cried, seeing the scene.

“I can explain,” Tyler stated, his cock still hard and dripping with cum.