The radiation zone

by SomeMuscleGuy

After going off the beaten path to explore an abandoned military base, Alex is involved in an incident that leaves him contaminated with radioactive material, and he won’t stop growing until he escapes.

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It was that time of the year again. My favorite time. Every fall, when the temperatures would drop and the leaves started to fall, I loved to ride around on my bike after a long day attending college classes. It would drop my stress levels and overall felt like a very good experience for my mental health. I wasn’t very strong. I sat at 6-foot-1 and 145 pounds. I wasn’t ever particularly made fun of for my size in School, but I was always ignored and looked at as a second option during sports, projects, etc. I figured riding around on my bike was good for me both physically and mentally and helped me reset my thoughts. So here I was, riding my bike to a new section of the hills of Montana. Not much happens around here, but the isolation and peacefulness made up for it. Each week I try to explore a new section of land to try and see which routes I’d like to come back and ride again. I rode my bike towards my usual spot before I came to a fork in the road. I could either go left or I could go right. For months I had always gone left, exploring the many paths that spiraled off of that path. I’d never gone right, as it had been gated with a “Do not trespass” sign hanging off of it. I always assumed someone lived down that path, but I’d never once seen any evidence that anyone takes it. “I’m going to go right today,” I muttered to nobody in particular. And off I went.

The hills loomed over me as the forest got deeper and deeper. I followed the wide path for quite a few miles before running into a grimy, tipped over sign. ‘Three Lakes Military Base Ahead’. A military base? Way out here? Why did it look deserted? The questions swirled through my mind as I decided to push onwards, curiosity taking over. Judging off the dense foliage, the grimy sign, and the fenced off gate, this place was abandoned. An odd smell lingered through the air that wasn’t the typical freshness that I had learned so well living here. It’s hard to describe. It just, but not bad. As I biked I had a second wind and raced down the remaining section of the path, eager to see what lies at the end. I feel pretty good today, I thought.

I looked down and felt as though a new energy was coursing through my veins. I even felt a bit more swollen than normal. My cock slightly stirred to life inside my shorts. This constant biking must be why I feel this energized, I mused to myself. I continued down the path and started to pass by some small buildings. Weeds had overgrown them. Windows shattered. Paint chipped. They were cool, but not what I had come here to see. I continued on down the road.

Five minutes later I came across a building at the end of the path. “This must be the base”, I guessed. I set my bike down on the side of the deserted road. No cars, no people. Silence. The building looked pretty old. It was one-story large and extended about 100 feet to either side of me. The front door was padlocked. No security cameras anywhere.

I walked up to the front door. I didn’t ride this far to see the outside of a building. I picked up a rock and smashed it down onto the padlock. It fell to the ground. One hit? I looked down at my body. My shirt felt a little bit tight. Thinking I needed to just get a replacement soon and that it was just a rusty lock, I continued onwards. My dick also felt pretty chubbed, but I opted to take care of it later. Excited to continue, I flicked on my phone flashlight and started to explore. Desks sat untouched, papers spreading everywhere. A food cart with cups still on it, laying still, leaves and algae covering everything. It looked like everyone had left in a rush, as if time stood still. The strange smell I had smelt when I had started down this path was very pungent here.

Room after room, I explored, finding small relics of the past and how people lived their lives when they worked here. I was scanning a room when I noticed a calendar on the opposite side of the room, laying on the rotted floor. Great! This could tell when this place was abandoned. I walked across the room and bent down to pick up the calendar. RIIIP. The seams of my shirt partially split around my shoulders. This is when I started to realize something weird was going on. My shirt hugged my torso pretty well. I looked at my arms. I had noticeable mounds there. I flexed and they bunched up. My hands then led themselves to my chest and I had something that resembled pecs! I looked down at my abs, barely making out the edges of them starting to come in. It felt like all of my clothes had gotten a bit smaller. My shorts hugged my ass and my thighs.

My attention was then brought to my package. I wasn’t particularly gifted down there. I had an average cock of about five inches, but this was different. My cock strained against my underwear. I was rock hard, and it looked..bigger? Then it lurched, seemingly expanding! Each time my cock throbbed, I saw it push out a little further. At the same time, I realized all of my muscles were slowly growing.

“What the hell??” I stammered. I stumbled backward and fell. Upon hitting the floor, it crashed open and I fell into a pool of liquid. I breached the surface, gasping for air, and coughing. A soft stream of light came in through a thick window, allowing me to see. I looked down. I was in a vat of green, oozing liquid. The lids of these containers had seemingly been blown off by the pressure that used to be inside of them, and I had fallen into that hole. The pungent smell I had experienced earlier was amplified by many times. This was the source. I frantically glanced around looking for a ladder, when my eyes settled on it. A radioactive symbol.

Oh shit”, I exclaimed as I looked around for a way out. I could feel a different type of energy building up inside of me. Something I had never felt before. I knew in the back of my mind that something about this liquid was making me grow. I clamored for the edge, pulling myself out of the pit. I could feel my muscles lightly rubbing against one another. My biceps and back hugged my shirt. I got out, wiping as much of the oozy liquid as I could off of me, but it stuck to my clothes, my hair, and I had accidentally swallowed some. I tried to find my phone, but realized I had probably lost it in the liquid. Not wanting to risk any more exposure, I ran as fast as I could toward the exit.

I had never run this fast before. I could feel my cock slowly filling out my underwear, and my balls growing right alongside it. The tightness of my jeans rubbed against it, threatening to release my load when I needed it least.. My clothes grew tighter and tighter around my frame. I think I was..taller? I don’t remember covering this much distance. I busted out of the main doors, my eyes making contact with a nearby puddle. I ran over to it and washed as much off of me as I could. Little did I realize, like everything else around me, it was contaminated. And I just washed myself off with it.

I need to get out of here, I thought. I knew I had quite a few miles to go back to civilization, and I needed to get there as soon as possible. I need a doctor. I jumped on my bike and started to ride. My package was starting to become so constricted and had begun leaking precum, I pinned it up against my waistband to allow me a little more time. It rose to just above my belly button. It was probably around 8 inches now, and it showed no signs of slowing down. With each heartbeat, it would grow just a little bit longer, a little bit thicker, and more and more sensitive. My shoes started to split down the edges. My pecs pushed out against my shirt, which started to look like someone had painted it on me. I had a full 6 pack of abs at this point.

My shorts split down the back, relieving some of the pressure on my balls, which had started to fill out any remaining space in my boxers. They must have been the size of softballs. My thighs weren’t far behind, starting to represent those of a professional athlete. Still, I biked on, not even close to being in the clear yet. With each passing second, I could feel everything growing larger. My cock had started constantly drooling precum, becoming more and more sensitive the more it grew. It slid up my now-sculpted abs towards my pecs, becoming larger, thicker, and more monstrous. It was getting faster.

At this point, all of my clothes felt suffocating. My shorts started to split everywhere, before snapping off and being left on the road behind me. I looked down at my underwear, and my eyes went wide. It was fighting a losing battle. If someone were to look at me, they would see a professional bodybuilder with a shirt 3 sizes too small on, with his barrel of a cock wedged almost between his large pecs and the extremely tight shirt. At the same time, my underwear dug deeply into my ass, more resembling a thong than anything, and my balls started to spill out of every available space. My constantly growing muscles and height didn’t help. All this was happening at the same time as I biked past the abandoned houses I had ridden past earlier. I had only ridden for five minutes. I had a few more miles to go. I was starting to panic. On one hand, what guy doesn’t love a little bit of growth? I had always dreamed of putting on a little muscle and being above average down there. But this was exceeding anything I had ever wanted, and it was getting harder to ride my bike. It creaked and groaned under the extra weight. I had to be about 7 feet tall at this point, and my muscles were only growing bigger.

Glorp. My package grew 2 inches immediately. My cock at this point was almost as thick as half my waist and rested snuggly against my pecs, slowly making its way up towards my collarbone. It slid around underneath my shirt with each movement I made on the bike, gliding across my thick, sculpted pecs, leaving precum everywhere, further soaking my shirt. And it was sensitive. So sensitive. I moaned, noticing my voice has dropped to a deeper octave. Each pedal of my bike felt better and better, and while I wanted to keep heading out, part of me wanted to pull over and enjoy myself. But I wouldn’t let that happen. I needed to escape this.

My shirt began to split, as did my underwear. I could feel more and more wind hitting my body as I rode. My hands and arms gripped the bike firmly. My biceps looked like bowling balls. My shoes completely busted off at this point. My feet were probably size 17 or more. The bicycle I was riding was quickly starting to feel like a tricycle. My back expanded wider and wider. My 6 pack was now an 8 pack. My thighs were fighting for space, each pedal brushing the other thigh. I could feel my pecs grow up underneath my chin. I must have been nearing 7 and a half feet now and 450 pounds. My balls started to spill over my monstrous thighs, almost as thick as tree trunks. What remained of the underwear held onto the rest.

By this point my shirt had completely shredded. The remains of it fluttered off into the wind. Just to keep riding, my cock, which was now up to my collarbone, leaned against the handlebars. The vibrating of the road shot pleasure through my entire body. It bounced around, sliding around the handlebars between my arms as I pedaled, slick with precum, harder than ever. I still probably had 3 and a half miles to go, and the smell lingering in the air was still strong. The remaining radioactive ooze that stuck to my body, hair, and underwear continued slowly absorbed into my skin, as did all the contaminated water and air around me. I begged myself to stop growing, expanding, but my body had other ideas, and my pleasure continued to grow.

At this point, I had to have been one of the most muscular men on Earth. I was absolutely monstrous. 8 feet tall, a cock that reached up to my mouth, tempting me, and muscles that all rubbed against one another. I shuddered, feeling my breath brush the edge of my cockhead. It drooled, further soaking every part of me. My 8 pack grew deeper and deeper, and my pecs started to resemble shelves. I could barely pedal due to the size of my thighs. Any remaining bit of my underwear that was still attached snapped, allowing the rest of my obscenely large balls to fall and settle on my legs.

The sudden weight falling onto my legs, alongside all the muscles added to my frame, was the finishing blow. The front tire crumpled under the weight and I flipped over the handlebars, landing into a large puddle. My new muscles cushioned my blow. My cock, probably nearing 26 inches now, landed right on top of me, sending a jolt of pleasure through me. I bit my lip, trying not to let go. I had to continue. I can do this.

I tried to sit up, quickly trying to regain my composure. My lats, pecs, cock, and muscles were so large now, I had a lot of trouble doing so. With a ton of brute strength, I was able to sit up. I looked around, and then looked down. I was still growing. I could actually see my muscles expanding. Growing. Becoming more inhumanly large. I looked in the reflection and my jaw dropped. I had truly seen how large I’d become. Then I noticed something. The water I was sitting in had a strange sheen over it. I slowly leaned over to take a closer look. I ran my fingers through it, and green ooze that had settled on the top of it stuck to my fingers. I gasped. Everything was radioactive, including this water. How could I be so dumb? A pressure I had never felt before settled across my body. My face went wide with fear. What was going to happen to me?

I scrambled to get out of the large puddle, but it was too late. My muscles had grown too large, and I couldn’t get myself out of it. The longer I sat in this puddle, the more I would grow. And I felt it coming. Then it hit me all at once. My muscles surged in every direction. My 8 pack abs quickly became a 10 pack. My large pecs became monstrous, pushing up underneath my jaw, and my lats closed in on each side of me. My arms resembled mountains. If I were standing, my balls would be hanging at my ankles at this point. My cock slowly became thicker than my waist, rising past my head. I had the largest ass anyone had ever seen, followed by the thickest legs and calves in history. And I kept growing, the puddle slowly releasing all of its contamination into me. My legs grew longer. My shoe size was beyond comprehension. I had to be over 10 feet tall now and over 1,500 pounds. My cock was so sensitive, I couldn’t quit moaning. My deep, masculine voice only made me even more horny. My dick was leaking like a faucet. I was still miles away from civilization and I had no means of transportation. I was stuck here, growing. My body quickly outgrew the puddle, an impossible amount of muscle piling onto me. My lats started to squeeze my head. I could barely talk, my pecs were so large. Not even that I wanted to. My brain was so foggy with all the pleasure, I could barely comprehend the situation I was in anymore.

My cock reached multiple feet above me, unable to be controlled. My balls expanded their way across the road. My muscles expanded uncontained. I was not a human. I was a god. And all I wanted to worship was my cock. I used whatever parts of me that weren’t immobile to create as much pleasure as I could. I needed release. My hands shuffled up and down the sides quickly. My cock continued to expand, reaching over 10 feet. Pressure continued to build. The closer I got, the faster I grew. The faster I grew, the more muscles I packed on. If you saw me now, I was a 15 foot tall, 3,000-pound, nearly immobile mound of muscle with a 13 foot cock, and I was still growing.

My bike was slowly lost under my growing mass. I was now almost wider than the road itself. I was almost there. I moved my hands up and down as much as I could, willing everything into the task at hand. Anything to relieve the pressure. And then it hit. It started deep within the base of my cock and balls, and worked its way up, rising to the top. It was the most mind blowing orgasm I had ever had. Thick, white ropes shot out of my package for a very long time. My voice continued to deepen as my moans grew louder. I have no clue how long it lasted. All I was aware of was that while I was cumming, I was still growing. It was coating everything around me.

My growth accelerated. Any cum that touched me had become radioactive, creating a spurt of growth, which spurred on more muscle. More size. More pleasure. I was almost completely immobile. If I had walked, I would be over 30 feet tall. My cock would be more than 50 feet, my balls would be sitting firmly on the ground, spreading out in all directions. I had grown larger than the road, slowly quickly expanding my way into the trees. And the pleasure kept building. I needed more. More. I reached my arms out and dragged myself. I dragged myself closer and closer back where I came from. Back towards the Military Base. As if this radioactive force understood, my muscles grew just proportionally enough for me to get my feet under me. It wasn’t easy, but I boomingly made my way past the abandoned houses, and toward the base, clearing it in mere minutes.

By the time I arrived, I was over 50 feet tall and was the definition of a moving mountain. My cock reached over 100 feet, and my balls dragged heavily behind me. Cum slid down my enormous cock, covering my body, continuing the growth. I reached my hands into the building, grabbing the radioactive waste directly, and dumping it into my mouth. Now the real growth would begin. I had begun to cum instantly. I couldn’t stop. I threw my head. Muscles exploded everywhere. Not even a small part of my body didn’t have muscle. My cock shot load after load into the sky, growing larger and larger. The entire surrounding area was coated, becoming more and more radioactive. With how deep I was into the containment zone, nobody else was affected. Yet.

My balls were more like buildings at this rate, and the more I grew, the more surface area I covered. The more surface area I covered, the more contamination my body picked up, furthering its growth. 100 feet. 200 feet. I continued on upwards, roaring with pleasure as my cock continued erupting like a geyser. My growth was only accelerating. My pecs were as large as buildings. My abs were as deep as craters. Sweat dripped everywhere off my body. The growth was unstoppable. Up and up I went. Harder and harder I cummed as both myself and my cock climbed into the atmosphere. Muscle packed on muscle and I could no longer walk. Just grow. I was completely lost in the pleasure at this point. It was an endless cycle, and soon, the world would know about it. So I kept growing. My body reaching new heights. My muscles expanded. My cock grew larger and larger. This was just the beginning. Anyone in the surrounding vicinity would also begin experiencing these effects as the radiation spread. And it will spread. I’m here to make sure of that.

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