The test subjects

by Azerreza

When Doctor Krakovski was asked to recreate the super-soldier serum, Ryan though at first it was a joke. The initial attempts were total failures. About to abandon the project, they received from the high command a strange blue goop. The next experiments were a real success! It was time to move on to the last phase: experimentation on a human. Now, it just remained to find the ideal test subject.

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Part 1 When Doctor Krakovski was asked to recreate the super-soldier serum, Ryan though at first it was a joke. The initial attempts were total failures. About to abandon the project, they received from the high command a strange blue goop. The next experiments were a real success! It was time to move on to the last phase: experimentation on a human. Now, it just remained to find the ideal test subject. (added: 25 Jun 2022)
Part 2 Ryan couldn’t believe it! After Leo, his boyfriend, was successfully transformed into a huge muscular 12-foot titan, he thought the experiment was over. However, to his great surprise, Leo announced to him that he would be the next test subject! The experiment was far from over… (added: 2 Jul 2022)
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Part 1

“Oh fuck…!”

Leo was here, open mouth, in front of TV. I did not expect this reaction but maybe it was the opportunity.

This boy, no, sorry, this fucking beauty angel, was Leo, the most beautiful boy that I have seen in my life. And when I said beautiful, he’s really fucking beautiful. piercing blue eyes, magnificent nose, full lips, astonishing jawline, whiter-than-white teeth, an unreal natural tanned skin, a dream slightly muscular build like a top model (by the way, he’s a top model). He was perfection incarnate. Never I could imagine someone as handsome. And I imagined even less that he would become my boyfriend.

I was the happiest of men, but… however, there was one thing I didn’t tell to Leo: the main purpose of why I was looking for someone like him. In fact, I work in a lab and we were working on a top-secret project. The main goal, which seemed absurd and unreal the first time I heard about it, was to recreate an improved version of super soldier serum. Transform a normal being into a incredible powerful titan with usual super powers: superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, increased longevity, etc. Yeah, I found this ridiculous and impossible the first time but I’ve always loved comics and say to me that maybe, it was possible, had convinced me to try.

But obviously, it was a failure, our experiments were, at best, super dopants but nothing that transforms a normal human into an 8-foot titan. Normal, what did I imagine? That we would really recreate this super serum? Ridiculous. Well, that was until that fateful day, the day that changed my life. One day, when I thought the project was going to be abandoned, my supervisor, Doctor Krakovski, came with a strange substance. It was a kind of blue goop, he didn’t want to tell me what it was but they had bought it expensive, very expensive and he had never seen anything like that. Doctor Krakovski was not a bad man usually, but he was the archetypal crazy scientist; put a scientific discovery in his hands and he will almost laugh out loud… Well, of course, he required that we incorporate it into the formula. Honestly, I was sceptical. Guys, this isn’t a movie, this is the reality. But obviously, Krakovski insisted. So obviously, as any first test, we tested on a lab rat.

I will always remember this moment, I was waiting for everything but not that, really not…

At the beginning, he contorted himself while crying out in pain. I sighed thinking that it was still a failure but suddenly I was stunned, totally stunned: the rat seemed to be… growing. I blinked several times, not believing what I was seeing but few seconds later, it was very clear: yeah, he was clearly growing! And when I say growing, I mean I was becoming more muscular and taller! He widened at the level of the shoulders, his shoulders were rounded, his traps emerged, his front paws have lengthened and what were his biceps were growing, his back legs were also lengthened and were growing, his round belly was shrinking while what were… pecs were popping out and his midsection was shrinking to six blocks! And not only did he become more muscular, but he was also swelling in size. His screams were becoming deeper and louder and… if at first he seemed panicked, but after a few minutes it was like… he loved it!

Suddenly he shouted louder and… boom, he exploded in size and muscles. Holy crap! It was a rat? It was a fucking rat? Because now he looked more a fucking gigantic furry bodybuilder! His neck had disappeared in enormous traps, which were surrounding his neck. His shoulders were two cannonballs, huge and striated. Holy shit! His “arms” were bigger than his head, with big veins. His pecs were two mountains, which blocked his view on his midsection. And in talking about his midsection… eight… his abs were eight fucking “boulders”! And his legs looked like tree trunks!

I was speechless in front of this show. I expected everything except that… But the verdict of the experiment was clear: it worked! Our formula was an absolute success! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Krakovski was jumping around the lab.

Then the rat was on its four legs but realized that it was easier for him to stand. He looked at his arms with astonishment. Then he started to flex his body and seemed love that because he let out a scream (which sounded more like a little roar by the way). By the way, we almost had to lose our specimen: when he understood that he was a lot of stronger, he grabbed the bars of his cage and… he stretched them, like in cartoons. We had to put him to sleep with a dart, a fucking elephant dart…

I was totally stunned by the show I had seen. It was so unreal however… yeah it was real, really real! I asked to my colleague what was this thing? We were working on this project since months but no results, even less comparable to what I had just seen. My colleague seemed very annoyed, it was a very sensitive subject with big risks but from what he could hear, they were spying on a guy for a while who was illegally working on this blue goop, but he got fired and his experiments were stored somewhere in barrels. That’s when they took the opportunity to steal one of barrels. And this was the stuff we’d just used. I understood why it was sensible: it was not authorized and probably not legal either. But honestly if I hadn’t seen it, I would have thought it was a science fiction movie scenario… but fuck, it was not science fiction, it was working, it was fucking working! This blue goop was really a kind of muscle growth serum, and really efficient!

We “retrieved the Hulk rat” (well, “retrieved.”.. we had to shoot him with an elephant dart) and analyses of his body showed several very interesting things: he had quadrupled in volume, his muscular mass was much more denser, he weighed more than a dozen of pounds, what was absolute gigantic for a rat, his strength was incredibly enhanced and he was also smarter. In brief it was like if this rat was became Hulk (but rat version), in keeping his intelligence. It was a total success, beyond all expectations, maybe too by the way: we had to put the rat in a reinforced steel cage to prevent it from escaping. It didn’t stop him from trying though but it seemed to hold (or not)…

Krakovski was happy, very happy. Finally we had results! So we passed quickly to phase 2: experiments on a monkey, who is near to a human.

We attached a monkey to an operating table. At the beginning, we wanted experiment on a gorilla, closer to a human, but the result with the rat made us understand that this was not a good idea. It would have been very difficult to stop him. And the dose would be reduced as well: with the rat, we overdosed because we did not expect such results but if a simple rat became so strong, what would it be like with a much larger animal? We didn’t want to take any risks. And in talking about he rat, we had the surprise to find the reinforced metal cage with the bars… spread out (and obviously, no rat inside). He fooled us, I’m not kidding! On the surveillance cameras, we saw he was, in fact, perfectly able to bend his reinforced cage. He had just to force a little more but it was relatively easy… Fuck! Even myself, I think I will not able to bend them… Defeated by a rat… what disgrace! And it was not all: we found also what seemed to be a tunnel in the wall that was dug… at bare hands! Crap, super… now, we had a fucking Hulk rat in the wild… I pity the cat that crosses his path: he might have a hard time. Despite of this escape, this first test was a total success. Which means that we will probably continue testing.

So we did it again with a monkey and The experiment had been a success again: now we had a super monkey that could lift 10 times his weight in DC. We reintroduced him in the gorilla enclosure but from what I was told, he knocked out the chief with a single punch and now he spent his time lifting tree trunks much bigger than him and to… *hem hem* “you know what” with the females.

With this second success, Doctor Krakovski required we pass to phase 3: human experiments.

But he wanted the most perfect specimen possible, just to see how far he could push the limits. So if we have chosen the fashion world it’s mainly because these guys are genetically lucky and, statistically, we had a better chance of finding the perfect test subject. Next it was easy to have a spy in this environment: I did sometimes shooting, because I had been also lucky. Brown piercing eyes, nice jawline, fit muscular body. This nice body allowed me to round out my months. So as I knew this world, that’s why they sent me there: to find our test subject.

And that’s how I found myself marching one day, when suddenly, on my way back to the stage, I saw someone of beautiful, more than I never seen. The most beautiful thing I saw of my life! Usually we have to remain impassive but here, it was impossible to resist, I had to watch him. And he did the same. Honestly I believe that our hearts began to beat from that moment. After the show, I couldn’t get this face out of my head. When suddenly, a hand posed on my shoulders, it was hot, sweet, followed by a “Hey.” It was the sexiest voice I’d ever heard, a fucking manly voice. I turned around and instantly melted: it was him.

“I met you on the stage, very nice show,” he said me smiling. Oh fuck… oh fucking fuck this smile… is it possible to make a more beautiful smile than this one ? Perfect white teeth, perfect lips. Craaaap! I swallowed to try to regain my composure but I couldn’t stand up to this angel.

“Th…thanks. But it was nothing compared to you.”

He laughed. Holy shit! Even his laugh was so perfect. At one point I thought I was dreaming, it couldn’t be possible.

We went to my dressing room. I was hotter and hotter and I think him also. We talk several minutes, pretending nothing happened but we could not take our eyes off each other. We felt it, both of us but none dared to take the first step.

Then he fell silent and I did the same. We were watching both, we could only hear the noise of our own breaths. Finally, he stand up and slowly walked towards me. I did the same. We found ourselves face to face, we looked at each other in silence then he put his mouth forward and I did same. the wait seemed interminable and yet it lasted a second and when our lips touched each other, it was a flood of emotions. I passed my hand in his hair while he was rubbing my body. I started to cry, never I felt something like that, it was… indescribable.

Then he broke the kiss, looked me in eyes, wiped my tear, smiled and said: “I think I didn’t introduce myself… I’m Leo.”

“Ryan” I replied.

And we resume our kiss session. I will never forget this night.

However, I knew Leo was the perfect test subject. But what would he say? He would probably reject me if I told him the truth and then I don’t know if he would like it. And above all, now, I didn’t want to lose him.

Few days passed, Krakovski became impatient, apparently higher up it was getting impatient, results were needed and fast. I was more and more torn: I was the happiest man with Leo, and never I wouldn’t want it to end but in same times, I couldn’t help but imagine him, shouting in bulking, a lot of muscle mass popping everywhere. Fuuuuuck it was so hot. But I had to resolve that this situation would never happen, it would remain my ultimate fantasy.

But this, that’s what I thought until this evening. We were looking the first Captain America movie and we were at the scene where Steve become Captain America. And while he was shouting due his growth, I could hear Leo panting and said: “Oh fuck, if only it could work like that in real life, it would be great, so fucking great! I would love to be in his shoes!”

I raised my head, stunned by his sentence.

“What?” I asked.

“Yeah, just imagine, you’re all frail and suddenly boom, you grew and grew and grew and become one of most powerful human. It should be so fucking enjoyable!”

I was totally stunned by what I was hearing… He loved that? Really? So maybe it was time to tell him.

“But, hey, doesn’t take me seriously hahaha, it’s just a movie, a muscle growth serum which transforms into a super soldier, it doesn’t exist, unfortunately…” he sighed.

It doesn’t exist, really? Oh Leo, you would be surprised!

“And… if it was not a movie, would you like to test?” I asked.

“What? Why this question, Ryan?” he replied, a bit confused.

“I know, it’s a weird question—but if it wasn’t a movie, would you like to participate to this kind of experiment?” I asked again.

“Ryan… it’s just a movie,” he said, not understanding why I asked this question.

“Please, my love, respond,” I said.

“Y…Yeah, of course I would, who wouldn’t to try that?” he replied.

“You know… sometimes, reality exceeds fiction,” I said.

“What? What do you mean, Ryan?”

“Do you know I work for a laboratory? Well, in fact, we are working on a project, precisely a top-secret project and in fact we… recreated a super soldier serum.”

W-w-what? Are you kidding me?” asked Leo, doesn’t knowing if I was joking or not.

“No Leo, I’m serious. And even, without offence, the super soldier serum of this movie is… a crap compared to our. The effects are much more important with ours”

“A-Are… are you really serious?”

“Yeah I know it hard to believe but it’s the truth. Come here, I have to show you a video”

I showed to Leo the record of our “first” little test subject, the lab rat.

Leo’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw the rat grow.

“WTF?? But… but…” he said, totally stunned.

“I told you that ours was much better, haha,” I replied.

What? Did you see these arms? Holy shit! They are bigger than his head, and his pecs craaaaap! And abs, look at these abs! He..He had an eight-pack! Holy crap!!”

“Well, It seems a little more credible to you now?” I said, smiling a bit.

“Honestly, I can’t believe it, but holy shit… !!”

I felt it was time to tell him the truth, perhaps it was an error but I wanted to be honest with him.

“Leo… to be honest, if I was present at this fashion show, it was mainly to… to… to find our test subject…”

“Your… test subject?”

“Well… we experimented with this serum on animals with success but now, we need to experiment on… a human. And…”

“You’re suggesting I be this test subject, aren’t you?”

I swallowed. Shit, I was dreading his answer. “Well, not exactly. My supervisor sent me for to find the most perfect test subject; that’s why we aimed at the fashion world. Yeah, you would be the perfect test subject but…”

“But ?” he asked, interrogated.

“But I really fell in love with you. I didn’t lie about it. I love you, I love you so much. It’s more important than anything. I didn’t want to take the risk that you would think I was manipulating you or that this proposal would scare you. But I also feel guilty about lying to you”

My eyes were wet, I was worried: Leo was watching me, inexpressive. Shit, he will leave me, that’s for sure. Shit! Why it has to be like this? Why it has to b—

“Well… where do I sign?” said Leo.

“Huh?” I said, stunned.

“Where do I sign?” he repeated again, smiling.

“B-but… you’re not angry?”

“Angry? Are you kidding me? It’s a fucking fantasy come true! Obviously I accept!” he replied, overjoyed.

“B-but… Leo, do you see changes? I mean, it will not be just few extra pounds! You will be a fucking titan, the most powerful, tall, and muscular man of world! So yes, it’s fucking exciting but… and fashion shows? You will probably not be a model! Never again! Your life will change forever? Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Fuck all of this! Ryan, you’re allowing me to realize a dream that I thought was unattainable. And for fashion shows, it was mainly a way to earn money, I don’t care if I can’t do it anymore. And…”

“Yeah?” I asked.

“My life has already changed forever the day where I met you,” replied Leo.

“Leo…” I said, I couldn’t stop myself from shedding a tear. Yeah, he was right: our life had definitively changed this day.

He smiled then wiped my tear and started to kiss me. I passed my hand on his back then I slowly removed his shirt. Two minutes later we were lying on the bed, naked, in rubbing the other’s body and few minutes later, I was going back and forth while Leo was moaning. Gosh, I loved him so much.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After our little sex session, I called my supervisor. He was happy, almost relieved and could not wait: the experiment was planned for tomorrow. When I told to Leo, he exploded of joy.

“Crap! I can’t wait to tomorrow!” Leo was like a kid just before Christmas.

I had a little trouble sleeping, besides the fact that we spent the evening “expressing our feelings,” personally I had a strange another feeling. I was watching Leo, the Leo from who I fell in love: tomorrow evening, this Leo will no longer exist.

The next day, when we arrived at the lab, Leo couldn’t believe his eyes. “Whoa! It’s like in the movies! A super ultra secret lab!” To be honest, yeah, it looked like in the movies.

“Well well well, what do I see? The lucky one.” I obviously recognized this accent: Doctor Krakovski.

“Doctor, here is Leo. Leo, here is Doctor Krakovski.”

“Nice to meet you Doctor!” said Leo.

“I am the one who is delighted” replied the Doctor. Honestly, I had the impression that he was seeing Leo as his “test subject” than a human.

“So when do we start?” asked Leon, all excited.

“Oh calm down, hahaha, we are preparing but you will have to pass some tests,” replied Krakovski.

“Some tests? But it was not planned,” I asked, a bit worried.

“Don’t worry, Ryan, we just need to measure our performance before the experiment and make sure he does not have any health problems. As you know it will not be easy.”

Yeah, I remembered very well the rat and the monkey, yelling while they were growing. Imagine that it will be my Leo who will be in this situation in few hours was disturbing. But I did not force him and I respected his choice. and then I’m not going to hide that imagining him with 300 extra muscle pounds was… fucking hot!

They made him all a series of test: strength test, stamina, resistance, etc.

And finally, we were ready for the final phase.

“Oh crap! I can’t believe that it will happen!” said Leo, clearly excited.

“Well, you are not afraid?” I said, a bit worried something goes wrong.

“Man, I’m like Steve Rogers and very soon I will be Captain America. Obviously I’m not scared, on the contrary I am impatient!”

“Ready Leo?” asked Doctor Krakovski.

“Oh fuck yeah I’m ready!” replied Leo.

“Well, follow me,” said the Doctor.

We walked to a part of the complex I had never been to, probably because I didn’t have the required level of accreditation

In the room, there was a glass tank, probably not far from 12 feet high. Leo was inside, he was wearing only a black boxer. There was types of cable and scientists were attaching them to his arms and legs.

“Very nice test subject, you have chosen very well, Ryan,” said Krakovski.

“Hem… thanks Doctor.” I was a bit disturbed, he was talking about Leo like a test subject, not like a human but I knew that Doctor Krakovski was a man you could trust.

“Tell me, it seems to me that you are close, I am wrong?” asked the Doctor.

Arf, he noticed…

“Hem well… yes… in a way,” I replied, a bit embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, Ryan, everything will be fine,” he replied.

“Yeah, don’t worry, you’ll find your wife, hahahaha!” said a voice, in a mocking tone.

I recognized this voice too, but unlike Krakovski, who was a respectable man, I had no respect for this bastard: Kenny. He had been here for a few months, we don’t really know how he got here, even the doctor seemed annoyed by his presence but it didn’t take long to realize that he was a big bastard.

“Shut up, Kenny!” I said, a bit angry.

“Please keep it to yourself, Thompson,” replied Krakovski.

Kenny grumbled before shutting up.

“Doctor Krakovski, we are ready,” said one of scientist who were attaching Leo

“Very well… Leo, are you ready? You can talk with us through the mask, you will be heard, even after the tank is filled”

“Yes!” replied Leo, excited.

“Very well, close the tank and fill it,” said the Doctor.

The glass went up slowly to the top of the tank. Leo was totally locked in his glass prison.

“Glass? Isn’t it a bit fragile?” I asked.

“It’s a special glass, ultra-reinforced. You could shoot with a shotgun several times and it wouldn’t matter. And why glass, well, it’s because it allows us to better analyze the experience.”

Suddenly, water began to penetrate from below to slowly fill the tank. Quickly, water reached Leo’s knees, then his waist, then his chest and finally he was totally imerged. he was floating in the center of the center, held in the cables to his legs and arms.

“Are you okay, Leo? Can you can breathe well? Are you well maintained?”

“Very well! But… I don’t feel any changes,” he said a bit disappointed.

“Hahaha, don’t be so impatient, Leo, it is only water for the moment. The experiment has not started yet, but we have to make sure that everything is okay,” replied Krakovski. To the control center, he added, “Confirm that his vital parameters are okay?”

“Yes, Doctor,” said one of scientists.

“Perfect! So we are entering the second phase. Set the power to 20%.”

As soon as the control center activates, a whirring sound was heard and we can see the famous blue serum be mixed with water.

.”..Ooooh oooOoOoOOOOoooh.. it… it feels… weird” said Leo. “Aaaaaah! it… it tingles… nnnnngggghhhh… everywhere, all over my body!” The water took on a bluish hue, more and more serum was injected into the tank.

“aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Oh gosh!! It’s nnnnnnggghhhhhhhh burning so much!” Leo had his eyes wide open. His body was like pumped and… yes, I can see it, I can see his body was slightly growing!

Oh fuck!! I can feel it!! It’s starting! Oh my gosh it’s really starting!! It’s…

Suddenly, the growth accelerates.

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!” Leo started to shout. In a mere ten seconds, his body was already like he was spent his life in a gym: his shoulders were rounding, his biceps was becoming a small muscle ball, his pecs emerged from his chest, becoming fucking muscle hills, his abs were digging, passing from small bumps to boulders, his back was widening, clearly marking a V-shape, his legs were growing, his quads dividing into muscle valleys. And I didn’t mention his crotch, but his package had clearly grown too! Craaaaap! Now he was looking like a bodybuilder!

Damn—in few seconds, Leo had results that would have taken 2-3 years. I was fucking hard. I tried to hold back but it was fucking impossible! It was beyond perfection now, I couldn’t look away! And Leo was not only more muscular, he was becoming taller also! He was probably more than 6’3” now!

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaah aaah… ?? Oh shit, it’s going up again!! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!”

This time, he was inflating like a balloon! His shoulders were becoming canonballs. His traps emerged and were surrounding his neck. His pecs… well, it looked more like basketball. Each brick of his ultra ripped six-pack exploded and became as big as my fist, no doubt that I would break my knuckles on abs like that! His lats were widening so much, he was now twice, in width, of his waist at the shoulders! His legs were becoming fucking tree trunks, with a network of veins; And holy shit! He was gigantic! Probably near than 7 feet!! The skinny Leo I knew was already disappear, he was a fucking muscular giant! And it was just the beginning, I knew he will be more, much more.

“Doctor Krakovski, we reached 20%.”

“Very well.” He took the intercom. “So Leo, how do you feel?”

“Oh fuck! It’s… it’s… awesome!!” His voice had already changed a lot, it was deeper, louder.

“Excellent. Do you feel able to continue?”

“What? Even need to ask the question? Of course we continue! Send the sauce, Doctor!” Even his behavior had already changed. He seemed arrogant, narcissistic even, but frankly, who wouldn’t be in this situation?

“Very well!” Krakovski turned off the intercom and said to the scientist: “Increase to 50%.”

“Yes Sir!” The roar of the tank increased, the water became even bluer and above all, a voice, or rather a scream, a deep scream.

Oh fuck yes! It’s starting again!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh !!”

It was totally insane, the growth got completely carried away. Leo was growing and growing and growing!!

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh hahahahahaha aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkk!! Bigger!! Hahahaha yes bigger!!”

Ho-ly shit!! Leo was literally exploding muscularly! His traps engulfed his neck. His shoulders were becoming planetoid size. His arms were bigger than my head, his forearms were almost bigger than my legs. Leo roared while his pecs exploded, blocking his view on his incredible hard six-pack and… wait, wait!


The first row was swelling and… Holy shit!


Leo roared as fuck while the row exploded out of his stomach, almost doubling in size and… crap!

Nnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!”

The second did the same and…

Nnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!”

And the third! Holy fucking shit! His abs were bigger than my two fists together and… wait… wait!


Holy shit! A fourth popped from nothing, a fourth row! He had and eight-pack!! He had a fucking eight-pack!! And what eight-pack!! It could stop a car that it would not surprise me !!

His back, holy fuck his back!! It was more than double the width of his height. Holy crap!! It would become as wide as a double bed!

Oooooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuuck!! My legs!! Hhahahahaha yes more!! Moooooooaaaarrrrr !!”

His legs were now bigger than tree trunks! By the way, he would be unable to stick his feet: his quads were too fucking big!!

Ah yeah, and obviously… his boxers did not hold. He was totally torn apart by the monster inside. And fucking shit: what monster!! This “thing” was bigger my arms!! I swallowed hard as I imagined this gigantic thing penetrating me. I think I’m going to need more than one jar of Vaseline here…

I was shaking and… cumming (and maybe drooling because to tell the truth, my mind was a bit elsewhere…). I didn’t even try to resist any more, it was just impossible. I knew it was going to be impressive, but not that impressive. Leo was just monstrous: monstrously large, monstrously big, monstrously muscular, monstrously tall (Leo was… 9 fucking feet tall!!). His strength must be insane!!

“And we reached 50%,” said one of scientists.

I don’t know what amazed me more, the fact that this fucking titan was “skinny” boyfriend of yesterday, or the fact this fucking titan was… only to 50%??

Krakovski took again the intercom. “Well, Leo, how do you feel now?”

How do i feel doctor?? Hahaha are you kidding me?? Look at me doc, look at me!! I’m a fucking muscle god!! And fuck! I love that, I love that so much!!”

Krakovski seemed to think.

“Well, I must admit that I didn’t expect you to react so well to the serum. You’re really a particular test subject. Too good even for me to pass up this opportunity. Logically, we should have stopped now, but you’re only to 50% of the maximum potential of the current serum. If you agree, I would like to push to the maximum.”

“Do it!” replied Leo.

“But I have to warn you, we have never pushed so far and y—”

“Do it!!” replied Leo, louder.

I knew what the Doctor meant to say: it could clearly be dangerous for him if we pushed too far. So I intervened.

“Leo, it can be really dangerous and yo—”

Do it!!” shouted Leo, angry.

I was shocked, he never got angry, never. I was no longer dealing with the Leo I knew.

“Leo, calm down. It’s just that if you push it too far, it can be dangerous. I just don’t want to lose you!”

I heard him about to get angry but he answered me more calmly.

“Don’t worry Ryan, it’s just… you can’t imagine how good it is, it’s… it’s insane!!”

“I know, I can’t believe it, you… you’re so… so…”

“Don’t worry Ryan, it will be fine. So do it.” replied Leo, calmly this time.

“Vital parameters?” asked Doctor Krakovski.

“Perfect, really nothing to report.”

“Well, to tell the truth, I don’t think we will often have the opportunity to push the experience this far. Leo, are you really sure that you want to do it? I mean really really sure?”

“Fuck Doc, of course I’m sure. Go ahead doc, send it all!”

“Well.” To the control center, he gave he order: “Maximum power!”

The roar of the tank became even louder, the colour of the water quickly turned neon blue. And of course, Leo’s reaction was immediate.

Oh fuck!! Oh my gosh!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Ins-gggnnnnnhhhhh-ane!! Oh shit!! Hahahahahahaha!! Look at me guys, look at me!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I… I will explode, I will explooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh !!”

Oh shit! Oh my fucking shit!! His whole body began to shake, violently and above all, I could see his muscles growing at a crazy pace, much more than previously.

Aaaaahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh mooooooooaaaaarrrrrr !!” His thundering voice echoed throughout the lab. It was difficult to describe his growth because it was beyond comprehension. He was already gigantic but here, it was titanic!

Then suddenly, his dick exploded. His “cannon” shot huge white load after huge white load. The transparent blue quickly gave way to a milky blue. He was shooting, again and again and again and again. So quickly, the entire water tank was mixed with his cum, so much so that he was no longer seen. even the cameras inside were drowned in the milky liquid. But if we can’t see him, we can hear him… and even without the image, the sound was enough to imagine what was happening inside the tank

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh oh fuck aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh hahahahahaha yes yeeeeeessss!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !! Gggnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh oh gosh my… My traps!! They are so fucking hug…aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!! Shit, my shoulders are exploding hahahahahah!! Ooooooooh fuck!! My-aaaaaaaaaahhhhh… My arms!! They were growing, they were… Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh!! Gnnnnnnnhhhhh!! Oh fuck, my… My pecs, they’re-aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! Gnnnnnnhhhhhhhh!! Oh fuck! My abs are on fire!! They’re going to explode, I can feel it, I-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh…aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!! Nnnnnnngggggggggggaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! My…my legs, they’re becoming gnnnnnhhhhhhhh wider than sequoia!! Oh gosh i can feel them rubbing against each other!! Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!! My… My back, I-I…I’m becoming fucking wide hahahaha yes!! Oh fuck yes!!”

And let’s make sure to mention that his voice became deeper and deeper all along his cries. It was too much for me, I completely flooded my pant, shooting load after load after load.

“Pass me the tank with the infrared ray!” shouted Krakovski. “I want to see what the situation is!”

But suddenly, beyond the heavy grunts and moans of Leo, we heard another sound.

*criiiiiiiiic criiiiiiiiiiiiic*

What the…?? It was like a cracking sound. I looked carefully at the glass tank and I saw small cracks.

“What the hell? Doctor… you didn’t say it was ultra-reinforced glass?”

“Yes, but even his screams shouldn’t cause that, I-I don’t understand!”

“Doc.. Doctor Krakovski, you… you should see this!” said one of scientists, clearly panicked.

Krakovski approached to the screen, and when he saw, his face became white and he shouted “Holy shit!”

He had never sworn like that, I was going to see what could have caused this reaction. When I saw the screen, my jaw dropped to the ground, my eyes popped out of their sockets: on the screen, there was a form, the one of Leo, but he was slightly curled up because… he was taller than the tank! And what was provoking the cracks were not his screams but… his shoulders, pushing against the glass. Leo was simply becoming too big for the tank!!

I could not emit the least sound except some guttural noises of surprise. We knew he would become huge, but not so much!

Hahahahahahahaha yes bigger!! Bigger!! Biiiiigggggggeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!” shouted Leo.

The glass cracked more and more, jets of water appeared. the cracking continued for several more seconds, covering the entire surface with cracks when suddenly…


A huge noise of breaking glass was heard, water invades the lab, but what caught the attention was the titanic shape in the tank: 12 feet tall, probably more than 7 feet wide, weighing several tons. It was Leo. My Leo, the one who, until a few hours ago, would have posed for a model magazine. Now, I don’t think it would fit through any door, whether it is in height… or width (well, yes, he could obviously pass a door, but in destroying the entire wall with…).

It was indescribable: traps like mountains, surrounding totally his neck, shoulders which were several times bigger than my head, fucking gigantic arms (only one of those monsters should be heaviest then myself!), forearms absolutely enormous, with a lot of veins, gigantic hands, planetoid pecs, hiding his view on his… two… four… six… eight… t-t-ten? Ten fucking bricks!! Each one was almost as big as my head. A V-line so cut that it had to be carved with an axe, with a net of enormous veins leading to his crotch! Legs… no sorry, I mean fucking sequoias. I could hide behind one of them because they were so huge! And don’t talk about his cock: my arm looked so ridiculous compared to his… dick!

My body was shaking, I couldn’t believe it!

He left the tank and did few steps. I swear I felt the ground shake! He had a little smile and then…

Fffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Oh my gosh hahahahaha!!” His screams resonates in the whole lab. The walls shook! “Awesome!” he said, with a fucking deep voice, in flexing his gigantic biceps. Holy shit! These mountains had to be 2 or 3 times bigger than my head!! And the main vein was thicker than two of my finger! He should have more strength in his little finger than in my whole body!

“Too bad it’s already over, I wouldn’t have minded a few more feet!” Few more feet? Leo, holy shit dude, you’re already fucking gigantic!

I approached to him, at the same time amazed, excited but also a bit terrified, terrified by so much power.

“L-L-Leo?” I said, with a shaking voice.

“Fuck Ryan, it was even better than in all my fantasies!” he said in flexing his enormous muscles. “Hahaha gosh, you’re so small now!” Indeed, I could barely reach the bottom of his abs, abs which are almost bigger than my head by the way.

“Well, Leo, I must say that I didn’t expect so much of a result!” said Doctor Krakovski.

“Me either!” replied Leo, smiling and flexing his incredible ten-pack.

“Do you agree to retake some tests, Leo?” asked Krakovski.

“And if I refuse, what are you going to do?” Leo laughed.

“Hem… eh….” Krakovski seemed a bit embarrassed, knowing he was powerless.

“I’m kidding, Doctor, hahahaha! I’m also keen to test my new abilities. But—”

“But?” asked the Doctor, a bit worried.

“It will take something heavier than 200 pounds. Hahahaha!”

“Hem, yeah, clearly…” replied Krakovski.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As he was leaving the lab, Leo accidentally enlarged the entrance. “Oops!” said Leo before adding, “You will have to adapt your doors, Doc, they’re a bit narrow, hahahaha!” Nobody said anything…

We moved to the test room or rather to a hangar, I was asking myself why but when we are arrived, I understood why. In the middle of the hangar, there was… A fucking tank Panzer VII! Holy shit!

“Eeeh, Doc, are you serious?” I asked. “A Panzer VII tank? Don’t you think that’s a bit much?”

“Probably yes, but the objective is not to lift it obviously, just to see if it could put it out of action.”

“Ah, finally, a challenge!” replied Leo, cracking his knuckles.

“Well, Leo, I want you put this tank out of action, understood?” said Krakovski.

“Understood, Doc!” replied Leo.

He approached to the cannon, he grabbed it and, in metal bending sounds, he bended the cannon and brought it back to the hatch.

Ho-ly shit!! I was stunned by the titanic strength he had now!

“Very well, now we can pass to the nex—”

“I haven’t finished,” said Leo.

“Eh… I think it’s done in, isn’t it?” said Krakovski, a bit surprised.

“No no, I have not finished,” said one more time Leo.

Then he placed his hands below the tank. Wait… wait! He-he’s not going to try to do what I think?


His face turned red and… … !! God-fucking-damn- it!! He lifted the front of the tank… He lifted the front of the tank!!

“D-Doc-Doctor Krakovski?” I asked, in stuttering.

“Y-yes?” said the Doctor, also stunned.

“H-How much does this thing w-weigh?”

“9-9-99 short tons…”

My face froze completely, did he just say… 99 fucking short tons?? I swallowed hard. I suspected Leo would become stronger… but not so much!!

“W-Well, Leo, we can pass to the n—” said Krakovski.

I said i have not finished!” shouted Leo, a bit angry.



Leo forced and suddenly… I think I almost fainted: little by little he raised the tank… above his head!! And it was not the only one surprise he reserved for us…


He compressed the tank and after few seconds the metal began… to bend!! I couldn’t believe my eyes: Leo was lifting and bending a fucking tank!! the doctor was as stunned as I was…

Fuck yeah hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!” shouted Leo. There was on his face an unhealthy smile, an expression of pure lust: he clearly loved the situation. When he finished, the tank was only a heaps of crumpled metal.

“Here, I have finished!” he said in flexing his monumental biceps. “So Doc, I’m enough strong for you?”

The Doctor and myself were speechless, it was much more than we had imagined. “W-Well, let’s go to the resistance test.”

A soldier appeared with a gun. He widened his eyes as he passed the tank’s carcass.

“Wait, Doc, are you going shoot him?” I asked, a bit worried.

“Don’t worry, Ryan, it’s rubber bullets.”

The soldier shot and without surprise, it was without effect against Leo.

“Well, are we doing this test or not?” asked Leo, impatient.

“But… that was the test,” replied Krakovski.

“This test? Are you kidding me, Doc?” Leo looked at the soldier. “Eh you, you have a M16, right? Shoot me for real!”

Wh—? He was serious? Leo, fuck, it’s a fucking M16! I take the intercom. “L-Leo… I don’t think that’s a very good id—”

Shoot me!” shouted Leo, angry.

The soldier seemed a bit panicked. “Doc-Doctor… wh-what should I do?”

“Do what he said.”

What the hell?

“Ah it’s not too early,” replied Leo, smiling in doing an abs pose.

Shaking, the soldier took his M16 and aimed Leo. A few seconds passed.

“Do it,” said Leo, very low.

But nothing happened. “Do it!” he said, a bit louder.

But still nothing. “Do it!” he shouted.

I don’t know if it was out of surprise or fear, but he fired a burst. I froze, I expected to see him fall to the ground, injured but… he smiled.

The soldier looked down and picked upone of the spent bullets. “Do-Doc… it-it’s completely… crushed!”

“Hehehe!” smiled Leo. “Now, empty your clip.”

“Do what he said,” replied the Doc.

During over the next minute, hundreds of bullets were shot at Leo, who just smiled. Finally, the clip was empty.

“Well, okay I must admit, it tickles a little bit, hahahaha!”

Again we were totally speechless. All the bullets were crushed, all. Not one had done anything. They were all crushed.

“You see, dude, it is why you have to work your abs, hahahaha!” said Leo, rubbing his ten-pack. The soldier swallowed hard, petrified.

The doctor looked slightly pale. “W-Well, let’s go to speed test…” he said.

We went out on a long track where a circuit had been made and there was a race car.

“Well Leo, the goal will be to overtake this car when it will be at full speed”

“No problem! Nobody can beat me in a race!”

The car started and ran at full speed.

“Ready Leo? … Go!”

Leo started to run, quickly, very quickly but not enough for to overtake the car.

“How fast does the car run?” I asked.

“Probably around 65-70mph, maybe more” replied the Doc.

Holy shit! I’m agree he is now superhuman but even… 70mph for a human, it’s so… insane. And indeed, Leo was not able to overtake the car, well, this is what we are thinking…

“It’s a shame, I would hope he would be able to-” said the Doc

“Well, the warm-up is over?” said Leo, when he passed in front of us.

“What? The… warm-up?” we replied, in same time, with the Doc.

Suddenly, Leo accelerated… I mean he really accelerated and… holy fucking shit! He was catching the car, he was catching the car!! And the kicker: he did not stop there—no, he continued to run until… he caught up to it a second time! Holy shit!

I couldn’t believe it… it was insane. We were closer to the Hulk specs than Captain America!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

They made several more tests with Leo, all passed with flying colours obviously. Doctor Krakovski was ecstatic. “It is a total success, it is a total success hahahahahaha!! Finally they will consider my experiences after this one!” I think that himself did not expect this.

“Well, that will be all for today, we have arranged a room for you, Leo, adapted to your size” said the Doc.

“Perfect! … Ryan?”


“Can you wait for me in the other room for a few minutes, I have to talk with the Doc,” asked Leo.

“Talk with the Doc? But why?” I asked, intrigued.

“Please” replied Leo.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you,” I said.

“Thanks,” replied Leo.

I wondered what he had to ask him, but it doesn’t matter.

I was going to the room and… holy crap! Yeah, it was adapted to Leo size: the door was more than two times taller and wider, and the bed was bigger than a king size bed. I felt like an ant in the room of a giant.

Ten minutes later, I heard Leo was coming, or rather I felt it: I could feel the vibrations caused by his footsteps. Then he entered in the room by having the reflex to bend down a little.

“Hahahaha! No, you’ll not destroy this one! They have planned for everything now,” I joked.

“So much the better! Even if I love destroying walls, hahaha,” he replied.

My eyes became magnetized to the incredible thing that was standing in front of me. I had never seen something so beautiful. I was still struggling to realize: yeah, this fucking insanely muscular titan was Leo, the one I was still fucking this morning, the one who had this fit body. And now, in front of me, it was a fucking titan, 12 feet tall, at least 7 feet wide, several tons of pure muscle, who can overtake a car, a strength that could lift and crush a tank, literally, abs which could stop the bullets. And his natural tanned skin made the scene incredibly more hot. I was almost sweating just looking at him. Yeah, this monstrous force of nature was… my boyfriend!

“Oh goooooooooosh!! I will never get used to this view!” I said, already noticing that the precum was oozing and my dick was fucking hard.

“And I think I’ll never get used to this body,” said Leo, smiling in flexing his gigantic biceps.

Oh fuck! It was already too much for me and I shot load after load.

“You can’t imagine how I felt in the tank… It was so… so indescribable! I felt myself becoming bigger and stronger and bigger and stronger, each second was much more intense than the previous. Even the best orgasm was nothing compared to this sensation! It was insane! Thank you Ryan, thank you to give me this opportunity. You will be rewarded very soon, I assure you!”

Oh, I was already rewarded, Leo! And talking about orgasms, I was doing it repeatedly. Drool was literally pouring out of my mouth. Leo turned towards me and saw me.

“You like it, don’t you?” he asked in flexing his monumental biceps.

“Oh, fuck yes, I like it!” I replied, in drooling more.

“You want to feel them don’t you?”


“To lick them?”


“Well…do you want me to join you in bed?”

I couldn’t say a word, I was just panting as I shot load after load…

Leo walked towards the bed. I moved to avoid being crushed by this behemoth. I felt the ground to shake at each of his footsteps.

Leo lay down on the bed and…


The bed was in pieces…

“Grrrr—adapted to me, my ass! Adapted to my size perhaps, but adapted to my weight, absolutely not!”

Then Leo looked over at me.

“So Ryan, what do you wait hahaha? This body is yours, all yours!”

I think I broke the world record for undressing… I almost tore off my clothes! I approached to Leo, in shaking of lust, drooling as fuck, and obviously cumming. It was so good I was pretty sure I was going to wake up next to “skinny” Leo, it was too much for to be real, really too much! My hand approaching to his chest. It emanated from his skin an extraordinary warmth. And finally I touched his skin!

Ho-ly shit! My dick went into automatic fire mode, I was panting like never before, worse than a dog, and I had a stream of drool dripping from my lips. His skin was hot and above all, it was… hard, fucking hard, insanely hard! I felt like I was touching rock. I started to climb the monster, clinging to his abs. I had to get up a little for to pass his enormous pecs and finally I reached his head. Gosh, I was barely half his size! I started to kiss him while I was clinging to his traps (and there was plenty to hold on to!).

It was a bit weird. His lips were too big compared mine. It was like kissing a giant (in fact, I was kissing a giant!). Instantly, I felt tears flooding on my cheek. My hands rubbed everywhere again and again and again.

After several minutes of pure frenzy, I broke the kiss, looked at Leo and said, “Fuck me! Leo, I want you fuck me!” I knew he was a lot of bigger than me but I wanted him to fuck me. It was an irresistible desire! I wanted to be dominated, to be fucked by this titan!

Leo rubbed my hair and, smiled and said “Honestly, I would like it so much but… if we try anything now, I will crush you like a egg. We will find a solution quickly, don’t worry!”

“I don’t know if I can hold out any longer,” I said, so impatient.

“But even if I can’t fuck you now… well… worshipping me is strongly recommended!” he said, with a malicious smile.

Oh fuck! It did not take more to put me in trance. Don’t worry, it will be a pleasure to worship you, Leo! My hands were running everywhere, feeling his huge traps, his titanic striated shoulders, his gigantic pecs. and then I noticed a detail: Leo was almost twice as tall as me and I was lying on him so that my… crotch was at the level of his ten-pack. I could feel my dick rubbing against his enormous muscle bricks. Perfect! Without waiting I went to wedge my cock in his deep central crevice. Goooooosh, it was so tight! I could feel his enormous boulder abs compressing my dick! Then I started the back and forth…

Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh crap! Oh my gosh! Insane! It’s was so… Insanely good!! I cried of joy. Never sex felt so fucking good!

Leo was grunting of pleasure and sometimes rubbed my hair with his huge hands. Crap, he could grab my entire head with only one hand. And I could feel him, I could feel his titanic strength. The slightest pressure too much and it breaks all my bones. I felt a little sorry for him, he was forced to hold back while I was having my best sex.

Then, while I was licking his enormous pecs, my mouth reached his nipple and instinctively I began to suck it. The result was immediate.

Ggggggggrrrrooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!” roared Leo, from pleasure. “Don’t… d-don’t d-do…it-it’s so-so sen-sensitive—” he said, in stuttering.

So sensitive? Hehehe, here is a gift, honey! I sucked stronger.

Oh shit!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! It’s so good! Don’t…” But suddenly he stopped. “No…no, continue… I’m tired of trying to hold back! Let’s go Ryan, suck me! Suck me stronger! Let’s go Ryan! Do it hahahahaha!!”

No need to tell me twice Leo! I started to suck and lick like never I did before! Oh gosh, it was a dream, it was a fucking living dream! I was in pure ecstasy: crying of joy, cumming non-stop and sucking/licking my boyfriend.

Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!” roared Leo.

Well, I was not the only one who was in ecstasy: Leo was shouting and I could see him grabbing things but he reduced them in dust due his superhuman strength.

Gggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Soooo gooooooood!! Aaaaaahh… Oh fuck oh fucking fuck I-I…I’m going to…t-to explode!”

I was so absorbed I didn’t notice that Leo’s dick was as hard as ever and above all… he was ready to shoot!

Suddenly I stopped, I raised my eyes and watched Leo.

“Oh man! It was awesome! Fortunately you stopped because I was going to expl—”

I didn’t let him finish. I dived again on his nipple and redoubled my efforts.

Ooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiittttt!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh t-too m-much aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!”

Leo began to shake in all directions, hitting the ground with his feet, crushing all that was within his reach with his hands. Hehe, yeah the pleasure was there!

Aaaaahhhhh!! I’m going to explode! I’m going to explode! Ohmygosh i’m goinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!!”

It was imminent. Fortunately for myself, Leo had a good reflex: he caught his dick and pointed it towards the ceiling. And finally, the floodgates opened…


I had almost forgotten that my boyfriend was now a 12 feet titan and his orgasms were no longer the same: his charges hit the ceiling like cannonballs, and I’m not just speaking figuratively, it really looked like cannonballs being fired. If it had hit me, I don’t know what state I would have been! With each shot, pieces of plaster were falling! I bet I felt the walls shake due to his scream. Fuck, it was awesome! From my side, I was also cumming and shouting but my screams were totally masked by those of Leo. I came and I came and I came, like Leo (except that I shot a few liters while he shot more than one swimming pool), filling the central crevice of Leo’s abs with my cum. After long minutes of orgasm, the calm returned. It was a deluge, there was cum everywhere!

“Ha… ha… ha… ha… oh my gosh! You know how to worship perfectly!” said Leo, with a his deep voice.

“Ha… ha… ha… n-not hard when you have a boyfriend like you!” I replied.

After few minutes, we started again, and again and again. It was the hotter night of my life. Sex until exhaustion. I started to count our orgasms but after the sixth one I stopped but after all, fuck, who would not be turned on if he was worshipping his 12 feet ultra-muscular boyfriend?

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I don’t know when I fell asleep but when I woke up, my head was resting on something hard, very hard. I looked around to see a huge pec. Oh gosh! So it wasn’t a dream, Leo was really a 12 feet titan! He was still sleeping, his snoring was very loud and I felt my whole body up and down because of his breathing.

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door.

“Leo? Ryan? Doctor Krakovski would like see y—” He entered in the room and…

Holy crap!” he shouted in surprise, in seeing the condition of the room: cum everywhere, even on the ceiling, a big hole in the ceiling, bed and furniture crushed, cracks in the walls… It was carnage!

“Hem hem… w-we are awake…” I said, a bit embarrassed.

Leo moaned loudly in opening his eyes.

“Good morning my big love! The Doc is waiting for us.”

“Good morning my little honey! I had a great night, did you?” asked Leo.

“Oh yeah, it was a great night, a fucking great night!” I said, happy.

“And don’t worry, we’ll do it again this night hehehe!” he said, in a strange tone, almost as if he was hiding something from me.

“Well, I would love ‘again’ but the Doc is waiting for us,” I said.

I hurried to wash what I could (yeah, I stank a bit from sex…) and to dress. Leo didn’t even have he wouldn’t fit into anything. And we went to see Doctor Krakovski.

“Good morning, Doc,” I said.

“Good morning, Ryan. Sleep well?”

“Hem… th-the night started out a bit agitated…” I stuttered.

“I see that…” replied the Doc.

Oh my gosh… I think I blushed like never before. It was so embarrassing…

“So… you wanted to see us?” I asked.

“Yeah, follow me!” he said.

We went through corridors that I had never been in before. We passed a good number of security. What the hell where are we going? Finally, we arrived in another, larger lab. And what I saw… my jaw fell to the floor: in this lab, there was… another fucking tank! And this one was bigger.

W-w-w-what the hell??” I shouted.

“The one yesterday was for the first experiments, this one is more finalized: bigger, more solid,” said Krakovski.

Another tank? Bigger? Wait, it means that he will… ?

“Wait, you mean you’re going to make… Leo grow again??” I shouted, totally stunned in imagining Leo even bigger, stronger, wider. Crrrraaaaaaaaap!

“No,” replied Krakovski.

Eh? Did I hear well? He just said… no? “No?” I asked, stunned by his answer.

Suddenly, Leo exploded in laughter. “Hahahahahahahahaha!! Ryan… you still don’t understand?”

“Understand? Understand what?” I asked.

“Ryan… you are the next test subject!” said Leo.


Part 2

What? What did he just say? I… I’m the next test subject?

I was stunned by the news. I was the next test subject?

“Hahaha! You look surprised!” said Leo.

Surprised didn’t capture it. They really just proposed that I be the next test subject?

“Of course, we can’t force you,” said the doctor.

For a moment I wanted to refuse. Then I looked at Leo, I saw his titanic muscular body, saw those traps that looked like rocky mountains, looked at those arms that could lift a tank, watched his wall of titanium muscle move in and out with each breath, saw those huge legs that I could hide behind and that made him so fast that he caught up with a car. Oh my god, this awesome display was enough to make me hard as hell! This is what they offered: to become a force of nature. I would to be crazy to refuse this opportunity.

“N-No, it’s okay, I… I accept. It’s just, I didn’t expect this.”

“You can thank Leo. He insisted that you be the next subject,” said Krakovski.

Leo? And then it came back to me. “Leo? So… that’s why you wanted to talk with the doc?” I asked to my huge boyfriend.

“Hehehe, yes! I’m so excited to see the result!”

It was hard to imagine that before long I would be like Leo, a fucking muscular titan with inhuman strength.

“And then, we can do some things,” added Leo.

I blushed a bit, understanding what he meant. It was true that if we had tried that he would have just crushed me like an egg.

“So, doc… I imagine I need to pass some tests?”

“It’s not really necessary. You’ve passed them recently, I don’t think anything has changed,” replied Krakovski.

Suddenly, I heard the container’s glass front open. “You can undress. Keep your underwear if you want, but I think it will be too small.”

“What? You mean we’re going to do it right now?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, why not? Is there a problem?”

“N-No… it’s just that everything is going so… fast.”

I looked at myself as I undressed. This body… this is the last time I will see this body.

“Hahaha you’re so cute,” laughed Leo, making me blush a bit. “But in a few minutes, you’ll be fucking hot!” he said, almost licking his lips.

I still had a hard time getting used to it: I was the next subject, and I was going to experience the same thing as Leo. It was so… so unreal! Like I was dreaming, and I was going to wake up any minute. Was I doing the right thing? My life was about to change forever. I didn’t plan that. Did I want it really? Again, I looked at Leo… Fuck, Ryan! Of course you want it! You couldn’t dream of a better offer!

“Well, Ryan, you can take your place in the tank. We will finish the preparations and launch the experiment.”

My heart was beating faster and faster as I walked towards the tank. It was bigger than the one used yesterday, maybe around 18 feet tall, probably to avoid breaking. I felt so small and it seemed so unreal that in a few minutes I’d be double my size. Several colleagues started attaching a bunch of cables and electrodes, and obviously an oxygen mask.

“Vital functions?” asked Krakovski.

“Everything seems to be fine, sir.”

“Very well, launch the recording and fill the tank.”

“Yes, sir!”

I watched the glass front go up until I was completely locked in. Then there were engine noises and I felt water at my feet. The water was hot, but pleasant. Quickly the level rose, reaching my knees, then my crotch, then my shoulders, and a few moments later I was totally immersed. It continued to fill the tank entirely. Here I was, floating in the middle of this huge glass tank, sounds stifled so I could only hear my own breathing.

Then I heard a voice. “Ryan, can you hear me? Are you okay? You can speak, your mask has a microphone,” said the doc.

“Y-yeah,” I said. I was fine but I could feel my heart beating faster and faster.

“Checking?” Krakovski asked his assistant.

“His heart rate has increased, but otherwise everything is okay.”

“Okay, Ryan, don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine.”

“‘Don’t worry, don’t worry’! Doc, it’s not you who are about to be transformed into a 12 foot titan. It’s hard to not worry under these conditions!”

“Well, are you ready?”

I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed by a question. I had always dreamed about this but never thought that one day it would happen. And that one day was now!

“Yes,” I replied, a bit anxious.

“Perfect! Launch phase 1.”

Here we go! I heard an engine noise, and I felt the water bubbling. Fuck, it’s coming, it’s fucking coming! But surprisingly, nothing felt different.

“Doc, I don’t know if it’s normal, but I feel nothing,” I said, a bit worried.

“Calm down, Ryan, it’s normal. The serum has not yet been injected into the tank. For the moment it’s just bubbling water.”

“Sir, the pumping is finished so we can continue,” said one of assistants.

“Perfect! Inject the serum in 3… 2… 1…”

When the countdown reached zero, I felt it instantly. It started with a slight tingling but quickly intensified. My body automatically contracted. It was a bit like those electro-stimulators but on my whole body, and it was increasing. It was weird, as if I wasn’t the master of my own body anymore. The tingling quickly became a burning. Oh my god! My body was flexed harder than ever before, and it continued! I hadn’t noticed, but the water was starting to take on a slight bluish tint. This time there was no doubt, the experiment had really started!

“Are you okay, Ryan?” asked the Doc.

I instinctively replied with a long, “Fuuuuuuuck yeah!” because that was all I was thinking at the time. It had just started, and it was already insane! My whole body was flexed to maximum and beyond, and I could feel it, I could feel my muscles pushing against my skin, I could feel them swelling, hardening. Oh shit, it was awesome and…!!! Oh fuck! The intensity had just increased again! Fuck! It was fucking intense!!! I began to moan, grunting with pleasure as I felt my body growing faster, stronger: my traps were emerging from my thickening neck, my shoulders were rounding, my biceps were exploding with mass, my hands were growing, my pecs were bulging! I passed my hand over my midsection and felt six boulders swelling while the crevices between were deepening. My back was widening, pushing my arms further out, and my legs were growing, thickening. Not to mention my package, which in addition to becoming fucking hard, was also growing more and more.

I was growing more, and more, and more, and more! Damn!!! “Aaaaaaahhhhh! Oh shit! Oh, my fucking god! Gnnnnnnhhhhhhhh!!! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Good! Sooooo gooooood!!!

I felt like crying. It was extremely intense but at the same time so fucking good!

Then the bubbling of the water calmed down and my breathing became calmer. Was it already over?

I had not yet looked down to see the results, but I already felt different. I slowly moved my hand towards my chest, excited and terrified by what I might feel. My hand touched my skin… Oh…my…God! Oh, my fucking god! I already had a muscular body, but not like a fitness model. Now it was on a whole new level… hard muscles everywhere! I felt big muscular pecs, ripped hard abs, a carved Adonis belt. Wow, I felt like the men I fantasized about!

“Sir, we reached 20%,” said one of the assistants.

Oh fuck, we were only at 20%! 20 fucking percent!!! And I was already in ecstasy!

“Well, how do you feel Ryan?” asked the Doc.

“Fucking great!” I replied. I could hear my voice was deeper. I hadn’t looked at my body, but I could feel that I was very muscular. Everything felt so strong, so powerful. And I knew it was far from over.

“My god Ryan, you’re so beautiful!” said Leo. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

“Well Ryan, can we push it to 50%?” asked the Doc.

I wanted to answer, “You can push it to 100%!” but something told me I wasn’t ready for that. “Let’s go for 50%!” I said eagerly.

“Okay, increase it to 50%,” replied the Doc.

The tank began to bubble even more, and suddenly the water was bluer. I was right—I wasn’t ready, not really ready. I felt it again, the tingling, except that this time it was faster and much more intense!!! My body contracted even more, far beyond what I could have imagined. “OH SHIT! AAAAAHHHHH!!!” I moaned, surprised by the intensity.

Quickly it became almost unbearable. “Oh fuck! Oh my freaking god!!!” Yeah, I wasn’t ready, and I don’t think anyone could be ready for that! My body continued to grow, more, much more! My eyes rolled back in their sockets, my whole body tensed up, and I was shaking.

Aaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh! Oh my god! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Fuck, yeah! More! I want gggnnnnnnhhhhhhhh more!!!

More… yeah, more! That was all I could think about at the time. It was incredibly intense, but I fucking loved it! I felt each muscle swelling, growing hard as fuck. I felt the power running through my veins. My heart was beating faster, stronger. I felt my muscles pushing against my skin, stretching it. The feeling was indescribable! Intense euphoria… Fuck! I swore, shouted, and screamed with pleasure.

Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!! Fuuuuuuuckkkkk!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! More! Yes more! Moooooooaaaaaarrrrrr!!!

All rational thought was lost in this vortex of intensity. I only felt the muscle growth, this awesome muscle growth!!! It reminded me of those scenes from cartoons where a puny being becomes a muscle freak. Well, that puny being was me today, and soon I would be as muscular and strong as the Hulk! And it felt much better than any cartoon! It was intensely powerful! It was a dream come true!

God, I wanted to feel my muscles getting enormous, to feel them swelling and hardening. It was the best experience of my life and I wanted to enjoy it! With some difficulty I moved my trembling hand and placed it on my chest… Oh my freaking god!! A few minutes ago, I felt like a fitness model in the best shape of his life, but now I felt more like a pro bodybuilder preparing for Mr. Olympia. I was huge! My pecs were fucking big, popping out several inches from my chest. I could feel the muscles growing! My nipples were pushed down and became hard and very sensitive.

I had not yet touched my midsection, but I could already feel my abs like never before. I could feel them moving in and out when I breathed, like a stone wall bulging under my skin. I felt them pushing against each other and I wasn’t even contracting them! They were fighting among themselves to occupy the same space. My suspicions were confirmed when my hand reached my midsection: it was… awesome!!! Six boulders bigger than my fist, harder than granite, with deep ravines between them. I was already drooling over the abs of fitness models who I thought were perfect, but mine were incredibly better. And the best part was that they were still growing! I felt them swell under my fingers, hardening more and more!

I flexed my biceps and… holy shit!! Look at that gun! Look at this fucking gun! I never thought I would have such a muscular arm. It was huge!!! My freaking biceps were as big as Ronnie Coleman’s! Oh god!!! With each heartbeat I felt power running through my veins. I felt my back thickening, my lats widening, pushing my enormous arms out even further. All these muscles, all this power made me feel terrible horny!

My dick, which was thicker than a beer can, stood up more and more. My extra-stretchable boxers were trying to contain the monster, but they were losing the fight as they got more and more stretched. The friction of the head against the fabric gave me huge waves of pure pleasure!

It wasn’t just the top of my body that was hulking out; the bottom was growing the same way. I could feel my quads flexed to their maximum while muscle hills popped up out of nowhere. I heard the agonizing sound of my boxers not being able to contain my freaking legs anymore. It was so fucking awesome! And I knew it wasn’t over. I wanted more, much more!!

Oh my god!!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!! More!!! Oh yes, please, more!!!

I don’t know if the Doc heard me or not, but my wish was granted. I felt every part of my body explode, adding hundreds of pounds of muscle. My traps, my shoulders, my arms, my pecs, my abs, my back, my legs, my dick: they all exploded and were becoming bigger and bigger and bigger!


My boxers were torn to pieces, releasing my freaking cock so it knocked against my abs. It was about to spit white fluid everywhere when the bubbling calmed down. I had not yet caressed my body, but I felt like I had exceeded what was humanly possible. All of it was absolutely unbelievable! It was even more intense than a few minutes ago. Even the simple act of breathing had become orgasmic! I was a fucking freak, a freaking god! I must have been close to 8 feet! My six-pack evolved into an enormous eight-pack and felt like my abs could stop a car. My arms felt like I could lift and easily crush that car! My legs felt capable of crushing the car into a metal ball!! Yeah, I was a freak! One of the most powerful freaks in the world. A fucking living Hulk, but without the green skin. And it wasn’t over! I was still barely two-thirds of Leo’s size.

“We reached 50%,” said the Doc. “Ryan, how do you feel?”

“Fucking great!” was the only thing I could say. The feeling was so…so good!

“Oh, Ryan, you’re so…so… awesome!” stammered Leo, probably forgetting that he was 4 feet taller and several tons heavier than me! But… I agreed with him: I was so awesome!

“I can guess your answer, but I must ask you: do you want to continue, Ryan?”

Haha! He needs to ask? It was obvious! Even if I was a bit apprehensive about the final phase, the difference between the first phase and the second was huge. I couldn’t begin to imagine the comparison between the second and the last phase. I was still far from Leo’s level, so it was out of the question to stop here.

“Hahaha, of course we continue, Doc!” I was excited.

“I knew you would say that, but it will not be pleasant,” he said.

“You’re wrong Doc, it’s the opposite: it’s only pleasure! Go ahead and push it to the maximum!”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah, Doc, of course I’m sure!”

He seemed to hesitate but finally said “Okay… maximum power.”

The bubbling resumed, but stronger, and suddenly…

God… Oh god… oh my fucking god! If the first time felt like a burn and the second like a thunderbolt, now it was as if my body had been dipped in molten lava. I thought I had already felt the strongest sensation of my life… ha! I was so far from it! My back arched to the point of breaking my spine if it had not been so muscular. My fists were clenched to the max, my toes folded, my eyes rolled all the way back, leaving only the whites. I was convulsing like never before. I wanted to yell, but my body was so cramped that I could only emit loud guttural noises. The Doc was right: it was not pleasant. It was so much fucking more than that!!!

My muscles were swelling at an incredibly fast pace! I could clearly hear them stretching! Each heartbeat was like a sledgehammer blow. My strength doubled, tripled, quadrupled in a few seconds. I thought it couldn’t get worse, but suddenly I felt an internal pressure building quickly, very quickly! I was going to explode! I was about to be transformed!


I’m surprised I didn’t pass out. Nothing could have prepared me for this, nothing. Incredible would be a weak word to describe what I felt. My whole frame exploded at the same time, adding probably several hundred pounds of pure muscle all at once! My neck was engulfed by my traps, my shoulders exploded to insane dimensions, my arms blew up much bigger than my head and the main vein was as big as a pipe! My fingers were tense as hell, impossible to bend them, I felt them stretching, swelling. My pecs expanded to the point of blocking my view and I could feel their enormous weight. One of them would be as heavy as my whole body was previously. My eight-pack was swelling more and more and more until I finally roared as hell when I felt them exploded again, evolving probably into a ten-pack but I was unable to move my hands to confirm, but I felt each brick doubling in size and becoming harder than diamond. My back widened to the point where it would be impossible for me to pass through any door without destroying the wall. My quads grew so much that I could feel them rubbing against each other. My calves grew like they had been implanted with balloons.

Obviously, this was extremely stimulating. My dick grew harder than a hardened steel bar and fired like a cannon. The first load felt like a big wave of energy running through me, followed by another smaller “muscle-plosion,” then another one like the second, and a third, a fourth. With each load I felt my body getting bigger and bigger and bigger!!!

Shoot, yell, grow! Shoot, yell, grow! Shoot, yell, grow! I did it again and again and again!

I didn’t notice it right away, but my feet hit the bottom of the tank! I was getting bigger and heavier, but above all, my muscle was too dense to float!

As with Leo, the blue water became very milky and soon it was impossible for me to see anything but white. It lasted for many minutes, the most intense minutes of my life up until then. Like Leo, I was expecting to blow up the tank from the inside, but this one had been adapted for my transformation. After twenty or thirty minutes, finally the calm returned.

“We arrived at the target. Vital signs are okay,” said the assistant.

Here I was in this tank filled with serum, water and… cum. I couldn’t see anything. But like the previous phase, I could feel it, feel the power. It was simply… inconceivable. I felt my abs flexing in and out of my midsection, feeling so hard that I could have broken a diamond on them. I felt the strength running through my arms, so much strength that I felt like I could lift a tank like Leo had. My legs felt powerful enough to be able to jump from the ground onto the roof of a building. My traps flexed when I turned my head. My back felt so hard that I could be shot without getting a scratch on me. I wanted to stroke myself furiously, but I needed to see the results for myself now that the experiment was over.

“Perfect! Empty the tank,” said the Doc.

An engine was heard and the water level began to drop. I knew the experiment was a success when my eyes met Leo’s and they were at the same height as mine. The other people looked more like children, half my size. The level continued to drop, revealing in turn my traps, shoulders, pecs, arms, abs, legs and obviously, my cock. I saw eyes widen, jaws drop, mouths open, and heard comments like, “Holy shit!” or “Fuuuuuuck!” Leo was panting and drooling. I could see some precum flowing down his dick that was obviously hard!

“Well, I didn’t expect such a success,” said the Doc, satisfied. “Open the tank.” Slowly, the glass front went down.

“Have I been a good test subject?” I asked. Holy crap! My voice! Instantly I touched my Adam’s apple, well… apple… hem, now it was more like a grapefruit. Shit, my voice was soooooo deep!

“Absolutely!” replied the Doc. Yeah, needless to say he was happy with the results! Me too!

“Oh my god Ryan you’re so… so…” Leo was on the verge of cumming.

I took a step forward. Oh fuck! A wave of pleasure passed through me. The interaction between my muscles was awesome! I lifted my legs and felt their immense weight, felt the muscle hills flexing, felt my abs twisting, felt my pecs bouncing, felt my gigantic arms moving and causing my lats to flex, felt my traps flexing when I moved my head. Damn, every trivial movement was orgasmic!

Leo let out a small laugh. “It’s surprising isn’t it?” he said, guessing what I felt. “To be honest, I’m still not used to it.”

Yeah I had to admit, this body was surprising… surprisingly fucking great! And I still hadn’t seen the results! To be honest, I was looking forward to seeing myself. “Doc, do you have a way to show me the results?”

“Obviously,” he said. A few seconds later a big screen came down from the ceiling and was turned on.

I knew I was a titan. I knew it would be fucking impressive, but nothing could prepare me for this sight. Really, nothing!

Holy shit!!!” I shouted. I was huge… no, gigantic… no… titanic! Yeah, titanic was the best word: traps that engulfed my neck just like they felt, the biggest shoulders I had ever seen, mountainous guns (literally), gigantic, striated pecs. I was right about my abs: it wasn’t four, or six, or even eight bricks I had, but ten! Ten fucking huge, gigantic, enormous boulders! Holy shit, look those abs! They are bigger than a small head, this is insane! And I was also right that going through the doors would be difficult even if I turned myself. My legs… fuuuuuuuck… were they legs or fucking redwoods? And the best part: all I can say about this “part” is that it looked like a fucking python!!!

God, it was too good to be true! I expected to wake up in my bed, in my old body, my boxers creamed due to this wet dream. Like Leo, I got ultra horny in no time, and I was ready to explode!

“Hem hem, Ryan?” said the Doc clearing his throat, seeing that in a few seconds he would have to clean up a pool of cum in his lab.

“Yeah Doc?” I replied.

“Do you mind if we do the same tests as we did with Leo?”

“Obviously not! Do all tests you want.”

“Very well,” replied the Doc. Fifteen minutes later I found myself facing a T-42 tank. “We had to buy a new one. The previous one was somewhat compacted. Be careful with it.”

Hehe, this was a funny situation because yesterday I was the one behind the glass. It was weird. I knew I could lift this monster but at same time, I couldn’t help but think like my old self: Ryan, it’s not just a barbell, it’s a fucking tank! Well, it’s time to try. I placed my hands below it and… I lifted. I felt a little resistance, but nothing insurmountable.

“Doc… can you remind me of the weight?” I asked, still not wanting to believe what I was lifting: it was not a heavy barbell, it was not a car or even a truck, it was a fucking tank!

“Hmm, around 100 tons, I think.”

One hundred tons? Fuck… 100 tons! Damn, I was barely able to lift 200 pounds few hours ago and now, I was lifting 100 fucking tons? Hahahaha awesome, absolutely awesome! I could feel my libido increasing as hell! Crap, this power… this power! A naughty smile appeared on my face. I could do more than that. I wanted to do more than that! It was time to test this incredible power! I grunted a bit as I began to lift it over my head.

The Doc sighed, understanding what I was about to do. “Ryan, do you know these tests will cost us a lot of money?”

Hahahahah yes yeeeesss! Look at me, doc! Look at me, Leo! This is what i call power!!!” I shouted. Damn, I almost didn’t recognize myself but you don’t know how good it is to feel this power flowing through you. It’s impossible to hold me back, totally impossible!

Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!” I shouted as I started to compress the tank. Sounds of twisting metal filled the test room. The feeling was most enjoyable! Oh my freaking god. Breathing was orgasmic, walking was orgasmic, but this… this was on a whole other level. I understood perfectly what Leo felt yesterday and why he seemed so intoxicated. My dick was totally straight, ready to shoot. I had reached my limits, I had to explode and this is what happened the next moment.”Fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!” I yelled. It was too much for my cock. I felt the white lava go up the ‘volcano.’ I heard the Doc sigh as he said, “Oh no, not that,” before the volcano erupted.


Holy crap, this wasn’t an ejaculation, it was a fucking cannon shot!! I swear I heard a “BANG!” My loads struck the wall with such violence that they left holes. For more than 10 minutes it was an incessant deluge. Holy shit! A load like that would have taken my head off yesterday! When it was over, there was cum everywhere: on the ground, on the walls, on the ceiling. I had almost forgotten that I was still holding what had been a T-42 tank a few minutes ago. My hands automatically crushed the poor tank due the intensity of my ejaculation and turned it into a shapeless mass of twisted metal. Fuck, I loved this superhuman strength, these incredible muscles… Fuck, I loved being a titan!

“So, Doc, is the test complete?” I asked, proud of my demonstration.

I heard the Doc sigh again. “Yes… Jeremy, call for a cleaning crew. There will be several days of work.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” I said in laughing.

Needless to say the endurance test was also a success. I didn’t know anyone could run that fast, and I could have done it for hours without getting tired, and the poor car’s driver almost had a heart attack when I lifted the car with one hand.

The experiment was a success, an absolute success! I was fucking happy and obviously, Leo was too. We looked at each other and I knew we had the same idea: we were eager to be alone together.

“I think that will be enough for today. We’ll probably have some more tests for you two tomorrow,” said the Doc. We have prepared suitable rooms for both of you. At night there is an alarm system activated, so please avoid causing a disturbance.”

“Don’t worry Doc,” I said with a wink at Leo.

Avoid a disturbance? Hahaha, sorry Doc, but my hormones were crying for satisfaction.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A few hours later…

Adapted rooms, my ass! As I expected, getting through a door was difficult. Ask the wall; it will long remember my shoulders. And my bed screamed in agony. They reinforced it with lots of strong metal bars, but I could hear them yell, “too heavy” whenever I moved! Ah yes, and… I’m 12 fucking feet tall!!! My legs hung way over the frame and my feet were on the floor!

But it didn’t matter. There was something more interesting to do than sleeping, and it was time. I couldn’t leave my room by the entrance without setting off the alarm. But Leo’s room was right next door. I just had to make a new entrance!

I got up and approached the wall. “Leo?” Wow, I couldn’t believe my voice was so loud now!

I heard him say, “Yeah?”

“I’m coming in,” I said.

“What? But the doors are all closed, the alarm is activated, and there is no other wa—”

Before he could finish his sentence, I closed my fist and hit the wall: bam!!

What the???” I heard Leo’s surprise, seeing the wall crack.

Bam… Bam… Bam, bam, bam!

After a few hits the wall cracked to the point of collapse, and one last hit created my entrance. “Here I am!” I said.

Damn! You could have warned me, man!” Leo sounded a bit angry.

“Haha, sorry but I was eager to see you, really eager!”

“Yeah, me too!”

There was a moment of silence. I looked at Leo, Leo looked at me. For a short time, we were like our skinny selves. I felt my heartbeat, except now it sounded like a subwoofer (and I swear I could hear Leo’s.). Our breathing accelerated sharply. Hormones were taking over. We have been waiting for this moment since his growth. I threw myself at Leo and started to kiss him roughly. Leo embraced me and could finally hug me without being afraid of crushing me. I saw a tear flow down his cheek. He broke the kiss and said, “Oh my god, do you know how long I’ve waited for this moment?”

I smiled and we resumed our kissing. My hands were everywhere. I felt the muscle hills of his back, clutched his mountainous traps, caressed his gigantic pecs, pinched his nipples, walked the hills that were his abs, following the road that was the central crevice. His hands made the same journey on my god-like body. He felt my back, traps, shoulders, pecs, abs. It was so awesome! Then we reached our monstrous cocks. Precum oozed from them like never before.

Our sex was usually romantic and sweet, and I loved that about our sexual relationship. But now it was different, very different. I was hungry… no, more than hungry… starving! Yeah, totally starving. I wanted to plunge my dick into his ass and fuck him in the roughest and rawest way possible. It was not our habit, but it was what I wanted now, and I think he did too. While continuing our rough kissing, I took him to the bed. Embracing each other, we let ourselves fall onto the bed… craaaaaaack!

It seemed that two 12 foot insanely muscular titans weighing several tons of pure muscle each were too much for the bed. We crushed it totally… but we didn’t give a damn. Only one thing mattered: we wanted to fuck! Without warning I broke the kiss and got on my knees. I grabbed Leo’s muscular legs and lifted him a bit. I positioned my huge dick at the entrance to his ass and again, without warning, I penetrated him entirely.

Leo shouted, “Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Well, I should say he roared. It was closer to a lion’s cry. Without waiting I started to pump.

Oh my god!!!” yelled Leo. His hands were seeking something to grab, but anything that had the misfortune of being caught was instantly reduced to dust. I pumped again and again and again. Leo couldn’t stop yelling while I was grunting continuously. Shit! This wasn’t at all like our usual way of making love. It was rough, animalistic… no… bestial! And i fucking loved it!!! I don’t know how many times my dick pumped into him. At least several hundreds of times, maybe several thousands, but I was going to do it until I wore out. l accelerated the pace more and more, allowing no rest for him or for me.

Oh my god, Ryan—aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhh!!!

I fucked him without stopping. After a long time, our bodies began to glow. We started to sweat. I could feel the sweat flowed from my forehead, go down along my huge pecs and disappear into the deep crevices of my diamond abs. It was incredibly horny and it really didn’t help calm things down. Leo is one of those lucky people who get a perfect tan and can stay naturally brown. His awesome body glistened with sweat. That combination of tons of muscle + tan + sweat was absolutely insane!!! I increased the pace even more.

Oh my gaaaaaaaaawwwwwd!!!” yelled Leo as he tried to grab something he hadn’t already reduced to dust. He pressed his fingers against the tiles, breaking them easily and pushing his fingers a few inches into the floor.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Sooooo gooooooooood!!!” shouted Leo. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. In response I did the most logical thing… I increased the pace again!

Obviously, Leo yelled more. “Aaaaaaaaahhhh R-R-Ryan I-I-I can’t h-hold it anymore!!!” he shouted.

I had to admit that things were getting more intense for me, too. “Ggggnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh! Try to hold on… gnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh… a little longer!” I replied. I wanted maximum pleasure.

Leo closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. Fuck, his dick was pulsating like crazy. Yeah, the climax was near!

I completed another ten strokes before the pressure became unbearable. “Gnnnnnnnnhhhhh Leo, I-I can’t take it anymore! Aaaaaaaahhhh! On the count of three, totally let yourself go!” I shouted.

Leo didn’t reply. We were both at our wits’ end and holding back was torture.


I noticed that Leo’s dick was right under my face. An idea popped into my mind…


Just before saying three, I opened my mouth and completely swallowed Leo’s cock. It was a strange sort of 69 position except that Leo’s mouth was free and his ass was filled.

Mpppffff three!!!


Leo’s cry echoed throughout the room, shaking the walls. Mine was muffled by the hot geyser flooding my throat. Leo must have felt his insides being warmed up by my white seed. After about ten shots I had to remove my mouth, unable to swallow any more cum. As for Leo, my shots were squirting from his ass and hitting my abs, the cum disappearing into the deep crevices of my ten-pack, mixing with my sweat. I noticed that Leo’s belly was slightly swollen. He was also unable to take any more. I don’t know how much we came, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was enough to repopulate an entire country. The deluge lasted for several more minutes before finally subsiding.

Leo was panting loudly. “Ha… Ha… Ha… Oh fuck… Ha… Ha… It was so awesome!

Ha! Leo thought we were done. He was way off the mark…

“Was, Leo? It was? Ha ha! Did you really think we would be satisfied with this one round of sex? Hahaha, no, Leo, that was just the aperitif!”

“Huh? What do you mea…” I did not let him finish his sentence. Still inside him, I put my hands behind his muscular back and stood up. “Ohmygod!!!” shouted Leo, surprised. He wrapped his titanic legs around my waist, having still my enormous cock inside his ass.

I remembered a fantastic position I had seen in a muscle growth/sex comic I had seen. It was time to try it, for real!

“Aaaaaaaaahhh!! W-W-What are you d-doing?” cried Leo, gripping my traps due to the immense pleasure that ran through him.

“Hehe, you’ll see, honey!” I moved to the wall and slammed Leo against it. I gave it a few blows with my fist to see if the walls were thick enough. It seemed like it would hold up for a while.

What the—aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” shouted Leo, not expecting this. I felt his grip tighten even more.

Ggggnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh! So Leo, do you like it?” I asked, knowing in advance the answer.

Oh god!” Leo cried out. The fact that he was squeezing my shoulders to the point of breaking his knuckles was his answer: yes, he fucking loved it! And damn, I fucking loved this position too! The sensations were multiplied tenfold!

“Then you’ll love what’s next!” I said. I fucked him again and again and Leo yelled more and more. Then I noticed something I hadn’t planned on. With each push, Leo’s back was grinding powerfully against the wall, digging into it little by little. Shiiiiit! But I realized we had crushed 100-ton tanks, so a wall…

The idea of destroying a wall just by fucking was incredibly horny so I redoubled my efforts and accelerate the pace! “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!” shouted Leo. Damn, his grip was fucking powerful! His head was back and drool was flowing from his mouth. Without a doubt, Leo was pushed to his limits of pleasure.

I fucked him again and again and again, digging more and more into the concrete wall. Finally, when about half of the wall was already gone, Leo noticed what was happening, seeing pieces of the wall falling to the ground.

Ohmygod Ryan y-you…”

Gggnnnnnnnnhhhh Yeah Leo! You’re only noticing it now? So… should we destroy this wall?” I asked, guessing his answer.

Fuck yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!” he yelled happily.

Very well!” I shouted. Again, I increased the pace!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” shouted Leo. Very soon, we were going to get through, it was imminent! I could fuck him a few more times when suddenly… cccccccrrrrrrrrr… cracks started to appear all around Leo. There was a second of silence and suddenly I felt myself falling forward (and Leo backward). We collapsed heavily onto the floor. (RIP floor!)

If Leo thought we were done, I was not satisfied… definitely not satisfied! Barely on the ground, I got back on my knees, I grabbed his legs and, like before, I continued to fuck him.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” shouted Leo. “T-Too much!” he shouted in crying.

“Ha ha! Too much, Leo? Are you serious? We are far from finished!”. Crap, I wasn’t just a fucking titan, I was also a sex beast. never in my life would I have thought of having sex like this. And you know what? I loved it! The ass-fucking lasted another 15 minutes nonstop before we climaxed again. This time we shouted unison. The result was an earthquake that cracked the walls and ceiling, followed by a combined white deluge. Our rooms looked like battlefields: crushed furniture, walls half-destroyed, holes in the ceiling, cum everywhere.

Leo was panting more, but I did not spare him. We had not become titans to be tender. And just between us, I knew he loved it too! It was brutal, wild but so fucking good! And damn, he was so beautiful! He was dripping with sweat, strongly accentuating his muscles. He looked me directly in the eyes. “Ha… ha… ha… well, Ryan, should we move on to the next course?” Ha! I knew it: he wanted more… and me too!

Fuck yeah, Leo! The next course would be turkey stuffed with cum! The meal had just begun and when we’re done, I guarantee you’ll have a full stomach!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meanwhile, in the tank room…

The door to the lab opened and a hooded person dressed all in black snuck into the lab. He went to the main computer and plugged in a USB stick. “Hehehe, one more step and I will finally have what I’ve been waiting to get for so long! Okay… a password… if I’m not mistaken, it will be this. Weird password by the way…”

He entered “theswimminghole” as password and… *ACCESS GRANTED* “Yes! Fuck yes!!” shouted the intruder. “Well, it must be this folder.”

The burglar opened a program on the USB stick, selected the folder, and copied it to a weird email. The file was huge, so it took several minutes. During the transfer, the thief saw several things: a document named “Louis_Pointdexter”, another called “Matt_Buckley”, then “Kurt_Beckendorf”, “Donny_Henderson”, “Eric_Dobson”, “Pete_Temple”, “Brian_Peterson”, and another about a certain “Jimmy”. Shit, there were many, many files! He saw many other first names: Nick, Chris, Enzo, Alexander, Noah. One folder was called “experimental_projects” and contained several files such as “ems_belt” or “cock_ring.” And two names that he knew: Leo and Ryan.

He wondered what this was all about. Who were all these people? But he was instructed not to snoop, just to access and send all documents. This was why they had him infiltrate the research team. All those months of deception had been a torture for him. He hated his “colleagues,” but it was almost over. In a few minutes he would have accomplished his mission and fulfilled his part of the contract. When the screen displayed the message, “Email sent successfully,” a big demonic smile appeared on his face.

“Finally! Finally, i did it!!! Hahahaha.” He pulled out a phone and dialed a number. “It’s me. I completed my mission. I sent you all the documents.”

A distorted and robotic voice answered. “Perfect! Absolutely perfect!”

“I have fulfilled my part of the contract, as we agreed. Now will you honor your part?”

“Of course, but we would like one last thing from you,” said the voice.

“One last thing? That was not what we planned,” replied the agent with an angry tone.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure this last request will be in line with your objectives,” said the voice.

“What’s this last request?”

“Well, now that we have the documents, Doctor Krakovski is a nuisance and is no longer useful to us. It would be a terrible shame if something happened to him, wouldn’t it?”

“Indeed,” said the thief with a slight smile.

“And it would be very annoying if there were witnesses to his… accident,” added the voice. The thief didn’t reply, but his smile got a little bigger. “And when I speak of Doctor Krakovski, I am obviously also talking about his… test subjects.”

Now his smile was downright disturbing… “And to accomplish this last request, I can use whatever method I want?” asked the thief.

“Of course. That’s why we gave you full access!” replied the voice.

“Excellent! Well, you’re right… it will be a great pleasure to take care of this last request. Hehehe!” The thief would clearly enjoy it.

“Very well but remember there must be nothing left of the lab… nor of its occupants,” said the voice.

“Don’t worry about that,” replied the thief.

“Perfect!” finished the voice.

The communication ended. The thief waited for a few minutes in front of the control screen. “Come on! Faster! Faster!” he said impatiently. Suddenly the padlocks displayed on the screen disappeared and were replaced by a green message: “Access granted.”

“Yes!!! Yes!!! Finally! Finally, hahahahahahahaha!!!” shouted the thief, jumping with joy. He adjusted the controls. He pressed a button and the glass front of the tank started to come down. The undercover agent undressed and entered the tank. He attached the different cables and electrodes and put on the oxygen mask.

The glass front began to rise under Kenny’s psychopathic gaze…

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