The electro-stimulation belt

by Azerreza

 When his friend Josh bought an electro-stimulation belt, Kyle laughed at him, but when Josh started to gain weight abnormally fast, he began to doubt his own disbelief.

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“What is this thing?” I said in looking the belt that Josh had stuck against his belly.

“An electro-stimulation belt!” he said happily.

“What? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like this bullshit on TV? Dude, you know it’s crap! You will not be muscular with that! It’s just a fucking scam!”

“No, this one is… different. I don’t know how explain this but it feels… different. My muscles are really growing. I know it works!”

“Hahaha, no Josh believe me, it’s just a scam. Never you will be muscular with this.”

“But I assure you Kyle, it really works! I don’t know how to explain but… it’s more fucking intense. I try the level 1 which were already intense, then I try the level 2 but… I was forced to remove the belt. Dude, it was too fucking intense, really too much! It is as if each level is exponentially stronger than the previous one. It works!”

“This or maybe there is just a malfunction.”

“No! Honestly I don’t know how exactly it works but I know it works. And there is this strange blue gel too. In the notice they say well that it is the combination of the two which will cause the muscle growth. I tried without the gel and honestly it feels like any other stimulator, but with it’s so different, so fucking more intense. Even the gel alone is weird. When I touch it, I felt like small electrical feeling.”

“I tell you, your belt has a malfunction,” I said

“You don’t believe me? Very well, We will see, in two months,” replied Josh, as a challenge.

“In two months? By why… ah yes that’s true, tomorrow is the summer vacations and you go with your parents for two months, that’s it?”

“Yeah, we will probably not meet during all the vacations.”

“Well Josh, so see you in two months?”

“Yep! And I will be fucking muscular, you will see,” he replied, smiling.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no chance, you’ve always been ultra skinny and you’ll always be.”

That’s what I thought.

Days and weeks passed, I didn’t hear from Josh until a few days before the end of the vacations. I received a message from him.

*Dude, I hope you’re fine. You’re not ready for back of school!*

*Hahaha, why? Have you become Hulk??*

*Unfortunately not so much but you will see!*

The end of the vacations came, I was quite intrigued by Josh’s message. I have to say I’ve always found him cute, so if he added some muscle, he could become hot! Well, I have to stop fantasizing about my best friend.

Finally, the first day of school arrived, I was waiting Josh when suddenly I heard his voice. “Hey Kyle!” he shouted.

“Hey” I said. Well, he seemed not really different… a little bit, maybe, but it was hard to be sure.

“So, how was your vacation?” I asked.

“Great! And I have made good progress as promised hehe! Go ahead and feel it!” he said enjoyed, in pointing his belly.

Hem, I was a bit embarrassed, I was not used to feel Josh’s body but if he proposed it…

I touched with a finger and… yeah, it felt hard. But Josh was thin, so his abs were very conspicuous but he was not very muscular in fact, just fucking skinny, and here he should probably flex to max.

“Yeah well, it’s hard but you’re cheating man hahaha! You’re just skinny so obviously your muscles are noticeable.”

“You still don’t believe me? Okay, follow me!”

I followed Josh to toilet.

“So you think I’m cheating, right? So… look at me!” he said, before taking off his shirt.

I have to say that my brain went haywire at that moment.

Josh was… ripped under his shirt. Well, not like a bodybuilder but very muscular. A ripped six-pack, with a net of veins on the bottom abs, small but well-built pecs, same with his shoulders, not really big but muscular, rounder, his arms, usually twigs, were a small ball of muscle, I mean true muscle, with a nice veins running on them, even his neck were thicker and he had small emerging traps.

Holy crap! It couldn’t be Josh but however… yes, it was him! But… how?

What the…” I shouted, stunning.

“So, you believe me now hahahaha?” he said, flexing his body.

“Well… you must have trained during these months!” I said, not wanting to believe him.

“Not even once! Only use my super-efficient belt!”

“Dude, are you seriously telling me that this is what made you this way?”

“Absolutely! I told you, it works!”

I wanted to tell him that he was wrong but… these muscles… even in only two months, it would be hard to have these results. Unless…

“Josh… do you take steroids?” I asked.

“What? Steroids? Are you crazy? No, as I said, I just use the belt. And I have reached level 3!”

“The level 3? But you said me the level 2 was unbearable!”

“Yeah it was at the beginning. But apparently, you need to get used to the current level before moving on to the next; after a while the level 1 was a formality so I decide to level up.”

“And how did it go?”

“Fucking intense, but more bearable than the first time. But fuck, I still moaned in pain, it was the best and intense workout of my life.”

“You don’t go to the gym…”

“Yeah, but if I went, it would have been the most intense workout. It took me several weeks to get used to it. And dude, I was more muscular after each session!” said Josh.

“It must be the pump,” I replied, trying to find a rational explanation to his fast results.

“Yeah, that’s I thought but no, I was really more muscular after each session. I had abs, pecs, shoulders, back, legs!”

“Dude, this is a stimulator for your abs, how you can be more muscular elsewhere only if you use this belt on abs?”

“I don’t know, but the contraction is not just at the level of your abs, it affects your whole body and it’s like if your whole body was… growing.”


Honestly, I didn’t know what to think, it seemed like a joke and yet… seriously, he couldn’t get that in two months, even with steroids. It was weird, very weird.

“Well, you know what? Take the belt until tomorrow. Try it, and you will see if I lie.” said Josh.

I wanted to refuse but… I was curious. I was convinced that it was not because of this electro-stimulator that he had become muscular but a small part of myself doubted.

“Very well!” I said.

The day passed, but my mind was elsewhere. I didn’t want to believe it but still… I was watching Josh and clearly, it was not an optical effect, his clothes were tighter, on the shoulders, arms. But crap, it was really caused by this belt? What was this thing? I should try it this evening.

After several hours of mental torture, the end-day bell rang. I put my things away, eager to test when Josh accosted me.

“Eager to see what you will tell me tomorrow and don’t forget the gel. By the way, try without the first time, you’ll see the difference.”

“Thanks,” I said, always a bit doubtful.

Back at home, I rushed to my room and took out the belt from my bag. Yeah, it was like the others electro stimulator seen on TV, nothing really different. you apply some gel, you put it on and there you go. I took off my shirt and I put it. Then I turned it on. I felt a slight contraction, nothing of unbearable. I tried the level 2. Yeah, more intense but really it was nothing. Level 3; it contracted well but same. I really don’t see what’s special about it. Well, according to Josh, with the gel, it’s more intense. Ridiculous but well, let’s try it with this gel.

First weird thing, it was blue, damn blue, abnormally blue. I really wonder what they did this with but well… I took some of it to spread it on my stomach. The feeling was cold but it was another thing that disturbed me, like… tingling. What was that thing?

I spread it well and put the belt.

“Well, let’s see if th.. ????!!!! aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

I moaned of surprise. Holy crap! I had just turned it on and I felt my muscles flexing like never before. What the hell was that? I winced with each contraction. Crap! It was fucking intense! I left for a few minutes, and damn, I had never had such contractions. What was that witchcraft?

Then I had a stupid idea, really stupid: I tried the level 2.

My eyes widened, my teeth clenched to maximum: when I felt the contraction, I thought I was going to die. Intense was a weak word, unbearable was a better description. I would immediately tear off the belt. Holy shit! But really, what the hell is this belt?

I was shocked. What the hell was that thing?

My smartphone vibrated.

*So, did you try? :D* asked Josh

*Well, I tried the level 2, I pulled it off immediately… Dude where did you find this?*

“Hahaha! I told you that you would be surprised. I’ll send you the website, it’s not cheap but you won’t regret it! And soon you’ll be also muscular than me! :D” he replied, in sending a pic of his ripped abs. Gosh, he was my buddy but I couldn’t help but be a little hard…

Few minutes later, I receive the link.

Honestly, if I hadn’t tested it, I would never have bought anything from there, it was… weird. “Fed up with the crap they sell you on TV? our products are not crap, try them and you will see, you will be surprised of the results!”

Especially since in the products, there were some very… special things. For example, these cock rings… Seriously, who would buy this? Well, finally I found the famous belt… WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? $999? So overpriced!!! Well… my savings will all go at once… sniff.

The description said: “Fed up with fake electro stimulators seen on TV? We can assure you that ours will really make you more muscular!” And below, in red I could read: “Be careful with the use, we are not responsible for the damage you will cause.” Well, that explained the colour.

At that moment, I had no idea how much this purchase would change my life.

The next day, I gave back the belt to Josh.

“So now, do you believe me?”

“Honestly, I never thought I’d say it but… yeah, there is really something going on with this belt… But… dude, how do you support level 3? I tried the level 2 and… fuck, it’s unbearable!

“Hehehe the habit!” said Josh, in lifting his shirt showing his abs. I swallowed hard in seeing them.

“Seriously, do several workouts before to try to pass on the next level and when you can stand the session without wincing, you can try it but I warn you the first one is often painfully intense, and I let you the surprise”

In the evening a package was waiting for me and well, I think I’ve never been so quick to open a package! Inside, several jar of gel and the belt. I went in my bedroom, take off my shirt, slathered my belly with gel and lied in my bed. Then I turn on the belt.

Oh gosh! This feeling, yeah it’s intense but… so good! I savoured each contraction. Oh fuck! It lasted several dozen minutes. I became harder. then strangely, I felt a heat spreading through my whole body and a strong tingling sensation. What the hell? But honestly it was not unpleasant, it was even pleasant, very pleasant! Oh fuck, oh gosh! Gnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh!!! It was so good that my dick creamed my underwear.

Shit it was so… amazing! I wanted… more. I slathered again my belly and did a second session. Gosh, get used to it? How does Josh want me to get used to it? And again, I finished by creaming my underwear.

Some days passed, I did sessions every day and yes, after few days, like Josh said, I was able to support better, even if I still finished by cumming. Maybe I could go to level 2 but I was in so much pain the first time that I felt bad about it. Then I thought to Josh, to his quick results, his abs, his pecs. Fuck yeah… I wanted it, now.

Like previous days, I slathered my belly, turned on the belt and with a trembling finger, I pressed the level 2 button.


The sensation that ran through me made me cry out.


I wanted to tear off the belt but… no, even if it was unbearable, I would hold on! I had to hold on!

For the next few minutes, each contraction made me moan with pain. But there was something strange, it’s like it’s spreading to my whole body. I looked at my arm carefully and… What the hell? Was I being… growing? with each contraction I could feel it, yes definitely I was growing! Holy crap! It was that? It was that the surprise that Josh was talking about?

For next minutes, I was groaning in pain, aggregated with “Oh fuck! Oh crap! Oh shit! Oh fucking fuck!”. Yeah it was painful but in same time, fuck, I was growing! All this distracted me from the intense pleasure that was running through me. when I thought about it, I became hard instantly and it didn’t take longer before I explode and fuuuuuuck; if the previous time I just “creamed” my underwear, here, we can talk of floods.

When the session was over, I admired myself in the mirror. Yeah, definitively, I was more muscular. Not much but I could see a difference. Craaaaaaap I couldn’t believe it but facts were here: this belt worked! Hahaha it fucking worked!!!

Quickly, I sent a message to Josh; *Oh man, can’t wait to see you tomorrow! You’ll be surprised!* and few seconds later I had his response: *Haha me too!*

The next day, I was waiting Josh in the schoolyard, eager to show him. Suddenly I heard a voice.

“Hey Kyle!”

I turned to him and said, “Hey Jo…”

I couldn’t finish my sentence. I was stunned, totally stunned.

Josh was wearing a tight grey shirt and what we couldn’t miss, it was his pecs, big pecs, his bulged shoulders, his thick neck, his traps, his biceps, his abs, which were visible through the shirt, his tree trunks legs.

Holy shit!” I shouted. It should be a dream, there were not other explanations!

“Hehehe I told you you’ll surprised!

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Do you have… do you have reached the level 4?”

“Hahaha man, I think the answer is obvious no?” he said in flexing his biceps.

Even his voice was deeper. Instantly I was hard, I know Josh is my friend but I couldn’t help. He was always cute but here, here he was… fucking hot!

“Do you want… to feel?” he asked.

Oh fuck! I couldn’t help but shoot a load. I mean, he is my friend but… but…

“Hahaha Kyle, don’t be shy!”. Gosh his laugh was so sexy!

I approached my hand and felt his huge biceps. Holy shit, it was so hard!

“Hard, isn’t it? This morning I couldn’t help but flex it… like this” he said, in flexing his biceps. Oh shit! I fired a second charge instantly! The situation was very strange but he seemed to appreciate.

“Well, you wanted to show me something?” asked Josh.

Suddenly I went from boiling hot to freezing cold. The shame… I was proud of my miserable results, he was, in comparison, Hulk!

“Yea.. yeah… I… I passed to level 2…” I said, very low.

Josh looked me and… laughed.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you should see your face. But I know what you feel, you think your results are miserable in comparison to me? Dude, you are just to level 2. It’s nothing in comparison to other levels.”

I blushed a bit.

“But don’t get ahead of yourself, it will get more and more intense. Don’t sure you will support it. Personally it was intense as fuck! Fortunately my parents were not at home. Man, I yelled like I never yelled, and the growth, oh fuck, the growth. It was unbelievable! In any case, it seems that levels are exponentials, not only in terms of intensity but also in terms of results. It’s incredible. There are only two levels left but imagine how fucking amazing it will be!!” said Josh. “And fuck yeah, when I saw that, it was worth the pain!” he added, whole flexing and admiring his muscles. I shot another load.

I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I wasn’t turning back from this.

All day I could only think of Josh and the belt. I wanted to match him, even surpass him. Fuck you the adaptation, this evening, I passed to level 3!

And justly, this evening, my parents were not a home. Perfect! Once I left, I hurried to make the preparations. I took off all my clothes, I wanted to enjoy the show. As usual, I slathered my belly with gel. Well, it was time, time to grow!

With a shaking hand, I pressed the button.

Nothing could prepare myself for this feeling.


I yelled, I yelled as fuck. I felt on my back, twisting in pain. I was crying, crying of pain. My hand was going to tear off the belt but suddenly, I had flashes of Josh, of his muscular body. No… no, there’s no way I’m giving up, yes it was painful but damn, it was worth it, right?

The first dozen seconds were horrible but then I felt it, I felt this “feeling”, except here, it was more intense. I was watching my shaking hands. Oh fuck, I was hot, very hot and I was shaking. But then I saw it, I saw my forearms thickening and it was not only my arms, it was also my arms, my shoulders, my traps, back, pecs, abs, legs. Simply put: I was growing.


I laughed nervously interrupted by my moans. I was still crying but the pain gave away to… lust. I was fucking growing! And I could hear, I could hear my skin stretching, I could feel the power running through my veins. It was the most intense, painful but at the same time the most enjoyable sensation I have ever felt in my life

Oh fuck yes!!! More! Yes more!!!” I yelled. Yeah, more, I wanted more and more power! I winced to each contraction but the pain gave away to pleasure. I don’t know how long it lasted, maybe one hour, maybe less, I don’t know but I enjoyed each second.

When it was over, I was lying on the ground, totally soaked by sweat, panting. I passed my hand on my midsection and instantly, I started to laugh nervously: I felt abs, well, not huge abs but ripped. I went up and I felt small but built pecs. I flexed my biceps. Oh… my… gosh! I had a biceps! Well, not so huge than Josh but a small muscle ball. Holy shit! It was so awesome!!!

Without waiting, I took a pic of my wet newly muscular chest and sent to Josh. A few seconds later, I received his response. “Hehehe, very well. One more little effort!” Following this was a pic of his fucking amazing muscular chest. Oh fuck! I’ll never make it to that dream sight! And few another seconds later: “How about a gym workout tomorrow?”

If someone had told me one day that I would go workout in a gym with Josh, I didn’t believe it. But I must say that seeing Josh working shirtless was… more than exciting! And he added: “And don’t forget ‘it’.” I knew he was talking about the belt. Oh don’t worry Josh, even if you hadn’t said it, I would have taken it!

On the way, I couldn’t help me to think about Josh, in sweat, lifting in grunting heavy weights. Crap, this hot scene made hard as fuck.

When I entered in the gym, there was the characteristic sound of the cast iron touching each other, this smell of sweat, and guys were grunting. And among them, one was familiar to me. Josh was lying on his bench, in lifting… 200 pounds? WTF??? The one I knew a few months ago couldn’t even lift the half! And fuuuuuuuck, he was wearing compression shirt, who allowed me to admire all the details of his musculature. He was perfect! I had to hold myself back from exploding on the spot.

“Hey!” I said.

“Hey! he replied.

Oh gosh, it was not only his body who was perfect…

“If someone had told me that I would see you one day lifting 200 pounds, I would not have believed it” I said.

“Me too!” replied Josh in smiling. “It’s so awesome!” he said in flexing his biceps. Oh gosh, I had to swallow hard for avoid exploding. “But not enough…” he added.

Not enough? Is he kidding me? 200 pounds not enough??? Josh was watching at the back of the room. I didn’t hear the loud grunt Under the bar there was a guy, let’s talk about muscle monster. He was wearing a tank top, which allowed to admire his enormous biceps, probably at least 20 fucking inches, his huge pecs were pushing against his tank top, I could see the last row of his enormous but ripped abs and his shoulders were two fucking bowling balls.

Holy…fucking…shit! Who was this guy? Who was this titan?

“Fuck yeah Jason! 420 pounds! You beat your record!” said the guy who helped him.

“Yeah! On the way to 450 pounds!” said the Hulk. Crap, his voice was so deep.

“This is Jason, the quarterback of football team,” said Josh, almost drooling. “You’d say he was born for this; gigantic muscles, ripped as fuck, superhuman strength. The other day he was badly parked and rather than getting into his car, he just… lifted the back. It was so fucking hot!”

Josh and I were working out for several hours—though after two hours I was totally wiped, but Josh continued. I wanted to leave but Josh stopped me, he wanted to show me something. I told him he could show me but he wouldn’t. and we should have finished the workout long ago. What the hell did he want?

Hours passed and it was almost 8 p.m. The manager came and announced they were about to close. But Josh found an excuse: “I didn’t finish my workout, can I keep going until I hit 30 minutes?”.

“But we are going to…” said the manager, embarrassed. “… Well, it’s really because it’s you but be careful!”

“Don’t worry!” replied Josh.

When the manager let, Josh stopped his workout. “Well, finally alone! I was starting to get tired!”

I widened my eyes: starting? Starting? But… he was working out for since hours! Holy shit! “T…tired? But you did more than 1000 reps!”

“In fact, more than 2000, maybe 3000.”

I widened my eyes and swallowed. He was so fucking strong.

“Well… it is time.” said Josh, and suddenly he took off his shirt. I had to bite my lip so as not to explode instantly. He was fucking hot! A fucking Greek statue! All muscles!

“Hahahaha! Wipe off the drool and come on!” said Josh.

I blushed a bit and I approached. I was trying not to show it but I was turned on as fuck, I was panting and sweating. I didn’t dare to look him.

“Hey Kyle, look that!” he said in flexing his biceps.

Oh fuck! I had to bite my lips harder to not cum.

“Do you want… feel it?” he said, quietly.

Crap, I have to resist… I have… I… I… Shit… I can’t resist… He is so fucking hot! My hand posed on his muscle hill. Oh fuck, oh fucking shit! It was hot and… hard!

“So… how does it feel?” he asked.

“Hot and… hard,” I said, a bit embarrassed.

Then he took my hand and slowly he went down and posed it on his ripped six-pack. Oh shit!!! I shot a load in my short. Crap, I had a crazy desire to caress them, to lick them but I was content to palpate them, to feel their hardness. Gosh, I could break my fist on theses fucking abs! Then my finger followed the central crevice until his lower abs.

“And here, how does it feel?” he said.

“Hot and… hard! Very hard!”

At that time, me too, I was as hard, I was hard as I had ever been. But it didn’t seem to bother him, yet shit it was obvious I had a crush on him right? So… why is he so quiet?

Again, he took my hand and suddenly… he plunged it into his shorts! Holy shit! Oh fuck! But what is he playing at? I blushed completely, surprised. I felt his dick and… oh shit… he was hard as fuck! I was panting more quicker and louder. I did not expect this situation at all.

“And here, how does it feel?” he asked.

“H…H… hot and… h… h… hard.”

“Correct! And… do you know why I’m so fucking hard?”.

Why? Oh I don’t know Josh, maybe because you have a fucking godlike muscular bod!

“Ha! I know what you were thinking: my muscles? Yeah, I have to admit it’s hot but… no, it’s not the main cause. No, I’m fucking hard because of… you.”

My brain bugged out for few seconds. What did he say? Beause of… me?

“You think I didn’t notice you had a crush on me? Dude, you are literally sweating like fuck, panting, blushing and cumming each time we see me. You’d have to be blind not to see it hahahahaha!” Well, now, I was totally blushing…

“I have been hard since I first saw you, but like you I was afraid to take the first step. But now that it’s clear that it’s mutual then…”

I was so embarrassed that I did not see his hand coming from behind. He rubbed few times my hair then suddenly, I felt a great strength to push me forward. And the next moment I felt something pulpy: his lips. I don’t react right away, being still in a state of shock: Josh was kissing me! Josh was kissing me! I was shaking from surprise then quickly from pleasure then I started to cry. Oh fuck! It must be a dream. It must be a fucking dream and I was going to wake up. But I was hoping with all my heart that it wasn’t. Our tongues danced for a while, I don’t know how long it lasted but I wanted it to have no end. My hand was running his body, oh gosh, his skin was hot and soaked with sweat, and his muscles, oh fuck, they were so ripped, so fucking hard. Precum was spurting.

I was still struggling to realize what was happening and I was not ready for next, really not ready.

Josh asked me to lie down, which I did, then he lay on top of me while we were kissing. Oh gosh, I could clearly feel his weight. I wanted to get up but he tackled me to the ground. “No no no, we’re not done yet. I think it’s time to upgrade our relationship.” He caught my shirt and he tore it. “These are the rules: the one who immobilizes his opponent wins and can claim his trophy.”

Well, Josh wanted to play, things were getting very interesting and… hot!

I smiled and we started to kiss again. Oh gosh, I will never get used to it to rub this muscular chest. Oh fuck, these ripped abs, these big pecs. Fuuuuuuuck! Then Josh rolled on his back and I found myself on top. It was a strange feeling: since always, I was one step ahead of him but now, roles were reversed. I was his toy and clearly, he wanted to play with me… and I loved that! The idea of an Uber Josh dominating me was so fucking hot. So let’s play!

We were still kissing while my hand was playing with his pecs. He took the opportunity to make them bounce. I couldn’t help but drop a “Oh fuck!”

“Do you like?” asked Josh. “So you’ll absolutely love what’s next!” Suddenly I felt his hands grabbing me but this time, it was rougher and the next moment I was on my back. I felt a huge pressure: Josh was pushing against my shoulders. I tried to get up but he pushed more. I was not able to move and honestly… I didn’t want to move.

“Well, I think you have won!” I said.

“Yeah, it would seem that I won!” he replied, clearly turned on.

“So… do you want your prize now?” I asked, knowing what he was going to do.

“Oh fuck yeah I want my prize,” replied Josh.

“Very well…”. I rolled on my belly. I felt Josh kneeling on me. I felt his big hands rubbing my back. “Oh gosh, you don’t know how much I was waiting for this moment,” he said while smelling my back with his nose. Sometimes in gym class, I stayed longer just to admire this magnificent body. I was thinking about it before to sleep. I dreamed of it!”

Honestly, I didn’t ever notice that. I was convinced Josh was straight and it was more a bromance. But in fact, it was a romance.

Suddenly, everything became quiet, I could only hear Josh’s pants then nothing. It was imminent, I knew it! And indeed, few seconds later, I felt a feeling I never felt before. It was intense, fucking intense, slightly painful but above all, insanely enjoyable: Josh was entering me.

Oooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk !!!” I yelled. And I wasn’t the only one to enjoy… “Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!” I heard Josh moaning of pleasure. Fuck, if someone told me that Josh would fuck me, I think I wouldn’t believe. However, it was happening: Josh was fucking me.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!” I felt every inch of his huge dick sink into my ass. Fuck, the feeling was absolutely amazing!

“Oh my gosh, it’s better than anything I could have imagined!” laughed Josh. Then few seconds later, I felt his balls touching my ass. Josh was entirely inside me! Holy crap!

“So, how do you feel?” he asked me, sounding proud.

“A..a… awesome!” I said, enjoying the incredible sensation.

“Hehehe! So let’s go to the second round!” said Josh. I could hear the excitement in his voice. Then, I could feel Josh’s cock slowly withdrawing from my ass. Fuck, it was amazing! Suddenly, without warning, he pushed it in with one blow. I shouted with surprise (and pleasure!).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!”

And he did it again, and again, and again, and again! With each blow I shouted, it was so fucking intense, so fucking good! I would never have imagined this situation possible but damn it! It’s so fucking good!

Josh accelerated the pace. My cries were getting closer and closer. I don’t know how much time it lasted but… it could last forever because… oh my gosh!

Quickly, his pace was so fast that I was unable to moan, the time the information reached my brain he had already made two more moves. Fuuuuuuck, Josh was a living jackhammer! Then he started to grunt. The climax was near! I don’t know how long it took before he exploded, I couldn’t think anymore, I was lost in an infinite pleasure. it was only when I heard the long and loud Josh’s groan that I came out of my trance. And then…

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!”

I felt a huge load inside my ass. I yelled but my scream was cover by another much louder cry. Holy crap! Josh had to pull more than a liter of cum.

I was here, lied to the ground, drooling and panting. Fucking crap, it was intense.

“So baby, did you enjoy it?”

“Aaaahh..aaaah… holy…fuck… Josh… you… you’re a beast!” I stammered.

“Yeah, but… I want more!” he said.

“What?” I asked, surprised.

“Being a beast is good but… not enough for me.”

“Not enough? Dude, you’re more muscular than anyone at school!”

“Yeah, but I don’t just want to be more muscular than them. I want to be a fucking titan, a muscle god. I want to outdo them, I want them to be ants compared to me.”

“Dude, you’re already a fucking titan!” I said.

“No, I can be much more than that—and you know what Kyle? I want to be there, now!” said Josh.

“Now? But… man, you are not yet used to the current level. The next one may be horribly painful!”

“Oh fuck yeah it will be painful but… don’t you love it?” replied Josh. “Don’t you love this pain, this growth, this feeling of pure power, becoming stronger and stronger each second? Personally, I’m totally addicted to it!”

I just had the best sex session of my life but I was already fucking hard in hearing Josh. Yeah, this feeling, it was it was the best sensation in the world!

“So… are you ready Kyle? Are you ready for the show?”

If I was ready? I think the drool on the corner of my mouth was the answer.

So, let the show begin! said Josh, with a malicious smile.

He rubbed a ton of gel on himself and attached the belt.

“Very well, I leave you the honour to press the button!”

I swallowed hard. In shaking my finger was approaching to button. Did I really want to do this? Did I want to see my ex-friend and new boyfriend become the most muscular bodybuilder in the world and probably and probably even more afterwards? … … … of course I fucking wanted it!

I pressed the button.

When he felt the first contraction, Josh’s eyes widened like never before, as if he had just been struck by lightning, he clenched instantly his teeth, his legs gave out and he fell to his knees. And then came the thunder…

I had never heard such a loud cry. I couldn’t imagine how he felt. But the show was fucking impressive: his whole body was flexing to maximum; I could see each fiber, each striation, each vein. I was speechless in front of this awesome show.

Josh was yelling as fuck at each contraction, tears flowed freely due to the pain but what was both disturbing and fucking hot in same time: despite the extreme tenseness of his face who reflected the insane pain he was feeling, Josh was… smiling. And in looking at his position, on his knees and extended arms, it was almost as if he was praying for more of that feeling.

And his wish was granted: I could see at each contraction, his muscles growing, becoming bigger and bigger like he asked. I was shaking and panting in front of this show. Holy shit! I mean, I had seen Josh grow in the last few weeks but here, it was a whole new level, no pun intended…

Josh was laughing, a crazy laughing. Now, he hardly winced, he was as if intoxicated by the growth but who wouldn’t want to?

Holy shit! His traps were engulfing his neck, his shoulders were becoming bowling balls, his arms were becoming fucking mountains, covered by big veins, his pecs were two fucking beach balls which would soon block his view, his abs were like six enormous boulder implanted directly under his skin, his lats were widening, giving him a very large V shape, his Adonis belt was more and more cut. His dick was growing and thickening. Holy fucking shit!!! I swallowed hard in thinking I could never welcome this monster in my ass! Even if Josh was on his knees, I could clearly see his legs becoming fucking tree trunks.

It took me several seconds to notice that I was cumming… Yeah, I was cumming without touch myself! Holy crap! But fuck, this show was so… so… so…

Josh was fucking huge! Honestly, now, he could participate to Mr Olympia!

He approached to the bar used by Jason, which weighed 420 pounds and tried to lift it.

With loud grunts he… succeeded to lift! Holy crap! Josh had lifted 420 fucking pounds. He was so strong!

“Mmmhhh, it’s better…”

Better? I would have said totally unbelievable!

“…but really not enough…” he finished.

What the??? Not enough!!! Is he kidding me? He’s one of most muscular man and it’s not eno… I could not finish my sentence because Josh did something I really didn’t expect… he… he increased the level, the fucking last level!

I didn’t even have time to say a word… And well, I thought I heard the loudest yell of my life? Well, I was far from it.

I had to cover my ears, I swear the walls even shook. I even heard several windows crack.

I was stunned: I have never seen such a flex like that. It was extreme, his whole body was flexing, at an inhuman level. I didn’t dare to imagine what he felt, it should be insane!

And the effect was immediate: his whole body was swelling, like a balloon, except that here, it was dozen of pounds which were added to each flex! His traps had surrounded totally his neck, his shoulders were becoming to an absolute gigantic size. His arms… fucking shit… they were bigger than his head!!! 25 or 26 inches, maybe more and they were still growing!! His pecs exploded… Well, no doubt now that he would have a hard time seeing his abs. And in talking about his abs, they literally exploded out of his stomach and… wait… eight??? holy crap!!! His ultra ripped six-pack exploded in a fucking huge eight-pack!!! His Adonis belt seemed to carved with an axe, with a net of veins which leads to his… to his… Well, to call this thing a monster is an understatement, it was bigger than my fucking arms! No way I can host this! And his legs, well… let’s say I could hide behind one of them!

Hahahahahahaha yes !!! Oh fuck yes bigger, bigger, bigggggeeeeeeeerrrrr!!!” laughed Josh. And each time he said “bigger”, well… he was becoming bigger.

I was at the same time turned on as fuck but also terrified. It was Josh who was in front of me? The Josh who was a twig a few months ago? Because now he was more than 8 fucking feet tall, maybe 5 or 6 feet wide, should weigh several tons and should have more strength in his little finger than in my whole body.

Then a final “muscle” explosion came to put an end to this incredible muscle growth, destroying in the process the belt. Josh did it, he reached the last level and fuck!

“Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Finally! This is what I hoped for, this is what I wanted: power!” He took again the 420 bar but this time he… lifted it in taking it only by two fingers. Holy shit! “Hahahahahaha, so fucking light!” he said, proudly of his new titanic strength. Then he turned towards me “So Kyle, what do you think?” he asked in flexing his monumental biceps.

I could not say a word but my answer was clear: I was shaking as fuck and above all, the floodgates opened. I came like I never came, almost continuously. He was the most powerful, the sexiest thing I have seen of my life. Ah yes, and I didn’t precise but obviously, his voice was extremely deep and loud.

And I didn’t say but… He was fucking gigantic!!! Well, too much by the way because when he stood up, his head knocked the ceiling, leaving a hole, ceil which if I remember correctly was at… 8 feet 4 inches… I swallowed hard, realising than my boyfriend was probably the most tall and muscular person in the world.

“Well, all this made me turned on, fucking turned on. I need to… unload,” he said, in rubbing his dick. “Ready for the next round?” he asked me, in smiling badly.

The… next… round? Wait, is he not really serious? If he tries anything, he crushes me like an egg. I was beginning to pale. And above all… How did he want me to receive his dick? Did he see the size of his anaconda? Did he see the size of my glory hole? It could never fit, never!

“…. Bwhahahahahaha!!! You’re afraid, aren’t you? Because I would be if I were you. You’re so weak, I could crush you just with my little finger. So we’re going to fix that now! But hurry up because I’m not going to be able to hold it for very long, and you better hold on because it’s going to be a deluge!”

It took me few seconds for understand what he would say, my brain was totally bugged: Josh wanted me to grow. Crap man, I tried the next level and never I could support this pain. But I think I had no choice and then the final result was appealing.

I put the belt then and in shaking I approached my finger to the button.

“Come on Kyle! Don’t be a wimp and go for it. But if you want some motivation…” said Josh before to make a pose. Holy fuck! I let out a moan, a stream of drool and few white loads.

Josh sighed. “Well, are you going to press this button?” I swallowed and… I pressed it.

Instantly, my eyes widened as fuck, I clenched my teeth to the max.

The pain was insane, I had the feeling that my muscles were crushed. I fall on my back on the ground, impossible to stand in these conditions. Each contraction was a torture. Tears were flowing. But in same time, I had the vision of Josh, yelling, laughing, growing. I was concentrating to feel the growth and… yes… oh fuck yes, I could feel it, oh fuck, oh shit!

Josh was smiling. “Ah! Then you also feel it? Well, focus on it, kiss it, you’ll see, it’s the most awesome feeling in the world!”

Oh fuck yeah I feel it: I felt my traps emerging from my bask, surrounding my neck, I felt my shoulders swelling, my arms becoming enormous, my pecs exploding, my abs swelling and hardening, my back widening, my legs thickening and even my cock was becoming longer, thicker, bigger.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha yes!!! More!! More!!! Mooooooaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!” I roared.

Holy shit! Look at me! I was a fucking bodybuilder and I don’t mean people who are just starting out

I was so lost in this absolute pleasure than I didn’t hear Josh approach.

“Ha, you want more? So it’s your lucky day Kyle, because I’m going to exhaust your wish!” said Josh.

Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut because nothing could prepared nothing could prepare me for what was to come. I didn’t understand what he would say but when I saw him with his finger was only one inch from the button, I froze…

“NO, WAI…” And then I started screaming, for real.

Honestly, I wonder how I didn’t pass out on the spot. I’ve never felt anything like this and I honestly don’t know if I can take it anymore. Say that it was insanely intense would be a weak word. It was so much more than that. And my scream… Fuck my scream! Honestly, I don’t know what makes the most noise: a fighter plane or my scream but I screamed like never before. Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fucking shit, oh fucking shit of fucking shit of fucking shit. It was unbearable, I mean really unbearable, too much unbearable. My hand went to pull out the belt but suddenly, someone caught my arms, someone of huge.

“Oh no no no no! What did you want to do? You will grow Kyle, whether you like it or not!” said Josh. I tried to free myself from his grip but nothing could be done and to tell the truth, I didn’t necessarily want to but it was like putting your hand in the furnace and willingly letting it burn.

The next minutes were both the worst and the best of my life. An unbearable pain but accompanied to an insane growth. It was only 15 minutes later that I really started to get used to and started to enjoy. I could feel it: at each contraction, my muscles were swelling, and not just a bit like previous time, no this time I was fucking hulking. Each contraction added ten of pure muscle pounds to my frame.

My traps were engulfing my neck, my shoulders were becoming more than bowling balls, my arms exploded in size, probably going beyond 20 inches, my pecs exploded at the point where it was hard for myself to see beyond them, my abs exploded, doubling almost in size, I had the feeling that I had been implanted with six rocks under my skin, fighting each other to occupy the maximum space, a fucking net of veins leads to my cock, which was growing as fuck too, and I could feel my legs, rubbing against each other;

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yes!! Yeeeeeeeesssssss!!” I had gone crazy, but really, there was no other possible reaction. As Josh said, and beyond the pain, there was the best feeling in the world.

I was growing, and growing, and growing, and growing! Fuuuuuuuuucccckkkkk yeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!

During several minutes I was here, alternating between screams of pain and pleasure.

And finally, after a long time, the feeling faints. I panted few minutes before to find the force to get up. Ho-ly shit! I was gigantic! Well, of course, not so much than Josh but I could probably participate to Mr Olympia! I flexed my arms, bounced my pecs, flexed my abs and legs. Ho-ly shit!!!

It could have ended there, yeah, it could have but… a new feeling was born: the lust for power. I had one level left, just one small level to go beyond the human limits. And… I didn’t want to wait!

“Finally! I couldn’t hold back any longer, well, prepare your ass honey, because Josh is com—”

“One moment honey! I’m not finished!” I replied, in smiling badly.

“Huh? Not finished? Man, you almost passed away this time, you will never be able to bear the ne—”

“Shut up Josh!” I said. Josh was surprised, and, indeed, me too, he was at least 10 times heavier, 10 times stronger, he could crush me extremely easily but however, I had just shut him up. But this lust… fuck, this lust was stronger than anyone, even “Mega” Josh.

Josh was silent for a few seconds before a smile appeared on his face. “Hehehe very well, I really didn’t think you would go through with it and I didn’t expect to have an opponent of my size. But after all, why not! Things are getting interesting, very interesting. Very well, I give you the honour to press the button!”

I posed my finger on the button. Did I really want it? I was going to live the most intense minutes of my life, probably also the most painful. I was going to change completely. I had just to press it. Just… a… fucking… pression. I hesitated for a moment then I watched my boyfriend, his 8 feet insanely muscular frame. Damn, of course I wanted that!!! So… I pressed it.

I can’t describe what I felt at that moment. No word will be strong enough. Even in my thoughts it wasn’t as intense. My eyes widened, my pupils have almost disappeared, my mouth opened. Everything seemed to stop for a second, a short second of pure silence and then…

I had wondered before if I had felt the walls shake, well, here, I had my answer: the walls were shaking, literally, like during an earthquake, windows break off. I even heard Josh drop a “Holy shit!”

I was writhing on the floor to ease the pain. My feet and fists were hitting the ground, breaking the tiles. It was unbearable, even unbearably unbearable, I was crying all tears from my body, I felt as if every atom in my body was compressed under a ton, but out of the question to give up. Not now! Fuck the pain, however intense it may be! I will go all the way, no matter what! And after that, Josh will see who is the alpha male!!!

And quickly, despite my screams, I heard another sound, a stretching sound. I barely had the strength to lift my head for to see what I suspected. And I saw it, I saw that my pecs were… swelling! I watched my forearms for another confirmation. Holy shit! They were big and venous but above all they were… growing!

Ha..haha…hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

I laugh in excitement, I was finally there, in the final process, after a long wait. In few dozens of minutes I will a fucking 8-foot muscular titan.

Yes bigger! Oh fuck yes bigger !!! More!!! More!!! Moooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

And as with Josh, my body started to explode everywhere. I will never forget this moment, this feeling.

My traps have swallowed up my neck!

My shoulders exploded in a ridiculous enormous size, striated as fuck!

My arms… well, I have never seen anything this big, it was insanely huge! And my strength, oh my fucking gosh, I guess that I could easily lift a tank!

My forearms exploded into titanic mass… hahahahahaha my forearms alone were already bigger than arms of most muscular guys in school. And I had much more strength in only one finger than they in their whole body! By the way, I caught the metal bar of a dumbbell; I felt it crush under my powerful grip.

My back exploded, widening a lot of. I don’t think I’ll ever find clothes in my size, look at me this fucking titanic back!!!

My pecs exploded, hiding definitively my sight on my stomach.

But even if I can’t see them, I felt them, I felt them exploding out of my stomach, doubling in size, constantly pushing each other away and… is what they have… ? I touched for to confirm and… oh fuck yeah! Yes: a new row had popped out! I had an eight-pack, a fucking eight-pack. And say that my abs were hard would be a lie, they were much more than that! They were impenetrable!! We could try to stab me, I am sure that the knife would break.

I felt my legs burgeoning becoming a set of huge muscle hills then… what? Holy shit! Did… did my legs touch each other? But shit, I hadn’t even glued them so of my quads touch each other, they should be… Fucking huge!!! And the strength was so Fucking awesome!!! I guess I could jump on the roof of a multi-story building or passing a car on the highway.

And don’t forget to talk about my cock: even the best porn actor didn’t compete with me, it was fucking huge (and fucking hard!). It was touched almost the first row of my abs. And could feel also a lot veins, pumping more and more blood into my “cannon”.

And during the whole transformation, I felt my back rubbing more and more against the ground because I was getting taller.

Finally, like Josh, after almost one hour of growth and screams, what was happened for Josh happened also for me.


The elastic of the belt tore and the central unit grilled. Instantly, I felt no more contractions. It was definitively over. I was here, on the ground, sweating as fuck, panting as fuck. I stayed several minutes on the ground, enjoying of each incredible feeling. Fuck, fucking fuck: even doing nothing and just breathing was enjoyable, fucking enjoyable. I heard Josh say in panting “Oh my gosh! Oh fuck! Fucking crap!”.

“So Josh, do you like it?” I said. Holy shit! My voice was insanely deep and loud, fucking sexy but weird to think that it was my own voice. But Josh could only say words like “fuck”, “shit” or “crap”. he seemed more intimidated, probably because he didn’t think I would go through with it. Now we could be on equal terms! And it was time to launch the game.

I stood up slowly and fuck, everything looked different, everything felt different, as if we had implanted reactors in each cell of my body. Suddenly, my head knocked the ceil, leaving a hole. Ah yes, I forgot than I was now more than 8 feet! Hahahaha!!

I looked Josh, who was almost drooling and his dick was oozing precum, and I said, “So Josh, ready for another round? Same rules than the last time? But I warn you: it won’t be as easy to win as last time!” I added with a laugh.

Then Josh went out of his trance, had a slight smile. “So much the better, because it was much too easy. So.. let’s go?” he asked.

“Let’s go!” I replied.

We approached and grabbed our hands, each trying to make the other fall. Suddenly Josh kissed me but he continued to force, I did the same. Quickly our game turned into an erotic fighting game: we were kissing, licking but each trying to get the upper hand on the other. I pushed Josh against the wall, so violently that I pushed it halfway into the wall. Few moments later, it was his turn to push me against the wall, wall that will suffer the same fate… Gosh, we were so fucking strong, it was absolutely amazing! Finally, I succeed to make fall Josh but he hugged me so we fell together on the ground. The shock was fucking violent, so much that it caused a small earthquake (and a crater, so much for the ground…). I went up to Josh, always kissing him. But suddenly he returned me and our roles were reversed. While I was kissing him, my hand caught the metal bar of one of the gym machines. I felt my fingers to deform the steel, accompanied by the sound of steel screaming in agony. Crap! this scene made me feel even more turned on, and Josh also because I heard him to let out a sight of pleasure. I took the opportunity to turn him over. Josh looked for an object to grip and he found a dumbbell. During next seconds, we could hear the sound of the crushed cast iron, reduce in dust, by the insanely powerful grip of Josh. I don’t know how long it lasted but this little destruction game were giving us fucking turned on. Everything, absolutely everything that passed through our hands was crushed or reduced in dust. Fucking fuck! There was few weeks ago, I would have been totally unable to lift my old weight and now I was crushing steel to bare hands!! I could never have imagined that this simple belt would lead me here.

Quickly, what was a gym room was now a field of ruin, of crumpled metal, of cast iron dust. But the preliminaries had lasted too long. It was time to win this game! I turned Josh one more time but this time, I caught his arms, so hard I could, and I got down on my knees on his chest.

Gnnnnnnnhhh!! Crap, I see you’re not laughing anymore” said Josh, in having a little wince because I should hurt him a bit.

“Indeed! So… be a good boy will you? It soon over!”

“Ha! In your dreams!” replied Josh.

He tried to disengage but I squeezed stronger.

“You didn’t listen to me, I said be quiet,” I insisted, with a tougher tone.

Josh was really trying to disengage himself but… it was useless, I was going to win hehehe! Finally, after more than 30 seconds, he looked me and said “Well… it looks like you win the game hehehe”

A sly smile appeared on my face. Oh yeah I won! So prepare yourself Josh, you’re going to see what is a true alpha muscle god!

Josh turned him on his belly, giving me a magnificent sight on his ass. I rubbed his butt few times, using my precum as lubricant then I positioned my dick at the entrance of his “cave”. I waited few seconds and just when he wanted to talk, I penetrated him, causing him to roar in reaction.

I pushed inch after inch my enormous cock inside Josh’s ass. He moaned loudly of pleasure, sinking the ground with his hands. Then after few minutes, my entire dick was inside him.

“So Josh, admit that you never had such a big one in you? This is what it feels like to be fucked by the alpha male!” I said, proudly.

“Oh fuck! Oh my gosh! Oh shit! Soooooooooo goooooooooooooodd!!” cried Josh.

“And you’re not ready for the next!”

I removed my cock, which slipped by itself thanks to the ton of precum, then I pushed it violently in one blow!” He cried out deafeningly in pleasure.

Then I did it again.

Little by little I increased the pace. Josh’s cries became shorter and closer.

Soon, there was no more interruption between his cries and by further increasing the rhythm he did not even have time to cry, just make glutural sounds which reflected an extremely intense and almost continuous pleasure.

Fuck I was a fucking living jackhammer. I fucked him again and again and gain, always quicker! And finally, I felt it, this insane pressure in my balls, the deluge was very near. I clenched my teeth and my fist, trying to retain myself as long as possible. I could prolong this pleasure for few minutes but finally and as usual, I lose the fight.

We yelled to unison, we yelled so much that the walls not only shook but also started to crack and all the windows in the neighbourhood exploded. And when I was talking of deluge, well… it was a deluge, a true fucking deluge! I poured out liters and liters of cum in his ass, there was enough to fill a family pool. Obviously, it was too much for Josh, he was quickly “full”. So the cum spurted out of his ass and spread on the ground. It lasted at least 20 minutes, 20 minutes to come again, and again and again and again!!! Fuck yeah, nothing could have prepared me for this!

When finally the flow dries up, I was lying on Josh’s back. My cock was still inside him and we were panting, trying to recover of this insane “gym session”.

“Ha……..ha…..ha….ha…. oh crap…I … ha… I think we… we made… ha… a bit of a mess!” I said, in looking the carnage we had made: machines were a huge pile of crumpled metal, all cast iron disks were in dust, the walls were littered with the marks of our backs and the ground, in addition to be entirely destroyed, was covered by an inch of our super cum.

“Ha…ha…ha…ha…don’t care…ha… ha… ha… and something tells me… ha… ha.. that… ha… ha… that they will not say anything” replied Josh, in flexing his monumental biceps.

“By the way, we have to go back to my place, there is a package waiting for me, no actually… there are two hehehe!” he said.

Two packages? No wait, it was not a… ?

“And if you’re wondering, yes, this is their new belt model!” said Josh.

“It’s great Josh but… we are a little to big now? I mean not I don’t want to still grow but we destroyed our belts in the process no? So it will be the same fate for those too no?

“Hehehe! I said you, it’s their new model! XXXXXL size!

Oh crap!

“And…” he added.

“And?” I asked.

“There are 12 levels!” replied Josh.

Oh fuck! (I came)

A few days before, in an undisclosed location:

“Sir, our test subject for the belt ordered the new version. Our bait seems to have worked. What do we do?” asked a scientist.

“How does he react to blue goop?”

“Very well, sir. His genetic compatibility is impressive”

“Perfect! So increase the number of levels and send the new version of ‘gel’”

“But, Sir he may become too much bigger!”

“Do what I said. I want to see their limits. So, do what I said, it’s an order!”

“Yes Sir! … Ah yes, by the way, he ordered… hem… two belts.”

“Two? There is another test subject for this product?”

“His… friend apparently. He also reacts very well.”

“Mmmmh very well, that makes us one more guinea pig. It can’t be a bad thing, the more test subjects we have, the more results we get, the faster we can improve the formula. In the meantime, keep watching our other test subjects and continue to keep inventing products. We need more guinea pigs. Our experiments are far from over…”

“Yes, sir!”

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