The sticky super suits

by Redouan

Robin and Sven are two nerdy friends working at an office. They both love superheroes but are too invested in their office life to take the hobby further. But something is about to change this as they receive two costumes to wear for an upcoming event.

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It was a quiet evening at the office. Me and my coworker Sven were the last people there. Still typing out some last documents that need to be finished by tomorrow. we were often the ones to be there last. The concierge, Rupert was a nice guy who gave us a spare key that the boss did not know of. We did not spend our time there on work. When we were finished, we went to the little kitchen where we unlocked a cupboard no one has the key for. There is our little secret refrigerator filled with beer. This is our weekly routine. Every Wednesday we spent the evening here together. We clanged the bottles against each other and drank greedily. Immediately we were in a good mood and started joking around.

Sven and I always bonded about our little nerdy hobbies. We both have a reasonable collection of superhero comics. So sometimes we spent our time here watching nerdy movies on one of the office computers. Or we have lengthy discussions about video games. We never went to conventions or anything tough. We are both mature young adults, I guess. So, we silently made a rule that spending every Wednesday evening here in the nerdy theme was our max.

“To another horrible day at the office bud!” said Sven.

“I know. This week is dreadful. I hate these files we need to prepare.”

“You know what is not dreadful tough!? The new Marvel movie I torrented in amazing quality before it is out in stores!”

I got super excited. So grabbed a chair ready to watch this movie with my best friend. I grabbed some chips from my bag, and we were ready to go.

Halfway through the movie we heard footsteps downstairs. Both of us were so focused that it startled us badly. We were supposed to be the only ones to still be in the building. We both jumped out of our chairs ready to hide if the boss was about to check what the hell was going on. So Sven shut down the computer and we hid under the desk.

“Robin…? Sven…? Where are you guys?”

Immediately we arose from under the desk with relief. It was Rupert the concierge. He came in holding a cardboard box looking around for us.

“Wow, Rupert you got us fucking scared man! We thought you had gone home already,” said Sven.

“Oh I’m sorry! You were not answering your phone.”

Rupert slammed the cardboard box on our desk. We both looked inside. What the hell were those? Costumes?

“Hey, these costumes got delivered at my desk today. They said that they were for you, Robin! There was a note with it that said not to forget the birthday of your niece.”

“Oooooh.. shit..” I sighed. I totally forgot that my brother’s daughter had her sixth birthday in two days. She is totally into superhero’s as well and because I bonded about this very important subject with her my brother kind of forced me to show up to her birthday as a superhero.

“Oh yeah, I remember now. I had to go out and find a costume to wear. I can’t believe my brother actually remembered tough. I kind of hoped he would not. I am really not confident enough to act a fool. Even though she is only six.”

“These costumes are kind of crappy. They are not even a real hero. And why are there two?” said Sven.

“I have no idea man. This is not something my brother normally does. Are you sure my brother sent them, Rupert? His name is Ben.”

“I have no idea. All there was with it was this note that says that these are for you, and the stuff about your niece.”

We both stared at the costumes in silence for a while.

“Hey, I am going to leave this to you,” Rupert said. “Have fun tonight! See you guys tomorrow. I would love to grab a beer with you two but my girlfriend wants me home.”

Rupert put on his jacket and made his leave. That left Sven and I still silent next to the cardboard box.

“I… don’t really want to do this.”

“We should put them on now man… who cares about your niece! Let’s have some fun.”

I laughed, shook my head. “I don’t know man. Kind of feel like this is a prank.”

“Prank!? Who the hell is pranking? Rupert? Who cares man! Let’s just joke around make some fun videos!”

I laughed again. “Okay!”

We both grabbed one of the costumes and stripped down to our undies. I caught a glimpse of Sven’s slender body. I weirdly always noticed that he has quite a perky plump butt for such a slender guy. But why the hell was I thinking that anyway? I have a girlfriend at home. And it is not the case that I am bigger than him. We are quite equal in body size.

The costume was not made of tight Lycra but more of a loose-fitting fabric. Mine was mostly white with red linings. The one Sven put one was mostly black with blue linings. They were really loose and honestly felt like wearing pajamas. We attached the capes and started laughing.

“What the hell man… I don’t know this superhero! Who the hell is this! Black-and-blueman?” shouted Sven.

“I don’t fucking know! But you look awful!”

We both laughed so hard that we fell to the floor.

“Here comes black-and-blueman!”

Sven ran towards me with his arm up. I dodged him and also start running around. After some turns fake-fighting we stopped.

“Huh… aren’t we a little too old to do stuff like this?” I asked Sven.

“Who cares man. This is our evening. No boss around.. hey you know what! To make you a little more confident I will join you Friday at your niece’s birthday to act the fool! Let’s just do what we did just not and maybe your nieces joins us!”

I was kind of relieved at his offer. “Ah thanks man! I really appreciate that!”

The rest of the night we finished watching the movie while still wearing the stupid superhero suits. When it was time to go, we put our own clothes back on, put the suits in our bags, and after cleaning our part of the office we both went our separate ways back home.

When I arrived home, there were no lights burning. Most other nights Gwen would leave on the lights in our apartment until I got home. This meant that she was not home herself. I saw the note on the dining table.

“You were not answering your phone! I am going out tonight with my friend to a party! See you tomorrow afternoon!”

This could mean two things. She got annoyed that I stayed out so late and got her little friend group together. Or her little friend group was having one of their parties and scooped her up from the bench without her having a say in it.

Either way I had the bed to myself! I dropped the bag down next to the bed and let myself fall on it. Haha, those stupid superhero suits… I’ll message my brother tomorrow asking what the hell he was thinking. Or maybe I can already send him a picture that I received the suits?

Still a little tipsy I hoisted myself up again and started to undress. This time it’d be totally nude! Who cared! It was just for a quick picture. I put on the pajama-fitting supersuit and posed in front of the mirror.

“Let’s do one of these,” I said to myself while smirking and posing, snapping a picture.

After that I walked to the kitchen to grab something to drink, joping to get my head a little less tipsy. I drank up two full glasses of water. I leaned against the fridge while panting a bit. My hand went down from chest to my crotch, itching it then stroking a bit.


I felt something. The fabric felt like it was… moving around.

I looked down as I saw that the fabric around my crotch seemed to be getting tighter.

“Ugh, I really need to drink less next time!”

Then I heard soft sounds. Tightening sounds. I moved my legs around to loosen the crotch area up again but it didn’t help. A little confused, I walked back to the bedroom mirror. And to my surprise the fabric had changed. I stroked it again… what was this fabric around my dick? It felt like… like Spandex. As I squeezed my dick a little while watching myself in the mirror the tightening sound came back again and moved up my chest and down my legs. I watched in confusion as it seems that my belly and upper legs slowly are wrapped in tight Lycra. My hand moved around the parts of the suit that are transforming.

“Weeiird…” I said slowly.

This is kind of hot, I thought to myself. But not normal! What the hell is this costume? I quickly searched around for my phone to make some more pictures. I still felt the suit getting tighter as I was throwing my bedsheets to the ground. When I had my camera-app opened and saw myself in the mirror again, the Lycra had shaped fully around my legs and chest.

“Keeps getting tighter,” I said as I moved my body around in the suit.

My hand moved over my chest. This is so weird. I need to call Sven! This is not normal! So I quickly called his number. While it’s ringing I looked at my arms, which were getting wrapped in Lycra as well. By the time I heard Sven’s voice there was no more pajama-suit left. I look at myself fully covered in a tight Spandex superhero suit when a big “H” seemed to appear on my chest.

Sven… I… put on the hero suit and…”

“It changed…”

“What? Yeah it changed to…”

“Spandex… I am experiencing the same over here! I am freaking out!”

“You put it on too? What the hell man! What kind of fabric just changes itself?”

“I don’t know but I feel weird. A little…”


“Yeah.. kinda. And tight! I never wore a full Spandex suit before! Feels kinda nice!”

“Same here.. oh man! I am sweating! Look, let’s just take the suits off and go to bed! I don’t want to go to my brother’s place anymore on Friday!”

“Yeah… yeah… let’s take ‘em off.”

I put the phone on speaker and put it down on the bed. But when I started searching for the zipper, it was gone! I squirmed around bending over and forward with my arms. Then I started pulling at the Lycra… but it just did not seem to want to get off my body. I felt it stretching and loosening but there was just no opening.

“I… I can get the suit off, Sven! What about you?”

“Me neither man.. It is so tight! There is no zipper either!”

We both kept squirming around searching for the zipper as thoughts started to get into my head.

“Ugh still feels kinda nice, this Lycra man! Wish I wanted to cosplay more!”

“Ooh me too! It feels so slick! My… my dick is kinda hard under the suit!”

“M-mine too.”

My hand moved to my penis. It bulgef under the Lycra. Felt good!

“We need to do this more often man!” I heard Sven say. What did he just say?

“Yeah… yeah…ohh.”

I kept stroking as I think of my best friend Sven doing the same wearing his Spandex superhero suit.

“Yeahh yeahhh.. let’s do this again sometime!”

I get drowsy. Can’t keep my eyes open. And without any warning I fell to the bed fast asleep.
The next morning, I wake up tired. I wake up feeling like I dreamed all of yesterday. But when my hand moves to my body I still very much am wrapped tightly in the Spandex suit.

I jump up. “fuck… why is this real?”

I keep pulling at the suit again but still to no help. I am stuck in this Spandex prison. Luckily my girlfriend is not home yet, but the beeper of the alarm next to the bed goes off… meaning it is time to go to work. I grab my phone which is completely drained. I guess that call went on a little longer than I hoped.

What the hell should I do!? I rush to my closet. Let’s just wear my casual suit! So, I grab fresh pants and a shirt and put them over the Spandex suit. I hurry quickly to grab something to eat and then rush to the office again.

Constantly on my way to work I keep pulling at the suit under my clothes. If I can’t get this suit off by the end of the morning, I am going to go crazy, I think to myself. There is never a moment that I am not aware of me wearing it. Everyone seems to look at me while I walk inside the building. Of course, this is not really the case, but it does feel that way. When I walk past concierge Rupert’s desk, I wait a moment to confront him on where he actually did get these suits. But he is nowhere to be found.

So I make my way to my own desk. Sven is not here yet. And I try to focus on my work.

You can do this, Robin! Just focus. When lunch comes, I will rush to my car and try to get this suit off.

But the office is quite hot. So, it does not take a long time until I feel my body getting sweaty under the Lycra. I know people are not going to bother me for a while, so I open the top few buttons of my shirt just to get some air. I keep looking at my screen. At these stupid files but me mind keeps going to my body. Sometimes I get the sudden urge to burst open my clothes and show my herosuit. But I get these thoughts away as quick as I can.

“Hey there Robin! You look kinda hot!”

What did I just hear? Startled my eyes shift to the left. It is Jeff. He normally does not come in this part of the office.

“Heh.. yeah kinda hot here”

Jeff’s eye glance down to my chest.

“What the hell are you wearing under there? Some kind of compression shirt?”

Quickly my hand moves to the top part of my dress shirt. I totally forgot that I opened it. Awkwardly I try to close the buttons.

“Yeah.. yeah. It’s just a shirt.”

“It looks like it had some sort of big letter on it. Like a superhero!”

“No, that’s just the logo of the brand.”

Jeff looks at me with a confused face. Embarrassed I look away but that just makes me feel weird. Maybe I should show him my chest? Show him the suit? Wait what … no! I wiggle a little with my body. But I am able to get the thought out of my head.

“Anyway, could you help me with this document I got? I know you know a lot about these files the boss keeps asking us to correct. If you would help me that would mean a lot.”

I need to help him.

“Of course, I can help you Jeff”, I say while pumping my chest forward towards him. While doing that my chest seems to make a small flex.

“Heh… yeah thanks… here.”

Jeff walks away from my desk with a confused face. What the hell came into me? I feel sweat on my forehead. That flex… it felt so weird. I need to get my mind straight. Let’s go to the restroom quick.

Hastily I make my way to the restroom and luckily no one is there. I splash some water in my face, which is dripping in sweat. I look at myself in the mirror. Get yourself together man. This suit needs to go! I need to get rid of it. It feels like it is starting to control me. I want to get out of this Spandex prison right now!

I turn around to lock myself in one of the stalls to take another try to get the suit off, but I stop myself from going in. I squirm slowly around in my suit. Before I take it off.. why not one more photo. I turn around again. slowly I start to breath more heavily. That’s right my phone is still empty. I can’t make pictures right now… so… let’s just take the suit off.. my chest moves up and down from my breathing. No.. one more look…

With both my arms I pull open my dress shirt, ripping the buttons from their seams. I thrust my Spandex covered chest forward revealing the big H.

“H… does that stand for hero? Yeah… I am a hero all right.”

I can hear my body starting to make stretching sounds. I make another trust as I watch my chest grow forward. Two plump pecs grow under my Spandex suit something I never had before. Did I just grow?

“Nice…” I whisper.

I stroke my chest and fling my dress shirt to the ground so I can flex both my arms, which also start to thicken up inside the suit. Slowly forming lines of muscles, I never seen before. I watch with amazement. This is a sight to behold isn’t it? I keep admiring my gains as I hear the door fling open. For a moment I get out of my trance and act shocked.

Sven enters the restroom like he has been running. Sweating and panting. He is also wearing trousers and a shirt.

“Robin, thank god it’s you! Wha… what are you doing!?”

“I… I was just… I don’t know”

“You look… kind of.. bigger…” While saying that he sweeps the sweat from his forehead.

I look down at myself like I was not realizing I was standing there with a Lycra covered chest now a bit bigger with muscle. Sven starts panting and moves his hands down to his pants.

“Ooh fuck Rob… I can’t deal with it anymore. This suit is so tight! I… I need to … show off.”

Slowly Sven undoes the button of his pants and lowers them revealing his shiny black and blue Lycra covered legs. He throws his pants fully off and starts feeling his legs.

“Shit man… so tight.”

I watch him while smiling. This is good. Show off to me, bud.

“I’m sorry man.. I just… can’t stop myself. I know you aren’t gay or anything. I am not gay either! I just need to…” says Sven.

His hands move from his legs to his crotch then he cups his butt. Damn he always had a fine ass. He squeezes them, and as he keeps doing that, I see his ass starting to plump up even more making the Lycra bulge.

“ooh fuck!” he shouts.

Slowly I make my way over to where he is standing. In a quick motion I move the trashcan in front of the door.

“you know what Sven. I always thought your ass looked fine before. But now it is just amazing”

“yeah.. we re rocking these Spandex superhero suits man..”

“Let’s get rid of all these restricting clothes”

I pull off my pants and shoes and Sven removes his blouse. Both of us standing proudly in our supersuits. My dick was already hard underneath. I slowly step towards him till both our hard Lycra-covered dicks gently touch each other.

“Fuck man. Becoming a hero sure is hot!”

I start stroking his chest. First gently with one hand then with both. To help me Sven trusts his chest forward. Which also start to flex just like mine.

“Yeaaah fuck.. this happened to you to didn’t it, Rob?”

“Sure did.”

His pecs start to show underneath the suit while they slowly bulge forward, as well as his arms which he flexes for me. With his now stronger upper body he pulls me even closer. Now our bigger chests are touching. I feel his throbbing hard dick against me. Sven moves his arms down to my butt.

“Same with you bud. I always wondered how it would feel to touch a man’s ass. And yours is fine!” Sven says.

He gives my ass a hard squeeze and I can feel my ass filling up. I flex my lower body. My ass and also my legs and feel that the thickening feeling moves down. And when I look down I see both our legs getting ticker and stronger. Sven keeps squeezing my ass while licking his lips. He keeps flexing his upper body for me.

“Damn, look at us man! We are becoming hot strong superheroes! This damn tight suit is making us gods,” I say.

“Yeah. I never felt better, let’s flex some more!”

We start posing and flexing in front of the mirror. Both with a throbbing hard dick precumming under the suits. When all of a sudden loud bang is coming from the door.

Heeey who the fuck is blocking the restroom!”

Both of us are snapped out some sort of trance. For a moment we look around confused at what just happened. Sven looks down at his body.

“Wha… what the hell just happened… I am… huge,” says Sven.

I also look at myself in total shock. It feels weird being much more muscular than ever before. It feels like I am not myself.

“This is getting out of hand! What the hell do we do!”

“We need to find Rupert!”

We quickly both start dressing up our normal clothes again but both our pants and blouses do not fit very well anymore. My pants get extremely tight around my upper legs and ass. I also ripped the buttons of my blouse which I am no longer able to close. I look at Sven who was barely able to cram himself in his clothes as well.

“Let me help you,” says Sven.

He grabs my open dress shirty and takes some toothpicks out from his pocket. He uses the toothpicks like pins by making holes in the fabric. This barely hold my shirt together.

Hey assholes! Open the door or I will get the concierge!”

“Well, we do need to see him,” Sven says while laughing.

I move the heavy trashcan away from the door, which immediately swings open. Toby, a guy closer to the boss than us, walks in mad.

“What the hell were you guys doing in here? Making out?”

“Sorry Toby, Robin had a clothing malfunction and we tried to fix it.”

Sven points at my shirt held together with the toothpicks.

“That looks shitty! And… have you two been lifting weights or something! Get some bigger clothing. It’s probably that CrossFit bullshit that people are doing. I don’t even want to know what kind of steroids people are being fed there.”

“Yeah. Yeah, we do CrossFit!”

We rush past Toby with a plan to find Rupert to confront him. We try to bump into as little people as possible because we don’t want to be put back to work. we got figure this superhero situation out now. While I already was uncomfortable before, wearing the super suit under my clothing, now it is even more tight! So, I don’t want to make too big of steps fearing I will rip my pants. Sven and I carefully make our way downstairs stopping around corners when spotting people we need to avoid.

We manage to get to Rupert’s office but of course he is nowhere to be seen. Normally he leaves a note on his desk if he is helping anybody in the building.

“You know, maybe your brother has anything to do with this? You know he was the one who allegedly sent these suits here.”

“I don’t think my own brother would send us weird sticky superhero suits!”

“I don’t know man. But we need to find out because I am getting kind of hot again.”

We decide to call him on Sven’s phone, which still has some battery left.

“Heeey there bro! Did you perhaps send superhero costumes to my office yesterday?”

“Superhero costumes? What? No.”

So, we know enough. I end the awkward conversation quickly before he can ask me to come anyway on Friday. I feel that I am also burning up again when I hang up the phone. the tightness of my outfit is starting to make me feel claustrophobic. So while trying to stay calm we kind off look at each other hoping to come with some sort of solution.

“I.. I guess the getting bigger part is just some side effect from wearing Lycra for a long time. Let’s just.. go to our cars and try to get the suit off again I guess,” says Sven in desperation.

I nod, but deep down I know that we might not be able to. This suit is doing something with us. A transformation we just can’t stop from happening.

We rush to the parking lot as fast as we can with our tight pants ready to burst. As we are both are getting very sweaty. It is like an urge is getting stronger and stronger that wants to take over my mind. We reach Sven’s car first.

“Fuck it lets just do it here! We’ll both try pulling on each other’s suits!”

But before Sven can reach for his keys, we hear a soft laugh. Rupert slowly walks towards our direction. He has an evil kind of smile on his face.

“Rupert! Where the hell have you been! These suits you gave us are weird!”

“Hmm haha, they sure are weird, aren’t they. Aren’t you guys enjoying your little tight adventure?”

“What? No! What the hell is going on! Are you behind this?”

Rupert sighs. “You guys, always nerding around in the evening… not going home to your girlfriends… always talking about superheroes but never doing anything more than just drink beer and hide”

“What the hell does that have to do with anything! We are not hiding from our wives or from anything! We just like drinking a beer together!”

“Yeah yeah.. and never inviting others. Sound very gay to me if you tell me! And who has to cover up for you two! Me! And who never gets invited…. me.

“Rupert, if you want to drink a beer with us just ask us! You never do!”

“No… I was done with both of your gay ass superhero nonsense! So when I heard that Robin had to perform a little superhero act I decided to get some costumes for you two best friends!”

“That’s a fucking weird thing to do, Rupert.”

“I don’t care… this costume shop sells all kinds of wonderful outfits. The lady that works there is also part-time concierge, so we know each other… and she dabbles in, how do I say it in a simple way? Curses.”

We both start laughing.

“Rupert. There are no curses. That is bullshit.”

“Oh really? No curses? Aren’t you guys quite hot right now? Aren’t you experiencing some stickiness of this lovely tight suits of yours? With some lovely side effects. Hmm?”

Both Sven and I look at each other scared. I can feel my body getting full of pressure again from the heath. It feels amazing but with all my might I try to get the feeling off of me scared to lose control. I get awfully attracted to my best friend and the thought of us growing strong together, filling this tight ass suit up with body mass, becomes to hard to resist.

“You guys will burst and pop and bulge and grow till you are both two strong Lycra-loving superhero sluts…”

The pressure in my body gets so extreme that my clothing can no longer be contained. I need to show off now!


Me and my best friend flex as hard as we can. The seams of our casual clothing rip open like they are nothing, revealing our super tight and shiny Spandex suits finally getting rid of those clothes that were holding us back. We both shiver in joy as we feel how the pressure bulges new muscle all around our bodies. I look proudly at my best friend enjoying his transformation as much as I do as he is beginning to fill up his suit like a real hero does.

“Looking good bud!” says Sven while flexing.

One by one each body part grows pressing against the suit. it feels so tight but at the same time there seems to be no end to the stretch-ability of the suit. Both our bodies are bulging everywhere in our suits. Especially Sven’s shiny Lycra covered bubble ass.

Oooh I’m getting so massive man.. and ooh Sven I love you ass man! I can’t repeat it enough! Can I please feel it?”

Uuugh Sure you can dude. What is taking you so long!”

With a mighty swing of my strong arm I smack Sven’s ass making a sound that can probably still be heard inside the office. and then I grab it and stoke it lovingly. My other hand goes down to my dick which is already hard and bulging against the suit. I press my hard dick bulge against his ass which he seems to enjoy.

“We make some very hot superhero hunks, don’t we, Rob!”

“We sure do bud. You are so big and hot that I can’t resist you anymore man.”

“Do it! Only a man like you can do it well.”

I move my hand down to my bulge when I feel that the Lycra suit created an opening above my ass and dick. Now I am able to feel my super cock for the first time. And while I hold my hard dick in my hand I can feel and see it growing even bigger.

“Boy if this isn’t a super cock I don’t know anymore,” I say.

“Show me! Let me feel it.”

For a moment Sven turns around and gets on his knees. Hungry for my dick he starts licking it and eventually puts it in his mouth. I can feel how he is a natural. So eager to taste superseed. He keeps sucking and stops sometime to lick the tip of my dick to taste my precum. He does it so well that my dick is about to burst but I push him off.

“That was amazing bud. But it’s your ass I always craved.”

So Sven stands up again and for a while we feel and worship each other’s big strong Lycra covered bodies.

“This is not a curse. This is a blessing! I love being your superhero muscle hunk, Rob.”

“Me too man. Now spread your super cheeks so I can show you my power.”

Sven bends down presenting me his ass. At first Sven moans out pain. But my dick is so wet from precum that it eventually slips in nicely. Full of passion I start fucking my best friend.

Oooh Robin yes!”

Feels good doing him. I speed up a little clenching my tight Lycra clad ass.

Yes yes! Yeeeess!”

I am about to shoot my super load inside Sven when we hear a car alarm go off. Again, both of us get awakened from our trance. And as I see what is going on, I freak out.

No…..aaaaaah” I scream while I pull out my dick from my best friends’ ass.

With my hands in my hair I start to get angry. “This is insane! Make it stop, Rupert!”

I know it was him who awakened us. Rupert emerges from Sven’s car, which he had opened with the keys Sven probably dropped while transforming.

“I am not going to let you guys finish just yet… the final transforming moment is still yet to come.”

I look at myself in dread freaked out how big I have become. I am becoming a superhero freak! And fully aware that I was having sex in a public parking lot. I immediately put away my dick inside the suit again. Sven seems too overwhelmed to react still with his bare ass out in the open with some of my precum splattered all over his cheeks.

You are a fucking crazy lunatic, Rupert! Stop this now or I will slam your face to pieces!” I scream with anger that I never seem to have possessed before. It’s like my newfound mass and strength has something to do with it.

“I am not going to do anything. You guys have till tonight to get rid of the suit or you will become superhero sluts for the rest of your life.”

But my anger quickly turns into slight hopelessness. Afraid of what I am becoming.

“Please… Rupert! have mercy! We never ever disliked you! We just forgot to ask you to join us.”

“There is no stopping it now, Robin. And don’t act like you are not enjoying it. Have fun together. Like you two always seem to have.”

With a smirk on his face Rupert walks away. I am thinking about tackling him, holding him hostage till he helps us. Thinking about hurting him badly. But I do nothing. I get hyper aware of the fact that I just fucked my best friend while transforming into a muscled superhero. Unlike the last times I got in a trans this time I remember the full experience of what we just did. I flex my upper body a bit and look at the big “H” on my chest. What the hell are we becoming this is insane.

“Are you okay Sven?” I ask carefully. I feel like I just did something that changed our relationship forever.

Sven takes one deep breath. “Yeah. I’m okay,” he says, and wraps his ass up in Lycra again. As he rises up again and looks me in the eyes I can see his mixed feelings.

“We… we need to find clothes. Bigger clothes. We need to cover ourselves.”

“Where the hell are we going to find clothes!”

“Let’s just get in the car and drive to your place! My girlfriend is probably home so we need to go to yours,” says Sven.

I agree. My own girlfriend Mary probably is mad at me, but not at home right now after a long night of partying. How am I going to show myself like this to her anyway? We need to fix this before she finds me.

We get in Sven’s car and drive off.

“Hey man. I am sorry what just happened in that trance. I never meant to… you know… do any of that,” I say.

“It’s okay. I … I… don’t mind it. This is just a weird curse! Nothing more!”

“Yeah. It’s all just the curse! Nothing more.”

But when I say that I feel that I don’t fully mean it anymore. The closer we get to becoming these muscly superheroes the more I am unsure what are my own feelings and what are those of the curse. I am very angry and confused and uncomfortable but at the same time I feel enjoyment and… affection.

“What do you think will break this curse? This transformation? How do we get rid of the supersuit?”

“It already has an opening now! Maybe we can take them off. We just need to find a way to not get overtaken by these trance moments.”

“Yeah, sure!”

We arrive by my apartment and Mary does not seem to be home. Before we leave the car we look around if no one is coming our way. When it is clear we sprint to the front door. I squirm my key in the door.


My heart makes a jump when I hear Mary’s voice. I turn around and see her shocked face.

“What the hell are you guys wearing!?”

“It’s.. just some joke we are preparing for a little performance for my niece.”

“But why do you look so different? You look all buff and strong… I…”

No no! It’s all fake! Fake muscles! Just a costume. Haha.”

But Mary walks toward us. I try to take steps backward, but the front door is still closed. With a grossed out face she touches my Lycra covered arm.

“What the hell is going on? This is not fake Rob.”

“No, Mary, please let me just explain.”

But she backs off again looking clearly disgusted.

“I don’t know what you two are doing but I was already having my doubts lately! You two clearly have something going on! I don’t know if this is some freaky fetish shit but I don’t want any of this!”

“Mary, please. It is not what it seems! I am not gay! I love you!”

“No! You don’t love me!”

And before I can say anything she turns away and storms off. I feel crushed. All I can do is watch her walk away.

“I’m sorry, man,” Sven says.

I say nothing and turn the key to open the door.

“Please say something!” Sven insists.

“It’s okay. I… We need to focus on fixing our curse and then I will talk with her.”

I try to concentrate on the main problem. The first thing we do when we are inside is pull at each other’s suits to try to get it off. We pull as hard as we can but still to no help. While doing it the feelings of heat keeps coming back, but I do everything to not let those feelings get a hold of me. Sven even gets angry while pulling with all his might. We are so strong and muscular now but still no way to get this suit off.

Why is this suit indestructible!”

“What about having to go to the restroom? Did you have to pee all this time?”

“Heh. That’s actually a good question. I don’t know. I don’t seem to.”

“When we… did the stuff. We also were able to get the suit to loosen up so let’s try to just go pee.”

“I will go first!” Sven nods.

Sven runs off to the toilet. And while he is off I start wondering around the room. Maybe I should search for some more baggy clothing I have to wear on top of the suit! I walk toward my bedroom to go to the closet when I notice the cardboard box where the suits were in still laying on the ground. I pick it up and notice a small card laying in there. It only says “For Robin, From your Bro! See you Friday”

But this is written on what seems like a sticker. So I try to take the sticker off. Under it is a different message written.

“To Rupert from Esmeralda. Have fun giving these to your friends. They will be tortured in superhero bliss. No worries, the only way to stop it is for them to not want it.”

What? I do not want this!” I say out loudly.

What does this mean? But after saying that out loud I stay silent. I look at myself. All big and strong. And I think of Sven enjoying himself.

Do I not want this?

Sven enters the bedroom. “Huh I was able to pee! But nothing more than that! I just really got weirded out how much bigger my dick is dude haha”

I turn around and show him the note. But he at first does not say anything. He just looks me in the eyes.

“How… does a suit know if we want something or not? That does not make any sense. We cannot convince this suit that we don’t want this if it forces us to do stuff we don’t want to do! I am not gay…”

But still both of us seem to not know how to feel. Which feelings are real? And which aren’t!

“I think we have to try to resist the suit from now on! We have stay apart from each other the rest of the day!” I say.

“That is not going to help man! I searched for you this morning without consciously making that decision.”

“Okay, then we stay here, in different rooms! And try to only think about other stuff!”

“I don’t know man…”

But we have to try. This has to end.

So, we each position ourselves comfortably in a different room. We both put on comfy baggy lounge clothing of mine to cover up the suit. Normally the baggy clothing is quite oversized. Now it just about fits. I spread my thick legs on the footrest before me and start reading a book. Is this a smart idea? I don’t know! But I do manage to not think about Sven or the suit for a while. I convince myself that everything is going to be okay with me and Mary and that she loves me the way I was before all this. And this way the hours seem to pass by. Sometimes I go to the kitchen to grab something to drink or eat but we keep avoiding each other.

When the sun starts to go down my mind is totally relaxed. I have not thought about the suit I am wearing. Sometimes of course I did get aware of me wearing it but nothing more. I even feel the suit start to behave differently. Like it starts to relax. So, I take of my shirt and carefully start feeling if anything changed. And it did! The opening around my waist is back and because of it I am able to remove the top part of my Lycra suit! Out of joy I start laughing! I can freely feel my chest again! which is quite big.. hmm look how huge I got so hot… no! don’t let that happen.

After a while I hear footsteps. And Sven walk into the room I am in. Without saying anything he lifts his shirt and I can see that he too was able to remove the upper part of his suit!

“It’s working dude!” he says.

“Just one more thing to go!”

“Let’s get some air man! I am going a little crazy from sitting inside! I did not have any weird thought for a while now.”

I agree so we get outside and with the car we drive to nearby quiet park. When we arrive, we sit down next to each other on a bench with a couple of hamburgers.

“What a crazy day man. Tomorrow we will punish Rupert for doing this shit to us!”

“Sure was a wild ride. I am happy we figured it out! I don’t know if I will ever be able to think the same way about superheroes.”

“Me neither. That will be hard. Not that I never watched superhero girl porn online in my life…”

We laugh. I smack Sven on his knee. Which went harder than I wanted it to, not knowing my strength. A piece of his hamburger falls to the ground.

“Fuck dude look what you did!”

Sven stands up bending over to grab it to throw it away. And by doing so I spot a part of his Lycra clad ass…. f.. fuck that’s a nice ass! No… don’t. that’s your best friend! Don’t say it.



“I love your ass man….”

Immediately I hold my hand in front of my mouth. Sven looks at. Both of us don’t know what to say. Fuck! Why did I not control myself! But.. I do love his ass. I…. I always did. I can see a droplet of sweat dripping down on Sven’s face. He is holding himself back.

“I do… I do love you.. I mean your ass!”

Sven drops his hamburger to the ground, grabs me by my shirt and pulls me towards him. This rips my shirt off my body revealing my muscular big chest. We both hug each other.

“Oh fuck Rob I can’t hold back anymore! I don’t care if I am not gay! I want you!”

I rip open his shirt as well and we slam our huge chests against each other while hugging. I move my hand passionately over his cheek and kiss. His lips taste like no lips I ever tasted before. His manliness. His strength. It is irresistible.

“Do we do this Rob? Do we let go? We still can stop this. It would be better.”

“This is no trance anymore, Sven. I am fully aware now… I want you”

“I… I want you too man. I want to be your superhero hunk forever.”

While saying that I can hear his voice getting lower and lower. I see him bursting spasms all over his body. Sven bend his head slightly back and gives himself over to the transformation. A thick ginger beard grows form his face like his own ginger hair. And his belly and pecs fill up with a lovely coating of ginger fur. And while he already is huge his belly and pecs seem to fill up even more.

Ooh yeah Bud. Feels amazing!”

I grab his waist and lustfully start licking his right pec and nipple.

“Give into it, Rob. Do it.”

My dick is already super hard from all of this, but I can feel that my transformation is not done yet either. So, I press my chest against that of Sven and give in to the feeling. I too grow a thick beard and body hair all over. And I feel my pecs, belly, arms and legs grow a final bit pressing against Sven.

“OOooohhhhh,” I mouth in joy.

Sven also starts worshipping my chest. he licks the salt of my sweaty hairy skin. And while doing that I can feel the Lycra under my pants starts to move. A stretching sound is heard, and I feel the Lycra moving up. I look down and see that both of our chests are slowly being covered with Spandex again. both of us rip away our pants revealing our thick legs. Like a second layer of skin the Spandex tightens around our huge manly bodies. Our transformation is about to be done. In a few moments we will forever be Superheroes. I am overcome with joy thinking about it! I happily flex my arms and pecs for my best friend to see. And so, he does the same.

“Let’s celebrate our decision to be heroes, man. We owe it to the suit.”

“Yeah, let’s. We need to finish were we left.”

Lust fills me like a beast. My throbbing big dick wants to get out. Sven turn around for me and shows off his delicious lyra covered ass. I slap it which makes it jiggle just right. Then he slowly lowers the suit for me. First, I press my Lycra bulge against his bare ass but it is throbbing so hard that I need to release it. Again, it is already covered with precum which allows it to slide in just fine.

“Daaamn. Man-ass feels much tighter than a pussy,” I say.

“I never want to think about pussy again Bro. Just your superdick,” Sven says while moaning.

At first I start gently but the more Sven seems to enjoy it he start to moan harder and I start to fuck him harder. The ground under us seems to shift. Like we are magnets pressing against the wrong pole. While fucking I watch down and see that we are starting to float… Like superheroes do!

We are gaining powers,” I moan.

Sven is moaning and shouting in joy. I fuck him as well as I can. I can feel my huge muscular body pulsate in my Spandex suit when trusting forward.

Aah dude fill me up! Fill me up with you powerful seed!” Sven shouts.

I can feel my balls are ready to burst. And with one powerful thrust of my dick I shoot my hot load inside Sven. A shockwave of force seems to burst out both of us as Sven also shoots his seed all over. The shockwave feels like seals the deal for the both of us. I can slowly feel how my suit seems to relax. Like it did its job.

With our big supercocks hanging out still we hug each other tenderly. Cum still dripping on the ground from the tip of our dicks. I stroke the “S” on my best friends’ chest.

“My beautiful strong hero. I love you man.”

Sven smiles at me with glee. A tear falls down out of his eye.

“I am so happy we chose to do this man,” he says.

Proudly we wrap our dicks back up inside the Spandex. We push our chests forward, raise one arm and hold each other’s hands with the other. And with a single jump we fly off into the air ready to live our hunky superhero life.

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