Costumemania: The sticky super suits

by Redouan

 Robin and Sven are two nerdy friends working at an office. They both love superheroes but are too invested in their office life to take the hobby further. But something is about to change this as they receive two costumes to wear for an upcoming event.

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It was a quiet evening at the office. Me and my coworker Sven were the last people there. Still typing out some last documents that need to be finished by tomorrow. we were often the ones to be there last. The concierge, Rupert was a nice guy who gave us a spare key that the boss did not know of. We did not spend our time there on work. When we were finished, we went to the little kitchen where we unlocked a cupboard no one has the key for. There is our little secret refrigerator filled with beer. This is our weekly routine. Every Wednesday we spent the evening here together. We clanged the bottles against each other and drank greedily. Immediately we were in a good mood and started joking around.

Sven and I always bonded about our little nerdy hobbies. We both have a reasonable collection of superhero comics. So sometimes we spent our time here watching nerdy movies on one of the office computers. Or we have lengthy discussions about video games. We never went to conventions or anything tough. We are both mature young adults, I guess. So, we silently made a rule that spending every Wednesday evening here in the nerdy theme was our max.

“To another horrible day at the office bud!” said Sven.

“I know. This week is dreadful. I hate these files we need to prepare.”

“You know what is not dreadful tough!? The new Marvel movie I torrented in amazing quality before it is out in stores!”

I got super excited. So grabbed a chair ready to watch this movie with my best friend. I grabbed some chips from my bag, and we were ready to go.

Halfway through the movie we heard footsteps downstairs. Both of us were so focused that it startled us badly. We were supposed to be the only ones to still be in the building. We both jumped out of our chairs ready to hide if the boss was about to check what the hell was going on. So Sven shut down the computer and we hid under the desk.

“Robin…? Sven…? Where are you guys?”

Immediately we arose from under the desk with relief. It was Rupert the concierge. He came in holding a cardboard box looking around for us.

“Wow, Rupert you got us fucking scared man! We thought you had gone home already,” said Sven.

“Oh I’m sorry! You were not answering your phone.”

Rupert slammed the cardboard box on our desk. We both looked inside. What the hell were those? Costumes?

“Hey, these costumes got delivered at my desk today. They said that they were for you, Robin! There was a note with it that said not to forget the birthday of your niece.”

“Oooooh.. shit..” I sighed. I totally forgot that my brother’s daughter had her sixth birthday in two days. She is totally into superhero’s as well and because I bonded about this very important subject with her my brother kind of forced me to show up to her birthday as a superhero.

“Oh yeah, I remember now. I had to go out and find a costume to wear. I can’t believe my brother actually remembered tough. I kind of hoped he would not. I am really not confident enough to act a fool. Even though she is only six.”

“These costumes are kind of crappy. They are not even a real hero. And why are there two?” said Sven.

“I have no idea man. This is not something my brother normally does. Are you sure my brother sent them, Rupert? His name is Ben.”

“I have no idea. All there was with it was this note that says that these are for you, and the stuff about your niece.”

We both stared at the costumes in silence for a while.

“Hey, I am going to leave this to you,” Rupert said. “Have fun tonight! See you guys tomorrow. I would love to grab a beer with you two but my girlfriend wants me home.”

Rupert put on his jacket and made his leave. That left Sven and I still silent next to the cardboard box.

“I… don’t really want to do this.”

“We should put them on now man… who cares about your niece! Let’s have some fun.”

I laughed, shook my head. “I don’t know man. Kind of feel like this is a prank.”

“Prank!? Who the hell is pranking? Rupert? Who cares man! Let’s just joke around make some fun videos!”

I laughed again. “Okay!”

We both grabbed one of the costumes and stripped down to our undies. I caught a glimpse of Sven’s slender body. I weirdly always noticed that he has quite a perky plump butt for such a slender guy. But why the hell was I thinking that anyway? I have a girlfriend at home. And it is not the case that I am bigger than him. We are quite equal in body size.

The costume was not made of tight Lycra but more of a loose-fitting fabric. Mine was mostly white with red linings. The one Sven put one was mostly black with blue linings. They were really loose and honestly felt like wearing pajamas. We attached the capes and started laughing.

“What the hell man… I don’t know this superhero! Who the hell is this! Black-and-blueman?” shouted Sven.

“I don’t fucking know! But you look awful!”

We both laughed so hard that we fell to the floor.

“Here comes black-and-blueman!”

Sven ran towards me with his arm up. I dodged him and also start running around. After some turns fake-fighting we stopped.

“Huh… aren’t we a little too old to do stuff like this?” I asked Sven.

“Who cares man. This is our evening. No boss around.. hey you know what! To make you a little more confident I will join you Friday at your niece’s birthday to act the fool! Let’s just do what we did just not and maybe your nieces joins us!”

I was kind of relieved at his offer. “Ah thanks man! I really appreciate that!”

The rest of the night we finished watching the movie while still wearing the stupid superhero suits. When it was time to go, we put our own clothes back on, put the suits in our bags, and after cleaning our part of the office we both went our separate ways back home.

When I arrived home, there were no lights burning. Most other nights Gwen would leave on the lights in our apartment until I got home. This meant that she was not home herself. I saw the note on the dining table.

“You were not answering your phone! I am going out tonight with my friend to a party! See you tomorrow afternoon!”

This could mean two things. She got annoyed that I stayed out so late and got her little friend group together. Or her little friend group was having one of their parties and scooped her up from the bench without her having a say in it.

Either way I had the bed to myself! I dropped the bag down next to the bed and let myself fall on it. Haha, those stupid superhero suits… I’ll message my brother tomorrow asking what the hell he was thinking. Or maybe I can already send him a picture that I received the suits?

Still a little tipsy I hoisted myself up again and started to undress. This time it’d be totally nude! Who cared! It was just for a quick picture. I put on the pajama-fitting supersuit and posed in front of the mirror.

“Let’s do one of these,” I said to myself while smirking and posing, snapping a picture.

After that I walked to the kitchen to grab something to drink, joping to get my head a little less tipsy. I drank up two full glasses of water. I leaned against the fridge while panting a bit. My hand went down from chest to my crotch, itching it then stroking a bit.


I felt something. The fabric felt like it was… moving around.

I looked down as I saw that the fabric around my crotch seemed to be getting tighter.

“Ugh, I really need to drink less next time!”

Then I heard soft sounds. Tightening sounds. I moved my legs around to loosen the crotch area up again but it didn’t help. A little confused, I walked back to the bedroom mirror. And to my surprise the fabric had changed. I stroked it again… what was this fabric around my dick? It felt like… like Spandex. As I squeezed my dick a little while watching myself in the mirror the tightening sound came back again and moved up my chest and down my legs. I watched in confusion as it seems that my belly and upper legs slowly are wrapped in tight Lycra. My hand moved around the parts of the suit that are transforming.

“Weeiird…” I said slowly.

This is kind of hot, I thought to myself. But not normal! What the hell is this costume? I quickly searched around for my phone to make some more pictures. I still felt the suit getting tighter as I was throwing my bedsheets to the ground. When I had my camera-app opened and saw myself in the mirror again, the Lycra had shaped fully around my legs and chest.

“Keeps getting tighter,” I said as I moved my body around in the suit.

My hand moved over my chest. This is so weird. I need to call Sven! This is not normal! So I quickly called his number. While it’s ringing I looked at my arms, which were getting wrapped in Lycra as well. By the time I heard Sven’s voice there was no more pajama-suit left. I look at myself fully covered in a tight Spandex superhero suit when a big “H” seemed to appear on my chest.

Sven… I… put on the hero suit and…”

“It changed…”

“What? Yeah it changed to…”

“Spandex… I am experiencing the same over here! I am freaking out!”

“You put it on too? What the hell man! What kind of fabric just changes itself?”

“I don’t know but I feel weird. A little…”


“Yeah.. kinda. And tight! I never wore a full Spandex suit before! Feels kinda nice!”

“Same here.. oh man! I am sweating! Look, let’s just take the suits off and go to bed! I don’t want to go to my brother’s place anymore on Friday!”

“Yeah… yeah… let’s take ‘em off.”

I put the phone on speaker and put it down on the bed. But when I started searching for the zipper, it was gone! I squirmed around bending over and forward with my arms. Then I started pulling at the Lycra… but it just did not seem to want to get off my body. I felt it stretching and loosening but there was just no opening.

“I… I can get the suit off, Sven! What about you?”

“Me neither man.. It is so tight! There is no zipper either!”

We both kept squirming around searching for the zipper as thoughts started to get into my head.

“Ugh still feels kinda nice, this Lycra man! Wish I wanted to cosplay more!”

“Ooh me too! It feels so slick! My… my dick is kinda hard under the suit!”

“M-mine too.”

My hand moved to my penis. It bulgef under the Lycra. Felt good!

“We need to do this more often man!” I heard Sven say. What did he just say?

“Yeah… yeah…ohh.”

I kept stroking as I think of my best friend Sven doing the same wearing his Spandex superhero suit.

“Yeahh yeahhh.. let’s do this again sometime!”

I get drowsy. Can’t keep my eyes open. And without any warning I fell to the bed fast asleep.

The next morning, I wake up tired. I wake up feeling like I dreamed all of yesterday. But when my hand moves to my body I still very much am wrapped tightly in the Spandex suit.

I jump up. “fuck… why is this real?”

I keep pulling at the suit again but still to no help. I am stuck in this Spandex prison. Luckily my girlfriend is not home yet, but the beeper of the alarm next to the bed goes off… meaning it is time to go to work. I grab my phone which is completely drained. I guess that call went on a little longer than I hoped.

What the hell should I do!? I rush to my closet. Let’s just wear my casual suit! So, I grab fresh pants and a shirt and put them over the Spandex suit. I hurry quickly to grab something to eat and then rush to the office again.

Constantly on my way to work I keep pulling at the suit under my clothes. If I can’t get this suit off by the end of the morning, I am going to go crazy, I think to myself. There is never a moment that I am not aware of me wearing it. Everyone seems to look at me while I walk inside the building. Of course, this is not really the case, but it does feel that way. When I walk past concierge Rupert’s desk, I wait a moment to confront him on where he actually did get these suits. But he is nowhere to be found.

So I make my way to my own desk. Sven is not here yet. And I try to focus on my work.

You can do this, Robin! Just focus. When lunch comes, I will rush to my car and try to get this suit off.

But the office is quite hot. So, it does not take a long time until I feel my body getting sweaty under the Lycra. I know people are not going to bother me for a while, so I open the top few buttons of my shirt just to get some air. I keep looking at my screen. At these stupid files but me mind keeps going to my body. Sometimes I get the sudden urge to burst open my clothes and show my herosuit. But I get these thoughts away as quick as I can.

“Hey there Robin! You look kinda hot!”

What did I just hear? Startled my eyes shift to the left. It is Jeff. He normally does not come in this part of the office.

“Heh.. yeah kinda hot here”

Jeff’s eye glance down to my chest.

“What the hell are you wearing under there? Some kind of compression shirt?”

Quickly my hand moves to the top part of my dress shirt. I totally forgot that I opened it. Awkwardly I try to close the buttons.

“Yeah.. yeah. It’s just a shirt.”

“It looks like it had some sort of big letter on it. Like a superhero!”

“No, that’s just the logo of the brand.”

Jeff looks at me with a confused face. Embarrassed I look away but that just makes me feel weird. Maybe I should show him my chest? Show him the suit? Wait what … no! I wiggle a little with my body. But I am able to get the thought out of my head.

“Anyway, could you help me with this document I got? I know you know a lot about these files the boss keeps asking us to correct. If you would help me that would mean a lot.”

I need to help him.

“Of course, I can help you Jeff”, I say while pumping my chest forward towards him. While doing that my chest seems to make a small flex.

“Heh… yeah thanks… here.”

Jeff walks away from my desk with a confused face. What the hell came into me? I feel sweat on my forehead. That flex… it felt so weird. I need to get my mind straight. Let’s go to the restroom quick.

Hastily I make my way to the restroom and luckily no one is there. I splash some water in my face, which is dripping in sweat. I look at myself in the mirror. Get yourself together man. This suit needs to go! I need to get rid of it. It feels like it is starting to control me. I want to get out of this Spandex prison right now!

I turn around to lock myself in one of the stalls to take another try to get the suit off, but I stop myself from going in. I squirm slowly around in my suit. Before I take it off.. why not one more photo. I turn around again. slowly I start to breath more heavily. That’s right my phone is still empty. I can’t make pictures right now… so… let’s just take the suit off.. my chest moves up and down from my breathing. No.. one more look…

With both my arms I pull open my dress shirt, ripping the buttons from their seams. I thrust my Spandex covered chest forward revealing the big H.

“H… does that stand for hero? Yeah… I am a hero all right.”

I can hear my body starting to make stretching sounds. I make another trust as I watch my chest grow forward. Two plump pecs grow under my Spandex suit something I never had before. Did I just grow?

“Nice…” I whisper.

I stroke my chest and fling my dress shirt to the ground so I can flex both my arms, which also start to thicken up inside the suit. Slowly forming lines of muscles, I never seen before. I watch with amazement. This is a sight to behold isn’t it? I keep admiring my gains as I hear the door fling open. For a moment I get out of my trance and act shocked.

Sven enters the restroom like he has been running. Sweating and panting. He is also wearing trousers and a shirt.

“Robin, thank god it’s you! Wha… what are you doing!?”

“I… I was just… I don’t know”

“You look… kind of.. bigger…” While saying that he sweeps the sweat from his forehead.

I look down at myself like I was not realizing I was standing there with a Lycra covered chest now a bit bigger with muscle. Sven starts panting and moves his hands down to his pants.

“Ooh fuck Rob… I can’t deal with it anymore. This suit is so tight! I… I need to … show off.”

Slowly Sven undoes the button of his pants and lowers them revealing his shiny black and blue Lycra covered legs. He throws his pants fully off and starts feeling his legs.

“Shit man… so tight.”

I watch him while smiling. This is good. Show off to me, bud.

“I’m sorry man.. I just… can’t stop myself. I know you aren’t gay or anything. I am not gay either! I just need to…” says Sven.

His hands move from his legs to his crotch then he cups his butt. Damn he always had a fine ass. He squeezes them, and as he keeps doing that, I see his ass starting to plump up even more making the Lycra bulge.

“ooh fuck!” he shouts.

Slowly I make my way over to where he is standing. In a quick motion I move the trashcan in front of the door.

“you know what Sven. I always thought your ass looked fine before. But now it is just amazing”

“yeah.. we re rocking these Spandex superhero suits man..”

“Let’s get rid of all these restricting clothes”

I pull off my pants and shoes and Sven removes his blouse. Both of us standing proudly in our supersuits. My dick was already hard underneath. I slowly step towards him till both our hard Lycra-covered dicks gently touch each other.

“Fuck man. Becoming a hero sure is hot!”

I start stroking his chest. First gently with one hand then with both. To help me Sven trusts his chest forward. Which also start to flex just like mine.

“Yeaaah fuck.. this happened to you to didn’t it, Rob?”

“Sure did.”

His pecs start to show underneath the suit while they slowly bulge forward, as well as his arms which he flexes for me. With his now stronger upper body he pulls me even closer. Now our bigger chests are touching. I feel his throbbing hard dick against me. Sven moves his arms down to my butt.

“Same with you bud. I always wondered how it would feel to touch a man’s ass. And yours is fine!” Sven says.

He gives my ass a hard squeeze and I can feel my ass filling up. I flex my lower body. My ass and also my legs and feel that the thickening feeling moves down. And when I look down I see both our legs getting ticker and stronger. Sven keeps squeezing my ass while licking his lips. He keeps flexing his upper body for me.

“Damn, look at us man! We are becoming hot strong superheroes! This damn tight suit is making us gods,” I say.

“Yeah. I never felt better, let’s flex some more!”

We start posing and flexing in front of the mirror. Both with a throbbing hard dick precumming under the suits. When all of a sudden loud bang is coming from the door.

Heeey who the fuck is blocking the restroom!”

Both of us are snapped out some sort of trance. For a moment we look around confused at what just happened. Sven looks down at his body.

“Wha… what the hell just happened… I am… huge,” says Sven.

I also look at myself in total shock. It feels weird being much more muscular than ever before. It feels like I am not myself.

“This is getting out of hand! What the hell do we do!”

“We need to find Rupert!”

We quickly both start dressing up our normal clothes again but both our pants and blouses do not fit very well anymore. My pants get extremely tight around my upper legs and ass. I also ripped the buttons of my blouse which I am no longer able to close. I look at Sven who was barely able to cram himself in his clothes as well.

“Let me help you,” says Sven.

He grabs my open dress shirty and takes some toothpicks out from his pocket. He uses the toothpicks like pins by making holes in the fabric. This barely hold my shirt together.

Hey assholes! Open the door or I will get the concierge!”

“Well, we do need to see him,” Sven says while laughing.

I move the heavy trashcan away from the door, which immediately swings open. Toby, a guy closer to the boss than us, walks in mad.

“What the hell were you guys doing in here? Making out?”

“Sorry Toby, Robin had a clothing malfunction and we tried to fix it.”

Sven points at my shirt held together with the toothpicks.

“That looks shitty! And… have you two been lifting weights or something! Get some bigger clothing. It’s probably that CrossFit bullshit that people are doing. I don’t even want to know what kind of steroids people are being fed there.”

“Yeah. Yeah, we do CrossFit!”

We rush past Toby with a plan to find Rupert to confront him. We try to bump into as little people as possible because we don’t want to be put back to work. we got figure this superhero situation out now. While I already was uncomfortable before, wearing the super suit under my clothing, now it is even more tight! So, I don’t want to make too big of steps fearing I will rip my pants. Sven and I carefully make our way downstairs stopping around corners when spotting people we need to avoid.

We manage to get to Rupert’s office but of course he is nowhere to be seen. Normally he leaves a note on his desk if he is helping anybody in the building.

“You know, maybe your brother has anything to do with this? You know he was the one who allegedly sent these suits here.”

“I don’t think my own brother would send us weird sticky superhero suits!”

“I don’t know man. But we need to find out because I am getting kind of hot again.”

We decide to call him on Sven’s phone, which still has some battery left.

“Heeey there bro! Did you perhaps send superhero costumes to my office yesterday?”

“Superhero costumes? What? No.”

So, we know enough. I end the awkward conversation quickly before he can ask me to come anyway on Friday. I feel that I am also burning up again when I hang up the phone. the tightness of my outfit is starting to make me feel claustrophobic. So while trying to stay calm we kind off look at each other hoping to come with some sort of solution.

“I.. I guess the getting bigger part is just some side effect from wearing Lycra for a long time. Let’s just.. go to our cars and try to get the suit off again I guess,” says Sven in desperation.

I nod, but deep down I know that we might not be able to. This suit is doing something with us. A transformation we just can’t stop from happening.

We rush to the parking lot as fast as we can with our tight pants ready to burst. As we are both are getting very sweaty. It is like an urge is getting stronger and stronger that wants to take over my mind. We reach Sven’s car first.

“Fuck it lets just do it here! We’ll both try pulling on each other’s suits!”

But before Sven can reach for his keys, we hear a soft laugh. Rupert slowly walks towards our direction. He has an evil kind of smile on his face.

“Rupert! Where the hell have you been! These suits you gave us are weird!”

“Hmm haha, they sure are weird, aren’t they. Aren’t you guys enjoying your little tight adventure?”

“What? No! What the hell is going on! Are you behind this?”

Rupert sighs. “You guys, always nerding around in the evening… not going home to your girlfriends… always talking about superheroes but never doing anything more than just drink beer and hide”

“What the hell does that have to do with anything! We are not hiding from our wives or from anything! We just like drinking a beer together!”

“Yeah yeah.. and never inviting others. Sound very gay to me if you tell me! And who has to cover up for you two! Me! And who never gets invited…. me.

“Rupert, if you want to drink a beer with us just ask us! You never do!”

“No… I was done with both of your gay ass superhero nonsense! So when I heard that Robin had to perform a little superhero act I decided to get some costumes for you two best friends!”

“That’s a fucking weird thing to do, Rupert.”

“I don’t care… this costume shop sells all kinds of wonderful outfits. The lady that works there is also part-time concierge, so we know each other… and she dabbles in, how do I say it in a simple way? Curses.”

We both start laughing.

“Rupert. There are no curses. That is bullshit.”

“Oh really? No curses? Aren’t you guys quite hot right now? Aren’t you experiencing some stickiness of this lovely tight suits of yours? With some lovely side effects. Hmm?”

Both Sven and I look at each other scared. I can feel my body getting full of pressure again from the heath. It feels amazing but with all my might I try to get the feeling off of me scared to lose control. I get awfully attracted to my best friend and the thought of us growing strong together, filling this tight ass suit up with body mass, becomes to hard to resist.

“You guys will burst and pop and bulge and grow till you are both two strong Lycra-loving superhero sluts…”

The pressure in my body gets so extreme that my clothing can no longer be contained. I need to show off now!


Me and my best friend flex as hard as we can. The seams of our casual clothing rip open like they are nothing, revealing our super tight and shiny Spandex suits finally getting rid of those clothes that were holding us back. We both shiver in joy as we feel how the pressure bulges new muscle all around our bodies. I look proudly at my best friend enjoying his transformation as much as I do as he is beginning to fill up his suit like a real hero does.

“Looking good bud!” says Sven while flexing.

One by one each body part grows pressing against the suit. it feels so tight but at the same time there seems to be no end to the stretch-ability of the suit. Both our bodies are bulging everywhere in our suits. Especially Sven’s shiny Lycra covered bubble ass.

Oooh I’m getting so massive man.. and ooh Sven I love you ass man! I can’t repeat it enough! Can I please feel it?”

Uuugh Sure you can dude. What is taking you so long!”

With a mighty swing of my strong arm I smack Sven’s ass making a sound that can probably still be heard inside the office. and then I grab it and stoke it lovingly. My other hand goes down to my dick which is already hard and bulging against the suit. I press my hard dick bulge against his ass which he seems to enjoy.

“We make some very hot superhero hunks, don’t we, Rob!”

“We sure do bud. You are so big and hot that I can’t resist you anymore man.”

“Do it! Only a man like you can do it well.”

I move my hand down to my bulge when I feel that the Lycra suit created an opening above my ass and dick. Now I am able to feel my super cock for the first time. And while I hold my hard dick in my hand I can feel and see it growing even bigger.

“Boy if this isn’t a super cock I don’t know anymore,” I say.

“Show me! Let me feel it.”

For a moment Sven turns around and gets on his knees. Hungry for my dick he starts licking it and eventually puts it in his mouth. I can feel how he is a natural. So eager to taste superseed. He keeps sucking and stops sometime to lick the tip of my dick to taste my precum. He does it so well that my dick is about to burst but I push him off.

“That was amazing bud. But it’s your ass I always craved.”

So Sven stands up again and for a while we feel and worship each other’s big strong Lycra covered bodies.

“This is not a curse. This is a blessing! I love being your superhero muscle hunk, Rob.”

“Me too man. Now spread your super cheeks so I can show you my power.”

Sven bends down presenting me his ass. At first Sven moans out pain. But my dick is so wet from precum that it eventually slips in nicely. Full of passion I start fucking my best friend.

Oooh Robin yes!”

Feels good doing him. I speed up a little clenching my tight Lycra clad ass.

Yes yes! Yeeeess!”

I am about to shoot my super load inside Sven when we hear a car alarm go off. Again, both of us get awakened from our trance. And as I see what is going on, I freak out.

No…..aaaaaah” I scream while I pull out my dick from my best friends’ ass.

With my hands in my hair I start to get angry. “This is insane! Make it stop, Rupert!”

I know it was him who awakened us. Rupert emerges from Sven’s car, which he had opened with the keys Sven probably dropped while transforming.

“I am not going to let you guys finish just yet… the final transforming moment is still yet to come.”

I look at myself in dread freaked out how big I have become. I am becoming a superhero freak! And fully aware that I was having sex in a public parking lot. I immediately put away my dick inside the suit again. Sven seems too overwhelmed to react still with his bare ass out in the open with some of my precum splattered all over his cheeks.

You are a fucking crazy lunatic, Rupert! Stop this now or I will slam your face to pieces!” I scream with anger that I never seem to have possessed before. It’s like my newfound mass and strength has something to do with it.

“I am not going to do anything. You guys have till tonight to get rid of the suit or you will become superhero sluts for the rest of your life.”

But my anger quickly turns into slight hopelessness. Afraid of what I am becoming.

“Please… Rupert! have mercy! We never ever disliked you! We just forgot to ask you to join us.”

“There is no stopping it now, Robin. And don’t act like you are not enjoying it. Have fun together. Like you two always seem to have.”

With a smirk on his face Rupert walks away. I am thinking about tackling him, holding him hostage till he helps us. Thinking about hurting him badly. But I do nothing. I get hyper aware of the fact that I just fucked my best friend while transforming into a muscled superhero. Unlike the last times I got in a trans this time I remember the full experience of what we just did. I flex my upper body a bit and look at the big “H” on my chest. What the hell are we becoming this is insane.

“Are you okay Sven?” I ask carefully. I feel like I just did something that changed our relationship forever.

Sven takes one deep breath. “Yeah. I’m okay,” he says, and wraps his ass up in Lycra again. As he rises up again and looks me in the eyes I can see his mixed feelings.

“We… we need to find clothes. Bigger clothes. We need to cover ourselves.”

“Where the hell are we going to find clothes!”

“Let’s just get in the car and drive to your place! My girlfriend is probably home so we need to go to yours,” says Sven.

I agree. My own girlfriend Mary probably is mad at me, but not at home right now after a long night of partying. How am I going to show myself like this to her anyway? We need to fix this before she finds me.

We get in Sven’s car and drive off.

“Hey man. I am sorry what just happened in that trance. I never meant to… you know… do any of that,” I say.

“It’s okay. I … I… don’t mind it. This is just a weird curse! Nothing more!”

“Yeah. It’s all just the curse! Nothing more.”

But when I say that I feel that I don’t fully mean it anymore. The closer we get to becoming these muscly superheroes the more I am unsure what are my own feelings and what are those of the curse. I am very angry and confused and uncomfortable but at the same time I feel enjoyment and… affection.

“What do you think will break this curse? This transformation? How do we get rid of the supersuit?”

“It already has an opening now! Maybe we can take them off. We just need to find a way to not get overtaken by these trance moments.”

“Yeah, sure!”

We arrive by my apartment and Mary does not seem to be home. Before we leave the car we look around if no one is coming our way. When it is clear we sprint to the front door. I squirm my key in the door.


My heart makes a jump when I hear Mary’s voice. I turn around and see her shocked face.

“What the hell are you guys wearing!?”

“It’s.. just some joke we are preparing for a little performance for my niece.”

“But why do you look so different? You look all buff and strong… I…”

No no! It’s all fake! Fake muscles! Just a costume. Haha.”

But Mary walks toward us. I try to take steps backward, but the front door is still closed. With a grossed out face she touches my Lycra covered arm.

“What the hell is going on? This is not fake Rob.”

“No, Mary, please let me just explain.”

But she backs off again looking clearly disgusted.

“I don’t know what you two are doing but I was already having my doubts lately! You two clearly have something going on! I don’t know if this is some freaky fetish shit but I don’t want any of this!”

“Mary, please. It is not what it seems! I am not gay! I love you!”

“No! You don’t love me!”

And before I can say anything she turns away and storms off. I feel crushed. All I can do is watch her walk away.

“I’m sorry, man,” Sven says.

I say nothing and turn the key to open the door.

“Please say something!” Sven insists.

“It’s okay. I… We need to focus on fixing our curse and then I will talk with her.”

I try to concentrate on the main problem. The first thing we do when we are inside is pull at each other’s suits to try to get it off. We pull as hard as we can but still to no help. While doing it the feelings of heat keeps coming back, but I do everything to not let those feelings get a hold of me. Sven even gets angry while pulling with all his might. We are so strong and muscular now but still no way to get this suit off.

Why is this suit indestructible!”

“What about having to go to the restroom? Did you have to pee all this time?”

“Heh. That’s actually a good question. I don’t know. I don’t seem to.”

“When we… did the stuff. We also were able to get the suit to loosen up so let’s try to just go pee.”

“I will go first!” Sven nods.

Sven runs off to the toilet. And while he is off I start wondering around the room. Maybe I should search for some more baggy clothing I have to wear on top of the suit! I walk toward my bedroom to go to the closet when I notice the cardboard box where the suits were in still laying on the ground. I pick it up and notice a small card laying in there. It only says “For Robin, From your Bro! See you Friday”

But this is written on what seems like a sticker. So I try to take the sticker off. Under it is a different message written.

“To Rupert from Esmeralda. Have fun giving these to your friends. They will be tortured in superhero bliss. No worries, the only way to stop it is for them to not want it.”

What? I do not want this!” I say out loudly.

What does this mean? But after saying that out loud I stay silent. I look at myself. All big and strong. And I think of Sven enjoying himself.

Do I not want this?

Sven enters the bedroom. “Huh I was able to pee! But nothing more than that! I just really got weirded out how much bigger my dick is dude haha”

I turn around and show him the note. But he at first does not say anything. He just looks me in the eyes.

“How… does a suit know if we want something or not? That does not make any sense. We cannot convince this suit that we don’t want this if it forces us to do stuff we don’t want to do! I am not gay…”

But still both of us seem to not know how to feel. Which feelings are real? And which aren’t!

“I think we have to try to resist the suit from now on! We have stay apart from each other the rest of the day!” I say.

“That is not going to help man! I searched for you this morning without consciously making that decision.”

“Okay, then we stay here, in different rooms! And try to only think about other stuff!”

“I don’t know man…”

But we have to try. This has to end.

So, we each position ourselves comfortably in a different room. We both put on comfy baggy lounge clothing of mine to cover up the suit. Normally the baggy clothing is quite oversized. Now it just about fits. I spread my thick legs on the footrest before me and start reading a book. Is this a smart idea? I don’t know! But I do manage to not think about Sven or the suit for a while. I convince myself that everything is going to be okay with me and Mary and that she loves me the way I was before all this. And this way the hours seem to pass by. Sometimes I go to the kitchen to grab something to drink or eat but we keep avoiding each other.

When the sun starts to go down my mind is totally relaxed. I have not thought about the suit I am wearing. Sometimes of course I did get aware of me wearing it but nothing more. I even feel the suit start to behave differently. Like it starts to relax. So, I take of my shirt and carefully start feeling if anything changed. And it did! The opening around my waist is back and because of it I am able to remove the top part of my Lycra suit! Out of joy I start laughing! I can freely feel my chest again! which is quite big.. hmm look how huge I got so hot… no! don’t let that happen.

After a while I hear footsteps. And Sven walk into the room I am in. Without saying anything he lifts his shirt and I can see that he too was able to remove the upper part of his suit!

“It’s working dude!” he says.

“Just one more thing to go!”

“Let’s get some air man! I am going a little crazy from sitting inside! I did not have any weird thought for a while now.”

I agree so we get outside and with the car we drive to nearby quiet park. When we arrive, we sit down next to each other on a bench with a couple of hamburgers.

“What a crazy day man. Tomorrow we will punish Rupert for doing this shit to us!”

“Sure was a wild ride. I am happy we figured it out! I don’t know if I will ever be able to think the same way about superheroes.”

“Me neither. That will be hard. Not that I never watched superhero girl porn online in my life…”

We laugh. I smack Sven on his knee. Which went harder than I wanted it to, not knowing my strength. A piece of his hamburger falls to the ground.

“Fuck dude look what you did!”

Sven stands up bending over to grab it to throw it away. And by doing so I spot a part of his Lycra clad ass…. f.. fuck that’s a nice ass! No… don’t. that’s your best friend! Don’t say it.



“I love your ass man….”

Immediately I hold my hand in front of my mouth. Sven looks at. Both of us don’t know what to say. Fuck! Why did I not control myself! But.. I do love his ass. I…. I always did. I can see a droplet of sweat dripping down on Sven’s face. He is holding himself back.

“I do… I do love you.. I mean your ass!”

Sven drops his hamburger to the ground, grabs me by my shirt and pulls me towards him. This rips my shirt off my body revealing my muscular big chest. We both hug each other.

“Oh fuck Rob I can’t hold back anymore! I don’t care if I am not gay! I want you!”

I rip open his shirt as well and we slam our huge chests against each other while hugging. I move my hand passionately over his cheek and kiss. His lips taste like no lips I ever tasted before. His manliness. His strength. It is irresistible.

“Do we do this Rob? Do we let go? We still can stop this. It would be better.”

“This is no trance anymore, Sven. I am fully aware now… I want you”

“I… I want you too man. I want to be your superhero hunk forever.”

While saying that I can hear his voice getting lower and lower. I see him bursting spasms all over his body. Sven bend his head slightly back and gives himself over to the transformation. A thick ginger beard grows form his face like his own ginger hair. And his belly and pecs fill up with a lovely coating of ginger fur. And while he already is huge his belly and pecs seem to fill up even more.

Ooh yeah Bud. Feels amazing!”

I grab his waist and lustfully start licking his right pec and nipple.

“Give into it, Rob. Do it.”

My dick is already super hard from all of this, but I can feel that my transformation is not done yet either. So, I press my chest against that of Sven and give in to the feeling. I too grow a thick beard and body hair all over. And I feel my pecs, belly, arms and legs grow a final bit pressing against Sven.

“OOooohhhhh,” I mouth in joy.

Sven also starts worshipping my chest. he licks the salt of my sweaty hairy skin. And while doing that I can feel the Lycra under my pants starts to move. A stretching sound is heard, and I feel the Lycra moving up. I look down and see that both of our chests are slowly being covered with Spandex again. both of us rip away our pants revealing our thick legs. Like a second layer of skin the Spandex tightens around our huge manly bodies. Our transformation is about to be done. In a few moments we will forever be Superheroes. I am overcome with joy thinking about it! I happily flex my arms and pecs for my best friend to see. And so, he does the same.

“Let’s celebrate our decision to be heroes, man. We owe it to the suit.”

“Yeah, let’s. We need to finish were we left.”

Lust fills me like a beast. My throbbing big dick wants to get out. Sven turn around for me and shows off his delicious lyra covered ass. I slap it which makes it jiggle just right. Then he slowly lowers the suit for me. First, I press my Lycra bulge against his bare ass but it is throbbing so hard that I need to release it. Again, it is already covered with precum which allows it to slide in just fine.

“Daaamn. Man-ass feels much tighter than a pussy,” I say.

“I never want to think about pussy again Bro. Just your superdick,” Sven says while moaning.

At first I start gently but the more Sven seems to enjoy it he start to moan harder and I start to fuck him harder. The ground under us seems to shift. Like we are magnets pressing against the wrong pole. While fucking I watch down and see that we are starting to float… Like superheroes do!

We are gaining powers,” I moan.

Sven is moaning and shouting in joy. I fuck him as well as I can. I can feel my huge muscular body pulsate in my Spandex suit when trusting forward.

Aah dude fill me up! Fill me up with you powerful seed!” Sven shouts.

I can feel my balls are ready to burst. And with one powerful thrust of my dick I shoot my hot load inside Sven. A shockwave of force seems to burst out both of us as Sven also shoots his seed all over. The shockwave feels like seals the deal for the both of us. I can slowly feel how my suit seems to relax. Like it did its job.

With our big supercocks hanging out still we hug each other tenderly. Cum still dripping on the ground from the tip of our dicks. I stroke the “S” on my best friends’ chest.

“My beautiful strong hero. I love you man.”

Sven smiles at me with glee. A tear falls down out of his eye.

“I am so happy we chose to do this man,” he says.

Proudly we wrap our dicks back up inside the Spandex. We push our chests forward, raise one arm and hold each other’s hands with the other. And with a single jump we fly off into the air ready to live our hunky superhero life.

The sun is already shining bright when I wake up. I open my eyes and see my love. Sven, still asleep. Snoring a bit with a little drool in his blonde beard. His bedsheets are lowered to his waist revealing his strong hairy chest. I turn around and see our super suits laying on the floor. Last night we had some superhero action. But I sigh at the sight of our super suits not being handled with care, just lying there all wrinkled. I would hate it if they got damaged. As quiet as possible I try to leave the bed. And when I turn around, I can’t help myself but give my big man a soft kiss on his cheek. Just look at him. I think to myself proudly. What a fine specimen!

Slowly firstly I pick up both our super suits and fold them nicely. then I walk to my closet to get changed. We both had to get a fully new set of clothing after our transformation. None of my clothes were fitting anymore. We both bought a lot of shirts that show our big arms for some reason. At first, we were still a bit hesitant to show of our bodies. But now we don’t seem to care anymore. The world does not know real superheroes. So, we never go off actually saving the day. We save each other. But this showing off is some sort of side effect from being an actual superhero, I guess. it does not bother me when I do it myself but sometimes, I notice Sven being cocky and flex his body for the ladies and the guys around the office. Which makes me somehow annoyed and aroused at the same time.

Still, every day when we show ourselves at work, our collogues seem a little intimidated by our presence. Some ladies fully went on flirty mode. Some guys who previously talked down on us for being nerds now keep their mouths shut, some look at us longingly from a distance. But we are finding our new position in the office as popular masculine guys. Even my brother and his wife were accepting of us. Although they seemed to be weirded out to ask me how I got this huge so quickly. My niece had the best birthday of her life when I still showed up in a superhero outfit. Not my actual super suit. But a new cheap one I bought in a store.

And of course, Rupert, our good bud. I can still remember the smug face Rupert made when he saw us the day after. But we shut him up really quick. When Sven and I gave each other a genuine kiss. He seemed to be disappointed. He wanted us to suffer. For us to live the life of a freak that does not want to be this way. But we want it all right. I take a proud look at myself in the mirror and close the final few buttons of my blouse. Time to make some breakfast for Sven and myself.

Sven walks in when I finish cooking my signature breakfast of bacon and eggs. Two plates for the both of us.

“Good morning, bud,” he says with a smile on his face.

“Good morning. I made you some breakfast.”

“Thank you,” he says while giving me a kiss.

He eagerly starts eating. It is the weekend which means that we can spent the day however we want.

“I love your hair this way. All rugged and wild,” I say to Sven. I look at him while eating his breakfast with his “just out of bed” hair.

Sven raises one of his eyebrows. “Really? I literally did not comb it yet.”

“Yeah. Perfect!” I say while shaking his hair around which he seems to find annoying, so he pushes my arm away.

“You always belittle me like I am the smaller half of our duo by saying stuff like this. You know that’s not fair! I am just as strong as you, maybe even stronger.”

“Relax! I am just trying to make a cute comment. and no, you are not stronger than me.”

Immediately Sven stomps his arm on the table making the plates and glasses wiggle. “Let’s fucking settle it, arm wrestle me!”

I laugh. “Come on, Sven don’t be like this, it is the morning!”

But Sven is dead serious. So, I sit down, raise my arm on the table and we start to press. I look my love straight in his eyes while giving it my all as he bloats his face. At first, I feel my arm going down but then I press harder making us equal.

Sven start to scream out of frustration. “I will beat you! Aaaah!”.

And with a strong push I press his arm to the table, which makes Sven furious as he pushes me against the wall in anger, making the room literally rumble.

“Careful there bud. You don’t want to break our home with your strength,” I say softly.

But Sven seems to be overwhelmed with competitive anger like an alpha man who wants to be in control. For a moment I feel uncomfortable as I don’t know this side of him.

“You know we could break each other bud… We are too hot to be fighting,” I say.

“I am not fighting you man. I am going to dominate you,” he says as he rips open his shirt and starts flexing his arms and hairy pecs to intimidate me. All while keeping me against the wall.

“Hmm. Super Sven, you are hot when you are like this. But I don’t need you to save me.”

Sven laughs with a smug face. “Are you sure about that Rob? You could use someone taking control for once.”

He turns me around and lowers my pants revealing my fine super ass. Sven presses his huge body against mine and I feel his bulge hardening against my bare ass.

“You will receive mine today bud,” Sven whispers in my ear while holding my arms up with his strong grip. I smell his musky sweat from the night before, as he has not showered yet.

“Do it,” I say softly.

Ding dong goes the doorbell just as Sven is about to whip out his super cock. Both of us, two strong big men, start at the noise and quickly put our clothes back on.

Sven is quicker than me. “I will go see who it is!” he shouts like a child.

But I can’t help but follow Sven to the door to see who it is. A mysterious figure with long grey hair is standing outside our door. She lowers her sunglasses when we open the door.

“Ahh, hello boys. Good to see you two fine specimens in real life… I am so overjoyed to see my two biggest successes. Let’s talk. I have a little offer for you two.”

Look at him, walking around the office all muscley and confident. Ugh… I made him into a kind hunky jerk. I hate it. My mind is wandering off while looking at Sven talking to somebody. But when he sees me, he seems to notice me looking at him which makes him walk to me.

“Hey there, Rupert. You seem to be in a good mood.”

Is that supposed to be a joke?

“I am sorry, just joking. You were looking a little manically. Like you were plotting something.”

“Oh I am done plotting.”

“Sure! Of course.”

Ugh, you should know Sven… the things I wish I could do to you and your gay ass boyfriend.

“Hey, I am not plotting anything either, but I am planning a nerd night this evening! This time I just want to make it up to you. For real! So please feel free to come. I truly mean it. Are you up to it?”

“I will think about it.”


And as smooth and quick as he came to me, just as fast he is gone again. Off to show off to some other guy. But even tough Sven’s invite does feel sincere, I do still feel like he still does not mean it. It does not matter tough. I already made peace with the idea that I will never truly be one of their friends like I wished I would be. I am done with this costume bullshit. Let them be hot and dumb. I will keep my smart mind and will get a better job within this building. I know I am better than just a concierge! Stacy, my girlfriend, always says the same; Keep being friends with guys who are close to the boss and you will get a promotion. I am a grown man. I am wise enough to not be busy with nerdy stuff like superheroes. I liked those comics a long time ago!

I decide to go talk to Toby. I always saw him as my friend. He is a guy from financing, close to the boss. Maybe he has something to repair. And I could help him with some files. It is always a good idea to help him first when the day at the office starts. Keeping him my friend is key.

So I close my little office and head upstairs to Tobies office. I hesitate a moment when I see two silhouettes inside his office but still knock and open. To my shock I see Toby together with a familiar face. Esmeralda the costume maker is standing right there next to Toby.

“Ahh, good morning, Rupert! I was just about to come get you. I want you to meet Esmeralda! She is a very experienced concierge. And because you said yourself a week ago that you could use some extra hands, I decide to hire her!”

With shocked wide eyes I look at her. But she shows zero emotion. As usual.

“Hey. I’m Rupert” I say as I shake her hand like we never met.

“Good to meet you Rupert. You seem like a real concierge!”

A real concierge? Is she mocking me? She knows I don’t want this job anymore and I hate people seeing me as just a concierge.

“Thanks. Not often does a lady takes the concierge job” I say to tease her back.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Rupert! Esmeralda has more days behind her in this job than you, you two probably can learn a lot from each other. So I am going to leave you two together to get this figured out! Make plans please, how you two will work together!”

Toby leaves the room with some papers in his hand he probably needs to hand to someone else. So, the two of us are alone in his office.

“You have some balls getting a job where the crime took place Esmeralda. Let’s hope our two dumb heroes don’t find out who you are,” I say.

“No worries. I can use the extra money. Making costumes is not a well-paying hobby you know. And I am not afraid of those big guys.”

I laugh. “Yeah sure. Making those cursed costumes is your hobby… We both know why you do it. To see small men squirm in agony as they become dumb and change forever. It’s probably the only thing that still turns you on.”

“You don’t know my intentions, Rupert. I can sense who wants a costume…. You, for example. I know you would want to become their friend. And you could use some confidence. I sense some discomfort with how things turned out around here.”

“Fuck off. I have plenty of confidence. I don’t need your gross spandex changing suits. It seems to be deliberately made for gays.”

A quick thought flashes in my head. I do love those superheroes. How awesome would it be to fly into the sky with my superhero friends… No. I am a grown man!

Esmeralda keeps her mouth shut. She stares with a look of elderly wisdom. But without emotion, with her arms crossed and her lips sucked in just a bit.

“That’s fine, because you are not going to get anything anyway. Only those who can handle it will get a suit. And, as you say, you can do it with your confidence alone, right?”

Esmeralda turns her head away from me like she’d taught me a lesson.

Shit, I think to myself. What did I do! I need to keep my feelings in check here. And I need to keep her my friend! Because what if one day I will get my suit… No. You are not some dumb muscle slut!

We walk to my office where I show Esmeralda all the stuff she needs to know. When and how to open the building. What to do when people enter the building. But the moment I am done explaining she goes her own way like she just knows what needs to be done in the office. It leaves me feeling even more not in control. The whole cursing plot seems to have backfired fully by this point.

The whole day I walk around the building and I see Esmeralda Socialize with anyone she sees. She gets jobs and requests done and goes from problem to problem. And all I can do is sneakily watch her do it., at least until I decide to get some time alone and lock myself in a toilet stall.

“Damn,” I say out loud, “when did I become such a loser?” I try to hold back a tear. A real man does not cry when having a bad day. I open my bag I brought with me as I was planning to go home after this, as it seems Esmeralda is doing fine on her own. But for a moment my eyes go to the old worn-down comic book in my bag. I always have it in there. It is tattered and read so many times by young me that it could fall apart any day. I sigh as I see the strong superheroes on the cover which I was almost in love with when I was younger.

“If I could just be with them for one day…”

Then it hits me! I now have a reason to become friends with Robin and Sven! To get back at Esmeralda! I stand up from the toilet happy with my idea. I can go to their nerd night and just feed them a lie that Esmeralda is plotting to take their powers away! And together we can force her to do anything! She can’t do shit against two muscled superheroes! Genius!

I quickly put my comic book back in my backpack and make my way back to my little concierge office. As I see something laying on the desk. A flashy yellow belt, with a note next to it.

“Hey, Rupert, sorry if I intimidated you today! It is all in good fun! We did not plan our little curse plot together for nothing! We are going to run this office. Just you wait! Here is a belt I made which has only a small but noticeable effect. It gives you more confidence. I guess you already have confidence, but if you ever feel like you could use a confidence boost, then wear this!”

I scoff at the note and take a quick look at the belt which looks like that of a superhero, with a logo in the middle of it.

“Yeah, sure…”

I put the belt in my bag. Maybe I can trick somebody else with this! You will not get me today bitch.

I decide to text Sven that I am coming to join them tonight and he reacts with joyful smileys. So, I leave the concierge office and quickly go home to change. And to eat something together with my wife Stacy. As she does make lovely meals. And I do love her still very much. We have a quiet but nice dinner while sometimes looking her in the eyes lovingly. She at least is a constant in my life which I never want to lose. I tell her that I will be home late and fill my backpack up with some beers. As I know the fridge is theirs and theirs only. And so, I make my way back to the office when the sun is down.

Loud sounds can be heard from upstairs when I enter the dark empty office building again. These guys seriously have changed. Not even frightened to be caught by the boss anymore. I make my way upstairs but only see Robin sitting slumped in his chair while watching some superhero YouTube show while drinking a beer. He is wearing a tight tank top showing off his muscled arms. Some chest hair sticks out from under it.

“Heeey Rup! So nice of you to join!” he says while raising his beer. “grab a beer!”

“Hey Robin! Where is Sven?”

Right when I say that we hear a hard thud against the window. And we can see a cape flowing in the wind tapping against the glass. Slowly, super Sven steps in front of the large window, with a cocky face and with his arms in his side he shows off his huge-muscled body wrapped in the spandex super suit. He knocks on the glass and Robin sprints to the window to open it. Sven steps inside and nods to me to greet me.

“I am sorry guys; I could not help myself. If we have a nerd evening, we should dress accordingly, shouldn’t we?”

“Yes yes, Sven, just say you wanted to show off” says Robin.

“Why is this showing off, Rob? We are all nerds here. You need to respect cosplay.”

“You are not cosplaying,” I say with a dead serious face.

Both Sven and Robin look at me and start laughing.

“I am so happy you came Rupert. We still to this day feel bad for making you feel like you were not welcome at our nerd evenings,” Sven says while he moves next to me.

He wraps his big arm around me as a friendly gesture. For a moment I get warm feelings inside me as I feel the superhero so close to me. His presence is impressive. So, I can’t help but smile at Sven.

“Do you guys actually have superhero names or something?” I ask.

“Yeah, Super Sven and Super Rob.”

“You mean super lame. You don’t have your letters on your chest for nothing!”

“We are not real superheroes Rupert, why would we take it seriously,” says Robin.

“Because you guys are real superheroes. Did you not just see Sven fly inside through a window?”

Robin laughs. “True, but right now we are going to toast to this nerd evening! I already have our movie set! Grab a beer!”

I quickly grab one of my beers from my backpack. All three of us raise our can and thud them against each other.

“TO US NERDS!” I shout.

Sven and Robin look at each other a little confused but then repeat me.


As so the evening begins. We drink beer after beer as we watch an amazingly corny and bad superhero action movie. In the back of my mind I keep thinking about finding a moment to talk about Esmeralda with them. But we have plenty of fun and laughs to make me forget about it. I even get to share that I too do love comic books. As Sven and Robin act surprised when they learn about it.

Sven constantly reenacts the poses the superhero makes in the movie. He can’t help himself to show off. One scene the love interest gets saved and lays in the hero’s arms. Robin acts like he is her and drops in Sven’s arms. And still Sven is able to lift his big-muscled friend like he weighs nothing.

“OOOooh, Sven, thank you for saving me,” Robin shouts dramatically while holding his arm over his head.

I laugh at them, feeling genuinely connected to them. And we do get quite tipsy after a while. This makes us all three more careless and loud. Robin can’t help himself and strips his tank top off to dance around showing his bouncing hairy pecs. I, at this point am tipsy enough to not care anymore and also strip down to my naked belly. We dance and shout not caring even a bit about the noise we make.

At one point Sven trips over my backpack without me noticing and sees the superhero belt fall out of it. He drunkenly picks it up and throws it around me like I am a cone in a throwing game. Me, being to drunk to care what just was thrown on me wiggles the belt around me. As it is quite wide so I hulla hoop it around my waist. To make Sven and Robin laugh

Sven and Robin wobble around drunk and constantly thud against each other.

“Stop falling on me, Sven,” Robin says.

“Hehe I already fell for you some time ago, bud.”

“Sure you did, stud.”

All of a sudden like they cannot resist each other anymore. They grab one another by the waist, and Sven starts stroking Robin’s bare, strong chest. I stop dancing and look at them as a sudden feeling of jealousy arises in me.

“I was not finished with you, bud!” Sven shouts as he starts kissing Robin. At first they kiss tenderly but then they start being more aggressive grabbing each other’s thick arms. And eventually their asses. I watch with wide eyes as this time they seem to genuinely enjoy it, unlike when I watched them fuck in the parking lot, I knew that they were cursed. My hand palms get sweaty as I suddenly feel something get tight around my waist. I look down and see the superhero belt has attached itself around me.

“Fuck,” I say as I realize what just happened.

No, no this is not good! I don’t trust Esmeralda. And as I expected the belt is not able to be removed as I pull at it violently. Robin and Super Sven keep making out as they have now fallen on the floor. While doing that they knocked several chairs over and a full desk. Sven has thrown his big cape off covering the computer screen that has the movie we were watching still playing.

“Super Rob…., you are not going anywhere before I am done with you,” Sven says as he is leaning over him. His tight’s big bubble ass is high in the air shiny with the florescent lights of the office shining on the Lycra. He holds Robin down with his strong arms as he starts grinding him with his Lycra bulge.

“G-guys… We were watching a movie,” I say softly while I feel a drip of sweat drip down my forehead. Clearly uneasy with what is going on. And extremely jealous for some reason. But I get mad on myself for thinking this way. You are not gay Rupert! There is nothing to be jealous about! But also fuck them! For looking so godly and muscular, they do not deserve to be this hot. I gave it to them!

“Guys. I…. uuurp!” A loud burp comes out of my mouth, but Sven and Robin are not even looking at me, too focused on their superhero action. A weird, bloated feeling starts to form in my belly that at first, I identify as air from the beers I drank. But when I cover my belly with my hand, I can feel it starting to twist. I start panting and feel super uneasy. But the feeling is unbearable for a few moments, so I rest both my hands on my belly.

“Hah… guys?” Fuck them! Fuck their bubble asses. Fuck their bouncy round pecs. I deserve to be that way.

I look down and watch as my belly slowly start bloating outward. Filling it with mass. No! I think to myself. I need to get massive in muscle not in fat! I feel ashamed and look at myself in the window. why am I getting fat? But then the feeling moves to my ass. Which also fills up, plumping it nicely.

Oooooh,” I groan loudly at the feeling of mass getting added to my body. Ashamed but also weirdly aroused. This does make Sven and Robin look up from their hot superhero session.

“Damn Rupert… you are getting a little thick there, boy,” Sven says. With a demanding look he gestures to me to come closer. I do so, slowly because I feel uneasy getting closer to his ultra-masculine presence. He slaps my belly as I come closer which startles me and I take a step back. “Come back! Don’t be shy!”

Robin also stands up and walks around me like a smug alpha jerk like he is about to do stuff to me that I can’t stop from happening. He squeezes my ass with his strong hands while biting his lips and leans down towards me.

“Nerds who grow together need to stick together, Rupert,” he softly says in my ear.

For a moment I am in total amazement as these two superhero hunks are feeling my bloated body. Sven is licking my belly and Robin is stroking my ass. But I do not dare touching any of their rocking hard bodies as I am too afraid to do so. Yet my dick grows harder and harder while I look at Sven’s big Lycra-covered chest. I can feel his big dick press against me under his suit.

“I can see you looking at me Rupert. You want to get a chance to touch?” Sven says while flexing his arms. I nod shyly and slowly start to feel his rock-hard bicep.

“Good boy…”

Then my other hand moves over his chest. The smooth silky Lycra feels nice to the touch.

If you like it so much why don’t you feel a little lower?” he says while gesturing to his bulge. I glide my hands down from his chest over his abs to his bulge. Which wiggles when I touch it. The Lycra suit clings around it like it was made to form around a hard dick. I am overly ecstatic at the feeling of getting a tough of a superhero dick. Sven seems to want me even closer, so he presses my mouth against his bulge. I get a mouthful of hard dick.

“Yeah, good boy… Good thing the curse bitch let us give you that belt huh…”

Hearing that snaps me immediately out of our sessions as I wiggle backwards, away from Sven’s hard cock. What did he just say! I look down and remember again that the belt was stuck around me.

“No… no… no,” I say louder and louder.

But Sven and Robin don’t seem to understand my reaction to it.

“Don’t you want to be like us dude? Join the fun!” Robin says.

Fuck you fags! You are both evil!” I shout as I grab my shirt and sprint away from all of this without looking back. I can feel my belly wiggle while running, which makes me even more ashamed. I need my wife right now!

I can feel my bigger fat belly pressing against my shirt which has become too tight for my body. But I can only feel shame at the moment. Why is nothing good happening to me! There is literal magic going on to make me the guy of my dreams, but I get a fat belly. With tears dripping down my face I stand before the front door of our house. Too afraid to show Stacy what is going on with me. But I need her comfort right now, so I step inside. She is still watching TV when she sees me.

“Rupert, you are back early. Thought you would be there the whole night.”

When she sees me crying, she steps in my direction but looks concerned when seeing my belly. I pat it a few times while sniffling my tears away.

“Some… Some guys at the office cursed me…with this stupid belt!” I say while pulling my shirt up which flops my belly out.

Stacy says nothing but still looks like she wants to comfort me, so she starts hugging me while keeping her distance a bit. She softly starts stroking my belly and whispers.

“Some body mass is nothing to be ashamed of Rup! You look cute.”

She makes me smile, which makes the feeling of my belly moving come back for a bit. Stacy reacts shocked as my belly pulses out even further against her. Luckily that makes it stop growing.

We stay quite silent the rest of the night. I decide to get some sleep and think about my problem tomorrow.

The next morning, I wake up feeling disoriented. I kept having dreams during the night of Sven and Robin flexing their Adonis bodies while wearing their Lycra super suits. They shouted at me like they were far away.

“Come touch our chiseled bodies, Rupert! I know you want to! Leave you stupid wife and join us!”

Next the hero from on the cover of my favorite comic book from my youth joined them.

“You will never be like me Rupert! Let it go!” he shouted at me, looking smug and intimidating.

I feel the sweat dripping of my big belly as I hoist myself up. The super belt feels awfully restricting. But I also know how Esmeraldas creations work. As long as I don’t give in to it’s gay making powers. I can just take it off! So, I convince Stacy that everything will be alright, give her a kiss and make my way back to the office again. and I know everything will be alright! I will use this stupid belt to smack Esmeralda in her old withered face if I need to.

When I enter my office, Esmeralda is nowhere to be found yet. I can see that she left the day before sorting all sorts of stuff in the room to a very organized system. There’s a note on the desk.

“I did some reshuffling in here since you left early yesterday. I feel this will keep things more ordered.”

“Ugh… what can’t she do… old bitch.”

I make myself a coffee and I sit down waiting for people to arrive in the building. Some time passes, dozing off once in a while from having a restless night. I notice how little the belt is affecting me. No gay thoughts are filling my head. My belly is not moving an inch. I can sit this out! Then I spot Sven entering the building. Again, all smug, parading thru the door wearing a tank top shirt showing off his strong arms. I wait for the moment for him to see me, but he does not even notice me! What the hell. He walks past me like he does not know me. Fucker… dumb beefy fucker. Them two are getting out of control. They do not own this building! And they were conspiring against me as well! Then it hits me. Esmeralda must have already met them…

I feel my palm getting sweaty of the thought of them together conspiring against me. I need to do something… now.

So, I stand up and start processing a plan a fast as I can. They need to be put in their places. And who can do that? The boss…

I walk upstairs to the part of the office where Sven and Robin have their desk. First I look around if they are already there. but Sven must have gone to the kitchen to drink some coffee to start his day. So, I quickly sit down, start both their computers and log in with the admin password which gives me more control over their computers then they normally have. Luckily, I do know a lot of stuff about the computers in the office as Dan the IT guy is one of my friends. I can explain to him later what I am about to do.

Without much hesitation I put both Sven and Robin’s accounts on non-active. Making them unable to use any computer. I hear Sven coming out of the kitchen, so I need to act fast. I quickly turn off all programs and the computers and leave. I run back downstairs as fast as I can. Passing some colleagues who look at me concerned.

No, they will not be able to have any work done today. And I know the boss has been complaining about the amount of work Sven and Robin are doing now that they are cocky hunks… take that you backstabbers.

When I enter my own office again, I am still alone. Pleased with myself I fall down in my chair which makes me aware of my big belly which wiggles. For a moment I shake it like a bag. I can get used to a little more body mass. I never enjoyed being skinny anyway. In fact… there are not enough superheroes with a little more mass on their bodies. But then I feel my skinny arms… ugh… why can’t I just be a strong, big… nooo stop it Rupert this is the belt making up thoughts. You know you are better than that!

Bam bam! I hear hard thuds on the closed door of my office.

Open up, Rupert!”

I can see Sven’s towering, Adonis silhouette behind the blinding’s in the door. At first, I want to keep him out, scared of what he will do. But I know that he won’t hurt me. He is a superhero pussy deep down. Like he was before he became this way. So, I open the door and Sven storms inside grabbing me by my blouse.

“You think this is funny, blocking our accounts! We might lose our job if we don’t finish our work today!” he shouts hard, spit flying in my face. He looks like a dog who just barks but does not bite.

“You guys will lose your job because you have been too busy being dumb superheroes. Not just because of today…”

Sven pulls up his nostrils like a bull. “You are a fat little fucker, aren’t you, Rupert!” he says while wiggling my belly. “I know your fantasies, you envy us… deep down inside you would love to have this rocking hard body of mine… don’t you.”

I start feeling more intimidated by his masculine presence as I feel the belt react to it, filling my belly with weird feelings.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, fag… your two are way too obsessed with your bodies. It is creepy,” I say.

Sven pushes me aside and grabs my backpack from the ground

Wait, what are you doing!” I shout.

He grabs my old comic book from the bag which immediately let’s go of its staples as Sven’s strong hands are to powerful for the worn-out paper.

This is what i am talking about!” Sven screams.

Sven throws the remains of my comic to my feet, I look down as I see a picture of my superhero idol confidently looking back at me. I feel shame, like a dirty secret has been found after years. Almost starting to cry because of a shredded old comic book. He is right. I will never be him. I deserve this. It was foolish of me thinking I could sabotage Sven and Robin. Sven steps towards me as close as he can and looks me in the eyes. Intimidating me till I have no confidence left. He grabs my crotch.

“You are a bitch Rupert. I know you will succumb to that belt of yours. Now fucking grow and afterwards… fix our damn computers.”

“Y-yes sir…” I squirm shyly as I feel my belly rumble. I move my hands on top of my belly like I can still press the feeling away but it only gets worse. Slowly I can feel my belly starting to move. As I can feel fat spreading thru my whole body. I look in horror as my belly presses forward further filling up with mass. Pressing against my blouse. Next the feeling goes to my upper body and legs. Filling up while making a widening sound. I can feel my manboobs appear.

Boooaah Sven… please… isn’t this enough…” I bloat as my body is filling up making my shame levels rise to a max.

No… fatty not enough.”

My whole chest and belly press forward even further as they start to hang over my belt and trousers. The pressure becomes so big that the seams in my blouse start ripping. Sven wiggles my big belly with glee while watching me bloat my blouse away. I wiggle in agony as the blouse is ripped to shreds,

“Look at you… big bitch… thinking he can sabotage us…”

Sven strokes my nipple and then sucks it.

“Maybe one day I will give you some attention like this… but not today! Get to work. I want to see you in a few minutes to fix my computer.” He slams the door behind him leaving me behind with my new big body.

I start crying when I am alone while looking at myself. Why do I deserve this! Am I that bad of a person? I flop my bloated belly and squish it. Then I pick up the picture of my childhood hero. Look at him. All big, strong, manly and… a little thick…. My eyes go to his belly which presses forward against his Lycra suit. I dry my eyes thinking about a way I could still turn this around. Then I feel two soft hands on my shoulder.

“Stop crying big boy… you know that all superhero stories have a good ending.”

I turn around and see Esmeralda smiling at me.

“I told you in my note yesterday that we will run this office together, didn’t I? I did not lie to you, Rupert. I am going to give you a choice. You can still change the outcome of your transformation. If you give in to the purpose of your superhero belt,” she says

“Confidence?” I ask while drying my tears.

She nods. “You need to want it! Truly want it! And I can give you some tools to help you.”

She shows something which she held behind her back. Two pairs of superhero arm cuffs.

“I will give these to Robin and Sven. And whatever you chose to do will change the way these will behave.”

I start smiling as this gives me new hope.

“What do you want me to do? “

“Confront your bullies. That’s all. I am not an evil person, Rupert. Evil lies with those who take advantage of others when they have more power than those around them. I knew the moment Sven and Robins nerdy bodies would fill with thick muscle they would get ultra-cocky. A lot of men would if they got the chance. It just seems to be a side effect of my super suits. The only way we can battle it is by becoming cocky yourself…”

Esmeralda’s speech seems genuine and gives me more confidence. So, I decide to trust her and let her give Sven and Robin the cuffs. And… she provides me with a new shirt… how kind.

The day goes by as I keep sitting behind my computer, to afraid to show my fat body to my office colleagues. I can feel my belt heat up once in a while thinking of the idea of getting my revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge.

Esmeralda drops by one more time by the end of the day as she alarms me that she made Sven and Robin come downstairs in a bit. To discuss some stuff with them. She gives me one last pat on my big belly and disappears from the room. Leaving me alone inside my office. I decide to hide behind a wall to collect my strength to confront them. I hear the door swing open.

“Esmeralda? Your boys are here! Where are you!” I hear Sven shout.

I hear their capes make sound as they flow from walking into the room. So, this means that they came here wearing their super suits. They went home to change into their super suits just for this? They really take every opportunity to show off their suits don’t they. I need to show that I am in control. So, I take a deep breath and step towards them from behind the spot I was hiding. I can see their new cuffs around their arms while they have their big arms crossed, they glisten in the lighting of the room. My mouth raises slightly from inner joy as I see them wearing the cuffs.

“Rupert… you came here to beg Esmeralda to end your suffering?” Sven says.

“No, I am here to get my revenge.”

Sven and Robin laugh. “And how the hell do you think you can get any sort of revenge? You don’t need revenge Rupert. This is just the way thing go.”

“Esmeralda will help me get what I deserve.”

Sven scoffs. “And what the hell makes you think she will pick you? I mean, look at us. I do have a feeling she picked our side, not yours,” he says while flexing his upper body.

“She does not pick sides.”

“Well, it does not matter what she does. You will always stay miserable whether you want to change or not… you were the one running away from an amazing night last night,” Sven says.

“Yeah, bud. We know you want to be like us, but no hard feelings, to become a hero you need to truly believe in your own amazing heroism. You just don’t have that,” says Rob while also confidently raising his chest up.

“I don’t…” I say but Sven cuts me off.

“Please get out of the way. I know Esmeralda is hiding here somewhere,” he says while pushing me aside. But I grab him by his arm cuff before he can pass me.

“Don’t make me push you into a wall bud. You will break a few bones,” Sven says angrily

But I keep holding him. Their reign of cocky terror needs to be over. I am meant to be a hero! I am supposed to be strong and powerful… unlike these nerds!

“You will not pass me until you thank me for making you this way… ‘Super Sven’…”

He scoffs. “Don’t make me do this, fat fucker.”

But I feel the cuff warming up as my confidence rises.

“Wha… what are you doing, Rupert… I…”

A flash arises from his cuffs before he can finish as two chains grow out of them, shooting to the ceiling of my office. The chains attach themselves as they start to raise Sven’s big arms up. He tries to push himself out of his chains, but they won’t let him go. Robin reacts by trying to help his partner, but his cuffs light up as well and before he knows it, the same chains shoot out of his cuffs to the roof as well. Both of them are only able to move on their toes as they wiggle around helplessly in their tight Lycra suits. I watch as they try to kick and push themselves out of it. Their muscled bodies flex all over, and I spot some sweat forming under their Lycra covered pits.

I laugh maniacally. “Look at you two… so big and strong but still so helpless!”

“Fuck you Rupert! You will not take out powers away!” says Robin.

“Take your powers away? Robin, bud, I would never.” I have them how I want them! Now I can show them how a real hero transforms. I strip down naked right in front of them only wearing my yellow super belt, feeling no shame for my fat, massive body. Both Sven and Robin turn their heads away to not look at me. But I know they want to see me.

“Don’t turn away from me!” I say as I strut towards them.

They try to kick me as I come closer and move away from me. But they both stop when I get a hold of their Lycra crotches with both of my hands.

“Rupert… please no!” Sven says.

“This is not you Rupert! You are just a normal guy!” says Robin.

“I am not just normal… not just a concierge!”

“You are! That’s why we like you!”

They don’t like me… they never did… why is my belt not working? Why am I not feeling the powers?!

I hear footsteps behind me.

“wWll done Rupert. You put them right in their place. Just one step further…”

“Esmeralda… I… the belt is not working… I want it..”

“What do you want Rupert?” she says while laying her hands on my shoulders. Sven and Robin are watching in uncertainty. They want to protest but seem scared of Esmeralda.

“I… I want..”

“Control… you want control.”


“You want to be big… and strong… and manly…”

“Yes…I want to be massive. A massive super-hunk.”

Her hands move down to the belt as she hold it like she is controlling it. I feel it becoming hot. As the feeling moves thru my whole body surging me with masculine feelings. Thoughts of bulking out, being cocky.”

Oh fuck. I want to show off… so bad.”

“Then do so… Super Rupert,” she says while releasing her hands from the belt. I can feel the belt starting to change as tight material start to grow down my legs. I look and see that slowly. Lycra grows over my dick and big ass, down over my meaty legs, all covered with silver shiny Lycra.

I start laughing with joy. I finally have my suit! I start feeling the spandex and grope my crotch. I feel like I earned my suit as it hugs my legs tightly. With a grin on my face my eyes move back to Sven and Rupert still hanging there looking distraught.

“And what am I supposed to do with you guys…” I say as I walk towards them. Again, I grab their dicks, but this time they do not resist. They just make a slight moan. “I will show you two what a real super guy does.”

I stroke my super belt, which is glowing. I can feel all my built up frustration. How I felt like I would never belong with them. How I would never become big… and I project it to them like a superpower. Their cuffs start glowing again and slowly both Sven and Robin start wiggling.

“Huuhhh, what is this… Rupert” Sven moans.

Like some invisible objects starts pleasuring their strong asses they moan like a bitch. I grab their dicks, which I feel are getting harder in my hands.

“Yeahh good boys… feel my wrath..”

I get proud of myself of putting them in their place so I start acting cockier and cockier. I can feel heath getting to a max as I look down at my big belly. It starts to spasm. I feel the muscles in my body ready to burst out. It is coming! My body is going to transform!

Ooh… I am ready… Give it to me,” I moan.

I contract forward as I feel the first surge of strength fill up my chest which plumps up high changing my manboobs in strong sturdy pecs. My whole upper body fills up with strong muscle creating fine lines in my back. It does not take long before my upper body is broader than my lower half. Then I lift up my arms and watch with joy as I see a strong bicep appear beneath the layer of fat.

Uuugh god feels so good,” I shout.

I keep my bicep flexed as I look at it getting as thick as a football. These are the thickest arms I have ever seen!

Meanwhile Sven and Robin are also moaning in pleasure as their dicks are rock hard under their super suits.

My big fat belly pulses as I feel abs grow under the layer of fat. My belly gets tighter and tighter but still keeps its thick volume as it keeps sticking out like a proud thick belly should. I pat it and stroke it proudly. Proud of my mass.

“yeaaaah. A little thickness never hurt nobody. What a fine-ass belly!” I shout as I start feeling body hair grow on top of it. A fine fur.

Oooh god, Rupert, please release us,” Robin shouts.

“Are you not appreciating my massive new body, you little fool!” I say as I smack his Lycra covered ass. They want to protest? Fine! My dick will soon be ready to punish them. I can feel my mediocre dick growing and growing under the shiny silver Lycra pants. It pulses forward growing down my left leg as it presses against the fabric. I first play a little with it, till I release it. But when I do I am awarded with holding my new giant super cock I look in amazement at my member which keeps pulsing with precum.

I first walk in front of Sven and Robin parading it around. “This is what you both will receive..” I say smugly.

“You got your super bod Rupert! we will let you be you from now on! Please release us… oh aaagh—” Robin shouts as a pulse of pleasure goes thru his ass into his hard dick.

“Oh Rob, you are almost there already! Just let me finish it!” I say as I lets my hand glide over his tight body. I release his dick and ass from his Lycra suit and start licking his fine tight ass. It keeps contracting like something is already inside it. But he does not know what it will really be like. The chains seem to lower him just a little so that his ass is at dick height. I tap my hard giant dick on his ass as he groans. I can see Sven wiggling around in the corner of my eye. He looks jealous and mad at the same time. But his hard dick precumming under his suit says otherwise.

My dick glides in like Robins ass has been warmed up for our session. Relaxing the moment, the tip of my dick glides in. Robin moans and leans his head backwards. At first my thrusts are a little weak as I have never done this to a man like him. But I can feel the heat returning in my ass and legs blessing me with another surge of superhuman power. As I thrust and push my dick inside Robins amazingly tights ass I can feel my fat ass and legs getting stronger with muscle. Getting fine definition under the Lycra pants but still keeping its thickness. I can feel my thick ass bounce as I fuck Robin. His dick and balls are pulsing from my might.

Hah, Rupert! This feels amazing!” he screams.

Sven’s jealous look gets more frustrated be the second as he sees his superhuman love getting fucked by me.

You fucker! Rob’s ass belongs to me!” Sven screams.

I can feel Robin getting to a climax. He has had his punishment. He was not the main perpetrator of my humiliation. But I am not done. I grab Robin’s hard dick as I press my dick in his ass as deep as I can. He contracts backwards against me as he groans loudly shooting his super load all over my office.

I let him groan till he calms down a bit. As I release my still massive hard dick from his ass he stops moaning and just keeps hanging like a defeated hero.

I laugh at Sven who’s expressions changes to fright as he sees me waddle over to him with my new thick bulky figure. My dick throbs at the thought of fucking Super Sven. I grab his pretty manly beaded face and look him straight in the eyes.

“Who is a little bitch who does not deserve a body like yours?” I say

He still scoffs at me. But I will not let him control me. I turn him around and smack his Lycra but as hard as I can. He shouts out loud in pain.

What did I say to you?”

“I… I do not deserve this body..” he says softly.

“Good boy… I will hear you say it again as I pound your ass,” I say as I lower his Lycra suit. his ass feels even bigger to the touch then that off Robin. it just screams fuckable muscle slut ass. His throbbing dicks flops out of the Lycra suit as it splatters some precum to the floor. Sven’s chains also get lowered. And I grab his face again pressing it to my thick bulky right pec.

“Suck my nipple, you super slut. Like you wanted to before.”

He does not hesitate as he eagerly starts licking it like a desert. I massage the other pec as I feel the heath return to my chest. They pulse forward, thickening up even more and filling up with body fur till they are completely covered.

“Ugh, I am such a hairy massive beast,” I say as I keep Sven’s head pressed against my body.

I raise my arm for him showing my hairy armpit, an extreme odor is coming off of me from my body transforming and thickening, I move his face in the pit to make him forcefully sniff it. I can feel him contract a bit from the musky smell of my sweaty body. But he should not complain. Both of them smell quite strong as well as they are sweating beneath their Lycra super suits.

For a moment Sven catches some air as he looks up to me.

“Massive… beast” is all he can mutter.

I push him off and stroke my cock for a bit, already satisfied with how obedient he is behaving. I start walking around him as cocky as I can to constantly show off my dominance. Just like they did yesterday. Sven’s eyes follow me with an open mouth, his tongue sticking out. He longs for me like a dog for his master

I grab his strong pecs from behind as I push his ass against my hard dick.

“who does not deserve this muscled tight fuckable super ass?” I say.

“I do…” he says.

“Who has been a cocky little asshole and is now rightfully put in his place?” I say.

“I… I am.”

“Good boy…” I say as I slowly glide my dick inside his hole. I can feel his body contract under the suit as I am still holding him tightly. I can feel him accepting my dick like he is used to it. So, I do not start slowly. I start pounding him like he deserves to. Both our thick strong asses bounce like never before.

“OOOh OH, Rupert… go on! Go on!” Sven screams.

I can feel my whole body get hot with lust. My balls fill up nicely as I start thinking about filling Sven’s ass up. The sheath is covering my body like a fine blanket. And I can hear and feel my yellow superbelt changing one more time. Finally… I am becoming whole. The belt expands over my thick belly and pecs, two yellow straps left and right. They stop expanding as they reach the center of my pecs and start shaping a new strap covering my big hairy pecs as they connect. My chest is now hold tight by this harness. Two straps shape over my strong shoulders and expand over my strong back as they connect to my belt again. Two connections shape at the edge of my shoulders on the straps looking like they can hold a cape.

I hear footsteps behind me and two soft hands as they connect a big flowy cape to my harness.

“You are finally there… Super Rupert,” Esmeralda mutters in my ear.

I smile smugly as I can feel the cape flap against my thick ass as I thrust my dick into Sven. I raise my thick strong arms. Flex my big overly hairy chest and feel my hard super dick contract inside Sven’s hole

Yeaaaah! Look at these, motherfuckers!” I scream proudly as I kiss my guns.

Oooh Rupert yes… yes… thank you big guy!” Sven screams.

My warm hot super load fills Sven’s ass nicely, filling him with my overly cocky power. Sven shoots his load too this time covering the paperwork on my desk which I still needed to finish. He too falls over like a defeated hero. I can see some cum dripping out of his ass as he falls over. Both Sven and Robins chains that hold them to the roof disappear as they land on their knees to the ground. I look at them proudly as I let my dick drip out a bit.

“From now on you two listen to me. I am your superhero leader. Understand?”

They both nod.

“Good boys.” I pat both of their heads.

“Let’s start by finishing this paperwork…” I look at the cum covered desk. I put my dick back in my glistening silver Lycra pants. “I guess being super has its disadvantages,” I say while posing my hands at my sides, watching the boys get to work.

Like a submissive dream coming to life, the day before seemed to have never happened, just like the past week has been. I can feel my body being tense and a little worn out the moment I wake up. When I open my eyes to Robin’s smile looking at me the pain seems to go away and I grab his face towards me to give him a smoosh.

“Good morning, pretty guy,” Robin says sweetly. “You smell like you could use a shower.”

The only reaction I give is a moan while I stretch my body to get the sleepy feeling out of me. That is when I feel my lovely tight hero suit still clinging to my body. I can’t help but to wiggle around a bit to feel my muscles stretching out pressing against the tight material. I keep doing this for a while to get myself excited for the day to start. Robin looks at me entertained by me and I see his eyes going up and down clearly checking me out.

“Hubba hubba, you really don’t know when to quit being so damn hot, do you…”

“Hmmmm. Why do you care? I can’t help looking this good.”

“We are still human beings, Sven. Not every day has to resolve around this growing obsession of yours.”

“You are enjoying it just as much as I do.”

“Maybe. But it was your cocky ass that got Rupert so damn jealous of us, and now you have to live with the fact that he is going to be the boss of you from now on.”

“Oh come on! We can easily take back that power. He is still just a damn concierge.”

“And you are just a damn foolish guy working at sales. And a concierge is now the boss of you.”

All I do is scoff at Robin. He has always been the guy that is too scared to stand up for himself. This is just a game that Esmeralda is playing with us.

“If you wouldn’t have been so cocky,” he goes on, “it would not have happened.”

“I am not that cocky! I just enjoy the way I look. That is not something I am going to be ashamed of.”

“You are ridiculously cocky Sven. Just look at yourself.”

I am about to fight back at him as I see myself in the mirror still fully clad in Lycra as I did not put the suit off for even a moment coming back from the office last night. My muscles glisten in in the light of the morning sun shining through the room. All right… maybe I am enjoying it a bit too much. But who cares?

Robin moves his hands from my back to my stomach to slowly give me a hug from behind. “I would be lying if I wouldn’t say I enjoy you this way. But please, take a shower and throw this damn suit in the laundry.” To show me even more why, Robin moves his hand down to my crotch to point out some very obvious spots that show the result of our affair with the mighty Rupert last night. “Put it in the wash now!”

As we finish our morning routine both of us make our way to the office this time without our heroic clothing. This time only wearing some plain old office attire. Robin seems to have changed his outlook on how we should behave inside the office. The moment we arrive inside he seems to be more subdued in his confidence. As we both make our way past the concierge booth, we spot our mighty Rupert. He seems to have done the opposite. His newly bearded face immediately twists into a smirk as he sees us. Robin only dares to nod back with a smile to which Rupert reacts with a wink. I can’t help to go and talk to him for just a moment to see where the things actually stand. Robin leaves my side to make his way upstairs.

“So here we go, another day to help our kind colleagues out in need of our aid isn’t it, Sven,” says Rupert while folding his big arms, making his stature even more broad. He seemed to not have had enough time to buy some new clothing, as his big belly presses against his blouse, giving the buttons a very hard time. He probably did not even try to put the sleeves of the shirt over his thick arms as it could only have ended in ripping them.

“A good morning to you to Rupert,” I say.

“No need to act all alpha around me, Sven. You know we are good. The roles are decided.”

“Oh, I am not bitter, man, I just need you to know that I may disagree with the decision to make you boss of the heroes squad here.” I can’t help but to make a jealous face while saying that.

“Good to hear you agree that we are in fact a squad, Sven. And let me tell you, we will be a well-functioning one from now on. No more aimlessly strutting around here in the office. You have a duty.”

Duty my ass. Esmeralda did not give us these bodies to be cops or something. I feel myself getting annoyed with Rupert’s tone towards me—treating me like a child while yesterday he was sobbing in his office.

“Are you starting an office police squad in here, Rupert? Don’t be ridiculous. The only duty we have is to ourselves.”

“I don’t know if that is true, buddy,” I hear Esmeralda say from inside the office. I did not see her before. She smiles at me as she makes her way to stand next to her new creation. To gesture her new formed allegiance with Rupert she lays her hand on his arm.

“Rupert and I made a plan to give you guys some purpose from now on. We both agreed that it would be best for Robin and you—mostly you. I did not give you guys all this power for free. Crime has been going up in the city and I want to see my creations in action.”

I can only laugh at how serious she seems to be. “Esmeralda, please! Don’t act like you are not forging your own little wet dream come to life here. You torture us with an oddly erotic transformation into superheroes and now all of a sudden it is meant to be serious business?”

No emotion is shown on her old face but a slight sigh. “Whatever the intention of my creations may have been, you might never know. But what you will know is that it can be taken away from you like a balloon inflating and flying off. So, you’d better listen to the both of us.”

“I am just arguing with you,” I say. “I do not mean to discredit your beautiful creations. I just find it a bit hypocritical.”

Rupert proceeds to move away from behind his booth to stand close to me. Really close, with his arms still crossed like a bouncer in front of a club. He is intimidating me to a point where I feel afraid to speak. But I do not let it show. No one will ever make me feel lesser ever again. Not even him.

“Does it matter though?” he starts in on me intimidatingly. “What your opinion is? Because I think the moment you lift a finger to Esmeralda’s direction again, your pretty heroic ass will be slammed trough this concrete floor ‘til you reach the basement, probably even lower. So, when I call you to show up, you will wiggle that ass of yours in that tight little hero costume as fast as you can, and you will show up to me. Is that clear?”

My face is stone cold. But I can feel my stubbornness crumble a bit. “I don’t want to have a conflict with you, Rupert.”

“Awesome. Then this is settled, right?”

And so, it’s settled. I finish my day doing my job as any normal human being would… staring at my computer constantly drifting off in my thoughts about what this new rank of mine would mean for me. Robin seems to shift into his perfectly kind office colleague act seamlessly. But I mostly am not able to come to peace with this power switch at all.

The next day is mostly the same. All the new connections I gained with colleagues in the few days after my transformation with my newfound confidence seem to go back to what they used to be before. Robin and I are the nerds that listen to the people above us and do our job, that do not change after getting some extra body mass. And I hate every minute of it. When you get a taste of confidence, you cling to it—let alone the huge boost of confidence Robin and I were granted. It’s not fair…

Until my bored eyes lock with those of a young new intern that I keep seeing wiggling around his new workplace. He seems excited to be here but also quite scared. His face seems to light up when locking eyes with me, making me uncomfortable at first. But I quickly notice his red cheeks glowing like a high school girl in love with a senior. This cute little guy keeps checking me out. I start to smile at him as he quickly looks away at his computer. I can’t help myself but scoff a bit. Not long after that I feel his eyes going my way again. Before he is able to look away, I wink at him, which makes him blush even more. He seems to get so uncomfortable at my presence that he gets off his chair and leaves.

I laugh out loud and poke Robin. “This cute guy is totally blushing at me, dude, it is adorable. He can’t handle himself.”

Robin shakes his head at me. “You are imagining things man. This testosterone is attacking that brain of yours.”

“Jealousy is a sin, my boy,” I say. But Robin does not seem to be interested in having this conversation with me. It does not matter. This little moment does make my day quite a lot better.

The next day it is time. In big caps lock letters, we get a text from Rupert demanding Robin and I show up in a nearby recreational forest after our workday was finished. We were being called to serve.


Robin laughs at it but does not voice his opinion, so he obliges and went upstairs to get our clean superhero outfits out of the closet. We have not worn them for two days, so the moment the slick material glides over my arms and legs again I felt a surge of excitement. For a moment I keep stroking the soft stretchy material to get used to it again.

Both of us seem to be up for the task, but Robin also does seem a little worried. “What’s on your mind, Rob?” I ask him.

He sighs. “I don’t know man. I just sometimes feel a little uncomfortable going out like this. We have never actually shown ourselves in public as real heroes.”

“Are you scared people will look at your junk?” I say jokingly.

Robin scoffs. “I just don’t think I am a heroic person sometimes.”

There is no need to act all scared to go out like this right now. We are literal heroes. We could punch people into the sky. But I feel for Robin as he does seem to slip back to his old personality more and more. Like the confident superhero curse is lifting off of him.

“Come on man. Look at it this way, we always wanted to go to Comicon dressed as a hero. Now you are one.”

“I… I don’t know Sven. We were never that hardcore.”

I move my hand softly to his face. “But I know you look quite hardcore and handsome like this. And you are stronger than me, remember?”

“I am stronger than you bro. Always will be.”

“I’m going to prove you have nothing to worry about out there. Let’s go.”

We put our normal clothes on over our suits and make our way to the forest. It is quiet and peaceful. We make our way through the narrow forest paths till we reach a small open field where we immediately see a broad figure standing there in the middle.

Rupert grins at us as we walk towards him, but he keeps quiet. He just stands there, clearly in the mood to boss us around. His big arms tightly crossed, and his legs spread apart like he is ready to attack anyone. His silver Lycra pants glistening in the sun while they show off his tightly clanged calves and thighs. His cape slowly blowing in the wind. Super Rupert is present.

“Go stand next to each other side by side, boys! It is time for some training.”

“I hope you don’t mean something physical, because I don’t think you ever did any sport in your lifetime.”

“Fuck you Sven!” he spews at me, some spit flying out of his mustache hairs to the ground. “I have zero time for your bullshit today!”

“Oh wow calm down, it was just a joke!”

Rupert slowly walks towards me like he did a few days ago near his office. He really has gotten used to his alpha-boss-like presence. But he does not scare me. He still is a little fat even with all that muscle. And I am not intimidated by a hairy fat dude with his belly out. But again, he moves as close to me as possible. I almost feel his beard hairs tickle my face.

“The criminals walking around our city right now are no joke, boy. A nerd like you needs to learn about reality. To be prepared, we will be a team you and I and Rob… so again, no bullshit today.”

“Okay, dad.”

Rupert does not react at first, but his eyes scream madness. “Strip down!”


You heard me fag, strip down, I said. Was I not clear in my message? I want to see you in the right attire… Right… now!”

He also looks towards Robin, who seems a little tense.

Robin and I look at each other for a moment, shocked at this military scream. “Okay, relax, I will strip down for you,” I say while holding my hands up, making a gesture to not get attacked by him again.

I pull down my pants and take off my shirt to reveal my supersuit. And place my hands in my sides, instantly changing my stance from disinterested to a heroic one. I feel ready to get to some action like my new muscles have not been used the way they should be. Ready to test them out to their limit

Robin on the other hand still looks stressed and tense and has not moved an inch.

“What is wrong Robin? I thought you were the smart one of the two?” says Rupert.

“I… don’t know man.”

Rupert lets out a big sigh as he stands in front of him and lays his hand on Robin’s shoulder. “Strip down buddy. It really is now or never.”

“I just don’t feel comfortable like this, Rupert. I’m sorry.”

“There is no time for comfort. We are heroes and we should act that way.”

“I don’t think I am a hero.”

Rupert started friendly towards Robin, but he does not seem to care anymore. He grabs Robin’s shirt and rips it off his chest like it is a piece of paper. Robin flinches and backs off a bit but Rupert continues by pulling off his pants off completely ripping them in two halves. Robin cowers away from Rupert like he is about to hit him in the face. A big muscular guy in a superhero suit, cowering down on the ground.

What the hell is your problem, Robin! Get yourself together!”

My initial reaction is to just let Rupert get the best of him but as I see Robin so scared, I start to get mad at Rupert. “Leave him be Rupert! Just let him relax for a bit!”

Why the hell would we relax? He is a grown man with a body any guy would kill for and he is damn scared!”

“You don’t understand that all this hero shit can feel like a little too much!”

“Oh, please you are one to talk, Sven! This suit is a gift! Like a gift from god! I thought of all people you two nerds would understand that!”

“We do! That does not take away our old selves underneath this new body!”

Rupert shakes his head at me and buries his face in his palm.

Robin proceeds to stand up again still looking cowardly. “I don’t want to do this right now! Maybe tomorrow I will be ready,” he says.

“Then fucking run away, you coward. If you don’t want to show yourself to the world like this then you don’t deserve it.”

Robin turns around, says nothing and starts walking off.

“Rob… please… just stay…” I say to him. I try to grab his hand, but he shakes it away.

So, both Rupert and I can’t do anything but watch him walking away back into the forest.

“I hope I don’t have to see you do the same, Sven…” Rupert says.

“I just… he will be back. I’m sure.”

“All right. Then finally let’s start our training.”

And a training it is. Rupert planned several situations to practice and see how strong we actually are.

He brought big logs for us to carry and throw at each other. They drift a bit in the sky, and you have to dodge them as they come down. We find a big boulder near a lake and he forces me to lift it in the air. A boulder as big a car on top of my head with just my strong arms.

We practice fighting together, throwing hand punches at me at a rapid speed until he eventually punches me to the ground, making me fly several meters onto my ass.

He even brought some guns with him—no idea where he got those—to practice dodging the bullets, as we are not sure if bullets would actually pierce through our bodies or not. And we end it with some soft bondage as he ties me down using a very strong rope from which I have to remove myself as quickly as possible.

The sun is already setting when Rupert decides it was enough work for the day. He looks very satisfied and pats me on the back to show me how proud he is.

“You really are strong, Sven! Stronger than I thought.”

I laugh and flex my body for him. “Glad to finally convince you, Rupe.”

“Now let’s go home and take a shower, man. Because you really are sweating in that suit of yours.”

“At least I do sweat, so you can see I am working.”

“Oh, I see it all right,” he says while grabbing at the Lycra suit near my chest, pulling it out. As he lets the tight material go you can see and hear the sweat jumping off my body. “You are a damn fine specimen, Sven. I would be lying if I say I wasn’t very intrigued watching you working out.”

It is weird to see Rupert give me a genuine compliment for once, not one that is out of jealousy or hatred. But it feels good to have this moment with him, showing each other that we can get along like normal people.

“Thank you, man! You are a great teacher. And I agree, I am a quite fine specimen.”

“Oh shut up, you cocky jerk!” We both laugh and Rupert gives me little punch in the shoulder. I flex my pecs at him and make a defensive stance.

“Punching me again? You can do better than that, bro.”

“I know I can, but we finished, remember.”

“Damn, Rupert, I never thought you would pass a chance to punch me! Come on give my lovely pecs your best shot one more time.”

I just love playing around with Rupert, as he can be way too serious at times. I just hope he will fall for it. He braces his arm backwards and goes in for the punch. But I quickly lift out my leg which makes him stumble and drop on top of me. I catch him in my strong arms and start laughing at him. Luckily, he laughs too while lying in my arms. His hands strongly gripping them. We both look at each other happy at the fact we are able to get along. Slowly, his strong grip changes to his hand stroking my Lycra covered bicep.

I smirk at him. “You like that don’t you.”

“Damn, boy, you would not understand how hot I think you are.”

“Oh, I understand.” I lift Rupert back up to his feet, but he stays close to me. His eyes stay on me forcing me, to do the same.

“A real superhero embraces the Lycra. He should be proud of his body,” says Rupert as he rests his hand on my chest. He slowly moves it down as it glides over my chest, bouncing off my pecs down to my abs. “That is what I both love and despise about you, Sven. How proud you are off your gift. How you embrace the muscles. How much you love the tight feeling of the suit. And…”

His hand has reached down to my dick, which can’t help but get a little hard. It was already pressing against the suit before Rupert let his fingers glide on top of it.

“And how naïvely you let that big bulge of yours just press against that material like it is no one’s business.”

I smirk at him as he grabs it tightly.

“Don’t you dare ever losing that, Sven,” he says lustfully. “Because maybe one day you will be rewarded for it.”

Before I can react, he lifts his arms and with a bang gets off the ground, launching into the air and leaving me hot and full anticipation.

I follow his silhouette soaring away. We really are about to do this together! We’re going to be heroes for real!

With tears in my eyes, I make my way through the forest, swatting branches left and right. I could probably lift my arm towards the sky and blast off so I would not have to walk all the way back to the car. But every inch off my body feels uncomfortable in this skintight supersuit. I have never been more self-aware in my life before. And all of a sudden, I realize what I have been doing for the past weeks. I am not a superhero and I never wanted to be one, my girlfriend has broken up with me because I am a muscled hero freak.

“Rob… please… just stay…”

I shake off the memory and keep walking.

The closer I get to the edge of the forest the more careful I am to not walk into anybody. How am I going to get home without people seeing me this way? I reach the street where our car is parked when I realize I do not have my keys with me as I left without my clothing. There are no pockets in this damn skintight suit. For a while I scout the street till no one is in sight and then I make my way to the sidewalk. There is no other way but to just walk home. Like a walk of shame.

For a good while I am able to walk by myself without people spotting me. I hold my head down and keep a low profile, at least as far as I can. When I hear a car behind me drive slowly. I start walking faster like I have a stalker behind me, but the car soon reaches me. I do not look to my left to avoid contact but the guy inside thinks differently.

“Hey there superman, going to save the day?”

A guy who seems to be in his forties, dark hair with some grey, a nice tint in his skin tone, and quite a charming smile winks at me when I look at him.

“I… was just coming from a party.”

“A party, huh. A costume party? That party must have some pretty good-looking people.”

Is he flirting with me? What the hell is going on? All I can do is awkwardly smile back at him.

“I guess. I do feel quite silly walking around like this tough. They hid my clothes as a prank.”

“Oh, don’t be ashamed, man. You look great in that suit. You certainly have the body for it! Do you need a ride home?”

A ride home from a stranger might not be the best idea. But it is better than walking around like this on the street.

“That… would be great!”

“Hop in, bud!”

He opens the door for me, and I do not hesitate to sit down next to him.

“You have some killer workout routine, I guess,” he says while starting his car again.

“No, not really, I guess I just am lucky with my genes.”

“Oh man, don’t lie to me! You at least are on some sport.”

“I… do tennis.”

“‘Tennis’!” he laughs but does not go further. Instead he says, “That’s quite a good quality superhero suit you got there. Must have been expensive.”

“I found it somewhere in a costume section of some local store. It was not that expensive.”

“Oh, you really are a lucky guy, aren’t you!”

“I guess… I am not the showoff kind tough. So, I don’t think I will wear this again.”

“You won’t? That’s a shame man. I know a ton of guys who would want that suit. not only cosplayers wear them. Bodybuilders love them too.”

“I can imagine.”

For a while we drive silently. When I take a closer look at him, I notice he is not skinny himself. The streetlights reveal some well-defined and strong-looking arms. He seems to have neglected his physical upkeep a bit, having developed a small belly, yet he still does exude some kind of nice guy confidence.

“Well,” he says abruptly, “how rude of me to not say my name. I am Pedro by the way. What’s yours?”

“Robin, people mostly call me Rob.”

“Well, Rob, those people at that party clearly did you dirty. If you want to, I can buy that pretty suit of yours from you.”

Buy my supersuit? That’s a weird offer, but he says it with a friendly reassuring tone. But I can’t give it to him. The suit acts and feels like it is bound to me. The way it almost changed the way I behave and am. The way it changed my body. I could not just give that away.

“I don’t think you would want it. I have worn it for some time already.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I have a washing machine. You can tell your friends you threw it away.”

My friends… Sven and Rupert… would never let me throw it out. They would hate me for it. They hate me already though. And I know what I want. They have shown what they want quite clearly today.

“You know what! Fuck it, you can have this damn suit. I really don’t care for it anymore.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. I am sure!”

When we arrive at my apartment I rush inside and ask Pedro to wait in the living room. I pull the white and red lycra off me like it was some sort of leech draining me dry. Relieved, I quickly put on some normal clothing and start folding the suit nicely, stacking the pants, upper part, the cape and the boots. I pull out a bag to put them in, then pause and look at them one more time. Am I making the right choice? I have never felt better in my life then while wearing these. And my connection to Sven is mixed up with the costume now, too. I know my love for Sven is real, but… I know I am not gay… it was just some sort of magic. I put the costume into the back and head back to the front of the apartment.

Pedro smiles at me as I walk towards him with the neatly packed suit in my hands.

“Have fun with it. I am done pretending to be a hero.”

“Thank you so much. You are quite kind Rob. I am sure you were a great pretend hero.”

I smile and nod. “I guess.”

I watch as Pedro returns to his car. Before he drives off, he rolls down the window. “I will be a better hero though!” he says as he winks and drives off.

My heart skips a beat as he says it. What did he mean with that? Why did he look so content? Who did I just give the suit too?

Robin seems off after I return home. I was expecting him to be mad, to voice his feelings towards Rupert or even me. But he is oddly silent about all of what had happened in the forest. He just tells me not to worry about it. He will think about it and figure out what he wanted.

But it is not only the stuff about being a hero. When I try to kiss him, he either backs off or does it quickly and moves away. It’s frustrating and I do not want to force him into anything. So, I decide to keep my distance.

This lasts for two days as Rupert and I continue to plan our first outing as heroes. Both of us are very excited and stoked to show the world our powers.

The evening comes. It is time. I keep working in the office for a good while, until most people are gone. Robin is nowhere to be found as well; I figure he must have gone home earlier. I can feel the suit beneath my clothing press against my skin, ready to be exposed. It gives me a great feeling… like the suit knows what I am about to do.

When the last person is gone, I text Rupert that I am ready. In no time he sprints upstairs, giddy and excited.

“My boy Sven! Ready to kick some butt?!”

“Sure am! I feel stoked, man!”

“All right! Let me help you get into it!”

Rupert carefully takes off my shirt while I open my belt and lower my pants down. It feels like a cage being taken off of me. The lycra is finally lose. I do the same with Rupert, helping him out, and I stroke my hand over his bare, thick belly after taking his shirt off. It kind of feels like undressing before sex. We carefully secure our boots and capes and we’re ready for blastoff.

“Just one second, I need a mirror,” I say.

Rupert scoffs. But he follows me to the mirror in the small kitchen. I get a good look at myself. I look ready to fight some criminals. I can’t help but smirk at my reflection, with my neat blonde hair and nicely trimmed beard. My deep blue eyes are set off nicely by my blue-black supersuit. And every perky, solid muscle is pressing against the suit like it is my own skin.

“I do look fine… if I would say so myself,” I say.

“Uou look incredible, super Sven. Just one more thing.” He lifts his arms over my shoulders as he lays a blue mask over my eyes.

“Do you really think this is needed?” I say as I turn around towards him. Rupert has put on a dark yellow mask himself.

“Do you want to be recognized, like, tomorrow? We aren’t Superman! He had the most terrible disguise ever.”

“You got a point there. Luckily, I still look good like this.”

We go stand in the open window, raise our arms, and blast off to the sky, our capes flapping violently in the wind. We make our way to the city center to find a high building to position ourselves on.

We start lowering our speed as the highest building in the city looms out in front of us. I look down while flying to watch the city beneath me. Cars, city lights and tiny people are making their way through the streets. As I look closely, I spot some heads turning up towards us. I cannot see their expressions from here, but I can imagine their reaction. We graciously land on top of the roof ready to heroically scout over the city.

“Do the pose, do the pose man!” Rupert shouts at me. And as a hero should. I spread my legs, raise my chest and put my fists at my sides.

“Raise your chin up!” Rupert shouts. I do and Rupert out of nowhere grabs his phone to take a picture of me.

“Where did you hide that thing? You are barely wearing pants!”

“Hero secret! I will leave it at that for now.”

We make our way to the edge of the building to start scouting the streets. For a moment Rupert holds me at my side and smiles. “I am so grateful, bud.”

“Me too… I do wish Robin was here with us.”

“Yeah, he belongs here with us. We will get through to him, I promise you bud. I know how much you care for him.”

“He is like a brother to me…”

Before I can continue, we hear a very loud bang a few streets away from us. I honestly did not expect for anything to actually happen, but I guess I was wrong. Rupert immediately goes to serious mode.

“Two blocks from here. Sounds like a gun… ready?”

I nod and he nods back. Without hesitation we make the jump, freefalling for a bit but then after raising our hand we blast off into the direction of the loud sound. As it is close by we quickly make our landing.

We land in a narrow street with quite dim streetlights. No one seems to be around, just a stray cat quickly running cross the street as we land.

“This is not a main street. People could be hiding behind cars… be prepared.”

“Are you sure you weren’t a cop in your past life, Rup?”

“Shut up. We need to focus.”

We slowly make our way forward, ducking behind cars and scouting for hiding people. As we are passing a few rows of cars a car alarm goes off for a few seconds and we see two guys running off in the distance.

“They are holding weapons… They must be—”

Bang! Another shot, this time behind us. Still in the same street.

“What do we do?” I say.

“They might be coming towards us from both sides. You should go ahead. I will go back. You got this bud!”

I nod at him and we shake each other’s hand for good luck. I start making my way forward alone without hesitation. I feel confident enough to just walk standing straight, as I feel like no bullet could pierce through my solid skin.

I suddenly hear laughing from behind me. “Earl, look at this guy! A superhero!”

A slender sickly looking skinny man with black hair and a brown cap is standing in front of me. He has quite a big gun in his hands which he is pointing towards me. The bags under his eyes seem enormous. Another guy appears next to him from behind a car. A black dude with shaking hands, also pointing a gun towards me.

“Did you roll out of your fetish porn studio boy, wearing that spandex?” the sickly guy says.

“Do I look like I do porn to you? Have you never seen a superhero?” I say.

“They do not wear that tight shit in the movies nowadays boy. Makes you look like a fag!” the sickly man starts laughing again.

“A fag who looks amazing and is about to put you in your damn place!”

“Oh you are serious!? Damn… I guess we are going to have a casualty tonight, Earl.”

The sickly man sighs at his friend to draw his gun. They are about to shoot but before their bullets can hit me I leap several meters into the sky. Both of the two guys look amazed as I fly towards them. I land with a bang forcing them to back off.

The sickly man punches me with his gun with all his might, but it barely makes me move an inch. Before he can do it again, I grab his jacket and pull him off the ground.

“What are you guys doing out on the streets with guns!” I shout.

“None of your damn business!” he says.

“Please just tell me, there is no need for me to get tough.”

“I won’t tell…”

I sigh, roll my eyes, and out of nowhere punch him in his stomach, which makes him fly off several meters.

A big rush of adrenaline shoots trough me after the punch making me ready for action. And after that something else starts happening. My suits seems to warm up a bit and then tighten around my body, tighter than it already is—like the lycra wants to give me a hug of appreciation for punching the guy. It feels amazing…

The guy wants to get up and grab his gun, but my boot is quicker. I smirk at him.

“Oh no my man, no more shooting. Just punching.”

I punch him again, this time in his face knocking him unconscious. It does not take long before the tightening comes back again hugging my body all over. This time it lingers, concentrating at my crotch as the lycra seems to form around my dick. I can’t help but get a little hard down there as I feel my dick grow inside the suit.

“Hmm… amazing…” I say softly.

I turn around as the black guy was still standing there, too scared to attack me or help his friend. I slowly start strutting towards him while smirking as I softly brush my hand through my luscious blond hair to straighten it. He quickly but clumsily grasps to his gun as his eyes go from the gun to my dick which starts to pulse underneath the suit every time I take a step. Before he is able to shoot, I grasp the end of his gun. And with a powerful crush it breaks to pieces. His face goes from scared to terrified. The tightening is hugging my body making it tense all over. I cannot help but constantly flex and show how strong I am to the guy in front of me. The lycra wrapping around my dick making it quiver and pulse with precum.

“You are a bad guy, aren’t you. What’s your name again…?”

“Earl,” he responds, shivering.

“Well, Earl, do you know what bad guys deserve?”

He shakes his head.

“I am going to give you a choice… you either get your head slammed in like your friend, or you worship my hero dick…”

His eyes go down to my rock-hard dick again as a drop of sweat drips down from his forehead.

“Do I need to repeat myself, buddy?” I say.

He shakes his head again and lowers to his knees. His hands are shaking as he seems to doubt whether to touch me or not.

“You can touch me, buddy. Hold me here, let me help you ease into it,” I say as I grab both of his hands as I place them at my sides. “Don’t be scared… A hero is there to save people, and that goes for you, too, buddy.”

His mouth slowly moves to my rock-hard lycra dick. His tongue making the first move. I feel his tongue going up my shaft. I roll my head back as the suit lets me tremble in enjoyment as it tightens around my body. The lycra seems to transform and mold around my dick wrapping it fully, making my cock flop out. It keeps swelling and hardening like there is no end to it. Earl seems overwhelmed by it but accepts his treat as he lets the member inside his mouth. His expressions seem to change as soon as he tastes my member. Stroke after stroke, his mouth tightens and loosens as I feel him starting to enjoy it more and more. I grab his head to give him some extra support.

“See, buddy… no need to be scared. I’m here to help.”

Earl lets go of my big member for a second to catch his breath. “Fuck, what is going on with your dick… I… can’t stop.”

He continues and I can’t help but smile cockily at the power I have over him. He seems to be a natural as my member and balls start to contract. I feel his hands grasping my ass tightly. my cape is slamming against me because of our motion. I flex my chest and biceps as I feel my balls burst. The lycra opens around the tip off my dick and a huge superload fills Earl’s mouth to the brim. For a few moments I hold his head forcing him to taste it.

Earl grasps for air as I let him go. Big drips of cum splatter out of his mouth. He seems overwhelmed, like he is getting back to his normal senses.

“Thank you bud. Now I hope you have learned from our encounter here. Be a good citizen and you will be rewarded!” I say.

The lycra around my crotch seems to transform and shape back to normal wrapping my dick back inside.

Not long after that Rupert lands next to me, with several guns in his arms.

“I see you did good here Sven. Got everyone who was hiding?”

“Yeah, I think I did. This was amazing, Rup. I have never felt more heroic!”

“Me too man. We kick ass.”

I look down at Rupert’s crotch to check for signs of action. But there seem to be none.

“I got so much adrenaline I got hot. Did you get any weird side effects?” I say.

“Adrenaline, sure! But I don’t know what you are talking about.”

So, it is only me… I guess this shows who the real alpha hero is!

The two days after selling my super suit were a strange blur to me. My thoughts and feelings shifted constantly. It was very conflicting. There were moments where I hungered for that more masculine body, moments of getting sad at myself, disappointed. I would stand naked in front of my mirror looking at myself looking at how my strong muscular body was quickly losing its definition. I could physically feel how I was becoming weaker. I was constantly amazed how quick I was losing the bulk and feeling a bit sad about getting my old body back. It felt like losing my masculinity.

Other times, though, I felt relieved and relaxed again. Relieved that the tight suit was not controlling me any longer. That I no longer had sexual fantasies about being boned by a superhero. That I was no longer feeling the need to show off my body. And it also made me long for my girlfriend Mary again.

I thought about her often, and about how I freaked her out. It wasn’t something I could have stopped from happening. This spandex curse of Esmeralda was a sexual prison!

So, after those two days I make a choice to contact her again. It does break my heart a little as it feels like cheating on Sven, but for my own good, I need to do what I want to do. I know that calling her would be useless as she would just become mad at me. Knocking on her door is the better option.

I leave the office in the afternoon when I know the workload would be gone. Luckily Sven is out somewhere in the office, as I could not bear to see him before going. He has been very distant toward me these few days. I kind of forced him to be that way, as I needed time to figure myself out.

I leave the office in my car and drove to Mary’s new place. It is still close to where Sven and I live. I thought, should I bring her some flowers? But I decide not to. It would only seem forced.

When I walk towards her door, I hesitate for a while. But I know this is the right thing to do. This is the normal thing to do! So, I knock.

She opened the door. Immediately I saw her expression turn angry.

“What the hell, Rob? What is this supposed to be?”

“Please, Mary. Can I talk with you?”

“No, you weirdo. Go home.”

“It would give me some peace of mind. I feel very bad about what I did to you.”

“What you did to me? Rob, you are just gay… There is nothing you did to me other than never telling me. And being into weird kinks.”

“I am not, though. Some very manipulative guy made me believe I am!”

“Stop lying to yourself, Rob.”

“Yes, that is what I did, two days ago… I decided to stop lying to myself. I see now that I was getting into a dark path and decided to end it! Every part of it. Please just let me explain it to you.”

Mary stared to the ground clearly thinking over what she wanted.

“I do miss you, Rob…”

“I miss you too.”

She opens the door for me and lets me inside, which is a huge relief. I settle in her small living area while she makes some tea for the both of us. I have one chance, I coach myself. I just have to not fuck it up.

“Sexuality is weird,” I say after she returns with a couple of mugs—the black oolong we both like. “I realized it these past weeks. It can be addicting. And you can be manipulated by those who are addicted.”

Mary wrinkles her brow. “I thought Sven was just a normal nerdy friend of yours. He never seemed like the kinky bodybuilder kind of person…”

“I guess I had not known him well either. But his obsession grew quite quickly, and he forced me to go with him into it. He has been my best friend for a long time and I just did not want to lose him. He made me choose between you and him. And you were quite busy with your job, so I just went with it.”

“I was quite distant, yes. But that is no reason to do stuff like that. You cheated on me.”

“I never wanted to cheat Mary. I had regrets every time we had… you know.”

She kept silent for a while as her eyes went to the outside window. She took a sip of her tea.

“I miss your smile, your eyes, your sweet words when I felt down. I can’t go on like this,” I say.

She sighs. “How do I know I can trust you, Rob…?”

“Just… give me one date… like we did in the past. One dinner date to start proving myself. I will make things right.”

While she was making her decision, my eyes went behind her for one second. As I do I see a man walking in the hallway. Am I going crazy?

“Okay, let’s do it! Like old times!”

I smile and hold her hand tightly. “Thank you, Mary! I will not disappoint you. I promise.”

Again, I see the guy walking. This time I know for sure that I am not imagining things. Pedro, the guy who gave me a ride home a few days ago, is inside Mary’s house! I try to not show my confusion, but I need to ask.

“Who is that guy? There is some guy in your house.”

“Oh, that is the electrician. He came here this morning. Apparently the whole side of our street has some electrical problems.”


“No worries, I don’t have a new boyfriend,” she laughs. “Do you want a cookie? Or something?”

“Sure, a cookie is fine.”

She goes to the kitchen to fetch it. “I am so glad you came to talk, Rob.”

“Yeah! I will just go to the toilet. One sec.”

I walk to the hallway to take a peek, but I don’t see Pedro anywhere. I shake my head like he was just an illusion. I open the toilet door to go inside and almost get a heart attack as he is right there inside the bathroom. He smirks at me and lays his hand on my mouth and pulls me inside, closing the door with us in the darkened bathroom. I hear him locking the door behind me. His face is very close to mine when he turns the light on.

“It’s not working, you little prick,” he whispers.

“What… what do you mean…”

“The GODdamn supersuit! Where is my godly heroic body?”

“I am no expert, man. I just wanted it gone. Are you stalking me?”

“I just need some help from you. That’s all.”

His friendly charismatic face has turned into a more manically evil one. He rumbles his hands inside a bag he has beside him and pulls my former super suit out of it.

“I don’t want anything to do with it anymore. Please just let me go,” I say

“Look at it.”

I look at the wrinkled suit and see that it has turned back to the material it used to be, the weird loose pajama-like fabric.

“This isn’t no spandex… I wanted a damn skintight suit. It turned into this shit.”



I do have a feeling why it has turned back. I knew how the suit would react and feel as you would wear it. It would feel like it was part of you. Like it was shaping you. The suit probably only belongs to me.

“I have no idea. Maybe you are just not a hero. Go talk to the woman who made it.”

“I know that bitch Esmeralda. I have met her while working at that stupid office of yours. She refuses to give me a suit for myself.”

“Wait… you are actually an electrician?”

“Yeah, of course. What else did you think? I had to fix some damn lights there at your work.”

It relieves me at least to know that Pedro was not lying to Mary, infiltrating her home to get a damn spandex supersuit. “Look, I really don’t know,” I tell him. “It is just some fabric. Go buy some cosplay suit in a store elsewhere.”

Pedro does not seem amused as he sniffs his nose aggressively. He moves his whole body closer to mine to intimidate me.

“We do not have all day, bud. This is my only option and I want it! So please help me or I will pull this damn ugly suit into your ass… and… wait…”


He sniffs the suit for a moment for some reason.

“I smell you. This suit is still yours, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not.”

“Yeah, it is. Pull down your pants dork.”


“I said pull down your pants! And underpants.”


“Oh, fuck off, nerd,” he says as he throws the suit to the ground and grabs me by my waist. I almost make a jump from being shocked and want to scream but I don’t want to make Mary hear us. He pulls my shoes, pants and underpants off very aggressively leaving my dick, which also has shrunken back to its humble size since I ditched the super suit, exposed.

“No… no. Please, Pedro.”

“Fucking just let me do it. It will be over in no time.”

“I don’t want to go through it again! Please! This suit does weird stuff with you!”

Pedro struggles to force my legs into the pants off the suit. I wildly wiggle them, making it hard for him. He sighs and stops but then out of nowhere grabs my flaccid small dick which makes me shocked even more. He starts squeezing it and moves his lips near my ears.

“If you don’t want to accept your fate, then you’re making me show you what you are missing out on, little guy.”

He squeezed and squeezed and starts pressing against my balls with his other hand. I still try to reject him, but I feel my dick starting to harden.

“If I can’t be a damn hero myself then let’s just do it together. We will rule the world.”

Eeugh” is all I can respond with, as he forces my dick to become harder and harder.

“You are my guy from now on. Do you understand? You will wear this damn suit and you will accept all that will come after.”…please,” I start moaning as my dick is throbbing in his hand. He is masterfully stroking it like he has done this a million times before. At first, I was keeping my eyes closed but I could not help but look at his intimidating masculine face.

My boy, you hear me? You are my superboy. It is what you are meant to be…”

“AAgh,” I moan as my mouth is hanging open. I feel my precum dripping over his big hand. My dick is throbbing in his grip and I feel my balls contracting after every stroke of his hand.

“I know you like it. There will be much more of this. Now give daddy your seed, boy.”

“Y.. Yes..eeugh.. Yes sir.” I can no longer hold it as three big spurts of cum jet out of the tip of my dick, whitening Pedro’s pants all over.

“Good boy,” he says as he slowly lets go of my member.

I feel so overwhelmed by what he did to me that all I can do is lean against the door as some cum keeps dripping on the ground. I close my eyes as I realize what just happened to me. Why do I enjoy this so much! I feel the instant regret again. But I also feel excited like never before. I keep my eyes close for a little longer as I hear Pedro picking up the pants of the suit again.

“Now, just let me give you your pants back bud,” he says as he starts pulling the bottom part of the costume over my legs. I am screaming in my head to stop him, but I physically cannot do it. I just let him dress me up again. After he has put on the pants, he puts on my trousers too. And even my shoes.

“We need to hurry bud. Your girl has been waiting for a while now.”

I cannot respond to him anymore. His charming, beautiful face and what he did to me has me completely speechless. I hear him take off his shirt and with one eye I look at him. His older, strong body still fit. He pulls the upper parts of my super suit over his hairy chest. And he seems ready for some heroic action.

“We will bulk up so nicely together bud. This will be awesome!” he says with a grin on his face. “Now go! I will clean up in here! Go!”

I listen and open up the locked door and go out. I take a very deep breath before walking back into the living area.

“Oh Rob where were you! You were gone for quite a while.”

“I was just taking some fresh air. And thinking of some nice restaurants to go to!”

“Ah! And did you come up with a good one?”

“Sure! let’s do a fancy one. I think that is just what we need. Is It okay if I pick you up tomorrow night?”

Mary smiles at me. “Sure! Now sit down, god dammit. I did not get those cookies for nothing!”

I sit down next to her, and she grabs my hand and kisses it.

“I just have to say I was secretly waiting for you to return.”

I can feel the costume pants under my normal ones. All I can think of is that I need to get them off before it’s too late. I smile at her to hide my thoughts.

“I just knew that we would be good right away, Mary.”

“I knew to” She kisses me on my cheek, and I feel them turn red… but not because she is kissing me. Because I can feel something around my crotch. The costume is returning back to what it wants to be.

I start clenching my toes. No… No… is all I can think. But there is nothing I can do as Mary is laughing and kissing me happily. My ass and dick are slowly being wrapped in spandex again.

There is nothing stopping me from doing my craft. I will become a fine and skilled superhero. One that is exceeding that of one in a comic book. Nothing or no one can stop me, as evil cannot go unpunished. I will be extruding so much heroic power that every person thinking of doing a heinous act will tremble and do what is right. Nothing can resist this tight big strong body of mine. The world will oblige me in my spandex glory.

These are the thoughts going true my head as I massage my thick chest. I let my hand glide over my meaty body of muscle. I feel the hairs of soft body fur on my chest as my right hand moves over my shoulder to my left arm. Still after all these days I am amazed at the extreme masculinity my body extrudes. How many days have I looked like this? A week, or two? I feel the thickness and tightness of the muscles as I flex them. These muscles are so thick my hand can’t even reach halfway around it. my body is a bit sticky to the touch as it is covered with sweat. Not sweat from working out, but that of lust, the evidence is still present on the lycra covering my dick which is bulging and pressing against the material. I sway my middle around so my bulge can catch the light from different angles. I have stripped the top part of my suit off as I wanted to glorify how good I did today out there by giving my muscles a massage.

“Damn, I wish I had someone to do this for me,” I say softly as my hand moves over my lycra covered ass. I perk it sideways and try to show in the mirror how far that strong ass of mine bulges out away from the rest of my body. The lamp in my room throws a soft shine over that nice lycra balloon.

“Robin always told me my ass was quite big before. I must have one of the biggest of all men alive now,” I say.

I let out a sigh when I think about Robin and stop massaging myself for a bit. I have not had a good look at him, or even a conversation with him, for several days. Today he has not even shown up at all at our apartment. I miss him so much. It’s a feeling like we have been in a relationship for years. I miss my best friend.

But the extreme pleasure being heroic gives me is just too great to back away from it. It has me in a reckless addictive grasp. Physically and mentally. Today Rupert and I went on our second trip to the skies of our city. We glided over it elegantly like our bodies were designed for it, like I was my own private jet. Streamlined and nicely packed in tight spandex, strong and voluminous.

When we found another gang of thugs there was no questioning or reasoning. Every throw, punch, kick and blow I gave them felt amazing and righteous. The suit would reward me constantly continuously. I got hard in no time from it, but never did I feel shame of my huge package on display. Because my punches were just as hard with a hard dick. Maybe even harder. Rupert of course saw how much the heroic stuff was affecting me but did say nothing but smile and enjoy himself. He was proud of me.

But when he was off again, and the fight was finished, I found myself longing for release once more. It had to be done, my body and suit forced me too. So, I flew to a random crowd of adoring bystanders and after giving them my autograph one by one there was one guy left. It was our new intern at my office. His smile was a purely adoring one, he was as cute as I remembered him to be that day, I flirted with him at the office. And for a moment I forgot I was wearing the mask as I acted like he had caught me being a hero hunk.

“You.. hey,” I said to him awkwardly. The most awkwardly I had been in days.

“I don’t think I know you, sir. But hey.”

All I could do is smile at him.

“I saw you in my street yesterday. You punched the shit out of some scary guys who have been terrorizing our neighborhood for a long time now. I did not believe my eyes at first, but you were real… a real superhero.”

“Believe me, I am amazed at how real I am too, every single day.”

His eyes went down to my dick still pressing against the lycra as it has not gone down since I started my heroic action. He was mesmerized by it.

“You’ve got… quite a big one down there. Aren’t you a little… you know… afraid people keep staring? You got something going on there.”

“Oh no, stare all you like, boy. Being a hero does have its side effects… and benefits.”

“I can imagine. You look amazing in your suit!”

“Thank you. How far away from here do you live. Do you need a ride home perhaps?”

“A ride home, with what? Your supercar?”

“No, by carrying you of course!” I say laughing.

For a bit he shyly looks away. But he accepts my offer. It feels great lifting him up from the ground, like protecting somebody you care about. He holds my strong arms tightly as I slowly moved up into the sky. I make sure he is secure and not afraid before going faster. I feel him massaging my lycra covered chest a bit which makes me smile as it felt nice. When I look down at him, he looks away like nothing had happened.

We land quite smoothly in front of his building. The door is at the top of a small set of stairs. I walk down to the pavement and pose like a hero for him when he gets back on his feet again. He does not know what to say but he definitely looks down at my crotch again as the massive hard one is still going strong. It throbs a few times while I pose.

“What is your name?”

“Ludo, my name is Ludo,” he says, almost having to snap himself out of some sort of trance.

“If you ever need a hero just know that I am near. I hope we meet again,” I say.

Ludo smiles at me shyly. He is about to wave goodbye, but his expression changes suddenly changes from happiness to fear, just as I feel cold metal pressing the back of my head.

“Hi there again, Captain Boner. You really don’t know how to leave my street alone do you?”

I recognize the voice as the sickly man who I beat into the ground yesterday. Earl, the quiet guy who took my superload, rises too from behind a bush near the stairs, also with a gun in his hands; he starts pointing his at Ludo. I scoff at them both. How the hell do these guys think they can take me down?

“I did not visit this street for you guys, unfortunately… But I guess you are here for a second beating?”

“Oh, no no no. We decide the rules here. This is our neighborhood. Some superhero dressed in spandex cannot change that. So, go with me or I will shoot you and your new boyfriend in the face.”

I turn my head around towards him and see his quite badly bruised face. My punch had done him no good, not that he was good-looking to begin with.

“All right, bud. I will follow. Just leave normal citizen alone here, okay?” I said.

I make two steps towards him and he already start to tremble.

No closer.”

“Just relax.”

I said no closer!”

I see his hand starting to pull the trigger. All at once my reflexes become super-fast. With one smooth jump I fly into Earl pushing him away into the bushes. Within that movement I take off into the other direction by pressing my feet against the walls next to Ludo and fly towards the sickly guy as I hear the gun going off. I try to dodge the bullet, but I did not have enough time to react. With one good punch I hit the hand he is holding his gun with making it fly off.

The sickly man starts screaming in pain as his hand is clearly broken into multiple pieces. That is when I also feel the piercing pain in my shoulder. I feel with my hand and scoop up blood out of a small, perfectly round bullet wound.

The sickly man runs off into the distance, still shrieking out his pain. The pain makes me want to fold over but I do not want to show hurt to Ludo. My whole body is shaking and trembling as I stick my finger into the bullet wound and pull out the bullet itself. I let it go and as the small bullet rolls away on the pavement, my body starts heating up. I feel the adrenaline rushing like never before. The suit reacts to it almost instantly.

F.. fuck” I say out loud.

“Are you okay? Are you hit, sir?” Ludo says.

The suit starts tightening around my tense muscles like never before. Like it’s come alive, the spandex starts hugging my whole big, muscled body, making tightening and stretching sounds as it keeps wrapping around all the bulging shapes of my body. I feel it go almost inside my ass as it even tightens into my crack. The spandex grabs my dick like it wants to stroke it by itself as my member hardens even more, growing underneath the suit. The suit needs me to show off. My spandex-wrapped dick needs to breed and there is one option hurrying down the steps towards me.

“Sir, do you need help?”

I still had my back to him. I turn around while flexing and clenching my whole body. I feel my hard dick throb constantly as Ludo looks on in total amazement.

“Ludo… buddy… this superhero might need some help!”

Ludo walks closer towards me and seems to accept the invitation like he is pulled in by my masculine spandex frame. For a moment he keeps gazing at me with lust as the suit is tormenting me with pleasure. I squirm around in it as I feel the adrenaline fill me with lust, but it also does something with my body. My huge, hard member starts pulling up as I feel it stretching beyond being as hard as it already was. I look down and saw it growing underneath my suit bulging up against my torso till it is at the same height as my abs. I moan in pleasure as I felt my dick expand.

Ugh… touch it, Ludo… please, boy, please.”

Ludo moves his hand onto my now monstruous member wrapped in lycra and massages up from the shaft to the tip. His touch alone makes precum immediately seep through the suit.

“You like that, buddy… to feel this body of a god.”

“Your dick is becoming amazingly long, sir.”

I grab his other hand and force it to feel my pecs as they are bouncing against the tight material. He eagerly starts massaging and feeling them with his hand, totally mesmerized. I feel the power of my adrenaline surge trough my pecs, bulging them, with every flex slowly growing even bigger as they pulse forward.

“Geesh. You are growing everywhere sir…” Ludo says.

Oh fuck yeah I am. You like that, huh?”

“It looks amazing, sir.”

“I need your hole, boy. Otherwise, I feel like I might fucking explode!”

“Maybe inside my apartment?”

“No… no fucking time!” I say as my body was getting even more tense with small growth spurts popping up all over me.

I grab him by his waist and fly up while carrying him. We soar up high above the trees and land atop his apartment complex. I loosen my grip and want to grab at his pants immediately, but I did not want to force it upon him. He seems to not care and unzips his pants down to his knees, showing his nice, hard dick and tight sleek soft legs. He turns around to present his hole to me. I spit in my hand and start rubbing it to make it moist and loose.

“You love a hero don’t you, boy?”

“I do sir… You look so fine. I love how big you are…”

Quite… big indeed…” I say tensely as another spurt of growth pulses through my body, pressing my tight ass and thick legs forward against the spandex. It makes me want to rub my giant member as the material seems to shape and wrap around it.

“Are you going to take your suit off sir?” Ludo asks.

“It won’t let me anymore, boy… The suit has to do it for me now…”

And it does not let me do it indeed. The tightness is trapping me from doing anything else but grow and fuck. I am starting to understand the consequences of being so damn strong and heroic. I have already tried to feel for an opening in the suit but there was none anymore. It has become a shiny layer of tight back and blue, a second skin forcing me to its will. It feels amazing, it feels powerful.

For a moment Ludo turns around to watch me as I stroke my enormous lycra dick. He becomes impatient and grabs my tense body. I let myself fall to the ground as Ludo is not able to contain himself anymore. He jumps on me and starts touching and licking every bulging part of my body. He needs to worship the hero who saved him, the hero who presents his massive masculine body to him. I moan and shout my pleasure out for the whole street to hear as he moves his hands down to my member. His hands are barely able to get around my giant member, which the suit has wrapped around fully making it separate from my torso and just as suit-clad as the rest of me.

Fucking do it, boy!” I shout. Ludo smiles at me and gently lands his hole on top of my hard dick. I grab him by his waist and watch him slowly slide down around it until it fully disappears inside him. I am amazed at how much the boy can take.

Oooh, I can feel the lycra inside me sir… Your dick feels like a dream.”

“Yeah. This sure is a dream, boy.”

I help him as he slowly starts going up and down with his ass. His hole around me feels amazingly tight. My dick starts pulsing and throbbing inside him. I clench my arms and feel sweat dripping from my head into my mustache and beard. Ludo starts feeling the flexed arms with which I am holding him with his free hands—they’re bulging and pulsing as I feel another spurt of growth go through them thickening my biceps and triceps. Each and every time a body part makes a pulse of growth it feels like my suit is being tested to its limits, but it shapes around me again, tightening and loosening constantly little by little. You can hear the suit and my body transforming with bulging and stretching sounds popping here and there.

God, sir, your dick is enormous!” Ludo shouts as he continues to moan and make sounds of pleasure.

I hoist him up into the air as I stand. I was done laying on the ground. Of course it is not hard to keep Ludo’s hole around my member as I get up, as it’s in so deep.

“You are doing amazing, boy, let me help you,” I say as I keep carrying him with my strong arms. He seems a little smaller than he was just moment ago… or have I grown taller? I hold him by his waist and start slamming my dick into him harder than before. Ludo is moaning harder and harder. I feel my balls filling up, ready to let go of my seed. My body spasms and clenches one more time, popping and bulging all over just a bit, as a huge manly roar emits from me. I feel my suit letting go of the top off my dick as three huge blasts of cum are released into Ludo.

Slowly I feel the suit getting back too normal as my dick flops out of Ludo’s cum-filled hole. We both look at my member as the suit wraps it up again behind a layer of spandex. I feel impressed at how my new bulge is even more prominent than it was before, and it is not even hard anymore. Ludo smoothly glides a hand over my well-defined thighs as he smiles at me. He seems happy to have been able to help me.

“Thank you, sir. For saving me today. What do I call you?” he asks.

I almost want to call myself Super Sven for him, but remember that he would probably find out I work at his office. “Call me SuperDude.”

Ludo laughs at the name. I know how lame it probably sounds but I cannot come up with anything fast.

“Will I see you again, SuperDude?”

I gently place my hand on his shoulder. “I promise you will.”

Right as I say that I hear a loud bang behind me in a street nearby. I change my pose, ready to go and fly off, ready for another round of action. Just before I do I remember the bullet wound in my right shoulder. I feel and determine that the suit has repaired itself. Sex is healing me and making me stronger… how weird.

Ludo and I smile at each other as I wave and blast off to the next scene of action.

That’s how my day have become a constant flow of pleasure. I’m highly aware of the addictive presence the suit is becoming for me. How it is trapping me inside it, changing me physically so that I am starting to become not humanly possible to become. But there is no going back. The hero in me has become stronger than the will to be a normal human being. I never want to take the suit off again.

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